Roaming Resort Rapists - 1
(mmmmmm/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
Introducing Two New Series: 1)  The 'Roaming Resort Rapists' series is of  a moden day bunch of
pirates going over the booty taken since returning from the high sea (no another man's gold
or money his most prized possession ..................that of his beautiful white wife!; and
2) the 'Victims of the Roaming Resort Rapists' series details the horrors
the each of the beauties and their husbands endure at the hands of these
vile men roaming the high seas.

For Nigel Ponto, his fantasy throughout his childhood and early teenage years was filled with dreams of pirate ships and the capturing of unsuspecting vessels for their booty.  But during his teenage years, Nigel began to refine his fantasy, wanting to be very distinctive from those of the pirates of yesteryear.  Growing up on the other side of the tracks, Nigel could only look across at the upper crust of society and dream of having all the wonderful things of luxury and leisure.

Adept at breaking and entering homes, Nigel now headed a team of eight to get all the loot they needed from the rich.  They stole from the rich and distributed the wealth among the poor ........................themselves!  And with the plan Nigel had come up with, the cops were totally befuddled and clueless as to where to begin.  Breaking up into pairs, making the identical M.O.s and telltale clues left behind to indicate all were connected, the police were stumped when four identical burglaries took place at the same time.

With a cousin as an accomplice living across the country, Nigel would simply have the stolen goods shipped over and after the cut for his cousin’s services, Nigel and his accomplices got cash sent back in return.  Money back from his cousin, fabulous cars stolen and retrofitted for each of the gang members, they were all strutting around in fancy wheels and just rolling in dough.  And of course, each were looked up upon by those on their side of the tracks.

With several years of fantastic success and everything laid out by Nigel coming off without a hitch, the other guys in his team put their entire trust into his judgment.  Even when told that they should take a break to throw the cops off even further, there was no argument.  And when their leader seemed bored as the laid off while the heat was on and had indicated that he wanted something more of a challenge and providing better rewards, they were all ears to hear what Nigel now had his mind on.

Over the years, as a normal part of the business, Nigel had handled the entire operation with a percentage of each heist being put into a legitimate shell corporation that he had set up, with each of them having equal shares in the special fund that was being built up for future operations.  They were quite surprised when Nigel proposed that a good portion of the fund be used to purchase a big fancy yacht that they could cruise about on the ocean and take them to various areas for them to score even more booty for them to enjoy.

Now, just two months after embarking upon the new venture of their smart and devious leader, they were all smiling after having reaped some fantastic rewards ................................or booty as he referred to the absconded prize!  Now they were putting together a scrap book of their memorable conquests, beginning with the onset of their new caper, with Nigel tossing a bunch of photos atop of the tabletop that got hoots and hollers from the guys around him.  “Gotta hand it to ya, Nigel!  When ya first talked up this new caper, I thought ya was frick'n nuts, figuring we were doing good enough with what we had going!  But yer the King, man!” Tyrone Banks advised as the others began chanting “Nigel, Nigel, Nigel!”

Back then, all the guys on the team were willing to go along, though none expressed much enthusiasm about the plan, until Nigel told them of the booty prize that he was after with his new proposed caper.  Yes, Nigel would certainly be a pirate on the high seas, using the yacht to transport them from place to place without any trace of them using airline reservations or use of credit cards to and from any location.  With a nice office now serving as their headquarters, the guys all knew of Nigel’s pirate fantasy with the décor of that of an old pirate ship and even a ‘skull and bones’ flag on the wall.

Chuckling, the guys were all figuring ‘What the hell, Nigel’s done well for all of us, why the hell not!’  So they listened as Nigel went about distributing photos of the yacht he had scoped out beforehand and it was quite a luxurious yacht, like that for the rich and famous.  Then copies of their first destination were distributed to the group, showing the luxurious resort of Paradise Resort located on an island near Barbados.  “If ya guys are with me on this, I’ll call that broker and tell’em to git that yacht ready fer us!” Nigel advised.

Leroy Jones then chimed in, using old pirate talk that Nigel loved to hear, asking “So, Nigel, what kind of booty we gonna score with on these new ventures?  Whadda we gonna rip off them whiteboys?”  That had been the question Nigel had been waiting for one of the guys to pose, causing him to smile widely as he announced “We’s gonna rip off the most  prized possessions these whiteboys have!  All them trophies they’s like to show off!  Yep, we’s gotta git us some real ‘booty’ on these capers!  We’s gonna lay anchor in a bay near some fancy resort, scope the lay of the land, then we’s gonna have ourselves a ball with the beautiful white trophy wives!”

