Pastor’s a Pimp - II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff
of the earlier story entitled:  ‘Victim’s Violated Vacation’ & ‘Pastor’s a Pimp 1’
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For Pastor Richard Knowlton, the deep dark secret he had been harboring somehow had leaked out and now he was being blackmailed.  ‘That phone call last night!  Who is he?  Somehow he knew, but how?’ Rich asked himself, then wondered ‘What does he want?  He only said that we should talk about it when I asked!’  Playing back more of the conversation in his mind, Rich shuddered ‘He asked if I enjoyed following Balai and my wife through that overgrown area when we were on Antigua!’  ‘How in the world does he know about that?  Someone must have relayed that information to him!’ he wondered as he vividly recalled that day in which he had been a voyeur, watching as the big black native named Balai lead Nell into the tall brush.

Sitting at his desk while pondering and thinking back to that day, Rich realized that someone must have observed him, a day in which he was so engrossed in finding where the tall black native had taken Nell.  He had been so engrossed in watching, being a voyeur to his wife’s infidelity, that now Rich realized that he himself had been followed and his actions observed and now it was resulting in him being blackmailed.  ‘Will he want money?  How much?  Will I be blackmailed to turn over the construction fund that’s been growing to build a church?’ he wondered in fear.

Shaking his head in utter disbelief, Rich told himself ‘But that was so far away from here, in another country while on vacation!’  It was as if his mind was being read and all his evil deeds were being openly displayed.  Swallowing and shuddering, Rich thought ‘And he also knew about my being a voyeur back here!  He knew so much?  How?’  Those questions kept running through his mind in search for answers, ‘but how’ remained totally unanswered as Rich thought ‘He knew about Nell’s episode with Billy Ray!  He even asked if I enjoyed the view from the bedroom closet!’

It had all started when Nell and his son were headed out on his father-in-law’s cabin cruiser for their vacation during the summer.  Taking those pictures from the dock as the boat departed, Rich had downloaded the digital camera into his computer and then observed the deckhand named Jamal ogling at Nell as he stood on the top deck looking down.  And that last shot had captured the vile bastard smiling widely and licking his lips while his large hand was grasping at his bulging crotch.  Rich knew the bastard was deliberately posing with his hips thrust forward, for it was really a picture that spoke a thousand words.

For all those agonizing days before he flew out to meet up with his family, Rich had his mind wondering over and over if his beautiful wife and fallen victim to that lusting black bastard of a deckhand.  After much thought, Rich had come to the conclusion that his beautiful and faithful wife would never cheat on him, not willingly anyway.  And when he did meet up with them, in the way Nell was acting, it had been quite apparent to Rich that something had indeed happened.  Playing the part of the concerned and understanding husband, Rich had to keep his boner from tenting in pants as he listened of his wife’s disclosure of her vile rape that had taken place onboard the cabin cruiser.

Later, in having gone through Nell’s private diary while everyone was off the boat swimming and skin diving, Rich had read all the juicy details as to what had happened.  One part of the diary had him riveted as he read ‘But what could I do?  He would hurt my son, my parents, if I didn’t do what he wanted and please him!  I feel sick right now just thinking about it all, how awful it was to take his filthy penis into my mouth!’ Rich then read on excitedly at the part reading ‘He made me kneel there on the cushion, pushing himself into my mouth, entwining his thick fingers into my hair!  How humiliating!  He was actually having sex with my mouth!  God, how horrid!  How can any man want to degrade a woman in forcing her to perform such a sickening and degrading act?’

Then, upon landing on the other side of the island, Rich had taken in the old Christian church that he had come across while Nell went to shop at the local bazaar.  A couple things that Rich had come across while snooping through his wife’s private diary had him puzzled and he had hoped to see if he could decipher what it all meant, that of the Christian Devotees for Brotherhood or ‘CDFB’ as had been scribbled on several occasions in the diary.  Also, Rich wanted to learn about a native woman known as Mama Wanda, the woman who had apparently referred Nell to the organization in order to recompose herself from the vile rape.

At the church, Rich had introduced himself to Pastor Mollway and the friendly pastor had greeted him warmly as well as giving him a tour of the church, giving him a bit of the history of the island and how the church had come to be.  And when Rich had made inquiry of this Mama Wanda, the disturbed look coming across Pastor Mollway’s face had Rich quite concerned.  According to Pastor Mollway, this local woman was a shaman dealing in voodoo and witchcraft.  But as to Christian Devotees for Brotherhood or ‘CDFB’, the pastor had just shrugged and indicated that he had never heard of such an organization.

Leaving the island church to meet up with his wife at the bazaar, it was then that Rich got a glimpse of his wife just as she was disappearing around the side of a booth, all while her visible hand was in the grasp of a male’s hand far darker in contrast to hers.  In following from a distance, such was his foray into voyeuristic ventures, getting to witness the erotic scenes of his beautiful wife’s sexy white body being covered by lusty black males.  Rich had come to realize that his once innocent and faithful wife was no more, not in those two aspects anyway, not in the manner she had responded so vocally while participating in the group fuck like a little minx.

Unbeknownst to Rich, he himself had been followed into the dense brush, his voyeurism witnessed by the native following him and it had all been caught on film.  With the native knowing the area very well and quite an expert in silently hunting prey in the jungle, the scaling of a tall tree had afforded the perfect vantage point of capturing Rich hiding atop a small hillside while peering down to spy upon his lovely wife getting her fill of meaty black cocks.  Also captured on film was his leaving the area to return to the bazaar area, along with the pretense he had put on when meeting up once again with his beautiful wife after she returned from behind the booth that she had initially disappeared around.

