Rude Welcome to Her Ancestral Home - III
(m/f, n/c)
The Samurai Stud

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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Having learned of the fortunes to be gained by sponsoring a top notch sumo tournament in their city or prefecture, the Hakamatsu Prefecture was in great need of such a tournament in order get their finances back in order following the recent damages caused by the destructive tsunami.  A committee was formed to explore the possibilities of bringing in such a tournament, with Tetsuno Okino heading it up as he had contacts with the fellows of the Hokura Fish Market, the rumored place as to where such a money making tournament had been founded.  Having made his contacts with friends from the village where the fish market was located, Tetsuno had to tell the other men in the committee of the manner in which that tournament in Hokura had been successful, something of which might not fly with some of the conservative and honorable members in the committee.  Tetsuno sighed in defeat as he thought that there was basically no way in which the members of the committee would buy into it, especially as it was in fact a very serious crime to offer up such a Grand Prize as to what had been done in the Hokura tournament.

Having learned that the Komori Fishing Village had also done their own sumo tournament, basing the prize offerings on what Hokura had done, Tetsuno-san learned that it too had a tremendous turn out by all the top twenty sumo Grand Masters.  The men who he had talked to admitted their initial reluctance to come up with such a grand prize, but now the men of both villages advised that they'd do it again in a heartbeat.  "All top twenty sumotories were there for the tournament?" he inquired of his contacts.  "Yes, indeed ........................quite an honor for a small fishing village out in no where fact, we had to turn some applicants away!" he had been advised.  Thinking about it, there were still some complications to overcome, but the others had done it earlier so the possibility was there.  Having learned that it took about a minimum of thirty days to get out the notices, await for the response from the sumotories, then the need to publicize the tournament.  Providing there were no competing tournaments at the time, that still left the main obstacle ........................that of acquiring the grand prize that would bring the top talent in the sumo world to compete in the tournament!  'Well, guess there's no harm in just presenting my findings to the committee and telling them what's needed to pull off such a tournament. 

At the committee meeting that next week, Tetsuno-san presented his findings obtained through secretive insider information from both committee members of the Hokura and Komori tournaments.  Once he finished laying out what it entailed, especially as to the grand prizes offered in each tournament, Tetsuno-san was met with a deafening silence from the other fourteen members of the committee.  Finally one member spoke up, asking "Did you get any details on how they went selecting such a grand prize that had the top twenty sumotories fighting to get into the tournament!"  "Yes, I do have some notes on that aspect!  Each grand prize came from America ..........................third generation with their ancestors having originated from each of those respective villages!  Each married to a Caucasian American boy!  Each young and beautiful!  Appears the testosterone of those huge sumotories got built up even more when more when such a grand prize from America was being offered up to them as the grand prize for the winner!"

Following more silence, Tetsuno-san then spoke up, telling the group that "I believe that this could be a very touchy subject matter as it involves principles, morals, and integrity!  Thus, if there is any one opposing the offering of such a grand prize for the tournament, then we should just drop everything at this point and look elsewhere to acquire relief funds!"  More silence, then another member spoke up in saying "Well, as we are in rather dire straits at this point in time, I believe that we must throw out some principles, some morality, and some integrity!"  "I agree!" another member shouted out, followed by a "Me too!"  Looking about the room, Tetsuno-san then asked "Does anyone here object?  If so, we'll scrape everything and this tournament matter never came up for discussion this evening!"  Looking about the room once again, seeing no movement, Tetsuno-san then called for a show of hands as to who wanted to go ahead with going with the tournament and offering up a prize as Hokura and Komori had done, adding "Unless all here raises a hand, such will be considered as an objection and 'no' vote, thereby terminating this tournament discussion!"  Seconds later, with everyone looking about the room, there was no one objecting to proceeding with the tournament talk.

The talk then turned to obtaining a grand prize worthy of getting the attention of the top sumotories.  The men in the room looked about with blank look on their faces, for no one was aware of such a worthy prize coming from America to Hakamatsu, not in the near future anyway.  Then one member in the back of the room spoke up, saying "From what I understand, as Mrs. Chiyoko Komatsubara passed away some months ago and was cremated, I understand that some of her descendants had just come to pay their respects but that there were a few of her grandchildren making the trip over at a later date ...............which I heard would be several months from now!"  A lengthy discussion went on for the next three hours that night, with questions being raised as to how they should try to determine if and when a visitor from America would be visiting Hakamatsu Prefecture.  If they did determine such a person was coming, how would they go about determining if it was a female worthy enough of being deemed a grand prize for the sumo tournament, one that would have the top sumotories clamoring to be in on the big event. 

Some headway was made in that only such a visitor would be flying in due to Hakamatsu's location on the coast and considering the difficulty a foreigner would have in making it there by train.  As people in the prefecture basically knowing everyone personally or having direct contact with an immediate relative, one person had a cousin working at the only airline that served the region, while another had a relative working the front desk of the main hotel used by visitors. With one member making the suggestion that a unified story be used when searching for such an incoming visitor, the person to be doing the search on behalf of the committee be told that they wanted to be sure that any of Mrs. Komatsbara's coming from far off America be well taken care of.  Such would not arouse any unwanted suspicions and also to pay them off with the promise of two passes for the sumo tournament if and when it does come to fruition, as that person would keep on looking on their behalf and not give up too easily or too soon.  As it took a minimum of thirty days to get things going, provided there wasn't a conflicting tournament on those days, the inquires would first look at thirty days in the future through a hundred twenty days on out. 

At the next committee meeting, the fellow named Fujio-san who had a cousin working at the airline servicing Hakamatsu Prefecture, reported that only English names were searched for on the manifest of incoming flights for the next 31 to 120 days out.  There were three names on the the various manifests with English names on them, but two could be eliminated as both were male names.  Meanwhile, the third name was that of a Mrs. Lori Lyons, with Fujio-san advising that he had then discussed having her name researched with Nakamura-san in the committee.  Nakamura-san then stood up and reported in Japanese that "My son is in college majoring in computer technology!  I told him we were searching for descendants of Mrs. Komatsubara, trying to make each person's arrival to Hakamatsu a memorable one when that person came to pay his/her respects, but needed to get more information on that person to see if there was any connection!  After giving him the name of Ms. Lori Lyons, he did an internet check and found that her maiden name was that of Komatsubara!  And to complete his research on the name, my son found her social media account and obtained a picture of her!"         

