Ravished Nurse – V
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

 Helping people get well and making them comfortable in their time of pain was a pleasure for Sherilyn Hastings, R.N.  She had dreamt of becoming a nurse from the age of six and had gone through her school days with that one goal in mind.  Graduating at the top of her nursing class, Sherilyn got a job at the major hospital in the city where she grew up.  Now at the age of 30, life was very good with as Sherilyn had married her sweetheart from high school and they had a precious six year old girl.  At 5’4”, 117 lbs. with long flowing blonde hair, Sherilyn’s beauty had men’s heads turning wherever she went.

 Sherilyn and her husband Dave were very much in love, just as much as when they first began going together in high school.  She had dated some in high school before meeting Dave but her conservative upbringing kept any type of intimacies to a minimum.  With Dave, there was some light kissing and petting but Sherilyn made certain that nothing got out of hand.  Thus, she entered the marriage as an untouched young woman.

 Having grown up in an upper suburban community, Sherilyn led a rather sheltered life.  Her education was in the exclusive private schools and then nursing school at a private university.  Now she worked as a registered nurse at a privately funded hospital.  With her life being rather sheltered in all these years, had not come into contact with many blacks.  With the hospital where she being privately funded and due to its location, it seemed that very few blacks were ever patients at this hospital.  Most of the black patients went to General Hospital located on the other side of the city.

  Ever since she began dating Dave and her marriage to him, Sherilyn gave no thought to being with any other man.  Making love with Dave was so satisfying and enjoying.  Though many men had tried to make time with her, she just laughed them off telling them she was a happily married woman.

Things would abruptly change with the events that occurred earlier this evening.  Apparently there was a gang fight on the other side of town and General Hospital was filled to the brim.  The police was sending a few of the injured to Provident Hospital where Sherilyn worked.  One of the injured was apparently the leader of one of the gangs and was placed under guard on Sherilyn’s wing.  As the police consider Deion Fraiser dangerous and likely to escape, they handcuffed him to the bed even though he was brought in unconscious.

 At the nurse’s station, Sherilyn was briefed by the nurse’s getting off their shift, learning of this new patient just being admitted prior to the shift change.  After the briefing was done, the nurse that was getting off duty and who had seen the new patient briefly kidded the other nurses “Gosh girls, you should see how black this hoodlum is!  I wonder if it’s true what they say about black men?”  All the nurses giggled and laughed at the comments.

 It was Sherilyn who got that room assignment.  Going to the room, she greeted the police officer at the door.  The officer advised her he’d be right there if she needed his assistance but that the patient was still unconscious and securely handcuffed to the bedrails.  Sherilyn assured the officer that she’d be fine as she entered the room.

 Entering the room, Sherilyn drew the curtains as customary to allow privacy should anyone come into the room.  Facing the unconscious man, Sherilyn had to admit that he was the darkest black man she had ever set her eyes upon.  Even lying in the bed, she knew he was a huge young man.  Picking up the chart, she saw a note indicating the information was taken from his driver’s license, his name being Deion Fraiser, age 22, height 6’4” and weighed 245 lbs.

 On this shift, one of Sherilyn’s duties was to see that all patients had a bath.  Those that could walk and stand without assistance, she would escort them to the show and await for them while fixing their beds in the meantime.  Those that had a difficult time standing but had limited functions, she would assist them in a bed-bath but when it came to wash their private parts, she would merely hand them a washcloth to do it themselves.  But, of course, those who were unconscious or incapable of washing themselves at all, she would give them a complete bed bath.

 In the condition Deion Fraiser was in, Sherilyn checked the charts and indeed would have to give him a complete bed bath.  Though she had given many a complete bed bath before, this was the first black man she would have to give one to.  She nervously opened the top of his hospital gown and wiped down his massive black chest and arms.  With him handcuffed to the bed, she would not be able to turn him in any way to get to his back.  Biting down on her bottom lip, she nervously untied the strings of the bottoms of the hospital gown.  Then the thought entered her mind as to what her co-worker had said.

