Pimped by Her Own Pastor - IV
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff of the earlier stories entitled:
‘Victim’s Violated Vacation’, ‘Pastor’s a Pimp 1 & 2’,
and ‘Pimped by Her Own Pastor 1, 2 & 3’
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With summer now here and packing for his trip to the town of Presswood, Professor Amos Thompson was ecstatic at the prospect of bedding some real beauties.  Sure, it had cost him a bundle up front but the saying of ‘You get what you pay for!’ certainly applied in this case.  This was not going to a whorehouse where one could get his rocks off with a prostitute who’d willingly spread her legs for any ‘john’ who could dole out the small amount of cash required for her services.  The jaunt to Presswood would offer some delicious beauties, both sophisticated and elegant, and all …………………white!

The head professor of psychology at Meridian University, a member of the secretive ‘CDBF’ organization, Professor Thompson had been absolutely flabbergasted to see the CDBF website when it featured the lovely Kelly Garrison as its featured product for sale.  As it happened that the lovely Miss Garrison attended Meridian University and majoring in psychology, she had been in many of his classes and he had secretly lusted for the succulent young beauty.  And it just happened to be that this lovely young beauty lived in the town of Presswood where it just happened to be where the organization had set up shop in selecting and acquiring lovely unsuspecting beauties for its members.

Having lusted after Kelly Garrison for years, Amos just could not pass up the opportunity of losing out on the bid to possess this lovely young beauty.  He knew from seeing the new sparkling diamond ring on her finger following the Christmas break, that the college senior had just gotten engaged to be married, with the wedding most probably that upcoming summer following her graduation.  And then, in seeing the hypnotic session before the bidding began, his decision not to lose the upcoming bidding war was cemented by the beauty confirming the fact that she was planning to enter the planned marriage as a virginal bride.

Winning that bid for the lovely charms of Kelly Garrison during that spring vacation, it had all been worked out that when she returned to college from the break, and things would get set into motion when she entered the Advanced Psychology class that he taught.  The pre-planned announcement that he would make on a new paper due would then trigger the hypnotic suggestion that had been implanted in her mind to visit him in his counseling hours later that day.  Amos had eagerly looked forward to that afternoon his first return on his investment, and it certainly paid off once he gave the key words that   put the lovely blonde beauty under a hypnotic spell.

Although the beauty had her eyes open, her mind would not be registering anything, making it seem as if she was floating about on a cloud and all that took place in the office was a part of that dream she was in.  Knowing that he could do anything he wanted in the privacy of his office without worry of being reported, Professor Thompson slid his large calloused hand down into the vee of her blouse, worked his thick fingers beneath her bra cup.  He first flicked at her budding nipple, then his entire hand was cupping her breast, straining her bra as moved over to fondle her other breast.

“You did well in sucking your pastor, Miss Garrison!  I jerked off the past two days from when that disc arrived!  Now show me what Pastor Mollway has taught you to do with that pastor of yours, huh!” Professor Thompson advised his lovely student after removing his hand from under her blouse and moving in front of her.  And now the prettiest student in his Advanced Psychology class, a prim and proper young lady, was reaching up to grasp the top of his pants with one hand while unzipping it with the other.  “Ahhhhh, yesssssss!” he moaned as a petite manicured hand delved right into the open in search of his throbbing hardon.

Having taken the precaution of locking the door once he had her under the hypnotic spell, there still was not much time as other students could be dropping by for a conference during the open office hours.  “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Amos moaned as round and round the sexy bitch went with her hot pointed tongue over the rim of his cock.  “Ohhh, Jezzzzz!” he panted as the beautiful bitch went right down on him, her left hand shucking at the base shucking him with diamond ring sparkling at him, and her right hand in his pants cradling his walnut-sized balls!  Hands on the back of her silky blonde head, baby blue eyes looking up at him, he wheezed “Cumming, sweetie ………………………eat it ……………………..eat it all …………………………oh, yeah, Miss Garrisonnnnnn!”

And later that night, with the hypnotic suggestions fully instilled into her mind, Kelly was guided by them to visit the professor at his residence to talk about her grade.  Leading the innocent beauty into his lair, getting her fully under the hypnotic spell, Amos would then relieve the innocent beauty of her most prized possession ………………..her virginity!  With her under the spell, Amos had the virginal beauty disrobe before him to display her succulent charms that were to be reserved for the man she’d soon be marrying.  And soon she was being touched in a very intimate way, then Amos was leading her to his bed with all this being captured on film.

With the beauty in a hypnotic stupor and fully under his control, then at the precise moment, Amos took great pleasure in snapping her out of that stupor and back to reality.  He observed her blinking her eyes rapidly in trying to focus them, then heard Kelly Garrison gasp as she recognized him.  “Professor Thompson …………………what’s happening?  Where am I?” she had stammered out, to which he replied “You’re on my bed, Kelly …………………….you’re not trying to back out now, are you?  You came here ……………….asking me to give you an ‘A’ for the course ………………..in exchange for ‘SEX’!”

The horror had set in as Kelly Garrison came to realize that she was totally naked and that he was rubbing his buck naked black body upon her!  Her eyes had widened in horror as she felt his cock placed rigidly up against her sex with the bloated tip partially parting her most private part.  The terrified beauty and then pleaded “Please, no ………………..no ……………………it’s not true ………………….I didn’t come here for such a thing!  Please, no ……………this is rape ………………..stopppppppppp!”  He took no heeding to this and speared his thick cock up into her, rupturing her precious hymen in the process, causing her to shriek and scream out in her agonizing pain  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  The scream filled the room, but it was really music to his ears as Amos thought ‘Damn, this was worth every fuck’n penny of that hundred grand!’

