Roaming Resort Rapists - 3
(mmmmmm/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon

Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
The 'Roaming Resort Rapists' series is of  a modem day bunch of
pirates going over the booty taken since returning from the high sea (no another man's gold
or money) but his most prized possession ..................that of his beautiful trophy wife or fiancee'!

Once again, it was time for them to take a break from the string of high profile robberies they had committed over the past few months.  For Capt. Nigel Ponto, the self-appointed captain and leader of these bad ass black criminals, he had to concur that things were getting really hot as the cops were stepping up their surveillance and patrols to get them.  The bad ass group of criminals considered their activities to be like that of Robin Hood, taking from the rich and giving to the poor ................themselves!  The others in the group included the likes of:  Tyrone Banks, Leroy Jones, Jamal Lewis, Amos Riggs, Rashad Jones, Archie Sims, and Labrone Griffen.  With the coffers once again filled and everyone's pockets lined with bucks derived from the fenced goods, they could once again party well and have some fun just as how hard as they worked.  "Hey, boss, when we's gonna hit the high seas again?  Time fer us to get some sweet treats again!" one of the guys yelled out in the meeting.  "Yeah, boss ....................when we's gonna hit the high seas again?" Jamal chimed in.  "Yeah, time for us to raise that black flag with the skulls and bones once again!" Nigel agreed.  "Oh, yeah, let's go looking treasure hunting again!   Time fer us to go trophy hunting ...............................white boy trophies!" Rashad added.  To which Tyrone chimed in with "Fuck'n awesome!  That's jist what I's needing right now ...................................putting my big black cock up into some white boy's beautiful trophy wife ...................................and hubby gits to watch me polish it all up fer him ........................with my hot gooey cum!"

'Full speed ahead!' had been the motto for the motley crew of criminals on their first day out on the high seas, wanting and needing to put some distance from their home port to pull off their dastardly deeds without getting themselves caught.  The plan for this high seas venture was that of heading on out to some plush resort noted to cater to honeymooners but they'd be certain to check out the many small atolls they'd be passing, knowing that they also could be an ideal spot to find single boats anchored just offshore for the occupants to seemingly have the small little island just for themselves while there for a day of two.  One, two, maybe three couples at the most which meant that there would be little to no opposition for them to worry about.  After that first full day and night of cruising, with hundred of miles now distancing themselves from their home port, Jamal and Amos took first watch as lookouts.  Both lookouts kept their eyes peeled for any Coast Guard ships, wanting to avoid them at all costs as a stash of drugs were kept onboard for their own consumption, but the amount of illegal stash would certainly mean a time in the slammer for all of them.  Another thing that the lookouts were keeping their eyes peeled out for was that of any private yachts or sailboats passing on by.   

For this summer high seas adventure, they did not set any specific time for a planned return, but Nigel figured that the longer they were gone the better due to the heat being turned up by the fucking cops in recent weeks.  They'd take their sweet time once they managed to get their hands on some white boy's beautiful trophy, making him watch as they soiled and tarnished his beautiful wife, fiancee or girlfriend.  Thus, the only goal that all had agreed upon before casting off on the cruise was that, before they headed on back to their home port, each and every one of them would have his turn at being 'first' in despoiling some white boy's precious trophy. As there was no rush in returning, the gang of thugs planned on a bit more extensive partying with each white boy's beautiful trophy once they overpowered the punk and got hold of his sweet little honey.  Then they talked about their last caper when they had gone and grabbed that beautiful blond newlywed who was honeymooning with her punk white boy, with their cabana at the far end of the resort had been the ideal spot for them honeymooning during her planned stay.  That punk hubby of hers got to watch his beautiful bride being defiled in every which way, gang banged and raped repeatedly throughout their honeymoon stay at the resort.  Amos then turned on the video of that caper, which first began by showing the pictures that hubby had snapped when his beautiful bride posed for him on the beach.


Newlywed - Mrs. Deanne Myers

Rashad then chimed in since he had been the first to feed her his big black dick, giving the young newlywed her first taste of a man's cock in her mouth, bragging to the guys "Guess I's jist got too much protein in them balls of mine, huh!  Damn, she went and lost her whole fuck'n dinner when I's went and came in her mouth!  Lookit ................lookit the video ................................I's about ready to cum in her mouth her puke her guts out!"  "Bucket ...................................plastic bucket, Amos ........................don't let her puke all over the place!" the leader of the pack could be heard yelling on out in the video.  Plastic bucket placed before her, head pushed down into it, then came the retching sounds "Arrkkkkkkkkkkkkkk .............................................arrrrrakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ..........................................arrrrakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"  Splattering sounds resounded in the room as the newlywed began puking her guts out, losing that very expensive dinner that she had consumed just a couple hours earlier.  A bit later, the guys cracked on up in watching the video, laughing at the sight of hubby's horrified look as one of the guys was pushing his head down to force the punk to eat out his bride's snatch when it was filled with eight loads of cum.

