Raped Young Beauty - III
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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   M/Sgt. Charlie Johnson was kicking back for the moment, reading the latest orders that had just come across the wire.  He had gone through this drill time and time again.  Another young punk officer to break in again.  ‘Man, why do I have to get every one of these new ones straight out of the academy/’ he sighed to himself.  ‘Shit, even I need a fuck’n break once in a while!’ he cussed to himself.  ‘Well, get all broken in and then their time is up and they’re off into the civilian world!  Just got the last asshole to learn the ropes and then he was off, outta the Army!’ he muttered.

   Having enlisted 25 years ago, Charlie had just about attained the highest NCO position possible in this day and age.  He was a lifer as they referred to those making the military their career.  He enjoyed the life, loved the chance to travel throughout the world, and especially loved the danger when duty called.  For Charlie, the more dangerous the situation, the better it was for him.  Any dangerous mission could mean death in these trying times in the world but for Charlie, it was the only way to live.

   At the age of 45, Charlie continued his vigorous workout and his 240 lb, 6’3” black frame was of pure muscle.  He had no thoughts of getting out of the military for he thoroughly enjoyed the discipline and regiment of the army.  Even the officers looked up to him and depended on him to get the troops on he right track.  Thus, life couldn’t be better for him in this set up.  Having grown up in the inner city slums, he had no desire to going back to that type of lifestyle.

   Now that things had settled down in the Mideast and the unit was back in the states to regroup, Charlie couldn’t help but to reflect on the most recent mission that had proven to be a real challenge.  Especially with that damned lieutenant that nearly got his ass shot off.  ‘Thank God that shithead of and officer got promoted to some position in Africa.  God, he nearly got me killed!  Told him exactly what to do, but ‘no’, he had to try and prove himself!’ he muttered.

   Charlie looked at the wire and sighed with the knowledge that he’d have to train another new officer straight out of West Point.  ‘Fuck, there goes another 6 to 8 months of playing ‘Yes, Sir!’ to this young prick before he gets his ears wet!’ he cussed.  And with a new officer, Charlie knew that unless it was an out and out war going on, that meant they’d be the last unit to be called in case of a crisis situation.  ‘Well, just gotta make the best of the situation!’ Charlie resigned.

   Looking at the wire on that he had received, Charlie was advised that the unit commander would take over in two days.  Picking up the phone, he called a buddy in HQ and inquired as to who this new officer was, knowing it never hurt to know as much as possible ahead of time.  His buddy at HQ could only tell him it was a Lt. A. Evanson, straight out of the academy, that was being assigned to take over the unit.  But his buddy also advised them that there seem to be an extraordinary amount of calls coming in regarding this new officer, with all the calls coming from the big brass to the battalion commander.  ‘Oh, Shit!  That’s all I need!  Gotta nursemaid some fucking congressman’s son or what not!’ he cussed loudly.

   Charlie thought back to the last time some rich man’s kid took over the unit.  The unit had stayed in the same base for years till that young punk served his time and got out of the Army, all the while the other units kept getting the assignments out of the country.  Once that prick served his time, the unit was sent out within a month under an experienced officer in charge.  He was disgusted at the thought of possibly having to spend the years twiddling his thumbs.

   As the new lieutenant would be arriving in a day, Charlie set about to see that the troops were ready and all the equipment was in top shape.  It was always wise to show his new incoming superior of his knowledge and command of the troops.  Then he put out the order to the squad leaders for the next day, advising that they were to have the troops fall in for inspection fifteen minutes before the scheduled arrival of the new lieutenant.

   The next day, with the troops in full gear awaiting the arrival of the unit commander, M/Sgt. looked at the unit with pride.  Then, right on time, he spotted the approaching jeep that was transporting the new lieutenant.  Calling the troops to ‘attention’, he stood tall and upright with his burly chest out.  As the jeep approached he could already see the glint of the lieutenant’s bars shining from the distance, thus he knew this academy officer would definitely be a stickler to see that everything was spit polished from the ground up.

   Steeling himself, M/Sgt. Charlie Johnson was now ready to receive his new commanding officer.  He was now prepared for anything and proud of his confidence and the troops knew that anyone screwing up would have to personally answer to the no-nonsense master sergeant.  Or so he thought.

   As the jeep pulled up right in front of him, Charlie’s mouth dropped wide open and he went bug-eyed as he gazed upon the new lieutenant.  The new officer stood only at 5’4” but the stern look and snappy salute returned to him showed that this new officer was going to be a new experience for him.  Charlie always believed that only ‘real’ men were soldiers and their duty was to protect the country.  Also, women and children belong at home while soldiers went off to protect them.

   M/Sgt. Charlie Johnson was totally unprepared as he stood at attention and saluted his new commanding officer.  He was staring at the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid his eyes upon.  A slight shiver went through his entire body as he took in her milk-white complexion, seeing her blond hair obviously bundled and pinned up under her cap.

   “Troops ……troops are ready for your inspection, sir!  I ….I mean, ma….ma’am!”    Charlie stammered, feeling the blood rush to his head for sounding so unsure of himself.  “Quit stammering, master sergeant!  Haven’t you presented your troops to an officer before?” came the chilling reply.  “Sorry, ma’am!” he replied, totally pissed and embarrassed by her put down, then led the way to inspect the troops.  ‘Damn, what’s this fuck’n army coming to!’ he quietly thought.

   Lt. Amber Evanson had graduated in the top ten at the academy and in this day and age, the top brass sought to be as accommodating as possible, not wanting to draw any charges of being sexually biased.  It was a well known tradition that the top ten cadets of the academy be given their first choice of assignment.  The brass was not shocked to see a female make the top ten but they were totally shocked when they had viewed Lt. Evanson’s first choice of assignment.  They had contacted the commandant of the academy and found that it was indeed true that Lt. Evanson’s first choice was to be assigned to a field company.

   The academy felt the heat from the top brass and many top officers had met with Lt. Evanson and tried to point out more lucrative positions that might get her promoted quicker.  But Lt. Evanson had come from a family that traced its roots back to the Civil War and several of her ancestors had been officers of the infantry, her recently deceased father an infantry officer in World War II, thus creating that ambition to continue the tradition.

   Compelled to seeing that Lt. Evanson got her first choice of duties, the top brass had to make certain that she got that assignment and that there would be no way for her to fail in that position.  However, the last thing they wanted was to have her going into battle.  That’s all they could think about, seeing the headlines that the army sent a female officer to lead the troops into battle!  And they could see their own careers going down the tubes if she got herself killed in battle.

   Lt. Amber Evanson was proud of her new command, proud to follow the tradition of the Evanson heritage.  At the age of 22, recently graduated from the military academy, she knew she could hold her own as she had done with the males at the academy.  Though she stood only at 5’4” and weighed 120 lbs, she had been quite active in athletics and worked out in the gym to keep in good physical shape.

