Raped Young Beauty - I
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

 Beautiful milk-white skin, dark brown hair, and so slight in built.  With beautiful pink lips and light green eyes.  Nice trim white legs, sexy feet and toes, all in a pretty little bundle of 5’2”.  Little did Jodi Barnes suspect she was being watched daily as she went through her gymnastic routines. Being a gymnast, at this southern university, meant that a lot of practice would be needed to make the first team.  Now that her freshman year had come to a close, she would need to practice daily to become a starter in the upcoming season.  Her sweet and trusting personality brought her many friends at the school

 For the summer, the athletes remaining at the university had to move from the athletic dorms into summer apartments.  The dorms had to be cleaned and prepared by the maintenance crew for the next school year.  Thus, Jodi shared an apartment with another gal on the gym team.  As the summer apartments were mainly occupied by athletes of different sports, it was to be a fun summer for all.  Jodie loved to party with the other athletes and enjoyed relaxing at poolside.

 Jodi was from a very small rural town and missed being home with her family and friends.  She especially missed her boyfriend, Ryan.  But fortunately, Ryan was able to make the long drive to the university to see her once a month.  She was in love with Ryan but determined to keep her virginity in tact for marriage.  A little kissing and petting was the limit she had drawn with her boyfriend.

Being so innocent and naïve, Jodi was unaware of all the male eyes feasting upon her lovely petite body.  In her tight fitting gym suit for practice and a bikini at the pool, the many eyes focused upon the milk-white body of the beautiful southern belle.  None more so than that of Derrick Jones, a power forward on the men’s basketball team.  Once he even had peeked into the dressing room from a hole in the wall separating it from the men's locker room, a hole obviously made by some horny male student.  With no one in the men's room, he got to view the unsuspecting beauty just as was getting dressed, giving him a view of her lacy white panties as she bent down.

  Derrick got a mean hardon each time he stared at the pretty little thing.  He got to talk to her a few times, being in the same apartment complex and working out in the same gym. Seeing how naïve and innocent this young beauty was, Derrick just knew she was an untouched virgin.  And boy did he want to be the first to sample her treasures.  To deflower and defile this delicate young beauty.  To have her screaming when he stuck his long black cock into her virgin white body!

 After weeks of watching the little beauty, especially ogling up her sexy white legs as she practiced her routines, Derrick knew her daily routine and when her roommate would be gone.  His plan of attack was prepared for a weekend when her roommate would be away.   His balls ached at the thought of fucking that tiny little babe.

 The eventful Saturday had arrived.  Early that morning, Derrick watched Jodi’s roommate head out to her family’s home for the weekend, not to arrive back till Monday morning.  That afternoon, Derrick licked his lips as he watched the milk-white body of his prey dip into the pool.  Tonight was the night she would always remember.

 As usual, there was a small party at poolside in the evening.  Whoever remained at the apartments over the weekend showed up for a few drinks and to chat about the summer and athletics.  Derrick got to talk a bit with Jodi until she became involved with gals in the gymnastics team.

 Derrick had once borrowed the phone in Jodi’s room while she and her roommate were present, as he couldn’t afford the luxury of having a phone in his room.  Thus, that would be his excuse to gain entry into her room.

 The party at poolside ran out of beer and the gang was headed to the nearby tavern.  All but Jodi, who decided to call it a night and rest up as she planned to practice some on Sunday.  Derrick smiled as he watched the beauty head up to her apartment, then slipped unnoticed from the party group and followed his unsuspecting prey.

 Just as Jodi had entered her apartment, she heard a knock on her door.  Opening the door, Derrick politely asked her “Mind if I make a call to tell the guys I’ll be at the tavern?”  “Oh sure!” Jodi replied, unsuspecting his true intentions, allowing Derrick to enter her apartment.

 As Derrick was making the call, Jodi looked at his massive 6’8” black frame.  Realizing that she was alone with a black man for the first time, alone in her room, Jodi shivered in fear.  Jodi had to get him to leave as soon as he was done with the phone call.

