Roaming Resort Rapists - 2
(mmmmmm/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon

Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
The 'Roaming Resort Rapists' series is of  a modem day bunch of
pirates going over the booty taken since returning from the high sea (no another man's gold
or money) but his most prized possession ..................that of his beautiful white wife!

For Capt. Nigel Ponto, self-appointed captain and leader of this group of big badass black criminals, it was time to take a break from the string of high profile robberies they had committed over the past few months.  They considered their criminal activities to be like that of Robin Hood, taking from the rich and giving to the poor ................themselves!  The others in the group included the likes of:  Tyrone Banks, Leroy Jones, Jamal Lewis, Amos Riggs, Rashad Jones, Archie Sims, and Labrone Griffen.  With the coffers filled and everyone's pockets lined with bucks derived from the fenced goods, they believed in partying well and having fun just as hard as they worked.  "Hey, boss, when we's gonna hit the high seas again?  Time fer us to get some sweet treats again!" Archie yelled out to Nigel when the group got together for a meeting.  "Yeah, boss ....................when we's gonna hit the high seas again?" Jamal chimed in.  "Let's raise that black flag with the skulls and bones again, Captain!" Rashad added.  "Yeah, let's go looking treasure hunting again!  That last time was so fuck'n fantastic!" added Amos.  

Nigel beamed with pride, telling his crew "I've been busy working at it for the past few months!  Rather than that hit or miss and trusting it to luck shit, we'll plan ahead and target the resorts we want to hit, namely the ones catering to honeymooners!  Take a look at these brochures that I had sent to me as well as what's advertised on the websites for each of them!"  With that, Nigel passed out brochures around the table for the guys to view, telling them that "If'n we's read up on these prospective resorts, we might jist be able to cut out a lot of wasted time in hiking through the brush to get to our destination!  And instead of always setting up camp and packing up that inflatable mattress, there's a lot of resorts that now specializing in renting bungalows or cottages to their guests, and they're spread out over a wide area to give their guests a lot of privacy and a touch of paradise!  So's if'n we've concentrate on these type of resorts, once we's snatch up one of these beauties and put her husband out of commission, we's can party with that little sweetie in the bungalow in comfort ..........................and of course give that punk whiteboy of her a ringside seat!"  Capt. Nigel Ponto and his band of modern day pirates were now intent on hitting the high seas once again for some treasure hunting ...................................and when came across some golden treasure, they were intent on plundering the lovely gem ............................with their big black cocks! The gang of modern day pirates then began reminiscing of their last jaunt on the high seas, how they had plundered all the golden treasure they had stumbled upon, taking that white boy's beautiful wife and gang-raping her as he watched helplessly.

The crew, a bunch of horny black bastards, loved nothing better to grab and take away some whiteboy's pretty trophy ................................then to make him sit and watch as they proceeded to tarnish that precious little gem of his!  With the heat on after the high profile burglaries, the timing was right for a little R&R' time, which for Nigel and his thugs was not 'Rest & Relaxation' but 'Rape & Ravage'.  Getting provisions necessary for their lengthy hiatus out on the high seas, Nigel added more equipment onto the yacht as he planned on getting in a bit closer to the resorts on the pretense that they were merely fishing offshore.  One such piece of added equipment was a high powered telescope to find that succulent little beauty of their choice, thus reducing their dependence on sheer luck that a lovely gem would happen along their way.  With their connections spread about in various industries, it was Jamal having connections in the uniform business, giving that company the business in duplicating various hotel staff uniforms as depicted in the various resort brochures on hand. 

That same thought on finding a cabana on the outskirt of a plush resort was the goal of many planning their honeymoon, one in particular was Jim Myers and Deanne Simmons.  Having seen the layout of the cabanas both online and in the brochures they had received, the one farthest away from the main resort was the ideal choice for them to honeymoon as privacy was what they wanted most.  Upon inquiring about the availability of the cabana of their choice, they reserved it immediately when they learned that it was available for the week of their planned honeymoon.  In each other's arms, they kissed intimately to celebrate getting the cabana of their for their honeymoon, the farthest away from people so they could snuggle up and make love all day long.  "I'm going to keep you naked and in bed with me all day and night, sweetie!  You'll be begging me to take a break and grab a bite to eat!" Jim had challenged.  To which Deanne had responded "Promises, promises, Big Boy!  You might just be the one begging to take a break!  We'll see if you can still get it up when I'm done with you!"  Now married just days earlier, Jim and Deanne Myers had flown off to the Island of Maritou, where they would honeymoon at the new Maritou Island Resort for a week.  On the third day of their honeymoon, they stepped out of their cabana to take in some sun at this tropical paradise.  Wearing a one piece black bathing suit with white polka dots, Deanne posed as requested by her husband so he could take a few snapshots of her with the sand and sea in the background. 

Through the lens of the camera held to his face, Jim Myers took in the beauty of his beautiful blond wife of just a few days, snapping a picture for their honeymoon scrapbook.  But hubby's camera lens were not the only lens taking in the blond beauty as a more powerful one, a telescopic one was taking in the pose of the sexy young newlywed, and what was being viewed by that ogling eye was being fed live from the telescope down to the large tv screen in the main cabin of the yacht.  From the hooting and hollering from down in the main cabin, Jamal who was on watch and manning the telescope knew that the treasure hunt on the Island of Maritou was now over.  The precious golden treasure had just been discovered and very soon they would take possession of the lovely jewel.  Being the lucky one to have the watch and to first spot the succulent little beauty, Jamal had first dibs on getting to be the first between her sexy white legs and ............................RAPE her with his big black monster of a cock!  Getting on the intercom, Jamal announced that "She's the one, my man!  Jamal's gonna be the first one to stick it to that purty little blondie! Ya guys go an pull out the peck'n order list!" 

The pecking list was referring to the one that had been drawn up before they even hit the high seas, based upon who 'won' the treasure hunt in selecting a sweet little beauty, one determined by have drawn the highest card.  And to be fair to the entire crew, once a fellow got in line to first dibs, he'd be eliminated from the next drawing for that particular event.  Jamal was the one who had spotted the blond beauty so he got first dibs on fucking her.  The folder was pulled out by the pirate captain and the following winners were announced "Before Jamal gets to fuck her, we'll get to eat that beautiful blond bitch and first to have that honor is 'AMOS'!"  'Hot damn, ya guys can watch me and see how it's done!  I's gonna love eating her snatch!" Amos boasted.  Then Nigel continued "Getting the honor of getting his boner blown by that beauty is .............................RASHAD!"  "Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss!  Hubby's gonna git the see the whites of wife's eyes when I's shove my 'whopper' down her purty little throat!  Bet she's gonna puke her guts out after I's cream her tonsils!" Rashad laughed.  "And then, getting her cute little ass is ..............................LEROY!" Nigel announced.  "Ooooohhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhhh!  She looks so fuck'n innocent, bet my last buck that sweet little ass of her's is cherry!  And I's knows the perfect time to buggar that purty little ass ..............................after she blows all of us, we's give the whiteboy a chance to put his weenie in his purty wife's mouth ....................................and that's when I's gonna shove it up her cherry ass!  Hope she doesn't bite his weenie off when I's do it to her!" Leroy roared.   

