Pandemic Prizes - I
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon

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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff
of the series entitled: 'Forced in Foreclosure'

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For unscrupulous landlords and bill collectors, the past couple of years had been rather uneventful, so different from the immediate years following the financial crisis that saw many home foreclosures.  Instead of having to pursue rental payments for foreclosing on a place, property managers just had to keep good records on incoming rental payments and of course to keep the tenants happy by taking care of any repairs needed on the property. With the economy booming and stock market at an all time high, real estate values were soaring while businesses were booming, giving people a sense of security and ability to follow their dreams.  But the suddenness of the nation and world pretty much shutting down due to the pandemic's rapid spread, causing severe illness as well as death, businesses and individuals could no longer afford to pay the next month's rent.  As such became the current situation all around the country, the unscrupulous landlords and bill collectors were once again celebrating their good fortune ........................for now the opportunities became abundant with what was previously unavailable .............................and they could and would be demanding some proud pussy for payment! 

Ms. Jennifer (Jenny) Woo, age 24, elementary school teacher, engaged to be married, parents own Woo's Chinese Kitchen:

For Rufus Johnson, the last couple of years in property management was rather boring, not like his prior job as a mortgage collector when foreclosures was a daily occurrence for years after the financial crisis of 2008.  But now, things had perked up suddenly due to the pandemic crisis that had nearly all businesses being shut down till further notice, and Rufus knew just how to go about getting what he prized most ............................sweet tender pussy!  Hired by owners to handle the collecting of rents and the problems associated with commercial buildings as well as dwellings or condominium units, he was the sole party making contact with the tenants as that was his job and the owners were willing to pay a percentage of the rent collected in order to avoid being involved.  From his expertise gathered previously during the financial crisis, Rufus realized that he could employ the very same tactics to get what he desired.

Swamped with callback messages once the governor of the state mandated a stay-at-home order, tenants and business owners were naturally in a panic and calling as monthly rent payments came due the first of the month, and now people were out of work and non-essential businesses forced to close.  Flipping through the messages, the one that caught Rufus' attention was a callback request from Jenny Woo, the daughter of the owners of Woo's Chinese Kitchen.  Rufus had talked with the young woman only once, recalling that it was when his company became the property management firm that handled the building in which her parents' business was located, but he had never met her in person.  Thinking back to that call, Rufus did remember thinking how sweet a voice she had, that her call was being made on behalf of her parents since their English was rather limited.  The daughter was merely inquiring if he preferred the rental check being sent in by mail or continue like before with an agent stopping by the first of the month to pick up the check. 

Stopping by a business during the first week of each month was Rufus' ideal manner in which he solved several aspects in managing a property, that of getting to know the owners better as well as learning more of their business.  Over the past year of stopping by Woo's Chinese Kitchen, Rufus found Mr. & Mrs. Woo to be quite pleasant and very friendly, and he had even bought some take outs periodically.  Although verbal communication was a bit of a challenge, Rufus as well as the tenants he dealt with managed to get across their points, even able to joke about things with one another.  Rufus recalled one of his recent stops at the restaurant, where he made small talk with Mrs. Woo after spotting a picture of the Woo family hanging on the wall, one in which a very attractive young woman was standing next to Mrs. Woo.  Through some simple questions and answers, Rufus learned at it was Mrs. Woo's daughter 'Jenny', that she was a 'teacher', and that she was recently engaged to be married as per the hand signal Mrs. Woo made by tapping onto her ring finger.  "Getting married soon?" was Rufus' question to Mrs. Woo, who nodded 'yes' and replied in broken English "Big wedding ..................June!"

Looking at the message taken by his receptionist, it had the beauty's phone number and the box checked reading 'Wants to set up an appointment', and at the bottom of the message it read 'Regarding Woo's Chinese Kitchen'.  Then, the head between his legs responded with an exciting twitch, to which Rufus responded by going out to his secretary and advising her to "Give Ms. Woo a call and set up an appointment for Friday morning sometime at my Sycamore office!"  As he had to cover the entire city for his job, Rufus kept a couple small ground floor condo one bedroom units on each side of town, setting up the front as an office to meet with clients while the door led to the bedroom where he could grab a nap or sleep overnight if he was too tired to make the drive back home.  That office on Sycamore was the ideal place to meet with the owners' beautiful daughter, who obviously wanted to see what could be arranged on rent deferral due to the sudden shutdown, as that small office was just a few miles from the restaurant and that fact that it contained the one element that Rufus deemed necessary for their meeting ...........................a nice soft king-sized bed!

