Pimped by Her Own Pastor - III
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff of the earlier
stories entitled:  ‘Victim’s Violated Vacation’, ‘Pastor’s a Pimp 1 & 2’,
and ‘Pimped by Her Own Pastor 1 & 2’
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Having just met with lovely Kelly Garrison, who had just returned from college during the spring break and had come to the church to reserve a wedding date in June following her graduation, Pastor Richard Knowlton had discussed the church’s procedure for marriage participants to meet with a famed counselor who is assisting the church in a study of marital relationships.  In congratulating the young beauty on her recent engagement, taking her left hand to admire and compliment her on the beautiful diamond ring adorning her finger, but Rich was picture her soft manicured fingers giving him the pleasure of a delightful handjob.

Walking her outside, the lovely blonde beauty looked like an angel in the setting with the small lake providing quite a backdrop.  “Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule this week to see Mr. Mollway this Thursday afternoon, Kelly!” he advised.  “Oh, no problem, Pastor Knowlton, it’s best I get it out of the way now while I’m back as I know for certain that I’ll really be going crazy as the wedding date nears!” the lovely bride-to-be replied.

Looking at the beauty in her red blouse and black skirt, her sweet innocence just beamed as Rich told her to pose for a snapshot so he could put it on the church’s website advising of her upcoming wedding.  With Kelly readily agreeing with a pose, the innocent beauty merely assumed that it would be viewed by members of the congregation, not a cult of lusty black men who would ante up quite a large sum of money to win the bidding right of ‘ruining’ a beautiful bride-to-be.  And at that moment, her very own pastor was wondering how high a bid would be reached for the privilege to get between Kelly’s sexy white legs.

For Ralph Mollway, formerly Pastor Mollway, he had willingly giving up the holier than thou life for financial rewards as well as for pleasures of the flesh.  And now with him having the goods on the young foolish Pastor Rich Knowlton, old Mollway was beginning to really gather in the big rewards through the exploitation of the unsuspecting members of the Presswood Congregation Church …………all thanks to their very own pastor.  On that last occasion, Ralph knew that getting the young fool to participate sexually with the beautiful member selected from his congregation would have him wanting even more.  And to donate 10% of the proceedings to the church’s coffer certainly served to tighten his hold on the young fool.

With the website providing a lot of lovely unsuspecting beauties for choose from, like that of a shopping catalog, the devious old bastard figured that there must be a way to get the prospective customers to be willing to part with even more for their selected purchase.  Aware of various auction sites on the internet, old Mollway had correctly surmised that his idea could be done, that he only needed to hire the expertise needed to achieve his goals.  ‘Hmmm, yes, this might just work!  Instead of me negotiating with the customer as the price he’s willing to pay for the selected merchandise, if I announce a certain product sale with time for bidding and an end time for the auction, that might just be the answer!’ he concluded.

For the past two weeks, having hired a young computer whiz, the template had been set up on his computer and Ralph had learned what he needed to do to make ‘product’ changes.  He had told the young computer whiz that he was in the line of selling women’s jewelry, thus he watched carefully and took notes as to how to make changes with the topics and pictures placed on the website.  And the young fellow even had it done with the timer counting down to when the auction would end and announce the winning bidder along with the amount of his winning bid, which Ralph figured would make the bidding even more exciting and produce even higher bids in future auctions.  Also, he learned how to display short video clips on the sight if that would be needed to drum up business.

To get the bidding site noticed by the potential customers, Mollway decided to give them something that served to stimulate their palates, thus began to upload some samples pics as well as a couple short video flicks.  ‘You could have been the lucky one who bought this lovely beauty!’ the title read over the picture of lovely Kristin Corbett.  With a note to click onto the picture of the in her blue outfit and carrying her briefcase, a short video clip showed her under hypnosis as the viewer could watch her respond and hear the audio of:  Question: “Have you had sex with your fiancé?” Ans: “No!”  Question: “Are you still a virgin?”  Ans:  “Yes!”  Question:  “Are you planning to save your virginity for your wedding night!”  Ans: “Yes!”

A second photo, of the lovely beauty naked and balled up, and under it the caption read ‘click on and you could have had this pleasure’!   “Stoppppppppppppppppppppppp! Stoppppppppppppppppppppp!  Please ………………please ……………………no, nooooooooooooooooo, stopppppppppppppppppppppp!  Please ………………….pleased don’t rape me!  Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  I don’t want this!” Kristin Corbett could be heard sobbing to stop the horrible event from taking place.  As the strong black hands could be seen pulling her back to the jutting penis poking up against her vagina, then came a piercing scream “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she screamed out in agonizing pain as her attacker lunged forward and penetrated her.  And then he reared back out and lunged once again, Kristin let out a shrilling “Nooooooooooooooooooooo………..noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

‘Perhaps your dream is to possess a lovely redhead, huh!’ Mollway typed next.  Click onto the picture below and watch this lovely young wife being hypnotized, see how its done and learn the inner secrets of this beauty.   Question:  “What’s your favorite sex position in bed!”  Ans:  “We’ve always made love together, with my husband atop of me!  I’ve heard it’s called the missionary position!”  Question:  “Have you ever thought of having sex with another man?”  Ans: “No!  Never!”  Question:  “How would you feel if a big muscular black bastard was atop of you and was about to have sex with you?”  Ans:  “I would absolutely die of shame!”

‘Want to hear more?’ Mollway added above the next picture placed on the website, a picture of Mrs. Julie Morris grasping a male hardon through his pants.  ‘Click onto this picture and see more of the beauty while hypnotized and watch as she’s wanks off her own pastor.  Upon click the photo, another video clip showed:  Question:  “Tell me, Mrs. Morris, have you ever given a blowjob?”  Ans:  “I don’t know what you mean!  What is a blowjob?”  Question:  “Have you ever taken a penis into your mouth and sucked upon it till it ejaculated in your mouth?”  Ans:  “No!  Never!”  Question:  “And why not?”  Ans:  “Because ………………..it’s too filthy a thing to do!”  And then the flick showed how the hypnotized beauty was made to wank off what she believed to be her husband’s cock …………….with no clue that she was giving such pleasure to her own pastor!

