Revenge by Rape
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Deion Brown, had been fired from his job after a background check revealed that he'd lied on his employment application -- failing to acknowledge that he'd been convicted of a felony, and had in fact served time.  As far as Deion was concerned, he'd served his time and was trying to make a fresh start.  He explained all that to his boss John Reynolds, the owner and CEO of Reynolds Amalgamated Inc, and added that he was certain he would not have been hired if he'd been truthful on the employment application.
But Mr. Reynolds refused to reconsider his decision and Deion was terminated.  The ex-con vowed he'd exact his revenge, and immediately began to formulate a plan.  Bent on revenge, Deion went to the local library, sweet talking the black librarian and admitting that he was a first timer in such a joint.  Soon, Deion had a stack of newspapers and magazines in front of him, all regarding that SOB who had fired him.

One magazine article had a spread on the bash John Reynolds threw on behalf of building the new hospital wing for the local hospital.  One photo caught Deion’s attention, that of the CEO and his son Mike Reynolds, along with a very beautiful gal standing next to Mike.  Reading the caption below, it identified the young beauty as Mike Reynolds’ fiancée Gail Hennessey, and added that the young couple had become engaged just a month ago.

Reading the many articles, Deion learned that the old bastard was a widower, with his wife passing away several years ago due to a terminal illness and that the son was the heir to the fortune.  ‘How do I get back at that fuck’n son-of-a-bitch?’ he wondered, knowing full well that there was no way financially that he could compete against the likes of such a wealthy tycoon.  The articles indicated that the bastard’s son was following in his old man’s footsteps, going to the same prep school and Ivy League college, so Deion figured that would be one avenue to explore.

Then, after looking at the engagement of Reynolds’ son to his fiancée, Deion decided that he should broaden his research to include Gail Hennessey’s parents.  After the librarian brought him a number of articles, Deion got the feeling that Mr. George Hennessey and old man Reynolds were buddies for a long time, even members of the same country club and several other organizations.  Thus, Deion concluded that targeting the boss's son would be a fitting way to get his retribution.

It would be a very wise choice in fact, for Deion would that old man Reynolds and George Hennessey were very close friends and business associates who were talking of possibly merging their two companies together.  And with Mike and Gail to be married, it would almost be a family matter.  Seeing each other nearly every week at the country club, John Reynolds watched the transformation of Gail Hennessey from a skinny gal with braces into quite a beautiful and sexy young woman.

Mike Reynolds drained the last of his gin and tonic and signaled to the bartender that he wanted another.  It wasn't the way he'd envisioned spending his honeymoon, perched on a barstool getting soused while his bride was up in the honeymoon suite having sex with her black lover.  But what other choice did Mike have?  It was either this or eat crow by having to admit to his father that he was being a fool for marrying a woman he'd met only two short months earlier.
His father, John Reynolds, was owner & CEO of Reynolds Amalgamated, Inc,  and it seemed to Mike that he'd spent a lifetime living in his dad’s shadow, trying to prove to his father that he was worthy of the Reynolds name.  Mike had devoted his time and energies in trying to earn top grades in school and passing muster with his father, and in the process, Mike just hadn’t been inclined to pursue much of a social life.

His girlfriend Gail Hennessey, was an Ivy League gal whom he had met at the country club, seemingly a match-making job by the two fathers.  With Gail wanting to please her parents, especially her father, she’d be assured the high society life by marrying Mike Reynolds.  And naturally, being the daughter of a fellow country club member, Gail readily had the stamp of approval of Mike's father’s to someday become his son’s wife and the mother of Mike’s children.

Bent on revenge, Deion used his resources in getting to know the habits and hangouts for young Mike Reynolds, first by putting a bug under his car that would track the whereabouts to Deion.  For several weeks, Deion followed Mike Reynolds and his beautiful fiancée to fancy restaurants and then back to her place.  But it seemed like the young pup just couldn’t get to first base as he was soon on his way after just a few minutes in her place.  ‘Well, he sure ain’t getting any nookie ………………………nobody could be that fast!’ Deion chuckled.

Each time after departing his fiancée’s place, Deion found the young punk heading for a club a few miles away where live jazz music played on the weekends.  ‘Jazz music, huh?’ Deion pondered after going in to sit at the bar and check out the young punk.  Across the bar, he could see that Mike Reynolds loved the music and also loved looking at any beautiful young woman in the club.  But he just seemed too shy or timid to hit on them, or perhaps he was just being ‘faithful’ to his fiancée.

Mike Reynolds was far from being like his take-charge father, more of the opposite in fact, just a little wimp afraid of his own shadow and always trying to please daddy.  Far from being a ladies’ man, Mike was fortunate to have his lovely fiancée who apparently was quite the prim and proper type, a high society gal who found the young punk ‘safe’ and one who could provide the lifestyle that she was accustomed to.  Yes, she ‘loved’ him in a way, plus her father’s desire for her to tie the knot with his colleague’s son added to the pressure of her wanting to please her own father.
On this Friday night, shortly after entering the jazz club, Mike Reynolds sat at one corner of bar as he normally did while listening to the music.  Moments after he got his first drink, a black fellow whom he’d seen at the bar before, sat next to him and ordered a drink.  The fellow was minding his own business, seeming to take in the music as he was doing, then he heard the fellow say “Great jazz, ain’t it?”  “Yeah, I just love it!” Mike replied.

