Pregnant by the Plumber
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

J.J. Sneed was a wily old codger of 57 years of age, still impressive and intimidating in size, but several years past his prime.  These days, women were few and far between for ol' J.J. but Lady Luck was about to smile upon him with an unexpected windfall.  He longed for the days of his youth to when he was a handsome and virile young stud.  Now those days were gone and the women he got into bed cost him fifty bucks an hour.

As he drove through the upscale neighborhood, J.J. was expecting this day to be just an ordinary day on the job.  Answering the emergency service call to repair a pipe had burst in the master bathroom sounded routine enough, one that promise a higher payout due to the upfront commitment by the customer on the higher rate.  But for J.J., it would turn out that the job would prove to be far from routine, one that he had dreamt of since being in the business but never materializing.

Driving up to the luxurious home, J.J. rang the doorbell and was nearly floored when the door opened and was greeted by a stunning beauty.  The beautiful redhead introduced herself as Laurie Hunter who was quite excited to see him, but it was only due to his skills as a plumber to fix her pipes.  Though she was excited he was there, J.J. was sure he detected just a hint of nervousness and revulsion in her eyes due to him being black.  'Damn, I'd sure like to really fix yer pipes, purty lady!  A fuck'n roto-rooter job is what ya really need, sweetie!' he thought.

J.J. loved the way she was dressed, the red dress bringing out her red hair even more, with her 3" heels making her long trim legs even more sex appealing.  As he followed her through the house to the bathroom, J.J. stared lustfully at her shapely legs and firm ass as his hardon throbbed and caused the front of his pants to bulge.  For a plumber's day, this was off to a terrific start for J.J., the type of day he had always dreamt about but never encountered till now.

Seeing the wet towels lining the tiled floor in the master bathroom, evidence that a pipe had indeed burst, J.J. quickly assessed the situation and assured the lovely beauty that he'd get right on it.  Upon assuring her that he could repair the damage, it drew a sigh of relief from the sexy young wife.  It was then that he noticed for the first time her sparkling diamond ring, though he had assumed that she was married.

At 29 years of age, nearly everything seemed to be a dream for Laurie, happily married to Jeff who had a terrific paying job as an aeronautical engineer and had recently purchased this gorgeous luxury home.  Not needing to work full-time as income was not an issue, Laurie's dream was to get fat and pregnant with Jeff's baby and later have a brood of kids.  However, there was one big hitch was just discovered ……………..Jeff had a very low sperm count and the chance of him fathering a child was rather slim.

When she asked if he knew how long it would take, explaining that hoped to make it to run an errand and make the women's league luncheon, ol' J.J. figured to pad the time a bit anyway.  He casually advised that the repairs would be rather expensive for he'd have to go into the wall to get to the leak.  He then asked if her husband would like an estimate before he got started, though they'd still be responsible for the service trip.  J.J. was pleased to learn that he was out of town, due back that night, and she gave him the go-ahead on the job.

After shutting off the water main, J.J. returned to the bathroom and grabbed a disposable
camera from his toolbox and snapped several photos of the damage for the beauty to give to her husband. Opening up his toolbox, J.J. then started to get busy.  When the young wife politely asked if he'd care for a cold drink or some bottled water, J.J. advised that he wouldn't mind a cold pop.  On his back, about to slide in under the sink, J.J. crooked his head to peer up under the beauty's skirt as she turned away to go to the kitchen.  'So fuck'n beautiful!' he muttered to himself as he gazed at her long ivory legs.

As J.J. got to work, he happened to glance over toward the laundry hamper and noticed a pair of lace panties hanging over the side.  His heart skipped a beat as J.J. licked his lips in hope of grabbing a feel of that silky garment, his cock twitched in anticipation.  Hearing the beauty coming back into the master bedroom, J.J. looked up at the pipes and pretended to be hard at work.  "I'll leave your glass of pop right here on the sink!" he heard her sweet voice advise.  "Thank you, ma'am!" he replied politely as his eyes took in the nearness of her sexy white legs.

Then the ringing of the phone sounded from the master bedroom and once again J.J. licked his lips as he ogled her long sexy legs.  J.J. then noticed that she was carrying a glass of pop that she had made for herself.  "Hi, Monica!  It's so nice to hear your voice again!  How was your vacation to Paris?" he heard her say as she conversed on the phone.  Seeing that she was on the phone, he slid out a bit and reached over to the hamper and snatched the silky piece of garment that was partially visible.

Bringing them up to his face, J.J. inhaled her heady and intoxicating scent.  Nose in her crotchband, he inhaled deeply, the sweet smell energizing him as his cock threatened to bust through his pants.  Stuffing them into his coveralls for later, J.J. got back to work but his mind wasn't on the broken pipe as he craned his neck to try and easedrop on the lovely young wife as her voice had suddenly gotten softer.

With the bathroom door ajar, J.J. stopped tinkering with the pipe so he could hear, crawling out of his space beneath the sink and got closer to the door.  Then he heard the young wife tell her friend "Well, Monica …………………..I managed to get Jeff to agree to us starting a family now …………………for me to get artificially inseminated but he's not really thrilled about me carrying another man's child!  It took me so long to convince him, pointing out that I wouldn't be making love to another man ………………just the doctor inserting a tube into me!"