Thrusting himself forward once again, burying his thick black cock up into her virginal slit, the beautiful blonde shrieked out “Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww …………………………stop …………………………stop ……………………..it hurtsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!  Oh, Godddddddddddddddddd …………….help meeeeeeeee!”  Amos just laughed out loud and chuckled “God ain’t gonna help ya, sweetie!  In fact, in a way God helped git ya here in bed with me, heh, heh!”  His heavy body crushed the petite beauty to the bed as her legs flailed futilely about as she tried to kick at him.

His investment had been well spent as Amos had ‘ruined’ this blonde bitch forever, rupturing her hymen and he certainly aimed to ejaculate his hot potent seed into her fertile womb as she sobbed “No ………no …………..please, Professor …………stop, please ……………….you’ll get me pregnant with your baby!  Please ……………..no …………………I don’t want your baby!”  From then on, with everything captured on tape where a viewer would concluded that Kelly Garrison had visited him for an ‘A’ grade in exchange for sex, the innocent beauty had been blackmailed into being his sex slave for the remainder of the school year to her graduation day.

And on that special graduation day, Amos had made it a point to drop by the ‘G’ location of last names where parents and friends would meet and congratulate their loved ones.  It was a thrill to meet the punk whiteboy who he had beat out in copping his lovely fiancée’s precious cherry.  In going up to congratulate the lovely graduate, he hugged her and whispered in her hear “Reserve that honeymoon suite a night before the wedding!  Tell them it’ll be easier for you to dress and leave for the church from there!  Cause you and I are going to ‘FUCK’ one more time ………………….….the night before yer wedding!  And jist one guess as to what ya’ll be wearing that night …………….a little hint: it’s all white in color and has a veil!”

One other thrilling aspect had taken place on that graduation day, that of getting to meet the sophisticated and very elegant Mrs. Patricia Garrison, Kelly’s mother.  Though never receiving an invitation to the upcoming wedding, Amos announced loudly “Thank you for the wedding invitation, Kelly!  It just happens that I’ve been assigned to handle the recruitment nearby so I’ll be out that way and be able to make it!”  Upon having made that announcement, the bride-to-be’s lovely mother had then insisted that he have dinner with she and her husband sometime when he was there in the Presswood area for the wedding.  And that led Amos to make contact with Pastor Mollway, the former priest who had initiated the auctioning of lovely Kelly Garrison’s charms.

Two weeks after the graduation and a bit over a week before the wedding, through his computer monitor, Amos got to see the bride’s beautiful and elegant mother placed in a hypnotic state.  There at Pastor Mollway’s office, the unsuspecting beautiful had shown up for the good cause of helping the church as to what provided a stable and flourishing marriage that she and Mr. Garrison shared.  Once under the hypnotic spell, the younger Pastor Knowlton of her own church slipped out from behind the louvered closet door.  He listened as Pastor Mollway put her deeper into the hypnotic state, asking her general questions that soon got to be very personal.

“Q: What’s your name? A: Patricia Garrison!  Q: What’s your age?  A:  43!  Q: Are you employed?  A:  Yes!  Q:  What’s your occupation?  A:  I’m the principal at Presswood Elementary School!  Q:  How long have you been married?  A: 22 years!  Q:  Have you ever cheated on your husband?  A:  No!  Q:  Have you had sex with a man other than your husband prior to your marriage?  A:  No!  Q:  Have you ever thought of having sex with another man?  A:  No!  Q:  Ever sucked a man’s cock before?  A:  No!  Q:  Fucked up the ass before?  A:  No!  Q:  Have you ever heard of the myth about black men?  A:  Yes!  Q:  Do you think it’s true?  A:  I don’t know!  Q:  Did you ever wonder if it’s true?  A:  Yes!” were the questions and answers posed before the hypnotic suggestions were implanted into her mind that would create that strong desire to find out factually for herself as to that last question.

Then Pastor Mollway was picking up a cellphone to make a call.  Seconds later, Amos’ direct line was ringing as he picked it up to talk to the former pastor.  Upon answering the phone and looking at the monitor, it indeed was from the evil pastor who had just put the lovely Mrs. Garrison under a hypnotic spell.  With the lovely beauty never having had sex outside of her marriage, Amos was assured of being the first to put his cock up into the faithful wife’s still very sexy body.  With the amount of his investment, Amos was also entitled to having his cock being the first to enter her pink lips and cherry ass.  And Pastor Mollway would implant suggestions into her mind, making her dream of him each night and wonder what illicit sex would be like with her daughter’s black professor.

It would be implanted into her mind that she would call her husband into the kitchen to assist her in carrying some items out, at which time Amos would be able to slip drugs into the Garrisons’ drinks, a potent knock-out drug for Mr. and an aphrodisiac into the lovely wife’s drink.  With that settled and phone conversation concluded, Amos watched the monitor as the horny former and current pastors now sought to release their pent-up lust upon the elegant beauty, yet still preserving his investment purchase.  Amos didn’t mind and really couldn’t blame them for needing some relief, especially in having a lovely beauty like Patricia Garrison at their disposal.