Ralph Mollway knew that the voodoo network, catering to bevy of evil and lusty black men, donated a ton of money in exchange to sate their desire for lovely female beauties.  He also knew that it was a rather large network, but as to the extent of its size, Ralph could only speculate.  Through the chatroom of the voodoo network, he had added on url of the upcoming auction website that he had been working on, then kept them posted as to when it was ready that past Friday morning.  Since then, with just three full days having gone by, Ralph was totally flabbergasted in seeing that the auction site had over 60,000 hits.

Having gotten the call from Pastor Knowlton advising of a need to schedule a premarital counseling session for a Miss Kelly Garrison that upcoming Thursday afternoon, old Mollway was excited at the prospect, especially after learning that she was some beauty.  Knowing that the young bride-to-be was in Pastor Knowlton’s office at the time of the call, he had quizzed the young pastor:  Question: “Is she a young beauty?”  Ans: “Yes!”  Question: “Blonde?”  Ans:  “Yes!”  Question: “Age?”  Ans: “22!”  Question: “A virgin?”  Ans:  “I believe so!”  Question:  “What would you like, Rich?  For her to wank you off or suck you off!”  Ans: “Th ………….the second one!”

Having instructed the young pastor to update the church’s website that day, Mollway then copied the picture of the beautiful bride-to-be and put her up on the auction block, telling the network followers that the bidding for lovely Kelly Garrison would commence that Friday.  With her premarital session to take place that Thursday, Mollway planned on adding a video clip of the lovely beauty, especially that part when he asked if she was still a virgin.  If indeed she still was cherry, that would certainly up the ante, perhaps by over ten thousand.  Looking at the picture of the lovely young blonde as she posed on the steps in her red blouse and black skirt, he wondered how much this beauty would fetch, how much a guy would cough up if her cherry was still intact.

Thursday afternoon arrived with the lovely Kelly Garrison showing up for the scheduled appointment after she had lunched with her close girlfriends from high school.  Dressed in a white blouse, yellow skirt and 3” white heels had Mollway’s balls in a knot, just as the beauty had her own pastor hot and horny as he peeked out from the slits of the closet door.  Greeted by the elderly man who seemed quite pleasant, Kelly went over to the patient’s chair as indicated, seating herself in the familiar type of chair that one would find in a psychologist’s or psychiatry office.  The interview, according to the fellow, apparently was to do more research than to preach about what to expect or not expect during marriage.

And when asked if she had ever been hypnotized or had any objections in him seeing if hypnosis worked on her, merely to remove any thoughts or normal hesitations of one’s answering personal question, Kelly laughed as she advised that she had never been hypnotized and indicated that she didn’t think she could be hypnotized as she really didn’t believe in it.  When Mr. Mollway asked her permission to try, Kelly laughed and advised “Sure, go ahead!  But I think you’ll be wasting your time on me!”  Told to relax as she had her legs up on the curved couch and rested back them upon it, Kelly smiled in seeing the bright sparkling gem slowly swinging before her face, causing her to giggle as this was like those hokie shows on television.

Two minutes later, with everything being filmed and recorded, this excerpt would be added onto Mollway’s auction website:  Question: “How old are you, Kelly?”  Ans:  “Twenty-one!  I’ll be twenty-two next month!”  Question: “Have you and your fiancé made love?”  Ans: “No!”  Question: “Are you still a virgin, Kelly?”  Ans: “Yes!”  Question: “What liberties have you allowed your fiancé?”  Ans: “Kissing!  Embracing!  Touching a little!”  Question: “Have you ever touched his penis in the flesh?”  Ans: “No!”  Question:  “Has he put his hand down your panties?”  Ans: “No ………..but he tried!”  Question:  “Has he played with your titties?”  Ans: “Only touched them through my clothing!”

At this point, Mollway signaled for his guest to come out of the closet and stand behind the head of the couch.  He then continued his questioning with:  Question: “Have you fantasized having your fiancé pushing up your blouse and bra to slide his hand up and play with your breasts?”  Ans: “Yes!”  Question: “Would you like knowing how pleasurable that would be?”  Ans: “Yes!”  Mollway:  “Good, my dear!  Your good pastor is here to help you achieve that!  Relax and pretend that he is your handsome fiancé and you shall experience that pleasure!”

Seeing Mollway signal for him to come around to the side of the couch, Rich’s cock was ready to bust through the seams as he came around to the side of the hypnotized beauty.  Having heard the questions and answers, Rich was breathing hard in anticipation, realizing that he was being given the privilege of exposing the breasts of this lovely beauty, with the idea of her own pastor touching her so naughtily being so thrilling.  Dropping to his knees, Rich reached over to grasp the bottom of her white blouse and proceeded to pull the garment out from her yellow skirt. Then he proceeded to unbutton the blouse so as not to have it all creased and wrinkled.

White lacy bra now exposed as the front of the blouse was peeled to the sides, Mollway went to grab an another camcorder to get a better close-up clip of Pastor Knowlton taking advantage of a beautiful member of his congregation.  ‘Hmmm, putting it all together from all angles, this could be a big seller on the open market!’ he thought.  ‘The Preying Pastor’ was the initial title that came to Mollway’s devious mind as he observed Rich baring the beautiful twin pink capped titties by pushing up the lacy bra.  Filming the weak-willed young pastor move his hands up to cup the twin beauties, caressing the soft fleshy globes, he then captured him thumbing the hardening pink nipples.  Then her pastor was mouthing and suckling one peak after the other, tonguing the pretty buds.

