Play Toy for the Asian Bastard
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Tom Scott and his lovely young wife Lisa had been transferred to into the supervisory slot in the western regional office, with the home office having him on the fast track for an assistant vice-president position.  That meant that both Tom and Lisa had to pack up and move, to area on the coast where the regional office was located.  Tom was a very work-oriented young exec, trying to do all he could to get ahead and to set themselves up to start a family. As for Lisa, she was sexy and beautiful, and very much in love with her husband.  Though sexy and beautiful, Lisa was quite innocent and naïve, with Tom being her steady beau from their junior year in high school.

Tom's new boss, Ichiro Takagi, had gone over the personnel records and recognized immediately that Tom would be quite an asset to have around.  Ichiro definitely needed a good number two man, one who deserved to learn the regional operation and fill in the opening of assistant regional vice-president. He certainly hoped that Tom Scott could help straighten things out in the account receivable department as it was a mess, one that he himself had helped created.  It was due to his thinking with the wrong head, the one between his legs.

Now one of three assistant supervisors, Jeff Travers, had been moved up into that position, not because he was all that bright but because of that conniving thirty year old wife of his.  The conniving Rhonda Travers wanted to see her husband get ahead and had given Ichiro his very first opportunity to sample some tender white meat, thereby getting his chance to move up into a supervisory slot.  Rhonda Travis was quite sexy, far from innocent and had obviously been around the block, willingly spreading her long white legs for her husband's Asian boss.

With her husband moving up into his current position, Rhonda then got to meet Mr. Michaels, Jeff's immediate supervisor at a company party.  Michales was an elderly old coot who lived all alone, suffering from a number of health problems.  Figuring that she could help clear the way for her husband, Rhonda easily managed to seduced the old coot, figuring that he'd put in a good word for Jeff and have him moving up into the old man's slot when he retired in a year, as he indicated.  With that in mind, Jeff would have an entire year under his belt and should be groomed to take over the old man's spot.

The old coot had been an easy mark and Rhonda had it mind to give him a wild ride in exchange for his getting Jeff promoted up into his position a year from then.  She planned on allowing him to think that he had the best boner in the world and that she was definitely his for the taking whenever he wanted some nookie.  With the old guy divorced and lonely for companionship, Rhonda had him chomping at the bit to get her in the sack.

Already spreading her legs for the headman, Rhonda figured that the lusting Asian bastard would have no choice to promote Jeff once he had a year's experience and the old coot retired.  So, once she gave the old man Michaels a little bit of companionship, everything would be in motion.  But what happened on paying a visit to the old man's home, Rhonda definitely got more than she bargained for.

Her husband out golfing that day with Mr. Takagi, Rhonda embarked on her plan to seduce the old geezer.  Saying that she had made some pies and wanted to deliver one to him, knowing that he was living all alone, Rhonda had arrived in a very sexy dress and heels.  Saying that she had a women's league luncheon for her elegant dress, Rhonda then graciously accepted the invitation to come in as she had some time to kill.

It was a cinch for Rhonda to ensnare the old bastard as he was obviously in need of female companionship.  Michaels was willing to agree to anything she wanted of him, just so long as he had the chance to get between her sexy legs.  The old coot, rather fat and pudgy, had not had a woman in years.  Such was obvious in the manner he went at her once he got her naked on his bed.  The way the geezer wheezed and panted atop of her, giving her no thrill at all, Rhonda thought 'This old fucker sounds like he's dying!'

As she squeezed his fat ass, Rhonda chuckled as she felt him spurt within her, feeling his fat old body quiver as if in the throes of death.  Humping back at the man, wrapping her long legs around his fat ass, she squeezed the live out of him and felt it ooze out of his flabby pecker and into her womb.  Moments later, trying to get out from under his dead weight, Rhonda pushed at the man as she tried to get out from under him.

Trying to get him to move, get him up and off her, it was then Rhonda who froze with fear ……….seeing his black eyes wide open and staring openly at her ……………for he was dead!  She indeed had fucked the life out of the old geezer, giving him a heart attack at the very instant he began spewing his load into her.  Her over-ambitious plan would have been fool-proof had she not performed so well in bed, getting the old coot to keel over right then and there.  Making it out of there, unsure whether to call an ambulance or the police, Rhonda decided that he'd be found if he didn't call in or show to work the next day.

Now a smart and young Tom Scott had gotten the position that was vacated by the passing of old man Michaels.  In bed with Mr. Takagi, she was only assured that Jeff would be safe in his position and if learned enough from Tom Scott in the next year, Jeff could get promoted up to the position.  Of course, if she kept putting out for him, Jeff would be the first in contention for that supervisor position.  It appeared that Mr. Takagi was looking at possibly creating an assistant vice-president slot to take the load off himself, with that slot going to Tom Scott.

