Problem of an Army Officier's Wife
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon

Mrs. Jennifer Brennan
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff of the earlier story entitled:  
'Dark Dilemma of  a Soldier's Wife 2'
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For 26 year old Jennifer Brennan, life had just been a dream up to the last year and a half or so, with basically everything going straight downhill when her husband's unit was called up to replace another unit returning from the Middle East.  Her husband was a lieutenant, fulfilling his military obligation after having graduated from college on an ROTC scholarship.  Gary, her husband, was not really a gung- ho military man but the ROTC program was a means of his financial ability to get through college.  Jennifer knew that her husband was holding things inside, not wanting to worry her any more than necessary, for he was really fearful of getting killed on the front lines as several of those he had graduated with never made it back alive.

Throughout her young life, from childhood up through college, everything had just been perfect for Jennifer as she lived in an upper middle class neighborhood.  Lots of friends, liked by all who met her, she was nearly a straight A student and very active in campus life.  Entering college, she was invited to join the most prestigious sorority on campus, then she met and fell head over heels for her true love of her life.  Engaged in her junior year of college, then she excitedly became Mrs. Jennifer Brennan shortly after graduation.  With Gary entitled to a housing allowance if they chose to live off-base, they had found themselves a nice little apartment rental, planning on saving up enough for a down payment on a home.  But buying a home could wait till Gary was out of the service and they could move on to where opportunities took them.

From the point of the unit being called up for the assignment in the Middle East, everything seemed to have gone downhill from then on.  With Gary being required to be back on base, rather than being all alone by herself, Jennifer decided to move close to her sister's place in Rockford.   Gary had often relayed to her of how lucky he was to have M/Sgt. Carter in his unit as the man was a seasoned veteran of the Gulf War ten years earlier and recently back from his third tour of duty in the Middle East.  Her husband knew that his life really depended on the master sergeant and had even commented “I'm going to stick real close to the guy!  He really knows his business out there in the war zone!  Thank God I've got him in my unit!  Cause he's going to save many a man and bring us back home in one piece, that's for sure!”

After having met M/Sgt Carter at the base's open house, Jennifer could see why and how the much older soldier would be a savior to Gary and all the young men in the unit, for he beamed of confidence and knowledge one could only gain through being in war.  But then had come the bribe, for the reassurance of her husband's well-being and his coming back home to her alive, which Jennifer had come to realize was entirely in the hands of the experienced soldier serving in her husband's unit.  And in exchange for her husband's life, knowing full-well that the experienced master sergeant could have Gary going into a bobby-trapped building and getting killed or maimed, Jennifer found herself forced to provide sexual favors for the big black bastard before the unit shipped on out.

It had just been a horrible nightmare, one that she would relive over and over again, night after night as Jennifer tried to tell herself that she did it for Gary's sake in order from him to come back home alive and in one piece.  That day, while her husband was on duty at the base, Jennifer had gone back to the town where the base was located and met the vile master sergeant … the Notel Motel!  Afraid of the awful consequence of such an illicit breeding, Jennifer had come armed with a box of some heavy duty condoms, as well-noted on the brand name on the box they came in …............Magnums!  It was indeed made for well-endowed men, but even so she had struggled mightily in getting the protective rubber down over the thick foot long monstrosity.

M/Sgt. Carter

The man was so big that even with her putting lubricant on the rubber coated shaft, the pain was so awful when bastard speared it up into her.  Crying out in pain, begging for him to pull it out, Jennifer was mercifully relieved when M/Sgt Carter complied.  But as her body still trembled with shooting pains, her mind in a stupor from it all, Jennifer had not realized that the devious bastard was shucking off the protective condom.  Body trembling, cunny hurting so badly, she wasn't aware of the difference when the black bastard reinserted his monster cock back up in her pulsating cunny.  Only when the fuck session was coming to an end did she come aware of the fact that the bastard was fucking her bareback.  As the bastard gloated while slicking his fuckstick in and out of her forever stretched cunny, Jennifer went into a state of shock when she saw the limp condom held dangling over her face and then the bastard let it drop between her parted lips and into her open mouth.  And then the vile bastard seeded her to the brim with his nasty goo!

The master sergeant had been insatiable, taking her time and time again, throughout the entire weekend ….......never again bothering with a condom!  With it being the wrong time of the month for her, Jennifer had to rely solely to prayers that the black brute hadn't gone and impregnated her with a little black bastard.  It had not shocked her a bit when she took a home pregnancy test six weeks later, that it was positive of her being pregnant, especially when she had felt so sick when getting up each of those past few mornings.  Jennifer had certainly paid dearly in order to have her loving husband kept safe out in the danger zone, sacrificing her body for her husband's, getting herself 'knocked up' in the process.  Now what was she to do as her religious beliefs were against abortions, while she went along with that other than in cases of 'rape'.  But could she consider her giving in to the black bastard as a 'rape' ….................she had not been physically forced, giving on her own in exchange for his help in protecting her husband in the war zone!  Thus, the abortion route had to be ruled out as not in accordance with both her religious and personal views on the matter.

Needing to talk to someone, it would be Natalie Burton, her older sister by a year and best friend.  Calling Natalie, asking her to come over during the weekend, Jennifer sobbingly broke down and confided in her all the sordid details of her secret to her sister.  “Nat …......what am I going to do?  You and I have the same philosophy on abortion, even if it parts somewhat from the church, but I wasn't raped ….....................I knowingly had sex with the bastard …............but wasn't prepared for him to take off the condom!  The medical expenses incurred for childbirth, as a spouse of a military man off to combat, I'm covered ….......................but news would surely get to Gary eventually that I gave birth to a baby while he was on his tour of duty!  And I can't dip into our joint account for something like that, not without Gary finding out when he gets back!  What do I do, Nat?” Jennifer sniffled.

