Raped Young Beauty – II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

At the age of 24, Ms. Bobbie Thompson was determined to play a positive role in her fiancé’s political campaign.  She was much younger that her fiancé, who was twenty years her senior, was the incumbent for the State House of Representative.  As their engagement had been made public, it was only natural of the press coverage and that Bobbie take on some publicity getting events.  As she was gorgeous with dark hair and blue eyes, 5’4” and 118 lbs, the members of the press gladly took the time to give her some coverage.

The polls showed a positive result with Bobbie’s efforts on the part of her soon-to-be husband.  And thus, her visits to orphanages, nursing homes, and various charities related events began to increase dramatically.  With all of this and the need to make plans for the upcoming wedding in three months, Bobbie was busy each day.

On this day, she and her fiancé were to have attended the celebration of the first anniversary of the date when the latest homeless shelter was opened.  As her fiancé had a lot to do with getting the shelter open, it was only fitting he was a guest at the celebration.  However, an emergency arose at the last moment and it would make it impossible to attend.  Bobbie reassured him that she could handle it alone and sent him on his way.  But Bobbie swallowed hard, hoping that she would make a good impression, but she shuddered at the thought of being with the unkempt and depressing people at the shelter.  She had always been raised in a sheltered upper class community and had the best of things from her parents, thus this homeless shelter was far out of her element.

Dressed in an expensive, tailored lavender outfit and white heels, was stunning in appearance.  Arriving at the shelter, Bobbie wished she hand not dressed so well.  It would do good for the photos and the press, but she felt so out of place in looking at all the disheveled and filthy people wandering about.  But it was obvious, to the bums and winos at the shelter, that she was only there to advance the political whims of her soon-to-husband.

But far back in the pack of bums and winos sat a very intrigued grungy old black derelict, Julius Johnson or ‘J.J.’ as he was called, was immediately smitten with the sexy young socialite.  He knew she would pay no attention to a bum like him nor would it be possible to get close to her.  However, he decided to keep a close eye on this lovely young beauty, for throughout his 69 years of age he was obviously streetwise and it paid to keep his eyes and ears open.  You never knew when opportunity knocked.

Bobbie went through all the formalities, smiling for the photographers, shaking hands with all the people there.  But she cringed inwardly every time she was forced to touch one of the dirty winos or derelicts.  But J.J. could tell how this lovely socialite dreaded greeting the dirty bums in the facility.  ‘God, how he wanted to press his smelly old black body up against her naked body and see her cringe in absolute disgust!’

After quite a few publicity shots, Bobbie excused herself to the back room to phone her fiancé.  Seeing the beauty alone, J.J. eased up within earshot, hearing her talking to her fiancé.  He heard her telling him how disgusting these dirty, smelly derelicts were and that she felt so uncomfortable being at this homeless shelter.  Then J.J. heard the conversation end with Bobbie’s comments “Oh, honey, I’m so uncomfortable here.  Okay, honey, I’ll stay till the end if you insist.  I’ll see you at dinner tonight!  Bye, honey!”

Moments later, the photographer showed up and asked Bobbie to take a few more shot just outside of the room she was in.  As she would be just outside of this empty room, Bobbie put her cell phone down next to her purse and the cup of coffee that she was drinking.

Having seen this, J.J. hurriedly made his way around the building.  Climbing through an open window, he saw the purse sitting on the desk.  Quickly, he made his way over to the purse and opened it, hoping to steal any money out of her purse to buy himself a bottle of cheap port.  Sure enough, this high class broad had quite a few bucks to take care of his needs.  Opening her wallet, he noticed her driver’s license and an identification card that also contained her address.  J.J. put the card into his pocket, thinking that he may just have to pay this little beauty a visit.

