Ravished Nurse – IV
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
Ike and his fellow maintenance worker were assigned to go to the far end of the hospital, to a section of the hospital that he had never been to as yet.  There were some heavy exercise equipment that needed moving and such tasks would go to the maintenance department so long as technical repairs weren’t required.  Ike had made it known to his boss that he enjoyed working about the entire hospital and that he could be counted on for any type of labor needed.  This apparently pleased his boss as some of the workers preferred yard maintenance only and did not care for other tasks such as this, giving Ike the opportunity satisfy his craving of getting to check out all the beautiful young nurses.

Entering the Occupational Therapy Unit, Ike gazed about the many patients that had been brought to this unit from other wings of the hospital.  He learned that this unit was to get people back into interaction with others as well as to teach them some new crafts that would stimulate the mind and body.  Ike did see one item in this unit that would certainly simulate his mind and body, in particular the growing cock in his pants.   He could not help but stare at that item, the beautiful young nurse that was currently assisting a couple of elderly patients.

As Ike’s coworker was already familiar with this unit, Ike learned from him that this unit was open only from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. as patients from other wings would come for therapy.  There were two hospital beds in the far corner, used for patients that needed to recline but still capable of doing craft work.  He also learned that this unit did not open on the weekends.

Two hours had gone by and the work was just about done.  Ike and his coworker were now exhausted from moving the heavy equipment about but Ike enjoyed being in this unit, having the opportunity of watching the beautiful nurse.  He couldn’t help but stare at the beautiful brunette, admiring how her long silky black hair flowed down to her shoulders, just touching her white uniform.  On passing her, he glanced at her name tag, seeing it read Lori Stickles, R. N.    She was a trim beauty that Ike sized up to be about 25 years of age, 5’4” and about 115 lbs.  He had also seen the sparkle of her diamond ring and wedding band, knowing that she belonged to some white punk.

As 4:30 p.m. came, Ike took notice that many of the patients began to leave the unit.  Those capable of walking on their own made their way back to the units they had come from.  A couple of candy strippers appeared with wheelchairs to take those who couldn’t walk.  Finally all the patients had departed, leaving only the two nurses that worked in the unit along with Ike and his coworker.

While moving a piece of equipment, he overheard Nurse Stickles tell the other nurse to take off early since she had an engagement that night.  He heard her comment “You go ahead, I’ll handle the close up.  Besides, I’ve got nothing planned for the night as Tim doesn’t return till late tomorrow.”

Ike’s mind was churning, putting all the information that he had learned together.  He wanted that little bitch in the next room but he liked to plan out his moves and not take too many chances of being caught.  He was trying to think quickly but now he was thinking with the wrong head, the pulsing cockhead in his bulging crotch was telling him of its needs and in command of his actions.

With the time now 4:45 p.m., Ike told his coworker that it’d take them fifteen minutes to get to the maintenance department where they needed to check out.  As there was only two more pieces of small equipment to go, Ike told his friend to head on out and he’d complete the job rather than having to come back on Monday.  Ike told his friend to punch his card out for him as the boss didn’t like unauthorized overtime, telling him he’d be done in fifteen minutes with the job.  Ike smiled as his coworker was only too happy to head on home.

Now Ike was all alone with the lovely nurse, who was in the process of closing some blinds and locking the back exit.  This was a Friday and the unit would be closed over the weekend.  Also, he had overheard that she had no plans for the evening as her husband was apparently out of town.  ‘Oh, you sweet little bitch!  You’re gonna be busy tonight with the plans I’ve got for you!  God, I’m gonna spread those long beautiful legs of yours!  Can’t wait to hear ya scream when I give ya a sample of some raw black meat!’ he snickered to himself.

Having easily moved the final pieces of equipment into place, Ike watched the beautiful nurse as she reached up to close a window.  He licked his lips as he eyed her long trim legs, wanting to feel them wrapped around his ass.  “Almost done, Miss!” he yelled out.  “Okay, thank you for your help!  Can you lock the door as you leave?” came the response.  “Sure, no problem!” he replied, eyeing the young beauty as she was changing the sheets on one of the beds.  “See ya, Miss!  Got the door locked for ya!” he yelled out then slammed the door shut.