At a company dinner held shortly after the arrival of Tom and Lisa Scott, Rhonda got to meet the wives of her husband's two competitors, both being attractive with one who couldn't care less about what her husband did while the other posed a threat to her plans.  That woman appeared to be just as aggressive as her, possibly even willing to spread her legs for Mr. Takagi in order to get her husband promoted.

With the Scott's not arriving as yet, Rhonda wondered how pretty Lisa Scott was as apparently Tom Scott was rather young according to what Jeff had told her.  According to her husband, his new superior was a whizz kid with a bachelor's and master's degree in finance and had been with the company for just over three years and apparently on the fast track to get into upper management.  Then Jeff nudged her saying "There's my new boss!"

Turning to the front entrance, Rhonda gazed at the handsome young Tom Scott and felt weak in the knees in seeing just how handsome he was.  Then Rhonda observed the beautiful young woman on his arm and she was certainly glad that Mrs. Lisa Scott was not a direct competitor of hers.  Seeing the young and innocent appearance of the lovely Mrs. Scott, Rhonda realized that the woman she was looking at was a far step higher than she herself could ever hope to be.

'Damn, she must be one with those well-bred bitches that was sent off to the most prestigious boarding schools and then automatically off to some Ivy League college due to the family name or contribution to the school!' Rhonda correctly concluded.  'Jezz, so puritanical, so fuck'n innocent ……………………………damn, fuck'n bitch is all she is!' Rhonda cussed, more so in jealousy than what reality depicted.  Deep down, Rhonda knew that if Lisa Scott were a direct competitor, she'd be out sucking wind.

Upon Mr. and Mrs. Scott's arrival, Rhonda happened to glance over towards Mr. Takagi's direction, taking in his eyes lighting up as well as seeing his jaw drop wide open.  She knew that his expression was solely due to that of the succulent Mrs. Lisa Scott, apparently this also being the very first time he laid eyes on the succulent little beauty.  Rhonda could read his mind upon seeing the expression on his face but she correctly assessed 'Ain't no fucking way you're be getting in little Miss Goody Two-Shoes over there!"

In getting to meet the sweet and innocent Lisa Scott, as well as sitting next to her over dinner, Rhonda found that her initial assessment was indeed correct in just looking at the lovely young woman.  Also, with Mr. Takagi seated at the same table and basically unable to take his eyes off the innocent little beauty, Rhonda wondered if there was just a way that she could somehow cash in on her assessment.  Wheels churning in her mind, glancing over from time to time to the ogling Asian boss, Rhonda turned on the charm in order to befriend this young beauty.

The next week, in the sack with Mr. Takagi while holding his wilted prick lying in the palm of her hand after a vigorous fuck session, Rhonda advised "That lovely married gal I sat next to over dinner, Lisa Scott, sure is a pretty one!  I saw you eyeing her up throughout the entire night!  But let's face it, there's no way that innocent little thing will ever drop her tight little panties for the likes of you ………………..not ever!"  The throb of the cock rising in her hand at the mention of the sexy little beauty confirmed to Rhonda that her devious plan might just work to her benefit.

Knowing that she literally had Mr. Takagi right in the palm of her hand at that moment, Rhonda gently began stroking at his growing boner as she continued "Just imagine if you had the opportunity to find the sweet little thing in a vulnerable condition where you could do anything you wanted with her …………………….taking the clothes off her sexy young body ………………….rubbing your face up into her soft golden curls ………………….eating her ………………………..sticking your horny old pecker up into her …………………….cumming in her ……………………..maybe even knocking the little bitch up!"

With the pudgy old man now humping up into her wanking hand, "Now ………….let's just say that ………………..if I just happen to get that succulent little beauty in such a condition …………….…………where you can get your clammy old hands on her ……………….you could see that my Jeff is the one groomed for the supervisory job …………………..and guarantee that he gets it!"

Leaning down, flicking her wet tongue over his pulsating cockhead as she continued to wank him, Rhonda heard him agree to her plan as he yelled out "Yes ……………yes ………………yessssssssss …………………….I promise ……………….Jeff will get the promotion ……………..if you set it up for me …………………..for me to get the pretty little thing ……………… I can eat her ………………….fuck her ……………knock her up!"  "Ahhhhhhhh …………………..yeahhhhhhhhh!" came the loud groan as Rhonda proceeded to blow him.
Having sat next to the innocent young wife at the dinner table, it was simple for Rhonda to pick up the phone and befriend Lisa Scott, telling her that she was about to go out shopping and wanted to see if she could play tour guide at the same time.  With the regional office located far off from the big cities, the company being the biggest employer in a fifty mile radius, it seemed that most of the upper middle class subdivision consisted of company employees and their families.  In fact, the Scotts had purchased a place just several blocks away from she and Jeff.

