Raped Young Beauty - IV
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

After months of constantly mulling things over in his devious mind, Jerome Carruth decided to cash in on an idea for the perfect scam.  All of this planning and scheming to acquire that one thing that he was obsessed with, that being the chance of getting his black paws on some sweet little white thing.  To pull of his plan, he would need to assure Marcus that his plan was indeed foolproof.  Marcus was his skilled photographer friend who would be crucial if the plan was to work.  To get his friend in on the plan, Jerome knew he have to appeal to Marcus' weakness, that being the promise of a lot of 'money' to be made on the deal.

Once Jerome got Marcus in on the deal, an ad was placed in the local paper indicating that it was for a model search.  The ad was carefully done, advising that the firm was looking for that one new face to represent and market a chic new line of clothing.  The ad specified that no previous modeling experience was required.  In addition to fame, there of course was the promise of a financial fortune -- a combination of top pay for the modeling itself, personal appearance incentives and commissions.

In truth, Jerome was nothing more than a penny ante drug dealer and pimp, always ready to cash in on a golden opportunity.  The pigeon he was looking for had to be beautiful, naive and incredibly innocent if his plan was to succeed.  To pull it off, Jerome dressed in a dapper suit and drove around in an expensive but rented car.  He enjoyed playing the part of a successful entrepreneur, sorting through the dozens and dozens of applicants who responded to the bogus ad.  However, the majority of the applicants were quickly eliminated from Jerome's consideration.  Either they didn't make the cut on looks or it appeared the applicant wasn't naive and gullible enough to fall for his plan.

Lacy Denning was  Jerome's bottle-blonde girlfriend.  She had a classy and rather sexy name but she was in essence just a bimbo.  But Jerome needed this little bimbo to help him pull off the scam.  He had tested Lacy's loyalty time and again, recruiting her to help pull off drug deals and even putting her out on the street to troll for johns when money got tight.  Sometimes Jerome finessed her into 'doing' a client to sweeten the deal.  Lacy bitched about it but she did it to please him.


Jerome knew Lacy would go along with this scheme too.  It was all worked out where Lacy would play the role of Jerome's assistant.  She would be seeing to hair, make-up and wardrobe for the innocent little bitch who was unfortunate enough to be the one selected as the model for Jerome's bogus line of clothing.  He figured that having Lacy along would ease any fears or suspicion and make the naive young model more susceptible to his plan.

Finally, it was narrowed down to six young beauties who seemed to fit the profile that he was after.  He would meet with each of them before picking the 'perfect' one.  He set up folders on each girl and would make notes as to how to go about it with each one and noted all the exciting features that each possessed.  After all, there was no point in wasting all that money.  Once he got his first little pigeon under his wing, he could recall these beauties on the guise that he now had another line of clothing or need of a certain type of girl that seemed to fit their attributes.  He'd then wow her with bullshit and promises, telling her their next step is to do a follow-up test shoot before the selection of that model.

Of the six top choices that Jerome interviewed, he chosen a beautiful brown-eyed blonde who had just turned eighteen and recently out of high school.  She was as naïve as could be, working part-time at a fast food place while taking part-time modeling jobs in hopes of getting to the dream of being a top model.  What clinched it was her revealing a bit of her personal life when asked if time schedules or boyfriend problems would hamper her traveling from time to time.  Jerome smiled and his cock gave a twitch in his pants when she advised him that her boyfriend from her freshman year of high school had just left for college and they wouldn't be able to see each other till he got back on major holidays.  That plus the fact that she and her boyfriend planned to get married in four years, once he got his degree.

Jessie (Jess) Stevens, standing at 5'4" had the perfect figure and her profile made her the perfect choice.  She was nervous but excited about the prospect of being a top model - every young girl's dream.  With her boyfriend Ryan off to college and a year to graduate, she was determined to succeed and get ahead in the modeling business, wanting to earn and save money for her wedding.  Besides, she wanted to do her part when they indeed got married.