In regards to the building that housed the Woo's restaurant, Rufus had discussed things with the wealthy owner who owned not only that building but several others that were being managed by him, and he was given to go ahead to use his judgment on each case.  So Rufus could do as he pleased when it came to rent reductions, deferrals and even waiving rent for a period of time if need be, but he was not planning on relaying such good news to the young lady he'd soon be meeting with least not until he got her right where he wanted her ..........................flat on her back upon the king-sized bed in the one bedroom unit!  Looking up the Woo family on the internet, Rufus learned that Jennifer Woo was 24 years of age, had gone to State U. and had obtained a degree in elementary education.  'Hmmm, 24 years of age and engaged to be married!  Chance of her still being cherry that age ....................slim and none would be my guess!' Rufus surmised, but his cock still twitched with excitement of making that slim beauty scream when it got its chance to slither up between her trim legs!

"Oh, Ms. Woo, it's so nice to get to meet you!  Your parents are so proud of you and always talk about you when I stop by each month!  Come on in and tell me as to how I can be of help to you!" Rufu s
greeted the young beauty upon her arrival to his office on Sycamore Street, all while keeping 'social distancing' practices as prescribed.   Seeing her fidgeting and nervousness as she entered his office, Rufus's cock gave a twitch of excitement, for the prospect of having some fun and games on the king-sized bed seemed promising.  Rufus learned that the young beauty taught a second grade class at Franklin Elementary School in the town of Wycliff located some eighty miles away, that she had returned home when all the schools and businesses had shut down due to the pandemic.  Trying to help out at the restaurant as much of the staff had to be laid off, the beauty advised that the now 'take out only' business was really not going to cut it, so she had come to see him as to a possible temporary reduction of the rent or deferral of it.

Having talked to the owner of the building ahead of this meeting, Rufus had gotten the okay to waive the rent in its entirety while the stay-at-home mandate was in effect.  Mind churning on all the possibilities, Rufus planned on relaying the great news only after he got buck ass naked and fuck her good in bed.  Rufus listened as the beauty relayed the shortage of available cash, much due to the recent remodeling of the restaurant and upgrades in the kitchen, so things were looking rather bleak with very little income coming in at this point in time.  With the beauty blinking back tears, mentioning how "I'll do anything I possibly can to help my parents out!  They've worked so hard, given me a good education all the way through college, I've got to find a way in which I can help repay them by saving the restaurant!  They've just put everything into it, and things were just starting to take off!  I've just got to help them save it!"  'Now's the time to go fer it!' the head between his legs announced, and so Rufus broke the 'social distancing' he had been putting on as show, closing the distance as he went around the desk to proposition the naive young beauty.

With the lovely Jenny Woo stunned by the proposition made by Rufus, it was as if she was in a trance when he took her hand to pull her up from the chair, and she sheepishly followed as he pulled her into the adjoining bedroom.  To aid in the presentation of his proposition, Rufus had already printed up a form letter that he had intended on giving out to the commercial tenants ................well, those that were good ones and whom he wanted to keep as clients.  Handing the yet unsigned letter that was addressed to the beauty's parents, Rufus blatantly advised that "I correctly suspected the reason for you setting up this appointment, and it gave me an idea give me what I want and I'll give you what you want, for once I sign that letter and you have it in hand for your parents' restaurant will be completely waived for the entire month!  And you'll be able to renew it each month until the lock down is fully over with!  I'll follow up later by telling your parents not to worry at all, that I don't want to lose them as tenants!"  With the beauty reading the letter, understandably puzzled as she read the letter and asking "I don't understand ............................what do you want from me?", to which Rufus smiled and responded with "You bed with me!  You see, I saw the picture on the wall of you and your family at the restaurant ...............and learning that you'd be getting married in June ...........................well, that's a real turn on fer me!"

Signing the letter and putting it in an envelope as the stunned beauty looked on, Rufus stood up from his desk and moved to the other side of it, handing the envelope to the trembling young woman before taking her by hand to pull her up and lead her into the adjoining bedroom.  Rufus took in the sight of the trembling Ms. Jennifer Woo as she stood before the king-sized bed with her arms folded, looking so lovely in the dark brown dress and silver heels, the Rufus got the fantastic news when she announced that "I .................I've never been with a man before!"  Taking command of the situation, Rufus gruffly advised "Take that dress of yers off!  I's want ya up on the bed so we can fuck!"  As the beauty lowered her arms and sheepishly looked downward, asking "And you promise to tell my parents the rent is waived!", to which Rufus merely responded with "Okay, sweetie start taking off your clothes!  First start by letting your hair down!"  Rufus watched as she complied by reaching up to undo her pinned up hair, allowing her silky black hair to flow around her shoulders, then she was reaching on back to unzip the back of her brown dress.

