Revenge Is So Sweet
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Samurai Stud
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Cleaning up the school's hallway as he normally did each afternoon, Hideo Yamamoto went about the daily routine in his rather dull existence.  He had now worked in his maintenance job for the city's school system going on nearly twenty years.  Hideo was considered as one who was a steady worker and could be relied upon to get the dirty but lowly work done.  Cleaning up the mess that all the kids made during the day, he had to put up with the pesky kids who always teased him.  But, he figured that was just part of life as he was the one of very few Asians in this part of the city.

At the age of 47, Hideo was filled with bitterness for the emptiness in his life.  Ever since his wife, an attractive Caucasian woman five years his junior had left him two years ago, claiming that he was a bore and too miserable to live with.  From then, Hideo had never gotten out of the slump.  What he had thought of as merely something he and his wife could patch up, separating till their differences could be resolved, Hideo had stopped by her work place to see her after work one day.

It was when Hideo saw his lovely wife coming out hand in hand with a handsome Caucasian man, that he realized it was all over and that she had been playing around his back all that time.  It was the manager of the television station, where she worked, who had stolen her from him.  Bitter over what he had observed, Hideo was bent on seeking revenge on this man who had stolen his wife from him.

Having met the man before at a company party for the station and their guests, Hideo knew the man's name, especially since his wife had mentioned her boss's name from time to time in passing.  Until seeing them arm in arm, Hideo had no clue of their romantic involvement.  Thinking hard, trying to recall all that his wife had told him, Hideo knew that Jack Hamilton was divorced and had a daughter.  Also, he remembered it being mentioned that the man's daughter was Jack Hamilton's pride and joy, a college student who worked at the station during the summers.

Depressed when served with the divorce papers, Hideo fumed and stewed with each passing day, telling himself that he would someday gain revenge on the man who had stolen his lovely wife.  His anger was at the boiling point when he later learned, after the divorce was finalized, that his former spouse had married Jack Hamilton.

Stewing for over a year, Hideo wondered just how he'd ever be able to get his revenge on such a well-off guy managing a television station.  Then one night while watching the news, the station was putting on a nightly five-minute spot for college bound students and their parents, advising them on the cost of sending a son or daughter to college and just what to expect.  Hideo sat up in his chair as the newscaster announced that Jill Hamilton, daughter of the station's manager, would be taking them on a typical tour of the college campus where she matriculated.

The next night, Hideo turned on the news, intent on watching the college tour spot.  Then, as the story began on the campus of State U., the man he despised appeared in front of the camera.  Hearing Jack Hamilton speak only infuriated Hideo.  But his mouth dropped wide open when Jack Hamilton introduced his beautiful blonde daughter to the television audience.  'My God ……………….she's beautiful!' Hideo muttered to himself.

Having taped the segment, Hideo played it back to get another view of the lovely young beauty.  As before, his cock throbbed as he viewed the sexy little blonde.  Hearing Julie Hamilton's sexy voice as she took them on a quick tour of the campus, Hideo felt his cock twitch in his pants.  For this first segment, the camera followed as Julie led the way campus with her father at her side.  Hideo got a massive hardon in watching the beauty's shapely ass sway in front of the screen.

In the quick segment, Jack Hamilton had introduced his lovely daughter and mentioned that she would be graduating this June in elementary education.  Then Julie had slipped in "And, Dad ………….you'll be happy to know that I've just gotten a job to teach at Stafford Elementary School in the fall!"  Hearing that, a devious plan began to form in Hideo's mind as he searched for a close-up shot of the blonde beauty and put it on freeze frame.

'So beautiful ……………… fuck'n beautiful!' Hideo panted.  'Yes, Jack Hamilton's pride and joy!  Yes, my sweet little thing ……………………you will pay dearly for your evil father's misdeeds!  I shall extract my pound of flesh from your beautiful body!  No, no ………………that is not right ………………I shall give you a pound of my flesh instead ………………….right between those sexy white legs of yours!'  Panting as his body stiffened, pumping his throbbing cock, he grunted "Ohhhhhhh …………….you pretty little thing …………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Falling back into a nearby chair, Hideo smiled as he looked at the television screen, then commented "Oh, Miss Julie Hamilton ……………… look so pretty like that!"  He wished the lovely blonde beauty did look as she now appeared on the screen, so innocent and naïve looking with cum splattered all over her face and dripping down her chin.  He chuckled as he thought aloud 'I shall give you my pound of flesh ………..and perhaps make your little belly swell up with something bigger later!'

Julie Hamilton was indeed a very pleasing sight for the television audience as she was truly an angel, looking so beautiful and innocent.  At the young age of 21, Julie stood at 5'4" with long blonde hair and a trim 118 lb. figure.  She was every man's dream girl with her beautiful smile and baby blue eyes.  Recently engaged to Robert Johnson, a handsome young man she had met in college, they planned to work a year first to save up before tying the knot.

Her look of innocence and beauty was one that all the male heads turned on campus for another look.  A very conservative and honest girl, one who always respected others, truly was a naïve innocent among the prowling wolves that sought to get the lovely Julie Hamilton alone in their den.  Meeting Robert was like a savior to Julie as he respected her wishes and did not force any unwanted sexual advances upon her.

Very much in love with her fiancé, Julie happily thought of the fact that she would be giving Robert the most precious jewel she could think of on the night of their wedding ………her virginity!  Though growing up in a separated family, both of her parents had tried to see that she had all the comforts possible along with education at the best of schools.  Though her father provided her with any funds she needed, Julie never misused the funds and was quite conservative, never flaunting herself in any manner.

Having worked at various schools throughout the city, Hideo knew that Stafford Elementary was a brand new school opening up about ten miles from the school that he now worked at.  In fact, he recalled seeing a flyer sent out to all employees in the school system to see if anyone was interested in being transferred to the new school.  This he would have to investigate, he thought, smiling for getting a job there would put his devious plan into action.

