Raped Young Beauty - V
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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Eighteen years of age but Melissa Hamilton looked more like sixteen, nice tits, slim body and legs to die for.  At 5'5" 118 lbs with long blonde hair, she was a knockout that turned heads wherever she ventured.  It was her girlfriend Krystal, who's idea it was to set up a sleepover and then sneak out to a party they'd heard about at school.  It was spring break, they were seniors, and rumor had it that several of the high school kids were going to crash one of the parties that weekend.  College kids would be partying at one of the nearby beach motels, and Krystal teased Melissa into throwing in with her on crashing the party.

Melissa was naive, innocent and still a virgin, so she was understandably nervous about the idea of crashing the party, a bit afraid of meeting the older guys in college.  But Krystal insisted and soon had her agreeing to accompany her.  Using the sleepover as a ploy, the two young teens quietly went about the task of fixing themselves up for their night out, going a little heavier on the make-up and 'borrowing' some of Krystal's mother's high heels, hoping to pass for college-age girls.  Krystal had finessed one of the boys from school into meeting them around the corner from her home and give them a lift to the party.

During the drive to the party, Krystal and Melissa rehearsed their story, that they were seniors on spring break, down from a college in Michigan for a little sun and fun.  Then they were at the motel and wandering in search of a party worth crashing.  Melissa was still thinking about their 'cover' -- that they were coeds down on spring break.  She nervously reminded Krystal that neither of them had ever even been to Michigan, and that she was worried that one of the guys at the party might ask them something about Michigan or the university that she couldn't answer.  Melissa was nervous, worried about how much trouble they'd be in if their parents ever found out they'd sneaked out to party with college boys, feeling quite guilty as she had really never lied to her parents like this.

"Just wing it, girl," Krystal reassured her.  "Besides, as hot as you look in that outfit, no guy is going to waste his time and effort on chit-chat about where you're from or where you go to school.  And don't worry about our parents.  As long as we don't tell 'em, we're home free, girl!  Now, let's party!"  Krystal's reassurance just made Melissa more nervous and unsure of herself, but it was too late to turn back now.  She'd just have to fake her way through it as best she could.

The two young teens failed to notice the dark, hulking figure lurking in the shadows.  But he sure noticed them, his instincts told him that these two young beauties were just ripe for the picking.  Having overheard their conversation, he knew these two beauties were underage and desperate to keep tonight's excursion a secret from their parents.

Willie Horton, at age 64 handled the maintenance of the motel, watched and waited as the two girls wandered through the complex in search of a party worth crashing.  He watched as the two beauties were soon intercepted by a couple of college guys on their way to the ice machine.  After a few minutes of bantering, the guys managed to entice the girls to join their party.

Cock twitching in his baggy pants, Willie made a mental note of the room number and time, then continued on to his small office.  Years of experience had taught him all about the ebb and flow of these kinds of parties.  He'd seen many a drunk-as-a-skunk young coed and often had fantasized about fucking one of them.  But, of course, it was just a fantasy.  Over the years, several of the drunk and horny coeds flashed their tits for him -- and even one or two pussies -- but the girls were just having a little fun at his expense.  As far as they were concerned, Willie was just a harmless old man, so they'd sometimes toss him a cheap thrill -- tease the old nigger.

Willie had promised himself many times that someday he'd teach one of those bitches that even though he was old, he still was more of a man than any of those punk college boys.  As Willie sat at his desk and poured himself a stiff drink, his thoughts turned to the two young girls he'd been watching just a few minutes earlier.  He quickly dismissed any thoughts of actually fucking one of them but he thought it might be fun to at least stake out their motel room and see what developed.

Over the next hour or so, Willie noted people coming and going but so far hadn't seen hide nor hair of either of the two young girls.  He began to wonder if perhaps they'd wandered off to another room, another party -- or lost their nerve and had gone home.  He was just about to give up and call it a night when he spotted Melissa wander out of the motel room with an ice bucket in hand and started off toward the ice machine.  He saw that she was alone, teetering unsteadily on her high heels, obviously a bit tipsy.  Willie paused a moment and then decided to make his move.

Willie caught up with the tipsy young blonde just as she reached the ice machine, telling her that he had just received a call that the ice machine was jammed.  "It'll take just a moment while I get it unclogged!" he advised as he opened up a panel at the top and pretending to get the problem resolved.  While working on the machine, Willie struck up a conversation with her, introducing himself "My name's Willie and I handle the maintenance here!"  Melissa recognized the maintenance uniform and went through her spiel, telling him that she was on spring break from Michigan.

