Pimped by Her Own Pastor - VII
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff of the earlier stories entitled:
‘Victim’s Violated Vacation’, ‘Pastor’s a Pimp 1 & 2’,
and ‘Pimped by Her Own Pastor - 1 thru 6’
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Sitting alone up in the rectory, Pastor Knowlton looked at the monthly bulletin that his secretary had put together with the volunteer group that got met at the end of the month to put a composite of recent events together.  There were highlights and photos of the major events of each week, important events for parishioners of the church, with each week of September ending with various photos of the bridal couple that had exchanged their vows on that Saturday afternoon.  As Pastor Knowlton looked at the photos of each newlywed couple, a wide smile on his face formed while looking at each of the lovely young brides, his cock rising under his robe in knowing that each one had kept a deep dark secret from the man she was betrothed to.

For Pastor Knowlton, he too harbored a deep dark secret, one that initially had him in constant fear and dread of the consequences of his actions in complying with the outrageous blackmail demands placed upon him.  But now, after having participated in various unspeakable things that no one in his congregation would ever believe their supposedly holy pastor would become involved in, Pastor Knowlton now excitedly looked forward to participating in other illicit and wanton sexual activities.  But even more horrifying was the fact that his deviant unholy activities were not just confined to simple illicit things like the watching of a porn tape but in sating his vile lust on unsuspecting members of his congregation, like the four beautiful brides that he had given their sacred vows in the month of September.

Having each of the brides participate in a church’s survey, one conducted by a devious former pastor and now a self-professed marriage counselor, the unsuspecting beauties had each been expertly hypnotized by old man Mollway and made to perform unspeakable sex acts.  Looking at each of the photos, seeing the lovely pink lips of each young bride, Pastor Knowlton wondered what each of the respective grooms would say upon learning of the fact that his lovely wife had sucked off her unholy pastor while attending the session for the church’s survey.  But worst yet, each of the lovely young brides had retained deep hypnotic suggestions that would lead each to unexplainably lose her virginity before the wedding, being ‘blackened’ forever ………………that of getting her precious little cherry popped by a big black stud!

Newlyweds: Tom & Jennifer (Merkle) Tuttle

He first gazed at the wedding pictures taken on the first Saturday of September, pictures taken during and after the marriage ceremony between Mr. Tom Tuttle and Ms. Jennifer Merkle.  Pastor Knowlton’s eyes then focused on the picture that had captured the lovely couple dancing their first dance together as husband and wife.  ‘Well, Tom, wonder if you’d be holding your precious little wife so close to you if you had gotten to see how held that big black stud that got to pop her cherry!’ he mused.  Recalling how the groom had way too much to drink at the reception before the night was over, he wondered if the young man had been successfully duped by his lovely bride into thinking that he had been the stud to cop her preciously preserved cherry.  He had observed the nervous young bride not stopping her newlywed husband from drinking that night, quite the opposite in fact as she encouraged him to have one after the other with his fraternity brothers.

Chuckling as his cock pulsated and his boner hardened, Pastor Knowlton wondered ‘How would Tommy Tuttle react if he learned that his high school sweetheart and now beautiful bride got her well-preserved cherry, that was meant for him, popped by a big black stud within an hour of having just met the stud?’  Looking at the photo of the bride hugging her husband, his cock hardened at the exciting thought that ‘It was my own cock that was first to part those beautiful pink lips when she got hypnotized for that special church survey!  My holy cock was the very first for her to suck upon, and the very first to ejaculate hot cummy semen into her hot little mouth!  Your pretty wife is a natural born cocksucker, my boy!  Just ask old Master Mollway, the former pastor who’s now passing himself off as a marriage counselor as he too got a blowjob after I was done with her!  Oh, and let’s not forget that big black stud who popped her cherry, as he had her get down on her knees so he could fuck her beautiful face as she looked up at him!’

When the young Ms. Merkle had approached and asked if he could perform the marriage ceremony on that first Saturday of September, the evil Pastor had smiled widely to advise her that he would only be too happy to do it.  As he held her soft manicured hand in his to congratulate the bride-to-be, his cock was throbbing in anticipation of what was soon to come.  Asking if she had a few moments to spare, he led her into his office so that he could brief her as to what tasks would be encountered prior to the wedding taking place.  Briefing her as to the premarital sessions required, he then asked her to participate in the survey that the church was involved with that would require a few interviews with a well regarded marital counselor who was actually a former pastor.

In that brief session in his office, Pastor Knowlton learned that after graduating from college earlier that year, the lovely brown haired beauty had taken a job as a marketing assistant with a major department store.  As the unsuspecting Ms. Jennifer Merkle sat in the chair across from him, Pastor Knowlton pressed the button under his desk that would have the remote hidden cameras taking snapshots of the beauty from various angles.  These photographs of the lovely bride-to-be would soon be gracing the very private website of the CDFB organization, for it contributed heavily to the support and financing of the Presswood Congregational Church.  Photos taken from the bottom of the front his desk would provide some nice shots of the lovely beauty for the potential CDFB members bidding for her succulent charms.