There was a pause as the beauty listened to her friend on the line.  Then the conversation continued as he heard her say "Yes ………………well, in fact I go in tomorrow for my first dosage and then the next two days in the row!  Although Jeff consented, I felt it best not to tell him when I was going into the doctor's office to get inseminated.   I'm just starting to ovulate right now so it should be perfect timing!  It's good that Jeff will be out of town a couple of days on depositions, when he gets back it'll all be done and he won't have to agonize about it while the insemination is being done!"

J.J. had a raging hardon as the continued listening to the conversation, wishing like hell that he could be the one to knock her up.  'Damn, wish I could somehow swap a vile of my hot potent cum before the fuck'n doc squirts it up in ya!' he thought.  More so he wanted to be the one when he heard her say "It was quite interesting, Monica!  The doctor assured me that a complete background check and tracing of the donor's bloodline is done to make sure his genes meet the requirements!  With Jeff a blonde, the doctor advised that the donor in my case is a decedent with proven hereditary genes!  That way I assured the baby will appear to be of Jeff's bloodlines!"

Then J.J. heard her giggle, surprised as her speech sounded a bit slurred.  He saw that she had consumed half of her drink heard her confide "Yes, Monica ……………….I know its before noon ………………..and yes, I made myself a potent rum and coke!  Well, it's not everyday that I'm about to have another man's sperm planted in me so that I can get pregnant!  Besides, once I do get pregnant, there'll be no more alcohol till after the baby's born."  "Okay ………….okay, I won't go to the luncheon since I've tied one on already!  Besides, the plumber is still busy working on the leaky faucet!" she added.

"Elaine's new address?  Hmmm, yes …………..I have it somewhere!  I set the card aside, with her new address and phone number, when it came in!  I believe I put it in the study!  Let me go and get it for you ………………..I'll be back in a minute!" the woman of the house advised her friend.  Wheels churning in his mind, J.J. quickly reached over into his toolbox and retrieved the bottle of 'dream' pills.  It was J.J.'s dream pills, pills that he had always 'dreamed' of using on a beautiful bitch but had never had the opportunity before.

With the sexy beauty departing the room and going down the hallway to the study, J.J. opened the capsule and took out a pill.  Rushing into the master bedroom, he dropped into the remainder of her drink and then hustled back into the bathroom.  Just as he slid under the sink once again, he breathed a sigh of relief as the pretty wife returned and got back on the phone to relay the requested information.  Just enough time elapsed to allow the 'roofie' to completely dissolve in her drink just as the beauty took a sip of her drink.

The leaky faucet was really just a broken washer that was easy to fix and J.J. quickly went about completing the repairs.  Peering out, he saw the beauty take a gulp of her drink and knew that before long she would be totally out of it.  To avoid any questions or being discovered as to his ulterior motives, J.J. packed up his things and walked into the master bedroom to signal that he was done.  "Hold on, Monica!  Let me pay the plumber and I'll be right back!" the woman advised her friend.

Receiving the check from the woman, he advised her "Go ahead with your phone call ………..I'll lock the door behind me!"  Knowing that she was watching to see the door being closed behind him, J.J. deftly flipped the lock switch as he yelled "Bye!"  Outside, J.J. turned and looked through the living room window to see the wife headed back to her bedroom and her phone call.  Looking about the neighborhood, he walked back to his truck and pretended on getting some new gear before making his way back to the front door.

Looking at his watch, J.J. figured that enough time had lapsed and that if all went as planned, the sexy young wife would be out cold by now.  But to be safe, J.J. rang the doorbell and called out "Mrs. Hunter!"  Should she still be awake and came to answer the door, J.J. would merely advised that he must have left a wrench under the sink, which he actually had done on purpose as a cover up.  But if such occurred, J.J. would have to scrap the evil plans that he had devised.

A second ringing of the doorbell brought no response and J.J. then slowly opened the unlocked door.  Once inside, he called out again  "Mrs. Hunter!  Mrs. Hunter!  I'm looking for a tool that I must have left behind!"  Making his way down the hallway to the master bedroom, J.J. kept calling out for her, just in case.  Then he peered into the bedroom and smiled widely upon seeing the beauty lying upon the king-sized bed, looking so fuck'n sexy and just waiting for him to possess her.  Just to make sure the drug had done its job, J.J. called out "Mrs. Hunter!  Mrs. Hunter!" as he shook her at the shoulder.


Stripping off his shirt and then undoing his belt, J.J. chuckled "Oh, Mrs. Hunter ………..ya ain't gonna need to go and pay fer no artificial insemination!  J.J.'s got his balls ready to bust with his potent jizz …………………….and it's all free fer ya, sweetie!  Ain't had me no chance lately to knock up a bitch …………………..but ya's gonna make a fine mommy fer J.J.'s little black bastard!"  Stepping out of his pants and dropping his jockeys, J.J. fisted himself, feeling the hard powerful bone that he would soon be shoving up between the beauty's sexy white legs.
Although J.J. would have preferred to have her squirming and struggling under him, the fact that she was at her most fertile time and due to be artificially inseminated the next morning, made this conquest equally if not even more exciting.  The prospect that he could shift her timetable up about a day early and beat the good doctor to the punch had his cock as hard as a rock.  Looking down at his boner that he continued to stroke, he began talking to it "Ready, my friend?  Ready to do yer thing and knock this purty little bitch up?"

