Olympic Ordeal IV - Going for Gold!
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff of the
earlier story entitled: 'Olympic Ordeal III'
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Having gotten gold in the last winter Olympics, Marcus Pryor was once again determined to achieve the highest glory once again.  Thinking back to that big event, his nailing gold on the one and only event that he had ‘entered’, Marcus was determined this year to capture as many gold as he could this time around.  Having made the decision four years ago, he had relocated to the city where the big event would be held next, figuring that getting acclimated and comfortable in his surroundings would be an added plus.

Muscular, big and strong, but an athlete Marcus was not!  Committing himself to daily grueling workouts to keep in shape was not for him, but Marcus did keep himself in shape through the various heavy labor jobs that managed to get.  And with the athlete’s village being built, Marcus managed to get himself hired on with the company winning the bid to do the construction.  With no real workman skills, Marcus was really a go-fer, that of doing debris clean-up and seeing that the latrines were properly placed and functional.  Using his reference in being on the security detail for the athlete’s housing for the Winter Games the last time around, he figured to easily get another such job again around after the construction was all completed.

Marcus Pryor

As for his scoring gold that last time around, it was not the gold medal that the athletes all strove to win in competition.  For Marcus, the beautiful prize had been the sweet Ms. Robin Mills, the little golden haired beauty that he had first seen highlighted on television for her potential chances in bringing home the gold medal.  He had been lusting after her ever since, buying every magazine in which she was in and printing up every picture of her shown on the internet.  And when Marcus did capture the ‘gold’, that golden haired young beauty that he insanely lusted after, his ultimate dream did come true upon his finding that she indeed proved to be untarnished …………………a true virgin!

Like an Olympic athlete entering multiple events, Marcus did a lot of preparation in advance to cut down on the reliance of sheer luck and circumstance.  Like a skier studying the course and doing practice runs, Marcus would go through the internet sites that covered the favorites of each event as well as to find site that covered the trials for each country to view the lovely females making that country’s Olympic team.  And he definite did set his sight on gold ………………all those lovely golden haired beauties!  By the time the games were to commence, Marcus had narrowed his list down for the ‘chosen’ ones from each country that he lusted after and hoped to conquer!  Of course, many on his lengthy list would escape from his evil clutches, but those few that didn’t would certainly be left with an everlasting memory of the Winter Gmes.

To grease the wheels of his devious plan, it called for Marcus to get to know the fellow doing the scheduling of security guards to each building in the athletes’ village.  Slipping him a few hundred bucks and making it known how he hoped to get assigned as a security guard at the housing for those countries with the lovely blonde beauties, especially those Scandinavian honeys, assured Marcus of getting assigned to where the ‘gold’ lay.  Giving his new found friend a preference list as to countries he’d like to be assigned to, even perhaps as a reliever to anyone unable to work a particular day, Marcus would have the needed access to acquiring the lovely golden beauties that he lusted for.

As the teams began to arrive at the village for their practice sessions on the ice or on the slopes, Marcus was honing in his skills as to capturing that elusive gold even before the games began as he memorized the layout of the bedrooms which differed from the odd to even room numbers.   There was one honor that Marcus had taken note of during the last games that had given a lot of attention when the games began, that of the athlete to win that very first gold medal.  This year, the plan called for him to be watching the television set when that announcement came, to which Marcus would be chuckling loudly as he would know such to be untrue as he had been the one to claim that first gold …………………..a love golden haired beauty …………………..against her will, of course!

With the start of competition beginning early Saturday morning, following the Opening Ceremony of the night before, the athletes’ hunt for gold would then commence.  Marcus’ hunt for his first gold began in earnest earlier that week when the athletes arrived while proudly wearing their country’s blue and yellow colors.  Upon seeing the lovely Ms. Astrid Gundersen in person, Marcus could not believe how she sparkled and found that her photos on the internet certainly did her an injustice, giving him a raging hardon as he checked her credentials to allow her entrance.  Thank goodness for the podium that hid his stiff ‘woodie’, for the beautiful bitch and her teammates would certainly have noticed the effect the lovely cross-country skier had upon him.

Using his expertise in copying card codes from unsuspecting users of ATM’s in order to tap funds from their accounts, Marcus modified the card copying device a bit to now be able to perfectly duplicate room-card keys.  When the beauty had attempted to use her room-card key the other day but unable to gain access, she had come back down to the security counter to explain her problem.  When she had first entered the complex, Marcus had felt his cock twitch with excitement, then awaited for her to return to the security counter where he worked.  Having earlier gained access to the computer, he had entered a lost cardkey for Room 214 that would render any existing room-card key ineffective, requiring the holder to have a new one issued.  And when he issued the blonde beauty a new one, Marcus also printed up a second one, the one that he would keep for himself.

