Pop's Pretty Present
(m/f, i/r, cons)
The Samurai Stud
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

At the age of 25, the former Kelli Evans reflected back happily in having taken that Asian Studies course in college.  It was there that she had met the handsome Mark Fujimoto and it was love at first sight.  Engaged shortly after graduation, Kelli and Mark had started on their respective careers.

Sitting in front of the mirror, deep in thought, Kelli thought 'Gosh, I can’t believe it’s been two years since the wedding day!  Time has sure flown by!  Just two years ago, I was Kelli Evan, a senior in college!  Now, I’m Mrs. Kelli Fujimoto!  I’m so glad I decided to take a course in Asian studies, otherwise I might never have met Mark!  I just wish that Mark’s job didn’t require him to travel so much!  Gosh, I miss him so much!  It’s so hard being alone for so long!’

Kelli sighed in thinking ‘Thank goodness his father is so helpful and always is certain to call and ask if he can be of any help while Mark is away!  Pop was sure helpful last week in helping me carry in the new patio chairs that I bought!’  Then the ringing of the telephone snap her out of her deep thought.

Picking up the phone to answer it, she recognized Pop's voice and responded "Hi, Pop!  How are you?"  In response to his inquiry, she responded "Why, yes, as a matter of fact I could use some manpower today!  I wanted to rearrange the furniture today but the sofa’s a bit difficult to budge!  Tell you what!  How about you coming by about 4:30, then I’ll cook you dinner for being so kind to help me while Mark is away!"

Deep in thought after hanging up, Kelli shivered in nervousness as she thought ‘Oh, Pop!  If you only knew what kind of help I need most at this very moment!  Mark’s been gone for just over two weeks and that nagging itch between my legs is killing me!’  Thinking of her father-in-law, she wondered ‘Pop’s been a widower for three years now and we’ve been hinting to him that he should go out with women again!  I wonder when was the last time he had any sex?'

Guiltily, she thought 'I guess I didn’t help any last week at what I did!  Gosh, I feel so wicked for having teased him like that!  I know it was just his male instinct that had him glancing at my legs when I got into the car!  But what made me deliberately tease him all the way back home?’

Closing her eyes, Kelli's mind flashed back to the past week, seeing Pop opening the car door for her as she stepped in with her heels.  She recalled that twinge of excitement that coursed throughout her body upon catching Pop eyeing up her legs and trying to get a naughty glimpse up her skirt.  At first Kelli was a bit embarrassed in having her husband's father eyeing her up but also felt a wicked thrill course throughout her sex-starved body.

With Pop behind the wheel, Kelli then let her skirt ride up her thigh and saw Pop steal a glance at her legs.  Licking her lips and deliberately looking out the passenger window, Kelli let a heel dangle from her foot, knowing that Pop's eyes were clued to her teasing legs.  Shifting a bit in her seat, she now had her skirt riding up to bare her thighs, figuring that she was really helping Pop out, knowing that he needed to have some sexual stimulation.

Now Kelli chided herself for that shameful display of the past week, asking ‘Why did I do that?  Poor Pop hasn’t had a woman in years and now his daughter-in-law teases him mercilessly like that!  Why did I continue, knowing how bothered he was getting!  Pop was visibly shaking by the time we got back to unload the patio furniture!'

'Gosh, if he had thrown me down and raped me, no one would have blamed him for the way I tortured him in the car!  Why can't I get my mind off of sex?’ Kelli asked herself.  ‘Oh, Pop!  Two people, so close, both in desperate need of sex – yet there’s no solution!’ she sighed.

Later that day, after having moved the furniture, Kelli was in the kitchen beginning to prepare dinner for Pop and herself.  Feeling guilty for what she had done to poor Pop the other week, plus showing him some cleavage when she bent down to move a piece of furniture a bit earlier, Kellie sighed deeply as she stared dejectedly into the sink.

Preoccupied in her thoughts, Kelli had not heard Pop entering the kitchen behind her.  "Are you okay, Kelli?" Pop asked with concern.  Startled, frozen to the spot, she then felt Pop’s hands touching her shoulders.  This caused Kelli to shiver and remain frozen to the spot.  Panting, Kelli turned and stammered "Oh, Pop!  I ………I …………..I’m sorry I teased you in the car last week!  I feel so bad!  It’s just that Mark’s been away so long that I wanted someone to notice me!"