Lacy played her role to perfection, helping Jess with her hair and make-up in preparation for the big photo shoot.  Right on cue, she picked up on Jess's nervousness and offered her something to take the edge off, reassuring the naive girl that all top models took them.  Jess shrugged and downed the sedatives, unaware she has just sealed her fate, a fate that would leave her totally vulnerable to the devious Jerome.

The initial part of the photo shoot was going okay but Lacy felt a bit tired, thinking that maybe it was just due to the heat of all the lighting.  Actually, it was the sedative that was making her a bit woozy.  But with the excitement of this being the initial shoot, she was feeling pretty good about it all.  As Lacy was posing for the final shots in the elegant outfit she was modeling, she did not notice Jerome's signal given to his cohort.  Standing off to the side, nodding encouragement and licking his lips in anticipation, Lacy made the suggestion that they now shift to a few quick shots of Jess modeling lingerie.

The young beauty balked a bit, claiming she didn't remember anything being said about having to model lingerie.  Lacy reassured her that every model poses in lingerie nowadays, that it just goes without saying to be a given in every model's portfolio.  Jess still wasn't quite sure how much money she stood to earn and surprise Ryan with, but she  proceeded to do as Lacy instructed.  Besides, Lacy knew that there were dozens of other gals out there who would be more than willing to model in anything or nothing at all for a chance to land this job.

Alone in the dressing room with Lacy, Jess mentioned how nervous she was about modeling lingerie, feeling a bit insecure in revealing too much of her body.  Lacy smiled and reassured her, handing her a couple more sedatives with a sly wink, then helped her out of her clothes and into a sheer lace negligee.  Shortly, Jess felt strange, woozy and out of control when she got back in front of the camera.  Jess was vaguely aware of Jerome's voice, calling to her, telling her how to pose in a rather seductive manner.

Jess shivered in nervousness, hearing the new and unusual comments of Jerome.  He had always been so kind and calm, never using any vulgar language.  But now his words were quite graphic, suggestive, in fact quite obscene.  Her mind was getting more hazy as she tried to make sense of what was happening at this point, trying to focus her thoughts but it's no use.  Then Lacy was there next to her, helping her, posing her for the next shot.  Then, Jerome was also there to help position her body.

In the foggy haze that now surrounded her, she tried to make sense of the lewd, suggestive things Jerome was saying to her.  Now Jerome's large black hands were upon her, doing things to her, touching her intimately but Jess was too woozy and disoriented to do anything to stop this assault on her body.  She gasped as she felt him taking unwanted liberties with her, pled for him to stop, but she then heard his responding laughter and he then told her just what he had in store for her.  "Please ……...............…..please ……..................….this is not part of the photo shoot!  Please …….........................…….please stop!" she pleaded.

Jess was vaguely aware of what was happening to her as she was lowered onto a nearby mattress.  She panted for breath as she watched Lacy peel the negligee over her shoulders, then pull the garment off her body, leaving her in only her lacy panties.  She stared and panted in fear as Jerome suddenly appeared looming right over her.  She was frightened, never seeing Jerome in this manner, nor any man in such manner.  Never had she observed a naked man before and she was scared, scared especially at the sight of the throbbing black cock that Jerome had in his fist.  Jess had been intimate with Ryan in their senior year of high school but it had been in the dark and Jess never saw his penis.  But she had held Ryan in her hand and the cock she now stared at was far obvious much bigger Ryan's.  She could do little more than whimper and plead in fear.

Meanwhile, Marcus was still taking pictures, capturing everything that took place.  He would get his fortune that Jerome had promised him by selling the photos and video to the adult porn market.  This was the ideal type of film to get top dollar for, one that showed a naïve white girl drugged and raped by a brutal black bastard.  Watching and filming the events, Marcus could feel his own cock twitch in anticipation.  'Shat!  This little bitch is so fucking naïve!  Man, I'm gonna have to get my nuts off too!  Her legs are so fuck'n sexy, I just gotta have them wrapped around me!' he muttered to himself.