Signaled to back away and stand, Rich did so in hopes of Mollway getting Kelly to do what she had never done before nor would ever do in her right mind ……………getting her to suck his cock!  He listened as Mollway commenced the suggestive implants into innocent Kelly’s mind, his cock tenting his pants in anticipation of what was to come as he listened:  Mollway’s question: “Kelly, do you want to please for fiancé?”  Ans: “Yes!”  Question: “Do you want to please him physically?”  Ans: “Yes!”  Question:  “Did you know that a man loves for a woman to please him with her mouth?”  Ans: “No!”  Question: “Would you like to learn how to please your fiancé with your lips and tongue?”  Ans: “Yes!”  Following that exchange, Mollway then advised “Now slide your legs off the couch and sit up, sweetie!  Thanks it!  Now slide off and kneel down upon that soft fleece rug!  That’s it, now Pastor Knowlton is willing to stand in as you practice for your fiancé!”

Indeed, this would be a prize winning film depicting how a real holier than thou preacher man took care of a member of his flock, especially a beautiful female member of his congregation.  And now, with the young beauty following Mollway’s instruction by reaching in with her trim and soft manicured fingers, her pastor was moaning “Ooooohhhhhhh, Kelly …………………………oh, so goooddddddddddddd!  Oh, yesssssssssss!”  “You’re obviously pleasing him with your lovely hands the way he’s moaning, Kelly!  But what would please any man, especially if he’s not your husband, would be to stroke him with your hand the other way!  Yes, that’s it!  Just the sight of your sparkling diamond ring atop a man’s cock gets him excited!  Now reach into his pants with your right hand and palm his swollen balls!” Mollway instructed the inexperienced beauty.

Looking down at the exquisite site of lovely Kelly Garrison on her knees, seeing the sparkling diamond ring atop of the soft petite hand stroking his cock while her other hand played with his balls that were hidden in his pants.  Shivering from the absolute pleasure as his cock pulsated in her soft gripping fist, Rich’s bloated cockhead flared wide as he forced himself to hold back and resist the temptation of fulfilling a fantasy ………….that of ejaculating his pent-up holy white wine right into her beautiful innocent face, soiling her lovely features with his hot creamy spunk.  Rich sucked in his breath upon hearing Mollway instruct Kelly with “Now part your beautiful pink lips and flick your tongue up against the tip of him!”

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, my Goddddddddddddddddd!” Rich shuddered as he threw his head back, nearly popping his load on Kelly beautiful face when her wet tongue brushed up against the tip of his bloated cockhead.  “That’s it, Kelly!  Now trace the rim of Pastor Knowlton’s cock with your talented tongue!” came Mollway’s instruction.  Seconds later, more instructions were called out for Kelly to “A couple more times, only faster!  That’s it, now gobble his cock!  Deep throat him!”  No longer could Rich stand as he reached forward with both hands to clasp at the back of Kelly blonde head, pushing his throbbing cock into her open mouth, groaning “Oh, my Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!”

Observing the inexperienced beauty perform on her very first cock, Mollway instructed her to “Let go of his cock so he can push his boner down your throat, honey!  Put your hand on his ass and pull him to you!  That’s it, swallow all of his cock!  Keep playing with his balls!  Honey, when gets about ready to popping his load in your sucking mouth, you’ll feel his balls tighten up in the palm of your hand before they pop!”  And as Rich fucked at Kelly’s beautiful face, a pace now so fast that it was evident that he would soon be cumming, Mollway issued his last instruction for Kelly to “Now look up, sweetie!  Let your pastor look into your beautiful blue eyes as he cums in your mouth!”

“Oh, God …………………oh, God …………………..oh, yes ………………..suck me, Kelly …………………………..suck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Arggggggggggggggggg!” Rich groaned out, seeing the beauty’s eyes widen as his bloated cockhead flared before he exploded.  Hands clutching at her silky blonde hair, thrilled as seeing the scared look in her eyes, Rich let loose a stream of his hot jizz at the back of her throat.  As Kelly gagged and gurgled, forced to swallow the slimy cum load he had ejaculated or choke on it, Rich let loose another stream of his holy wine for her to get a good taste of him this time.

Totally spent with his now aching balls drained, Rich’s flaccid penis slipped from the pair of succulent pink lips, causing him to nearly stumble backwards on weak legs.  Then he was being handed a camcorder as Mollway advised for him to get some close-ups of Kelly Garrison blowing him.  Now the old guy was standing before the still kneeling blonde beauty, telling Kelly “Okay, sweetie, now let’s see if you remember all what you’ve just been taught!”  A moment later, the old guy was wheezing out “Ah, that’s it, honey!  Oh, yeah ……………..lick it!  Oh, geezzzzzzzz, you’re a fuck’n natural!”  Then shortly, Mollway wheezed out “Now look up honey, cause I’m cummmmmmmmingggg ……………………..oh, Lordie, yessssssssssssssssssssssssss!”

An hour later, in her old room back at her parents’ home where she was spending her spring vacation, Kelly removed her heels and put them in her closet as she pulled her blouse from her skirt and began to unbutton the garment.  Tossing the blouse onto her bed as she planned on putting it in the wash, Kelly then undid the button to her yellow skirt as she planned on hanging it up in the closet for another use, but then she noticed a small white stain on the front.  Using her thumbnail, Kelly scraped off most of the crusty stain but still it left a slight discoloration.  Noticing a smaller white stain at the bottom of her skirt, she then tossed the skirt onto the bed for a wash.  Having had spaghetti with white clam sauce for lunch that day, Kelly innocently thought that was what had gotten onto her skirt.

At Ralph Mollway’s office, the lusty former pastor had just finished uploading the auction site with the picture of Kelly posing at the church, her background information, as well as some video clip of the questions and answers provided under hypnosis.  With the main portion of the video concentrated around her inexperience and the fact that her virginity was still intact, that she was saving it for her wedding night that summer, Mollway punched in the starting bid at a mere $25,000.  Looking over the picture of her posing, he then proofed the background information: Age: 21; Date of Birth: 04/22/1986; Color of Hair: Blonde; Color of Eyes: Blue; Height: 5’5”; Weight: 120 lbs.; Occupation:  Student – Senior at Meridian University, majoring in psychology.