It was quite apparent that old Mollway had a foot fetish as he immediately took a position at where he faced her outstretched legs.  Then the old guy was reaching up to her calves to caress her creamy white legs, moving his hands up over her knees and then disappearing up under the navy blue dress she was wearing.  Hands reappearing from under the dress to caresses the trim sexy legs, then Mollway was removing the beauty’s 3” navy blue heels.  After caressing her trim feet and pedicured toes, the old guy was unzipping the front of his pants to pull out his rising boner.  Cock brushing up against her pink soles and bottom of tiny toes, Mollway was obviously intent on getting off in this manner.

Meanwhile, young Pastor Knowlton had been far from idle.  The beauty’s pastor of the church she attended had been at her side whipping out his horny throbbing tool from his unzipped pants.  Then Pastor Knowlton was reaching down to grasp her left wrist, lifting her limp hand up, then wrapping her trim manicured fingers around his pecker.  With the sparkle of her diamond ring and shiny wedding band quite visible as her own pastor humped between her fingers that were being wrapped around his cock, this made quite an excitingly and unbelievable unholy sight to behold.

Moments later, with both men’s lust having been sated, the lovely beauty lay upon the couch with left arm dangling off to the side as her bare feet rest just beyond the edge of the chair.  And the sight was quite an erotic with current and former pastors having done the unthinkable, using a lovely church going beauty to ejaculate their hot holy seed upon.  Dripping from the fingertips of lovely Patricia Garrison was the slimy cum that had been ejaculated into her enclosed hand by her own pastor.  Another former Pastor Mollway had sated his foot fetish by spewing his unholy seed upon her soft pink soles and toes.

Ten days later, a Wednesday evening, Pastor Knowlton was at the church to assist with the wedding rehearsal of Kelly Garrison and her fiancé.  Unbeknownst to Pastor Knowlton, his sidekick in his unholy ventures had driven up to his home shortly after he had departed to the church.  With Mollway making a call made to the lovely Mrs. Nell Knowlton earlier, the magic words of her being a ‘Cum Dump for Blacks’ had her getting herself ready to entertain a visitor to her home shortly after her husband departed for the church.

With former Pastor Mollway making the introductions, he then told the beauty that “Professor Thompson never fucked a lovely pastor’s wife before, so he wants me to capture it all on for him!  So now you can start entertaining the professor while hubby’s at the church, honey!  Maybe get us all a glass of wine first, Mrs. Knowlton!”  Amos later took the glass of wine from the lovely beauty, moved around to where she sat down, felt her soft petite body tremble as he caressed her back.  He licked his lips in gazing down to see the lovely wife of Pastor Knowlton looking so beautiful in the blue dress and white heels that she had donned for the occasion.

Unable to wait, Amos drew down the zipper at the back of her dress, then slipped his hand down the front of the loosened garment.  He heard the lovely wife suck in her breath as he fondled a nicely formed titty through her lacy bra.  With his free hand, Amos expertly squeezed the metal clasp together with his fingers and in seconds the lacy bra fell loose.  Then hand down her dress was quick to slip under the lacy garment to cradle her bare titty and it was thrilling to feel her bud stiffening in his palm.  He then moved his hand over to play with lovely twin to get it aroused also.

Moments later, in the bedroom shared by Pastor Knowlton and his lovely wife, the young pastor would have lovely the sight of her dress falling onto the bedroom carpeting around her white heels.  Seconds later, the lacy white bra fell onto the carpeting.  Then, a matching pair of lacy white panties was fluttering down her trim sexy legs to become entwined around her heels.  Had Richard Knowlton been able to see into his bedroom at that moment, he’d see his wife trim manicured fingers resting upon a pair of muscular black shoulders with her thrown back as she gasped in pleasure as her snatch was being eaten.

It was a thrill to feel the pastor’s lovely wife now grasping the back of his head and her fingers clutching at his kinky hair.  “Oooooooooooooooh …………………………oh, Professor ………………………ooooooooooooohhh …………………………….ahhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she squealed as the sweet honey flowed into his slurping mouth.  Moving his head back some, just allowing the tip of his thick tongue to touch her pink lips, Amos expertly tongued the pastor’s hot little wife as her honey continued to flow down his tongue.

It was quite a scene as this sweet innocent looking pastor’s wife was clutching at his hair and creaming, screaming out at him to “Eat me ……………………….eat me ………………………..eat me, Professorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!”  From when he had asked Mollway if the pretty pastor’s wife was also included in his selection from site of the Presswood Congregation’s website, and immediately indicating his desire to purchase her charms for a night, the old guy had been certain that she was kept in need of sexual satisfaction, the only kind that would satisfy is innocent looking beauty ……………that of a big black cock.  He had come to learn of her secret need, one that had first been forced upon her during her vacation the other year.

For lovely Nell Knowlton, it was important to maintain the pristine image of being the wife of the pastor in this community.  Her violation had been kept a secret, just as the many indiscretions with black men, something that she could not explain for herself as to why she gave in so easily and in fact desired such illicit sex.  Then of course, the former pastor who she thought of as a friend at first really turned out to be a vile blackmailer, forcing her to have sex with him and then pimping her out to a number of big muscular and well hung blacks who were will to pay quite a sum for someone so innocent looking like her.  And the fact that she was the wife of a pastor made it that much more intriguing for the lusting men.

Although she was always racked with guilt after spreading her legs for another man, Nell had not had a satisfactory orgasm in weeks, and Professor Thompson had just ate her to a mind shattering climax.  Knees buckling, Nell thought the Professor was standing to steady her but instead found him forcing her down to her knees, making her realize that he wanted her to return the favor.  Anxious to return the favor, Nell quickly unzipping his pants and pulled out the dark meaty prize that she was after, then avidly began to fellate him with her hot wet tongue.  Enveloping the thick bloated cockhead, going down on him, then pulling back some, Nell used the pointed tip of her tongue to tease at his flaring pisshole.