Once the photos of the unsuspecting beauty got posted up on the website, along with a brief write up that she was 24 years of age along with having obtained a master’s degree in marketing, interest in the CDFB organization would perk up at the fact that the wedding date of the lovely bride-to-be had just been announced.  And thus, with their interest perked, the auction would commence at once and to last for a full week.  Such auction would end after the video was posted of the beautiful Ms. Merkle attending the session for the church’s survey, revealing a lot of personal tidbits while under a deep hypnotic spell.  Tidbits coaxed out of the lovely beauty by old Mollway’s expertise in hypnotic suggestion were geared to get the viewers excited and in turn drum up the bidding for this lovely morsel.

A week after the posting of Ms. Jennifer Merkle’s photo on the net, along with the video of her hypnotic session that was watched by the thousands comprising the CDFB network, the bidding began to skyrocket from the mere $1,500 bid early that same morning.  The video recording would capture: the young beauty lay back on the couch with eyes closed, the questions by Master Mollway and answers by the sweet bride-to-be really got the bidding going.  Such questions and answers were the likes of:  ‘Q: Are you still a virgin?  A: Yes;  Q: Ever got yourself fingered by a guy?  A: I don’t know what you mean!;  Q: Your boyfriend get his hand in your panties and put his finger up in your cunny?  A:  NO!;  Q:  Ever jack a guy off with your hand?  A: No!;  Q: How about letting a guy put his cock in your mouth?  A: Absolutely not!’

With the question and answer period over with, that portion of the video was uploaded onto the site and an hour later the auction was schedule to come to an end.  And with the enticing tidbits revealed in the beauty’s hypnotic state, such assured a wild bidding frenzy taking place at the auction’s end.  The portion of the video that followed was absolutely priceless, later uploaded after the auction was over for the pleasure of the bidding audience, scenes consisting of the lovely bride-to-be being instructed to turn her head to the side as it was time for her to learn how to please her husband on the night of the wedding.  “Open you sweet lips and learn how to please your husband, Jennifer!  Your good pastor is going to teach you how you should use your lips to please the man you marry!” she was told under hypnosis.

The video would show the robed Pastor Knowlton coming out of hiding and was now standing to her side, the vile holy man who then parted his robe as he jerked on his peter and began rubbing it up against the beauty’s pink lips.  “That’s’ it, Jennifer!  Now use the tip of your tongue to lick it!  That’s it, now use your talented tongue to trace the edge of his cockhead!  Now move towards the center of it!  Then you’ll want to open your mouth wide and take it all in ……………..yeah, that’s it ……………..now gobble it all up!” she was told.  And the video captured her pastor placing his hands at the back of her head as he began to fuck her face in earnest.  When the pastor’s body convulsed as he pushed his hips into her face, it was obvious that the beautiful member of his congregation was then getting a very rare type of communion from the holy man, her mouth filled to the brim and then overflowing with the holy wine of life!

During the hypnotic session, when asked if she had any upcoming plans before the wedding date that would include any out of town travel, lovely Ms. Merkle revealed that she was planning to meet up with her sorority sisters at her State college in for a get together at the sorority house for the kick-off of the new school year.  Such trip was scheduled just three and a half weeks prior to the wedding date.  But under hypnosis, various suggestions were implanted deep in the recesses of her mind, thoughts that she would be unaware of but act upon as that planned trip neared.  Such suggestions would have Jennifer actually making the plans to go to the event but at the last minute telling her sorority sisters that she had to back out due to unexpected glitches involving her wedding plans that needed to be resolved.

In mid-August, Jennifer kissed her fiancÚ goodbye, thanking him for being so kind as to take her to the airport.  “Have a nice weekend with your sorority sisters!” Tom had told her as she waved to him goodbye.  After an hour’s flight and deplaning at the small airport of Glendale, she first retrieved her small suitcase and then observed a man in a chauffeur’s uniform holding up a sign that read her name.  It was as if something then clicked in her brain that told her to follow this man as he led her to a white limousine.  Luggage taken from her, then the door to the back of the limo was opened for her, and she then stepped in.  Eyes widening as she emitted a gasp, innocent Jennifer Merkle was now being greeted by the biggest and blackest man she’d ever come into contact with.