With this new auction site, to avoid any tracks of funds coming in to him and being forwarded offshore, Mollway had made the necessary contacts in the network where the winning bidder would be sending the proceeds to the CDFB organization’s offshore account.  Either he’d await for word of funds being deposited into the account or he’d be wired to proceed as the bidder had outstanding credit with the organization assurance that all was a go.  And with his advising the code name provided by the winning bidder, the organization would then come back with the name and phone number for details to be arranged by phone as to how the exchange of ‘property’ would be arranged, thereby leaving no other traceable information on the organization nor customer.

For Mollway, time would be of the essence with the auction schedule for Friday as Kelly Garrison was scheduled to depart early Tuesday.  With much more control and surety of his suggestive comments taking effect through direct hypnosis, he wanted to have everything fully taken care of before the sexy bitch departed as doing it by phone left too much to chance.  With the kind of bucks involved here, a failure on his part would certainly be frowned upon by the CDBF organization, which Mollway considered the most important aspect in his life at this time.  Using the guise of wanting to go over the results of their last session, another short one was scheduled for Monday afternoon, ‘short’ in her mental awareness but subconsciously Kelly was not to schedule anything for two hours after the session began.

At Friday noon, the auctioned commenced with a bang as the minimum bid of $25,000 was made the second the bidding started.  $25,100; $25,300; $25,500; $25,750; $26,000 and so it went for the two hour scheduled auction.  Bids slowed a bit after it hit the $30,000 mark but now it seemed that the players were quite serious and trying to play their cards right without having to bid things up unnecessarily.  It was forty grand with just an hour to go, with Mollway excitedly thinking that this first auction surely might go as high as fifty grand.  He watched as the fifty grand mark was quite near with just five minutes to go.

Then things went nuts on the bidding:  $50,000; $52,000; $55,000; $58,000; $60,000; $65,000 and a minute to go!  ‘Shit, they really want this bitch bad!’ Mollway chuckled out lout, nudging young Pastor Knowlton who he had invited over to watch the auctioning off of this beauty , especially since it was his doing that this lovely member of his congregation was being sold off online to some rich horny black bastard who would love the of copping Kelly Garrison’s precious cherry.  Then, with it down to fifteen seconds, Mollway’s eyes widened as the bid hit $70,000, then bam - $100,000 at the close!  Some horny bastard had bid a hundred grand for young Kelly Garrison!

Emailing in the winning bidder’s code name and number, along with the amount of the winning bid, Mollway would have to hope that he got back a response before Monday afternoon.   “Whadda can ya say, Rich!  You’re gonna get yourself or your congregation ten percent donated to you as your share of the proceeds!  Ten grand, my friend!  You gonna be here on Monday, aren’t you?  See if pretty Kelly remembers what we taught her this week!  Your last chance with this innocent little beauty, cause she ain’t gonna be very innocent once her horny black benefactor ‘ruins’ the bitch!  Wanna ‘69’ her ………….she sucks you while you eat out her pussy?” Mollway chuckled.

It was just five minutes after he had notified the organization of the successful auction and the codename provided when an email response came in advising that the bidder’s credit was good for the amount of the winning bid.  Then it advised ‘Winning bidder is awaiting your call and shall be available for the next half-hour!  Please contact him at once!  Make contact with Mr. Amos Thompson at (346) 745-6789, ext. 115!  Advise receptionist of your being with the organization and she’ll put you through!’

Putting the phone on speaker so Pastor Knowlton could be in on it, Mollway then dialed the number provided on the email.  Both their jaws dropped when the phone was answered by the receptionist with “Good afternoon, Meridian University!  Can I help you?”  Speechless for a second, Mollway then advised “Extension 115 please!  This is Pastor Mollway of the Christian Devotees for Brotherhood calling!”  Then the receptionist advised “Yes, I’ll connect you right away!  Professor Thompson is awaiting your call!”  Before the connection was made, Mollway quickly inquired “Before you connect me, tell me, what department is Professor Thompson in?”  “Oh, Professor Thompson is the head of the Psychology Department!” came the response.

“Professor Thompson!” came the deep voice answering the phone.  “Professor, Pastor Mollway of the CDFB!  Congratulations on being the winning bidder!  As you know, our conversation is strictly confidential, so you can speak freely!” Mollway advised.  “Yes, I’m aware of that, Pastor!  A fine island lady ……………a mutual acquaintance of ours, has told me of her teaching you how to master the art of hypnosis, something which I have tried but have yet to master!  Perhaps I can have you come to the university as a guest lecturer to demonstrate what a psychologist can do through the art of hypnosis!  And I can assure you of some worthwhile subject matter ……………………….like what I purchased today!” the professor advised.

Mollway was intrigued at the idea and advised that perhaps that could be arranged in the near future.  “In seeing your location and occupation, I believe you are already familiar with your purchase item!” Mollway advised.  And to which Professor Thompson replied “Yes, indeed, but just a bit as I certainly want get very familiar from now on!  The lovely Miss Garrison had been in several classes of mine over the past couple years and currently in two this semester before she graduates!  I was curious as to your new auction site when I first pulled it up and just couldn’t believe it when you posted up her picture and background!  You would not believe how many wet dreams that young lady has been responsible for ………………….those trim white legs so properly crossed while sitting in the classroom, how prim and proper she always is!  Damn, I’ve wanted her from the first time I saw her enter my Psychology 101 class years ago!”

That Monday, when Kelly showed up at the office, she was surprised to see Pastor Knowlton there but was put at ease by Mr. Mollway who conveyed that he was just showing her pastor how the entire procedure went along step-by-step.  Then Mollway shook his head in addressing her pastor with “This young lady has really stumped me in using my hypnosis technique as it just doesn’t seem to work on her like the others!”  Kelly was really put at ease at this point as she giggled “I did warn you ahead of time!  It’s just that my not believing in it prevented me from going under such a spell!”  Asked if she’d mind if he tried again one more time, Kelly laughed and plopped herself down on the patient’s couch and  raised her legs up onto it and told him “Go right ahead but you’ll just be wasting your time!”