A slide of the beauty was then put up on the white wall in the room, one that drew loud 'Oohs and aahs' from all the men in the room.  It was Tetsuno-san who stood up to take over the meeting, asking the men in the room if the lovely Ms. Lori Lyons met their standard of being considered the Hakamatsu Sumo Tournament's Grand Prize!  A resounding 'Ai! Ai!' filled the room that the lovely beauty was indeed beautiful enough to be the Grand Prize for the Grand Champion of the tournament to be held.  With the photo of the lovely beauty remaining up on the wall, they then put on the most recent championship in the last tournament televised, showing two sumo wrestlers battling it out for the championship, doing what ever was necessary to win the grand prize.  With each wrestler nearing the 500 lb mark or better, the men in the room excitedly began commenting in Japanese, the likes of "Either one of them would crush our lovely grand prize that we have chosen!"; "I would love to see her on her knees milking our sumotories ...........................milking them dry with her prettee mouth!"; "Ohhhh, she will look so prettee with a sumotorie's cum flow out over of her succulent lips ...........................and pussy lips!"

Three days later, in the special meeting called when committee member Hironaka-san reported that he had made contact with a relative working at the Star Hotel that was the best for serving foreign visitors.  Providing the date of Ms. Lyons arrival, there was indeed a reservation under that name for a period of six days, with only one occupant indicated.  But it was noted that the young woman would be coming from Tokyo after a three day stay there at the Star's most prestigious hotel, that there were to be two occupants for that particular stay, with Mr. and Mrs. Lyons indicated as the occupants-to-be.  Fujio-san then stood up to say that he had his cousin recheck the beauty's flight arrangements, that it turned out to be a multi-city ticket originating in San Francisco, stopping first in Tokyo, and then later there was a connection to Hakamatsu.  Then there was a return flight to San Francisco seven days later, with a brief stopover in Tokyo.  Fujio-san then advised that after learning from Hironaka-san of the woman's stay with her husband in Tokyo, he had his cousin check the flights for Mr. Lyons, that they were on the same flight over from San Francisco, but Mr. Lyons next connection three days later was to Beijing and then to Shanghai.  The return flight for Mr. Lyons was nine days after leaving Tokyo to return to San Francisco. 

The one worry upon learning of the beauty's journey to Japan with her husband initially was that the husband would be concerned of not being in contact with his wife during her stay in Hakamatsu.  But then one member pointed out that they really did not need to worry about that as the husband would not be in Japan where communication by the internet or telephone was readily available, and such access to communication devices in China were quite restricted.  With the husband leaving Tokyo for Beijing and then to Shanghai, China, they no longer needed to worry about the lack of communication between husband and wife, that they probably knew that as such was well publicized that communication out of China was quite difficult if not impossible, especially by phone or the internet as the government blocked much of it.  It was also kicked around in the meeting that Japan was very highly regarded for its safety and that was why the lovely beauty was not worried of making the trip to Hakamatsu on her own.  Everything now seemed to have fallen into place and the committee checked the latest schedule for upcoming sumo tournaments.  As Tetsuno-san advised that he had the contact info for the head of sumo tournaments, given to him by the contact he had in Hokura, that he would proceed with making the inquiry of holding the sumo tournament during the beauty's stay in Hakamatsu and then email the fellow a picture of the grand prize to be offered up to the champion.           

At the next week's regularly scheduled meeting, a smiling Tetsuno-san was beaming as he announced to the members of the committee that "I sent a picture of our tournament grand prize to the head man of sumo tournaments!  He called me back yesterday, saying that he distributed a picture to all the sumotories and they are all clamoring to be entered into our tournament!  The dates of our tournament does not conflict with any others, so everything is a go!  We're to now prepare the flyers for our tournament and to send him one and he'll distribute them to all the wrestlers!"  Two members were then assigned to create the flyers that would be used to promote the event, while four members were put in charge of putting together the tournament program to be sold during the days of the tournament.  Then the discussion went as to the hotel reservations for the young beauty, how they would go about waylaying the unsuspecting young woman,and where would they be able to have her staying for those days.

That following week's meeting had Fujio-san advising that he was needing of an extra set of passes to the tournament, and for that his contact at the Star Hotel would see to it that there would be no charges whatsoever should Ms. Lyons be a no-show for her hotel reservations.  The committee in charge of finding a locale in which to house their lovely guest had been decided upon, that being the old abandoned Hakamatsu Castle that was in close proximity to where the tournament would be held.  Much of the exterior of the castle had been destroyed by earthquakes but there were several rooms and the dungeon beneath the top level that were still functional.  Additional urinals being brought in for outside the tournament arena could be housed there for an extra week, a portable shower, and lighting would be operated by a portable generator.  The generator would be powerful enough to handle other items needed, refrigerators for food and drink, along with any other item put on the list to make their special guest and sumotories happy.  There was one large room, that if remodeled a bit, could be a very nice bedroom to serve as the Grand Champion's lair where he could enjoy the fruits of his victory.  

The three day stay with her husband had been so nice, but way to short as there were so many more sights that they didn't have time for, and thus they definitely would need to plan on a return trip.  Taking the train to Haneda Airport, where the majority of flights connected Tokyo to other cities in Japan, Lori had bid her husband goodbye at the train station as he had to go to Narita Airport to take his international flight out to Beijing.  Boarding the small commuter jet, it would take about an hour and a half to reach the Hakamatsu Airport, then Lori's plan was to take a taxi to the Star Hotel where she had reservations for the next six nights.  Having learned of the difficulties of communicating from China, both in receiving and sending out emails due the country's censorship and blocking of the internet, Lori and her husband both agreed that they just wait till they getting back home to share their stories.  Lori reassured her husband that she felt quite safe in Japan as everyone and all the articles read described how safe it'd be for her. 