 Unknown to the young beauty, Derrick was whispering into the phone and telling a teammate to come over to this very apartment, where the real party would soon begin. Then the phone call ended and Jodi began it panic as Derrick remained seated and smiled at her “Got any beer, Jodi?”  “Sorry, I don’t but I’ve got to call it a night and go to bed” Jodi replied, trying to get him to leave her apartment “Please, its time for me to go to bed!”  Derrick licked his thick lips “That’s right.  It is time for you to go to bed!”

 “Please, you need to leave!” the frightened beauty spoke.  She began to shake at the reply that came “No, I really need to stay!”  Jodi was nervous, deciding she should make a quick call to the manager of the complex, who resided a block down and across the street in a home. Just as she stepped past him, he sprung into action.  A quick hand against her mouth and he easily dragged her down to the floor.  She fought and swung her arms but she was no match for this black brute.  He had her down on the cold kitchen floor and covered her with his weight.  He looked down at the beauty lying fearfully under him.  His large hand covered her mouth to prevent the screams.  Her green eyes were wide with fear.

 A huge black hand went to the 'V' neckline of her summer dress.  One strong yank and the entire front was gone.  Jodi was only left with her lacy white bra, matching panties, and low heels to protect her.  Another grab and the bra was gone.  The black player leaned forward and licked at her tender pink nipples.  Jodi shook her head from side to side, trying somehow to get away.  Her nipples began to harden under the constant sucking by the black intruder. Next her tiny panties were rolled down the trim white legs and over her heels.

 Derrick moved his head down to the clean untouched vagina.  His tongue went through the curls and into her untouched slit.  Jodi squirmed like crazy to get away from the exploring tongue.  Her cunt began to excrete some juice in reaction to the exploring tongue.  He licked down the trim legs to her ankles.  He then slipped off her heels.  He now had the opportunity to worship her sexy white feet.  He caressed her feet, licked her tender soles and tiny manicured pink toes.  Jodi struggled but there was no way loose, all the while pleading “Please ……oh, please ……….please stop …..please……….don’t do this to me ……….please, I’m a virgin!”

 Getting up, Derrick then began to strip off his clothing.  Jodi could only stare at his huge black body, her body shaking in fear and unable to scream.  When he dropped his pants and his giant cock sprang to life, Jodi's eyes popped wide open as she struggled to get free.  Wanting to worship at her feet, Derrick kneeled down and grasped her tiny feet.  He cupped her tiny feet around his oozing black cock.  Jodi felt sick as slime began to soil her toes and tender soles.  The black forced her feet around his cock and began to fuck between her soles.

 As he furiously fucked Jodi's sexy feet, he couldn't believe he was really doing it at last, in the way he often dreamed.  When her feet was at the base of the black cock, an additional 8" of the monster cock stood out, starring at her, like a snake ready to strike.  Venom began to seethe from the snake's black head to soil the clean white feet.  The slimy venom served as a lubricant and the black snake was fucked faster and faster between the soft white feet.  Finally the snake struck.  A stream of white venom arched from its head, striking as far as the tip of Jodi's chin and down to the bush surrounding her precious jewel.  The monster black then cupped Jodi's feet together to capture the remaining cupful of white venom.  Finally the long black snake began to whither and shrink, leaving Jodi's feet even whiter in color covered thickly by the slimy white goo it had spit out.  The black snake then slithered over Jodi's soles, pushing the white goo to cover and web the toes to each other.

 Jodi was devastated in shame and humiliation.  This defiling act had stripped her of all her dignity.  Jodi felt as if the end of the world had arrived and nothing worst could happen.  But the worst was to come.

 Derrick rested a bit to regain his strength on top of the stunned beauty.  Looking at his prize beauty, stripped naked in front of him, it was no time at all that his long black snake came back to life.  Now to deflower this delicate beauty.  The snake twitched with the thought of laying a black baby in this beauty's little tummy.  He crouched down to taste this untouched jewel.  His wet tongue was like a little snake exploring the way.  His long black snake was so gooey from his last adventure that he grabbed Jodi's torn panties to wipe the slime off a bit.  He was looking forward to busting this beauty's treasured cherry and 'ruin' her. As Jodi attempted to scream, the torn slimy panties were stuffed in her mouth, stifling any noise.  Jodi's eyes widened in horror as she got her first dose of nigger cum.  Now Derrick was all set to make Jodi a little black baby.