"Heh, heh, heh!" J.J. laughed as he reached forward to caress a soft sexy white leg, his fingers tracing its way down to her foot and pedicured toes.  Lifting her foot up at her ankle, J.J. then reached out to grasp her other foot by the ankle, pulling it closer as he stepped forward.  Soft pink soles wrapped around him, J.J. began pumping his rock hard cock, wishing that she were awake to witness him soiling her sexy bod.

About to lose his load prematurely from the exquisite feel of fucking her tender pink soles, J.J. steeled himself though he'd love creaming her pretty feet.  However, 'duty' called as his jizz was needed for a very important at this point in time.  "Oh, baby!  Damn, almost lost it there!  Whewwww!" he panted, holding his cock still as some precum oozed out of his pisshole and onto her feet.

Easing her legs back down onto the bed, J.J. again began caressing her soft ivory legs, up over her knees to push up the hem of her red dress.  Pushing her thighs apart as his hands slid up her inner thighs towards the triangle of her silky black panties.  Then he slid his index finger up over her panties as he pushed into the crease of her panty covered slit and traced the length of it.  Unable to wait, J.J. peeled the flimsy crotchband aside and delved his head down, clamping his mouth over her tasty slit.

Closing his eyes, J.J. inhaled the heady aroma emanating from between the beauty's thighs, savoring it as his thick pointed tongue pushed into her slick slit.  Pushing his tongue into her, J.J. sought out and found her sensitive clit, then rapidly flicked at it.  As the petite body of the unconscious young wife twitched in response to the sexual stimulation, secreting its love juices, J.J. hungrily began lapping up her sweet nectar.

Leaning up between the beauty's widespread legs, J.J. licked at the tasty film covering his lips.  Edging back down the bed, he then began peeling the silky pair of panties down the trim ivory legs of the unconscious young wife.  Pulling the panties off her feet, he let the flimsy garment fall to the carpet of the bedroom floor, then began to push up the hem of her dress.  Dress pushed up over her breasts, J.J. then pushed up the bra covering her twin peaks to reveal the pink capped ivory mounds.

Bending over, J.J. captured a tender nipple into his mouth and began suckling upon it, feeling it respond automatically as it began to harden.  Leaning up, teasing one tender tip after the other with his swirling tongue, J.J. thought 'Ah, baby ………………in nine months, ya'll be having a little black bastard sucking these beauties fer yer nourishing milk!'  Kneeling between her thighs, J.J. shucked at his hardon and brushed the tip of his cockhead up along the beauty's tight little slit.

Pushing the front of his cockhead into her slick entrance, J.J. grasped her trim hips and prepared to thrust himself into the unconscious beauty.  'Okay, sweet thing ………..ya wanna have a little baby bloating up that purty little belly of yers!  Ya don't have to go to no fertilization clinic and pay out all that dough to get yerself 'knocked-up'!  Shit, J.J.'s only to happy to do it free fer ya!' he cuckled.

Thrusting himself forward, J.J. moaned "Ohhhhhhhh, babyyyyyyyy ……………tight ……………….so fuck'n tight!"  Six inches enveloped in the raped beauty, it was hard going as J.J. pushed himself further into her.  So tight that J.J. realized this was virgin territory from this point on, that her husband's cock was only half the length as to what he'd be fucking into her today.  Inch after inch he punched his cock further into her, finally burying his big black bone all the way into the raped beauty.

Rearing back slowly, drawing his lengthy manhood out till only the tip remained, J.J. began to fuck her in earnest.  Fucking in and out of her, J.J. wondered if the young beauty would know that she had been raped when she recovered from the effects of the drug.  But he didn't care, didn’t give a fucking damn if she did, though that might just put him into the slammer.  Raping this beautiful little bitch and possibly knocking her up with a little black bastard was all he cared about at the moment.

"Oh, baby!  Oh, baby!  Yeah ……………………oh, yeahhhhhhhh …………….gonna cum soon …………………..real sooooon!" J.J. moaned as continued raping the unconscious beauty.  "Ahhhhhhhh, sweetie …………………..gonna give ya the first dosage …………………gonna knock ya up good ………………….gonna give ya the baby ya always been wanting!"  Thrusting into her, keeping his entire length buried in her raped slit, J.J. popped his load.

"Ahhhhhhh …………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhh …………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" J.J. shuddered as spurt after spurt of his thick baby juice blasted out into her fertile womb.  "Oh, sweetie ……………….oh, sweetieeee ………………….ya's gonna make one fine little momma fer my little black bastard!" J.J. chanted out as his balls churn and squirt after squirt of his jizz filled her up.  Then J.J. collapsed upon the succulent beauty, keeping his cock buried deep in her, preventing any of his potent jizz from escaping her twat.

Reaching over, J.J. grabbed for his camera, taking a pictured of the raped beauty from the waist up.  Easing his lengthy cock out of her, with just his cockhead still enveloped in her slit, he snapped another shot.  Then backing off the bed, he caputured the full length of the raped young wife with cum oozing out of her red slit.  Going to the top of the bed, J.J. pushed down on her chin, then eased his now soft and slimy cock between her lips.