After deplaning and headed off to baggage claim, Lori was surprised to see an elderly man holding up a placard with her name printed on it.  In broken English, the man asked "You are great-great granddaughter of Mrs. Komatsubara, yes?"  "Yes!" she nodded in response, surprised that anyone knew of her arrival and having sent anyone to pick her up at the airport.  As she was about to reach for her luggage on the turnstile, the elderly man reached over to retrieve it for her, then he was wheeling it behind of him when she advised that it was the only one.  Once the sliding door of the SUV was opened and she got up into the back and took a seat, Lori noticed that partition was behind the backseat to apparently segregate the passengers and luggage compartment.  Back of the SUV opened, her luggage was then put in, and next the elderly man was getting into the driver's seat of the SUV and starting it up.  "Missee ..........................I have instructions to stop at the grave site for your great-great grandmother!  Then to the hotel!" she was told, to which Lori nodded in agreement as it was just mid-afternoon.            

Surprised in being given a bouquet for her to put onto her great-great grandmother's grave, Lori got to pay her respects to her ancestor as her parents had done a few months earlier along with some other family members.  Unable to get away from work at that time, and with her husband's upcoming trip to the Far East on the agenda, she had arranged to send a few days in Tokyo with her husband as he had a business meeting there.  Then they'd split on up with her coming to Hakamatsu while her husband headed off to China to conduct his business.  After getting back into the SUV and departing for the Star Hotel, as per the elderly driver in very broken English, Lori nodded 'yes' to the driver.  But several miles later in going over a rather very bumpy country road, the SUV was coming to an unexpected stop, at which time the driver was pointing to a partially collapsed structure and saying "Castle!  Hakamatsu Castle!"  Before she knew it, the driver was opening the sliding door and holding his hand out to her and say "Come!  Missee must see .....................must see castle!"  A bit nervous to be all alone out in this deserted spot, but she merely told herself 'This is not New York or Los Angeles!  It's very safe here!', then Lori figured that she'd just please the old man by letting him show her the sights.

While the driver was pointing out some of the features just inside of the castle ruins, a cloth covered hand was suddenly being clamped over her nose and mouth, then other hands were grasping her wrists together to keep her from fighting and pulling the hand from over her mouth and nose.  Having breathed in the potent chloroform soaked cloth, Lori found herself getting drowsy, then it was all darkness as she went totally limp.  Having passed out from the chloroform, Lori's petite body was being picked up by the driver holding her legs while the two cohorts who had been hiding in the back of the SUV had her by the back and shoulders.  Carried on downstairs and placed in the cell that had been cleaned and prepared for her, Lori was then laid down on her back onto the soft mattress of the bed that had been put there in advance.  Then the driver got onto his cellphone, making a call to one of the committee members, advising him that the sumotories and other committee members could now make the short walk from the arena to the castle ruins and get a viewing of the grand prize that would be the property of the Grand Champion of the Hakamatsu Sumo Tournament.

Fifteen minutes later, there was a long line of twenty sumotories followed by the rest of the committee members, all waiting for a chance to see and examine the coveted grand prize going to the winner of the tournament.  As the driver of the SUV and his two cohorts from the back of the vehicle had done before the arrival of the sumotories and other committee members, they had gotten to touch up and caress the lovely beauty before hand.  And now many bigger and more pudgy hands were moving up on her petite body, some sliding his hand up the hem of her dress, while others getting a feel of her pert little titties through the outside of her dress.  Once all the sumotories got to view the succulent grand prize that they'd all be fighting for over the two-day tournament, they then trekked on back to the arena for the start of the tournament to begin.  Meanwhile, the committee members remained back for the all important drawing where there would be four lucky winners whose names would be drawn from the jar, with each of the four winners having a turn at the grand prize after each and every sumotorie had gotten his turn at her, with of course the Grand Champion having first dibs throughout the night. 

In the well-lit cell, Lori awoke in a start and tried to figure out just as to where she was, getting up to explore the confines of the 10' X 12' enclosure that had a metal barred door chained to the adjoining metal bars that formed the front of the enclosure.  Going over to the barred metal door, she then shook it but it would not budge open due to the heavy metal chain that was secured by a large lock going between the links of the chain.  Breathing hard, Lori then yelled out "Help me, please .............................someone help meeeee!"  But all she heard were the echos bouncing around the enclosure that she was held captive in.  Off in a distance was her suitcase standing next to the wall across the way, but what captured her attention was the 30" television set sitting atop of a wooden stand and facing her.  The television set was on and the volume loud enough to hear, but Lori didn't understand what was being said as the broadcast was in Japanese.  From what she observed it was on a sporting event, evidently one of the popular sports in the country, something that Lori had never bothered with before as sumo wrestling had never appealed to her.

Seeing two obese men, each weighing about 500 lb. looked so gross to Lori that she thought 'At least they could have put it on some soap opera channel, even if there no English captions!'  Perhaps Lori would not have been so bored that just hours ago, each of those wrestlers had been in that very cell where she was passed out on the bed at that time, that each of them got to touch and caress her body as an incentive for him to go out and win the tournament to claim her as the grand prize being offered.  One of them had even the gall of sliding his fat pudgy hand on up under her dress, worming a finger under the leg band of her panties to dip his finger into her slit, then taking his hand away so he could now suck on his tasty finger.  Left all alone for the beginning of the tournament, her captors had gone to the arena as all the committee members were to be introduced to the fans and given credit for putting on the tournament, then the wrestlers were to be introduced.  The majority of the men comprising the tournament committee would stay and get to watch all the matches held that evening.  But the four lottery winners would be returning to where the grand prize was being held, to see that she was well fed and taken care of.

With the four men appearing in front of her cell, Lori backed away when the cell door was opened and one of the men began approaching with a tray of food in hand.  In broken English, Lori was told "Prettee missee all all on tray!  Or Asato-san here will force feed you food!"  The man behind of him held up a long plastic tube and syringe, thereby not giving Lori much of a choice to choose from.  "Please .....................why am I being held here?  Why are you holding me her!" she asked pleadingly.  One of the men outside the cell then replied "Yokozuna prize!  Yokozuna prize!"  But Lori had no clue as to what that meant, not knowing any Japanese at all, that 'Yokozuna' meant Sumo Grand Champion.  As she sat in her cell eating the food that had been brought for her, Lori looked about in hopes of making a break for it, but there were two men on each side in the cell with her, all watching the sumo matches as she ate.  When the last match was over for that night, the men packed up their things and took her tray away, turning of the television, then locking the cell once again with one of the men telling her "You sleepee now, prettee missee ..................sleepee now!"  With a small light left on, she observed the men putting down mats to go to sleep across the way.  Fortunately, Lori knew the Japanese word for bathroom and one of the men would escort her to a modern day portable bathroom and she'd be given hand signals as to how many minutes she had to do her business.