A Sailboat is Easy Pickings:            

33 year old Mrs. Allison Myers

With her husband below deck in the galley preparing lunch as he loved to cook while sailing, Allison got to take the helm for awhile as she enjoyed it along with wanting to make to Intanos Atoll by mid-afternoon.  Having been there on a prior outing, Allison thought of the abundance of both fish and lobster in the calm bay on the southern side of the atoll, thus hoped for a nice swim and dive once they dropped anchor.  Wearing an open navy blue shirt over her skimpy white bikini to keep the chill away, she checked the compass to be certain that she was headed in the right direction.  Far off in the distance was a fast approaching yacht from the northeast, but as that direction was behind and off her left shoulder, Allison would not take notice of it at all ..........................until it was just too late!  Unbeknownst to Allison, both a pair of binoculars and a high powered telescope were being focused upon their sailboat, zooming in upon her in particular, and with the high-tech telescope transmitting the view to a monitor below deck, there were eight pair of eyes ogling up her sexy bod.

Looking forward and constantly checking the compass to keep on the right heading, Allison was unaware that the fast moving yacht was now less than a mile behind and it's speed was now slowing in order for three of the crew to board a rubberized skip with a high powered engine.  Minutes later, the sound of a boat horn sounded off  to her left, catching Allison by surprise as she looked towards the sound and observed a beautiful expensive white yacht about a hundred yards away with a man on the top deck giving her a friendly wave.  Securing the steering rail to keep the yacht on course, Allison got up and moved up front to wave 'Hi!' to the people on the boat.  With her husband asking what was up as she moved past the opening below deck, Allison advised "Just a beautiful yacht passing us by and giving us a wave!  I'll just be friendly and give them a wave back!"  With the wind blowing from the yacht's location towards her and the engines quite loud, Allison did not hear the pontoon approaching from behind, clueless that her sailboat was being boarded by two bad ass pirates .............................and soon one black bastard would have his hand clamped over her mouth and dragging her back away from the rigging!

Below deck, thirty-five year old John Myers was just about to finish cooking their lunch when he noticed that they had stopped moving for some reason and that the boat was seemingly dead in the water.  "Honey, what's happening up there?  You okay?" he yelled out to his wife.  Realizing that something was obviously wrong topside, John turned off the stove and rushed topside to see what was happening.  Just as his head made it out from below, it was as if a lead bat had just connected squarely with the back of his head and it was lights out immediately for him.  Five minutes later, due to the smelling salts being waived under his nose, John awoke with a massive headache and found himself tied spreadeagled to where the sail should be.  John then saw that the sail had obviously been dropped as it was now stretched and tied in a way that it would provide shade to the top of the cabin.  The top canopy of the cabin was now in the shade but stretched out and tied down upon the top canopy was his beautiful wife dressed in her skimpy white bikini with a blue trim.  John observed the navy blue shirt that she had been wearing earlier was now lying in a heap on the deck nearby.  With bumpers out, John saw that the elegant white yacht that Allison had mentioned was now tied up alongside their sailboat. 

