Pimped by Her Own Pastor - X
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon

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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

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Note:  The story below is a story in itself. However, it is also a direct continuation of the
earlier stories entitled: ‘Pastor’s a Pimp’, ‘Pimped by Her Own Pastor 1 thru 9’,
and 'High School Rape Club 1 & 2'

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Still referred to as Father Mollway, excommunicated from his religious order years ago for have seduced and impregnated a number of women in his congregation, he still managed to partake in sating his lusty hormones through the unscrupulous pastor of the Presswood Community Church. Now, through his befriending Pastor Knowlton from the church in Presswood, Father Mollway was introduced to trusting members of the Presswood congregation as a trusted marriage counselor. But only two things excited the devious Father Mollway, money for one and the other being sweet innocent pussy.

For the unsuspecting, especially the foolish white people, the CDFB was a well respected organization and those abbreviations stood for the 'Christian Devotees for Brotherhood'. But in reality, it was a deviant organization that had suckered in the affluent whites and provided the deviant black members with tender white pussy as CDFB really stood for 'Cum Dump for Blacks'! And Father Mollway played quite an important and instrumental role in providing them with the desirable white beauties.

An expert in hypnotism, supposedly a renowned marital counselor that everyone in Presswood accepted as fact since he was introduced by Pastor Knowlton in that way, Father Mollway had perfected his trade far beyond many of his peers. Normally, a patient going under hypnosis would only go so far in obeying a command if it involved compromising one's ethical and moral values. But Father Mollway had perfected his technique to have one's ethical and moral values overridden by his commands and the subject would obey the command without hesitation.

Still, Father Mollway prided himself as being a man of high 'integrity'! Oh, but certainly not for the subjects he had hypnotized and planted deep seeded sexual suggestions that would lead a beautiful and innocent white woman to go astray, willingly spreading their trim sexy white legs for a big black buck. His integrity was that of his business dealings with the affluent members of the CDFB, making certain that they got what they paid for in bidding on the church's special auctions. Yes, if a member of the CDFB bid on claiming a virgin before her wedding day, he'd get to pop that bitch's precious little cherry.

Upon hypnotizing a beauty and relaying her responses on the CDFB website, be it a young virginal bride-to-be or a faithful wife of twenty some odd years, the winning bidder would be assured that his black cock would get to be the very first strange cock up in her pussy and ass. Her lips would also be virginal if he so chose, but many enjoyed watching as her very own pastor became the very first to give her that special communion. Yes, Pastor Knowlton's particular fetish was to give the beautiful women in his congregation that special communion, having them drink down that white wine from his swollen balls. As for Father Mollway, he'd sate his lust temporarily through the foot fetish of his, rubbing his dick over their soft pink soles and pretty before creaming all over them.

Reflecting back to the first beauty that he hypnotized and gotten her to surrender her virginity to a black stranger while on a business trip (see 'Pimped #1), that had confirmed his expertise and ability as a hypnotist. Was that very prim and proper beauty whom he had planted that deep seeded suggestion to made a side trip for a day to meet up with a very 'special' client. When she was approached by that client, a complete stranger but of whom she had been shown his picture while under a hypnotic spell, she was his for the taking when he told her “Miss Corbett, I’m Julius Simpson ……………………the man who’s going to make a ‘woman’ of you today! Come with me!”

That successful caper had certainly been the turning point, giving him all the confidence he needed from that point on, that of being able to have his subject go far beyond what would be normally acceptable behavior in both her normal ethical and moral values. For Father Mollway, his expertise in hypnotism was now at the ultimate that one could ever hope for, especially in seeing how his implanted suggestions had overcome any inhibitions the young beauty harbored. In that episode, young 26 year old Miss Kristin Corbett who was engaged and soon to be married, had made a detour from her normal business trip to meet up with the CDFB member who had purchased her succulent charms.

Ms. Kristin Corbett being deflowered by the high bidder of her auction!

Picked up by a complete stranger, groping at his hardon through his pants on the way to the motel, the young bride-to-be would soon be allowing this black stranger to rub his leaking cock over her pink lips. And then she would part her virgin lips to admit the black bastard's leaking cock into her mouth, a sex act that was so depraved, something that would normally have repulsed her even if being with her soon to be husband. Baring her body before a man for the very first time, allowing him to rub his naked body upon hers, panic would set in upon words spoken to snap her back to reality – just before the vile and degrading rape commenced!

