Professor’s Pretty Prize
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

At the age of 24, Mark Brown was a top student in Hartford University’s well-renowned department of pharmaceutical studies.  For the past six years, the top student had ended up well rewarded with a complete scholarship to the doctorate’s program financed by Bainbridge Pharmaceuticals, the country’s leading firm in pharmaceutical research.  Not only was a fully funded scholarship afforded but a well paying summer internship and then a full time job in the six figures.

Having fallen in love at first sight with Jennifer Mills, when he had been introduced to her by a classmate several years ago, then they had begun seeing each other exclusively. Mark was fortunate that the feelings were quite mutual on Jennifer’s part as she had just turned eighteen and was a freshman at Hartford U.  Now at the age of 21, Jennifer had blossomed into quite a beautiful young woman.  At her 5’8” stature, with long blonde  hair and strikingly long flawless legs, innocent Jennifer felt a bit uneasy with the male heads turning to ogle her up and down.

Having seen the graduates ahead of him excel beyond belief both job wise and in financial gains, Mark wanted to be the one awarded the prestigious award from Bainbridge Pharmaceuticals.  That would be the clear distinction between Mark and his classmates who were also eyeing that scholarship and award.  With that would be an easy path to his doctorate and then a six-figure salary to start off in his career.  It would also mean that he and Jennifer could immediately start their family as he would be able to support them along with any little ones.

But there were obstacles to overcome, namely the three other candidates who were equally as qualified as Mark in both grades and ambition.  Also, gruff and grumpy Professor Thomas Higgins always seemed to be on his case for one reason or another.  Mark sure wished that the applecart had not overturned when Professor Mathews had suffered a heart attack and took off for the remainder of the school year, putting Professor Higgins temporarily in charge of the pharmaceutical research department.

Having gotten along fabulously with Prof. Mathews, it was quite the opposite with Prof. Higgins.  What had appeared to be a shoo-in for Mark earlier, it now seemed that he had fallen to the back of the pack.  No matter how hard he tried to please Prof. Higgins, Mark would always be left shaking his head and cussing ‘Fuck’n old faggot!  Shit, no matter how hard I try, the bastard always finds a way to put me down ………………..and always in front of others!’

On one Saturday, Mark was putting in some time on the department’s current research project, hoping to make some points and show his determination.  Knowing that Prof. Higgins would be there also served to help as his Saturday stint would certainly be noticed.  With Jennifer to stop on by and pick him up so they could have a picnic lunch out by the nearby brook, Mark would take that hour and a half off before returning to the lab to continue on with his research.

Busy on solving the problem he had encountered, Mark had not observed the time when he was to go out to meet Jennifer for their picnic lunch.  Ten minutes past the meeting time, Jennifer had strolled on in to look for him, something she would never do on a regular day when he was in class or on the research project.  But this being a Saturday, one where Mark was putting in extra time, Jennifer thought she’d pop on in to find him.

Hearing a conversation taking place down the hallway, Mark looked up and saw Jennifer chatting with a ‘smiling’ Professor Higgins.  Never having seen the old gruff bastard smiling and chatting warmly to anyone, Mark was rather stunned that the old geezer had some charm left in his flabby old body.  Then Mark observed Prof. Higgins open the door adjacent to the room he was in, separated by only a half-wall and plate glass.  With Jennifer taking a seat before the new computer that had just arrived, it was quite apparent that Prof. Higgins was showing her the department’s newest equipment.

Keeping his head down as if still working on the research project before him, Mark’s eyes were peered off to the right to take in the interest Prof. Higgins was showing in Jennifer.  With Prof. Higgins standing immediately behind a sitting Jennifer and pointing to the screen of the monitor, it became obvious to Mark that the old geezer was not looking at the screen but really right down into the front of Jennifer’s blue dress.  Though he should be pissed off with rage, Mark instead felt his cock throb and harden in his pants.

Both Mark and Jennifer had entered their relationship with rather limited experience with the opposite sex.  Dating for more than a year, they then had become intimate, enjoying the love and tenderness in their first coupling together.  But such intimate lovemaking was saved only for very special occasions as Jennifer did not want their relationship based on sex, telling Mark that he could have ‘all you want when we’re married’!  Looking over into the adjacent room, Mark could not help but wonder ‘I sure as hell would bet that the old geezer would give his left nut to rub that flabby body of his all over Jennifer’s!’

Weird thoughts began coursing through Mark’s mind, perhaps due to his desire to get ahead and the Bainbridge award or that rather erotic thought of seeing his lovely Jennifer’s body naked with the fat gross body of the old professor crawling up onto her.  Or perhaps it was both as Mark’s cock became rock solid as it sought to bust right through his pants at the thought of Prof. Higgins’ forcing Jennifer’s long trim thighs apart as he pushed his fat old cock up into her tender slit.  ‘Damn, I’d bet he’d do anything for a run at Jenny!  Maybe even guarantee me the Bainbridge award if I should set things up for him to sample her charms!’ he thought.