Then he noticed a brown prescription bottle.  Picking it up, he read the red warning label indicating it may cause drowsiness.  Seeing the cup of hot coffee nearly full, he dumped the contents of the bottle into the coffee, his long dick twitching with the exciting possibilities.  Hopefully the beauty would finish her cup of coffee and J.J. would be certain to keep an eye on her.  Just maybe this would be J.J.’s lucky day.

Exiting the room the way he had entered, J.J. went around to the front of the room and watched the lovely beauty posing for some photos.  His cock twitched, for never had he had such a lovely white beauty, but a lot of luck would have to be on his side.  As the photo session ended, J.J. eagerly watched as the lovely socialite went in to the room again and reappeared with her purse and most importantly sipping at her doctored cup of coffee.

  J.J. watched intently as the young woman moved about with the director and photographer, drinking her coffee all the while.  He smiled to himself as he saw the socialite drain the cup and toss the empty container into the trash.  About ten minutes later, it was obvious the overdose of medication was taking effect on the unsuspecting woman.  He watched as she staggered a bit and held onto the pillar to keep from falling.  Both the director and photographer each grabbed one of her arms, steadying her.  Then the two men turned her about and began to escort her back to the empty room, which contained a small cot for her to rest upon.  As the two men exited, the director spoke loudly advising that he’d press the lock button from the inside so no one would bother her, then shut the door lock.

Making his way to the back of the building again, J.J. peered in to see the lovely young woman stirring slightly on the small cot, her lovely legs facing him and providing quite an exciting view.  However, he decided to wait a bit to let the medication take full effect.  He then checked the front again to see the director and photographer walking to another building of the complex.  J.J. cock rose at the realization that everything had fallen exactly into place.  That sweet little white bitch was all his for the taking, and take her he would, with his mighty black cock.  His cock gave a twitch at the exciting thought of forcing its way into that sweet young beauty and better yet to leave her a present she’d always remember him by, the present of a little black bundle of joy.

Returning to the open window, J.J. peered in to see the woman now out cold on the cot.  ‘Man, this is one classy white bitch!’ he thought to himself, gazing at her long white legs.  It had been years since he last saw a woman’s snatch, and never one belong to such a young innocent bitch.  ‘Oh, my beautiful white bitch, you came to help the homeless and that you shall do!  You gonna help old homeless J.J. cum a gallon today, right up your snotty tight snatch’ he snickered.

Having seeing the way she had reacted to the excessive medication, J.J. was assured that his victim was out cold.  Just to be sure, he shook her shoulder but got no response at all. J.J. turned his drugged beauty onto one side so he could undo the zipper to her lavender  dress, then allowed her to roll back onto her back.  He then removed her trim white heels, revealing her lovely feet, which he began caressing and then slid his hands up her long ivory legs.  Moving up, J.J. dragged the dress off her shoulders, stripping it down and off her entire body to drop onto the floor.  The unconscious beauty was now clad only in a matching pair of lacy white bra and panties.

J.J. smiled as he gazed upon the lovely white bitch ‘Gonna enjoy ‘ruining’ ya, honey!  Not everyday I get to fucking a young white bitch!  Gonna lay a little black baby in yer sweet little white belly, bitch!” Then he went about baring the lovely beauty of her lacy undergarments.  Seeing only her large diamond ring on her hand, J.J. smiled as he wished her husband-to-be could see his precious little fiancee. 

  J.J. shuffled up onto the cot, lifting the trim white legs, and placed his oozing black cock at the entrance to the beauty’s private treasure.  He placed a hand over her mouth, just in case.  Then he slammed forward with all his might, burying his thick black cock deep into the drugged beauty.  Fortunately, his tightly clamped hand stifled a painful moan at his brutal entry.

J.J. groaned, his long black cock slicing between the slick pink folds of the violated young beauty  “Ah, baby, you sweet little bitch …….......................gonna cummmm in ya bitch …......................…gonna knock ya up good!  Bitch, coming to this homeless shelter for publicity ………..........….well, bitch, tell’em how some homeless bum fucked the hell out of ya …...............……. awww, babyyy ……...............…babyyyyy ………................here it issssss, bitch!”  J.J. grasped the trim white hips and buried his cock all the way in, squirting out his vicious and potent baby-making cum.  His quivering black body emptied its potent seed right into the womb of the lovely Bobbie Thompson.

