Pimped by Her Own Pastor - V
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff of the earlier stories entitled:
‘Victim’s Violated Vacation’, ‘Pastor’s a Pimp 1 & 2’,
and ‘Pimped by Her Own Pastor 1,2, 3 & 4’
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Having that diamond ring placed upon her finger by her handsome fiancé on Christmas eve had Kelly Garrison anxiously looking forward to the day that she would become Mrs. Bill Hendricks.  And from that moment on through her return home from college for spring break, Kelly excitedly used every spare moment in getting the details done for her June wedding.  But things had changed so drastically once she had returned to college from that spring break, and now Kelly was just a bunch of nerves, feeling so unworthy of Bill for she was no longer the sweet innocent virgin that he expected to be marrying.

‘How?  Why?’ Kelly had kept asking of herself but just could not come up with any rational answers.  She recalled being in Professor Thompson’s Advanced Psychology, remembered his giving the details of a term paper to be due soon, but what happened in the six hour period from when class ended was a total black to her.  Kelly could only shudder at the thought of suddenly finding herself naked with Professor Thompson’s heavy black body upon her.

‘Rape!  The bastard forced me ……………..raped me!’ Kelly trembled as she blinked back the tears.  She still could not figure out what had happened that led to her going to the professor’s home, ending up naked on his bed and losing her virginity to the vile bastard.  But her threats to call the police on him were quickly silenced when he played a tape of her indicating that she was willing to exchange sex for an ‘A’ in his class, something that was not unheard of in this day an age.  But Kelly was already in the top of the class and had a solid ‘A’, thus there was no logical reason for her to make such a bargain but the tape would lead anyone seeing it to disbelieving her rape claim.

Kelly’s horror was repeated played back since then, causing her to awake at night dripping wet in perspiration.  Her nightmare would come as she slept, recalling how she found herself totally naked with Professor Thompson rubbing his naked black body upon her, with his ‘thing’ placed rigidly up against her sex with its tip partially parting her most private part.  When Professor Thompson had insinuated that she had come to his place to trade sex for her grade, Kelly had desperately pleaded “Please, no ………………..no ……………………it’s not true ………………….I didn’t come here for such a thing!  Please, no ………………this is rape ………………..stopppppppppp!”

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Kelly had cried out in sheer agony as her evil professor speared his big filthy black ‘thing’ into her, rupturing her precious hymen in the process. Her scream of pain had filled the room, but Kelly did not realize that her screams were really music to Professor Thompson’s ears as he thrust himself forward once again.  As he brutally buried his thick monstrosity up into her virginal slit, Kelly shrieked out “Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww …………………………stop ………………………stop ……………………..it hurtsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!  Oh, Godddddddddddddddddd …………….help meeeeeeeee!”

Kelly’s thoughts now drifted back to three weeks prior, that of her graduation day from college when she was being congratulated by family and friends when Professor Thompson stopped on by.  As the vile professor approached, hugging her goodbye and to congratulate her publicly, the bastard had whispered in her ear “Reserve that honeymoon suite a night before the wedding!  Tell them it’ll be easier for you to dress and leave for the church from there!  Cause you and I are going to ‘FUCK’ one more time ………………….the night before yer wedding!  Jist one guess as to what ya’ll be wearing that night …………….one hint: it’s all white in color and has a veil!”

Up in the honeymoon suite, having gotten there an hour earlier due to facing the task of getting appropriately dressed for that evening, Kelly looked at herself in the mirror and blinked back the tears.  Now, dressed in her sheer white wedding gown and now in the process of slipping into her white heels, Kelly shuddered at the thought of having the vile bastard touching her once again.  The dream from age five, that of seeing herself looking so beautiful in her wedding gown before marrying her prince charming, crumbled as she cursed herself with ‘Whore!  Filthy slutty whore!’

With her wedding day just a day away, one that she had dreamt of all her life, yet now about to do the unthinkable – letting another man have sex with her in the honeymoon suite – in her wedding gown!  Kelly knew that she was deceiving her future husband in the most despicable way, but she was so much in love with her handsome fiancé that she just could not bear to lose him, even with it requiring herself to submit to the bastard blackmailing her for sex once again.  Kelly prayed that this would be the last time, hoping that the distance created from her graduating from the college would end the blackmail, yet she suspected that she would end up paying more in the future.

Professor Amos Thompson entered the grounds of the exclusive Pinewoods Resorts where his former psychology student and her fiancé were to be married the following day.  Once in the elevator, he pressed the button for the top floor where the honeymoon suite was located.  Looking at his watch, the time indicated that his arrival was timely at the scheduled 5:30 p.m., the time when his lovely former student was expecting him to show up so she could model her wedding gown for him.  He smiled as the elevator headed on up, wondering what the lovely beauty would look like in her wedding gown.