“Oh, Jenny …...............there, there now ….................don't you cry … had to do it for Gary …..............we'll figure things out!” her sister comforted her after taking her into her arms.  In each others arms for a good five minutes, Jennifer then heard her sister suck in her breath before exclaiming “I think I've got the perfect solution, Jen!”  “What …..............what is it ….............what do you have in mind, Nat?” she inquired.  Her older sister then advised “You remember our sorority sister Erin Waters, her marrying Tyrone Dickerson, how it was so noticeable at the wedding that Erin's parents weren't so thrilled to having a black son-in-law?  Well, they've moved back home here just two months ago and we had them over for dinner one night!  While the men were taking in a ballgame in the den, Erin filled me in on her being unable to bear children, apparently from some type of illness she had suffered as a young teenager.  She and Tyrone looked into having a surrogate bear Tyrone's child from his sperm and the surrogate's egg, but there's so much work in the process and expense involved is just out of this world!  So, they've put themselves on the list to adopt a baby but have been told of there being a long wait list!  I'm going to call her right now and find out their current situation!”

An hour after the phone call was made, Nat and Jen were sitting in the living room of the Dickerson's home.  Erin and Tyrone Dickerson were indeed hoping to adopt a baby, hoping for a newborn, but that involved some risk as they'd had to cover the medical expenses of mother for her childbirth and incidentals for her pregnancy, such as maternity dress etc.  And of course, the birth mother could still change her mind at the last moment, leading to bitter disappointment to the expectant adoptive parents of the newborn.   Once the basic situation was laid out without going into too much of the sordid details as to how Jennifer ended up carrying a black man's child and how she was afraid to use the base physicians or hospital, Natalie then laid out the perfect solution for them all.  They both knew Jennifer well, knew she would not change her mind at the last moment, and the baby would fit right into their interracial marriage!  Using the same criteria as the adoption process, they'd be paying the same amount, thereby relieving Jennifer of having to use any military physicians or hospital.  Problem solved for all involved, the Dickerson's would have the baby they hoped for, and Jennifer would conceive the baby without Gary ever finding out about it.

Following the fifth month of her pregnancy and belly becoming noticeable, the Dickerson's told her to move in with them at that point.  Jennifer could save from paying the rent so her husband would be none the wiser upon his return home.  She'd tell all her friends and family that she was going to stay with her close friend who was pregnant and help out as the friend was having complications.  Jennifer told Gary the same story, that she was going to help out Erin and Tyrone a lot over the next few months as Erin was confined to bed due to her problem pregnancy, thus she'd be staying over for long periods at a time.  In this way, friends nor family other than her sister would learn of baby Jennifer was toting in her bulging belly.  Everyone would be totally clueless that she was the one pregnant and to give birth in a few months, rather than her good friend, a good thing as her belly suddenly ballooned right up with the bastard's little black baby.

Four months later, following Jennifer's suggestion, Erin accompanied her in the delivery room and was the one to take the baby from the nurse.  Then, with Erin sleeping over on a cot over night in the maternity ward with Jennifer, Erin was the one taking the baby each time the nurse brought the little boy to the room to bond with his mother.   Bottle fed by Erin each time, as Jennifer did not want to become attached to the baby in any way or form, the adoptive parents and birth mother were all happy and contented with the outcome as the adoptive parents were given the privilege on naming the little tyke.   Named Matt Dickerson, the baby boy quickly became very comfortable in his adoptive mother's arms as she fed and burped him.  Discharged from the hospital, Jennifer rented another apartment near where to she had been earlier to allow the baby and adoptive parents time alone to bond, with Tyrone later dropping her belongings off at the apartment.

Six weeks later, Jennifer made her very first visit back to visit the Dickerson's place and for the very first time held little baby Matt in her arms as Erin told her adopted son “Aunt Jen is going to carry you now, Matt!”  Told to smile, Jennifer forced a smile as Tyrone took a snapshot of her and little Matt in her arms.  Although knowing she had given birth to baby Matt, the feeling was more of her visiting her good friend's first born, especially as she was given the role of 'Aunt Jen' to the baby!  Baby asleep in the crib and Tyrone watching a game on television, Jennifer and Erin could then talk freely out on the patio.  Jennifer then advised her good friend of the email she had gotten from Gary late afternoon yesterday advising that “He learned that his unit is scheduled to return home in a few weeks!”

“Why aren't you happy then, Jen?” her friend inquired of her.  Jennifer swallowed and continued with the rest of the story, that “It's only for a few months of R&R, then they'll be shipped out again!  Meaning that …......I'm sure that ….............his master sergeant will want more 'incentives' before they ship back out to the Middle East!  I tried the pill earlier, but I have an allergic response to it!”  “Oh, Erin, I think I'll just die if he touches me again! But I need to help protect Gary …............and I just know the vile bastard will definitely try to get me pregnant again!  You should have seen the the damn grin on the bastard's face when he was dangling the condom over me, laughing at my reaction on my face when I came to realize that he was in me without it on!” she exclaimed while blinking back the tears.  With Erin a hand on hers to comfort her, Jennifer heard her friend advise that “We'll figure something out, Jen!  Between you, Natalie and I, we'll figure something out!”  Alone with Erin, Jennifer relayed to her friend as she had earlier with her sister Nat, as to  all the sordid details and defilement she had gone through at the Notel Motel.