With the man extending his large black hand out to greet her, Jennifer trembled as she extended hers.  In her befuddled state, unable to think rationally, Jennifer panted nervously as the man pulled and guided her hand towards him to let it rest on top of his thigh.  ‘Why?  What am I doing?  Why am I doing this?’ were questions going round and round in her head without an answer.  Her hand was not only atop of the man’s muscular thigh but also upon another part of the man that was hidden, something that was beginning to pulsate through the trousers under her palm.  Although never having felt a man’s manhood before, Jennifer’s mind registered that it was the man’s big penis that her fingers were now clutching upon.  It was as if her womanly instincts had taken over as her fingers gripped and traced the length of the long pulsating member that formed a huge bulge under the trousers, then was told that “That there’s twelve solid inches of dark meat under there, sweetie!  Twelve inches of man-meat that’s gonna make a woman of ya today!”

Up in the penthouse of a plush condominium unit, Jennifer found herself alone with this big black man that stood at 6’7” and weighed 330 lbs.  Upon walking down the hallway entrance, she had observed pictures of this man in various football uniforms, first a familiar one from the university that she graduated from and was supposedly returning to that day.  Then there were other photos of the man in rather familiar uniforms, those of various professional football teams.  As there had only been one man from the past that had succeeded beyond the college gridiron from State U., Jennifer came to realize that this must be the legendary Bruce Owens or better known as Bruce the Bull!  Such was confirmed when the big man nibbled at her ear from behind while cupping her breasts through her pink dress and lacy bra, whispering “Bruce the Bull’s gonna make ya a woman today, sweetie!  Twelve solid inches of solid bull meat that’s all fer ya!”

Deep in the recesses of her innocent mind, Jennifer knew that she should not be down this, not standing there and taking off her pink dress as Bruce the Bull looked on.  But she had unzipped the back of her dress and let the garment fall from her shoulders to puddle around her 3” white heels.  Then she was undoing the clasp of her lacy bra, stepping forward and allowing the famous football player to suckle upon her breasts, moaning as her nipples were grazed by his sharp teeth.  She wondered ‘Why am I letting this man do this?  Something I’ve refused to let Tom do in telling him only after we’re married!’  She shivered as her lacy white panties were being peeled down over her trim hips and sliding down her slender legs to puddle atop of her fallen dress.  “Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………ohhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Jennifer panted as she flung her head back while gripping at the kinky head of hair that was nuzzling up at the vee juncture of her thighs.

Naked in bed while mind enveloped in her hypnotic state, some rational thoughts only came to mind when the big black man was lying atop of her and rubbing his bloated cockhead up against her tight juicing slit.  It had been an implanted phrase in her mind that had just been whispered that brought her out of her hypnotic state, a phrase that had been deeply implanted at her last visit to Master Mollway’s office, that of “Miss Jennifer Merkle ……………………..Bruce the Bull is gonna pop that cherry of yers!”  Jennifer was suddenly aware of being naked, with this giant of a black man lying atop of her petite body, and that he was intent on having sex with her.

“No …………………..no …………………..what’s happening ………………..no ………………………this can’t be happening?  This can’t be real!  This can’t be happening!  Stop ………………stop …………………stop …………………..no, this is rape!  This is RAPE!” she cried out in desperation.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………………..aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” came the agonizing shrieks of pain as Jennifer was brutally stripped of her virginity.  Bruce the Bull’s twelve inch long and three inch diameter meat mallet had slammed up into her time, ramming right through her hymen, then the big black brute humped up into her time and time again till his walnut-sized balls bounced against her tender white ass.

A week later, in a follow up session for the survey at Mr. Mollway’s marriage counseling office, while under hypnosis the former pastor quizzed the young Ms. Jennifer Merkle: ‘Q: How many times did the big Bull fuck your tight little pussy that two day weekend, sweetie?  A: (after a bit of a pause as her mind reflected back) Fifteen!;  Q:  Did the Bull use a condom at all?  A: No, never!;  Q:  Did he sodomize you?  Butt fuck you?  A:  Yes!;  Q: How many times?  A: Four!;  Q:  Did you suck off his big black cock?  A:  Yes!;  Q:  How many times did you suck off the Bull?  A: Seven!;  Q:  Are you worried that the Bull knocked you up?  A: Yes!;  Q:  When will you know?  A: When I get back from our honeymoon!;  Q:  You will have Tom put on a condom when you consummate your marriage and over the course of the honeymoon, won’t you?  A:  Yes!’

Asked for more details about that fateful weekend, Jennifer relayed that “Mr. Owens would make me kneel on the carpet, then force me to take his ‘thing’ into my mouth!  I learned that I should look up at him as it gave him a lot of pleasure to see me in such a helpless position ………………with his filthy ‘thing’ in my mouth!  I to lick him, take him down my throat, pumping him till with one hand and using my other to cradle his big bloated black balls in the palm of my other hand!  I learned when to expect him to shoot off in my mouth, could feel his bloated balls contract in the palm of my hand as it was the  signal that he would soon be ejaculating out his filthy slime!  He would hold my head to prevent me from pulling away, forcing me to swallow it all, then to look up at him and forced to smile as I licked my lips clean!  Once, he didn’t want to do it in my mouth, but instead pulled out just seconds beforehand and then shot it all over my face and hair!”

