Pimped by Her Father-in-Law
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier stories entitled:  Dream’n of His Daughter-in-Law
and Cunning Old Coot
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Lying upon her bed, Kim Fortin glanced over at her young sleeping husband.  She could only wonder what her handsome and caring husband, whom she had met and fallen in love with in college, would think of his wife if he only knew the truth about her.  Kim had thought that marrying Mike would be the ultimate dream come true for her.  Now she wished that she had been more promiscuous and experimented in sexual activities, then things would not be such a disaster.

Had she known that Mike was such a pathetic lover, always ejaculating prematurely plus having a low sperm count, Kim had to admit now that their marriage might never have taken place if she had realized she'd be left high and dry after each lovemaking session.  The attempt at marriage counseling turned into more of a disaster when the lusting counselor had convinced her that she really needed to experience other men.  But now she had come to realize that the counselor was using that so-called analysis in an attempt to get into her panties.

Though frustrated and in need of sexual satisfaction, Kim still could not believe what she had done the other week when they were over visiting Mike's parents for dinner.  She had caught her husband's stepfather looking at her and then she had deliberately enticed him further by purposely being careless when she moved in and out of her chair on the patio.  In doing so, she had given Pop Fortin quick but full and clear shots up to the lacy panties that she wore.

With Pop Fortin telling her that Mike had confided in him as to his impotency problem due to his low sperm count, Kim had then made the invitation to her father-in-law quite clear when she was leaving.  As it appeared to Mom Fortin and Mike that she was kissing Pop on the cheek to bid goodbye, she had tongued his ear and bit his earlobe before whispering "Would you like to be the one to make that miracle happen, Pop?"  There would be no mistaking the intent of that statement by Pop.

Kim's thoughts of keeping Pop dangling from a string had backfired as Pop evidently saw right through her.  Instead, when she had shown up a bit late at the sleazy motel she had chosen, Pop showed her that he was in charge, ordering her to get out of her clothes and 'get your ass up on the bed'!  Kim was not turned off, actually enjoying being dominated by a 'man'.

Though Kim had enjoyed being dominated by Pop, fucked out of her mind by him, Kim sought to regain control over the situation.  As she and Mike were to go over to his parents for dinner on Sunday, Kim recalled what Pop was expecting of her there, to go to the hot house with him in the pretense of looking at the new orchids.  But once in there, she was to get down on her knees to suck Pop off like a cheap little whore.

Thinking, trying to figure a way to turn the tables, Kim suggested to Mike that he call his parents and have them come over instead.  With the football game  starting in the latter part of the afternoon, she suggested that he and Pop watch and enjoy it on the big screen in the den.  Pretending to be busy preparing their dinner for the night, Kim listened intently as Mike talked to Pop on the phone.  She sighed and smiled to herself when Mike hung up and announced that his parents would be coming over as she had suggested.

Across town, as Pop Fortin hung up his phone, his thoughts were filled with the image of his beautiful daughter-in-law.  He knew that Kim had put Mike up into making the call and alter the plans for Sunday, knew that she was trying to regain control and have him dangling from a string once again.  Pop just smiled to himself as he planned to again turn the tables upon his son's lovely wife.  'You little bitch!  Think you're so smart, huh!  You need a man to put you in your place ……….right on your fuck'n knees ……….sucking a man's cock off!' he chuckled.

Upon arriving at Mike and Kim's place on Sunday, Pop could see that Kim felt confident once again.  But he intended on putting her in her place once and for all, just as soon as he was afforded the opportunity.  To be certain that there would be such an opportunity, Pop packed up some special soil along with a few pots and orchid shoots for his lovely daughter-in-law.  If an opportunity to be alone with Kim didn't materialize, he had it all worked out where he would create it.

As it turned out, Mom Fortin also had him load the car up with various steaks and roasts that she had purchased from a wholesaler friend of theirs the past week.  As Mike was about to go out to the car to retrieve the meat, Pop told him that he'd get and for Mike to get the drinks ready before the game started.  In bring in the beef, he smiled at his nervous daughter-in-law and advised "I'll take it down and you can put it in the freezer so you'll know where everything is, Kim!"