‘God, Mark ………………you’re a sick mother!  How can you even think of such a thing?  Jenny’s so young and beautiful ………………… naïve and innocent …………………and your dream girl is madly in love with you!  Yet, you get a damned hard-on picturing that sweaty and flabby old man Higgins getting himself into the saddle with Jenny!’ he told himself.  Still, he could not suppress the image of a frightened and struggling Jenny under the old man as he forced himself onto and then into her sexy lithe young body.

As for Professor Higgins, he had heard mention of how beautiful the gal betrothed to Mark Brown was but this was fortunately his first chance meeting of the young beauty.  Standing only at 5’5” in height, the tall sexy blonde beauty had him all in knots.  ‘That damned Mark is one lucky son-of-a-bitch!’ he thought.  ‘Jeezus Christ ……………those long sexy legs of hers are driving me fuck’n nuts!  Having those beautiful legs wrapped around me would have me busting a nut in no time at all!’ Prof. Higgins mused as he tried to peer into the top of her bra cup while she leaned forward to gaze at the computer monitor.

Innocent and naïve Jennifer Mills had no idea that the friendly Professor Higgins was really a depraved old man who was taking the opportunity of befriending her and showing her the new computer system that she showed interest in just to get a peek down into the front of her dress and a bit of flesh normally well covered by her thin bra.  That as she leaned forward just a bit to view the computer monitor, it had allowed the vile old man to get a good glimpse of the tender white flesh of her left breast, just up to the edge of the aureole of her pink nipple.

It was a week later when Mark had accidentally stumbled upon a finding of his research into the make-up of the Rohypnol drug that had been recently banned due to it turning into the ‘Date Rape’ drug of choice.  With Rohypnol having the punch of ten valium tablets put together and putting a person out for 12 to 14 hours after consumption, an unsuspecting person would be totally at the mercy of any advances a vile predator would desire to make upon the unconscious person.  Mark had stumbled upon a means of getting the same wallop of the potent drug but limit the time frame one would be effected by it based on the person’s weight and amount of the drug consumed.

Anxiously, Mark began testing out his findings on mice, then cats, followed by heavier dogs, and then pigs.  His findings could determine how much of the drug to give an animal, or even a person, based on its weight for the desired length of time that animal or person would be unable to come out of it.  On the contrarian’s viewpoint, one could determine when that animal or person would be able to shake off the effects of the drug.  For Mark, it was an unbelievable discovery of a lifetime that should assure him of the Bainbridge award and even personal recognition in the field of pharmaceutical research, believing that he had found the best available means in the field of anesthesiology.

Only revealing the amazing discovery to his beloved Jennifer, Mark advised her that he now needed to test the theory out on a human being to achieve the desired accreditation but such would have to be put out in a thesis and then obtain department approval to begin testing on humans.  Mark had done the test on himself twice and it worked like a charm, thus he was looking forward to presenting his finding to Prof. Higgins.

With Jennifer absolutely trusting Mark’s brilliance and test results, she encouraged him to set up a private meeting with Prof. Higgins the next week.  Also, Jennifer indicated to Mark that she would take a prescribed dosage of the drug so that Prof. Higgins would actually get to see that it really worked.  Though Mark advised her that such was not advisable until he obtained clearance from the department, it was Jennifer who advised Mark ‘Not if I went and consumed it on my on without advising you before Prof. Higgins was to arrive!  He’ll then be able to do tests on me and see that it’s not a phony test and that the drug really will put me out for a certain period of time!  Besides, honey ………..I really ………………really do want to play a part in your success ………pleaseeeeeeeeee ………………………..pretty pleaseeeeeeeeee!’

With his lovely fiancée cooing in his ear, telling him how much she wanted to be a part of his success and wanted to be the test subject of proving his theory, Mark could not refuse the lovely woman he would soon marry.  ‘Yes …………………yes, that would be just ideal …………………the both of us doing it together ……………….proving it to the world!’ Mark excitedly thought.  ‘The ideal solution in anesthesiology ………I’ll be famous …………………make a million on the rights to this new finding ………..then Jennifer and I won’t have a worry in the world!’ he concluded.

Contacting Prof. Higgins on Wednesday evening to be certain that he would make it over to the research lab at 8 p.m., Mark purposely turned his back to Jennifer as she took the measured dosage of the potent drug that would have her out totally for the next three hours.  With Jennifer on the scale just minutes before he placed the call, with the prescribed dosage of the theorized drug prescription measured out precisely, Mark calculated that Jennifer would be out totally for 3 hours from the 8 o’clock appointment with Prof. Higgins.

