Pimped by Her Own Pastor - II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation of the
earlier stories entitled: ‘Pastor’s a Pimp’ & ‘Pimped by Her Own Pastor 1’
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Feeling sick to his stomach, Pastor Richard Knowlton looked over at the devious former priest who knew of his deep dark secret and had used it to blackmail him with.  Rich had no choice in the matter for it would totally ruin him if his secret ever got out to his beautiful wife, and even more so if the congregation got wind of it.  With no other choice in the matter, Rich had paid for the silence of this damned blackmailer, gaining his silence by allowing the old bastard to fuck his beautiful young wife earlier that evening.  Rich felt so guilty, telling Nell that he had invited the old fellow over for dinner, then when dinner was about over a preplanned phone call had him rushing out on an ‘emergency’.  And thus it was all arranged for the old bastard to get finagle his way into Nell’s panties.

With no such ‘emergency’ to attend to, Rich had returned back to his home after parking his car on a side street and quietly making his way into the backyard.  Peering through the opening in the blinds that he had prepared before heading out, Rich got to enjoy the sinful pleasure that had gotten him into his current predicament, that of satisfying his fetish for voyeurism.  His feelings of remorse and guilt were quickly cast aside once he got to see the old bastard force himself upon his beautiful blonde wife, the pudgy hands grasping Nell’s sexy body and pulling him to her.

Initially when he had informed his wife of having invited old Mollway over for dinner, Nell had expressed her delight in seeing the kind and friendly pastor once again.  She had thought of him as a kind fellow who had been so gracious in bringing them a basket of fruit when departing on their voyage from the island they had visited.  Unbeknownst to both of them at that time, the old bastard had seen their arrival from the bluff behind of the church, had been watching through a pair of binoculars as the now former pastor had taken an immediate fancy to Nell from the instant he had focused the binoculars upon her young and sexy body.

The old bastard was about to satisfy his long awaited lustful fantasy and dreams of possessing Nell’s soft and beautiful body.  Peering through the bedroom window, cock out of his pants and wanking himself, Rich saw the obvious disgust on his wife’s face as the once kind old pastor now displayed his true being to her.  But no longer was Rich remorseful in causing his wife such anguish, for it only now served to arouse his lewd fetish to watch as his lovely wife was forced to copulate with the fat old bastard.  Fat pudgy body of the former priest now atop of Nell’s trim and sexy body provided him with a voyeur’s dream cum true as the bastard forced his fat old cock up into her unwilling body.

Rich licked his lips at the erotic sight taking place right in the master bedroom of his own home, that of his lovely wife’s trim sexy legs encircling the fat old bastard as he humped away at her reluctant young body.  Watching the former pastor excitedly humping away at Nell’s body, Rich had to wonder if it was all those years of abstinence that had the old fucker so crazed with lust as he was now jackhammering in and out of his beautiful wife, not that he could blame the bastard any.  And then to see the old bastard finally pulling away and out of Nell’s gripping snatch, cock now drooping and dripping cum, with the rest of his sticky jizz matting the soft golden curls of his well-fucked wife and oozing out of her well-fucked snatch.

Later, looking at the photograph being held by the old bastard for him to view, Rich came to realize that his beautiful wife had been just the initial installment payment to be made to this devious old bastard.  The picture was that of a member of his congregation, a picture that had been downloaded from the congregation’s website, that of the beautiful Mrs. Julie Morris.  Rich knew the lovely Mrs. Morris very well, from back when she was still a single woman as Miss Julie Bender, and he had even performed the wedding ceremony of her marriage to Ken Morris just two years earlier.  ‘What’s he doing with a picture of Julie Morris?  What’s he wanting of me?  Is he going to blackmail me into arranging things so he can do to her what he did to Nell?’ Rich wondered.

Rich was in shock when the blackmailing bastard advised him of Julie Morris’ selection, asking if he remembered his inquiry back on the island, that of the Christian Devotees for Brotherhood or the CDFB.  Swallowing and nodding his head, the old bastard chuckled and asked “Well, you know what it really means, don’t you?” Rich then learned that “A very rich and generous benefactor to that organization took a fancy to the lovely beauty and selected her from among the members of your congregation!  She looks so sweet and innocent in the photo, and he wants to be the one to introduce that lovely beauty to the pleasures of a big black cock!  So, my friend, you’re to dream up a way to get that pretty little thing over to my office!  I have undertaken the study of the native beliefs, their form of worship to the Gods along with perfecting hypnosis, and do you know that it really works!”

Flabbergasted with the outrageous proposal, Rich parked his car and went into his office after the old bastard got out and into his own car before departing from the church’s parking lot.  Pulling out the church’s album, the one containing photos of the many wedding ceremonies that he had performed, Rich went back to those of two summers earlier.  Upon finding the page containing that of the Bender/Morris wedding, he swallowed in nervousness as he gazed at the lovely beauty in her white wedding gown.  Two years of wedded bliss, a very happy marriage of true faithfulness to one another, but now Rich was to be instrumental in driving a wedge being driven right into it ………………………..a big black wedge, right up between the trim sexy white legs of the lovely Mrs. Julie Morris!

‘Can I go through with this?’ he asked himself, only to be answered by the head throbbing between his legs.  Back at home later, Rich observed that the dining room table had been cleared off, making it apparent that Nell had cleared away the evidence that she had served the old bastard his dessert in the master bedroom instead of out at the dining room table.  Crawling into bed next to his lovely defiled wife, Rich’s mind had the picture image of the lovely Mrs. Julie Morris back on her wedding day two years earlier.  He swallowed in anticipation, picturing the lovely beauty and imagined her under Mollway’s hypnosis and being taken by the CDFB benefactor that had chosen her as his succulent prize.

That Sunday, waylaid for a bit by various members of the congregation, Pastor Knowlton hurriedly sought to find the lovely Mrs. Julie Morris before she and her husband departed from the church.  Having dreamt up the tidbit that their church, along with several others, were seeking various members with the most solid marriages to meet one on one with a selected marriage counselor to gather the relevant factors that helped to make one such as solid as theirs.  Catching up to the happily married couple, Rich explained that the first step was to interview various wives from the churches first before gathering information from the selected husbands would be the process to get a good coverage using a large number of marital participants.

With the promise of such a meeting to be only an hour and a half to two hours at most, the lovely Mrs. Julie Morris could not refuse this honor in being selected by the well-respected Pastor Knowlton to donate a bit of her time to help the church and its congregation.  As Mr. Morris always joined his fellow employees after work for a couple hours each Friday, a 4:30 p.m. meeting was put on her agenda, with the unsuspecting husband giving his wife his blessing to go and meet with the marriage counselor.  Rich gave the lovely wife the business card of the marriage counselor selected and she readily agreed to at the office at that time.  Little did the unsuspecting couple realize that their happy marriage was being deliberately placed in extreme jeopardy by their own pastor who was handing her right into the pudgy hands of a lusty old goat.

