Olympic Ordeal III - Downhill Skiing
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Everyone in the arena stood and applauded as the beautiful Ms. Robin Mills stepped up onto the top podium to receive the gold medal she had won.  Her grace and speed on the snow of the downhill slopes had her easily outdistancing her opponents and in the process, Robin shattered the existing world and Olympic records.  A tremendous applause greeted the beautiful young woman with her long blonde hair flowing down to her shoulders.

Peering through a high powered binoculars, in the stands, was a leering and lusting fanatical fan.  He had watched her in competition many times but this was the first opportunity of viewing the blonde beauty for a lengthy time when she was not wearing that helmet and goggles that covered her head and face.  She looked so beautiful with her silky blonde hair, so sexy to the peering Marcus Pryor.

The binoculars were focused on the blonde angel that had so many friends, one whom everyone admired and applauded.  Behind that same pair of binoculars was one who had no friends at all and whom everyone referred to as a 'total loser'.  What Marcus desired most was to sample the pleasures of life that always passed him by, especially having seen how the white boys had all the luck.  He was determined to change things, make his own luck and what a better way to start that change by claiming the ultimate prize, the beautiful Ms. Robin Mills.

Marcus knew that what he had in mind would put him behind bars if the crime was reported and he was caught.  But he was certainly going to try, regardless of the consequences.  Once Robin Mills had won the gold, he swapped shifts with another fellow so that he could see her on top of the podium in her ultimate glory.  Peering at the lovely blonde waving to the crowd, his cock gave a twitch of excitement, for the beautiful prize that he now gazed upon was certainly worth the risk.

Standing atop the podium, Robin waved to the cheering crowd and in particular to her boyfriend who was seated in the third row of section J.  She felt as if she was truly on the top of the world, having dedicated herself to the sport for the past few years without out leaving her much time for anything else.  Seeing her handsome boyfriend in section J, she smiled at him and thought now of becoming Mrs. Jason Chambers.  She could not believe how patient and supportive Jason had been over all these years while she constantly trained.

Other than kissing and some light petting, Robin had always fought the urge to give in to her handsome boyfriend.  A couple of times, she had even caressed his manhood through his pants and nearly gave in to him right then.  So much in love were she and Jason that Robin wanted to please him in any way possible, even surrendering her virginity to him before they got married.  But with all that training and preparation needed for the Olympics, Robin just did not want to chance any change in her body, having heard it was often quite painful when one loss her virginity.

Marcus had planned on being at the Olympics for over a year, even moving to where the Olympics would be held so he could get a menial job there.  It turned out to be the perfect job, working for one of the subcontractors that would provide the employees at the Olympic games.  To prevent any type of trouble at the games, it had been decided to have employees man the elevators to assure that the athletes got to their floors safely.  Also, such a precaution would prevent any unauthorized person without the proper identification card from gaining entrance.

When Marcus learned that the building he would be working at would house the various women's ski teams, he began to obtain any magazine on the sport and also began searching through the web.  When he first came across a photo of the beautiful Robin Mills, he stared at the beauty and licked his lips as his cock gave a twitch in response.

Doing his research on the blonde beauty, Marcus read that she was one of the newest members on the Olympic team and had great potential.  Still, she was not expected to medal as there were quite a few competitors with far more competitive experience under their belts.  He clipped the page of her photograph, knowing he would definitely want a crack at this little beauty if the chance ever arose.  Before setting the magazine aside, he again licked his lips as he gazed upon her photo, mouthing loudly "God, how I'd love to have this soft little beauty squirming under me, screaming when I 'ruin' her good!"

Over the next few months, Marcus had surveyed all the potential Olympic hopefuls that in all likelihood would be competing at the games.  He had found several attractive prospects but none nearly as beautiful and innocent looking as Ms. Robin Mills.  Pulling out the magazine that he kept close at hand, he turned open the page of the lovely beauty.  Many a night he had pulled his pud to relieve the build up in his aching balls.  Now he was totally obsessed with this blonde beauty and determined to get to know her intimately before the games were over.

As the teams arrives and checked in, riding the elevator up to their respective floors, Marcus's eyes were immediately captivated at the sight of the lovely Robin Mills.  On that first occasion, the beauty was standing right next to him, brushing him due to the team crowding into the elevator.  He thought he would cum in his pants right then and there.  Opening the door on the appropriate floor, he watched as the team disbursed from the elevator and the team members began looking for their respective rooms.  His heart was pounding as he watched Robin enter the room nearest the elevator, then he could breathe again when she closed the door behind her.