Taking in the scene on deck, John observed that they had been boarded by eight men ..............................eight big and muscular black men!  Then he observed a flag waving at the back of the yacht, a black one that was adorned with white symbols, that of the skull and crossbones.  'Pirates!  We've been boarded by pirates!' John shuddered in absolute fear.  Then the bastard who had been waving the smelling salts under his nose grabbed him by the back of his hair, point and directing him to where his terrified wife lay tied upon the top canopy, then the bastard advised "About time ya came out of it, my boy!  Didn't want ya to go and miss out on the action!  We's was gonna carve ya on up but yer purty little wife beg us not to cause she's really in luv with ya and didn't want ya hurt!  And so, in exchange of us not harming a hair on yer head, yer purty little wife agreed to entertain us on yer neat little sailboat!  Ya know, that food ya's been cooking smells really good good that it went and got our appetite up!  But as yer were only cooking fer two of ya and there's eight hungry guys here, there surely won't be enough fer all of us's guess we'll start off with an appetizer first!"
With the hot sun beating down upon him, John could only stare out in disbelief as the leader of this band of pirates call out "Amos .........................ya's got first dibs on getting to taste the appetizer the sweet little lady has ready to serve up fer us!  Let's see what kind of appetizer she's got!"  Eyes bulging from his sockets, John could only watch helplessly as the man named Amos smiled widely and began to lick his lips in anticipation of getting himself a tasty treat, then the bastard was making his way to where Allison lay tied down to the canopy.  The black bastard slowly reached on down with his right hand while making a pincher motion with his index finger and thumb, then the bastard was pulling the bikini string at his wife's left hip.  Knot undone and that side of the bikini untied, the bastard was now making a pincher motion with the index finger and thumb on his left hand.  Bikini knots untied, the bastard used his fingers of both hands to slowly peel down the front of Allison's bikini, bringing about a loud chorus of 'oohs' and 'ahhhs' from the raunchy band of pirates.  And then the black bastard bent on down to get his tasty treat, causing Allison to sob "No ...........................noooooooo ...............................stop ..............................please stop ...........................pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Tears ran down John's eyes as he watched his beautiful wife being eaten for the very first time in her life, a sexual act that she felt was too dirty to perform and had refused his attempts to put his mouth on her golden muff.  He could see Allison struggling against her bonds, heard the loud slurping sounds being emitted from between her trim sexy legs, then observed her thigh muscles going taunt as his wife was obvious fighting the urge to feel any pleasure being derived from this deviant sexual act being committed upon her body.  "Stop .........................stop .....................please stop .........................please ..............................pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  No ...........................nooooooooooooooo!  Please ....................please .............................please .................................ohhhhhhhhhh, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" came his wife's desperate pleas, then John saw her toes curling before Allison screamed out "Oh, God ..............................oh, Goddddddddddddddddddddddd ......................................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ......................................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  John could only watch with bug-eyes as his beautiful wife arched up into the mouth of the black bastard before her petite body began to spasm uncontrollably, making it quite obvious that she had just been literally eaten to a mind-shattering orgasm and that she was cumming right in the bastard's slurping mouth.

For the next forty-five minutes or so, John hung there in the hot sun watching as the other seven black bastards went and got to get his tasty appetizer, going down on his beautiful wife till she came in his mouth or for a maximum of ten minutes eating time.  He witnessed his wife giving into the unwanted pleasure twice more, screaming out in ecstasy as her body went taunt and shook uncontrollably, arching up into the face of the bastard who had eaten her to a mind-shattering climax.  John couldn't remember when or how it happened, but it was when the third or fourth guy was eating Allison's snatch out that the guy had reached up to pull her flimsy bikini top away, then the black bastard began thumbing his wife's pink nipples as he continued eating her out.  And then it was the guy called Labrone who's time had come for him to get his tasty appetizer from between Allison's sexy white legs, with the tall black bastard turning to John's direction to stick out his rather lengthy tongue to show John just would be wiggling up into his wife's cunny.  Once Labrone got to eating his tasty appetizer, it became quite obvious that he certainly had a talented tongue, for no more than a minute later, the bastard had Allison screaming out "Oh, God!  Oh, my Goddddddddddddd!  Oh Godddddddddddddddddddddddd ...............................oh, my Godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd .................................................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...........................................oh, Goddddddddddddddddd ...................................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!"                  

With all eight pirates each having eaten his appetizer, John's dreaded fear came true when the bastard by the name of Amos came on up to him while holding his stiff and thick twelve incher in in his fist, and then he had to endure the bastard taunting him with "Yer sure a lucky white boy to have a beautiful bitch as a trophy wife!  A real nice golden trophy for all to admire!  And I's really admire that trophy of yers'd be a real honor jist to go and polish that trophy up fer ya!  Got me some real special polish, lots of it too, so I's be honored to polish that lovely trophy both inside and out fer ya!  Yeah, got me a big tube of it with me ...........................nice hot creamy cum to spread all over that purty wife of yers ..........................inside and out!"  Then the bastard told him "Tell ya what, ya's lemme touch and hold that awesome trophy of yers for a bit and I's gives ya something real special in return fer being so kind and generous ..................................................what I's really known fer is me making babies ...........................twins in fact, cause I's got three sets of little twins running around out there!"