Lori Stickes tucked in the sheet, making up the bed as her mind drifted off happily thinking about her loving Tim.  She was especially happy since they both had been working for three years and now Tim had agreed with her that could afford to start a family.  She had anxiously gone off the pill six weeks ago, knowing it’d take a while to her body to adjust to the change.  She couldn’t wait for Tim to return the next day, planning to make him a fabulous dinner, then spend the entire evening making love.  She had met Tim in college and he was the only man to possess her, always making her swoon with pleasure whenever they made love.  ‘Ohhh, Tim, just wait till I get you into bed tomorrow night!  It’ll be so perfect with you spurting in my womb, making our precious little baby!’ Lori mused.

Suddenly an eerie feeling came over Lori, a feeling that she was not alone, sending a shiver of fear throughout her entire body.  She spun about and gasped “Wh …..wh …..I…..I thought ….you …….you ……..left!”  Lori gazed up in absolute fear, looking up at the maintenance man who had said he was leaving when the door slammed shut.  With her back being to the door while making the bed, she had wrongly assumed that the giant of a black man had left, not thinking twice since he was also an employee of the hospital.

“Please ………please ………….please leave ………..please don’t hurt me!” Lori sobbed as she stepped back only to bump into the side of the bed.  “Oh, please ……….please leave …………please don’t touch me ……pleaseee!” Lori pleaded.  “Please …………..please leave …………..I …..I won’t tell anyone!” she sobbed, her body shivering as she stared up at the black giant of a man.  “Pleaseeee ……………….oh, Godddd!” she whimpered as she looked down to the loud click, shivering as she gazed upon the sharp switchblade in his hand.  Lori could only sob in fear at this point, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Ike laughed at the pleading young nurse “Go ahead honey, tell everyone in the hospital for all I care!  You think they’ll be looking at me when I walk by?  Think again, sweet thing!  Every time you walk down the hallway, everyone will be picturing you  ….buck naked with a nigger fucking ya!  They’ll wondered if you screamed your head off when I rammed my big nigger cock into ya!  Think hubby will ever touch ya again, knowing ya were with a nigger …………..‘ruined’ by a big nigger cock?”

“Please ……please leave ………..please don’t rape me!” Lori continued to sobbed in terror.  Holding the knife up in front of her face, Ike ordered her to “Kick off you shoes and lay back on the bed!”  Weeping, Lori was afraid of the consequences she faced if she did not obey.  Closing her eyes in fear, she stepped on the back heel of one shoe and stepped out of it, then followed the same procedure to rid herself of the other shoe.  Sobbing she sat on the bed that she had lowered before being confronted by this evil man, then lay back as ordered, closing her eyes tightly.  She cringed as she felt a large hand caress her inner thigh.

Weeping, Lori tried to shut the horror that was before her, trying to think of something pleasant.  She shivered as her thighs were forcibly parted by her assailant’s strong hands, feeling those hands creep up to the waistband of her white pantyhose.  She felt the front of her pantyhose being pulled up towards her assailant.  Then she heard the sound of the knife slicing through the thick nylon, feeling it come away into the pulling hand of her attacker.  “Ohhhh …………pleasseeee!” she sobbed, feeling thick fingers grasping and pulling at the waistband of her white lacy panties.  “Nooooo ………..!” she moaned as it too was easily sliced away by the sharp knife.

“Oh, baby!  Now that’s what I call prime eating stuff!  God, baby, I’m gonna eat you alive!” Ike chuckled.  Putting his knees against the bed, inside yhose of the sobbing young nurse, he spread her legs even further apart.  “Oh, yeah, baby!  Gimme your sweet honey!” he groaned.

