Olympic Ordeal I – Ice Skating
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

 It seemed that history was about to repeat itself in the Olympic skating world.  A similar event had taken place in the 1990’s where one female skater eliminated a competitor with a blow to the knee.  The whole world knew of the incident involving the 'club'.  The entire incident brought the sport of ice skating to the focus of the world.  Years had now past and it seem inconceivable that such a horror could be perpetrated again.

 Competition was always at its peak.  To be the Olympic champion on ice would have been the ultimate crown for Rhonda Downing.  Only now she could very well get caught in a futile attempt to injure the only competition that remained, a competitor that she could have beaten on the ice.  She had her boyfriend hired a guy to crash his car into the cab taking her competitor to the ice rink.  It had worked as her competitor sustained a back injury and had to withdraw from the skating competition.  But the guy hired had a drinking problem and spilled the beans during a drunken night on the town, leading to rumors that could implicate Rhonda’s boyfriend.  If the rumors were thoroughly investigated, the circle could soon include her, the mastermind of this skating debacle.

What the world didn't know was how she had eliminated her main competition earlier, a competitor who Rhonda knew she could not beat on the ice.  Her main competitor had been Lori Sakaguchi, the prior Olympic champion, a beautiful girl from the U.S. of Japanese ancestry.  Rhonda felt insecure that the rules had been changed to allow professionals back into the games.  Physical injury was a thought she seriously considered but blackmail was even better for this goody-goody little bitch.  Rhonda devised a wicked plan and would videotape the event herself.  One way to eliminate the competition and have fun doing it.

 Rhonda was sure that the Ice Princess, as everyone referred to her, was pure and innocent.  A virgin in this day and age was basically unheard of but the Ice Princess was too naive and innocent that she was obviously such a rarity.  The lovely Lori had recently become engaged to a handsome Caucasian male, something that further enraged Rhonda as she had wanted to date him but he only had eyes for Lori.  A devious plan was put into action, one that would assure the Ice Princess not entering the competition.  She smiled thinking to herself that she’d teach that asshole a lesson for not dating her, she would see to it that his little Ms. Goody-Goody would be nothing but tarnished goods.


 Arrangements had been made and the plan was now set into motion.  Rhonda checked on the practice schedule and made her arrangements to have hers immediately before Lori's.  She knew that Lori liked to practice on her own, without anyone accompanying her.  One of her boyfriend’s accomplices was the ideal candidate for this job.  When she had gathered her cohort together and explained her plan, she found he was only too willing and told her to forget about the payment.  Her cohort was Ben Grier, a huge black male of 6’8”, 300 lbs., and he would only be too willing to get at the beautiful Ice Princess.  She saw the crotch black monster growing in anticipation.

 Three weeks later, the plan was put into action.  Rhonda had her time slot for practice.  Only the skater scheduled was allowed into the rink, along with the coach if so desired.  A guard was outside of the main entrance to prevent anyone else from entering and to allow privacy for the skaters.  However, when Rhonda was in the arena, she opened the back door and allowed her cohort to enter.  She watched and smiled as Ben stripped down to his jockeys and prepared for their guest.  Rhonda got her video camera ready for filming.  As her time was about up on practice, Rhonda left being sure to say goodbye to the guard but she quickly re-entered the rink through the back door, held open by her accomplice.

 Right on time, Lori entered the gym to practice her routines.  The music was on and she began her well- practiced moves.  So beautiful and graceful on the ice, Lori’s ice skating was down to perfection.  Skating backwards along the perimeter of the ice rink, she was suddenly grabbed and lifted in the air by powerful hands.  Lori screamed in fright.  She noticed large black hands grasping her legs and around the waist.  No attempt was made to quiet her screams.  "Aieeeeeeeeee …………..aieeeeeee …….helppppppp!  Help …………..helppppppp!" came the terrified screams.  Her screams excited Ben even more than imaginable, knowing her screams could not be heard outside of the arena but was all to be on the video recording.

 Ben’s cock hardened at the thought of deflowering the most beautiful woman to skate on ice.  He dragged the ice maiden to the center of the ice.  Behind Ben, Rhonda followed, video camera in hand and dragging two cushions.  The cushions were thrown on the ice and Rhonda stepped back off ice unseen by her competitor, continuing to film the exciting event.  "Take my cock out!" Ben ordered the horrified beauty.  Shaking with fear, Lori shook her head in defiance.  "Take my cock out or you’ll get to feel this fist in your face!" Ben ordered.  Fearing for her life, Lori slowly pulled down the well filled jockey. The long black cock sprung out and almost slapped Lori in the face.