When the question arose as to the details of the heist, Amos Riggs suggested the kidnapping of the succulent beauties, dragging them off to some cave and doing what the cavemen did with their succulent prize.  Questioned as to what he wanted, Nigel just smiled and told his buddies “Whatever turns ya horny bastards on most!  Capt. Nigel’s gone and planned the heist!  Ya guys git to call the shots as to what we’s should do with the all booty we make off with!  Git the deck of cards out and we'll start off with high card first and then down the line till each one of us git to have first dibs on a new booty!”

With this new caper underway, perfect in timing with the need to cool things off a bit as the cops had recently increased their patrols due to the number of burglaries in the past few months, they had all told everyone they were headed off for a two month vacation cruise.  Nigel was especially pleased with himself for letting the guys make the decision on how to handle the whiteboys’ precious booty that they were aiming to abscond with.

Nigel chuckled to himself, thinking ‘Damn, these guys are even more fuck'n sick than I am!  Two heads are indeed better than one, but in this case it was eight horny bastards throwing in their two cents, that’s fer sure!’  He knew that being the leader of his band of thugs would gain him first dibs on each and every one of the succulent booties they’d be absconding with.  But Nigel had known that he’d be far better off in getting their full backing by giving each guy an even shot at being the ‘lucky’ bastard to win first dibs, thus he had that high card drawing.  He smiled as he shook his head as the consensus of the group had resulted in plans to not only abscond with the whiteboys' prize possession but to have the whiteboys get to see their prized possessions tarnished and and broken before their very eyes.

As the eight photographs of beautiful young women on the table were now being arranged in numerical order, all the guys were grabbing at their expanding crotches as they reminisced about each of the lovely beauties.  “Damn, that’s one fine selection of beautiful white bitches!” commented the beaming Jamal Lewis, adding “That first one there I’s always gonna remember cause I’s was the winner of the draw and that purty little bitch sure as hell gave me a good time!”


Then, with the photos stacked in order, they all gazed upon the top one that featured a lovely young blonde in a blue and white summer dress with open white heels.  “Yeah, man, she sure as hell gave me a fuck'n good time!” Jamal repeated.  “Man, I’s always gonna remember Mrs. Kelly Mills, the beautiful blonde model!  Damn, I can still hear the bitch screaming when I's showed what it was to take a ‘real man’ up her tight little snatch!  Jezz, was she tight or what!  Thought I was fuck’n a virgin!” Jamal chuckled.  Jamal, Leroy, Amos and Nigel comprised half the group with the other badass bastards being:  Tyrone Banks; Rashad Joiner; Archie Sims; and Labrone Griffen.

All the men were happy to be a part of his group of moden day priates, especially with their leader willing to share the wealth, in this case the succulent beauty they had snatched off the resort’s walking path going around the farthest end of the property where not much security was present.  To gain the men’s full hearted effort in this high seas caper, Nigel had not pulled rank on the men by insisting he’d be the first to enjoy the spoils.  Instead, he really got the men’s enthusiasm beforehand with each guy knowing that his time would soon come when he'd have the honor of getting first dibs.  And Jamal had been the first lucky winner!

Mrs. Kelly Mills

“Damn, I can still hear the purty bitch whine when I’s stuck my tongue up her groove!  Shit, she nearly hit the fuck’n roof!  Man, it sure sounded like music to my ears!” Jamal bragged.  Then Jamal mimicked the high pitched squeal the beautiful young newlywed had emitted “No ………… …………….no ……………….no, please ………………no …………………!  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!”  Jamal laughed “Damn, and did she fuck’n cream in my mouth!  Ain't seen no bitch cream as much as her ....................pure sweet honey, man!”

“Shit, Jamal, I’s thought ya’s was killing the fuck’n bitch the way she screamed like a fuck’n banshee when ya’s stuck it to her!” Rashed laughed.  They could all still hear it very clearly in their minds when the blonde beauty had let out a high pitched scream   “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”
Then Leroy chimed in “Hell, it was more fun watching hubby’s boner bobbing up and down like crazy when ya was banging the broad!  And shit, he went and popped his nuts when you creamed in her!”

Nigel then laughed “I’m sure as hell’s glad I held off gitting the bitch to go down on me!  She looked so fuck’n naïve and innocent that I knew she had a cherry ass!  Fuck, she’d have bitten my fuck’n cock off if’n I’s had it in her mouth when ya buggered the bitch!”  It was then that Jamal mimicked her screaming “Oh, God …………….oh, God ……………………stopppppppppppppppppppppppppp!  Nnnnnnnnnnnnn …………………nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ...........................nooooooooooooooooooo!”