Early the next morning, a Sunday, Jennifer got a call from Erin who sounded so excited and wanted her to come over as she had figured out the ideal solution.  Getting dressed quickly and making her way over to Erin and Tyrone's place, she was told to sit herself down at the dining room table while Erin went to call her husband.  After coffee was served and everyone was seated at the table, Erin announced that “Previously, the problems faced in the possibility of the surrogate changing her mind when the baby was born made that option rather discouraging as we'd be faced with the costs  incurred in the insemination process and still end up with nothing!  Last night after discussing your situation with Tyrone, I made the suggestion that you be the surrogate and inseminated to carry Tyrone's baby because we'd then assured that you wouldn't change your mind like some stranger might!  As you didn't even begin to show till the of the fifth month, Gary would never know and that evil sergeant of his wouldn't get to knock you up again as you'd already be carrying Tyrone's baby!”

After some thought on Jennifer's part, and the encouragement from both Erin and her husband, Jennifer concurred with being inseminated at the fertility clinic with Tyrone's semen and becoming the surrogate mother for their little baby.  In the back of her mind, Jennifer was smiling with satisfaction that her husband's black brute of a master sergeant wouldn't be able to knock her up once again, for she'd deprive him of that  evil pleasure by getting herself impregnated beforehand with Tyrone's semen!  She smiled to  herself, wanting to see his damned expression when she didn't even care nor plead with him to use a condom nor when he spewed his hot and raw filth up in her, for fear of him impregnating her with his bastard baby.  'That'll serve the bastard right, preventing him from impregnating me again!' was a thought that thrilled to no end.

With Tyrone taking care of the baby so the girls could talk and make arrangements, Erin confided to Jennifer in that 'Previously when we first looked into having a surrogate mother for Tyrone's baby, he was not too enthused about, thinking it rather unmanly to have to jerk off into a test tube to give to the doctor in order to impregnate a woman!  But when I told him to just imagining a beautiful gal like Jen carrying your little baby in her tummy!  That had him do a quick turn around on the matter and agreed right then that he'd be all for it if you were game!  In fact, he told me that as he still remembers pretty much all the details that was covered at the clinic, pulling the folder to review things and that he would take care of all the phone calls and arrangements to allow me to spend time with little Matt!  With you already having gotten pregnant and given birth to a healthy baby, I think the doctor will just have to  get your  blood type and give you a quick check up, then figure out roughly when your cycle would be just right to inseminate you!”

Tyrone knew that once his wife had her mind set on something, she'd find a way to tease and please him till he gave in to whatever she wanted.  Take last night for example, Erin brought up the topic again of having a surrogate matter be inseminated with his sperm and they have a blood offspring of their own.  In bed that night, after he had hemmed and hawed, Erin reached under the sheet to grasp his long but limp meat as he was about to go to sleep.  But he was limp no more when Erin asked “What do you think if my friend Jennifer was inseminated with your sperm and carried your little baby in her tummy for us!  For one, we know that she won't change her mind in the end and also we won't have to worry about being out all the money for nothing!”  Tyrone had known that sweet beauty Jen from when he was dating Erin in college.  He sure had wanted to make a move on that innocent little bitch back then but he knew she wouldn't go out with the likes of him, besides she and Erin were good friends, and a 'bird in hand was worth two in the bush'.

Tyrone Dickerson

'Damn, Jennifer Brennen knocked up with my little black bastard!' Tyrone thought as he sucked in his breath as his wife stroked at his now rock hard boner.  “Please …....................pretty please!” he heard his wife coo while continuing to shuck him.  Eyes closed as he pictured his wife's beautiful friend, as he'd done many a time after learning just how that devious master sergeant had gotten into her panties.  That had been a year ago when learned the details, to which he had expressed to his wife and Jennifer “That damned bastard!”  But Tyrone actual thoughts or more of a different tone, one he'd expressed loudly if alone and adding just a word extra of “That damned lucky bastard!”  Then his own devious mind was beginning to churn things up, thinking that 'She let the black sergeant fuck her to save her husband, then gets knocked on up and wants to put the baby up for adoption so her husband won't know!  Hmmm, after all that, bet she'll drop her panties for me in exchange for me not sending her hubby a picture of the baby his wife gave birth to!'

Jennifer was indeed surprised that Tyrone did in fact take charge of getting hold of the doctor and getting things set up for her to have an appointment.  On this initial screening appointment, a $1,000 non-refundable deposit was put down by Tyrone, with the $11,500 balance due on the day of the scheduled insemination.  Jennifer was glad that Erin had accompanied them on this first visit to the fertility clinic, for it'd have been rather uncomfortable if the adoptive mother was not there to show her interest in the matter, especially since her husband's sperm would be used for the insemination process.  Telling the doctor that she was quite regular in her cycle each month, and just having had her period, it was pretty much easy to figure out when she would be ovulating that next month.  So, the date was set accordingly for that next month when the time was right for her to be impregnated at the clinic, and of course Tyrone had to show up also so they get some freshly produced semen in which they would use to inseminate her with.

Tyrone did in fact take control of the situation, telling his wife that as she had little Matt to take care of, he'd do all the leg work in getting things set up with the clinic for Jen's insemination with his sperm.  Early that next week, Tyrone called the clinic to re-confirm the appointment date as was required because of so many incidents of mind changes by the surrogate mother after thinking about things for during that first week the initial screening.  In making contact with the clinic's case worker, Tyrone advised “Well, your warning was indeed correct, our potential surrogate mother did change her mind about carrying a baby!  So you had better go on and cancel that appointment!”  Listening to the case worker again brief him on the clinic's policy, Tyrone responded with “Yes, I know the thousand dollar deposit is non-refundable unless that very same potential surrogate mother rechanges her mind and does set up another appointment!  My wife and I hope to convince her once again but chances don't look good at this point!”