Taking a deep sigh of disgust, Thomas Higgins made his way over to the research lab to honor the commitment he had made to the grad student Mark Brown.  ‘That nerdy, kiss-ass little bastard ……………….fuck!  Shithead says he’s found a new tool in the field of anesthesiology from his research with that Rohypnol drug!  Yeah, right ………..fuck’r ……………….gimme a fuck’n break!’ he cussed to himself.  As for Mark Brown, the only thing good that came to Prof. Higgins’ mind was that pretty little thing the nerdy fucker would soon be marrying.

Arriving at the research lab as an excited Mark Brown came running up to greet him, Prof. Higgins just sighed with disgust and nodded as the young man ranted and raved about his newfound wonder drug that was a derivative of the famed Rhohypnol but that it could be now calculated as to the time of effectiveness.  About to fall asleep and dismiss the nerdy punk, he blinked his eyes rapidly as the last few sentences from the grad student began to sink in.

“You said that ………………….your ……………………..your fiancée, Jennifer ……….took a dosage without your consent …………………….to help you prove that your theory is in fact correct?” Prof. Higgins asked in disbelief.  Hearing the young man confirm what he had just asked of him, Prof. Higgins looked up into the research lab to see the lovely blonde beauty lying very still upon the table in the adjacent room.  Seeing that the lovely Jennifer Mills was dressed in a skirt and blouse with short heels upon the table, his cock was throbbing with excitement and nearly tenting the front of his trousers.

As he and Mark Brown slowly moved to the research lab where young Jennifer Mills lay under the influence of the new drug, Prof. Higgins asked the young man to explain thoroughly the designed purpose of this so-called new drug.  Hearing Mark Brown explain how he created the new drug for the field of anesthesiology, based on a derivative of the so-called ‘date-rape’ drug, Prof. Higgins’ cock hardened in his pants as his mind began churning out the potential from something like this.

Looking at the prone Jennifer Mills on the padded table in the research lab, Prof. Higgins advised “Mark, if what you tell me is true and that you want to promote your findings in the field of anesthesiology, you’ll definitely move to the top candidate for the Bainbridge award and end up with a million bucks for your findings!”  Seeing the young man smile with delight, Prof. Higgins then added “But if you wanted to win the award and become an instant multi-millionaire in the process, why not take the opposite approach and promote your findings as the new replacement for the banned Rohypnol?”

“But ……………….but ……………….the ………………the ………………….my findings for ……………………for this new version would also be banned ……….made illegal!” Mark Brown exclaimed to him.  Prof. Higgins smiled and nodded “That’s correct ……………….but first you promote it as a finding in the field of anesthesiology and then let it seep out as a more effective replacement for the fame Rohypnol drug!  Shit ……………………’ll make several millions before they ban your version of the drug!  They’ll be tripping all over themselves for your drug …………………….with a short term effect verses the 12 to 14 hr. deal with the primary one ………………….the subject will merely assume it was a short nap rather than realizing he or she were drugged!”

The thought of becoming an instant multi-millionaire had Mark Brown stunned with his mouth wide open in total awe.  Though he had never thought of creating an illicit drug or one that would be outlawed, Mark could not get over the possibility of becoming rich overnight.  Jennifer had volunteered to help him test his theory out, to be an integral part of his success, but that was for the promotion of his new anesthesiology findings.  Mark knew that Jennifer would never concur to taking part in creating a drug that would be used in a detrimental manner against anyone and one surely to be banned in the near future.

Spellbound, Mark listened as Prof. Higgins advised “Like in any field, a new product must go under a lot of scrutiny, even if you used your findings in the field of anesthesiology!  Same goes for using it in the contrary manner …………………where those buying it would be looking for a substitute for the banned Rohypnol!  You’ve got to have a lot of detailed studies done, noting all the subject’s reactions and behaviors under the influence of the drug ……………………….with a faculty member attesting to all of the alleged results!”

“Why did your lovely fiancée take the drug ……………..was it to assist you in getting your theory confirmed sooner, rather than having to wait for all the red tape to clear?” he asked of the young man, knowing that was the reason indeed.  With Mark Brown nodding a ‘yes’, Prof. Higgins shrugged is shoulders and advised “Well, its all for naught if its for the sake of going with the anesthesiology development since Jennifer is your fiancée and the results would be considered biased!”  With his evil mind churning out the possibilities, Prof. Higgins added “But if it was to provide information to the testing of a viable substitute for the banned Rohypnol, she’d be the ideal subject for the research testing to be based upon, especially with one so young and innocent, plus being your fiancée would give it even more credibility!”