   The only thing Amber missed due to her career was being close to her fiance, Steve Belton, whom she had dated since high school.  But everything would hopefully work out in their long distance relationship as Steve was currently in a master’s program and had plans to continue for his doctorate in electrical engineering.  But they’d make things work out as she had a minimum six year commitment to the military and Steve would then be done with all his schooling.  They did plan on getting married in two years so it was a sacrifice they would be willing to make.

   That first week, Charlie felt more like the bumbling idiot rather than the normal calm reassured top NCO  that he had always been.  It just seemed that whenever he looked at her beautiful face and baby blue eyes, he would stammer and not get everything out.  Her response of  “Well, speak up sergeant!” made him even more nervous and he wanted to shrink when his subordinates chuckled at this nervousness.

   At the end of the first week with Lt. Evanson in command, a ten mile run was on the agenda, starting at 6 a.m.  Of course, Charlie made certain he was up an hour before the troops and made certain that his commanding officer was also ready before the deadline.  His job was to see that the troops were ready and also that his commanding officer was prepared to take command at the appropriate time and not be embarrassed by oversleeping.

   Charlie was up early as usual and dressed for the run.  Due to the heat and humidity, this run called for shorts, t-shirt, and running shoes.  All the troops would naturally sleep till the last possible minute and he’d be pounding on the trash cans to get them up.  As it neared 5:30 a.m., he peeked out to see a light shining from under Lt. Evanson’s doorway.  As customary, he would brief his commanding officer of the plan for the day and lightly knocked on the door, hearing the beautiful voice answer “Come on in, sergeant!”

   Entering the officer’s room, Charlie saw that Lt. Evanson was dressed in the prescribed t-shirt and shorts already.  Dressed in all but her socks and running shoes.  Charlie’s body gave a shiver as he eyed the trim sexy white legs of the beautiful officer who was in the process of putting her white socks on.  ‘Oh, my God!  I’d sure love to spread those long white legs wide and make the little bitch squirm!’ he swallowed.

   Having experienced long daily runs at the academy with her male counterparts, Amber was concentrating on the quick briefing the M/Sgt. was providing her as she put her shoes on.  However, she had not considered just how alluring her long sexy legs were to this career soldier, a man who’s last sexual release was three weeks earlier when he had a weekend pass and visited the local streetwalkers.

   Throughout the morning run, Lt. Evanson led the troops, wanted to show them that she could endure the same physical rigors as the common soldier.  Charlie ran a bit behind her, loving the view of her trim white legs and her tight little ass.  ‘God damned!  I just gotta get me a piece of that little tail!’ he muttered to himself.

   That night, Charlie lay in his bed stroking his massive hardon.  All he could think about was the beautiful little bitch that was right in the room next to him.  His mind went back to early that morning and he could still picture her fucking sexy white legs.  ‘God!  I just gotta get between those sexy white legs!  Gotta throw  a fuck into that sweet little bitch!  Man, would I like to tag her and knock her up!’ he muttered.

   Stroking his aching cock, pictures of the beautiful officer flooded Charlie’s mind, wishing desperately for another chance to soon view her sexy legs and body again.  Then the thought occurred to him of the thin wall separating their rooms.  He had a small open shelf with books on it, with the wall itself serving as the backing.  On the other side of the wall, it was a mirror image of his room with an open shelf exactly opposite of his.  Charlie recalled helping the prior commanding officer pack up his belongings, when he had noticed a slight crack in the wall at the bottom of the shelf but had not thought anything of it.

   Getting up from his bed, Charlie went to the bookshelf and removed the large folders on the shelf, then went to the door and turned off the light switch.  With the light off in his room, he could see a small pinhole of light right where the folders had been.  Heart beating in anticipation, Charlie made his way slowly in the darkened room.  Getting down on his knees, he leaned forward and pressed his face up against the wall.

   His cock twitched at the sight before him as Charlie made out the beautiful lieutenant standing at the far corner near the small locker, her normally pinned up hair now flowing to her shoulders.  He watched as she pulled off her t-shirt and then removed her thin bra, revealing her perfectly shape breasts capped by her pink nipples.  Then the shorts dropped to the floor and she was standing there with only her thin panties.  Stroking his cock, his mouth watered at the sight of the lovely body just before a black nighie was draped over it.  Just as the light went off in the other room, Charlie had to cup his palm in front of his spurting cockhead to prevent the jism from splattering wildly about the barracks.

   The next day, when the lieutenant was out on the base, Charlie worked on widening the hole between the wall separating them.  Once that was accomplished, he put some electrical tape on his side of the hole so the light from his room would not be observed if Lt. Evanson turned her light off.  He smiled as he then thought of the new scopes that had been in use with his unit in the past year.  He would have to see which one would add to his viewing pleasure.

   Throughout that week, Charlie always looked forward to Lt. Evanson going into her room for the night.  He was treated to quite a view each evening and often in the early morning.  In bed each night, he fantasized about nailing her, dreaming of crawling up between her open arms and legs, then giving her the fucking of her life.  He had seen her dress in the women’s military uniform the other day when she reported to the battalion commander’s office and her tight skirt had his cock aroused.  His cock twitched at the thought of planting a baby in her womb under that sexy, tight military uniform.

   The next week, Charlie was briefed by the beautiful lieutenant that an upcoming military conference was being held at the base located the far end of the state.  The officers and top NCO’s were to attend this briefing that would introduce updated tactics and several new weapons that units would soon be receiving.  As it was 200 miles to the base, Lt. Evanson asked if he would mind driving a staff car or if he preferred to have a regular driver handle it.  Charlie readily advised her that it was no problem for him to do the driving and it wasn’t necessary to have a driver.  His mind had begun racing at the thought of having the opportunity of finally being along with this beautiful little bitch.

   That weekend, Charlie went to town to got the supplies he needed for his upcoming trip with the beautiful Lt. Evanson.  He had often come into contact with pimps and drug pushers, though he had no use for drugs until now.  It hadn’t been too costly and he had come away with some ‘roofies’ that the pusher advised him would put the little bitch right out and she would be all his.

   The next week, Charlie began the long drive that would take approximately four hours to complete with most of the drive on the interstate and then a portion on the rural highway.  As they had left with only an hour extra to make the trip, everything was kept on a professional level and there would be no opportunity for Charlie to make a move on the beauty.

   Over the next three days of the conference, Charlie managed only to get a glimpse of Lt. Evanson from a distance as the officers pretty much hung around together as did the NCO’s.  Each night as he lay in his bunk, dreaming of being alone with the lovely lieutenant, wondering if the opportunity of slipping that pill into a drink.  ‘God, I just gotta get me a piece of that beautiful white ass!  Even if I gotta pull off the side of the road and rape the hell outta her, I just gotta tag me that little tail!’ he muttered.