Although he did not particularly like being out in the cold snow, Marcus switched shift with others so that he could take in the scheduled practice runs as well as the days of competition.  At the practice runs, he didn't pay any attention to the other skiers but only concentrated his view upon the lovely beauty.  He would get as close to the team as possible, just hoping to get a view of his dream girl.  Then, at the end of the last practice session, he observed the blonde beauty holding hands with some punk white boy as they held each other closely.

That same day, as he headed home to the newsstand and stopped as he observed a new magazine on display.  On the cover was his blonde obsession and he immediately bought a copy of it.  He couldn't wait to get to his apartment so he could read all they had to say of the pretty beauty.  Gazing at the cover of the magazine, his cock twitched in excitement, wanting to jerk off on her beautiful face.

In his bathroom, standing over the toilet, Marcus shuddered and groaned as his right hand shucked at his throbbing black cock.  In his left hand was the new magazine, which he stared at intently.  Loudly he moaned "Oh, sweetie!  I'm gonna make ya mine!  I swear, you're gonna be squirming like crazy when I stick my black prong up your tight little twat!  Gonna make ya scream, baby!  Oh, yeah, baby ……………gonna cum ………..ya gonna get this hot load right in your twat soon!  Ah, Godddd ………….ahhhhhhhhhh!"  Spurt after spurt of hot thick cum splashed into the toilet as Marcus unleashed his pent-up lust.

Getting something to eat and recuperating from his recent jackoff, Marcus then opened up the magazine to look at all the photos of his dream girl and read the article.  Reading the article of this All-American beauty, he could not help but to get another raging hardon.  At the end of the article, it indicated that she had a steady boyfriend and hinted that it would become a more permanent thing once the games were over.  Marcus surmised that the white boy she was holding hands with that day was that 'lucky SOB'.  Then he smiled and snickered to himself 'Well, prick, maybe I'll just take 'lucky' out of that description when I get done with your pretty little girlfriend - you fuck'n SOB!'

After the first run of the women's downhill competition, Robin Mills amazed everyone and was in 4th place, behind the favorites but far ahead of what had been anticipated of her.  Marcus had been at the competition to cheer her on throughout her downhill run.  Everyone on the team congratulated her on her performance but it was obvious that she was disappointed in herself for getting off to a slow start on the first turn.

Marcus was on hand near the finish line to see the young beauty post one of the fastest times of the competition, putting her right within striking distance from the leaders.  He edged himself through the crowd and was standing very close to the beauty when her time was posted.  He watched as she jumped with joy and into the arms of her boyfriend, who then gave her a deep passionate kiss.  A twinge of jealousy set in as he watched the white prick kissing the girl of his dreams.

Security was well provided for the athletes and policemen were located throughout the grounds.  However, with the tremendous crowds at each event, not all crime could be prevented.  Jason Chambers had just watched his girlfriend put on a tremendous performance in her run and he was then there to greet her at the finish line.  As Robin would be spending the night out with her teammates, he had bid her goodbye and was off to take in some of the city sights.

So preoccupied with his thoughts of Robin, Jason did not see what hit him when he turned the corner.  The next thing Jason knew, he was lying on the snow covered ground, his face aching where he had been brutally struck.  Next he felt hands at his back pocket removing his wallet.  Then he saw red and groaned loudly as his assailant kicked him hard in the crotch.  About ready to pass out in the snow, he thought he heard a gruff voice say "Punk!  That's what you get for making a play on my girl!"

Pulling himself up in the snow, Jason groaned as he tried to stand up, his crotch aching badly from the brutal kick.  Picking up his wallet, he found that all his cash had been stolen from it.  He couldn't understand what the assailant had said to him, especially since he and Robin had going together for years and he had never made a play on any other girl.  Jason then figured it was a case of mistaken identity that he had been singled out.

Back in his apartment, Marcus smiled as he counted the $800 that he had taken off that young punk.  It had given him great satisfaction when his thick boot had made contact with the punk's groin.  "Fucker!  That oughta teach ya!  That sweet little honey is mine ………..all mine!  Ya can have her when I'm done with her!  Gonna 'ruin' that pretty little thing for ya, punk!  She ain't even gonna feel your lousy prick when I'm done with her!" he cussed out loud.