“She ……………..she would?” came the gullible response from Mark Brown.  Becoming famous on his scientific discovery right out of college, along with becoming a multi-millionaire at the same time had Mark’s morals for doing the right thing dissipate into thin air.  From his observation, along with having seen the prior encounter Jennifer had with Prof. Higgins, it was quite obvious that the professor had a thing for his lovely fiancée.  He correctly suspected that Prof. Higgins was now assisting him with his findings because of Jennifer.

Mark was certainly in a dilemma at this juncture, wondering as to what course to proceed with.  He had already observed how Prof. Higgins was smitten with Jennifer from their first meeting and certainly needed the professor’s favorable input on his findings, but  did he dare dangle Jennifer as bait ------- his lovely young fiancée?  Mark tried to sell himself that it would be strictly ‘look but don't touch’ as he explained all the details of his findings, but he really knew better, especially having observed prior testing on subjects taking new drugs, but here it would be far more physical testing than ever before.

The same vile thoughts began flooding into his mind, his cock rising to attention in his pants as he viewed the image of the grossly obese body of the fat professor atop of Jennifer’s petite frame.  Still, Mark tried to convince himself that he could walk the tightrope -------------get Prof. Higgins’s assistance without him getting as much as a sniff of his Jenny's panties, let alone get into them!  ‘Jenny took the experimental drug on her own in order to help me ------------but she didn’t plan on being touched and prodded by Prof. Higgins!  Can I let her be touched …………….maybe rather intimately by Prof. Higgins ……………………..just stand there and watch!’ he thought to himself.

Prof. Higgins had obtained his tape recorder from his office and began with introduction into the test, advising “Subject is a 21 year old blonde female; fiancée of founder of the drug who took a dosage without permission, apparently to assist in getting the research done in faster time than normal!”  Instructed to get the three video cameras, already mounted on tripods out from the storage unit, Mark proceeded to take out at a time and set them up at various angles while Prof. Higgins was strapping an armband to Jenny’s upper arm to monitor her heart rate.

On departing for the first camcorder, Mark had observed Prof. Higgins taking Jennifer’s limp right hand in his, apparently testing to see if she was really under the influence of the drug.  He then heard Prof. Higgins speak into the recorder “Subject’s right hand is limp and subject appears to be unconscious to the events surrounding her.  Returning with the first tripod and video camera, Mark observed Prof. Higgins caressing the length of Jenny’s arm, advising “No visible change in subject as her arm touched and caressed!”

On his second return trip, Mark’s cock twitched in his pants upon seeing Prof. Higgins’ pudgy hand caressing the side of Jenny body through her blouse.  Swallowing deeply, wanting to object to the man’s actions when Prof. Higgins looked up at him with a wide smile on his face, clicking off the tape recorder and advising “Just doing some preliminary testing to make certain your lovely fiancée is really under the influence of your test drug, my boy!  Don’t want her feigning her condition for the sake of proving your theory now, do we?”

Swallowing once again as a cold shiver coursed through his body, Mark could only nod a ‘yes’ in response as Prof. Higgins then began to slide his fingers into Jenny’s blouse between the second and third button of her blouse, turning the recorder back on and speaking “Subject’s heart rate remains constant at this point, which adds to belief that she is completely under the influence of the drug!”  A moment later, Mark shuddered as he heard Prof. Higgins advise “Subject’s heart rate is now rising, apparently due to the sexual stimulation as her breasts are being fondled through her bra!  Nipples are hardening from the stimulation with no visible apprehension from subject, again confirming subject is under the influence of the drug!”

Turning back, eyes glued to the table where Jennifer lay while Prof. Higgins continued to take liberties with her drugged body.  Returning with the third tripod and camcorder and setting it up, Mark shivered in seeing that Prof. Higgins had pulled Jenny’s blouse out from her skirt and had both of his hands up under the garment and touching her up as he continued speaking into the tape recorder.  Then Mark gasped as he observed Jenny’s right arm lying limply to the side her body, a bit outstretched as her hand was hidden from view …………………..due to being in the opening that had been created by Prof. Higgins unzipping the front of his pants!

“Experimental drug does appear to be in full effect as subject remains unconscious and not resisting in any manner with her breasts now bared to the touch!  Subject’s hand remains limp, even after it has been placed in tester’s trousers!  Subject’s fingers remain limp as tester purposely throbs his penis into her loose fist!” Mark heard the description of the events taking place before him.  ‘My God, this has gone too far already!’ he thought but dared not stop the professor at this point.  Then Prof. Higgins turned off the tape recorder and advised him to man one of the camcorders for close up views and that Mark was to loudly announce any change in Jenny’s pulse or heart rate.

