Pretty Mom's Dream Cums True
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  Son's 18th Birthday Present
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Mrs. Jamie Corbett shook her head and sighed, wondering how life could take such a drastic turn in her once so prim and proper life.  It was just so recently that she was still that prim and proper wife and mother, happily married to her husband Tom.  But it was her son's evil friend DJ who had so violently and systematically transformed her to a cock-hungry slut who was now obsessed with thoughts of seducing her own son.

Understandably, after that eventful night when her son Curt turned eighteen, Jamie was consumed with feelings of guilt, remorse and utter shame.  Worst, she was now unable to quell her impure thoughts about seducing Curt.  Although she had tried desperately to put her lecherous thoughts out of her mind, her efforts had been to no avail.  The more she chided herself, tried to reason with herself and to talk herself out of her evil thoughts, the more obsessed she became with the idea of seducing her son.

Following the vile rape by her son's black friend, then blackmailed into providing DJ with more sex, Jamie had become quite confused.  Once so prim and proper, the illicit sex had turned her into an oversexed wife as she tried to rechannel her efforts toward her marriage, enticing her husband.  She aggressively initiated sex with Tom in an attempt to quell her fantasies, as well as the constant itch between her legs.  But it was to no avail as her plan failed miserably, only adding to her sexual frustration and fueling her obsession to seduce her son.

Jamie promised herself that she wouldn't give in to the temptation, but unconsciously she was already setting up various scenarios in which to seduce her handsome son.  She did little things, subtle things like dressing a bit more blatantly sexy, even subtly flirting with him.  Jamie let Curt catch a glimpse of her dress in just a matching pair of lacy bra and panties, of course the skimpiest. and sexiest pair that she owned.  A couple of times, while sitting across from him at home, her knees 'carelessly' parted just enough to allow him a tantalizing glimpse up her skirt.

Yes, she knew it was wrong, sinful and immoral.  Jamie felt ashamed of herself, but she also felt a wicked thrill in her subtle seduction.  It was like a drug addition, one that had Jamie desperately in need of more and more.  She was like a bitch in heat and it was soon all she could do to keep her efforts to seduce her son within the bounds of a subtle game, rather than being blatantly obvious.  After all, Curt did not know he had already fucked her and that it was a pair of his own mother's panties that he'd kept as a trophy.

But, unable to hold her own lust in check any longer, Jamie decided to go for broke.  If her efforts to seduce him had enticed him even just a bit, she was certain her plan would work.  The plan was ingenious, simple and foolproof, or so she thought.  She would soon be attending a bachelorette party for a longtime friend of hers, a night when Tom was scheduled to be out of town on business.  The coast was clear, the perfect opportunity to put her plan into action.

Jamie planned on returning from her night out, feigning that she was tipsy and needing assistance to bed.  Then, hoping her subtle efforts to entice and seduce her son had done the trick, she'd simply pretend to pass out and let nature take its course.  She planned on leaving it to Curt to take whatever liberties a 'healthy' hormonal adolescent would be inclined to take with a sexy, incapacitated woman, even if that woman was his own mother.

It would be a one-time thing, she kept promising herself, though deep down Jamie knew she was merely lying to herself.  She was certain that Curt would never confess to her that he'd raped her in her sleep, and of course she would pretend that she was unaware the event had ever occurred.  One stolen night of bliss, a lustful moment of weakness, was Jamie's fantasy to fulfill.

It began with Jamie dressing for her night out, selecting her prettiest and sexiest dress with heels.  Of course, she planned on having her sexiest bra and panties on underneath.  An extra spritz of perfume for good measure, she was ready to test the waters, coyly asking her son if she 'looked okay'.  Curt's lustful double-take as he looked up from the TV to see her do a seductive little pirouette as she showed off her outfit for him practically sent Jamie over the edge.

Already in a high state of sexually arousal, Jamie suddenly felt weak in the knees, barely able to contain herself as Curt grinned approvingly and complimented her on how sexy she looked.  Her ecstasy was immediately doused by the wolf whistle that emanated from the doorway leading into the kitchen.  Glancing toward the direction of the unexpected whistle, Jamie's heart sank as she stared into the grinning face of her son's black friend, DJ.  Jamie realized that her son's evil friend must have arrived while she was dressing to go out.