Cock hardening once again, J.J. pushed himself into her, letting his cock twitch in her mouth.  He wondered what she would think when she awoke with the slimy foul taste coating her mouth.  He would love shooting off in her mouth or on her beautiful face but his main goal could not go unfulfilled …………………that of knocking her up with his little black bastard.  J.J. chuckled, wishing he could later be in the delivery room to see the face of her punk of a husband when the little bastard was born.  'Fuck, that punk will sure piss in his pants when he gets to see what happens when a 'real' man porks his purty little wife!' he laughed.

Sitting on the bed, caressing the soft sexy leg of the raped beauty, J.J. spotted a camera bag sitting on the carpet next to the dresser.  Curious, he got up from the bed and went over to the bag and opened it.  Spotting the camcorder and an unopened tape on the side, he turned on the camcorder and flipped open the lens to take in the prone beauty lying on the bed.  Tearing open the unopened tape, J.J. loaded the camera and stood by the dresser as he zoomed in and focused on the bed.  Turning it on and placing the camcorder down onto the dresser top, he peered through the lens once again to be certain it was focused right.

Stroking his hardening cock once again, J.J. then walked towards the bed and chuckled "Sweetie, maybe later I'll send ya a copy of the tape so's ya can see how ya got the little bastard fucked up into ya.  Lifting her sexy white legs up onto his shoulders, J.J. then rubbed his throbbing cockhead up against her already violated slit.  For the sake of the camera, J.J. raised her arms up to pin her wrist up over her head, just to make it appear she was awake.

Fucking into her once again, for the sake of the camera, J.J. moaned loudly "Oh, Mrs. Hunter ……………… tight …………………so fuck'n gooddddddddddd!  Ohhh, when ya called for a plumber, ya's didn't tell's me a roto-rooter was needed!"  Then, to make it appear that the unconscious wife was indeed responding, J.J. groaned out "Oh, yeah ………………..that's it, Mrs. Hunter ……………..squeeze my cock ………..keep on squeezing!  Ahhhhhhhhh ……………………ahhhhhhhhhhh ……………..cumming ………………cummingggggggggggggg ……………………squeeze it all outta meeeeeeee!"

Over the next few hours, J.J. satisfied his lust in the unconscious and raped body of the beautiful young wife.  J.J. then went to the bathroom and showered, using hubby's towel to dry himself off.  Then, preparing a wet washcloth, he went back into the bedroom to wipe up the mess he had left between the beauty's thighs, making certain no dry flakes of cum would be found by raped wife.  Putting her panties back on, J.J. pulled her bra and dress back down to cover her.  Getting back into his clothing, after putting the camcorder away, J.J. departed with the incriminating tape.

The next day, with the rising sun awakening her, Laurie looked about and was puzzled in seeing the time being 6:45 a.m.  Blinking, trying to think, she remembered last talking on the phone to Monica and advising her of the doctor's appointment for the insemination.  Laurie recalled drinking, something she rarely did and in this instance she had started before noon.  'Gosh, did I get soused!  I must have had too much and passed out!  I sure hope the doctor doesn't take a blood test today and check my blood alcohol level before the insemination procedure.

Swallowing, Laurie gave a shudder at the foul slimy taste in her mouth.  Thinking it was the result of too much alcohol, Laurie would have thrown up if she knew what had actually been put into her mouth.  Entire body aching, especially her thigh muscles, she wondered if she was coming down with the flu.  Raising her hand up to her right breast, Laurie shivered as the tenderness of her nipple.  Touching her other breast, she shivered once again.

Six weeks later, Laurie happily announced to Jeff that the artificial insemination was a success and that she was pregnant.  Though she could tell that Jeff was lukewarm about the pregnancy, Laurie tried to reassure him that the doctor promised that all precautions had been taken and that the baby would have similar genes that Jeff carried.  That seemed to calm her husband as no one would know that the baby was conceived by artificial insemination due to Jeff's failure to produce an adequate amount of sperm.

Over the next seven and a half months, with tests showing that it was to be a baby boy, Laurie and her husband prepared the baby's room.  Then came the day when her water broke and Jeff rushed her over to the hospital.  Having begged her husband to accompany her into the delivery room, Laurie was clutching onto her husband's hand as she pushed and pushed to get the baby out.

Suddenly it was her husband clutching tightly onto her hand as his mouth dropped wide open and face paled.  "What ………………what's wrong?  Is the baby okay?" she asked.  Then the sound of the baby crying gave her some comfort.  However, the horrified look on Jeff's face indicated that something was indeed wrong.  With Jeff rushing out of the delivery room, Laurie was in a panic as she stammered out "Doctor …………Doctor …………..what's wrong with the baby?"

As this was her personal gynecologist and not from the insemination facility, she heard his stammering response "The ………….the baby is fine ……………very healthy!  We're just wiping him up now!"  As the nurse carried the now bundled up baby to her, Laurie reached out to take the baby into her arms.  Then, looking upon the baby's face and top of his head, Laurie sucked in her breath.  She now knew why Jeff had rushed out of the delivery room …………………….having seeing the baby's dark features and kinky black hair.

Marriage now on the rocks as Laurie could not find it in her to put the baby up for adoption as Jeff was insisting.  After carrying the baby full term, having taken pleasure in feeling the baby kicking within her over the past few months, Laurie felt the definite bond between mother and child.  Regardless of the baby being obviously with black genes, she could not give up this child.  To appease her distraught husband, Laurie went along with Jeff's intent to sue the doctor and his clinic for its obvious failure to do the donor screening properly.

