Pretty Pimped Prosecutor
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  Con's Revenge II
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Sharon could not concentrate on the case at hand and literally blew the chance of putting the criminal behind bars.  That pair of leering eyes off behind over her right shoulder had her so jittery that she began stammering during the cross-examination.  So jittery that she had to have her associate take over for her, feigning a splitting headache.  The inexperience of the associate and inability to think his feet allowed the two-time loser to go free despite the evidence they had on him.

Sitting in the courtroom, smirking as the sexy prosecutor was visibly shaken by his presence, Hobie gave her a wide grin when she looked his way.  He knew that his presence had her shaking in her heels, that she was remembering the last time she had been approached by him.  With no one else sitting in the same row with him, Hobie brazenly rubbed at his bulging crotch and observed the widening eyes of the frightened beauty.  'Yes, the lovely Mrs. Sharon Hicks just bungled an easy case due to my presence!' Hobie snickered to himself.

Literally shaking in her chair, Sharon had flashbacks at the horrible nightmare that had taken place just months ago.  That evil ex-con behind her had been one of those that she had put behind bars years ago and he had executed a devious plan to get his revenge on her.  Sharon had not recognized him that first time he showed up in the courtroom following his release from prison and began wondering why he was in the courtroom during her next trial, unaware that he was making note of her daily routine.

Chills coursed throughout her entire body, shuddering as she recalled the episode of her visit to the prison on one of her cases.  Sharon now knew that she had been set up that day, by the evil ex-con behind her as he sought to extract his revenge with a pound of flesh.  It was her flesh that would bear that revenge, pounded time and time again by the convicts who had gang-raped in what was supposed to be a conference room.

Images of that vile gang-bang haunted her once again as Sharon visualized how she had been so brutally violated in the prison.  She had read and listened to such horrible stories from the victims of such crimes but on this fateful day, Sharon was herself the victim of such a horrendous violation.  It had been so awful as she was forced to please numerous convicts, not one at a time but all at once.
A month later, just after she had recovered somewhat from that awful ordeal in the prison, the man behind her had showed up at her front door just after her husband left to go fishing.  Under the threat of having the horrid photos of her being gang-raped by a throng of black cons, Sharon reluctantly admitted the man into her home, allowing him into the privacy of the bedroom that belonged to only she and her loving husband.

It had been a nightmarish ordeal that Sharon had forced herself to submit to, cringing with disgust to satisfy Hobie's vile demands.  Standing in the middle of the master bedroom, she was first forced to slowly disrobe in a striptease before him.  She had sobbed in shame throughout the disgraceful ordeal, then forced to lie upon the bed that she shared with her husband and shamefully play with herself in from of her blackmailer.

Sharon relived each and every horrid detail of that awful day, lying totally naked upon the bed that she shared with her loving husband while the devious ex-con made her do all those humiliating things before him.  First she had been forced to play with herself, touching her nipples till they were rigid.  Then she had been forced to finger her clit till her juices were flowing out of her slit.  Sharon could not believe how her life had changed so much since that awful day in the prison.  Now, just turning 27 years of age, she was at the mercy of a sexual deviant who loved nothing more than having her literally squirming beneath him.

She felt so embarrassed in having to spread her legs out wide in air, forced to humiliate herself as the ex-con made her tell him what she wanted him to do to her.  Fingering her slit with legs widespread in a vee, she had complied in telling him “Please ………please ……………….I …………….I need it!  Please ………………put your big black cock in me!  Shag me …………………..fuck me like a whore!”  Sharon then recalled how he grabbed her by the back of her ankles, pushing her legs up so toes were pointed at the ceiling as he got up upon the bed and brutally stabbed his cock into her without any further preliminaries.

When the ordeal was over that day, Sharon could only sob in her disgrace.  Though she told herself that she had no choice but to comply with the blackmailer, she felt so guilty in the way she had responded to his ravishment.  ‘Why?  Why did I embrace him the way that I did?  Why did I have to orgasm as never before?  And ……………….and I begged him to shoot his filthy cum in me!’ she sobbed.