Jess could hear the photographer call out to Jerome, wanting him to position her this way and that.  Then there would be the flash of the camera.  The video camera had been set up at a distance, even taking in Marcus as he took photos, making the flick a real one that had the blackmailing scheme coming in anticipation.  It all seemed like just a bad dream to Jess, not believing this was really taking place, not realizing that her panties had been drawn down her trim legs.  But now Jerome was doing something so disgusting, yet it felt so wonderful that it caused her to arch up, arch up into the devious black face with its tongue wiggling between her legs.  Then she was distantly aware that Lacy was laughing, whispering to her "Oh, you sweet little thing!  Jerome's had the hots for you as soon as he saw the photo you sent in!  Time for you to sample a 'real' man, honey!  Just you just relax and enjoy the ride, sweetie!"

Closing her eyes tightly, Jess hoped to block everything out of her mind but the teasing tongue between her legs were driving her crazy as she squirmed about on the mattress.  "Oh, God!  Oh, God!  What's happening ………………what's happeninggggggggggg ………….ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed, body arching up and shaking in uncontrolled spasms.  Never had Jess felt the joys of being literally eaten alive but now the drugged beauty was suddenly experiencing a mind-blowing orgasm as never felt before to this extent.  "Oh, Godddddd!  Ohhhhhh ..........………………..ohhhhhhhhhh!" she groaned then her body tensed, then she collapsed back onto the bed in total exhaustion.

Her mind was floating in a daze from the sedative along with the mind-shattering orgasm that had rocked her body.  Jess struggled as she felt a hungry mouth devour her tender nipples, the sharp teeth nipping them at first, then cruelly began biting at them.  She sobbed and pleaded for him to stop "Please ……............…..please stop ……….......................please.....................I ……..............................I'm a virgin!  Please ..........................…….please don't rape me!"

Jess felt her legs being roughly grasped by Jerome and being pulled widely apart, knowing her assailant planned on forcing himself upon her.  She tried to push the bulky black body from her but then her wrists were grasp by the laughing Lacy, who began to taunt her "You stupid little shit!  You fell for it hook, line and sinker - you dumb bitch!  Jerome chose you for your beautiful and innocent looks, that's for sure.  You're sure are gonna make it to the top in front of the cameras, baby!   Only you ain't gonna have no clothes on and you'll be spreading to sexy legs of yours for lot of cock, honey!"

Jerome slowly covered the struggling beauty with his large muscular black body, taking his time to be certain there'd be a lot of tape in the rape of this naïve little virgin.  'God, a real fuck'n virgin in this day and age!  I'm gonna make this fuck'n bitch scream when I cop her precious little cherry!' he thought to himself.  "Okay, honey, time for me to make a real woman outta you!  It ain't often that I get to 'ruin' a pretty little white girl!  Ohhhh, you pretty little thing, bet you were saving yourself for some white boy, huh!  Ain't no decent white boy's gonna come close to ya once he knows you got 'ruined' by a nigger cock!" he taunted.

The truth and reality of the taunting sank into Jess' fuzzy mind, realizing that this devious man had planned all of this, planned all the deception in order to rape her.  She began to kick at her attacker, kicking her trim white legs in an attempt to get him off her body.  "Please …........................……please …….................…..stop ……............................…stoppppppppppppppp!" she sobbed.  She looked up desperately, looking for some help from the woman pinning her arms above her.  But all she got was a look of contempt, as Lacy sneered "You goody-goody little bitch!  Think your precious boyfriend's going to give you the time of day if he ever learns that a big black nigger beat him to your precious little cherry!  Hope you're on the pill, bitch, otherwise you had better say your fuck'n prayers!