Picking up the newspaper, with the article on the front page catching his eye, J.J. read 'Reputed doctor and clinic sued'!  Reading the article, it mentioned the doctor and clinic purports to screen donors extensively in order to provide a near match as possible to the husband of the woman being inseminated.  J.J. smiled as he read the lawsuit captioned as 'Hunter v. Wm. Simpson, M.D. etal.' and immediately knew that he was baby's real father.  With the Hunter's pursing the doctor and clinic for millions on their screw-up, J.J.'s mind began to churn.

Having set aside his plans to follow-up after his successful rape of the lovely beauty, J.J. went to the plastic sack that he kept in a drawer.  Putting in the videotape, J.J. got an immediate hardon as the flick showed him in the process of raping the beautiful woman as she lay unconscious on her bed.  'Damn, sure did knock her up good!' he chuckled.  Going through the other items he had lifted from the house, he held up the sealed plastic bag containing the pair of panties taken from the hamper.  Withdrawing it, he inhaled the beauty's scent that had been preserved.

Then J.J. looked at the business card of her hubby that he had taken from the study.  Mind churning, J.J. smiled as he conjured up a devious plan.  Picking up the phone, he then dialed the business number on Jeff Hunter's business card.  "Mr. Hunter, please!" he advised upon getting the switchboard operator.  Hearing the male's voice answer "Hello, this is Jeff Hunter!" J.J. advised "Mista Hunter!  Ya stand to make a million outta that doctor and his clinic!  Check yer email in half and hour, then wait for my callback!"  With that, J.J. hung up the phone.

Snapping several shots from his video into his computer, J.J. made sure that his face was hidden but that it would be obvious that Laurie Hunter was taking a big black cock up into her twat.  Then he copied the email address on Jeff Hunter's business card onto that of composing an email.  Attaching several photos of Jeff Hunter's wife to the email, it would be quite clear how Mrs. Hunter got herself impregnated with the baby she gave birth to and totally destroy any chance for a recovery from the lawsuit.

Wondering what that call was all about, Jeff merely thought it was from some asshole pulling a prank after learning that he and Laurie were the plaintiffs in the lawsuit.  Curiosity had the best of him as Jeff clicked on his email just pass 30 minutes after taking the phone call.  One email caught his eye with the topic entitled 'I knocked your pretty wife up!' with the sender's name showing 'Black Bastard'.

Clicking on the email message, Jeff swallowed as he read the message that read 'I'm the one who put that little black bastard in your pretty wife's tummy!  Think I'm shitting?  Click on that attachments!'  Clicking on the first attachment, Jeff sucked in his breath upon seeing that it was a photo of Laurie lying asleep or unconscious on the master bed that they shared together.  Then the next photo showed his beautiful wife's legs widespread with a big black buck between them, leaving no doubt as to what was taking place in the photo.


There was no doubt that his lovely wife had apparently been drugged, then raped by the man who had somehow gained entry to their home.  Starting to grow apart from lovely wife since she had been insistent on getting pregnant one way or another, the shock he had received in the delivery room had been the last straw.  About to file for divorce, the thought of suing the doctor and clinic then came to Jeff's mind and the potential windfall was mind boggling.  'Damn, the jury might just award a million bucks for this screw-up!' he surmised.

The only thing that recently pleased Jeff, after the debacle of watching Laurie give birth to a little black bastard, was the thought of becoming a millionaire from this screw-up by the noted doctor and medical clinic.  Scrapping the divorce plans, Jeff totally ignored Laurie and let her care for the little black bastard, putting all of his efforts into reaping his newfound windfall.  Meeting with the attorneys, the plan had been to put on character witnesses, many of his wife's good friends to testify that Laurie would never have an adulterous affair.  Now, if these photos got out, there would be no chance of even getting a dime out of the lawsuit.
Jeff swallowed in nervousness as the phone rang at his desk.  Picking it up, he heard the familiar male voice gloating as he was asked "Ya check yer email yet, Jeffy boy?"  A long silence, then Jeff stammered "Ye …………..yes …………I ………..I did!  How …………….how much do you want for the photos?"  Then he was advised "Not jist photos, Jeffy boy ………………I got a whole video tape of me boning yer beautiful wife!  Having a messenger service deliver ya a copy within the hour!  I'll call ya back at 3, then we can talk business!"

Jeff looked down at the phone in his hand as the caller had hung up and the dial tone sounded.  Trying to think, he went out to his secretary to advise her of the expected delivery from a messenger service and instructed her to bring it to him immediately.  Sitting at his desk, Jeff looked at the emailed pictures once again, his cock rising in anticipation of what the video would show.  Though the photos or video would destroy his chance for a fortune, he was getting turned on at the thought of watching the big black buck rape his lovely wife.

Exactly 3 p.m., Jeff answered the phone.  Office door closed with his secretary advised there were to be no interruptions, he heard his wife's rapist ask "Ya watch the video, sonny boy?"  "Ye ……..yes!" Jeff stammered.  "Ya enjoy it?  Ya enjoy watching a big black cock fucking that beautiful wife of yers?" he was asked.  Swallowing deeply, he responded "Yes!"  "Ya wanna see real live action of yer purty little wife and me fucking like rabbits?" came the next question.  "Yes!" Jeff responded.

