Pimped by Her Own Pastor
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff
of the earlier story entitled:  ‘Victim’s Violated Vacation’ & ‘Pastor’s a Pimp 1 & 2’
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Her business trip to Springfield was successful as she landed a big sale of medical equipment to the local hospital, yet she had another stop to make in the town of Bridgeport that afternoon, as indicated in her diary notes.  Then she’d be heading home late the next day, taking the Friday afternoon flight home in time for dinner with her fiancé.  Puzzled a bit, not remembering having set this appointment, but deep in her mind Kristin knew that a Mr. Simpson would be meeting her once she got out of the airport terminal.  ‘Is he the hospital administrator?  What type of medical equipment is he looking for?  I’m really not prepared for this meeting at all!’ she told herself, concerned at her lack of knowledge in repects to this meeting.

For Julius Simpson, having recently agreed to make a substantial $30,000 donation to the ‘Brotherhood’, he now looked forward to the benefits that now awaited him.  Earlier, in having looked at the website that he had been referred to by Mr. Mollway of the Brotherhood, it had not taken Julius long to part with that rather large sum of money as a donation.  ‘Damn, what a fucking turn on, going to a website of some congregational church to check out all the innocent little beauties that I could take my pick from!  Jist fuck’n unbelievable!  And I don’t even have to travel there, the bitch is coming to right me from what this fellow Mollway tells me!’ Julius thought.

In having pulled up the Presswood Congregation Church’s website that he had been referred to, Julius got to see pictures of the various members and read up on the relevant news regarding them.  Lots and lots of lovely beauties to look at, but then he got to read the latest news bulletin, that announcing the engagement of church member Kristin Corbett to a Mike Goodman.  That name rang a bell in his mind, for it was one that he had made a mental note of it upon viewing the pictures of the congregation members, which meant that this bride-to-be had to be quite an attractive little beauty.  Going back to the pictures section in the website, he scrolled down the alphabetical list and his cock gave a lurch in his pants at looking the lovely beauty.  ‘Hot damn, she sure looks sweet and innocent!  Maybe even a fuck’n little virgin!’ he hoped.

When contacted by a male identifying himself as ‘Master Molloway’ of the Brotherhood, he was told that if he should make a very generous donation of $25,000 to the organization that he would be rewarded very substantially.  And the fellow calling him as advised “So as not to waste your time, I’ll get right to the point!  I’ll send you an email which will have a URL address to link onto!  You look at it, then tell us as to how we can express our gratitude for the generous donation we’re asking you to make!”  Days later, on a Sunday afternoon, he called that Master Mollway back and advised “I saw this lovely beauty, Kristin Corbett, on the website that I was referred to!  Is ……….is she available?  Can I have her?” Julius asked nervously.

“Ah, my good fellow, an excellent choice!  I take it that you read the news article of her engagement to be married!  And for you, she will be made available for you!  I guess now the main question is: Do you want her before she gets married ………….or after?” he was asked by Master Molloway of the Brotherhood.  “You mean I really can have her before she gets married?” Julius inquired.  “But of course, anything that you desire, but that means quite a rush on things!  Don’t you think another $5,000 donation would be fair to make for your request?” he was told, then was given some instructions as to what was needed to be done first before he would get a call and given the details on claiming the prize that he had selected.

Walking through the airport terminal, Kristin felt unusually nervous for a business trip, especially since she could not recall the details on having set up this appointment.  ‘Why did I book a hotel to stay overnight?  Why didn’t I just do it on a day trip, especially not knowing much about this potential account?  And who is this Mr. Simpson I’m supposed to meet?’ Kristin asked of herself, nervous as she had no idea as to what he looked like or how he would recognize her, nor could she even recall having talked to him over the phone to set the appointment.  Still, it was her own handwriting that had written it down in her daytimer, with a note that she had even checked in at the Airport Exress Hotel for this date.