What Rich had not known and had been completely hoodwinked, was the fact that Pastor Mollway knew Mama Wanda very well and that he himself received many a financial and personal rewards directly from the native woman who practiced the ancient art and craft of evil voodoo practices.  Several vacationers who had come to worship at his church had been befriended by this friendly old pastor who went out of his way to welcome them and to inquire of their vacationing to this part of the world.

With big game fishing a major tourist industry, it was a natural draw for those looking to land a marlin or other trophy fish.  The majority going after big game fish were men, who often would be accompanied by their wives as that would be a good excuse for an extended vacation while the spouses occupied their time at the local bazaars where souvenirs were peddled.  For Pastor Mollway, he loved fishing a lot to, loved to mount a trophy too.  Only the type of ‘game’ that he liked to see stuffed and mount was not of fish, but lovely Caucasian beauties that were under the hypnotic voodoo spell and being raped by the lusty dark-skinned natives.

Having gotten word that something was coming down the pike earlier that day, Pastor Mollway had gone down to a vantage point above the harbor and watched as the cabin cruiser slowly made its way to the dock.  Observing the number of native males milling around the dock even before the boat came into view, something was surely in the wind, and the leader of this particular group of natives just happened to have very close ties with the voodoo practitioner on an atoll twenty miles off.  The leader of the group milling about was known as Balai, a lusty native who loved nothing more than to give a pretty white woman something she’d always remember on her visit to this island.

Through his pair of binoculars, Pastor Mollway himself had a boner rising in his pants when he focused upon the lovely blonde beauty standing on deck.  ‘Hot damn, so young and innocent looking!  Did she fall into that woman’s evil voodoo clutches?  I wonder who she is and how Balai will manage to get her separated away from her husband?’ he pondered, seeing a male about her age with his arm around her trim waist, assuming that this must be her husband as their was also a young boy on board.  Another couple, much older was onboard, with the assumption being that they were parents of the one of the younger couple and grandparents to the young boy.

With the young boy off with his grandparents, Pastor Mollway watched the couple stroll in front of the church and expected them to make their way down to the bazaar area.  But he had been caught by surprise to see the man wave goodbye to his lovely wife as she headed to the bazaar while the fellow turned and was headed right up the church’s walkway.  Acting the gracious host, especially upon meeting Pastor Rich Knowlton, he was quite curious and wondered if anything was really on this fellow’s mind besides the excuse given on wanting to visit the local church to learn of its history.

Once the real inquiry came, that of Mama Wanda and the Christian Devotees for Brotherhood (CDFB), Pastor Mollway had excused himself for a moment before continuing on in giving the younger pastor a tour of the church and grounds.  If his suspicions were correct, this young pastor had come to suspect that his young and beautiful wife had herself a sampling of some real black magic and Pastor Mollway chuckled to himself ‘Right!  Some real black magic, right up between those trim sexy white legs of hers!’  Then Pastor Mollway wondered ‘What’s he after?  Why all the questions?  How much does he know?’  And thus, to make things very interesting, he sent the native assisting him off and running to make contact with Balai.

Contact had just been made in time by Pastor Mollway’s assistant, telling Balai of his need to wait up a bit before commencing with this devilish deed.  Balai had smiled widely in learning that the blonde beauty he had been promised and was now following was the wife of a Christian pastor in the far away land of America.  ‘How did Pastor Mollway know that I was after this lovely white bitch?’ Balai had wondered, still following his succulent white prey but keeping at a safe distance so as not to give away his presence at this point.

Only when he got the signal of the beauty’s pastor husband leaving the church and headed this way did Balai make the move on the lovely blonde beauty, as he had complied with the instruction relayed to him by Pastor Mollway’s assistant.  And once he asked her of the magical question of whether she belonged to the Christian Devotees to Brotherhood, better known as ‘CDBF’, that brought about a deep hypnotic suggestion rooted deep in her subconscious.  Once the other signal was received, that her husband was in sight and able to see his wife standing by the booth, Balai reached out to take her lovely manicured hand in his and pull her out of sight on the side of the booth.

Later, viewing the incriminating tape of the young pastor in the act of being a voyeur, Pastor Mollway knew that this film would be real handy in providing him with added riches.  ‘Hmmm, and he did tell me that his congregation was getting quite large and mainly comprised of younger couples in their thirties!  And if all the females are as attractive as his lovely young wife, the fool could just be the key needed unlocking all their tight little panties, getting them to go ‘black’!’ he thought.  He then chuckled in recalling that saying ‘Once they go black, they ain’t going back!’

‘Yes, and in a few days, that young Hampton couple who was island hopping should be putting in at the atoll!  After telling Trent Hampton of the good fishing there, he was quite anxious for me to arrange things so they could rent a private hut and be welcomed there!  I shall have an outrigger take me there ahead of them as I am sure that this bit of information shall make it quite rewarding for me!  And with Mrs. Trish Hampton such a lovely beauty with long blonde hair, she’ll have the natives quite restless and anxious to get into her tight little panties!’ Pastor Mollway had figured.

