Picking Cherry Blossoms - I
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  Asian Cherry Popper I, II and III
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Passing the grocery store front, Marcus Turner's eyes widened as he stared at the poster taped to the window.  With his aroused cock rapidly expanding in his jeans, Marcus licked at his lips as he gazed at the pictures of the lovely ladies entered in the city's Cherry Blossom Festival.  Thoughts went back to the other week, recalling the sight of the beautiful bride as she walked down the church aisle.

Uninvited to the wedding, Marcus had slipped in the side door and stayed off to the side, knowing that his presence might be noticed immediately.  Surveying the guests, seeing a few blacks among the many guests, Marcus then slipped into a pew and took a seat.  Then everyone stood as the bride appeared for that long walk down the aisle.  Seeing the lovely Miss Jennifer Yamaguchi in her elegant white bridal gown, Marcus saw the fear in her eyes and the shudder course through her petite body as she looked at this leering smile.

It was the same look of fear and shudder of disgust Marcus had observed on their prior meeting, the day he had duped the lovely beauty into giving him ideas on interior decorating.  Having a gal pal lure the beauty to a vacant house on the ploy that she would providing interior decorating ideas, Marcus had lured the unsuspecting beauty into the house telling her that his 'wife' should be arriving any moment.

Dragging the frightened bride-to-be into the furnished bedroom, tearing off her clothes, he had then tossed her petite body upon the king-sized bed.  It had been a dream come true for Marcus, though an absolute nightmare for the frightened young virgin that he intended on deflowering.  Pinning her to the bed, it was pure music to his ears upon hearing her sobbing with fear, then highlighted by the shriek of pain as he stuck it to her and popped her cherry.


Seeing the lovely bride as she walked down the aisle, Marcus wondered if the groom knew that the white bridal gown was now a mere camouflage, that the woman he was to marry was no longer a pure innocent virgin.  As the vows were being exchanged, Marcus chuckled "Congratulations, my man!  Ya should have no problem getting it in tonight!  I's already went and broke her in good fer ya ……..real good!  Damn, she squealed like a stuck pig when I popped her cherry!  And boy did she bleed all over the bed!"

Back to that current day, having scouted around for another poster that he could make off with, Marcus succeeded and returned home with his prize.  With the pageant being held that weekend, Marcus went online to see if tickets were still available and preferably one as close to the stage as possible.  Finding one seat available in row three, Marcus paid the two hundred with his credit card, figuring it'd be well worth the price to get a close-up view of the sexy little beauties.

Check the internet and finding a website for the upcoming festival, Marcus checked out all the close-ups of the lovely young beauties.  The majority of them looked to be exactly the type of beauty he was interested in ………………young, beautiful, and innocent!  Of course a few of them didn't look all that innocent, not turning him on, but Marcus figured that he would just trust the honored judges in picking the right ones for him.  He also noted that there was to be a Friday afternoon outdoor preliminary event with all the contestants to be introduced.  Seeing that it was just a few miles from his apartment, Marcus made it a point to be there to do his initial scouting that afternoon.

Dressed up for the pageant that Saturday night, Marcus sat in his seat as the lovely beauties paraded on stage at the start of the pageant, with each contestant introduced separately to have her spot parade down the walkway in the limelight.  With all dressed in sleek elegant evening gowns and heels, Marcus was glad the spotlight on the stage and the surrounding audience area dimmed, hiding the growing tent in the front of his pants.  As each smiling contestant walked upon the stage, the innocence of each beauty had Marcus with a rock-hard boner.  Marcus really couldn't make a decision as to which of them he'd like to bed the most.

Seeing the number of judges sitting in the front row, Marcus would leave it to them, deciding that it was their job that they had been selected for.  'Yes, yer the prestigious judges selected to pick the purty princesses and of the course the lovely cherry blossom queen!  Ya jist go ahead and pick the innocent little beauties for Marcus to 'rape and ruin'!' he chuckled.  Holding back his laughter, Marcus mentally added 'Cherry blossom beauties!  Only the beauties ya chose ain't gonna be having their precious little cherries fer very long, at least not by the time next year's pageant comes around!'

As the evening progressed, with the contestants going through the various phases of the contest, Marcus pictured each of the lovely smiling faces turning to that of terror when he would surprise the little bitch and drag her off somewhere.  But he would bide his time and allow the judges to do their job, concentrating only on eyeing up the lovely beauties and in particular to check out which ones happened to be sporting a nice sparkling diamond ring.