Astrid Gundersen

For 22 year old Astrid Gundersen, making her country’s Olympic team was just a dream come true and certainly a product of her daily regiment of exercise and constant practice in her homeland.  She certainly hoped to perform well in the games as she hoped to be triumphant in front of her family, friends and her fiancÚ who’d be on hand at the finish line.  Her family and fiancÚ were to arrive the morning of the opening ceremony but Astrid would not be meeting up with them till after her event was completed as she wanted to keep her mind totally focused on the competition.  Thus, to avoid any distractions, Astrid would be practicing and remaining with her teammates in the village till her event was completely over with.

With the goal of exceeding well in her sport and going to the Olympics the ultimate goal, Astrid had at first tried to avoid the attraction to handsome Eric Trom when they had been introduced by mutual friends but could not resist accepting the date when he had called.  Falling in love with her handsome suitor was something that Astrid had not been prepared for, nor was his proposal to her after that elegant Valentine’s Day dinner that past year.  She had accepted, but told Eric that it was on the condition that they not get more involved time-wise till after the Olympics, and that their wedding day would be months later so she could work on the planning after the games were over.  They kissed of course, a bit of light petting ensued after their engagement, but nothing more and Astrid was determined to remain chaste and pure till the night of their wedding.

Armed with a duplicate room key, Marcus now had to wait for the perfect timing in which to make his move.  Watching the television screen and seeing all the athletes attending the opening ceremony, he knew that it’d be some time before it was over.  Then he figured that they’d be some partying at one of the many taverns in town before they returned to the village.  Checking the monitors, looking at those covering the second floor, it would be the third monitor from the left that he’d need to concentrate on as it covered the entrance to Room 214.  Marcus planned on working it out where he’d be doing the ‘floor check’, even volunteering to do his co-worker’s round as the fat bastard hated that part of the job.

A bit after midnight, the blonde beauty and a group of her teammates arrived back at the complex to get some rest before the first day of competition.  As they disappeared into the elevators, Marcus turned to watch the monitors on the second floor.  He watched intently as the beauty stopped at her doorway and wave goodnight to her teammates as they continued on down the hallway to their respective rooms.  Then she disappeared into her room.  Having studied the complex and knowing which was her room from the outside, he’d then be able to do spot checks to see if and when her bedroom light was turned off, meaning that the unsuspecting beauty had gone off to bed.

Having checked forty-five minutes earlier from the outside and seeing the lights off in Room 214, it was perfect as it was now his turn to do the rounds next.  Marcus told the other guard that after his next round of walking the floors and ground, that he’d take his break, thereby giving him even more time to do his devious deed.  Leaving his fat coworker behind the counter and doing the first floor walk thru, Marcus then went up the stairwell to the 2nd floor door.  Now he had to make certain that his co-worker wasn’t looking at the monitors in order for him to gain entry into the sleeping beauty’s room.  Getting on his walkie-talkie, he then called the front desk to inquire “Hey Bert, take a look outside the front door to the west!  Thought I heard something but I can’t see anything from where I am!”

Volume on low so it wouldn’t attract any attention, he waited for the reply as he neared Room 214, then heard Bert respond with “No, nothing out there!  Everything looks normal!”  “Okay, great!” Marcus responded and signed off.  Knowing that Bert was not watching the monitors, he then slipped the cardkey into the slot and quietly opened the door, slipping right on in when the door opened just enough in hopes that the light from the hallway would not awaken the sleeping beauty.  Knowing the layout of the room, the light would be away from the head of the bed, thus Marcus hoped his quick entry would not startle the beautiful blonde bitch.  Slipping inside her room, Marcus felt his heart thumping like crazy as he panted nervously to compose himself.  He then told himself ‘Okay, calm down, take it slow and follow yer plan!  Don’t blow it!  The light did wake her!’

Blinking his eyes, eyes finally focusing to the darkness, Marcus could then make out the outline of the desk and chair off to the right and then the bed own which the golden treasure lay waiting to be claimed.  Just in case of needing to make a quick getaway, needing to be fully dressed when he exited, his plan called for things to be in the right order for him to jump into his clothing and be off to pretend that he was looking for the culprit who broke into the building.  Looking at the curvy outline of the beauty atop the bed, Marcus then began to disrobe.  Security uniform off and it was just his jockeys to be stripped off, he stepped out of it and clutched it in his hand as he made his way to the bed.

Nearing the bed, Marcus could make out the bed with the sleeping beauty on her side with her back to him with the blanket pulled up to her shoulders.  ‘I’ll use my left hand to grab her hands first, have my jockeys ready to stuff’em in her mouth to keep her from screaming!  Put the long plastic tie onto the bed first, then use it to secure her hands above her head to the metal railing.  The thought of using his jockeys to stuff into her mouth had Marcus chuckling quietly ‘That’ll freak the bitch out!  I bet she’ll want to puke!  But if’n that don’t do it, I’s bet when I’s make her suck me off and cums in her mouth that she’ll puke fer sure!  Yeah, she’ll be puking her guts out when I’s git through with her!’