Later that week, Tyrone had his wife assuming that everything was going well with the clinic, especially when seeing the copy of the credit union's withdrawal confirm of $11,500 from their joint savings account and a copy of the credit union check made payable to the fertility clinic.  But what had really happened was that Tyrone had instead given the check back to the credit union and had them put the amount withdrawn into his personal checking account that the had there.  Tyrone smiled to himself as he now had an extra $11,500 to play around with for himself, and his pretty wife would be none the wiser, to whom he had told to stay home and care for little Matt as usual on the scheduled appointment day and make it seem like just a usual day, otherwise “Ya'll git me up tight and unable to even git it up that day, Sugar!  I'll just pick Jen up since it's on the way that morning, and then we'll be doing our thing at the clinic!  I think it'll be easier on Jen that way too, so don't go calling her that day to see how it went and all!  Just treat it at as another day and everyone with be more at ease about it!”

Jennifer had taken the entire day off, in case of any delays at the clinic, besides she wouldn't be out any money as Tyrone had insisted he and Erin would be covering her time off taken as that was part of the expenses to be incurred by adoptive parents and the surrogate mother bearing their baby.  So she planned on dressing nicely that morning, as she would do to go to work, not wanting to look like some of the women she had seen at the clinic during the initial screening, women that were potential surrogates and getting a screening done by the clinic to become a surrogate to one of their many couples in Tyrone and Erin's situation.  They looked like single gals in need of getting money somehow and being a surrogate assured them of a healthy payday.  So Jennifer planned on donning a nice business like dress and heels, put her make-up on and wait for Tyrone to pick her up.  She was glad that Tyrone had relayed to her of telling Erin not to come on this occasion and not even to call when the procedure was done, making it seem like just a part of the process and no big deal.  She was glad for Tyrone too as Erin had relayed that bit of how he detested having to use his hand to wank himself off and ejaculate his goodies into a test tube!  'I guess it would make some men feel unmanly doing it that way and not enjoy himself in the arms of a woman, with his 'thing' doing its deed to populate the world!' she giggled to herself.

For the entire week leading up to the big day, if his wife didn't initiate it, Tyrone would be reaching out for her hand and placing it on his dick.  With his hardon coming under his wife's touch, feeling the pleasure of her soft hand shucking at this dong, he'd moan to her “Oh, yeah, git it ready for your pretty friend Jen!  Gotta have it plentiful and potent so I's can knock her up next Monday!  Shuck it, git all that hot cum stored up in my balls for her!”  Of course, his wife was merely thinking that he was enjoying her giving him handjob in order to build up his reservoir of cum in his balls and be able to get himself off in the test tube at the clinic, especially as she stopped just before he popped his load up into the air or her mouth as she would do on times before.  But for Tyrone, his eyes were closed all the while his wife as shucking him, thinking about that pretty friend of hers who would be knocked up by his potent jizz.

Tyrone had learned of all the details that Jennifer had confided in with his wife, how the sergeant had gotten to her, how he had contrived the potential death scenarios of her husband's in demise in the Middle East if he didn't get the help of a veteran like him.  Naturally, Jennifer could not bring herself to blurt out the gory details in his presence, only able to tell a close friend and especially to her sorority sister who had agreed to adopt the baby sired in that illicit mating session at the Notel Motel.  But with their adopting of the little bastard baby, his wife had not seen anything wrong with giving him the blow by blow description of what her beautiful friend had endured at the hands of the black bastard of a sergeant, using it in fact to help convince him on adopting Jennifer's newborn.  He could picture Jen on her knees, shucking at the sergeant's big black boner in order to get him off in that manner, hoping that would bring an end to sexual favors the bastard was expecting to receive from her.

It was in bed when his wife had relayed to him as how the bastard had made Jennifer take his cock into her pretty mouth, something that she had never done before, making her a cocksucker for the very first time in her life.  Tyrone recalled how his cock was standing on end in hearing the story, how his cock nearly popped upon hearing that the bastard ejaculated his hefty load into her mouth, and how Jen had puked her guts out into the trashcan when it was over.  With the lights off in the bedroom, sleeping as he normally did in his jockeys, Tyrone had slipped his cock out through the opening as the constraining fabric was putting a hurt on his pulsating boner.  But what excited him the most in the story, was his wife relaying how awful it was for Jen, picturing it all when the bastard was fucking her and about to cum in her.  He could just see shocked and horrified look on her face when Jennifer looked up from the bed to see the gloating bastard holding up the limp rubber dangling from his fingers, which meant that he was fucking her bareback and could very well impregnate her from this vile mating.

'Damn, I's sure as hell wish I was a fly on the wall in that room of the Notel Motel that day!  That devious bastard sure pulled off a good caper, especially with Jennifer unable to claim he had raped her that day, not with her flying in that day to meet him at the Notel Motel!  Shit, that factor alone tells it all, that she had gone to meet the guy there to provide him with sexual favors!  Sure, it was like a bribe but she could have gone to the civil and or military officials to report it, but she had not and chose to meet the bastard at the motel just off base where her husband was serving!  Even her husband was clueless as to his wife having flown in for that weekend, unaware of her being just miles down the road, on all fours on a bed in the Notel Motel while talking to his loving wife, all while his black sergeant was fucking her like a bitch in heat with his cock up in her cunny while they conversed on the phone!  Ain't no where she could claim the bastard raped her and knocked her on up in the process!' Tyrone surmised.

Tyrone actually admired the gall and caper that M/Sgt. Carter had pulled off, thinking 'Look at the beautiful prize that he ended up claiming!  Wonder how many other soldiers' wives he pulled the same caper off on?  He's got one good caper going on for him!  And he can go out and pick the most beautiful babes of the entire lot, hundreds from which he can pick out the cream of the crop, and basically what could they tell the authorities without him countering that the wife contrived the story, that she had been the one to proposition him with her body in exchange for his giving her husband less dangerous assignments when out on patrol!  The sergeant would claim that he refused her proposition, that all the men were to be treated equally, that the bitch had contrived the story to get back at him after he had declined the sexual favors she had promised him in return!  Only if a number of his women victims came up with the very same story would they be able to get the bastard, but what was the chance of that happening?'