With Mom Fortin going out into the backyard and Mike off to prepare some drinks, Kim nervously bit her bottom lip as she walked ahead of Pop down the steps to the basement where the freezer was located.  She had purposely switched the get-together here, just to avoid being alone together with Pop Fortin.  As they reached the freezer, Pop set the box of meat down, then grabbed her by the back of her hair and sneering "Get down on your fuck'n knees and put the meat where it belongs!"

With Pop yanking at the back of her hair so that she was forced to look up at him as he unzipped his pants, Kim knew that it was not the frozen meat that he had been referring to.  Seconds later, she was staring ahead of her father-in-law's cock, feeling the rubbery tip push up against her lips.  Then Kim was bobbing her head up and down upon his upright cock as Pop held the back of her head now with both hands as he fucked into her face.

Moments later, panting for breath as she licked at the slick cream covering her lips, Kim heard Pop Fortin chuckle as he zipped up his pants and then made his way back upstairs.  She had once again lost control of the situation and now knew that Pop was boss, that he was pulling her strings rather than the other way around.  Kim knew that it was really what she wanted deep down, wanting a man to dominate her the Pop had done, even ordering her to show up at the motel early so that she could rent the room and pay for it this time.  Pop had also reminded her of his intentions to pimp her out, telling her that she'd be servicing the filthy old man who had approached her in the parking when she was leaving the past Wednesday.

Licking her lips, savoring the taste of Pop's manhood, Kim regained her composure and stood up to open the freezer to put away the frozen meat.  Clenching her thighs together, Kim felt her slick juices seep from her moist slit to flow down into the crotch of her panties.  She was excited beyond belief, wondering what it feel like to have someone pay to use her body sexually.  She licked her lips in anticipation as wicked sensations coursed through he body, even at the thought of the filthy old man in the parking lot being the first paying customer to fuck her.

Wednesday came so quickly for Kim as she found herself once again pulling into the parking lot of the sleazy No-Tel Motel.  Only this time, she was the one to rent the room, feeling rather embarrassed as she entered the small dingy office and observing the snickering older woman who came out to assist her.  It was obvious that Kim did not belong in such a dump, not the way in which she was dressed, but the older woman snickered and asked "What's the matter, honey?  The johns too cheap to pay for a room at a decent place!"

Blushing in embarrassment, Kim plunked down the necessary thirty dollars for two hours in the sleazy motel room.  She also gave the woman the extra ten dollars required for a clean sheet.  Once in the room and going to the queen-sized bed, Kim cringed as she looked down upon the filthy mattress that was stained from the use upon it, along with the many splotches of flaky crust from dried semen.  Putting the clean sheet on, she could at least enjoy its freshness rather than rolling around on the crusty old mattress.

Fifteen minutes later, upon Pop Fortin's arrival, Kim found herself down on her knees once again as she helped her father-in-law to disrobe.  Then she was bobbing her head up and down upon his boner, tonguing him till his pre-cum began leaking out into her mouth.  Next Kim found herself obeying Pop's order for her to "Get out of your clothes, bitch!  Then get up on the bed and spread your fuck'n legs!"

It was a wild and wicked fuck for both Kim and her husband's father, each wanting one another badly to satisfy their wicked lust.  Upon hearing Pop call her a tramp and a slut, Kim responded "Yes ………………yes ………………..I'm nothing by a cheap slut!  Your daughter-in-law's nothing but a fucking whore!  Treat me like a bitch, Pop!  Treat me like a two-bit whore!"  As Pop gave her the fucking that she craved for, Kim moaned "Ohhhhh ………………..yes ………………..yes, Pop ………………….fuck me ……………….fuck your cheap whore of a daughter-in-law!"

Forty-five minutes later, Kim was once again dressed in her nice gray dress and black heels, just as she had arrived.  Only now, her womb was flooded with her father-in-law's cum, some of which now wet the crotch of her panties.  Pushed out of the motel room door, Kim nervously walked past her car down to the sidewalk in search of the dirty old man who had propositioned her the past week.