After breakfast and lunch that next day, the television set was turned on, once again it was to the channel broadcasting some tournament that the four men just had to watch, with one of them saying something in Japanese to her and pointing towards the screen.   Lori could only gather that he wanted her to take some interest in the sport of sumo, so she just nodded and pretended to take interest to make the men happy.  Hours later and many a sumo match having been completed, then Lori looked over at the screen at the beckoning of all our men were looking at her and point at the screen, with one man exclaiming "Lookee, missee, lookee!"  Then the man put a finger on one of the sumo wrestlers on the screen and yelling out "Tanaka-san!  Tanaka-san!", of which Lori understood that sumo wrestler's name was that of Tanaka.  And then the man was pointing at the other figure on the screen and saying loudly "Asahara-san!  Asahara-san!", to which she knew was the wrestler named Asahara.

Wondering why there was so much excitement about this match, Lori kept her eyes on the screen and watched the match unfold, of which was just over a minute in duration when the one referred to as Tanaka-san lifted his opponent out of the ring to win the match.  All four of the elderly men were jumping up and down nearby and cheering for the champion, with one exclaiming loudly that "Tanaka-san Yokozuna!  Tanaka-san Yokozuna!"  On the screen minutes later was the trophy being presented to the Grand Champion, but a moment later the four men were taking her out of the cell and taking her down to a modern day portable shower that was located nearby.  But in being held firmly in a standing position by two of them, a third was unzipping the back of her dress, while the fourth was bending down to remove her high heels.  Once her bra was undone and panties pulled on down and off her legs, Lori was totally naked in front of the four elderly men.  Made to sit in a chair under the hot shower, the men were all using wash clothes to scrub her down good. 

Then one of the men opened up a program on sumo wrestling, stopping at one page and using his finger to scroll on down, stopping when finding what he wanted and then yelling something out in Japanese to the others.  One of the men disappeared for a moment and then returned with a basket that was filled with a lot of similar boxes but of different colors.  The man holding the basket then began searching about the boxes, grabbing a pink one with a picture of a strawberry on it, and Lori got to see English wording saying 'Strawberry flavored feminine wash'.  Box opened and the plastic bottle taken out of it, then the plastic nozzle was screwed on with a short plastic hose attached to it, then her legs were being pulled wide by the men at her sides.  Hose inserted into her vagina, Lori shivered as the cold liquid was being squeezed up into her, flushing her on out and then the final bit being used upon her soft curls.  Then the man going through the program yelled out something else in Japanese, causing the man who had the basket of boxes to disappear for a moment before returning with another basket, filled with what looked like dog collars of different colors.  Made to stand as the men dried her off, told to sit and put on a pair of black nylons that had been taken from her suitcase, Lori was made to stand once again as a blue dog collar with an orange trim was being secured around her neck.     

Strung up high, naked but for her black nylons and dog collar that had been put around her neck, Lori began trembling with fear for now she was face to face with the wrestler who had just been on television.  The wide grinning Tanaka-san came to claim the grand prize that all the sumotories had been competing for.  Large hands of the wrestler then reached out to cup her buttocks and she was tilted on up to where it appeared as if the Grand Champion was going to take a drink from the the trophy bowl being held in his hands.  And Tanaka-san was literally doing just that when he clamped his open mouth right over her sex, sucking and slurping at succulent juices that began seeping out into his mouth.  Having never before having experience this sex act being performed upon her, Lori gritted her teeth from losing it all as the snaking tongue up in her slit was not flicking up against her ultra-sensitive clit.  "Stop, please ..........................please more .......................please stop!" she panted out in desperation. 
"Ohhhhhh, nooooooooooo ...........................nooooooooooo .....................pleaseeeeeeeeee .............................ahhhhhhhhhhhh ......................ahhhhhhhh .....................nnnnnnnnn .......................ohhhhhhhhh, Godddddddddddddddddddddddddd!" Lori squealed out as her body shook and quivered while in the throes of a mind shattering orgasm.  The audience in the small room could hear the loud slurping taking place, as never before had Lori's petite body reacted in such a manner, with a mind-shattering orgasm resulted in her squirting several stream of her joy juice into the mouth of Tanaka-san.  As the room spun about her, some rational began to slowly return to her mind when the tonguing of her twat ceased and her butts were being released.  While still hung up in her roped sitting positioned, Lori heard applause in the room and noticed Tanaka-san turning towards the audience. 

This is when the real applause was given to the newly crowned Grand Champion by his peers, all acknowledging his victory against them, for the trophy celebration immediately after the tournament ended was merely for the public.  The loud applause continued, with Lori taking notice of the conqueror standing beside of her turn to face his peers, then she saw him bow once a bit to his left, then once to those in the center of the room, and finally a bit to his right .......................thereby acknowledging the applause that his peers and competitors were bestowing upon him and recognizing him as Grand Champion of the tournament.  Then Tanaka-san licked at his wet glistening lips before loudly explaining to his audience in Japanese "Ahhhhh ................ 私のお気に入りの ................. イチ!" (Translation:  "Ahhhhh favorite ....................strawberries!")   

Laughter then erupted in the room and the applause got even louder at that instant, and in unison all the men began chanting out "Tanaka-san .........................Tanaka-san!"  Only those who had been in Tanaka-san's position before, that of having won and been crowned Grand Champion of a sumo tournament, could relate to what he was talking about at that moment!  The reason that Lori had been given that Strawberry flavored  Feminine body wash, was to give the Grand Champion the taste of his favorite fruit when drinking from the grand prize trophy that had been presented to him.  Only he would be drinking from that sweet trophy cup, no others would bet to taste any strawberry flavored pussy juice at this post tournament sumotori party.  And as for that dog collar that had been was encircling Lori's neck, one blue in color with an orange trim, such were the colors of the Grand Champion's stable and had been secured around her neck to signify to all that she was the sole property of Tanaka-san.  Anyone examining or even the mere touching of the grand prize, by a fellow sumo competitor, would be at the approval and sole discretion of Grand Champion Tanaka-san as she had become his personal property, for that was the time honored tradition of the sport.