On her flight back home the following day, the distraught young beauty could not believe nor understand just why she had allowed a complete stranger to take her to a motel, nor as to why she had completely abandoned all her morals. She had sex with that complete stranger, a black man, given him her virginity that had been preserved for her upcoming wedding and the man she would be exchanging marital vows with. Not only had Kristin lost her virginity to the stranger, she had gotten onto all fours as he had wanted her to do, so he could sodomize her! And to make matters worst, she had again parted her lips to allow the bastard to put his thick black penis into her mouth, letting him ejaculate his filthy semen – and she had licked her lips clean after having swallowed it all!

The rules for the members of the CDFB organization were rather loose, but one strict rule was that the winning bidder would not inflict any physical harm to the lovely beauty – any observable injuries in any manner, other than natural bruising expected from the avid sucking on her tender titties! Thus far, only the real affluent members had been able to afford what it took to put in a winning bid, with many a hopeful bidder ending up in frustration upon the closing of the auction. And upon receiving an inquire from several members, there was no objections combining of funds by members, so long as a designated person would be making the bid using as special number issued to the group. Both Father Mollway and Pastor Knowlton looked at this being a means of getting bids to jump sharply in future auctions.

With the computer printout logging all the auctions bids and results, it was easy to see who or what interested a particular customer most that got him bidding as much as he could afford. For some, it was the opportunity to rape a beautiful white bitch before her wedding, while some wanted to nail the bitch on her honeymoon. Some preferred a happily married beauty, whom he would be the first to give her some strange cock, thereby bringing an end to her marital vows of being faithful for she would be left wondering as to just how she could have met up with this black stranger and have sex with him. Although there was a 5% added fee tacked onto group bidding, as now collection needed to be made from each member in that winning group bid, there were no complaints on the fee as now each had a fighting chance to be a part of the winning bid.

Now, with video added onto the bidding site, one could watch the hypnotized beauty answer the questions posed to her and this made the bidding even stronger – especially when questions posed and answers came such as: Q: “Are you saving your virginity for you wedding night?” A: “Yes!” or Q: “How long have you been married?” A: “Ten years?” Q: “Ever cheated on your husband with another man?” A: “No!” or Q: “Ever sucked your husband's cock?” A: “No, never?” Q: “Why?” A: “”It's too filthy a thing to do!” Q: “How about that beautiful ass of yours? Ever been butt fucked?” A: “No, no, never!”

In analyzing recent trends, especially that of the bidding from member groups, Father Mollway found that one group in particular had been quite active – especially in the bidding for a young woman who had just recently gotten married. In fact, one such group known as the 'Black Brothers Five' had consistently bid on such a subject matter and had won two of the auctions. With the Presswood community growing rapidly along with the church's gaining in national prominence, tech companies were moving into the area and attracting young couples to the better job market in comparison to the rest of the nation. Two such couples, both recently married and getting hired for jobs in the area, had the newlywed brides bought and paid for by the 'Black Brothers Five'.

The 'Black Brothers Five' group was comprised of five long time buddies from their high school days when they played on the same high school basketball team that was highly ranked in the state and doing very well in the state finals. Some had gone on to play college ball, a couple eventually getting looks from the pros, but all eventually ended up back on the side of the tracks that they grew up on, but all were dong fairly well with a lot of bucks in each of their pockets. Each did well in their chosen profession: one specialized in breaking and entering; another in fencing hot property; one making book on sporting events; one a pimp; and the fifth sold drugs.

Back in high school, that gang had been called the B-Balls Team, and the gang continued with new members added each year while those who graduated naturally moving on in life with the hopes of making it big in the college ranks and the pros. They had all enjoyed the gang life in the B-Balls Team, with the whities all fooled into thinking it stood for the Basketball Team, but the gang members were restricted to only those with a pair of Black Balls dangling from between their ebony legs. They would play basketball 24 hours a day if they could back then, nothing else mattered in life except for one thing – that of getting some tender white pussy!

Yep, tender white pussy was the only thing they'd eagerly give up basketball for, and the B-Balls Team had managed to get themselves a lot of sweet juicy ones. To be sure, only the ugly white trash would be willing to spread her legs for a black dude in high school, and that certainly was not what the B-Balls Team members wanted. No, they wanted the sweet beautiful and innocent white bitches that ordinarily a black buck could get near to. Instead, the B-Balls Team merely took whatever they wanted for themselves – grabbing a beautiful bitch on her way home from school and making off with her – with the B-Balls Team popping a lot of cherries along the way and many a white girl finding herself impregnated from the gang rape.

Pictures, even video taking of the bitch's defilement and humiliation in being gang raped by five or six black dudes, would help silence the raped beauty from going to the police and crying rape. A high school gal, a beautiful and popular white teen, certainly would be given a wide berth by her peers and her ever getting a date from a popular white male in high school would definitely be out of the question. On any dates she'd be getting from that point on, she'd certainly be expected to put out for her date, for if she'd already been fucked by blacks she had better put out for the white boys willing to take her out on a date. So, with all the rapes going unreported, the team naturally had gotten braver and their rape activity increased.