Willie knew she was obviously lying from the conversation he had overheard earlier that evening.  "Oh, I'm so glad you're of age!  The cops were just at the front desk and told me to stay away from Room 114 as they were on up to break up a party there!  Apparently, they got a report of underage girls, alcohol and drugs going on there!"  He smiled as he observed the look of panic come across her beautiful young face.

Melissa was in a panic, knowing there'd sure be hell to pay if she and her friend are busted.  "I've got to warn Krystal!" she stammered.  "We've got to get out of there before the police arrive!" she blurted.  Willie then spoke "Oh, my you're not 18, are you?"  Seeing her frightened look, he reassured her "Don't worry, I was young once!  Your secret's safe with me!  But I think the police already has officers surrounding the unit.  If you go back in, you'll get arrested.  There's nothing you can do to warn your friend!  Hide in my office and I'll go up to the unit and see if I can get your friend Krystal out!"

Melissa was desperate and immediately accepted Willie's offer to help.  She quickly followed the helpful maintenance man to his office and heeded his warning for her to stay put and out of sight while he went back for Krystal.  Her heart was pounding, breathing labored from the fear of getting caught.  'Oh, my God!  My parents will never trust me again!  Why did I give in to Krystal about trying to crash a college party!' she pondered.

Moments later, the old maintenance man returned with the sad news that the police were already at the unit and busting everyone in sight.  Melissa panicked and began crying, pleading with Willie to help her and to try and help Krystal, too.  She was so relieved to hear him reassure her that he would do all he could to help her.

Willie settled her down and poured her a stiff drink, telling her it'd calm her nerves.  He reassured her that it'd take the police awhile to sort things out, then he'd sneak back and convince the police to release Melissa's friend.  Innocent, naive and drunk, Melissa fell for Willie's assurances.  Listening to the young beauty blurt out her confession, he watched as she accepted and consumed another drink from him.  As she confessed that she was only eighteen, too young to be drinking, that she and Krystal had sneaked out to crash the party.  As he listened to this, Willie was formulating his plan to nail the unsuspecting young blonde.

Willie asked Melissa why she had gone out alone to get more ice and not escorted by one of the college boys.  Melissa then confessed that Krystal was drunk and making out with one of the guys, that one of the guys was trying to make out with her, too.  But she was afraid that things were getting out of hand, that she was inexperienced in such matters.  Willie tried desperately to suppress his smile as the young beauty was trying to explain that she was really an untouched virgin.  He continued to listen as she told him she had been dizzy from drinking at the party and decided to get out of there for a little while, that's why she got the ice bucket and wandered down to the ice machine.

Seeing the young beauty sway as she sipped at her drink, Willie's cock twitched in anticipation of taking advantage of the opportunity of 'ruining' this naive, young beauty.  He put an arm around her waist in an attempt to pull her to him when she pushed him away and was about to scream.  Prepared, Willie covered her mouth with the palm of his hand, warning her that the police are just a few doors down "You scream, bitch, I'll tell the police you propositioned me!  I'll tell'em you offered to have sex with me in exchange for hiding you from the cops because you're underage to be drinking!  I'll tell'em you only screamed rape because I was going to turn you in!"

Closing her eyes tightly, Melissa tried to block everything out of her mind but the old man now had his hands over the top of her dress, moving up to cup her small but budding breasts.   Never having been fondled in such a lewd manner, she sobbed "Oh, please …….............……please!  Please stop!"  Willie just loved the way this little squirmed about in his arms, sobbing and bawling as he fingered her stiffening buds through her thin dress and bra.  Then he had her bawling when he taunted her "Oh, you sweet little thing!  Jist eighteen and you look like a real grown up woman!  Yes sirree, a real fine woman!  Sneaking out to be with the grown-ups!  Well, it's time for you to sample a 'real' man, honey!  Gonna make a real woman outta you tonight!  Just you relax and enjoy it, sweetie!"

"Oh, Godddddd!  Ohhhhhh, please ….........……….please, Mister ……….........….please …............….please don't hurt me ………………………..please!" Melissa sobbed, body shaking in fear.   "Please …........……please ……..........I …...........…..I can't ……….........…I'm afraid …........…….I …...........……I'm a virgin!" she pleaded in hopes of gaining her release.  She sobbed and pleaded as she felt his hands move up to cup her breasts through her dress and bra, her body shuddering as he began to pinch at her in search of her stiffening nipples.  "Please …...........……..please stop ……..........….please …...............…..don't please!  Please …......................….please don't rape me!" she begged.