With the dress in a puddle around her heels, Rufus smiled as the reluctant beauty trembled while trying to hide her nakedness by crossing her arms over her bra encased breasts.  "Now the heels, sweetie!  Then up on the bed ......................I'll be happy to help you with the rest!" Rufus advised with a wide grin on his face.  Right foot first slipping out of her heel, then her left as she stepped out from her puddled dress on the floor, Rufus watched as she then padded over barefoot and up onto the bed while clad in only a matching pair of lacy white undergarments.  As she lay on her back on the middle of the bed, eyes shut with arms folded over her breasts, Rufus could see the petite beauty visibly trembling with nervousness as he began shedding his clothing.  Buck naked as he strode over towards the bed, jutting cock in hand as he shucked on it with his fist, Rufus licked his lips at the thought 'Oh, yeah .......................Rufus is gonna pop himself a bloody cherry today!'               

Cock in his right hand, Rufus reached out with his left to touch the foot of the prone beauty, smiling triumphantly upon seeing as well as seeing the lovely Ms. Jennifer Woo flinch upon his touch.  Rufus was enjoying the sight of the beauty's dreadful plight as she tried to show no emotion form his touching and caressing of her body, but she was betrayed by the visible tightening of her leg muscles as well as the curling of her toes.  Seeing the tightening of her crossed arms over her bra encased breasts, the grimacing of her pretty face, Rufus let go of his rigid cock to run both of his large calloused hands up the length of her soft creamy legs.  With her legs being held tightly together, Rufus slid his roaming hands up the length on the outsides of her trim flawless legs, stopping when his fingers reached the waistband of her lacy whie panties. 

Kneeling up on the bed and shuffling forward till he was kneeling near her feet, Rufus leaned on forward, reaching out to insert his fingertips into the waistband of her silky panties.  Peeling the flimsy protective garment down slowly, Rufus was then treated to the sight of the beauty's treasure chest, that of the short curly black hairs that covered her precious jewel.  Swollen cock giving a twitch of excitement, anticipating the pleasure to be derived when it would have the honor of plundering it ........................popping the precious little cherry that was meant for the man she married!  Drawing the pair of lacy panties down her sexy legs, off her pretty feet, Rufus then put the balled up garment to his face so he could inhale her intoxicating scent.

Putting the garment down beside him on the bed, Rufus reached forward once again, this time placing both hands under the beauty's knees, bending her legs and placing her feet flat upon the bed.  Hands moving to her kneecaps, Rufus then pushed her trim legs wide apart, then seconds later came the feminine squeal "Ohhhh, my Godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!"  That squeal was the result of Rufus clamping his hot open mouth directly upon her sex and the immediate insertion of his thick tongue up into her never before penetrated vagina.  "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" came her squeal when Rufus proceeded to eat her snatch out, and his strong hands cupping her asscheeks served to keep her from squirming away. 

As the beauty was a virgin, it was quite obvious to Rufus that the inexperienced bride-to-be never before had been eaten out, evidenced by how quickly her body quivered as she climaxed right in his mouth.  As he ate her, Rufus got a good grip on her asscheeks, holding her firmly as she first trembled and quivered, then her petite body tensed on up before going totally limp in his hands.  With the beauty in a delirious state, Rufus knew that this was the ideal time to pop her precious little cherry, get it done before she regained her senses and freaked on out.  First a couple of shucks to get himself fully rigid, shuffling up between her widespread legs and placing his hands on her trim hips, Rufus then lunged on forward.  "Eieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" came the shrilling shriek of the now ex-virgin, for Rufus had succeeded in popping the precious cherry that she had saved for the night of her wedding.  Unable to move as her cunny was gripping his cock like a too small glove, Rufus kept absolutely still, allowing the blood from her popped cherry to lubricate their union as he exclaimed "Oooh, damn yes ..............jist went and popped Jenny Woo's precious little cherry!"  Pushing her lacy white bra up over her pert little titties, he leaned forward to take a tender nipple into his mouth, worrying it till it stiffened into a bud before moving onto its twin.