   At the end of the conference, Charlie waited by the staff car and finally saw the object of his lust approaching.   Lt. Evanson looked so prim and proper, his cock twitched excitedly in his pants at the thought of ‘ruining’ the beautiful little bitch.  ‘We’ll just see how prim and proper she is once she’s squirming on my black cock!’ he muttered to himself.

   Half way into their trip back, Charlie pulled off into a gas station that had a mini-mart attached.  He indicated to Lt. Evanson that he’d fill up the tank and also advised that he needed to check out the engine as the car just didn’t feel right for the past 20 miles or so.  When Lt. Evanson advised she’d get him a soft drink from the mini-mart, he opened the hood of the car and went about his tinkering with the carburetor.  There was nothing wrong with the carburetor, not yet anyway.  He knew of a motel and diner about ten miles further up, the ideal perfect place to pull off and get into Lt. Evanson’s sweet little panties.

   As they got into the car to continue their journey, Charlie shook his head, feigning a worried frown “I’m a bit worried about the carburetor!  It’s just not acting right!”  But he added that he thought it’d be able to make it back to the base where the motor pool could look at it.

   Just as planned the staff car, after a few miles, the car began to sputter and jerk about.  With the gas not flowing properly, they were chugging along in the slow lane as cars whizzed past them.  As they neared the motel that Charlie had planned on, a service station was located just before it.  Looking at the time, Charlie knew that the mechanic had probably gone home for the day or would be about to.

   Sure enough, as they pulled into the service station, Charlie yelled out to the attendant if the mechanic was available.  Relief flowed throughout his body when the attendant advised that the mechanic would be back at 7:30 a.m.  He looked disappointedly at Lt. Evanson and suggested that they take rooms in the motel across the way and then he could have the mechanic look at it in the morning.

   With them checking into separate rooms, Charlie advised Lt. Evanson that he was going to have a quick bite and something to drink.  He politely invited Lt. Evanson to join him, advising that his only clean set of clothing was the set of civilian clothing he had brought with him.  He was delighted that Lt. Evanson indicated that she was in fact a bit hungry and would join him later.

   Although fraternization between officers and enlisted personnel was prohibited, Lt. Evanson had second thoughts about joining M/Sgt. Johnson for dinner.  But she rationalized that wouldn’t be construed as fraternization in view of the emergency forcing them to pull into the motel.  It would merely a dinner and then she’d return to her room and let the sergeant continue drinking at the bar if he so desired.  She had only brought a pair of shorts and a blouse, not expecting to need much beyond her uniform for the conference.  Not wanting to make the sergeant feel ill at ease if she showed up in her uniform, she put on the shorts and blouse, along with the running shoes she had packed.

   Sipping on a beer, Charlie kept an eye out the window and hoped the lovely lieutenant would be joining him.  He had picked a seat that gave him a view of where their rooms were located, watching intently for the lovely beauty.  Then he saw the lieutenant’s door open and he swallowed hard upon seeing the lovely blonde in civilian clothing.

   Amber felt a bit awkward, dressed in a blouse and shorts, sitting across from the black sergeant who was also in his civilian clothing.  The stares from the other patrons, seeing a beautiful blonde and a black brute had them snickering and Amber became quite uncomfortable.  She realized that she should not have joined M/Sgt. Johnson for dinner but she didn't want to be rude and leave him sitting there alone.

   Ordering a glass of wine to settle her nerves, Amber took a large gulp and felt the soothing liquor flow through her body.   It took awhile before dinner was served and thus Amber ordered a second glass of wine which she indicated would be her last, telling her sergeant that she’d be headed back to the motel room and let him relax and have some fun at the bar.

   Before the waitress returned with the second glass of wine, Amber excused herself and went to the telephone to make a call to her fiance.  She had tried from her motel room but he had been out and she wanted to let him know she’d be getting back into the base the next day.  But there was no answer again and she left a second message to advise him she’d call back tomorrow.  Going back to the table, she took a large sip of the new glass of wine, disappointed that she was unable to reach Steve.  With dinner over, she’d finish the glass of wine then head on back to her room.  But she was unaware of the doctored wine that would soon render her helpless and at the mercy of the lusting sergeant.

   Seeing the effects of the wine taking effect, Charlie didn’t want the lovely white beauty to fall into unconsciousness at the table.  Thus, seeing a third of her wine glass remaining, Charlie held up his glass to propose a toast to her good fortune in running the unit.  With that toast, Amber finished her glass of wine then tried to stand up.  Charlie held her elbow to steady her, telling her he’d escort her to her room as this was an unfamiliar town and might not be safe for a woman to walk alone.  With each of them paying their separate bills to keep things appropriate, by the time the walked out of the dining room, Amber was having difficulty in focusing her eyes.

   “Gosh, I feel a bit woozy!  Wine has never affected me before.  Guess its just been awhile since I had any that I’m feeling its effects!” she managed to tell M/Sgt. Johnson.  She was barely able to make it up the stairway, the effects of the potent drug really taking its toll at this point.  Finally reaching the door to her unit, Amber desperately needed to rest her head and obtain her key.  “Ohhh ……....................ohhhhhhhhhhh!” she groaned, eyes blinking wildly as she attempted to regain her senses.

   “Let me get your key for you, Lt. Evanson!” Charlie spoke softly, his mouth next to her soft golden hair as he pressed his body up against hers.  With his right hand, he reached around her waist and his hand moved into the pocket of her shorts.  Fingers deep in her pocket, Charlie searched about for Amber’s key.  Then he knew he found it when Amber emitted a moan “Ohhhhhhhhhh .……............………..ohhhhhhhhhh!”  It was not the room key he had been searching for but the key to her womanhood.  He had the little bitch squirming between the door and his muscular body as his fingers in her pocket rubbed her sensitive bud.

   Then Charlie heard footsteps coming up the stairway located next to Lt. Evanson’s unit.  Charlie recognized that it was the elderly woman who had checked them into the motel a couple of hours ago.  It was same woman who had treated him with disdain as she checked him in.  But who had treated beautiful Lt. Evanson with so much courtesy and admiration.  He turned his head to grin widely at the old woman who’s mouth was gaped open in shock.

   Withdrawing his right hand with the room key, Charlie put the key into his shirt pocket.  Then with both hands now wrapped around Amber’s trim waist, Charlie undid the top button and slowly worked the shorts and lacy panties down.  Then the garments fell stretched out onto Amber’s running shoes.  With his left arm around Amber’s waist, his right hand was busy undoing his belt and the button to his jeans.  Pushing his jeans and jockeys down, Charlie leaned back as he shucked his throbbing black tool.  He chuckled as the observing old woman was captivated at what she was observing.