Never has she seen an erect cock, a BLACK one at that.  Having been brought up in a very conservative home, the Oriental tradition played a part in her upbringing.  True she had recently become engaged to her handsome fiancé, Trent Madson, intimate moments were limited to soft kisses and slight petting.  Lori had told Trent that he should not expect more until their wedding night and firmly maintained her resolution to enter her marriage pure and untouched.  “Touch it!” ordered her black attacker.  Cringing with fear, Lori shook her head and pleaded “Please ………please don't do this to me!  Please, I 've never done anything so filthy before!”

 “Do it, bitch!  Use your left hand!” Ben growled, raising his hand to strike her.  Lori slowly reached out with her trembling left hand.  Upon her slight touch, the huge black cock twitched and Lori jerked her hand away.  “Do it!” Ben growled again.  This time she wrapped her slim fingers around the massive black cock.  It was so huge that her trim white fingers couldn't touch each other.  “Pump it!” Ben ordered, loving the sight of her sparkling diamond ring that signified her love for her punk white boy.  Lori moved her fist up and down the massive cock, crying in fear and humiliation at the same time.  Her pumping movements sped up a bit and the black cock grew further and swelled to its bursting point.

‘Gosh, it ……….it's a foot long!’ thought Lori fearfully.  She had touched Trent once in an intimate embrace, feeling his hardened cock, which she had thought to be enormous in size at the time.  Now in comparison to what was at hand, Trent merely possessed a tiny little toy.  Though innocent and rather naïve, Lori had taken sex education courses in high school and knew the basics of the birds and the bees.  But what she had learned and what was now happening was two different things.  ‘Oh, God!  He intends to rape me with this monstrous black penis!  Oh, God, I can’t let him rape me!  I’ve got to save myself for Trent!’ she frantically thought.

Ready to shoot, Ben struggled to control himself, so excited to see both of Lori's sexy hands now jerking on his massive black dong, knowing the little bitch was trying desperately to bring him off and spare herself the disgrace of being ‘ruined’.  The prick head swelled and oozed out some cum, drooling down onto Lori's slim white fingers.  Ben laughed at the Ice Princess’ cringing reaction as the slick juice touched her fingers.  Just in time, he wrapped his black hand around her fists, forcing her to continue the pumping action.  Now Lori's slim white fingers were coated with the slippery cum juice.  Ben enjoyed watching Lori's face cringe with utter disgust.

 Big black Ben was trying desperately to keep from losing his load prematurely.  Lori indeed had learned in sex education of a male's ejaculation and had sped up her hand movements, hoping this would satisfy her black tormentor and allow her to escape being viciously raped.  Ben was losing it and suddenly grasped her hands, holding them still on his cock.  Then Lori heard her attacker groan from the pleasure of her handling his cock.  Ben had stopped the pleasuring strokes just in time, for another few seconds and he'd had lost it into the air.

Looking at the terrified face of the lovely Ice Princess, Ben ordered “Suck it, Princess!”  Lori's eyes widened in horrified shock.  “No, please ………..please, I ……………..I've never done this before.  Let me continue with my hands!  Please ……….please don't rape me ………….pleaseeeee!” she pleaded.

Grabbing her hair and winding his fingers in it, Ben held her face steady.  “Suck it, I said, bitch!” he ordered.  Lori shook her head in defiance as Ben edged closer and rubbed his slick prick head against her tightly clenched lips.  “Open your pretty mouth, bitch!” he muttered.  Lori opened her mouth to scream from the pain when Ben yanked her head back.  That's all Ben needed, his black cockhead suddenly filled Lori’s tiny mouth.  Trying to shake her head to dislodge the cock did no good.  Slowly Ben sawed his huge black cock into Lori’s warm mouth as tears poured down her beautiful face, ashamed at her defilement.

 Lori's tried to push her black assailant away at his hips.  But he was far too heavy and strong for her.  Ben laughed seeing Lori's eyes get glassy, a result of her having a hard time breathing with 12" of black cock filling her throat and blocking the air passages, her brown eyes bulging in terror.  Lori's twisted on the cock, trying to get some air.  Then half of the long thick cock was pulled out, allowing her to gasp and get some air.  At the same time she inhaled a breath of air, the thick cockhead exploded stream after stream of thick goo into her mouth.  Lori began choking on the slimy seed while trying to breathe at the same time.  Then the filthy black cock was pulled out completely, Lori was relieved for a second till she saw it convulse and shoot three spurts of the filthy scum directly onto her stunned face.