Then Amos turned to head on toward where Allison lay tied down upon the canopy, taking off his shirt to toss it aside and then began unbuckling his belt buckle.  Then Amos yelled out to one of his buddies, advising "Hey, Rashad, why don't ya go and untie sweetie's hands!  She already showing some rope burns!  Give her something to hold onto cause those ropes will really cut into once I's stick my boner up into her tight little snatch!"  John heard the fellow named Rashad respond with "Sure's will, Amos, my man!  I's give her something to hold onto!"  Thirty seconds later, Amos had finally dropped his pants and jockeys while Rashad had quickly untied Allison's wrists and was wrapping the fingers of her right hand over a thick black bar, one that pulsated when she squeezed upon it.  The fingers on Allison's left hand were then formed around the bastard's walnut-sized testicles and was being told by Rashad "Ya go and squeeze my nuts as hard as ya want, sweetie!  The harder the better, cause I's jist love having a beautiful white bitch playing with my black balls!" 

John saw the look on his wife's horrified face, her mouth parted and her eyes wide in awe of what the fellow Amos was holding in his fist as he approached her.  When John got a glimpse of the size of the big black bastard, he could see why Allison was so afraid, for not only was the ebony cock twice as thick as his it was more than double his length.  With his taking of her virginity just prior to their wedding day, knowing that his wife had always been true to him, John knew that his beautiful wife would never be the same ever again if that black bastard was to rape her with that horse-sized cock.  When the bastard moved towards Allison, standing three feet away and shucking at his monstrosity, John saw the tears in his wife's eyes as she sobbed and pleaded "Please ................................please don't rape me ..........................not with that .........................please ................don't rape me with that!  I .....................I've never had anything that big'll tear me won't fit!  Please .........................please, I beg you!  Please don't rape me with that!"

With Allison's legs not tied down, she began to desperately kick out at the approaching thug who was intent on raping her with his horse-sized cock.  Suddenly two men had come forward to grasp her by her ankles, with one of them commenting "C'mon, Amos, let's git the show on the road!  We's all got fuck'n hadrons and wanna git a crack at this beautiful little bitch!"  Allison looked over towards her strung up husband and saw him put his head down in despair as it was quite apparent that her rape was to be inevitable.  Scared to death of what the black bastard intended on raping her with, Allison closed her eyes and once again pleaded "Please .........................oh, please .........................please don't rape me!"  But with her legs being stretched out wide by the two men and feeling the big brute of a man settling down between her thighs, Allison tried to steel herself as to what was about to happen to her, shuddering in disgust as the bastard was fitting his bloated cockhead up against her too tight slit.

"Eieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Allison shrieked out in agonizing pain as her rapist brutally thrust his animal into her without any mercy, stretching and tearing her as never before.  "Stopppppppppppppppppp ......................................stopppppppppppppp .....................................pleaseeeeeee hurts hurtssssss so bad!  Please .......................stop ..........................stop's too big's way too bigggggggggggggggggg!" she cried out pleadingly.  But her cries fell on deaf ears and instead made her rapist just laugh aloud as he proceeded to rape her brutally, telling her "Oh, sweetie, yer so fuck'n tight!  Damn, yer even tighter than some virgins' cherries that I went and popped!"  Grabbed at the hips by the bastard's big hands, Allison could only wish that she was struck dead in that instant, as more devastating results could be expected.  "Please .........................oh, please're not wearing anything!  You need to put something on!" she panted out in despair.  But then came the laughter from her rapist as he advised that "Told that white boy hubby of yers that I's intend on knocking ya up good!  And sweetie ....................I's noted fer making twin little kiddies three sets of them running around out there, and that only the ones I's knows about!"

Blinking back the tears in his eyes upon hearing the bastard grunting atop of Allison, John looked up to see the big black ass quivering uncontrollably with the bastard's lengthy cock buried to the hilt up in his wife's cunny, making it quite obvious that Amos was ejaculating his filthy seed deep up into her fertile womb at that very instant.  Moments later, John saw the spent bastard easing his still thick and lengthy cock out of his wife's ravaged slit,  watched as the dwindling piece of meat came flopping on out and glistened in the sunlight.  Then the bastard who had just raped his beautiful wife came walking towards him with a big grin on his face.  With Amos grabbing him by the back of his hair pointing out to his raped wife, telling his buddies to turn Allison some to face them, then had them spread her legs wide once again.  Then the bastard laughed aloud, chuckling "Lookit .............................lookit all that cum oozing out of yer purty trophy wife!  My cum ............................that's my cum oozing out of that tight little cunt of hers!"