Kelli was not prepared for what occurred next, feeling Pop's hands slowly caressing her arms, then felt him slowly move in towards her and began to nuzzle at her neck, feeling Pop's hands now caressing her body.  Shivering, Kelli felt Pop's hand creeping up from her waist, then she felt her nipple immediately harden as her breast was cupped through her white blouse and lacy bra.  Unprepared for this, Kelli shivered and could make no protest.

Then Kelli felt Pop turning her body, her back now to Pop as her husband's father now cupped both breasts through her blouse.  All Kelli could do was pant in excitement as her blouse was pulled from her skirt as Pop's hands disappeared under her clothing.  Now her breasts were being cupped with only her thin lacy bra serving to protect her, her nipples stiff and hard from the expert thumbing.

"Ohhhhhh ……………..ohhhhhhhhhhh, Pop!" Kelli moaned as Pop slipped one hand into the cup of her bra to feel her bare breast and nipple.  Then her other breast was receiving the same treatment.  Kelli could only coo in her excitement, not wanting Pop's illicit touch to stop, needing and wanting his pleasurable touch.

Enjoying the caressing of her breasts, Kelli felt Pop's right hand pushing the waistband of her skirt down, then his hand was slipping under her lacy panties.  "Ohhhhhhh …………………ohhhhhhhhhhhh ………….ohhhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned as Pop began to finger her.  "Ohhhh …………..ohhhhh, Popppp ……………..I …………I'm cummingggggggggg!" Kelli shuddered in a much-needed climax.

Limp and exhausted from that shivering climax, Kelli now found herself in the embrace of her husband's father, tilting her head up a bit as they engaged in a deep passionate kiss.  Kelli put up no resistance as Pop undid her blouse, pushing off her bra to begin feasting upon her tender pink nipples.  Skirt and panties pushed off her hips, Kelli was now naked except for her dark green heels.  Then she was being carried by Pop and taken into the bedroom that she shared with his son.

Pop Fujimoto had secretly lusted for his beautiful daughter-in-law from their very first meeting but had always managed to keep his emotions n check.  Last week, he had been severely tested, getting a raging hard on in the car when he had viewed Kelli's long sexy white legs.  He had licked his lips and imagined licking his wet tongue along the inside of her creamy thighs, then delving his tongue into her slick groove.  He had gone home nursing a raging hardon and immediately whacked off in the bathroom at the image of his son's lovely wife.

Laying his son's sexy young wife upon her bed, Pop then kicked off his shoes and quickly began to disrobe.  Mark had left his lovely wife alone for such a long period that she was in desperate need of a man satisfying her sexual needs.  Pop certainly did not want to see his lovely daughter-in-law obtain the need satisfaction from another man, thus taking it upon himself to see that such an event would not occur.  He would see to it himself that she was sexually satisified.

Crawling up on the bed, Pop pushed Kelli's drawn knees apart as he moved between them.  Leaning over, he sucked a pink nipple into her mouth, feeling it stiffen in his mouth.  Then he paid homage to its twin, getting the same stiffening result in his sucking mouth.  Pop left her breasts, making his way down to her sweet treasure, seeking out to taste her sweet honey.

Kelli was puzzled at Pop's movement, then realized what he intended on doing.  It was something that she had never allowed her husband to do to her and now her father-in-law was burying his face down between the vee of her legs.  "Ohhhhhhh …………….Pop ……………no ……………..not that …………………………ahhhhhhhhhhhh ……………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she groaned, tossing about the bed as the wiggling tongue was driving her out of her mind.

Raising her legs up, placing them upon Pop's back, Kelli put her hands on his head to keep him between her legs.  Arching her hips up into his face, Kelli shivered as her love juices oozed from her quivering slit and into Pop's slurping mouth.  Pop was certainly eating her out, sucking all the honey that she would give him.  The she arched up high with Pop's tongue deep in her slit, moaning "Ohhhhhhh ………………Pop ………..eat me ……………….ohhhhhhhh, I'm cummingggggggggggg ………….ahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Pop licked his lips as he looked upon his son's beautiful wife.  Now he was about to sate the pent-up lust that he had stored for years.  With her legs widespread for him, Pop got himself into position, placing his blunt cockhead at the entrance to her slit.  "Oh, baby ………..I've been wanting you for years!" he admitted.