Innocent and gullible, thinking that Rhonda was just being friendly and offering to show her around the area, Lisa readily accepted as she did not want to sound rude to someone just wanting to be friends.  Besides, she wanted to meet people as well as to get to know the surrounding area.  Lisa had no idea whatsoever of the she-devil that was lurking behind the seemingly friendly smile of Rhonda Travers.

Heading off to show Lisa Scott the mall, Rhonda soon brought up the fact that Jeff would be accompanying Lisa's husband on an out of town audit the next week, something that Rhonda and Mr. Takagi had prearranged so that the devilish scheme could be put into motion.  "Well, Lisa, you be certain to set that night aside for a little hen party where you'll meet the gals from the women's league, most being wives of fellow employees!  With out men out of town, I felt it be the perfect time for me to host a little get-together where you'll meet a lot of people in a very relaxed atmosphere!" Rhonda advised.

Lisa was quite astounded at how much effort her newfound friend was making to get her acclimated to the new area.  Having worked as a legal secretary until they moved to the coast, Lisa was currently concentrating on getting the new house in order before deciding whether to start the job hunt or the family that she and Tom had been talking about.  And when Rhonda asked about her plans, Lisa advised her of her current situation, then added "I'd really like to start a family now without starting off with a new job then having to take time off!  I guess its my biological clock telling me its that time right now!"

Some shopping and a lot of girl talk later, Rhonda and Lisa sat down for a bit to eat for lunch at an outdoor deli.  Rhonda opened her purse to check for any messages on her cellphone then put it back, but then making sure to turn on the tape recorder that she had brought with her.  Then she asked the young wife "So ……………what did you think of the dinner the other night!"  "Oh, very nice and elegant …………….seemed like first class all the way!" came the expected and very safe response.

Then Rhonda probed further "And what's your opinion of Mr. Takagi?"  Watching Lisa fidget at the man's name, Rhonda observed Lisa's face flush up before stammering out "Oh …………he ……………..he seems like …………….like a nice man!"  Chuckling out loud, Rhonda retorted "You really mean he seems like a horny old coot in the way he was eyeing you up the entire night!"

Seeing Lisa face turn beet red to confirm what she had just advised, Rhonda exclaimed "So ……………..…… did notice him ogling you, didn't you!"  Seeing Lisa swallow deeply and nod a 'yes' in reply, Rhonda added "God, if Tom wasn't sitting right next to you, he would have jumped you right there!  Better watch out, sweetie ……………Mr. Takagi's got his evil eyes on you ………………bet he'd do anything to get into your pants!"

Quivering in disgust at the thought of Mr. Takagi's pudgy hands pawing at her, Lisa uttered "Eeeeeeeeeeeeek!  The thought of that old man's clammy hands touching me gives me the creeps!"  Shaking her head, shuddering in disgust at the thought of such a thing, Lisa initially had thought that it was her imagination that Mr. Takagi was desirous of her.  Now Rhonda had in fact confirmed her feared assessment.  Shivering once again, Lisa advised her newfound friend "God …………… felt like his beady eyes were stripping me naked that night!"

Rhonda giggled, patting Lisa's hand, telling her "Better hope you don't ever find yourself along with the man!  Cause I don't think the crude bastard knows the meaning of 'no'!"  Giggling even more now in seeing Lisa give a cringe of disgust, Rhonda teased "If you want Lisa ………………..I could invite Mr. Takagi over that night ………………….I know he'd drop everything if he knew you'd be there!"  She just laughed as Lisa cringed again and laughingly responded "Don't you dare!"
On her next tryst with Mr. Takagi, naked in bed with the horny man as she reached down to take in hand, Rhonda teased "I had lunch with that pretty Lisa Scott yesterday!  And ………………….she did notice you eyeing her up at the dinner!  Want to hear what she had to say about you?  Here, listen!"  With that, Rhonda turned on the tape recorder as she sped up her fisting on his growing boner.  Rhonda felt him immediately twitch in her hand the second Lisa's sweet voice came on, then get harder and harder as the innocent beauty relayed her revulsion and disgust for him.  At that point, Rhonda knew that she had the man hook, line, and sinker ………………… he was more that ever determined to get into the panties of Mrs. Lisa Scott.