Members of the congregation having now departed, Rich made his way back to his office at the church, desperately needing to contemplate the dire dilemma that he had gotten himself into.  It had all started on that recent family vacation, his lust and voyeurism caught on tape, and now he had to comply with the old blackmailer or face being exposed to public humiliation.  What a price to pay, already having sacrificed his lovely young wife, and now he planned on sacrificing the lovely female members of his congregation in order to save himself!  Having just set the stage for the lovely Mrs. Julie Morris to fall into the evil web of darkness, Rich’s voyeurism fetish took over as he wondered if Mollway would allow him the pleasure of watching it all unfold and get to view the beautiful redhaired beauty being seduced.

Closing his eyes and shaking his head in disbelief, Rich could not believe how quickly things were snowballing on him.  Not only had he sacrificed his wife, complying with the blackmailer earlier that morning regarding Julie Morris, but already he was being blackmailed further.  That afternoon, going to Mollway’s office to advise him of the lovely Mrs. Morris’ setup being put into action, Rich had actually seen firsthand at how elaborate the scheme had been devised when Mollway’s phone rang and he advised that it was the donation line ringing and signaled him to follow.  Rich then observed the bastard bring up the Presswood Congregation’s website on the computer.  He watched and listened as yet another lovely female of his congregation was literally being ‘sold’ right there in his presence.  It was an online prostitution setup and it was the female members of his congregation being prostituted out to a wealthy benefactor of the brotherhood.

That Friday afternoon, arriving before Julie Morris’ scheduled appointment, Rich looked at the closet door that old Mollway was pointing out to him.  Moments later behind the closet door, Rich peered out through the slits as he heard the clicks of the approaching high heels worn by the lovely beauty from his congregation.  Ms. Morris had come strait from the elementary school that she taught at, looking so prim and proper in a long sleeved white blouse, bright blue skirt and matching 3” blue heels.  As it was warm out, the lovely young wife had eliminated the need for pantyhose, thus her trim sexy white legs had both he and Mollway twitching with excitement.  As she was invited to sit on the long client’s couch, like that in a psychiatrist’s office, Rich’s cock twitched as he got a glimpse up her skirt in the process.


Rich watched intently as the conniving old bastard gave his spiel in explaining to the unsuspecting beauty of his desire to get to the unfettered truth in compiling the needed data, thus asked her permission to do a bit of hypnosis on her to avoid any type of subjective or clouded answers to his questions.  And with the lovely beauty of his congregation wanting to be of help in the study, the unsuspecting young wife gave her consent.  Rich was quite surprised at how swift and efficient the old bastard was in performing the task of having the unsuspecting beauty completely under his spell.  Rich was totally amazed for just moments later, the lovely Mrs. Julie Morris was lying limply upon the couch as the old fellow set the stage in asking her to just respond to his questions with her truthful answers and not mull or search for a desired belief.

Briefed earlier by the devious old bastard, Rich leaned forward to hear the answers to the prying questions to be asked of the hypnotized beauty.  First came the questions and answers as to her age, upbringing, then as to when and how she met her husband.  Rich’s cock began to rise when the questions slowly turned a bit more sexual in nature.  Question: “How many men did you have sex with before marrying your husband?”  Ans: “None!”  Question: “Did you loose your virginity on your wedding night?”  Ans: “No!”  Question:  “How come?”  Ans:  “When I held his penis and tried to guide it in, my husband ejaculated prematurely!”  Question:  “When did you lose your virginity?”  Ans: “Two days later, on our honeymoon, on the fourth try after Ken ejaculated prematurely on the first three tries!”

Then it got even hotter as Mollway began to probe into her subconscious.  Question:  “What’s your favorite sex position in bed!”  Ans:  “We’ve always made love together, with my husband atop of me!  I’ve heard its called the missionary position!”  Question:  “Have you ever thought of having sex with another man?”  Ans:  “No!  Never!”  Question:  “How would you feel if a big muscular black bastard was atop of you and was about to have sex with you?”  Ans:  “I absolutely die of shame!”  Question:  “Tell me, Mrs. Morris, have you ever given a blowjob?”  Ans:  “I don’t know what you mean!  What is a blowjob?”  Question:  “Have you ever taken a penis into your mouth and sucked upon it till it ejaculated in your mouth?”  Ans:  “No!  Never!”  Question:  “And why not?”  Ans:  “Because ………………..it’s too filthy a thing to do!”

Seeing Mollway then look up and over to his direction, Rich observed the wily old bastard give him a knowing smile as he got up and went over to sit upon at the foot of the couch that hypnotized beauty rested upon.  Even after having heard the young wife answer Mollway’s sex filled question, Rich still could not believe that the old bastard could be efficient in his craft of hypnotism and was not quite convinced that the lovely Mrs. Morris was completely under his spell.  Watching as the old bastard reached out to caress the beauty’s sexy legs, Rich then knew that the beauty was fully under the hypnotic spell cast upon her for she certainly would not have allowed Mollway to fondle her legs in such a manner.

Rich’s eyes widened as he peered through the slits as he want a close up view, not thinking that he could walk right on out of the closet and Julie Morris would be totally unaware of his presence in the room.  What he observed next had his jaw dropping in awe because the old bastard on the other side of the door was now removing the blue heels and setting atop a nearby cabinet.  The lovely Mrs. Morris had to be fully unaware of what was taking place as Rich realized ‘My God, the old bastard just went and whipped his cock out!’

Obviously the bastard had a foot fetish as Rich watched him place the rather small wrinkled old cock between her soft pretty pink soles and was pumping away like crazy, and soon that withered old cock expanded and grew to a full six incher.  “Oh, yeah ……………………so soft and sexy ……………….oh, babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  …………………..oh, yeah ……………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he heard the old geezer wheeze and saw him throw his head back as he bellowed out in pleasure.  Rich saw the old guy ease on back, then got to see his now shriveling cock at the center of the sticky web of goo that he created by tossing off on her pretty feet.