Lori’s eyes sprang open at the sudden sound and feel of the bed rising up.  Through her tear filled eyes, she discovered that her devious assailant was sitting upon a high stool, drooling as he licked his chops, using the automatic controls to raise the bed.  It was like a hungry cat about to devour a little bird, only she was to be the little bird devoured by this hungry black giant.  Shaking her head in disbelief, Lori couldn’t believe what this horrible man was intending to do.  Tim had attempted to put his face in her sex once but the very thought was so disgusting to her that it ended in bitter fight, with her calling Tim a ‘filthy pervert’.

Looking pleadingly for mercy, the sight of Ike’s lustful gleam told her she would find none from him.  Her horrid assailant looked so disgusting the way he was flicking his tongue out like a lizard.  With the bed rising up, hands now pushing her knees further apart, she closed her eyes tightly in an attempt to steel her body, telling herself not to react in any way and not give him that satisfaction.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh …………………nooooooooooooo!” Lori groaned as the hot wet tongue began lapping at her soft fleece, searching for her womanhood.  “Noooo ……ohhhhhhhh …………..ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned as the flicking tongue delved into her nest and began licking at her slick lips.  “Oh, Goddddddddd ……nooooo …………..ohhhhhhhhhh ………..noooooooooo!” she sobbed in disbelief.  Never had she ever experienced such sensations, causing Lori to wither about on the bed as the flicking tongue drove her out of her mind.

Gripping the crisp clean sheets that she had just put onto the bed, Lori arched her hips up into the pleasure giving mouth of her assailant.  “Ohhhh, God ……….oh, God ………………oh, Godddddddddd!” she chanted.  Now her body betrayed her wishes to remain absolutely still, arching up her hips into the devouring mouth, craving for some release.

‘Oh, man, this is some sweet honeypot!  So fucking juicy!  This fucking bitch is sure going crazy!  Gonna make her climb the fucking walls!’ Ike mused as he slurped up the slick juices being emitted by the young beauty.  Then her felt the young bitch spread wider and her legs raise up high and were now draped over his shoulders, the soft nylon covered thighs clasped around his head.  He knew he had the fucking bitch climbing the walls now and began slurping up her sweet honey.

“Ohhhhhh, Goddddd ……………………..ohhhhh, I’m cumminggggggg!” Lori screamed, her ankles pressing down into her assailant’s back to allow her to arch up her hips into the slurping mouth.  When Ike’s sharp teeth captured the bud of her sensitive clit, Lori went crazy and thrashed about the bed, body convulsing out of control. Ike’s hot flicking tongue had sent her over the brink, causing her to momentarily black out from a mind-shattering orgasm.

Regaining senses, Lori struggled, trying to move her hips to prevent the monstrous black cock from achieving its goal.  But the large black hands had grasped onto her trim white hips, holding her tightly as the thick black cockhead was positioned at the entrance of her tight groove.  “Oh, nooo ………nooo……pleaseeeeee, nooooo!  Please ………….please don’t rape me ……………please!” she sobbed, feeling the blunt cockhead push hard against the resisting entrance to her womanhood.

“Oh, yeah, baby!  Oh, baby, you’re so fucking tight!” Ike groaned loudly, as his cockhead pushed through the tight opening to be enveloped in the hot slick groove of the sobbing young nurse.  “Oh, baby ………..your fucking husband must be built like a little twig ………….God, you’re tight as a fucking virgin!” he taunted, pushing forward to deliberately cause her some pain, loving the sounds of her whimpering.

It had been some time since he had a struggling beauty in his arms and just loved the struggle this beautiful young nurse was putting up.  The fact that she was married to some white punk made this all the more enjoyable for him.  “Yeah, baby!  Call the cops on me!  Tell’em how I fucked my big black dick in ya!  Tell your white boy how you got niggered!  Gonna plow ya good, bitch!” he sneered as he pushed ahead slowly, wanting her to feel every inch of him.

“Argggggggghhhhhh …………ohhhhhhhhh …………….ohhhh, it hurtsssss ……..ohhhh, stop, please ……………..ohhhh, you’re tearing me!” Lori whimpered in pain.  “Please …………please stop …………..please ……it’s …..its toooo biggggg!” she stammered in obvious pain.  “Oh, God …………oh, God ………..please …….please ……….it hurtsssss!” she cried.