And then the hypnotized beauty relayed that “I felt so nervous when I got off the airplane and went to the baggage claim where Tom was supposed to meet me!  And when he took me in his arms and gave me a passionate kiss, I didn’t stop him from parting my lips with his tongue, allowing it entrance into my mouth!”  Jennifer advised that she felt so guilty about it, going on to explain that “I could still taste Mr. Owens’ semen in my mouth, from being made to suck him off one final time when we were in the limousine on the way to the airport to catch my flight!”  As she had apparently become quite a pro at cocksucking, pleasing a man while on her knees and making him feel good, Jennifer was then instructed to once again get into that position as she could demonstrate to Pastor Knowlton her improved technique.
The next set of wedding pictures was that of the marriage between Mike Wilkenson and the lovely Ms. Kerri Morris.  The beautiful blonde bride with her lovely blue eyes was just so stunning in the wedding photos.  With the question and answer format drawing out all the desired information for the auction, it revealed that she too planned to enter the marriage as an untouched beauty who had never in her life fucked nor sucked.  The final purchase price for her lovely charms had hit the mid-five figure mark when the auction had come to a close.  And Pastor Knowlton, the one person that she could ultimately trust, was the very man that Ms. Kerri Morris got to first perform the act of fellatio upon ……………………………doing so till the very end ……………………till she was made to swallow his holy blessing that had filled her mouth to the brim!

Newlyweds: Mike & Kerri (Morris) Wilkenson

Sold to the highest bidder, it was then to happen on a planned business trip that she would come to lose her precious virginity.  Kerri Morris’ planned trip had been made in advance with several of her colleagues for a conference, but with refundable tickets, she was able to extend a day and change the flight without any penalty.  An extended day and weekend out in Ferndale, ‘to meet with her old sorority sister and her little six month old baby’ was what she had told her fiancÚ as to the reason for the extension.  But that morning when her colleagues had departed and Kerri was back in the hotel room that she had taken through the weekend, she responded to the knock on her door, then opened the door wide to admit the 6’6” 300 lb. black man who advised that “I’s here to make a woman of ya, Miss Morris!”

Compliant and obeying the strange man who seemingly had some kind of hold on her, Kerri began disrobing herself before this stranger, then she was helping him to disrobe before taking his large calloused hand and leading him over to the king-sized bed.  “Mmmm ……………….mmmmmm …………………ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned from the unbelievable pleasure derived by hot wet tongue licking at her most private part.  It was exciting to get to grasp a male’s manhood in her hand for the very first time, shucking at it to make it grow even more, and then it was being placed at the entrance of her being.  But suddenly, upon hearing the words “I’s gonna pop that cherry of yers, Ms. Morris!” reality suddenly set back in.

“Oh, my God ………..oh, my God …………………….who are you …………what are you doing in my room?” Kerri panted out in fear.  “Please ………………….please don’t rape me!  Please!” she begged.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she screamed as the unknown visitor took no heed of her pleas and brutally robbed her of her most prized possession.  For so long she had held her handsome fiancÚ in abeyance, but now just a mere six weeks from her wedding, all that had been for naught as the bloody mess between her thighs gave evidence of her hymen being ruptured once and for all.  The brutality of it all, with no tenderness shown, the thick male cudgel just kept pounding and pounding at her till it was fully embedded in her torn vagina.

It was impossible for Kerri to push the heavy body from her, finding it near impossible to breath from the weight upon her, then her mind registered what he was telling her “Gonna cum, sweetie ……………………….gonna pop my nuts …………………..and I’s gonna knock ya up good with a little black bastard!”  A desperate and renewed fight to get out from under her rapist ensued, but Kerr was no match for this big muscular rapist.  And then she felt him rock upon her, felt him shudder, and then her innards were flooded with a hot fiery balm as the black bastard grunted out his lust time and time again.  Raped and ravaged, virginity stolen from her, she worried as to what her handsome fiancÚ would think of her being raped by another man ……………………..a man who had sex with her, and from the feel of it growing once again inside of her made it evident that he was going to have another go at her!

For young Kerri Morris, the big black buck that just popped her cherry had purchased her in the auction.  Soon, he would take his pleasure in sodomizing the young bride-to-be as well as to teach her how to give good head.  She would live in fear and agony for the next six weeks, always wondering if the worst possible consequence of the unplanned and unwanted mating would end up having her walking down aisle with another man’s baby growing in her tummy.  Everyone thought that her being so jittery and nervous was due to the upcoming wedding, but she feared that Mark would come to find that his bride had entered the marriage no longer a pure innocent young virgin.  That night in the honeymoon suite, Kerri had felt relieved in Mike being so intoxicated from the reception that he had entered her and cum immediately before dozing off in a deep slumber.  But the next morning, relief turned to panic for Kerri as she was bent over the toilet due to morning sickness.