Though the contestants were all single, having to abide by the contest rules should they make it into the queen's court, each would have to remain single till after the following year's pageant.  Finally, it was time for the twenty contestants to be whittled down to ten, followed by another evening gown phase and those making the final five in the court were selected.  The final five that remained would have to face the drawing of a question at random from the jar and give a spontaneous answer.  With the fourth princess announced first, till only two remained, then the queen and runner-up were announced.

Of the five beauties in the court, all circled in the pageant program Marcus had purchased, with stars also placed on the photos of the first and second runner-ups.  Those two beauties would appropriately be his first two selections, the ones that unfortunately sported a bright shiny diamond ring on her finger.  With the beauties posing for photos, he glanced back down at the photos of Miss Cori Nakatani and that of Miss Jill Sawaguchi, the first two beauties that he intended on paying a visit too.  'How appropriate!' he thought, deciding that the 1st runner-up would be his first conquest and work his way down the list, saving the queen for last.

Looking up as the court made their way down the walkway for one final pose, Marcus could only think 'Lovely!  Jist lovely!  The Cherry Blossom Queen and her Princesses ……………..all soon to lose their precious little cherries!'  With the program providing information on each of the beauties, he could easily find out where they resided, especially with the names of their parents listed.  Going to the phone book or on the internet, he could then look up the parents' names to obtain the address.  Then pay his  bimbo hooker friend to make a phone call and ply the number from the unwitting parents.

For Cori Nakatani, entering the Cherry Blossom pageant had been one of accepting a dare by her fiancé.  At the age of 21 and recently engaged to the handsome Bret Sanders, Cori realized that their tentative wedding date would now have to be put back a couple of months till after next year's pageant in order for her to comply with being one of the Cherry Blossom Princesses.  Though she had been well aware of the rules, Cori had not thought that she even stood a chance among all the other beautiful contestants.  Though she had not won, being first runner-up had been quite a surprise and the $5,000 scholarship would go to her graduate degree.

Standing at 5'2" and weighing a mere 108 lbs., Cori had been quite nervous as she looked out into the large audience and had been oblivious to the evil lusting Marcus Turner ogling her and the other contestants.  Had Cori any clue that her beauty and talent would make her a target of a vile rapist, she would certainly not have even entered the pageant.  Now in her senior year at the university, Cori was renting an apartment a block from campus and very close to Bert's apartment.

Though she and Bert had thought of renting an apartment together, Cori knew that her conservative parents would totally disapprove of it and make it appear that she was living in sin.  Although Cori allowed her handsome fiancé some liberties, she drew the line to that of just kissing and some petting, with any intimate touch being above a layer of clothing or more.  One thing that Cori was intent on giving her husband, on their wedding night, was her virginity.

Two weeks later, having the bimbo make a call to the home of Cori Nakashima's parents, the ploy of pretending to be a friend resulted in the obtaining of Cori's phone number.  Then Marcus got on the internet and on to 'people search' where he plugged the phone number into the reverse directory.  Marcus smiled at just how easy it had been as he copied down the address where the unsuspecting beauty lived.

Having taken in a Friday night movie, followed by a bite to eat at the nearby college hangout, Cori stood up on tiptoes as her arms encircled Bret's neck for a goodnight kiss.  A deep passionate kiss ensued, and as Cori expected, Bret wanted more.  Knowing that she couldn't allow Bret any further liberties, trying desperately to keep her resolve, Cori sent her disappointed fiancé off.  Giving him a peck on the cheek, she told Bret "You know I won't be able to resist you, honey!  I just want to have our wedding night a very special one!"

As Cori sent her true love headed home to his apartment with the growing bone that he had pressed up against her on the doorstep, she began to unbutton her blouse.  Entering her bedroom, Cori stepped out of her heels and slipped out of her blouse.  Unzipping her navy blue pants, she stepped out of them and hung them up on a hangar.  Reaching behind her back to undo the hook of her bra, Cori was suddenly overcome with sheer terror as a large hand was clamped over her mouth and a strong muscular arm encircled her trim waist.

With his lovely prey securely in his grasp, Marcus could have easily lifted the beauty off her feet but instead began slowly dragging her toward the bed, allowing her to kick her legs about to try and free herself.  Then to instill even more horror and fear with his prey, Marcus taunted "Shame on ya ……………..sending that handsome buck of yers home and making him jack himself off!  Ya jist luv to tease, doncha, sweetie?  Well, the purty Cherry Blossom Princess is gonna lose that 'cherry' of hers ……………tonight!"  That brought about a loud but muffled scream as the petrified beauty fought to preserve herself.