   The elderly woman watched as the woman, who she had so admired that afternoon, was now nothing but a slut and common whore.  She was totally flabbergasted as the woman who had appeared to be such a sophisticated and dignified military officer was letting this black soldier manhandle her in such a way.  She watched as the grinning soldier shuffled up to the beautiful blonde woman, placing his thick black shaft into position.  She gasped when the beautiful officer squealed loudly “Ohhhhhhhhhh ……..............……..ahhhhhhhh ……….............……ohhhhhhhhh, Godddddddddd!  Ohhhhh, yes …................…….ohhhh, fuck meeeeeee!”  Then she observed the young beauty literally climbing the wall as the thick prong began slowly thrusting back and forth into her tight hole.

   With only half of his cock penetrating the little bitch, Charlie desperately wanted to lunge all the way into her.  He was told that with the drug the bitch wouldn’t remember what occurred the night before but if he tore into her, she’d surely realize she had been raped.  He began to jackhammer his short strokes, sending the high and mighty Lt. Evanson into a sexual frenzy, making her squeal “Ohhh ……ooohhhh ……yes ….oh, yessss ……….ohhhh, I’m cummingggg!”

   Charlie held tightly onto the shuddering pronged beauty, who’s head tipped back as she crooned “Ahhhhh ……..............………Godddddddd!”  Then the young beauty went totally limp in his arms, passing out from the potent drug and mind-shattering orgasm.  Then Charlie looked over at the elderly woman who stood gaping at them and chuckled “Damned honky officers just can’t handle a big black dick!”  Then he reached into his shirt pocket to retrieve the room key and opened the door.  With his pants caught around his ankles and cock embedded in the drugged beauty, he knew it was quite a sight for the clerk to see him shuffle into the room with his prize.  Looking back one final time to the stunned clerk, Charlie chuckled loudly to her “Gonna knock this little honky bitch up with a black bastard baby!”

   Shuffling the short distance to Amber’s bed, Charlie let go of his hold around her waist.  This caused her to fall forward face first onto the soft bed, her cunt slipping off the thick black skewer.  Pulling up his jockeys and pants, Charlie made his way to the doorway and out to his unit located right next door.  Opening his door, he obtained the camcorder that was already attached to the tripod, along with his polaroid camera.  He had rented all these items from the PX the other day and had stored them in his duffel bag.  Once he had checked into his room, he had set the items up for this very special moment.

   A moment later, he was back in Lt. Evanson’s room, now all alone with his superior officer.  Only now he was in total command of the situation.  He quickly set up the tripod, then had the camcorder focused on the lovely beauty.  With the video rolling, Charlie moved into the scene before the sleeping beauty, then slowly began to unbuckle his pants.  His cock was still rockhard from the stand-up fuck and he shucked his cock to ease the tension.  He had to cum soon or lose his load onto the carpet.  Once undressed, he looked at the beautiful pink lips and climbed onto the bed to straddle the drugged beauty.

   “Ohhhh, Goddd!” Charlie groaned as he pushed his cock up against the soft pink lips of Lt. Evanson.  Using his thumb, he pulled at the bottom of her jaw to part the soft lips.  Pushing forward with his hips, Charlie groaned from the pleasure of feeling his cock entering the hot wet mouth of the sleeping beauty.  He began short thrusts but there was no way he could last for very long.  “Oh, you beautiful little white bitch!  You enjoy putting me down in front of the troops, huh?  If they could only see you going down on me now!” he laughed.

   “Ahhhhh, baby, yeah ……....……….here it cums, baby!  Gonna give you a taste of some hot nigger cum, bitch!  Ahhhhhhhhhh …….......……….yeahhhhhhhh!” Charlie groaned as his cock throbbed and exploded into the beauty’s mouth, unleashing a massive spurt of his hot goodies.  Then he pulled his cock out quickly and hosed down the lieutenant’s beautiful face.  “Ohhhhhhh, fuckkkkkk ….....................……ahhhh, Goddddddddd!” he groaned as he shucked his cock till only a dribble of cum remained on his cockhead.  He then guided his cockhead down to apply a coat of lip gloss over her soft pink lips.  He looked at the beautiful face now streaked with his thick cum that had shot up to her forehead with some splotches soiling her silky blonde hair.

     Exhausted, Charlie fell off to the side and lay next to the debased young beauty.  He reached over to place his hand on her blouse, then began to gently massage her soft breasts.  Slowly he began to undo the buttons of the blouse and pulled the blouse apart to reveal her lovely breasts encased only in her lacy white bra.  Next he pulled the lacy bra over her breasts to reveal her beautiful white breasts capped by the twin pink peaks.  Leaning over, he flicked his wet tongue over a soft pink nipple and as it began to stiffen, he engulfed it into his sucking mouth.  Then Charlie moved on to pay homage to the other twin nipple.  Leaning up, Charlie looked at the cum streaked face of the beautiful lieutenant and chuckled “Now that’s what I call sucking up to an officer!”

   Getting off the bed, Charlie began disrobing the drugged beauty, beginning with her running shoes and socks.   Then he reached up and grasped the elastic waistband of her shorts and pulled it down along with her lacy white panties.  Then he rolled her onto her side and peeled off her blouse, followed by the unhooking of her lacy white bra.  After all the peeping he had done over the past weeks, Charlie now didn’t have a wall separating them.  “Now I’m really gonna suck up to you, Lt. Evanson!  Yeah, baby, I’m gonna suck ya all up!”

   Spreading Amber’s trim white legs apart, Charlie took a deep breath as he gazed upon her soft golden treasure.  He crawled up onto the bed, buried his face into the soft golden fleece and inhaled the intoxicating fragrance.  Then he began to flick his tongue out, lapping up and down the pink slit to her womanhood.  Inserting his tongue into her tight groove, he began to lap up the tasty nectar.  Licking his slick lips, he reached down to shuck at his throbbing black tool “Oh, you beautiful little bitch!  Gonna ‘ruin’ ya now, bitch!  Gonna knock ya up good and give your punk white boy a little black bastard to take care of!”

   Shucking at his hard now oozing cock, Charlie crawled up between the beautiful ivory legs, pushing his throbbing cock along the outline of the soft pink slit.  Then his cockhead parted the lips of Amber’s tender love slit and pushed forward, inserting the bulb of his cockhead into her treasure cove. With both hands, he reached under the hips of the drugged beauty and grasped her soft asscheeks firmly, then thrust forward.  “Ohhhhhh, baby ………........….yessssss …….........…….ohhhhh, Lt. Evanson ……................…, you’re so fucking tight!” Groaning in delight, he thrust his thick cock forward again, penetrating her further.