In addition to the thoughts of him being well rewarded financially, being able to watch the beautiful Mrs. Hampton being hypnotized by the shaman through her voodoo witchcraft, he’d then get to observe a lucky male native being selected to introduce the faithful young wife into sampling some hot black cock while hubby was out from a potent elixir!  And with it all being captured on film, Pastor Mollway would have his own copy for his dastardly deed of getting the unsuspecting couple to the atoll of evil.  ‘I shall ask that another camera be added, one just to capture me coming into view while wearing my pastoral robe and approaching the young beauty while she is copulating with the native male!’ he had chuckled to himself.

‘Yes, that would be a prized film for me to have and watch nightly before retiring!  Ah, to have that lovely beauty putting her head between the folds of my robe to beg forgiveness in copulating with another man other than her husband!  She shall beg for forgiveness while she mewls in pleasure, and I shall make her recite some prayers for forgiveness …………………..all while pleasing me with her beautiful pink lips!’ Pastor Mollway had evilly concluded, knowing just the perfect antidote to give her, one that would be administered to her orally.  These had been his thoughts and desires that had sent him fully over to the other side, that of pure evilness, but indeed very pleasureful.  And the pleasure that he had obtained from  the soft lips of the beautiful Mrs. Trish Hampton, leaving her lips slick and glistening, Pastor Mollway made up his mind that it was the only way for a woman to have communion.      

Stopping by the dock prior to the young pastor and his family leaving, Pastor Mollway had brought a basket of fruit for them to enjoy on their journey back home.  He got to meet the lovely Mrs. Nell Knowlton, taking her soft beautiful hand in his, thinking how nice it’d be to have the opportunity someday of having it wrapped around his throbbing cock.  It was so nice to meet the lovely young beauty who appeared so very innocent, far from the display that had been captured from a distance.  Up close, no one would ever believe that she was the wanton little slut down in the ravine wanting to get herself gangbanged by the lusty natives.

‘Someday!  Someday I shall get to sample your lovely charms, my dear!’ Pastor Mollway had promised himself as he bid the lovely beauty and her family goodbye.  Smiling and waving as the boat departed, he knew that the spell cast upon her was not one of a temporary nature, causing him to chuckle ‘And if my hunch is correct, that spell cast upon her will really kick in once she returns home!  Damn, a pastor’s pretty little blonde wife who’ll spread her sexy legs at the sight of a big black stud!  That ought to make a big splash in the local papers if she ever gets caught!’

Having logged into the congregation’s website address that Pastor Knowlton had given him, Pastor Mollway took great delight in seeing pictures of the members, especially the many beautiful young wives.  Wanting to get himself back to the States, tired of the futile role that he had on an island where voodoo was more popular to the natives, he felt it time to take off that rigid white collar and call it quits.  With no money of his own, getting some financing was a must for any new venture on his own, thus he would head on off to the little atoll twenty miles out and strike up a deal.  And with pictures printed off the website, he could then promise Mama Wanda quite a supply of beauties for the CDFB, members of which would pay plenty for such exquisite pleasures.

It was quite a surprise for Rich in getting the phone call from Pastor Mollway, the elderly fellow who had shown him around back on the island before that episode of his playing voyeur in the tall brush.  And to add to his surprise, it was now Mr. Mollway rather than Pastor Mollway, or Peter as the old fellow preferred.  ‘What a small world!’ Rich had thought in learning that the old fellow would relocate just miles away, especially as they had met once on the island many hundreds of miles away.  ‘And now he’s a marriage counselor?’ Rich wondered, marking the calendar for the time the former pastor would be stopping by to visit with him that Friday.

Getting the call from her husband that afternoon, Nell was only too happy to run to add the supermarket and pick up an extra pound of hamburger for the meatloaf dinner that was already planned for that evening.  She remembered that kind pastor that Rich had met on the island church and thought that it was so kind of him to come down to the dock as they were departing, giving them a basket of fruit to enjoy on their trip back.  Little did she realize that he had observed her through his binoculars on their arrival, then had gotten to see a film of her being gangbanged by a horde of lusty native males, that he want to meet a hot little bitch who craved big black dicks.

With their son out with friends that night and sleeping over with one of them, the three adults could talk freely, especially with questions surely to arise as to why Pastor Mollway had decided to give up his vows, along with his new found profession as a marriage counselor.  ‘Hmmm, with him being a former pastor and marriage counselor, he should do well!  I wonder if he could explain how a white woman could end up craving sex from a black man following her rape by one of them?  Perhaps I do need to see a marriage counselor or maybe a psychiatrist would be more appropriate!’ she thought.  But seeing the former pastor as a marriage counselor was out of the question, especially since he had come to know her husband.

Nell was rather surprised at how fast her husband had finished his first glass of wine and was then refilling everyone’s glasses, with a full second glass being poured for himself.  And as had been expected, the conversation had entailed the question of ‘why’ Pastor Mollway had resigned his position from the church along with his desire to go into private practice as a marriage counselor.  The reason given as to ‘why’ was that his heart just was not in it any more, especially in having seen how little effect he was having on the island chain in comparison to the practices of witchcraft and voodooism.  And as to his newfound profession, he merely felt that it was a direct offshoot to what he had been doing, that of helping troubled couples in their marriage.