Turning the picture over, the guys then looked upon the photograph of the lovely redhaired beauty Mrs. Erin Wagner whom they had set their sights upon after anchoring in the bay just beyond the Silver Seas Resort that was located on an island fifty miles south of their first stopover.  When she and her husband had been walking from the resort to the nearby country town, walking past a very heavily brushed area, the trap was sprung upon them.  With the island not very populated, the gang of modern day pirates had rowed ashore to lay in wait for their succulent prize.  As the young beauty’s long red hair was visible from far away, plus the aid of a powerful binoculars used by Tyrone who was calling the shots on this caper, he had decided that the lovely beauty would be his prized little booty.

Mrs. Erin Wagner

This being his turn to elaborate, Tyrone was beaming as he chuckled “I just can’t git over the look on hubby’s face when I’s escorted his beautiful wife while she held her torn brown top together into the tented area and when I's held up his wife’s bra to show the punk what I had been doing when he was out cold!  Man, it was a fuck’n kick when I’s went had put his wife’s hand up to his nose so he could smell my’s cum on her fingers!  And then getting to teach the beautiful bitch how to suck cock with he husband looking on!  Fantastic!  Absolutely fuck’n fantastic!”

“Hey Amos, ya finaly got yer fantasy fulfilled with that redhead stewardess, huh!  Damn, after I turned her to git her up on all fours, the fuck’n mattress was soaking wet where her head was!” Tyrone advised.  A chuckling Amos replied “Yeah, that was fuck’n fantastic, man!  Always wanted to do that!  Ain’t had me no redhead before!  Damn, her fuck’n hair was so soft and silky!  Jezz, I’s must have spurted out a cupful of hot creamy hair ‘conditioner’ to keep it nice and shiny for a frick’n year!”

Then Leroy chimed in with “Fuck, Tyrone, did ya hear all the birds scatter when ya buggered the bitch?  Jezz, the shriek she made even made all the hairs on my arms stand up!”  Chuckling, Rashad chirped in mimicking the shrill screech of the sodomized beauty “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ............................................noooooooooooooo ..................................nnnnnnnnnnnnn ………........nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Picture #3 was that of a young innocent and quite naïve looking blonde beauty, obtained at the next destination seventy miles southwest at the island of Maripose, where the luxurious Montongi Bay Resort was located.  On this trip, Nigel raised the black flag with a white skull and set of crossbones that got a rousing roar of cheers when it was hoisted atop the tall antenna.  Like true pirates, they had set off on the high seas on their next voyage in search of more prized booty.

Mrs. Natalie Kerns

This time it was the grinning Rashad who got his turn, laughing as he relayed “That little blonde schoolteacher sure got taught some lessons she ain’t ever learned before, huh!  Sweet little Mrs. Natalie Kerns!  Sure was nice having someone so naïve perform a striptease fer us with her husband looking on!  Way better that having a pro strip, huh!  First the pink sweater and top, the flowery black skirt, then those matching pink undies and bra!  Man, that was an awesome fuck with that beautiful bitch crying and whimpering the entire time I’s was doing it to her!  Whadda ya guys think of that fuck, huh!”

Jamal chimed in with “Yeah, it was great, Rashad!  But shit, next time clean off the carrot ya got outta the ground better before use it as a dildo and shoving it up her twat!  Jezz, after fucking that broad my fuck’n cock was all covered with dirt!  Heh, heh …………………….but it was fun gitting her to cleaned it up fer me ……………………….with that sweet mouth of hers!”  Then Labrone added “Man, she sure turned into some little cocksucker by the time we's got done with her!  Her hubby must surely agree, especially seeing how he popped his nuts in less that ten fuck'n seconds after she started blowing him!”

Picture #4 was yet another blonde, that of Mrs. Lynn Asher, a young and beautiful rising attorney that was vacationing at the luxurious Harmony Inlet Resort on an island a hundred miles north of their last abduction.  This time, it was Archie who had spotted the beauty as she strolled the grounds with the husband in looking to have a picnic area away from the crowd of tourists.  Hair flowing in the wind, Archie’s keen eyes caught a glimpse of a different kind of green through the brush and greenery that they had been making their way through towards the resort.

Mrs. Lynn Asher

Archie beamed, puffing up his muscular chest as he laughed, telling the guys “Ya know, every fuck'n attorney I’ve had's been provided ‘free’ at no expense, with the state pick'n up the tab!  But till that fantastic day, they’s all been either dumb ass bastards right outta law school or fuck’n ugly broads!  That beauty was sure top of the line stuff!  What tits, huh!  Ain’t seen no attorney like that put her ass on the line to save someone’s life!  Man, that was some prime time stuff too!  Nice and round, so soft and smooth, and did ya see the way she squirmed when I’s went and stuck my tongue up her purty little butt!  Heh, heh ......................ya know, all them other fuck'n attorneys I've had acted like I outta git down on my knees to kiss their asses!  But this was one time I's was only too glad to oblige!  I'd git down on my knees any day to kiss her beautiful ass!”