Then Ike began to pump his heavy black frame up and down into the distressed beauty.  Lori struggled and tossed, trying desperately to throw her brutal rapist off, trying to save herself from being ‘ruined’ by this brutal pervert.  Grasping her trim white hips with both hands, Ike slammed forward till his entire 12” cock skewered the sobbing young nurse.  “Oh, baby ……….yeah, baby ……ohhhh, yeah ………..here it cums you sweet thing!  Gonna cum, baby!  Gonna plant a little black baby deep in your white tummy!” he grunted. .  With that taunting, Ike deliberately slowed his strokes, wanting this little bitch feel his massive length.

Trying to prevent this awful rape of her body was bad enough, now the mention of the potential consequences to such a mating had Lori struggling even more frantically.  She had been so terrified at this demented rapist and desperately trying to save herself that only now she realized that such a horrid result of pregnancy was indeed very possible.  She kicked and scratched at her assailant but to no avail.  The realization that this was her most fertile time of the month sank in and she desperately kicked and punched at her superior opponent.

“Ohhhhhhhhh ………….Goddddddd!  Noooooo …….ohhh …..ohhhh …..ohhhh ohhhh ………!” Lori moaned with each painful thrust between her widespread legs.  Her body began to feel funny, never having felt this shivering experience before, never before feeling such a burning itch between her legs.  She was in dire need the put out the hot burning itch between her thighs, cunt muscles squeezing upon the thick shaft, a shaft so much thicker and longer than what she was accustomed to.

“Oh, noooooo …….Godddddd …………….oh, Goddddd …………don’t let me ………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………I’m cumminnggggg!” Lori screamed, her body convulsing uncontrollably, legs wrapping around her rapist’s pumping ass to draw him closer.  Her hands let go of the bed sheets as she unconsciously wrapped her arms around the neck of her assailant.

As the convulsions began to cease, Ike managed to keep a good grip on the convulsing beauty, keeping her firmly skewered onto his throbbing cock.  He laughed as the beautiful young nurse clutched at him, trim arms and legs wrapped tightly around him as the bitch was obviously delirious from the sensational fuck he’d given her. Feeling the beauty’s arms and legs relaxing upon him, Ike lunged forward with all his might, brutally spearing the now wailing little bitch. “Ohhhh ……….please …………..please ……… aaahhhhhh ……………..pleaseeee ………no more!” pleaded the sobbing young nurse, all which added to Ike’s sadist pleasure.

“Gonna fill ya up bitch!  Gonna breed ya!  Gonna cum ………….gonna flood ya with my hot baby juice!  Gonna knock ya up with my little black baby!  Aw, baby ……….in nine months you’ll be upstairs in the maternity ward with our precious baby!” Ike taunted, groaning as he tried to maintain the jackhammer speed of the fuck and not let loose of his impending cum.  He wanted to fuck the beautiful bitch out of her mind, wanted her to see the horror on he face as he seeded her.

Coming out of the throes of her mind-shattering orgasm, the taunting of getting her pregnant with his baby had her mind snap back to reality, realizing that her black rapist was intent of spewing his filthy seed deep into her womb.  ‘Oh, God ……..I’m off the pill …………..oh,God, he’s going to cum ………..he’s going to cum in me …….he’ll make me pregnant!’ Lori thought in horror. “Please, oh, please …………please, noooo!  Please ……..please don’t cum!  Please ………please pull it out! “Ohhhhh.. ….ohhhhh, Goddddd ………..don’t!” she pleaded.

 “Oh, baby!  Sweet baby, you’re so fucking tight!  Gonna pump you full of nigger seed, gonna fuck make you a little black bundle of joy, sweet cheeks!  Gonna cum, baby, gonna cum!  Oh, yeah ……………oh baby, here it cums ……..here it cums bitch …….. ………………urgggggggghhhhhh!” Ike groaned.  Holding the trim hips tightly to him, muscular body convulsing uncontrollably with his foot long cock buried deeply, he unleashed his potent load into the fertile womb of the sobbing beauty.