One after another, each of the black assailants got his turn at sating his lust upon on and in Allison's sexy body, until all seven others got to pop his lusty load in the fifteen minutes of time allotted per man.  John was witness to all the cum oozing out of his wife's ravaged slit to puddle at first on top of the canopy before dripping down onto the deck of the boat.  Then the taunting Amos, who had been standing beside of him and taunting him throughout Allison's multiple rapes, untied most of his bindings but kept his hands tied behind him and pulled him along to boat to a place in the shade.  "Ya's got yerself a mean sunburn there, sonny boy!  Ya must be real thirsty from being out in the sun so long!  Git sonny boy something to drink, guys!" Amos announce be pushing him down onto his back on the deck of the boat, then the black bastard's heavy foot was on his chest to keep him there. 

John then groaned and shuddered in seeing the drink Amos' friends had brought for him ....................that of his beautiful wife being carried by the two men, each with an arm around her back and the other under a thigh.  His wife's legs were widespread and one of the bastards had stuffed a fish club up into her stretched cunny to keep all their cum plugged up in her.  As they lowered Allison's plugged cunny towards his face, John clenched his teeth tightly shut as he had no intention on eating their filthy slime.  But John was not prepared for Amos' well aimed kick in the groin, causing him groan out in pain "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  Fish club timely pulled on out of Allison's raped slit and all that gooey mush came pouring on out of her cunny, right into his open mouth, then his wife's oozing cunny was placed right atop his gasping mouth.  Coughing and choking on the slimy filth, John was forced to swallow or choke to death, but there was just so much of it that he coughed some of it up over his chin.

Still in a shady spot but retied to the boat, John was given a ringside seat for the commencement his beautiful wife's initiation into being repeatedly gang-raped.  First time on all fours, Allison was forced to straddled the black bastard's jutting cock as he lay on the boat deck, then she was pushed on forward as another bastard sodomized her rear and a third fed her some black sausage.  Next up, all five others somehow got into the action and this was how it went as Allison was lying parallel to the deck and facing it:  two guys held her up by the arms at waist high for them while having her jerk their bones; one grasped both her upper arms while he fucked her face; one guy grasping her by the ankles and spreading her legs out wide; and the fifth standing behind of and between her legs to use his cock as a battering ram to spear first into her cunny and then up into her ass.  On and on it went till late at night when all the black bastard were exhausted from popped his load three to four times at least. 

Then John watched as the bastards then took his wife over to where they had strung him up earlier.  Only now it was Allison's turn but fortunately it was at night and no sun beating down upon her.  Also, she was made more comfortable as a chair was brought up from below along with a foot stool that was place atop of the chair.  Arms raised above her head and strung up by her wrists, Allison's legs were raised on up to be parallel to the boat deck and her ankles tied to keep her legs spread wide at that height.  As to why they had strung her up in this manner, both John and Allison found out a half hour later when the fellow they came to know as Jamal began shucking his rising erection as he headed off towards the strung up beauty.  Cupping Allison's ass in his strong hands, Jamal then kicked away the chair and foot stool that she was sitting one, then the black bastard thrust himself up into her and proceeded on raping her once again.  And when Jamal had grunted out his lust into Allison's flooded twat, just as he was to pull out, there was no need to replace the chair and foot stool as Rashad was there to cup his hands under her thighs from behind, then came Allison's painful shriek as the vile bastard had just rammed his thick cock up into her very sore ass.

Their ordeal continued on for two more days, then the invaders began ransacking their boat for anything they could use to take aboard the cabin cruiser.  Sails slashed to ribbons, the engine was smashed by a sledge hammer with several important parts removed and tossed overboard, and then the radio was smashed to little pieces and rendered useless.  Needless to say, the sailboat would be merely sitting there in the open ocean and the occupants had to pray for a passing boat to come their way.  And with the plundering of all the Archer's treasures complete, the intruders were ready to bid their captives a 'goodbye'.  For John, even if the sailboat had been rendered useless, the black bastards departure couldn't come soon enough for him.  His sigh of relief was a bit premature as the men lined up to hop aboard their yacht, only to see a life preserver being tossed onto the deck for Allison to kneel upon as she gave each of them a 'goodbye' kiss that would only end when her mouth got filled with each bastard's slimy jizz, of which she was forced to swallow every drop!

All Alone on an Uninhabited Island?

Noted photographer 30 year old Mike Adams and his beautiful 28 year old model fiancee Diana Peters made the perfect couple as well as being the ideal working team together.  Diana had become the primary model for a new bikini line and she and Mike could combine both business and pleasure with Mike doing the photo shoot, allowing them to cruise on their yacht to various out of the way places to do the photo shoots.  Tiny uninhabited Marikina Island, with beautiful white sand beaches and some fallen coconut trees, made it the ideal location for a private photo shoot.  This was one of Mike and Diana's favorite locations just to visit and now it would be combined with business for them.  Arriving at mid-morning as planned, they planned on catching a few of the plentiful crabs in the bay for lunch and then do the photo shoot, and once done they'd catch dinner and spend the night on the boat before leaving for home the next morning. 