 Ben yanked Lori's pink practice tights to shreds, then bent to lick at the untouched jewel.  His hard cock got harder and longer as he tasted the sweet nectar between the thighs of the untouched Ice Princess.  He knelt up to place his thick black cockhead at Lori’s untouched prize, determined to claim it for himself and to ‘ruin’ the little beauty’s jewel that was being preserved for the punk white boy.  This precious beauty, known throughout the world, was his to plundered.  Ben laughed, thinking of all the poor guys out there who would give their left nut for a chance to fuck this beautiful little bitch, knowing he was going to have the honor of ‘ruining’ her.

Tears flowing her face, Lori shook her head in disbelief.  “Noooooooooo ………….nooooooooooo, please ……..please don't hurt me.  Please ……….please leave me alone,  please …………..I………..I'm a virgin!” she pleaded. Lori fearfully looks down to see the gigantic black bone at her untouched jewel.  Tears flow down her tender cheeks.  Desperately Lori swung a heavy skate and it successfully caught her attacker in the buttocks, cutting him deeply.  Ben yelped at the painful cut of the skating blade “Bitch, now you’re gonna pay!” as he grasped her at the ankles of her white skating shoes.

Suddenly Lori’s head jerked back, eyes rolling back, and her lovely mouth opened wide to emit a shrilling scream “No, please, no ….no …….no ………noooooooooooo! Aieeeeeeeeeeeee ……….ahhhhhhhh ............nooooooo ………….arggghhhhhhhhhh!!!”  The long black snake had struck, its head buried deep in her tight unused vagina.  The pulsing cockhead was knocking at the solid door of the Ice Maiden's precious cherry.  Ben laughed at Lori's plight “I'm going to ‘ruin’ the precious Ice Maiden now!” he gleamed, rearing back and thrusting forward with all his might. “Nooooooooooooo ………….nooooooooo ............ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Lori pleaded.  But it was now too late, her precious cherry had been ripped to shreds.  The rapist’s hammering black cock now slid in more easily, helped by the flood of her cherry juice.  Ben withdrew his pulsing snake to see it cover in the beauty's red cherry blood.

 Out poured Lori's cherry juice, around the seething black snake, down her creamy white thighs to drip and freeze upon the ice.  The monster black cock filled every crevice and Lori's petite body began to respond against her wishes.  Suddenly her arms and legs wrapped themselves around the brutal black rapist, her tiny body shuddering as an unwanted orgasm overtook her.  Lori's first ever orgasm finally subsided and she pushed against her black rapist, trying to get from under his heavy weight, trying to get that filthy cock from soiling her womanhood.  She did not want him to shoot his filthy scum in her precious body, knowing from the sex education class what horror she faced if that should happen.  “What if he gets me pregnant?  How can I explain this to Trent?” she thought.  But the black body upon her was too heavy for her.

Ben grinned down at the sobbing beauty “I'm going to make the beautiful Ice Princess a little black nigger baby!”  His big hands grabbed her tight ass cheeks and held her tight as he buried his 12" pulsing black snake all the way up her womb.  Lori's eyes popped wide open "Nooooooooooo …………nooooooooooooo …… please ……..please, pull it out.  Don't shoot your filth in me!” she pleaded. Ben laughed “My filth, huh?  Baby, my filth is going to make you a Mama!  Gonna make you a nice black bastard baby in your little belly!”  Ben then got a good grip on her ass cheeks and savagely thrust home with all his might.  "Arggggggggggggg ........aeiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Lori screamed, as she felt the cockhead expand like a balloon and burst deep in her womb.  Her cunt was now choking on the potent black seed.

Ben continued to fuck in and out of the beauty's torn cunt until his cock shriveled up like a soft 6" dead snake.  The exploding black cock had brought Lori to another unwanted and shuddering orgasm, an unbelievable sensation never before felt.  The shattering orgasm and humiliation of being ‘ruined’ by a nigger was too much for the beauty.  Lori shuddered at the knowledge of being permanently soiled and collapsed in a dead faint.