Seconds later, innocent young Astrid Gundersen was in the battle of her life as her arms were held in a tight above her head and she was unable to scream due to a smelly rag having been stuffed in her mouth by the vile intruder.  The blanket that had been covering her body had gotten twisted around her legs and was now preventing her from kicking out at her assailant, restraining her as she was overpowered.  Then her arms were forced further up over her head, after jersey top she had worn to bed had been stripped off, and wrists were being tied to the railing.  Astrid struggled with all of her might, desperately trying to get away, fearing now of the worst possible thing that could happen to her or any woman for that matter.

Astrid had no clue at all as to what that smelly and foul tasting rag that had been shoved into her mouth when she had attempted to scream.  The acrid taste in her mouth was awful, but Astrid’s main concern was to try and escape from this muscular brute who had somehow broken into her room.  Then, to her horror, Astrid heard the sick bastard ask “Ya like the taste of my jocks, sweetie?”  She shuddered in revulsion in learning what had been stuffed into her mouth, wanting to die right on the stop as the foul taste permeated through all her taste buds.  Her mouth watered automatically but it just made the horror even worst as the bastard’s taste spread in now liquid form.  Tossing her head from side to side, knowing now just what was in her mouth, Astrid tried desperately to push out the foul rag.

Tying the beauty’s trim wrists together with the plastic tie, securing them above her head to the metal rail, Marcus then used his right hand to pull down the blanket so he could caress her soft smooth flesh.  Bending down, Marcus clamped his open mouth over the top of her left breast while his flicking wet tongue paid homage to the tender pink bud atop of it.  Then the mean bastard sank his sharp teeth right down into the soft fleshy mound, causing the beautiful bitch to moan into her gag “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ……………………nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” Nipple now hardening against his teasing tongue, Marcus then moved over to pay homage to its tender twin.

“Nnnnnnnnnnnnn ……………………nnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………nnnnnnnnnnnnn!” Astrid whimpered as her tender breasts were being scraped and ravished by the intruder’s sharp uneven teeth edges.  Her soft and tender flesh was obviously being bruised in the avid manner that he was sucking and biting upon them.  Never having allowed even her handsome fiancÚ this pleasure, Astrid was horrified in having this happen to her at this point in her life, right after having the memorable opening ceremony and the commencement of her Olympic career.  She kept trying to twist and turn but the lewd suckling continued and now her assailant was biting at her tender nipples.  Then to her horror, Astrid felt his thick fingers being inserted into the waistband of her panties just before they were pulled down over her trim hips.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” Marcus crooned as he stripped the pair of silky panties from the trashing beauty and held them up to his face.  Inhaling deeply, Marcus shivered with pleasure as it was just intoxicating to smell something so sweet and pleasing to the senses.  He then set the garment down at the foot of the nightstand so he’d be able to find it when leaving.  It would be a souvenir to remember this Olympic games by.  Blanket pushed to the side of the struggling beauty, Marcus began running a clammy hand over trim sexy white legs, using his other hand to fist himself, then taunted her with “I’m gonna love sliding my big black dick up yer tight little snatch, baby!”  “Nnnnnnn ……………nnnnnnnn ……………nnnnnnn!” came the whines of the beauty as she desperately struggled against him.

Struggling once again but the plastic bonds held her arms tightly bound to the railing.  Then Astrid felt her assailant sliding down the bed, giving her hope that maybe ‘He’s leaving!’  But there was no such luck in store for her as the bastard put his large strong hands on her knees and began pushing her resisting legs apart.  “Nnnnnnnnnn ……………….nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn …………………nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” Astrid moaned against the gag, her petite body shuddering and convulsing from the unexpected assault being launched ………………….with the bastard putting his head down between her spread legs and his horrid face right up against her sex.  Never in her innocent young life had Astrid ever dreamt that a male would do such a filthy thing.

“Nnnnnnnn …………………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” Astrid whimpered once again as her body lurched, then went into uncontrolled spasms as unwanted sensations suddenly coursed throughout her entire body.  ‘What’s he doing?  What’s he doing?’ Astrid asked herself over and over again as she put her feet flat upon the mattress to try and push herself up and away from her assailant.  Knees drawn back, she tried to push herself away but now strong hands were wrapped over her upper thighs and preventing her from doing so.  Tossing her head back and forth, causing her silky blonde hair to become disheveled as it was whipped back and forth.  “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ……………….aaaaaaaaaah ………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Astrid shuddered against the gag as the balls of her feet pushed down onto the mattress, causing her hips to arch right up into the bastard’s pleasure giving mouth.  Then her innocence gave way and yielded to the orgasm that completely rocked her entire body.