 Grabbing Jodi by the ankles, her cum drenched feet pointed to the heavens, Derrick shuffled between the trim white thighs.  The slimy 12" cock was hard as an iron bar, dripping slime at its tip.  He greased Jodi's unused slit to make the plunge easier.  Jodi squirmed to get free but to no avail.  She wanted desperately to save her precious jewel for Ryan, for the day they got married.  Not to be taken by a stranger, especially by a black bastard.  What if she got pregnant by this black nigger.  She felt as if she might as well be dead – a precious southern belle raped and ‘ruined’ by a nigger.

 The cockhead was inserted, but Jodi's muffled screams could not be heard by anyone outside of the apartment.  Her muffled screams excited her black attacker.  Derrick had to take her now, he reared back and lunged forward with all his might.  "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ..........................................aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ..........………..noooooooooooooo…….................…….aarrrrggggh!" screamed Jodi louder than before.  Only 4" had gone in and the head had met the resistance of the locked in treasure.  Rearing back, his full force and weight was again hurtling forward, to rupture Jodi’s prized possession.  "Noooooooooo ...................no .......................nooo ……..........................……aieeeeeeeeeeee!" came a muffled scream.  The full 12" had plowed through the barrier of Jodi's cherry.  The black cock soaked in the oozing cherry juice and Derrick whispered in Jodi's ear "What's your future husband going to say when he finds out you're not a virgin.  And you lost your cherry to a black nigger?"  Jodi begins to sob in shame and tears flow from her eyes, feeling the black cock twitching in her ruptured cunt.

 Derrick began to fuck her in earnest. In and out, in and out, for 15 minutes all the while Jodi pleaded with him to stop.  He looked down and smiled at his accomplishment, withdrawing his cock to the tip and eyes his long black cock covered in cherry red blood.   Jodi's lily white thighs were streaked with her bright red blood, the remnants of her busted cherry.  A puddle of blood had formed on the linoleum as a result of non-stop flow of cherry juice.

 Derrick continued to hammer away at the delicate white body.  Jodi's body could not help but to respond.  The continuous rubbing of her clit, by the pumping black cock, had involuntarily aroused her sexual responses.  Slowly the trim white legs began to rise up higher and tighten around the massive black body, with the cum soaked feet locking around each other.  Jodi felt an overpowering wave of pleasure overtaking her body.  She began to convulse in an orgasm, her very first orgasm.  Trying not to give in to feeling pleasure from the brutal rape, Jodi moaned "Oh, nooooooooo.…..............…..oh, God ……................….oh, oh …...........…….oh, what’s happening?” but her body betrayed her.  She convulsed in a huge orgasm, around the black muscle that had destroyed her innocence.  The black rapist smiled at his accomplishment and couldn’t hold back much longer.  He wanted to humiliate this beauty even more before he exploded.  As Jodi gradually drifted down from the heights of her climax, the big black cock began to twitch and pulsate in her bloody cavern. Derrick used extreme self-control to keep from exploding.  Jodi's mind was coming back to reality.  She looked at the black rapist on top of her and groaned in shame, realizing she had reached an orgasm from this big black rapist who had ripped her cherry apart.

 To add the final insult, cock still pulsating and fully embedded, her rapist looked into her eyes and snickered "Now I'm going to my shoot my dirty black seed in your womb and make you a little nigger baby!"  Jodi shook her head and moaned through the slimy panty gag, "Nooooo, please, please don't …............…..please, I don't want a baby.  Please pull it out, please, please, ……..................……..not a black baby!"  With that plea, Derrick could hold back no more and unleashed the black snake to do its deed.  The black head expanded and exploded directly into Jodi's womb.  Stream after stream of black seed was injected into the tiny white tummy.  Jodi continued to twist about, head still twisting, tears flowing.  "Ahhhhhhhhhh ……..........................…..here it is, bitch!" moaned the twitching black player as he emptied his cock deep in her womb.