Traveling rather lightly, especially for an overnight business trip, Kristin was at a loss with herself when packing the night before.  In her briefcase contained a small bag of clothing, just a pair of matching bra and panties along with a sheer nightie, a far cry from what she normally would pack on a business trip.  Still, Kristin could not fathom as to why this trip was so different for her.  But she did look very appropriately dressed for business upon her arrival, wearing a blue skirt and matching blazer over a white blouse with low black heels.  ‘Why didn’t I pack an extra dress or business outfit for tomorrow?’ she asked herself.

Stepping out of the terminal, Kristin looked about, not knowing what she was to be looking for.  But then Kristin saw him approach, a muscular well-dressed black man in a dark grey suit, orange dress shirt and tie.  For some rason, this man seemed somewhat familiar to her but she could not recall ever having met him before, although Kristin was absolutely that this was the Mr. Simpson she was to meet.  Heart thumping in her chest, it seemed as if she went into some sort of trance once the man spoke “Miss Corbett, I’m Julius Simpson ……………………the man who’s going to make a ‘woman’ of you today!  Come with me!”  With her briefcase taken from her hand, Kristin meekly followed this stranger to the car that was parked at the curbside.

Once seated in the front passenger’s seat, she was asked “Which hotel did you make reservations at?”  “At ……..the Airport Express Hotel!” Kristen responded, her mind wondering as to why in the world was she meekly accompanying this vile looking black man who had been so vulgar when approaching her, especially that comment of him planning to make a ‘woman’ of her.  Trembling, but for some reason unable to yank her hand away when Mr. Simpson reached over to grasp her left hand in his, Kristen felt her heart thumping madly as the vile man commented on “What a beautiful diamond ring!”

“Did your fiancé get down on one knee when he proposed and slipped this sparkling diamond on your finger?” Kristin was asked, to which she responded softly with a ‘Yes!”  Her hand pulled over the console separating them, Kristen trembled as her fingers came to rest at Mr. Simpson’s right leg, but it was not his thigh that her fingers instinctively began squeezing upon.  ‘Oh, God, what am I doing?’ Kristin asked herself, yet she was grasping this stranger’s manhood through the fabric of his trousers, something that she had done on a couple occasions with Mike.  Upon being told “Yeah, sweetie, get a good feel of what yer gonna be sucking on real soon!” Kristen just could not believe the audacity of this vile man.  Yet she could not seem to stop her fingers from squeezing upon it, to test its firmness and measure its length, wondering ‘What am I doing?’

In a total daze, Kristen got out of the car when it stopped in front of the entrance to the Airport Express Hotel, then proceeded walk into the lobby and up to the check-in desk, as Mr. Simpson had advised her to do.  And she did just as she had been told, that of checking-in and getting ‘them’ a room for the night.  Charges placed on her credit card, she then walked back out to the car with two cardkeys in her hand, then gave directions as to where the hotel room was located in the sprawled complex.

Moments after the car was parked, Kristen found herself alone with Mr. Simpson, a man whom she had never met before but who seemed to have a strong unbreakable hold upon her.  She knew that this was wrong, that this should not be happening, but Kristin could not break the spell upon her nor disobey this rather vile and evil man who wanted to be the one making a ‘woman’ of her.  Eyes only focused upon this leering man, only hearing his voice, nothing else seemed to exist at the moment.  So thoroughly focused as if in a trance, Kristin did not notice the open cellphone being placed on the table and focusing in upon the bed, a cellphone that had begun capturing images of her once she exited the hotel’s lobby and had been focused on the sparkling diamond on her left hand when back in the car.

Many miles away in the town of Presswood, a cellphone hooked up to a large computer screen was receiving the transmittal from the phone in the hotel room, the images depicting the current dilemma of the lovely Ms. Kristen Corbett as she was nervously fingering the button to her blue jacket top.  “C’mon, sweetie, take it off for me!” the hesitant beauty was being told a second time.  First button undone, then the trim fingers were nervously working at undoing the second one, till finally the reluctant beauty began to slip out of her blazer.  “Now the shoes, sweetie!” she was being told.