A half-hour later, after hanging up the phone, Jeff sat at his desk and breathed a sigh of relief.  He had successfully negotiated with the blackmailer, having him agree not to make public the photos or video.  Jeff figured that ten grand up front to the blackmailer was a small price to pay in exchange for the big reward the lawsuit would bring.  The other part of the deal didn't bother him, in fact it had him excited …………that of getting to watch the man in the video fuck Laurie before his eyes.


On Saturday night, having dressed in a black evening dress and 3" heels, Laurie awaited for the baby sitter to arrive.  Fortunately, the sitter was a responsible high school girl living just down the street and was capable of staying as late as needed.  She wondered what the big occasion was as Jeff seemed so excited about it.  A meeting with an important client was all Jeff had advised her and that her attendance was needed to seal the deal.  Laurie did not want to leave the baby, never having a sitter for little Johnny as of yet.

With her husband pulling up to the plush hotel's front entrance, Laurie stepped out as the valet opened the car door for her.  As an exclusive restaurant was also located in this hotel, Laurie merely assumed that they would be dining with this important client that her husband was to meet.  She could only think of little Johnny and hope that the sitter was caring for him properly, wanting this business dinner to get over quickly.  But instead of getting a table, Jeff had escorted her to a couple stools at the bar and ordered them a drink, then her husband excused himself for a moment.

Sipping at her glass of wine, Laurie wondered where Jeff had gone.  Taking a deep breath, she could only think of her little baby but she had agreed to come to this business dinner just to please her husband.  The rift between them was quite obvious and Laurie knew that Jeff shunned the baby totally, leaving her to do all the feedings and changing of the baby's diapers.  She felt bad as having the baby had been her decision and she had promised Jeff that the doctor was a specialist and assured them of a baby being from similar genes.  With little Johnny's black features, it was obvious that something had gone afoul.

Upon Jeff's return to the bar, Laurie was surprised when her husband gulped down his drink and then led out of the bar and to the elevators.  Going up to the penthouse level, Laurie was shocked to see Jeff withdraw a key from his pocket to open the door to the plush penthouse suite.  Walking in first as Jeff held the door for her, Laurie turned to him and asked "Aren't we having dinner with your client?"  She was totally puzzled when Jeff advised her that the client would be meeting them here.

With her husband opening a bottle of chilled champagne sitting in an ice bucket atop of the bar, Laurie sipped at the bubbling drink handed to her and looked out at the far off city lights and reflection of the water as the buzzer to the penthouse rang.  As Jeff went to meet his client, Laurie remained by the window and peered out at the sights, waiting for the introductions to be made.  She just wished that this business meeting would end quickly so they could head on home.

As footsteps approached, Laurie turned and gasped in seeing the rather familiar black man with her husband, nearly dropping her glass of champagne from the startling realization that this was the plumber she had met a year ago.  Seeing the grinning black face, Laurie turned to her husband and asked "This is the client you're here to meet?  He ………..he ………….he's a plumber!  He's the plumber who came over to fix the leak in our bathroom last year!"  Laurie was totally puzzled as Jeff had no expression on his face as he merely nodded in concurrence.

"I's sees ya'a got a real good memory, Mrs. Hunter!  Ya's recognized J.J. from over a year ago!  I's must have made a big impression on ya, huh, purty lady?  Well, I's certainly left ya something to remember me by, huh?  What do ya call him ……………little Johnny?  Does little Johnny look a bit like his daddy?" J.J. taunted the shocked beauty, as she dropped her glass of champagne upon his last comment.

In total shock, Laurie backed up till her back bumped up against the large plate glass.  Then a flashback had her recalling how she had been puzzled in waking up that morning after the plumbing had been fixed, the day in which she was to be artificially inseminated.  She remembered drinking that day, then everything had gone blank on her.  'Oh, God …………….he must somehow have drugged my drink ………………..then raped me!  Oh, my God ………………….he's little Johnny's father!' Laurie realized.

Then Laurie was in for a further shock as Jeff advised "Honey, he has pictures ……….a video of …………….of him and you …………… our bed …………..doing it!"  Panting for breath, Laurie stammered out "I ……………I ………….he ………….he must have raped me!  You ………… know I would never cheat on you ………and ………………and especially with someone like him!"

Jeff played the part of being a depressed husband well but deep down he was excited, so much that his cock was rising up in his pants in seeing the fear on his wife's face.  "Yes, honey, I know!  He raped you that day!  He's little Johnny's father!  He's threatening to show pictures of you and him together, ruining any chance of us prevailing in the lawsuit!  We can't let the photos get out!  We've got to do as he wants!" he advised.

"What ………………what does he want from us?" Laurie asked as she turned to her husband.  Then Laurie saw Jeff reach into his coat pocket to pull out a thick envelope and hand it over to the smirking blackmailer as her husband advised "Ten thousand dollars in cash ………………….and …………………..a night ……..……………….with …………YOU, honey!"  Eyes blinking rapidly, trying to comprehend it all, Laurie just could not believe what she had just heard.