"Nice, Mrs. Corbett ……………………..very, very nice!" DJ nodded approvingly.  "Umm …………………..thank …………….thank you, DJ!" Jamie stammered out in her struggle to reply, adding "Just …………….just a night out with the girls!  A ………..a friend of mine is getting married!"  It unnerved her as she saw DJ's wide grin as he replied "Yes, Curt mentioned you were going out!  I just thought I'd drop by and keep him entertained while you were out!"

Jamie cringed at the thought of DJ being there.  Suddenly there was a fly in the ointment, but seeing DJ reminded her of the night of her son's 18th birthday, the night DJ had set her up to be Curt's 18th birthday present.  Jamie bit her lip, a combination of shame and lust as she remembered what transpired in the pitch darkness of that fateful night, when DJ had forced her to spread her legs for her own son.  Curt would not know that it was his own mother he would lose his virginity to.

Trying to regain her composure, Jamie gathered her purse and made her exit, hoping that DJ would not still be there when she returned or she'd have to forego the devious plans.  Planning to simply make a brief courtesy appearance at the bachelorette party and then hurry back home to Curt, she kept checking her watch, distracted by thoughts of her son and fantasies of seducing him later that night.  'Please ……………….don't let DJ be there when I get home!' she prayed.

Upon her return, Jamie breathed a sigh of relief as she entered her home and saw no sign of her son's devious black friend.  With the coast clear, Jamie went into her act.  "Curt?  Honey, I'm home!" she slurred as she pretended to stagger down the hall toward her bedroom in an inebriated condition.  A wicked thrill coursed through her as her son intercepted her enroute, placing his arm around her and helping her to the bedroom.

"Well, well, well, looks like someone did a bit too much celebrating tonight, huh, Mom?" Curt teased as he helped her to the bed.  "Here, let's get you to bed, let you sleep it off, okay?" he added, unable to resist the shiver of pleasure in touching his beautiful mother's trim waist.  Curt also couldn't resist the temptation to slide his hand up a bit, as if to assist her, the top of his palm pushing up at the underside of her soft and well-shaped breast.

Jamie was in 7th heaven, laying back on the bed, eyes closed as her son sat next to her on the bed.  As Curt ministered to her, Jamie felt his trembling hands on her body.  She knew her dress had ridden up high on her thighs, her legs purposely spread indecently apart to give her young son a tantalizing glimpse of her trim legs.  As he moved to the edge of the bed to remove her heels, Jamie stirred a bit, discreetly providing her son with a clear view up to her lace panties.  .

It was the moment of truth as Curt removed her heels and was caressing her feet and pedicured toes.  The ball was in his court as she lay there anxiously awaiting his next move as Jamie pretended to doze off, hoping to encourage and spur him on, just in case he was holding back for fear that she would rebuff his sexual advances.  "Mom?" she heard him whisper while giving her a gentle nudge.  Again she heard him call out to her, nudging her a second time, then a third while she feigned being passed out completely.

Jamie lay there, eyes closed, pretending to be asleep.  So far, Curt had made no attempt to pull the hem of her dress back down into place, leaving her wantonly exposed to his lustful stare.  She could hear her son's breathing and knew he was obviously getting sexually aroused.  It was the moment she'd waited for and planned for, the moment she had fantasized about each night in bed.

Then, just as suddenly, the moment was extinguished by the sound of DJ's voice at the bedroom door.  Jamie had thought that he had already gone home, but apparently he had still been there, in Curt's room when she had returned from the party.  Even worse, there was a second voice, that of Deion Jones, another of Curt's black friends.  The two teens were standing in the doorway, inquiring about her while making lewd and irreverent comments about her.

Jamie instinctively wanted to shift her position on the bed, pulling down the hem of her dress and closing her legs in the process.  But she couldn't, not without giving away the fact she was not passed out, and that she had posed herself so wantonly to purposely entice her own son.  She both mortified, yet sexually aroused at the same time, at the mercy of her son and his two devious buddies.

Jamie was a bit confused that her son had made no attempt to adjust the hem of her dress, knowing his buddies had an eye-popping view of her legs, clear up to her crotch.  She could only assume Curt must have been so absorbed in his own lustful thoughts that he too was taken completely by surprise when his buddies appeared in the doorway.  Curt had obviously froze, not wanting to betray his own unchaste and incestuous intentions.  Thus he did not dare make any sudden or obvious attempt to cover his mother's 'virtue' by readjusting her dress.  Or so she hoped that was the reason he had not covered her up.