"Tanaka-san .............................Tanaka-san .............................Tanaka-san ............................Tanaka-san ..............................Tanaka-san!" came the roaring chant and applause from fellow competitors in the room.  With the Grand Champion giving his competitors a final bow, Lori then saw the bastard reaching down beneath that fat overhanging belly of his, could not see what was beneath the overhanging belly, but in seeing the hand movements could assume that the fat bastard was shucking at his filthy cock.  Suddenly Lori felt her body jolt from a sudden movement of the rope hanging her from the ceiling, then another jolt shook her once again, and again as she was being lowered on down from her current position.  Down and down she went, lowered until her face was right at the center of the Grand Champion's humongous fat belly, then the roped was being tied tightly to the nearby post to keep her secured at that level.  With the Grand Champion reaching on down once again to cup his hands under her buttocks, Lori found him pulling her up to him once again, only this time her sex was being probed about by the champion's thick penis.  Now realizing what was about to take place for all the applauding competitors to witness, Lori sobbed out pleadingly "Pleassseeee ............................please don't rape me!  Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee ...................................I beg of you!"

Upon her being lowered slowly on down from her hanging position and coming to a stop with her face at the level of his big fat belly overhang, Lori still could not see beneath of it, but from the arm movements being made, it was obvious to her that the bastard was playing with himself.  But when he had stopped playing with himself to grasp her buttocks to pull her up towards his downward pointing hardon, Lori was scared out of her wits upon feeling what was the size of the fat end of a softball bat trying to push its way up into her.  She then pleaded and beg for the bastard to not rape her, for such a massively fat cockhead would probably ruin her forever.  "Please ............................pleaseeeeeeeeeeee .......................................pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee don't rape me with that thing's too bigggggggggg's too bigggggggggggggg'll kill me with that thing won't fit'll never fit in me!" she had sobbed out in fear.  But then both strong pudgy hands of the sumo wrestler were grasping her buttocks firmly as the bloated cockhead was firmly poking up against her sex.

"EEEEiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .............................................................noooooooooooooooooooooooo .......................................................eeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Lori screeched out in sheer pain from her being pulled onto the massively huge fleshy bone of the Hakamatsu Sumo Tournament Yokozuna.  Lori came to realize that she was being stretched beyond imagination, worried that her husband would indeed notice the difference the next time they had sex together ......................if this monstrosity didn't rip her in two!  "Stopppppppppppp .................................................stopppppppppppppppppppp .......................................stoppppppppppppppppppppppppp!" she cried out in despair, but the strong pudgy hands on her ass continued pulling and pushing on her body, causing her widely stretched vagina to slide back and forth on the thick monstrosity.  "AAAuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaa ..................................................aaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ................................................aaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" came the triumphant cry of the victorious Yokozuna as he emptied his virile lust into his grand prize, the first of many a seeding that he would give the lovely beauty over the next five days.

With Lori being held up tightly under the overhanging belly of the Grand Champion, impaled upon the thick fleshy prong with the wrestler's strong hands holding her asscheeks firmly, she felt filled to the brim with his semen but then even more continued spurting into her.  Having been pulled from her hanging position to where the Grand Champion was standing, where he had dumped his massive load of semen up into her fertile womb, Lori began sliding off the well-greased pole when the large pudgy hands were removed from her buttocks.  Once her gripping cunny pulled free off the fleshy bone, Lori's weight swung the rope that her body was attached to, like that of a pendulum and leaving larges splotches of cum beneath her path.  As she continued to swing back and forth, leaving a trail of the champions juice along the floor, Lori then heard the audience applauding and chanting "Tanka-san ..........................Tanaka-san ...........................Tanaka-san!"  She then saw her conqueror turn and bow to his competitor who were honoring him on a great performance both in the sumo ring and the show that he had just put on for them.                 

With the Yokozuna taking his leave, exiting the room to go across the way to enjoy more sake, the 2nd place sumotori then approached her with his legs spread wide so as not to step on the slimy jizz on the floor.  His pudgy hands were caressing her body, pulling her to him, tilting her up to him just under the overhand of his obese belly, then pulling her well-oiled slit up onto his massive prong of flesh.  With this vile bastard's pent up lust already at the brink in having to wait for his turn at her, he was soon spewing his load up into her body, and then Lori was once again swinging from the ceiling as more cum splatted on the floor beneath of her.  2nd place finisher now off to join the Yokozuna in downing some sake, then the 3rd place finisher was replacing him and Lori was about to experience a third rape in such a rapid succession.  At that point, a long line of men began behind the sumtori who was currently raping her, a line consisting of the remaining seventeen sumotories who had competed in the tournament as well as the four elderly men who had been caring for her.

Some ninety minutes later, Lori's head was slumped down to her chest as she slowly swung back and forth as the rope holding her from the ceiling began to still, with thick blobs of cum continuing to drool out of her raped slit to add to the large puddle beneath of her.  Utterly defeated after having been the sex toy of twenty sumotories and for old bastards, Lori could only think 'How can I ever go back home to Ted ..............................after having been forced to have sex with two dozen men ...............................maybe impregnated by one of the filthy bastards!'  She could hear the partying going on across the way, then heard some male voices nearby, causing Lori to slowly open her eyes.  Haring a voice behind of her, seeing one of the elderly men in front of her and one on  each side of her, Lori realized that her four elderly rapists had remained behind and not joined the party as yet.  But she would soon find out why, as these men's job was to first take her on down and then to a nearby portable shower where they would scrub her clean and use two bottles of a potent douche to flush out all the virile semen from her vagina.                  

For the four elderly committee members, winners of the lottery drawing, they were in charge of seeing to it that the grand prize was looking at her best for the sumotories and then they could reap the spoils after the big men had gotten their fill.  For these men, it was an honor to do the work necessary to prepare the lovely grand prize ready as the Yokozuna would always be the very first to sample the lovely beauty each and every way that he desired.  Even after being in line behind the twenty sumotories, it was still quite an honor for each of these elderly men to have his semen commingling with the country's most honorable heroes.  Setting the beauty down in a chair outside the shower, the men then proceeded on undoing the ropes binding her, then carried her up in the chair and took her into the modern day portable shower.  Connected to the portable generator, it would provide their special guest from America with a nice hot shower, with her just needing to sit there while they scrubbed her clean.  And at the end, two men held her legs wide apart while a third held her still in the chair, with the fourth man flushing out all the loads of semen up in her raped cunny.  