Though disappointed that her husband had to go out of town on a field audit, Lisa was grateful for the opportunity to meet with so many women at Rhonda's home.  Offering to help Rhonda set-up since Tom and Jeff headed out earlier in the day, Lisa drove the few blocks and parked in the front driveway.  Greeted by her host, Lisa entered and was surprised to see the rather extravagant food that had been catered in.  Little did Lisa know that it was all at the expense of the lecherous Mr. Takagi.

It was very pleasant evening as Lisa got to meet a lot of wives of many of Tom's coworkers and was invited to join the women's league.  With margarita's being Rhonda's specialty of the night, Lisa readily decided to try it, getting her first taste of the delicious drink but not realizing the potency of tequila.  Of course, Rhonda was quick to see that her mealticket of the future always had a refill as her glass emptied some, reassuring her "Don't you worry Lisa, you're staying over tonight!  I just hate it when Jeff goes off on some field trip!  Besides, I could use some help in cleaning up later!"

With it being a weeknight, many of the women began departing about 9 p.m. as they had to help tuck the little ones in.  As all the women pitched in to help with the clean up as they normally did on such a get-together, there really wasn't much for Lisa to help out with.  Already a bit woozy, Lisa wanted to refuse the new glass of margarita that Rhonda placed in her hand.  "Nonsense, you're not driving anyway!  Besides, we can now continue on with our girl talk from the other day!"

Glad that she was not going to drive home, never having felt the effects of alcohol in the manner before, Lisa blinked her eyes rapidly to keep them focused.  Finding that she really enjoyed the taste of a margarita, Lisa had no idea that her new glass also contained some potent drugs ………………….a dissolved 'roofie' that would have her rendered unconscious ……………….and a dose of the liquid 'Spanish Fly' that would have her sexual organs ultra sensitive!

Fifteen minutes later, Rhonda got on the phone and dialed the cellphone number of the waiting Ichiro Takagi, who was anxiously waiting in the parking lot of a nearby coffee shop.  As the phone answered, Rhonda gleefully exclaimed "Ichiro ………………..I've got a nice little present here ………………….all ready for you to unwrap!"  Hanging up, Rhonda looked at the lovely Lisa Scott as she lay slumped at the edge of the sofa, looking so pretty in her pink dress and white heels.

Minutes later, opening the door for the vile Asian man who's wide grinning face was filled with lust as he gazed upon the lovely Mrs. Scott.  Inquiring to see if his instructions had been carried out, Ichiro learned that it had indeed been done, that the unconscious beauty had been given both the powerful 'roofie' as well as the aphrodisiac, he now licked at his lips in anticipation.  Reaching down, he caressed her soft cheek and brushed back her soft silky blonde hair.  Seeing her slumped over from the effects of the potent drug, head leaning partially over the side of the sofa, Ichiro smiled evilly.

"Go and get the tripod and camcorder!" Ichiro instructed.  Cock hardening in his pants, he then continued to caress the lovely woman as she lay on the unconscious on sofa while the hostess rushed to the spare bedroom to comply with the evil man's request.  Having stopped by earlier that day, a bit before the expected arrival of his lovely prize, Ichiro had put the video equipment in the spare bedroom where that action was to take place.  But seeing the lovely beauty lying there on the sofa, it was certainly be an injustice to not capture it all on film.

Getting things set up, camcorder on the tripod and focused in, Ichiro taught Rhonda how to use the button to zoom on the action and also to replace the tape with a new one.   With the camcorder now turned on to capture the sleeping beauty, Ichiro then moved into the view of the camera lens.  Moving up to the side of the sofa, right behind the head of the blonde beauty, he then slowly began to unzip the front of his pants.  Fishing out his throbbing cock, he then began fisting himself over the innocent beauty's face.

Watching the events unfold, rather jealous of the innocent Lisa Scott, Rhonda smiled as she was about to witness the downfall of lovely beauty.  Anxious to play even a bigger part of the young wife's violation, Rhonda peered through the viewfinder and slowly zoomed in on the action, capturing a close up of the pulsating cockhead making contact with the soft pink lips of the unconscious beauty.  'Damn, I wonder if that innocent little bitch ever put her lips on a man's cock before?' she wondered.

The question just posed by Rhonda was indeed a valid one as Lisa Scott had been brought up in quite a conservative environment, deeply religious, and basically shunned anything sexual other than making love with her husband in the missionary position.  The one time that Tom had edge his way up in hopes that his beautiful wife would part her soft pink lips for him, it had ended up with him sleeping on the sofa and getting the silent treatment for the next week.