Then Rich saw that Mollway was waving for him to come on out of the closet, then pointing for him to come over and stand next to the beauty as she lay upon what looked like the couch one would find in a psychiatrist’s office.  Seconds later, standing close to the lovely beauty, Rich observed the filthy mess on her pink soles and webbed toes as the old bastard reestablished the blackmailing power that he wielded by advising "Later you'll need to get a wet washcoth to clean up the mess I made on her pretty feet!"  Rich swallowed in defeat but his other head between his legs gave a twitch in his jockeys as he actually found that messy task to be rather exciting, then heard Mollway instruct Julie Morris with “Your loving husband is now standing next to you, my dear!  Reach up with over with your right hand and feel how much you have excited him!”

To his delight, Rich stood frozen to the spot as he watched the beautiful Julie Morris reach up with her slim hand as her immaculately manicured fingers placed themselves on his aching bulge.  Cock throbbing under her caresses, Rich panted as he eagerly reached down to unzip himself, with Mollway then instructing her to “Reach inside your husband’s pants and pull out his penis!  Then I want you to show me how you use your beautiful hand to stroke and excite him!”  With Rich sucking in a deep breath after having pulled his jockeys off to the side to give her easy access, he then shivered with pleasure as her soft trim fingers encircled him.  Rich knew that everything was being captured on film as Mollway had shown him the three hidden camcorders the room beforehand and he definitely needed to get himself a copy of today’s session with Julie Morris.

Cock out of his pants, Rich looked down at the beautiful pink manicured fingernails as the lovely young wife in his congregation proceeded to wank at his throbbing hardon, then Mollway was commanding her to "Okay, honey, now use your left hand to wank your hubby off!"  It was quite a turn-on indeed for Rich in viewing the sparkling diamond ring and accompanying wedding band, the very one that he had blessed before the onlooking wedding guests when he had presided over her marriage ceremony.  Now that very ring was upon his manhood doing something that the lovely Mrs. Morris should only be doing to her husband and not her pastor.  It was all so ludicrous but Rich could not stop this fantastic handjob as he desperately needed some physical relief at this point.

But relief was now just a few stokes away and Rich desperately tried to fish out the hanky in his back pocket. Struggling now, with his cockhead aimed right over the front of her skirt and blouse, Rich desperately tried to keep from shooting his wad all over her clothing.  Unable to pull out his hanky in time, Rich used his other hand to grasp the pumping fist to stop it from pumping and held it still over his the end of his sensitive cockhead.  But then his body tensed and twitched at the touch of her soft palm on his throbbing cockhead, so pleasurable that the fabulous sensation sent him right over the edge, his cock throbbed once again before it began spurting out his copious all over her slim fingers.

Finally able to fish out his hanky, Rich caught the drips of cum falling from her fingertips and was just about to wipe her hand of the stick mess when old Mollway advised “No!  Hold up with that hanky!”   Rich look on as the devious old man addressed the beauty under his control, asking “Do you periodically apply some facial cream, my dear?”  “Yes!” came the response of the hypnotized woman.  Then a chuckling Mollway was instructing her to “Put your left hand up to you face, honey!”  “Yes, that’s it, sweetie!  Inhale deeply!  Smell it?  Smell the creamy white spunk on your fingers?  That’s your own pastor’s spunk on your fingers!  Now apply all of Pastor Knowlton’s spunk onto your cheeks!  Give yourself a nice creamy facial with your pastor’s hot facial cream he’s given you!”

Watching in absolute disbelief, it was a truly jaw dropping sight for Pastor Knowlton as the red haired wife from his congregation was now smearing his semen all about her beautiful face.  And just a moment ago he had been so concerned about wiping her hand and fingers in order to remove any telltale evidence.  He looked at her beautiful manicured fingers with nails painted in a glossy pink, his cum webbing them all together as she proceeded to give herself a facial with his smelly spunk.  Cheeks, nose, upper lip, and chin were now covered with the slick white cream as Rich Knowlton backed away and hustled off to the bathroom to obtain a wet washcloth.

Realizing that the telltale smell on her fingers and stains on her face would give away what had obviously taken place in Mollway’s office, Rich proceeded to wet a washcloth in order to wipe her face clean her fingers to take away the smell of male semen.  Washcloth in hand and exiting the bathroom no more than two minutes later, Rich froze in his tracks upon the sight presented to him as old Mollway had his dick out of his pants and was rubbing it up against Julie Morris’ beautiful pink lips.  Mollway looked up at him and smiled, telling Rich “Can you imagine that Mrs. Morris has never before sucked a male penis and has deprived her own husband of enjoying such a delightful pleasure!  That must not go on any further as I am only too happy to introduce the haughty little bitch to the art of cock sucking!”

Rich watched in amazement as the beautiful member of his congregation obeyed Mollway’s instruction to “Stick that beautiful tongue of yours out and lick my cockhead, Mrs. Morris!”  “Ah, yes!  That’s it ……………….that’s it!  Flick it …………flick it all over my cockhead!  Now use the tip of your talented tongue and work it into my pisshole!” Mollway panted out.  Rich watched intently as old Mollway panted and wheezed as the lovely innocent young wife obeyed and licked at the fucker’s withered old penis.  “Suck me now!” came the command and the beauty began sucking avidly at her very first cock.

Rich grasped her limp hand and proceeded to work off both her diamond ring and wedding band from her finger.  Wiping each finger clean of his spunk, getting between them also, Rich then looked down at the diamond ring and wedding band as he used the wet washcloth to wipe any up the sticky evidence from them. Looking back up, Mollway’s pudgy hands were now at the back of the red haired beauty as he pumped his fat cock in and out of her sucking lips.  “Taste me, sweetie!  This is how you should take communion each Sunday!  Have a good taste of my holy wine!  Oh ……………..oh ……………………….bless you, my lovely beauty ……………………ahhhh ………………….ahhhhhhhhhhh ……….…arrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Mollway panted and groaned as his old fat body shuddered, making it quite evident that he was now giving the sucking beauty quite an unusual type of holy communion.

For Ralph Mollway, it was quite an exciting pleasure in knowing that his old wrinkled cock had been the very first to despoil the succulent pink lips of this innocent young wife.  Seeing the lovely beauty body’s quiver, he knew that the queasiness of her lovely body was due to her not being accustomed to the foreign slime and goo that was now beginning to form a hot lake in her belly.  The young fool of a pastor he had been blackmailing now had his fate sealed forever with his participation of being jacked off by the lovely member of his congregation.  But then why not go one step further to make this fool become a willing accomplice of his, thus Mollway grabbed a camcorder from his nearby desk to do some real close up shots.

On the camcorder, he captured Rich Knowlton wiping the spunk off the beauty’s diamond ring and wedding band.  And he captured the young pastor’s exposed cock twitching with excitement as he slipped the rings back onto the beauty’s trim finger.  “Hey, Rich, bet ya wish you were back in the second grade, huh?  Get to go to class everyday to look at a beautiful teacher like this, huh!”  Then the devious bastard instructed the beauty under his spell to “Sit up, Mrs. Morris!  Now slip off the couch and kneel on the floor before Pastor Knowlton!  Now reach up with your left hand and pull him towards you so your pastor can give you his very special communion!”