Getting up off the cot, he gazed upon the violated beauty, her long white legs draped over the sides of the narrow cot.  J.J. smiled seeing her red cunt lips drooling with his nigger spunk, again wishing her punk fiancé could just see her now.  A thought went through his mind, recalling seeing a small camera in her purse.

Going to her purse again, J.J. found the camera that Bobbie used to take of the locations she visited to go over with her fiancé and the campaign coordinator.  Checking the camera, J.J. found there were over a half dozen shots left.  Then, he snapped a couple shots of the lovely beauty spread out wide, being sure to get her face in so she would be easily recognized.  He then walked up and straddled the cot, getting in position so he could give the beauty a taste of his nasty black cock.  As he parted her sweet pink lips, he dipped his slimy cock to part her sweet lips.  Perfect for more photos, twitching his dwindling old tool to give her a good taste of his juice.

A bit later, Bobbie was startled by the loud pounding on the door and the director calling out to her “Ms. Thompson …...........……….Ms. Thompson ……….are you all right?”  Bobbie groaned from the drowsiness, then gasped as she tried to move, feeling the sharp pain between her thighs.  She shivered finding her self naked, leaning up she gazed at her wide spread legs with tears now flowing down her eyes.  She couldn’t believe it, believing she had been raped.  But the sloppy mess in pubic hairs were a telling tale.  Reaching down, a finger delved into her once tight slit only to come out with a thick layer of slime.

As the director keep knocking at the door and calling for her, Bobbie finally found her voice “I’ll be out in a few minutes!” she said loudly, so she could be heard on the other side of the door.  She swallowed hard, shivering at the vile slimy taste in mouth, wiping her lips she shivered in disgust – not wanting to think of what the slime was.

Staggering to her feet, Bobbie desperately searched for her panties and bra but they were obviously taken by her demented rapist.  She sobbed as she put on her lavender dress.  But the river of cum began to ooze down her inner thighs.  Going to her purse, she obtained whatever tissues she had.  With only a few tissues available, she wiped her thighs but had to use it to stuff into her quim to stem the flow.

Finally, she made it out of the room, having made herself as presentable as possible.  The director and photographer were happy to see her recovering and were understanding of her disheveled appearance.  The photographer advised her he’d give her a ride home as it was obvious she was in no condition to drive and her fiancé could help her in picking it up later.

Arriving home, Bobbie quickly made her way to the bathroom.  She had to flush the filthy mucous that was seeping from her love nest.  She sobbed as she looked at the juncture of her thighs, seeing her soft black fleece matted down by the drying cum.  Completing the task, Bobbie groaned at the sight of so much cum siphoned from her womb and at the dreaded thought if her douching was in time.

Taking a long shower to cleanse herself, Bobbie then called her fiancé to cancel out on the dinner date, advising him that she was ill.  This was not a lie, for she was sick with worry that her vicious rape would leave her pregnant.   Still feeling the effects of the overdose of medication, she sought the comfort of her bed and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning, Bobbie was distraught with having been raped.  She just didn’t feel like doing anything and called her fiancé to cancel all the campaigning she was scheduled to assist with.  She couldn’t face her loving fiancé, thinking that he would be able to see she was no longer the same, that she had been soiled by a homeless bum.  Having done this, she would take the opportunity to rest in bed that entire morning.

 Finding the home of the lovely beauty was no problem for J.J.  The setup was perfect, as one side of the house allowed him to maneuver without being seen.  He’d broken into tougher places than this.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmghh………......................…mmmmmmmmmfffffffffffffff”  came the muffled scream as Bobbie was startled awake with a large black hand over her mouth and a heavy black body upon her.  She tried to struggle with all her might and strike her attacker but her two hands were easily captured and restrained.  Her eyes focused – it was a filthy black man upon her.  She recognized him as one of the homeless men at the shelter.  Bobbie shivered in fear, realizing that this must be the man who raped her and what his obvious intent was on being here.