Reaching forward with his right hand, Ichiro placed his thumb on the beauty's chin, pushing forward to part her pink lips.  "Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he moaned with pleasure as the tip of his sensitive cockhead was kissing the soft pink lips as her warm breathing around his pulsating shaft just added to the pleasure.  "Oooooooooooo …………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Ichiro crooned as his slid down into her warm wet mouth, causing his cock to twitch and pulsate in excitement, nearly blowing his load right then and there.

'God, if Tom Scott could only see his lovely wife at this very moment!' chuckled Rhonda as she panned back out a bit to capture the full view of Tom's demented boss fucking his unconscious young wife.  "C'mon, Mr. Takagi ………………….make her choke on it …………………make her choke on your cum …………………………shoot your hot sticky cum in the bitch's mouth ……………………you know you want to do it!" she yelled out in encouragement.  As he responded to her words, fucking down into Lisa Scott's beautiful face and sinking deeper and deeper into her mouth, Rhonda zoomed in for a close-up once again.

Having dreamt of the lovely Mrs. Lisa Scott nightly since meeting her at the company dinner, Ichiro looked down at the innocent beauty as he faced fucked her, he pulled back till only the bulb of his cockhead remained enveloped between her pink lips.  Cockhead expanding like a balloon as he stroked himself, Ichiro groaned "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………….ahhhh ………………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Body quivering as a blast of hot goo roared up from his churning balls to spurt into the beauty's mouth, Ichiro was beaming with joy as he began to cum in the mouth of the lovely Mrs. Scott.  But just as he was about to fill the beauty's mouth with a second spurt of hot jizz, the unconscious young wife's body lurched as she choked on his jizz, her head jerking up some and causing her teeth to sink into the underside of his pulsating cock.

Was it instinct, pain, the fear of being castrated, or any combinations of these options that caused Ichiro to whip his dick out her mouth as quickly as he could?  Like a firehose gone wild, spurt after spurt of hot jizz flew about to land all over the face of the unconscious beauty.  Now on wobbly feet, exhausted from that mind-blowing cum, Ichiro milked out the last drop of his spend.

Seeing his last drop of goo building at the tip of his pisshole, Ichiro smiled as he dipped his wick to give the unconscious beauty a very unusual eyedrop.  Panting to regain his composure, Ichiro then gazed upon his artistic creation that his wildly spurting cock had made upon the beautiful face below.  Then, using the underside of his now dwindling cock, he used it like a paintbrush to spread the pearly white paint about.

As Rhonda watched the violation of the innocent beauty, her devious mind was once again churning at full speed.  Having met the handsome Tom Scott at the dinner and wishing that she herself had a hunk like that holding her, rather than the likes of her pathetic Jeff, Rhonda began to wonder if she could finagle her way up into high society.  'Damn, I sure wouldn't mind spreading my legs for a handsome hunk like Tom Scott!' she proposed to herself.

Recalling her bedside talk with Mr. Takagi, she recalled him mentioning that the Home Office had Tom Scott on the fast track, spending a short time in the supervisory position, then being moved up the assistant vice-president.  Then, after a short stint in that assistant VP slot, Tom Scott would be up for the next regional manager position that opened in the continental U.S.  Along with that regional manager position came an automatic promotion to full VP.

'Hmmm, a man on the rise like that certainly needs a beautiful woman who'd do 'anything' to see that her man succeeds ……………………not some pretty gal who's too fucking innocent and naïve to know when and who to spread her legs for!' Rhonda thought.  Then she wondered 'What would you do if you found that the supposedly sweet little thing you're married to is no longer naïve nor innocent?'  Minding clicking with the answer, Rhonda beamed with a wide smile on her face.
For Ichiro, he had considered Rhonda Travers a terrific lay and knew that she was doing it merely to connive for her husband's advancement.  He knew there was no love in the relationship but liked the scheming and conniving mind of hers.  In fact, he was beginning to grow bored with her, ready to peddle her out to some important clients as a sort of bonus.  Now he was indeed in debt to her for getting him exactly what he desired most ………………… innocent and naïve beauty like the lovely Mrs. Lisa Scott for him to plunder.

Camcorder turned off while Mr. Takagi rested himself in the nearby armchair, Rhonda went over to look at the 'facial' given to the pretty Lisa Scott.  Stroking the long silky blonde hair of the unconscious beauty, Rhonda leaned forward next to her ear and softly whispered 'Bet Tom would love to see how beautiful you look right now, face all covered with another man's smelly spunk!  I'm going to steal that handsome man of yours away from you, sweetie!'

As Mr. Takagi got revved up once again, he looked over at Rhonda to have her turn on the camcorder, advising "Let's see how well that 'Spanish Fly' is working along with the 'roofie'!"  Going back to the side of the couch above his victim's head, Ichiro knelt on one knee and reached over with both hands, cupping and then thumbing at the breasts.  Feeling the immediate response of the budding nipples, he chuckled "Ah, it does work …………………..look ……………….look!"