A moment later, Kelly stood up from the couch and walked through the open doorway that Mr. Mollway held open for her as Pastor Knowlton followed.  Door closed and locked, Kelly stood in the large bedroom-like setting as the two men got seated.  “Pretend that you are at home and in the process of disrobing before taking a shower, that no one is in the room with you!  Take all of your clothing off, Kelly!” Mollway advised.  Stepping out of her heels, Kelly proceeded to unbutton her blouse, removing it and placing it atop of the empty chair.  Reaching back, unclasping her bra, then that too was placed upon the chair.  Skirt unbuttoned, stepped out of, then it going her other clothing.  Lacy white panties pulled down to reveal her golden treasure, then Kelly was stepping out of the flimsy garment.

Instructed to walk over to the king-sized bed and lie down upon it, Kelly complied.  “Now, Kelly, you will learn of another technique in pleasing a man with your lips and tongue!  Remember what you learned last week?” she was asked.  “Yes!” came the reply.  “Good!  Again, Pastor Knowlton has volunteered as the subject matter for you to practice upon!  Only this time, he’ll teach you how a man pleases a woman in the same manner and at the very same time!” Mollway advised.  After Rich Knowlton had climbed up on the bed, with Kelly instinctively wrapping her hand upon the cock brushing up against her lips, Mollway instructed “Lie on your back and open your thighs, Kelly!  Yes ……………..…….wider ……………a bit more so he can get his head between your legs!”

With slurping and mewling sounds coming from where both heads were located, Mollway advised “That is how both a man and woman can please one another with their lips and tongue at the same time!  It’s known as the classic ‘69’ position!”  As the younger pastor and his lovely congregation member proceeded to eat out one another, old Mollway eyed up the long, trim and flawless legs of the sexy beauty as his boner was now tenting his pants.  A need to sate his fetish for sexy legs and feet, one that he had foregone earlier in getting the beauty to practice her blowjob technique, he proceeded around the bed to where her lovely feet were.

Pants unzipped and cock whipped out, Mollway’s pudgy hands reached down to grab the bitch by the ankles and raised her pretty petite feet up.  Leaning forward, the old bastard pushed his throbbing pecker up the length of the sole pink sole of her left foot, then repeated that action on her right foot.  “Ohhh, Kelly, you’ve got such pretty feet!  Now curl your tiny toes for me!” he instructed.  “Oh, yes, that’s it!  I’m going to show you how to please a guy with your sexy little feet!  How to toss a guy with your pretty pink toes!  Ohhhhh!” Mollway groaned as he looked down at her pretty pedicured toes while proceeding to fuck himself between her soft pink soles.

It was quite a session in the bedroom, one that the beauty’s professor at Meridian U. was agreeable to, provided that her virginity remained intact and that he’d be given a disc of his beautiful psychology student ‘69’ing with her own pastor.  The bedroom session turned out to be quite a precision timed event, with all three participants reaching a wild climax at the very same instant.  With Kelly’s petite body convulsing wildly, her pastor was loudly grunting “Praise the Lord!” as he ejaculated into her sucking mouth, all while old Mollway was creaming on her pretty pink toes.

Still in her hypnotized stupor, a rag was used to wipe her wet chin as well as to clean her drenched feet before Kelly was instructed to take a shower in the adjoining bathroom.  Dressed once again and back in the office, Mollway proceeded to put on the finishing touches for when she returned to college that next day.  With a picture of her psychology professor brought up on the screen, implanted into her mind was that all personal instructions that she would receive from Professor Thompson were her duty to obey.  And anything sexual that the professor didn’t want her to remember was to be wiped from her memory and only remain deep in her subconscious.  All the details Mollway had covered with her generous ‘buyer’ were instilled in her mind and to be enacted upon when she returned to campus.

On her first day back to her Advanced Psychology class, following Professor Thompson’s announcement of a paper due at the end of the semester, Kelly found the need to inquire about the appropriate topic by going to see the professor during his open office hours that afternoon.  It had all been instilled into her mind to go to see him once the paper being due was announced, something that Professor Thompson had requested upon making his purchase, with more to be triggered upon Professor Thompson’s mentioning of her belonging to the ‘Cum Dump for Blacks’ (CDFB) organization.  Triggered when discussing the paper with her professor, all was blank in Kelly innocent mind as she sat in the chair facing the front of the desk.

Eyes open, seeing everything but mind registering nothing, it just seemed like she was floating about in a dream and what took place in the office was a part of that dream.  Thus, that large calloused hand sliding down into the vee of her blouse did not bother her, nor as the thick fingers attempted to slide beneath the bra cup.  Sensations took place between her legs when a thick finger inserted itself under her bracup and flicked at her budding nipple.  Entire hand now cupping her breast, then it was straining her bra as moved over to fondle her other breast.

“You did well in sucking your pastor, Miss Garrison!  I jerked off the past two days from when that disc arrived!  Now show me what Pastor Mollway has taught you to do with that pastor of yours, huh!” Professor Thompson advised after removing his from her blouse and moving in front of her.  And now the prettiest student in his class, a prim and proper young lady, was reaching up to grasp the top of his pants with one hand while unzipping it with the other.  “Ahhhhh, yesssssss!” he moaned as a petite manicured hand delved right into the open in search of his throbbing hardon.

Having taken the precaution of locking the door once he had her under the hypnotic spell, there still was not much time as other students could be dropping by for a conference during the open office hours.  “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he moaned as round and round the sexy bitch went with her hot little tongue over the rim of his cock.  “Ohhh, Jezzzzz!” he panted as the beautiful bitch went right down on him, her left hand shucking at the base shucking him with diamond ring sparkling at him, and her right hand in his pants cradling his walnut-sized balls!  Hands on the back of her silky blonde head, baby blue eyes looking up at him, he wheezed “Cumming, sweetie ………………………eat it ……………………..eat it all …………………………oh, yeah, Miss Garrisonnnnnn!”

