Ravished Nurse - VI
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

It had been a long hard day of physical labor for Ike, having to move all the medical equipment from one department in the hospital and relocating it at the opposite end of the large complex.  The move took longer than expected and his boss told him overtime was approved for him to stay till the move was completed.  It took two hours of overtime before the job was finally done.  'Boy, I'm beat!  Can't wait to get into bed!' he thought as he headed for his car.

Hearing female voices in a distant, Ike stepped back into the shadows against the corner of the wall.  He heard some laughter as the women approached the parking lot.  Peering out, he observed the white uniforms of three nurses approaching, then turned to enter the parking lot.  One nurse in particular, a lovely blonde, caught his eye causing him to swallow hard as his cock stiffened in his pants.  He continued watching, seeing the other two nurses head on out to a white van while the beautiful blonde got into a blue sedan.  As the car backed up, Ike made note of the blue sedan's license plate number, knowing he'd be on the lookout for it in the near future.

Finally at home in his cramped little apartment unit, Ike lay upon his bed and stroked at his cock.  Closing his eyes as he mentally visualized the lovely blonde nurse, he stroked himself faster and faster.  On the verge of cumming, he groaned loudly "Oh, baby, you're gonna make 'ol Ike happy soon!  Soon, baby ………real soon!  Yeah, ya gonna spreading those long beautiful legs for good 'ol Ike!  Ike's gonna 'ruin' ya good!  Gonna plant my nigga seed and knock ya up, you beautiful little bitch!  Ah, yeah ……………..oh, yahhhhhhhhhh!"  Spurt after spurt erupted from the massive jerking muscle being stroked.

Having been successful in several rapes around the hospital, Ike was feeling quite confident as none of the rapes had been reported.  He knew the beautiful nurses were too ashamed to report it to the police and have their fellow employees learn of their debasement.  More so, he knew a major reason also lay in the fact that none of those beauties wanted their punk white boys to learn that their prized possession had been raped and 'ruined' by a black rapist, one who was far more well-endowed then what they possessed.

The next two nights, Ike waited in the shadows near the parking lot, hoping for an opening where he could make his move.  He noted that this parking lot was a distance from the hospital, though on the hospital grounds, and that there was little traffic once it was filled.  Both last night and this evening, he noted that the white van was situated very close to his prey's blue car.  He knew there was no way that he could get to her without drawing the attention of her friends.  Again he watched as the three nurses arrive and then get into their respective cars as they departed the parking lot.

The following night, Ike was again disappointed to see the white van just two cars away from the blue sedan.  He knew there was no way he'd be able to get close to that lovely blonde nurse on this night.  Right on time, he heard the voices of the nurses approaching.  Peering out, he saw the long silky blonde hair of his prey glistening in the moonlight.  Staring at her beauty, unzipping his pants to withdraw his throbbing cock, Ike began to stroke himself.  He couldn't believe how beautiful she was, flawless white sexy body in her nurse's uniform.  Just before she disappeared into her car, his body shuddered as his cock jerked in spasms, his hot thick cum jetting out into the bushes before him.

Oblivious to the stalker's lusting eyes following her every move, Terri Nichols locked her car doors upon entering and started her car up.  She had always wanted to be a nurse, to care for injured or ill people, ever since she was a young girl.  Now, happily married to handsome Mike Nichols with two young girls of her own, Terri thought that life couldn't get much better.  'Well, maybe just a little bit better!  It sure would be much better to be on the permanent day shift so I can spend more time with Mike and the girls!' she thought.  One other factor was a fear within her in walking about the hospital grounds at night but fortunately her two friends felt the same and they accompanied one another whenever they got off work.

Driving home, Terri thought of her loving husband and recalled how they met in a class during their college days.  She had dated a few boys in high school and then in college, but there was nothing serious between her and any of the boys she dated.  Just a couple of light kisses and no intimate touches during those dates, until she fell in love with Mike.  She enjoyed his kisses and even allowed him to touch her intimate spots but always through her clothing, telling him he'd have to wait till they were married.  Naughtily, she had even grasped his manhood through his pants and caressed him, squeezing the throbbing shaft.