Then she felt Curt's body sitting beside her on the bed, at least partially blocking the line of sight from the doorway.  With the only light into the bedroom being the ambient light from the hallway, Jamie could only hope that perhaps her son's body had cast a shadow over her legs and crotch.  In any case, there was nothing Jamie could do about it.  A few more jeers and taunts came from Curt's buddies, then Curt finally interceded.  She heard him tell the guys that the party was over and they needed to leave as his mother was a bit tipsy and needed to sleep it off.

But DJ and Deion obviously weren't in any hurry to move on, causing Curt to finally rise and usher the guys out of the bedroom and down the hall, closing the bedroom door behind him as they left.  Jamie was in a quandary, wondering if the interruption from her son's friends had destroyed the mood, ending any thoughts or plans on Curt's part to have sex with her ………………………his still attractive mother?  After so much effort to set up to seduce her son, she opted lay there in her wantonly suggestive pose, pretending to be passed out in hopes he would soon return to pick up where he'd left off.

A short time later, seeing the hallway light showing from under the doorway go off, Jamie heard the sound of her bedroom door opening.  'Curt ……………oh, Curt ………………you've come back to me!  Please ……………….please ………….I want you ……………so badly …………………….please make love to me!' she silently prayed.

Heart thumping in her chest, she heard footsteps approaching the bed, then heard the sounds of cloths rustling.  Clenching her thighs, Jamie anxiously waited for Curt to undress, wishing she could reach out to grasp his sturdy manhood.  Then Jamie felt the weight of her son's body upon the bed, followed by the feel of a hand on her thigh, working slowly up to her panty-covered pussy.  In the dark, she bit her lip, hoping her son wouldn't notice that the gusset of her lace panties were noticeably wet, her pussy lips open and swollen in lustful anticipation.

The fondling continued for several minutes, her pussy first, then her breasts as Curt lifted her, unzipping her dress and tugging it down.  Lacy bra unhooked, dress pulled down far enough to expose her breasts, Jamie trembled as her titties were cupped and nipples played with.  She then shivered and gritted her teeth to keep from moaning in pleasure as one stiff nipple was mouthed and wetly lavished by his wet tongue.  Next came homage to its identical twin and Jaime was creaming in her panties.

This was the moment Jamie had fantasized about, obsessed about and planned so carefully.  Her only regret was that she could not actively participate in the illicit tryst.  She could not allow her son to know she wanted this to happen, encouraged it to happen.  So sexually-aroused, Jamie wished that she could lift her hips to help her son as he worked her panties down slowly off her hips, then gently pulling them down and off her trim legs.  Then, to Jamie's surprise and delight, she felt him shuffle up between her legs.  She realized that he had just gotten into position ………………… eat her!

She trembled as she felt his tongue find her thick fleece, parting her pussy lips as it darted tantalizingly up and down her slick gash.  Again Jamie bit her lip and fought back a gasp as she felt her orgasm building and she was about to explode.  Then it happened, her body quivering as the orgasm rocked her body.  As she struggled to maintain her composure in the aftermath of her mind-shattering orgasm, she then felt him shuffle into position to claim his ultimate prize.

Legs being spread wide apart, Jamie clenched her cunt muscles in anticipation, feel the bloated cockhead nudge up against her juicing slit.  'Fuck me ……………..fuck me, Curt!  Slide that wonderful cock of yours up your mother's hot and horny snatch!  Fuck me .………………do what you want to me ………………………..oh, Curt …………do it ……………………..fuck meeeeeeeeee!' she wanted to yell out in encouragement.

'Oh, God ………………yes …………………….yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss!' Jamie trembled silently in the dark as the thick flesh instrument slid up into her greasy pit.  Then he began to fuck her, first with slow even strokes, with the pace quickening and he drew ever closer to cumming.  In the throes of her own orgasm, it suddenly occurred to Jamie that her son was about to cum in her.  "Damn that DJ!" she cursed to herself.  She had remembered to set out the box of condoms on the night table, even though her husband was out of town.  It was meant to be a subtle reminder to Curt that she was not on the Pill.

But DJ's interference had disrupted her plan.  The commotion caused by DJ's unexpected presence at the bedroom door, along with the fact the bedroom lights had never been turned on, her son had no chance to notice the condoms on the night table.  Jamie's only hope was that he intended to pull out but the young, oversexed teen seemed hell-bent on not pulling out and cumming deep in her womb.  Her ploy had backfired on this aspect as Jamie realized that could not say or do anything to prevent the inevitable without blowing her cover.  She could only lie there helplessly as her son's baby-making sperm flooded her womb.  Then, as suddenly as it had begun, it was over as the cock within her burst to flood her fertile womb.  Her son collapsed on top of her, trying to catch his breath before dismounting.