Though admiring the bastard for concocting such a caper, Tyrone figured that he could one up the conniving sergeant with the beautiful Mrs. Jennifer Brennan.  The bastard had managed to sate his vile lust as the frightened victim had reluctantly given into his demands, but she had gone there expecting to provide him with the sexual cravings that he desired of her petite body.  In Tyrone's mind, he could outdo the sergeant's devious caper, he could forcibly rape the beautiful little bitch and take her against her will without any worry or concern of her crying 'rape' to the police.  'Yeah, I've got a real good  deterrent in preventing her from going to the cops on me!  I'll just hold up the photo taken of her holding little Matt that first time she came over for a visit, asking her if'n she'd like me to email a copy to husband Gary so he can see the little black baby that his beautiful wife gave birth to!' he concluded, with his cock giving a twitch of excitement at that thought as well as to the devious caper hand in mind with his wife's beautiful friend.

That big Monday morning had finally come, as Jennifer sipped at a cup of coffee a cup of coffee while reading the morning paper, trying to get over the jitters of being artificially inseminated later that morning.  She expected Tyrone in an hour to pick her up as they'd go to the fertility clinic together, she had to chuckle as to what Erin had confided to her over lunch on Saturday.  Her friend had told her that “Tyrone is really excited at the thought of you carrying his little baby!  The thought of you being impregnated with his sperm and being the surrogate mother to his baby was what got him agreeing to the whole thing that night we first discussed the matter five weeks ago!  I was trying to coax him into giving in to my idea of you being the surrogate mother, stroking his hardon to give into me, and I swear his boner twitched with excitement when I mentioned your name!”  With Erin, from back to their sorority days, she had always been on the outspoken side or unafraid to tell it like it was when it came to sex.

But Jennifer was still shocked and a bit embarrassed when her friend said “I swear that Ty had the hots for you back then in college!  But with he and I dating, and you going with Gary, he didn't dare make a move on you!  Hell, let's face it, I can't blame him for getting a hardon from you …...........what big black college jock wouldn't go ga-ga at the prospects of getting into a white girl's panties, especially one as pretty as you …......not that you're the type who would have done such a thing …..............unless of course, being in a sense forced to do so like what that vile sergeant went and what you did to you in order to help protect your husband from getting killed!”  Hearing that from Erin, who so candidly had said that she wouldn't be surprised at all that her own husband had the hots for her body from way back in college, Jennifer could not help but feel her cunny getting slick from the juices emitted from the thought of what had just been said.

The other night, after that luncheon with Erin, Jennifer lay in bed while in deep thought of what her friend had told her along with all the other factors involved in her being the surrogate to their baby.  'My goodness, it's so expensive to being artificially inseminated at a fertility clinic!  $12,500, wow!  I'm surprised Tyrone didn't suggest to Erin that he and I go into the bedroom alone for and hour and save all the hassle and costs involved!' she thought.  Jennifer then shuddered, chiding herself for even having thought that way, then gave a giggle in thinking that was lot of savings.  She was sure glad that such a suggestion had not come from Tyrone, even Erin who was so open and candid about sexual matters, causing Jennifer to wonder just how she would have reacted if such had occurred.  She could just hear Erin tell her “It's no big deal, Jen!  Besides, it's been quite awhile since you've had yourself a good 'fucking', especially with Gary and his sergeant being away for so long!”  'Yes, I do need a man, but only the man I love and gave my vows to!  Submitting to that evil master sergeant was a necessity to save Gary from getting killed over there!' she told herself.

Jennifer had to just chuckle to herself, realizing that 'Yes, it certainly has been awhile!  Over a year in fact!  I've basically haven't many thoughts about it though, only the repeating nightmares and flashbacks of that awful weekend in the Notel Motel and being forced to submit to Gary's master sergeant time and time again.  Then she thought to herself 'So if Erin had asked me to get myself a good fucking by going into the bedroom with her husband for an hour, you'd sure be saving them a lot of money if you got knocked up in the process!  And you'd gotten your cunny serviced after a year long abstinence!  Just like a car to run smoothly, it needs a lube job at least once a year!'  Jennifer then chided herself again for having such lewd thoughts, certainly not the type of thoughts that should go through to a prim and proper young woman who had given her vows to remain faithful to the man she had married.  'I'm sure glad that suggestion never came up, as I could never make love to a friend's husband and feel the same when I'm around her after!  Being a surrogate to the baby resulting from her husband's sperm being artificially implanted is one thing, having sex with him and getting pregnant as a result from it is another!' Jennifer told herself.

Hair and makeup done, Jennifer then donned on a business-like dress to wear to the clinic, again not wanting to look like those desperate young women she had seen there looking to become a surrogate just for the money.  She eliminated wearing a pair of hose as she'd have to strip them off any way for the procedure, thus being more of a hindrance for the occasion.  All she needed was to slip on her heels and she'd be ready to go, but first for a cup of coffee to ease the tension.  Just then the phone rang.  Picking it up, it was Tyrone advising that he had an early start thinking they'd be a lot of traffic but for some reason it was clear sailing all the way.  “A cup of coffee?  Sure, I was just about to brew some and have a cup myself!  I'll have it ready when you get here!” Jennifer advised as she went to the kitchen to brew a few cups of coffee.  Although she had always been comfortable around Tyrone, this would really be the very first time they'd be alone together with Erin not close by in another room or near vicinity.  Jennifer trembled with nervousness at the thought of being all alone with her good friend's husband, the man who's sperm was to implanted in her womb in just a few hours in the hope of  impregnating her with his baby.