Jenny now lay still on the table, the professor’s hands withdrawn from under her clothing, her hand withdrawn from the front of Prof. Higgins’ pants.  After a brief moment, Prof. Higgins then began taping again, reaching up to the front of her blouse to undo the buttons as he announced “Video cameras have been set up to record all the reactions displayed by subject and her pulse rate will be announce by her fiancé upon any change taking place!  Tester will then be announcing what is taking place to possible cause such a change!  A small window screen will appear at the bottom of the screen showing subject’s pulse rate at all times!”

“As you can view on the bottom of the screen, no change is taking place while tester begins unbuttoning subject’s blouse!  Subject assisted up as blouse is removed!  While subject is up in this position, bra is unclipped at the back and straps pushed over her arms as garment is removed!” Prof. Higgins recorded.  As Mark focused the camcorder in his hands, he captured Prof. Higgins moving to the foot of the table then slow reach out to touch Jenny’s left ankle.

Ankle caressed as the white heel was removed by the horny professor, Mark’s cock twitched as the pudgy old man caressed the underside of Jenny’s foot.  Mark could only watch in total amazement as the professor displayed his foot fetish as he lifted Jenny’s petite foot up to his face and rub his grubby face along the soft pink sole of her foot.  Then, as the man began tonguing her pedicured toes and taking them into his, Mark stammered as he had to announce the slight increase in her pulse rate.

Mark then filmed Prof. Higgins do the same performance in removing Jenny’s right heel and worship her pretty foot.  Moments later, having announced the decrease in Jenny’s pulse rate following the tonguing and sucking of her toes, another chill went through Mark’s body as he filmed Prof. Higgins grasping Jenny’s ankles and was wrapping her pink soles around the fat cock jutting out of his pants.  As Prof. Higgins looked over at him, signaling for an announcement of the pulse rate while the vile man fucked Jenny’s lovely feet, Mark stammered out “No …………………no change in ………………in subject’s pulse rate!”

With Prof. Higgins stopping the footjob before he cut loose on Jenny’s feet, Mark watched as the man began to undo Jenny’s skirt.  With no change in pulse rate, there was no need to make any announcement on Mark’s part.  Skirt undone and pulled down Jenny’s trim legs, Mark zoomed in as Prof. Higgins reached up for her panties.  Looking thorough the lens, Mark swore that he had observed the old bastard licking his lips as Jenny’s golden-fleece was being unveiled.  With Jenny totally out from the drug, there was no reaction as her panties were rolled down over her hips, then drawn down her sexy legs and left dangling on her right foot.

Looking at the monitor as Prof. Higgins began licking his way up from Jenny’s ankles, inner calves and knees, Mark observed no change in his fiancée’s pulse rate.  But then, as the vile professor nuzzled his face up between Jenny’s inner thighs and neared her golden jewel, Mark stammered “Subject ………………..subject’s pulse rate is ………….rising ……………………..rising rapidly ………………….up ten ………..………fifteen …………twenty!”  Then Prof. Higgins announced “Subject responding to tester’s tonguing and licking of her inner thighs!  Muscles of subject’s inner thighs also began quivering around tester’s face!”

As Prof. Higgins turned to dive back into Jenny’s golden muff, clamping his mouth over her sex, Mark stammered out “Subj ………………….subject’s pulse rate ……………is …………………is soaring ……………..up forty ………………fifty ………………sixty …………….doubling rate from the start!  Still rising ………………..rising rapidly!”  Looking at the nearby monitor that combined the camcorder’s taping along with the pulse rate results on the bottom, Mark saw it still rising as Jenny’s petite body quivered and convulsed.

Then the Prof. Higgins’ head raised up as he advised after licking his glistening lips “Subject’s latest response came from the mouthing of her sex, the tonguing of her vagina lips, then that of her clit!  Tester could feel subject quiver uncontrollably and can confirm that subject orgasmed in tester’s mouth!”  Looking at the beauty’s distraught fiancé, signaling for him to announce the current pulse rate, Prof. Higgins wanted to die laughing as the young man then stammered out “Subject’s pulse rate is declining rapidly at this time …………………………returning back down to normal!”

Swallowing deeply as he watched Prof. Higgins unbutton his shirt and remove it, then begin to unbuckle the belt of his pants, it became quite evident to Mark that the vile professor was bent on copulating with Jennifer as she lay unconscious from the drug.  ‘He going to have sex with her ………………while she’s unconscious ………….it’ll be rape …………………………I can’t let him rape her!’ Mark told himself.  But then, it would mean the end of the testing of his newfound drug, in addition to the excitement with himself as evidenced by the boner now tenting his pants.