Totally drained from this unbelievable fuck, Ike fell back onto the back of the high stool, his shriveling cock pulling out of the messy raped slit with a loud plopping sound.  Sitting exhausted on the stool, Ike gazed at his latest conquest as the beauty sobbed uncontrollably with her legs still obscenely spread.  He chuckled as he watched his thick cum drool out of her widely stretched hole, watched as the beautiful nurse moved to curl up in the fetal position on the bed as she continued to sob hysterically.

So ashamed and humiliated, Lori sobbed, feeling so dirty and soiled.  She bit her lip as she felt hands upon her hips, roughly turning her onto her belly.  ‘Oh, God, this animal’s going to rape me again!’ she shuddered.  She reached up with both hands to firmly grip the other edge of the bed, telling herself not to respond as she had earlier.  She knew she would be unable to prevent being taken again but she was determined merely to just lay without showing any emotion as this pig took her.  Straddling the width of the bed, her toes just barely touching the floor, Lori felt her uniform being lifted.

Closing her eyes tightly, face buried in the bed to block everything out, Lori tried to put her mind far away as she felt a thick hard probe rubbing up and down her aching   slit.  She willed herself to remain still as the thick cockhead greased itself at the entrance of her oozing slit.  Then she shivered in fright, feeling the probing cockhead move up and begin pushing into entrance of her virgin ass. “Oh, God ……….no, nooooo …….please ……….don’t rape me there ……….please …….you’re too big!  Please, no one’s ever ….. I’ve never …………please!” she screamed in fright.
It was just what Ike wanted to hear, not believing that dumb white boy hadn’t gotten to her cherry white ass, but now this sweet little ass was all his for the taking.  ‘This sweet little bitch is always gonna remember who got her cherry white ass!’ he mused. “Oh, baby!  Your sweet cheeks are all mine!” he gloated, taking a firm grasp of her.  He then reared back and gave a brutal lunge forward with all his weight behind it.

“Aeeiiiiiiieeeeeeeee …………..nooooooooooo …………….nooooooooooo …………argggggggggghhhhhhhhhh …………..ohhhhhhhhhhh!” Lori screamed.  The pain was unbearable, her body shaking, pain from the tearing of her virgin ass.  “Stop ……..stopppp ………it hurtsssss ……….ohhhhh!” she sobbed and pleaded. “Nooooo ………arrgggggghhhhhhhhh ……………ohhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed as Ike had reared back and slammed into again.  She shuddered as the long thick cock tore through her bowels, hurting her badly, thinking that she was about to die from the pain.  She had never imagined anything so humiliating and painful as being sodomized by this demented rapist.

Thinking she’d never survive the shameful ordeal, Lori felt her body shudder in revulsion, then her cunt muscles twitched as thick fingers began to rub her wet slit.  She moaned as the roving fingers found her sensitive bud, shivering now from a different sensation as her clit was teased.  “Oh …ohhh …..ohhh …….………ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” Lori moaned from the unexpected pleasure, shuddering in the throes of yet another orgasm.

“Oh, baby, your ass is so fucking tight!  Gonna cum soon!  Gonna cum in your sweet white ass!” Ike groaned.  “Ahhhhhhhh, yeah …………….here it cums, bitch!” he yelled out as he unleashed a hot blast of cum into her bowels.   He felt the agonized beauty’s body shake and shudder as she also climaxed from the unwanted stimulation.  He slowly withdrew his spent cock, falling back to sit upon the stool, looking at the beautiful white ass that he had just claimed.

As the morning sunlight began to light up the room again, Lori’s eyes blinked open.  ‘What a horrible nightmare!’ she thought.  Then she looked about the familiar surroundings and realized that she was not home in bed but at the hospital.  She shuddered at the realization that it had been no nightmare at all, she had been viciously ‘raped’ by the black maintenance man.  Turning onto her side, she grimaced at the pain between her legs and her ass felt so raw.  Closing her eyes, the memory of the attack played through her mind.