Wedding photos of that 3rd Saturday of September were of the marriage between Mr. Rick Zimmer and Ms. Crystal Irving.  The 26 year old bride in the pictures looked very pretty with her long silky brown hair, appearing to be such so much in love with the handsome groom as she exchanged vows with him.  If anyone in the church would even contemplate that the elegant young bride had lost her virginity just a couple of weeks prior to her wedding day, no one in their right mind would speculate that the groom-to-be hadn’t been the one getting to do the deed, that he had managed to cop her precious cherry a bit prematurely.  But her withering about the bed, with a big black stud atop of her, fucking her …………………….such was just unthinkable, except for a depraved mind!


Newlyweds: Rick & Crystal (Irving) Zimmer

In a hypnotic state, Crystal revealed that she had been awarded an all expense trip by her employer to attend the dental hygienist conference in Baltimore just two weeks prior to her wedding date.  From that point on, bidding from viewers of the CDFB organization began to spike as the auction went into quite a frenzy.  The lovely Crystal Irving, the most highly regarded hygienist at the dental lab where she worked, felt so honored to be the one selected to attend the conference.  The only drawback for her was that it was just two weeks prior to the wedding date.  But she would have to just make sure everything was taken care of prior to and after that conference weekend.

Once the heated auction had come to an end, the winner had plunked down a hefty sum for this innocent young virgin.  The winning bidder had immediately become intrigued with the lovely bride-to-be upon learning that she was a dental hygienist and would be attending the Baltimore conference.  The top bidder was Dr. Amos Malone, a prominent dentist who himself would be flying in and giving a lecture at that very conference.  Checking the national dental directory, Dr. Malone looked up the dental lab employing the lovely beauty.  Recognizing the name of one of the partners of the firm, a dentist who had been in one of his classes, Dr. Malone made contact with his former student and asked if the hygienist from his would be interested in being his assistant in demonstrations he planned on conducting at the conference.

Approached by one of the partners of the firm the next day, Crystal was pleasantly surprised at the request of her assisting Dr. Malone in his demonstrations.  According to the conference write up, Dr. Malone was well-known nationally and also taught at one of the most prestigious dental schools.  Honored at the request, and in also learning that she would be well-paid for doing so, Crystal eagerly accepted.  It had been relayed that she’d play the role of a patient at times, where Dr. Malone would demonstrate new drilling techniques.  But Crystal would end up finding out at the conference, that during the day she’d be the patient and Dr. Malone would demonstrate the new techniques of treating patients, but during the evenings her mouth would be wide open for a different kind of drilling ……………………drilled by Dr. Malone’s big black cock!

For Crystal’s preparation for the big event, Master Mollway implanted hypnotic suggestions implanted deep in her mind as she was made to gaze up of the picture images of Dr. Amos Malone.  Old Mollway was a master at his profession, telling the hypnotized beauty that “The image of Dr. Malone will be in your mind constantly from now!  You will dream of him at night, think about him during the day, fantasize as to what this big black hulk of a man would do to you if given the chance!  And you shall be giving him that chance at the conference!”  With more hypnotic suggestions implanted deep in her brain, Crystal would not be spending much time at all in her hotel room, for she would instead be sharing the king-sized bed in Dr. Malone’s plush hotel suite.

As Dr. Malone was nationally known and quite prominent, the good doctor did not want any chance of a repercussion with an accusation of rape while at the conference, thus wanting the way paved the entire way for him.  That was fine with old Mollway and Pastor Knowlton, for it would be even better for the beautiful bride-to-be to wonder ‘Why did I let that happen?  Why did I go with Dr. Malone up to his suite?  Why did I let him kiss me?  Why did I let him undress me?  Let him take me to bed?  Allow him to have sex with me?  Even giving him my virginity?  And worst, I didn’t even insist that he use any protection?  How could I have been so sexually promiscuous with a man I just met?  Allowing a black man to have sex with me?  Taking his penis into my mouth?  Letting him do his thing in my mouth?  Letting him sodomize me?  And to think that I enjoyed it all?’

Checking in at the Regency Suites, Crystal was surprised to receive the note waiting for her from Dr. Malone that asked for her to join him for dinner at 6:30 up at the Top of the ‘R’ restaurant.  Going up to her room, Crystal showered and put on an elegant black dress and 3” heels before taking the elevator up to the restaurant located at the top of the hotel.  In seeing the big man smiling and waiting for her at the booth, it seemed as if something clicked in her mind and she began to tremble as moved towards the booth.  A moment later, Crystal was panting nervously as she allowed the strange man to take her hand in his, then he continued to hold her hand.