Cock now throbbing in the warmth of her blood, Rufus had to hold back the urge to just fuck away and plunder young beauty, to blast his load and seed her good ....................getting a wicked thrill at the thought of knocking her up before her wedding day!  But then the thought of getting the young beauty hooked on cock took precedence .......................his cock in particular ..........................making her need and crave a big black cock!  Years of experience had made Rufus quite a cocksman, making him able to keep his strokes nice and slow, thereby allowing the inexperience beauty to feel exquisite pleasure coursing through her body.  Feeling her knees clamp against his hips as she arched up into his slicing cock,
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" came her mewl of pleasure, Rufus knew that she was about to go over the edge.  "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..............................ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" came her cry as she shuddered against him, signalling her climax, at which time Rufus let it all go .....................................ejaculating his hot seed deep up into her fertile womb time and time again till it was overflowing from their union.

Once the heavy body lifted itself off from her, lengthy penis pulled out of her bleeding vagina, Jenny reached over to the box of tissues on the nightstand.  With a wad of tissues in hand, Jenny cupped them between her legs to keep from bleeding all over the place, then grabbed her nearby panties to slip them on to keep the tissues in place.  Bra in hand and about to put it on, Jenny then collapsed back onto the bed, sobbing at the realization of what she had just done.  Bring both hands up to her face, she sobbed in shame, thinking 'All those years ......................saving myself for my wedding night!  I wanted my wedding night to be so special give myself to my husband give him the honor of deflowering me!  Now all that is for naught ..........................I can't give him my virginity ..............................I gave it away to a black man!'  To make matters worse, she heard Mr. Johnson's comment of "I'm looking forward to getting an invite to yer wedding in June!  Want to meet the man yer marrying ............................the guy I deprived in copping yer precious little cherry!"

It would be four hours later, three more fuck sessions in bed with Mr. Johnson, followed by showering with him and then ending up on her knees to suck his penis off under the hot shower.  With Mr. Johnson totally spent, Jenny was allowed to make her departure with the envelope waiving the rent due for her parents' restaurant, but then she would have renew that waiver in a month's time by submitting to Mr. Johnson once again.  Getting in her car, Jenny knew that she just could not meet Tom for their scheduled dinner date that night, not after what had just happened.  Not wanting to talk to Tom, fearing she would start sobbing in shame over the phone, Jenny decided to send him a text message telling him that wasn't feeling well and would be going to rest at home that night.  In bed that night, Jenny kept replaying that morning over and over again, then recalled what Mr. Johnson said if a waiver was needed for the month of June .........................that the waiver could be picked up at his office on the day before the wedding!  'He wants to have sex with me the day before my wedding ........................obviously a turn-on for the devious bastard ..............................having sex with the bride-to-be and then getting to meet the groom at the wedding the following day!' she realized.        

Mrs. Keri Reynolds, age 27, married 8 months, working in sales at a jewelry store:

Married just now for some 8 months, Keri and her husband Bill were hoping to save up enough money to buy their own place, and things were starting to look promising as they were able to now put a set amount into their savings account each month.  Thus far the amount saved up was small but it was a start, commission from her sales job at the upscale jewelry store was increasing each month, and Bill's job tending bar at a nice restaurant provided good income from the tips he got.  But now, with the stay-at-home mandate through the state put into effect, everything basically was shut down that included jewelry stores and restaurants.  No commissions nor tips, meant an immediate reduction of 85% of total monthly income, with just base hourly wages being the other 15% ................but such would be just a few weeks before the layoffs or furloughs to expected to come.  Monthly bills and basic necessities would have to be covered from the money they had managed to save thus far, but the biggest nut to cover was the monthly rent for the apartment they lived in. 

The apartment she and Bill lived in was located in one of four buildings on the same block, all owned by the same private company and the property manager was an old coot living in a ground floor unit in the building behind of theirs.  Having passed Mr. Simmons on the street the other day, the old caretaker of the buildings asked as to how things were going for the two of them, all while keeping the social distancing prescribed by health officials.  Advising the caretaker of their job situations, expressing her hope that they could get back to working soon, Keri got a not so subtle proposition from the old boy when he advised "Well, sweetie just come an pay me a visit when the rent comes due ........................I'm sure we can work things out between us .......................if ya know what I's mean!"   