She smiled happily, glad she had put Mike off till their marriage six years ago.  Now at the age of 27, her two daughters aged 5 and 3, Terri was happy and no other man interested her.  She couldn't help but notice how many men were captivated by her beautiful 5'4" 115 lb. frame, but she didn't flaunt her natural beauty in any manner.  Many a handsome doctor had tried his luck but she just smiled and politely told each one that she was a happily married woman.

After another week of fruitless surveillance, Ike was beside himself with frustration and horniness.  Beating off each night just seemed to build his need to possess the lovely blonde beauty.  Earlier during the week, he had made his rounds floor by floor in the hospital wing from where she came, using the pretense of checking some of the pipes in the hospital rooms.  Finally he had spotted her and pretended to be repairing one of the bathroom pipes in the room she covered during her shift.  He saw her name on her name tag and also noticed the sparkling diamond and wedding band that graced her ring finger.

One night, when the van was too close for him to do anything, Ike waited for the blue sedan to pull out of the lot.  Parked across the street, he followed at a safe distance so as not to attract her attention.  He smiled as she led him straight to the house she resided at with her family.  Noting the other car in the garage as the garage door open, he knew her husband was at home.  Driving around the block again, he noted a bedroom light on and assumed that to be the location of the master bedroom.

Knowing that she was some white boy's prized possession, that fact made Ike even hornier than ever.  He was near panting in heat as he fiddled with the pipe while his eyes were glued to her long sexy legs as she bent over to tuck in a new sheet on the empty bed.  'Man, I'm tempted to run over there this second and push her down on that bed!  God, she'll be screaming bloody murder when I stick in her tight little cunt!' he mulled.  But he got hold of his lust, telling himself to maintain control and bide his time.  Once she went out of the room, Ike closed the bathroom door to unzip his pants.  Moments later, after a sigh of relief, his massive load lay harmlessly at the bottom of the toilet.

Finally, one night Ike's eyes gleamed and his heart pounded in anticipation as he gazed about the parking lot.  The white van was in the general area where it was normally parked.  However the blue car belonging to the lovely Mrs. Terri Nichols was parked at the opposite end of the lot.   Immediately next to his prey's car was another van, a black one, perfectly situated to block the view of anyone entering the lot from the walkway.  Cock twitching in anticipation, Ike smiled and muttered "Yes!  Tonight's the night!  Ohhhh, Mrs. Nichols, you're gonna be mine tonight!"

Hiding up against the back of the black van, Ike lay in wait for the lovely Mrs. Terri Nichols.  Looking at his watch, he knew they would soon be arriving and donned on his black ski mask.  Dressed in dark clothing, he would be well hidden up against the black van and the many shadows in this dimly lit area.

Chatting with her two friends till they reached the white van, Terri then proceeded towards her car.  She heard her friend's van start up and stop before turning to the exit.  She felt so thankful that her friends were also concerned about safety and had stopped to make sure she got to her car safely.  With her keys in her hand, Terri inserted the key into the driver's door and opened it slightly.  Then she looked up to her friends in the van and waved to signal that she was okay.  She watched as her friends exchanged the wave and proceeded out of the parking lot.

Just as she moved to open the door wider, a heavy weight fell upon her back, pushing her up against the door, slamming it shut.  "Hel ………….mphhhhhhhhh!" came her muffled scream that was cut off by the gloved hand over her mouth.  Shaking with fear, Terri realized that her worst fears were now before her, that of being attacked and raped in the deserted parking lot.  Tears flowed from her eyes as her body shuddered in absolute fear.  She fought and struggled as best as she could but she was no match against her more powerful assailant, who now had pushed her up over the side of her car partially onto the trunk area.

"Oh, baby ………….you feel so fuck'n sexy …………so soft!  Just as I've imagined watching you each night!" Ike whispered up against her ear.  He enjoyed feeling the trembling of her body as he pressed up against her.  Snuggling up closer against her, pressing his face into her soft golden hair, he stuck his tongue out to tease her earlobe.  Then he taunted her "Ever had a big black cock up your tight little pussy, Mrs. Nichols?  You gonna have a 'real' man tonight, sweetie!"  He heard her sobbing against his gloved hand and again felt her tremble in fear as he taunted her.

Feeling her assailant's free hand moving up under her uniform, Terri shuddered in horror.  Crying, she thought of her husband, feeling so ashamed at what was happening to her and wondering just how she could tell him of this brutal assault.  'Oh, God!  Please ……….please don't let him rape me!' she prayed.  She shivered in fear as she felt that hand now pulling at the waistband of her panties and pantyhose, pulling them down over her hips, baring her lower body.