Reaching out, clutching at her husband's coat sleeve, Laurie stammered "You ……… can't be serious, Jeff!  You ……………you want me to have ………….have sex with him …………….just to win the lawsuit?"  Unprepared for her husband grabbing her wrist, pulling her towards him and pushing her toward the blackmailer, Laurie stumbled in her heels and went sprawling to the floor at the man's feet.

As the man stepped up towards her, Laurie fearfully put her hands up, trying to keep the man away by pushing at his lower thighs.  Then she tried to scoot back on knees but found her escape blocked by her own husband standing immediately behind her, with his hands firmly on the back of her shoulders to keep her in place.  "Mr. Sneed wants you to see what really made little Johnny, honey!" she heard her husband say as the awful blackmailer was slowly unzipping his pants before her.

Laurie's eyes widened in sheer horror, watching at the man reached into his pants and slowly began to pull out his lengthy manhood.  Shuddering, stomach churning in revulsion, Laurie stared at the thick piece of dark meat drooping down over the man's enclosed fist.  Then she sucked in a deep breath in seeing the man's penis twitch and lurch towards her as it began to stiffen before her face.  Feeling her husband's hand at the back of her head, Laurie felt sick as she heard Jeff say "Kiss it, honey!  Give it a kiss for knocking you up with little Johnny!"

Closing her eyes and cringing in disgust, Laurie tried to turn away as the hand on the back of her head held her firmly.  Her entire body quivered in disgust upon feeling a blunt rubbery substance touching her cheek, tracing itself slowly down towards her lips.  Gritting her teeth tightly, Laurie shuddered as the filthy cockhead pushed up against her lips.  As it brushed against lips, pushing against them to seek entrance into her mouth, it began leaving a filthy trail of slim in its wake.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh ……………………mmmmmmmmppfffffffffffff!" came Laurie's muffled scream in response to the hard yank on her hair and the insertion of the thick tube of meat into her mouth.  Trying to use her tongue to push it out of her mouth, Laurie shuddered in revulsion as the cock pushed its way into her mouth, smearing her tongue with its filthy slime.  Bad enough having a filthy cock violating her mouth, it was even worst hearing her own husband's voice say "Does it taste good, honey?  You love kissing and sucking on little Johnny's toes so much, you gotta love kissing and sucking on his daddy's big black cock!"

Fingers entwined in the long silky hair of his beautiful wife, Jeff held Laurie's head firmly.  He leaned over a bit as he pushed and pulled, further and further each time till he was literally shoving her face until her forehead bumped against J.J. Sneed's overhanging belly.  Cock throbbing in his pants, solid as a rock like never before, Jeff found it so damned exciting to watch the ebony cock disappearing into Laurie's beautiful pink lips.  Though he should have been disgusted with himself, Jeff was really enjoying all of this, especially as he now heard slurping and gurgling sounds coming from Laurie's lips.

Legs widespread and hands on his hips, J.J. stood at attention as the sexy Mrs. Hunter braced her hands on his thighs while her own husband assisted in forcing the face-fuck upon her.  Steeling himself, wanting this to last, J.J. knew that the end of this fabulous blowjob would soon be coming to abrupt end as his cock pulsed and throbbed rapidly.  "Gonna cum …………………gonna cum real soon!  When I do, sonny boy ………..I's want yer purty wife to get the full taste it!"  J.J. smiled upon seen the young punk nod to signal a 'yes' in response.

"Ahhhhh ………………..ahhhhhhhhh ……………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" J.J. moaned as he looked down into the beautiful green eyes of the terrified young wife.  With her husband doing what he was supposed to, only his bloated cockhead remained enveloped in the hot wet mouth as his balls churned and exploded, sending spurt after spurt of hot jizz into the beauty's mouth.  With his cock plugging her mouth, the horrified beauty would be forced to swallow all of his slimy juice.

Cock finally pulled from lips, Laurie shuddered in revulsion as cum oozed over her bottom lip, down her chin to fall and streak her black evening dress.  She felt so sick, wanting to throw up, then heard Jeff's voice say "You're got to do whatever Mr. Sneed wants, honey!  You're his for the night!  If you don't, I'm filing for divorce and say that I hired a private eye, who took the pictures of you having an affair with your black lover!  I'll boot your ass out of the house and claim custody of little Johnny!"

Laurie couldn't believe that Jeff could be so awful and cruel in such a manner.  The thought of losing her baby, no matter how it was conceived, caused Laurie to sob in total defeat.  Her loving parents, elderly and church going, would be distraught if they thought their daughter had been having an affair.  More so that little Johnny was the product of such an illicit affair with a black man.  Even they would disown her and not speak to her ever again.

Pulling the zipper of his wife's evening dress down, Jeff eased the dress over Laurie's shoulders as it fell to her waist.  Grabbing her arms at the elbows, he then lifted her up to her feet.  With the dress falling to his wife's feet, puddling around her heels, he then began undoing the catch of her bra.  His cock twitched in excitement upon hearing his lovely wife's soft sobs and feeling her body tremble in fear.  Pushing the bra off straps off his wife, he bared her breasts for the grinning blackmailer, then reached around his wife's petite body to cup the undersides of breasts as if to present them in an offering.