Willie kept a firm grip on the struggling young beauty, his muscular black arms encircling her petite body as he manhandled her developing young breasts.  Putting his face up against her soft blonde hair, he nuzzled at her ear, his tongue tracing its outline.  He was taking his time, enjoying the feel of her trembling body in his captive arms.  He was certainly going to enjoy this night and knew she would certainly remember it too.  He was going to rape this naïve little virgin and he enjoyed taunting the little beauty, "A real fuck'n virgin in this day and age!  You came here to act like a college girl!  Honey, I'm gonna make you 'real' woman tonight!"

She shivered as she felt a hand go to the back of her dress, feeling the hand begin to pull down her zipper.  She shuddered as she felt large coarse hands upon her bare flesh, pushing the dress from her shoulders to fall to and bunch at her waist. Then the coarse hands were on her bare midriff, moving up to cup her breasts that were now only protected by thin lacy bra.  Melissa gasped loudly as her bra was pushed up over her breasts, the coarse hands now cupping her bare breasts, thumbs flicking at her sensitive nipples.  With the effects of the alcohol dulling her brain, it was difficult for her to collect her thoughts and reason through her predicament.  Her alcohol induced mind made her an easier, more compliant victim for the conniving leech.

Suddenly pushed back onto the carpeted floor, Melissa panted for breath as her assailant now knelt beside her, pulling her crumpled dress and panties off her trim hips.  "Please ……............….please, Mister ………................please don't!" she pleaded as her dress was pulled off her legs, taking her heels with it.  She was naked for the first time ever before a male, afraid that he intended on hurting her.  But she was too afraid to scream for help, afraid of what he had threatened to tell the police and the consequences of her parents finding out of her escapades to a college party.  The coarse hands were now forcing her legs apart against her will but she was no match for the strength of this cunning old man.

Standing up between the naked beauty's widespread legs, Willie began stripping off his clothing, stroking his old wrinkled shaft back up to its full glory.  His cock pulsed in his hand as he would soon have the honor of deflowering the young blonde beauty.  “Ohhh, you sweet little honey!  I'm gonna make a real woman outta you tonight, sweet cheeks!  Gonna make ya my woman!" he taunted.

"Oh, no!  Noooo, God ………..nooooo!  Ohhhhh, please ………….stop ……….stop ………it's so filthy!" she stammered as her body shuddered in revulsion of what this horrid man was doing to her.  She couldn't believe what was happening, couldn't believe this horrid man had buried his face in her womanhood, then she shook as his wet tongue inserted itself into her moist slit.  "Agrrrhhhhhhh ………………arggggggg ………….ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed, body arching up and shaking in uncontrolled spasms. It felt as if the horrid man was literally eating her alive, causing her body to suddenly shudder in her very first orgasm that totally rocked her young body.

Licking his lips, savoring the taste of her sweet honey, Willie moved up on his knees as he shucked his aching cock.  Getting his throbbing cock into position, he grasped her trim hips to prevent her escape, then pushed forward a bit.  Rubbing his throbbing cockhead up and down to the entrance of her virginal slit, Willie clamped a hand over her mouth and gave a lunge that brought the oblivious beauty back to life as he pushed between her tight pussylips.  “Mmmmmffffhhhhhh …….........…no ...........…..no …............no …............nooooo…..........…..ohhhhhh ………........arghhhhhhhhh!  Mmmmmmfffhhhh ..............……..nooooooo ….............………ugghhhhhhhhhh!" came the muffled screams of anguish as he lunged forward without mercy.

"Gotcha, sweetie!" Willie gloated as he felt her precious gem give way under his brutal assault, enjoying the spasms racking her body due to the pain he had caused.  He felt her hands pushing at him, legs flailing at him, trying desperately to get him off her aching body.  "Oh, yeah, honey!  You're a fuck'n 'real' woman now! You ain't gonna tell anyone Willie copped your cherry, are you?  No white boy's gonna touch ya once he knows you got 'ruined' by a dirty old nigger!" he taunted the now hysterical young beauty.