 Ben disappeared having satisfied his lust, laughing as his cohort skated slowly to the middle of the rink as the camera zoomed up to the body of the shattered Ice Maiden.  The video took in the entire body of Lori laying upon the cushions, her vagina red oozing a thick flow of blood and cum onto the ice below.

Lori later awoke from her faint.  She could barely move her legs due to the pain of her ruptured vagina.  She felt filthy, defiled and humiliated.  Her milky white thighs were splattered with blood from her ruptured hymen and the drying filthy cum deposited by the black rapist.  Her tender pussy oozed out more of the pink mixture of blood and cum.  She tried to scrape the telltale remains from the ice, not wanting the next skater to discover the evidence of her rape.

 Three weeks later, at a skating competition, reporters were clamoring to find out first hand if the former Olympic winner would return to defend her crown.  Just prior to her scheduled interview, all the skaters were warming up together on the ice.  Rhonda skated up to Lori smiling and offering a hand shake.  Lori extended her hand and then felt a small item placed in her hand by Rhonda.

Looking a the small picture, Lori gasped in horror, as that still shot showed Lori with her arms and legs encircling the black body of the brutal rapist.  “Imagine what the video will show, if you return to the Olympics!” snickered Rhonda.  “Did the nigger knock you up?  Does Trent know his precious bride-to-be came with a black dick in her?” she questioned laughingly. “I'm showing a preview of the video at my apartment tonight.  Come to my place for a viewing of it.  As you're the star, you had better be there!  Gonna sell it to the public if you announce you’re going back to the Olympics, bitch!” Rhonda laughed as she skated away.

 Tears welled in Lori's eyes for she prayed that the black's demon seed had not fertilized her.  She was quite worried that the filthy seed did take root and that she was indeed pregnant from the rape.  Needless to say what decision was made on the Olympics, as she gave her announcement to the newscasters right after the competition came to a close.  Many were disappointed in the announcement that she would not return to the Olympics but understood the stress one undertook in such a competition.  Little did they know the real reason for the announcement.

 Two hours after the competition, having taken a cab to the rundown apartment building, Lori hesitantly knocked at Rhonda's door.  The door opened allowing her to step in facing her evil competitor.  The door suddenly closed behind her and Lori turned and gasped in fear.  “Your costar in the video was also invited, bitch!” sneered Rhonda, nodding to the black brute who had raped her weeks ago.  Then two other blacks appeared from the bedroom.

  Rhonda began her new film of the Ice Princess as she was being forcibly raped by the three huge blacks.  Lori pleaded to no avail but was forced to being disrobing, hearing Rhonda yell at her "Either strip off your clothes or I'm sure these black boys will be glad to assist you!".  Rhonda smiled as she taped the entire evening.  The video clearly recorded Lori being raped on the floor doggie style, by her first rapist, as he lunged without mercy into Lori’s womanhood.   One big black then lay on the bed while the Ice Maiden was lifted and  placed down onto the upright black prong.  The second black then kneeled up on the bed to feed his black sausage to the Ice Princess, while the third awaited to shove it into the beautiful little bitch and fuck her doggie style.  The fuck party continued the entire evening with each black man having the chance to sample Lori's beautiful mouth and pussy.

 By the end of the evening, Rhonda had three full videos recorded.  Needless to say, the Ice Princess lay in all her beauty covered from head to toe in a filthy slime of nigger cum.  Her beautiful black hair was streaked and matted with the sticky stuff.  Not letting the well-fucked beauty shower off her cum covered body, Rhonda laughed as she tossed Lori her undergarments, laughing "God, nobody would ever believe you're an innocent little bitch!  Not the way you humped back at those black studs, begging them to fuck you 'harder'!  Aren't you supposed to meet Trent in an hour?  Hope you make it back to shower first or he'll smell all that spunk on you!"  Rhonda laughed as Lori sobbed in shame from the taunting as she slipped on her undergarments.


  As the summer wedding was approaching, Trent was rather puzzled at the sudden constant companionship of his lovely bride-to-be and Rhonda.  Puzzled for Lori had never been close to the rather abrasive Rhonda, who seemed to have grown up on the other side of the tracks.  Also, Lori always appeared apprehensive and nervous while around Rhonda and never disagreed at all with whatever Rhonda said or did.

As the wedding was set to take place in a lovely resort, Lori and Trent had reserved many rooms at the elegant resort for each of them and for the many guests.  Many guests came in days early to enjoy the tropical setting and the tourist attractions available, for it was an ideal vacation spot.