Mrs. Deanne Myers

Head pounding as he began to come to, Jim's body shuddered as he recalled hearing his newlywed wife scream out and then that a split second of that huge black fist coming out of the dark to cold-cock him.  'Deanne .................Deanne she okay?' his mind wondered as he shook his head to clear the cobwebs. Blinking his eyes, trying to move and get up to check on his wife, Jim found that he was bound to a chair with his mouth gagged.  As his eyes began to focus, the sight before him made a shiver of horror course throughout his body.  In another chair across from him sat his weeping bride, her hands tied behind her back and there was a big black bastard bending over her from behind, with his hands around her petite body .............................his thick thumbs moving up and down, flicking at Deanne's nipples through her dress and lacy bra!  Seeing the front of her dress wrinkled, unlike how it looked over dinner, it became obvious to Jim that her breasts had been fondled by those large hands while he was out cold.  Then a gruff voice from behind of him advised that "We's been waiting fer ya to wake up ................didn't wanna leave ya out of the fun ........................and I's been gitting hungry fer dessert!  Lookit yer purty wife's nubs sticking on up, poking up the front of her dress!  Think Amos there has got yer honey all excited .......................yeahhhhh, she's gonna be really sweet and juicy ...............................when I's 'EAT' her fer my's dessert!" 

Deanne felt so ashamed at having her husband see her in that condition when he awoke, that of having her breasts fondled and her stimulated nipples poking up the front of her dress.  She had also heard that last comment, that the intruder behind her husband was going to 'EAT' her!  Naive and totally innocent in her upbringing, terror coursed through her entire body at the initial thought that these black men were tribesmen from another island and wearing western clothes.  Rope binding her hands untied, pulled up out of the chair by two of the assailants, she struggled to no avail as she was dragged towards the bed.  'Oh, God ...........................oh, God ..........................they're cannibals ..............................and going to 'EAT' me ..............................'EAT' me ALIVE!' she shuddered in absolute fear.  Thrown upon the bed and arms pinned upon the mattress, then Deanne observed the man who had made the comment of 'eating her' was approaching the foot of the bed.  Afraid for her life, she kicked out her feet in an attempt to use her spiked heels to ward off her attacker.  But her defensive tactics failed as her approaching assailant sidestepped her kicks, catching each of her ankles in a strong fist before peeling off her heels, tossing them to the floor and rendered them useless defensively.  "Bring her down the bed some!" her attacker instructed of the men hold her arms, and with the bastard grabbing her legs she found herself being pulled down to where her ass was just above the edge of the bed.  "Noooooooooooooo ..................................................nooooooooooooooo!" she screamed out as the bastard had inserted his hands up under the hem of her dress, grabbed the waistband of her panties and stripping the wisp of a garment from her kicking legs. 

Chair lifted by two of the strong thugs, with him tied to it, Jim was placed back down right next to the side of the bed to give him the best vantage point in the room.  With his wife's arms pinned to the bed, silky blond hair whipping from side to side, Jim could only watch helplessly as her flailing legs were captured and draped over the broad black shoulders of the bastard kneeling down between her sexy legs.  "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ........................................nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ....................................................nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Jim heard his wife cry out as the bastard went down on her sex, saw his wife's head flailing from side to side and whipping her silky blond hair back and forth.  Pedicure toes curling, leg muscles getting taunt, were the signs that Jim observed that told him that black bastard was now 'eating' his beautiful wife.  What was taking place on the bed of their cabana was what Jim had hoped to eventually get his courage up to do to his beautiful wife himself, something that he suspected Deanne would not approve of but that she would eventually relent and allow him to mouth her sex.  But now that wish had been dashed as he'd never be the first to  'eat' her out.  And then it happened before his very eyes as his wife screamed out "Nooooooooooooooooooooooo ................................................nooooooooooooooooo ..........................................stoppppppppppppppppp .................................................aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .............................................aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"  The way in which uncontrolled spasms rocked his wife's petite body, stiff calve muscles so taunt and toes so curled, it was obvious that she was having an mind-shattering orgasm in the bastard's slurping mouth!  Then his wife's lovely body suddenly went limp, only to be rocked every few seconds by a sudden spasm, all while the slurping between her legs sounded louder and louder the bastard was eating out his wife's love juices!

The slurping came to an end when the bastard lifted his head out from between his wife's legs, his ebony face glistening from Deanne's love juices while sporting a wide happy grin.  But then more slurping began, causing Jim to take his eyes off the glistening face of the first bastard to eat out his wife, and he saw that another bastard was down between Deanne's limp legs and going to town on her.  Then it was announced by apparently the leader of the bunch of thugs that "The rules we set up applies!  Jamal, being first, got to 'eat' the bitch till she juiced in his mouth!  Tyrone, ya've got yerself five minutes to 'eat' yer dessert!  Same fer everyone else!  Git her to cum in yer mouth in that time or make room fer the next guy!"  All throughout the five minutes of Tyrone's lapping of his wife's snatch, Jim heard the sniffling of shame from his wife upon the bed.  No longer was her arms being pinned to the bed, signalling that she was obviously defeated and no longer capable of putting up a fight as she merely lay there as the lined formed.  The next black bastard got the same response, unable to bring Deanne to a climax no matter how hard he tried licking and flicking his long tongue up into her snatch.  But the next guy kneeling down between her legs apparently had quite a talented tongue, getting Deanne to tremble and moan, then her legs lifted and she was putting balls of her feet upon the muscular shoulders. Pushing down with her feet, arching up her pussy to the hungry mouth, his wife then cry out "Ohhhhh, God .................................ohhhhhh, God ...........................ahhhhhhhhhhhhh .................................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..................................................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  Petite body shuddering uncontrollably once again, spasming each time she fed the black bastard some love juice, then her feet slid over the broad shoulders followed by her limp legs being draped over the bastard's shoulders.                     
The next three men worked hard between Deanne's limp legs without getting the desired results, only her sniffling in shame of being violated in such a demeaning manner.  But Jim observed the last man to 'eat' out his beautiful wife, the leader of the group by the name of Nigel, made Deanne put her curled toes on his shoulders to arch up into the bastard's face as he ate her to a screaming orgasm.  Then the leader of the group was up between from his wife's once again limp legs was approaching him, taunting him with "Ya wanna chance to 'eat'  yer wife's tasty snatch, like we jist did, huh?  Well, yer gonna git that chance very soon, hubby ..............................right after we's all git to FUCK her!"  The leader next signaled to the men who had pinned her arms to the bed earlier, ordering them to "Strip her!  Git her naked!"  Grabbed by arms once again, Jim was helpless as the men began tearing at her dress, ripping the garment to shreds and tossing the pieces aside. Lacy white bra torn from her body, baring her twin titties, then a large hand from both assailants cupped a bare breast and began to fondle her.     