Staring ahead at this man whom she just met less than a half hour ago, Kristin placed the tip of her left shoe onto the back of her right one and then stepped out of it.  Bare toes now at the back of her left heel, she then stepped out of that shoe.  “Drop that skirt now, honey!” she was next instructed.  And when that was done, “Now the blouse, sweetie!” she was told.  A moment later, with her white blouse removed, the lovely beauty betrothed to Mike Goodman was standing in the hotel room nearly naked before a complete stranger, a big muscular black stud who had donated well to the Brotherhood to be awarded this succulent reward.

The two men watching the computer screen then observed the lovely beauty tremble in fright as the man named Julius Simpson stepped forward and was molding his giant fists over the lacy bra filled titties of the future Mrs. Goodman.  And the frightened beauty seemed frozen to the spot, unable to put up a fight or resist in any manner, only able to pant in distress as the lusty bastard fondled her lovely breasts.  “Ooooh, ya got some real nice titties!” she was told while her breasts were being fondled.  Lacy bra pulled down, head bending to suckle upon the tender pink nipple had the lovely beauty panting out “Oooooooooooooo …………………….ooooooooooooohhhhhhh!”  And the mewling continued as the suckling shifted over to the twin peak.

“Ummmm, baby …………you let yer whiteboy play with these beautiful titties of yers?” she was asked while being lavished by the bastard’s hot mouth and tongue.  “Ohhh, ooohh ……………..no …………….no, I don’t!  I …………..I’ve told him to wait ………………till we’re married!” came the panting reply of the innocent young beauty.  A moment later, Kristin found herself being pushed to her knees before Mr. Simpson, with her hands being guided to the front of his trousers.  As if by instinct, with her left hand grasping at the thick lengthy lump beneath the fabric, her thumb and forefinger grasped upon the zipper tab and was pulling it down.

Trembling in nervousness as Kristin struggled for the very first time in trying to fish a male’s cock out of the opening of a pair of pants, she cringed upon grasping the thick sticky flesh with her fingers.  Once out of the opening, her right hand was taken off the stem and replaced with her left while the right was guided underneath and her palm enclosing oover the swollen ball sac.  “Ahhhhh, oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” the man groaned as she handled him, stroking his cock with her left hand while her right began a milking action as her trim fingers squeezed and released time and time again.  As she looked straight ahead at the flaring head, Kristin swallowed upon seeing a pearly white drop beginning to form at the tip.  Bigger and bigger it got as it was about to drip to the carpet, then she felt a hand on the back of her head pulling her forward till her lips came into contact with the slick gooey substance.  A moment later, her pink lips had become shiny from the lip gloss coating applied to them.

Sitting and watching the screen as the lovely bride-to-be opened her pink lips to let the stranger slide his filthy cock into her innocent mouth, Rich swallowed at the thought of the instrumental part that he had played in the demise of this innocent young beauty, one who trusted him implicitly.  Nudged by old Mollway, Rich listened to the bastard taunting him with “You oughta be proud of yourself, my boy!  Her own pastor, the man who’s soon going to perform her wedding ceremony, the one who helped get her into the clutches of Julius Simpson!”  Then came another male’s voice, the one from the man in the room with her, taunting “Oh, baby, ya’s a real quick learner!  Ya’s gonna make one fine little cocksucker!”

There in the small hotel room was the beautiful innocent young bride-to-be, kneeling on the carpet before the big black buck, learning first hand on how a woman pleased a man with her lips and mouth.  Like one would expect a bride-to-be to plan for her wedding day, the day she when she would be dressed in white, she now wore only white ………………a pair of lacy white panties and a string of white pearls around her neck!  And the pastor to perform her wedding ceremony had to wonder ‘Would Mike Goodman still want to marry his beautiful fiancée if he got a snapshot of this erotic scene, or even consider it at this point?’