Lifting his body up a bit, Jerome reached down and got his throbbing cock into position between their bodies.  He pumped at his throbbing cock, rubbed it up and down the tight dry slit, then pushed forward a bit. The stretching of her virginal entrance brought hysterical pleas and sobs “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeee …...............……no ...............…..no ................…..no ….............…nooooo……....................…..ohhhhhhhhhhh …....................…….argggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!”   "Nooooooooooo ……............………ugghhhhhhhhhhhh!" Jess screamed as her rapist brutally lunged forward, spearing his thick shaft deeply into her, rupturing the jewel she had been protecting for her wedding day.

There was no mercy in Jerome as he fucked into young beauty, tearing through her virgin slit, wanting to hurt her badly.  Raising up a bit, he then lunged forward again to bring another loud piercing shriek of pain from the raped beauty.  Withdrawing from the raped slit till only his cockhead remained, he looked down between their bodies and laughed in triumph "Oh, yeah!  Got your fuck'n cherry!  Bleed you beautiful little bitch, bleed all over my nigger cock!”  Then Jerome began to fuck the sobbing beauty without mercy, slamming into her time and time again, then buried his cock into her womb as he unleashed his hot nigger jism.  He groaned loudly as his body shook in convulsions "I had to have you the moment I saw you!  You're mine now, bitch!  Oh, baby, gonna fuck my little nigger baby in you ………......................……right nowwwwww, ahhhhhhhhhhh, yeahhhh!"

Suffering the indignity of this brutal rape, the humiliation of being 'ruined' and losing her virginity to a black man, plus the effects of the sedatives sent Jess over the edge into a pitch darkness.  It was fortunate thing for Jess, not having to remain conscious to endure Jerome's second helping to her innocent young body, being bent in two with her legs drawn far over her head as her rapist again emptied his lust into her.  Nor did she have to consciously endure the portly photographer satisfying himself between her widespread legs.

Hours later, Jess was startled awake by the sharp slap on her face by the woman who was supposed to assist her grooming, the woman that had held her down as the devious man viciously raped her.  Looking about, Jess groaned as she realized she was still lying upon the soiled mattress in the photo studio, cringing as the pain between her thighs shot throughout her young body.  "Ohhhhhh …….............................….oh ....................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she sobbed from the pain as she sat up a bit to look down to her painful thighs.  "Oh, Godddddd …...................…………..no, God ............................nooooooooo!" she cried out, falling back onto the mattress, horrified at the sight of all the dried blood and thick mucous that coated her thighs.  It had not been just a nightmare, she had been brutally raped.  Preserving herself for her wedding night had been brutally taken from her, she was no longer the innocent naïve little virgin that Ryan would expect on their wedding day.

Then she was being pulled up roughly by Lacy's hand on her upper arm, forcing her to stand.  "Ohhh, God!  I hurt so badddd!" Jess sobbed.  Feeling a flow of liquid running down her thighs, she looked down to see a slimy mess of blood and cum oozing from her sore gash.  Her thighs hurt so badly that she could not take a normal step.

She followed as Lacy unceremoniously led her back to the dressing room and suffered through woman's bitter remarks, comments that degraded her further.  "Your poor boyfriend's going to be in for quite a surprise if he's expecting an innocent virgin bride, isn't he?  Gosh, look at all that blood and nigger cum running out of you!  You sure squealed like a stuck pig when that big nigger cock plucked your little cherry!" taunted Lacy.

There was only a wash cloth and basin for Jess to wipe her bloodstained thighs.  Going to the bathroom, she emptied her bladder, trying to flush out the cum that filled her to the brim. Lacy tossed Jess her clothes, then ordered the defiled young beauty to get dressed and follow her back out into the studio.  Still woozy, confused and disoriented, Jess sobbed and got her purse to leave when Lacy instructed her "Be here at 9 a.m. sharp so we can start with the photo session and then the filming!"  "Don't ever expect to see me back here!  I was raped by Jerome and you helped him!  I'm calling the police and you'll both be put in jail!" Jess sniffled.