Then the leader announced "Jamal, ya's got first dibs at fucking this pretty newlywed!  Go an show hubby how it's done!"  Struggling against his bonds to no avail, Jim saw the look in his terrified wife as the big black named Jamal began stripping off his clothing at the foot of the bed, causing Deanne to push herself up the bed in hopes of scrambling away from the bastard who planned on raping her with the obscene boner that he was fisting in his hand.  His wife's trim ankles grasped by the black bastard, pulled back down to the center of the bed, Jim watched his wife futile attempt to fend off her attacker who was settling down between her trim legs and positioning his enormous rape stick.  "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo .................................................eeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" came his wife's shriek as she was penetrated by the bastard's big black cock.  Having popped Deanne's cherry just days ago, it was quite obvious that this bastard was stretching her cunny like never before, especially after having seen for himself that the bastard's cock was not only twice as thick as his but twice the length, causing Jim to think that 'God, it's gotta be at least twelve inches long!  The bastard's built like a horse!'

To Jim's dismay, the bastard raping his wife turned to taunt him with "Damn, yer purty wife is so fuck'n tight, whiteboy!  What ya been fuck'n her with, huh, a pencil?  Must tell ya how honored I's am in getting to breed this beautiful bitch of yers!  And damn, I's gonna breed her good fer ya ......................real good!"  With his wife sobbing and crying through the horrific ordeal, Jim stared at the long black cock being trust in seconds after nearly pulling all the way out, saw the big swollen testicles that stored up all that potent baby batter.  Jim could only pray that he had beaten the bastards to it, that the days of intercourse following the wedding had impregnated her already, for Deanne was not on the pill and no protection was used.  Having been engaged for over a year, with both of them having good steady jobs, the thought was that it'd be really special to start their family right away, that it'd be even more special if she got pregnant on their honeymoon.  But now, if she wasn't already pregnant, Jim dreaded the thought of his beautiful wife now getting impregnated ...............................especially from the big black cock embedded deep in her at the moment, or by any of the other seven black bastards waiting their turn to rape her!  With his wife's trim legs spread wide, caught from behind the knees and resting on her rapist's thick forearms, Jim could only sit and watch as Deanne's sexy legs and pretty feet flailed about the air as the black bastard hammered away at her with his foot long boner.

Tears came to Jim's eyes in being forced to witness the violent rape of his newlywed bride, but he couldn't turn his head away and not watch the rape, his eyes riveted on the thick black cock slicing in and out of his wife's ravaged slit.  He heard the whimpering and crying of his raped wife throughout the ordeal, heard the squishing sounds being emitted from between the joined bodies, and then he cringed when he heard the bastard laboring above her groan "I's gonna cum .......................................I's gonna cum ..............................gonna breed her .................................gonna breed yer beautiful wife!"  And then the black bastard stiffened, right after burying his cock fully up into Deanne's raped cunny, making it evident from the shuddering that the bastard was ejaculating his filthy seed deep up his wife's fertile womb.  The black bastard then partially collapsed between his wife's spread legs, apparently emptying the last drops of his lust into her before he began pulling his rather limp but still very dong black bone from out of her raped slit.  The bastard then purposely pushed her nearest knee down a bit,  deliberately want to give him an eyeful of his wife's reddened slit as thick cum bubbled out of it, drooling down to puddle on the bed sheet under her ass.  Then the bastard taunted him once again, snickering "Lookit that, whiteboy!  That's all my's cum oozing out of yer purty wife's pussy!  That's my cum that might jist knock her up with a little black bastard!"

The leader of the pack then spoke up once again, this time announcing "Jist to remind ya guys of the rules!  Jamal had first dibs so he got to fuck her till he popped his nuts in the beautiful little bride!  The rest of you guys got ten minutes each in the saddle!  Cum or not in that ten minute span and yer out of the fuck'n saddle, even if'n we's got to pull ya out!  Amos, yer up next to breed the beautiful bitch!"  Jim sagged in dismay upon hearing the announcement, then cringed upon seeing a black bastard weighing nearly 350 lbs. smiling widely as he began shedding off his clothing.  With his beautiful wife weighing no more that 118 lbs., this was surely going to be a mismatch, and the look on Deanne's face made that horror so much more apparent as her wide eyes were glued upon Amos' big fat cock that was stilling lengthening as he shucked at his monstrous boner.  Even Jim stared at it, unable to take his eyes off the growing stem as it got even bigger than Jamal's horse-like cock.  Jim shuddered in horror upon hearing his wife's desperate plea "Please ....................noooooooooooo, please ..........................please ..............................noooooooooooooooooo ....................................don't rape me with that 'thing''s too big's too BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!"  Seconds later, upon see the muscles on the bastard's big black as tighten and thrust forward, Jim cringed upon hearing Deanne screech "Eieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ..................................................................................eieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