Getting up into a sitting position, she observed her soiled uniform and bra scattered about the floor.  Atop her white nursing shoes lay her torn white hose.  She did not recall when her uniform and undergarments had been stripped from her, leaving her clad only in was her nurse’s cap.  Her memory played back to the two occasions she awoke in the darkness of the night with her rapist thrusting brutally into her ravaged body.  She felt so ashamed, wondering how could she have clutched back at him tightly with her arms and legs, how could she have climaxed so many times with a man other than her husband.

Lori looked down and groaned when she examined her breasts, seeing all the dark purple ‘hickeys’ discoloring her white flesh, obviously created by the mouth of her attacker.  She touched her nipples, shivering at how sensitive there were from the sucking they had received.  Squeezing her thighs together, she felt the cold gooey mush soiling her.  She knew her rapist was right, that she would be too ashamed to report her attack, too ashamed to tell her husband that she had been ‘ruined’ by a black rapist.  She prayed that the rape had not gotten her pregnant.

"Owwww ...............ohhhhhh!" Lori sobbed in pain as she moved her leg to get out of the bed, the pain between her legs shot throughout her body.  The pain was so great, even greater than when she had lost her virginity.  Never had she anything to gigantic forced up into her body like what her rapist possessed.  Finally managing to slip on her white uniform, shuddering at the horror of her defiling experience, her knees buckled in weakness as she fell to her knees atop a patient's red exercise comforter.

Exiting through the back door of the unit, Lori managed to avoid bumping into her nursing friends working on other floors, not wanting them to inquire why she was at the hospital on a Saturday.  Getting into her car, she headed to home, wanting desperately to wash herself of the filth that soiled her.  In her preoccupation and haste, Lori did not see the black jeep that began to follow her out of the employee parking lot.

That evening, Lori made the nice dinner for Tim as she had initially planned, but only now it was not to put him into a romantic mood for that evening.  It was done because she felt so ashamed of what happened to her, knowing that the rape had not been her fault but because her body had betrayed her in the shameful manner it did.  The romantic dinner was to be the prelude to an eventful night in the bedroom where she and Tim would start their family.  But with the recent nightmare, Lori did not want her loving husband to touch her soiled body, not wanting to him with her ‘ruined’ body.

Tim Stickles was looking forward to his return from the business trip, anxious to see his beautiful wife.  He and Lori had purposely withheld any sexual activity for the past three weeks, wanting to make this night a very special one and thus he was quite horny.  On the way home, he picked up a dozen long stemmed red roses for Lori, her favorite.

After a nice dinner with a bottle of wine, Tim took Lori into his arms for a passionate kiss.  He started to pull Lori into the bedroom but noticed she was reluctant, sniffing back some tears but merely attributed it to nervousness.  He gave her a kiss, telling her not to be nervous, that this was going to be a memorable occasion.  Reaching up, he dimmed the lights of the living room and pulled Lori into the darkened bedroom.

As Tim reached up to turn on the lamp next to the bed, Lori grasped his hand telling him to leave it off as it would be more romantic.  But that was not the reasoning for wanting the bedroom in darkness as Lori knew how Tim loved to play with her breasts, how he loved to tongue and suck upon her nipples.  She could not let him see her breasts bruised, with obvious bite marks on them, bite marks made by another man.

When Tim did suck a stiff nipple into his mouth, he heard a loud gasp from Lori as she winced in pain.  But he mistook her reaction, instead thinking that his lips had brought a gasp of pleasure.  Instead the tender nipple that he began sucking upon was so bruised and sensitive that it sent of shiver of pain tingling throughout his wife’s lovely body.

After a bout of lovemaking, Tim fell asleep exhausted as he was worn out from the activity and his flight home.  As he slept, Lori made her way to the bathroom and locked the door.  Then she prepared to douche herself of Tim’s sperm.  She had decided that if she found she was pregnant, she would go to her gynecologist to abort her rapist’s baby.  She did not want the baby aborted to be Tim’s so by douching out his sperm, that possibility would not occur.