Things only got worst for Sharon in discovering that she had been impregnated as a result from the prison gang rape.  The prisoners who had participated in the rape had been convicts whom she had initially taken great pleasure in putting them behind bars.  They were intent on getting their payback and extracted their pound of flesh, not giving her an ounce of mercy but violently raping her in every orifice, determined to humiliate the woman who had been the cause of their incarceration.  Getting her ‘knocked up’ from their vicious rape was the ultimate reward possible.

Against her own religious and conviction on the abortion issue, Sharon found that her prior stand on the subject had changed 180 degrees.  She just could not allow a baby conceived in such a manner take place, not when it was conceived in hatred and spite.  More so, what would her husband say if she gave birth to a baby that was surely not his, especially not with the obvious black racial features that the baby would display.

With her husband off on a scheduled business trip, Sharon had taken a couple days of sick leave prior to the weekend.  It would allow her to have the hour long abortion done in the doctor’s office and give her adequate time to recuperate before going back to work.  She felt so guilty in scheduling the abortion, knowing that she was violating her personal and religious beliefs, yet she felt just as guilty in not revealing to her loving husband of her violation and pregnancy.

The procedure had been handled in the doctor’s office and Sharon recovered quite well within a day’s time, physically more than mentally.  She could not get over the guilt of having been raped and ‘ruined’ by a bunch of black convicts, knocked up in the process and now had an abortion to keep her husband from finding out the horrid truth. As she thought of her recent episode with the ex-con in her bedroom, she shuddered as she clenched her thighs together.

‘What if ……………….what will I do the next time he contacts me?’ she wondered.  She knew that it was not a matter of ‘if’ but when the devious blackmailer made more demands upon her again.  Her eyes began to water as tears formed, her thighs clenching together as her love juices began to seep out of her slit.  Breathing hard, nipples hardening, Sharon was beside herself in the way she was feeling.  It was no longer a feeling of dread but one of anticipation.

Busying herself with housework on Saturday, she felt so good to get a call from David, enjoying the sound of his voice once again.  He had called early as he was to attend a dinner function that night and would probably getting in late.  Once she hung up the phone, Sharon wished that her husband were there to comfort her, to put his arms around her and hold her tight to him.

Biting down on her bottom lip, Sharon went into the master bedroom.  Breathing hard, she stood in the exact same spot where she had been forced to disrobe before her devious blackmailer.  Then, pretending that the evil ex-con was in the bedroom with her once again, she crawled up onto the bed as she had done on that fateful day.  She began to reenact the events of that day, first she began playing with her nipples till they were rigid.

With her legs spread in a wide vee, toes pointed to the ceiling as she made believe her blackmailer was once again shuffling up between her legs.  She fingered herself, flicking at her sensitive clit till she shivered with pleasure.  Then, biting down on her lip, Sharon reached over to retrieve the item that she had earlier obtained from the refrigerator and brought to the bed with her.   "Ohhhhhh …………….ahhhhhhh!" she moaned loudly as the huge cucumber began to inch deeper and deeper.  Then her body shook in a much needed orgasm, cunt muscles squeezing tightly around the hard makeshift imitation cock.

'Oh, God ……………what's happened to me?  I must be going totally mad!  Why can't I get sex out of my mind?' Sharon asked herself.  Ever since being gang-raped in the prison, it seemed that she just couldn't get her mind out of the gutter.  She had never dreamt of ever having to please a man in such a manner, especially the awful perverted acts the convicts had forced upon her.  Yet, she could not get over the numerous mind-shattering orgasms that her betrayed body had soared today.

Her mind drifted back to that fateful day, recalling how four men had pick her naked body off the floor to hold parallel to the ground.  Sharon swallowed as she recalled how she was used like a battering ram as she was swung forward by the men carrying her.  Only she was forced to open her mouth as she was shoved face first into a gigantic cock that was more like a huge black spike.  Forced to suck the lengthy cock in her mouth, she then felt another man moving up between her widely spread legs to skewer his cock into her already ravaged slit.

After those two men had spewed their hot loads respectively in her mouth and cunt, another man's cock replaced the shrinking one in her mouth as he then began face fucking her.  Another man had stepped up into the vacated space between her thighs, only this man sought to please himself to make her suffer in pain by shoving his thick cock brutally up into her torn rectum.  Sharon could not believe that she could feel any pleasure in defiled in such a horrible manner.  Yet the resulting orgasms had her soaring into outer space as her body once again betrayed her.