 Two nights before the wedding, Lori was thrown a bridal shower, hosted by Rhonda for all her personal and professional girlfriends.  Then Rhonda told Trent that she’d be keeping Lori company on the eve before the wedding and would see to it that Lori had a night to remember of her last ‘single’ days.  Trent smiled, telling Rhonda to take good care of his lovely bride-to-be, not seeing Lori swallow hard in nervousness.

  Saturday evening, the night before the big wedding day, a brief wedding rehearsal was held.  Then it was followed by the rehearsal dinner at the elegant resort.  As the guests disbursed to rest up for the next day’s events, Rhonda told Trent “I’ll be sure to keep your precious bride-to-be company in her room tonight.  Lori needs to try on her wedding gown again to be certain it’s perfect for tomorrow, wait till you see how beautiful and innocent she looks in it!”

 Up in Lori’s room, Rhonda ordered Lori to put on her wedding gown.  As Lori was about to question why, the look on Rhonda’s sneering face told her not to upset her, especially with the shameful video that was in her possession.  Defeated, Lori slowly went into the bedroom to put on the wedding gown that she would be saying her vows in the next afternoon.

 Twenty minutes later, Lori shuddered at the pounding on the bedroom door with Rhonda yelling at her to “Get your ass out here, bitch!”  Lori couldn’t understand why Rhonda was making such a fuss, but nothing made sense about Rhonda, especially why she continued to use the tape to humble her since she would not be a competitor in the upcoming Olympics.  It seemed that Rhonda’s sadistic streak could not be sated.

 Nervously Lori opened the door and stepped out into the living room.  She gasped when she saw that Rhonda was no longer alone.  Turning to dash back into the safety of the bedroom, she was quickly caught up by the devious Rhonda and pushed forward.  Stumbling, Lori fell forward onto the bed.  Turning, Lori shivered in fear as Rhonda’s friends approached the bed, with Rhonda now behind the bed and pinning her arms above her head.

 Lori sobbed “Oh, please …………please …………..please don’t rape me again!” she pleaded to the familiar big black brute, the same nigger who had ‘ruined’ her on the ice.  Trying to block out the horror, Lori sobbed and closed her eyes tightly, shuddering as she felt hands lifting her wedding gown.

Then larger hands replaced Rhonda’s grip on her arms, allowing Rhonda the freedom to begin taping this rape episode.  Lori opened her eyes to look above her as the stronger and larger hands gripped her wrists tightly.  She gasped at the sight of the unkempt old man who had ogled her so openly on the grounds of the resort.  Lori had first observed this lecherous old black man, a groundskeeper/maintenance man at the resort, while she had strolled with Trent along the resort.  She had shuddered at the way his eyes had stripped her naked as she walked hand in hand with her loving fiance.  And now this lecherous old man was holding her down as she was to be assaulted in her wedding gown.

This lecherous old man’s leer at the lovely bride-to-be had also been observed by Rhonda as she sipped a mai-tai at poolside.  She had laughed aloud as she had seen Lori’s body shudder at the sight of the decrepit old man ogling her.  As security was being tightened due to Lori’s celebrity status, Rhonda had wondered just how she’d get Ben into the resort without being questioned.  Even if Ben was with her, his unsavory looks would certainly raise questions.  This decrepit old man’s lust was the key to her plan in getting Ben into the hotel.  The fact that Lori despised this leech made it all that much more fun for Rhonda to entice this old bastard with the promise of getting his jollies off with the lovely the Ice Princess.

 “Ohhhh ………..ohhhhhhhh, nooooooooooo ……………ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” Lori moaned, arching up as the giant black cudgel pierced her womanhood.  She had often thought back to the vicious rape and the feelings of her body response of being fucked.  She couldn’t help but feel the inner stirrings and the slick juices that she emitted as the black shaft spread her sensitive cuntlips apart.  Her body reacted on its own, arching up to allow her cuntlips to squeeze at the pleasure giving shaft.  Her trim legs, encased in sheer white nylons, lifted and her white heels crossed over one another as she arched back up to meet the humping black giant.

 “Ohhhh, Goddddd …………….ohhhhhhhhh, Godddddd …….noooooooo, I’m cummingggggggg!” Lori screamed as her body shuddered and tightened in a mind-shattering orgasm.  It was an orgasm to remember, an orgasm of the magnitude she would never achieve with her loving Trent.  “Ohhhhhh, Godddddddddd ………………………!” she screamed again as the hot potent roe exploded deep in her womb, filling her womanhood to the brim and gushing out of the sides of her well plugged hole.