Just before 4 p.m., she saw the old geezer smiling widely as he made his way down the block towards her.  Swallowing nervously as the man neared, Kim observed that he was still wearing the filthy clothing that he had on the past week.  As he greeted her with "Hiya, honey!  I's come right on time like yer pimp told me to!  Got my money right here to cover yer services ………………had to gather up a lot of cans and bottles ………………but I got it!"  Kim cringed and shuddered as she got a whiff of his obnoxious smell.

Trembling as she led the way back to the motel, heard the man say "Man, I's can't believe a classy looking babe like ya's really a hooka!  Damn, can't believe the deal yer pimp made me if he could stay and watch!  Shit, I's ain't had nothing a purty as ya …….not in my fuck'n life ……………….and certainly not fer ten bucks!"  A chill of horror coursed throughout her body, realizing that her father-in-law had pimped her out to this smelly old bum for a mere $10.

Back in the motel room, Kim was astounded to find that the man had not mistaken that she was being pimped out for a mere $10.  She watched as Pop Fortin took the money from the old man and pocket it as the told the old fellow "Go to it, old timer!  Whatever pleases you!  Kim here will be only too happy to oblige!"  Kim could not believe that Pop had used her real name.

Kim shuddered in disgust as the old man quickly unzipped himself and pulled out his old wrinkled cock.  She heard her father-in-law chuckle loudly when the old man announced "Oh, man ………………I ain't had nothing this purty suck my wang!  Oh, God ……….I can't wait to feel her purty lips on me!  C'mon, sweetie ……………….make an old man like me happy!"

The smell emitted from the old man's crotch had her head spinning from the pungent odor, causing her stomach to turn in the process.  Kim correctly guessed that the old fellow hadn't bathed in over a two-week period.  Pop Fortin was evidently enjoying himself immensely as she observed that he had pulled his cock out from his pants and was fisting himself as he watched her perform this degrading act with the filthy old man.

The old fellow was obviously in need of being sucked off by a pretty woman for he began creaming in her mouth in just over a minute.  Kim shuddered in disgust as she swallowed the foul tasting spend of the old man.  The taste combined with the smell of the man had her ready to barf.  Kim thought that she'd never be able to rid herself of the man's foul taste or smell from her body.  Upon glancing over in Pop's direction, she was caught by surprise to see that he had brought a mini-camcorder in with him and was filming it all.

As the old geezer wanted to undress her himself, saying that he hadn't had the pleasure in quite a few years, Kim stood there as the man unzipped her and pulled the dress off her shoulders.  She shivered from a mixture of revulsion and yet wicked pleasure as the old man caressed and fondled her body as he continued to strip her of her undergarments.  Moments later, she was lying in the middle of the bed as the old man pressed his filthy and smelly body upon hers.  She shivered upon hearing Pop Fortin's voice chuckling "Oh, Kim, baby ……………….I just hope this old-timer doesn't have the clap ……………..or anything worst!"

For Pop Fortin, having just pimped out his beautiful daughter-in-law for a measly ten bucks had his cock rock solid.  Seeing her putting out for this filthy old man was quite a turn-on.  With the last comment he had made, telling Kim that he hoped the old guy didn't give her the clap or worst, Pop was even more turned on by the possibility and wickedness of it all.  The money really didn't matter, just having his son's lovely wife do his bidding had him ready to cum.  'Damn, this video will be a fuck'n treasure!  Kim's and her very first paying 'john' all caught on tape!  Goddd ………..it's perfect …………this old timer sure is an ugly fucker!' he mused.

The wickedness of it all created such a sensation within Kim's sexy young body, causing her to wither about the bed as the old geezer climbed aboard.  Excited about it all, Kim clenched her thigh muscles together, causing so of her father-in-law's thick cum to escape her pussy lips.  Spreading her legs wide, Kim saw the man shucking at his odd wrinkled cock in an attempt to revive it.  Then she glanced over the grinning man who had set up this horrid mating session ………..…..the stepfather of the man she had married …………her own father-in-law!

Kim shivered as she inhaled the overwhelming stench of the man above her, feeling his grimy body touching hers as he tried to insert his now slightly hardening cock into her.  Reaching down between their bodies, Kim took over in shucking at the wrinkled old cock, knowing that the touch of her hand would give the man an added thrill and assist in getting him up faster.  Finally, she rubbed the stiff cockhead at the entrance of her juicy slit, then wrapped her legs around his ass to pull him in.