"Stop .............................stopppppppppp .............................pleaseeeeeeeeee hurtss hurtssssssssssssssssss!" Jim heard his wife sob out, watched as she tried to pull herself up the bed and away from the vile bastard.  But strong hands grasped her trim hips and her vile rapist thrust up into her even harder, burying himself fully up into her cunny, obviously tearing her in places never before explored as this bastard possessed a monster of a cock.  Then the bastard raping his wife turned to him and gave a wide smile before taunting him with "Ya's got yerself a real fine trophy wife here, my's man!  Didn't get the honor of popping her cherry fer ya, but I's guess I's went and 'ruined' her real good, heh, heh, heh!"  If not for hearing his wife's whimpers, Jim would have suspected that she had passed out from the vile rape of her body, especially that way in which this 350 lb. brute was thrusting his proud animal into her petite body.  With his wife's petite body covered by the big ebony body, the contrast of her visible white calves and certain made it quite an erotic sight for the viewers, but her body looked lifeless to Jim as the only movement of her legs and feet were are reactive ones from when the bastard thrust up into her.  That last taunting he had heard repeated itself in his mind, and from what he was witnessing it was so very true ............................for how could his beautiful wife not be 'ruined' by the size of that cock currently ripping her apart!  Physically 'ruined' but Jim could only pray that his beautiful wife not lose it mentally from this vile ordeal.  Just before the ten minute time limit was up, as the timer ticked away on the nightstand, the black bastard upon her began grunting "Uggghhhh ..........................ugggggghhhhhhhhhhh ....................................arrrguuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  A moment later, Jim watched  as the big bastard pushed his ebony body up, pulling his cock out of Deanne's raped slit, then saw the thick river of thick filthy cum oozing out of it and down onto the bed!

The next two men to climb upon the bed weren't as big as the first two, didn't weight as much nor were their cocks as big, but their boners were each still long enough to surpass the ten inch mark and would have made any man proud.  Each of them had gotten up onto the bed, gotten his knees planted next to Deanne's inner thighs, grasped her trim hips then went and brutally thrust his swollen cock up into the now rather messy slit.  Neither game a damn on taking it easy or being gentle, all that mattered was them getting their rocks off before the ten minute timer buzzed.  They just went and humped away at his wife's limp and lifeless body as she whimpered in defeat, then managed to dump his filthy load into her fertile womb before pulling out to give Jim a view of the thick goo he had just deposited up in Deanne's raped slit.  The the fifth in line, a man named Tyrone, seemed to have brought Deanne out her lifeless stupor for Jim witnessed the petite hands of his beautiful wife moving up and down to caress the bastard's muscular biceps.  And then Jim observed her trim white legs lifting up, her feet now spurring the bastard's black ass to get him in deeper, her toes curling from the pleasure he was apparently giving her from his long slicing cock.  Jim then noticed that his wife's whimpering has stopped, for now she was moaning "Mmmmmmmmmm .................................mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ............................................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..................................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Godddddddddddddddddddd ..................................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ......................................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  Seeing his wife arch, calve muscles stiffen and toes curled, it was apparent that the bastard had given her a mind-blowing orgasm.  Jim watched as his beautiful wife clung onto Tyrone, clutched at him as his body spasmed while emptying his lust into her. 

The next two gang members didn't get the kind of reaction out of wife in the way Tyrone had done, instead each had to settle for fucking Deanne's limp and lifeless body.  But neither bastard seemed to care so long as he managed to pop his nuts off in her before the time limit.  And each did so, grunting out his achievement when ejaculating his filthy seed up into Deanne's fertile womb, then pushed her legs apart for him to view the sloppy mess between her legs.  It was now time for the last of them to get onto the bed to rape his wife and Jim's eyes were focused on the wicked curve of the eleven incher possessed by the man named Labrone.  As soon as the bastard sliced his curved dick up into Deanne, Jim's eyes bulged upon seeing her reach up to grasp his shoulders with her hands and sexy legs tied themselves around his black ass as she then met him thrust for thrust.  There was no whimpering from his wife as this black bastard raped her, causing Jim to shiver in hearing his wife's voice panting "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .......................................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...................................yesssssssssssssssssss ................................................yesssssssssssssssss ......................................ohhhhhhhhhhh, yessssssssssssssssssssss!"  As the fucking continued, Jim had himself a massive hardon as he chastised himself for getting excited rather than appalled upon seeing his beautiful wife respond in such an unladylike manner, appearing now to be a two-bit whore wanting a big black cock in her.  And when that black ass tightened with cock buried to the hilt, making it quite apparent that he was in the process of seeding his beautiful wife at that instant, Jim felt so defeated upon hearing his wife utter out "Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ..................................................ohhhh, yesssssssssssssssssssssssss .................................................shoot ittttttttttttttttttttt ..............................shoot it .....................................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...............................Goddddddddddddd!"  Seeing his wife's legs muscles go taut, toes curling and body shaking uncontrollably, it was evident that a mutual climax was taking place upon the bed.

When the last of the rapists had gotten out of the saddle, not only did Jim get to see all that cum oozing out of his wife's raped slit, but the leader of the pack named Nigel took off his gag while reminding him that he was to get a chance to eat out his wife's pussy.  The puddle of goo under her twat was quite a mess from all that overflowing cum, but Jim couldn't help but to wonder just how much more was stored up in her cunny.  Still tied, just not to the chair anymore, Jim was made to kneel upon the floor at the foot of the bed.  Then some gang members were dragging his wife down the bed and draping her sexy legs over his shoulders, and with that the leader pushed his head on down between Deanne's legs and his face was rubbed into the sticky and smelly mess.  "C'mon, buddy ...................start eating!" came the gruff order.  Jim had always fantasized at getting to do this, but the fantasy did not include Deanne's pussy to be filled with cum from eight black men, thus he couldn't bring himself to stick his tongue into the sticky mess.  "Start eating that cum outta yer wife's pussy, punk!  Or, ya's can start sucking all our dicks till we all pop off!" came the threat.  And so he began licking and swallowing down all the goo that kept on oozing out of his wife's flooded cunt.  As he performed the nasty task, Jim heard one of the bastard's laughingly comment to him that "Ya better git used to it, punk!  That's the only form of birth control yer purty wife is getting over the next few days!"  What came next was totally unexpected, catching Jim by surprise as flicking his tongue up against Deanne's tender lips, for one of the bastards reached on over to press down heard on his wife's belly .....................................which in turn angled her pussy upwards, forcing a stream of the stored up come out of her raped pussy and right into the middle of his face!                                              
Tossed back into the chair and retied to it, Jim found himself being dragged backwards a few feet while in the chair, then he observed several of the men pulling Deanne's limp body off the bed.  His wife was then partially dragged over and made to kneel sideways a few feet in front of his chair.  It was then the leader of the group announced "RASHAD ..................................step on forward, my man!  Ya's won the honors to be the first one blown by this lovely blonde beauty!  And being the winner, ya's got eighteen minutes to do yer magic and cum in her mouth!  After that, the rest of ya's got yerself eight minutes of tonguing or going off with a pair of swollen balls!"  Tears formed in Jim's eyes as he looked upon his beautiful wife kneeling there, looking as if she was in a different world at the moment, appearing to be mentally out of it as Rashad fisted his boner in front of her face.  "Ya suck cock before, little lady?" his wife was asked by Rashad as he tilted her head up to look at him.  Seconds passed and then Jim observed his wife respond by shaking her head from side to side for 'No'!  Jim then heard the bastard laughing happily while holding Deanne's head firmly in his grasp as he proceeded to rub his filthy cock over her beautiful but now cringing face.  The Nigel was behind of the chair, whispering to him "Don't ya worry none, punk!  Ya'll be right at the end of the line!  That purty wife of yers will get a taste of yer pecker after she services the rest of us with those purty pink lips of hers!"  Jim felt sick as he watched Rashad force Deanne to part her lips, then the bastard was forcing her to take it into her mouth and down her gagging throat.  Jim could only sit there and watch as his wife put her hands up against Rashad's thighs in an attempt to push her head back and also to keep the bastard from shoving all eleven inches or so all the way down her throat. 