Applying for and getting the transfer to the new elementary school, Hideo would begin working there as soon as the current school year ended in the first week of June.  The principal wanted him to help get everything coordinated and in working order before the summer was over.  Hideo assured him of it being done.  With construction of the school falling behind schedule a bit, he learned that the teachers would not begin arriving till the 2nd week of August to begin getting their classrooms in order for when school started up in September.  It would be a bit of a rush for the teachers to get their rooms prepared in such a short period of time.

Having the layout of the school and the classroom assignments, Hideo looked only for that one particular teacher of interest, the beautiful Miss Julie Hamilton.  Finding it on the layout sketch, Hideo circled it as the first classroom that he would be certain was in tip-top shape.  Desks for the students was scheduled to be delivered in July and Hideo was to direct the haulers as to where and how many desks would be going into each classroom.  The desks for the teachers were to arrive the week later according to the schedule he was provided with.

As this was a new and rather small school in its first year, Hideo was the only custodian assigned to the school, giving him practically total access to every room.  Looking at the storage room set aside for the school custodian, Hideo grinned with delight in seeing he could do a lot within the storage room.  With the school providing him with a beeper, should he be needed for an emergency, Hideo was really left on his own so long as the job was done.

A more elaborate plan began to formulate in Hideo's evil mind that was bent on vengeance.  Hideo smiled as he thought of all the possibilities available to him, especially in this day of new technology.  He figured on continuing on with his detailed planning in bed but first to turn on the television.  He wanted to watch and tape that night's news segment, featuring the beautiful Julie Hamilton and her prick of a father.

Hideo sucked in his breath as the college segment came on with a close-up of the beautiful blonde right on the screen.  Unzipping his pants and pulling out his hardening cock, Hideo began to stroke the growing piece of meat in his hand.  With the segment concluded, he played the tape back to the beginning and froze a close-up shot of the lovely beauty.  Moments later, Hideo looked at the television screen, smiling at the image of the innocent beauty with his cum dripping down her pretty face.

After work the next day, Hideo drove out to the shop that he recalled seeing once before but couldn't recall its name.  Arriving in the vicinity, he spotted the shop and parked his car in the lot.  Exiting his car, Hideo anxiously made his way to check out the latest in 'spy' or surveillance equipment sold at the 'Secret Sleuth'.

That night, Hideo read the brochures that he had obtained on various electronic equipment.  Circling the ones that he could use, as well as afford, Hideo found that he would need to do a bit more investigation of the school's layout before making the purchases.  Looking at the time, the nightly news would soon be starting with more footage to take of the succulent beauty.  Before turning in for the night, he had to once again get a wet cloth to wipe the sticky mess off his television set.

The next day at the school, upon checking the ceiling panels, Hideo found that it was set up exactly as he had hoped it would be.  Above the ceiling tiles were small strip areas where one could move about to lay any wiring needed for the classrooms.  Armed with this information, Hideo could finalize the list of items he would need to purchase for completion of his devious plan.  With the school new and electricians still checking the wiring of the school, he could obtain whatever wiring needed and perhaps even have them run the line.

Finally, upon the arrival of the desks for the teachers, Hideo saw to it that the delivery began in the wing where Julie Hamilton's classroom was located.  That would allow him more time to get his project done.  Hideo managed to con an electrician to run a line above the ceiling, from his storage room to Ms. Hamilton's classroom, saying that it was to be for a warning bell that would ring in the hallway.

Having made the necessary purchase of surveillance equipment, Hideo first used a ladder to hook-up a miniature camera up in the ceiling, carefully placing the lens through a small pinhole sized hole in the corner of the room.  With the back end or bulky part of the camera hidden behind the ceiling tile, Hideo got it connected to the wire that led to the storage room that he had already fixed up.

With the desk delivered to the classroom where Julie Hamilton would be teaching, Hideo locked the door just as a precaution, not wanting anyone to see him working on the desk.  Taking out all the drawers, he placed the special remote miniature camera, boasted by a battery power pack.  He attached the battery pack in the empty space behind where the drawers would be, with a small hole drilled for placement of the very small lens.  Now he would need to check out the reception on the monitors set up in the storage room.

Following her graduation, Julie returned to her summer job at the television station, needing to earn some extra money until her teaching position began. Though she was welcome to stay at home with her father and new stepmother, Julie did not want to intrude on the privacy of the newlyweds.  It worked out even better as her father owned a rental home several miles away and offered it to her rent free for the summer.  Once she got on her feet financially, the rent would then be just a nominal amount.

Julie got along fine with her new stepmother, knowing that she had previously been married to an Asian fellow of Japanese ancestry who had been born and raised in the U.S.  She knew the woman from working at the station during the summers and learned she had been divorced for a couple of years.  She didn't want to pry too much but with her stepmother being beautiful and an assistant at the station, Julie assumed that's where the romance began but was uncertain if that had led to her stepmother's divorce.  But knowing that her father always had a roving eye, the cause of the divorce between her parents, Julie would not have been surprised that their affair had been the cause of her stepmother's divorce from her husband.

Reporting to the school in the second week of August, Julie was quite excited at starting her teaching career.  She felt that she had better dress nicely as there was to be a staff meeting for all employees and introductions were to be made that day.  Going through her wardrobe, she picked out a nice but conservative white blouse and black skirt to wear for the occasion with black heels.

In the auditorium, Julie excitedly listened as the principal welcomed all of the staff to startup the new elementary school.  She took some notes, writing down some of the procedures and who to see on various subjects.  Then the principal introduced 'Hideo' to the audience, advising them that any problems with the classrooms, wiring or equipment was being left in Hideo's hands.  Julie looked across the way to see the short pudgy Asian fellow standing and nodding in response to his introduction.