Eyes focused upon the fat stem that was expanding as it was fisted by the pudgy old man, Mark told himself ‘Jenny wanted to be a part of getting my findings proven so badly ……………….taking the pill without asking me first ……………………….it’d be a disappointment to her if she wasn’t a part of helping prove my discovery!’  In essence, Mark was trying to convince himself that Jenny would do anything to help the cause ……………….even allowing Prof. Higgins to have sex with her!

Seeing the professor’s cockhead expand and flare wide, making it seem as if the pisshole was breathing, Mark felt as if he was glued to the spot.  He saw that Prof. Higgins was about to climb onto the table, still speaking into the recorder “Subject still under the full influence of the drug, unaware of anything happening about her!”  Then Mark realized that the professor was going to have unprotected sex with his Jennifer.  Waving franticly and getting the professor’s attention, Mark reached into his wallet and tossed the man the condom that he always kept in case of the timing being right with his lovely fiancée.

Foil packet lying on the table in front of him, Prof. Higgins reached for the protective item and grasped it with thumb and forefingers of both hands to tear it open.  Pretending that the packet had slipped out of his hands and fallen to the floor, he then bent over to pick it up.  In doing so, he then reached over to pull the pen out of the shirt he had removed earlier.  Holding the pen steady, he then rammed it through the center of the foil packet, puncturing the foil through both ends and also the protective condom.

With Prof. Higgins up on the table, between Jenny’s widespread legs, Mark’s heart was pounding in his chest as he announced loudly “Subject’s pulse rate is beginning to accelerate!”  Camera zoomed in to capture Prof. Higgins’ condom covered cockhead being rubbed along her pink gash, there was no need to announce why the subject’s pulse rate was climbing.  “Higher ……………….faster ………………..accelerating much faster now!” he then announced as the zoom lens showed that penetration of the unconscious beauty was now taking place.

“Entering subject ……………………….penetrating …………………..deeper ……………………….deeper ………………….deeper!  Subject is responding …………..with her vagina muscles ………………squeezing tester’s penis in response to penetration!” Prof. Higgins exclaimed as he got his cock buried as deep as he could into the young beauty’s snatch.  Holding himself still as he made the last announcement, it was not for the purpose of making the test look well-controlled.  Instead, it was so he could get control of himself and not cum prematurely in the young beauty.  Regaining his composure, Prof. Higgins announced “Will now see how subject responds as tester accelerates copulation!”

“Pulse rate ………………….……accelerating ………………….………very fast ……………skyrocketing!” Mark announced as the pudgy old man began humping away into Jenny’s petite body.  Then Prof. Higgins announced “Subject is responding physically at this time …...........................muscles of subject’s vagina is squeezing tester’s penis ………………..clenching …….unclenching …………………..faster and faster ……………………harder and harder!”

As the fuck continued, Prof. Higgins fought to keep the fuck going as the young beauty was squeezing and milking at his throbbing cock.  He panted and wheezed, advising that “Subject’s body is now quivering …………………….uncontrollably ……………….now trembling, going into spasms ………………………………..clenching tightly on tester’s penis ……………………squeezing ………………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Godddddddddddddddddd!”

There was no need for a detailed explanation at this point as it was quite evident that Prof. Higgins had just shot his load off into Jennifer’s petite body.  Shot it off safely into the teat of the condom, or so Mark thought.  Panting madly, Prof. Higgins reached down to pull at the base of the condom as he announced “Tester felt subject climaxing ………………..reaching point of orgasm …………………….squeezing at tester’s penis till tester ejaculated!”  By pulling at the base of the condom, Prof. Higgins had his blunt cockhead pushing the captured semen out through the punctured tip and into the fertile womb of the unconscious beauty.

Seeing the fat old bastard lying atop of his lovely fiancée, Mark felt a bit of remorse now that the fuck was over, guilt seeping in for allowing Jenny to be raped.  But there was no denying the fact that he had sported a rockhard boner throughout the rape and even right at this moment in seeing the fat old bastard upon and in Jennifer’s beautiful body.  ‘Thank God I thought of the condom!  Jeez, Jenny knocked up by that fat old bastard ………………………..yuckkkkkk!’ he thought.  Finally, the professor slipped out of Jenny’s raped body and off the table, disappearing from sight and into the bathroom across the way.

In the bathroom, Prof. Higgins smiled as he pulled off the faulty rubber, pleased to see that very little semen remained captured in the tip.  He had successfully emptied his hot potent load into the unconscious young beauty and fooled that young pup she’s engaged to.  ‘Damn, I sure as hell hope I knocked up that pretty little thing!’ he chuckled to himself.  Thinking quickly, not wanting a good thing to go to waste, he began to concoct up a plan to sample the young beauty time and time again over the next couple of weeks.