But her obscene performance was made even that much more despicable when the bastard laughed and taunted “This is even more fabulous than I could have imagined!  The beautiful wife of a preacher on her hands on knees, like when she’s at her husband’s prayer service, but she’s found something far better to worship, huh!”  Right now, Nell Knowlton was praying for only one thing, that her visitor would not pop off in her mouth or face as she so desperately needed his big sturdy black cock up in her horny little twat.  Looking up the grinning Professor, while continuing to worship his cock with her mouth, Nell pleaded “Please ………………..let me bring you off with my mouth later!  I need it so bad ……………..up in me!  I want you ……………………..to fuck my brains out!”

Amos just could not believe this innocent looking bitch, a pastor’s wife to top it off, could be such a wanton little slut.  So petite and tiny, less than half his weight and a foot and a half shorter, it would be his pleasure in boning her in the bed she shared with her pastor husband.  Scooping the pretty lady up from the floor, he deposited her onto the bed and immediately began shrugging off his clothing.  It was obvious that this lovely bitch was in dire need as she was using her fingers to frig herself with while panting in heat.  Down upon the bed, Amos was surprised at how easily this petite little beauty took his thick cock, making it obvious that she far from the sweet innocent preacher’s wife that she portrayed herself to be in public.

Meanwhile, Pastor Knowlton’s assistant who at first had another appointment and could not handle the wedding rehearsal showed up at the church as her scheduled appointment got cancelled at the last moment.  Though it would have been a pleasure staying there at the rehearsal of the lovely bride-to-be, knowing full well of her being bedded by her vile professor back at college and who intended on fucking her tomorrow night – the night before her wedding, he bid goodbye to the bride and groom and told them that he’d see them on Saturday.  Thus, making the drive on home earlier that planned, Rich’s jaw dropped in seeing Ralph Mollway’s car in the driveway of his home.

That last time Mollway had been to his home, Rich had been forced to invite the devious bastard over for dinner, then he had to depart on the guise of having to tend to a dying parishioner and leave his lovely wife in the clutches of the horny old bastard.  Sneaking off around the side of the house and to the vantage point through an opening in the blinds that he had created before leaving, Rich would get to watch the old bastard proceed to blackmail her into having sex with him.  With Nell unaware of his knowledge of her extramarital sexcapdes, she had submitted to the old bastard that night and allowed him to have sex on the bed that they shared together.

Rich had known that Mollway would be picking up the well-paying client when he arrived at the airport that afternoon and entertaining him that evening, but Rich had thought that such ‘entertainment’ would be that of a having drinks and dinner at an exclusive restaurant.  Never had it even entered his mind that Mollway had a different kind of ‘entertainment’ for this special client, that his own beautiful wife was destined to be Professor Thompson’s special ‘entertainment’ for that evening.  ‘The fucking bastard!’ Rich cussed at Mollway, pissed as he thought ‘The bastard could have told me that he was going to set Professor Thompson up with Nell and I wouldn’t have missed anything!’

Having previously seen the devious professor’s transmitted rape of lovely Kelly Garrison, the psychology student of his who happened to reside in Presswood and attending Meridian University.  He had seen how well-hung the bastard was and now was undressing right there in his home and about to give his lovely wife that same kind of fucking as young Kelly had gotten.  As the bastard stripped, with Nell naked on the bed with the exception of her white heels, he heard Mollway chuckle “I kept the pretty preacher’s wife all hot for you, Professor?  She ain’t had no big black boners up that hot little snatch of hers for weeks now!  Ain’t that right, Mrs. Knowlton?”

Observing his wife in heat as she withered about on the king-sized bed, Rich swallowed in anticipation as Nell spread her bent legs obscenely wide in hope of enticing the horny professor to hurry.  Then his wife was panting out “Oh, yes, please ……………….hurry please!  It’s been so longggggggg!”  For Rich, having made love with his beautiful wife just that morning, it was now quite obvious that her pants of joy were contrived and uttered just to please him in thinking what a virile ‘man’ he was in lovemaking.  That was certainly not the case, especially with his wife loudly panting out “Please ………..please ……………fuck me, pleaseeeeeeeeeee!  God, I need a good fuck ……………..it’s been so long!”

At first it seemed as if the pretty little bitch’s cunt would not be able to handle the thickness of his bloated organ, causing Amos to grasp her trim hips and lunge harder at her.  Blunted at first, Amos then smiled widely as the preacher’s pretty wife began to flower open for him.  Sinking in slowly at first, just his bloated cockhead, then the lovely bitch opened wide as she began to take all of his long meaty fuckstick.  “Ooooooooooh, yes …………………….yes ………………..oh, yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!” she squealed under him as he sank down into her depths, causing her to raise her legs up and lock her heels around his ass.

For Amos Thompson, this was the start of a fantastic summer as the innocent looking preacher’s wife beneath him was like a fucking minx the way her hot little pussy was snapping at him.  And with her being so petite, less than half is weight and so much shorter, it couldn’t be any better with him nailing her in the bed that she shared with her preacher husband.  “Ugh ………………….ugh …………………..ugh …………….ugh …………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she groaned each time he drove his sledgehammer into her hot little pussy as he skewered her down into the mattress.