'Have I turned into what's called a nymphomaniac?' Sharon wondered.  Then she thought back to when the ex-con had paid her a visit at her home.  After he had sated his lust and gotten dressed, she had watched as he laughingly tossed a business card towards her onto the bed, snickering "You're a real hot little whore all right, bitch!  A real nympho if I've ever seen one!  You cum even harder the kinkier the fuck is, huh bitch?  Yeah, you just love kinky sex!  Call me when you're in need of some ugly bastards fuck'n the sweet shit outta ya!  Call me and I'll get it all set up ……………yeah, think of me selling your sweet little ass to some low-life black bastards on the streets!"

Sharon couldn't shake the wicked illicit sensations that coursed throughout her body at the thought of actually having her body sold like a piece of meat on the streets.  'Oh, God!  I really need a good fuck!  Damn, I'm nothing but a cheap little whore like he said!  God …………..I'm actually willing to sell myself just go get the pleasure from some depraved kinky sex!  I'll even get down on my hands and knees to crawl in the gutter for a big black cock!' she panted.

When she had first picked up the card from the bed, Sharon tossed it into the nearby trashcan, telling herself 'That bastard has the gall to think I'd ever call him!  It's only because of his blackmailing me with those horrible photos that I went through with it!"  She did not know what made her retrieve the card the next day and put it in her dresser drawer under her folded panties.

Going to her dresser, opening the drawer and retrieving the business card, Sharon felt her heart thumping madly in her chest.  Then she quickly put it back under her stack of panties and slammed the drawer shut, turning and resting her back against the dresser.  'Oh, God ……………how can I think of doing such a thing?' she pondered.

Twenty minutes later, with the business card again in hand, Sharon nervously dialed the number on the card.  But hearing the first ring, she slammed the receiver down, hanging up the line.  Shaking with fear, Sharon panted desperately for breath as her heart pounded madly.  What she did not realize was that her call was registered on Hobie's Caller I.D. that kept a log and identification of all incoming calls.

Across town, Hobie was just about to get the call when the phone stopped ringing.  Seeing the name and number flashing on the Caller I.D., Hobie smiled and chuckled out loud.  'Well, well ………………the beautiful Mrs. Sharon Hicks!  I was beginning to wonder when you'd call!  Not getting what you need from hubby, huh?  Straight sex don't get you off anymore, huh sweetie?  What you need is some kinky shit, huh?' he chuckled.

Half an hour later, another one ring hang-up had Hobie chuckling as he saw who was calling once again.  'Yeah, baby!  You want some nice kinky sex!  You want to be degraded and fucked by some low-lifes …………….some real ugly fuckers!  Ha, ha!' he laughed.  Thinking a bit, Hobie remembered the two old guys that he still owed a favor to for tipping him off on the thug that had been looking for him.  Their tip had saved his ass as he got to put the shiv up the guy instead of the other way around.

Over the next 24 hours, Hobie saw three more of the one ring hang-ups from the sexy Mrs. Hicks.  He had already dropped by to see 'Toolman' and 'Watcher', the two old geezers that he owed for saving his butt with the tip.  Hobie told them that he was going to return the favor by sending them a real sexy and sophisticated blonde babe to service them.  And he told them "Don't hurt her any!  Just give her some real kinky shit!  Degrade her a bit - degrade her a lot - this babe will just love it!  Cream all over her - maybe even piss in her face!"  They all had a good laugh and Hobie told them to await her arrival where they camped out at night for shelter, just beneath the overpass.

Having steeled herself from the temptation of making that call, Sharon told herself that she needed to get hold of herself, to stem that awful itch between her legs.  After gulping down a large vodka martini, she had found the strength to tear up the business card and flushed the tiny pieces down into the toilet.  As she prepared a refill of her martini, the phone rang and she reached over to answer it.

Upon answering the phone, Sharon gasped at the sound of the familiar gruff voice saying "I see ya been trying to reach me, babe!  Ya must be horny for some kinky shit, huh sweetie?"  "How ……………how …………" she stammered.  "Caller I.D., sweetie!" came the response.  Her shoulders slumped in defeat as she realized that Hobie indeed knew of her repeated calls to him and hanging up before he answered.  Worst, he knew of the reason for her calls.