No, Sweetie, not after all we did to put together this hot little modeling portfolio for you! Look at how beautiful this folder is, showing all your lovely features!  Here, honey, take a look at it!  We've even made a copy for your parents and one for your boyfriend to see the beautiful rising 'star'!" Lacy commented as she handed a folder to Jess.  Lacy watched as the innocent beauty open the folder and watched the horror appear over her lovely face.  "Yeah, sweetie!  You're gonna be a 'star' for sure!  A 'star' in the fuck'n porno industry, whore!" Lacy taunted.  "See you at 9 a.m. sharp or those hot photos will be out in the mail by 9:30!  Now go on home to Mommy and Daddy, tell them what kind of fuck'n whore they raised!" she added.

At home that evening, Jess stayed up in her room telling her parents that she wasn't feeling well, unable to face them.  She felt so disgraced, feeling that they would immediate notice the change in her, knowing that she was no longer their innocent little girl any more.  She knew she couldn't let the photos get into her parents' hands nor Ryan's for that matter.  She remembered the conversation she had a few days earlier with Lacy, when she revealed her boyfriend's name and also revealed the college he was attending.  She needed to get some rest, setting her alarm so she would be up early with enough time to make it to the studio before 9 a.m.

That next morning, Jess nervously entered the studio just before the required time.  There were more people there, setting up additional lighting and more cameras.  She did not know what to expect and was taken off guard when Lacy flashed a wide smile and announced to everyone "Our beautiful 'star' has just arrived, everyone!" as she ran up to give Lacy a big hug.  As Lacy grabbed her hand, Jess meekly followed and then Lacy took her to set area, pointing out her special chair with 'Jess Stevens' embroidered into the back of it.

In front of the new people, Lacy, Marcus, and Jerome acted and treated her like a 'star'.  It was such a farce as the only reason she was even there was because of the incriminating photos that she did not want to be revealed.  She watched as Jerome walked about the set acting like a big-shot producer.  She wondered how did all these people get hired on such short notice, then realized that everything must have been set up by the devious Jerome from the start.

Taken to the dressing room by Lacy, Jess was handed an outfit and told to get dressed.  It was a cheerleader's outfit, one very similar to the one that she had worn in her senior year in high school.  As she sat, her hair was being brushed by Lacy, then pulled back into a style that the high school girls were now wearing.  Then she was given three sheets of paper to read, giving her the plot of the movie that was to be made.

Lacy saw the puzzled look on Jess' face through the reflection on the mirror.  She leaned over next to Jess' ear and whispered "Don't worry about the dialogue, sweetie!  Just go with the flow.  In this kind of movie, all the viewer wants to hear is you screaming and moaning when you get fucked by a big boner!"  Lacy wanted to laugh out loud as she looked into the mirror and saw the little beauty's eyes tear up in embarrassment.

"Honey, you're getting the opportunity of a lifetime!  Very few girls get the opportunity to get their start on the top!  Your innocent looks and the return to the screen of L.D. Jones ought to bring in a lot of bucks.  Seems that L.D. was Jerome's favorite actor in the late '80's and he convinced him to come out of retirement with the promise of a good share of the profits.  But, sweetie, the clincher was when L.D. was shown your photo and application." Lacy teased.

"Who …….............….who ……….................…..who's L.D. Jones?" Jess stammered.  That question brought about a loud laughter from the older woman "Guess you're too young to have heard of L.D., but then again, I guess porno flicks weren't something a sweet little thing like you would know anything about!  Got a video of one of L.D.'s famous flicks right here, take a look at your co-star in action!" Lacy commented as she walked over to put in the videotape and turned on the television.

The tape had been prepared to begin right where the innocent little beauty would immediately get a view of her co-star's attributes.  When the video came on, Jess gasped loudly at what she observed on the screen.  "Oh, my God!  I ……...................…I …..............………I could never take anything like that …………it'll ……................................it'll kill me!" Jess stammered in fear.  Lacy laughed at the young beauty's reaction "Honey, you've got the 'acting' part down perfectly!  That's just the kind of reaction they want from you on the film!  The way you screamed last night was just perfect!  I'm sure L.D. will be able to get the right dialogue out of you, especially when it’s the right time for you to scream your little head off!"