Hands trembling as she nervously looked at the clock, a cold chill coursed throughout her body upon hearing the chimes of the doorbell.  ‘God, how much more sick and depraved can this get?  I’m just as sick for allowing this to happen to me!’ Kelly thought, as she nervously opened the door to the honeymoon suite to admit her from college professor.  And there was her former professor, that evil grin on his face as he pushed the door close, then was pushing his fat lips upon hers and sticking his thick tongue into her mouth as he began to avidly Frenched her, causing her to shudder in disgust.

A moment later, Professor Thompson shivered with pleasure in feeling his lovely former psychology student kiss him in the way he had taught her to as he stroked her veiled head.  It was exactly the kind of kiss that made his cock throb and cockhead swell, with her pink lips pursed upon the tip of his stem while her pointed tongue darting out to tease at his flaring pisshole.  “Ah, yes!  Ohhhh, you remember just how I like it!  Yes, tongue me …………………flick that hot little tongue of yers all over my cockhead!  Ahhhhhhhh ………………..now take it ……………………..take it in yer fuck’n mouth!  Yeah ……………………….oh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

It was such a hideous ordeal for Kelly, wrapping an ivory white gloved around the thick ebony dong of her former professor while the other was in the opening of the man’s pants as she fondled his big black nuts with her gloved fingers.  Then her former professor had both hands at the back of her veiled head as he arched his hips up to feed her his thick dong.  “Oh, ya sweet little bitch!  Where’s that whiteboy yer gonna marry tomorrow, huh?  Out at his bachelor’s party?  That stupid whiteboy ain’t got a fuck’n clue that his pretty bride-to-be doing right now, huh!  If’n he can only see into the honeymoon suite right now …………………….suck’n my big black cock …………………….oh, yeah ………………yeah ……………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Kelly heard the bastard’s taunting from above as her mouth was suddenly filled with his slimy roe.

Moments later, shuddering as she ran her tongue over the slippery roof of her mouth, Kelly felt so sick and violated at having it used as a receptacle for Professor Thompson to empty his filth in.  Her stomach churned from the hot slimy lake that hadn’t settled well in her belly, feeling sick as she lay on her back on the king-sized bed, then she dug the spikes of her 3” white heels into the mattress and arched her hips up.  “Agggggggggg ……………….ahhhhhhhhhhhh ………………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Kelly squealed as the professor went down on her.  Panties having been stripped from her, the horny bastard was using his long thick tongue to drive her wild.

From having sex numerous times nightly from the end of March, to three weeks with no sex at all, Kelly petite body quivered in spasms, shaking in a wild uncontrolled orgasm the second Professor Thompson’s talented tongue flick at the ultra-sensitive clit.  Blackmailed and forced to be his sex slave for the three month period, taken to many an unwanted orgasm each night, the bastard had turned her into a wanton slut needing sexual relief.  “Oh, God …………..oh, God ……………………………I ………………….I’m cummingggggggggggggggggggg!” Kelly screamed out as the professor ate out her sweet honey.  Arms outstretched on the bed, gloved fingers clutching tightly at the thick bedspread, her love juices flowed uncontrollably onto the lapping tongue.

Taking off his coat, unbuttoning his shirt and tossing it aside, Amos then unbuckled his belt.  Seconds later, pants removed along with his shoes and socks, he reached forward to flip the bottom of the bride’s wedding gown so that it bunched around her trim waist.  Running his hands up her nylon clad legs, he then shuffled up into position, grasped her trim hips and proceeded to screw the lovely beauty in her wedding gown.  His first lunge was thwarted, catching Amos by surprise as he chuckled “Damn, ya sure got tight in just three weeks!”  Lunging forward once again, his cock sliding in this time, Amos laughed “Ah, yeah, that’ll make it easy fer the punk yer gonna marry tomorrow!”

Looking down at the lovely bride-to-be, dressed as she would be on the big day tomorrow, Amos loved seeing the tears flowing from her eyes as sobbed in despair.  Cock buried fully up her twat, then feeling her cunny squeeze upon his fuckstick, Amos knew that he was getting to the hot little bitch and humped at her while laughing “Ah, yeah, sweetie ………………….now yer getting into it!  Missed me, huh!  Opened ya up again!  What’s the punk gonna say when he falls into that fuckhole of yers?  Ain’t no way he’ll believe yer a fuck’n virgin, that’s fer sure!  Better make sure he’s soused when he gets into bed with ya!”