Then, with great will-power on the part of Julius Simpson, he pulled the beauty’s head back to ease his pulsating cock out of her avidly sucking mouth.  Grabbing her left wrist to stop her from stroking him further for fear of cumming at this point, he assisted the innocent young beauty up from her knees and eased her back some onto the large sofa, getting her down onto it while grasping the waistband of her lacy white panties.  He could see the disbelief showing in the beauty’s face as she drew her hand up to her parted lips, for apparently she was now realizing in horror what she had just done, yet she was unable to put up any resistance as her panties were drawn down and off her trim ivory legs.

Her mind a jumbled mess, unable to rationally think clearly from the moment her eyes had focused upon Julius Simpson in front of the airport, it was as if she had gone into a hypnotic state that had been pre-conditioned in her mind from before.  All of current mental state had been preset from that day she attended that premarital session that Pastor Knowlton asked her to attend, the one conducted by a marriage counselor named Mr. Mollway.  Unknowingly hypnotized that day, everything had then been preconditioned by hypnotic suggestion, all to take place whenever she was confronted by the man who’s photo was placed before her eyes, that of generous benefactor of the Brotherhood named Mr. Julius Simpson.

Eyes focused on the monitor, both those of a former pastor and that of a current one, they watched the trembling beauty nervously clench her thighs together as she crossed her arms over her bared breasts.  With the young beauty looking up in total awe and disbelief at this virtual stranger, the man who had chosen her as his prized reward was now holding her lacy white panties up to his face to inhale the sweet fragrance of her sex.  Large black hands placed upon the beauty’s trembling knees, it made for quite a contrast as the trim sexy white legs were being pried apart.  That accomplished, an “Oooooh …………….ohhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” was emitted from the innocent beauty as the horny black bastard went down on her muff and proceeded to eat her out.

As they watched the seduction taking place, they observed the young beauty’s arms uncross as her arms were now alongside her sexy body, her fingers clenching and digging into the bedding.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………………ooooooooooooooooooohh …………………ahhh …………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the mewls of pleasure as the trim sexy legs were now bent in two and the beauty was arching up into the slurping mouth, pushing up on the bed with her toes and balls of her feet.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ……….....…...........ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……..........                                ……arrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came a high pitched moan of pleasure as the petite body began trembling uncontrollably, obviously now in the throes of a mind-shattering orgasm.

With Julius Simpson standing beside the couch, upon which the lovely beauty now lay limply upon, old Mollway and Rich Knowlton looked on as the clothing on the muscular black body was being shed.  Then Mollway let Rich on with a little secret he’d kept till now, telling him “Just wait, it’s gonna get real good soon!  Cause once she realizes that he’s gonna shove that big black cock up into her, she’s gonna snap out of it and realize what’s actually taking place there in the hotel room!  Simpson knows this, in fact he suggested it to me, cause he wants the prim and proper little bitch to fully be aware of him raping her!”

Grasping the sweet little bitch by her trim ankles, Julius then lifted her legs up to have the beauty balled in two, he caressed her soft pink soles before spreading her sexy white legs wide apart.  Getting between her trim white legs, knowing and anticipating that her mind would soon return to sanity, Julius then proceeded to rub his bloated cockhead up and down the length of her slick gash and taunted “Gonna make ya a woman, sweetie!  Gonna bust that precious little cherry of yers!  What’s yer hubby gonna say on yer wedding night when he discovers that his beautiful bride’s obviously stepped out on him and been with another man?”

Feeling the tip of the hard big bloated penis rubbing itself up against her vagina, Kristin’s mind snapped wide awake as she tried to take in her dire situation.  ‘Oh, my God, what am I doing here?  And with this stranger, this black man!  My God, I’m naked!  He is too!’ she realized.  ‘This can’t be happening!  This can’t be happening to me!’ she kept telling herself as if expecting to immediately awaken from out of this terrible nightmare.  “Ready for me to make ya a woman, sweetie?  Ready fer me to pop that cherry of yers?” she heard the man ask of her.  And as he pressed forward, cockhead forcing its way into her entrance, Kristin realized that this was no nightmare, that this was actually happening to her.