With the beautiful bitch swooning from the mind-blowing orgasm that he had just eaten her to, Marcus shuffled up between her now limply splayed legs as she drifted back down from outer space.  Fisting his boner to get the ramrod ready, Marcus got himself up into position as he reached forward to grasp her trim hips to keep her steady.  And then he reared on back, only to slam home the blood sausage in his hand, loving the sweet but muffled music that came “Uuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnn …………………….uuuuuuuuunnnnn ………………mmmmf …………………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!”  The muffled screams of the now devirginized beauty had stunned Marcus as he had not expected to be getting the honor of popping her precious little cherry.

Thrusting himself forward into her pain wracked body once again, ripping through the remnants of her hymen, Marcus was ecstatic as he exclaimed “Holy, shit!  My, Goddddddddddd!  I’s don’t fuck’n believe it!  Got yer fuck’n cherry!  Ohhh, yer so fuck’n tighttttttttttttttt!  Oohhhh, damnnnnnnn ………………..that whiteboy yer engaged to sure is gonna be pissed when he thinks he’s gonna claim yer cherry fer himself!”  Sucking in his breath and pausing a bit as his cock was being rubbed raw from the tight fitting, Marcus he then reared back and thrust forward once again.  He smiled triumphantly as the blonde beauty painfully whimpered out “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnn ……………….nnnnnnnnnnn ………………nnnnnnnnnnnnn!”

Thrusting again and again, humping hard into the whimpering bitch, Marcus chuckled in hearing the squishing sound from the point of their union as he knew damn well what the lubricant was ………………….blood from her busted cherry!  He knew that she wasn’t getting any pleasure from his fucking her in this manner, that her body was just racked with pain from the rape and his copping of her cherry but he didn’t give a damn as he kept sawing his bloated cock in and out of her bleeding snatch.  All that Marcus cared about was to getting himself off in the beautiful blonde, and of course in creating the potential consequences for the bitch when he did ………………………that of getting her knocked up with his little black bastard!
As he continued to hammer in and out of her bloody pit, the fight seemed to go right out of her with the squishing sounds became louder and louder as he continued his rape of her sexy body.  “Oh, yeah ……………….oh, yeah ………………………oh, sweetie ………………….oh, yer so fuck’n thightttttttttttt!  Ah …………………..yeahhhhh ……………….gonna cum …………………..gonna cum ……………gonna cum in ya real soon ……………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………yeah …………………….argggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Marcus groaned loudly as his nuts contracted and then he popped his gooey load deep up in her fertile womb.  Panting atop of the raped beauty as his cock began to shrink in the bloody mess, Marcus began to ease himself on out of her as he gloated that “Yer hubby-to-be might miss that cherry between yer sexy legs but he ain’t gonna miss the little black bastard I’s fucked up in there fer ya two!”

Just over an hour after having entered her bedroom, Marcus was getting into his clothing while looking at the naked beauty curled up in the fetal position with her gagging and coughing into the crumpled jersey top that she had worn to bed.  As the bitch began to retch and puke her guts out into the jersey top, Marcus chuckled out “Too much protein fer ya, huh, sweetie?”  Immediately after the rape, he had cut the plastic tie from the railing, pulled her up on the bed and made to kneel on the mattress.  Then, like the winner of gold would be doing in the ceremony, Marcus stepped up onto the gold winner’s podium …………….that being the raped beauty’s bed!

Then, as the winner of the gold would do, Marcus clutched the gold in his hands ………………… that of Astrid Gundersen’s silky soft golden hair as he forced the reluctant beauty to open her pink lips to admit him in.  Standing tall, Marcus sucked in breath and smiled widely in triumph as he held the gold in his hands while rocking back and forth on the podium, enjoying the extreme satisfaction and accomplishment as he fucked his bloody prick in and out her gagging virgin mouth.  Clutching her silky blonde hair at the back of her head to keep her from pulling away, Marcus grunted once, then again as he proceeded to empty his swollen balls right down into her gagging throat.

Having checked with his buddy as to scheduling earlier in the day, Marcus had been advised that he could stay where he was currently stationed or fill in an opening down at Building #5 that housed another country’s team that he had requested, just that his decision had to be made known by early morning.  Now that he had claimed the gold that he had been pursuing, it would be best for him to go onto where the next challenge lay, also to make his departure from there just in case the blonde bitch yelled rape.  But he really didn’t expect her to report the attack, not when it would bring her so much unwanted attention, with all her teammates learning that she had been ‘raped and ruined’ along with her having to tell her parents and her fiancÚ of her ordeal.

Late that next afternoon, Marcus reported in to Building #5 where he would be stationed for a few days, time enough for him to capture the next gold.  The gold he sought here was that of the beautiful Mrs. Elin Jensen, age 26, who was seeking her medal in the Nordic combined.  Marcus had seen the beauty highlighted in television show previewing the favorites and possible winners in each sport.  He remembered this beauty as they had interviewed her at her home located in the country, where she could go right outside her front door and get some practice in.  He remembered the shot of her sitting on her porch while leaning back against her hubby, causing Marcus to envy the lucky bastard for having that beauty in the sack every night when he went to bed.  ‘Damn, what I’d give fer just one night with that beautiful blonde bitch!’ he recalled telling himself.