Body thoroughly washed, scrubbed clean, and douched by the four elderly men tending to her, Lori was then carried over to a nearby sofa and put in a sitting position upon it.  Then one of the men was carrying the suitcase of clothing that she had brought on the trip with her.  Suitcase placed upon the sofa and opened, one of the men began rifling through it, handing her a long sleeved white blouse that she had packed for the trip.  Then she was being handed the black outfit that went with the blouse which she quickly put on to help cover her nakedness.  A white pair of nylon panties were handed to her next, of which Lori was glad to put on without being told to do so, then a pair of white nylon pantyhose was being tossed over to her.  Finally her black pair of heels were being handed over to her, of which she assumed that they wanted her to slip into.  Fully dressed minus a bra, Lori was then being pulled up from the sofa by two of the men, then being escorted into the adjoining room.  Lori gasped at the sight of an old fashion type of torture rack that was used in the colonial days, but against her wishes and protests, she soon found herself bent on over with her neck and wrists captured in the primitive contraption.   

Seeing the four elderly men happily depart the room and head over to where the sumotories were partying up a storm and chugging down a lot of sake, Lori could only wonder and worry as to what horror lay ahead for her.  Having lost count of the men she had serviced, she believed that twenty sumo wrestlers both raped her and made her take their filthy penises into her mouth and suck them off to conclusion.  And then there were the for elderly men who had just washed her down and gotten her redressed, those bastards had gotten their turn with her after the wrestlers had all gotten a run at her.  'Why do they have me in this thing?  What are they planning on doing to me next?  Haven't they done enough to humiliate and degrade me already?  What other despicable thing or way can they come up with to degrade me any further?' Lori wondered.  Across the way to where all the men had gone, Lori could hear a lot of laughter as the men were obviously drinking up a storm to to celebrate the conclusion of the sumo tournament.  For some twenty minutes, Lori remained in that bent over position, unable to free herself from the torture rack.  But then the party appeared to conclude across the way as Lori viewed the men coming back over.

The four elderly men were hustling over first, with the sumotories slowly finishing their drinks before making the trek over to she was being held in the rack, then the old boys were carrying over a two step platform and placed in front of her.  Wondering as to what this was all about, Lori got the answer very quickly as the Yokozuna stepped on up onto the second step, making it the perfect height to get the overhang of his bloated belly up above the back of her head..  Unable to move her head back due to the rack, Lori could only shut her eyes in disgust as the fat fleshy cockhead was being rubbed up against her clenched lips.  Pudgy hands gripping her hair tightly, Lori had no choice but to open her mouth wide to admit the foul flesh or have her lips bloody by the bony head smashing them up against her teeth.  Having refused to perform this foul sex act upon her own husband, Lori wanted to throw up as the 500+ lb man sawed his filthy cock in and out of her mouth.  Moments later, she did in fact throw up when the fat cock began spewing its filth into her mouth and down her rebelling throat.         

After each of the next twenty-three men got to ejaculate his lumpy load up into her sucking mouth, Lori did her best to keep from swallowing the filthy mucous and to spit it all out, panting for breath as strings of cum hung down from her open mouth and bottom ends of her hair that the mess had gotten upon.  On the top step of the platform and floor beneath her head, a huge puddle of cum had been formed from all that she had managed to spit on out or what had drooled down from her open lips.  Following two dozen pairs of balls having been emptied into her mouth, Lori then got a breather as she remained locked in the rack, all while the men guzzled down more sake across the way.  A half hour later, the four elderly men returned first once again, this time pulling a three step platform and placing it behind of her.  Breathing heavily, heart thumping in absolute fear, Lori easily surmised that there was only one orifice remaining to be defiled by the demented bastards.  Lori could only pray that the bastards would take her doggie style, that of her husband 's favorite position, and not up her virgin ass.          

Hem of her black outfit lifted up and flipped up above the small of her back, Lori's backside was exposed to the man named Tanaka-san as he was the one who had flipped up her dress and currently feeling up her backside.  Then Lori observed one of the elderly men approaching from the front while hold a long sharp knife in his hands, at which time she closed her eyes tightly and said a prayer to herself as she thought the end of her life was near.  But the knife was being handed to Tanaka-san who took the instrument, then pulled at her pantyhose and then slicing down the seam in the middle of the garment.  Next Lori felt fingers on her backside, pinching and pulling the backside of her panties outwards and then the sharp knife was used to slice it downwards.  Knife handed back to the elderly fellow who hand delivered it, Lori breathed a sigh of relief in seeing the man disappear with knife in hand.  Thick fingers were now being inserted into the knife stears of both her pantyhose and panties, then the strong hands were ripping the garments further apart.      

Lori then felt the pudgy hands of Tanaka-san caressing her backside, then she felt his humongous 'thing' being fitted up against her before those strong pudgy hands were getting a good grip on her hips.  To her horror, Lori then realized that her next rape would be from behind, not raped normally ...................but that she was going to sodomized ......................raped up her ass!  Sobbing, Lori cried out in desperation "Pleaseeeeeeeee .............................oh, pleaseeeeeeee .............................don't rape me back there .....................................I've never had it there before!"  But as the pressure up against her bum increased, Lori panted out "No, please ...............not back there ..........................owww .........................owwwwwwww!"  Sighing a bit in relief upon feeling the slight withdrawal of the thick cudgel that had been shoved up into her ass, Lori prayed that the vile bastard would pull it all the way out, but her prayer was short lived as Tanaka-san slammed his 500 lb frame up against her ...............exactly when he charged an opponent in the sumo ring. 

"Eeiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ..................................................nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" was the scream of pain emitted by the beauty being sodomized by the winner of the tournament.  "Tanaka-san ............................Tanaka-san ............................Tanaka-san ............................Tanaka-san ............................Tanaka-san!" the roar and applause erupted in the room as the Grand Champion proceeded to put on quite a show for the onlookers.  With the beautiful young beauty screaming out in sheer pain, crying and sobbing as Tanaka-san sodomized her ........................providing quite an erotic sight for the onlookers in seeing beautiful get it up her ass the first time ever ......................especially as she was being plunder by a 500+ lb sumo champion!  On and on the horrid onslaught went, with Lori wishing that the vile bastard had slit her throat with the knife he had earlier, bringing it all to an end for her.    