When Rich had gotten up from the table to go into the den where he had a small wine rack for another bottle, Nell gasped slightly when the former pastor placed his hand upon her left hand that had been resting upon the table at the time as he spoke “I would like for you to be my very first patient, my dear!”  Wanting to slide her hand out from under his, yet now wanting to seem perturbed by the brashness of the elderly man who was now a former pastor.  “I ………………I’m sorry but I’m not in any need of marriage counseling!  I’m quite happy and I’m sure Rich is too!” she curtly responded, showing that she was rather upset at his insinuating otherwise.

“Does you husband know how you crave to be ‘FUCKED’ by a big black cock?” came the question that had her jaw drop wide open as her heart pounded in her chest, realizing that this man knew of her deep dark secret.  “Word had spread very quickly of how the masterful native stud named Balai had seduced a beautiful white woman, then called his friends to going him in giving her a black gangbang!  Although I couldn’t believe it at first, but as you and your family were the only guests on that side of the island that week, the description of you fit you to the T!” Nell was advised.

From his vantage point in the den, pretending to fumble about in opening the wine bottle, Rich felt his cock give a twitch in his pants as he observed Mollway as the old bastard was now apparently making his move on Nell by placing his hand upon hers on the table.  It had not been a dinner invitation coming voluntarily from Rich’s end, but a demand made upon him by the old bastard, telling him that day ‘I’m horny as hell and just can’t get the image of your beautiful wife out of my mind!’  Rich had been forced to call Nell to tell her that he had invited this man over for dinner and now that old bastard was initiating his scheme to bed her before the night was over.

Rich wished that he could hear the conversation taking place at the dining room table, for he knew that Mollway was going to use his knowledge of her philandering with blacks to have her comply with his wishes.  Rich himself was being blackmailed by the bastard, threatening to reveal the incriminating video of him jerking off in the tall grass while watching his beautiful wife being the centerpiece of pleasure for the native bucks in the ravine.  Nell did not know of his knowledge of this and Mollway was using this as leverage as well as adding in the threat of having the congregation see the incriminating evidence for themselves. That threatening phone call of several nights ago, made by an unknown caller, had told him that he would be presented with demands shortly.  This afternoon, in his office, the former pastor was the conveyor of the blackmailing demands upon him.

Having purposely sat Nell next to the old bastard in the pretense of making him feel welcome and comfortable in their home, Rich was actually following through with the demands made upon him by the old bastard.  When he observed his wife hand pulled off the tabletop Rich bent down on the pretense of looking for a good bottle of wine.  But Rich’s eyes were aimed beneath the edge of the table cloth as he swallowed deeply, for he realized that the old bastard had indeed succeeded with blackmailing Nell into complying with his demands as he was molding her trim fingers over the bulge in his crotch.  ‘God, the bastard’s make her play with him under the table!’ he fumed.

Forced to fondle the rising penis of this invited guest who knew of and threatened to expose her deep dark secret, Nell learned from her tormentor that “Rather than preach on deaf ears as to avoid the temptations of the flesh, and after dreaming of you each night, I have decided to best to also enjoy such pleasures!  And as you can feel for yourself, I am very much enjoying such a lovely beauty like you stroking me!”  Forcing herself to perform this hideous task with her husband just in the next room, Nell wondered as to just how far this evil man would expect her to go, thinking surely ‘Not with Rich here at home!’

Dinner done and dishes cleared from the table, dessert and coffee were to follow.  Nell had wanted to get up and away from this awful man next her, thus advising that she’d get the dessert ready, only to be told by her husband “Oh no, you relax, honey!  You worked hard in preparing dinner!  Let me get the dessert and coffee from the kitchen!”  As soon as her husband had stood up and slipped into the kitchen, the old bastard’s hand was slipping up under the front of her dress.  Nell shivered as the bastard caressed her inner thigh as he proceeded on feeling his way up to her panties.

Nell cringed and squirmed about as the bastard’s middle finger worked its way under a legband, then he was proceeding to finger fuck her under the table.  Nell could only pray that her husband would hurry back with the dessert and coffee.  But then, the cellphone that Rich always carried with him began ringing, signaling that someone needed to talk to him or that his spiritual services were needed.  With Rich on his cellphone in the kitchen, Nell could only sit there and endure the finger fucking taking place under the table.  But that was not all she would have to endure, for now the old bastard was sliding his free hand down into the front V-opening of her dress, his fingers digging in under the top of her lacy bra to crudely begin fondling at her bare breast.  All Nell could do at this point was to sniffle back her sobs and blink back the tears of this humiliation.

Talking into his cellphone and pretending to be in a conversation, Rich peered out from the edge of the doorway into the dining room, watching intently as his wife’s blackmailer pawed and groped at her petite and shuddering body.  “Yes, thank you!  Well, I’ll be there to perform the last rites!  Tell the family that I’ll be right down and I’ll stay with them to help console them through the night and stay after his passing on to the next world!  Okay, goodbye!” Rich spoke loudly.  But there was no one on the other end, for it had merely been his answering service that had made the call to him as he had requested earlier in the day.

Bringing out a tray with two plates of dessert and two cups of coffee, Rich loved seeing his wife’s flushed face as she stammered out “I …………….I know you have an emergency to tend to, honey, so I ……………..I’ll run Pastor Mollway back to get his car at the church when we’re done with dessert!”  Rich smiled, knowing full well that Nell had been forced to say that, then replyed “Thanks, hon!  Have to run to over to the hospital!  Elderly fellow about to pass on but the family’s taking it real hard, so I’ll probably won’t be back till the wee hours of the morning!”  ‘That ought to give the fucking bastard several runs at Nell during that period!’ he figured, his cock hardening in his pants at the very thought of it.