Mrs. Elin Jensen and husband Stefan

From that television show, it had been revealed that the beauty’s family and hubby would be coming just to the games to watch her perform but she would be staying with her teammates in the village in order to practice and limit the distractions.  So Marcus knew that she’d be in the village building and such was confirmed on the computer that the lovely Mrs. Jensen was staying in Room 322.  But it wasn’t till later that night, when many of the athletes were returning from the team’s hockey game against Canada that he got to see the lovely beauty in person.  Cock tenting in his pants, he anxiously waited for her to return to the counter to advise of her cardkey not operable.  That was because he had rendered it useless earlier, and would only too gladly make her a new cardkey and a duplicate for himself.

But scoring a 2nd gold in two straight days proved futile as his plan on using his same ploy did not go according to plan on this night.  With the athletes’ hockey team having pulled an upset early that evening, it was party time throughout the entire building and not confined to just the party room set aside on the ground floor.  Checking the monitors from time to time throughout the night always showed at least two or more of the athletes in the hallway of the third floor laughing and partying it up.  Thus, gold would prove to be elusive for Marcus on this particular night as there was no way to gain entry to her room without being spotted.

That next night, things had quieted down substantially as individual events were the highlights for the day, nothing like that crazy hockey win atmosphere of the night before.  In checking the hallway monitors on the third floor, Marcus felt that familiar twitch in his loins as his other head began to throb in anticipation.  Now, armed with a copy of her room key in his pocket, it was just a matter of waiting for the blonde bombshell to return with the teammates that she had gone out to dinner with.  ‘Hmmm, hope she didn’t git too filled from dinner cause I’s got some nice hot tapioca pudding bubbling up right now in my big black balls fer ya!’ he mused.

It was just after 10 p.m. when the beauty and her teammates returned back to their housing complex and Marcus felt his balls contract with excitement as he gazed upon her lovely features.  As he watched some of the athletes head to the party room on the first floor, Marcus smiled in seeing the lovely beauty give a wave goodnight to her teammates as she pressed the button for the elevator.  Figuring it’d be a bit before she went to bed and nodded on off, Marcus planned on doing the first outside check on her bedroom light in about 45 minutes to an hour.  Once he saw that she had gone to bed, Marcus figured it another hour before making a run for his second gold.

It was just past midnight when Marcus got to use the cardkey and slipped unnoticed into the sleeping beauty’s room.  Having used this tried and true ploy of radioing in to the other guard on duty a bit earlier, he had the guy going outside to check out a suspected noise, assuring that the floor monitors would not being watched and allowing him to make his move.  Eyes getting accustomed to the dark as he wasted no time in getting stripped down to his bare balls, Marcus made out the outline of the beautiful bitch lying there on the bed with her back to him.  Buck naked, he proceeded to make his way over to the bed and then slipped in under the covers next to the blonde beauty.

Reaching out slowly under the covers, Marcus gently placed his hand on her arm, then caressed her soft creamy hand and trim fingers, getting to enjoy feeling her diamond ring and wedding band on her ring finger.  He then took her wrist and gently drew her hand back slowly, placing the warm palm of her hand atop of his pulsating boner.  Marcus sucked in his breath as it felt so fucking good as the fingers of the sleeping beauty instinctively coiled around his throbbing flesh and began to squeeze him!  Soon he was pumping slowly in and out of her instinctively pumping fist.  ‘Oh, damn ………oh, damn ………………..…….she thinks she’s doing her fuck’n hubby ………….don’t lose it, man  …………………don’t ya go and lose it ………………….don’t blow it!’ he told himself, determined to not pop his load from the fantastic feel of her warm and soft hand stroking him.

He felt her stirring, apparently coming out of her deep sleep as she began squeezing him harder while continuing to shuck at my boner with longer strokes, but he feared the worst in that she would soon come to realize that it was not her hubby who was in bed with her.  Suddenly her body stilled and froze as the pleasurable handling of his cock ceased, making it quite apparent to Marcus that the reason was that she had just come to realize in horror that she should be all alone in bed and that her husband was currently staying at a downtown hotel.
That’s when Marcus knew he had to move into action and quickly used his hand to cover her mouth, thereby preventing her from screaming.  With his free hand, he grabbed her wrist to keep her hand on his cock, whispering to her that “Maybe if’n ya keep on stroking me like ya been doing, I’s won’t rape ya!”  Marcus smiled with pleasure upon feeling her trim fingers close upon his dick once again, then his cock stiffened and pulsated as she obviously realized she had to get him to pop off in her hand or face the consequences of being raped.  Smiling to himself as the bitch really thought she could pull it off and get him to pop prematurely, but Marcus just closed his eyes and enjoyed her handling of his boner.