"Ahhhhhuuuuuughhhhhhhhhhh ........................................ ahhhhhuuuuuuughhhhhhhhhhh ........................................ ahhhhhuuuuuughhhhhhhhhhh .....................................ahhhhhuuuuuughhhhhhhhhhh ....................................ahhhhhuuuuuughhhhhhhh!" were the loud grunts being emitted by the sumo champion from behind of her, grunts that coincided with each of his thrust up into her rear end.  Pulled back by her hips, the sumo burying his humongous cock up into her ass, there was no need to tell anyone in the audience as to what was taking place as Tanaka-san grunted out "Ugggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .............................ugggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ........................................uggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  Cock pulled out of her ass unceremoniously, Lori bent her head in shame, then the loud plopping sounds hitting the floor seemed so hideous as thick semen was pouring out of her widely stretched asshole.  From her vantage point, Lori observed her tormentor walking past her and out the door, heading off to the other room where he could get more sake. 

But now another sumotori now walking past her and getting into position behind of her, the 2nd place finisher of the tournament, he was feeling her ass on up and getting his fat cock into position.  "Eieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ..................................noooooooooooo ...............................stoppppppppppppp!" Lori cried as as the 2nd place finisher began to sodomize her.  "Please stop more, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Please .............................I beg you moreeeeeeeee!" she whined out in pain, but there was to be no let up by the horny bastard.  There was no let up until he too buried his thick schlong up her bum and gave her a hot enema, with such to be the very same for the next eighteen sumotories and four elderly men who were all waiting for their turn to come.  By the time the last bastard went and pulled his cock out of her aching ass, the puddle of cum on the floor as over two feet wide, with each edge of the puddle seeping under the sole and spikes of her black heels.  Left alone as all the men once again partied across the way, celebrating the conclusion to the tournament as the premium sake continued to flow. 
A half hour later, with the sumotories still partying up a storm, the four elderly men returned and proceeded to unlock the contraption that held her captive.  Top bar removed from the back of her neck and top of her wrists, Lori was held by the elbows and wrist by two of the men and escorted to where the nearby shower was located, then the men began stripping off her black outfit and white blouse.  Made to sit on a plastic chair that one man brought into the shower and placed behind of her, then that fellow was reaching forward to undo the catch of her bra in back, all while the man standing in front of her was pulling at the waistband of both her pantyhose and panties along with her black heels.  Undergarments pulled from her, then the dog collar was removed from around her neck, leaving Lori butt naked in the shower with the four elderly men.  Shower turned on, two of the men proceed to scrub her down with soapy wash clothes, and then a third was guiding the extension of the shower to wash her down.  In a fucked up daze, Lori then saw the fourth man appear in front, opening up another box of the strawberry flavored feminine wash for her to douche with once again.  Toweled dry by two of the men, taken out of the shower, another man was bringing over matching white undergarments found in her suitcase       

 A nice red blouse, white skirt, and white pair of heels were selected for her to be wearing when they presented the Grand Champion with his lovely prize in his room.  Although the Grand Champion had been the first in line for all three events held during the day, that of raping/sodomizing/getting head from the beauty, they had to make sure of the grand prize being spotless when delivered up to his room.  Totally fucked up and fucked out of her mind, Lori could not comprehend as to what was really happening, only able to do whatever she was ordered to do like that of currently getting undressed, then was being told in broken English "You ride Grand Champion, Mrs. Lyons!  Or he ride you!  You die if 500 lb. sumotori on top you .................maybe many many hours one time?"

Some rational set in at that point as it involved self-preservation, that of having a 500+ sumo wrestler laying atop of her petite 100+ lb frame for any length of time, certainly would not be a wise option.  During the next five days, Lori would mount the girth of the big man whenever he wanted to sate his lust up into her fertile womb, pulling her by the arm to signal to her of his wanting her to mount him once again.  Straddling the big man beneath his huge belly, Lori would place both her hands atop of his big round mound of belly to keep from falling off as she rode him till he popped his load up in her.  But when Tanaka-san was desiring of her giving him head, the top of Lori's head would often be bumping up against the bottom of his fat belly as she mouthed his big fat cock, sucking at his fat filthy cock until it gushed into her mouth.  And of course, the bastard enjoyed buggering her, at which time she'd be on all four at the edge of the bed with Tanaka-san standing there to shove his fat cock up her ass. 

The four elderly raffle winners of Hakamatsu Prefecture were so honored to serve the Grand Sumotori, winner of the Hakamatus Sumo Tournament,two of them would always be present just outside his door to take care of any of his needs.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks were to be timely delivered up to the room along with any other request that the Grand Champion might make.  The men would put clean sheets on the bed each morning when they ate their breakfast at the table, take away all the dirty dishes, even to take Lori into the shower so the Grand Champion would not have to go to bed at night with a cum covered bitch.  At 9 p.m. each night, it was time for Tanakak-san's shower, with the men stationed outside bringing in fresh towels, handing her a washcloth and bar of soap for her to wash the big man on down.  And when it was over, the men would lend a hand for the big man to get on up while Lori was handed a fluffy towel to dry off the Grand Champion.  

With the Grand Champion getting prepared for bed, Lori would find herself being guided back into the shower and made to side down in a chair placed in the shower stall.  Shower turned on, Lori was made to sit there in the chair as the two men proceeded to wash and scrub her on down till she was squeaky clean.  Each and every night during her stay with Tanaka-san, Lori would see a box of the very same strawberry feminine wash being opened up, then her vagina and muff were made to have a nice strawberry scent and flavor.  Recalling that first time she had been given that particular feminine wash, one of the men had flipped through a sumo tournament program, stopping at a particular page, then used a finger to scroll on down till he found what he was looking for, then that fellow had yelled something out in Japanese.  One of the men was carry a basket full of boxes, each box looking to be very similar but slightly different in color from the strawberry flavored one that was chosen, so a fleeting thought had her wondering why a strawberry flavored one had been chosen.   