Song over, the two men introduced themselves and shook hands.  A little chit-chat and Mike found that his companion at the bar was a music lover like him.  Then, as his head was turned to the black fellow, Deion exclaimed “Damn ………………….that is one hot number!”  Turning to look in the direction Deion eyes were focused, Mike observed a beautiful black woman in her mid-twenties who had just sat down a few seats away around the corner end of the bar.

Never before had Mike seen such a beautiful black woman.  Beautifully dressed, looking like a current movie star, he could see why Deion was all hot and distracted once she had sat down at the bar.  Normally a black woman wouldn’t get him turned on, but Mike had to admit that this gal was different.  This gal had some class!  She sure dressed it and looked the part, anyway!

Calling the bartender over after he had brought the sexy black gal her drink, Deion advised the man that he wanted to buy the gal her next drink.  After the bartender put a jigger upside down next to the woman, the puzzled looking woman asked the bartender what it was for.  After a brief discussion between them, the bartender came over to Deion and advised “Sorry, guy …………………the lady thanks you very much but must decline!  Says that she’s taking care of her own tab!”

Mike could only look on and give a shrug to his defeated bar companion who seemed perturbed at having been shot right down.  “Jesus ………………….can’t even buy a woman a drink these days!” the fellow cussed to Mike.  Wanting to make the poor fellow feel better, Mike advised “Well, I’ve got to give you credit for at least trying!  Me, I’m too scared to even try something like that!  Afraid of rejection, I guess! ”

After another song, his defeated bar companion advised “Well, guess I’ll just call it a night and go home to lick my wounds!”  Shaking the fellow’s hand, Mike told him that it was nice meeting him, then the fellow leaned over and whispered to him “Maybe she’s after a handsome guy like you!”  “Ah, shit ………………….no way man!  If you struck out, you think I’ve got a prayer!  Besides, she turns down a muscular stud like you, there’s no way she’d go for a skinny white boy, like me?” Mike chuckled.

With Deion leaving bar, it was just Mike and the sexy black babe on that side of the bar, and Mike swallowed nervously as the hot chick gave him a smile.  Smiling back in return, Mike gave her a nod, not saying anything to give her the wrong impression.  The group taking an intermission, quieting down the atmosphere conversation could take place, Mike observed the gal about finishing her second drink and stammered out “I’d offer to buy you a drink but I saw what happened to the other fellow!”

Mike’s heart thumped as she gave him a seductive smile and replied “I certainly would accept a drink from you!  That other fellow was expecting something in return for the drink …………………..I’ve seen guys like that all the time!  Guys like that come on strong, think they’re entitled to bed a girl in exchange for a lousy drink!”  Mike swallowed, downed his drink and signaled to the bartender for another round.

Introductions made, Mike couldn’t believe how excited he was to be sitting next to a sexy black babe.  In fact, he was sporting quite a hardon, wondering if black women were as wild in bed as he’d heard.  Indeed, Bonnie Simmons proved to be quite a talented gal who indicated she worked as a model and had in fact done about a dozen commercials and had a few small film credits to her name.  Mike had considered his ‘chance meeting’ with Bonnie to be just that, not realizing that it had all been just a cunning setup.
He loved Gail, of course, but Mike’s hormones told him to go with the flow and maybe somehow he’d get lucky.  In the back of his mind, Mike always had hoped to score with a hot babe on a spur of the moment meeting.  ‘Maybe this will be it!’ he told himself, hoping for the best.  He certainly needed to sow some wild oats, wanting to experience the opposite sex, especially since Gail had rebuffed Mike each time he'd tried to make a move on her.  That was a no-no as Gail insisted they wait until their wedding night.

For a young and attractive black gal, Bonnie seemed every bit as prim and proper Gail, the manner in her speech and etiquette had Mike totally fooled.  They stayed at the bar till nearlylosing time.  And in that last half-hour, his hand accidentally touched hers and after apologizing, Bonnie had merely looked at him and smiled, then slipped her soft manicured fingers into his hand.

So as not to come on too strong, Bonnie slipped him an‘Elegant Models’ business card with her cellphone number, telling him “I just realized how late it is!  I need to get up early for a modeling job tomorrow!  Let me know when you’re going to be here again!  It’s nice to be with someone who enjoys jazz and conversation!”  Then, as she was about to get off the barstool, Bonnie asked “Would you mind walking me out to my car, Mike?  I get nervous going out into the parking lot on my own!”

Being the gentleman that he was, Mike replied “Certainly!” With the tab cleared, he planned on returning for a final drink once he saw the sexy babe to her car.  Deep down, Mike was thinking ‘Well, gave it my best shot!  She probably enjoys talking to white guys but wouldn’t put out for any!’  He was surprised that she slipped her arm into his, as if she was on a date, giving Mike’s cock reason to throb.

And as the set-up played out, Mike opened the car door for her and closed it after she got in.  Standing there, the engine wouldn’t turn over as she tried to start the car.  Another time, then another, but the car was dead.  As for any mechanical problems with his car, Mike would solve it easily by having it towed to the repair shop or service station.  Little did he know that Deion had used his spare key to detach a couple of wires when he left the bar.

And being the gentleman that he was, Mike certainly could not leave the pretty damsel in distress alone in the bar’s parking lot.  As she expressed her appreciation, telling him how grateful she was and that she’d take a cab to her modeling assignment and have her motor club tow her car into her uncle’s service station the next day.  Walking her up to her door, Mike couldn’t resist the temptation when she slipped her hand in his and invited him in for a nightcap.

This was a night that Mike Reynolds would certainly remember.  Having managed to charm his way into this sexy black chick’s tight little panties the first night they'd met, Mike would no longer be cherry.  He’d owe it all to this hot black chick who happened along in the jazz club that he frequented.  He would enter his marriage as an experienced man of the world.