Indeed the potent aphrodisiac was at work as Lisa Scott's pink nipples had never stood so stiffly at attention before, making them quite obvious even through the fabric of her thin lacy bra and dress.  Moving around to the front of the sofa, Ichiro then leaned over to kiss the pretty Mrs. Lisa Scott on her now glossy pink lips.  Then he heard the scheming Rhonda say "Camera's off!  Got a great idea that make it look like the little bitch is really enjoying it!"

Enjoying being an active participant in the role to bring down Miss Goody-Goody, Rhonda rushed over to a cabinet to retrieve some plastic ties.  Returning to the sofa, she reached out to grasp both of Lisa's limp wrists, lifted them up to make it seem that she was embracing Mr. Takagi in a passionate kiss.  Placing one hand over the other, Rhonda then used a plastic tie to bind the Lisa's thumbs together to keep her limp arms from falling away.  Then she advised Mr. Takagi "I'll turn the camera back on ………keep the kiss going as you lift her up into your arms and take her to the bedroom!"

Capturing it all on film as the evil Asian lifted the petite beauty, continuing to kiss her passionately while holding her head up on the crook of his arm, Rhonda looked at the mini-screen and smiled.  It certainly appeared that the innocent beauty was fully participating in the action with her arm wrapped around Mr. Takagi's neck and not giving a hint of her drugged state.  Again stopping the camcorder, having him stop at the edge of the hallway, Rhonda rushed ahead to capture them coming down the hallway and into the bedroom.

With the beauty placed on the bed with her arms now resting on her belly, Rhonda positioned the tripod so it would capture all the action from the foot of the bed.  From her experience with the lecherous old coot, Rhonda knew he had a foot fetish and had the camera set up perfectly as the man began caressing Lisa's trim ankles and then was savoring the moment as he was about to slip off her left heel.  Petite and pretty feet now in the hands of the hands of the delighted old coot, Rhonda giggled as Mr. Takagi leaned over to rub his face in her soft pink soles, then mouthed and tongued her pedicured toes.

Moments later, Rhonda zoomed in a bit as the old man grasped the unconscious beauty's feet with tender soles sandwiching his wrinkled cock as it began to harden in excitement.  Harder and harder, growing length as the old coot seemed on the verge of tossing his load once again.  But Rhonda saw him steel himself and slow the action, knowing the devious bastard wanted to save his next load for something far more important.

Sucking in his breath, Ichiro fought back the urge to toss his sauce upon the beauty's soft pretty toes.  Regaining control of himself as her placed her legs back upon the bed, he then went on a treasure hunt, seeking a mound of golden treasure.  From her trim ankles, up her soft creamy calves and thighs, Ichiro's hands disappeared under the hem of Lisa Scott's pink dress.  Hands retreating back from its hiding place, only now it was pulling away the thin garment that served to guard the precious treasure.

Hands caressing the soft ivory thighs, Ichiro now slowly began to push up the hem of the pink dress as he knelt upon the edge of the bed, spreading his prey's sexy legs as he shuffled forward to bury his face in her soft inner thighs.  Then, there before his very eyes lay the golden treasure that he had been dreaming of, glistening in the light and all there for his pleasure.  Inhaling deeply, taking in the sweet aroma emanating from between her thighs, then he dove right in to nuzzle his nose in into the soft golden fleece.

Rhonda smiled, then shut off the action on the camcorder less than a minute later so she could play film director in this definitely X-rated flick.  Going over to the bed, first lifting one limp leg and then the other, Rhonda stepped back to see her work of art.  With Mr. Takagi caring less as he feasted away at his juicy prize, Rhonda took in the entire scene of the lovely Lisa Scott with her feet planted on the bed with knees raised as her husband's evil boss feasted on some tender beaver.

Hands still together due to the hidden binding of the thumbs, Rhonda smiled widely as it would serve perfectly for the next scene as she lifted the limp hands and placed them atop the back of Mr. Takagi's head.  'Damn, it sure looks like the innocently little bitch is pulling his head down to eat out her juicy twat!' Rhonda chuckled.  To put the finishing touches for the next scene, while the Asian pig kept lapping up the juicy goodies, she tilted Lisa's head back and pulled her chin down to have it seem as if she was in the throes of ecstasy.