Cock revived and throbbing, Rich shivered with pleasure as the soft trim manicured fingers closed around his pulsating cock.  Seeing the once again shiny diamond on her finger had him throbbing even more as he looked at her beautiful pink lips that were now so very close.  “Show him what you’ve learned, my dear!  Show your pastor how you like to take communion!” came Mollway’s voice.  “Oh, Goddddd!  Oh, my Godddd!!!  Ohhhhh, praise the Lorddddddddddddddd!” Rich exclaimed as the beautiful Julie Morris flicked her wet pointed tongue over his sensitive cockhead.

Old Mollway smiled and zoomed in for a close up as the lovely young wife leaned forward to engulf her pastor’s throbbing cock between her beautiful pink lips.  Mollway then panned back out with the camcorder as Pastor Knowlton appeared that he was heaven at that very instant as he reached out to grab the silky red hair of his lovely parishioner.  This was certainly not a sight to be observed between a pastor and a member of the opposite sex, much less it being a member of his own congregation, a woman married to another man ………………….….a marriage in which he himself had presided over just two years earlier.

Knowing Pastor Knowlton’s secret fetish of voyeurism and now seeing how willingly he gave himself to enjoying the pleasures of the flesh, Mollway figured that it would be much better to have the young fool as a willing disciple of the Brotherhood rather having him later screwing things up with a change of heart from a guilty conscience.  There would be no turning back at this point, not with the obvious pleasure that the young pastor was getting from between the succulent lips from a beauty in his flock of followers.

Later, Mollway figured that by sating the fool’s voyeurism fetish by allowing him to watch the lovely Mrs. Morris’ introduction to sampling a big black cock, the young pastor himself would be looking as to who would be the next ideal beauty from his congregation to be so defiled and ‘blackened’.  But for now, he was enjoying capturing the erotic sight of the beautiful member of Presswood Congregation avidly sucking at the purplish head her pastor’s throbbing cock as she continued fisting him.  And then, amid the groans of pleasure emitted from her pastor, a thick coating of white semen could be seen overflowing from her lips.

Ten minutes later, Rich was once again standing and peering out from the slits of the closet door as the lovely Julie Morris returned from the bathroom from where she had been instructed to go to in order to clean off the evidence of semen from her face and hands.  But she would not be totally cleansed with the wet wash cloth since Mollway had instructed “But don’t rinse your mouth out nor wipe those lovely lips because you’re going to give hubby a nice juicy kiss when he gets home tonight!”  And then Mollway was making sure that all that had happened in his office was placed deep in her subconscious to assure that she would have no clue as to how she had by hypnotized and duped into performing the lewd sexual acts.

Then Rich got to witness how a subject was prepared for a benefactor from what was called the Christian Devotees For Brotherhood (often referred to as the CDFB organization), but in reality ‘CDFB’ was merely a guise for its true name: Cum Dump For Blacks!  With lights dimmed to put the room in near darkness, a projected image of a tall dark muscular black male appeared on the white wall that Julie Morris was facing, with Mollway’s authoritative voice advising “Look carefully!  This is Mr. Cecil Gibbons, the generous ‘Brother’ who has made a large contribution to the organization!  This is the man who’s image will fill your mind each night when you go to bed and whom you will constantly dream of!”

“Have you ever masturbated, Mrs. Morris?  Ever touched and played with yourself for sexual stimulation?” the hypnotized beauty was asked.  “No, never!” came the immediate response.  “Why not?” she was then asked.  “Because it’s sinful!” she replied.  Rich then observed the old bastard pull his chair directly behind of the couch as he continued in his authoritative voice, telling her “You will dream of him constantly!  You will wonder what it would feel like to have his hands touch and caress your body!  You’ll then play with yourself like this!”  The old bastard’s pudgy hands moving forward over the prone beauty, cupping her breasts through her thin blouse and protective bra, then Mollway’s thick thumbs slowly rubbed the top of her mounds to find her budding nipples.

Now Rich could see the lovely beauty squirming about on the couch as her now pointed buds were being stimulated by Mollway’s caressing thumbs.  “And Mr. Gibbons has sent in a picture of him that he especially wants you to dream of each night when lying in bed next to your husband!” Rich heard the devious bastard advise before flicking on the next picture that caused the staring young wife to audibly suck in her breath.  Looking up at the picture on the wall, Rich himself sucked in his breath in seeing the monstrosity jutting out from the man’s large fist.  Then the next picture flicked on, a tape measure was alongside of the outright prong, showing the outrageous length to be good 13 ½ inches!

“Look at that monstrosity, Mrs. Morris!  Imagine that donkey-sized cock sliding in and out of that hot little cunny of yours!” the authoritative voice advised.  “From now, images of Mr. Gibbons’ proud manhood will constantly fill your mind!  And you will wonder what it would feel like to have his big smelly black cock rubbed up against your beautiful face!  You’ll wonder what it would feel like to take that big thing into your mouth, wonder if you’ll choke on it when he pushs it down your throat, and wonder if you’ll gag and choke on the obviously huge load of semen stored up in those big black balls of his!  Imagine what it’d feel like to give yourself a nice hot facial with all that cream it has stored up for you!” she was told.

Rich noticed Mollway slide his chair forward some with his left hand moving over to Julie’s right titty while his freed right hand flipped up the front of her skirt.  “And my dear Mrs. Morris, you will of course wonder what it would be like to copulate with Mr. Gibbons, to have that big black cock of his sliding in and out of your hot little cunny!” Mollway advised while sliding his pudgy hand under the waistband of her lacy white panties.  Rich observed the petite beauty’s body flinch and tremble as the devious bastard was obvious rubbing at her slick and sensitive pink lips.  “You want it, Mrs. Morris!  You want to feel Mr. Gibbons’ big black cock sliding in and out of that little cunny!  You want it!  You want it, don’t you?  Tell me …………….tell me, Mrs. Morris!” Mollway instructed while frigging away at the young innocent beauty.  “Yes ……………yesssssss …………………I want itttttttttttttt!” came the frantic response.