In truth, though, it had taken Mike two tries to actually seal the deal.  The first time, fumbling to get his cock into Bonnie’s cunt, she had tried to help him along but Mike proved too quick on trigger and shooting off prematurely in her hand.  Embarrassed, Mike tried to apologize but Bonnie choked back a laugh and reassured him that it was okay and they'd just try again a bit later.
The second time around, Mike managed to get his cock into her before he shot off.  And although he tried to pull out before he came, it was too late, with Bonnie clutching tightly and writhing under him, whispering in his ear that she too was cumming.  The last thing Mike had anticipated happening that night was that he'd end up getting laid, so he didn't have a condom, planning instead to be careful and to pull out before he came.
Mike later apologized for his ‘indiscretion’ of having cum in her but Bonnie simply assured him that what they had done was just natural and there was no need to apologize.  Bonnie also added to the naïve Mike that she was sure they'd be okay because it was their first time and it didn’t seem very likely she could get pregnant from just one time, adding “I’ll douche and that should take care of things ………………just in case!”

That next Friday, having called Bonnie’s cell number mid-week and leaving a message on her recorder, Mike had anxiously dropped Gail off after dinner and quickly made a beeline to the jazz club.  His heart was thumping like a little schoolboy’s, keeping his fingers crossed that the sexy Bonnie Simmons had gotten his message and would meet him at the club.  Mike certainly was hoping for another sexual encounter, so much so that he had packed a couple of condoms in his back pocket this time in anticipation.

Seated at the bar in the same spot, putting his coat on the seat around the corner to save it for Bonnie, Mike’s heart leaped as the door opened and the sexy black fox was smiling at him.  Getting up to take his coat off the back of the reserved chair, Mike pulled it out as Bonnie stepped up onto it.  Then, he resumed his seat at the other corner.  A moment later, he was holding her soft manicured hand once again as the night looked very promising at this point.

A bit later, Mike observed the fellow he had met the other week, the big muscular black guy named Deion, whose drink was rebuffed by the lovely gal sitting next to him.  Mike choked back a laugh at the startled look on Deion’s face as his mouth dropped in seeing him holding hands with Bonnie.  Mike smiled and gave a small wave of ‘Hi’ but not one to come over to join them.  He was relieved to see the man seat himself across the way.

At 1 a.m., with Bonnie saying she had a modeling assignment late morning and need a rest, Mike was elated when she asked if he’d see her home and come in for a nightcap once again.  Mike’s cock was throbbing at this point, anticipating and wanting to gain more sexual experience with this sexy black chick.  As they head out of the club, it was only then that Mike noticed that the fellow Deion had already departed, not having paid any attention to the guy after he had sat himself down at the bar.

And this time, Mike was certainly gaining more sexual knowledge from the foxy Bonnie Simmons.  Helping her disrobe by unhooking the back of her dress, then unzipping the length of it, he then slipped his hands in to caress her soft sexy body.  Never would he ever have believed he’d have the courage to do it to any woman, especially a black gal, putting his face down there between her legs.  And the way she went wild as he mouthed her sex, grabbing his hair and arching up into him, Mike was certainly becoming an experienced man of the world at this point.

Then she had returned the favor, giving Mike his very first blowjob.  His fingers entwined in her long black hair, he had humped up into her beautiful face, then spurted out his hot jizz into her vacuuming mouth.  Once they had adequately rested in each other’s arms, they then made love once again.  This time, with the experience gained plus having cummed once already, Mike lasted much long than the week before and gave her a decent fuck session.  Also, he took the added precaution of wearing a condom as the last thing he wanted was to have her getting pregnant, unaware that the trap had already been sprung a week earlier.

The next Monday, Mike called Bonnie’s cellphone and this time he got her on the line.  Wanting to meet again that coming Friday, Mike was disappointed to learn that Bonnie was headed off to France for a two week modeling assignment, yet expressed his happiness for her good fortune.  He told her what a nice time he’d had that last Friday night and heard her express the same back to him.

Bonnie then expressed “Oh, Mike ………………I wish you could fly over for the weekend ………………to be with me!  They say I’ll have the whole weekend off!  We can see Paris ……………………or make love …………….all day and night!”  Mike’s heart thumped, wondering if he could work it out somehow, finding a way to tie it in with company as that would be the perfect excuse to give Gail.

Leaving early that Friday, it’d take him quite awhile with two stopovers before getting the flight to Paris.  He had told Bonnie when he’d be getting in and that he was checking into the same hotel where she was staying.  Then he’d wait for her call once she got in from her modeling assignment.  Once on the flight to Paris, Mike had to turn his cellphone off and would be out of touch for basically the rest of the work day.

At his office that day, John Reynolds was handed an express enveloped delivered to his office marked ‘Extremely Personal’ and had not been opened due to the notation on it.  Opening it up, his jaw dropped and he began fuming, yelling out to his secretary to “Get that damn son of mine on the line!”  He looked at the photographs and shook his head, knowing that if word got out on this, it’d be quite an embarrassment.

John Reynolds knew that his son’s fiancée would certainly call off the wedding and the merger of Hennessey’s company and his would be doomed if these photos got out.  ‘Damn!  What an idiot!’ he fumed at the thought that his son  had cheated on Gail with a black bitch.  Then came word from his secretary that his son’s cellphone was off, apparently due to him being onboard the flight to Paris at the moment.