Riding the beautiful bride-to-be, Amos gave her quite a memorable fuck as she encircled her trim legs around his waist to lock her white heels together behind his back.  “God, I wish that whiteboy of yers could see his precious little bride-to-be right now, let him see what a little whore he’s about to marry!  Think that punk can satisfy ya?  Give ya this kind of shagging ……………..the kind that ya need, huh, bitch?” Amos taunted the agonized beauty.  Now at jackhammer speed, Amos felt the bride-to-be tremble as she arched up squealing “Oh, Godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!”  It was a dual climax as Amos unleashed a hot stream of hot gooey jizz into the beauty’s womb, then purposely pulled out in order to wickedly ejaculate his semen onto inside of her wedding gown.

A half hour later, Amos crawled off the bed, then reached over to grasped the trim ankles of the bride-to-be.  Pulling her down to the foot of the bed, he then made her turn over onto all fours.  Flipping the back of her long wedding gown up to bare her ass, he caressed the soft white mound as he fitted himself up into place.  With a merciless thrust, he shoved his oversized cock up into her tender asschute and just loved hearing the loud shrill “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  Pulling back some, he then lunged forward once again, this time burying his thick boner all the way up her bowels as he chuckled “Yer still the screamer every time I’s shove up yer tight little ass, huh, sweetie!”

Dressed once again, Amos looked at the sobbing bride as she remained in the all fours position with her wedding gown bunched around her trim waist and with her sexy white ass high up in the air.  Amos chuckled in seeing his thick flow of cum oozing out of both her well-fucked pussy and asshole.  Reaching forward to caress her soft creamy ass, he advised his former college student “Well, I guess I had better let the purty bride-to-be git her beauty rest with her big day coming up tomorrow!  Hey, Kelly, be sure to save me a dance tomorrow night!  It’d be a first fer me …………………dancing with the beautiful bride of another man after I’s fucked the night before the wedding!  And if’n that hubby of yers turns out to be a dud instead of a stud, ya jist call on yer favorite professor to solve yer problem!”

The next day, it was a nice sunny afternoon with the wedding ceremony taking place out in the resort’s courtyard with Pastor Knowlton performing the ceremony.  Pastor Rich Knowlton couldn’t help to get a rise out of performing this ceremony, especially since he had been so instrumental in demise of entering this holy marriage as a pure innocent young virgin.  In fact, when she had been under the hypnotic spell that past March, Rich had gotten to touch and play with her lovely breasts, even sucking upon her tender titties.  And to top things off, Rich had gotten the honor of being the first man to feel her soft pink lips and tongue upon his cock, along with being the very first to give her a tasty sampling of hot male spunk.

Later, at the reception dinner with place cards on the tables to arrange the guest sittings, Professor Thompson had quite a desirable seat between two lovely women.  To his left was the lovely wife of Pastor Knowlton, whom he immediately began feeling up under the tablecloth.  And to his right was the lovely Mrs. Kristin Goodman, formerly Ms. Kristin Corbett, married just a year earlier and the young wife whom Amos would be fucking in just a couple of days from now.  Already the beauty to his right had received that ominous phone call telling her to that she had to take the upcoming date off from work as she was being blackmailed to provide sexual pleasures to a man who had paid for her services, otherwise her sexual tryst before getting married would become public knowledge.

Introductions made around the table, Kristin Goodman was seated between the good friend’s college professor on her left and her loving husband on the right.  Trying to make the best of this happy and joyous occasion, Kristin tried to put her nervousness and worries of the upcoming meeting with some unknown male, who according to the caller was desiring her services.  And per that caller, should she failed to show up and put out her this unknown stranger, her unsuspecting husband would then be shown photos and a video of her having had sex with the black stranger who had taken her virginity.

Kristin thought back that time with the black stranger in the airport motel, the same man who she had later admitted into the honeymoon suite when her newlywed husband was out on the golf course, with him giving her the only sexual satisfaction during her honeymoon.  It had been on a schedule trip, one on her business calendar, one that she could not recall setting up nor placing it in her daytimer.  She had arrived looking prim and proper in her blue business suit, recalled the black man who appeared to be familiar approaching her, and she did nothing to get away when advised that  “I’m Julius Simpson ………………the man who’s going to make a ‘woman’ of you today!  Come with me!”

The professor next to her seemed to be quite a gentlemen, very nice and likable, and obviously quite knowledgeable in being the head professor in psychology at the university Kelly had attended.  With everyone chatting to one another, Kristin turned to Professor Thompson and asked “Are you planning on staying for a few days, Professor?”  “Oh, I thought I’d stay in Presswood for a few days as it seems to be quite a charming place!  Can you suggest any entertainment for me?  I’ve got only one thing scheduled thus far!” came the response from the smiling professor.  “Oh, what kind of entertainment are you interested in?  And what’s on your agenda thus far?” Kristin asked.