After a nice crab lunch, Diana changed out of her blouse and shorts to get into the first bikini set for the photo shoot, the first of some thirty to be photographed for the advertisement to go up on the store's sporting wear's online website.  Seeing a small white dot on the horizon, too small for the naked eye to discern, both Mike and Diana gave it no thought as he had her in as sexy pose to display the skimpy pink bikini.  Little did they realize that Diana's sexy pose was being displayed to eight pairs of lusty eyes aboard the high-speed yacht far off in the distance, her poses being picked up through the powerful telescope and then being transmitted down to the large screen monitor below deck.  With only the Mike Adams' boat anchored in the bay of the small island, the high speed yacht detoured off to the left a bit, aiming to go around so the unsuspecting couple would not see them approaching.  As the tiny island was a mere thirty yards wide, once the uninvited guests landed, they could easily sneak up on the photo shoot.

Ms. Diana Peters

Some twenty minutes later, now on the tenth bikini shoot, Diana went to where her fiance was pointing and followed his instruction to lay back some on a fallen coconut tree.  "Okay, left foot in the sand and right foot up on the tree trunk!  Press down on the ball of your foot on the tree .............make it look sexy, babe!" Mike advised.  "That's it ......................that's it!  You're looking real sexy in that yellow bikini, hon!" her fiance advised while snapping off a few shots.  With just the two of them on this deserted island, they could get a little naughty and they did like to tease one another if possible while working together, and so Mike told her "C''mon, hon .................................a real sexy one now for my personal enjoyment!"  Diana played along with him, unaware of eight pair of male eyes peering out at her from behind the trees, by throwing her head back as if she was in the throes of ecstasy while slipping her right hand down into her bikini panties.  Eyes closed, she fingered her clit and panted out "Ohhhh ...........................ohhhhh ..............................oh, God ..............................ahhhhhhhhhhh!" 

It had been Leroy up on watch when he got to spot the boat anchored in the little island bay, then had the telescope capturing what appeared to be a photo shoot taking place on the isolated beach.  Sounding the alarm for all hands up to the monitor room, Leroy sent the feed on down below deck so his buddies could get a good look of the beauty in the bikini as she posed for a photo shoot.  Liking what he saw, scouring around to be certain no other boaters were in the area, Leroy decided that he'd make this little brunette his little plaything ...................................with him being the very first to rape her .........................the first to introduce her to big black cock!  With he being on deck and the one to spot this succulent little beauty, it was his call to make, and Leroy then gave the order to bear to the right of the island and come in to land on the opposite side without being noticed by the unsuspecting beauty and photographer.

Back to the real photo shoot now, Diana posed as Mike had instructed, trying to look as sexy as possible to help sell the product.  Left foot flat on the tree trunk with knee raise, left hand on her hip, and right hand up on the top of her head was the pose that Mike had called for.  Diana trusted her talented fiance' to get her into the right pose that would delight the creative director in charge of advertising.  Much of the time it was pure professional posing for the photo shoot but once in a while, in order to break the monotony, she and Mike would make it exciting like she had just done by putting her hand into bikini panties and fingered herself.  That's normally as far as they'd go while the shoot was in progress, until the shoot was over anyway, so Diana was wondering if Mike would want to 'nail' her on down to the coconut tree when it was all over ..........................and of course she knew that Mike would have a camcorder set up to capture all the action of him doing so!  Diana knew the position Mike liked best in a situation such as this, with her arms above her head to steady herself on the fallen coconut tree, with his hands on the back of her ankles and raising her widespread legs up in the air as he proceeded to nail her down onto the tree trunk.

A third of the photo shoot concluded and time for a lengthy break, Diana looked over to see Mike setting up a camcorder on a tripod, then closed her eyes for a bit knowing that her fiance' wanted to capture their love making on a video disc.  Arms raised above her head with hands on the tree trunk, Diana awaited to feel the caressing touch of her handsome fiance', knowing full well that he was horny as a toad at this point.  And then she felt hands caressing her legs, moving up from her ankles to just over her knees, then down to her ankles again as her legs were being lifted to just above the tree trunk.  Legs splayed and ankles turned, Diana's cunny gave a twinge of excitement as her feet were being brought together, but between her soft soles she encountered a thick fleshy log.  This was something that Mike always enjoyed so Diana proceeded on pleasing him by giving him  a foot job.  As she pulled her right foot out of his gentle grasp, she raised her knee up and lowered her foot slowly till her toes encountered the fleshy bulb of the pulsating cockhead.  She used the ball of her feet and toes to tease the throbbing bulb, then with the top of her toes of her other foot, she then teased at the the big ball sac that contained all the sticky love juices that she knew Mike loved to web her toes with.  Hearing her lover panting from her playing with his cock and balls with her toes, Diana sped up her efforts, and then seconds later her ankles were gripped tightly before spurts and spurts of hot sticky goo web her toes together before drooling down her soles. 