The next day, Marcus watched as Robin Mills surprised everyone at the games by posting an unbelievable speed in her run, shattering both the World and Olympic records in the process.  Marcus applauded along with the crowd as the board lit up, confirming that indeed the young beauty had won the gold.  He had seen her was located where her boyfriend was standing and had positioned himself a few feet away from him.  Marcus watched as the young beauty run towards the white punk and threw herself into his arms.  Marcus wanted to laugh as the young punk groaned loudly, obviously in pain from the beating he had taken the day before.  He heard the young beauty inquiring as to what was wrong and overheard him begin to tell her of his getting cold cocked.  Her boyfriend obviously had kept things to himself, not wanting to distract his beautiful girlfriend before her run for the gold.

With the downhill competition over, Marcus headed back to the Olympic housing complex to start work on the shift he had swapped for in order to see the final of the women's downhill.  He would now have to work till midnight before being relieved.  As he left the competition, Marcus turned to look at the lovely beauty one last time, knowing she'd definitely be out partying that night to celebrate her accomplishment.

Nearing midnight, Marcus opened the elevator at the ground floor.  He swallowed deeply and his cock gave a mighty twitch.  There was the beautiful Ms. Robin Mills and her punk boyfriend, both obviously feeling the effects of celebrating throughout the night.  The boyfriend was arguing with the security guard, saying he wanted to merely escort his fiancee to her room.  Marcus overheard the punk try to explain that they had been out celebrating the gold along with their engagement, that he would be right down after seeing his girlfriend to her room.  But the security guard advised him that without an athlete's security card, he was not allowed onto the elevator.  Marcus then stuck his head out and spoke "Don't worry sir, I'll personally see to it that Ms. Mills gets safely to her room!"

Once the elevator closed, Marcus congratulated the young beauty for winning the gold and asked if she was wearing it.  It was obvious that the young beauty had been out partying and had consumed a lot of alcohol as she was unsteady on her feet.  He heard her giggle and nod that she indeed was wearing it.  "Can I see it?" he asked politely.  He saw her unzip her heavy ski jacket and withdrew the gold metal, holding it in her left hand that also sparkled with the large diamond ring on her finger.

On her floor, Marcus pressed the emergency stop button as he escorted the young beauty to her door.  As Robin fumbled in her purse for her security room card key, she stumbled a bit in unsteadiness.  "Here, let me help you open the door, Ms. Mills!" Marcus advised, taking the card from her petite hand, touching her soft fingers in the process.  Opening the door and turning the knob, Marcus held the door open for the young beauty then said "Goodnight, Ms. Mills!  Sleep tight!"  Closing the door shut, Marcus went back into the elevator, releasing the emergency stop button as he slipped the room card key into his shirt pocket.

At exactly midnight, Marcus greeted the guy scheduled to relieve him.  He knew that once he had left the building, he would not be able to regain entry without questions being asked as the security guard would check his name and the time of his next shift.  But security was lax in checking the departure time of personnel working the elevators of the building, as compared to the maids and maintenance people that served the rooms between 9 a.m. and noon.  All others were closely scrutinized as to time of arrival and departure.  The employees handling the elevators were not given such close scrutiny due to some overlap in shifts.  Thus, Marcus told his reliever that a couple of the athletes whom he had befriended invited him to party with them once his shift was over.

Getting off on the ninth floor, Marcus deliberately walked past the door to Robin Mills' room was located, waiting to hear the elevator doors close behind him.  Once the elevator was gone, he looked about to see that no once was about.  Having seen the condition of the young beauty when he had escorted her to the room and considering the length of time that had lapsed, he suspected that she would now be sound asleep.  Slowly and quietly, he backtracked to her door and opened it quietly.   Seeing there was not light on, his assumptions had been correct.  Quickly, he slipped into the darkened room and secured the door behind him.

When he had opened the door for the young beauty earlier, she had switched on the light as she entered the room.  Marcus had made it a point to then survey the layout of the room and knew exactly where her bed was located.  A thrill coursed throughout his body in anticipation of what lay ahead.  He could not believe that he was now in the room of the beautiful Robin Mills, who now lay on her bed fast asleep and totally unaware of his presence.

Quickly and quietly, Marcus began to get out of the uniform that he had been provided.  He then shucked at his ever growing cock, thinking to himself 'Oh, baby!  Its 'ol Marcus' turn to strike gold now!  Got me the prettiest little golden blonde in this here Olympic games!  Oh, sweetie, saw how ya maneuvered your sexy little body down that course, zigzagging around all the obstacles with your ski poles!  Wanna see how that sexy little body squirms around the ski pole I got for ya!'