   Rearing back to withdraw his cock a bit, Charlie slammed forward again “Ohhhh …..you sweet little bitch!  Yeah …............….ohhhh, yeah ….......………ohhhh ……...........……ohhhh, baby!” he gasped as he began to fuck in and out, speeding up his thrusts and withdrawals.  Only six inches of his mighty cock had managed to penetrate the raped beauty.  How he wanted to push through further but tightness made it obvious that this was as far as she had ever been fucked before.  Not wanting her to suspect he had raped her, he limited his strokes to this depth, speeding up to jackhammering the little bitch. The thought of impregnating this beautiful bitch brought him quickly to the point of eruption.

   “Ohhhhh …………..............yeah, baby ………............…….ahhhhhhhhhhh, baby …...........…….gonna knock ya up good!”  Charlie grunted, keeping his cock buried deeply as his muscles quivered uncontrollably.  “Ahhhhhh, baby …...............……….take my nigger cum, bitch!” he groaned loudly as his cock burst and began to spurt out his hot potent juice.  Then he collapsed upon Lt. Evanson’s beautiful body, his cock still embedded deeply within her as it continued to twitch out its hot jism, falling asleep upon the raped beauty.

    Ten minutes later, Charlie awoke upon the body of the unconscious beauty, cock still buried deeply in her raped slit.  His cock started to harden again and he began to fuck in and out of the raped beauty.  He brought her trim white legs up and place her beautiful white feet onto his broad shoulders and bent her in two as he plunged in and out of her raped slit.  He turned to one side to tongue the sole of her foot and then took her tiny toes into his mouth as his tongue worshipped her beautiful toes.  Then he turned to suck upon her other beautiful foot.  “Awwww, baby ……..........………..I’ll bend down to kiss your feet any time!  Ohhhhh, baby ……..........………gonna cum again ………..........…gonna seed ya ……...............….ohhhh, Godddddd!” he sputtered as his cock exploded again.

   When his lust was finally sated, he again crawled up and straddled the raped beauty.  With his cockhead embedded between her soft pink lips, he focused the camera he had rented to some still shots.  Lt. Evanson looked like a slut, her face streaked with his now dried cum and his black cock in her sweet mouth.  He then wrapped her left hand around his black cock for the camera, making sure her diamond ring sparkled in her debasement.

   Then he turned her over to caress her beautiful white ass.  He suspected that she had a cherry ass and wanted to be the first one in.  But this was not the time for it as she’d know she had been ass fucked in the morning.  Besides, he wanted to hear her scream in pain when his rammed his cock up her cherry white ass.

   It took a good twenty minutes for Charlie to clean up all the dried and sticky evidence of his visit.  He had to keep rinsing out the face towel to rid it of all his slick spunk.  He made sure to get all the now dried spunk off her beautiful face and out of her silky blonde hair.   Then he did the same to her golden fleece and dabbed the wet cloth at the outter lips of her raped slit.  He was amazed at the amount of cum that he had shot onto the beautiful lieutenant but he knew there was a hell of a lot more in her fertile womb, with his little buggers fighting to have its seed take root deep in her little white tummy.

    The next morning, Amber was startled awake by the ringing of the telephone.  It was the sergeant calling to see when she wanted to head on back to the base.  Her head pounded like a bad hangover while she listened to the sergeant, as he relayed to her that he already had the mechanic look at the car and it was now running smoothly.   Her mind was in a daze and she could't remember a thing following the dinner.  She apologized to him for ‘losing it’ the last night before, telling him it must've been the wine, then thanked him for looking after her.

   In the room next to her, Charlie smiled with relief in knowing the little bitch had no idea what had befallen her the night before.  He told her that she had been the perfect example of an officer and a lady.  That it was indeed his pleasure to have escorted her back to her room.  All the while he talked to her, he had been watching the playback on the viewfinder of the camcorder, seeing her feet upon his shoulders as his long black cock sliced through her raped slit.  Hearing her sweet voice as he watched the tape, his cock throbbed in his shucking fist.  Then, just as the conversation was coming to an end, his cock spurted a high arching stream of thick jism.  Charlie fell back onto the bed, needing that cum to take the edge off his desire to rape the little bitch on the way back to the base.

   A half-hour later, Charlie greeted Lt. Evanson on the walkway outside their doors.  He smiled upon seeing the beautiful officer dressed sharply in her military uniform, so different for the night before when she was stripped naked and widespread on the motel bed.  He couldn’t wait till he nailed her again.  Only next time, he wanted to see the horror on her face as she removed her neatly pressed uniform to bare her lovely body for his viewing.  He thought of her beautiful white cherry ass, how he was going to love making her squirm when he shoved his long black cock all the way up her ass.  There had been many a time when he wanted to swear at an officer, how he could only mutter under his breath for them to ‘go and fuck yourself in the ass’.  Only with lovely Lt. Evanson, he would take great pleasure in personally fucking her up her ass.

   Over the next two hours, Charlie ogled Lt. Evanson’s body as she dozed with her head against the passenger door.  It was a good thing he had shot off a load while talking to her on the phone.  Otherwise he'd be pulling off on some side road to have his way with her.  He wanted to wait till he had a lot of time to be alone with her, just like the night before.

   During the next week, Charlie anxiously waited each night till Lt. Evanson went to her room.  Then he would slip into his darkened room for his peeping session.  Once the lights went off in the beauty’s room, Charlie would then view his tape on his television set and jerk off to the exciting rape in the motel room.  How he wanted to go into her room and stick his cock into her, making her scream with all the troops right in the barracks.  But he knew that would get him thrown in the brig and his blackmail scheme would fall to the wayside.

   A weekend pass would be distributed to all the troops in the unit as they were scheduled to go on a field maneuvers for three days.  The unit would then return for the weekend, followed by a week-long stint in the field in a joint operation.

   Charlie casually asked Lt. Evanson where she was planning to go to for the weekend.  “Well, I was really hoping to fly out to meet my fiance but he’s preparing for some mid-term exams.  But that’s out so I’ll probably just hangout in the barracks and take in some of the city sights!”  When she politely asked what he planned to do on his pass, Charlie told "Well, the gal of my dreams is actually dating another guy but I'm gonna make her mine when this weekend is over!"  Lt. Evanson laughed and shook her head at his comments.  But she would not be laughing if she knew that she was the gal of his dreams.

     Friday afternoon came and the troops were excited and anxious for their first leave from the base in weeks.  Charlie watched the lieutenant head on back to the barracks.  Meanwhile, the troops rushed out to the front gate to meet their family and friends or to hop on the busses that would transport them to town.  Once the cars and busses departed, the base was then nearly deserted for the weekend.  He then turned to return to the barracks, chuckling to himself as he told himself 'Now to make that gal of my dreams all mine!'