Back behind the camcorder to resume the close-up of the old leech lapping up his juicy, Rhonda then panned back out to capture the beauty with legs drawn up as she clutched the back of Mr. Takagi's head.  Rhonda then zoomed in to the beauty's tilted head with lips parted as if in the throes of estascy.  Hearing a moan, she looked up to the bed and smiled as the drugged beauty was in fact even able to react to the sexual stimulation of being eaten.

Surprised at hearing the young wife moan above him, Ichiro realized that adding the potent aphrodisiac along with the 'roofie' was producing fabulous results.  Tongue up in her juicy snatch, he went in search of the ultra sensitive bud of her clit.   Then he found the jackpot, feeling the beauty actually quiver beneath him as a flow of her sweet honey commenced.  "Oooooooooooooooh!" came the unconscious moan from above as his tongue flicked at the sensitive clit, then he felt her petite body actually convulse in a climax.

As Mr. Takagi crawled out from between the trim sexy legs, he turned towards the camera with a wide smile on his face as he licked at his glistening lips.  Camcorder off once again, Rhonda played director in going back to the bed, this time to ease Lisa's pretty legs back down onto the bed.  Snipping off the tie around Lisa's thumbs, Rhonda then placed her arms down alongside her drugged body.

Back behind the camera and calling out "Smile, Mr. Takagi!" Rhonda then resumed recording his licking at his lips before taking in the new position that Lisa Scott was in.  Then the old geezer appeared back in the scene as he crawled up upon the 'sleeping' beauty, kissing her on the lips.  Pulling her over on her side, slinging her arm over his neck, the camera then zoomed back in a bit to see the beauty's dress being unzipped and the unhooking of her thin bra strap.

Rhonda captured the action of the innocent young wife being stripped of her clothing, dress and lacy white bra pulled down to reveal the lovely twin mounds capped by the very stiff and aroused pink nippies.  Then came the unveiling of her soft golden fleece, a portion of which was slightly matted from the wet lapping that her husband's evil boss had given her.  Garments tossed aside on the bed, Rhonda then focused on the lusting Asian as he began to disrobe.

As the horny old coot began shucking at his boner, priming it up for the succulent blonde beauty, Rhonda encouraged him with "Ohhhh ………………you're gonna stretch out that pretty little bitch with that fat boner of yours!  Go and make her the little kiddie ………she's been wanting!  Knock the bitch up, Ichiro ………………..knock her up with a little slant eyed bastard!"  Then as he knelt back up on the edge of the bed, spread the trim legs before him, Rhonda adjusted the camcorder and captured his mouthing one tittie and then the other with tongue lavishing at the stiffened nipples.

Zooming in between their legs to capture the sight of the fat cock being inserted, Rhonda smiled as the devious old bastard penetrated the young wife with a hard thrust of his hips.  And the rape of the drugged beauty commenced as Mr. Takagi grasped her trim hips to pull her towards him as he slammed more of his yellow meat into her tight slit.  With him now in to the hilt, Rhonda paused the recording as she went over to play director once again.

Armed with more plastic ties, Rhonda wrapped the limp arms around the old coot's neck as he savored the feel of the tight gripping cunt around his raping cock.  Rhonda enjoyed lifting Lisa's left leg to rest it atop of the man's fat ass, then reached over for her right leg.  With the trim ankles crossed over each other, she then used a tie to bind the big toes together, serving to create the scene as if she was really into the fuck.  Tilting Lisa's head back and pushing chin down once again, it certainly appeared that she was in the throes of an orgasm.

Going back behind the camcorder, Rhonda took delight in yelling out "Action …….and camera!"  She then resumed the shot of the couple's illicit union, panning out slowly to capture what appeared to be a couple taking great pleasure in the fuck.  With the transparent ties, it certainly appeared that the innocent and naïve Mrs. Lisa Scott was quite a willing participant in the action as she clutched tightly at her husband's boss with both arms and legs wrapped him.

'Damn, I sure wish hubby was here to see his fat pig off a boss rape his pretty little wife!  See his fat yellow cock fucking in and out of her tight little cunt!' Rhonda chuckled to herself.  "Ugh …………………..ugh …………………..ugh …………………..ugh!" came grunts of the laboring pig as he fucked in and out of  the raped beauty, causing a loud squishing sound from the rapid pumping.

Seeing the fat pudgy body quiver and tremble, something all too familiar for Rhonda each time he was about to cum in her, she knew that he was about to blow his load.  Then, hearing that all too familiar snort and seeing the uncontrollable quivering of the man's body, it was quite apparent that he was now breeding the innocent little bitch.  Zooming back in, aiming at the point of union, Rhonda smiled in seeing the foaming white fluid escape as the fat cock pistoned in and out of her raped slit.