Moments later, Kelly blinked her eyes as Professor Thompson was tapping the top of her hand and asking “Are you okay, Miss Garrison?”  Blinking rapidly in her stupor, Kelly took the cup of water that the professor was handing to her and advising “Here, drink this!  You look a bit flush!  Maybe the jetlag in coming back from spring break, huh!”  Realizing that she was in Professor Thompson’s office, her mind a bit blank, then Kelly recalled why she had come here in the first place when the professor advised “Don’t get stressed out about the paper, Kelly!  You’ve got a solid ‘A’ going so there’s no way you’ll drop below a ‘B’ grade!”  Feeling lightheaded as she swallowed the water, Kelly could not make out the rather slippery salty taste in her mouth, thinking that it must have been a result of the lunch she bought earlier in the cafeteria.  Escorted to the door by her concerned professor, Kelly assured him that she was fine at this point and would head home to her apartment for a nap.

Telling his receptionist that he would not be seeing anyone else during the normal open office hours, advising that he wasn’t feeling well, Amos then went back into his office and locked the door before turning off the camcorders.  Turn on the television monitor, he then played back what the camcorders had captured of Ms. Kelly Garrison’s visit.  Cock well drained, still feeling the exquisite sensation of her succulent lips around him, Amos smiled as he watched a replay of the blowjob he’d fantasized about for so many years.  ‘Damn, that was a fuck’n good initial return on my investment!’ he chuckled.

Having finished dinner with the girls at the sorority, Kelly realized that she had an appointment to keep at 8 p.m. but was a bit puzzled as to it being scheduled at night.  It was to take care of a problem with a grade, the nature or subject a bit of a puzzle but her rational mind just told her to there promptly.  She looked at the address written on the note that she had in her purse, but her mind had her dismissing any questions or concerns about it.  ‘A dress ……………and heels ………..to meet a professor?’ was a brief instant of rational thinking only to be quickly dismissed and forgotten as she zipped up her dress, something that was normally too elegant for campus use unless going out on a date.

Ringing the buzzer at the address of a professor’s cottage on the far side of campus, Kelly sucked in her breath as she exclaimed “Professor Thompson!”  “Come in, my dear, I was expecting you!  You’re interested in becoming a member of the CDFB, aren’t you …………….a ‘Cum Dump for Blacks’, huh?” he asked, knowing that phrase would instantly turn on the hypnotic suggestions that Mollway had planted in her mind.  As she followed him into his home, with three camcorders recording every movement, as prearranged, he then asked “You did say that you wanted to meet and discuss your grade for this semester, didn’t you, Miss Garrison?”

Programmed into her subconscious from that Monday afternoon session with Mr. Mollway, Kelly nodded a ‘yes’ and then reached up to the back of her dress.  Clasp unhooked and zipper drawn down, she then pushed the dress off her shoulders and let the garment fall to puddle around her heels!  “You win, Miss Garrison, you’ll have the ‘A’ that you want if you’ll continue ………………….and have sex with me as you promised!” the professor advised, knowing that this was perfect for the recording.  With this caught on tape, although he’d be on there having sex with a student, it would be viewed at being due her enticement.

Bra removed to reveal her beautiful pink capped titties, Professor Thompson couldn’t resist the urge as he moved forward to suckle upon them as her hands clasped the back of his head. Having gotten her nipples stiff and hard in the process, he then stepped back to let her continue stripping off her clothing.  Now just in a pair of white heels, he was eager once again, this time kneeling on her strewn clothing as he bent some and craned his neck up a bit so he could mouth her sex, getting the blonde beauty to emit a squeal “Ohhhhhh, Professor ………………………….Professor Thompsonnnnnnnnn!”  Wiggling his tongue up in her snatch as her fingers clutched at his kinky hair, he soon had the prim and proper little bitch orgasming in his slurping mouth as she screamed out “Aaaaaaaaaaaaah ……………………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Panting from that mind-shattering orgasm with mind still in its hypnotic stupor, Kelly found herself being pulled to Professor Thompson’s bedroom while clad only in her 3” heels.  Once on the bed, her heels were gently removed as the department head caressed her feet and even bent forward to take her toes into his mouth as Kelly felt his tongue licking between them.  Still panting from her recent orgasm, she felt her thighs being spread wide as her professor began to settle his muscular black body between them.  She trembled as he suckled upon her breasts once again, then was kissing her passionately.  In her confused stupor, Kelly was unaware of the camcorders about the room capturing her in bed with Professor Thompson.

Not only was it all being recorded, but it was being broadcast to a computer located far away, back in her hometown of Presswood, with two excited men watching on the other end.  Her phony pre-marital counselor and her own pastor, neither of whom were ashamed to have unzipped his pants and wanking at his sexual organ while intently watched her seduction.  “Do you think he’s going to do it?” her pastor asked, a question which got him an ‘are-you-stupid’ look, to which he clarified it with “I mean ……..snap her out of it ………..before he rapes her?”  “I sure as hell hope so!” came the chuckling response from the former priest and now so-called marriage counselor.

As the two men watched the lovely bride-to-be in the process of being raped by her purchaser, a lusty professor at her college, it was evident that the black bastard was thoroughly enjoying feeling up her long sexy white legs as he mouthed and bit at her pointed pink nipples.  As the professor’s muscular black shuffled up some, grabbing both wrists of the prone beauty to raise her arms up over her head and holding them there, Pastor Knowlton muttered out “Look!  He’s going to do it soon!  He’s licking her ear telling her something …………………gonna snap her out of it soon …………..now he’s getting Kelly to wrap her legs around him ……………….and she’s locking her ankles together now!”

Blinking her eyes rapidly, trying to focus them and make out where she was upon snapping out of her hypnotic stupor, Kelly gasped as she came to recognize Professor Thompson, only she had never seen him like this before.  “Professor Thompson …………………what’s happening?  Where am I?” she stammered out.  It took awhile for her to register his reply of “You’re on my bed, Kelly …………………….you’re not trying to back out now, are you?  You came here ……………….asking me to give you an ‘A’ for the course ……………………..in exchange for ‘SEX’!”