The young high school hoodlums soon found themselves wanting a bit more variety, desiring more matured beauties and taking some punk white boy's prized trophy – the beautiful teachers in their high school! They too would fall victim to the devious members of the B-Balls Team, gang raped and fearing the humiliation of having their respective husbands from find out his precious wife and been 'raped and ruined' by a bunch of teenage punks – all sticking their big black filthy cocks in her mouth, cunny and ass! But a teacher devastated from being gang-banged by the B-Balls Team would quickly leave the school to teach elsewhere, not wanting to be anywhere near where her tormentors still roamed the hallways and giving her that wide grin of having gotten away with the rape of her body.

Back to current day, now ten years+ after the B-Balls Team members had gotten out of high school, with Dion being the one to inform the guys of his joining in on the CDFB organization. The other four quickly joined and each had been actively bidding on the auctions that had put up a lovely white beauty on the block. But each of them had been forced to cease their participation once the real affluent members had the winning bids skyrocketing beyond what they could afford to pay. Getting together for beers as the periodically did at the local tavern, they were commiserating among themselves as to having lost out on the recent bidding for a lovely white bitch. That's when the idea of bidding as a group came up where they could once again gangbang bitches as a team, like that of their former B-Balls Team.

With each of them having a rap sheet, the CDFB organization provided them with the safety from being charged with the crime of raping a white woman, sending to the can for good. Combining their funds together would definitely put them into the thick of the bidding for the lovely white beauties on the auction block, and the assurance of the rape not being reported made it all worth it. Upon forming their group to be known as the Black Brothers Five, they would get together on auction day and participate on the bidding if so desirable. And when they saw what the bidding would be on for the upcoming auction, that of Mrs. Teri Mathews, they were determined to come up with the winning bid.

Auction of Mrs. Teri Mathews (the former Ms. Teri Whitney):

The lovely young bride had just made the move to Presswood shortly, after having tied the knot to her college sweetheart, getting married in the town where she had grown up. Both she and her husband had belong to the affiliate church where they had gone to college and had naturally transfer their affiliation to the Presswood Community Church that had been growing in size and its national prominence, especially with Pastor Knowlton now having a weekly televised broadcast. With both newlyweds acquiring jobs in the nearby area, Presswood was the ideal choice for them to settle in.

Excited to make the move, when asked by Pastor Knowlton to participate in the marital survey performed by Father Mollway, the young bride was only too happy to agree and be of any help to the church. For the lovely Mrs. Teri Mathews, she did not realize just how helpful she would be to the church in getting its coffers to rise up due to her participation in the marital survey – by the sum of $61,500! The picture that Father Mollway had, obtained from her wedding day website and posted up on the auction site, had gotten the Black Brothers Five all worked up and they ended up with the winning bid of $55,000 + the 10% surcharge for their group bidding.

Father Mollway had obtained that wedding day website on the guise of advising the unsuspecting and hypnotized young bride that a picture would be used for the marital survey to be conducted. But the evil Father was looking for one that would entice the members of the CDFB organization, getting them to bid up the auction of the lovely young newlywed. Upon getting that phone call from an excited Pastor Knowlton, Father Mollway looked forward to meeting the lovely blond and put her under a hypnotic spell to obtain and record the desired information from her to post up on the auction site.

Mrs. Teri Mathews

The auction notice had been posted up on the CDFB website, asking the horny members: 'How much would you bid for a chance to rape this lovely young newlywed, within 6 weeks after her wedding day? Auction Day – Sunday! Time: Noon (EST)! She's available the next weekend with hubby off on a sales retreat with his company!' A picture of the lovely bride on her wedding and in her bridal gown certain would have the bidders in a frenzy in hopes of being the highest bidder. And then came the questions and answers posed to the young newlywed, with the viewers could also view the video taken while in her hypnotic state, that went: Q: 'How old are you, Mrs. Mathews?' A: '26!' Q: 'How long have you been married, Mrs. Mathews?' A: 'Yesterday was our 1 month anniversary!'; Q: 'Were you a virgin on your wedding day?' A: 'Yes!'; Q: 'Did it hurt much when your husband popped your cherry?' A: 'Yes! But, it was so well worth it ….........having held Bart off for so long!'