Seeing the prone beauty’s trim hips arch up, Rich knew that the horny old bastard had the lovely Julie Morris in much need of sexual relief, such being quite evident in the manner the innocent young wife was withering about on the couch.  “You want it!  You know you want Mr. Gibbons to fuck his black cock in and out of your hot little cunt!  Thirteen and a half inches of big black meat!  In and out ………………in and out of your hot little cunt!  And look at this new photo with the tape measure going around it …………six inches around …………….one that’d surely make even a horse proud!” she was taunted.  Hips off the couch, petite body shuddering, the innocent young wife was now in the throes of a much needed orgasm.

That next week, Julie was puzzled as she looked at the envelope that had been in her purse.  Inside was a blank card that had been folded in two.  On the outside had been addressed to a Mr. Cecil Gibbons in c/o some address in downtown Presswood.  Unbeknownst to Julie, upon her husband advising her that he and his buddies had set their overnight fishing trip for that upcoming weekend, that had set subconscious into motion as it then told her to look for the envelope in her purse.  ‘Mr. Cecil Gibbons!’ was a name that sounded familiar to her somehow but Julie just could not place it.  She kept searching her mind for ‘Mr. Cecil Gibbons’ but just could not remember ever having met the man.

At the kitchen sink while preparing dinner that night, Julie looked at the clock and wondered where all the time went since leaving from the elementary school.  She had stopped at the cleaners, then the next thing she found herself standing there at the kitchen sink.  Shaking her head, Julie told herself that ‘You’re not even 30 years of age and already getting old and forgetful!’  But in reality, she had run a couple of added errands that was in her deep subconscious, including a note that she had written on the blank card in the envelope.  And that note read ‘Dear Mr. Gibbons, I dream of you each night and wonder what it would be like to next to you in bed instead of my husband!  My husband will be going on an over night fishing trip this weekend, leaving morning at 7 a.m., and I’m hoping that you’ll be able to visit with me!  Enclosed is a housekey I’ve made for you!  I need you so badly, Mrs. Julie Morris!’

Saturday morning, once her husband’s car was out of the driveway and gone from her view, Julie walked trancelike through the kitchen and opened the door to the garage.  Opening her husband’s garage door that revealed the open spot to the street, she then turned after locking the door and walked back to the master bedroom.  Going into her closet, Julie pulled out a long sleeved white blouse and navy blue skirt, then laid them out on the king-sized bed that was yet to be made.  Brushing her hair, putting on lipstick, Julie slipped her arms through the straps of her lacy white bra and reached back to hook it together, then proceeded to dress was she did during each weekday before go off to teach at the elementary school.

But today was Saturday, with no school nor classes in session, nor did she have any appointment to go to.  After stepping into a pair of 3” navy blue heels, she then looked at herself in the mirror as Julie wondered ‘This is Saturday!  Why’d I get dressed?’ Hearing a noise that sounded like that of the garage door opening or closing, Julie was puzzled, then told herself that her husband must have forgotten some fishing gear and had returned home.  Hearing footsteps coming down the hallway, she called out “Honey, is that you?”  Looking at the reflection in the large mirror atop of the dresser, her eyes widened and her lips parted as Julie stood frozen upon seeing the large male figure standing at the doorway.  Fingering the earring in her hands as she trembled, Julie then spoke out “Mr. …………………..Gibbons?”

“At your service, my dear Mrs. Morris!  Your note said that you’ve been dreaming about me every night!  Are you glad to see me?” the man at the doorway inquired.  “Y …..yes ……………..yes!” Julie trembled in response as she closed her eyes and panted in nervousness as the man’s heavy footsteps could be heard as he slowly approached.  Unseen by Julie were the already dialed cellphones equipped with digital cameras that were being strategically placed in the bedroom with their cords plugged into the electrical sockets for continuous power.  And then Julie sucked in her breath as she felt the large male hands upon her shoulders.

“You look very beautiful, Mrs. Morris!  Is this how you dress each day to teach at school?” she was asked.  “Y …………….yes!” Julie trembled in response.  Large hands caressing her arms, then they were on her waist before slowly moving up to her breasts.  “Oh ……….oh ……………………ohhhhhhhhh!” she panted out as the thick thumbs found her budding nipples through the fabric of her blouse and thin lacy bra.  “Reach back, Mrs. Morris!  Feel just what you’ve been dreaming about every night!” she was told.  A moment later, as her trim fingers squeezed at the throbbing length through the pants fabric, she was asked “Tell me, Mrs. Morris, do you remember seeing the picture with the tape measure?  Tell me how long my cock was next to the tape measure?”  “Thirteen …………………..thirteen and a half inches!” she trembled.

Told to get down on her knees so that she could examine the man’s magnificent specimen for herself, Julie quickly dropped to her knees and reached up for the tab of his zipper.  With no underwear to be found as her hand dipped into the opening, there was no barrier to her coming into contact and touching the thick male phallus.  Fingers grasping the base of the sticky male organ, Julie’s eyes widened further as she found it quite difficult to pull it on out of the pant’s opening.  When she finally accomplished the difficult task, the long monstrosity had her head jerking back some as it nearly hit her square in the face.

Two fists grasping the man’s phallus, yet far more than what she was grasping stuck out at her while pulsating and jerking about in her hands.  The references made to it in Mr. Mollway’s office now filtered through her mind:  ‘Donkey-sized cock!  And that it’d even make a horse proud!’  And now this donkey-sized cock was being handled by her own hands as Julie began stroking it up and down in earnest.  It was quite an erotic scene being transmitted and recorded miles away, that of the beautiful Mrs. Julie Morris in the master bedroom of her home, kneeling on the carpet as she stroked another man’s cock …………………..one over twice the size and girth of her husband’s …………….one so big and so damned blackkkkkkkkkk!

Now gripping and holding the base of the donkey-sized cock in her left hand, which for some reason in Julie’s mind made it seem the most appropriate, she then realized that her ivory white fingers and the sparkle of her diamond ring upon the ebony shaft must be providing Mr. Gibbons with quite an erotic sight.  Indeed, such a sight made Cecil Gibbons quite aroused as would any other man, including Ralph Mollway and Rich Knowlton who were both sporting hardons in their viewing of the erotic sight being transmitted by the cellphones in the bedroom and into the monitors in Mollway’s office.  Mouth watering, Julie was hesitant as she wondered what to do next as she was questioned “Have ya sucked cock before, Mrs. Morris?”

“Nnn ………..!” she started to reply but did not finish getting out the ‘No’ answer as her mind told otherwise.  Deep in her subconscious, Julie was told ‘You indeed have done this before!  You know what a man wants to see!’ as stuck out her pointed tongue and looked up into dark black eyes of Mr. Gibbons.  ‘A man wants to see a beautiful woman on her knees before him, looking up at him as she worships his throbbing phallus!’ her mind told her as she flicked the tip of her tongue over the sensitive cockhead, causing it to swell and lurch in her hand.  Then she rapidly lavished the dark purple dome with wet tongue flicks before opening her lips wide to envelope the entire head.