 Nervously, Sherilyn looked back over her shoulder towards the door.  Her breathing was labored, her heart pounding loudly within her, her hands a bit shaky.  Peeling the bottom of the gown down, she gasped at the sight unfolding before her eyes.  ‘My God!  What they say about black men is really true!’ the thought going through her mind.  She was panting, unable to catch her breath as she stared at the largest penis she had ever seen.  ‘It’s limp but its already the size as Dave when he’s fully erect!’ she thought.

Unable to resist the temptation, Sherilyn unbuttoned the front of her uniform.  Panting for breath, she pulled the limp black arm towards her.  With her free hand, she pulled the bottom of her white bra cup up, her other hand guiding the calloused hand up to cup her breast.  She shivered from the touch of the rough hand on her tender flesh.  Then she pulled the limp hand down, her free hand pulling the waistband of her panties to allow its entry.  She shivered upon feeling the large hand over her mound, then guided its middle finger into her moist gash.

Biting down on her bottom lip again, Sherilyn pondered if she dared doing the unthinkable.  She would normally use a washcloth to wash a patient’s private parts, not touching it with her bare hands.  But she could not help herself, she just had to ‘touch’ it, just this one time.  She looked at the unconscious Deion and saw he was indeed still unconscious.  She gingerly reached out with her right hand, in awe of the contrast her milk white hand and that of the black as coal background of her patient’s muscular thighs.

 Finally her trim fingers edged forward that last inch to touch the soft black tube of flesh, then quickly jerked her hand back as she felt the tube muscle give a twitch in response to her touch.  She looked back up in fear that she had awaken this black man but sighed a breath of relief seeing he was still out.  Then her hand crept back, her trim white fingers now encircling the thick tube of black flesh.  Her trim fingers could fully encircle this black muscle in its soft state.  Then she couldn’t resist the urge to slowly pump it in her hand.  Her breathing became labored again as the black love muscle began to grow in her hand, growing in both length and girth.  Soon her fingertips could no longer touch each other, the girth of the pulsing cock expanding by over fifty percent.

 Sherilyn stared wide-eye as the pulsing black cock got longer and longer in her clenching fist that began to pump faster and faster.  Panting for breath, she realized that what she was staring at must be at least a foot long and six inches in diameter.  She felt the cock throbbing more and more in her hand, its cockhead flaring wide, indicating it had reached its bursting point.  Then it registered that the cock in her hand was about to spew out its massive load.  Realizing that she couldn’t let it spurt into the open air as it would soil the bed sheets and blankets.  Grabbing the wash cloth with her free hand, she managed to just get it over the thick cockhead when it blew its top, spurting squirt after squirt of its thick load into the damp washcloth.  But some of the thick cum flowed back down to coat her slender pumping finger, the slick goo lubricating the pumping action.

 Ashamed at herself for what she had just done, Sherilyn quickly covered up the patient and reopened the curtain.  Her heart beating madly, Sherilyn retreated into the bathroom in the patient’s room, leaned against the wall to catch her breath.  She brought her right hand up in front of her, her fingers showing the wet sheen to it.  Bringing in fingers up to her face, she inhaled the heady scent of her cum coated fingers, then rubbed her damp fingers right up against her face.  Her left hand moved under the skirt of her uniform and delved into the waistband of her pantyhose and panties, seeking to touch her juicing slit.

Moments later, her body quivered in a mild orgasm allowing her body to come back down to reality.  Then Sherilyn realized just what she had done, tears formed in her eyes at the sinful acts she had just committed.  She then returned to the nursing station to get hold of herself first before going to her other patients.  She threw the used towels into the laundry basket, then wiped her still damp hand onto her white uniform.  Throughout her shift, Sherilyn felt guilty at what she had done but then when no one was around she couldn’t help but bring her fingers up to her nose for a whiff of the masculine odor.
 When Sherilyn return home, Dave gave her a deep passionate kiss.  As it was nearing midnight, her young daughter was already in bed.  Undressing in the bedroom, Dave came up behind her and nuzzled at the neck, pushing his hardon up against her buttocks.  She tried to put her husband off a bit, telling him that she was dirty and needed to shower.  But Dave was in a loving mood, telling her he wanted her ‘nice and grimy’.  As the cuddled on the bed, Sherilyn moved her hand down to her husband’s shorts and stroked his bulging crotch.