Hearing the sound of a zipper being undone behind her, her eyes widened in horror at what was about to take place.  Struggling with all of her might, she could not get out from under her muscular assailant.  Pushed up further against her car, her feet were off the ground.  With her legs flailing helpless in the air, she lost her nursing shoes in the process.  Against her will, her legs were being pushed apart and then she felt the stiff prodding between her legs.  'Oh, God!  Oh, my God!  No ………..no man could be built like that!  He ………he'll kill me with that!' she shuddered.

Ike would have like to have taken this little beauty in a more comfortable spot but he was just too fuck'n horny after all the nights beating off as she passed by.  His throbbing cock was rock hard and it felt so fuck'n good to just be pushing it between her soft white thighs in search of her tight little pussy.  His hips made circular motions as he edged forward in search of his goal, then groaned as his cockhead pushed up against her tight little slit.

"Feel that, honey?  Gonna 'ruin' ya with my big 'ol nigga cock, sweetie!  When ya go home tonight, tell that white boy of yours that you had a 'real' man tonight!  Tell him how a nigger filed up your little belly with his hot seed!  Yeah, baby …………..gonna knock ya up good!" Ike laughed as the beauty continued to struggle against him.  Then he pushed up hard against her, forcing his thick cockhead into her tight slit.

"Mmmphhhhhhh ……………….mmphhhhhhhhhhhh ……………….mmmmmm ………mmmmmm!" came the muffled screams from his sobbing victim.  "Gotcha, bitch!" he groaned with pleasure as he felt his cockhead enveloped in her warm tight opening.  "Ohhhh, baby …………you're tight!  Gonna stretch ya good, sweetie!  After I'm done with ya, hubby's gonna fall into your hole with his little wiener!" Ike laughed.

Shuddering in horror, Terri sobbed into the gloved hand that covered her mouth as she felt the blunt fleshy instrument become a part of her.  'Oh, God …………….noooooooo!  Oh, God ……………….let me die!  How …………..how can I ever face Mike again?  Oh, Mike ……….Mike ……………Mike!  Oh, God ………………….it hurts …………….it hurts so badddddddd!' her mind raced as she could only sob into the gloved hand.

With a hard thrust, Ike groaned with pleasure as his lengthy cock was now fully sheathed in the lovely beauty.  He knew she had never been penetrated so deeply, not the way in which his cock was of tightly fitted, knowing that his cockhead was throbbing in virgin territory.  He gave a twitch of his cockhead to let the sobbing beauty fully feel his thick manhood that now was right in her fertile womb.  Freezing his motions a bit, Ike had to let the shivering urge pass or he would explode right then and there.  After waiting so long to get his hands on this sexy little beauty, he wanted it to last as long as possible and be a memorable occasion.

Once that shivering urge passed, Ike then withdrew his cock till just his cockhead remained in the sobbing beauty.  Then he slowly pushed forward till he was fully sheathed again.  Over and over and over again, Ike fucked in and out of the trembling beauty.  Then he slowly increased the speed of the fuck, humping now faster and faster, nailing his sobbing victim again the back of her car.

Terri's long blonde hair tossed about from side to side as she shook her head in despair.  Clenching her teeth tightly together, she fought that familiar feeling that was beginning to course throughout her body, that same feeling she got only in lovemaking with her husband as she neared an orgasm.  'Oh, God ………………..please!  Please don't let me feel any pleasure from this vile rapist!' she quietly sobbed.  But her body betrayed her wishes as she began to move in unison with her attacker, humping back at him in order to get the deepest possible penetration.

Ike smiled as he felt the change take place in his victim's sexy body, knowing that he was getting to her.  'Oh, yeah, baby ………………gonna give ya a fuck you'll never ever forget!' he said to himself as he sped up the fuck even more.  Then he felt the sexy body go into convulsive spasms, shaking like a leaf.  He knew that he had just given the lovely Mrs. Terri Nichols a mind-shattering orgasm.  Ike stilled his body again, enjoying the feel of the soft sexy body climaxing around his throbbing cock.