Under the table, Dr. Malone’s large hand was on her bare knee and sliding up under the hem of her dress.  Yet she did nothing as the calloused hand caressed her inner thigh and the thick fingers were gently rubbing up and down the front of her panties.  And she did not put up any resistance when his thick finger slipped under the legband and was parting the entrance of her vagina.  Deep in her mind, Crystal knew this was all wrong, that she shouldn’t let his strange man take such advances with her.  But her hand now had a will of its own, moving onto Dr. Malone’s thigh, moving up till her fingers went up over the large bulge, squeezing down upon it to feel it throb under her palm.

A bit over an hour later, up in Dr. Malone’s plush hotel suite, Crystal moaned “Oh, Dr. Malone, you shouldn’t touch me like that …………………….oooooh, but it feels so good!  Ooooooh, Dr. Malone …………………I can’t …………………I shouldn’t ……………………I shouldn’t ………………….I’m getting married in two weeks!”  Moments later, with her black dress puddle around her heels, as her lacy black bra was being undone, Crystal panted “Oh, Dr. Malone ……………………….ohhhhhhh ………………….ohhhh, you shouldn’t be touching me like that ……………..oh, but it feels so gooooodddd ………………………….ooooh, touch me!”  Large hands cupping her bare breasts, nipples being thumbed, Crystal trembled with nervousness when the good doctor told her “I’m gonna make ya a woman tonight, Crystal!’

In the middle of the large king-sized bed, Crystal was now embracing another man other than her fiancÚ for the very first time in her life.  Also she was totally naked for the very first time while with a male, for never had she allowed such liberties to the man she would soon marry, telling him that he’d just have to wait till the night of their wedding in order to sample her charms.  “Ohhhh, Dr. Malone, what are you doinggggggggggg?” she panted out as man had pushed her legs wide and had his face nuzzling in her silky fleece and tongue licking at the entrance of her vagina.  “Oh ……………….ohhhhhhhhh …………………..ohhhhhhh ……………..ohhhhhhhhhh ……………………..oh, Dr. Maloneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she moaned, arching up into the man’s face as her very first climax overtook her.

Then Dr. Malone was atop of her, adjusting his manhood into place, but there was no resistance on Crystal’s part as she merely panted out for him to “Please ………..please be gentle ………………..please …………………I’m a virgin!”  And then she cried out “Ohhhhhhhhhhh ……………….owwww ……………oh, God ……………..it hurts ……………………..it hurtssssssssssssssssssss!  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  And then Dr. Malone was buried deep within her as Crystal crossed her arms and legs over her older black lover.  The man she had just met had indeed made a woman of her, taken her precious virginity and deprived her fiancÚ the honor that had been promised to him for so long, just a mere two weeks prior to their marriage.

Flying out of Baltimore as she headed back home, when the flight attendant stood in the aisle and began giving the routine demonstrating on putting on a life vest, her mind suddenly cleared and reality set back in as to the horrors at what she had allowed to happen.  ‘How could I allow such a thing to happen?  My God, how could I let that happen?  I only met the man over dinner!  Then I was letting him touch me, places where I never even allowed Rick!  I went up to his suite, never made a fuss, then allowed him to have sex with me!  I even gave him my virginity!  My God, how can I ever face Rick again?’  Throughout the flight, Crystal played back all the unbelievable events, the numerous times she had sex with Dr. Malone and doing such unspeakable sex acts with the man.  She shuddered upon recalling how she had clenched the bedspread so tightly, biting down hard into the fabric in her attempt to keep from screaming when he butt fucked her that very first time.

In looking at the next set of photos, those of a blonde beauty on her wedding day, that of the lovely Ms. Gwen Manning to Mr. Thomas Stanford, Pastor Knowlton smiled at the memories generated in seeing those sweet pink lips and how they had literally sucked the life out of him on that first session of her attending Mollway’s office to participate in the so-called survey for the church.  With the young beauty having no plans on making any trips out of town, both he and Mollway had enjoyed setting things up for the auction winner to fly into town and later they’d be watching through a cell phone transmission of his defiling the beautiful bride.

Newlywed:  Mrs. Gwen (Manning) Stanford

The lovely Ms. Gwen Manning, standing at 5’4” and weighing a mere 117 lbs., had met her fiancÚ in college and the wedding date had been planned for just over a year following their graduation and getting gainful employment.  The bride-to-be had obtained a degree in Occupational Therapy and was working at the new Rehab Hospital.  In the video of her under hypnosis, the bride-to-be advised that her wedding plans included her staying at the honeymoon suite from two nights before the wedding day, advising that she needed to keep her composure as her mother was rather hyper and would definitely put her into a frantic state is she remained had home.

Immediately following the Thursday night wedding rehearsal and dinner, Gwen planned on checking in at the hotel.  With her cousin working at the front desk of the hotel, everything had been arranged and she was given her cousin’s employee rate, thus making it quite cheap for her to relax for that two nights and a day before the wedding.  Everything should already have been arranged and Gwen was leaving things in the capable hands of her good friend who was serving as the wedding coordinator.  If all worked out, just a few phone calls would be needed to the people assigned to various tasks, then Gwen could just relax and get ready for the big event.