When she was introduced, Julie stood up and nodded to the audience but she did happen to glance at 'Hideo' who's leer and wide grin unnerved her.  A shudder went through her body, feeling as if the man's leer was disrobing her in public.  Clutching the hem of her white skirt around her, Julie sat back down as another staff member was being introduced.  Glancing over from the corner of her eye, she saw that the custodian's eyes were still glued to her and his evil smile gave her the jitters.

Once the staff meeting was over, with all the teachers receiving their classroom assignments and keys to their respective room, Julie excitedly made her way to the classroom.  At the same time, Hideo made his way to the storage room and slipped in without anyone paying attention and locked the door behind him, then turned on his monitors and portable air conditioning system.

Then there was movement in Miss Hamilton's classroom as the pretty teacher returned.  Moving up close to the screen, Hideo watched her every movement, licking his lips as he gazed upon the lovely beauty.  He watched as she went about tiding up the room and wiping down the desks and chairs for her new students.  When she bent to clean a desk, his cock twitched as he gazed at her trim sexy white legs.

Hideo's cock twitched in his pants as the lovely blonde beauty went over to wipe her desk.  'Sit down, my little beauty!  Sit in your chair and give Hideo a show!' he encouraged as he switched over to view the remote camera.  'Yes …………yes …………….sit down and open those sexy white legs of yours!  Oh, my gosh …………………ohhhhh …………….beautiful …………..just beautiful!' Hideo chanted as his wish had just come true.

Glad that he had gone with the most expensive version, especially with the clarity of feedback shots, plus the ability to adjust the exposure and zoom features from his end.  Hideo licked his hungry lips as he zoomed in, the remote camera positioned perfectly, getting a direct shot right under the hem of her skirt up to the lacy white panties that she wore.  Again licking his lips, Hideo wished that he could bury his face between those sexy white thighs right at that instant and eat her out through her silky panties.

That night, Hideo played back the footage that he had taped earlier in the day, that of the sexy beauty in her classroom.  Early that morning, he had noted that the lovely young beauty was one of the first teachers to arrive at the school and guessed that this might just be her pattern, especially this being her first teaching job.  He would see if this would indeed be her pattern so that he could plan his next move.

As he was always the first to arrive each day, Hideo kept a careful eye out on the parking lot, watching for the lovely Miss Hamilton.  Each day she continued to be one of the first, if not the first, to drive into the parking lot between 7:10 a.m. and 7:15 a.m.  On this day, she was the first to arrive and immediately proceeded to her classroom to get some things in order before the staff meeting for teachers at 8 a.m.

Grabbing a stack of traffic cones, Hideo then sectioned off the area in which the beauty had parked her car.  As other cars entered the lot, he then directed them across the way, advising them that some of the lines needed another coat of white paint on the asphalt.  Hideo smiled as the parking lot began to fill slowly as he waved to the incoming teachers.

Ten minutes before 8 a.m., Julie joined several teachers as they walked towards the cafeteria where the morning staff meeting was to be held.  Then she heard someone calling her from behind "Miss Hamilton ……………….Miss Hamilton!"  Stopping, along with the other teachers, she saw that it was the custodian waving and rushing towards her.

"Oh, I'm so glad I found you, Miss Hamilton!  I just learned that's your car in the parking lot!" Hideo advised, pointing to her car that was in sight from where they stood.  "I'm so sorry, I was a bit late getting the cones out to block off that section of the parking lot!  There's to be some touch up work done on that section today!  I know you have to go to the staff meeting right now!  Would it be okay if I moved it for you and leave your keys with the school's secretary!"  As he had hoped, the unsuspecting young beauty fished out her key ring from her purse, held the key to the door between her fingers but gave him the entire set of keys.

Immediately making his way to her car, Hideo moved her car into an empty stall nearby while seeing all the teachers now occupying the cafeteria.  With the number of classrooms and closets with locks, it only made sense to have copies made on their own versus having to do it at a retail store.  Thus, all masters were kept at the school's office but Hideo was the person who made the duplicates in his storage room.

Having worked with locks and keys for quite awhile, Hideo knew that there were basically two main brands of doorlocks for houses.  There were other brands of course, but they were more of the specialty brands for luxury homes.  Flipping through the various keys that the unsuspecting beauty had given him, it was easy to spot the housekey, of which he had a blank in the storage room.

Moments later, Hideo made his way to the office to find the school's secretary.  Giving her the keys, he advised her that Miss Hamilton would be picking up the keys when the meeting got done.  He also advised the secretary that he would need to go to the hardware store and would be back in an hour or so, just in case the principal or anyone else be looking for him.  Making his way out to the parking lot, Hideo smiled as he fingered the outline of the key to the pretty teacher's home.

Looking at the address he had scribbled down from an envelope he had seen in the car, Hideo looked at the roadmap to find that particular street.  Finding it on the map and knowing the general area, Hideo figured that it was less than a fifteen minutes drive to get to the location.  With time of the essence, needing to get back to the school in about an hour's time, Hideo stepped on the gas.

Looking about, making sure that he had not attracted any of the neighbors' attention, Hideo made his way up to the front door of the pretty schoolteacher's home.  Fingers crossed, he slipped the newly made key into the slot and turned.  He smiled at finding that he had done a good job in making a copy of the housekey as the door opened, allowing him entry into the privacy of the pretty schoolteacher's home.

Entering, Hideo was not surprised to see the interior nice and immaculately clean, anticipating that the lovely young beauty liked to have things very neat.  Making a beeline to the master bedroom and into the adjoining bathroom, Hideo grinned as he saw what he was looking for ……………..the hamper that contained the beauty's treasures.  Heart pounding in his chest, Hideo moved slowly towards it.