The questions continued: Q: 'Have you given your husband a blowjob yet?' A: 'A blowjob? I …...I don't know what you mean!' Q: 'Have you taken his penis into your mouth and sucked it?' A: 'No, no, absolutely not!' Q: 'Don't you want to please your husband sexually, Mrs. Mathews?' A: 'Yes, yes I do, but …........but I've never considered in that manner!' Q: 'Did you know most men just loved having a woman take his manhood into her mouth?' A: 'Some of the girls in my college sorority had chatted about it at times but it just seemed such a gross thing to do!' Q: 'If your husband wanted you to please him in that manner, wouldn't you want to make him happy?' A: 'Yes …......yes, but I just don't know what to do!' Q: 'Would it be easier if you knew exactly how to please him with your mouth?' A: 'Yes!' Then she was advised under hypnosis that 'On Sunday, you shall come here for a special marital session and your good pastor shall teach you just how to please your husband in such a manner!'

That Sunday, the CDFB website hit a record high on viewers watching as Father Mollway welcomed the unsuspecting young beauty into his office. The lovely had come after attending morning church services and she was wearing a nice navy blue dress and matching heels. Soon, the unholy Father was using his expertise in hypnotism in putting the lovely blond beauty completely under his spell, so deeply that the innocent young beauty would disregard all her moral barriers that might have her object to performing acts that would normally be repulsive in her mind. With the hypnotized young beauty under a deep spell, the audience watched as Father Mollway tested her mental status for one and to sate his sexual fetish for another.

Navy blue heels removed from the beauty's pretty feet, the devious holy man now straddling the couch, she was then instructed to “Lift your pretty feet up, my dear! Now place them on my thighs! Slide them up, rub my cock with your tender soles! Now put your right foot under my balls and playfully weigh them on your pretty toes!” Under the suggestions from the devious bastard, the audience watched intently as the newlywed complied with his hypnotic suggestions to rub the soft pink soles of her pretty feet over her swollen dick head and balls. Moments later, with her legs lying on the couch once again, it was with her pink soles covered with slimy cum and her pretty toes were all web together with the sticky mess.

With Father Mollway tucking his spent dick back into his trousers and zipping up, another figure entered into the picture, then hypnotic suggestions were being given: “Now, my dear Mrs. Mathews, your pastor is here to help teach you how to please your husband with your pretty mouth, using your lovely lips and pointed tongue to tease your husband's manhood! You'll mouth it, suck it, tease it's cockhead with your tongue till your hubby's ready to pop! And then you'll closed your lips over it, suck and tease it till he ejaculates right into your mouth! As he's about to cum, you'll look up at him so he can look into your baby blue eyes while his hot sperm spurts in your mouth! You are not to lose a drop of his precious cum and will swallow all of it!

With the Black Brothers Five gathered around they big screen television set that was hooked up to their computer, they got themselves a fabulous view of the blond beauty turning her head and part her pink lips to admit her very own pastor's cock into her mouth. “Shit, fuck'n unbelievable! Her own fuck'n pastor! Unfuck'n believable!” Dion quipped as the pastor's cockhead disappeared between her parted pink lips. They watched as she complied with the hypnotic commands to “Use the tip of your tongue, flick it over his cockhead, wiggle it up in his pisshole! Now reach up with your left hand and wrap your trim fingers over Pastor Knowlton's cock and begin shucking it as you suck him! And reach up with your right hand to cradle his nuts in your palm and play with them!”

It was indeed quite a sight for one to witness, a supposedly holy pastor taking sexual advantage of a new member of his congregation, getting her to do something that should only be perform by a wife onto the man she married - he being the very first male to be pleasured with her lovely mouth – watching her taking his penis and sucking on it till it ejaculated in her mouth! They watched as the holy man reached forward to entwine his fingers into her silky blond hair, begin pumping in and out of her mouth, literally fucking her beautiful face. Then the holy bastard was cumming, wheezing out “Ahhhhh …...........ahhhhhh ….....................ahhhhhhhh …....................ohhhhh, so sweet, Mrs. Mathews!”

The bidding began right at noon, with amateur hoping to luck out at the minimum bid of $5,000.00, but ten minutes later it was up to $16K. From experience, the Black Brothers Five knew what to expect as they had lost out a number of time with their individual bids. It was at $40,000 being bid with fifteen minutes to go before the put in their first bid. As the bidding kept on going up, they got ready and waited till just the last few seconds to put in the final bid, thereby winning the high bid for the blond beauty as $55,000.00! Adding on the 10% surcharge for a group bid, that brought the total up to $60,500. Once declared to be the winning bid, they were in contact with Father Mollway as to what they wanted, when and where it was to take place, as well as to how the wanted it to take place.