Standing still so as not to bump into anything, Marcus waited till his eyes adjusted to the darkness.  Blinking, his eyes slowly got adjusted and with a bit of moonlight coming through the thin curtains, he could make out the outline of the bed.  All the while, he was shucking at his throbbing cock, waiting in anticipation of touching the soft white beauty with the golden hair.  With his eyes now readjusted to the darkness, he slowly made his way across the short distance to the bed where his dream girl lay.

 Then Marcus made his move, clamping a hand over the sleeping beauty's mouth as he covered the petite body with his heavy bulk.  "Mmmpffffff ……..mmmmpffffffff!" came the muffled screams from the frightened young beauty as he lay upon her, with only her nightgown and blanket separating their bodies.  Marcus felt a shudder course through the beauty's tiny frame as he lay upon her, feeling a shudder of pleasure coursing throughout his own body in response.

Leaning forward, his face touched her soft smooth cheek, then he nuzzled at her soft tender ear.  "So many reasons for the pretty Robin Mills to celebrate on this big day!  First the gold medal, then a bright and shiny diamond ring, now a big black cock to end this special day!"  As he expected, Marcus felt her struggle and squirm under him when he announced just what a prize he had in store for her.  He knew by telling her all that, also by his voice, she would know who he was but he really didn't care.  In fact, he wanted her to know it was he, the lowly black elevator operator, daring her to call the police and report the crime he was about to commit.

Robin was in a panic, struggling with all her might, but the heavy bulk upon her was just impossible for her to move.  The blanket over her served to prevent her from scratching out at her assailant.  She was struggling, trying desperately to get her arms free, wanting to scratch this man and get him off of her.  'Oh, God ……….no ……….no ………no …….this can't be happening to me!  It's a nightmare ……………I'll wake up in a moment!  Please God, let this be a nightmare!' her mind told her.

Pinned to the bed by her heavy assailant, Robin could only shiver in fright, unable to put up any kind of fight.  Tears welled and flowed from her eyes, muffled sobs wracking her body, feeling her assailant's free hand caressing the outline of her body through the blanket and nightgown.  Fear set in as her assailant advised her not to scream or she'd be hurt badly.  She shuddered as the hand now slipped under the blanket, touching her thigh through her thin nightgown.

Marcus followed up with another threat, telling the frightened beauty "Gonna hurt ya bad if ya scream when I take my hand off yer mouth!  Ya scratch me and ya'll be sorry, bitch!"  As the pressure of his hand was eased from her covered mouth, Marcus felt his cock twitch as there was no scream but instead the beauty broke into frightened sobs.  The sobs increased and got louder as he now was thumbing both of her stiffened nipples through the thin fabric of her thin nightgown.
"Please ………….please, mister …………..please don't hurt me!" Robin sobbed in fear, her body shivering from the unwanted pleasure created by the thumbs fingering her sensitive nipples.  "Please ……………..please stop …………….please don't touch me ………. like that!  Oh, please …………….noooooooooooo!  Please …………I just got engaged!  Please ……………I ……………..I've never …………..never been ……….with a man before!" she whimpered.

Marcus couldn't believe what he had just heard, a beauty at this age still a virgin was unheard of in the neighborhood he came from.  He knew the beauty had taken his threats seriously as she tried to push him off her body now that her hands were free but she didn't dare scratch at him.  Marcus enjoyed the fight she was putting up, making it that much more enjoyable for him than to have a bitch that just lay there dead to the world.

With both hands, Marcus caressed her tender young flesh, excited at the thought of possessing this innocent young beauty.  He just loved the way she squirmed as he played with her breasts, touching her stiff sensitive nipples as she squirmed about on the bed.  Taunting the young beauty, Marcus whispered in her ear "I've got ya an engagement present for ya, sweetie!  Something I'm sure yer always gonna remember this special day by!  Ya got the gold and a diamond today!  Now ya gonna get something big and black!"

Trembling in fear, the innocent young beauty sobbed uncontrollably as Marcus had her thin nightgown bunched up at her waist, then pushed the garment up further to bare her body.  Letting the heavy gold metal slip through the neckline, Marcus pushed the garment over her head, then pulled her resisting arms out of it.  As his hands went down to the waistband of the lacy panties, the innocent beauty began sobbing hysterically, and she trashed out with her legs in an attempt to prevent its removal.