"Tomorrow night at 9 sharp, drive down to the end of Beach Road and park.  Go to the under the overpass and meet 'Toolman' and 'Wacko'!  They'll take real good care of you, sweetie!  I told them you'll just love it if they pissed all over you, bitch!" she was advised.  "But ……….but ………..!" she sputtered as the phone was hung up on the other end and now she only heard the loud dialtone in her ear.

'Tomorrow night?  Oh, my God …………….David and I are supposed to go out to dinner at his sister's home!' she realized.  'Don't go!  Don't give into that awful temptation!  Have some self-respect …………..have some willpower!' she told herself.  Trembling, she panted for breath as she recalled Hobie's words of "I told them you'll just love it if pissed all over you, bitch!"  The thought of letting men degrade in such a humiliating way had her horrified!  Yet she could not help stopping her cunt muscles from clenching, nor the shiver of undesired pleasure coursing through her.

The next evening, Sharon fidgeted in her seat at the dining table at her sister-in-law's home.  She could not take her eyes off the clock hanging on the wall far off in the living room.  She had told herself flatly 'NO!' but she could not stop clenching her thighs together, nor stem the flow of the juices from her agitated slit.  Although she told herself 'Quit looking at the clock cause there is no way you're leaving here to be degraded like a slutty little whore!'  Still, Sharon found herself glancing up at the clock every chance that she got.

A half-hour later, Sharon excused herself go to the restroom.  Breathing hard with her heart thumping madly in her chest, she tried to get a grip on herself.  She kept telling herself 'No ……… ……….don't do it!  Have some dignity!'  But Sharon found herself opening her purse to get her cellphone out.  Having punched in the required numbers, she then stopped to once again tell herself 'Don't degrade yourself!'

Opening the bathroom door and exiting, she began to make her way back to the dining room.  Then, as she neared the dining room table, she reached into her purse to press the 'send' button on her cellphone.  Just as she sat herself down, the pager in her purse began beeping.  Retrieving her pager from her purse and looking down at the face of it, she announced "Oh, my ……………it must be an emergency at work!  Excuse me while I make a call!"

Leaving the dining room, Sharon then went into the hallway, going to the far end.  Getting out her cellphone and stopping the call that she had just placed, she then began talking loudly into her now inactive phone so part of her supposed conversation could be heard out in the dining room.  "Oh, no!  Oh, my gosh!  Now??  But this is Friday night and I'm with family!  The interview must be done tomorrow??  But it'll take me three hours just to drive there!  Okay ……………..okay ………I guess if I leave now I can make it there and check in at a hotel and be prepared for the interview tomorrow!" she spoke loudly.

Going back into the dining room looking despondent, she advised "I'm so sorry but I'm going to have to rush off on an important case!"  She felt guilty when her husband advised "Go ahead, hon!  I understand!  I'm sure Terri and John won't mind if I spend the night with them!  John's golfing tomorrow and I'll just hitch a ride back home with him in the morning!  Be sure to lock your doors, honey!  Drive safely and call on my cell if you have any problem on the way!"

At 9 p.m. exactly, Sharon drove her new silver BMW along the deserted roadway and parked at the edge of the edge of the asphalt.  Looking at the beneath the overpass of the bridge over the channel, she then made out a flickering of light coming from a small campfire under the bridge near the water's edge.  Biting her bottom lip, she then opened her car door and stepped out.

Eyes finally getting accustomed to the darkness, Sharon then began to edge her way forward, sliding the front of her heels along the pavement to find where it ended.  Finding the edge of the roadway, she then stepped forward with one foot, the spike of her heel sinking into the soft dirty sand.  Then she slowly made her way towards the small campfire.

Nearing the campfire, Sharon could make out a figure crouching near the fire.  As she got closer, she could make out the figure of an old decrepit black man who was sitting by the fire.  'Oh, God ……………….he's so old and ugly!' she thought as she stopped dead in her tracks.  Then Sharon had second thoughts about the whole thing, taking a step back in the soft sand.

On her second step backwards, "Uhhhh!" she gasped as large strong hands grasped her shoulders from behind.  "Can I help ya, pretty lady?" she heard a male's voice ask from behind.  "I …………..I ………….I was looking for ………….for Toolman ………and ………….and Wa ………..Wacko!" Sharon stammered in reply.