   In the privacy of her room, Amber was disappointed in not being able to see Steve for the weekend.  She closed her eyes, picturing him, wanting desperately to feel his arms around her again.  Only in the darkness of the night had she ever let her hands wander over her body and to touch her intimate parts.  But now with everyone gone, she cupped her breasts through her stiff uniform.  Desperately, she unbuttoned and peeled off her khaki blouse and thick skirt.  She untied her boot, pulled them off and peeled off her thick socks.  Now she was clad only in her soft bra and panties as she lay upon her bunk.

   Eyes closed, Amber began to dream of her handsome fiance, wishing that Steve was touching her.  Her hands traveled slowly up her body, slowly moving up to her breasts.  'Oh, Steve!' she whispered softly to herself, thumbs caressing her stiffening nipples under her bra.  Then her bra was pushed up and over her breasts, finger now caressing her pink nipples.  She began panting from the stimulation, pretending that she was with Steve, pretending that Steve was now sliding his hand down into her panties.

   Peering through the scope in his room, Charlie watched Lt. Evanson's wanton display in amusement.  'That little bitch is just primed for some good black fucking!' he mused.  He began to shuck off his clothing as he watched the beautiful blonde bitch squirming on her bunk.  He watched her push her panties over her trim hips then squirmed on the bunk to push it down her legs, lifting one then the other to kick her panties off as her fingers began to delve into her hot pit.

   When she had return to the barracks, Amber had been so elated at the thought she was all alone in the barracks that she had forgotten to lock her door as a precaution.  Moaning softly with her eyes closed, hips pumping against her teasing fingers, Amber was unaware of her door being slowly opened to admit her horny admirer.  "Oh, I need it so bad …..............…….I need a good fuck ……................…ohhh, I need it so bad!  Oh, fuck me, fuck me!" she moaned and panted as she desperately rubbed her sensitive clit.

   "Yes, Ma'am!  I is hea to obey yor order, Ma'am!" Charlie announced loudly, smiling widely as he watched the startled beauty scramble on the bunk.  The horror and panic on her face had his cock standing at full attention.  His fist shucked at his throbbing cock as the lovely lieutenant desperately grabbed her pillow to hide her beautiful charms.  He saw her beautiful blue eyes widen in horror as her gaze was drawn down to the massive weapon he held in his hand.

   "Wh …................….what are you doing here?  Leave ……................…please, leave!  You …….............….you'll be court-martialed if you don't!" Amber stammered in fear, holding her pillow tightly against her body.  Her normally confident demeanor and authoritative voice were now no where to be found as she lay helplessly upon her bed.  She was frightened as never before upon seeing the leering face of the lustful sergeant.  In her petite frame, she would certainly be no match for the big muscular 6'4", 230 lb. frame of the lurking sergeant.

   "I told you I was gonna make the gal of my dreams all mine this weekend!  You're gonna be all mine once you get a feel of big nigga cock, honey!" Charlie replied.  "Baby, you were just begging for a good fuck!  I'm here to please!  I ain't gonna rape ya cause you're going to beg me to fuck you!  " Charlie told her.  "Baby, the first thing I want ya to do is to get on your knees and give Charlie a good ole blow job!" he ordered.

   "Never!  I'll never do such a filthy thing, you pervert!  Don't you dare touch me!  Leave right now or I'll have you court-martialed!" Amber ordered, finding her nerve to rebel against this intruding menace.  "I'll scream if you don't leave this instant!" she commanded.

   "Go ahead and scream, bitch!  Tell I tried to rape you!  Then explain these photo's to them!" Charlie replied as he tossed a stack of photos onto the pillow that she held next to her.  He watched her eyes glance over onto the photos then her eyes widened as she observed herself in an obviously compromising position.

   Grabbing the set of photos, Amber gasped and shuddered as she gazed upon the photos.  The top photo showed her holding the long black cock in her hand while the thick cockhead lay nestled between her pink lips.  She shuddered at the disgusting photo depicting the shining sparkle of her diamond ring, the significance that had attested her love for Steve.

   "You bastard …....................…….you…….................…….you raped me!" Amber stammered.  Tears flowed from her eyes, down her cheeks, with the next picture showing her trim white legs up upon the broad black shoulders being speared by the thick black shaft.  Looking at the picture, it was obvious that she was being well fucked but no one would be able to determine that she was not conscious at the time the rape took place.  Then she saw the picture of her face streaked and soiled by thick wads of what obviously was a man's cum, Charlie had shot his nigger cum all over her face.

   "Yeah, baby, I fucked you good last week!  Ruined ya good with two hot loads of black baby juice!  Go ahead and yell rape!  Think your little white boy's gonna ever wanna touch ya again?  Go ahead and tell'em a nigger got to sample your charms!  Betcha all the officers on base will wanna get a view of those pics!"  Charlie challenged.  "Scream for help, bitch!  Go ahead, scream so they can save ya and have a viewing of those photos!" he yelled at her.  "Tell ya what, bitch!  I'll save ya the trouble, I yell and call the sentry for ya!"

   "No, no …...................…..they can't see me like this!  They can't see those horrible photos!" Amber pleaded.  She was trapped and she knew it.  She knew if anyone got to see those incriminating photos, she'd be drummed out of the Army for fraternization with an enlisted man.  She closed her eyes and shuddered at the thought of the publicity such a scandal would create and the shame it would bring upon her parents.

   "Well, baby, what's it gonna be?  If you don't want the guard to come in rescue you, take that pillow away from you!" Charlie advised.  He enjoyed the torment on her face, knowing she was caught in quite a dilemma.  But he knew he had her good, knew she would never allow those photos to be seen by anyone.  "Okay, bitch, what's it gonna be?" he demanded.

   Eyes tightly shut, sobbing in shame, Amber slowly pulled the protective pillow away from her body.  She heard the loud intake of breath by the ogling sergeant as she was forced to bare her body to him.  She shivered upon hearing his next demand of "Get off the bed, bitch!  Get on your fucking knees!"  Sobbing, Amber forced herself to obey the commands of the blackmailing sergeant, not wanting to face the disgrace of others seeing the horrid photos.  Shaking, she opened her eyes as she slowly slid off the bed, looking for some sign of mercy from the sneering sergeant.

   On her knees, Amber was now totally at the mercy of the subordinate that she had loved to put ill at ease in front of the troops.  Now it was pay back time as she knelt groveling before her black master.  She shivered in fright as Charlie stepped forward with the throbbing monstrosity in his fist.  A moment later, it was throbbing just inches from her face, then it became apparent what was being expected from her.  'Oh, God, he expects me to put that filthy thing in my mouth!' she realized in horror.  'God, I even refused to do that to Steve last month!  Oh, God, I think I'm going to throw up!' she swallowed.