Pop Fortin fisted the massive hardon that resulted from the exciting scene of the filthy old-timer about to bed his stepson's beautiful young wife.  The fact that he had been the one to set it all up made the unbelievable scene even more exciting.  He knew full well that he could have pimped her out to some well paying customers who easily have shelled out three hundred bucks apiece to bed such a young beauty.  But it was so much better to have pimped her out to his ugly and smelly old bastard for a measly ten bucks.

To see his beautiful daughter-in-law's arms and legs now encircling the old man as she mouth was glued to his in a passionate kiss, Pop pumped at this hardon.  He watched as the old man's previously wrinkled cock straighten out and once again grew in length as it began to penetrate his stepson's lovely wife.  Pop smiled as the old geezer grasped Kim's tender asscheeks in his hands as he began to fuck her in earnest.

"Ohhhhhh …………………..ohhhh, yessssss …………………fuck me ………….fuck me!" Kim panted out in heat as the smelly old man fucked in and out of her horny twat.  It was so exciting to give this old man the fuck of a lifetime, thrilled at the fact that her father-in-law had set this all up and was sitting there watching, plus that fact that she had been pimped out for the measly sum of ten dollars.  "Yes …………yes …………shoot it ……………….shoot it, you old bastard ………………….fill me up with your smelly old cum!  Ahhhhhhhh ………………..yessssssssssss …………….oh, God, yessssssssssssss!" Kim cried out as she creamed around the old man's spurting cock.

With the old-timer having dressed and departed, Pop looked over at his stepson's beautiful wife lying upon the bed, her sexy legs still widespread as the old man's cum oozed out of her well-fucked cunt.  Walking over to the bed as he fisted his cock, Pop taunted "Damn, Mike's sure got himself a cheap fuck'n whore of a wife!  God, what a bitch …………….letting yourself get pimped out for a measly ten bucks ………….and you enjoyed fucking that smelly old bastard!"

A foot away from the bed, Pop bent over and drew back quickly, comment "Damn, you stink real baddddd!"  Pumping at his cock as he looked down at his sexy daughter-in-law, Pop felt the twitch in his balls once again.  Moving closer, he aimed his cock just in time for it to belch out a stream of hot cum, right onto Kim's chin and lips.  He groaned "Oh, yeah …………..take that you little bitch!  Ahhhhhhhhhhh!"  Another couple of spurts were unleashed, sending streams of his sticky load across Kim's beautiful face.

Zipping up, preparing to leave, Pop advised "Better get your ass off that bed ……………time for you to go home and make Mike's dinner!  Damn ……………think you better get in the shower first ………………you stink!"  Laughing, Pop made his way out of the motel room and out into the parking lot.  It was time for him to head on home also as Mom Fortin would soon have his dinner ready.

On Friday, Kim got a call from Mike who had gone out of town just for the day and was to return that evening.  She learned that the flights were all canceled due to a major power outage in the city and that he'd have to stay there overnight.  With Mike indicating that he hoped to get a late morning flight out of there, and that he would be returning home just after noontime, Kim could not help but squeeze her thighs together at the prospect of having another man between her legs that night.

Joining her coworkers for a few drinks after work, Kim waved to her friends as all got into their cars to head on home.  But instead of turning toward the freeway that would take Kim to her home, she turned in the opposite direction, one that would take her to the familiar parking lot of the No-Tel Motel.  As she made her way to the seedy side of town, Kim noticed that there were way more shady characters roaming about the streets now that darkness had set in.

Pulling into the dark parking lot of the motel, Kim nervously bit her bottom lip, telling herself that she should ‘Back up and head on home, Kim!  You’re just asking for trouble!’  Heart beating fast, juices leaking out of her slit, Kim refused to listen to reason and got out of her car.  Locking it, she then proceeded into the office where the same woman in the office greeted her with “Hi sweetie!  Back again for more, huh?”

In the motel room, Kim looked at herself in the mirror and did a bit of touch up to her hair and straightened her clothing a bit, something that was not a necessity as the competition she faced out on the street was nowhere near her level.  Licking her lips in anticipation, Kim wondered just how she should go about it all.  Sure, she had been pimped out the last time, but it had all been prearranged.  ‘Do I wait for the fellow to approach me?  Should I give him a come-on?  Will he ask me how much I charge?  Hmmm, how much should I charge?’ she wondered.