"Well, ya found'em!  I'm Wacko!  Know why they call me Wacko ……………cause I go a bit nuts over pretty ladies!  Ya sure are a purty little lady ……….ha, ha, ha!" came the laughter behind her.  Then Sharon was being pulled along the sand as Wacko now grasped her upper right arm.  "Hey, Toolman!  Look at the purty little thing that Hobie sent us!  Damn, she's purty!" she heard Wacko yell out to his friend.

"No …………no, please …………….please!  I …………I changed my mind!  I ……….I want to leave!" Sharon stammered as she trembled in fear.  But Wacko's grasp on her upper arm was very strong, too strong for her to pull away as she stumbled forward in the sand.  "Welcome!  Welcome, pretty little lady!" came Toolman's eager greeting.

Sharon then found herself sitting in the dirty sand, on the back of her expensive dress, arms in front of her with hands clutching her knees.  She was sandwiched between the two old men as each began caressing her bare arms.  Then she squeezed her knees tightly together as each man traced the length of her arms down over her hands and fingertips to touch her knees.  She shivered and sobbed as the dirty callused hands sought admittance up under the nice green dress that she wore.

"Please …………..please ……………stop …………….I want to go home!" Sharon sobbed as she now regretted her decision to drive here.  Closing her eyes to shut everything out, she shivered from the now undesired pleasure coursing through her body.  Then she unconsciously eased the tension of holding her knees tightly together, moving her hands down to the sand as the rough callused hands gained entrance under her skirt to caress her soft inner thighs.

Then hands were at the back of her shoulders and Sharon found herself being urged to lean back and lie upon the dirty cold sand.  Then she found her legs being pulled out from under her.  Opening her eyes, she saw a grinning Wacko as his hands caressed the length of trim legs.  As his hands reached her ankles, Sharon saw him sit back in the sand while lifting her heels onto his lap.

The sound of a zipper being undone had her tilting her head back towards the direction from where the sound came.  Her heart began pounding as Toolman pulled out his old wrinkled cock and let it plop down onto her forehead.  She shuddered in revulsion as the acrid smell of his unwashed cock hit her nostrils.  Sharon found herself merely lying there, unable to put up any resistance, allowing these decrepit old men to do what they pleased with her.

Feeling her heels being removed by Wacko, Sharon then returned her gaze towards him while Toolman's smelly cock began to harden and grow in length down over her face.  Panting for breath, she felt Wacko lifting her legs up with his hands grasping her by the ankles.  She gave out a loud gasp of astonishment as she saw Wacko bend his head forward and began licking the bottom of the toes of her right foot, then felt him pay homage to her left foot in the same manner.

As she curled her toes to Wacko's sloppy lathering, Sharon shivered as she felt the smelly cock drooling its leaky fluid into her right eye.  Then Toolman began to fuck himself back and forth over her face, leaving trails of sticky ooze in its wake.  The degrading acts upon her actually had her heart pounding in excitement, causing her to tilt her head back further as she extended her pointed tongue out to lap at the tip of the smelly old cock.

"Oh, babyyyyyy!  Yer sure a hot little number …………….yes, sireeeee!  My gosh, ya sure got on a nice big sparkling diamond ring!  Yer hubby must sure be a little faggot in bed fer ya to come out here for some luving!  Yeah, I'm gonna cream all over yer purty little face!" Toolman told her.

Meanwhile, Wacko had stood up after unzipping himself, pushing her knees back a bit to cup the soles of her now wet feet around his jutting cock.  Then, as he began to fuck her sexy feet, Wacko advised "Yeah, Toolman!  This pretty little peach wouldn't be here if her hubby was any good in bed!  Ohhhhh, she's got such sexy little feet ……..ahhhhhh, yeahhhhh!"

Swirling the tip of her tongue on Toolman's smelly cockhead, a shiver of pleasure coursed through her body as she tasted the salty fluid as well as the sour taste of his unwashed cock.  Now she was really getting into the swing of things as she pumped her feet up and down the length of Wacko's nearly foot long whooper.  Sharon had paid over $100 for the green dress that she wore, however, the thought of these two old derelicts unleashing their loads on it had her speeding up the licking of her tongue and pumping of her feet.