"Ughhhhh ..............ughhhhhh .......................ohhhhhhhh, Goddddddddddddddddddddddd!" came the male grunts.  Never had she heard Mike grunt out in such a way, nor had he ever shot off so much spunk on any prior occasion, thus causing her to open her eyes and see what had happened.  Her eyes blinked in shock and horror for it was not Mike who had tossed his sticky sauce onto her toes and soles, it was some unknown big black bastard who had just done the unthinkable to her.  Before she could roll off the tree trunk, her wrists were suddenly by strong calloused hands to prevent her from escaping.  The black bastard who had spewed his filthy semen onto her feet now had her ankles in his firm grasp.  Movement off to her left caught her attention, and in turn in that direction Diana observed her fiance' with his arms tied behind his back and gagged as two more black assailants were dragging him towards her.  Diana could only close her eyes and sob as the men made Mike kneel on the sand to the side of her, with the bastard holding her by the ankles guided her feet towards her fiance', then the bastard wiped her sticky feet and toes upon Mike's face.  Then she heard a gruff male voice ordering Mike to "Clean yer sweetie's pretty toes!  Take'm in yer mouth and suck'em clean!  Ya do a good job and ya'll later have the honor of sucking our cum outta her cunt!"

Mike had been busy setting up the camcorder onto the tripod and had just turned it on after getting it focused upon his beautiful fiancee before being clobbered on the back of his head by some solid object.  Coming to a couple minutes later, Mike found himself bound and gagged, held in a choke from behind as the bastard whispered threateningly "Ya don't git stupid and make a ruckus!  Lookit that ...........yer sweet little honey thinks she's giving ya a footjob!  Damn, she's beautiful .......................and talented with her purty toes too!"  Then Mike was told "Nigel there just loves gitting himself a footjob from a purty little lady!  Told him he could toss off on her purty little feet first, before I's stretch out that tight little pussy of hers!  Jist wait'll ya see him toss his hot sauce all over her purty little feet!  Ya jist won't believe how much gooey shit that black bastard's balls can churn out!  But when he does, yer gonna have the honor of licking all that goo webbing yer sweet honey's purty little toes!"  Forced to sit there as Diana unwittingly used her toes to toss off a big black bastard, Mike had watched in horror as 12"+ black boner suddenly erupted, shooting right through the openings between Diana's pretty toes and covering her feet in a slimy mess.  And then, with Diana realizing something was amiss and opening her eyes to find herself being held captive, Mike found himself being dragged on over in order to lick up the cummy mess that the bastard had made on her feet.

Now tied to a lengthy spike driven in the sand, Mike watched as one of the bastards proceeded on grasping Diana's bikini bottom and working them down her trim thighs, then off her legs and feet before being tossed onto the sand a foot in front of him.  With the black bastard shucking off his clothing, exposing a lengthy cock similar to the boner that had spurted all over Diana's feet, but this one seemed even thicker as the bastard fisted himself before advising "Lookit what Leroy's got fer ya, sweetie!  Watching ya pose that sexy bod of yers sure has me rock fuck'n hard!"  Seeing Diana's eyes widen in fear as the thick boner swelled up even more, causing her to sob out "Please .................please don't rape me with that thing!  Please .....................please's too big'll never fit in me!  Please ...................please ......................I beg you!"  Then Mike watched as two of Leroy's buddies got in on the action, each grasping an ankle to spread her legs wide as Leroy sat himself down on the tree trunk between Diana's legs.  "Eieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ..........................................aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" came the loud shrieks of agonizing pain was emitted as the black bastard thrust his black spike brutally into her.  The tightening of Diana's leg muscles stood out as the bastard proceed to rape her without mercy, her attacker then ripping off her bikini top to feast on her twin titties.  Instead of him nailing his beautiful fiancee down onto the fallen coconut tree, a big black spike was nailing her down onto it.