“Stopppppppppppppppppp!  Stoppppppppppppppppppppp!  Please ………………please ……………………no, nooooooooooooooooo, stopppppppppppppppppppppp!  Please ………………….please don’t rape me!  Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  I don’t want this!” Kristin sobbed out in a plea to stop this horrible event from taking place.  But in looking up at her attacker, her pleas and cries for him to stop just seemed to put a big wide smirking grin on his face.  Trying to struggle and wiggle away, Kristin found that her attacker’s very large hands already had a solid grasp upon her trim hips.  Able to wiggle up just a few inches away, she could only sob in fear as the strong hands pulled her right back to him, right back to his jutting penis poking up against her vagina as she tried to push at his heavy muscular body.

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she screamed out in agonizing pain as her attacker lunged forward and penetrated her.  And when he reared back out and lunged once again, Kristin let out a shrilling “Nooooooooooooooooooooo …………………………..noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”  Just like that and ‘it’ was now gone forever!  Twenty-five years of abstinence, planning to be a pure and innocent bride on her wedding day, all that for naught at this point.  Kristin’s mind was now on her handsome fiancé, wondering how she could even face him again and whether he would even want to marry her at this point.

“Ah, yeah, baby!  Julius jist went and made a ‘woman’ outta ya!” he gloated with pride as he looked down between their joined bodies to gaze at their now bloody union.  To Julius Simpson, he was glad to have made the large donation to the Brotherhood, for this sweet little beauty was sure worth every penny of it.  What a fantastic reward he had received from the Brotherhood in return, the opportunity of deflowering a lovely white beauty who had just recently been betrothed to some punk whiteboy.  Her cries, the pleas and struggle to get away from him, all had added to his pleasure in getting the honor of popping that precious cherry of the bride-to-be.

With no risk to worry about, such a donation to the Brotherhood was worth every cent to a guy like Julius Simpson, a fellow with money to burn.  He certainly could not go out and grab beautiful little bitch like this and now worry about being thrown in jail and the key tossed away.  For this case, there would be nothing to worry about, not with the bitch getting into his car on her own free will and even paying for the hotel room herself.  And with the hotel clerk to confirm that she asked for two keycards to the room, maybe even having seen him waiting for her in the car, there was no worry of her running to the cops and screaming rape.

Slicing in and out of her bloody slit, Julius then taunted the agonized beauty with “Hey, sweetie, isn’t yer wedding in five weeks?  Maybe ya’ll be able to tell the punk yer gonna marry that yer knocked up with a little black bastard, huh!”  With the raped beauty sobbing from his evil taunting, it made the rape even that much more exciting for him as he continued slicing in and out of her petite body, for Julius sure as hell hoped to lay a baby in her tummy.  “Fair exhange, huh, since I’s went and copped yer cherry!  I’ll go and leave a little something else up in there fer yer whiteboy to take care of!” he chuckled, then clenched his teeth tightly as his body went taunt, his cock then unleashing his pent up lust as he groaned “Ahhhhhhhh, yeah, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

The rape had been quite an erotic sight for the two pastors, both former and current, but it only got better when the black bastard fell off to the side in exhaustion.  There the innocent young beauty lay sobbing in distress, her sexy white legs spread obscenely, with blood continuously oozing out of her raped slit.  “Well, so much for the virginal bride, heh Rich?” Mollway chuckled, then added “Hell, she might just be walking down the aisle towards you with a little black baby growing in her tummy!”  Pondering a bit, old Mollway thought aloud “Bet Simpson there would be willing to make another donation if he gets to spend another day with that sexy beauty ………………………..one on her honeymoon!”