Forcing the squirming beauty's thighs apart, Marcus got his throbbing cock into place, rubbing his oozing cockhead up against her womanhood.  Pushing forward, he forced his thick cockhead between her tight dry cuntlips, hearing her cry out in fear.  Again and again he pushed his hips forward, but only another inch of his cock was able to penetrate the sobbing beauty.  Grasping her trim hips tightly, Marcus got ready to deflower the innocent young beauty.

“Ohhhh, please ....………….no, pleaseeeee ………………….it hurts ………………it hurtssssss ……………....please nooooooooo ……..…….stop ………stopppp!” Robin pleaded.  "Please …………..please stop ……………please, I'm saving myself for my wedding day!  Please don't spoil it!" she whimpered.  Sobbing in humiliation, the awful pain between her legs hurting so badly, Robin could only wonder 'Oh, God!  What can I tell Jason?  Oh, he'll never want to even touch me ever again, not when he learns that I'm not a virgin as he expected!  That I've been raped …………raped by an evil black man!'

Clamping one hand firmly over her mouth, his other arm wrapped around her trim waist to keep her from squirming too much, Marcus then slammed forward with a brutal thrust.  “Mmmmmmpppfffhhhhhh ………………..mmpppfffhh ………….…..mmpppfffhh!" came the muffled screams from the agonized beauty.  It was music to Marcus' ears, loving her muffled screams and squeals as he stuck it to her.  His body shuddered with pleasure, knowing he had just popped her precious cherry, feeling the warm thick liquid now coating his invading cock.

Only half way in, Marcus withdrew a bit to coat his cock in her cherry juice, then slammed forward with all his might. “Mmmmpppfffhhhhhh ………………..mmpppfffhh ………….…..mmpppfffhh!" came the muffled cries of anguish.  Buried in the sobbing beauty, feeling her quiver in pain, he threatened her "Gonna take my hand off your mouth now!  Scream and that'll be your last!"

“Ohhhhhhh ...…………please …………..oh, please ………..stop ………..stop please!  It hurts ……………….it hurtsssssss so bad!" Robin sobbed in pain.  Her demented rapist only laughed, his cock fully imbedded into her, having claimed her virginity that she was saving for Jason.  She sobbed as her evil rapist taunted her "Oh, sweetie!  Ya got the gold and the diamond!  But I got something even more precious …………….your sweet little cherry!  Tell that whiteboy yer engaged to that ya got 'ruined' by a big black buck!  Since I jest copped the cheery that belonged to him, I'm gonna give him something in return ………………..a little bouncing black bundle of joy!"

Never before had Robin ever felt such sensations coursing through her, unable to understand what was taking place within her body.  She felt her rapist's hand near her sex, rubbing his finger up against her sensitive slit as he continued to rape her, slicing in and out of her aching body.  “Oh ……..oh ……….ohhhhhhh ………….oh, God …………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she as the  combination of his finger and raping cock were driving her out of her mind.

“Ohhhhhhhh ………………oh, Goddddddd ………….ohhhhh ……….nooooooooooo, what's happening to me!  Oh, God …………………..oh, God ………………..don't let me feel this way!” she gasped, her muscles now squeezing around the thick raping cock that was buried deep in her body.  "Oh, God ……………..oh, God ……………what …………..what's happening …………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed as her body convulsed in a mind-shattering orgasm, collapsing back onto the bed and blacking out momentarily.

Startled by a slap on her face, she awoke in a panic, pinned to the bed with her heavy assailant still upon her and his cock buried to the hilt.  As the heavy body began to rock upon her, her rapist's monstrous cock slicing in and out of her aching slit, Robin sobbed as her body unconsciously reacted and caused her to wrap her legs around her rapist.  “Oh, God ………………….oh, God!  No …………no ………………..…noooooo!” she groaned.  Then she felt the thick organ within her body begin to pulse and throb madly, bringing to mind the awful consequences of what this horrible rape could bring about.

Marcus chuckled as he heard the raped beauty sobbingly plead “Oh, God …………..please …………….no!  No …….please, no ………..no …………please don’t cum in me ………….please!  Please …………you ………..you’ll get me pregnant!”  Here was the innocent young beauty lying under him, just engaged to be married on this day, her hands pushing at his chest to get him off but at the same time her legs were tightly wrapped around his ass.

"Ohhhhh, sweetie!  Cumming on another man's cock on the very day you got engaged to your fiancé!  Gonna tell that punk of yers how ya creamed on a big black cock?  That ya got 'ruined' on the day ya got engaged!" Marcus taunted, slicing his raping cock into her again and again.  Fingering her sensitive clit as he humped into her, he felt her body quiver again, exactly as she did earlier.