 Slipping her right hand under the elastic waistband of her husband’s shorts, Sherilyn felt so wicked at what she was doing.  Stroking Dave’s fully erect penis, she couldn’t help but to compare it to the one she had handled earlier that evening.  Dave’s erection was merely the size of the black cock when it was in its limp state before she had touched it.  It was so wicked, yet so thrilling for Sherilyn to be stroking her husband’s cock while her hand was still soiled with the dried spunk from the long black cock.

 “Oh, baby!  Ohhhh …………..I’m gonna cum in your hand if you continue …………!” Dave groaned as his wife’s soft hand was stroking him faster and faster.  Never had he seen his lovely wife handle his cock so feverishly, as if she wanted to make him cum in this manner.  “Ohhhhhhhhh, honeyyy ……………..ohhhhhhhhhh!” he groaned as his cock twitched madly and began to squirt out its cum, soaking his jockey shorts.

 Sherilyn swallowed hard, feeling her husband’s now drooling cock ooze it’s love juice onto her still pumping fist.  Finally she let go of his now shrunken penis, looking at how tiny it was to the black cock when it too was in its limp state.  Rubbing her slick fingers together, she could not help but to compare Dave’s thin watery cum as compared to the thick jism that earlier soiled her fingers.

 Finally making her way to her bathroom to shower, Sherilyn could not be help but notice how much more masculine the smell was earlier in the evening as compared to the watery cum now on her fingers.  Under the shower, she leaned back against the stall, letting the hot water bead down upon her as she thought back to the earlier events in that patient’s room.  Closing her eyes, she slipped a finger into her juicing love slit and shudder to a mild orgasm, all the while picturing the long black cock that had captivated her.

 The next evening, Sherilyn greeted the officer guarding the door to the patient’s room.  Nervously, she entered the room and moved to draw the curtains shut.  Looking at the chart, it indicated that the patient appeared to be recovering a bit but still had not regained consciousness but that some stirrings had occurred during the day.  She went about her duties of giving the patient a bath, telling herself that what had occurred the night before must never happen ever again.

 As she pulled the strings to the hospital drawers apart, her breathing became labored again, knowing just what lay in waiting.  She had already soaped the washcloth and was about to use it to wash the patient’s private parts.  As she drew the hospital pants apart, Sherilyn shivered as she gazed upon the long black penis, limp in its current state but just as long as her husband’s fully erect one.  She knew that she just had to handle it again, wanting to touch it again with her bare hands.

 Mesmerized by the long black cock, tonight Sherilyn reached out with both hand and wrapped her fingers around the black fleshy tube as if she was grasping the handle of a baseball bat.  She felt it throb in her hands, then watched and felt it begin to grow before her eyes.  Nervously she licked her lips, wondering if she dared to the unthinkable, the unthinkable that she had always refused Dave the pleasure of.  Dave had often begged her to put her lips on him but she had always refused saying she was not a slut.  But deep down she had wished Dave would grab her by the hair and force her to suck him.

 So engrossed by the sight of the throbbing length in her hands and the wicked thoughts that filled her mind, Sherilyn was unaware of the blinking eyes of the patient.  Deion was unaware of where he was exactly, but seeing this blonde angel handling his black cock, heaven couldn’t be better than this.  Then the memories of the gang fight slowly filtered through his mind and Deion realized that he was in the hospital as a result of it.  He watched as the soft white hands stroked his throbbing cock, clenching his teeth tightly to keep from groaning, not wanting this beautiful blonde to stop what she was doing.