 Pulling the now dormant 6" shrinking snake out, Derrick observed it now streaked in a pink slime, a mixture of cum and cherry juice.  The slime coated panties were pulled out her mouth.  Jodi breathed a sigh of relief.  One breath was all she got.  Into her mouth shot the pink slimed black cock.  Choking on the obscene object, Jodi's body wanted to retch at the taste of the mixture of nigger cum and cherry juice.  Out came the slimy cock to paint her face with the pink ooze.  Into her mouth again, the cock forced its way.  The obsessed black player was soon going to feed her his nourishment.

 Derrick knelt up and pulled the sobbing beauty onto her hands and knees. Then he stood pulling Jodi onto her feet, standing slight bent as she was forced to service the filthy cock.  With strong hand pulling her honey blonde hair onto the long black pole and the door to the apartment at her back, Jodi was unaware of it opening to admit another black intruder.

Only this intruder was even taller and darker than her rapist.  Jodi froze as two large hands grasped her trim hips.  About time you got here ‘Stick’, the nickname of the center of the basketball team.  Jodi shook with fear, knowing ‘Stick’ was 7’ tall and black as the night.  She cried as she heard the voice behind her “God, I’ve had my eye on this little bitch for a long time!  I see you’ve popped the bitch’s cherry with all the blood on the sheets.  Thanks for calling me over.  I owe you for saving me her sweet cherry ass!”  Jodi struggled as ‘Stick’ literally lifted her off the floor to get her little prized cherry ass to the level of his black battering ram.  Jodi was forced to reach up and hold onto Derrick’s hips in order to lift a head a bit just to be able to breathe.

 The one virgin opening remained and the black center for the basketball team was now going to claim it.  Derrick had the beauty’s head firmly in his hands and had his cock buried to the hilt as ‘Stick’ gave him the nod.  Jodi's wail would have been heard across the entire campus, had the long thick cock not been stuffed down her throat.  "Nooooooooooo ........................aieeeeeeeeee .................................aeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!" the muffled screams came.  The screams could be heard, but not far beyond the apartment unit.  It took five lunges to fit the monster black cock into the tight asshole.  Then ‘Stick’ began to fuck in and out, feeling as if his cock was being shredded by the tight ass.  Jodi's virgin ass was suddenly flooded and flushed out with hot creamy nigger cum.

As the full 12" long cock went deep down her gagging throat, Jodi's eyes were full of fear as she could not breathe with the cock so deep.  Derrick chuckled and eased back, allowing her to breathe.  He wanted to cum in her mouth, wanting to give her the full taste of his thick nigger cum.  Looking at her pleading eyes, he got so excited "Here's some nourishment for you baby!"  Feed her he did, so much that the thick protein overflowed from her pink lips.  Choking upon the long black cock, Jodi was forced to swallow or choke.  Finally drained, the black cock slipped from her lips as Jodi turned to the side and tried to cough up the filthy mucous.

 Resting, the black players watched the delicate beauty, curled up on her side trying to cough up as much of the slime as possible.  What a beautiful sight she made.  One of the most attractive girls on campus and they had just ‘ruined’ the little beauty.  Here she was before them, thighs bloodied with her cherry juice and white cum foaming from her beautiful lips, ass and cunt.

 Throughout the night, the ball players took turns as to how to degrade the pretty little beauty.  On and on the agony continued for poor Jodi, until both rapists were totally exhausted.  So lily white and delicate but no longer pure and innocent, the black players could only dream of having impregnating this beauty.  To picture this little beauty giving birth to a little black baby had their cock twitching again.

 That fall, Jodi made the starting team in gymnastics. Her performance was excellent throughout most of the season.  But toward the end, she was often suffering from stomach cramps.  And her tummy began be show some puffiness.  Fortunately the season came to an end before the coach would notice that his star gymnast was indeed pregnant.

End of Story.