Struggling with all of her might, Cori was in fear of her life as her worst nightmare was taking place right at that moment.  This man had broken into her apartment and was obviously intent on harming her …………………..raping her!  Unable to break his grip on her, Cori tried to dig her heels in the carpeting but found herself being dragged towards the bed.  Then, the horror of all horrors came literally flashing by as she got a glimpse of the man in the mirror ………………..the large black assailant clad only with a ski mask over his face.

With his overwhelming strength, Marcus easily lifted the little beauty up in the air and dumped her right upon her bed, knocking the wind out of her.  Quickly straddling the stunned beauty, Marcus reached up under her pillow for the items placed there after he had gained entry.  Lifting his hand, Marcus then stuffed the garment he had grabbed to stifle her scream for help.  Binding her wrists with the long plastic tie, he then secured her arms to the other tie at the top of the bed.  Finally, stripping the piece of masking tape from the back of the bed, he sealed her gagged mouth shut.

Shuddering with fear, mouth watering and saliva soaking into the putrid and smelly cloth, Cori grimaced with total disgust.  Staring into the dark ski mask, seeing the grinning smile from the mouth hole of the mask.  As if things couldn't get worst for Cori, she then heard the laughing snicker tell her "What's the matter, princess?  Why the frown?  Don't like the taste of my jockeys?  Save it up just fer ya …………………hell, I went without changing for three whole days!"

Wishing that she could die right there on the spot, Cori then tried to press herself down into the bed as her silky white panties were being dragged down over her trim hips and then stripped off her legs.  Eyes filled with tears, sobs muffled by her stuffed and taped mouth, Cori shivered from the unwanted pleasure stemming from the mouth and tongue upon a budding nipple.  Then he was suckling upon her other breast, teasing and nipping playfully upon the rising tip.  'Oh, God!  Oh, God ………………….don't let me feel any pleasure!' Cori prayed.

Glad that the tonguing of her breast had stopped, Cori wondered why he had moved down and was now flicking his tongue into her belly button.  Then, as strong hands were pushing her knees apart and her assailant's head moving lower, Cori shuddered 'Oh, God ……………..no ………………….no one would even think of doing such a filthy thing!'  "Mmmmmmmmmm ……………………..mmmmmmmppppppfffffffffffffffffffffffff!" she screamed into her jockey filled mouth as her assailant's mouth clamped down upon her womanhood.

Skyrocketing up into outer space, arching her hips up off the bed to obtain even more pleasure, Cori shivered with pleasure and the flicking tongue teased her ultra sensitive clit.  "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ……………………mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm …………………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" came Cori's muffled moans as her very first orgasm had her petite body quivering uncontrollably.  But as she began to come back down to earth, the despicable act was made even dirtier as her assailant taunted "Oh, you sweet little princess!  Luv the taste of yer sweet honey!  Bet I's the first guy to eat yer pussy out, huh?"

Then fear overcame Cori once again as the muscular black intruder now shuffled up between her widespread legs and was rubbing the thick bulb of his monstrous manhood up against her tight slit.  Eyes bulging as she struggled against the tight binding, Cori once again saw the grinning white teeth from beneath the ski mask as the man obviously was taking delight in her struggles.  With her upper thighs firmly in the grip of the large black hands, Cori shuddered in terror as the thick bulb threatened to destroy her innocence.

Seeing the look of absolute fear in the eyes of his pretty prey, Marcus slid his hands up to her trim hips and gave a mighty lunge.  "Mmmmmmmmmphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" came the muffled scream of pain and fear as he speared several inches of his thick boner up into the virgin princess, with the tip of his cock blunted by the beauty's precious cherry.  "Oh, sweetie ………………….ya's still got it!  Still got that cherry in tact …………………fer another minute anyway!" Marcus chuckled as readied himself for the ultimate thrust.

Holding his princess firmly at the hips and brutally shoving his rockhard cock further up into her, seeing the whites of her eyes and hearing the muffled scream, Marcus then felt a wet squishy substance surrounding him.  "Ahhhhhhhhhhh …………..nnnnnnnnnnnnn …………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!" came the agonized moans from beneath him, all signs that pointing to Marcus that he had just succeeded in busting the Cherry Blossom Princess's precious little cherry.  "Oh, Princess ……………….there went yer fuck'n cherry!" he proudly announced to the agonized and weeping beauty.