Marcus figured it’d be a blast making the bitch think that she was succeeding in getting him off by hand and began pretending by moaning out “Oh, yeah …………..oh, yeah ……………..that’s it …………………..that’s it, sweetie …………………gonna cum ………….gonna cum soon!  Yer gonna git me to pop soon!”  A moment later, Marcus panted out “Oh, baby …………………oh, yeah …………………..now reach on down with yer soft purty hand …………………..roll my nuts ……………….roll my nuts in the palm of yer hand!”  It was a blast for Marcus as the frantic bitch grabbed his balls in her soft pretty hand and rolled them as instructed in hopes of getting him to pop.

Nearing ten minutes of her stroking him, it became obvious that her hopes of bringing him off with her hand had failed.  “I’s got a knife right here next to the bed in case ya git any ideas of screaming!  Besides, it ain’t gonna do ya no good cause the units are basically soundproof as they wanted the athletes to be able to sleep above the noise outside!  So, ya’s be quiet when I’s take my hand off yer mouth ……………..or else!” Marcus threatened the trembling beauty.  Once he took his hand off her mouth, the frightened beauty panted and pleaded “Please ………………….please don’t rape ………………………please don’t rape me!  I’m married …………….I have a husband …………….I’m happily married ………………..I’ve never been with another man!”

Hearing that plea and loving her European accent, Marcus chuckled as he told of seeing the interview of her at her home and seeing her leaning back against her hubby.  “I’s was so fuck’n envious of that punk yer married to …………….that lucky bastard getting to hit the sack with ya every night!  Heard ya telling the interviewer that ya’d possibly be hanging up the skis once the games are over …………………..so ya and hubby can start a family!  Bet ya hubby’s gonna be the envious one now ………………………..after I’s knock ya up and git that family started fer ya two, heh, heh!” he gloated tauntingly as he took her hand off him and forced her arm over her head.  Then he did the same to her other arm and secured her wrists to the railing above the bed.

Sniffling and sobbing, Elin could only think of her husband and how they had talked about enjoying lovemaking once the competition was over, recalling how she had handled his manhood and stroked it in her hand while telling her husband “Soon you won’t have to buy any more rubbers for this little big ‘man’ to wear!”  Struggling against her bindings, Elin tried to keep her knees from being pried apart.  But then her assailant was grasping the elastic waistband of her panties and the wispy garment was soon being pulled down her trim legs and feet.  ‘Oh, God ………………he’s going to rape me now!’ she shuddered in horror.

With her knees forced apart and trim legs spread wide apart, to Elin horror the bastard had his face down on her sex and was actually licking at her clenching slit.  “No ……………….nooooooooooooooo …………………………..noooooooooooooooo …………………….stop ……………………stoppppppppppppppppppppppppp!” Elin cried out in anguish while trashing about in order to get away from her assailant’s invading tongue.  Elin struggled helplessly against her bonds, her long silky blond hair whipping from side to side in her frenzy but to no avail.  “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………….nnnnnnnnnnnn …………..nnnnnnnooo ………………noooooooooooo ……………aieeeeeeeee ……………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she shuddered out in despair.

The assailant’s long thick tongue wiggling up in her cunny was just driving Elin right out of her mind as the unwanted sensations had her toes curling and causing her petite body to tremble in uncontrolled spasms.  Literally being eaten alive for the very first time in her life, Elin lost all control at that point as she arched up and orgasmed right in the bastard’s hot mouth as he continued to devour her spasming pussy!  Elin’s petite body lurched time and time again as a result of the orgasm of all orgasms rocking her petite body as never before.  Never in her entire life had she experienced anything such as this before.  Shivering in the aftermath of the mind-blowing orgasm, tears filled Elin’s eyes as she felt that she had just betrayed her husband even though the vile act had been forced upon her.  Elin shuddered at the thought of ‘How could I do such a thing?  Climaxing in such a manner? With another man ….…..with ……………with his mouth on my sex  ……………licking me with his vile tongue …………………like an animal!’

Marcus noticed the married beauty’s sniffling getting louder as he spread apart her now non-resisting legs and shuffled up between them.  As he fisted his cock, Marcus noticed that she had merely turned her head to the side as she began sobbing.  He sensed her complete defeat at that point, correctly believing that it was due to her body’s betrayal of obtaining the unwanted pleasure associated with the orgasm that he had literally eaten her to.  Marcus heard her whimper in pain as he thrust his bloated cock several inches into tight gripping snatch, causing him to taunt her with “Damn, yer fuck’n tight ……….like a fuck’n virgin!  Hubby obviously ain’t been giving ya none lately, huh?”  Grabbing her trim hips, Marcus thrust another few inches up into her tight little cunny, then a third lunge got his foot-long dong buried all the way up in her twat as she now sobbed in her defeat.