Pushing his cockhead into her velvet lips, his body shivered as the tightness of her cunt enclosed around him.  "Oh, baby!  You're so tight …………..so fucking tight!" he groaned with pleasure.  "Hmmmmm!" Pop moaned as he pushed the length of his cock into her wet horny cunt.  Then he began to hammer away at her, giving her the fucking that she needed and craved for.

The two lovers embraced each other on the Fujimoto's marital bed, only it was shared by the lovely Mrs. Kelli Fujimoto and her lusty father-in-law 'Pop Fujimoto'.  Legs entwined around Pop's waist with her heels tied together, Kelli arched up to meet each of his thrusts into her pulsating cunt, enjoying the feel of a man between her legs.

Feeling Pop speed up his thrusts into her, Kelli realized that Pop was in her without the protection of a condom.  Up until now, Kelli had only been concerned with the pleasures being derived from her loving father-in-law and no thought had been given to the potential consequences of this illicit mating.  She and Mark had been wanting to start a family and at this time of the month, Kelli realized that Pop might just be taking care of that problem for them.

"Oh, Kelli …………….oh, babyyyyyy ……………….I going to cum!  Going to cum in your hot little pussy!  Oh, baby ……………..gonna help you make that grandchild I've always wanted!" Pop groaned as he pumped in and out of Kelli tight slit.  Hammering away at his beautiful daughter-in-law, Pop gritted his teeth as his cock sliced in and out of her tight gripping pussy, feeling his cock being squeezed as if in the grips of a velvet glove.

This was so much better than even his dreams of how exquisite a fuck with Kelli would be, never imagining that his dreams would become a reality.  "Ohhhhh ……………so good, baby ……………..so fucking tighttttttttt!  Ohhhhh, Kelli ……………..so good …………………just like in my dreams!" Pop moaned, pumping in and out of her hot slippery sleeve.

"Ohhhhhh, Pop ………………..ohhhhhh, yes ………………yessssssss …………fuck me, Pop ………………fuck meeeeeeeeee!" Kelli crooned, arching her hips up into her thrusting father-in-law.  Wrapping her legs around Pop waist, Kelli locked her heels together, keeping Pop close to her as she squeezed her cunt muscles around his thick cock.  "Yes ……………yes …………..so much better ………………so much better than Mark!" she blurted out.

The squeaking of the bed and pounding of the headboard against the bedroom wall echoed throughout the master bedroom.  Never had the squeaking and pounding been so loud when husband and wife occupied the bedroom.  Never had the beautiful young wife been fucked to hard and pounded into the bed in such a lustful manner.  It was her father-in-law's lust for her sexy body that had her shivering as she neared a mind-shattering climax.

"Pop ……………oh, Pop ……………..yes ………………ohhhh …………I ………..I'm cumming ……………ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" Kelli moaned as her body shook uncontrollably in the wildest orgasm ever.  Embracing her father-in-law tightly as he continued humping into her, Kelli began to come down from her high of her climax, only to be sent skyrocketing back up as Pop's body quivered suddenly and exploded a boiling gush of thick cum in her womb.  "Ohhhhh ………….Pop …………..yes ………….yes ………….cum …………….cum in meeeeeee!" Kelli shivered.
Only then was the king-sized bed used for sleeping as Kelli and Pop dozed from their exhausting tryst.  It would be an hour before Kelli awoke with her father-in-law still upon her, his shriveled cock still embedded in her.  Caressing his body till he began to stir, she then placed her lips upon his and dipped her pointed tongue in between his lips.  Squeezing his cock with cunt muscles, Kelli smiled as she felt him give a throbbing response.

There were no thoughts of dinner that night as only hunger the two lovers had was for each other.  They just couldn't get enough of each other, kissing passionately and embracing for more lovemaking.  Twice more that night, the bed squeaked madly as the headboard thumbed continuously against the bedroom wall.  Finally it was time for bed as Kelli and Pop crawled under the covers for a good night's rest.