 Deion saw the look on the lovely blonde’s face, saw the slight hesitation and knew exactly what was going on in her mind.  Holding still, he held his breath as he saw the beauty lick her lips and dip her head down.  He gritted his teeth, his body shuddered as the soft pink lips encircled his thick cockhead.  Deion wanted to groan and let his throbbing cock unleash its pent up lust.  If it wasn’t for the handcuffs, he’d grab her long blonde hair and hold her tightly as he unleashed his hot cum.  He looked at her name tag and knew he’d always remember Sherilyn Hastings, R.N., as very few woman could handle the entire load that the lovely Ms. Hastings was eagerly gobbling up.

 In her bedroom that night, Sherilyn blinked back the tears as she felt so ashamed of herself.  She could not understand how she could do anything so filthy, putting a man’s penis into her mouth, a black man’s penis at that.  Her body shuddered at the thought of letting the filthy cock spurt its salty goo into her mouth.  Worst yet was how she continued to suck on the spurting cock and swallowed its entire load.  She had not performed such an act on her loving Dave and here she sucked off a black hoodlum.  She told herself that as of now would maintain control of herself, praying that her willpower was strong enough to withstand further sinful temptations.

 The next day, Sherilyn arrived at work, telling herself that she must resist any forbidden tempations.  She gave a large sigh of relief when she learned that the patient, Deion Fraiser, had been transferred to General Hospital as the opposing gang factions were no longer confined there.  When she walked into the empty room where the black patient had been, she shivered at the memories of what took place in recent nights, squeezing her thighs together as her slick juices dampened her panties.

 Over the next two weeks, things began to return to normal for Sherilyn.  No new temptations arose at her workplace but that was probably due to no black patients being admitted.  However, whenever she was alone with Dave she felt more and more guilty on how she had cheated on him.  But their love making did not improve at all, instead it deteriorated as Sherilyn was expecting much more, she had to close her eyes and make believe it was Deion’s black cock that she was handling.

 On Wednesday, Sherilyn got to work and sat at the nurse’s station.  She checked her tray and was surprised to find an envelope addressed to her.  There was no indication who the sender was but the postmark caught her attention ‘Bolton Prison’.  Curious, she opened the envelope and opened the card.  Reading it she began to get flushed as her hand holding the note began to tremble.  It read: “Dear Nurse Hastings, I want to thank you personally for the excellent care you gave me.  I especially enjoyed the personal hand massages you gave me at night!  I hope to thank you in person once I’m released.  Love, Deion Fraiser.”  Then the realization came to her that he must have been awake all the while she had done those filthy things.  She shivered in disgust, disgust with herself, feeling ashamed that she had been caught in the act.

 A year went by and the Hastings’ seven year old girl kept them quite busy with her music lessons as well as participating in youth soccer.  It seemed that Sherilyn and Dave hardly had any time left for themselves.  Lovemaking had dwindled now to being very infrequent, all of which left Sherilyn high and dry as Dave could not last very long due to the length of the infrequency.

 On this Sunday, Sherilyn was walking the two blocks from church to return home.  Her husband Dave had gone out to the country club for a round of golf while their daughter was spending the day at he grandparents.  As it was a nice sunny day, Sherilyn thought it would be an ideal day to work in her small garden.   She waved goodbye to the neighbors who had been walking back with her from the morning service and walked up to her front entrance.

 Sherilyn opened the door and entered the security of her nicely kept home.  Entering the foyer, she turned and closed the front door behind her then turned into the entrance of the living.  She gave a loud audible gasp as she observed a black intruder sitting on the living room sofa.  She opened her mouth to scream for help and then she recognized the black smiling face.  Her body shuddered in both fear and shame, for this man knew her sinful secrets.  She recalled the note she had received a year ago and now he was right before her.

 Deion looked up at the lovely blonde angel, looking even more sexy now with her long blonde hair flowing down to her shoulders.  He remembered how lovely she looked that night in the hospital, looking like an angel to him.  Now she looked like a fucking sexpot and he knew the fires burning within her lovely body.  She stood before him in a nice blue dress with 3” white heels, her milk white body looking so soft and flawless.  “Hello, Mrs. Hastings!  Did you receive my note from prison?  I can’t wait for another great massage from your soft sexy hands, Mrs. Hastings!  I also brought more of that hot tapioca pudding that you love to eat!” he taunted, loving the sight of her turn flush from his comments.