For Rich Knowlton, he had earlier looked upon his beautiful parishioner as she had first learned the techniques of blowing a man from former pastor Ralph Mollway.  He had then gotten to experience the exquisite pleasure of being taken between her soft beautiful lips and ejaculating his hot semen into her sucking mouth.  Still, watching this lovely beauty sucking a big black cock provided quite a thrilling spectacle, especially in seeing the sparkling diamond ring and wedding band that signified her being betrothed to another man.  For Pastor Richard Knowlton, this erotic sight had even more significance to it for he himself had blessed those rings at the young beauty’s wedding two years earlier.

Lips encircling the thick girth of the ebony cock that filled her mouth so, her left hand shucked at the fleshy tube as Julie continued to look up at the grinning black face above her.  Her mind was suddenly filled with conflict, first an abhorrent thought then countered by one desiring to be debased, but still she continued teasing her visitor’s flaring pisshole with the tip of her tongue as she reached forward with her right hand.  Her mind was in deep conflict as she was tormented by such thoughts as: ‘Oh, my God …………………..what are you doing!’ ‘Oh, my ……………….it’s even bigger than I dreamed of each night!’  ‘How can you do such a thing with another man?’  ‘Hmmm, I wonder what Mr. Gibbons will taste like?’ ‘You invited him here!  You even made him a key and sent it to him!  How can you be so depraved?’ ‘Ohhhh, his balls are so biggggggggg!’

For Cecil Gibbons, he was now fulfilling his ultimate fantasy, that of possessing a beautiful redhead!  That first time he had seen a photo of this succulent beauty on the Presswood Congregational Church’s website, Cecil had been determined to make her his ………….permanently, no matter what the cost!  Far from being a good looking guy, Cecil knew that this lovely beauty certainly would make heads turn, especially if she was walking arm in arm with him.  The fact that she was educated and an elementary school teacher would have his buddies going ga-ga!  And though the fact would be out that she had been another man’s wife, married to a handsome whiteboy, for Cecil that would make it even more of an honor bestowed upon him by his jealous cohorts when they learned that he stole her from the punk.

But for now, knowing that old man Mollway and even the gutless wonder of this woman’s preacher were watching them perform, Cecil couldn’t resist in loudly taunting “Heard ya got yer learning on sucking two little weenies a couple weeks ago!  Bet they’s weren’t nothing compared to the chocolate éclair ya’s got in yer mouth now, heh, heh!”  Cecil’s taunting indeed had both former and current pastors swallowing in embarrassment at the remark of their obvious shortcomings, for neither came even close to the manhood that Cecil Gibbons had on display.  In fact, even if the former and current pastors had joined their unholy cocks together in length, they still were bested by the lengthy black boner.

Both Rich and Mollway watched intently with dropped jaws, staring in awe in seeing the innocent beauty and faithful wife gamming at the big black fuckstick as if she couldn’t get enough of the giant licorice lollipop.  Mouthing it at times, then backing off to flick at the sensitive underside with the tip of her tongue, something in the back of her mind was guiding Julie as she went about the task of pleasing her black master.  And the manner in which the beautiful wife would look up to see if her master was pleased as she lick him had the current and former pastors now rubbing at their own cocks through their pants.  “Ah yes, that’s it, Mrs. Morris!  That’s it ……………keep it up!  Now go down on it!  Ahhh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she was encouraged by the guest in her bedroom.

Eyes glued to the monitors as they continued to watch the amazing blowjob being performed in the master bedroom of the young married couple, the lovely wife was going to town on the big black fuckstick.   With Julie Morris’ petite hands gripping the base like that of one holding a baseball bat, a good eight inches still stuck out and up in the air, but then it slowly began to disappear inch by inch into the mouth of the hot little bitch as she proceeded to give him head.  Now, the wife’s silky red hair bobbed up and down as proceeded to deepthroat Cecil’s proud animal.

To their amazement, they observed Julie’s pretty pink lips touch the top of her hand, meaning that she had just gobbled up over 8” of the thick black meat and that it had to be all the way down her fucking throat.  Both Mollway and Rich thought that it had been quite wise for the rather inexperienced beauty to grab hold of the lengthy cock in the way she did with both her hands or else she might just choke to death on the big fucking thing.  But right then the beauty surprised them by removing her right hand that was on the top and proceeded to take even more of the big fuckstick down her throat.

“Oh, yeah, baby!  Ohhhhh, Mrs. Morris ………………..yeahhhhh!  Ohhh, baby, yer a hot little cocksucker!” Cecil panted as he reached out to grasp her long silky red hair.  Pushing his hips forward, he then fed the struggling beauty an inch of the freed up cock, pushing it further down into her gullet.  Then Cecil slowly drew back to reveal his glistening stem, only to lean forward once again, this time coming to a stop by the top of her remaining left fist that was clamped over the base of his cockstem.  “Move yer hand, sweetie, cause ya’s gonna deepthroat me all the way!  C’mon, honey ………….ya can do it!” Cecil wheezed.  And upon hearing that command, the nervous beauty hesitantly let go of the sticky flesh tube as she knew full well that the monstrous cock would soon be pushed even further down her throat.

With the nose of the beautiful Mrs. Julie Morris now being rubbed up into the short kinky curls between Cecil Gibbons’ muscular loins, the onlookers had the same immediate thought as they both were wondering ‘My God, would her husband want her any more as his wife if he got to view this hot scene taking place in his bedroom?’  What a contrast of black and white this scene made, that of a lovely young white beauty’s face being rubbed into the ebony loins of a muscular black stud with her nose buried in the patch of kinky black hair.

For the next several minutes, the onlookers saw the lovely beauty’s ivory white hands pushing upon the muscular black thighs as she tried to keep from having the full 13 ½” length pushed down her gullet.  But with the strong hands at the back of her head pulling her too him, the young wife was helplessly overmatched, choking and gagging each time when the final three inches was forced down into her throat.  “Ah ……………….ah ……………….ah ……………..ah ……………ah ………ah …….ah ……ah ….ah …..ah  ………………………arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the roar of triumph from the big man as his ebony body shuddered.

Five seconds later, the lovely beauty at the end of the fuckstick began frantically squirming about, like that of a fish having just been speared.  It then became evident as to why she was squirming about in such a manner as her eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets as she evidently was unable to breathe around the thick cock that was ejaculating its thick seed down her gullet.  Fortunately, Cecil Gibbons mercifully pulled back and when his lengthy cock eased out of her pink lips, a deluge of thick cum pour down her chin as Cecil then blasted her square in the face with two huge streams of cummy jizz.  The innocent wife and elementary schoolteacher was certainly not fit for either role at the moment, not with the filthy smelly mess soiling her chin and front of her blouse.