"Ohhhhh …………..ohhhhhhh …………….ohhhhhhhh!" came the groans beneath him as he continued to slam into her.   Hearing her loud groans, feeling her body shudder and quiver, Marcus knew that he had her cumming again.  Grasping her trim hips, he slammed into her tender body, taunting "Oh, sweetie ………….gonna make that little white belly of yers swell up soon!  Gonna fill ya up with my black baby juice!  Gonna knock up the beautiful gold metal winner!  Now to give ya the real prize for the night!  Ahhhhh ……………….baby ………….ahhhhhhhhhh!"  Marcus slammed forward, burying himself deeply in the sobbing beauty, unleashing his hot potent jism right in her fertile womb.

Two hours after entering the room, Marcus peered out the doorway to make sure no one was around.  He had emptied his vile lust in the body of the innocent beauty another two times before finally lifting himself off the sobbing beauty.  He knew she wouldn't dare report this rape, especially with her status in the media at this point.  The embarrassment of anyone knowing or finding out that she had been raped and 'ruined' would be just too much for her to endure.  That, plus what would her fiancé of just a day say if he learned that his precious gem was already tarnished.

Curled up in a fetal position, Robin sobbed as her rapist had finally departed from her room.  Less than twelve hours ago, she had been so proud to have the gold medal placed around her neck and had told her fiancé that she would not remove it for at least a day.  She had been true to her word as it was the only thing that she had on at that very moment.  Things were so different on this night: wearing the gold medal; wearing the diamond ring that Jason gave her; while thick slimy cum oozing out of her raped body.

When he returned to work the next afternoon, with the closing ceremonies set for that night, Marcus learned that quite a few of the athletes had already moved out of the complex.  While operating his elevator, several of the ski team members boarded the elevator to go down to the ground floor.  It was then that he overheard one team member mention to another that Robin Mills had moved out early that morning to spend the day with her family and fiancé, that she'd be meeting them at the closing ceremonies.

Then that team member indicated that he was surprised at Robin's decision to move out as she had indicated she wanted to stay and cheer on the other athletes.  Another team member then indicated that it was probably the media attention getting to her once she had won the gold.  Marcus smiled, knowing the real reason why the lovely beauty moved out of the complex, knowing that he was the reason for her sudden departure.

Through his binoculars, Marcus observed the Olympic team entering the stadium.  Finding and focusing his sights on the lovely Robin Mills, he could see her walking a bit gingerly, grimacing at times when she took a step.  Once the closing ceremonies were over, the athletes all celebrated and Marcus watched as pretty Robin Mills ran toward the stands and into the arms of her fiancé.  He laughed as he watched the young punk embrace the girl he proposed to just a day ago, not suspecting that his precious little gem had been 'ruined' and tarnished forever.

Two days later, with the Olympic village empty, Marcus' employment came to an end as the village was closed down as scheduled.  Getting his final paycheck from the employment office, he got his gear packed into his car, ready to move on.  Looking at his road map to the city circled, Marcus got onto the highway headed east, to the city where Robin Mills resided.

Getting into town, Marcus searched about and found as cheap of a place as possible near where his dream girl lived.  That first weekend, he took in the parade honoring the lovely Robin Mills and her accomplishments at the Olympic games.  He saw her seated atop he backseat of a convertible, waving at the cheering crowd that had come out to honor her.  Stepping out front onto the street, he smiled and waved at the young beauty.  He was delighted in seeing that she recognized him from the Olympic village, seeing the look of fright that came over her face once she saw him.

That night, Robin took Jason out to his favorite restaurant to celebrate his birthday.  At the restaurant, Robin encouraged her loving fiancé to have his favorite gin martini, telling him that she would handle the drive home.  Then she encouraged Jason to have another martini with dinner.  When dinner was over and the young couple was preparing to depart, Robin's fiancé had consumed three martinis and was obviously feeling the effects.

As Robin made the drive to her townhouse, located a mile from both Jason's apartment and her parents' home, she helped her staggering fiancé up the stairs.  She felt a bit guilty in that she had purposely encouraged Jason to have the third martini, wanting him to be in this state of intoxication.  For his birthday, she had planned on surrendering herself to him as his birthday present, yet she wanted him in his current condition so he would not realize that she was really faking the lost of her virginity to him.