Then to her horror, Kelly came to realize that she was totally naked, and that Professor Thompson was rubbing his naked black body upon her!  Worst yet, his ‘thing’ was placed rigidly up against her sex with its tip partially parting her most private part.  Heart thumping stressfully in her chest, Kelly trembled with fear as she pleaded “Please, no ………………..no ……………………it’s not true ………………….I didn’t come here for such a thing!  Please, no ………………this is rape ………………..stopppppppppp!”  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she cried out in sheer agony as her evil professor speared his big filthy black ‘thing’ into her, rupturing her precious hymen in the process.

As Kelly’s scream of pain filled the room, it was really music to Amos Thompson’s ears as he thought ‘Damn, this was worth every fuck’n penny of that hundred grand!’  Thrusting himself forward once again, burying his thick black animal up into her virginal slit, had the beautiful blonde bitch shriek “Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww …………………………stop …………………………stop ……………………..it hurtsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!  Oh, Godddddddddddddddddd …………….help meeeeeeeee!”  Amos laughed out loud and cryptically chuckled “God ain’t gonna help ya, sweetie!  In fact, in a way God helped git ya here in bed with me, heh, heh!”

It was pure agony for Kelly as the vile professor’s sweaty black body labored atop of her, crushing her to the bed as her legs flailed futilely about as she tried to kick at him.  Worst, that filthy ‘thing’ of his had ‘ruined’ her forever, rupturing her hymen and it was ballooning up deep within and about to spill its filth in her fertile womb.  “No ………no …………..please, Professor …………………stop, please …………………….you’ll get me pregnant with your baby!  Please ……………..no …………………I don’t want your baby!” she sobbed as his manhood now pumped in her like a piston.

Ten minutes later, Kelly lay on her side weeping “I want to die ………………I want to die ………………..oh, God ………………..let me die ……………let me just die!”  Entire body aching, her vagina raped raw and bleeding profusely, Kelly then felt the vile professor’s hand on her upper arm pulling her over onto her back once again.  Sobbing with hands over her ravaged breasts, Kelly kept her eyes closed as she felt her knees being pushed up and spread wide as the gloating bastardly was now apparently looking over the damage done.  Bloodied slit spread wide by the professor’s thick thumbs, Kelly had no clue had he was wanting more blood and his creamy cum to ooze out of her, wanting it all captured on film and transmitted to her watching pastor and pre-marital counselor.

Cum soaked paper towels tossed into the nearby trashcan by Rich Knowlton and Ralph Mollway, the two men’s cocks began to rise once again as they watched Professor Thompson spear his index finger into Kelly’s bleeding slit then withdrew it to hold his finger up to the transmitting camera before licking the bloody mess off his finger.  Then the black bastard licked his lips and smiled for them before turn back towards the sobbing blonde beauty.  Large black hands placed upon the upraised knees to spread them out further, hands sliding to her trim ankles before the bastard went down to eat out her bloody slit, causing Kelly to moan “Oooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Fingers first clutching at the wrinkled sheets, head tossing from side to side as she desperately tried to keep from feeling any pleasure, not from the vile man who had raped her of her virginity and was now performing a vile sex act upon her.  Teeth clenched tightly, Kelly could no longer hold back and pressed down on the balls of her feet to arch up into her professor’s open mouth.  Then, one hand after the other let go of the bedsheet to clutch at the back of Professor Thompson kinky head as he ate out her bloody cunt.  “Oh ……………….ohhhhhhhhhh ………………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she cried out as her body shuddered in a mind-shattering climax.

Moments later, with Amos Thompson out from between Kelly’s bloodied thighs, he gloated “Damn, I’ve been wanting you from that first day I saw you in Psych 101!”  Then a sobbing Kelly replied “You raped me!  I’m going to report this!  You’ll go to jail for raping me!  You’ll never teach here again ……………or any where!”  As her professor used a remote to turn on a television monitor, a video clip began to play, showing her entering the house and heard the dialog of the professor mentioning getting an ‘A’ in exchange for sex followed with her beginning to undress for him.

Professor Thompson loved the stunned looked on the bitch’s face as that clip would nip her claim of rape in the bud.  Walking over to the bed, he then grabbed her roughly by her silky blonde hair, then used his other hand to guide his bloodied prick up to her clenched lips.  “Ya had better keep yer fuck’n mouth shut about this, bitch!  Ya wanna open yer mouth, huh …………………………then open it up fer my cock!” Amos growled as he rubbed his soiled cock over her lips and nose.  As she was about to scream in pain when he yanked her hair, he pushed his cock into her mouth to silence her.  Moments later she was gagging on his cum, then crawling over to the trashcan to puke her guts out.

Professor Thompson no longer needed pretty Kelly Garrison under the hypnotic spell as he now had a solid hold on her through blackmail.  “You want your parents back home see how you got straight A’s in college, huh?  Bet your fiancé back home won’t be too pleased to see that tape either, huh?” were the threats made to her unless she slept with him each night till graduation day came around.  So, from the end of March till the first week in June, Kelly forced herself to spread her legs nightly for her lusty professor.  She soon learned how to swallow his salty jizz without puking.  And in addition, Kelly would find that her ass was also desired by the bastard, biting down into the pillow each time he buggared her to keep from screaming.

What Kelly came to fear most was getting to Professor Thompson’s place late after a sorority function, especially if he had been drinking and in a foul mood.  She’d never forget that one night when she had gotten in late, when the Professor tore her clothing off and forced her down onto all fours as he then put a dog collar around her neck.  “C’mon, I’ll take ya fer a walk bitch!  Yer a fuck’n little bitch coming in late, so’s I’s gonna treat ya like a fuck’n dog!  Now yer gonna be a watchdog tonight bitch and protect this property!  Ya bark if’n ya’s see a burglar!  Now up ………….up on the chair!” she was ordered as he booted her in the ass.