Gripping the soft asscheeks of the struggling beauty, Willie slowly withdrew the destructive shaft that had 'ruined' the little beauty forever.  Slowly he began to fuck in and out of the sobbing young girl, enjoying her groans of despair. Then he began to speed up his pumping motions, thrusting and withdrawing his throbbing cock faster and faster, fucking the distraught beauty in earnest.  He knew the fuck was getting to the innocent beauty once he felt her trim sexy legs stop trying to kick at him but instead rise up and encircle the back of his thighs.  Then he felt her hands that had been trying to push him away begin to grip his muscular forearms, her fingernails digging in to his flesh as her body convulsed in spasms.

“Ohhh ….............…….ohhh, Goddddddd ………..........………. ohhhhh, Goddddd ………...........….ohhhhh, Goddddd ……...............…..ohhhhhhhhhhhh ……............……..wh ……................…..what’s happening?” Melissa groaned loudly, her body arching up in response to the new sensations now coursing though her young body.  “Oh ….........…..oh ……..........….ohhhhhhh …….......……..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Oh, Goddddddd ………......................….ohhhhhhhhhh ……….ooooooooooohhhhh!” she groaned as her body reacted causing her cunt muscles around to squeeze the thick muscle that was buried in her torn slit. Her body was racked with spasms as she shuddered in a mind-shattering orgasm, one far more powerful that the orgasm that shook her earlier.

Willie was excited from this unbelievable fuck, feeling the thick sticky wetness surrounding his cock as it now oozed out to mat his pubic hair.  He smiled, knowing that the sticky wetness was the result of his tearing through her virgin slit, knowing she was bleeding all over him.  With that knowledge, he lunged forward again to bring another loud piercing groan of pain from the young beauty.  He laughed in triumph "Oh, yeah …..........……bleed, baby!  Yes …...........….I busted your fuck'n cherry!"  Then he began to fuck the squirming beauty without mercy, slamming into her time and time again, his cock throbbing wildly.

With his cock buried in the womb of the squealing beauty, Willie tried to hold back a bit longer but his throbbing cock desperately needed relief.  Another lunge, burying himself as deep as possible, he unleashed his hot jism and groaned "Aaahhhhhhhhhhh ……...............…… yeahhhh!"  He shook in convulsions as spurt after spurt filled the little blonde bitch, causing Willie to arch back and gloat to himself  'Hope you're on the pill, sweetie, otherwise you're gonna be swelling up in a few months!  Oh, baby, gonna have my bastard nigger baby growing in your little white tummy!'

"You …..........……..you ……............…raped me!  I'm going to have them put you in jail!" Melissa sobbed in despair.  She had always dreamt of the joys of making love with a handsome young man, just like the romance novels she had read.  But this was so horribly unromantic, taken brutally on the grimy floor of a dingy motel floor by an ugly old nigger.  This was her worst nightmare come true, even her involuntary orgasms could not overcome her shame and revulsion of such a brutal, humiliating rape.

Willie taunted her, lying to her that the cops were just a few doors away "Go ahead and yell 'rape'!  Think of the scandal it'll cause.  Your parents can pick you up at the police station after you give all the nitty gritty details of how I busted your cherry!  You're just lucky that old Willie's too old to make you a little baby!"  he laughed "When I make bail, I'm gonna go over to your high school and tell everyone there how you begged for my nigger dick after I popped you cherry!  Think any white boy's going to give you the time of day if he ever learns you got 'ruined' by a big black nigger!  The only dates you'll be getting are from guys with only one thing in mind!"

Melissa bit her bottom lip and sobbed, knowing what he said was true.  She knew she would never be able to explain to her trusting parents what she was doing here in the first place.  She realized she'd rather die than to have anyone know that she had been raped by an old black geezer.  'Thank God he's too old to get me pregnant!' she told herself, stupidly believing what he had just told her.  Tears flowed from her eyes as she wept, feeling the sweaty body on top of her begin to hump at her again.

Twenty minutes later, Melissa managed to push the heavy body of the passed out caretaker off her.  In the dim room, she made out where her clothing lay and managed to get dressed.  She stumbled out of the room and checked outside, hoping that the police had already gone.  Slowly she made her way back toward where she had left Krystal, hoping that somehow she had managed to escape the clutches of the police.  As she neared the motel room, Melissa was puzzled at hearing the party still in full swing.