It was quite evident that Rashad was wanting to make use of as much of the eighteen minutes that he had allotted to him, stopping at times in mid-stroke and holding Deanne's head still while he sought to ease the temptation to pop his load at that very instant, panting and wheezing to stem the urge.  Then, at the fourteen minute mark, Rashad couldn't hold back any longer, pulling Deanne's head back some as he wanted to cum in her mouth and give her a good taste of his hot sticky jizz.  "Ughhhhhhh ................................ughhhhhhhhhhh ..........................ughhhhhhhhh .................................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Jesussssssssssssssss!" Rashad exclaimed as his body shuddered time and time again, coinciding with the movement of Deanne's throat as she was forced to swallow or drown in the filthy slime.  From his vantage point, Jim thought he had seen the white's of his wife's eyes when the bastard initially filled her mouth and throat with his gooey slime.  When Rashad pulled her head back slowly by the hair, allowing Deanne to finally get a full breath of air, that was when the young newlywed lost it, or was about to lose it as her body shook and heaved.  "Bucket ...................................plastic bucket, Amos ........................don't let her puke all over the place!" the leader of the pack yelled on out.  Plastic bucket placed before her, head pushed down into it, then came the retching sounds "Arrkkkkkkkkkkkkkk .............................................arrrrrakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ..........................................arrrrakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"  Splattering sounds resounded in the room as the newlywed began puking her guts out, losing that very expensive dinner that she had consumed just a couple hours earlier. 

After being given some water so she could rinse out her mouth, the young wife was staring at the pulsating head of another bloated cock for her to suck one, then was told "C'mon, bitch ......................git yer fuck'n mouth on it .............................I's only got eight fuck'n minutes!"  Head grabbed roughly by the hair, the bastard named Amos rammed his cock into her mouth and began face fucking her to achieve his goal in a timely manner.  Seven long minutes later, Jim watched as the still shuddering Amos began easing his spent cock from his wife's throat and mouth, saw the slime filth pour over her slightly parted lips as she stared ahead in a fucked out stupor.  Then there was another bloated cockhead pushing up against her part lips, to which Jim witnessed his lovely wife now parting her lips wider to admit the pulsating tube of flesh into her mouth,  Large hands at the back of head once again, then this bastard was off to the races before his time ran out.  Unfortunately for this poor bastard, the eight minutes was just not long enough, and he pleaded for "Another minute ...........................almost there ............................another minute!"  Grabbed by two of his cohorts by the upper arms and pulled on back, cock slipping out of Deanne's mouth, Jim's eyes then widened in horror while his beautiful wife shut hers tightly for the very same reason, that being because the bastard then sprayed his hot semen right smack in the middle of her face with the second spurt splashed onto her silky blond hair and forehead.  "Ahhhhhh, fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!" the poor bastard cussed, all to the roaring laughter of his buddies.  When it was all said and done, one had failed to pop his load in the given time and made to step aside with his swollen nuts in hand, but the remaining three had popped off in her mouth within the given time.  And three times Deanne's belly had heaved and rebelled against the slimy goo, causing her to puke into the plastic bucket each time.  Each time she had puked, the guy causing her to puke was then assigned the task of emptying the bucket into the toilet and flushing it down as well as to rinse out the smelly container.

Remembering what the leader had told him, Jim's cock twitched with excitement.  Although he certainly wouldn't have planned it to happen in this manner, the thought of his beautiful young wife taking his cock into her mouth had his cock swelling up in anticipation.  But being tied up and all, that meant Deanne would have to unzip him and pull his cock out of his pants before mouthing him.  'Oh, God ......................I hope I don't shoot off too quickly!  Need to at least get it in her mouth before I cum!' Jim told himself, fearing the worst as memories of a month ago haunted him, when he had bared himself and placed Deanne's soft warm hand on his boner.  What had happened back then was that he couldn't control his excitement, and just into the third stroke of her hand had him spraying his sticky jizz all over her sweater.  With Nigel turning her about to face him, grabbing her wrists to place her hands on his lap, Jim watched as his wife began to unzip him.  Jim then closed his eyes and put his head back, trying to put his mind in a different place at least till she took him into her warm mouth, then breathed a sigh of relief when he had achieved his goal and his beautiful wife closed her lips around his bloated cockhead.  Unfortunately for Jim, with his eyes closed he had not seen Nigel signalling to the man named Leroy to get into position.  Instead of crying out in joy, Jim was crying out in excruciating pain, all due to the chain reaction caused when Leroy grabbed Deanne's trim hips and brutally shoved his boner up into her virgin ass.  With her mouth full and unable to scream out in pain, she instead bit down to grit her teeth in agony, but in doing so she was biting down upon her his swollen manhood. 