 After a brief faint from the mind-shattering orgasm, Lori awoke to the feel of her body being forced onto all fours, with the two men changing positions.  Through her veil, she observed the pulsing black cock that had just cum in her beginning to grow back to life.  She inhaled deeply and shuddered at the aroma of the growing cock, soaked with the powerful stench of their recent mating.  The growing black cock sneaked its way under her bridal veil to nudge at her tightly clenched lips.  Lori was horrified that her black rapist expected to put his filthy black cock into her mouth.  She shuddered, her stomach queasy from the stench of raw sex emanating from the foot long monster, oozing its slimy filth onto her pink lips.

 Resolved not to admit the foul smelling cock into her mouth, Lori shut her eyes as she felt the oozing black cock applying a coat of glossy slime onto her lips.  She shivered as she felt her wedding gown lifted from the back and pushed up over her hips.  Her brown eyes opened wide as she realized the lecherous old man was intent of penetrating her virgin ass.  “Ohhhhhhhhh, Goddddddddddd ………………….aieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she screeched as she was brutally penetrated by the old man’s thick hard cock.  “Noooooo…...!  Ga …gaaaaa!” she sputtered and choked around the thick black cock that was suddenly thrust into her tiny mouth blocking out her loud shrieks.

 The next morning, Lori was awakened by a laughing Rhonda “Time for the bride to get up and get ready for the big event!  God, you’re a filthy little bitch!  What would Trent say if he saw you now, laying there in your wedding gown, having fucked and sucked two niggers?  Better get out of that gown and shower off all that dried spunk!  God, you’re face and beaver is covered with the nasty stuff!”

 Under the shower, Lori sobbed as she scrubbed the thick layer of dried crud that matted her cunt hair.  Her jaw ached from being forced wide around the thick black cock that was forced down her throat.  She felt she should call off the wedding even at this late moment, feeling unworthy of Trent’s love.  Trent was so loving, expecting to wed an innocent young bride on this day, but he would only be getting a ‘ruined’ and well fucked whore.  Lori closed her eyes as she pictured how she had wrapped her white gloved arms and nylon clad legs around the old black bastard, begging him to fuck her harder.  Begging him to fill her with his hot cum as she spurred him with her white heels, bringing the old man to hunch even harder at her tender body till the old man’s body tensed and spurted his thin but plentiful cum into her womb.

 Before getting back into her wedding gown, Lori had to soap and rinse her bridal veil, scrubbing it lightly to remove the dried splotches of cum.  She looked at the inner lining of her gown and sighed as she looked at the numerous splotches of dried cum staining the material.  Fortunately those stains would not be visible from the outside.  The mirror’s reflection showed a beautiful and innocent young bride but it was now so far from the truth.

 As Lori and the bridesmaids gathered in the hallway moments before the wedding procession was about to begin, tears formed in her eyes as her father approached. Lori’s father smiled at his lovely daughter.  Soon he would be walking his lovely daughter down the aisle of the church.  As Lori had her hand around her father’s arm, Rhonda approached and told her she needed some gloss on her lips and that they still had a few minutes to spare.  Lori’s father watched as his daughter and Rhonda went into the nearby dressing room.

 Moments later, Lori’s father smiled as his daughter again put her hand to clutch his arm.  He looked at Lori’s beautiful lips and commented to ease the tension “The gloss you put on your lips make you look so beautiful!”  But instead of easing the tension, Lori began to sob and tears flowed down her lovely face.  “There, there, don’t be nervous Lori!  It’s just a short walk down the aisle and the vows won’t take very long.  Think of it being just like one of your skating performances!” he tried to reassure her.


 But the comment on the lip gloss from her father had totally unraveled her nerves.  Lori had been hesitant to go with the devious Rhonda but could not argue.  Once the dressing room door closed behind her, Lori’s heart pounded in fear as Rhonda grasped her by the arm and pushed her forward onto the sofa.  Then Rhonda had shoved her with her foot, planting her dirty heel onto her wedding gown.  Next, her evil companion lashed her backside with whip that she had kept hidden under the sofa.  She obeyed Rhonda’s next order to stay on her knees and lean over the back of the sofa so the lip gloss could be applied.