Weeks later, Lori was so relieved when her period came, knowing she was not pregnant and would not need an abortion.  Relieved of her main concern, Lori pondered the changes that the rape had done to her.  She recalled the horrible nightmare vividly, recalled the painful rape of her body, but she also recalled the numerous mind-shattering climaxes her rapist had taken her to.  Orgasms that far surpassed those she had ever reached with Tim.  She felt so ashamed that in her lovemaking with Tim since that eventful day, she could not stop the images of being taken brutally by her rapist.

A month later, Ike was called into his supervisor’s office and asked if he recalled moving some equipment in the OT unit.  Nervously he replied that he did, wondering what this was leading up to.  “Well, Ike, Nurse Stickles there said you did a terrific job and she requested you specifically to move another item there.  She asked if you could do it after the last patient gets done with it at 4:30 this afternoon.

When Ike showed up at the Occupational Therapy Unit, there were still three patients there.  The middle-aged nurse thanked him for coming and showed him what was needed to be done.  Then he overheard the nurse talking to her younger coworker, thanking Lori for covering so she could again leave a bit earlier.  Then to his dismay, he heard Lori tell her to go ahead as she’d close up right away since her husband would be picking her up at 5 p.m.

As the final patient was ushered out, Lori closed and locked the front door to the unit.  Then she walked towards her desk where the giant maintenance man had just moved the equipment. No words were spoken as she stared at the man who had brutally raped her the other month.  Her rapist was also staring back at her.  She closed her eyes and gasped as large black hands and touched her uniform, moving to cup her breasts.  Then she was turned and pushed forward onto a nearby table.

Eyes closed as she panted for breath, Lori felt hands moving under the hem of her white uniform.  She gasped as the waistband of her pantyhose and panties were being pulled down over her hips.  “Ohhhhhhhhh …………yesssssssss!” Lori moaned as her slick lips were parted and the thick shafted punched forward, inch by inch into her slick folds.  “Oh, yes ……yes ……fuck me ………..fuck me again………..yesssss ………..deeper ……..deeper!” she groaned.  With long deep strokes, Lori was getting her wish.  “Please,  please ……..make me cum ……….. please …………..ohhhhhhh, God …………….pleassseeee!” she begged.

“Arggggggg ………………….ohhhhhhhhhhh ………ohhhhhhhhhhhh, my GGooodddddd ……………yeeeeeeeees!” Lori screamed as her sexually starved body was about to get the relief it needed.  “Ohhhh, yessss……fuck me, damn you ……..fuck me ………shoot it in me …………shoot your cum in me …………shoot your nigger cum in me ……..I need it so badly!” she begged.

 Hands gripping the edge of her desk, Lori hunched back, trying to get the thick shaft deeper into her snug channel.  Both were panting for breath, both in need of release, when they were startled by the back door’s buzzer.  Then came the crackling of the intercom on Lori’s desk “Hi, Lori!  It’s Tim!  I’m here!”  With her outstretched hand, Lori just managed to reach the ‘Talk’ button and pressed it.  “I ……I’m cummmingggg!” she replied, shuddering in her climax just as Ike’s cock twitched and spurted deep within her womb.  She released the intercom’s button as a thick warmth began to spread in her womb.

 Pulling up her undergarments, Lori stumbled to the back door and opened it slightly “Just another moment, Tim!  I’ll be right out!”  Turning to stand on her tiptoes, she gave her lover a deep passionate kiss.  Then she reached into the pocket of her uniform and pressed a key into Ike’s palm.  Pulling his head down to her, she nipped his ear with her teeth, whispering “You know where I live!  I saw you following me when I was parking my car, on ‘you know what day’!  My husband’s leaving at 6 in the morning for golf.  Would you like to eat a tender juicy ‘beaver’ for breakfast?” she giggled, nipping his ear playfully.

End of Story.