Facing and holding onto the back of the chair with her knees in the seat cushion, the professor then walked around to the back of the chair with the leash and tied it tightly to the bathroom doorknob.  Next, the bastard came back around to the front of the chair and gave her a hard smack on the ass with his open palm, causing her to yelp out in pain.  Then he grasped her trim hips and shoved his thick cock up her aching ass, causing her to whine “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn …………….…………….nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn …………….nnnnnnnnnnnnnn!”  Sleep did not come easy that night, not in that awkward position.  Finally sleep came for Kelly, only for her to be startled awake by the smack of the hand on her butt, after which the bastard proceeded to sodomize her once again!
Holding the many roses and flowers after the graduation ceremony, Kelly was once again in the arm of her handsome fiancé and in the company of her parents who had all flown in that morning to attend the event.  This day was quite a relief for Kelly as she now had her college diploma in hand and last night would be her last she’d have to sleep with her devious college professor.  And last night had been so hideous, with Professor Thompson coming to her apartment to spend the night in her bed.  His seeing her graduation gown hanging with the dress she had set aside, the one she was now wearing, had him wanting her to give him a preview with heels and all.  But the devious bastard really wanted her dressed in that manner, so he could order her to her knees for the final humiliation of sucking him off in the graduation gown she’d be wearing the next day at the ceremony.

Kelly froze when Professor Thompson suddenly appeared, introducing himself to her parents, greeting them with “You must be Mr. & Mrs. Garrison, Kelly’s parents!  She told me that you’d be coming for the graduation!  You should be real proud of Kelly, earning straight A’s in all of her psychology classes!  She has certainly been my favorite student this semester!”  Forced to introduce her fiancé to the bastard, Kelly shuddered as Professor Thompson shook his hand and advised “Congratulations, young man!  You’re a real lucky fella to be marrying a sweetie like Kelly!”  As the conversation ended between her fiancé and the professor, Kelly breathed a sigh of relief after having expected the vile bastard to blurt out something gross like ‘Kelly’s going to make ya a fine young wife cause I taught her how to spread those legs hers, suck cock like a whore, and take it right up her shitter!’

But just before Professor Thompson bid his goodbye, after a rather lengthy conversation with her parents, Kelly’s heart sank when he announced loudly to her that “Thank you for the wedding invitation, Kelly!  It just happens that I’ve been assigned to handle the recruitment nearby so I’ll be out that way and be able to make it!”  The fact was that Kelly had never given nor sent him an invitation for she certainly did not want the bastard, who had raped her and blackmailed her for more sex, to attend her wedding.  “Oh, if you’re going the be around Presswood, we’d certainly like to have you over for dinner one night ………………best right after the wedding as things we’ll be so hectic up till then!” she heard her mother tell the professor, to which he replied “Oh, I’d love that!”

Unable to pull away when he approached on the guise of hugging her goodbye and to congratulate her, Kelly heard the bastard whisper in her ear “Reserve that honeymoon suite a night before the wedding!  Tell them it’ll be easier for you to dress and leave for the church from there!  Cause you and I are going to ‘FUCK’ one more time ………………….the night before yer wedding!  Jist one guess as to what ya’ll be wearing that night …………….one hint: it’s all white in color and has a veil!”  With him pulling away and congratulating her loudly in front of everyone, with tears flowing from her eyes, Kelly forced a “Thank you, Professor Thompson!”  And as Professor Thompson waved goodbye, his parting comment was “See you soon!  Can’t wait to see how pretty you look in your wedding gown!”

That night, Amos Thompson made a phone call to Pastor Mollway to inquire if any additional purchases could be made outside of the auction, advising that he’d be out there in the Presswood area at the end of the month for Kelly Garrison’s wedding.  The mention of Kelly Garrison’s name brought a chuckle on the other end as that blonde beauty certainly could not be forgotten.  Amos was delighted to hear “Sure is, depending on what your desire is and what you’re willing to pay for it!  But in looking at the records of our last purchase, I’d say that your credit is good for anything contained in the website catalog!”

Amos advised “Well, I believe she is in the catalog but didn’t check before calling you!  Met her today!  A fine, prim and proper woman ……………….quite an elegant beauty …………………..a Mrs. Patricia Garrison ............................Kelly's beautiful mother!  I’ve been invited to have dinner with them following the wedding, so maybe you can pave the way for me to nail in her home ………………right on her marital bed, huh!”  Pulling up the website while still on phone, Amos inquired as to “That preacher’s pretty wife ……………she available too?” “Yes, indeed!” came the reply.  “No shit …………………I can fuck a pastor’s wife too!  Damn, fantastic!”  Then the conversation went to the topic and cost of having a hypnotic session and demonstration in his class, for with Kelly Garrison graduation, Amos was in need of replacing her and a delicate senior-to-be with long brown hair was in his mind.

For Kelly, she’d give her fiancé and parents a tour of the area for a couple days then they’d all be flying back together.  In the meantime, shipping her belongings back had to get done and so much more details had to be taken care of for the wedding.  Checking her notebook of all the things needed to be done, along with her calendar for the month, each day was getting booked solid.  First to change the dinner with her girlfriends the night before the wedding, knowing that she’d be having sex with Professor Thompson up in the honeymoon suite from early that evening.  ‘My God, the sick bastard ………….he’s wanting to fuck me and degrade me while I’m wearing my wedding gown!’ she cringed with disgust, shuddering at the thought of being forced to wear the soiled gown when she was to give her wedding vows.

Then, rearranging a few additional items in order to clear off an entire day was a task and took awhile, but it had to be accomplished.  Kelly breathed a sigh of relief when it got done as she put an ‘A’ on that open date.  Looking at the ‘A’ had her shuddering upon remembering the last time an ‘A’ was mentioned, that scene on the video being used to blackmail her with ………….…………….an ‘A’ in exchange for sex with her professor!  This ‘A’ also reminded her of that same bastard, only this ‘A’ stood for abortion, one now needed to rid herself of the professor’s black baby!  It had been the morning of her graduation that Kelly discovered that the devious bastard had knocked her up, with that home test kit confirming that her nausea was not due to the flu.

End of Story.