Looking at the short typed note clipped to the last picture, he pressed the intercom telling his secretary that he was expecting a call at 10 a.m. from a gal named Bonnie, and that it was to be put through right away.  John Reynolds wanted to ring his fucking son’s neck and sighed at knowing he’d have to take care of the problem for the lame brained idiot.  He knew he’d have to fork out a bundle to be certain this was kept quiet.

The phone call came right on the nose at 10 a.m. and John Reynolds was told that the cost was three hundred grand, otherwise those photos would be made public.  Though he wasn’t sure of the comment of her being pregnant, John Reynolds being grandfather to a black baby was certainly out of the question.  Told that another express envelope would be at his office within the hour, giving him a copy of what would be notarized declaring that she never had sex with his son and that the baby she was carrying was not Mike’s.

That envelope came and John Reynolds had to admit that it would be difficult to accuse her of blackmail and have her arrested, not without the photos being made public.  A photo copy of a notarized statement attesting to this gal Bonnie’s (her last name blacked out for now, along with her address) driver’s license and the same for the statement attesting to having no sexual contact with his son and that Mike was certainly not the father of her baby since no sex had taken place.  As for the incriminating photos, it would or could be dismissed as someone looking like Mike in them, but John Reynolds knew they weren’t phony.

Meeting up with this gal Bonnie’s so-called agent at a jazz club in the late afternoon, with the money in a briefcase, John Reynolds was advised that he’d be watched upon his arrival and that he’d be screened for any ‘bugs’ before the transaction took place.  ‘Well, got to hand it to them ……………….they’ve planned it out quite well!’ the CEO thought.  With the photo copy with last name black out of the gal, that had assured the blackmailers of not being identified till the transaction was completed, which then would be too late.

For Deion, it was quite a proud moment to be on the opposite end this time.  Here was the mighty CEO of a big company, the man who had fired him, on the short end of the stick.  Seeing John Reynolds jaw drop when he walked in and headed to the back booth to meet him, Deion knew that the old geezer recognized him and that he was behind this whole caper.

The only call that Mike Reynolds got in Paris was his irate father chewing his fucking ass out, telling him that he paid out quite a sum for his foray with that little black bitch.  Checking the front desk, Mike realized he’d been taken, as there was no Bonnie Simmons registered and the desk clerk advised that no modeling agency had rooms booked that weekend.  And calling Bonnie’s cell number, he found it had been deactivated.

Back at home, Mike found that Bonnie’s pad had also been vacated.  And did he ever get a shitload of grief heaped upon him by his irate father, though Mike knew that he had been caught with his pants and hand in the cookie jar.  “A black bitch!  You go out and cheat on your fiancée with a little black bitch ……………………how stupid can you be?  And eating out her black pussy ……………………after how many guys dumped their cum in there?  Jesssssssssssssss!” the tirade had started off.

“Three hundred grand!  Three hundred grand to take care of your foolishness!  Played for a sucker by a so called ‘model’!  Shit, it was all set up and you fell right into the trap!  And her agent I had to meet to make the payoff ……………………..a fucking ex-con that I had fired for not telling the truth on his job application!  Fuck, I had to eat crow in front of that black prick!” the tirade had continued.  At the end of it, Mike could only manage to get out “I …………………I’ll make it up to you …………………pay you back that money ………………..somehow!”

At the jazz club that weekend, he grabbed a seat next to the fellow he talked with a few weeks earlier, the fellow who had so luckily been rebuffed when attempting to buy that beautiful black bitch a drink.  Now Mike could only wish that he had been so lucky!  And when that fellow asked about him and the gal he’d seen smooching in the corner, Mike just shook his head and commented “Don’t even want to think about it!”

Then Mike was advised by his bar companion “I’s convince the owner of the club to spice things up a bit once in a while and he’s letting me hold a Texas Hold’em tournament in the back room next week!  Just for the regulars …………….probably two tables of eight!  Five hundred bucks to buy in …………..winner gets 75% of the pot and 15% for second place and 10% for third!  If’n it’s a big hit, we continue on and maybe raise the stakes up some and make some real money!  Want me to reserve a spot for you, sport?”  Mike readily agreed as it sounded like fun and it’d be right there with jazz music playing.

Mike was the big winner the next week and Deion knew the hook was set when the young fool asked when the next tournament would be held, even hinting that since this tournament and been filled that maybe the ante be raised up some.  Of course, everything was a set up, ‘losing customers’ that included Deion, as well as the professional card dealer.  Heck, with the three hundred grand he and Bonnie had scored, he figured ‘Like they say: It takes money to make money!’

Winning again the next week, Mike was feeling brave and even suggested an even higher buy in as there apparently were more people wanting in on the action.  Mike was king of Texas Hold’em after his third win in a row, thinking that he could soon get in on the real tournaments soon.  The rules were basically the same as what was shown on television, where all in meant that was it, however personal side bets could be made to call though not encouraged so as the game wouldn’t get out of hand.

That last week before Mike and Gail would tie the knot, Deion was holding another Texas Hold’em tournament and Mike couldn’t resist the temptation, especially now the ante was up to $8,000.00.  After all, he had come in third once, second another time, and the big top-dog winner on the other eight.  The side bets made after an all-in and the fellow wanted more, was quite interesting.  Cars, rifles, home repairs, all kinds of stuff were going on and everyone seemed to make good on them.

Everything had started off good with Mike winning the first two hands, then the cards seemed to turn on him for a bit, coming up just short on every hand that he played all the way.  Finally, a good run for him and Mike was rolling as well as Deion, his bar mate who he had told of his upcoming wedding to the prim and proper Gail Hennessey.  He had even shown Deion the picture of her in his wallet and his bar mate whistled his appreciation.