Hand up to his chin as if to pause and think for a second, with the noise in the reception hall rather loud, Amos then leaned over to the lovely brunette and whispered “Well, thus far I have quite an exciting day planned for Monday!  Let me tell you what I’ve got planned ………….you just won’t believe this ………………but a lovely young brunette is coming by my hotel room at 8 a.m. and we’re gonna fuck all day long!  Her husband thinks she’ll be headed off to work but instead she’ll be meeting me, because there’s some real scandalous pictures out there having sex with another man …………a black man in a motel before they got married!”

Kristen’s eyes widened in horror upon realizing that Professor Thompson was describing the exact predicament she was in as well as what she had planned to meet the blackmailer’s terms.  Seeing a photo cupped in his left hand below the table, it was a picture of her balled up naked, one taken just prior to her losing her virginity.  And then, with the Professor placing his large calloused hand upon her bare knee, Kristin realized that the fucking bastard had known all along that she was going to be his ‘date’ on Monday.  As his hand brazenly moved up under the hem of her dress to caress her inner thigh, she could only frozenly sit there as he taunted her with “I’m gonna love fuck’n ya, Mrs. Goodman!  Hope yer on the pill, cause I don’t use no rubbers, and I ain’t shooting no blanks either!  Yessiree, it’s gonna be quite an entertaining day!”

Later that evening, with guests dancing to the music, Kristin’s stomach knotted when Professor Thompson addressed her husband when asking “Would you mind if I asked your lovely wife for a dance?”  Naturally, out of courtesy and politeness, Kristin heard her unsuspecting husband reply “Oh, sure, be my guest!”  Weak-kneed as she placed her petite hand into the professor’s large ebony one, Kristin knew full well that the smiling bastard would be more than holding her hand out on the dance floor.  Trembling with fear, Kristin began to perspire profusely she nervously followed Professor Thompson onto the dance floor as he pulled her along to the darkened corner at the far end of the room.

At the end of the slow dance, Amos smiled as commented “My gosh, Mrs. Goodman, yer  dripping wet!  Here, take my hanky!”  Indeed, the lovely young wife was in need of his handkerchief to wipe herself, not from the nervous perspiration but from the cum dripping down her trim fingers.  Having prepared himself prior to reception, having eliminated the need for a pair of jockeys, Amos had then unzipped himself under the table before the dance, figuring that the front of his coat would conceal the fact of his fly being open.  Once on the dance floor, he positioned the young wife so that her left side was facing the wall corner, assuring that no one observe her left arm moving down and her hand entering the opening of his trousers. Dancing up close to her, no one could view her ivory fingers being wrapped around his ebony shaft nor the rapid fisting that began to take place.  
Amos then pulled the neatly folded black handkerchief from his top coat pocket to hand to the young wife as she sneered out softly “Bastard!” as she took the handkerchief from him with her right hand.  He watched and smiled as she transferred it down to her other hand that remained down at her side, then watched as the fingers of her left hand clutch and rub them over the fabric to cleanse them of his spunk.  Hand on her trim waist the have her lead the way back to the table, he watched as the young beauty balled up his handkerchief to keep it hidden from view.  She had performed very well in shucking him off on the dance floor, especially at the threat of keeping her out on the floor when the dance was over till she got him off by hand.

Just before getting back to the table, Kristin heard the bastard say “Now don’t ya go running off to the bathroom!  And after ya sit down at the table, I’s wanna see ya put her fingers up to yer face and git a good smell of the spunk on yer fingers!”  Sitting at the table after picking up her handbag that she had left on the seat of her chair, Kristin opened the purse on her lap to slip in the balled up fabric that had become glued together by all the gooey cum transferred onto it by her sticky fingers.  Complying with the bastard’s demand, Kristin shuddered in her seat as the heady aroma made her nauseous.

Kristin felt sick to her stomach when Professor Thompson leaned over to whisper “Yer gonna git a belly full of my jizz come Monday morning!  It always excite me to have another man's beautiful wife on her knees and blowing me!”  And as her husband’s head was turned while chatting to the fellow sitting next to him, Kristin steeled herself as the professor’s large grubby hand caressed her inner thigh and his index finger was tracing the outline of her slip through the crotch of her silky panties.  She grit her teeth together as the bastard was then trying to slip his finger under the legband of her panties to diddle her pussy.  Kritin cringed as the bastard succeeded in his quest and had part of his think finger in her twat.

End of Story.