Seeing his beautiful new wife being ravaged in every way possible, used by eight big black bastards in a row, Jim Myers figured that the horrendous ordeal would surely come to an end at this point.  There appeared to be no help on the way as apparently nothing seemed out of the ordinary to the hotel staff, as they were quite happy in the way they were being tipped for the services rendered.  In this new digital age of technology, one did not even have to pick up the phone in the room to get what a guest needed or desired.  And with just texting going back and forth without any verbal voice interaction, the hotel staff would have no clue whatsoever as to who was on the other end of the texting conversation.  With no voice interaction, the intruders managed to pull off some unbelievable shenanigans, leaving the hotel staff chuckling at the requests being received and having them thinking that the honeymoon couple sure built up an appetite from having expending all their energy in the sack. But the hotel staff was eager to comply, anxious to make the food requested or laundry delivery and leaving the cart at the front door, taking away the empty food carts or those containing dirty linens or towels, especially as they'd find a very nice tip in the envelope taped to the front door.  The doubling of food orders, requests for extra linen and towels appeared quite out of the ordinary but the large tips left the staff happy and their lips sealed.  And besides, the food ordered was being charged to the room, leaving the staff with no clue as to what was happening in the far distant cabana occupied by the newlyweds, only that they liked to eat a lot and have a lot of sex as evidenced from the well-starched dirty linen.  Although quite dismayed at the horrid events taking place in the cabana, both Jim and Deanne ate very well, especially after having the plates of food placed before them and being told "Eat everything on your plate to keep ya healthy!  If ya refuse to eat, ya'll be force fed .........................ya'll get the nourishment ya need by sucking cock!  With two of you and eight of us, that'll be four cocks apiece fer each of ya!"  With that threat hanging over their heads, the honeymooners eagerly ate up every little morsel on the plate before them, and that time eating meant a nice break from the young bride from being raped or sodomized once again.        

"Damn, we's need to git the bitch in the shower!  Fuck ................lookit all that cum oozing outta her fuck'n pussy .............that's really sloppy seconds!" one of the intruders commented.  Then another of them chipped in with "Let sonny boy eat his wife's snatch out first!  His dessert for the night, heh, heh!"  Those comments had been made ten minutes earlier, just prior to Jim being taken out of the chair once again, made to get on his knees to eat the slimy goo oozing out of his wife's raped pussy.  Now back in the chair and retied to it, Jim watched as the men got Deanne into the desired position near the foot of the bed but width wise, apparently for some planned deviant sex act for his wife to perform for them.  Jim sat helplessly in the chair as all eight of the black bastards got into what appeared to be preplanned positions, watched as her wrists were grabbed and hands pulled back to fist two black cocks while two others grabbed an ankle apiece and proceeded to rub their boners up against Deanne's pink soles.  A fifth stepped up between the vee of her and began stroking himself, with the sixth standing above her head to wrap his boner up with a fistful of his wife's silky blond hair.  The last two bastards were on both sides of his prone wife, one standing at the foot of the bed while the other kneeling upon the bed on the opposite side of Deanne.  Then the bastard, who was fisting his cock and using his wife's silky blond hair as incentive, looked at him and announced "Before yer purty wife gits a hot shower, we's got a special shower fer her ..................yessiree, a nice hot cum shower!"

It became apparent to Jim that this was indeed a preplanned event when one of them announced "Remember the rules of the game!  Ya gotta git yerself all primed up and ready to pop between the seven and eight minute mark!  Those premature or can't cum in time drops three hundred bucks into the pot!"  With two times set, one for seven minutes and the other for eight, the deviant game began as each of the intruders tried to get their cocks primed to pop in that one minute span.  As the timers ticked away, Jim watched as the black bastards tried to do what was needed be a winner in their vile game, whether it be fisting their own cocks or getting Deanne to do it for them.  And of course there were the other two rubbing themselves on his wife's soft pink soles.  When it came to the six minute mark, the bastard using Deanne's silky hair as a stimulant had apparently pumped himself a little too much and too fast as he exclaimed "Ohhhhhh, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk .................................fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ..................................shittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!"  The other seven cracked up in a roar of laughter as the man name Archie spurted a stream of goo down Deanne's beautiful face and between her breasts before covering his spurting cockhead with Deanne's blond hair to finish off with.  A minute later, with the seven minute timer sounding off that the time had come, cum began flying all over the place as five of the bastards had timed things perfectly.  Cum was shooting from over the tip of her toes on both feet, from the one being fisted by her right hand, up the front of her belly by the bastard standing between her legs and onto her breasts by the guy kneeling on the bed.  As for the last two, they would be adding their bucks to the pot as the eight minute time limit buzzed and they still hadn't gotten themselves off, but they kept working at it to eventually pop their nuts and add to the gooey mess on Deanne's sexy body. 

When it was all over, Jim looked at the fucking mess on the bed, as cum was all over the place .................................and especially all over his limp and widespread bride!  Jim had seen rivers of cum going down her arms and legs, fingers and toes webbed by the filthy stuff, slimy goo all over her body and face along with hair matted to her forehead.  First and last guy to pop his load had been assigned to pull the tucked in sheets to take the cum covered bride and deposit her into the shower stall.  That first guy to have popped then remained there in the bathroom, making sure that Deanne did not lock herself in there, along with keeping the shower door open so the guys could watch her shower herself clean.  Jim too couldn't take his eyes off his beautiful wife as she stood under the spray of the hot water to cleanse herself of all the sticky filth, saw her scrubbing herself harder than one would ordinarily do with a wash cloth, even inserting her fingers into her pussy to scoop out the cum that remained there.  But when his wife had been in the shower for fifteen minutes, the bastard manning the bathroom stepped on into the shower and closed the glass door behind him.  Though a bit obscured due to the wet glass, Jim could still make out the black and white figures in the shower stall, only now his beautiful was no longer showering but being pinned up against the tiled wall.  And from the movements now taking place in the shower stall, it was evident to Jim that the bastard in there with Deanne was fucking her ...........................raping her in there against the tiled wall!  The changing of the bathroom guard had the next guy going into the shower stall, getting Deanne from slouching against the tiled wall to a sitting position so she could blow him in there.  The next one in there made Deanne stand, pushed her forward to have her brace her hands against the tiles, and then thrust from behind that cause his wife to shriek "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!" as the bastard proceeded to sodomize her.  And his bride's horrific ordeal continued on till the last two bastards went in at the same time, making an Oreo sandwich out of his beautiful wife before she was once again allowed to get under the shower.      