Mike then noticed that the bastard holding onto her wrists was getting himself some action, having molded Diana's trim fingers of both hands around his bared black boner.  She was being made to fist the bastard above while his buddy Leroy continued fucking his enormous boner in and out of Diana's raped slit.  The rape lasted a good ten minutes, but it seemed like an hour going by for Mike, before the bastard between Diana's legs grunted out "I's gonna cum!  Gonna cum real soon!  Gonna knock yer little sweetie on up!  Gonna knock her up good!"  Seconds later, Mike watched as the bastard stilled himself while buried to the hilt before his ass shuddered in spasms as he announced "I's a cumming ................................cumminggggggggggggggggg ..............................filling her up with some hot nigga jizz!"  Seconds later, after the bastard had pulled on out, Mike observed cum oozing down the side of the tree trunk.  The one good thought then raced through Mike's mind in seeing the thick cum oozing down the tree trunk was that 'that's less of what I have to eat out of her raped pussy'!

Sick to his stomach, Mike Myers was now a totally defeated man, wanting to puke his guts out after having been made to go down seven times between Diana's sexy legs to eat out the cum after each black bastard had viciously raped her and ejaculated his filth into her fertile womb.  And as the last of the eight bastards was emptying his foul lust between her beautiful legs, Mike anticipated to once again being dragged on over to eat the cum out of her flooded pussy.  But then he noticed two of the men going over to Diana, each grabbing her under the ankle and having an arm around her back as they then lifted her petite body up from the coconut tree.  A sharp knife under his throat and order barked out for him to open his mouth wide, Mike felt sick upon complying with that threat as Diana was being held above him.  Once his mouth opened, cum from her ever widened slit just poured on out into his mouth. 

Then Mike watched at the two men carrying Diana head back towards the fallen tree with her in their arms.  He saw them placing her over the tree trunk, with her trim belly atop of it, knees in the sand on one side of the tree and her hands in the sand on the other side.  With her beautiful round ass towards him at an angle, Mike watched as one of the black bastards approached her from the rear while shucking at his revived boner, then he saw the bastard get into position behind of her.  As the bastard fitted himself to her before reaching forward to grasp her trim hips, Mike closed his eyes and shuddered upon hearing his beautiful fiancee let out an agonizing shriek "Eeyyyyyieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ............................eeyyyyyyyieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"  The island was so small that had anyone been on it, her piercing shrieks would definitely have been heard, but it fell upon deaf ears unless the fish in the sea could come to help their plight.  Once the shrieks of pain turned to sobs, Mike witnessed another black bastard move to the front of her, then quieting her up totally by plugging her mouth with his big black fuck dick as the bastard told her "This will keep you quiet, bitch!  Now suck it!"

Some ten minutes later, Mike shuddered as he watched cum oozing out of Diana's ravaged asshole while choking and gagging as she attempted to spit all out the cum in her mouth.  But seconds later, replacements took their positions both behind and in front of her, then she was once again being both butt and face-fucked!  What Mike got to witness for the next hour and a half or so was the interchange of two of Diana's spent rapists, like that of two exhausted football players coming out of the game with replacements coming in for them, doing so continuously till each of the eight black bastards had cum both up her ass and in her mouth.  Now his beautiful fiancee lay over the tree trunk like a limp rag doll with her ass up in the air .....................a beautiful fucked out and fucked up bitch!  Stake pulled out of the sand, Mike then found himself being dragged on over to where Diana lay across the fallen tree, his stomach churning as his head was pushed into her beautiful sexy ass ...................for the bastards wanted him to suck the cum out of her ravaged asshole!

With the pirate cruiser being brought around the small island, Mike watched as the gang members unloaded some equipment, taking it ashore before beginning to hoist up a large covering to provide shade as well as protection against any rain.  With a large area covered by the awing some 20 yards inland, it was then the Mike realized that their ordeal would not be coming to an end for quite some time.  One of the big bastard then tossed Diana petite and limp body over his shoulder to carry her on over to the where the awning had been erected.  Then two guys were lifting him up by his upper arms, dragging him over to the tented area, with one of them taunting him with "C'mon, sonny boy, don't want ya gitting too bad a sunburn!  Thirsty from all that salty cum ya ate out of her sweetie's pussy and ass?  I'll git ya an ice cold beer!"  Upon reaching the tented area, Mike observed Diana kneeling on a canvass spread out over the ground, straddling a black bastard whose cock was way up in her cunny, eyes glazed over in a fucked out stupor, her arms hanging limply by her sides as one of the black bastard's had his hands at the back of her head while fucking his lengthy black cock in and out of her mouth.

End of First Week on the High Seas!