Panting as she knelt on the carpet of the master bedroom, Julie looked at her tormentor as he now sat back upon the small loveseat while fisting his spent manhood as it drooped in exhaustion over the man’s big fist.  Slowly getting up off the carpet and standing before her uninvited guest as he fisted himself back to life, Julie began to unbutton the front of her cum-splattered blouse, exactly as prescribed by the hypnotic suggestion that Mollway had implanted in her mind the week earlier.  Then, with a clean portion of her blouse, she wiped up her cummy chin and lips before undoing the button to her skirt.  Dropping the blouse to the ground, the beautiful wife reached behind her back to unclip her lacy bra.

Bra undone and now lying partially upon her skirt on the carpet, Mollway licked his lips as the lovely beauty stepped out of her heels and then began to slide the lacy white panties down her trim hips.  This made such a beautiful little clip, and Mollway couldn’t wait as he nudged young Pastor Knowlton to advise “When I interview that foolish husband of hers, I’ll have him under a hypnotic spell and have him wondering about that pretty little wife of his!  With him under the spell, imagine when I play that scene of her sucking cock and then undressing!  But this next scene ought to be a great one!  Watch!”

Rich Knowlton couldn’t take his eyes off the monitor, watching as the lovely beauty whom he had wed to Ken Morris step shamelessly naked over to where Cecil Gibbons sat upon the loveseat while wanking as his drooping boner.  Seconds later, trim and beautifully manicured ivory white fingers were grasping the drooping ebony shaft, of which the lovely young wife was using to pull up its proud owner from the loveseat.  And indeed, should Ken Morris ever get to view this scene of his beautiful and supposedly faithful wife handling another man’s cock in such a manner and pulling him along to the marital bed, that would certainly make for an unforgettable imprint on his mind.

With the lovely Mrs. Julie Morris lying on her back naked upon her marital bed with legs high and wide up in the air, it was quite evident that the inexperienced young beauty had never before been eaten out when she panted out “What ………………..what are you doing?  Please ………………..please ………………..I need it ………………….put it in ……………….I need it in meeeeeee!”  That puzzled looked upon her lovely face told it all when she was told “Gonna eat me some of that tender redhaired little beaver of yers first, sugar!”  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………………….oh, my Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!” was her reaction to the thrilling sensation.

Trim manicured fingers grasping at the kinky hair, soft ivory thighs around the ebony face and feet locked together over the broad muscular back, the lust crazed beauty screamed with pleasure as she arched up into the wiggling tongue in her snatch began driving her crazy with lust.  “Oh, my God ………………………….oh, my God ………………………..oh, my Godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!” she cried out in sheer pleasure.  “Yes ………………..yes ……………………….eat me …………………………eat meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Oh, God ………………..yes …………………….yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!” she wailed as her petite body racked in a mind-shattering orgasm.

The beautiful young wife was coming back down to earth as her soon-to-be lover got himself into position and held her legs high with hands on the back of her ankles, Mollway nudged the young woman’s pastor sitting next to him, telling him “Watch what happens next when Gibbons tells her what he plans to do with her as gave him the phrase that’s been implanted deep in her subconscious and will snap her back to reality once she hears it!”  Cock at the entrance to the core of her being, ankles firmly in his grip as if he was getting ready to ride a wild bronco, Cecil Gibbons smiled as he spoke the magic phrase “Mrs. Morris, I’s gonna make ya my little honky bitch!”

A phrase that would normally never be spoken out loud in her presence had served to act as the catalyst in awakening her senses and tell her that this was not a dream or fantasy but an event actually taking place in the master bedroom of her home.  Eyes blinking in disbelief, then the now wide-eyed beauty tossed to an fro while frantically pleading “No ………………no …………………….I don’t want this to happen ………………..please, no ………………..no ………………….NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”  That last portion of her plea had ended up as a shrill screech of pain as the thick bloated ebony cockhead thrust forward to split her pink cunny lips, forcing it stretch wide as never before.

“STOP …………………..STOPPPPPPPPPP!  Please ……………..no …………….this is RAPE!  No …………………I said NO!  Stoppppppp!  Please, I beg you ………….I ………………..I’ve never been with anyone but my husband!” Julie cried out.  But her pleas fell upon deaf ears as even more of the thick ebony cudgel pushed forward into her ever so tight cunny, stretching her as never before.  “Stop ………….please!  It hurts ………….it hurts so badddddddddddd!  Oh, God ………………….you’re splitting me in two!  Please …………….……..please …………….…………..I don’t want this …………………..this is rapeee!  Stop ………….stop ……………..I beg you!” she sobbed.

For Cecil, having this beautiful wife frantically struggle to escape the assault upon her agonized body made the rape of a whiteboy’s prized possession so fucking fantastic.  “Oh, Mrs. Morris, so fuck’n tight …………………..tight like a little fuck’n virgin!  Ah, yeah ……………….gonna ‘ruin’ ya good ……………………ya’ll only want Cecil’s cock from now ………………..cause ya ain’t even gonna feel yer hubby’s little pecker any more!” Cecil hissed as he now was entering pure virgin territory, that beyond the reach of her whiteboy hubby.  “Owwwww ……………..………owwwwww …………..ohhhhhhhhhhh ……………..……nooooooooooo!” came the agonized cries from the beauty beneath him.

Being voyeurs to the rape of the lovely beauty, both former and current pastors were sporting hardons and squeezing at them through the fabric of their pants, with the only wish for both was to actually be present in the Morris’s bedroom themselves.  But it was quite a show Cecil Gibbons was putting on for them, first withdrawing back a full 12” from the ravaged body and then slamming that long thick ebony shaft up into the agonized beauty.  The big black rapist began to speed up the fuck, faster and faster the ebony bone pistoned in and out of the ravaged cunny, and soon it was up to jackhammer speed.

The cries and sobs of the sexy beauty as she tried to kick and push her rapist from her made it clear that she was quite frantic and in dire distress.  But then a sudden change took place as Cecil Gibbons bent forward to nibble at her earlobe and whisper the magic words that would have her back under the hypnotic spell, that of his telling her of her being a member of the ‘CDFB’ or more specifically a Cum Dump for Blacks.  Pushing hands and the kicking feet ceased, then those lovely hands were caressing the muscular back of her rapist and her sexy legs were seeking to lock themselves around his humping hips.