Bobbie began to kick him with her legs but that only seemed to excite him.  Bobbie sobbed in fear and shivered again as J.J. taunted her “Did you tell the man you’re going to marry that some homeless bum sampled your juicy twat yesterday?  Going to tell him his precious little bitch was ‘ruined’?  Wonder if I knocked you up with that thick load I dumped in your pussy yesterday, huh bitch!”

 J.J. slid his hand down to caress a soft breast, tweaking the nipple below the thin pullover.  “Oh, please …..................….. please ....................................please, don’t do this to me …..........................…please, I beg you ……...............…….please!” Bobbie sobbed.  “Please, please don’t rape me!  Please, no don’t rape me again!” she begged.  “Oh, baby, my sweet ole dark meat’s gonna fill you up again, bitch!   This time you feel it slide up you tight cunt and feel me shoot all that hot baby juice!  Gonna fuck a black baby in your little tummy, you snooty little bitch!” he taunted, all the while rubbing his throbbing tool against her silky white thighs.

 With a quick jerk the thin pullover was shredded to reveal a flawless breast.  J.J. quickly began to feast on this prize, tonguing the aroused nipple and nipping it wit his teeth.  “Ohhhhhhhh …....................…..please ………...................… noooooooooo......................… please stop …..........................…..ohhhhhh!” Bobbie moaned, unable to get away and unable to suppress the unwanted stimulation.  It was then a simple task for J.J to peel the shorts and thin white panties off the sobbing beauty.

As Bobbie lay naked before his gaze,  J.J. was ready to cum all over the beautiful little bitch.  Glancing down, the frightened Bobbie saw what kind of weapon this intruder possessed.  Never had she seen anything so large and grotesque, as it waved about drooling its potent venom.   “Please, I beg you.  Please don’t rape me, please! Oh, please!” she sobbed.

With his free hand, J.J. grasped his throbbing black pole and rubbed it up and down the beauty’s golden fleece.  Bobbie was in a panic “Oh, please ….please don’t rape me …………….you’ll get me pregnant!”  “Baby, you’re so sweet to take care of a homeless old man like me!  Just wanna repay you for your kindness.  Gonna plant my hot black pole deep in your womb!  Gonna plant my black seed in your fertile garden!” he taunted, continuing to rub his thick cockhead up and down Bobbies’ moist slit.

 Putting some pressure, J.J. just managed to get his plum like cockhead into the slick folds.  “Oh God!  Please!  Please!  God, it hurts so .............................so baddddddddd………….......................…I can’t take anymore!” Bobbie screamed. The pain was more than she could stand “Please!  Please pull it out!  It’s too big!”  Hearing her pleas and screams was almost too much for J.J.  He didn’t want to come yet, not until he could shoot his baby juice deep in her womb.  Grasping her slim hips with both hands and slammed forward with all his might.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …….........................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………....................…Goddd…........................….nooooooooo!  Arrrrrrrrrrrraggggggggggggghhhh!” Bobbie screamed.

Bobbie’s long white legs flailed about and she tried desperately to punch and push her attacker away but to no avail.  J.J. had buried his entire black pole in that one mighty thrust. He nuzzled at her ear “That’s my filthy black cock deep in your uppity cunt, you bitch!  How does it feel to be ‘ruined’ by a nigger cock?  Gonna tell your punk boyfriend how a black bastard reamed you out, cunt?  Gonna make this tiny white belly swell up with a nigger baby, you fucking bitch!”