Early the next morning, the two lovers hugged and kissed passionately as only a husband and wife should.  Kelli smiled and teased “Ohhh, Pop, you naughty man!  You kept me up nearly all night and didn’t give me any rest!  And we never got to dinner!”   Tossing the covers from her, Kelli was about to get out of bed, saying “I’m famished, Pop!  I’ll go and make us some breakfast!”

Just as Kelli was about to get out of the bed, she turned as Pop grabbed her hand and pulled her back to him, telling her “Don’t bother, honey!  Just kneel here and I’ll serve you breakfast!”  Kelli was stunned by this request, something never before requested of her by his son.  Nervously, Kelli licked her lips in her desire to please her lover, telling him “Ohhh, Pop, I’ve never done this before!  You're going to be the very first, Pop!  But you have to promise that you won't do it in my mouth!”

Handling Pop's cock in her hand, shucking it in her fist, Kelli felt it begin to grow immediately.  Wetting her lips with her tongue, Kelli then parted her pink lips and leaned forward to engulf the thick cockhead.  Dipping her head down, she took more and more of the growing member into her sucking mouth, please as she heard Pop's groan of pleasure.  Encourage by his response, knowing that she must obviously be doing it right, Kelli bobbed her head faster and faster.

"Oh, Kelli ……………………oh, baby …………….Mark's a fool …………………he doesn't know what he's missing!  Oh, yeah …………….that's it ………….ahhhhhh, baby …………….yeah, suck it all!"  Pop moaned.  This was far more pleasure than he had ever dreamt of, never dreaming that this illicit act would ever come true.  Gritting his teeth, trying to making it last as long as possible, Pop knew that he just had to experience the pleasure of cumming in her beautiful mouth.

There was no way that he would let her take her mouth of his cock, even if he had made the promise just to get her to suck him.  As he grew in length, pushing himself fully into her sucking mouth, Pop heard her cough and choke around his cock.  Fearful that the pleasure would come to an abrupt end, that Kelli would lift her head off his cock, Pop desperately wrapped his fingers in her hair.

"Oh, God ………………..eat it, baby ……………oh, yes ……………..yesssssssssss …………………ahhhhhhhhhh!" Pop groaned loudly, arching up from the bed as his cock exploded in her mouth.  Holding her hair tightly, keeping her from lifting her head up, spurt after spurt filled her cocking mouth to the brim.

Kelli shuddered in panic as her mouth was quickly being filled with hot jism.  Reluctantly, she was forced to swallow or choke on the thick seed, feeling the slick goo slowly make its way down into her belly.  Finally, Pop's grip on her hair began to loosen, seemingly in relation to the way his cock was now shrinking in her mouth.  Mouth still filled with jizz, Kelli finally lifted her mouth from his cock and let the gooey seed ooze from her lips into the palm of her hand.

Seeing the handful of jizz, realizing how much she had swallowed, Kelli sobbed "Pop ………….you promised!"  Holding her stomach, Kelli quickly got out of bed and made her way to the bathroom.  Standing over the sink, holding her queasy stomach, Kelli panted for breath as she sought to compose herself.

Finally, having composed herself adequately, Kelli put on a negligee and went out to the kitchen to prepare some breakfast and eggs for her loving father-in-law.  Realizing that she had not made the dinner she had promised him, a healthy breakfast was certainly in order.  She knew that Pop must be famished, especially with all the energy he had expended throughout the night.

Later that week, Kelli reflected back on the night Pop had scratched that nagging itch between her legs.  After she had fed him breakfast, it was back in bed where Pop taught her that '69' was more than just a number.  Then Pop had laid back as she straddled him and getting into the saddle to ride him to a much needed climax.

Kelli now thought of her husband, anxious for him to arrive home that night from his business trip.  Reflecting back, she thought to herself 'I wish Mark was more like Pop!  Mark only wants make love in the missionary position and that’s all I knew until Pop came along! Gosh, Pop got me so hot and bothered that I never thought of having him put on a condom, especially with it being the worst time of the month!  Oh, well, if I got pregnant at least Mark would never suspect anything by looking at the baby!’

End of Story