At the end, it was just between the two of them, with Deion having most of the chips and Mike struggling to keep alive.  It wasn’t looking good with Deion having $90,000 in chips and Mike with $10,000.  Going all in when ‘flop’ came as Mike had four queens, he commented “Damn, wish I had more so I could match your stack there!”  That was when the reply from Deion came “Well, Mikey ……………………..I’d be willing to put my entire stack, ten grand to call with the other $80,000 in chips as a side bet!”

With two little ladies in his hand, another two on the flop with a three there, Mike figured that he had an unbeatable hand at this point, and being the winner of the tournament meant 75% of the total tournament purse or $75,000.00.  This would certainly get him back into good graces with his father, especially having paid back $40,000.00 from the prior winnings.

“I’ll match the eighty grand …………..write a check!” Mike advised.  “No, remember ……………rules are just bartering on the side bets ………..don’t want the money thing to get to serious!” the professional dealer advised.  “Sorry, Mike ………….that is the rule!” Deion shrugged.  “What do you want for the eighty grand?” Mike asked, looking over at Deion who gave him and ‘I don’t know!’ look and then was pondering.

After, after a long moment, Deion laid it out as to what he’d be willing to have put up as a side bet to cover the eighty-grand.  The ‘oohs and aahs’ had Mike squirming in his seat, and everyone on edge while waiting to see what would happen.  “I get to break the beautiful bride in on her wedding day!” was what Deion had put his eighty grand on the table for.  Four queens and an off suited three that was useless, time to make a decision was coming up as the dealer advised “Time to conclude the side bets if any!”  “You’re on, Deion!” Mike advised.

Smiling as he opened up his cards to show four queens, Mike looked over to see a dejected looking Deion as he showed two kings in his hand, giving him two pairs with the queens in the flop.  Two cards to go and Mike would reign as the Texas Hold’em champ once again and seventy-five grand richer.  The next card opened was a king, giving Deion a full-house but still not topping Mike’s hand.  He was a bit nervous then, for only one card could beat him out.  Mike was totally stunned when the final card came ………………..a fourth king!

On the wedding day, Deion stood posing proudly in his chauffeur’s uniform as the camera focused in on the pills he was dropping into each champagne glass.  “A ‘roofie’ for the beautiful bride and one Viagra from the cuckold groom!” Deion chuckled, as he grinned for the camera.  Champagne bottle opened, it was now just a matter of time before the bride and groom left the reception for the fancy Riviera Resort just down the way, where Deion would collect his little side bet up in the honeymoon suite.

Earlier that day, with his sexy girlfriend Bonnie now playing the part of the ‘wedding coordinator’, a ruse was easily pulled off at the resort.  Bonnie flashed her card and smile at the front desk, charmed the fellow into believing it all, that she was there to put the bride and groom’s personal belongings up in the room ahead of time.  “Oh, and I need a room for myself for the night ……………… know, I’m at the beck and call for these high society types, even if your resort can more than adequately take care of them!” she advised.

Escorted up to the honeymoon suite by a bellhop, Bonnie went about the pretence of inspecting the room.  Armed with three camouflaged mini camcorders with built in transmitters, one was placed to cover the living room area and two were then well positioned in the bedroom to capture all the activity that would be taking place on the honeymooner’s bed later in the day.

Then, Bonnie and Deion set up the video recorders down in the room she had gotten for herself, with one recorder set up for each of the transmitters.  A camera man had been hired to videotape the bride and groom leaving the reception in the limo and another one to capture the limo’s arrival at the resort and of the bride and groom entering the lobby.  Also, the cameraman was to focus later on Deion parking the limo and making his way into the lobby and getting into the elevator.

The camcorders and transmitters would be capturing all on tape from the time the bride and groom made their appearance.  This would be one hell of a video production, one that Deion would surely be able to make a bundle on, plus one that he certainly would enjoy being the male porn star in.  Having transported the bride and the gals in her bridal party from her home to the church, Deion’s cock was immediately at full staff when he got to see the bride in person.

‘Damn ………………so prim and proper …………………she looks so fuck’n innocent too ………………………….a virgin perhaps …………….but in this day and age ……………………………….is that too much to hope for?’ Deion wondered.  “That stupid shithead ……………..putting his beautiful bride up as a side bet ………….what a fuck’n dumb asshole!” he chuckled, proud of having planned it all down to a tee.  And if what he suspected was true ………………..getting to pop the innocent young bride’s cherry would certainly be a big bonus!

Leaving the reception and entering the limo after Gail, Mike knew that glasses of champagne would already be poured and waiting for them.  He knew ahead of time that it would be his job to see that Gail consumed her glass of champagne as it was drugged with a ‘roofie’ that would put her totally out of it in a bit.  Toasting each other, Mike watched as his bride took a sip of her drink while he took a gulp of his, unaware of the Viagra in his drink.

Cameraman, right on the scene at the resort, captured the arrival of the limousine carrying the young newlyweds.  Then he focused in on the smirking chauffeur as he got around to open the door for the bride and groom.  Capturing the bride and groom exiting the limo on film, then the cameraman panned out as the newlyweds entered the lobby of the plush resort.

Back to the limo being parked and then zooming in as the chauffeur made his way to the entrance while holding a drink in his hand.  A close-up of the widely grinning chauffeur as he spoke into the camera “Damn, just the thought of nailing the beautiful bride on her wedding day had got me so damned excited!  So’s excited that I’ll pop my nuts once I’m in her tight little pussy!  This ought keep me rock hard to make sure I’s ‘ruin’ the purty little bride real good and proper!”  Then the camera was focused upon the blue pill dropped into his champagne, fizzling immediately at it began to dissolve.