Jamal then added “Well, guess she didn’t have much of a choice in the matter, not when ya’s threatened to carve up her hubby if’n she didn’t git down on all fours!”  Archie chuckled, asking the guys if they remembered what happen next.  Labrone cussed “No, shit, man!  Fuck, that was something else, getting her to start blowing her old man before raping her virgin ass!  Damn, the way the fuck’n punk started screaming his head off, I’s thought she went and bit off the poor guy’s pecker!  Jezz, poor bastard's cock looked like raw hamburger after that!”

Picture #5 was a beautiful blonde once again, that of the lovely Mrs. Diane Mercer, a mother of two and an interior decorator.  This time, they had stumbled upon the couple while they were already picnicking, sipping wine and eating salami sandwiches purchased at the resort's deli.  It was on hillside located at the backside from where the Raratan Resort was situated.  Having anchored off the island of Raratan the night before, they had lucked out with another succulent beauty as their booty.

Mrs. Diane Mercer

This time it was Leroy’s turn as he smiled and chuckled “It wasn’t nice of us to interrupt and spoil their picnic lunch like that, especially when the sexy broad went and dropped her salami sandwich when I’s went and grabbed her!  But I’s guess I’s went and made up fer it by replacing the salami fer her to eat, huh!  Too’s bad the bread was all dirty!  Then again, she had a hard time getting my’s whole salami into her purty mouth!  Guess my’s salami was just to spicy fer her, seeing as how she went and puked her guts out when I’s pulled it outta her mouth after popping my nuts!”

Nigel laughed, commenting “Damn, that little bitch jist couldn’t hold down any rich proteined jizz!  Even the next day, when I’s had her go down on me before we’s headed on out, she went and puked her guts out again!”  Tyrone laughed “Man, the way that bitch cringed each time, she just doesn’t like the slimy stuff!  Saw the face she was making when I’s told her I’s about to cum in her mouth ………………that’s why I got pissed and pulled out!  That fuck’n bitch got a creamy facial she ain’t ever gonna ferget!”

"What I liked best about that fuck'n caper was not having a mattress there since it was too far to carry it with us!" Leroy advised, then added "Gotta hand it to ya, Tyrone ..........................ya sure knew how that find that little lady a comfortable spot fer her to git fucked!"  Amos chuckled "Fuck, ya heard the fuck'n punk of hers sniffling and crying like a baby while's we cocked his purty little blonde bitch!  Yeah, Tyrone, that was something else ....................tying the bastard down and staking him the ground, fucking his beautiful wife while she lay on the bastard's back!"

Picture #6 was that of a beautiful brunette, that of the lovely Mrs. Julie Gerber, celebrating her 25th birthday with her husband on the island of Guratan.  Walking on the beach dressed in a blue blouse and white slacks, holding hands with her husband as they went for a long stroll, they unfortunately happened to pass right in front of the oceanfront cave that the gang of modern day pirates had just set up camp in and hid along the cave's walls upon spotting them approach.  And with the unsuspecting couple deciding to explore the cave, it couldn’t have gotten any easier for them.

Mrs. Julie Gerber

For Nigel, it was just perfect as he just loved beautiful brunettes with a flawless ivory body, especailly with this being his turn for first dibs in the booty they came upon at this resort.  And the lovely Mrs. Julie Gerber was just made to order for him.  Standing a 5’3”, 115 lbs, long silky brown hair, she gave Nigel an immediate hardon as he approached the frightened beauty.  “Damn, I jist love it in them caves!  Fucking screams keep on echoing in there!  Pure music to the ears!  It was like a fuck’n stereo system in that cave!  Remember how she kept crying, telling me I was too fucking ‘biggggggggggggggg’ fer her?”

“Shit, my ears were ringing when ya went and buggered that bitch!  Thought I was gonna lose my fuck’n hearing the way she was screaming in there!” Tyrone added.  Amos was shaking his head and chuckling when he chimed in with “Damn, that was fuck’n nasty what ya did before we’s left!  Think they’s ever gonna enjoy fucking each other any more?”  Then it was Labrone adding “Putting that handful of sand in her cunt was something else!  Did ya see how red and raw the punk’s pecker was after ya then made him take his turn in fucking his beautiful wife!  Shit, that bastard’s lucky if’n he ever manages to git a fuck’n hardon again!”