Cries and pleas had ceased, to now being replaced by desperate panting of “Oh, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee ……………………..fuck me …………………….deeper …………………..deeper …………………….faster ……………………faster!”  On the marital bed of the happily married couple, a frantic mating was taking place, only it was not between husband and wife as the dominant black male announced “Gonna breed ya, bitch!  Gonna breed ya right on the bed ya share with that whiteboy husband of yers!”  “Ahhhh ……………..ahhhhhhhh ……………………..I’m cumminggggggggggggggg!” the lovely beauty announced.  Then, with ebony cock fully embedded as the muscular buck’s black ass muscles twitched and convulsed, it was quite evident that the lovely white wife was being bred by the big black stud at that very instant.

Moments later, all was quiet and still in the master bedroom of the Morris’s home, with the large ebony body still atop and also in that of the petite young wife.  And then there finally was some movement on the bed as Cecil Gibbons eased off to the side, allowing the camera phone to capture the erotic scene of his limp but still enormous donkey-sized cock slip out of the beauty’s messy slit.  Glistening cock covered with splotches of cum slowly made its reappearance back out into the open air, inch after inch until finally the plum-sized cockhead plopped out of the confining cavern, to be immediately followed by a bubbling out of a thick slimy flow of cum.  It was like an oil well bubbling out its crude, only Julie Morris’ feminine well was bubbling out a slick of crude filthy cum.

Eighteen hours later, the windows in the Morris’ master bedroom were wide open to air out the heady smell of sex that permeated throughout the entire room.  It had been quite an event, with the participants exhausted after a near non-stop fuck and suck session between the once faithful wife and her black lover.  Not only had Julie Morris experienced orgasm after orgasm, but she had learned so many new ways in which to please a man, like that of being buggared up the ass and even grasping the throbbing hardon between the soft soles of her feet to bring him off with a footjob.  But her favorite positions were: doggie style and that of straddling her lover to ride him till he exploded far up in her fertile womb.

For Cecil Gibbons, he so much wanted this lovely redhaired beauty to be his permanently from that moment on, wanting her now rather than the outline planned with Mollway to slowly work things out over the next year or so.  Cecil knew that money would talk, and the suggestion of making a sizable contribution to the CDFB organization would have his desires met in no time, even with the demise of the marriage of the young couple creating a bit of a stir in the community of Presswood.  To have such a lovely beauty on his arm from here on in, that would certainly impress the scumbags he normally associated with and wish they were in his shoes.

And so, things were sped up very rapidly when Pastor Knowlton advised Ken Morris of wanting him to give his input to the marriage counselor as to having such a happy and successful marriage.  With the unsuspecting husband being hypnotized by Mollway, the suggestive thoughts and commands implanted in Ken Morris’ subconscious would lead to a very quick break-up of the once happy marriage to his lovely wife.  From then, each night his subconscious would playback that erotic scene in his mind, the one that he had viewed at the counselor’s office while under hypnosis.  And with Mollway having a follow-up session with Julie Morris a bit later, where he would implant even more suggestive implants and commands in her subconscious as to an upcoming motel rendevous she would have with Cecil Gibbons, the stage was then set for the upcoming eruption.

That Thursday afternoon after school let out, Julie got herself well fucked doggie sytle and filled to the brim with Cecil's hot sauce, she was sent on home where she then took off the cum soaked pair of panties.  She then used the saturated garment to wipe up her messy quim that was still bubbling up with spunk.  Balling up the pair of pink panties, she then hid the garment at the bottom of the partially filled hamper, with the thought of washing them on the weekend when she normally would do the laundry.  But unbeknownst to her, such thoughts and plans had been implanted deep in her subconscious at the last session at the marriage counselor’s office.

Changing after arriving home that day, Ken Morris opened the hamper and placed the dress shirt that he had worn that day into it.  But something deep in his mind had him digging down into the hamper, looking for the pair of pink panties that he had observed his lovely wife in early that morning.  It didn’t dawn on him that it shouldn’t be in there, not till his wife showered in the evening before bedtime, but there it was as he had suspected somehow.  It was all balled up as he retrieved it, then Ken’s face cringed and his body shuddered in disgust as he began peeling the starched garment apart.  Holding it up to his nose, the strong and powerful aroma of male semen hit him, just as did the visible sticky mess starching the garment together.

That Saturday, having cancelled out on a planned fishing trip with his buddies on the guise of having to work that day, Ken had still dressed the part of going fishing and left at the usual time.  Driving about aimlessly for a bit, he then returned home and parked out in the driveway, planning to tell Julie that he had forgotten something if nothing was amiss.  Still, he had seen the evidence for himself earlier that week and Ken knew for certain that there had to be another man in her life.  ‘Is she having an affair with a neighbor?  Was she seduced by the handsome teen delivering our paper each day?  Is it someone I know?’ he wondered.

A bit later, quietly opening the front door and then closing it behind of him, Ken looked about but saw nothing amiss as yet.  There was no noise and Ken had to wonder if Julie had gone back to bed although she had planned on dressing to go out and meet her friends for coffee, or so she had advised before he had left.  Then he could make out some noise coming from down the hallway and in following the noise that sounded like squeaking springs, Ken was soon approaching the master bedroom from where now thumping sounds began emanating.  And then he heard the sounds of his wife whimpering some.

“Ahh ………………ahhh ……………….ahh ………………..ahhh!” Julie panted out as her black lover skewered his lengthy cock in and out of her vagina.  “Oh ………….yes …………….yes ……………….faster …………………faster …………………..fuck me faster!” she encouraged.  Sliding up and down her marital bed in timing with the fuck strokes of her partner, a movement from the corner of her eye then caught Julie’s attention.  Still sliding up and down upon the bed, Julie’s eyes widened in horror as she focused upon the figure standing right there in the frame of the doorway, a figure she immediately recognized.  It was her stunned and shocked husband standing there watching her adulterous affair, staring intently as Mr. Gibbons sliced his long ebony cock in and out of her gripping snatch.

Needless to say, that brought about a quick end to the once happy marriage between Julie and Ken Morris.  The plan by Ken Morris was to fight for everything in divorce court, to give his ex-wife nothing for having cheated on him, but that plan was quickly dropped the day after two black hoodlums cornered him in the parking structure at his work place and beat him to a pulp before throwing him in the backseat of his car.  Before the car door was closed by his attackers, the threat stuck in his head, that of “Ya let yer purty wife take what she wants!  If’n we’s gotta come on back to take care of ya again, when we’s leave, ya’s gonna be searching around fer what’s ya’s now got between yer legs!  Understand, sonny boy?”

End of Story.