Ringing the doorbell and being admitted into the apartment, Tyrone licked his lips in anticipation as the succulent beauty led the way to the small kitchen table where two cups and saucers were sitting upon it.  His wife's friend was sure attractive as he followed her while gazing upon her nice trim bare white legs as she padded barefoot to the kitchen.  'Hot damn, I's gonna love gitting between those sexy white legs of hers!  Gonna knock the bitch up good, enjoy myself too, and save myself $11,500 in the process!  She won't dare claim rape, not dare say a word to Erin nor go to the cops, not if'n she wants hubby to keep from learning of how she got herself knocked up and giving birth to a little black bastard baby!' he thought as his excited cock swelling up  in his pants.  'Yeah, she ain't the type to give in willingly!  She only put out for the sergeant, forcing herself to do so in order to save her hubby's life!  If I threaten to show her hubby the pic of the little black bastard she gave birth to, she'd probably realize she has no choice and thus spread her legs for me too, in exchange for my silence!  But don't want it that way!  I's want her to fight and scream with all her might … try and keep me from raping her!  Oh, this is gonna be real fun …...............gonna love tearing off her clothes, pinning her to the bed and fucking the hell outta this beautiful little bitch!' he smirked.

With it being cold out this morning, Tyrone's eyes quickly scanned about the apartment and saw that all the double paned windows were closed, thus making it unlikely that her startled cries would be heard outside of the well-constructed apartment unit.  Seated at the table, cock tenting his trousers but unseen under the table, Tyrone licked his lips as he gazed upon the petite beauty's backside from head to toe as she went to get the pot of coffee for them.  'Although that Sgt. Carter guy got first dibs in gitting to introduce this little sweetie to some dark meat, I really owe him cause now I's can git me a piece of her tender white ass too!' he mused.  'Damn, I can't wait to feel those sexy white legs of hers wrapped around my black ass, especially when I's break the bitch and have her climbing the fuck'n walls!  Yeah, I's can hold off popping my nuts till she's begging me fer it!' he figured.  After two cups of coffee were poured and Jennifer put the pot back onto the coffee maker to  keep it warm, Tyrone watched as the beauty walked to where she had placed her heels, his cock throbbing as he watched her slipping her trim pretty feet into them.

Sitting across of Jennifer, with his nuts in a roil, Tyrone figured he'd just play it cool till the time was right for him to strike.  To make conversation, also to see how she truly felt about things as well as to see if he could make her a bit uncomfortable, Tyrone asked “Are you nervous about this, Jen?  Ya know, having my sperm implanted up in your womb to get you pregnant ….............with my baby!”  He was please to hear her reply that “Oh, Tyrone, I think its and honor and a privilege to do this …......for you and Erin, especially with you two really having helped me out in adopting little Matt after I gave birth to him!  There was absolutely no way that I could raise him, especially with me trying to keep the news from Gary of my being pregnant and all!  Besides, I'd much rather be carrying your baby than getting impregnated by ….........................that awful sergeant again ….............. I …........I don't know how much Erin told you ….........................but I'm just certain that was going to be his vile intent to impregnate me again the next time I'm forced to see him!”

What Jennifer did not know was that Erin had revealed all the juices details to her husband, things that Jennifer thought her sorority sister would keep to herself, other than just the general story to her husband as to what led her to having sex with the devious master sergeant.  His wife Erin had in fact initially just relayed how the black bastard had given her the choice of having her husband coming back from the Middle East in a body bag or coming home alive, but only if she provided sexual favors to him.  But Tyrone had coaxed his wife to spill out the entire story, doing so with the tip of his tongue as the ate her out, threatening to stop giving her pleasure unless she spilled out all the juicy little details of her pretty friend spread her sexy legs for her husband's sergeant.  And what Tyrone learned had his boner up solid and nuts churning upon hearing “Her husband's black sergeant went and made a cocksucker out of her!  Jen told me that she had never sucked a guy's cock in her life, that the bastard made her take him in her mouth ….................making her do it till he shot off in her mouth ….................made her swallow all his sticky jizz …............and that she so sick and disgusted that she puked her guts out afterwards!”

“Erin told me that you had sex with your husband's black sergeant so that he would make certain Gary did not foolishly do something, out of his inexperience out in the combat zone, that would end up getting him killed!  That you went to meet him at a place called the Notel Motel located just off from the base for a weekend stint, and that you ended getting yourself 'knocked up' as a result of it!” Tyrone relayed, enjoying the way the beautiful bitch colored up in embarrassment from what he had just relayed.  Then to give her a real shocker, Tyrone advised “Ya know, Jen …....................there's one thing that no guy would ever criticize that bastard for …..........................envy him in fact ….........................for being the first to have his cock sucked by you!  Hell, back in college I dreamed of you wrapping your sweet lips around my boner too!”

Stunned at what she had just heard, Jennifer was flabbergasted as she stammered out that “I ….......I don't appreciate you talking to me that way, Tyrone!  I think we should get going to the clinic before you get me more upset than I already am and have me changing my mind about all this and that of carrying your baby as a surrogate mother!”  Abruptly getting up from her chair, Jennifer grabbed her purse and moved towards the front door of the apartment.  But as she was at the edge of the table and about to pass Erin's obnoxious husband, the man who's sperm was to be implanted in her womb, her wrist was grabbed by the muscular stud and she was being pulled down into the man's lap.  Stunned for a second, Jennifer was about to let out a scream but found herself unable to utter out her cry as the bastard had clamped his thick lips over hers.  But not only that, the bastard was worming his thick tongue between her lips and into her mouth, causing Jennifer to shudder in disgust.