A bit later, with Julius Simpson once again revived and working his lengthy prong back in and up the beauty’s slit, it was obvious that the innocent bride-to-be was merely laying there and not trying to respond in any manner.  “Raped and ‘ruined’ but wait till he whispers those magic letters and words into her ear, she’ll turn into a hot little minx for black cock again!” Mollway advised.  Sure enough, once Simpson bent to nuzzle at her ear and evidently whispering into her ear, the beauty’s trim white arms and legs came up to wrap around her black lover as she became an active participant in the fuck, arching up and panting “Fuck me, give it to me!  Fuck me with your big black cock!”

The next day, while seated on her flight back home, Kristin was just a bundle of nerves as her jittery hands trembled in nervousness.  ‘Will Mike notice the difference in me tonight?  Maybe I should call and cancel dinner cause I just don’t think I can go through with it!  In fact, I’m really feeling sick to my stomach right now just thinking about it!’ she told herself.  ‘How did this all happen?  How could something like this happen to me?  What made me do it?  I must have known him from before or met him earlier since I recognized him at the airport immediately!  I just can’t put things together!  All I know is that it did happen ………………….I had sex with a complete stranger ………………I let him take my virginity!’ she realized.

Midway through the flight, just unable to get it out of her mind, Kristin wondered ‘Was it six or seven times we had sex together?  Do I add in the time just before we left the hotel, after I had dressed when he made me get down on my knees to suck him once again?’  Running her tongue over the roof of her mouth, she then swallowed deeply for there was still some sperm remaining of what he had ejaculated into her mouth, remnants of what she had failed to swallow at the time.  Then her mind drifted to the time she was on all fours upon the bed, having sex and mating like animals, all while the vile Mr. Simpson taunted her, telling her that she deserved to be fucked like the true bitch she really was.  And in recalling how she had responded to that fuck session, Kristin had to conclude that ‘He’s right!  I really am a true bitch for responding in such a manner!’

Wracked with guilt over the next two weeks, with images continuously filling her mind of what took place in the hotel room that day, Kristin was at a total loss as to how she could have betrayed her handsome fiancé in such a manner.  ‘How could I have done such an awful thing?  How could I have been unfaithful to Mike in such a manner?  Why?  Why did I arrange to meet Mr. Simpson at the airport?  It was sure not setup as a business meeting!  I went there strictly to have sex with him, to let him take my virginity that rightful belonged to Mike on our wedding day!’ she pondered over and over.

Not knowing just what to do, needing some counseling and someone to confide in, the kind and understanding pastor of her church turned out to be her savior.  In desperation after having her recent affair with the black stranger, her only hope had been to confide with the understanding pastor.  Questioning if she should call off the wedding for she did not feel deserving of someone like Mike, that she was no longer worthy to be his wife, Kristin was reassured that things do happen and that she really had not violated any vows since she had not given the vow to be faithful as yet.

Thanking Pastor Knowlton for his reassurance, Kristin was so grateful for his advice and thankful that she had been wise enough to seek his counsel.  She could not believe that her pastor could be so understanding, sitting next to her and putting an arm around her, pulling her to him to let her cry on his shoulder.  Little did she suspect that her kind pastor had been the instrument of her downfall, that in order to pay off his blackmailer, he had virtually pimped her out to save himself from public humiliation.  Nor did she realize that the holy bastard gotten to sate his lust by watching it all, that he was even sporting a hardon right then as he had his arm around her and inhaled her sweet fragrance.

His arm around the sniffling and distraught beauty, playing the role of the ‘understanding’ Pastor Knowlton, he reached over to take her left hand in his while telling her “Tell all about it Kristin!  You should not bottle anything up inside!  You need to confide in me, give me all the details as that will allow me to assist you best and also serve to lift the burden from your shoulders!”  As the beauty started to blurt out her story, Rich Knowlton got to pleasure of looking down up the sparkling diamond ring that he was casually fingering at the time, waiting for the lovely beauty get to the portion of her being in the car when virtual stranger took her left hand and placed it upon his big cock.