 Frozen to the spot, Sherilyn knew she should run out of her house and get away from this black man, knowing it would only lead to trouble.  Though her mind raced through her mind with that thought, the mental pictures flashed through her as to physical pleasures awaited if she stayed.  Her breathing was labored as her gaze followed the movement of his right hand, watching it slowly move over his hip to caress the bulging crotch.  Unconsciously she licked at her lips, knowing just what lay hidden beneath.

 “Please ………please leave!  I ….I’ll call the police!  You ………you’ll go back to prison!” she threatened.  “Go ahead, bitch, call the fucking cops!  I’ve got a good story to tell’em, one your husband and the hospital staff will enjoy learning about!  Now either get your ass over here or we’ll wait till hubby comes home and you can tell him all about me!” Deion barked back to her.  At that, Deion began to slowly strip off his clothing, enjoying the look of horror on the beauty's face as she panted for breath.  He saw the whites of her eyes as they widened when he put his thumbs into the waistband of his black jockeys.

 In a daze, Sherilyn stepped toward the sofa at Deion’s urgings, nervously biting down on her lip.  Moments later, she was kneeling on her soft living room carpet handling that long black penis that she had so often dreamt of.  This differed so much from just a half hour earlier when she was kneeling in church to pray.  She pumped at the long black cock, mesmerized as she watched it continue to grow and thicken, feeling the power of its throbbing.  Her mouth began to water and she licked her lips in eagerness, remembering the tasty treat that awaited her.

 Deion had only ordered her to come and get the big black cock that she wanted.  No further demands nor orders were made to this lovely white wife.  He knew she was his for the taking.  He let her do all the work and did not say anything, letting her satisfy the suppressed cravings for his black cock.  After a year in the joint and only his fist to satisfy himself, the soft white hands stroking his throbbing cock nearly had him spouting his seed in only a moments time.  Gritting his teeth tightly, he managed to stem the urge to let loose his cannon.  He could only groan from the absolute pleasure coursing through his body.
    Looking down into his lap, Deion couldn’t believe the fabulous sight of this beautiful young wife gobbling up his long black cock.  He watched as the entire length of his cock began to disappear into the hot sucking mouth, something even the pros had trouble doing.  Then the sight of her baby blue eyes staring back at him, he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold back any longer.  Wrapping his fingers into the soft blonde hair, he groaned and grunted as his body shook in convulsions.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ………yeah …………………ohhhhhh, you sweet baby!” he groaned loudly as his cock exploded deep in her contracting throat.  Wave after wave of convulsions shook his frame as the beautiful young wife continued to suck him dry.

 Sucking the hot salty protein, Sherilyn licked up and down the shiny black stalk, twirling her pointed tongue around the bulb like cockhead.  Then reality set back in as she stared at the long black shaft in her hands.  She groaned and shuddered, her stomach beginning to churn from the hot fluid in her belly.  ‘Oh, God, what have I done?  How could I do such a sinful thing again?  And here in my very own home?  What would Dave say if he ever learned of this?’ she pondered.

 Realization of the horror of what she had just done, she dropped the black cock in her hand like a hot potato.  Jumping up to her feet, Sherilyn panted in horror, clutching her stomach as she stared at the waving black cock.  Then she began to shiver in fright as Deion got up and stood towering above her as she looked up at his wide grinning face.  She felt so small and tiny compared to Deion’s muscular bulk, this being the first time she saw him standing.

 Sherilyn was frightened as Deion’s huge frame closed the short distance between them, her hands raising up defensively in front of her.  Closing her eyes, she stuttered “P …pl ….please ………..I …..I…ohhhhh!” moaning as she felt his large hands upon her shoulders.  “Ohhhhhh ………..please don’t!  Please ………I ……I’ve only been with my husband!” she pleaded as she felt the zipper of her dress being undone.  She could only stand there helplessly, gasping as her dress was pushed off her shoulders.  With her hands up, the front of her dress hung onto the front of her arms.  Then she lowered her arms and the dress fell into a heap on the carpet.  Her body now trembled in anticipation, shivering as the large hands moved softly across her back to fumble with the snap of her lacy bra.