A mind-shattering orgasm indeed was racking Terri's innocent body, one so much more powerful that she had ever experienced with her husband, the only man she had ever experienced till now.   Shuddering madly, she finally began to come back down to earth and realized 'Oh, God!  How disgraceful ………I ………….I came with another man in me!  Ohhhh, God …………..he …………he's still in me!'  Closing her eyes, she prayed 'Oh, please …………..oh, please …………..don't let him cum in me!'  Realizing that she was quite fertile at this time of the month, she quivered at the horrible thought 'Oh, God ………………..what …………what if I get pregnant by him?'

Now at near jackhammer speed, the slapping of flesh against flesh echoed through the parking lot.  "Oh, babyyyyy …………….gonna fill ya with my hot nigga seed!  Gonna knock ya up real good!  Oh, yeah, baby …………………..gonna cum ………..ahhhhhhh, shit ………………..yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Ahhh …..ahhhh …….ahhhh!" Ike groaned, his body in spasms as his cock belched out his hot thick seed directly into her fertile womb.

The hot explosion deep in her womb sent Terri over the edge again, her body shook in spasms as she again soared to another mind-shattering climax of the same magnitude that she experienced earlier.  Never had she felt anything so hot, searing her insides, nor so plentiful that she could now feel the hot overflow begin to ooze down the inside of her thighs.  She sobbed and cried as she heard her rapist's taunts "You just got niggered, Mrs. Nichols!  In nine months, you can give hubby the present I just laid in you little belly!"

With her rapist finally withdrawing his now dwindling cock from her, Terri slowly slid down the side of her car.  Unable to stand, the muscles in her legs quivering from the brutal rape, Terri now lay upon the asphalt pavement next to her car.  Terri heard the laughter from her evil rapist who again taunted her "Gonna report this to the cops, Mrs. Nichols?  Gonna tell hubby?  Tell'em all how you came with a big black cock in ya!  Want me to come visit ya again, sweetie?"  She then heard her rapist rummaging through her purse and finally she was left alone in the deserted parking lot.

Finally recovering some from her ordeal, Terri rolled over on her side and held onto the side of her car as she rose up from the hard pavement.  Reaching down to her knees, she grasped the waistband of her panties and pantyhose, drawing them up to their proper place.  She stumbled to retrieve her shoes that had been lost in the struggle, then slipped them on.  Moving to her purse and the items that were strewn nearby, she found that the money in her wallet was gone.  Picking up her keys, she got into her car and started the ignition.

The drive home seemed to take forever, her thighs hurt whenever she pressed down upon the accelerator or brake.  More disturbing was the thick fluid escaping from her aching slit, oozing down into the now sopping wet crotch of her panties.  Trying to think of what she should do, Terri realized that she just could not tell her loving husband that she had been raped and defiled.  Raped by another man, worst by a huge muscular black man, and maybe she would end up pregnant from the vicious rape.  Thus, she could not report this rape to the police without Mike also finding out about it.

Turning into her driveway, Terri slowly made her way up into the garage.  Having seen the light on in the kitchen, she bit her lip knowing that Mike had not gone to bed yet and waited up for her.  She had hoped to get upstairs into the master bathroom without her husband seeing the condition she was in.  Thinking quickly, she entered from the garage doorway and called out "Hi, honey, I'm home!  Going to shower down here as my uniform's all dirty!"  Quickly, she locked herself in the bathroom and leaned against the sink, panting in nervousness.

Stripping off her uniform, Terri saw the dirt that covered the back of it from the ground she had laid upon.  Her bra followed next, then her thumbs went to the waistband of her soiled panties and pantyhose.  Slowly she eased the garments down over her hips, pushing them off one leg and then the other.  Looking at the garments lying in a puddle before her, seeing the reflection of the sticky fluid in the crotch of her panties sent a shudder through her body.  There was so much cum in the crotch of her panties but Terri knew there was still so much more that she needed to flush out of her womb.

Stepping under the hot shower, Terri quickly scrubbed her body, wanting desperately to wash the grimy feel of her assailant from her.  She wanted to just let the powerful spray of hot water to beat down on her, to cleanse her body but she hurriedly finished washed herself.  It felt good to cleanse her body but there was another part of her body that was in need of immediate attention.  With her douche located upstairs in the master bathroom, she had to get up there quickly to wash out the filthy mucous that flooded her womb.  She dreaded the thought of the potential consequences should the douching be performed too late.