Early the next morning, Robin lay embraced in the arms her fiancé, eyes wide open as she awaited for Jason to awaken.  She thought back to the evening, when Jason had thrust himself into her and she had faked her groan and cry of pain, telling him that 'it hurts so bad'.  It had obviously been convincing as Jason had stopped immediately, apologizing for hurting her.

When Jason awoke from his deep sleep, he once again apologized for hurting her so badly.  Robin gave him a deep kiss, telling him that she was happy that he was 'the one who finally made her a woman'.  Then she lied and added "I'm so glad I put a towel under me so the sheets wouldn't get any bloodstains on it!  When you were sleeping, I cleaned the blood off you too!"

Once her fiancé departed, Robin breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that her plan had gone well and now she would not have to worry about Jason learning of her virginity not being intact.  All of her plans had gone off well without a hitch.  Yet, there was one thing bothering her, one that she could not shake from her mind.  She just could not get over the lack of stamina that her fiancé had in lovemaking, expending himself in her with only a dozen or so thrusts, then falling fast asleep.  She chastised herself whenever the thought of a physical comparison was made of Jason's manhood as compared to the one that she had experienced on that horrible night.

From that night on, it seemed that all Jason wanted was more lovemaking.  With them scheduling the wedding just a couple months away, Robin did not want to deprive him of the physical pleasures, especially since she had initiated things and they would soon be man and wife.  But Jason's lovemaking just did not improve from that first night when he was quite intoxicated.  She found that when he did not have anything to drink, he came even quicker, once even cumming in her hand as she was trying to get him fully stiff.

With the numerous interviews with all the local news stations and national magazines, her accomplishment at the Olympics along with her engagement got Robin a lot of attention and she became the envy of the entire city.  The hotels and resorts throughout the state were offering huge discounts to have Robin select their establishment as the location where she and her fiancé would have their wedding reception.

Robin was surprised to get a letter from the president of a limousine service, congratulating her on winning the gold and indicating that a limousine would be at her disposal on from the day she got married through the end of her honeymoon.  The letter went on to advise that a company's chauffeur would be provided with the limo and there was absolutely to charge to her nor did the company expect any publicity in return.  This was something the company wanted to give to her for bringing home the gold.  Robin was excited, showing the letter and the accompanying color brochure to Jason.

With the wedding approaching, Robin was quite concerned, wondering if something was wrong with her.  She just could not get any satisfaction at all in her lovemaking with Jason, who just could not last very long before expending himself and immediately falling into a deep sleep.  She wondered if their lovemaking would ever improve, wondered is she was doing the right thing in marrying Jason.

She felt so guilty in thinking about their last tryst in lovemaking, recalling how she had closed her eyes and pretended that she was back in the Olympic village, how fantastic the feeling was to achieve an orgasm.  She shivered in recalling how she had pictured the face of the man who ran the elevator, the man she saw waving to her at the parade, the man who had stolen her virginity.

In the morning of the big day, Robin and the girls in her wedding party were getting dressed at her townhouse.  Robin and her maid of honor were planning on leaving for the church once the limo arrived and the girls would follow a bit later.  There was actually a lot of time before the wedding was to commence but Robin was naturally nervous and wanted to get to the church early.

When the doorbell rang, one of the girls announced that the limo had arrived.  As the maid of honor and bride came out of the bedroom, the maid of honor could see that the bride was visibly shaking and asked "Are you okay, Robin?"  Robin nodded her head in response, then replied "Jan, since we're quite early, would you mind going with the other girls?  I just want to be alone in my thoughts!  I'll make use of the free limo and take a scenic drive before going to the church!  I'll be sure to get there before you girls!"

Sitting nervously in the back of the limo, Robin fidgeted in her seat, watching as the limo pulled into the entrance to the parking lot of a large office building.  With this being the weekend, the building was basically deserted except for a few cars.  Then, on the 5th floor of the parking garage, there were absolutely no cars on the floor.  Robin shivered as the limo parked at the very far end of the floor, far from where the elevator was located.  Robin watched as the limo driver opened the driver's door and took off his cap, tossing it onto the driver's seat.  She continued to watch as the driver's black jacket followed the cap, then watched at the driver took off his bow tie.  She swallowed as the driver began to unbutton his white shirt, baring his muscular black chest.

When the door to the back of the limo was being opened, Robin gathered the bottom of her wedding gown up as she lay back onto the soft leather seat.  She shivered as large black hands grasped the bottom of her wedding gown, pushing the bulky material up towards her waist.  She closed her eyes and shivered again, feeling her lacy white panties being drawn down over her trim waist, down her legs and off her heels.