"Yeah, baby ………………yeahhhhhhh!  Tongue me ………………tongue me, you beautiful little bitch!  Ahhhhhhh ……………..ahhhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhh!" Toolman wheezed as his cock exploded against tip of her pointed tongue, sending a geyser of hot cum up high into the air and landing in mess of splotches on the front of her dress.  A second spurt, then a third followed as Toolman pumped the rest of his creamy load over the beautiful face of the sexy sophisticated blonde.

Grasping her ankles tightly, Wacko groaned as he fucked his lengthy cock between the soft sexy soles of the lovely beauty.  "Ohhhh, so soft and sexy!  Oh, yeah, babyyyyyy!  Man, I go 'wacko' when I get to cream all over a pair of sexy feet and legs!  And for ya baby, I'm gonna be cream'n a whole quart of cum!" he hissed through his teeth in order to last just a bit longer.

"Ahhhh, Godddddddddd!" Wacko yelled out as a stream of cum blasted out of his throbbing cock, landing upon and saturating the bottom of her bunched-up dress around her waist.  Then Wacko quickly moved her feet so he could cream all over her soft sexy soles, spurting time and time again as he grunted out his lust.  He sure did cream a lot, webbing all the beauty's tiny toes as his old watery cum began to dribble down her long sexy white legs.  He held her legs straight up in the air so his cum would puddle onto the front of the beauty's lacy white panties.

A bit later, after Toolman and Wacko recovered their stamina, Sharon coughed and gagged when one of the men poured some cheap red wine into her mouth.  She struggled to sit up to keep from choking as the men took turns gulping down a swig from the bottle.  Then Sharon felt fingers unhooking the back of her dress and the zipper being pulled down.

Dress pushed over her shoulders to bunch up at her waist, Sharon then felt fingers unhooking the clasp of her thin lacy bra.  A moment later her bra fell from her shoulders.  "Ohhhhhhhh!" she moaned as the man behind her reached around to cup her tender breasts in his hands.  "Ohhhhhhhh ………….yessss …………….oh, Godddddd!" she moaned with pleasure.  Looking up, she saw Wacko stroking his cock before her, thus she realized that it was Toolman who had been playing with her breasts and was now pushing her forward onto her hands and knees.

In the doggie position, Sharon felt Wacko's fingers become entwined in her hair as he rubbed his smelly cockhead up against her face.  She shuddered as the stench of Wacko's crotch hit her nose.  It was even more potent that of Toolman's, causing Sharon to shudder as she opened her mouth to admit the foul tasting cock.  Wrapping her lips over the bloated cockhead, she flicked her tongue over the filthy pisshole.

Meanwhile, Toolman was pulling her dress and panties over her hip, then pulling the garments from under her knees and off her legs.  Now Sharon was totally naked, on her hands and knees in the dirty sand, aching to be fucked like a bitch in heat.  She could feel her juices flowing, her honey now literally dripping out of her horny slit.  Feeling Toolman's hands on her hips, she arched her ass up in the air in anticipation.

Shuffling up behind the sexy blonde beauty, Toolman grasped his cock in one hand and guided it up against her dripping snatch.  "Ohhhh, yeah!  Baby …………yer pussy's fuck'n dripping!  Ohhhhhhh …………..yer so fuck'n tight!  Ahhhhh ………..yeahhhhhh!" he moaned as he pushed his cockhead into her wet cunt.

Impaled at both ends, Sharon fucked herself back onto Toolman's thick cock as she gobbled up more of Wacko's smelly monster.  Her cunt was creaming like never before, the depravity of the situation had her going crazy with lust.  She wanted this ……wanted to be fucked and taken like a bitch in heat.  'Oh, if only David could see what I left his sister's home for!  Oh, David ……………you've got a slutty little whore for a wife!' she thought.

Fifteen minutes later, all three were lying upon the dirty sand, totally exhausted from the wild fuck and suck session.  As Sharon looked up at the stars, she licked her lips to savor the remnants of Wacko's slimy cum.  She reached down with her right hand to touch her messy cunt, feeling Toolman's sticky goo as she rubbed a finger against her sensitive clit.  She could not believe the fucking that Toolman had just given her, making her cream as never before as she climaxed over and over around his thick old cock.