The Black Brothers Five had discussed it ahead of time, should they win the beautiful blond in the auction, thus relayed to Father Molloy the following: Implant the suggestion in her mind that she wanted to pick up some dessert at the new Stanton's Fine Desserts after dropping her husband off at the airport; that in her mind the parking lot was fully crowded when she turned in, thus she was to drive to the back of the lot and part next to a black SUV in the far corner, that she was to turn in and park on the SUV's passenger's side. Also, there she was to full aware of what was taking place once she was grabbed. Only when she was released would other implanted suggestions take control of her mind: that it would be very humiliating in giving the police all the nasty details of what had taken place; that her husband would definitely learn of her being violated; and if she went to the police her rapists would be distributing video of her ordeal to all the church members.

Dropping her husband off late that Friday, Teri Mathews she gave him a kiss goodbye, telling him that she'd pick him up that coming Monday. With the company retreat and dinner meeting planned, Teri had told him not to worry about calling, that she'd probably get hold of some of old college friends who had also settled in the area and get together with them. Also, it would be a good experience for them as this would be the very first time they'd be separated for a few days. Just before dropping her husband off at curbside, she told him “I think I'll make a quick stop at the new Stanton's Fine Desserts and check it out! I heard they've got some fantastic desserts, their specialty being cream filled chocolate long-johns!”

Turning into the parking lot of Stanton's, although there were quite a few open stalls, her vision told her that it was filled and then hoped that they'd be an opening towards the rear of the building. Seeing a nice spot next to a black SUV, Teri turned her car into the stall to park her car along the passenger side of the SUV. Although even the back of the lot seemed filled with cars, in reality it was quite the opposite, and she turned into the stall and turned off the engine. After getting out of the car and closing the driver's door shut, terror set in as a large strong hand was clamped over her mouth and Teri found herself being dragged backwards into the side of the SUV. More strong hands were grabbing and pulling at her, then the door to the SUV was being slammed shut and the vehicle began moving. Unknown to Teri, a member to the gang had picked up her car's remote that she had dropped on the pavement and her car was now following the SUV.

Screams muffled by the hand clamped over her mouth, Teri struggled with all her might but outnumbered and was of no match for the much stronger assailants who had dragged her into their SUV. Having picked her husband up after she got through work, Teri was wearing a pink dress with 3” white heels, eliminating a pair of hose as it was a warm day. Everything was happening so fast as Teri found herself pulled all the way back into the SUV by the bastard who had a hand over her mouth an an arm around her trim waist. As she tried to kick at the hands grasping at her legs, Teri then felt heels being peeled off her feet and heard the clunking sounds of her heels being tossed aside and hitting the tinted windows of the SUV.

Suddenly the hands on her legs had moved up, now on her outer thighs and moving up under the hem of her dress, and think fingers were grabbing at the waistband of her panties. Trying to ground her butt down onto the flooring of the SUV but to her dismay the silky wisp or the garment she was wearing had been pulled down to her knees and was now in the process of being pulled offer her feet. Trying to kick at her assailant, Teri found the tables turned on her as that bastard grasp her right ankle as she kicked out at him, then he slipped a noose over her foot and it was being tightened around her ankle. Then to her horror, her left ankle was strung up in the very same manner. Stretching and trying to kick out of her bindings, Teri felt her toes pushing at the roof of the SUV.

The assailant who had removed her heels and stripped off her panties before securing her ankles into the prepared rope loops, known as Tony (The King of Spades) to the Black Brothers Five, gave his body Remy the signal that it was about time to release his hand covering her mouth. “Noooooooooo …...................nooooooooooooooooooooooo ….............................nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” came the captive beauty's loud wails once the hand was removed from her mouth, for such action coincided exactly at the second that Tony clamped his wide open mouth over her exposed vagina. “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …...........................aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …....................eieeeeeeeeeeeee!” came her whines as Tony wiggled his thick tongue up into her unprepared snatch.

Shuddering and shivering from unwanted spasms in her quivering cunny, Teri heard the bastard bragging to his friends as to “Ahhh, this is prime eating stuff! Clean and no bugs! Just sweet juicy pussy!” And when he went down on her again, Teri screamed out “Godddddddddddddddddddddddd ….....................ohhhhh, Godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!” Then she was arching her hips up, right into the bastard's open mouth, her feet pushing up on the roof of the SUV while screaming out “Nnnooooooooo ….....................................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Again and again her inexperienced body spasmed and convulsed as she excreted her love juices into the bastard's slurping mouth.