As Jamie lay there with her mind was racing, a combination of thoughts and feelings ran the gamut.  Feelings of guilt, shame and remorse ……………… that of utter sexual fulfillment, peace and tranquillity.  Finally, after several moments, her son's cock dwindled and slipped out of her.  She immediately felt a flow of his sperm oozing from her ravaged slit.  Jamie wondered if perhaps there was time to douche, admittedly a desperate attempt to flush the rest of her son's sperm out of her womb before it was too late.  But didn't dare blow her cover now, realizing that she'd have to wait another few moments until her son gathered up his clothes and left.

But then Jamie realized that Curt had other plans.  Rather than gathering up his clothes to leave and go to his own bedroom, she felt him shuffle up into position as he pressed his wet and slightly dwindled cock up against her lips.  'My God ………………Curt ………………he wants to put his penis in my mouth ………………while I'm supposedly passed out!' she realized.  What happened next caused her to freeze in fear, confusion and disgust.

"Come on, Mrs. Corbett, open up!" came the whisper of a voice that was not her son's ………………but that of his friend Deion.  "Game's over!  Enough with the 'Sleeping Beauty' act, cunt!  Suck me off or I holler down the hall to your son and bring him running!  You wanna try explaining to him how you somehow slept through it all, while I ate you out and then fucked you?" he threatened.

Jamie's heart sank as she paused momentarily to think things through, then reluctantly complied, fighting back the urge to vomit as the teen's foul black cock slipped into her mouth.  Then she heard Deion chuckle "Oh, in case yer wonderin', ol' DJ owed me a favor and you are it, bitch!  He called and told me all about you, so, what the hell, I just had to wander over here tonight and have a see for myself!  Then, when I caught that eye-popping sneak peek of you all laid out there on your bed with you son hovering over you, well, it was a done deal!"

Jamie cringed in utter shame and disgust, realizing that DJ and his friend had figured out her scam to entice and seduce her own son.  She realized the two boys had ingeniously conjured up a plan to turn the tables on her, tricking her into believing that she was having sex with her own son.  It was all just too humiliating to fathom!  'Oh, God ……………….he didn't wear a condom!' she thought, realizing her worries of Curt cumming in her were rather minute as compared to the thought of Deion impregnating her.

"By the way, I enjoyed playing along, pretending I was Curt on the first go-round, stealing a fuck from Mommy!  But the game's over and this time around we do it a whole lot rougher, bitch!  Hell, you outta be ashamed of yourself, Mrs. Corbett, for what you were trying to do!  Good thing DJ and I were here to save you from yourself, hmmm?" Deion taunted.  "Felt me cum in ya, didn't ya, Mrs. Corbett?  Shot a fuck'n load up that hot pussy of yers!  Sure as hell hope yer on the pill ……………….cause Deion don't shoot no blanks!  Jist ask Curt ………………….he'll tell ya how many bitches I's gone and knocked up …………………..a dozen as far as I's know fer now!" he bragged.

As humiliating as the thought was, the words rang true.  How could she have ever allowed herself to even consider seducing her own son?  Then Deion advised "Do me nice, Mrs. Corbett, and your son doesn't have to find out what a wanton slut his mom really is!  Hell, I'm just gettin' started, just so you know, Curt thinks I went home, but I circled back!  DJ's got your son all revved up, jabberin' with some little hottie on the
phone, so you and I have got all night!"

Her mind continued to spin, realizing how she'd been set up, beaten at her own game by her son's devious, opportunistic black friend, unceremoniously pimping her out to one of his buddies in repayment for a favor.  And, now to add insult to injury, Deion had grabbed her tightly by the hair as he fucked faster and faster in her mouth.  She heard him wheeze, then pant "Oh, Mrs. Corbett ………………ya one fine little cocksucker!  Got my nut churning ………………gonna give up a hot dose of nigger cum, bitch!"

Suddenly Deion erupted in her mouth, filling it to the brim and Jamie was forced to swallow or choke.  Her stomach churned violently in revulsion as the hot sticky goo slowly coursed down her throat and she could feel the hot flow as it winded its way down to form a lake in the pit of her belly.  As Deion teased and taunted her, telling her to be sure to swallow every drop, Jamie felt like a true whore as she continued to suck upon the oozing cockstem.