At the bequest of the winning bidder, after making his purchase of the beautiful blonde bride-to-be, he divulged his desire to fulfill his long time fantasy ………………..that of bedding another guy’s beautiful bride just prior to the big event!  And so it was instilled in her mind that upon hearing the knock on the door of the honeymoon suite, once she inquired as to ‘Who’s there?’ that she would readily open the door to the person responding with “Tyrone Whitmore!  I’m here to pop yer cherry before yer wedding day, Miss Manning!”  That statement would act as a trigger in her mind, putting her back into a deep hypnotic state and allowing things to take place ……………….things that would be unspeakable if she could think rationally.

With makeup and wedding gown brought in a van at the time of her check-in early that Thursday afternoon, Gwen hung up her beautiful wedding gown and veil, making sure that everything was spotless and perfect for the wedding.  Things went perfectly at the wedding rehearsal at the church, followed by a nice dinner for the wedding party and out of town guests at an elegant restaurant, then her fiancÚ escorted her up to the honeymoon suite before he left to join up with the best man and guys serving as ushers.  But after Tom had seen her to the door and was walking out of the hotel lobby, a well dressed black man folded up the newspaper and got up from his chair to make his way towards the elevator.

Hearing the knock at the door, Gwen merely thought that Tom had forgotten something, but she called out first as she had not seen anyone from the peephole.  Gwen froze and went numb, unable to think rationally after hearing the male voice on the other side of the door responding with “Tyrone Whitmore!  I’m here to pop yer cherry before yer wedding day, Miss Manning!”  Unexplainably, Gwen undid the security chain and opened, turned the lock and opened the door to admit the stranger on the other side.  The she was looking up at a big muscular black man who towered more than a foot over her.  She could only watch in silence as the man then took the sign off the back of the door knob, putting the ‘Do Not Disturb!’ sign onto the front of the door.  Door was being locked and chained, then the black stranger smiled at her to ask “Ya brought yer wedding gown with ya, Miss Manning?”  As she nodded a ‘yes’ response, she was advised to “Go put on yer wedding gown and model it fer me, honey!”

Walking to the bedroom as her heart pounded in her chest, Gwen wondered ‘Why am I doing this?  Why am I going to model my wedding gown for this strange man?’  But she went into the bedroom, stepped out of her beige heels and began to unzip the brown dress she had worn to the rehearsal, Gwen asked herself ‘Why did I allow him in?  Who is he?’  Questions going unanswered as undid her bra clasp to remove the garment, not needed as the wedding gown was strapless and had one built-in, Gwen then sat on the chair to roll her white hose on.  She donned the gown, then stepped into her white heels that had been placed in the closet.  Once the veil was pinned on, she then walked towards the doorway leading to the living room area to model her wedding gown.

Entering the living room, Gwen saw that her unknown guest had helped himself to bar and poured himself a drink.  “Ah, yes ………………..beautiful ………………..jist beautiful, Miss Manning!  Come here, honey ………………put your leg up on the couch here ……………….so’s I’s can be the one to peel the garter belt off!” she was told.  Doing as she had been told, Gwen could not believe she was being so unladylike in lifting her right leg up and placing her heel down upon the leather cushion next to where her unknown guest was sitting.  She shivered in feeling the large calloused hands caressing her calf before sliding up her leg, going up under her wedding gown that she herself was holding up to allow Mr. Whitmore to get to the prize that he was after.  Gwen shivered and trembled when the man’s fingers went past the garter belt that she wore for that purpose, shuddered as thick fingers grazed over the crotch of her lacy white panties.

Ten minutes later, Gwen stared up at the ceiling as the big black stranger loomed over her.  White heels first removed by this unwanted guest and now he was rolling down he last of her white hose with her wedding gown bunched up around her waist.  Seconds later, after her legs had been bared, the man was grasping at the waistband of her lacy white panties.  ‘Why am I letting him do this to me?  Why can’t I stop him?’ she asked herself as the panties were now down around her knees and about to be pulled off her legs.  Then he was kneeling up upon the bed, stripping off his clothing and baring his glistening ebony body before her.

Only when Mr. Whitmore was looming above her and rubbing his ‘thing’ up against the entrance to her vagina did she shudder with fear.  But when he announced that “I’m gonna pop yer cherry now, Miss Manning!” did reality fully set back in her mind.  In an instant, Gwen came to realize that she was in the honeymoon suite and dressed in her wedding gown, and a total stranger was in the room alone with her ……..……..naked!  Buck naked and intent on putting his filthy ‘thing’ in her ……………intent on raping her against her will and taking her virginity!  “Please …………….no ………………stop!  No, don’t …………………….don’t rape me ……………………………..please don’t rape me!  Please don’t rape me!” she cried out in protest.