Suddenly her wails turned to gurgling “Grrrralllllllllllllll ….................grrrrrralllllllllllllllllllllllllll!” Dion, who was driving the SUV, then reached up to adjust the rear view mirror downward so that he could get a view of the current events taking place in the back. He chuckled loudly in seeing as to why the wailing had stopped with the kidnapped beauty now gurgling, seeing that such was caused by Remy having leaned on over to dip his dangling black dong into her open mouth. Her gurgling was due to her getting her very second cock into her mouth, the first of which she had no knowledge of, this one far longer and thicker than what her pastor had fed to her the other week while she was hypnotized. In her innocent mind, this was the very first penis entering her virgin mouth, and Teri wanted to just die with humiliation from being forced to perform is despicable act.

Several miles outside of the Presswood city limits, the SUV turned into a darkened furniture warehouse that the Black Brothers Five had access to, with all the nice furnishings available at their fingertips for this planned gangbang of the lovely newlywed. Turning into the warehouse immediately thereafter was the Mathews' Lexus, then the door to the darkened warehouse came closing down. Lights were then turned on to where the festivities were to take place, brightening up the king-sized bed where they planned on filming the big event. Back window of the SUV raised and gate lowered, it was like the hunting natives had returned from the hunt with a succulent prize. The ropes binding her at the ankles were lifted from the hooks and she was then being carried out of the vehicle into the brightly lit area.

Like natives in the jungle carrying a speared boar into the village, the beautiful little bitch was being carried in the very same manner, only the spear had not been removed – the shaft of the spear could still be seen sticking out of her mouth! In the center of a carpeted area, the black spear was pulled out of her gagging mouth and many hands were upon her body, unzipping her dress and pulling it off along with her flimsy bra. The Black Brothers Five had stripped their beautiful captive naked, set her down onto her knees as Remy reached forward to grasp her silky blond hair, pulling her head forward to his loins so that she could resume sucking at his throbbing hardon.

For Teri, the nightmare continued as the bastard forced to to once again mouth his filthy disgusting penis, making her do something that only a prostitute would lower herself to doing. It was so humiliating to perform such a sick sex act, especially with other looking on and cheering their friend, who was now pulling her forward even more. Forced to swallow in order to accommodate the thick fleshy manhood down into her throat, Teri shuddered as the bastard's strong hands moved her face side to side, thereby rubbing her nose and face right into his kinky short hairs. And then he pulled his cock all the way back till just his cockhead was enveloped, but then the bastard literally began to fuck her face, making her gag as bloated fuck stick pushed into her throat again and again.

With her hands pushing on the muscular black thighs before her, Teri desperately fought with all her might to keep the bastard from rubbing her face into his wiry short hairs that acted like sandpaper on her face. Hair pulled back with a yank, she found herself staring up at the deviant bastard who now had his mouth wide open while panting out “Ahhh …...................ahhhhh …...............ohhhhh!” It then became apparent to Teri that the bastard was about to lose his load, and with him gripping her by the hair so tightly, he was intent on doing his 'thing' right in her mouth and maybe even down her throat. At that instant Teri was terrified and tried desperately to dislodge the thick stem from her mouth, tossing her head about like a fish trying to get unhooked.

But instead, that action sent Remy right over the edge as his fingers tightened in her silky blond hair and he pulled up against his crotch and let out “Ohhhhh, bitch ….......................I'm there ….............I'm there …...........................eat it …................................eat all of Remy's goodies! Arggggggggggggghhh …..................arggghhhhhhhhhhhhh …........................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Looking down, Remy smiled widely in seeing the whites of her eyes as he ejaculated a stream of his slimy semen down into her gullet. Then he pulled back some, wanting to fill her mouth with his goodies and give the innocent young bitch a taste of hot cum. Twitch after twitch of his boner, spurt after spurt filling the blond beauty's mouth, he was about to pull his now ultra-sensitive boner out and yelled out “Trash can ….............the bitch is gonna lose it!”

Handed a trash can from one of his buddies, Remy slid it between his legs, then pulled his dick out of the bitch's mouth and pushed her head down into the can. “Grrrrrrrrupppppppppppppppppphhh …..........................gullllllllllllllphhhhhhhhhhh!” was heard coming from the can as the beautiful bitch puking her guts out as loud liquid splattering sounds from the bottom of the metal can echoed on out. “Grrrrrrrpppppppphhhhhhhhhh …...............................grrrrrpppppppppppppphhhh!” the puking continued till it was just dry heaves racking her petite body. But with her naked and bent over the trash can on the floor, her beautiful white butt presented quite an exciting view.

Unbeknownst to the puking beauty, Dion had pulled off his shirt and was now stepping out of his trousers. Her next attacker was down on his knees behind her now and shuffling up into position, but she was preoccupied with her queasy stomach and the perverted sex act that she had just performed. Head down in the smelly trash can, the young newlywed's beautiful body tensed suddenly when Dion put his large calloused hands on her trim hips. Laughter could be heard from the onlookers as the beautiful bitch tried to scramble forward to get away from her new assailant. But Dion kept a tight grip and lunged forward, spearing his jutting cock right up into her cherry white ass. “Eieeeeeeeeeeeeeee …...............................aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” came the piercing shriek as Dion began to sodomize the young beauty.