Five weeks after that fateful day, still wondering just how she had managed to get through it and the wedding itself, Kristin was thankful that Mike’s fraternity brothers continued toasting him throughout the reception.  Having her husband pretty wasted by the time they went upstairs to the honeymoon suite, Kristin hoped that her plan that she had concocted would work.  Feigning pain when Mike entered her, as she had hoped, that excitement for Mike along with the condition he was in had her husband ejaculating quite quickly.  Then he was dozing from exhaustion and drink, allowing her to slip out from under his body.  And as planned, with a slight prick of her finger with the needle from her purse, several blood droplets would be on the sheets to be observed when they awoke the next morning.

Off to a romantic resort for a week, it was just a beautiful place to be at for their honeymoon.  Kristin reflected back on the beautiful sermon that Pastor Knowlton had performed for them, making it such a special day for her.  Now on the third day of their honeymoon, Mike had set off to the nearby golf course to hit some balls and play a round of golf.  At first Kristin wanted them to be together throughout their honeymoon but she gave in after seeing how much her husband wanted to play the course and seemed so determined to do so.  Hearing the doorbell, wondering who it could be as Mike would have his cardkey to the room, Kristin went to answer the door to the honeymoon suite.

Peering out first, she made out it being a dark male wearing the uniform top signifying that he was an employee of the hotel.  “Yes!” she called out through the door.  “Room service, ma’am!  It’s addressed to Mrs. Goodman!  And it’s signed from ‘Your loving husband, Mike!’  Smiling, thinking of how thoughtful her husband was or maybe he was feeling a bit guilty for leaving her to play a round of golf, Kristin opened the door with a smile.  But then she was looking up into a very familiar face, one that immediately put her into a similar state as when she first gazed upon him at the airport five weeks ago.

“Ah, its Mrs. Goodman now, isn’t it?  Hubby out playing a round of golf I take it?  Trying to get that elusive hole in one, huh?  Maybe he should have stayed here, then he could watch how I sink it in the first stroke, huh!” Julius Simpson commented as he stepped into the honeymoon suite as the lovely bride was unable to put up any resistance.  Still no resistance was given when he took her by the hand and led her over to the unmade king-sized bed after having hung out the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the front doorknob.  Pulling the sash of the white robe that she had thrown over her nightie to answer the door, Julius once again got to view the beauty's lovely charms, then stepped forward to kiss the bride.  And due to the hypnotic suggestion deeply embedded in her mind, the lovely bride of just a few days just could not resist the temptation to caress the ebony body of her muscular visitor.

Once a contribution was again made to the Brotherhood, Pastor Knowlton had been instructed to have Mike Goodman see the same marriage counselor that Kristen had seen for the premarital session.  Unbeknownst to the unsuspecting groom, not only had it implanted in his mind to play a round of golf on the third day, but deeply embedded had been instilled the idea of getting braver with his lovely bride upon his return from the round of golf.  He was intent on caressing and spreading her sexy legs, to get frisky with her.  Then he was planning on peeling her panties down, to kiss and lick at her soft thighs, and finally to place his mouth over her juicy cunny.

Thanks to his contribution, Julius knew that the way had been cleared for him till at least 4 p.m. that afternoon.  He also knew of the what had been embedded in the young punk’s mind for when he got back to the honeymoon suite, and Julius knew that he certainly had done his part in making sure the groom got a very tasty creampie for his dessert.  Prior to his departure, according to Master Mollway, all he needed to do was to implant the lurid suggestion in the beauty’s mind, with that being “You want your husband to put his face down between your legs, don’t you?  You want him to eat you out!  You’ll grasp the back of his head and arch up into his face ……………………make him eat my jizz out of your hot little ‘Cum Dump for Blacks’!”

End of Story.