Then the room suddenly lit up as Deion reached over to turn on the lamp on the nightstand, causing Jaime to shudder in shame and humiliation as she looked up to see the teen's snickering black face while her mouth was still filled with his now dwindling manhood.  But Jaime's cringing with a look of disgust at what she had just done did not please Deion at all as he scowled "What's the matter bitch?  Don't give me that look!"

Cock pulled out of her mouth, the now flaccid but still leaking cock was then used to slap her back and forth across the face, leaving trails of sticky goo on her cheeks and lips.  Then a laughing Deion stepped off the bed and tossed her dress over to her, telling her "C'mon, Mrs. Corbett ………………time to get dressed cause yer wish is about to cum true!  Can ya believe Curt's been hounding Deion to set him up again with the cutie who copped his cherry on his 18th birthday!  He's been telling Deion he's madly in love with that fuck'n little bitch!  Can you believe that shit!"

About to reach for her panties on the floor, they were snatched out of her hand by Deion as he advised "No, ya don't!  We's gonna give it to Curt as a gift when he gits to the motel!  Hurry up ………………..cause I wanna git my fuck'n rocks off one more time!"  Then Jamie was startled at the ringing of the bedroom phone, making her wonder just who was calling at this late hour.  Staring at the ringing phone, then up to Deion's smirking face as he looked at his watch and chuckled "That'll be DJ calling to set things up with the cutie Curt wants to fuck again!  Better not give yerself away as Curt will probably be listening in!"

Picking up the phone on the next ring, Jamie then nervously answered with just a soft "Hello!", hoping and praying that her voice would not be recognized, in particular by her son who was listening in on the other end of the line.  Then she heard DJ's sinister voice on the other end say "Hey, sweetie ………….can ya git away tonight …………cause Curt's got the night out and's jist dying to git between yer sexy legs again!"

"Yes ……………………..yesss!" Jamie stammered over the phone, limiting her response to a one word answer.  She then froze at what DJ said next, knowing that her son was listening in, when she was asked "You're madly in love with Curt, aren't you?"  "Ye …………………yes!" she stammered in reply.  Then came another devastating question "If you had the chance, ya'd marry Curt ……………wouldn't ya?"  And to which Jamie blinked back the tears as she could only respond weakly with a "Yes!"

With DJ finishing up the conversation, mainly for the benefit of Curt, he advised Jamie that Deion would be picking her up to take her to a motel room in an hour from then.  Then DJ had added "Hey, sweetie ………………..why don't ya give Curt a treat ……………….like wearing a nightie for him!"  With the conversation ending, Jamie sat there stunned at how the evening had transpired in comparison to what she had planned.

Deion was then telling her to hustle so they could get going to the motel, mainly because he wanted to fuck her there one more time before DJ and Curt arrived.  "I ………….I ………………DJ wants me to pack a nightie!  It'll be just take me a minute!" Jaime advised.  Grabbing a small overnight bag while Deion was getting his sneakers on, she then went into the bathroom and grabbed a bottle of douche and mouthwash to toss into her bag.  She could only think of Curt, not wanting to soil him in anyway, especially with his black friend's cum in her mouth and pussy.

A short while later, Jamie followed Deion's instruction and went up to the desk clerk to pay for the two adjoining rooms that DJ had on hold for him.  Then, standing in the room with the devious Deion looking on, she then had to bare her body once again.  With no undergarments on, it was just a matter of unzipping her dress and letting it fall to the floor around her heels.  Then she followed Deion's instructions to keep her heels on and get up on the bed ……………"on all fours so I's can fuck ya like a bitch in heat!"

Resigned to the fact that she had to allow Deion to have her once again, Jamie was glad to be on all fours as she would not have to embrace his muscular black body.  Hearing the rustling of clothing behind her, Jamie cringed and tried to will herself not to respond in any manner.  'Just let him put his thing in …………….and get it over with!  Don't give him the pleasure of knowing that he made you enjoy it!' she told herself.  Shuddering as the bed sank behind her, hands cupping her breasts, Jamie the felt the probing cockhead seeking entrance.