From his vantage point outside of his home, Rich watched the energized fuck session taking place on the bed that he shared with his lovely wife.  He thought that it was his heart thumping so loudly at first, but then came to realize that it was the headboard banging against the bedroom wall each time the professor fucked into Nell’s petite body.  Hearing the pants and moans from his lovely wife while she was being shagged, hearing her beg for ‘more’ and for the professor to ‘fuck me …………harder’ had Rich realizing just how inept he was in bed as his lovely wife never uttered a sound whenever they made love together.  Then, observing both bodies convulsing and surging against one another, it was obvious to Rich as to what was now expanding and ejaculating its hot potent semen into his beautiful wife’s fertile womb.

Late afternoon of Day #2 of his exciting trip to Presswood, Professor Amos Thompson was picked up at the hotel by his former psychology student and her fiancé as he had been invited to dine with Kelly’s parents that evening.  Amos knew exactly why Kelly had her duped fiancé accompany her in the task of picking him up to transport him on over to her parents’ home.  ‘The fuck’n little bitch knew that if she had come alone to pick me up, we’d be having some appetizers before heading off to her parents’ home!  Yeah, heh, heh …………………I’d have her right on the bed spread that sexy white legs of hers so I can eat out that juicy oyster of hers!  But that can wait till tomorrow night, the night before your wedding day!’ he chuckled to himself.

For Kelly Garrison, little did she suspect what was on the mind of her devious professor, the man who had somehow gotten her into such a precarious situation.  It had really been rape but there was no way that she could prove it and Kelly just could not understand for herself as to why she had gone to his place to talk to him about her grades, especially with easily near the top of her class.  But having seen the video that had been taken, it made it appear that she was indeed bartering her body in exchange for an ‘A’.  And from then on, under threat of having that video sent to her fiancé and family, sex was indeed used to keep it from being made public.

At the Garrison’s home, with Kelly leading the way into her parents’ home, she reintroduced the vile bastard to her parents.  Looking at the time, Kelly hoped that the next half hour would go by quickly so she could leave, having her fiancé to drop her off to meet her old high school friends who were throwing a bridal shower for her.  She had no inkling at all that the devious Professor Thompson had taken a fancy to her own mother, whom Kelly looked up to and always considered to be quite a sophisticated and elegant woman, one whom she hoped to emulate one day.  Upon his meeting her mother that day at her graduation, the bastard was desirous of seducing and bedding her.

Unbeknownst to Kelly of the organization Professor Thompson belonged to, its connection with the church she and her parents attended, the bastard had purchased her lovely mother in the same manner that he had her.  Already the seeds of corruption had been sewed in her mother’s mind, done so in her kindly deed the assist the church in attending the session with Mr. Mollway who was doing a survey to determined as to the elements of the making of a ‘happy marriage’.  And like she had been subjected to under hypnosis, it had been their own corrupt and horny Pastor Knowlton who had totally cast away his morals for sins of the flesh, namely introducing both their untouched lips to sucking upon his flesh …………….his fleshy penis to be exact!

With her daughter and future son-in-law having departed, Patricia Garrison felt her heart thumping like never before as she sat on the chair next to the tall muscular Professor Thompson.  For the last week or so, knowing that her daughter’s psychology professor would be dining with them, she just could not get the image of that man out of her mind.  Each night in bed, she had thoughts like never before in her entire life, thoughts that bothered her and make her feel so guilty.  ‘What if a man like that touched me?  What would I do?  His large black hands sliding up my legs ……………ohhhh, Goddddd!  His big black …………..cock ……………pushing at me to get in ……………….pushing even harder, forcing it into me!’ she dreamt each night.

The guilt associated with such vile thoughts always put her into a depressed state, wondering why only now after so many years of being happily married was she even thinking of such awful things.  These were the kinds of thoughts had been implanted into her mind while under the hypnotic state that Mr. Mollway had inputted into her mind, all while she stared ahead at the picture of Amos Thompson while the former pastor touched her up, caressing her breasts through her clothing and then sliding a hand up under her dress to rub her juicing slit through the thin layer of her panties.  And each night, the one thought that she constantly pondered about was ‘Is that myth really true about black men?’

As they sat and chatted while sipping at the margaritas that Mr. Garrison had made, Amos could sense the nervousness in the lovely wife, especially knowing as to the thoughts instilled in her mind about him.  With Tom Garrison handing him a key to the extra car parked outside, he was told to use it throughout his stay in Presswood.  Then when her husband excused himself to put the steaks on the grill, from what Mollway had implanted in her mind, the lovely wife would be unable to resist him once he placed his hand on hers and toyed with her diamond ring and wedding band.  In indeed his touch worked like magic as he toyed with her rings, hearing her panting with nervousness yet not pulling her hand away.

Glancing over, making sure that hubby was outside and out of sight, Amos then leaned towards the trembling beauty and placed his thick lips upon hers.  Feeling her tenseness, hearing her shallow breathing, Amos then brazenly inserted this thick tongue between her pink lips.  Tonguing her, feeling her pointed tongue begin to dally with his, Amos placed his hand on her bare thigh and caressingly edged it up further under her dress.  Tongue wiggling in her mouth, finger under the legband of her panties and wiggling in her juicing slit, and then all had to cease as they pulled away upon hearing the opening of the sliding patio door.  As the nervous beauty sat and stared at him, Amos brought his hand up to his face and licked at the slick juices covering his finger.