With a hand on Jess' upper arm, Lacy pushed the reluctant beauty ahead of her, past the spotlights and cameras and onto the set.  The set area had been made to look like a dilapidated old shack with a small bed situated in the corner.  As they got closer to the set, Jess groaned and shuddered as she saw how realistic the set appeared, especially with the filthy mattress they had brought in for this scene.  The mattress looked so filthy that Jess could not see herself going near it much less lying there upon it.

Reaching the set, the man who she had viewed on the video stood up from the chair he was in to give her a big smile and to shake her hand in greeting.  She was in awe of this man, a man who was far bigger and blacker than Jerome, especially in the department that was current hidden from view.  As Lacy introduced Jess to the 'king' of porno flicks, Jess shivered when the large man bent over to give her a kiss on the cheek, whispering to in her ear "I just had to come out of retirement once I got a look at your photo!  Believe me, it's gonna be a pleasure introducing you into the business!"

With his stature in the business, L.D. could pretty much call the shots as to how the scenes should take place and even as to changing the sequencing of which scenes to do first.  He looked over at Jerome and flatly told him "Let's do the intro scene later, man! Let's get started first with the two of us in the shack!  I'm horny, man, I just gotta get my cock in this prime piece of ass!  Get those microphones ready cause I'm gonna make my beautiful co-star scream her little head off when I stick it to her!"

Jess shivered at what she just heard, wanting to run out of the studio but the consequences of the incriminating photos getting out to Ryan and her parents had her frozen in fear.  Then she was being pulled by the hand, dragged out by her co-star onto the set of the interior of the dilapidated shack.  Panic set in when her co-star yelled out to the crew "Okay, guys, roll'em!"

The entire production crew was just amazed at the performance by this beautiful new comer, her 'acting' had all of them turned on.  The crew knew this film was going to be a big hit on the market, especially the way the new 'star' turned on the tears, the way in which she threw herself into the role of being trapped and 'raped' by a lecherous nigger.  It was a turn-on, hearing the beautiful young 'star' cry and plead "Please ……............…please …...........…….I ….................…..I can't ……....................…..please let me go!  Please …...................…..I won't do it ….............…..please don't rape me ….............…...........pleaseeeeeeeeee ….......................................pleaseeeeeeeeee!"

The way in which the beautiful 'star' fought against her attacker in the film certainly convinced the crew of her 'acting' abilities, the way she struggled with him on the bed and fought him all the way.  Fortunately, the studio was sound proof as the young beauty's high pitched scream certainly made it seem realistic that L.D.'s thick black cock was being forced into her against her will.  Jess' pleas and whimpers of pain seemed so real as she thrashed about on the filthy mattress and kicked at L.D. to free herself.

Initially, the entire crew wondered just how a seemingly young naïve beauty like Jess could bring herself to enter the porno business.  For this sweet young thing to make her debut with the likes of L.D. Jones had them all puzzled.  But midway through the first scene, they all realized that this little beauty had a big future in the business, especially the way she wrapped her trim white legs around L.D. and arched up into him.  They watched in amazement as the new 'star' wrapped her arms around the broad black shoulders once her arms were released.  The clincher was when Jess began moaning "Oh, yes ……................……God, yesssssssssss ……………fuck me ………..........…fuck me ……….................….oh, God, I ……......................……..I'm cumming .........................................I'm cummingggggggggggggggg!"

As the camera crew captured L.D. lifting himself up from the well-fucked beauty, they got a close-up of that long black shaft slowly sliding out of the now widely stretched hole.  Then the camera zoomed in to capture L.D.'s thick jism drooling out of the little beauty.  Unconsciously, Jess squeezed her cunt muscles at that moment to give the camera the perfect shot of a thick flood of slime come pouring out.  "All right, that's a wrap for the first scene!" came a voice from behind the cameras.  "God, what a fuck!  That sure built up my appetite!  What's for lunch?" L.D. hollered.