It had not been the first time that the old coot had hit on her with a not so subtle proposition, but Keri had always just shrugged it off and not told her husband about it, afraid that Bill would confront the old man and get into a fight that would end up having them being evicted from the apartment.  Keri just told herself to bear with it till they had enough saved to move to a nicer place or be able to buy a starter home.  But now, Keri wondered 'What am I to do?  Rent is due and Bill just got furloughed!  The manager made it pretty clear ................have sex with him in exchange for the rent due!'  'Yuck!' she shuddered in disgust at the thought of the old skinny fart naked and touching her up.  'Maybe its just all talk and the old creep can't even get it up anymore!' she thought. 

Looking at the news on television as well as on the internet, Keri came to realize how bleak things looked for at least the next couple of months, that they could be in real financial trouble if things were shut down longer than that.  There was the possibility of seeking some assistance from her parents, but Bill had earlier expressed a definite objection to that idea, and Keri did not want to upset him by doing it.  'Do I dare do it ........................take the old fucker up on his proposition?  Does he have condoms at his place ......................or should I take a couple out of the box in the nightstand?' she wondered, definitely not wanting to have unprotected sex with the old bastard, which could result on her getting knocked up with his baby.

With basically no money coming in and forced to stay home, Bill was going stir crazy after the first two days following the 'stay-at-home' mandate, and thus he'd spend most of the day fixing and revving up his car in the carport.  For Keri, she got to watch a few daytime soaps to pass the time, but wondering about paying the upcoming rent was still on her mind.  As Keri was the one making the monthly payments from their joint checking account, she was well aware as to how long they could last without their regular paychecks coming in, knew that the rent payment was the real kicker in it all.  That morning, after just having fixed the bed, she reached out slowly to open the nightstand's drawer, then took a peek in at the opened box located in the corner ....................then turned it upwards to see that it was still full ......................of condoms!  In her mind, Keri thought to herself that 'Bill would never know if two of them went missing!'    

That next day, as Bill was about to head out to his car, Keri advised that she was going to talk to Mr. Simmons on getting a possible rent reduction and then would be going across the street to buy some groceries, thus she'd be out for awhile.  Yesterday, with her husband busy tinkering on his car, Keri had taken out a sandwich and a cold can of pop for his lunch, thus she knew that he wouldn't have a clue as to how long she was gone.  Opening the nightstand drawer once again, she slipped two of the foil packets out of the box and put them in her purse, figuring that two should be more than adequate if she decided to go through with the old coot's recent proposition.  Heart thumping in her chest, Keri tried to think in a positive vein, telling herself 'Maybe it was all talk ............maybe he can't get it up any more .......................maybe he'll be satisfied with a hand job!'  Or so she hoped, then thought 'Viewing his age, him being in the most susceptible group being affected by the virus, maybe he'll want to do social-distancing at the recommended six feet and only demand a striptease from me!'

Having first called Mr. Simmons to see if he had time to see her, Keri swallowed deeply at hearing his response of "For you, my dear ........................I've got all the time in the world fer ya!  In fact ya can come on over right now!"  Putting on a pair of slacks and neatly pressed blouse, Keri then slipped into a pair of two inch heels, looked at herself in the mirror before departing the apartment to make the short walk over to Mr. Simmons' place.  Upon ringing the doorbell to Mr. Simmons' apartment unit, Keri was invited on in with the old boy holding the door open for her, and apparently 'social-distancing' was of no concern for him as he slipped his wrinkled skinny arm around her trim waist as she stepped in.  Keri sucked in her breath as she observed him turning the 'open' sign in the window around, telling any future visitors that he was currently out and thus 'closed' for the time being.  Taken by the hand, Keri was pulled by the old boy into an adjoining bedroom, and in no time he was caressing her backside through her pair of slacks and panties.  

Less that five minutes of entering the apartment, Keri found herself buck-ass naked with the old caretaker dressed in as much as she was, and the old boy was just raring to go.  Legs pushed on back, Keri learned that the old boy was a talented cuntlapper, for he was eagerly going down on her muff.  She heard his rather muffled voice exclaiming "Damn ...................ain't had anything as sweet at this in a hell of a long time!"  "Nooooo ....................noooo ...........nooooo!" Keri grimaced as she fought against the pleasure the old boy was giving her by eating out her juicing pussy.  But the old boy's whiskers mingling with her short pubic curls sent Keri right over the edge, causing her to grasp the back of his head with both hands, dropping her feet down onto his shoulders as she arched up to feed him her sweet honey.