Sitting down at the table that night after serving dinner, Patricia just could not believe what had taken place in the living room just a short while ago, ‘What have I done?  How could I have allowed that to happen?’ she shuddered.  As there were only three of them, and since it was a beautiful night out, Pat (as everyone called her) had draped a tablecloth over the outdoor table so they could dine there in a slightly more formal setting.  But after a moment of being seated, Pat froze in feeling Professor Thompson’s shoe nudging against hers, not knowing what to do and unable to find the willpower to pull her foot away.  And then, she felt his shoe at the back of her heel nudging at her heel.

Another nudge and he had accomplished the task he had intended, that of slipping the heel off her foot.  And now he was leaning his leg against her bared foot, causing Pat to realize ‘Oh, God, he’s wanting me to play footsies with him under the table with her husband Tom so close by!’  Her mind told her that this was absurd but for some reason she was unable to pull her foot away, instead the her toes clutched at the pantleg and tug at him and then she slid her foot up into the opening to move up beyond the top of his sock.

After dinner, with Tom Garrison getting them some fresh drinks from the bar, Amos reached over to caress her hand once again and toyed with her diamond ring, telling her “Go and get the dessert you’ve planned from the kitchen when Tom returns, then call him to help you carry it out!  When he’s gone, I’m gonna slip a knockout drug into his drink and soon you and I can go upstairs and have ourselves a ball!  Ya might want to pass on dessert fer now, cause I’ve brought a chocolate éclair fer ya to sample later!”  He saw her lips part in a silent gasp on what he had just said, then with the shoe lifting her barefoot towards him, Amos reached under the table as he slid forward, bringing her foot right up against the boner throbbing in his pants.

With her husband returning from the bar, Pat slipped her trembling foot back into her fallen heel, then waited for her husband to be seated before announcing that she’d prepare the dessert.  Moments later, Pat appeared at the patio door as she called out “Tom, can you help me bring out a tray!”  With hubby getting up from his chair, with his back towards him, Amos smiled at the lovely wife who was looking over towards him and watched as he poured the small vile of the potent drug into her husband’s drink.  And when they returned, Amos enjoyed the sight of the lovely wife trembling with nervousness each time her husband took a sip of his drink.

Dessert finished by the men, with the wife abstaining from the sweets, they then sat around on the patio furniture, with Amos sitting on the sofa with the lovely wife while hubby sat off to his left in an armchair.  They never got to having the coffee served as Tom Garrison was out like a light and the beautiful Mrs. Patricia Garrison was panting nervously as their guest was now brazenly running his hand right up under her skirt to caress her inner thighs.  Then Amos gave the lovely beauty an ominous choice “Here on the patio sofa with yer husband just a couple of feet away or upstairs in the privacy of the master bedroom that you and hubby share together!”

With open mouth, Pat sat frozen as could not get a word out while her guest had a hand up her dress and the other massaging the back of her neck as the hook at the back was expertly undone.  Zipper being pulled down the back of her dress, Pat then managed to pant out “Not here, not here …………….I’m afraid Tom might wake up and see us!”  With that said and out of the way, he pulled her up from the sofa and led the way in the house.  Putting his hand on the shoulder of the drugged husband, Amos chuckled “You sleep it off out here in the patio while lovely wife entertains me upstairs in the bed you two share together!”

Upstairs in the master bedroom, Pat stood and looked at the king-sized bed the she shared with her husband as large calloused hands were pushing the dress from her shoulders.  Then a zipper could be heard being pulled down, just before her guest whispered “I know you’ve been dying to feel a ‘real’ man, Mrs. Garrison!  Go ahead, reach back and put your lovely hand in my pants!  Now’s your chance to find out if that myth about black men is true!  Go ahead, go and find out first hand!”  Dress already lying crumpled around her heels on the floor, the lovely manicured fingers sought entrance into the opening of his pants.  And wearing no underwear, his cock rose to the occasion with a pulsating throb as the trim fingers grasped his sticky flesh.

“Ooooh ……………..ooooh ………………..ohhhh!” Pat panted as the large calloused hands cupped and cradled the perfectly shaped titties.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she gasped as the thick thumbs flicked at her tender pink nipples, getting them to rise immediately to the occasion, causing Pat to squeeze hard at the throbbing cock in her hand, shucking at it to see how big it’d get.  Thick tongue flicking at the back of her neck, then moving up to her earlobe, Pat was helpless in the professor’s hands as he whispered “Ya ever felt as big as the one ya got in her hand, Mrs. Garrison?”  Shaking her head ‘no’, Pat then squeezed and pulled at the thick stem, drawing it out of the pants opening.
Letting the elegant housewife fondle his dong as the manicured fingers of her other hand slipped into the opening to touch and cradle his black walnuts, Amos knew that she was mesmerized the size of him and oblivious to anything else.  Slipping a hand into his coat pocket, Amos then withdrew one of the cellphones that he had activated and speed dialed just before departing from the patio.  Reaching over to place it on the dresser nearby, he made sure the lens would capture the next scene as well as to take in the entire bed.  Taking off his coat, he had the second phone in hand and set it aside to later place it on the night stand to capture that angle, with all being transmitted to Mollway’s office where he and Pastor Knowlton would be viewing the faithful housewife get her first sampling of another man’s cock.

With one of the darkened screens of the large monitors finally coming to life, former and current pastors were both pleased at the scene being transmitted to him.  There in the master bedroom of the Garrisons’, with the beautiful Mrs. Garrison with her dress and bra removed already as Professor Thompson resumed the pleasurable task of fondling her titties.  And with her arms behind of her back and between their bodies, they could imagine what was taking place in view of the movements made by her forearm and elbow.  Indeed their guess was correct, the faithful Patricia Garrison was fondling the professor’s nuts with one hand and jacking his cock with the other.