   "C'mon, bitch!  Get a feel of a 'real' man!" Charlie ordered.  He stood tall above the cowering beauty, gloating as he watched her hand tentatively reach up to touch his throbbing cock.  He took a deep breath as her fingers touched his sensitive cock, watched her pull her hand away in disgust then force herself to finally grasp his manhood.  He watched to see the reaction on her face as her soft white fingers could not encircle the girth of his ebony cock.

   Seeing the absolute revulsion in her face, Charlie knew the little cunt wouldn't go any further in submitting to his blackmailing demands and thus he reached forward to entwine his fingers into her soft blonde hair.  He stiffened his body as the sensation from this beautiful officer, on her knees with her hand on his cock, threatened to unleash his boiling semen.  Sure enough, Amber tried to pull her head back from the advancing menace but Charlie firm grip held her head still.  He saw her close her eyes and felt her shudder in revulsion as his rubbery cockhead pushed against her soft pink lips.  Holding her steady and pushing forward, forcing her mouth open to admit him.

   "Please ….............…I've never …...........ple ….............pl …...............….pl ……........…pleaseeeeeeeee!" Amber sputtered helplessly around the thick invading cock, trying to push at the black thighs before her.  'It would serve him right if I threw up all over him for making me suck his filthy thing!' she thought hopefully.  'Oh, God, it smells so bad!' she shuddered as the thick cock began to fuck in and out of her mouth.

   "Ah, baby ………................…..ah, you sweet little baby!" Charlie groaned.  With his hands gripping the back of her head tightly, he stopped thrusting back and forth and began to push the full length down into Amber clenching throat.  He loved the horror on her face as she struggled with all her might to dislodge the invading cock, loved the way her face flushed a bright pink as she began struggling to breathe.  "Awww, yeah, baby!  Eat it ….............………..eat it, bitch!  Ahhhhhhhhhh …...................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …...............….ahhhh ……...................……ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he chanted as he emptied his balls down the throat of the floundering beauty.  Spurt after spurt of his thick jism erupted from his cockhead, flooding the throat of the choking beauty.

   Finally Charlie pulled his softening cock from Amber's lips.  Now Amber was able to take a deep breath but just as she got the needed air, her belly rebelled against the slimy contents that had been deposited in it.  Amber's stomach contracted and she was unable to keep down the vile goo.  Bending over on all fours, Amber was unable to move as her body shuddered and the thick slime began to make its way back up her throat.  Charlie just laughed as Amber's body shuddered and she began to belch out the slimy spend onto the wooden floor.  "Just a bit too rich for you, huh, bitch!" Charlie laughed.

   Clutching her heaving stomach, Amber turned and crawled toward her bed, where she wanted to curl up and die from the filthy act she had just performed for the very first time.  Charlie smiled as he watched the beautiful blonde crawling on her knees before him.  'Just where every good officer belongs!' he smirked to himself.  'God, what a beautiful little ass!  Bet that white boy of hers has never enjoyed yet!' he pondered.

   Just as she reached the bed and grasped the mattress to pull herself up onto it, she froze as she felt hands grasping her by the hips.  "Oh, please ………please, haven't I done enough?  Please don't degrade me any more!" Amber sobbed.  She tried to steel herself as hands on her hips began to rove over her soft ass.  Tears in her eyes, she knew that the lustful sergeant would want more, that he intended to fuck her.  But when she felt her asscheeks being pried apart and the rubbery cockhead inserting itself, she tried frantically to get away.  "No, I've never ……..............…..no ………............…no, please …….............……no, I've never ………...............….you're too big ……...........................….you'll tear me apart!" she cried out.

   "Oh, bitch, I knew your beautiful little white ass was cherry!  Gonna bust it wide open, honey!  Gonna make ya scream real loud!  Yeah, bitch, scream real loud for the guards to come!" Charlie goaded.  Grasping her hips tightly, wiggling his cockhead into the right position, then smiled as he watched Amber trying to pull herself from his grip.  With a sneer on his face, he then slammed forward with all of his might, wanting to hurt her.

   "Ahhhhhhhhh …….................…ahh …….............….ahh ……..............….mmmmmppppphhh!" came the muffled scream from Amber as she bit down hard into the mattress, not wanting the guards to hear her screams.  It was pure agony, never had she ever experienced such pain in all her life.  She continued to bite down hard into the mattress as the thick black cock began to slice in and out of her torn ass.  Then she felt a hand slide forward from her hip, moving through her soft fleece, then she shivered as a finger found her sensitive clit.  "Oh, God …..................oh, God ……..............…..oh, no …...........oh ……...........…ohhhhhhhhhh, Godddddd ……..............…..it hurtssssssss!" she screamed.  Her body shuddered in agony, pain shooting throughout her body.  Then her body shook again, this time in humiliation as she felt the hot eruption of her rapist's hot semen flooding her bowels.  With her head lying upon the bed, Amber began sobbing and crying in her shame.

   Slowly, the softening black shaft slipped out and Charlie picked up the beautiful blonde into his arms and placed her onto her bed.  Then he lay down next to her and began to nurse upon her tender pink nipples.  Feeling the nipples stiffen in his sucking mouth, hearing Amber's soft moans of pleasure, he began to scoot down the bed a bit, his tongue tracing a wet path down into her golden fleece.  Feeling the trim white thighs beginning to widen a bit, he dipped his head further to allow his searching tongue to tease the edges of the beauty's hot slit.

   "Ohhhhhhhhh ……....................…………ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Amber moaned, eyes closed shut as she arched her hips up into the searching tongue.  She couldn't believe the sensations coursing throughout her body, sensations never felt before as she began to hunch up against the slurping mouth.  Then she felt the large muscular body sliding up upon her, feeling the thick cockhead nuzzling at the entrance of her womanhood.  "Please …..............please ……................no more ....……….please!  Please, I can't ………...............…don't rape me, please don't …...............……..you're too biggggg!" Amber begged.  As the drooling cockhead pushed up against her tight mound, Amber struggled to get away, pleading "No, don't …..............………please, no, don't …....................……you'll get me pregnant".

   Deliberately, Charlie stabbed forward without mercy, burying half the length of his cock, wanting to hurt her with the vicious stab into her tight channel.  Then he began thrusting back and forth, fucking her like he did the prior week, only this time the beautiful lieutenant was fully aware that he was fucking her.  Amber tried to kick her legs and thighs, trying to buck him off but Charlie just loved the ride she was giving him.  Rearing back, Charlie lunged forward and slammed the entire length of his thick cock deep into her.