Beer had been passed around and consumed by the intruders from the time Jim had regained consciousness after being cold-cocked.  Now with his wife exiting the from her shower, Jim saw her being handed a beer and told "Come and join the party!  Come drink with us!"  As his wife didn't care much for beer, maybe just a glass of white wine over dinner, Jim watched as she took a sip from the bottle in her hand.  But then the bastard next put his hand on her bottle and forced her to guzzle it till some overflowed from her mouth and had Deanne gagging a bit.  "Down it all sweetie, got another can here fer ya!" she was told but shook her head 'No' before being advised by the threatening bastard "Either the beer or the cum outta my cock!  Whadda ya prefer?"  Jim watched as his innocent young wife quickly brought the can up to her lips for more beer.  Having seen the two large ice chests along the wall, none there before they had left for dinner, Jim realized that these bastards were planning on staying for quite some time, something they had planned and not just a spur of the moment thing.  Seeing a large black arm encircling his wife's trim waist, then pulled to sit down upon the bastard's thigh, Jim watched as the bastard tilted her back a bit as she drank more beer.  He then saw the bastard licking at her nipple before mouthing her breast.  As the bastard suckled upon his wife's breast, another movement caught Jim's attention, that of his wife's arm going back and forth .......................for she had reached down to grasp that bastard's growing black cock and was fisting it for him!  With his tee-toting wife now on her fourth beer, appearing a bit glassy eyed and weaving a bit, Jim watched as the bastard moved her off his thigh to have her kneel between his legs as she continued pumping while drinking more beer.  Jim sat there in awe at what was happening before his eyes, that of his once innocent bride taking her lips off the can of beer when the bastard announced that he was "Gonna cum, sweetie!  Git yer lips on me!", then her lips went down over his cockhead as the bastard arched up to give his hot gooey load.  Jim watched as his wife lifted up her head to lick at her glossy lips, holding the now dwindling cock in her hand while bringing the can of beer up to her lips to wash it all down.

After five beers, it was clear to Jim that his pretty wife was totally wasted by now, watched as she went to lie down upon the bed and just two minutes later she was fast asleep.  Then one of the bastards walked over to the bed, grasped Deanne by the ankle to shake her awake, but Jim saw that his was dead to the world from all those beers.  But it appeared that the bastard could care less if he managed to get Deanne up from her drunken stupor, for began fisting himself as he ran his hand up her soft inner thigh before pushing her knees wide apart to expose her reddened sex slit.  Jim watched as the bastard got up onto the bed between his wife's limp legs, getting himself into position, then watched as the bastard thrust  himself up into her.  His bride of less than a week was like a limp rag doll, a cum dump for these vile bastards to spurt their filthy seed into, apparently taking great pleasure at the prospect that one of them would end up impregnating her with his black baby.  Jim watched as the bastard raping his wife held her trim hips firmly in his hands as he humped in and out of her, obviously only interested in getting his rocks off one more time.  When the bastard was done, Jim saw him ease out of Deanne's ravaged slit and from between her widespread legs, only to come walking towards him with his drooping slimy dick flopping and forth.  "Time fer ya to git something to eat again!  Got a real tasty treat fer ya!" Jim was told as he was dragged over to the bed.  Head pushed down between his wife's widespread legs, Jim shuddered as the thick goo oozed down onto his tongue.  He just prayed that he get to eat out his beautiful wife many a time in the future, just that it not be filled to the brim with another man's cum, and the question went through his mind as to 'What would her pussy taste like without all this nasty cum in it?'  With with the strong hand pushing his head into her messy curls, Jim began licking the cum out of her slimy snatch once again.

When Jim fell asleep in the chair, another one of the black bastard was shagging his wife's limp body as she slept through it all.  Now hours later, with sunlight coming in from slits in from a break in the drapes, Jim awoke to see his wife still fast asleep on the bed, her petite body limp and lifeless as yet another black bastard was between her widespread legs thrusting in and out of her ravished body.  'How many more guys went and raped her while I was asleep?  What's the total .........................number of times she's been raped thus far?' Jim wondered, watching as he realized it was the leader named Nigel who was currently raping Deanne.  Looking about, empty beer cans were strewn about the place, with all the other bastards scattered about the room and dozing.  Then the leader was grunting on the bed, thrusting himself deep into Deanne's limp body, then buried himself to the hilt as his body tensed and shuddered in spasms as he was obviously ejaculating his vile seed deep in her fertile womb.  A moment later, Jim heard the bastard Nigel snoring while lying atop of Deanne's petite frame, all while his thick cock was still embedded in her raped cunny.  But in seeing the bastard having fallen asleep on his wife, Jim felt a sense of relief that  it'd prolong things .............................that of eating out her cum filled twat!  With his dozing wife's face visible and facing him, the head of her dozing rapist on the other side of her, Jim wondered as to what the aftermath would be for his beautiful wife both physically as well as mentally.  He observed some movement, that of Deanne's eyes blinking as she was coming out of her drunken stupor, then the horror on her face indicated that she was now aware of one of her rapists being asleep atop of her and also still in her.  Her baby blues then met his and he could see her blinking back the back tears before mouthing to him 'I love you, Jim!'  He mouthed the same back to her as he had no gag on, but seeing his beautiful wife lying there with a black bastard lying atop and in her, he was getting aroused at the erotic black and white scene on the bed.

"DING DONG!" chimed the front doorbell, but before Jim could even think to yell out for help, a sharp blade was resting right up against his throat.  Then a male voice announced "Breakfast!"  The breakfast order that the intruders had placed the night before was being delivered with the cart left out front, with the fellow making the delivery following the instructions to the tee as he got the envelope containing the large tip and had rung the doorbell before leaving.  One of the intruders had made his way to the front door to check through the peephole, and when the coast was clear he opened the door to bring in the breakfast cart.  "Breakfast is served!  We'll jist divi this up among us as we's got us four breakfast orders so's as not to arouse too much suspicion with the resort staff .............................but we'll go and order some pizzas in a couple hours!" the fellow wheeling in the cart advised.  With a cabana equipped with lights and utensils, the meals were to be shared among all those intruders plus the honeymooning couple.  The intruders certainly wanted the young newlyweds to be well fed, especially the young bride, as they wanted her energy to be at a high level when they raped her once again.  As for the groom he made one drastic mistake when he was asked if he liked cream with his coffee.  Upon nodding his head YES, the bridegroom was horrified to see the intruder places cup down before his wife and made her take hold of his black cock and jerk him off into the cup of coffee.  It got worse for the bridegroom when he had to consume the liquid from the coffee cup being held to his lips by his beautiful bride.