Following the throes of her mind-shattering orgasm, Keri lay there panting as the old coot shuffled on up between her limp legs, then shuddered as the bastard stuck his very rigid cock up into her.  Keri could not believe how energetic the old man was, his stamina just unbelievable, for he was giving it to her good!  "Oh, Godddd ....................I .........................I'm cumminggggg!  I'm cummingggggggg!  Oh, my Godddddddddddddddddddd!"Keri screamed out as her body convulsed, twitching in spasms as she wrapped her legs around the old fucker, locking her ankles together as her cunny squeezed upon the old boy's throbbing pecker.  And then she arched her back, screaming out once again, this time due to the old boy's eruption of hot cum deep in her fertile womb.  Heart thumping madly in her chest, Keri could not believe she had ever had such a mind-shattering orgasm the likes of what she had just experienced from this old geezer. 

One thing for certain, the thought currently running through her head was certainly true, that 'This old fucker certainly knows how to fuck!  Bill could sure use a few pointers from this old geezer that of how to last as long as he did!  I can't believe he came so much!'  After that last thought, a shudder of nervousness coursed throughout her entire body, Keri worried 'What am I going to do if I get pregnant?'  She had tried to insist of him putting on a rubber before they had intercourse, but the old bastard had flat out refused, telling her "I'm seventy-eight years old and ain't never put on one of those damned things .................and I ain't about to start now!  Now git outta them clothes and git up on the bed ............................or ya can leave right now and start packing up yer shit in the apartment!"  Putting her head down, at a lost of what to do at that point, Keri had then reached up to undo the top button of her blouse. 

Worried about the consequences of this mating, her stomach turned upon hearing the old boy's taunt of "Yer hubby's a lucky man ................having a lovely wife willing to help him out!  Ya need another break on yer rent next month ............................all ya's gotta do is spread those sexy legs fer me again!  But that's next month .......................cause yer still working on this month's rent spread'em again as that little blue pill has got me ready to go again!"  Keri came to realize that the two condoms in her purse would not have helped much, for the old coot had a supply of little blue pills, giving him the stamina for three good runs at her ....................twice in the missionary style and the third had her up on all fours as the old boy fucked her like a bitch!  So two condoms in her purse would not have been adequate anyway!  

Back in the apartment a couple of hours later, Keri opened the paper sack that she brought home from the pharmacy across the street, read the instruction to the potent douche that had been purchased.  'I hope it's not too late ........................I sure don't want to end up carrying that old fucker's baby in me!  No wonder Bill hasn't done the trick yet ...............................for that old geezer had three times the amount of cum stored up in those wrinkled old balls of his!' she worried.  'I sure hope this lock down is over with soon and we can get back to work soon!  Otherwise I'll have to let old bastard fuck me again!' she concluded.  As she proceeded to douche out her slimy pit, Keri then thought 'Well, if I have to put out for the old boy again least I know he'll give me a good fucking!'  Continuing to cleanse herself out, seeing all the strings of cum that ended up in the toilet, she wondered 'Geez, how much of the stuff did he have in those balls of his ...............................and how potent can an old geezer be at seventy-eight years of age?'      

Mrs. Haillee Marshall, age 30, married two years, fashion buyer for a large department store:

While out shopping for groceries, having bumped into the owner of the building that her husband's business was located in, Haillee learned from Mr. Burton that he had met with her husband John earlier that morning.  It was a meeting in which John had planned on presenting his proposal on rent deferral due to the pandemic crisis, a means of not having to let go good employees, and to keep the business afloat.  Getting up that morning, Haillee had discovered that her husband had stayed up all night in preparing his proposal, hoping desperately that Mr. Burton would be receptive to it as it the key to the survival of his automotive shop.  Haillee had tried her best to give her husband a pep talk, telling him that 'all you can do is to try your best and I'm sure it'll all work out'!  Knowing how much John had put into getting the business started a year ago, how it was just starting to really take off, the current crisis had just thrown a wrench into it all overnight.  And due to the recent 'stay-at-home' mandate issued by the governor, Haillee's own job at the department store was tenuous, with the employees hoping for a furlough with medical benefits which was the obvious choice rather than just being 'laid off' and having no medical coverage.