Turning the lovely wife around to face him, Amos gave the beauty a deep French kiss as she continued stroking him.  Then Amos put pressure on her shoulders, pushing her down onto her knees, telling her “Here’s that chocolate éclair I’s promised ya!  C’mon, Mrs. Garrison, squeeze and suck out that sweet cream I’s got in it fer ya!”  And as she stuck her hot wet tongue out to run it over his cockhead, Amos placed his hands at the back of her head and groaned “Ohhhhhhh, damn, that feels so fuck’n good!”  With the sweet little bitch now gobbling up her chocolate éclair, Amos began to fuck her beautiful face, till …………………….. “Ahhhhhh ………………..ahhhhhhh …………….ahhhhhhhh!  Eat it ………………………eat all the hot cream I’s got fer ya!”

A moment later, the watching pastors stared intently at the monitor as the glistening ebony shaft eased itself from the soft pink lips of the kneeling wife.  As the cockhead left the glossy pink lips of the trembling beauty, a connect cum thread to the bloated tip stretched longer and longer in distance, making it quite an erotic picture for the viewers.  The cum connection broke as the beauty quivered from the foreign substance that formed a hot lake in her belly, with the slimy goo threatening to make its way back up her throat in rebellion.

Now staring at the two computer screens as the second cellphone was placed on the nightstand, the two pastors watched as the lovely Mrs. Garrison lay upon her marital bed while Professor Thompson caressed her still very sexy legs with the large black hands creating quite an exciting contrast upon her milky white complexion.  Then, one by one her black heels were slipped off her lovely feet and pedicured toes before being tossed aside.  And then her lacy white panties were being drawn down over her trim hips to reveal the golden treasure that the professor was searching for.

“Oooooooooooooooooooooh …………………………..oooooooooooooooooooooooh ………………………..ooooooooooooooooooh!” came the loud squeals from upon the king-sized bed of the Garrisons’ master bedroom.  It was quite a sight as the lovely prim and proper Mrs. Patricia Garrison did not appear to be so any longer.  Not with her arms outstretched with fingers clutching at the bedspread in sheer desperation and milky white legs bent and draped over the professor’s muscular black shoulders.  More squeals drowned out the lapping sounds of Professor Thompson’s avid lapping of her juicing cunt.

Petite white body trembling and arching up high, fingers frantically clutching at the bedspread, it was obvious as to what was now happening to the lovely beauty as she screamed out “Oh, God …………………………..oh, Godddddddddddddddddddddd …………………..I’m cummminggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!”  Body convulsing in spasms, toes pointing at the cellphone on the dresser, the lovely Mrs. Garrison had just been eaten to a mind-shattering orgasm.  And then she went totally limp as she began to drift back down to earth.

Grasping a trim wrist and dragging her arm above her head, then the next to follow, Amos then let his right hand go to lift her left leg into position.  Next, he used his left hand to position her right leg and then lifted up to get his cock into the ready position as the bloated cockhead nudged against its target.  Both hands on her limp wrists once again, Amos then bent down to nuzzle her earlobe before whispering the magic words “Yer just a fuck’n cunt, Mrs. Garrison!”  Such a phrase would never be said to this prim and proper beauty, thus it had been the phrase implanted during hypnosis, when all reality would set in if spoken to her.

Mind snapped fully back to reality upon hearing that phrase, Pat was in total shock as she realized the predicament that she was in.  From the surroundings, Pat realized that she was upon the bed that she shared with her loving husband in the master bedroom.  She came to realize that she was totally naked upon the bed and her daughter’s psychology professor was lying atop of her, and that he too was totally naked.  And worse yet, his big bloated ‘thing’ was nudging up against her most private sex part.  “What’s happening?  What are you doing?  Please ………………please …………………no ……………we can’t!  Please ………………..please get off of me!  I don’t want this!” she pleaded, her eyes bulging wide in horror as the bastard pressed his ‘thing’ against her in response.

For Amos, the look of horror on the beautiful wife’s face only served to excite him further, his cock bloating up even more with excitement as he pushed against her tight slit.  Amos laughed aloud in seeing her eyes nearing popping out of their sockets, loved the desperate look on her face, and thrilled to hear her plead “No …………noooooooo ………………….don’t …………………it won’t fit …………………..it won’t fit ………………..its too big ………………….its too big …………………….noooooo!  Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”


It was quite a pleasure for Amos as he restrained the struggling hands on her wrists above her head and nailing her right there to the bed that she shared with her husband.  As she sobbed and cried, Amos gloated and taunted “Oh, I’s been dreaming of this since I’s laid eyes on ya at the graduation!  Damn, yer so fuck’n tight!  Wanted to ‘ruin’ ya like I’m doing right now!  Yer hubby’s cock must be a little toy cause yer so frick’n tight!”  Humping at her, hearing her sobs and cries of anguish only made him hornier as he wailed away a her sexy body.  Not caring if’n she got any pleasure out of it, Amos loved it even more if she fought and struggled against him in this obscene rape of her body.  “Ahhh ………………..ahhhh ……………….ahhhhhhh ……………….uggghhhhhhh ………………………….oh, cumming …………………cumming in ya, bitch!  Ohhh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Staring up at the bedroom ceiling of her master bedroom, Pat’s mind was just a jumbled mess of emotions, wondering just how she could have allowed this vile man to enter her bedroom in the first place.  ‘Rape!  He raped me!’ Pat tried to convince herself of that, yet she then had to explain away having let the bastard feel her up before dinner and even calling her husband away from the table knowing that a knockout drug was about to be administered to his drink.  She knew what was going to happen once her husband passed out from the drug laced drink, even had been told by Professor Thompson of his intent to fuck her right on her marital bed.