Over the next thirty minutes, Mark and the professor began to get the unconscious Jenny back into her clothing, making sure everything was hooked or buttoned up correctly.  With the camcorders still rolling and the time for the drug to wear off, status update announcements were made to give physical condition of the subject and pulse rate.  At the ten minute countdown, Mark observed Prof. Higgins unbutton the pants that he had donned after the rape as the man began to get naked once again.

Mark was in a panic as there was only ten minutes to go before Jenny might come out of her drugged state.  To his dismay, Prof. Higgins announced “Subject is supposed to remain under the drug’s influence for ten more minutes if all has been calculated correctly!  This will be the final test for the day to determine if the theory and calculations are in fact correct!”  There was no denying that fact that Prof. Higgins would be having sex with Jennifer once again, not with him shucking as his old wrinkled and depleted cock.

Having gotten the signal to zoom in as the professor got atop of the table, Mark shuddered as the fat old bastard shuffled up to straddle Jennifer’s beautiful face.  “Read off the pulse rate and provide an update every minute!” Prof. Higgins instructed him as well as announcing for the viewers, who would get to observe the events along as see and hear if there was any change in the subject’s reaction to such events.  With cock and genitals being rubbed all over Jennifer’s facial features, Mark announced “No change in pulse rate!”

A moment later, Mark repeated the same announcement of there being no change, but on this occasion her chin was pushed down as Prof. Higgins inserted his wrinkled old penis into her mouth.  Then the professor was announcing “Subject is responding instinctively at this point as tester can feel subject sucking upon his penis!”  Mark shivered at this announcement, then worried ‘Oh, God …………………..what if he cums in her mouth?  She’ll know that something ungodly took place during the test!’

As Prof. Higgins was holding the back of Jenny’s head and fucking her face, it indeed became apparent that the old bastard would eventually be spurting out his sticky load.  Yet, the fucking of her face brought no reaction as Mark announced “Still no change in pulse rate!”  With only four minutes to go, face fucking at its peak, Mark again announced there was no change as the professor finally pulled himself out of her mouth to Mark’s relief.  But his relief was very short-lived as Prof. Higgins began to ejaculate all over her beautiful face.

Withering cock in hand as he squeezed the remnants out onto the unconscious beauty’s face, Prof. Higgins took joy in advising Mark “Better hurry and get a wet wash cloth …………………there’s only three minutes to go!”  As the young man rushed off to the bathroom in compliance, Prof. Higgins chuckled as he used his cock to smear the streams of cum over the beauty’s face, easing her lips open once again and dipping his cum-smeared cock into her mouth.

Getting back into his clothes, Prof. Higgins excitedly watched as the foolish Mark Brown was cleaning up the mess he’d made upon the beautiful face of the young man’s fiancée.  Then, with most of the cum wiped off her face but with the soaked washcloth on her forehead, Jennifer stirred and asked “Did it work, honey?”  The professor smiled as Mark nodded a ‘yes’, then stammered out “Yes …………………… worked ………………perfectly!”

Fully clothed once again, Prof. Higgins stepped up to the table and asked with feigned concern “Are you all right, my dear?”  As Jennifer nodded a ‘yes’, Prof. Higgins advised “You should always wait before taking an experimental drug as it could be hazardous for your health, young lady!  But it seems to have worked perfectly and the man you’re going to soon marry is quite a genius in having calculated to the minute how long the drug would take effect based upon your body weight!”

Having sent the young couple on their way, telling Mark to escort his lovely bride-to-be back to her apartment and stay with her awhile to be certain there was no adverse side effects.  Meanwhile, he’d input the desired layout of next two weeks of daily testing of the drug.  With Jennifer readily agreeing to be the subject of the tests, Prof. Higgins wanted to sample all of her lovely charms …………………….including sodomizing her beautiful ass and actually cumming in her mouth!

At Jennifer’s apartment, she snuggled up in Mark’s arms and leaned up to give him a passionate kiss.  With Mark responding excitedly to the kiss, Jenny was not aware of the reason her fiancé was getting so excited at kissing her soft pink lips due to the fact ………………………that her lips had earlier encompassed Prof. Higgins’ fat wrinkled cock!  Reaching down, rubbing Mark’s tented pants, Jenny unzipped his pants and reached in to stroke his hardon.

“Oh, honey ………………….let’s go into the bedroom and make love to celebrate this big night!” Jenny cooed.  “You didn’t bring one?  I thought you always carried a condom in your wallet ………………… case of a time for us like this?” she asked in dismay as Mark advised her of not having a condom on him.  Little did she know that the condom had been put to use earlier that night …………… her in fact ………….but by fat old Prof. Higgins!  “Oh, honey ………………..I’m so disappointed ……………..but we can’t make love without it ……………………….it’s right at the worst time of the month for me!” she advised.