Gritting her teeth so as not to moan with pleasure, Jamie still could not control her cunt muscles as it automatically clenched and unclenched itself around the thick spearing shaft, as if wanting to milk it dry.  With thumbs and forefingers squeezing at her stiff nipples, cock slicing in and out of her juicy slit, Jamie felt the swaying ball swing up to bang against her cunt hairs each time he thrust into her.  Faster and faster the speed of the illicit fuck picked up, the more and more her cunt muscles squeezed upon the pleasure-giving shaft.  Then Jamie gave in to the pleasure stemming from between her thighs as she moaned "Oooooooooooooo ……………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

"Ohhhhhhh ………………ooooooooooo …………….ohhhhhhhh!" Jamie continued to moan, only now she was participating in the fuck as she humped back each time Deion thrust himself into her.  It became a wild violent fuck, like two animals mating, with sexual relief being sought by each partner.  "Oh, God …………………….fuck me ……………….fuck me ……………………oh, God …………………I …………I'm cummingggggggggggggggggg!" she screamed out, just as Deion buried his cock deep in her and unleashed a torrent of searing hot jizz into her fertile womb.

Having collapsed forward onto the bed after the exhausting and very pleasurable fuck, Jamie heard Deion zipping up as he advised "Ya got fifteen minutes to clean up some before Curtie boy gits here, Mrs. Corbett!  Or ya's can just stay like that and give him sloppy seconds!  Don't forgit, if ya don't wanna have Curt know who's his dream girl, keep the lights out …………….he and DJ will enter from the adjoining room, which DJ will make sure its totally dark also!  I'm gonna meet them at the nearby pizza parlor so's I's can give them the key to next door!"

'Fifteen minutes ……………….I've only got fifteen minutes!' Jamie told herself as she got off the bed to go to the bathroom.  With her cunt flooded with Deion's hot creamy jizz, she cupped herself between the legs as the fluid drooled out onto her palm as she made her way to the bathroom.  Overnight bag in hand, she quickly opened it up to douche out the slimy contents of her well-fucked cunt.

Dressed in her soft sexy nightie, mouth washed of the slimy film and cunt douched of the baby-making jizz, Jamie then turned out the lights to await her true love of her life.  Heart thumping in both excitement and anticipation, Jamie shivered upon hearing a car pull up outside and car doors opening and then slamming shut.  With this being a cheap motel, some noise stemming from the next room could be heard, clearing indicating that Curt and DJ had arrived.

Drawing the covers up to her face, to shield herself just in case some light shone from the adjoining room when the door opened, Jamie felt her juices flow and cunt muscles squeeze in anticipation.  Trembling as her heart fluttered, she then heard the adjoining door open and close shut.  Peeking out from under the covers, seeing that it remained pitch black, Jamie tossed the covers back to welcome her young lover.  Then she heard her visitor nervously say "Hi!"  Smiling at the sound of Curt's voice, she responded with a soft sexy "Hi!"

Bed sinking as Curt gently sat at the bottom of the bed, Jaime shivered upon feeling her son's hands make contact with her legs.  First he caressed her trim calves, down to her ankles, then to touch and caress her toes and soles.  Hands moving up her legs as Curt shuffled up between them, pushing her knees apart, Jamie panted as she then felt his face and breath upon her thighs.  Legs being spread wider, face sliding up higher, Jamie shivered as she realized that Curt was about to put his mouth on her sex ……………to eat her out!  "Ooooooooooooooooooooo ………………………oooooooooooooooooo …………………….oooooooooooooooooo!" she squealed with delight as Curt clamped his mouth on her and flicked his tongue into her juicing slit.

Reaching down, fingers clutching desperately at Curt's long hair, Jaime arched her hips up into his slurping mouth.  "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………..ahhhhhhhhh ………………….arrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Jamie shuddered as an orgasm rocked her petite body as she fed her son some sweet honey.  Finally she began to come back down to earth as Curt continued to feast on her juicy twat.

Feeling the hands caressing her through the thin nightie, Jamie reached up to grasp his wrists and guide his hands up to her mounds of flesh.  It felt so exciting to feel Curt's thumbs flicking at her excited nipples as she began undoing the tie of her nightie.  Nightie opened, fingers touching her bared nipples, Jamie quivered as Curt bent over to take one into his suckling mouth.  Then its twin was also receiving the same attention, suckled upon teased by the flicking tongue.

A passionate kiss soon ensued as Jamie and her young lover tenderly embraced each other.  Mouths glued together, tongues dueling, they just couldn't get enough of each other.  Feeling his rather inexperienced fumbling to try and enter her, Jamie reached down between their bodies to grasp his manhood and guide it into her pulsating cunt.  "Ohhhhhhhh ………………….yesssssssssss …………….oooooooooooooooooooo!" she moaned as her handsome young lover entered her.