It was just a real fantastic fuck for Marcus as he loved hearing the bitch sob both in shame and pain as he slid his cock in and out of her raped slit.  Finally, with his balls tightening and his cock swelling to the bursting point, the bitch apparently came to realize what was soon to come as she began to struggle frantically and began pleading  “No, please …………don’t ………………not in me …………..please ……………pull it out ……………..pull it out!  Please ……………please, no ………………..not in meeeeeeeee ………………..not in me, please ……………………….you’ll get me pregnant!”

Marcus just laughed at her plight, telling her “Ain’t no way I’s gonna go and waste my cum on the bedsheets, bitch!  Gonna breed ya with it, bitch!  Gonna knock ya up good and ya and hubby will be on yer way to starting that family ya been wanting!”  Holding her at the waist firmly, he began to fuck her at jackhammer speed, then announce that “Gonna cum bitch!  Gonna knock ya up gooddddddddddddd!”   “Ugh ……………ugh …………..ugh ………………….ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he grunted as his lust spewed out of his contracting balls as the beauty sobbed out “Nooooooooo ………..no ……………….nooooooooooo ……………noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

An hour after entering the room, Marcus once again stood up on the podium and held the coveted gold in his hands ……………………..that being the bed as his podium and his clutching of her soft golden hair in his hands ……………while forcing the beautiful blonde bitch to take him in her mouth.  What had made the blowjob even better was having heard her plead “No ………….no …………..please, I can’t ……………I’ve never done such a filthy thing ……………not even for my husband!”  Hearing her gag around his bloated cock was like music to his ears as Marcus was getting ready to give her a good tasty load of hot semen.

Stepping down from his podium, Marcus saw the bitch lean over the side of the bed to grab the nearby trashcan and pull it towards her.  Then she put her head down into it and began to puke her guts out.  Quickly getting into his clothing, taking her panties as a souvenir, Marcus took a quick peek out of the door and then made a quick exit from the beauty’s room.  He just had to hope that the other guard was not watching the third floor monitors at the time, which he figured to be a good bet as the guy was just a lazy goof-off.

Three days later, Gretchen Hansen tried to get her cardkey to work but after a few tries without success, she went on downstairs to the security desk.  Explaining the problem with her cardkey to the black security guard on duty and showing him her ID card, she learned that such happens to the cardkey when demagnetized by coming into contact with something magnetic.  Going back upstairs, she was happy to find that the new cardkey did work.  Taking off her white coat that had the country’s red/yellow/black stripes on the bottom border, Gretchen was so happy her first performance on the short program of figure skating earlier that night.

Ms. Gretchen Hansen

At 21 years of age, having World and European titles under her belt, Gretchen hoped to do well here and earn herself a medal.  After the games were over, Gretchen planned on giving up on competitive side of skating and accept the recent offer she had received to go on a professional ice skating tour.  But first to take a break as there was much to do in the coming months to prepare for her big wedding day.  Looking down at her sparkling diamond ring on her finger, Gretchen then closed her eyes to picture her handsome fiancÚ who had been in the stands to watch her performance.  They had merely exchanged waves earlier that night, having agreed to remain apart during the games so she could just concentrate on her skating.

After a relaxing hot shower and putting on a warm flannel top, she then sent a quick ‘I love you!  Going to bed now to rest up for tomorrow! Luv, Gretch! to her fiancÚ.   ‘He’s so understanding and thoughtful!’ Gretchen told herself of her fiancÚ as she prepared herself for bed.  A couple of short practice sessions were on the schedule for her tomorrow and then it’d be the final skating performance.  Yawning and stretching, she then uttered to herself “I’m so tired!  I was just a bundle of nerves until I got on the ice tonight!  I really need a good night’s sleep!”  Turning off the lights, she then slipped under the covers and she was fast asleep in a few moments.

Just before dozing off, she pictured her handsome fiancÚ in her mind and grasped the pillow to pretend she was hugging him ……………….dreaming that it was their wedding night and that Jorge was about to make her a woman of her!  Little did Gretchen realize that her light being turned off moments ago had been observed by the lusting security guard who then been outside and looking up towards her bedroom window.  More so, her dreams were soon about to be completely shattered …………….that her fiancÚ would be deprived the honor of making her a woman on the wedding night ……………and she’d be saddled with the worry of walking down the aisle with her rapist’s baby growing in her belly!

Just past midnight, Marcus was determined on getting his third gold for the games and had his sights currently glued to accomplishing that …………………..with his eyes peering through the darkness at the outline of the lovely beauty under the covers.  As he began shedding his clothing, Marcus told himself to keep on with his tried and true methods in order to bring home the gold.  ‘No deviations!  Stick with yer plans!’ Marcus told himself as he slowly and quietly made his way to the bed in the buff while stroking at his rising boner with one hand and clutching his dirty jockeys in the other.  Just to run things through his mind again, he told himself ‘Jist like gitting the first gold, since she’s not yet married and possibly cherry, jist in case she screams bloody hell when I do it to her ……………..so I’s better stuff her mouth with my jockeys ………….then tie her hands to the metal railing above the bed!’