Teri screamed and screamed out in sheer pain as the long thick cock skewered far up in her never before penetrated rectum. “Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee …........................oh, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee stopppp ….................stop, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Oh, Goddddddddd ….........................it hurtssssssssss …...................it hurtssssssssssssss …....................it hurts so badddddddddddddddddd! Owwwwww …....................owwwwwwwwwww …....................stoppppppppp …........................stopppppppppp ….................please stoppppppppppp!” Teri cried out in agony. But instead of receiving any mercy from her sodomizer, her whines and cries only served to excite him more, and her butt shagging intensified with 12” of cock stuffed up into her butt and the dangling balls bounced off her inner thighs.

Ass torn, the hot cum ejaculated up into her rectum now served as a rather soothing balm coating her torn tissues as Teri lay face down sobbing on the thick carpeting. 'Oh, God …................how can I ever face Bart again? I'll never be clean ever again!' was what went through her mind as cum oozed out of her sodomized ass. 'Oh, no …...................noooooooooo!' Teri shuddered as strong hands were lifting her off the carpet and carrying her off. Dumped onto her back on a large king-sized bed, Teri trembled as her arms were spread wide and her wrists tied to the metal bedposts. Then to her horror, another of her captors was crawling upon on the bed, pushing her legs wide and was settling his face down upon her golden muff. “Noooooooooooo …............................ohhhhhhhhhh ….....................ohhhhhhhhhhh …...........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she cried out as the bastard began eating her out.

Toes curling, pulling at her bindings, Teri fought from showing any emotion from the unwanted pleasure spreading from between her legs. Gritting her teeth, tossing her head from side to side as her long blond hair whipped about, Teri tried as best as she could from showing any emotion. But it just kept on building up within her petite body, and finally it blew as Teri screamed out “Oh, Godddddddd …...................oh, my Godddddddddd …............................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh …................ahhhhhhhhh ….....................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh …..................ohhhhhhhhhhh …................aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Her body convulsed, then spasm after spasm rocked her right to the core as she juiced into the slurping mouth.

Having failed in her resolve to hide her emotions, the battle was lost for Teri, nothing to gain at this point on when the next cunt-lapper settled down between her widespread legs. This black bastard was evidently an expert cunt eater as he quickly found her ultra-sensitive clit and was flicking his tongue over her bud, causing Teri to plant her feet flat onto the mattress so she could arch her hips up into the hungry mouth. On the balls of her feet, she arched up as high as she could to get that long thick tongue all the way up into her snatch. “Yes ….....................yessssssssssssss ….......................oh, Godddddd, yessssssssssssssss ….............................ohhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!” she cried out as she squirted her love juice onto the lapping tongue.

After all five of her captors had gotten to eat her out, with each each tonguing her to a wild climax, she saw the biggest one of them all approaching the bed while shucking at the monstrosity in his fist. Teri could believe any man could have such a big 'thing' for this one belonged on a horse or donkey. Then she heard one of the onlookers comment “Sweetie, Andre the Giant is gonna 'ruin' ya good! Lookit that donkey-sized dick he's got between his legs!” Then another yelled out “Breed her, Andre! Breed her good!” Teri closed her legs tightly and tried to curl up in a fetal position. But then hands were grabbing at her legs and pulling them apart as the black giant knelt on the foot of the bed. Indeed, it was as if she was just a filly being handled so she could be bred by the big black stud.

Terrified eyes wide in disbelief as the donkey-sized cock continued to grow in size, getting even longer and thicker. “Pleaseeeeeeeeee ….........................please don't rape me ….....................with that 'thing'! Please, it's too big ….............way too big …...................it won't fit …...................he'll kill me with that!” she pleaded as the black giant shuffled up into position and rubbed the rubbery head up against her too small slit. “Stopppppppppppppppppp ….....................................stopppppppppppppppppppp …....................pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Teri cried out as the bastard had grasped her trim hips and was shoving his monster cock up into her without mercy. It was so thick, far thicker than her husband's and probably double in girth, Teri realized that she indeed would be 'ruined' by this monstrosity. “Oww ….................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ….....................................noooooooooooooooooooooooo!” she cried out in pain as six solid inches were rammed up into her.