From then on, it was passionate lovemaking by the two lovers as the remained kissing each other.  For Jaime, it was her dream come true as she wrapped her trim legs around her lover's waist and locked her ankles tightly, squeezing him to her as his manhood sliced in and out like a well oiled piston.  Then suddenly, like a well-timed machine, both entwined bodies locked together tightly upon one another as both began to quiver uncontrollably.  Both lovers had climaxed simultaneously, cunt muscles squeezing and milking at the pulsating shaft as it began spurting its thick seed.

Resting in each others arms as they continued kissing each other, Jamie felt his cock shrinking within her and about to slip out.  Squeezing tightly with her cunt muscles, pushing the back of her heels down upon the back of his calf muscles, Jamie whispered "No …………….don't go!"  And then another passionate kiss commenced between the two lovers as the dwindling cock showed a sign of revival as it twitched within her confines.

Feeling the cock twitching and expanding within her, Jamie was thrilled at the prospect of having a continuous second fuck with her young lover.  Eyes closed, kissing passionately with tongues playing with each other, there was suddenly a bright flash.  A tremor of horror coursed throughout her body upon realizing that a light had been turned on in the room, followed by hearing Curt's panicky voice utter "Mom!"  There beside the bed stood DJ, buck naked with a wide smile on his face as he chuckled "Ya two are really in love with each other …………..aren't ya?"

From the shock, Jaime felt her son's cock immediately shirk and shrivel, slipping out of her with a 'plop' as a stunned Curt backed away.  "Curt …………….I ……………….I ……………….I'm sorry'!" she sobbed out.  "Have a seat on the sofa, Curt my boy!  Lemme show ya how hot a bitch ya got fer a mom!" DJ ordered and Curt meekly complied.

Blinking back the tears, Jaime then heard DJ order "Spread'em, Mrs. Corbett!  Ya's know how's I's like to see ya!"  Forced to submit to the blackmailing DJ time and time again, Jaime knew what humiliating pose that he was referring to.  Always before it was just with DJ present, but now it was so much more different, she was to display herself like a cheap whore with her own son looking on.  Tears welling up in her eyes, Jaime then drew her knees up to her chest, placing her hands on her knees, she then proceeded to spread herself wide open for him.

Displaying herself in such a slutty manner was bad enough, but then came DJ's taunting remarks of "Yeah, that's the way ……………..spread'em ………… me the pink, baby!"  Then DJ was up on the bed, shuffling up to her with his black lance aimed right at her open pink slit.  Shuddering as she knew what DJ liked to do, Jaime closed her eyes in shame as she observed Curt intently watching the events unfold.  "Uuuuughhhhhhhh ………………..uuuughhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she gritted as DJ's bulblike cockhead pushed up against her twat and then began sliding into her.

For a stunned Curt, eyes bulging in total disbelief, he couldn't get over the shock that it was his beautiful mother who he was madly love with and who had actually made love with.  Equally shocking was watching the events taking place before him, right on the cheap motel room bed, spreading her legs wide open like a cheap little whore and actually allowing DJ to put his big black cock into her.  And speaking about cocks, Curt could not believe the massive dong that DJ possessed.

Sure, Curt had seen DJ in the showers at school, but then his cock was limp and hanging down between his legs ………………..nothing like the footlong sausage that was now being fed into his beautiful mother.  Thinking, trying to make sense of it all, Curt then came to realize that this was obviously not the first time that DJ and his mom had sex together …………………not way she had spread herself in such a manner ……….not the way DJ merely slid right up into her without even touching her with his hands.  Then it was all confirmed as DJ snickered "This is what ya'd call scoring a hole-in-one, Curt buddy ………………….and yer beautiful mom just loves being the fuck'n hole!"

It was quite a sight for Curt, seeing his lovely mother holding her knees wide apart while DJ knelt before her with hands on his hips like the stud of all times, fucking his foot long cock in and out of the flowering pink gash.  "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ……………..ooooooooo ………………oooooooooooooooooo!" he heard the moans from his ecstatic mom as she began fucking back onto DJ's black stick.  "Oh, God ………………………oh, my Goddd …………….I'm cumminggggggggggggggggggggggg!" he heard her scream out and watched as her lovely body began to convulse.  With DJ not thrusting any more, having his cock full buried as his coal black body began shuddering, Curt knew that his friend was now in the process of planting his sticky seed.