Parking around the block and making it back to his home, Rich saw that the master bedroom light was now on, making it quite obvious that Mollway was getting or about to get a taste of the succulent creamy dessert that he had a real hunger for.  Ever so quietly, he made his way to the backyard where he could peer through the corner of the window where the drapes had been pushed away just a bit to afford a view to the king-sized bed, a viewpoint that he had set up when getting his coat before having made his departure.  Peering in, he viewed Nell reaching behind her back to undo the clasp to her lacy white bra while the old bastard was already buck naked and wanking himself to the erotic sight of his disrobing young wife.

A moment later, once she had stepped out of her panties, Nell was hand in hand with the old bastard as he pulled her to their marital bed.  “C’mon, sweetie, go on down on me!  Balai told me how well you gave him head!” the old bastard told her.  Hand at the base of the rigid old cock, her open mouth engulfed the bastard as she began giving him head.  “Okay, now swing your pretty little ass this way so I can eat out that special dessert you got for me!  Yeah, baby ……………yeah! Mmmmmm ………………….mmmmmmm!” she heard the former Pastor Mollway moan as he munched on her muff.

From the vantage point that he had outside of the bedroom, Rich watched as beautiful wife’s head bobbed up and down on the old fucker’s impressive cock, which he knew as aided by the Viagra taken by the old bastard during dinner.  One thing knew for sure in watching the way Nell’s head bobbed up and down, at times coming off to the stem as she would flick her pointed tongue rapidly over the cockhead, his wife would soon be getting a mouth full of hot creamy jizz.  Moments later, observing both bodies quivering uncontrollably on the bed, it became quite obvious that his wife and the old bastard were climaxing in each other’s mouth.  And the way each were convulsing over and over again, each were getting to eat more cream that what they would have gotten from the uneaten éclairs that were still on the dining room table.

For Peter Mollway, enjoying sex sure as hell beat preaching against immorality.  ‘God, this sure beats wanking off with my fist!’ he thought while shivering with pleasure as the lovely young wife continued nursing upon his spent and dwindling cock.  Savoring the sweet nectar that she had fed him, Ralph was quite proud of himself for his accomplishment in having eaten this young beauty to orgasming into his mouth.  Finding her magic button with his tongue, he flicked at her clit, causing her to arch up against his face as she creamed even more from the stimulation.

Cock hardening once again, he then pulled back to slip it out of her hot sucking mouth, then scooted around to get between her trim sexy legs.  “C’mon, Mrs. Knowlton, spread those beautiful legs like the whore you really are!  Spread’em like you did for Balai and those big black native bucks!” old Mollway ordered.  “Yeah, sweetie ………….atta girl ……………..spread’em wide!  Ohhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhhh, that’s it bitch!” he panted out in pleasure as he stuck it in her.  “Ah, yeah …………….ah, yeah ………………ain’t bad for an old bastard my age, huh!  Damn, this is fuck’n great!  Should’ve given up preaching and taken up fucking a long time ago!” Mollway chuckled as he proceeded to fuck the beauty.

As his wife sniffled and blinked back the tears, it appeared to Rich that Nell was feeling ashamed at having submitted to the old bastard and for having climaxed in his slurping mouth.  He watched as the wiry old hands grasped and squeezed at his wife’s breasts, Rich could see that Nell was trying not to show any further emotion, apparently determined now to just let the old bastard do his thing and be done in sating his vile evil lust for her body.  Then he observed Mollway leaning forward, his tongue flicking at Nell’s pink lips and causing her to cringe as the old guy demanded her to open her lips and dally with him.

With Nell complying to the demand of the former pastor, it made quite an obscene sight for Rich in seeing his lovely wife engaging in such a display with the old bastard as he continued fucking away at her.  Then Mollway was leaning further to begin French kissing Nell, the old bastard’s tongue obviously taking pleasure in exploring that of his reluctant victim.  Moments later, Rich observed Mollway nibbling at Nell’s earlobe and whispering something to her, something that got her to respond by raising her arms and legs up to wrap them around the old bastard as she arched up into his humping cock.

Jaw dropping in awe as he stared into the master bedroom, Rich could not believe how his lovely wife was letting her blackmailer merely have his way with her one moment but then suddenly begin to participate in the fuck with earnest.  What Rich had not heard were the magic words that had his wife turn into a hot little nympho who craved sex to no end.  “Yes, yessssssssssssssssss …………………..fuck me, fuck me Pastor Mollway!  Give me your Goddamed unholy cock!” he heard Nell yell out while arching and embracing the old guy.  ‘My God, she’s suddenly turned into a hot little bitch!  What happened?  How’d he ……………….he knows those hypnotic words that puts Nell under his spell!’

“Mama Wanda wanted me to give you a message, sweetie!  Remember her, she’s made you a member of the CDFB, and you know what that stands for, don’t you ………………’re a Cum Dump for Blacks, huh, you little whore!  You be ‘nice’ to me, obey me, and you shall have as much black cock as you desire!  Now wrap your arms and legs around me and fuck me like the whore you really are, then you shall have your first installment of three black bucks in my office on Sunday, right after you attend your husband’s church service!” was what Mollway had whispered, with the magic words unleashing her wanton desires, that for male cock, in particular big black ones but even this old bastard’s would do for now.