Jess had been fucked out of her mind and was in a fucked out stupor.  She was barely aware of Lacy helping her up from the mattress, draping a robe over her shoulders and leading her back to the dressing room.  Recuperating in the dressing room, Lacy brought her a plate of food and a glass of champagne, telling her she needed to eat and keep up her strength for the rest of the day.  Jess couldn't believe how she had responded, how she had cried out for L.D. to keep fucking her, couldn't believe the fantastic aftermath of her very first orgasm.

An hour later, the second scene commenced as Jess knelt on the dirty wooden floor.  Her petite hands wrapped around the throbbing black cock, unable to encircle the thick monster as tears streamed down her face.  "Please …...............……please ……..................…..I can't do this …............……..it's too filthy ………….I can't put it in my mouth ……................….please!" she whimpered as the thick black fingers gripped her blonde hair, pulling her even closer.  "God ……........….it smells …………..oh, God ………….noooooo!" she pleaded as her pink lips brushed up against the leaking cock.

The crew watched in utter amazement as L.D.'s cock began to disappear between the lovely pink lips, inch after inch slowly being gobbled up by the young beauty.  They were stunned for even the most experienced of pros had often choked on L.D.'s giant whopper.  Then L.D. began to fuck in and out of her pink lips, hands holding tightly onto the silky golden hair as he fucked her beautiful face.  Then L.D. began wheezing, jamming himself deep into her throat as he groaned "Ohhhh, baby ….............………eat it ………...............……eat all my nigger jism!"

When the long dwindling cock was withdrawn, the cameras zoomed in on the beautiful 'star' as she put on a dream performance.  The young 'star' held her belly as she leaned over and began to gag.  Caught on film was her retching out the slimy contents of her innocent belly, her mouth open as thick cum flowed to the floor, a thick string of goo oozing from her pink lips.

The third scene had Jess on all fours on the dirty mattress.  The new 'star' put on a fabulous performance, especially the way she screamed when she took L.D. up her ass.  Such a great performance that the crew would all have sworn that the 'star' had just given up her virgin asshole to the king of porn.  But the way she enjoyed it in the end, they knew this little beauty had really been putting on a convincing show.

The crew would really look upon Jess as a true 'star' that would rise quickly in this business when the scenes were done for the day.  In fact, the shooting was done with an hour to spare.  Instead of wrapping things up, it was Jess who suggested that the second scene be done over so they could later decide upon what to put in the final cut.  Moments later, Jess was kneeling on the floor beside the bed again, handling L.D.'s black cock.  She put up the same pleas and resistance as before.  Only this time, just before L.D.'s cock exploded down her throat, Jess lifted her head back with her hands pulling he long cock from her lips, then let the hot spurting cum drench her entire face.

It was such a hot scene that the crew couldn't stop applauding their beautiful 'star' once the scene ended.  Jess looked up at them with her cum drenched face, gave them a big smile as she stuck out her pink tongue and licked her lips in an attempt to capture the tasty syrup.

The debut of the young star with the return of L.D. Jones was immediately a big hit in the adult market.  Jerome was pocketing a ton of bucks and now he could live the lifestyle he had always dreamt of.  With Jess having 'star' status, he decided to pay her well for her talents, rather than to put her out on the streets for just a few bucks.  He'd pay her well and have her anxious to keep making the bucks, especially now that he'd seen she was really a whore at heart.

Jerome's plan had worked so well on Jess that he decided to see if any of the other five candidates had such hidden talents.  Of course, he was intent on having his fun first, pulling the same type of ploy and raping the unsuspecting young bitch.  L.D. had given him the guarantee that he'd perform again, provided that his co-star be some innocent little bitch.  Once Jerome had his fun and the bitch made her film debut, if the film flopped, he'd have the innocent little bitch walking the streets to cover any loss the film incurred.