Curled up in a fetal position, having turned away from Curt's staring eyes, Jamie sobbed in shame as DJ's cum oozed out of her wide-stretched slit.  Sniffling, Jamie then heard a zipper being drawn up, followed by DJ's laughing snicker "Well, I's guess I's should leave ya two alone ……………………..fer a good heart-to-heart talk between mother and son!"  Hearing the door open and then slam shut, Jaime now felt even more ashamed being left alone with Curt.

Trembling, unable to stop the tears from flowing, Jaime remained curled up as she began sobbing.  Then the bed sank behind her, telling her that Curt was now sitting next to her curled up body.  Without a word being spoken between them, Jaime trembled upon feeling Curt's hand gently touching her arm.  Feeling his strong muscular arm encircle her body, Jaime shivered as he handsome son snuggled up to her.

Reaching up to stroke his masculine arm, Jaime was so glad that no words were exchanged.  Just the feel of Curt's touch and being next to her meant everything in the world at that moment.  Shivering and sucking in an audible gasp, Jaime trembled upon feeling her son touch her ……………….not with his hand but with his growing cockhad that was pushing between the back of her legs.

Swallowing deeply, Jamie then reached down and parted her legs, guiding the underside of his cock to place it up against her pulsating slit.  It was only then that Jaime was able to speak, just as her handsome son slid up into her, moaning "Oooooooooooooo, Curt …………………….yesssssssssss ……………oh, yes ………………………….fuck me ………………….fuck me ……………………………make love to meeeeeeeeeeeee ………………………..oh, yessssssssssssssssssssssssss!"

For both mother and son, it was a copulation that was absolutely exquisite, like two people truly in love with one another.  And when it was that time, Jaime panted "Oh, Curt ………………….yes …………………..yes …………………..cum in me ……………I want you to cum me!"  Shuddering, she shivered and then quivered as her body shook in a mind-shattering climax.  Still joined together, like only a husband and wife should be, they then fell into a deep sleep.

Awaking in each other's arms in the early morning, they greeted each other with a deep kiss, then another passionate lovemaking session commenced.  Fucking and sucking till it was checkout time, mother and son then left hand in hand.  Arriving home at 11:30 a.m., with Tom Corbett scheduled to arrive home a bit after lunch, Jaime rushed to change the soiled and stiff sheets before remaking the bed.

With an hour before Tom Corbett's arrival, the next lovemaking session had to take place in Curt's room.  Lucky so as Jaime found herself running naked from Curt's room into the master bath with clothes in hand shortly after hearing the garage door opening.  With Curt still cumming deep in her womb as she straddled him, Jaime just didn't have the heart to put a damper on his enjoyment.  Only with the garage door closing and the sound of the kitchen door opening did she make a dash to the bathroom, arriving there with palm filled with Curt's jizz leaking out of her well-fucked cunt.

From that day forward, throughout the remainder of his senior year of high school, Curt made a beeline home once school was out.  Getting home at 3:30 in the afternoon, just as his beautiful mother drove up, that allowed them minutes of fantastic lovemaking before Jamie had to freshen up and start dinner.  But they looked forward to each Sunday, when Tom Corbett left early for a round of golf and a few beer afterwards, allowing an entire day devoted to lovemaking on the king-sized bed in master bedroom.  Only the lovemaking wouldn't be between husband and wife but mother and son.

Though he disappointed his father in not attending his alma mater on the east coast, Curt was happy in choosing nearby State U. that was a half-hour drive away.  Renting an apartment near campus, he could then have the privacy needed, especially when his true love stopped over each day when his final class let out.  And he spent the weekends at home, of course looking forward to Sunday mornings in particular.

Being in the property management field, having switched districts with her fellow worker, Jaime was so thrilled to be handling the area near the university.  Setting her showing timely accordingly, she was then able to meet her handsome young lover at his apartment when his last class ended.  Lust sated in that hour's time, she'd then make the half hour drive home in time to start with dinner.  Then it was weekends as usual, with Curt coming home from college to spend time at home.

At the end of the first semester, while at dinner at home on a Saturday night, Curt looked at his father when he was asked "Did your mother fill you in on the news, Curt?"  "No, I don't think so!" he advised.  "Well, Curt …………'re going to be a big brother in about five months!" his father advised.  Looking stunned at the news, Curt expressed both shock and happiness, though he had already gotten the news much earlier.  In fact, it was about a month earlier that his true love told him that he was going to be a 'daddy'.

End of Story.