What a wild fuck it turned out to be, with Rich even admiring old Mollway’s stamina and endurance, thinking ‘Jesus, that old bastard is really giving it to her!  What a horny fucker!’  And once the old guy fell off the side, cock now spent, Rich observed the copious amount of spunk that the bastard had ejaculated even after having cum once before.  Cum drooling out from between Nell’s still widespread legs, Rich could only wonder as to how much more of the hot sauce remained up in his wife’s cunny.  With Nell now a fucked out little bitch, Rich observed Mollway getting up and begin to get dressed, then heard him tell his wife “I’ll see myself out and take a walk to the church for my car!  See you Sunday after church gets out!”

Mollway didn’t need to walk to the church, for he already had a ride waiting for him to take him there, a car just around the block with young Pastor Knowlton as the chauffeur.  And when the fool she had for a husband asked “Is ……………is Nell to meet you on Sunday?”  Turning and giving the fool a wide smile of triumph, Mollway replied “Do you know what I promised her if she came to my office right after she attended your church service?  Three big black cocks!  One for her tight little ass, another for her horny little cunt, and ………….I’ll let you guess as to where the third will be!”  Then Mollway added “I know you’d like to be there, just like you watched the big native bucks have her in the ravine!  So, if you accomplish this one task quickly after church, then you’ll be in for a similar treat!”

When Rich looked over to his blackmailer in question, the smirking bastard who had just fucked his lovely wife advised pulled out a photograph and held it up from him to view.  It was a picture of a member of his congregation, a picture taken and downloaded from the congregation’s website, that of the beautiful Mrs. Julie Morris.  Rich knew Julie very well, from when she was Ms. Julie Bender, and he had even performed the wedding ceremony of her marriage to Mitchell Morris just two years ago.  ‘What’s he doing with a picture of Julie?  What’s he wanting of me?  Is he going to blackmail me into arranging things so he can do to her what he did to Nell?’ he wondered.

Rich was in shock when the blackmailing bastard advised him of the Julie Morris’ selection, asking if he remembered his inquiry back on the island, that of the Christian Devotees for Brotherhood or the CDFB.  Swallowing and nodding his head, the old bastard chuckled and asked “Well, you know what it really means, don’t you?”  Then Rich learned that “A very rich and generous benefactor to that organization took a fancy to the lovely beauty and selected her from among the members of your congregation!  She looks so sweet and innocent in the photo, and he wants to be the one to introduce that lovely beauty to the pleasures of a big black cock!  So, my friend, you’re to dream up a way to get that pretty little thing over to my office!  I have undertaken the study of the native beliefs, their form of worship to the Gods, and do you know that it really works!”

With Mollway getting into his car and departing from the church’s parking lot, Rich parked his car and went into his office.  Pulling out the church’s album, the one containing photos of wedding ceremony that he perform, Rich went back to two summers ago.  Upon finding the page containing that of the Bender/Morris wedding, he swallowed in nervousness as he gazed at the lovely beauty in her white wedding gown.  Two years of wedded bliss, a very happy marriage of true faithfulness to one another, but now Rich would be instrumental in a wedge being driven into it ………………………..a black wedge, right up between the trim sexy white legs of the lovely Mrs. Julie Morris!  ‘Can I go through with this?’ he asked himself, only to be answered by the head throbbing between his legs.  This lovely beauty with long flowing red hair, a factor that Rich suspected played a major part of her selection.

Back at home ninety minutes later, Rich observed that dining room table had been cleared off, knowing that his wife had cleared away the evidence that dessert had not been consumed at the dining room table but rather in the master bedroom instead.  Sliding into the king-sized bed next to his wife, he knew that she was feigning sleep all the while contemplating her tryst with old man Mollway along with what he promised her on Sunday.  For Rich, his mind had the picture image of the lovely Mrs. Julie Morris on her wedding day, wondering if he would be allowed to witness her being taken by the CDFB benefactor that had chosen her as his little prize.

To have performed her wedding ceremony, now planning to have her fall into the clutches of the evil Mollway, Rich was now desirous of witnessing her beautiful innocent young body being ravished by some horny black stud.  ‘My God, she’s so beautiful, so innocent and naïve …………….very much like Nell!  Will she get to be like my wife and crave to have sex with black men once she’s under that voodoo type of spell?’ Rich wondered.  Recalling old man Mollway getting out of the car chuckling, the bastard’s had commented “From what I’ve been told, this benefactor is an old black bastard, even older than me, in his sixties!  The guy wants to be the very first to stick a black cock up her tight little cunt and have her become his personal white bitch!  And he plans on breeding the pretty bitch ……………….get her knocked up with his little black bastard!”

Sitting in the church pew that Sunday, Nell squirmed about as her husband went on and on with his sermon about marriage and faithfulness to your partner.  Blackmailed into having sex with the former pastor the other night, Nell remembered being forced to please the old bastard, first with her mouth and then between her legs.  All else had been erased from her mind, only at the start of the sermon did she come to realized that ‘I’m supposed to go to his office immediate after Sunday service!  But why?  What for?  He said something to me ………………….when we were having sex, but what?  Why am I feeling this way ………… need of sex?’