Opening up the lid, Hideo's heart pounded upon seeing it nearly filled, his cock throbbing in his pants.  Reaching in, he pulled at a thin white strap that was visible at the top of the piled clothing.  Up came a lacy white bra that had encased the young innocent blonde's twin beauties.  He touched and fingered the soft cups that had been molded to the perfectly shaped cones of the lovely beauty.  Draping it over the edge of the hamper, Hideo reached back down into the hamper to pick up the matching pair of lacy white panties that had been revealed when he had pulled the bra out of the hamper.  He then drew the silky white garment up to his face.

Closing his eyes, Hideo breathed in the sweet aroma, shivering at the smell of the sexy young beauty that he had spied upon. He loved the sweet smell of her, then wanted the taste of her but not quite yet as he draped the white pair of panties over the side of the hamper, right atop the matching bra.  These items were to be his souvenirs to take back with him.

Digging into the hamper, he smiled as he came up with a pair of lacy pink panties.  He drew the silky garment up to his face, inhaling its sweet fragrance, then began to suck on the tasty crotch.  Unzipping his pants and withdrawing his hard throbbing cock, Hideo then wrapped the lacy garment around his hardon and began to fist his aching cock over the toilet.

"Ohhhhhhhhh ……………………mmmmmmm ………………………ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" Hido groaned as his cock twitched and lurched in his fist, spurting out streams of his hot cum into the water beneath him. Moments later, panting in sheer exhaustion, Hideo's body began to relax as his dwindling cock now drooled out the last remnants of his cum onto the soft crotchband of beauty's pink panties.  Then he replaced the pair of pink panties into the hamper, roughly where he had found them.  Picking up his other trophies, he then made his exit to head back to the elementary school before he was missed.

At the end of the day, Hideo watched the monitor from the storage room.  Seeing the beauty getting ready to leave, he left the storage room to be certain that the young beauty would pass him after leaving her classroom.  Pretending to be sweeping up, from the corner of his eye Hideo saw the lovely beauty approaching.  Looking up at the sexy young blonde, he smiled and greeted her "Good afternoon, Miss Hamilton!  Did you get your keys from the school secretary?"

Hearing her acknowledge that she had in fact retrieved her keys, Hideo advised "If I can be of any help to you, please call upon me!  I will only be too happy to assist you in any way possible!"  It gave Hideo quite a thrill to be talking to the lovely beauty, as his cock twitched in the comfort of her soft lacy white panties that lined the interior of his underpants.  As the petite beauty headed towards the parking lot, Hideo could not take his leering eyes from her trim sexy white legs.
Though unassuming and innocent, Julie felt quite uneasy around this leerin custodian who seemed a bit too over-friendly towards her.  As she departed, Julie felt a shiver course throughout her body, feeling as if the beady eyes of the man was stripping the clothes right off her body ………………stripping her naked!  Quickly, hurrying her steps as she panted for breath, Julie made it out of the building and headed towards her car in the parking lot.

Throughout the remainder of August, all the teachers dressed much more casually as they were to get their classrooms ready for the start of school.  Most, including Julie Hamilton, wore jeans and sneakers to get everything cleaned up and move the desks to their suiting.  Thus, Hideo felt deprived as he spied upon the lovely beauty but was not furnished with any tantalizing peeks at the sensuous young blonde.

Then, the first day of school finally arrived and Hideo smiled as he viewed the lovely Ms. Julie Hamilton arrive in a nice yellow dress and white heels.  That day, he was again treated to a much-awaited peek up the beauty's dress, right up to the crotch of her lacy lemon panties.  Licking his lips as he stared intently into the monitor, featuring the scene from the miniature camera under hidden under the desk, Hideo double checked to made sure it was all being recorded so he could replay it at night.

At the start of the second week, the lovely blonde beauty arrived at school with a nice new hairdo, wearing a conservative purple dress and 1" black heels  Hideo gazed at her petite body, cock rising at the sight of her ivory white skin in contrast to her dark dress.  From the ceiling camera, Hideo watched as Ms. Hamilton taught the youngsters in her classroom.  He observed her lean against the edge of her desk, then saw her scoot up to sit upon the desk.

Hustling out of the storage room, Hideo rushed on down the hallway, then slowed as he approached Ms. Hamilton's classroom.  Heart beating fast, Hideo licked his lips in anticipation, cock rising to attention.  Then he peered through the glass panes of the door and stared at her trim flawless legs.  How he wished that the classroom was empty of students so he could rush in and spread her out right on the wooden desk, pleasing himself upon her body no matter what the consequences.

Suddenly, Hideo nearly jumped out of his skin when the school bell rang for recess, giving him jitters as if he had just been caught hre-handed.  Quickly, as the hallway suddenly filled with students, Hideo moved along just as Ms. Hamilton opened the door to allow her young students out for the recess period.  Pretending to check on some lockers, he couldn't help but to keep an eye on the young beauty as she watched the youngsters rush out to the playground.

Just before recess ended, a youngster had come back in crying as he had fallen and scraped his knee.  As Ms. Hamilton came to the student's aid, sitting him down and trying to comfort him, Hideo watched at she knelt down before the student to calm him down and administer to his injury.  He was amazed at how quickly her soothing voice had the youngster stop his crying.

Hideo wished that the lovely blonde teacher were kneeling before him in that comforting manner.  If that were the case, Hideo knew that he'd be grasping her tightly by the hair with one hand and unzipping himself with the other.  With both hands holding her captive, he would then arch his hips up to rub his throbbing cock all about her pretty face, wanting to see her cringe with disgust.  He was not sure what would be more pleasing, having the pretty teacher choking and gagging on his thick cum or seeing his cock erupt all over her lovely face.