Finishing her shower, Terri dried herself and wrapped the towel around her body as she had no other clothing with her.  She threw the dirty uniform and bra into the children's hamper that was in the bathroom.  Then she bundled up her pantyhose and cum soaked panties into a tight ball, burying the small bundle at the bottom of the trash container under the sink.

Quickly and quietly, Terri hurried to make her way upstairs to the master bath.  But just as she turned the corner, Mike surprised her as he wrapped his arms around her.  What was always a fun game for both of them, Terri now shuddered as her husband hugged her tightly to him, nibbling at the very earlobe that her assailant had tongued and teased just an hour earlier.  Shivering as Mike slipped a hand into the top of her towel, trying to pull it from her, Terri clutched the towel to her breast with both hands.

Terri gasped as Mike slid his other hand up under the bottom of her towel, causing her to clench her thighs tightly together.  Feeling his hand caressing the inside of her thigh, slowly traveling upwards, Terri stammered "No ……..Mike ………no!  I ……….I'm dirty down there!"  Never having lied to her husband before, she blinked back the tears in her eyes, then lied "I ……….I'm starting my period!"  She shuddered as Mike continued to nipple at her ear as he rubbed at the edge of her slit, then her body trembled as Mike dipped a finger into her mushy hole.

Steeling herself, Terri reached down and forcibly pushed Mike's hand away from her messy slit.  With the towel in her hand, she quickly wiped her husband's hand to get off all the muck that he had dipped his finger into.  Then, with the towel around her, Terri dashed up the stairs into the master bedroom.  Heart racing, she locked the bathroom door and went about preparing a douche to kill the potent seed that lay within her.  She prayed that it was not too late at this point.

Lying in bed, curled up in the fetal position as her husband snuggled up against her, Terri quietly wept in her shame.  Tears poured from her eyes to soak in her pillowcase as she felt her husband embrace her soiled body.  She wondered just how could she ever make love her husband again after what took place earlier that evening.  She felt so soiled and defiled from the rape, 'ruined' as her rapist had correctly taunted her with.  'How can I let Mike make love to me again …….let him put  himself into my 'ruined' body?' she wondered.  Fortunately, sleep finally came over her, allowing her tormented body to get the time needed to recuperate.

Over the next three weeks, apprehensive each time she was engaged in lovemaking with her husband, Terri continuously froze up.  But embracing her loving husband in the act of lovemaking did eventually bring her to a mild orgasm, however nothing to even compare with that night in the parking lot.  She desperately wanted her husband to take her to heights of passion never reached before, wanting him to erase the memories of ecstasy that she had been taken to by her rapist.

On several occasions following the night of the rape, Ike had returned to the scene of the crime and watched the lovely Mrs. Nichols from his favorite hiding spot.  He saw how scared she was as she neared the parking lot with her friends, always looking about towards the shadows.  She was always quick to get into her car and start it up, either waiting for her friends or having them hold up a bit as she followed right behind them.

Lying on his bed at night, he continued to picture the lovely blonde nurse in his mind as he wanked himself.  He could still hear her muffled screams and squeals as he stuck her with his cock, as well as the trembling of her sexy body as he fucked her to a climax.  He knew she had not reported the rape to the police and suspected that she had not told her husband of the attack.  Now he thought of the day he would pay a visit to her suburban home and give her another sampling of black cock.  This time he intended on fucking her right on the very bed that she shared with her husband.

Immediately following the rape, he had stayed at a distance to see her drive out of the lot and make her way home.  Knowing where she resided, he had sped up and beat her to the house and watched the bedroom lights go off, confirming that she had not called the police.  He had gone through her purse and taken the money she had, wanting her to think that was what he wanted.  What she had not seen was his pressing of her house key into the wax kit from which he could then make a duplicate.

Having scouted the Nichols' residence on several occasions, Ike noted that the white boy left the home a bit after 7 a.m., taking the youngest girl with him to apparently drop her off at the sitter's.  Then, the blonde beauty would appear on the porch with her older girl, waiting with her till the school bus arrived.  Once the bus departed, the beautiful mother went back inside her home.  Ike suspected that she probably went back to bed to get more sleep or to do some housework before having to start her shift in the middle of the afternoon.