Arms flailing as struck at her friend's muscular husband in trying to get him to stop but to no avail, the wind was taken out of Jennifer as the horny bastard suddenly took her down hard o the floor with him atop of her.  Then there was the sound of a loud 'R-i-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p!'   The nice business-like dress that she had chosen for the occasion, not wanting to look like the young desperate- for-funds surrogates seen at the clinic, had been torn apart by the filthy animal as he rubbed his bulging tool up against her.  Then the mouth upon hers lifted and the invading tongue withdrew, allowing Jennifer to look up into the face of the bastard rubbing himself up against her.  Meanwhile, her arms were forced up over her head and a large hand captured and pinned her at the wrists, and to her dismay Jennifer learned from her attacker that “I's went and canceled the appointment, Jen!  Shit, I's ain't gonna spend another eleven grand plus to wank off in a bottle so
they's can put my sperm up in yer cunny!  I can do that myself ….......................and have fun doing it too!”

Another 'R-i-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p!'  sounded as the bastard lifted his body up a bit so he could have room to pull the torn garment from her body.  Then came another 'R-i-p-p-p-p-p--p-p-p-p-p!' as her butt was lifted up from the floor, only to fall back as her panties came away in the bastard's strong hand.  Next she felt the bastard moving and fumbling some atop of her, at which time Jennifer came to realize that the bastard was undoing his pants and pulling it down.  Jennifer shuddered with fear and panic as she felt the hard fleshy prong's bulb-like head bumping up against her cervix, making it quite evident that the bastard was trying to put it in her …  rape her with his big 'thing'!  Struggling and withering her body on the floor to deter the bastard from putting his 'thing' in her, she succeeded but the bastard kept stabbing it at her.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she  screamed out in pain when the bastard finally found the mark and plowed his thick boner up into her tight and dry cunny.

Smiling with pleasure, Tyrone was elated with the snug fit of her tight little pussy, then gloated that “I sure envied that Sgt. Carter when I's learned from Erin how the black bastard managed to git ya to drop yer panties fer him, gitting ya to put out fer him in exchange his protecting hubby's ass when out on patrol!  Bet he wanted to throw ya down and rape ya against yer will but didn't dare attempt that, afraid he'd go to jail if'n ya went and called the cops on him, huh?  But ya don't dare go to the cops on me, huh, sugar ….........................not if'n ya don't want hubby getting a copy of ya a holding little  Matt that first time ya came to visit ….......................after ya gave birth to the little black bastard that we went and adopted, huh!  That Sgt. Carter would be envious of me if'n he knows how I's dared grabbing ya and holding ya down on the floor while ya's squirmed about … I went and fucked ya good ….....................raping the hell outta ya!”  Slicing in and out of her tight folds, he enjoyed feeling the beautiful bitch squirm about under him as she began to cry and sob, telling her “Ah, yeah, baby …................that's it ….....................that's it …...................fight me …....................fight me, bitch!”

In and out, in and out, Tyrone fucked the bitch good and took great pleasure in seeing the agony he was causing her from this savage rape.   “No …..................noooooo ….................nooooo ….............not this way!” came the sobbing plea coming from the beautiful victim squirming beneath him.  Continuing the savage rape, stabbing her repeatedly with his fleshy fuckstick, Tyrone laughingly advised that “Ya gonna set a record bitch!  Fucked only twice in a year's time ….......................but knocked up each time ….........................with a little black bastard in yer tummy!”  Then
Tyrone added “Ya ain't gonna dare tell Erin about this, bitch!  Ya jist gonna tell her that ya got inseminated with my potent sperm, making her think ya spread ya legs fer it to be implanted at the clinic!  And we's gonna make sure ya git knocked on up cause we's gonna fuck everyday before ya leave fer work till yer hubby comes back home and ya gotta make the move back to the base ….......................guess then ya've gotta spread yer legs again for the Sgt. Carter guy!  But he ain't gonna be able to knock ya up again, cause I's gonna have my little bastard growing in yer tummy by then!”

It had really hurt when her dry cunny had been so brutally penetrated, but after beginning to juice around the cock slicing in and out of her, the unwanted fuck session had begun to give her unwanted pleasure.  She had wanted to feel loved again, of having her loving husband in her arms and making love to her, but certainly not having this man taking her so savagely …..........................raping her for his own pleasure!  Gritting her teeth, Jennifer told herself 'Don't respond ….........don't respond to this bastard!  Don't show him you're getting any kind of pleasure out of it!'  But no matter how hard and desperately she tried to maintain her resolve, the tightening of her muscles had her cunny squeezing itself instinctively around the invading cudgel.  Once, then again and yet again her cunny responded by squeezing at the pleasure giving shaft, causing the rapist atop of her chuckle out that “Yer liking it now, aren't ya, Jen?  Needed a good fuck after not having a man fer so long, huh?”

“Oh, no … … …'re wrong …'re wrong …..................I don't want this …........................not like this!” Jennifer sobbed out as her hips instinctively arched up as Tyrone was beginning to trust back up into her, thus getting his long thick cock to skewer her even deeper.  And with her continued juicing, it served to lubricate his dick even more and now her rapist was like a well-oiled piston pumping in and out of her now constantly clasping sleeve.  Having lost her heels in her struggle, Jennifer hesitated at first but then gave in and wrapped her legs around her rapist's black butt, locking her heels around him to keep his cock deep in her cunny.  “Oh, nooooo …...............nooooooooooooooo
….........................nooooooooooooo!” Jennifer panted out in desperation as she fought to control her emotions.  But then it happened, she orgasmed and screamed out “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Oh, God …...................oh,  Godddddddddddddd …..........ah ….................ahhhhhh ….......................ahhh …....ahhhh ….....ahhhh …......ahhhhh …...........ahhhhh!”