Out on the street, Kim stood back in the shadows, watching as the other streetwalkers showed their wares to the prospective customers that slowed down or came to a stop in their cars.  Seeing several black gals cussing and swearing at the potential customers stop and pass them on by, Kim’s heart pounded in her chest as she wondered ‘Do I dare?’  Slowly, Kim edged her way out from the shadows and made her way out to the sidewalk.

A moment later, a white Cadillac pulled up to the curb, stopping right alongside of her with the window coming down.  “Hey, baby!  Ain’t ever seen ya before!  How much ya charg’n?” Kim heard the deep male’s voice come from the dark interior of the car.  Nervously, Kim leaned down, peering into the interior of the car to view the middle-aged black man sitting behind the wheel.  “A ……………..a hundred!” she replied, trying to make herself sound confident.

“A hundred?  Damn, that’s purty steep!  What do I get fer a hundred?” the potential ‘john’ asked.  Not knowing how to respond without sounding like an amateur, Kim responded “What would you like, Mister?”  “A suck and a fuck!” the potential customer advised.  “Okay!  Why don’t you pull up into the parking lot here!  I’ve got a room!” Kim advised.

As the car pulled into the lot, Kim felt her juices seep out of her slick slit in anticipation of feeling it being filled again with a big black cock.  Walking into the parking lot, Kim was unaware the black gal having called her pimp on her cellphone, telling him “Leon, ya gotta git on over here!  Der’s dis fuck’n white bitch here steal’n out ‘john’s’!  Yeah, she’s jest got one going with her to a motel room! Ya gotta git here right away!”

In the motel room, Kim licked her lips in seeing the big muscular black man that she had just hustled smile at her.  Her heart was beating wildly in anticipation as she watched the man reach into his pocket and pulled out of roll of bills, peeling off a hundred dollar bill and handing it to her, advising “Here ya go, honey!”  Reaching up to unbutton the top of her blouse, Kim was stopped as the man advised “No, don’t take it off!  Yer a purty little thing!  I’s always wanted a purty white gal get down her knees and blow me!”

Having been bought and paid for, Kim aimed to please this black man who had just purchased her for the next hour.  Pretending to be well experienced, Kim dropped down to her knees before the man and reached up to the front of his pants.  Anxiously, she reached in with a soft manicured hand in search for the manhood that was causing the bulge in the front of his pants.  Wrapping her fingers around this fleshy tube, Kim felt a thrill go through her as she heard her ‘john’ moan “Ohhhhh, baby!  Ohhhhhh, yeah!”

Pulling out the man’s hardening muscle, Kim licked at her lips as she pumped at the lengthening black shaft, then opened her lips wide to wrap it around the crown of thick black cock.  Excited at the challenge of pleasing this man who had paid for ‘a suck and a fuck’, Kim flicked her wet tongue over the flaring cockhead, then pushed the tip of her pointed tongue into the opening of his pisshole.  “Oh, baby ………………..yeah ………baby ………………..suck it ……………….suck it!” came the encouragement from above.

For Freddie Smith, this was a dream cum true!  He had needed a fuck badly, not from a black woman that would be readily available to him but from a white gal.  Knowing he’d have to find some strung out hooker and pay her, Freddie figured he’d get some dopehead or well- worn white trash.  Never had he figured on getting a young beauty like this to be walking the streets.  A hundred bucks was expensive for a hooker in this district but he’d have paid more for this beautiful blonde bitch.

Then Freddie noticed that the sparkle from the ring on her finger was not some cheap costume jewelry but rather an expensive looking diamond ring.  Right next to her diamond was a band matching that on her wedding ring, causing Freddie to realize that this was no ordinary hooker but some whiteboy’s pretty wife who was obviously in need of some cock.