Cheered on by his buddies, Andre let the beautiful blond bitch have it good, giving her a fucking that she'd never forget. Humping at her again and again, her tight little cunny finally flowered open so he could grind his pelvis up against her snatch, expanding his 13+ inches when he was fully in her. Her whimpering and sobbing was quite a turn-on as he raped the blond beauty, then he taunted her with “Yer so fuck'n tight! That hubby of yers must have a pencil fer a dick! No way in hell is that hubby of yers gonna be able to sharpen that pencil of his in yer cunny once I's 'ruin' it! Yeah, baby ….........gonna 'ruin' ya good …......................only a big black dick is gonna satisfy ya from now on, bitch!” Then the fucking sped on up and Andre began humping her good! The guys holding her legs widespread then wrapped them around his ass and the bitch began pulling him in with her heels.

More than twice her husband's length, more than twice as thick, now Teri was experiencing first hand that this big black cock in her was giving her way more that twice the excitement and pleasure she'd ever felt before. So good it felt, so very good, that she began panting with each lengthy stroke up into her clasping cunny. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ….........................................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ….............................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …..............................oh, my Goddddddddd …....................oh, yessssss …..................................oh, Goddddddddd …..........................oh, Godddddddddddddd …......oh, yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!” she panted out while using her feet to pull the fucker deeper into her spasming cunt. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed and arched up, blasting off into outer space from the mind-blowing orgasm, fueled by the hot explosion in her cunny – blasted by the searing hot roe being ejaculated into her!

Teri had no clue that all this was being recorded on a top of the line HD video camcorder, that her rape and violation would be view by others, for the Black Brothers Five planned on recouping some of the auction bid they had paid out for by selling the XXX rated video in the underground distribution network that many a deviant pervert would be willing to pay big bucks for. And with being an 'actual rape video', it would easily sell for over ten times a staged or acted video would command, with their initial pricing planned for $149.99 to test out the demand at that price. With no rape being reported by the beautiful victim, there were no worries for they would all claim that the bitch voluntarily had played the part and indeed had turned out to be on fine porn star for the flick. Unbeknownst to Teri, she would soon be quite a star in what would be the hottest underground flick being marketed.

After two entire days as the guest of the Black Brothers Five, Teri had lost count of the number of times: a cock ejaculated its hot load in her mouth; the number of times she had been raped; and the number of times she had been forced to take it up the ass. Rarely was there any length of time passing without one or more of the bastards in bed with her. Each had their own private time with her, times when two or three would be alone with her in the room, and then there were times in which she was gang-banged by all five of them. On the gang-bang sessions, the two without a hole to stick it in first had her fisting them, then it progressed to one straddling her back and wrapping his cock in her hair to give her a shampoo while the other bastard creamed all over her pink soles and toes.

Tossed into the shower every couple of hours, Teri could wash the sweat and cum off her body, which also please her captors as they told her they wanted 'A clean white bitch to fuck! Go and take a hot shower bitch – you're starting to smell like a fuck'n whore!' Teri just wished that she douche out all their filth from her raped cunny, rather than just using her fingers to scoop the gunk out or to piss it out into the toilet. Under the hot shower, shuddering with disgust as she tried to wash all the gooey cum out of her hair, wondering just how perverted these bastards could be. 'I'll never be clean again! How can I ever let Bart touch me ever again, let him soil himself in me?' she wondered. 'I just can't go to the police …......to report my abduction and rape ….........they'll want to know all the details …...........and then Bart will eventually find out! I've got to keep Bart from finding out …...........not matter what it takes!' she decided.

Of course, the hypnotic suggestions implanted in her mind would had prevented her from going to the police had she not come to that decision herself. Hypnotic suggestions implanted would have her recalling the events of the weekend, have her remember how her body responded and those mind-shattering orgasms that she had been eaten or fucked to. But there was one implanted suggestion that would only take place weeks later, to be activated only when …...........the home pregnancy test indicated 'positive' and that she had been knocked up by one of the black bastards who had reaped her. Upon learning that she was pregnant, Teri would go to the phone book to look up the name of Thaddeus Barkley, M.D.

What made Teri call Dr. Barkley? She did not know what made her chose him, but somehow she had remember the name, that he was very discreet and quite economical in perform abortions on pregnancies that resulted from a woman being raped. 'Was it one of my sorority sisters who told me about Dr. Barkley?' she wondered but could not pinpoint just how she had learned about him. Having just been married, there was no way for her to take out too much from their joint checking or savings, just enough of what would cover the abortion expense without it being noticed much, to which she'd be able to explain it away to Bart. She'd be able to cover the remainder of the abortion expenses on her own: 1) that of going into detail of what she had been forced to do during that weekend; and then 2) have sex with the doctor. In the meeting with Dr. Barkley, Teri would discover that she be having another big black dick up in her if she wanted the abortion.

End of Story.