Looking at the monitors in the room below the bridal suite, Bonnie smiled as shadows first appeared to signal the arrival of the bride and groom.  When the loving couple appeared on screen, Bonnie smiled upon seeing the nervous groom whom she had introduced to sex and who had foolishly put his innocent young bride up as a side bet while thinking that he had the winning hand.  ‘You stupid fool, you played right into Deion’s hand ………………..the winning hand that had been set up by the professional dealer he hired!

The recorder captured the groom attempt to give his lovely bride a kiss but the drugged beauty was now obviously feeling the effects of the ‘roofie’ as she muttered to her newlywed husband “Honey ……………….I ………………..I’m feeling a bit dizzy …………………….tired ………………………need to lie down for a bit!”  And then the groom was assisting his beautiful bride into the bedroom where the other cameras were rolling to capture him assist the beauty up onto the king-sized bed while still dressed in her wedding gown.

For Mike Reynolds, what was supposed to be the happiest day of their married life together, he was not the one to have the honor of possessing the bride.  That great honor now belonged to the man who had beat his four little ladies with four kings.  ‘How could I have been so foolish …………………….taking a chance like that ……………….even if it looked like a sure winner?’ Mike chided himself.  And then a chill coursed throughout his body when the knock upon the door sounded.

Bonnie wanted to laugh when she saw the distraught groom looking as if he was about to cry, making a desperate attempt to have Deion change his mind by offering “I’ll …………………..I’ll pay you a hundred grand to pay off my debt ……………that’s twenty more what you had put up on the side bet!”  She observed Deion bring his hand up to his chin as if to ponder the offer, but she knew her man only too well, especially how he held off having sex with her for two whole weeks to prime himself up for the big event.  Besides, the videotape would have his old man paying a hell of a lot more than the hundred grand being offered to keep his son’s foolishness from being made public.

Once the offer was rejected, Mike sheepishly followed the horny black bastard who was getting out of his uniformed coat as he made his way to the bedroom.  “Pull that chair up close to the bed, Mike ………………ya might as well enjoy yerself too …………seeing yer purty bride gitting ‘ruined’ ……………….heh, heh, heh!”  Getting the chair as advised, Mike shuddered upon looking up to see that Deion had pushed up the hem of Gail’s wedding gown some to reveal her nylon clad legs that he was now caressing.

As Deion lifted his bride prize up to a sitting position and back to her husband, advising the groom to “Come and help me get her gown off!”  Deion grinned widely as the young punk reached over the bed and began fumbling with the catch and zipper.  He then unzip his pants and let it fall, knowing the gasp from the bridegroom indicated the fear that his pretty bride would be 'ruined' permanently form the thick snake like cock moving about beneath is underpants.  Then he was about to fish out his foot long cock, causing the young punk to fumble even more with the catch a the bridal gown.  Deion then had to choke back his laughter seconds later, seeing the punk’s jaw drop wide as he gazed through his bride’s bridal veil where he could observe the bloated black cockhead now being shoved up against his wife’s soft pink lips.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Deion groaned as he threw his head back to display his pleasure, a means of taunting the bridegroom in signaling his accomplishment.  “Ahhh, dammmmm!  Jezzzzzzzzzz, her mouth feels so fuck’n gooooooooooooood!” he groaned while pumping back and forth a bit as the groom could only stare in astonishment.  “Ohhh,mannnnnnnn ……………………am I tempted to cum right in her mouth …………………..right down her throat!” Deion taunted the distraught groom.

Easing himself out of the hot wet mouth of pleasure, Deion then peeled the back of the wedding gown forward, then told the groom “Okay, Mikey ……………………unhook her bra and then help me get this dress off yer beautiful bride!”  That accomplished, Deion had Mike take the glove off her right hand while he worked on getting the left off.  Deion then advised “Okay, Mike …………….ya can grab yer seat now ………….I’s can handle the rest …………………….in fact, I’s prefer to do the rest myself, heh, heh!”

Deion looked down at the lovely bride, now attired in her veil, loosened bra, panties, garter belt, nylons and heels.  Reaching down to grasp the loosened bra straps, he peeled them over her soft flawless shoulders and arms to bare her perfect twin set of titties, each capped by a beautiful pink bud.  “Hmmmmmm …………………….hmmmmmmmmm!” he taunted the squirming groom as he bent forward to flick and lick at each pinkie, getting them to rise to the occasion.

Reaching down, Deion reached for her 3" white heels, peeling them off her trim nylon covered feet.  Then he reached up to her garter belt and unclipped her nylons.  Slowly, savoring each second, Deion rolled down one nylon and then the other to bare the trim sexy ivory legs and pretty feet.  Lifting a petite foot, looking over at the stunned groom, Deion used his long tongue to lick at the bride’s toes with his flicking tongue.

Stopping for a second, Deion laughed and told the groom “Go on, man …………..unzip and let it out …………………..looks like ya’s about to bust right through them there pants of yers!”  Deion chuckled as the groom had a hard time with the zipper due to the tenting of his pants.  Tonguing the soft toes and feet, he then wrapped the bride's tender pink soles around his black boner, then began pumping between them as the groom grasped his aching cock to begin fisting himself.