Entering the motel room, Melissa sighed as she spotted Krystal making out with the same fellow when she had left the room.  Blinking back tears, Melissa realized she had been duped by the conniving old man, that in fact the police had never raided the place at all.  'Oh, God, how stupid can I be!' she told herself, realizing that she had fallen for all his lies.  With that, she went to retrieve her intoxicated friend, knowing that it was really late and they somehow had to get back to Krystal's home before their exploits were discovered.

Following that weekend, Melissa's friends at school noticed the change in the once innocent and naïve beauty.  In particular, the boys noticed how she dressed in shorter skirts and often playfully snuggled up to a guy to turn him on.  Now that she was a 'real' woman, she had turned from a naïve schoolgirl into a hot-to-trot little bitch.

Melissa was desperately trying to rid herself of the memories of that horrible night, when her dreams of feeling the joys of lovemaking would be shared with a handsome young man who cared for her.  But each time she made out with a handsome teenage stud that the other girls would go crazy for, something was definitely missing.  None of the boys she went out with and fucked could bring her even close to the orgasms achieved with the dirty old man.

She thought that perhaps it was due to her making sure the guy put on a condom first, dulling the sensation of feeling a cock spurt in her.  When she didn't bother with that protective aspect, things still did not get better.  Melissa was desperate, wondering just what was wrong with her, not understanding why she could not achieve the same pleasures from these handsome young studs as compared to the old maintenance man.

Desperate to achieve the satisfaction that evaded her, Melissa eagerly jumped at the chance to take on two teenage studs at one time.  The two guys had gotten enough money for a motel room and Melissa told her parents she would be spending the night at Krystal's.  The time of the month was not right so she had told them ahead of time to bring protection but she had to laugh when they showed her the large box of condoms they had purchased for the night.  Letting the guys feel her up in the car as they made their way to the motel, she was hot and horny as they finally pulled into the entrance.  Not really paying attention to where they were headed, Melissa then swallowed hard when she saw the motel's sign, realizing it was the very same motel in which she had lost her virginity.

Less than two hours after entering the motel room, the two teenage studs had proven to be duds rather than studs.  She had taken the two on at once, sucking one while fucking the other, then later had the two guys switching places for the second round.  But the two teenage duds had merely satisfied themselves, leaving Melissa hot and horny, with the itch between her legs becoming unbearable.  The two teens had fucked themselves out, with the large amount of beer they had consumed, they were now totally useless to her.

Sitting up on the bed, she looked down at the passed out studs, trying to get them to respond without success.  Melissa desperately needed to get the itch scratched, using her fingers to touch herself.  Then she put on her clothing and slipped quietly out of the door, making her way down to the ground level.  She heard laughter and loud music coming from a unit at the far end, realizing it was probably another college party that this place was apparently noted for.

Willie had seen the young blonde beauty exit the room, then recognized her and realized just what she was in search of.  Quietly he followed her, seeing her stop at the door that marked his 'maintenance office'.  It was then that he made his move, approaching her from behind, speaking out "The police is going to raid the place for minors Miss!  Come with me and you'll be safe!"  He smiled when he heard her response "Oh, thanks, Mister!  I can't get caught here!"  This time, Willie took the willing young blonde to the comforts of a vacant room rather using the hard floor of his office.

In the early morning, Melissa returned to her room to find the two studs still passed out.  Seeing the nearly filled box of condoms on the table, she smiled, happy that she didn't need any protection with the old janitor.   She slipped out of her clothing and crawled up onto the bed, intent on waking them up for more fun.  She decided to give each of them a treat for spending the money and bringing her to this motel where she was finally able to find that satisfaction that she had been in search of since the night she became a woman.

Each of the blonde studs awoke to the pleasure of having Melissa's hot mouth clamped over his hardening cock, her tongue teasing his throbbing hardon.  Then they were each treated to a morning snack as her blonde bush settled upon his face, positioned just right so that he could eat the hot mush she had ready for him.  With her hot mound rubbing around his face, their cocks being sucked off in earnest, the studs eagerly ate her out.  The tasty treat of Melissa's cream puff would not have been eagerly devoured if the teenage studs knew that the filling of her cream puff was with thick nigger cum.

Six weeks later, Melissa was quite worried in having missed her period.  She couldn't believe that she had gotten herself pregnant.  After all, she had been so careful that the boys always wore condoms when it was her unsafe period.  'Only the old maintenance man didn't wear one, but he's too old to father a baby!' she mistakenly thought to herself.  Nervously she inquired with the more knowledgeable Krystal and discovered to her dismay that she had duped into believing the old goat had been shooting blanks.

End of Story.