'Yes, indeed, it was well worth the price of having that computer nerd design that fancy brochure and letterhead!  Costly just to print up a couple of each item but the prize sure was worth it!' thought Marcus Pryor as he undid his pants to the chauffeur's uniform.  He had taken the job of driving a limo for a company with a lot of cars.  Having befriended the owner of the company, he learned that the owner was willing to rent the limo to him if he needed it to do a personal job on his own time.  Thus, he had rented the limo cheaply from the owner for the week of Robin's wedding and honeymoon, taking off work for this period of time.

Had anyone gotten out of the elevator on the 5th floor and approached the parked limo, it would have been readily apparent that someone was inside.  Even with the wide base and length of the vehicle, it had not been designed for the activity now taking place on the back seat.  The limo was built to be soundproof when all the windows were properly closed and it proved quite accurate.  Otherwise, the empty parking garage would have echoed the loud moans "Yes …………….yes …………….fuck me …………..fuck me ……………..fuck me on my wedding day!  Oh, God …………….oh, God ………….yes ………….yes …………..I ………….I'm cummminggggg!  Yes ……….yes …………squirt it in me ……………..cum in me!  Knock me up with your black baby!"

Just as the maid of honor and bridesmaids were exiting their vehicle, the limo pulled up right behind them.  As the chauffeur opened the door for her, Robin put her gloved hand into the chauffeur's extended hand as he assisted her out.  "Oh, Robin!  That scenic drive must have done the trick!  You look so relaxed and radiant now!" the maid of honor advised.  "I'll be waiting out here once the ceremony is over, ma'am!" the chauffeur then advised politely.

Moving the limo into a shaded spot, Marcus watched as the bride-to-be and the girls in the bridal party departed into the church to make their final preparations.  Then he observed another car pull up carrying the groom and groomsmen.  From his coat pocket, Marcus withdrew a white cloth and held it to his nose, inhaling deeply.  "Hmmm, think these belong to you, punk!  Your precious little bride's panties smell so damn good!  Since I've got her panties, you'll just have to get your face right up into your pretty bride's furry little muff!  You'll even get that added fragrance of some nigger spunk, sucker!" he laughed aloud.

Having taken the bridal couple from the church to the fancy restaurant where the reception was to be held, Marcus had a drink at the bar while waiting for the reception to conclude.   Then he was to drive the newlyweds to the resort hotel where they would spend their honeymoon.  As the bride and groom departed the reception, Marcus opened the door for the newlyweds.  "Mr. Chambers, your lovely bride advised me earlier that your favorite drink is a gin martini.  There's a bottle of Tanguery for you and I took the liberty of already pouring one for you.  Also, there's a glass of champagne poured for the lovely bride!" he advised.

Dropping the bride and groom off at the front entrance of the hotel to register, Marcus parked the limo nearby.  He watched and chuckled as the groom staggered up the stairs, assisted by his lovely bride.  'With all the drinks you've had plus the spiked martini, I hope you make it to the bridal suite!' he laughed to himself.  Getting the suitcases out of the trunk, he took the luggage in.  When the bellhop indicated he would deliver the suitcases, Marcus advised him that the bride and groom insisted that he not let the luggage out of his possession.  He smiled as he was then given directions to the bridal suite.

Marcus smiled in finding that the door to the honeymoon suite had been left open for him, then pushed it open with his leg as he carried the two suitcases into the room.  Passing the bridegroom, Marcus grinned in seeing the young punk passed out on the large sofa.  Entering the bedroom where he set down the suitcases, Marcus grinned in seeing the lovely bride lying on the kingsized bed.  He knew that she was feigning sleep as he approached the bed slowly, and knew that she wanted him to fuck her while she was still dressed in her wedding gown and veil.

As would be expected in a hotel's honeymoon suite if was fortunate to easedrop in on the wedding night, it was the same here with: "Oh, yessssssssssssssssss ................................yessssssssssssssssssssss .........................................fuck me ..................................fuck me .........................................fuck meeeeeeeee!  Ah ...................................so big ......................................so biggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!  Oh, God ................................................oh, Godddddddd .............................fuck me ...............................fuck me ................................fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee!"  But no one would expect to find the bridegroom out on the sofa fast asleep while the bed in the honeymoon suite shook and swayed from the lovely blonde bride and her big black buck.   

End of Story