Sobbing in shame, Laurie closed her eyes as J.J. Sneed reached out towards her.  Then she felt him pinching at both nipples while her own husband offered them up to him.  Worst was the fact that her nipples were hardening and responding to the man's touch, making her grit her teeth in an attempt to fight off the unwanted stimulation.  "Oh, very nice ……………very nice!  Now take her to the bed and get her ready fer me, sonny boy!" she heard the man say.

Lying on the bed, Laurie bit down on her lip, feeling so ashamed as her own husband pushed her knees wide apart in preparation for to have sex with this disgusting black man.  And then she looked up to see the naked black body of the elder man appear at the foot of the bed, shucking at his now reviving manhood.  From her prone position, knees bent and widespread, Laurie could only imagine the sight that she was providing to this lusting black man.

A short distance away, her husband was getting the tripod and camcorder out of the bag that J.J. Sneed had brought up with him.  It was Jeff's own camera equipment that he had tipped the valet twenty bucks to take it out of the trunk and hold it for pick-up by Mr. Sneed.  Instructed to have it all on video, Jeff hoped to be allowed to make a copy of it himself before giving to the blackmailer.

Laurie turned to where her husband was standing, then saw what he was doing.  "Jeff ……….what are you doing?  Please ……………….please ……………..don't let him ………………have sex with me!  I ……………don't ……………want it!" she pleaded.  But as the bed sagged from the added weight upon it, feeling the large hands pushing her legs further apart, Laurie could only sob in helplessness.

Jeff turned to his sobbing wife and responded "Just think of the benefits, honey!  We'll be getting a big settlement from the lawsuit and maybe little Johnny will have a little brother or sister to play with!  Best yet, little Johnny won't feel out of place since his sibling will look just like him ………………chocolate brown and kinky hair, heh, heh!"  Then he looked at his blackmailer and advised "Go ahead, Mr. Sneed!  She loves little Johnny so much that I'm sure she'd love having her knock her up with another little bastard!"

Arms pinned to the bed above her head, Laurie shuddered in fear as the thick fleshy bone poked and searched for the entrance to her womanhood.  Then her eyes popped wide open as J.J. Sneed's bloated cockhead found its mark.  "Noooooooooooooooooooo ………………..please …………………..nooooooooooooooooooooooo!" she sobbed as the fleshy bone pushed its head into her.  "Oh, Goddddd ……………nooooooooooooo ……………..too big ……………….its too biggggggggggggggggggggg!" she pleaded.  "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she screamed as the big man fell onto her, forcing his lengthy cock deep into her tight slit.

The next week was a trying one for Laurie.  Though she refused to talk to her awful husband, Jeff acted quite jubilant and uncaring as to how she felt about him.  But Laurie told herself to bear with it, otherwise she might just lose little Johnny.  Never before had Jeff paid any attention to little Johnny but now he would tickle the baby, commenting loudly so she could hear, making taunting remarks like "Hey, little guy!  We'll find out soon if your mommy has a little brother or sister in her tummy!  And if so, the little bastard will look just like you!"

Having finished dinner, with little Johnny taking a nap, Laurie was washing dishes when the doorbell rang and Jeff went to answer it.  She then heard Jeff call out to her "Honey, you have company!"  Wiping her hands, Laurie then went out to the living room to see who it was, then gasped upon seeing J.J. Sneed sitting on the sofa as Jeff was handing him a beer.

Looking towards her husband in fear, Laurie shuddered as Jeff told her "Oh, honey …………………..when I said that Mr. Sneed wanted to spend a night in bed with you, there's one part  that was left out!  It's one night each week that he wants to have sex with you!  Think of it this way, honey …………………..if he didn't knock you up last week, maybe he'll do the trick this time!"

For the first time ever, Jeff cradled little Johnny in his arms to stop his crying while preparing a bottle of milk for him.  With the baby finally contented by sucking upon the nipple of the milk bottle, Jeff rocked him gently as he walked to the master bedroom, telling the baby "Good boy!  Don't want to interrupt your mommy while she's busy making you a little brother of sister to play with!"  Peering into the master bedroom, Jeff got a hardon in seeing Laurie's trim white arms and legs tied around her black lover as he fucked in and out of her petite body.

Jeff smiled as his reluctant  wife had succumbed to the unwanted sexual pleasures that J.J. Sneed was giving her as Laurie screamed out "Ohhhhhhhh …………….ohhhhhhhhh ……………yesssssss ……………..yes …………………deeper …………..deeper!  Oh, God ……………………yes ………………….yes …………….I'm cumminggggggggg!"  The way J.J. Sneed's big black body was shuddering and quivering above her, it was obvious that his beautiful wife was now getting another dosage of hot black baby juice right up in her fertile womb.

Twenty minutes later, with the baby back in his crib, Jeff leaned against the doorway to the master bedroom as J.J. Sneed was getting Laurie up on all fours.  Jeff was all excited, recalling what happened at the penthouse when Laurie was positioned in this manner and buggered for the very first time as the big cock ripped her a new asshole.  'Thank God the penthouse was soundproof!  She sure screamed bloody murder when he shoved it up her cherry ass!"  Though she wouldn't be screaming like that this time, it was the aftermath of the ass fuck that Jeff was waiting for.  He wanted to see it once again, wanting to see his beautiful wife degraded when J.J. Sneed pulled his shit stained cock out of her butt and then make her clean it off with her mouth.

End of Story.