But for Tyrone Whitmore, the man who had purchased her on the CDFB auction block, he had coughed up a cool fifty grand to fulfill making his dream fantasy come true.  For Tyrone, money was no object as he had lots to burn, and purchasing this filly and getting the honor of popping her cherry just a couple days before her wedding was just priceless.  And when asked if he wanted her to snap out of her hypnotic state just before he fucked her, the answer was a definite ‘YES’ for him.  He wanted the prim and proper little bitch screaming her head off when he went and raped her, knowing full well that when he departed, she would not dare report the rape as she would never be able to ever explain why in the world she had admitted him into the honeymoon suite in the first place.

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………………..nooooooooooo …………….stoppppppppp ……………..stopppppppppp ………………….owwwwwwwwwwww!” were the screams that never got beyond the soundproof walls of the honeymoon suite when the beautiful bride-to-be got her cherry popped once and for all.  Tyrone wondered if Master Mollway and Pastor Knowlton were enjoying the show from the video being transmitted to them by the cell phone that he had placed upon entering the bedroom.  Leaning up and pressing at the beauty’s knees to spread her wide, Tyrone smiled widely in triumph as his fantasy had been fulfilled.  Once he had seen her picture on the website, learning that she indeed was a virgin going into her marriage, the info relayed that she would be staying at the honeymoon suite beforehand to keep from having her mother agitate her, Tyrone had been determined to win the auction at all costs and nailing her before the big day.

Looking down to where the cell phone was transmitting the video, Tyrone smiled and announced “Damn, she sure is a bleeder!”  Due to the brutal rape, his entire cock and the insides of her ivory thighs were just coated in blood, attesting to the fact that the lovely bride-to-be had indeed been a virgin.  More and more cherry blood was being pumped out of her as he fucked the delirious beauty, slicing in and out of her bleeding slit.  As the raped beauty continued to cry out in pain, Tyrone hammered away at the bitch, telling her that “I’s gonna give ya yer wedding present real soon, sweetie!  Yeah, I’s gonna cum in ya and knock ya up good, bitch!”  Humping away at the agonized beauty, moments later Tyrone groaned out “Gonna cum!  Gonna cum!  Gonna knock ya up good!  Here it cums …………..here it cums …………………..arrrgggggggg ………………arrrggggghhh ……………………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

It was when the beautiful bride-to-be was weeping in despair at the horror of being violently raped and maybe impregnated by her vile rapist that a special phrase whispered into her ear would send her back into a faraway hypnotic state.  From this point on, Gwen would be able to remember every detail of what was taking place but it was if another switch had just been turned on, for now she would enjoy the touching and caressing of her intimate body parts ……………………..and more so wanted to be sucked and fucked in every which way this big black stud desired of her!

That Saturday morning, Gwen was down in the lobby awaiting the arrival of the maid of honor and bridal attendants as planned.  Their gowns were placed on a special rack to be taken up to the room once the maids were done with their cleaning up of the suite.  Meanwhile, she and the gals in her wedding party would enjoy a breakfast buffet before going up to the honeymoon suite to prepare for the big event.  And when they went up to the room, it would look immaculate with the elegant suite looking as it should be to welcome a bride and groom to where they would consummate their marriage together.  Gone were the blood stained and cum encrusted bed sheets with new ones replacing them.  Bridal gown hanging up in the closet, the whiteness giving it the appearance of pure and innocence, for fortunately the blood that stains were on the  interior portion of the garment and hidden from view.

The wedding was beautiful and everyone had a good time at the reception, throwing more again rice as the bride and groom bid everyone goodbye and were headed up to honeymoon suite where everyone could picture what would soon be taking place.  But fifteen minutes after the bride and groom entered the honeymoon suite, Tom Stanford lay fast asleep on the right side of king-sized bed, out cold from the drug laced glass of champagne that his beautiful bride had handed to him.  All had been well planned as to the intricate details and hand been implanted in recesses of the bride’s mind by hypnotic suggestion by the wily old Mollway.  And then the timely knock came at the door, to which the beautiful bride open up the door while still in her wedding gown after hearing that “It’s Tyrone Whitmore here to fuck the beautiful bride on her wedding night!”

That next morning, Tom Stanford awoke from his dazed sleep, his head pounding from all that drinks he had consumed.  Naked from the waist down, with only his shirt on, he shook his head to try and recall the events after leaving the reception but couldn’t.  But in looking over at his beautiful bride who was still fast asleep, Tom slipped out of bed and sucked in his breath at the sight before him.  ‘My God, we must’ve sure gone at it once we got up here!’ Tom surmised as he gazed down at seeing the blood stained wedding gown bunched up around Gwen’s waist.  Lacy white panties, white hose and heels lying scattered at the floor of the bed, and then Tom observed the matted golden fleece with white flakes and some telltale signs of what had spilled out and soaked into the sheets.

End of Story.