Following breakfast, the doorbell rang once again, this time a cart of fresh linen had been left for them.  Not wanting to waste time, wanting the fun and games to begin once again, four of the men quickly stripped off the soiled beddings and now they had fresh sheets on which to bed the lovely bride. With the beautiful bride having showered before breakfast and fresh linen now covering the bed, it was party time once again for the newlyweds and their uninvited guests.  The leader of the pack then held up three fingers to his buddies that was also observed by the groom, indicating that this was a prearranged signal for these demented bastards. Then the leader of the group, the fellow named Nigel whispered in his ear "Now it's time for you to see your beautiful bride being gang banged! But don't you worry SONNY boy, we'll get you in on the action soon!"  Jim watched helplessly as his beautiful bride was then dragged to the bed, placed on all fours, and three of the assailants joined her on the king-size bed.  Jim watched as one of the then lifted a trim sexy leg before sliding in under his beautiful wife. Then the black bastard was fitting himself up to her, his big black hands on her trim hips so that she was in the right position above.  Jim craned his neck watching as the bloated cockhead was suddenly envelope quite easily by his wife's once tight little slit.  Eyes widened in stunned awe, Jim watched as his beautiful bride rotated herself upon the jutting poll and then began to ride it up and down. Meanwhile, another black bastard was getting a up onto the bed, shuffling forward to begin caressing her beautiful ass.  Jutting cock being fisted by the bastard behind her, then he entered her from the rear.  And to fill out the third position another black bastard fisting himself in front of Deanne's beautiful face.

Having seen that signal for three of the men to gang bang his beautiful bride at one time, also being told that he would be a participant in the action, Jim then realized that he would be on one of the teams of three since they were only eight intruders the cabana.  Watching the gang rape of his beautiful wife on the bed, Jim could not help but as to wonder what role he would have when his time came to be a part of the action.  Not only was his head filled with wonder, but his other one between his legs also began to wonder and rise up in anticipation of what was to come.  It seemed that these men had everything timed down for science, slicing in and out in complete rhythm, and it appeared quite apparent that they were planning on ejaculating all at once.  To Jim's amazement they all began grunting at the same time all, all shuddering at the same instant, then all pulled out at the same instant when the gang rape had come to a conclusion.  Jim shuddered upon seeing the slimy goo oozing out of all the orifices of his beautiful wife.

After watching Deanne remain on the bed while the first group of men moved off to the side, the next three were getting ready for action as each began fisting his lengthy boner. Then onto the bed they went, each getting into position, and soon Deanne was once again being drilled in three different places. Needless to say, once the three men had deposited their hot sticky seed into his wife's beautiful body, the new fresh sheets were once again soiled in a sticky mess. Still tied but now not to the chair, Jim was then guided around the backside of the bed made up to get up upon it, then was made to shuffle forward behind his wife's beautiful ass.  Right hand tied behind him but his left was in front so that he could jerk himself to stiffness, as well as to position himself.  It was quite apparent to Jim that his wife was in a stupor and she did not even know that he was the one behind her. With the man in front holding her still at the shoulders, Jim then moved forward to enter her, at which time he slid in rather easily.  One thing that was quite noticeable to Jim was the fact that his beautiful wife did not even flinch nor groan at all when he slid his jutting cock into her ass.  But still, for Jim he was quite proud of himself, for he had popped at the very instant that the other two men gang banging her had gone off.  Jim looked down and watched as his own sticky cum oozed out of her beautiful ass.

Two days later, Jim awoke in the chair while still tied to it, then realized that the assailants had suddenly disappeared and so were the items that they had brought with them to the cabana. On the bed lay his beautiful wife with her back to him, her body still looking very sexy to him.  He called her name in trying to wake her from her deep slumber, wanting her to come and help him get untied from the chair.  Finally, after calling her name more than a dozen times, his beautiful bride finally awoke and came over to untie him from the chair.  Once he was untied, his beautiful wife began sobbing so Jim took her into his arms and held her, trying desperately to console her.  There was no talk between them to call for help, nor to notify the resort staff, not wanting to reveal to anyone the ordeal they had suffered through on their honeymoon.  They were too ashamed to do so, not wanting their disgrace and humiliation to be made public, fearing that such would follow them back to their home town.

As they consoled one another, it was agreed that they not call anyone or notify anyone of this horrible ordeal, especially noting the videos the black bastards had taken by the camcorders that had been placed about the cabana prior to their return from dinner that night.  The night before the departure of the intruders, they had played the videos for them by hooking it up to the TV screen.  Jim and Deanne were completed stunned upon witnessing the videos showing what had taken place in their honeymoon suite, that even Jim had participated in the gang rape of his beautiful wife.  Although Jim was tied up while participating, the embarrassment of it all would be just too devastating for both of them should this get out to their family and friends.  Feelings mutual that this not be made public, they realized that they had to get the cabana back into a decent condition as they would be leaving that following morning and not have the staff find anything amiss.  Needless to say, upon checking out, Jim discovered quite a bill at the front desk awaiting for him as all the meals ordered from room service were quite expensive.  Still, what could he do but to pay for it, bringing their honeymoon to end as they took a shuttle to the airport to head on home.  It had been quite a honeymoon to say the least.  Now instead of returning home and hoping that Deanne had been impregnated during her honeymoon, the bride and her husband would be instead be praying that such an event did not take place.  Both the bride and the groom hoped and prayed that the honeymoon ordeal would not destroy their love for one another, and that they could physically still make love in bed together.

Several months following their return from the honeymoon, both Jim and Deanne took comfort in one another's arm's to console each other as well as to express their love for one another, even with the knowledge that Deanne had been impregnated while honeymooning on the Island of Maritou.   The thought of an abortion was out of the question for there would be the question of whether or not Jim had impregnated her.  After having gone through what they had experienced during their honeymoon, Jim found one thing that he experienced being better during the honeymoon week, that being when he went down between his wife's sexy legs to eat her juicy snatch.  As they had promised to be very honest with one another upon their return home, believing that it would be the only way their marriage could or would survive.  When Deanne had asked Jim if he liked it better now, he confessed that "I……………….I liked it better when I ate your pussy when it was filled with hot cum!"  Jim certainly hoped that admitting such a fact would not strain the marriage and that his beautiful wife would not be upset with him having told the truth.

Several days later, Jim found that his wife did love him and that she had not taken offense to what he had spilled out on his preference in eating out her pussy.  When she had returned from work that evening, they embraced one another for a passionate kiss.  It was then that his beautiful wife told him that she had a surprise for him that night, asking if he would like to have dessert before dinner, and when he nodded 'yes', she pull his hand to lead the way to the bedroom.  Jim certainly was in for a treat as his wife had brought home a very tasty dessert for him…………... a sweet tasty 'cream pie'! When asked how did she managed to get such a tasty dessert for him, Jim learned that his wife had stopped to pick up a hitchhiker on the way home from work………...................… that it was an elderly black man she had picked up to give a lift, but more so to bring a surprise present home to him!  Jim learned that his beautiful wife and gone out of her way to get him the special dessert that he desired, letting the old black geezer fuck her in the backseat of the car she she would have a cream pie to take home!

End of story.