To her horror, out from behind the curtains stepped the old maintenance who had taken his pleasure during the night.  She closed her eyes as her veil was lifted and opened her lips as the gloss was applied.  The grinning old maintenance man shucked at his wrinkled old cock, generating the oozing glossy film from his flaring pisshole.  Then Lori heard Rhonda's order to close her lips around the wrinkled old black cock, to tongue it till it spurted its hot liquid protein into her sucking mouth.  Lori choked back the sobs as Rhonda laughingly taunted "Just think, Lori .......................you'll soon be kissing Trent at the alter when the priest pronounces you 'Man and Wife'!"

 Everyone in the church was in awe by the beautiful bride, commenting on how lovely a couple the newlyweds made.  All the males envied the lucky guy who landed the lovely Ice Princess, watching the lucky groom give a passionate kiss to his beautiful bride.  Trent loved the chance to kiss his lovely bride, dipping his tongue and teasing it between her soft creamy lips, loving the taste of her soft glossy lips.

 As the wedding reception came towards a close, Lori tensed up when Rhonda brought drinks for her and Trent.  Indeed she had a cause for concern, as Trent’s drink was spiked with a ‘roofie’.  Twenty minutes later Trent was resting his head on her shoulder.  Then Lori nervously followed as Rhonda’s boyfriend had an arm around Trent as they made their way to the honeymoon suite.  Arriving at the honeymoon suite, there awaiting to open the door was the old maintenance man and Ben.

 Late the next morning, Trent awoke with a hangover.  He looked about to see that he was in the honeymoon suite, in bed with his lovely bride who was still asleep.  Trent couldn’t remember anything beyond having a swell time at the reception and the reception was coming to an end.  But his memory was a blank after that.

Looking down at his crotch, Trent took a deep breath as he observed the sloppy mess of blood and cum covering his crotch.  He hoped he had not been too brutal with his lovely bride and had not hurt her too badly when he broke her cherry.  He looked over at Lori, drawing down the covers to reveal her lovely petite body.  He took a deep breath as he saw her thighs and soft cunt bush splotched with a thick crust of cum.  As Lori’s head was turned away from him, Trent leaned over and looked at Lori’s lovely face.  He gasped as he noticed her lips with a layer of cum crust on her upper lip, also the dried cum streaks her long black hair.

Lori awoke with a start from Trent’s passionate kiss, groaning softly at what had taken place during the night.  She had just fallen asleep an hour earlier, after a mind-shattering orgasm she had reached with the three cocks in her.  She recalled the last ordeal she had endured with Ben’s big cock in her tight ass, Rhonda’s boyfriend raping her cunt, while she was forced to suck off the wrinkled old black cock again.

Breaking the kiss, Trent apologized if he had hurt her when he broke through her hymen.  Lori looked down to see all the messy dried blood and cum smearing Trent’s cock and thighs.  She closed her eyes, blinking back tears as she reassured Trent that he had not harmed her in any way.  Such was so true for Trent had not possessed her at all during the night.  The men had restrained her as the devious Rhonda was going to deprive Lori of being the first to sample Trent’s virgin cock.  Lori had to watch as Rhonda stripped down and let Trent’s cock spear her messy cunt.  Rhonda laughed at Lori’s plight, telling her she was doing her a favor since she was having her period and she’d be sure to leave a bloody mess on her husband’s cock.  Indeed the ploy worked for Trent mistakenly thought it was a result of Lori’s ruptured hymen.

 A few weeks later, Lori was quite ill, her stomach queasy all the time while her body felt as if she was having chills.  Trent helped Lori to the bathroom on this day, telling her that just maybe she wasn’t ill but that she was having a case of morning sickness and that he was the cause of that problem.  Lori felt really ill at Trent’s remarks, knowing that it was indeed a case of morning sickness but it was not due to Trent.  With he body so sore from the old man’s taking of her virgin ass, she was obviously in pain and Trent had not touched her for a few days.  Checking the calendar, her most fertile time had been just about the wedding date as she had planned initially.

Sure enough, Lori was indeed knocked up and in the family way.  Trent was so happy and cheerful when the doctor announced that they were expectant parents.  However, Trent would have been devastated if he knew the truth.  That the successful breeding of the Ice Princess was all due to the still potent cum of the 70 year old black groundskeeper, who’s cum had thinned out but still was plentiful and obviously potent.
End of Story