Service over, son off with to play with his friends that afternoon, Nell bid goodbye to her husband after telling him that she had a hospital meeting with the volunteer group and that she’d be back in the late afternoon.  On the drive, looking at the business card of Mr. Mollway, Nell still could not understand why she was going over there.  ‘Why am I going to him?  Why do I want to go there to his office?  What’s gotten into me?’ she asked of herself, puzzled as to what was compelling her to do this.  All the suggestions had been implanted in her mind once those magical four letters and meaning had sent her into the hypnotic stupor, all to have her hot and horny for a big black cock when the 10 o’clock church service commenced that Sunday morning.

Greeted by the conniving old bastard at the reception area of his office, Nell was led through the adjoining door that led to his plush office, with a plush leather sofa prominently set to one side liken to that found in a typical psychologist’s office.  ‘Does he plan on fucking me there?’ she wondered.  But the arm at her elbow was leading her to another door opposite from where they had entered.  Before the door was open, Nell trembled as the bastard placed his hands on her trim waist, then he was whispering into her ear “You’re a ‘CDFB’!  A Cum Dump for Blacks!  Enter that door and you shall have three prime bulls waiting for you!”

Inside that door was a very large bedroom with a king-sized bed right in the center of it.  Also in the room were three black bulls in their early fifties, all a part of the brotherhood that contributed regularly in order to be given the unique opportunity of gangbanging the beautiful young wife of a whiteboy, a preacher none the less making such an occasion even sweeter.  And on the computer screen in the corner of the room was an enlargement of a picture found on the congregation’s website, that of the preacher and his beautiful wife.  All three of the men smiled widely at the entrance of the lovely beauty in her Sunday best, that consisting of a light green dress and 3” white heels.

“Gentlemen, for your kind donations that you sent to Mama Wanda’s organization, she wants you to have the exquisite pleasure of this lovely young beauty!  I introduce to you Mrs. Nell Knolton who has come straight from the Sunday service conducted by her husband, Pastor Rich Knowlton of the Presswood Congregation Church!  And to begin, you shall to make a decision amongst yourselves!  To be honored by either getting to see this lovely beauty shed her Sunday best and getting down onto her knees to worship your big black cocks, or while doing it in the lovely dress that she wore to her husband’s Sunday service!” Mollway announced with a chuckle at the end.

“Why, in her Sunday best by all means!” the man of the right of the three exclaimed.  “Damn right, that’s a fucking turn-on, man!” the one on the left advised.  “Yeah, baby, right here in front of me!  I’m first in line!  You can wank off my buddies while you’re on your pretty knees giving me head!” the tall man in the middle announced.  And as the beautiful wife of Pastor Knowlton stared at them in awe, the three lusty bastards began disrobing to display their muscular black bodies, especially their growing endowments spring up between their loins.

For Pastor Knowlton, he had been waylaid for a bit by various members of the congregation, then he had hurriedly sought to find the lovely Mrs. Julie Morris before she and her husband had departed.  Having dreamt up the tidbit that this church, along with several others, were seeking various members with the most solid marriages to meet one on one with a selected marriage counselor to gather the relevant factors that helped to make one such as solid as their.  He explained that the first step were to interview various wives from the churches before the information from selected husbands would be done in order to get a good coverage using a large number of marriage participants.

With the promise of such a meeting to be only an hour and a half to two hours at most, the lovely Mrs. Julie Morris could not refuse this honor in being requested by the well-respected Pastor Knowlton to donate a bit of her time to help the church and its congregation.  As Mr. Morris always joined his fellow employees after work for a couple hours each Friday, a 4:30 p.m. meeting was put on her agenda.  Giving her the business card of the marriage counselor selected, she agreed to be at Mr. Mollway’s office at that time.  Little did the unsuspecting couple realize that their happy marriage was being deliberately placed in extreme jeopardy by their own pastor.

In the parking lot, Rich observed his wife’s car parked in a stall and he thought it best to park further away and out of sight.  Dialing Mollway’s number, Rich stammered out the news that “I’ve done as you’ve asked!  Julie Morris will be visiting you this Friday at 4:30 in the afternoon!”  “Well done, my boy!  I take it that you’re down in the parking lot and want me to buzz you up so you can watch your lovely wife get a good shagging, huh?” he was taunting asked by the old bastard.  “Yes ……………yes!  I ………..I’d like that!” he admitted.  Out of his car and quickly at the security door, the buzzer sounded and he got onto the elevator.

Entering Mollway’s office, Rich had to endure the bastard’s snickering and taunting as the old fellow led him to the side where could view things in the next room via a two-way mirror.  With the lights turned off to afford better viewing from within the office, Rich sucked in his breath at the exquisite sight of his beautiful wife on her knees while still call in the pastel dress and white heels that she had worn to the church service that he had presided over.  At church, his wife knelt in prayer during the service but know she was kneeling before three black men with gloved hands pumping at two lengthy black cocks while being face fucked by the even bigger one in the middle of them.

 What a sight to behold with the two men on the sides with hands on their hips while the fellow in the center had both his hands at the back of Nell’s head and deepthroating her.  And with Nell having been here a good twenty minutes before his arrival, Rich could only imagine the pleasure these fellows had been deriving before this.  And it was no wonder that all three of them were gritting their teeth to prolong their enjoyment.  Then, with what seemed like a choreographed set of groans from the three males, they each sent a gooey geyser spraying forward.  The men on the sides had grasped her cockfisting hands in theirs to guide their hot spray into starching the front of her lovely dress.  The fellow in the middle had pulled her head back by the fingers entwined in her blonde hair so he could humiliate her with a hot gusher straight upon her beautiful face.