“Oh, baby!  Oh, sweetie …………….yeahhhhhhh!” Freddie moaned with pleasure as he grasped her silky blonde hair in his hands and began to face fuck her.  ‘Damn, she’s sucking me as if she ain’t eaten in days!’ Freddie thought as he enjoyed the best blowjob  ever received.  As she sucked him in earnest, Freddie felt his cock expand and twitch as he tried to hold off unleashing his pent-up load.  Knowing he would soon lose his load, he moaned “Oh, baby ………………….look up at me, sweetie ………………lemme looking into your baby blue eyes when I’s cum in yer sweet mouth!”

Continuing to suck upon the dark chocolate stalk, Kim looked up at the man above as she bobbed her head up and down.  She wondered what Mike was doing at the very moment, wishing that he could be there to see what a whore of a wife he had married.  Hearing the man groan with pleasure as she blew him, it gave her a sense of power in seeing how she could make a large muscular man could lose control with just her mouth and tongue.

“Ohhhhhhhhh …………………..argggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the loud groan from above.  Then the thick muscle in her mouth expanded and burst, flooding her mouth with his hot gooey jizz.  Swallowing once, then again, Kim felt the thick goo slowly begin its journey down into her belly.  Continuing to look up at the wheezing man while bobbing her head up and down upon his cock, Kim gobbled him up and ate all that he had to offer.

Looking down at the lovely young blonde beauty, Freddie couldn’t believe it as the sweet little bitch swallowed his hot roe.  ‘Damn, she’s eating it all!  I don’t believe it!  All the other whores I’ve had refuse to swallow and spit it all out!’ he shuddered as the pretty beauty continued sucking at his oozing prick.  “Oh, baby ……………….yeahhhhhhhhh ………………oh, eat it …………………..eat it alllllllllll!” Freddie groaned as he fed her another spurt from his now contracting nuts, feeling his balls now being squeezed and rolled in the soft hand of the young beauty.  The way she sucked at him, Freddie thought he had just stuck his cock into the nozzle of powerful vacuum cleaner.

Exhausted from that fantastic blowjob, Freddie was surprised to find the lovely beauty helping him off with his clothing.  Then she stood back a bit and smiled as she began to slowly unbutton her blouse, pulling it out of her skirt, then letting the garment fall to the floor.  Then her skirt followed, falling to the floor around her white heels.  Freddie knew that this was no ordinary whore but a young beauty that was desperately in need of cock.

Lacy white bra and panties slowly discarded as the young blonde did a striptease for him, Freddie wondered where her whiteboy hubby was while his pretty wife whored herself out for a hundred bucks.  He correctly suspected that she didn’t really need the money but was doing it both for the thrill of selling herself to a man and the need of getting a cock stuffed up her horny twat.

As she stepped towards him in just her 3” white heels, Freddie’s cock lurched as she grasped him in her soft manicured hand once again.  This time she was pulling him towards the bed, complimenting him with “Ohhhh, you’ve sure got a a big one!  I hope it fits!  C’mon and fuck the hell out of me!  Come and get your hundred dollars worth of white pussy!”

Legs spread wide, heels high in the air, Kim pulled the growing black bone to her seething pussy.  “Ohhhhhhhh, Godddddddd …………………………yesssssssssss ……………………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she squealed with pleasure as her first ‘john’ sank his big black bone into her.  Her pussy squeezed around his pulsating meat as it began to pump in and out of her, giving her the fuck she so desperately needed to quell the burning itch between her thighs.

For Freddie, it was the best fuck ever for him as this young blonde beauty was a wildcat in bed, clawing at his back as she actually begged him to keep on fucking her.  Then she was encircling her arms around his neck, giving him a deep passionate kiss, something that the regular hookers wouldn’t do.  With her legs wrapped around him, heels hooked onto one another as she arched up to him, she then begged him to cum in her.  Feeling her body quiver in an orgasm, Freddie then unleashed his jizz into her womb.

A bit later, with her first ‘john’ having departed after giving her a twenty-dollar tip, Kim took a quick shower to freshen herself up.  Squatting down in the shower stall, she scooped out cum from her flooded pussy, knowing that her next ‘john’ wouldn’t appreciate getting sloppy seconds.  Kim smiled to herself, knowing that she must have pleased the man for he asked what nights she worked.  When she advised him that she didn’t have a set schedule as yet, he had given her his business card and asked that she call to let him as he certainly wanted to become one of her steady customers.