Deion moaned and taunted “Damn …………….would ya like to see me cream all over yer beautiful bride's purty toes?”  With the panting groom nodding a ‘yes’ while fisting his cock, Deion knew why he had such a response from the punk, because he was hoping that would save his beautiful bride from being ‘ruined’.  He smiled, telling the punk “Nah, I's cream all over her sexy feet and I's might not be able to claim the side bet that I’s really won from ya ………………………….that of being the first man to fuck the bride on her wedding day!”

“No ………………… ……………………..that’ll be fine ……………………we’ll call it all square with that!  Please …………………do it ………………….do it on her feet ………………………..cum all over her feet!” came the desperate reply from the groom.  Deion just laughed “Any other time ………………..yeah, I’d like to cream all over them!  But not today ……………………..cause I’s want my boner all primed up to see if’n yer purty bride saved ya her precious little cherry!”

Needing to stop or cum all over the bride’s sexy feet, Deion moved up to grasp the waistband of her lacy white panties and garter belt.  Seconds later, pulling the flimsy garments down the beauty’s legs, he tossed them aside as he gazed at his prize of gold.  The bright golden curls that hid the real treasure had Deion licking his lips in anticipation.  Running his hands up over her trim legs, he parted her knees wide to show where the hidden treasure was located.

Sitting there with mouth wide open, Mike stared as the black bastard was nearing his wife’s golden curls, then heard “Mmmmm, Mikey …………………she got herself all dolled on her wedding day fer ya …………………… her sweet pussy smelling like peaches!”  And then the bastard was nuzzling his face into her soft golden curls and then was drawing back a bit to extend his long thick tongue to lick at her sex.

From his chair, it certainly looked to Mike as if Deion was actually eating his beautiful bride.  And the slurping sounds emitted from between Gail’s bent and widespread legs certainly indicated that the black bastard was enjoying his feast.  Finally, Deion’s glistening face appeared bearing a wide salacious grin, and to taunt him further Deion commented “Sure is a delight eating a nice and clean beaver fer a change, my man!  Sure beats the smelly twats I’m used to!”

Pulling off his clothing, Deion was reminded by the desperate groom “Don’t forget the condom …………………….that’s the only way!”  Reaching down for his pants, Deion reached into his back pocket for the ‘Extra Large Magnum’ that was sealed in a black foil packet.  Unseen by the groom was the large crisscross slices going right through the middle of the foil packet, made there hours earlier by Deion shoving a knife into the protective condom.  The large crisscross would not be noticeable with the rubber tip flaccid when put on to cover his black dong.

Soon, Deion was shuffling up into position between the bride’s flawless ivory thighs, lifting her knees to place her feet flat upon the bed.  Shucking at his thick boner, Deion got into position when the panicked groom blurted out “Don’t, please …………I can’t let you ……………….please, don’t ………………………I’ll give you even more money ……………..a hundred twenty thousand!”

Deion looked over to the pathetic bridegroom, telling him “Sorry, my man ……….ain’t everyday I’s git this pleasure ………………………..screwing this purty little thing on her wedding day ……………………… jist fuck’n priceless!”  Grasping the unconscious bride’s trim hips, Deion lunged forward and groaned “Ahhhhhhhhh …………………….damn ………………….she’s tight ……………………so fuck’n tight!”

In just a mere three inches after that brutal lunge forward, Deion grasped at his sheathed cock, giving what would look like shucking motions to the groom.  But Deion was really pulling at the condom, getting the tip pressed up against his bloated cockhead, getting his helmet right through the crisscross cutting.  Now, cockhead bared, Deion reared back once again to lunge forward once more.  “Owwwwww!” he moaned, his attack blunted by strong resistance.  But in realization why he was thwarted, Deion smiled and exclaimed “Damn, it’s her cherry!  Yer fuck’n bride’s cherry!”
Mike whimpered upon seeing blood oozing out of beautiful bride, realizing that Gail’s virginity had been saved all these year just for him.  And what did he do ………..put his bride up to cover a side bet on a ‘sure bet’ hand!  Having waited for so long, this was the night that Gail had saved for him and he was the one that was supposed to make her a ‘woman’ ………………..his woman!  But instead, here he sat next to the bed fisting his peter while this black bastard did the honors.

Steeling himself, not wanting to lose his load prematurely, Deion had to stem the pleasure and excitement of having popped the beautiful bride’s cherry on her wedding day.
 “Damn, I don’t fuck’n believe it …………………..a fuck’n virgin bride!  Ahhh, worth every penny of the hundred twenty grand ya offer me, Mikey!  Fuck’n priceless!  Didn’t think there were still any virgins past eighteen!” he laughed.  “Shit ………………….I’s may have jist gotten the last virgin beyond twenty years of age!” he added.

Now, rock solid and with the Viagra fully flowing through his system, Deion had his cock primed as never before.  With the hardon he was sporting, there was no more worry of cumming prematurely as he sliced in and out of the raped young bride while hubby kept pumping at his own peter.  Hands grasping the beauty’s trim hips, he continued fucking in and out of her raped slit, drawing out more of her cherry juice to stain the sheets on each partial withdrawal of his lengthy black meat.

Then, hooking the back of her knees with his arms, Deion pushed her widespread legs back so he could drive his cock in even further.  Now the camera would see his black balls slapping against the creamy white ass with each lunge into the raped bride.  It would look like a primed oil well pumping away to get all the oil out of the ground, only Deion was using his sheathed black boner to pump out all the bloody mess resulting from the beauty’s popped cherry.