With Mr. Takagi falling into an exhausted sleep atop of the petite beauty, Rhonda turned off the camcorder and then proceeded to change the tape.  Leaving Lisa's secured hands and heels tied, essentially preventing the pig of a man from getting off and out of the raped beauty, Rhonda took the tape into the den where the VCRs were located.  As her husband often made copies of movie rentals, everything was already set-up for the making a duplicate of this incriminating tape.

Thoughts of using her copy of the tape to blackmail Mr. Takagi were quickly dismissed by the scheming Rhonda.  She knew all too well how vengeful this man could be, thus she wanted to remain an ally, helping him getting into the pants of innocent beauties like Lisa Scott.  This tape would be used to help her steal Tom Scott away from his lovely young wife and Rhonda planned on putting it to good use ……………and very soon!

Going back to the bedroom while the tape was being duplicated, Rhonda chuckled in seeing the fat pig atop the young wife's body.  Bending down to peer up between the bodies, Rhonda saw that the plug had shrunk in size and a trail of thick gooey scum was oozing down to puddle upon the sheets.  'Sweetie, you might soon find that your wish to start a family has just cum true!' she chuckled.

Getting a pair of scissors, Rhonda then snipped the tie binding Lisa's thumbs, allowing her embracing arms to fall limply from the man's pudgy body and down to the bed.  Then Rhonda snipped the plastic tie binding her toes, allowing the beauty's trim white legs to fall aside Mr. Takagi's body.  Waiting for the devious Asian to stir before turning the camcorder back on, Rhonda began to think further about her scheming plan to steal Tom Scott away from the innocent beauty.

Later that night, after the horny Asain bastard had deposited another load of his hot potent roe safely up into the innocent wife's fertile womb, Mr. Takagi looked towards Rhonda and the camera to advise "And for the victory sign I promised!"  With that, the old bastard straddled the raped beauty as he faced her feet, then reached forward to grasp her trim ankles.  Still straddling the prone body as he stood up on the bed, lifting her legs up to him, he smiled widely as he then spread her legs apart to form a large 'V' for victory!

Rhonda chuckled at the fantastic sight upon the bed with her being able to capture such an unbelievable shot.  Between the 'V' for victory sign was Lisa Scott's pretty face, unmistakably clear for everyone to see.  Then, zooming in a bit, being sure to capture the pretty little bitch's face and also the bottom of the 'V', where thick greyish spunk was continuing to ooze out of her raped slit.

'Hmmm, and what would Tom Scott do if he walks into the master bedroom with his supposedly innocent and naïve young wife in bed with another man?' Rhonda pondered.  'No, can't have it where he catches her in bed with Mr. Takagi ………………..that could create a lot of waves ……………..ruin all careers involved!' she surmised.  'Hmmm, now how should I go about this?  What would make Tom think twice about that lovely young wife of his?' Rhonda wondered.

Thinking, Rhonda grinned upon looking at the defiled beauty, thinking 'Hmmm, bet you'd do anything to keep your hubby from seeing this tape …………….like letting a big black buck put his hands on your lily white body ...................................even letting him fuck you!'  'And then ………………….if I set it up right ………………and hubby happens to come home and wonders why your clothing is lying about the house!'

And in going to look for you in the master bedroom, he unexpectedly finds a big black stud between his wife's sexy legs …………….seeing his nigger cock pumping in and out of her pussy!  Yes …………………that should get the desired results!  And better yet if I can find a stud as black as midnight to do the honors!  Damn, hubby catching a coal black stud pumping his big black cock up into your wife's lily white body ……….yeah, bet he'll never want to stick his cock into your filthy hole again after seeing the likes of that!' Rhonda giggled to herself.

The next morning, Lisa had a pounding headache as she woke up in a strange bedroom with a blanket over her body.  Trying to blink and focus, Lisa found that she still wearing the clothing that she to Rhonda's the night before, less her heels.  Looking towards the door, seeing her heels neatly positioned next to the wall, she then recall having had a lot of margaritas and that Rhonda had told her she'd be sleeping in the spare bedroom.  Lisa then cringed from the rather salty taste in her mouth.

"Hi, sleepyhead!" Rhonda called out from the doorway.  "Puzzled how you got in here and what happened last night?  Tequila does that to you!" she chuckled.  Seeing the innocent beauty make a face from the slick salty taste in her mouth, Rhonda added "Salty, huh?  It's all that salt rimming the margarita glasses!"  Seeing Lisa shiver and make a cringing face as she licked at the interior of her mouth, Rhonda chuckled to herself  'Wait till you see the screening of last night's events, you little bitch!  Bet you're gonna puke when you see that the salty taste is really from all the cum the old bastard blew in your mouth!'

End of Story.