   "Aieeeeee ………..ahhhhhhhh ……..mmmmphhhhhh!" came the muffled scream as Amber bit into his shoulder muscle.  The pain felt great to Charlie as he reared back again and hammered it to her.  Never had Amber had anything so big and deep in her, Steve was not nearly as well-endowed as this black sergeant, with Steve's manhood only half the length and girth of what was now deep in her womb.  “Oh, please …................….. please stop ….................………pleaseeeeee!” Amber sobbed.

   Amber sobbed uncontrollably as her body began to react to the unwanted stimulation brought on by the long deep thrusts into her now gushing womanhood.  “Oh, God, nooooooooo ….................…….nooooooo!” she groaned, her trim white legs entwined and wrapped themselves tightly around the sergeant's black butt just as a mind-shattering orgasm shook her entire body.  Amber realized her black rapist was about to cum and the horrible consequences raced through her mind.  She tried her best to buck him off again, pleading "Don't ….................……don't cum in me  ...........................please ……........................pleaseeee!"

   Charlie felt her body shudder in her orgasm, a fuck she'd never forget, then he grabbed her hips tightly.  Rearing back till just the tip of his cockhead remained, he  slammed forward one last time, uncorking  a torrent of hot cum.  "Ohhhhhhhhh, baby ……...............………you sweet little bitch!  Here it is!  What a fuck!  Always wanted to make an officer my little bitch!  Here's my nigger seed, bitch!  Gonna plant my seed in your soft white tummy.  Gonna knock you up good, bitch!" he groaned as his cock twitched out the last drop of his potent seed.

    "Oh, Godddddddd ………..............……..ohhhhhhhhh, nooo …..............................…noooooooooo!" Amber moaned loudly into Charlie's muscular shoulder.  She squeezed her legs around the quivering black ass as the thick shaft emptied itself deep in her womb.  Her body betrayed her as she arched up, lifting the heavy body upon her, sliding her clenching slit up and down the quivering shaft.

   Three more times that night, Amber got the best fucking of her life, each time her womb was filled to the brim with Charlie's nigger jism.  How she wanted to scream out in ecstasy but she just didn't want to let this horrid man know the effect he was having upon her.  Instead she sank her teeth into his shoulder each time to stem her cries.  Between the mind-shattering fucks, she was forced to go down on the thick black cock, forced to swallow the rich spend.  Unlike her first sampling of male cum, she now managed to keep the protein down.  When early morning came, she would get a liquid breakfast of hot male cum.

   When the troops began to return that Sunday afternoon, Amber remained in her room, trying to recover from her ordeal.  She could not count the number of times she had been forced to submit to the cruel black sergeant.  But what disturbed her most was the way in which her body had betrayed her, orgasm after orgasm had coursed through her body even though she had tried to will herself from feeling anything.

   The three day field maneuvers went smoothly and the unit performed well.  She had stayed out of the sergeant's way, remembering what he had told her when he had finally left her room "You put me down in front on the troops out in the field and I'll nail your fucking ass!"  Thus, Amber made it a point not to aggravate the sergeant in any way and he in turn had left her alone.

   The next Friday evening, Amber managed to get out on a day's pass as Steve was flying in to be with her for the night.  How she wanted to be alone with her fiancé, wanting him to wipe out the horrid events of the brutal fucking she had to submit to.  She thought that once she was in Steve's arms, all would be well again.

   Amber desperately wanted to please Steve in bed, wanting him to take to heights that far surpassed the orgasms that had overcome her with her blackmailer.  But things did not go well as Steve had never seen his fiancee so aggressive in bed before.  This had caused Steve to get overly excited and just after a few strokes, it was too much for him, his cock began to fill the tip of the rubber condom. In a few moments, Steve began to snore next to a totally flabbergasted and frustrated Amber.

   Getting out of bed and making her way into the bathroom, Amber sought to obtain the relief she needed.  Rubbing her fingertip against her sensitive clit, she arched up against her finger, moaning as her body shivered in the sensation.  Rubbing her finger in and out of her slick womanhood, touching her sensitive bud, Amber then closed her eyes as she pictured the muscular black sergeant slamming into her.  That picture immediately brought her to the needed orgasm, relieving the built up tension in her body.

     As the unit had fallen into formation less than a minute after the scheduled time, Lt. Evanson went up to M/Sgt. Johnson and inquired, loud enough for the other sergeants below him to hear, as to "Why is the unit late, Sgt. Johnson?  Aren't you able to tell time?"  She had noticed how surprised he was at her chastisement and how ill at ease he had become.  "Fucking, bitch!" he mutttered in response.  "What was that, sergeant?" Amber inquired.  "My error, Lt. Evanson!" Charlie replied.

    Once the unit had reached their destination, the troops fell into formation again.  Then Amber lit into him again, with the staff sergeants overhearing her words "Sgt. Johnson, have you already briefed the platoon leaders on the time they are to achieve the objective?"  "Yes, Lt. Evanson, they have been briefed!" he replied.  "Well, let's see if they can tell time better than you!  Get a jeep ready!  You can drive us up to the hillside we can observe how they perform!  Snap to it, Sgt!" Amber snapped.

    On the drive up the hillside, Amber could see the effect of her chastisement of the embarrassed sergeant.  She could see him fuming and his chest expanding up and down as his breathing was labored in trying to keep his composure.  As they came upon a shady area with large overhanging trees, Amber gave the order for him to pull off to the side.  "Get that canvass matting and spread it out, Sgt!  Get a move on it!" she ordered.

    "Fucking bitch is back to her old self!" Charlie muttered as he grabbed the heavy canvass from the jeep.  As he spread out the canvass, he was surprised to see the beautiful lieutenant remove her helmet and unpin her silky blonde hair.  His blood coursed through his body as the beauty shook her long blonde hair about.  Then he watched as the beautiful bitch got on all fours, leaning forward with the pair of binoculars in her hands as she tried to focus in on the unit.

    Amber did not know what had possessed her that morning.  She desperately needed to quell the itch between her thighs.  She knew the pending threat of the black sergeant if she put him down in front of the troops.  Yet she did it anyway and now she was all alone with him.  Though looking through the binoculars, she was not concentrating on the view before her, instead she panted for breath as she heard the footsteps approaching behind her.

    Seeing the beautiful blonde on all fours, Charlie did not need more of an invitation.  He undid his buckle, then dropped his pants and jockeys.  He knelt down behind the lovely lieutenant and reached around her waist to unbuckle her belt.  A moment later, he was fondling the soft creamy ass and he shuffled forward to position himself.

   "Sgt., what are you doing?  Ohhhhhhhh!  Oh, Godddd …………….yes!  Ohhhhh ……….yessssssss!  Yes …………….nail my ass ………….like you said you would ………….ohhhhhhhhhh, Goddddd …………….yesssssssss!  Fuck me …………fuck me hard!  Make me your bitch!" Amber groaned.

End of Story.