It was not until 3 a.m. when Sharon sat up to pull her soiled dress back over her head, deciding to leave her undergarments as souvenirs for the men.  She had wanked at each man's cock, trying to get them to fuck her once more, but they were all fucked out after the numerous fuck sessions throughout the past six hours.  After that first doggie session, she had again knelt in the dirty sand like a bitch in heat to suck Toolman's cock while Wacko buggered her tight ass.  Later it was one-on-one fucking, first with Wacko and Toolman taking her on a bit later.  In each one-on-one lovemaking session, she had wrapped her arms and legs around each old man and given them the fuck of their lives.

Just as she was about to stand, Toolman pulled the bottom of her dress, causing her to fall back into a sitting position.  As both men stumbled to their feet, Toolman advised "Just a little present that Hobie insisted we give you before leaving!"  Seeing both men holding their limp dicks in hand, Sharon grimaced as she realized what they intended on doing.  Raising her hands up, she unsuccessfully tried to block the hot golden shower that came pouring down upon her in two directions.  The men were aiming their streams of hot piss right onto her face and hair, drenching the entire front of her dress in the process.

Sitting there in the sand, sopping wet from the smelly urine, Sharon heard the men laughing as Wacko commented "Come back anytime you want to get pissed on, purty lady!"  As the men went to their respective sleeping spots under the overpass, Sharon crawled to retrieve her white heels.  Getting up, carrying her heels, she slowly made her way back to where her car was parked.

Opening her trunk, Sharon got out a folded raincoat that was stored there for emergencies.  Seeing how drenched and smelly she was, this certainly did qualify as an emergency.  Driving along the deserted road, Sharon was unaware of the car following a bit behind her as it did not have its headlights on.

Finally, Sharon came upon the sleazy motel that she had stopped at before going to visit the old men.  Turning into the parking lot, she pulled into a stall fronting the doorway to the room that she had rented earlier.  Retrieving the motel room key that she had put near the gearshift, she then decided to keep the windows open and risk vandalism in order to air out the foul stench that she had brought into her car.

Entering the motel room and turning on the lights, she padded her way into the bathroom.  Looking in the mirror, the reflection Sharon saw was someone she did not recognize.  'My, God!  You look like a fucked out whore!' she told herself.  Sharon then reflected to herself 'Yes, you certainly managed to keep your resolve not to leave the dinner to meet those derelicts!  Telling David you would drive your car so he could relax and have a few drinks over dinner, knowing full well you would then have your own car to meet the old men!  Your own car that you had earlier packed with a small suitcase of extra clothing in case the men did in fact piss all over you!'

Stepping into the shower stall, Sharon began peeling off her once elegant green dress.  Letting her dress plop down into the corner of the stall, she looked at the ruined garment, knowing it was soiled beyond further use.  Running her hands over her once soft smooth and clean body, she found it now feeling slimy from cum and piss, rough dirt sand covering her.  Turning on the hot shower, she first put her urine soaked hair under the water, then let the cleansing water hit her urine and spunk covered body.

Reaching out of the shower, she retrieved the shampoo in her cosmetic bag, an item that she had brought in when she had checked into the motel.  Pouring out a handful of the sweet smelling shampoo, Sharon hoped that it would take the foul stench out of her hair.  Closing her eyes as the how shower bead down upon her, she recalled Wacko's words "Come back anytime you want to get pissed on, purty lady!"

Sharon no longer tried to fool herself as she soaped her body, knowing full well that she would once again pay a visit to Toolman and Wacko.  'I wonder if David is still planning to attend the conference next month?' she pondered.  'Gosh, I just hope neither has the clap or worst!' she worried.

Out in the parking lot, Hobie saw the light go out behind the curtain in the motel room that he had watched the sexy beauty disappear into.  'Damn, she sure paid off my debt to those two old geezers!  Man, she just loved it!  That was one hell of a show that she put on!' he chuckled.  Hobie had parked his car off in the brush before 9 p.m. to see her pull up.  Then, hidden in the darkness, he had the best seat in the house as he watched a great night of entertainment.

'Guess I should let you get a beauty nap for a few hours, my sexy Mrs. Hicks!  With you paying for the motel room already, we can't let it go to waste!  You're gonna make me some big bucks today!' Hobie snickered.  'Guess I'll start off with those guys that I owe money to!  Think each guy will knock off a hundred apiece for a chance to sample your sweet little white ass!' he concluded.

End of Story