Over the next several weeks, Hideo spent as much time as possible in the storage room spying on the lovely beauty.  At home, he would be watching various tapes of the pretty teacher that he had accumulated.  Several times he had driven by her home, seeing if the light was on and if he dared to use the key to gain entry once again, only this time with her being in the home.

On one occasion, Hideo drove by just as the lights were turned off.  He parked his car and waited for a half-hour, checking constantly for any eyes peering at his parked car.  Upon seeing no one in the neighborhood checking on him, Hideo then made his move.  He quickly crossed the street and was up to the beauty's front door.  Again he looked about to see if any of her neighbors could be seen.

The doorlock and deadbolt both were opened by the same key, but as he slowly pushed the door, he met resistance from the door chain.  Not wanting to chance making any loud noise by breaking the chain from the framework, Hideo quickly reclosed the door and relocked everything.  Then he nervously made his way back to the car, leaving the lovely schoolteacher safe and sound in the comforts of her home.

On his drive back home, Hideo cursed at himself for not having observed the chain lock when he had first visited her home.  But he knew that he had overlooked that factor in his excitement, that of having gained entry to the beauty's home and having copped a pair of her precious undergarments.  That excitement, coupled with the fact that he had just jerked off in a pair of her pretty pink panties had caused him to be careless in his casing of the home.

Hideo realized that unless he made a move before his prey got home from teaching school, it would be difficult to gain access once she got in the house and chained the front door.  But to make a daylight entry once again entailed more risk of having a suspicious or observant neighbor spotting him.  Thus, Hideo concluded that he would have to watch and wait for her to depart one evening before entering the premises and wait for her return.

One morning while cleaning up the teacher's lounge, Hideo was wiping up the counter when he heard the voice of the lovely Ms. Julie Hamilton come from behind the partition where he was working.  Then he heard chairs being pulled out at the table behind the partition.  She had apparently just come in with several other teachers during the afternoon break.  Pretending to be busy cleaning, should anyone come for coffee, Hideo remained silent and took in the soft lovely voice of the beautiful teacher.

As the women were discussing their family lives, one woman asked "So, Julie …………what's your big plans for this weekend?"  Then Hideo heard her reply "Well, tomorrow makes it two years that I've been dating Robert so we'll be taking in a nice dinner at the new French restaurant 'Le Grande Chateau'!"  Hearing one of the teacher's respond "Ohhhh, sounds like there's going to be a lot of hanky-panky after dinner!"  Then there was a lot of giggling from the women at the table.

To Hideo's surprise and delight, he heard the prim and proper Julie Hamilton advise "Sorry to disappoint you gals ……………but Robert knows …………there's no hanky-panky till after the wedding!"  A round of moans and groans then followed that comment.  But that comment told Hideo one thing or that it was indeed a definite possibility ……………………..that the beautiful Ms. Julie Hamilton was …………an honest to goodness …………virgin!

The next night, after having enjoyed a wonderful evening with her loving fiancé, Julie was escorted to the front door, then Robert pulled her into his arms for a passionate kiss.  “Let me come in for a few minutes, honey!” she heard Robert plead.  She knew that admitting him for a few moments would eventually lead up to passionate kissing and petting.  Robert’s touches and kisses were what she also craved but Julie feared that she would be too weak to maintain her resistance.

Allowing Robert into the privacy of her home, Julie did not realize that they were not alone, that an intruder had entered earlier and was now hiding in her bedroom closet.  Turning on the television set, Julie then snuggled up next to Robert.  A moment later, they were engaged in another passionate kiss.  Julie felt a shiver of pleasure course throughout her body as Robert’s hand crept up to cup her breast through her dress and thin lacy bra.

Panting for breath, Julie steeled herself and once again her determination prevailed as she managed to get her hands between their bodies and push Robert from her.  “Honey ……….please ……………’ve got to go ……………now!  Soon …………..we’ll be married ………………and ……I’ll be all yours!  Please, Robert ……….don’t be mad ………..I just want our wedding day to be perfect …………….to be the perfect wife that you’ll marry!  I want you to be the first, honey ………………on the night that the pastor pronounces us man and wife!” Julie advised.

Peeking out from his hiding place in the darkened bedroom, Hideo was already rock hard as he watched the anxious young man kiss and fondle his beautiful bride-to- be, clad in an elegant black dress, hose and heels.  Upon hearing that last comment, Hideo felt his throbbing cock stiffen as never before.  He smiled and thought to himself ‘Oh, sweetie ……………..I’m going to help you become that perfect little wife ………………….one who already knows how to fuck and suck on her wedding night!’

Seeing his pretty prey escort the young man to the front door, Hideo then watched as she locked and chain up the front door after she ushered him out.  The lovely blonde beauty then turned and walked towards the kitchen.  Hideo next heard water running from the faucet and guessed that the pretty teacher was making herself a cup of hot coffee or tea before going to bed.  Then he heard her footsteps approaching the bedroom and the light switch was turned on to illuminate the bedroom.

Seeing the lovely beauty enter her bedroom, Hideo eyed up the young sexy schoolteacher, taking in her flawless complexion.  She looked absolutely stunning in her elegant black dress, black hose and 3" heels.   At the foot of the king-sized bed, Hideo watched intently as the young woman unhooked the back of her dress and pulled the zipper down.  Getting the dress off her shoulders, she then stepped out of her dress and laid it carefully on the bed. Walking to her dresser, she took off her wristwatch and placed it upon the dresser.  Next, she then did the same to her earrings and pearl necklace that she wore.

Hiding behind some hanging dresses in a darkened corner of the large closet, Hideo sucked in his breath as the young beauty retrieved her dress from the bed and began headed his way.  The unsuspecting beauty was now standing just a yard away from him, so close that if he reached out with his hand Hideo could caress her flawless leg.  He watched as she then stepped out of a heel, dropping it in the nearby corner of the closet.  Then the next heel followed.