Back at the lab after getting Jenny to toss him with her soft manicured hand, Mark turned on the computer to read the input from Prof. Higgins.  His eyes widened, heart pounding as he read the layout of the next two weeks.  Tomorrow night was to be a two hour session with ‘Test of subject’s reaction and if subject will swallow with penis ejaculating in her mouth!’  Then, on Friday night the drug would be tested for a longer period, seeing if it could be administered when subject was nearing recovery to extend the time precisely by calculation ……………………..notes advising ‘testing on Friday night to commence with anal penetration and extended time will be needed for body to recover from anal introduction!’

One entry caught his attention as Prof. Higgins had indicated “Prof. Morning from Belgium will be in town then …………..will invite him to observe and assist with subject’s reaction to ‘DP’ over a three hour period!”  Never having heard of Prof. Morning, Mark merely assumed that the man was a colleague of Prof. Higgins.  ‘Assist’ stood out as Mark wondered just how the invited professor would participate.  ‘And what’s DP?’ Mark wondered.  Then, at the bottom of the professor’s entries, it read: Supplies needed …………2 boxes of sheep skin condoms and 1 box Magnums (for Prof. Morning)!

Not only was he expected to allow Jennifer to be repeatedly raped, Mark was to furnish a supply of condoms.  Condoms that Prof. Higgins intended on rendering useless before being put to use by puncturing each as he did earlier that night.  Mark would be in for a shock in finding that Prof. Morning was a huge muscular black man in his 60’s.  He’d have been even more shocked if the truth came out that Prof. Morning was not a professor, nor from Belgium,  but really Prof. Higgins’ yardman.  Mark would also learn what ‘DP’ meant the next Wednesday evening, getting to watch Jennifer subjected to various positions of ‘double penetration’ ………………….mouth & ass, mouth & cunt, ass & cunt!

On that fateful Wednesday night, Mark shook the hand of Prof. Morning, feeling the awesome power in the hand of his muscular black man.  With Jennifer already under the influence of the drug before the guest's arrival, Mark's job was to again announce any change in Jenny's pulse rate and camcorders would be capturing all the events as they unfolded in the lab.  With Jennifer stripped out of her clothing by the two professors, she now lay all but naked except for her 3" black heels that had left on, making for an even more erotic scene.

Mark now knew why Prof. Morning needed the large Magnums as the man was extremely well-endowned where it counted most.  It looked thicker than a baby's fist and nearly, if not more than 12 inches in length.  'Thank God that condom fit him!' Mark thought as it would certainly be a disatrous situation if it broke in mid-stream.  It was apparently quite a tight fit as Prof. Morning tried to insert his bulblike cockhead into Jenny's tight vagina.  Mark watched as Prof. Higgins came to the aid of his colleague by grasping Jenny's ankles and splaying her legs wide open so Prof. Morning could force himself into Jenny's tight opening.  Once Prof. Morning was in her, Mark watched as the first 'DP' session began as Prof. Higgins straddled Jenny's face and inserted his penis into her mouth.

On the final night of testing, it was to be a test of a very short duration, an important factor in the marketing of this new drug.  It was one to last a mere 30 minutes as that would certainly have be a great marketing tool where it could be administered quickly and the subject would not have a clue he or she had been knocked out at all.  Mark pulled Jennifer up from the armchair where the drug was administered, allowing Prof. Higgins to slip behind her and sit upon the armchair before pulling down her lacy black panties.

Shucking his cock to erection, Prof. Higgins slipped his hands up under the hem of the skirt of Jennifer’s black outfit to grasp her by the hips as Mark Brown eased the unconscious beauty down slowly.  Cunt widening as it was split open by the condom covered cock, the fuck session commenced.  With his hands hidden, Prof. Higgins pushed the beauty up a bit, then grasped the base of the faulty condom and shucked at it till his cockhead busted right through and he could pull the remnants down to the base of his cock.

It was a bareback fuck all the way.  When he grunted and groaned out his pleasure, sending his hot roe spurting right up into the beauty’s fertile womb, Prof. Higgins then announced “Oh-oh …………………………Houston ……………..we’ve got a problem!”  He nearly busted a gut in seeing Mark Brown’s jaw drop upon that statement and wondered what the problem could be.  Prof. Higgins lifted up the front of the beauty’s skirt for her fiancé to see the shredded condom at the base of their union and cum drooling out of her raped slit, then advised “Think we got us a faulty rubber seal, my boy!”

End of Story.