From what had been the most ecstatic time in her life, the next hour would prove to be the most hideous and degrading for innocent young Gretchen when she found herself in the clutches of a demented sex maniac.  Devastated to find herself unable to escape her much stronger assailant, even more so to learn that the filthy tasting rag in her mouth was the bastard’s dirty jockeys, and then to experience the unwanted sensations coursing throughout her entire body due to the bastard’s salacious tongue wiggling up into her body’s most private part.  Shuddering and body going into uncontrolled spasms, it took Gretchen awhile to come to realize that she just had experienced her very first orgasm, doing so while climaxing right into her attacker’s slurping mouth.

The nightmare would only get worst for her as Marcus leaned back up licking his lips while shucking his boner.  Shuffling forward, he then got himself into position and could make out the horrified whites of her eyes in the darkness as she came to realize what was in store for her next.  “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………….nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” came her muffled shrieks of pain as he then brutally raped her, ripping right through her protective hymen in doing so.  “Oh, yeah ……………….cherryyyyyyyyyyyy!” Marcus gloated with delight in finding that he was the one getting the honor of popping her precious cherry.  Rearing back, he lunged again and again into the withering beauty till he was in to the hilt.

After having seeded the distraught beauty with hot potent jizz from his contracting black balls, Marcus cut the plastic tie that bound her to the metal rail, then proceeded to get atop the podium for the ceremony.  Forcing her chin down to part her lips, he then slipped his blood coated cock into her succulent mouth.  Standing proudly atop of the podium, clutching her soft golden hair in his hands, Marcus took great pleasure in have gotten ‘gold’ for the third time as he then cut loose with a triumphant roar “Oh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………..I’m cumminggggggg ……………………….suck it ………………..eat it all, bitch!”

As the closing ceremonies brought the games to an end, it was Marcus who had claimed the most ‘gold’ during the two week period …………a total of five ‘gold’!  Two other golden haired beauties, lovelies Ms. Terri Baker and Ms. Melanie Austin, also had come to suffer the same horrible fate of being raped and degraded by the deviant Marcus Pryor.  And having suffered at his hands to satisfy his lustful desires, the dreams of all five beauties basically were destroyed following the nightmare that each had been subjected to.  Not one of them even came close to performing up to her expectations and would go home from the games without anything to show for it ……………………or so they hoped as it would be six weeks before the home pregnancy tests would prove otherwise!

Having gone on to another complex the day after nailing  his third gold, Marcus had sought out the lovely aerialist on skis that he had made notes of in his little black book.  That first night working there, after having used the computer to render her cardkey useless, he got to see the lovely beauty in person, dressed in the green and white team uniform of her country when she came down to the security desk to get a new room key.  Providing the lovely Ms. Terri Baker with a new cardkey and slipping a duplicate into his pocket, Marcus then awaited for the right time to make his move, which in this case proved to be the following night.

Ms. Terri Baker

Marcus had noted the diamond ring that graced her finger, knew beforehand from the television interview and publications of her that the twenty year old beauty was engaged to her high school boyfriend who was now attending college.  In fact, such a factor was the determination factor to be in Marcus’s little black book, for the beauty had to be either married or engaged to be married.  With his attack streamlined to the same MO, it came as a disappointment to Marcus when he discovered that there was no cherry to be plucked from this young beauty, but still his rape of the sobbing beauty had him filling her cunny to the brim with plentiful spurts of his hot potent semen.  But pissed at being denied the opportunity here getting cherry, especially as she was not yet married like the second ‘gold’ he’d obtained, Marcus buggared the bitch’s cherry white ass before cutting the binding and standing atop the podium.  He laughed as he clutched her golden hair to him, loving the sounds of her gagging around his shit stained cock.

His 5th and final gold came in the likes of the beautiful Ms. Melanie Austin, who specialized in the skeleton event, and who looked so beautiful when wearing the red and white uniform of her country’s team colors.  It was the night before her big event was to take place when Marcus had slipped unnoticed into her room and forced her to satisfy his lustful desires.  To his delight, the bitch had her cherry well intact, so much so that it took Marcus three lunges into her tight cunny before it finally broke.  He had broken her in good as she was bleeding heavily, making it a fabulous blood fuck for him.

Ms. Melanie Austin

Standing on the podium for the fifth and final time during the games, it had been even more fantastic as the blonde beauty tried to pull out of his grasp and not take his bloody cock into her reluctant mouth.  But he was not about to take ‘no’ for an answer and finally got the prim and proper little bitch to admit him between her soft pink lips.  And when he stepped down from the podium with his lust sated, he had to chuckle in being able to notice the red smears discoloring her lovely white features of her beautiful face ………………..stains left on her face from his rubbing his bloody cock up against her reluctant face when she fought against him.  Marcus laughed as the beautiful bitch began gagging, then began coughing up his cum into the palms of her cupped hands.

End of Story.