Terri kept trying to put the nightmare of the vicious rape out of her mind but it kept coming back to haunt her.  The shame associated with the violation naturally troubled her but worst of all was the memory of knowing that she had obtained sexual pleasure from the act.  Being taken by a man other than her loving husband was one thing but to have received the kind of pleasure that she did made that much more shameful to Terri.  Although it had been rape, the fact that she had the kind of orgasms with another man in her made her feel so guilty.

Bothering Terri even more was what she had done just the other day when the school bus had left.  Just before closing the door, she had seen a couple neighborhood dogs playfully chasing each other.  Then she observed the male dog mount the female, causing her memory to recall what her rapist had said to her "Gonna fuck ya like a bitch in heat!"  She then had gone upstairs to lie upon the king-sized bed that she shared with her husband.  Closing her eyes, she had let her mind drift back to that fateful night.  But it was not the horror of the rape but the pleasure she had obtained, remembering the position she had been taken in.  It was the very first time for her in that position, just like the dogs across the street.

Her thoughts caused her to slip a hand under the blouse she had on and pushed up the lacy bra.  Then she began to caress her sensitive nipples as she squirmed about on the still unmade bed.  With her other hand, Terri unbuttoned the top of her shorts to allow her hand to slip under the waistband of her lacy panties.  Touching and fingering herself, all the while thinking of her rapist's enormous cock slicing in and out of her raped slit.  Moments later, Terri gasped as her body shook in a mild orgasm, not nearly the magnitude of what she had experienced that night but it was adequate to soothe her nerves and allow her to fall back asleep.

On Wednesday of the next week, Terri waved to her daughter as she boarded the school bus then closed the front door and locked it. Going upstairs, she brushed her hair as she was planning on doing some marketing at the supermarket.  Before getting dressed, she cleaned up the girls' room and made their beds.  Returning to her bedroom, she leaned over to fluff up the pillows before making the bed.  Preoccupied with her chores, Terri had not heard the opening of the front door nor the padded footsteps quietly making their way upstairs.

As Terri was in the process of tucking in the bedsheet, she suddenly froze as a large hand was clamped over her mouth and an arm was wrapped tightly around her waist.  Her eyes widened in horror as she heard the familiar gruff voice "Remember me, sweetie?"  Then she felt the familiar nuzzling at her earlobe, causing her body to shiver.  But this trembling was not one of fear but more a tingling of pleasure.  "Gonna loosen my grip on ya so you can unbutton your blouse!  Want ya naked today, Mrs. Nichols!  Gonna fuck ya right on the bed ya share with your hubby!  Strip off your blouse, baby!" she heard him say.

With her arms freed, Terri reached up to unbutton her blouse, then pulled it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.  Without her assailant saying anything further, she reached up behind her and between their bodies to unsnap her lacy white bra.  Seconds later she was peeling the straps from her shoulders and the bra fell to the floor.  Terri shivered as she felt her nipples hardening on their own accord.

"You know what's next, don't you, sweetie!" she heard him whisper in her ear.  Unbuttoning her shorts, pulling down the zipper, Terri let it fall to the floor at her feet.  Then without being told, she put her thumbs into the waistband of her lacy white panties and peeled it over her trim hips.  Seconds later, the silky garment slithered down her trim legs to fall onto her shorts.

Seeing how she wasn't putting up the kind of fight that she had in the parking lot, Ike knew she was his.  "Gonna take my hand off your mouth now!  You keep quiet if ya know what's good for ya!  Understand?" he asked gruffly.  The nod of her head against his hand told him all he needed to know as he released his hold.  As his moved about to caress her sexy body, touching a sensitive nipple as well as rubbing her now moist gash, he heard her soft moan of pleasure.

"Show me what position you want me to fuck you in, Mrs. Nichols!" Ike whispered in the young wife's ear.  His suspicion of what she wanted was confirmed as he watched her step out of her fallen panties and shorts to crawl up across the width of the king-sized bed.  There on all fours, the young beautiful blonde awaited for him to mount her like a bitch in heat.  Quickly stripping off his clothing, Ike climbed up upon the bed and shuffled into position.