Thighs aching from being spread so widely, cuntlips still twitching in spasms from the brutal assault, Pat groaned in pain as she was being pushed over onto her side before being pulled up onto all fours.  As large calloused hands caressed her butt, Pat realized that the bastard was raring to go once again, only this time he planned on taking her like a female animal.  ‘Just like the little dogs going at it on the streets!  Like the time I was a youngster at the zoo, watching the stallion get up onto the mare to breed her!’ she concluded.  ‘He’s going to take me like a bitch in heat!  He’s going to make me his little bitch!’ she thought.

Shivering as the thick cock slid right up into her widened cum-filled cunt, Pat was caught by surprise that on the backstroke it was pulled right on out of her completely, leaving her cunny clasping at nothing but air.  She did not realize that the devious professor had merely dipped his cock into her cunny for a quick lube job, needing the slimy grease to accomplish the task at hand, that of shoving his fat cock up into her virgin ass.  Feeling the blunt head seeking entrance up into her rectum, Pat was in a panic as she tried to scramble forward in desperation.  But strong hands kept her from doing so, pulling her back in fact, just as the bastard lunged forward.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………………stopppppppppppppp …………………………stoppppppppppp ………………..it hurts ………………………..it hurtsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!” she shrieked out in agony.

“Aiee ………………..aiee …………..………aiee ……….…………..aiee …………………aiee ………………..aiee …………………aiee!” came the delightful squeals from the elegant beauty, each coming with Amos burying his bone deep into her bowels.  Knowing that he was putting a show on for the two holy men once again, having witnessed his deflowering of this lovely daughter months ago and now the elegant mother, Amos just loved hearing her whimper each time  he skewered his long thick boner up into her tight little ass.  ‘Damn, so fuck’n tight!’ Amos thought as he buried his bone once again, knowing from the tightness and her whimpering that this was indeed the first time the sophisticated beauty was being sodomized.

“Oww ………………………………oww …………………………oww ……………..oh, stop ………..please, stop!  Professor ………….Professor Thompson ……………please ……………..stop, please ………………….it hurts so badddddddddddd!” came the plea from below as Amos continued shagging the beautiful bitch mercilessly.  Hands grasping her trim hips to keep her from getting away, Amos looked down to see traces of blood at the base of his cock, causing him to loudly chuckle out “Oh, Mrs. Garrison, I’s sees I’s tearing ya a new fuck’n asshole!  Yeah, I’s know it’s sore right now but I’ll make it feel real good fer ya in a moment!”

Letting go of her hips as he continued fucking away at her creamy white ass, he grabbed her silky blonde hair with one hand and reached around her thigh with his other hand and began to finger fuck her.  Rubbing at her sensitive clit, Amos laughed as he advised “Gonna put some soothing ointment on yer torn little asshole now, Mrs. Garrison!  Oh, yeah, ya’s come and visit me at the hotel next Tuesday and I’ll give ya more of this all day long!  Gonna give ya more of what ya’ve been dreaming of all these weeks!”

Even through the slicing pain, Pat deciphered his last comment as she thought ‘He knows I’ve been thinking about it, dreaming of it, wondering what it’d be like to have sex with a black man for the first time ………………..having sex with him!  Oh, God, how can I be enjoying his touching and fingering me ………………while he’s sodomizing me?  And he thinks you’re just a cheap little whore in expecting you to go to his hotel room next week!’  “Ohhhh ……………..ohhhhh ……………ahhhh …………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Pat panted out as she creamed on his finger as his hot balm flooded her ravaged rectum to sooth the pain of her torn asshole.

Having collapsed forward upon her marital bed when the thick black skewer was pulled out of her ass, Pat’s body was numb from being stretched and torn in such a manner, her ass still slightly up in the air with cum dripping onto the bedspread from both of her flooded orifices.  She heard the professor moving about in the adjoining bathroom, could hear the faucet and running of water, causing Pat to assume that he was cleaning himself up before departing.  Needing time to recuperate and regain her body functions, Pat realized that she needed to get to the bathroom as quickly as possible to douche out the potent seed that could put her into much danger.

With Professor Thompson having made his departure from her home, Pat finally found the strength to slip out of bed and make her way to the bathroom.  Left hand cupping her mound to capture the oozing male semen that leaked out of her, she opened up the bathroom cabinet to get a bottle of douche from where she kept it stored.  Sucking in a loud gasp, Pat reached to search for one of the two boxes she had placed in there that last weekend.  ‘Where are they?’ she wondered, knowing for certain that she had placed them in the cabinet after having made the purchase at the drugstore that past Sunday.

Looking about frantically on the shelves of the bathroom cabinet, thinking that she must have put the boxes on the wrong shelf, Pat tried to retrace her steps that past Sunday upon returning from the drugstore.  Then upon turning towards the basin, the sight of the familiar orange boxes and bottles in the trashcan below the sink caught her attention.  Going over to retrieve the items thrown into the trash, a shudder coursed throughout her petite body upon realizing what the devious deed that the bastard had done, that of opening the boxes and emptying the protective liquid down into the drain before he had left, forcing her to retain his vile seed in her still fertile womb.

End of Story.