 Eyes still closed, Sherilyn gasped as the thin shoulder straps were drawn over her shoulders and she felt her breasts being bared as her bra fell onto her crumpled dress.  “Ohhhhh, Godddd ………..ohhhhhhh!” she moaned loudly was a sensitive pink nipple was enveloped in Deion’s hot slurping mouth, the nipple teased by the swirling tongue.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhh ………..!” she groaned as the other nipple received the same homage.  Her body shuddered and swooned in a mild orgasm, something she had not felt for months.

 She was unaware of her baby blue panties being drawn over her hips and slithered down her legs onto the pile of clothing.  Then she was in the muscular pair of black arms, her arms wrapped around a thick black neck for support, as she was being carried down the long hallway.  Now she was clad only in her white heels, with her baby blue panties caught and dangling from one heel.

  In a moment Sherilyn was staring upon her bedroom ceiling, her panties and heels now stripped from her and lay strewn about the bedroom floor, a room that was supposed to be the sanctity of her and Dave’s.  She shuddered at the thought of what she was about to allow to happen right here on her marital bed.  Whatever horrid acts she had committed till now could no where compare to this moment, now she was about to let a black hoodlum fuck her on her marital bed, letting him soil him soil her on the bed that she shared with her loving husband.

 All Sherilyn could do was to arch up and moan as her nipples were being so expertly suckled by Deion’s hungry lips.  “Ohhhh, yessss ……..ohhhhhh ……….ohhhh…..ohhh ……ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she groaned loudly as Deion nibbled his way down to juicing slit.  “Ohhhhhh ………..Goddddddddd!” she screamed loudly, as for the first time in her life she was actually being eaten alive.  In response to the delving tongue between her legs, she arched her hips up to feed him her sweet honey.  Then her body shook madly, she grasp his kinky hair tightly with all her fingers as a mind-shattering orgasm overpowered her.

 Ten minutes later, Sherilyn tried to clear the cobwebs from her mind, trying to focus on where she was and what she was doing.  The reality hit her and she groaned not believing she was capable of letting another man make love to her on her marital bed, a black man at that.  She knew she had to put a stop to this sordid affair but that thought quickly disappeared as her body shook from the sensations generated from the tongue lapping over her sensitive nipples.

 Her hands clasped around Deion’s  head as Sherilyn moaned from the pleasure of his suckling.  “Ohhhhh …………..!” she moaned as the hot tongue made a wet trail downward, tongue then teasingly delved and teased her belly button.  Her mouth was wide open, panting for breath as Deion’s head began its journey down further, nearing precious jewel that only belonged to her husband Dave.  Sherilyn groaned as she realized what Deion actually intended on doing, something that she had never before experienced and which her husband had never considered doing to her.

 Sherilyn’s fingers griped into the black kinky hair, trying desperately to pull Deion’s head upward and away from her wet juicy slit.  “Nooo ……no ……nooo ……………………..arggghhhhhhhh! she groaned loudly.  She drew back her feet to plant them on the bed, pushing her quivering cunt into Deion’s hungry mouth.  “Ohhhhhh, Godddd ……………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed as her body shuddered in  a wild orgasm.  Her thigh muscles tightened rigidly, her mouth open as she gasped for breath, her cunt muscles contracting madly to feed the slurping mouth.

 Twenty minutes later, Sherilyn blinked her eyes and shuddered as her eyes focused upon Deion who was kneeling between her wide spread thighs.  ‘Oh, my God!  It wasn’t a dream!’ she cringed, realizing what she had allowed this black man to do to her.  Her breathing was labored as she watched Deion shucking as this thick cock, watching it grow to back to life under his manipulations.  She watched as pre-cum began to form and build at the tip of the black swollen cock.