Ryan Bridges was looking forward to graduating from college in a few weeks.  It had seemed like such a long year, only able to make it back home to see his lovely fiancée during the major holidays.  They wrote and called each other often and he was proud of how Jess had described her success in the modeling field.  It seemed that the amount she had save over the past year would certainly help in taking care expenses to be incurred for the wedding and honeymoon.  He couldn't believe how much Jess had earned in just one year of the modeling business.  Being a college student, he had been just making ends meet and was taken by surprise when Jess began to send him a few hundred dollars each month, telling him that her modeling career was taking off.

With school to be out soon, his fraternity brothers had planned a bachelor's party for him, wanting to do it before finals got underway.  Two kegs of beer had been purchased for the big event and they'd all be getting drunk in the basement of the frat house while they watched and hollered at the porno flicks.

Ryan was nervous, having abstained from any sexual activities as he and Jess had promised to only experience sexual pleasure from each other.  It was old fashioned thinking but they were so much in love with each other and Ryan was willing to be patient, knowing he'd be the one to introduce his innocent fiancée to the joys of lovemaking.  He wanted to be her first lover and wanted Jess to be the first woman he made love to.  His frat brothers had hired two hookers for the night and since he was the 'guest of honor', they'd be covering his tab with the women.  Of course, he told them 'no thanks' as soon as he was told of the hookers.

After watching several of the hot flicks, Ryan was certainly horny and feeling the effects of all the beer he had consumed.  But after refraining all these years, he was certainly not about to break down at this point.  Then the frat brother in charge of the event announced that next up were the hottest videos on the market and he had to slip the clerk an extra $20 to have them available for this night.  "I tell you guys, the next couple of flicks will churn your nuts!  This fucking chick is the hottest number to hit the porno market!  She's so fucking beautiful and innocent looking that you'd never believe a girl like this would be in porn!  Just wait till you see her make her debut with the return of the famous L.D. Jones!  Yeah, the famous Long Dong Jones!"

"Here's to Ryan, our bachelor boy of the night!  You've got the best seat in the house right there to see this little beauty make her film debut with L.D. Jones!  Man, I'd give a couple hundred bucks to sample that little bitch myself!  In the first one, she plays a cheerleader and is grabbed by L.D.  The other is her latest one out and man it's hot, the beautiful little bitch gets gangbanged by a bunch of winos!" came the next announcement. Ryan held his mug up as his glass was being refilled with beer.  Then the lights when out and the video was started.

Ryan took a big gulp from his mug as the video began, then watched in anticipation as the screen flashed the title 'Captured Cheerleader'.  The film began with a shot of L.D. Jones hiding in the brush, peering out to watch the approaching blonde in a cheerleading outfit.  Then the screen slowly panned over to the approaching cheerleader, moving up for a close-up shot of the young beauty.  There were yelps of holler and cheer in the room at the sight of the beautiful cheerleader and what was apparently in store for her.

"What a beautiful little bitch!  C'mon, L.D, grab that little bitch and give it to her!" came a yell from the back of the room.  Then came a cheer from all the guys in the room, all but from the guest of honor.  Ryan sat stunned as he recognized the young beautiful 'star' making her debut in porn.  It would be a bachelor party he'd always remember.

All the frat brothers had readily agreed to pay their share of the two hookers for the night and also to absorb their share of Ryan's enjoyment.  All the guys had chuckled to themselves as Ryan was more of the studious type, more of a nerd, figuring Ryan would  never take advantage of the opportunity.  When the last two flicks ended, Ryan's frat brothers stared in amazement as Ryan disappeared into one of the rooms with a hooker.  Again and again, Ryan surprised his frat brothers as he availed himself to the experienced hookers, with Ryan telling them "I need the experience for my wedding night, especially since its free tonight.  I've got to be able to please her!"

End of Story.