As she began to get back into her clothing to entice another ‘john’ from the streets, Kim looked down at the hundred dollar bill that she had earned.  Then she picked up the business card that the man had given to her.  Kim sucked in her breath in seeing that the man had given her a business card that indicated he worked for Atron Technologies, the same firm where her husband worked.  Having never met any of Mike’s coworkers, Kim wondered if Mike knew the man who had paid for her services and had given her the fucking that she so badly needed.

Ready to go back out on the street to hustle her next ‘john’, Kim made one last check of herself in the mirror, then open the motel room door.  A second later, Kim was gasping for breath, clutching desperately at the thick wrist of the strong hand wrapped around her throat.  Eyes rolling, she made out the image of the black streetwalker that she had been watching earlier, telling the man who now held her throat “Dat’s her!  Dat’s da bitch crowding in on my corna!”

Pushed up against the motel room wall, Kim desperately tried to push against the hand clutching at her throat, everything getting fuzzy as she could not breathe.  In the light, she could make out the sneering black face of the man who now pinned her against the wall, hearing him sneer “Nobody hustle’s on this block without Willie’s okay and without pay’n fer Willie’s protection!  Bad things can happen to a bitch who tries to peddle her wares out on my street without Willie’s protection!”

Moments later, after having passed out from the lack of oxygen from the man choking her, Kim’s head shook from the smelling salts being waved under her nose.  Then she felt her knees being raised and spread wide, a body crawling over her.  Kim next heard the voice of the woman who had led the man to her room say “Ya come and steal our ‘johns’ on the street bitch!  Ya gonna fuck’n pay!  Ya want our ‘johns’ bitch, come and eat their droppings!”

Kim shuddered with horror, realizing that she had apparently been stripped naked after having passed out, quivering as the woman’s hot mouth clamped down upon her sex.  Then that awful stench from above had Kim turning her head from side to side to breathe in some fresh air.  But the smell only got worst and Kim blinked her hazy eyes to find that it was the woman’s filthy crotch that was descending down upon her face.

For Willie Wright, after seeing how lovely the blonde beauty was, he correctly suspected that she was no hooker that was strung out on drugs nor in need of making money in such a manner.  Seeing the diamond ring and wedding band on her finger, plus the mere looks of her, he knew that she didn’t below in this part of town.  His cock was rock hard in his pants from the sexy blonde beauty, and now he had her in his clutches.  ‘Oh, baby ……..ya in need of cock and Willie’s here to supply it to ya!  Ya gonna make some big bucks for Willie!  But not in a dump like this ………………….ya gonna be Willie’s main gal …………………….gonna pimp yer classy ass out to the well paying ‘johns’ uptown!’ he chuckled.

Rifling through her purse as the bi-bitch Dolores wanted to get a taste of the young blonde, Willie smiled as he opened up her wallet.  Seeing the address on her driver’s license, Willie knew he had read her right and that she did not belong on this side of the tracks.  ‘Ah, yes ………………Mrs. Kim Fortin ……………….ya’s gonna make some big bucks for Willie!  I’s knows some guys who’d shell out a couple hundred bucks to get a sexy broad like ya in the sack!’ he chuckled.
Looking towards the bed as Dolores began going down on the young blonde, Willie watched as she turned from side to side to get away from Dolores’ smelly twat.  He laughed, guessing correctly that the lovely Kim Fortin had never participated in ‘69ing’ with another woman before.  Willie knew that Dolores had a thing for white pussy herself and was thoroughly enjoying eating out this young and rather innocent beauty.  He chuckled loudly when Dolores lifted her head and barked out “C’mon, baby ……….eat out my smelly snatch!  Eat out the leftover jizz from the four ‘johns’ I serviced tonight!”

Kim had also heard what Dolores said, shuddering in revulsion as the patch of kinky pubic hair brushed against her nose and then was covering her face.  The stench had Kim’s head spinning, for it was far more potent that the smelling salts used to revive her earlier.  But the wickedness of it all, the situation she was in at this seedy motel, served to stimulate Kim as she began to feed the woman her juices as she darted her tongue up into the woman’s juicy snatch.