Eyes wide as he sat staring from the chair, Mike continued to shuck at his cock, watching as the big black balls banged up against his wife’ white ass time and time again.  “Slap ……..slap ………….slap!” came the sounds of ball sac slapping up the soft ass on each thrust forward.  ‘Where did it all go …………………it didn’t look possible ……………it had to be at least 12” long!’ Mike wondered of the big black cock that had brutally robbed Gail of her virginity.

Finally, after what had to be at least twenty minutes of watching Deion continue to brutalize his bride by slamming his thick and lengthy cock up into her bleeding vagina, the fuck sped up to jackhammer speed just before the black bastard slammed forward one last time.  Cock kept fully buried up to the balls, Mike observed the big black ass tighten and quiver, with the ball sac seeming to tighten and pulsate time and time again.

Indeed, the pulsating black balls were at that very instant churning out its hot potent roe, blasting stream after stream of hot sticky goo right into the beautiful bride’s fertile womb.  “Ahhhhhhh ……………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..oooohhhh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Deion exclaimed as he popped his load, hoping that in nine months the foolish groom would see how foolish he had been in placing that ‘can’t lose’ bet.

Resting atop the raped beauty, balls emptied, Deion began to ease his sheathed cock out of the snug slit.  Turning a bit so that his butt would block the view of the groom, Deion then pulled out the remainder of his cock ………………the bared cockhead hidden from view as Deion slipped off the bed to face the area where Bonnie had advised one of the mini-camcorders had been hidden.  And for the film, Deion squeezed at this dwindling cock, managing get a pearl of cum to ooze out of the tip and fall to the carpet.

Staggering off towards the bathroom with hand over his bared cock head, Deion advised “Go ahead, Mikey ………………………..time to consummate yer marriage with yer beautiful bride, heh, heh!”  In the bathroom, Deion shucked off the broken condom, flushing the torn evidence down the toilet.  Stepping back out into the bedroom, Deion chuckled as the horny groom was now in the saddle getting his own cock bloodied.

A few minutes later, back down in the suite a floor below, Deion got a hug from Bonnie to congratulate him in successful conquest.  Then they sat down to watch the monitors as the groom humped at this broken bride, finally seeding her with his jizz, thinking that at least he would have the honor of being the first to shoot hot cum into her fertile womb.  Little did the groom realize that the hot sticky fluid that surrounded his cock upon his entrance was a mixture of blood and jizz from Deion’s unsheathed cockhead.
With the honeymooners off on their flight to Australia, John Reynolds was at his office when his secretary brought in another express envelope that was marked in large bold red print ‘Extremely Personal’!  He looked at it, recalling a similar such package months ago that had cost him three hundred grand.  ‘Fuck ………………now what?  What did that fucking asshole son of mine get suckered into this time?  How much to bail his fucking ass out this time?’ he cussed.

Opening the thick package, John Reynolds emptied the contents, then slipped the videotape into the VCR.  It started off with a group of guys around a poker table, evidently playing Texas Hold’em like on television, and of course his son Mike was one of the participants.  Then came the eventful hand, and he observed his wanting to place a side bet of eighty grand.  His jaw dropped upon hearing the proposed terms of the side bet and couldn’t believe the asshole would even contemplate the proposal much less put his lovely fiancée up for grabs.

Following the loss of the hand, John cringed at the thought of what was to come next.  And sure enough, the next scene captured the employee he had fired dressed up as a chauffeur.  At the blissful wedding, John had his concentration on the bride and groom, and had no idea of his former employee acting as the chauffeur that day.  The close-up of the pills dissolving in the champagne, then he watched the arrival of the limo at the resort, followed by the bride and groom entering the lobby.

The graphics were professionally done, as was the film editing, for this video of which the subsequent content would be rated XXX.  The beautiful bride, the gal he had watched from a skinny young girl with braces transform into just an angel, was being used by his no good son to pay off his foolish poker bet.  Seeing his lovely daughter-in-law being undressed, fondled by the black bastard, John Reynolds could not prevent his own cock from responding from the erotic scenes.

Tears in his eyes, hard cock in his pants, John Reynolds watched as his former employee proceeded to rape the unconscious bride on her wedding day.  All while that fucking useless son of his sat nearby playing with his own damned cock.  His jaw dropped wide open, cock throbbing as the first sign of blood appeared, then with much more bleeding ensuing from the brutal rape of the bride.

Scenes from a camera on one side of the bedroom showed the sheathed black cock being withdrawn, showing the groom’s point of view that was partially hidden by the bastard’s black ass in the way when he turned to the side while pulling out.  Then, the scene from another camera in the room picked up the action, revealing the bared cockhead and cum oozing from its tip.  It was quite evident then that the bastard had shot his hot roe up in the bride’s womb instead of the safety of the condom.

Another express envelope, this time it contained a sales agreement for the ‘exclusive rights’ to the film.  A film that had been professionally edited, showing credits to the ‘stars’ of the film: Mike Reynolds; Gail Hennessey; and ‘Deion the Demon’.  Reading the sales agreement, the CEO’s shoulders slumped in seeing that it’d be costing him half-a-million bucks to bail his son’s ass out this time.  Had it not been for the reputation of his beautiful daughter-in-law at stake also, he would have been tempted to let his son bail himself out of this jam, possibly even disowning the stupid shit at this point.

That afternoon, at the same jazz club as before, John Reynolds carried in a briefcase containing half-a-million dollars.  Worse than losing all the money was having to deal with the smirking former employee whom he had fired and was now extracting his revenge for that action.  Two successful blackmail schemes had been pulled off by the black bastard, plus having done the honors of deflowering his beautiful daughter-in-law whom her cherished like his own daughter.

End of Story.