 Staring as Deion shuffled up between her ivory legs, Sherilyn reached down with both hands to grasp the pulsing black cock.  She slowly began to stroke it up and down, fingers unable to fully encircle the thick shaft.  Then Sherilyn realized the kind of danger she was playing with “Ohhhh ……please, not here ……..not in here!  You ….you need to put a condom on!  Please, let me get one from the nightstand!”

“No way, sweet thing!  If you want it, Mrs. Hastings, it’s gonna have to be some raw juicy dark meat!” Deion chuckled, rubbing his thick cockhead up and down the wet slit.  “Oh, please, please …………I’m not on the pill ………...you’ll get me pregnant!” Sherilyn pleaded, her body betraying her as she arched up against the thick shaft in her hands.  She groaned as she herself rubbed the shaft head along her slick cunny lips, bringing it up to rub against her sensitive clit.  Then the slick love slit was stretched to envelope the pulsing black cockhead.  “Ohhhhhhhhh ………………….my, God ………..oooohhhhh, we must stopppp!” she gasped, her cunt muscles clamping tightly around the thick black bulb.

Grasping the trim white hips in his black palms, Deion grinned as he watched the desperate beauty squirming in on her marital bed, in dire need of a good fucking.  Then he slowly punched forward, inch by inch into the tight slick folds of the squirming beauty.  With the reluctant wife’s arms clutched around his broad shoulders and legs crossed over his ass, Deion knew this lovely young wife was now his for the taking.  He felt the trim legs around him squeezing at him, trying desperately pull him deeper into her.  Losing all will power, Sherilyn pleaded “Oh, please ……please ……..ohhhhhhhh,  ……ohhhhhhhh!”  Deion could only smiled as the beauty clenched his cock tightly with her contracting cunt muscles.

 “Ohhhhhhhh ……………owwwwwwww …………….oh, nooooooo I ….I can’t ……….stopppp ……..stop …………you’re too biggggg!” Sherilyn yelled, her hands trying to push at the thrusting black hips.  She was being stretched beyond belief, never having encountered such a monstrosity. “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……….ohhhhhhhhh …..…………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she sobbed when Deion pushed forward to spear more of his black shaft into her.  With a hard lunge, Deion’s cock lanced deeply into the groaning young wife.  Then he began to repeatedly withdraw his lengthy shaft, till only the bulb of his cockhead remained captured, then he plunged back down with all his weight.

 The Hasting’s bed creaked as never before, swaying madly, headboard banging against the wall and threatening to collapse from the wild activity upon it.  The long deep thrusts and withdrawals sent Sherilyn’s once resisting body now over the edge, thigh muscles now contracting around the mighty shaft within her whenever it plunged deep into her womb.  “Ohhh …..ohhhh …..ohhhh …..ohhh …..ohhhh ………!” she chanted in timing with each thrust.  Sherilyn desperately needed to extinguish the burning itch between her legs, her hips arched up to meet each thrust.

 With long deep strokes, Deion deliberately slowed his pumping action to let the young wife feel every inch of his long cock.  Wanting her to always remember this first fuck on her marital bed, by a man other than her husband, he began to taunt her “Is this what a faithful white wife does on her marital bed?  Didn’t you pledge your love and faithfulness to your loving husband, Mrs. Hastings?  Why are you begging for along black cock right in your husband’s bed?”  Then he began to speed up his long thrusts “Tell me what you want, Mrs. Hastings!  Tell me you want me to fuck you and shoot my nigger cum deep in your womb!”

Sherilyn bit down on her lip, desperately trying to retain some dignity.  Hearing no response and seeing the young wife fighting to give into his demands, he stopped his cock stopped in the middle of a thrust, deliberately letting his thick cock pulsate madly in the clenching snug confines.  “Wh …wh ….what?  Oh, please ……please, don’t stop …………please, I’m so close ……..please!” Sherilyn begged, trying desperately to clasp her legs and arms tighter against his muscular black body.