As the whistle from the kettle signified the boiling of water, his beautiful prey then rushed out of the closet clad only in her lacy black bra, matching panties and black hose.  Hideo could breathe once again, heart pumping madly in his chest after nearly being discovered in his hiding place.  Cock throbbing at its rigid state, the confines of his pants made it rather uncomfortable, forcing Hideo to unzip himself to relieve the confining pressure.

A moment later, the succulent beauty returned to the bed sipping on the cup of hot tea that she had prepared for herself.  After she had set the cup down onto the nightstand, Hideo watched as the unsuspecting teacher gave him a tantalizing show as she peeled the hose off her left leg, baring her trim flawless leg.  After the same was done to the hose on her right leg, the beauty then disappeared into the bathroom to prepare for bed.  The bathroom door was closed partially as the young woman began to change into her sleeping garments that had been hanging on the hooks in back of the door.

Fumbling for his wallet in the rear pocket of his pants, Hideo fished for the small cellophane packet that he always kept with him.  It contained a powerful ancient herb that Hideo had learned of in his recent visits to Japan to visit with his ancestral family members.  It was an odorless and tasteless powder that readily dissolved in liquids, hot or cold, but it packed quite a quick and potent wallop.  Whoever consumed the herb would quickly be rendered drowsy and helpless, losing control of their limbs, but best of all would remain fully conscious to all that was happening.

Having sneaked out from his hiding place momentarily to empty the packet into the cup of hot tea, Hideo returned to the closet as the lovely Julie Hamilton reappeared from the bathroom.  Now she was wearing a long cotton pullover that went down to her thighs.  Hideo watched as she picked up the cup of tea and took a sip, then slipped into bed in a sitting position as she picked up a book to read.  Hardened cock jutting out from the opening of his pants, Hideo licked his lips and whispered quietly "Oh, you sweet little thing ……………..I shall make you a woman tonight ……………….Hideo shall pluck that precious little flower from between those lovely legs!"

As Julie read her novel, finishing her cup of hot tea in the process, she blinked her eyes rapidly.  Suddenly she could barely keep her eyes focused, her body feeling a rush of warmth sweeping over her.  Breathing hard, knowing something was obviously wrong as the book dropped to the bed, her arms feeling limp, Julie wondered just what was wrong with her.  The only muscles that she could feel were that of her thighs, clenching and unclenching as a warm itching sensation began to aggravate her in her private parts.

Then a sound coming from the closet startled her, causing Julie to look towards that direction.  She gasped upon seeing the smiling face of the school's custodian appear, then he walked out of the closet with items in both hands.  "What ……………..what are you doing here?  How ………………how did you get in here?" she stammered out in fright, yet unable to move from her frozen position upon the bed.

Hideo grinned at the frightened beauty, then advised "Feeling weak and drowsy, Miss Hamilton?  Can't move a muscle?  Don't you fret any …………..that's  exactly how you should feel after drinking the special herb I put in your tea!"  Seeing the helpless beauty in a panic, Hideo hurried in getting the task done of setting up the two tripods and camcorders so he could preserve the beauty's deflowering for prosperity.

"Please …………….please ………… must leave!  Please ……………please don't hurt me!" Julie sobbed in fear.  "Please …………….don't  …………..don't hurt me!  Please …………….you ………….you'll lose your job!  You'll go to jail if ………..if you …………..!  Please …………..please don't  …………….please ……….I ………….I've never …………….never been with …………with a man!" she sobbed out pleadingly.

This was exactly what turned Hideo on, hearing the lovely blonde beauty sob out in anguish and in total fear.  Stepping forward, Hideo got into a position that the camcorders would capture the beauty's facial reaction as his well as his disrobing before her.  It was quite a thrill to see the expression of horror on her face as she gazed upon the unbuckling of his belt and the unbuttoning of his pants.  That made Hideo's cock more rigid than ever before.

Seeing her widened eyes fixed upon his rigid cock, Hideo gave it a twitch and saw the lovely young beauty shudder in horror.  Reaching down to fist his cock, Hideo taunted the pretty teacher "My, my ……………….sending your handsome fiancé off because he was getting too fresh with you, huh, Miss Hamilton!  Before you sent him off all hot and bothered, I heard you tell him that you wanted to make your wedding night special!  Well, let's make sure it is very special indeed ……………….you can announce to him on your wedding night …………..that you're carrying my …………little baby in your tummy!"

That last comment set Julie off as she began weeping and sobbing "Please ……no ……………….please don't rape me ………………please ……………..I'm a virgin!  Please ……………..please don't rape me!"  Never had she seen such a disgusting act as what was taking place in her bedroom as the school's custodian was now naked and disgustingly handling himself.  Watching him masturbate, Julie shivered 'Oh, God ………it's throbbing and growing even longer!  Oh, my God …………….its turning purple!'

Reaching out to grasp the blanket that hid the beauty from the waist down, Hideo pulled it down slowly to reveal her trim and sexy white legs.  Then Hideo caressed the soft creamy flesh of her inner thigh and felt the young beauty tremble under his touch.  "Please ………please ………….please ………….nooooo!" he heard her whimper as he moved his fingers further up, his fingers now just an inch from her panty-covered crotch.  Then he traced his middle finger up all the crotch of her panties, all to the young beauty's sobbing "Noooooooooo ………………..oh, Godddd …………..nooooooooooooo!"