When the two women were done eating each other out, Willie wanted to assert his toughness and gruffly asked Kim “How much that ‘john’ pay ya, bitch!”  He enjoyed seeing the frightened blonde look at him and stammer “A ………………a hundred dollars ………………..and ……………………a twenty dollar tip!”  Willie had seen the two bills in the side pocket of her purse earlier plus the two hundred or so dollars that was in her wallet.

Peeling off forty dollars from the bills in her wallet, Willie tossed it over to Dolores and advised “Here’s yer share!  Now git back out on the street and let me take care of this fuck’n bitch!”  As Dolores got off the bed and began to get back into her clothes, Willie began to get out of his.  ‘Damn, her hubby must sure keep her short of cock to come out to a fuck’n dump like this!  After tonight baby ………………..ya stick with Willie and it’ll be all class and ya’ll get all the cock ya want!’ he said to himself.

Knowing that Willie had a mean streak in him, having been beaten up by him several times, Dolores now felt sorry for the young blonde.  She had been pissed at her earlier for taking the ‘john’ off her street but now, after eating her and being eaten by her, Dolores didn’t want Willie to beat her up.  “I …………….I think she’s learned her lesson, Willie!  I’ll take her under my wing and teach her!  She’ll make ya a lot of money, Willie!”  But when Willie sneered at her and growled “Git yer black ass outta here!” Dolores exited the motel room.

Out on the street corner, Dolores looked back toward the motel rather than for any approaching ‘johns’.  She licked her lips, savoring the taste of the young blonde beauty.  Though she knew some of that taste in her mouth was from the ‘john’ she had serviced, Dolores wanted more of her tender pussy.  More so, the way young blonde got into it once she had gotten started, Dolores had never creamed so much as she and then fed her all her slick juices as well as all the cum that had been fuck up her smelly twat.

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” came the high pitched scream from the motel and Dolores dashed across the parking lot towards the room from when she had come.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” came another loud scream, sending chills up Dolores’ spine.  She dared not enter the room nor disturb Willie as she knew what was good for her.  In fact, everyone in the neighborhood knew better than to check out the screams, not unless they wanted to chance losing their life in the process.

Pressing her ear to the door, Dolores heard the young beauty sobbing in agony, pleading “Please ………………………….oh, pleasssssssseeeeeee ……………………….stop!  It hurts ……………………………oh, Godddddddddddddddd ....................................................it hurtssssssssssssssssssss …………………….so badddddddddddddd!  Please ……………………….please …………………………….take it outttttttttt ..............................take it outttttttt ........................................pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Then Dolores heard Willie’s voice “Ya bitch!  Take that ya fuck’n little bitch!  That’ll teach ya to horn in on my block!  Ya don’t bring yer cherry white ass over here and wave it around …………………………..not without letting Willie sample it and break it in fer ya!”  “Stop ………………..oh, God …………………..stop ……………………it hurts ………………….it hurtssssssssss!” came the sobbing cries of the young blonde as she was pounded in ass.

With daylight coming and the streets clearing out, Kim exited the parking lot to head for home.  As she drove, she reflected back on her experiences throughout the night.  Kim cringed as she recalled what happened after being sodomized by Willie, recalling how he had then made her take his dirty cock into her mouth and clean him off, continuing till she had gotten him hard again and then blowing him off.  Later, after she had spread her legs for him, he had taken the remaining sixty dollars that she had earned.  He had left her with only the twenty dollar tip the ‘john’ had given her.

After Willie had gotten his nuts off in her, Kim had been escorted by her new pimp back out into the streets.  There, Willie had Dolores take her under her wing to be taught the tricks of the trade.  She was surprised that Dolores didn’t seem to hold any grudges against her, even felt that the black gal was being kind to her.  When it was getting near daylight, Willie had shown up and Kim then turned over sixty percent of the money she had earned.

As she neared home, Kim thought about stopping at the 24 hour market to pick up a douche.  After servicing ten ‘johns’, besides Willie, Kim felt that she should cleanse herself once she got home.  But then she thought wickedly ‘Hmmm, maybe I can entice Mike into bed when he gets home!  I wonder if he’d like to learn what ‘69’ is all about and eat out my sloppy cunt?’
End of Story