 Then J.J. slowly withdrew his mighty black cock till only cockhead remained.  Slowly he began to fuck in and out of the sobbing beauty.  Bobbie groaned in despair, for the long slow strokes began to have undesired effects on her body.  Bobbie’s mind was in shambles.  She did not want to feel any type of stimulation or pleasure from this savage rape.  But now her body was betraying her from this long slow fucking.  As the long black pole was slicing through her slick folds, Bobbie arched her hips up trying to get the entire length in her.

 Gradually, J.J. began to speed up his thrusts and withdrawals, began to fuck the pretty little bitch in earnest.  J.J. smiled as he felt the long white legs raise up and encircle his ass, feeling the trim ankles lock and pulling him deeper.  The trim white arms had stopped pounding at his shoulders and now encircled his neck to keep him near her, as the petite white body desperately began to fuck back at him.  The desperate pleas had ceased and only soft mewling sounds were now emitted from the beautiful blonde.

 Suddenly, Bobbie began to feel her body lose control of itself  “Oh, God …......................... Oh, God …….........................….nnoooooooo.   Oh, my God, noooooooooo …..........................……..nooooooooooo!”  Suddenly her body began to quiver and spasm causing her to arch up sharply.  Even J.J. was caught by surprise at the tremendous orgasm.  J.J. held still, letting this beautiful woman’s body relax and slowly come back down to earth.   Slowly he began to fuck this gorgeous beauty again with long slow strokes.

 Bobbie was so ashamed of herself, her body had been taken to an unwanted climax by a black rapist.   “Do you want my cum, bitch?  Do you want my black baby, cunt?” J.J. taunted.  Bobbie was horrified of letting this hideous black bum in unleashing his vicious seed into her.  She knew it was so dangerous “Oh, please ….. please …...........................….. please, no ……..............……..please pull it out of me!”  This was too much for J.J. as he grasped the trim white hips, slammimg himself all the way home.  “Ohhhhhhhh ….........................……….yeah, bitch …….................……..I’m cummmmmmmingggg!”

 “Nooooooooooo….......................……….nooooooooooo!” Bobbie screamed horror, as the pudgy black body quivered atop of her petite body, spurting its filthy mucous deep in her womb.  Never had so much cum been deposited directly in her womb, nor had she felt anything so hot as the boiling cum in her.

 Sitting on the side of the bed, J.J. pulled the raped young woman to him.  Bobbie gasped as she looked at the throbbing black shaft before her, still shiny from the slick fuck juices.  “Time for a little blowjob, bitch” J.J. commanded as he began to paint her soft lips with a glossy sheen.  Bobbie looked up pleading for mercy.  She had heard of women performing the filthy act of putting a penis in her mouth. And now this horrid teenager wanted her to suck his dirty penis, a penis that was covered in a slimy filth.

 Once the cock was forced between Bobbie’s tight lips, J.J. knew he would not last long.  The beauty’s disgusted look of fear and humiliation only served to churn J.J.’s large nuts.  Burying his cock fully into her tight throat, J.J. smiled as Bobbie’s eyes rolled and her face reddened.  Suddenly, J.J. groaned “I’m cuminggggggggggg!”  His black cock exploded deep in throat of the now choking beauty. As Bobbie gasped for air, streams of thick cum filled her mouth to the brim.  It was swallow or drown in the filth.  Finally, J.J.’s deflating cock popped from the tiny mouth.  J.J. laughed as he watched the lovely bitch clutch her stomach and crawl to the nearby wastebasket.  “Too much protein, huh bitch?”

 Somehow Bobbie managed to get through the remainder of the day. She knew she could not report the rape.  She was too humiliated to let anyone know a black bum had raped her brutally. She had been ‘ruined’, filled with a nigger’s filthy cum.  Fear engulfed her at the thought of having been impregnated from the brutal black homeless bum.  And she was filled with worry, remembering just what he had told her of having taken pictures of her at the shelter.  Checking her purse, she found that her camera was indeed gone.  Just what more could she anticipate from her decrepit rapist.

End of Story.