Exiting the grocery store following the brief chat with Mr. Burton, Haillee felt a queasy pit in her stomach, for the hidden meaning in his comments to her could clearly be interpreted.  Such had occurred when Mr. Burton advised that "Bill came to see me this morning with a proposal on deferring the rent due to the pandemic crisis we're currently in!  He made an interesting proposal but right now nearly every small business located in all the properties I own are making similar pitches!  I've got to sit down and look at each proposal in depth to make sure enough funds come in each month as I've got to keep the banks paid to keep them happy!"  Upon hearing that, Haillee merely added that "Well, I know for certain that John is giving you his best possible proposal!  He didn't sleep at all last night ...............for when I got up this morning, he was still working at the proposal!"  Mr. Burton had smiled widely at her before heading off into the market, but not before adding "Well, if you were to present that proposal to me ...........................I'm sure I could be persuaded to approve it!" 

For sixty-two year old Amos Burton, he had done quite well in real estate throughout his life, first starting with run-down apartment buildings.  One building led to another, then he had gotten into low end commercial buildings and moving on up in quality, with most of the properties fully paid for or small mortgages remaining.  Having been through some tough times himself, Amos had been contemplating as to how to handle upcoming rents for all the tenants, knowing full well of the hard knocks people would be going through to meet their rents in both personal and commercial rentals.  'Well, why not be a nice guy and waive a large part or the entire amount of rents due this upcoming month, then look at the following month later if the 'stay-at-home' mandate has been lifted!' was his thinking ....................that was, until bumping into the lovely Mrs. Green at the grocery store. 

John Green had indeed stopped by his office early that morning to make his proposal on rent deferral to the property being leased, of which Amos had been contemplating accepting or even waiving the rent entirely for the young man, whom he considered to be a very good tenant as he had always been timely with his payments.  But now Amos' thinking had been altered by the lovely beauty, making him contemplate 'If I played the role of a fucking asshole, that might just be the key that'll git me into those tight little panties of hers!  Damn, she's so fuck'n beautiful!  Why not take advantage of the situation at hand?  I'd sure like to fuck that beautiful broad!'  

With John looking so down and disappointed when she returned from her grocery shopping trip, Haillee then learned from her husband that "I just got a call from Mr. Burton twenty minutes ago 'rejecting' my rent deferral proposal but that he'd try and come up with another plan!  That really threw me for a loop as he seemed to understand the predicament due to the pandemic when I met with him this morning!  He seemed quite receptive to my ideas then I really thought he go with it ...................with maybe a few minor changes ..................but not a flat out rejection!"  "But ....................but ....................!" Haillee stammered out, then came to realize that the call must have been made right after she left the grocery store ..................right after Mr. Burton had made the not so subtle proposition to her .....................all while he was stripping her naked with his leering eyes!  And then Haillee replayed that last comment Mr. Burton had made to her, that
"Well, if you were to present that proposal to me ...........................I'm sure I could be persuaded to approve it!"  Haillee knew what kind of persuasion the disgusting old bastard was hinting at .......................spreading her legs and allowing him to have sex with her!  Picturing the bald headed bastard in her mind, Haillee shuddered in disgust at the thought of him even touching her, much less having his flabby body atop of her ...............................and then allowing him to stick his 'thing' up in her!

Over the next five days, Haillee could see the stress building up in her husband, the pandemic crisis obviously had him concerned about retaining his employees as well as taking care of the rent for the shop.  Haillee knew very well why the landlord had rejected John's proposal, made obvious by the timing of the phone call that her husband had received, and that 'her putting out for the bastard' was the kind of 'persuasion' that was needed!  With the stay-at-home mandate in effect, Haillee knew that she would have to use 'grocery shopping' as the excuse for leaving home, not wanting her husband to suspect that her real reason being to help him in his business plight.  Having made the call to Mr. Burton and arranging to meet him at his office the following day, Haillee then went online to place her grocery order, arranging for a curbside pick-up on her way home the next day, thus having saved the time shopping in the store itself.  Haillee planned on telling her husband of the need to stop at two groceries stores, as well as the pharmacy for some feminine products, thus giving her adequate time to 'persuade' and convince Mr. Burton on accepting the proposal that her husband had made.

As it was obvious to Haillee that Mr. Burton was not going to outwardly come out and state his evil demands, that 'she had to put out in exchange for her husband's rent deferral proposal', by his comment to her of "Why don't you show me an incentive for agreeing to your husband's proposal .............................I don't want you filing a complaint that I made an indecent proposal to you!"  Haillee took off her black blazer to be followed by her crimson top, then slipped out of her black heels.  Next, Haillee undid her black skirt, then laid herself down on the large bed while dressed only in her matching black bra and panties.  "Oh, now that's what I call quite an incentive!" she heard Mr. Burton comment to her while licking at his lips.  "And you'll agree to my husband's proposal if I have sex with you?" Halliee asked in seeking confirmation of the deal she was entering into.  "Absolutely, Mrs. Green!  You make an old man like me happy and its a deal!" came the confirmation that she sought.  Reaching for her purse, Haillee retrieved an item from it and handed it to Mr. Burton, insisting on him putting it on ..................a protective condom to keep her from getting knocked up by him!             