Smiling at the obviously frightened beauty, Hideo watched her horrified reaction as he grasped the waistband of her lacy white panties.  Her breathing was in pants, becoming faster and faster as he slowly peeled her panties over her hips and down to her thighs.  Finally, Hideo had to see the golden treasure that he had just uncovered and looked down upon the beauty's soft golden fleece.  He sucked in his breath at the sight of the beautiful treasure, one that was even more beautiful that he dreamt about, licking his lips in anticipation.

Unable to wait any longer, Hideo scooted down, spreading the sexy but limp legs and rubbing his face in her soft golden fleece.  "Uhhh …………uhhhh …………..ahhhh ……….ahhh …………oh, Goddddddddddd!" he heard the inexperienced beauty moan as he began to 'eat' her out, flicking his wet tongue between her sensitive pink lips.  "Ahhhhhhhh ………….ahhhhhhhhhh!" came the moans as she began to feed him her love juices as he pulled her hips up to his hungry mouth.
'Oh, God ……………….oh, God ………………this can't be happening!  He's sick ………….totally sick!  No …… man would do such a filthy thing!  No man would put his face there!' Julie told herself.  "Mmmmfff …………….mmmmmmphfffffffff!" she moaned as the wet flickering tongue made contact with her sensitive clit, driving her out of her mind.  "Arrrgggghhhh ……………oh ………….oh ………….oh ………..ahhhhhhhhhh, Goddddddddddddd!" Julie screamed as the hot mouth clamped fully over her womanhood, literally sucking the juices out of her.

"Stop ……………..please …………..stop …………oh, pleaseeeee ………….please, stoppppp!" Julie sobbed pleadingly. "God …………oh, God …………please ……………..pleaseeeeeee!  Please …………..please …………..please, I beg you ………….please …………noooooooo!" she whimpered. Julie tried to move, to at least fight and struggle against this awful man but her body would not react.  The only muscles contracting were those between her legs, clasping and unclasping around the exploring tongue as she fed him her juices.

Unconsciously, Julie arched her hips up slightly, swooning as the wet slurping mouth literally ate her out. "Ohhhhh …………ohhhhhhhhh …………..ahhhhhhh!" she moaned as jolts of unwanted sensations coursed throughout her innocent and very inexperienced body.  "Ohhhhhh, God …………….oh, God ……..stop …………….what's happening …………….what's happeningggggg ………… meeeeeeeeee!" she stammered, body now shuddering in uncontrollable spasms.  "Oh, God …………………oh, God …………pleaseeeeeeee ……………….ah. …………….ahhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed, body convulsing in her very first orgasm ever.

Moments later, coming back down to earth and realizing her plight, Julie pleaded "Please …………..Mr. ……………..Mr. …………!"  Julie froze as she realized that she did not even know his last name.  "Hideo ……………..please …………….Hideo ……….please don't rape!  I don' want this ……………..I ……………I've never been with a man before!  Please ……………why me ………………why me?  There ………….there must be lots of other women who would enjoy your company!" she sobbed.
Pulling the helpless beauty down the bed by her ankles, Hideo smiled down at the now prone beauty and lean over to suck at the tender pink nipples.   Then he replied "Because you're the prettiest school teacher I've ever seen!  And …….because you're the pride and joy of that asshole ……………….Jack Hamilton!"  Seeing her puzzled look, Hideo added "There was another woman in my life ……………..but that asshole of a father you've got stole her from me!"

As it registered on the beauty's face, Hideo chuckled "Yes ……………….that's right!  Your new step-mother's my ex-wife ………………the woman your fuck'n father stole from me!  Now its pay back time!  That innocent bride that he's planning to walk down the aisle of the church just won't be quite so innocent when the big day comes!  Isn't the wedding six months from now ………..during the spring break?  It would serve your damned father right to be walking you down the aisle with my little baby bloating up that tummy of yours!"

Sobbing, Julie pleaded "Please ……………..please …………..Hideo  …………don't ……….….I …………….I'm so afraid! Please ……………please ……………don't do this to me!"  Thoughts of how she had managed to keep herself chaste and virginal for all these years flooded her mind.  She sobbed, trying desperately move her arms up to push the evil man from her but the drugged tea had taken its toll upon her body.
Loving the feel of the young beauty's quivering body, Hideo got into position, positioning his cockhead up against her virginal slit.  He then reached under her to first caress, next grasping her soft asscheeks firmly in his pudgy hands.  Then, without any mercy, Hideo lunged as hard as he could to spear himself into the now screaming beauty.   Her screams were pure music to his ears as he reared back and lunged forward once again.

"Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeee ...…………………aieeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………….no ……………..noooo ……………….…….nooooooooooooo ………….……stop ………………….stopppppppppppp!" Julie screamed out in agonizing pain.  It was like a battering ram slamming into her, shredding the precious hymen that she had protected for so long.  'Oh, God ………………what will Robert say when he finds out I'm not a virgin?  And I've constantly put him off ……………..telling him to wait till our wedding day!  Oh, God …………what can I do?  Do I dare tell him I was raped?' she wondered.

Hideo laughed aloud, taunting the pretty teacher "Your father stole my wife but now I have stolen his beautiful daughter's precious little cherry! Ahhhhhhhhhhh, yes ………………….yes ……….bleed, Miss Hamilton ……………………bleed all over Hideo!  Yes …………….yes ……………bleed all over Hideo's cock!"  Horny as hell, there was just no way that Hideo could stop at this point, fucking in and out of her torn slit, enjoying her painful cries of anguish.  Raising up a bit, then lunging forward again, the beautiful teacher's whimpering and sobbing made it all that much more enjoyable.

"Noooooo………….noooo ……………ohhh, nooooooo ………….stopppppppp ………….please stop!" Julie cried out in pain.  "Stop ……….stop ……….please ………..please stop ……… hurts ……… hurts …………you tore me!  Please ………..please ……..pull it out …………pull it out ……… hurts ……………… hurts so badddddddd!" she sobbed as each throb of the cock within her vibrated throughout her entire body.