Moments later, Nell was handed a wet wash cloth by old Mollway who had re-entered the and told to clean the mess from face and dress.  Going over to the mirror that was pointed out to her, she could hear soft voices behind of her followed by laughter from the men who had spent their vile lust upon her.  Looking into the mirror after removing her cum soaked gloves, Nell saw her face and front of her dress just covered in the men’s filth, making it obvious that the men were taking great pleasure in watching her clean the mess they had shot upon her.  Little did she suspect that the men had just been informed of her husband’s arrival and that he was standing just on the other side of the two-way mirror.

From the other side of the mirror, Rich got a close up view of the thick lumpy spunk saturating his beautiful wife’s face as well as her soiled dress.  With the wash cloth used to wipe all the spunk from her face, Rich could see that the saturated towel now could not any more of the gunk but only serve to smear the goo about on the front of her once lovely Sunday dress.  In the background, Rich could see Mollway pointing to the mirror as the three men chuckled and laughed as Nell cleaned up the mess in front of it.  He knew that it was not his wife who they were laughing but they were laughing at him, her wimpass voyeur husband.

Now with his wife standing just several feet away from the mirror, Rich watched as the men took a seat nearby as they were desirous of having a pastor’s wife do a striptease for them.  That thought even had Rich spring a boner in his own pants as he watched his wife reach behind her neck to unhook the top of her dress.  A moment later, the dress was laying crumpled in a puddle around her white heels as Nell was reaching back to unhook the back of her lacy white bra as the men clapped while hollering for more.  “C’mon, honey, now them panties!” one of the men hollered out.  With the men already out of their clothing, the contrast of her ivory white body versus the large ebony ones was just awesome to see.

With the tall bruiser who had been in the middle of the three now lying back on the middle of the bed with his cock jutting straight up in the air, Nell was being told to “C’mon up her and git yerself right up in the saddle, honey!”  And Nell seemed only too eager to comply, making her way over to and up onto the bed, shuffling forward to grasp the rigid prong in one hand and centering herself down upon it.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhh!” Nell could be heard shuddering as she tried to adjust to the size of such a big cock sliding up into her tight little cunny.

Then the fellow who had been on the left of the group was getting up onto the bed behind of her, shuffling forward on his knees as his guided his cock up to Nell’s tight little ass.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” came the yelp of pain as the black bastard skewered her asshole.  And then the last fell was standing on the bed with legs apart, pulling her head down to have Nell suck him off.  This go round would be quite a unique one, with all four participants in this fuck session climaxing at the very same instant.

Hours later, when all the action was over and his wife began to dress, Rich headed on out in the direction of his home.  His mind reflected on having witnessed each man satisfying himself in each of Nell’s orifices.  ‘And that’s not counting the first time when she was fully dressed and they spunked all over her!’ he thought in amazement.  Just as he was nearing home, his cellphone rang and Rich observed that it was his wife on the line.  Answering it and greeting his wife, he listened and then replied “Sure, honey, no problem at all!  I’ll run right out to the grocery store and pick up those items!”  Rich knew he real reason for her calling him, not because she was in need of the items from the grocery store, but for him to be out of the house when she came home wearing the dress that had been badly spunked upon.

Rich made a detour to the church, needing to pass the time as well as to contemplate the dire dilemma that he gotten himself into.  It had all started with that vacation, his lust and voyeurism caught on tape, and now he had to comply with the blackmailer or face being exposed to public humiliation.  What a price to pay, that of sacrificing members of his congregation in order to save himself!  Already he had given in, having sacrificed his lovely wife as well as setting the stage for Mrs. Julie Morris’ to fall into the evil web of darkness.

Closing his eyes and shaking his head in disbelief, Rich could not believe how quickly things were snowballing on him.  Not only had he sacrificed his wife, complying with the blackmailer earlier that morning regarding Julie Morris, but already he was being blackmailed further.  And earlier that afternoon, Rich had actually seen firsthand at how elaborate the scheme was devised when Mollway’s phone rang timely just after the second round of Nell’s gangbang.  With Mollway telling him that it was the donation line ringing and signaling him to follow, Rich observed the bastard bring up the Presswood Congregation’s website on the computer.

With Mollway turning on the speaker phone, Rich got to listen to the potential donor named Julius Simpson and the old bastard discuss the so called donation proposal.  ‘Donations, right!  That’s pure bullshit, not in the way they were talking, it was more of a sale negotiation place!  The bastard’s having the membership of Brotherhood, selling members of the congregation for their lustful desires in exchange for that so-called ‘donation’!’ he realized.  And that was evidenced of the call that came in, for the caller had read the current news section that had been updated just the day earlier, in particular the note of 25 year old Kristin Corbett’s upcoming wedding.

For the $30,000 donation that Mr. Simpson agreed to make to the Brotherhood, he was to be rewarded in getting to sample the lovely charms of the bride-to-be before her upcoming wedding.  So Rich had his work cut out for him, telling the bride-to-be that there would be a slight change in the pre-marital class scheduled, that she was to meet with the evil marriage counselor instead.  But there was a silver lining in the deal for Rich as old Mollway promised him one thing, that was watching the seduction as it took place.

End of Story.