Haillee cringed as the old boy put a clammy hand on her ankle, forcing herself not to pull her leg away in revulsion, allowing him to run his sweaty hand up the length of her leg.  Then he had both hands up at the sides of her lacy black panties, thick fingertips moving into the elastic waistband of her panties, and then they were being pulled down over her hips and down her legs.  Haillee watched in awe as the flimsy garment was pulled off her feet, at which time the old boy held them up to his face as he inhaled deeply, then she heard him comment "Oh, yeah ....................that's sweet ........................and I's gotta git me a taste of that sweet stuff!"  Seconds later, Haillee moaned "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" as the old boy parted her legs to dive in and clamp his open mouth on her sex, then she shuddered as his thick tongue wiggled up in her sex.  Haillee had not even allowed her husband this pleasure, but there was no way for her to object to this bastard eating her out.

Once Amos got her to climax in his mouth, he then moved on up to undo her lacy black bra, then he mouthed and sucked on her twin pink peaks and capturing each bud between his sharp teeth before pulling at it.  "Reach down and put me in, Mrs. Green!" he ordered, wanting the beautiful wife to do it, especially knowing full well that he disgusted her.  As she held his condom encased penis in place, Amos gloated with a wide grin on his face as he stuck it in her, advising "Oh, Mrs. Green ..................ya jist come back next month and I'll gladly extend yer hubby's rent deferral!"  But Amos had no intention whatsoever of keeping that protective covering on, he just needed to wait till the timing was right, then he intended to do his best in knocking up the beautiful bitch.

Haille just could not believe the stamina in the old boy, for he went at her like a young teenage stud, jack-hammering away at her, even slipping out for a second when he withdrew a bit too far.  She hated to admit it, but the old boy had fucked her to a mind-shattering orgasm and had her wrapping her legs around his fat ass, making her think 'Gosh, me made me cream so much that I feel like a mess down there!  If I didn't know better, I'd swear that he shot his entire load off in me and not in the condom.  Fuck over with the old boy having collapsed upon her body, cock still embedded in her cunny, Haillee hoped that he'd soon be getting off and out of her.  Turning her head away from him, Hailee's eyes focused on an object laying on the carpeting, then to her horror Hailee realized that .........................'Oh, my God ...........the bastard took the condom of and 'did' it in me'!          

Twice more she had to satisfy the old boy in bed, then Mr. Burton made her get down onto her knees before leaving, and Haillee was forced to admit a male's filthy penis into her mouth for the very first time.  She had never done this to John, though he had tried many a time to get her to do it, but she had always refused by saying 'It's so filthy and degrading for a woman to have to do that!'  She had tried to object in the same manner as she always did with her husband, but Mr. Burton would have none of it, forcing her to open her mouth for him.  Haillee felt so humiliated and ashamed as the old boy actually back to fuck away at her face, taunting her with "Oh Mrs. Green, what an honor it is cock being the first one between those sweet lips of yours!"  Not only was she forced to suck him off, the bastard had clamped his strong hands to the back of her head, not letting her up till she swallowed all his gooey cum.  Upon her release, Haillee hurriedly made her way to the bathroom, collapsing to her knees once again ....................only this time to puke her guts out in the toilet bowl. 

Upon her arrival home, her husband was smiling widely and quite excited, then he advised "I just got a call from Mr. Burton ...........................what a fantastic guy!  He said for me not to worry about a rent deferral for the upcoming month ..................because he's waiving it entirely!  And here I thought he was being a real asshole when he rejected my deferral proposal last week!  Says he understands the problems of a small business ...................but of course it'll have to be on a month to month assessment as he has his own bills to take care of!  But anyway, the rent that's supposed to be due next week is fully waived!  I can't believe it ..................................that Mr. Burton is some kind of guy!"  Going into the master bathroom, Haillee leaned over the sink, bracing herself with both hands, swallowing deeply as her stomach churned ..........................still feeling queasy from the remaining cum still sloshing about in her belly!       

End of Story.