Suddenly, Julie groaned in shame as her body unexpectedly quivered from unwanted pleasure. Then her body convulsed as her cunt muscles contracted around the thick invading cock. 'No ………nooooo ……….what's happening ………………..what's happening?  Oh, God ………………oh, God ………………… noooooooooo ………….don't let me feel any pleasure!' she prayed.  "Ahhhhhhhhhh ……………………ahhhhhhhhhhh …………….oh, Godddddddd!” Julie groaned as her body tensed and convulsed as an orgasm shook her innocent young body.

As Hideo fucked himself between her slick bloody folds, he groaned “Ah, Miss Hamilton …….……..Hideo shall make you the mother of my child!  I shall make Mr. Jack Hamilton a proud grandfather ……………….yes, that is only fitting since he stole my wife from me!" Pumping faster and faster, knowing he was about to lose control, Hideo grasped her trim hips and buried his cock all the way into her womb.  Seconds later, spurt after spurt of his hot seed began filling the womb of the sobbing beauty up to the brim.

Standing at the edge of the bed, Hideo gazed down upon the sobbing beauty, seeing the blood stains on the sheet and smeared between her thighs.  Looking down at himself, his bloodstained cock twitched back to life once again.  Hideo smiled as he observed a constant flow of thick spunk ooze from the beauty's raped slit, watching the white goo streaked with blood oozing down her asscheeks to soak into the bedsheet.  Hideo wished that her fiancé and better yet Jack Hamilton were present to see their precious little beauty with her legs widespread, her raw cuntlips oozing out evidence of her broken cherry and his spunk oozing out of her.

Ever since seeing the beauty kneeling down in the hallway to help the injured student, Hideo dreamt constantly of having her beautiful pink lip around his throbbing cock.  Aided by the viagra he had taken while in the closet, his cock rose once again, excited by the thought of having the beauty's lips around him.   Scooting up upon the bed, he let his throbbing cock wave before her frightened face.  Lean over above her head, Hideo rubbed his bloodstained cock over her cringing face.  “Lick it, Miss Hamiliton!  Lick Hideo's cock!” he ordered.

Eyes widening in horror, Julie looked up in total disgust, shuddering as the filthy cockhead touched her chin and then began to move about her face.   “Oh, please ………………….please ………………..don't make me do that …………please …………….I beg you ………….pleaseeeeeee!" she sobbed out in fear.  "Please ………….please ………….pleaseeeeeee!" Julie begged.  She shuddered as the drooling cockhead brushed up against her pink lips, then it pushed forward to gain entrance.

One hand grabbing her silky blonde hair firmly, Hideo held her steady as he forced her lips open.  A sudden jerk upon her hair had her teeth parting slightly, just enough to force the tip of his cock in to wedge her mouth open.  Hideo shuddered at the painful entrance   into the innocent teacher's pretty mouth as her teeth scraped the sides of his sensitive cock.  But the pain made it even better for him, knowing that his cock was the very first to touch and enter her sweet mouth.

"Oh, yes, Miss Hamilton …………….pretty little schoolteacher ………….Hideo shall be your teacher tonight!  Hideo shall teach you how to please a man with your beautiful mouth!" he taunted.  "On your wedding night, you will be able to please the man you marry with that beautiful lips and mouth of yours!  But his shall not be as tasty as Hideo's ………………his shall not be so flavorful  ……………not like Hideo's cherry flavored cock!" he laughed.

Instinctively, Julie tried to push the fleshy intrusion out of her mouth with her tongue, shuddering at the knowledge that the taste of blood in her mouth was due to the lost of her virginity.  But due to her total inexperience in cocksucking, Julie did not realize that the pushing of her pointed tongue up against the sensitive cockhead would only serve to excite her rapist even more.
Shivering with pleasure from the tonguing of his cockhead, Hideo moaned "Oh, yes ……………..yes, Miss Hamilton ………..………yessss ………………..lick it ………………..lick itttttt!  Oh, yes ……………..Hideo will cum soon …………very soon!  Suck it ………..suck it ……………….cumming ……………………cumming arggggghhhhhhhhhhh!"  Holding her head tightly against his crotch, cock buried in to the hilt, Hideo then fed the beauty all the scum that his balls could offer.

As Hideo pulled his now dwindling cock from the beauty's mouth, he saw the innocent beauty's face go pale as her body shook.  It became obvious to him that she could not handle the rich protein he had just fed her.  Pulling at her arm with one hand, putting his hand under her shoulders with the other, he turned her over just in time.  Her head just over the edge of the bed, the young teacher then began to spew out the rich protein into the wastebasket that was next to the bed.  Then, the dinner she had consumed at the elegant restaurant soon followed.

Twice more during the night and early morning, Julie shuddered to mind-shattering orgasms as the devious custodian sated his lust in her body.  She felt so ashamed in letting herself feel any pleasure from being with this awful man, the former husband of her new stepmother.  Although she had tried to steel her body, to refrain from showing any emotion, Julie found her body betraying her each time.  With the effects of the drug wearing out, Julie had then clutched tightly at the pudgy body upon her with both arms and legs, arching up to get him deeper into her.

As sunlight crept through the curtains, Julie stirred and groaned as the horrible nightmare flashed through her mind.  With the effects of the numbing herb now worn off, she could move about but her thighs hurt so badly as she did so.  She recalled that her defilement had all been recorded and the parting comment by the evil custodian "Pretty teacher will have to stay after school from now on ……………..for lessons in pleasing a man with your pretty mouth and not insulting him by throwing it all up!  Your first lesson will be on Monday, right after the bell rings and the school children are gone!  Then you shall get on your knees in the classroom to please Hideo!"

End of Story