Picture #7 was another strikingly beautiful blonde, that of the lovely Mrs. Kimberly Baker, a stenographer and mother of one.  Celebrating her husband’s 26th birthday at the Diamond Isle Resort on the island of Caruba, everything was so peaceful with everyone so friendly, until they were accosted when strolling down the walkway of the resort’s famous botanical gardens that had a display of all the native flowers and plants.  It was a nice and secluded area, the perfect setting that provided the group of eight with many a hiding spot.

It was Labrone who had first dibs on this succulent little bootie that they had hauled away with along with her unconscious husband.  At their well camouflaged hideaway a mile down in the gully, it was an ideal spot for the fun and games that they were about to partake in.

“Hey, Jamal, did ya like the footjob she gave ya?” Labrone asked of his buddy.  “Shit, ya sure creamed all over her purty toes!” he added, bring laughter from the rest of the guys.  A slightly embarrassed Jamal, with his foot fetish that was acquired on their second resort stop being exposed, replied “Damned right I’s did!  That was some footjob!  Sexy feet and beautiful little toes!  But what made it even better was having the punk take his wife’s cummy toes in his mouth and lick them clean!  Ha, ha, and did ya see the fucker puke when he was done licking my cum off her toes!”

Picture #8 was that of a beautiful tall brunette wearing a pink blouse and black slacks with 2” black heels.  It was a photo of the lovely Mrs. Robin Estes, a mother of two who was a researcher in animal behavior.  With the island of Mararo having so many species of interest wildlife, it was the perfect location for a vacation spot for Robin and her zoologist husband.  Only in this instance, the wild animals they had come upon had them both cringing in fear and horror.

Behaving like a wild animal as Amos jumped up upon a table, he then beat at his muscular black chest like a gorilla would, yelling “Ah………….ah ………..ah ………….ah ………..ah ………….ah ………..ah ………….ah ………..ah!”  As the guys all bust out laughing at Amos’ shenanigans, he then laughed “Can ya believe the bitch called us a ‘bunch of filthy animals’ after we’s made her kneel down in the middle of the circle we’s formed and jerked off all over her!  Damn, all over her beautiful face and hair!  Fuck’n pink top was sopping wet and all covered with our sloppy cum!  Bet she ain’t ever come across animals like us before, huh!”

Mrs. Robin Estes

“Yeah, man, got me’s all hot when she said that was a researcher on animal behavior!  What a fuck’n turn-on, especially when we’s went a grabbed the two of them when they’s was watching the two dingos fucking in the clearing!  And the way she babbled about ‘merely watching them mate to study the behavior of the dingos’!  Remember how she refused at first to admit and say she was watching them ‘fuck’!  And how she’s jist kept on referring to them dingos ‘mating’ rather than fucking, telling us 'don't be so crude!” Amos went on.

Rashad cracked up, telling Amos “Ya sure pulled a good one on that uppity little research bitch!  Animal behavior, well kiss my fuck'n ass!  That was sure funny as hell when ya asked her if’n she wondered how the female dingo felt with the male stud fucking her like a bitch in heat and she went and shook her head 'no'!”  Then Leroy chirped in with “Yeah, man, loved it when she tried to git away when told her that she was gonna learn how’s that bitch dingo felt like cause ya’s was gonna fuck her like a bitch in heat!”

“Loved hear the purty bitch crying when ya’s went and tore off her cummy pink top, then yanked off the strip of bra she had on!  And then when she was on her knees holding onto her husband’s legs to get him to help her as ya pulled the black pants off her!” Tyrone chime in.  Then Tyrone asked of Amos “Hey, make like ya did when’s ya were humping the fucking bitch!  Make like that male dingo humping his bitch!”

“Arf ……………….arf ……………………arf ………………….arf ……………….arf ………………….arf!” Amos mimicked the male dingo, just as he done while humping away at the beautiful bitch with the lovely light brown hair.  “Arf ……………….arf …………….arf ……………………arf ………………….arf ……………….arf ………………….arf ...................................arrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooooooooooo!” Amos continued, this time adding hump motions with his hips as when he had been slicing in and out of the raped beauty and the howl given when he had cum in the long legged bitch.

The cruise now over and the gang of modern day pirates back at their hideaway at their side of the track, they would embark on their burglary of luxury homes once again.  And until the heat was on once again, then they’d head on out on the high seas once again from some prized booty.  Yes, eight lovely beauties would be the magic number once again, one for each of them to introduce the sexy young wife as to what sex was all about!

End of Story.