For Tyrone, he smiled with the accomplishment of getting the beautiful babe to orgasm around his invading cock, her petite body convulsing under him, and knew that she had been in dire need for a man's cock up in her.  Then he laughed and challenged her “Gonna tell Gary how I's went and raped ya … ya orgasmed and screamed when ya creamed all around my cock?  Did ya do that too when ya went to the Notel Motel and dropped yer panties fer that Sgt. Carter?  Did ya cream around his big black dick too?  Ya cream that way fer yer hubby, too?  Or only when a big black stud has his cock up in yer tight little twat?“   Humping at her, faster and faster up to jackhammer speed, Tyrone  announced “Now yer gonna set that  record …...................fucked a mere two times in a year ….....................and knocked up both times!”  Giving her a deep thrust, slowly withdrawing, he then thrust back up into her and stayed as he grunted “Cummminngggg …...................cumminggggggggg, bitch
… I's cum …..........................time to git ya knocked on up …....................and it ain't gonna be by artificial inseminationnnnnnnnnnn!   Ahhh ….................ahhhhh ….........................ohhhhhh, aeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Slowly spiraling down from her mind-shattering orgasm, Jennifer's petite body suddenly twitched and spasmed again as the bastard shot spurt after spurt of his hot burning semen up into her fertile womb, filling every little crevice in her cunny.  Her befuddled mind was not thinking rationally at this point, thinking 'The clinic as going to implant his sperm in me anyway!  Does it matter that he shot it directly into me instead?  How can I tell Erin that her fucking husband didn't take me to the clinic to inseminate me with his sperm but did it by raping me instead?'  With it being the prime time of the month to conceive, as the doctors at the clinic had confirmed, there was no doubt in her mind that the bastard's hot and plentiful sperm would impregnate her.  If not today, it'd be very soon as the bastard would be coming back daily for sex, blackmailing her in exchange for keeping her secret from  her husband.

A half hour after Tyrone unceremoniously pulled his still long but deflated rape stick out of her, Jennifer felt his hand grasping her upper arm, pulling her up from the floor.  Tattered remnants of clothing pulled from her body, Jennifer found herself being pulled naked by the equally bared black buck into her bedroom.  Pushed down on the bed that she had made earlier, the bastard was atop of her once again, thrusting his revived cock back on up into her cunny once again.  Then the bed began to rock as the bastard skewered into her again, only this time her cunny began squeezing at his invading cock immediately.  'Why fight it at this point?' Jennifer asked of herself, then ran her hands up his muscular upper arms and tracing his bulging muscles and once again wrapped her trim white legs around his black ass.  Turning to the large mirror on the dresser, she shivered at the erotic sight, that of the contrasting of black and white entanglement upon the bed as the bastard proceeded to hump her good.  

Twice more that day, Jennifer was inseminated with Tyrone's sperm, none of which was through an artificial process but fucked into her directly by the horny black buck.  She was filled to the brim each time, in fact some of the bastard's cum was pumped back out of her as overflow when the bastard stuck his long thick ccock back up into her already cum-filled twat.  There was no denying it, that she had a mind-shattering orgasm each time the bastard had taken her, as he took her to her orgasm before he would allow himself to shoot off in her.  In fact, before departing her apartment, the bastard had pushed her legs apart stuck his middle finger up into her twat, chuckling when he withdrew his cum slick finger.  As the bastard had accomplished what he had planned, that of inseminating her to the brim with his semen, Jennifer found herself being dragged on out of bed.  Made to kneel next to the bed naked, she heard Tyrone snicker “Let's see if'n that Sgt. Carter taught ya good in giving head, Jen!”

'God, men are all alike, wanting to debase a woman and strip her of all her moral values!  Wanting a woman down on her knees to pay homage to the bastard's prick!  I wish I had had the nerve to bite his damn 'thing' off!' Jennifer fumed as she opened her lips wide to clamp over the bastard's bloated cockhead, but she dared not do what she was thinking.  Mouth watering, saliva thickening as the bastard began leaking in her mouth, Jennifer knew she'd have to bring him off with her mouth and swallow his semen, especially in the way his fingers were entwining themselves tightly in her hair.  Wanting to get if over quickly, she did what M/Sgt. Carter had taught her at the Notel Motel, wrapping a hand at the base of the cock to shuck at the stem while tonguing his pisshole.  And with her other hand, she reached out to palm his swollen nuts and roll them in her hand, then looked up at bastard to give him the thrill of seeing her face with her mouth full of his cock.  It certainly did the trick as Tyrone bellowed out “Ohhhhhh, bitch … it … it allllllllllllll!  Damn, yer one hell of a cocksucker!”  Mouth filled with his slimy goo, she swallowed it all, then  opened her mouth to show him that she hadn't spit his seed out.

Just over five weeks later, finally but just temporarily was out of Tyrone's clutches as she moved on back near the base, finding another apartment for she and Gary.  With her friend Erin at home each day to watch and care for little Matt, her friend's husband would stop by in the early morning, expecting a cup of coffee from her and a good fuck session in her bed.  Made to take the day off, just a day before her departure back down to the base, it was spent entirely in bed as the insatiable Tyrone took her time and time again.  Of course the bastard had again wanted her down on her knees to give him head, having her look up at him when he came in her mouth.  But he was not done with her, going home late that day after he got her on all fours so he could sodomize her …............................shoving his boner right up into her tight ass without any lubrication, causing Jennifer to scream out from the agonizing pain!

Jennifer couldn't wait to be in her husband's arms once again, even it would be for just a few months before he had to go on another tour of duty, but she also knew that eventually another debt would have to be paid to M/Sgt. Carter back at the Notel Motel. The wait had finally come to and end as it was now the big day, the day the families would pack the stands to welcome back the unit from its tour of duty in the Middle East.  Nervous and queasy upon getting up that morning, it was not nervousness due to Gary's coming home but due to morning sickness!  And a quick test through the home pregnancy test, it was indeed positive …....................six weeks to the day of her being raped by Tyrone in the apartment ….............pregnant with his little black bastard!  She'd have to call Erin to let her know that the insemination process undertaken had indeed impregnated her with her husband's baby.

End of story.