For Cori, it was pure agony as her well-guarded virginity had just been brutally torn from her without any mercy and her rapist apparently enjoyed inflicting pain upon her.   Trying desperately to spread her legs wider apart to ease the pain, the thick log within her seemed to be splitting her in two.  'Oh, God ……………..oh, God …………………how can I ever face Bret again?  Here I've put him off, wanting him to take my virginity on our wedding night and now ………..……….it's gone!  Will he even want to touch me ……………knowing that I've been soiled ……………….by a black man ……….raped by him!'

With the muffled moans beneath him as the lovely princess struggled against her bonds, Marcus lanced in and out, picking up speed with the aid by the lubrication of the continuous bleeding from her ruptured cherry.  Cock gripped tightly like a rubber glove along with the thought of possibly laying his unwanted baby up in her belly, Marcus groaned "Oh, Princess …………………..oh, sweetie ……………………….cumming …………….gonna cum ……………………….gonna knock ya up gooddddddd!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

For young Cori Nakatani, there was not an ounce of pleasure derived from this vile rape, just sheer pain and agony.  Humiliated and defiled, body soiled by this evil rapist, the blurting out of his intent to impregnate her sent a shudder of horror throughout her petite body.  'Oh, God ……………………oh, Goddddddddd ………………………what if he succeeds …………………………what if he succeeds and gets me pregnant?  What'll I do?' she trembled.  Previously opposed to those seeking an abortion, Cori knew that she would never be able to withstand the shame and humiliation of anyone learning of her rape, much less of giving birth to a little black bastard.

Early the next morning, as rays of sunshine caused Cori to blink her eyes awake, her taped and gagged mouth sent a shudder of horror throughout her body in knowing that it had not been just a nightmare.  Pain shot through her as she tried to move her legs.  Remaining still to let the pain ease, Cori then found that she could now bring her arms down from above her head.  She then discovered that her hands were still bound together but the top binding that had secured her arms above her head had been severed.

Bringing her arms down, Cori managed to peel the tape of her mouth, then used her fingers to grasp and pull out the filthy gag.  Finally able to get a breath of fresh air, Cori felt her belly lurch in revulsion, threatening to rebel at the foul taste remaining in her mouth.  Staring at the wet pair of jockeys on the bed before her, Cori felt humiliated upon seeing several strands of short kinky black hairs stuck in the garment.  Even more so upon feeling several strands of curly hair remaining in her mouth as attempted to spit them out.

It was a good twenty minutes before Cori found the strength to move her legs.  Memories of her sadistic rape flooded her mind.  Blinking back the tears, Cori could not determined what had been worst, that of losing her virginity to the black rapist or sodomized by the demented man.  Never could she imagine anyone wanting to do such a dirty thing, recalling how she had been turned over and forced onto all fours.  Then, recalling how she had skyrocketed off into a mind-shattering orgasm, Cori felt so ashamed at having climaxed with the man's tongue flicking within her.

Miles away at that very moment, Marcus Turner was proudly reliving every moment of that exciting evening.  'Damn, that was so fuck'n sweet!' he said to himself.  'Sure glad I taped her mouth good!  The whole fuck'n building would have heard her screaming when I popped her cherry!  Shit, everyone in the whole block would have gotten up when I shoved my meat up her tight little ass!  Still can't believe how she fainted dead away when I buggered her!' he thought.

Marcus then looked up at his bedroom wall at all the photos of the Cherry Blossom Queen and Princesses.  Below the picture of the lovely 1st Runner-up, that of Ms. Cori Nakatani, he pinned a sealed plastic bag to the wall.  Bag sealed tightly to preserve his treasure, along with its fragrances, it contained the pair of panties stripped from the young beauty.  Only, it was used once afterwards in order to wipe off all that cherry red blood coating his raping cock after he had destroyed her innocence.

Having managed to get out of bed and stagger into the shower, Cori let the soothing hot water rain down upon her ravaged body.  Looking down at the white tiles of the shower stall, Cori shivered as she watched the bloody evidence of her lost virtue going down into the drain.  One thing stuck in her mind was that of her rapist telling her "Imagine, the rules say you can't get married till after next year's pageant or you'd have to relinquish your place on the court along with the scholarship!  But there ain't nothing in the rules that says ya can't have her belly swollen up with a little bastard!"

Unprepared for the aftermath of sex, Cori realized that she would have to rush off to the drug store and buy a potent bottle of douche.  She just prayed that it was not already too late to be of any good.  Toweling herself off and putting on a robe, Cori re-entered her bedroom, sniffing at the sight of the blood stained sheets and the filthy pair of jockeys that had been stuffed in her mouth throughout the night.  Stripping the bed, she then rolled up all the telltale evidence to take out to the trash bin.

End of Story.