Deion smiled widely as he gazed upon the frantic young wife “I’m Gonna cum if I don’t pull it out, Mrs. Hastings! Thought you didn’t want me to cum in ya, Mrs. Hastings!  Gonna have to stop fucking or I’m gonna cum in ya!” Deion could only smile as the now frantic young wife desperately tried to arch herself up further onto his black pole.  “Oh, please … please …….I’m so close ………….you …….you can’t stop ……..not now!” Sherilyn begged.
“But Mrs. Hastings, you’re gonna get knocked up if I cum in you?  What’s your husband gonna say when a little black baby is pushed out by you’re long sexy legs?” Deion quizzed tauntingly.  Sherilyn was desperate but she knew it was so dangerous, too dangerous.  Her blonde hair whipped from side to side in desperation, squeezing her thighs and tightening her legs around Deion, she tried desperately to have him resume his thrusts into her.

Sherilyn’s arms clutched at the broad black shoulders, her hands now clawing deeply into him, drawing blood.  She began hunching up madly to capture more of his thick cock, pleading with him “Please, please ……………..please, make let me cum, please ………………..Oh, God …..damn you ……………damn you ……………fuck me, fuck me!”

 “Ohhhh, Mrs. Hastings, I gonna cum in you if you don’t stop!  Gotta pull out now or I’m gonna cum!” Deion groaned, desperately trying to keep from cumming until he broke her completely.  Whimpering in total frustration, Sherilyn begged “Oh, please ……………please squirt it in me ………………give me your cum ……………….shoot your nigger cum in me …………………give me your baby ……………..knock me up …………….knock me up with your black baby!”

 Deion grinned at the beautiful young wife as he now began to fuck her in earnest, giving her his long deep strokes.  Grasping her trim white hips, he reared back slowly till just the tip of his cock remained captured in her snug hole, then slammed forward will all his might, burying his cock deep into her womb.  “Argggggggg ………oh …ohhh ……..ohhhhhhhhhhh ……….its so ……so bigggggg!” Sherilyn groaned as Deion fucked her now with jackhammer speed.

 Gritting his teeth to keep from shooting his load, Deion felt the soft petite body under him tense then shudder in convulsions.  “Ohhhh ……ohhhhhhh …………. ohhhhhhhh …………. ohhhhhhhhhhhh …….ohhhhhhhh, my GGGGooodddddddddddd ……………yeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!” Sherilyn screamed, her back arching as an orgasm shook her entire body.   Holding her trembling asscheeks up to him, he buried the length of his cock in to the hilt, taking great pleasure in seeing this beautiful white wife react in such a powerful orgasm.

 This was all Deion could handle, he had to cum and very soon.  Normally he could make a bitch cum three times before losing his load but one year without a woman took its toll.  This sweet honey was too much for him and the thought of knocking her up only added fuel to the fire within him.  “Oh, baby ……….you sweet little bitch …….gonna knock you up good!” he groaned.  His body began to convulse and his mighty black cock began to belch out its hot potent cream, deep into the fertile womb of the lovely young wife.

 When Sherilyn came back down to earth and out of her stupor, the horror of her situation struck her.  Tears formed in her eyes as she began to quietly sob as she tried to push the heavy black body off her.  “Please ………..please ………you must get off ……….I need to douche ………you didn’t wear a condom …………I….I might get pregnant!” she whimpered.  “Ohhhhh ……nooo!” she sobbed as the cock that had so recently gave her so much pleasure made her shudder in revulsion as it twitched in her swamped love slit.

 Deion was intent on not allowing this lovely honey to douche out his seed, wanting it to take root.  He continued to twitch his cock till it began to grow within her, growing back to its full length.  Twice more he seeded her on her marital bed, bringing her to numerous climaxes, before he finally withdrew his then limp dick.  His cock slipped out with a slip ‘pop’, bringing a groan from the young wife, as a thick flow of jism flowed out of her well fucked slit.  But Deion knew that so much time had lapsed since he shot his first load that any attempt to douche out his seed would be too fucking late on her part.

End of Story.