Caressing the soft creamy white ass, Ike's cock was throbbing in anticipation as he moved forward to let his cock rub and tease at her soft curls.  He wanted to have this pretty young wife firmly in his control, thus told her "Reach back and show me where you want my big black cock, Mrs. Nichols!"  Looking down between their bodies, Ike saw her beautiful manicured hand appear from between her widespread legs to grasp his thick prong.  He moaned with pleasure at the soft touch of her hand being wrapped around his cock, proud of his size as he saw her fingers unable to fully encircle him.  Then he shuffled forward as her hand pulled him to her, feeling his cockhead being fitted to the opening of her now gushing slit.

"What do you want, Mrs. Nichols?  What do you want me to do?" Ike quizzed.  Then he got the answer he wanted to hear as the young beauty desperately panted out "Fuck me!  Fuck me like a bitch in heat!"  Grasping the front of her trim hips, Ike lanced his thick cock half way into the wet pit.  "Ohhhhhh ………….yes ………….yesssssss ………..oh, fuck me ………………fuck me hard ……………….rape me!" came the eager response.  Withdrawing a bit, Ike then slammed it all the way home, burying the entire length of his into the moaning beauty.

Had Mike Nichols returned home that morning he'd have never believed that the slut getting her brains fucked on the king-sized bed was his own innocent and naïve Terri.  Never had he ever heard his lovely young wife mouth such obscenities nor behave in such a crude fashion.  From the bed came the loud panting and moans from the blond beauty "Fuck me …………fuck me ………………hump me ………………..screw the shit out of me!  Oh, yes ………..yessssss ……………..fuck me like a bitch in heat!  Ohhhh ……..your cock is so biggggggg!  Yes ………yes ………….shoot your hot cum in my pussy!  Fill me up with your cum!  Knock me up ……………..knock me up with your black baby!"

Never did the Nichols' marital bed shake and creak like on this particular day.  Terri thought surely that the bed would give way by the sounds emanating from the creaking bed.  Indeed, Terri had never heard the bed creak in such a manner nor had she ever been fucked so many times in one day.  The word 'never' applied to so many other things on this eventful day that suddenly changed for Terri: Never had she experienced so many mind-shattering orgasms in such a manner; never had she put a man's cock in her mouth before; never had she tasted a man's cum before; never had a man shot his cock off into her face before nor painted her face with his cum; never had she straddled a cock and rode him as if in a derby;  and a 'never' she wouldn't ever forget was her very first experience in having a cock rammed up her tight ass.

As Terri punched in her timecard at the hospital, she thought back to the events of the day.  She was physically exhausted and work at the hospital today really allowed her body to recuperate.  Sitting at the nurse's station, her mind drifted as she pictured Ike's coal black body pistoning between her widespread thighs.  She pictured herself as she had wrapped her legs around him and locked her ankles tightly together to draw him even deeper into her.  She recalled just how she had begged him to keep on fucking her, to plant his seed in her again, to knock her up with his black baby.

It had been a constant fuck session from 8 a.m. till noon that morning.  Then Terri had taken her visitor by the hand and led him downstairs, both still naked, into the kitchen.  There she prepared a sandwich for him and opened a can of Mike's imported beer for him.  After lunch in the kitchen, they were passing through the dining room as they were headed back upstairs.

When Ike asked her where her husband sat for dinner, she pointed to his spot at the table as Ike moved to pull out Mike's chair.  Then Ike reached out for her hand and pulled her to the vacated spot.  Pushed onto the table, she groaned as Ike began to fuck her doggie style right where her husband ate his meals.  Before leaving for work, Terri had made certain to clean up the still slimy wet puddle of fuck juices on the tabletop.  She was certain that Mike would have lost his appetite had he discovered it as he sat down for dinner with the girls.

The next week, Terri told her husband she'd be home an hour later as they were a bit short staffed and was helping a friend on the late shift.  She told him that her friend had to care for her elderly mother who had taken ill, making it difficult for her to get to work on time.  She added that she'd be helping her friend out till her mother recovered.

Each night that week, Terri departed the parking lot with her friends at the usual time.  Once her friend's van turned off to head in a different direction, Terri slowed her car down to make the turn into the small apartment complex situated two blocks further down.  With only an hour before she had to rush on home, time was of the essence.  Knocking on the apartment door and once inside, Terri would quickly peel down her panties and pantyhose to her knees.  Still in her uniform, getting down on all fours, she waited for her big black stud to mount her in her now favorite position - 'Doggie-style!'

End of Story.