As the Grand Champion was the only one to put his mouth on her sex, licking and sucking at her sex until she had squirted her orgasm juices in his mouth, no other man in the room had been given the opportunity to have that pleasure.  Towel dried by the men who had just showered her clean, Lori was lifted up by the two men and carried into the bedroom, and she got to see that Tanaka-san had stretched himself on the bed and lying on his back.  Carried over to the bed, Lori found herself being slowly lowered down onto the bed, right in position for her sex to be just at the Grand Champion's mouth level.  Then she felt Tanaka-san's hands at the front of her ankles, folding her legs back as she was being lowered onto him.  With Tanaka-san's hands now up on her waist to keep her in position, Lori tossed her head back as the hot mouth opened wide and his tongue began sliding up into her strawberry flavored slit, but somehow her mind began reasoning that the Grand Champion's favorite fruit must be that of strawberries.  And her being flushed out with a strawberry flavored feminine wash beforehand each time, was to honor the Grand Champion with the flavor of his favorite fruit every time he ate her pussy out.               

Lori's analysis of the use of the strawberry flavored feminine was indeed quite correct, as Tanaka-san first fucked her just minutes after eating her out, non of the competitors wanted to eat pussy that was filled by with another sumotorie's semen.  Like an animal marking his territory in the jungle, the blue dog collar around her neck and the semen deposited up in her pussy, such served to tell anyone sniffing around his bitch as to who's property she was.  On that last morning, Lori found that Tanaka-san apparently had requested all the four elderly men to be present at 10 a.m. that morning, two hours before his use of the grand prize would come to an end, surprising the men by handing each a signed photograph of him being crowned champion of their tournament and then telling them that he was giving them the use of the grand prize for the final two hours allotted the champion.  To Lori's surprise, she was first had sat down in a chair by three of the men, legs tilted on back, then the first of the four that been in line behind the wrestlers on the first night was on his knees on the carpeting and eagerly licking and sucking at her twat.  He and this three cohorts apparently had no qualms of eating her out with her pussy full of semen, for to them it was as if they were getting an elixir left by a Grand Champion.  For the rest of those two hours, Lori would be gangbanged time and time again by all four men at once, swapping places with one another after each had a 'happy ending'.       

Six weeks after returning from her trip to Japan, Lori went for a quick walk on her break to the drugstore located around the block from her office building.  Making the needed purchase, she then hurried to get back to the 8th Floor where her office was located, planning on first making a stop at the Ladies' Room.  Going into a stall and locking the door behind of her, she then tore open the packaging of the item she had just purchased.  After reading the directions, Lori then proceeded to see the results of the test kit that she had just opened.  Minutes later, after making her way back to her office, Lori closed the door shut along with pulling the blinds shut and then took a seat behind her desk as she tried to compose herself.  Tears flowing down her cheeks, she then put her head down into her arms that were folded atop her desk.  'How do I tell Ted that I'm probably carrying a sumo wrestler's baby?' she asked of herself, then added 'He doesn't even know of the horrors I was subjected to there!' 

Raped by twenty humongous sumo wrestlers, Lori had been taken in turn by each of the bastards, each having a turn at her based upon his final ranking at the tournament. But then there were four of the elderly winners of the raffle drawing, giving each a turn at raping her after the sumotories had gotten off in her, but Lori suspected that it probably was one of the sumo wrestlers that had gone and knocked her up, believing that any of them would be more virile than the elderly bastards who aged between 75 and 90 years of age!  Each of the two dozen men had at least one go round with her, getting to ejaculate his foul seed up into her fertile womb, but the 500 lb. Grand Champion had been the one who got to sleep with her for that last five days there, thus he had the best chance of having impregnated her!  'Well, maybe a woman from there would be proud to have gotten fucked and knocked up by a Grand Champion sumo wrestler!  And obviously they have some warp reasoning in their vile minds that I would 'honored' to be treated in such a manner!' she sobbed out in disgrace.

Upon getting home from work late that afternoon, Lori proceeded to get out of her dress and hang it up in the closet before getting into more casual home clothing, then noticed the suitcase sitting on the floor in the far corner of the closet.  Staring at the suitcase, the one that she had used to take on her recent trip to Hakamatsu Prefecture, had been put there upon her arrival back home as she had been too distraught to empty it on out.  Pulling the suitcase out of the closet, Lori put it atop the bed and opened it up wide till it was fully open, realized that she had not repacked her the suitcase but everything had been immaculately folded for her.  Sitting herself down on the bed, Lori began to take out her belongings and sort them out.  Clothes to be washed were put into a pile, taking her bagged shoes out, she then put them onto the rack in the closet.  About to close up the suitcase after taking all her clothes out of it, Lori then noticed a couple items on the inside flap of the top of the suitcase, items that she had no recollection of having put in there.

Reaching in to retrieve the strange items, Lori pulled out a thin folder and pamphlet that had been sealed in a plastic bag.  Upon looking at the front of the pamphlet, Lori discovered that it was apparently was one of the programs being sold the wrestling area as it was entitled Hakamatsu Sumo Tournament along with the dates covering the tournament days.  Opening it up, Lori began flipping through the pages, saw that it contained black and white photos of each of the twenty competitors, description of each man and a list of apparent was his likes and dislikes, along with statistics of all sorts.  Then Lori came across a photograph of a group of men in the back of the program, with English provided under the caption that was written in Japanese, indicating that these where the men comprising the Hakamatsu Tournament Committee.  Scanning over the rows of men in the photo, Lori's heart thump in her chest upon having come across four familiar faces, for those were the four bastards who each had taken taken their turns with her after the sumo wrestlers had stated their lust in her body.  The same four men who had gangraped her during the last two hours of her captivity.

Lori then opened up the unfamiliar folder, then sucked in her breath upon turning it open, for there on the top was a personally autographed glossy color photo of Grand Champion Tanaka-san.  Turning the page, Lori saw that she was looking at very familiar faces, those who had placed 2nd and 3rd in the sumo tournament.  Both photos were like the first of Tanaka-san, 8" X 10" glossy photos and each had been personally autographed by the man in the respective picture.  'Oh, my God ...........................they must really think they've provided me with a treasure that I'll cherish forever ...............................that I think it was an honor for me to be raped and sodomized by those monstrous ugly bastards!' Lori concluded as tears welled up in her eyes.  As she was about to close the suitcase up and store it away, Lori noticed a slight bulge at the bottom of the interior of the suitcase top, from where she had taken the program and folder out of.  Reaching into the bottom of the flap, Lori was puzzled at what her fingers were touching, then grasped the item and pulled it on out. 

Holding it up before her, Lori's breathing became quite labored, for she was now staring at the blue dog collar with orange trim ............................the collar that had been placed around her neck to signify to all that she was the property of Grand Champion Tanaka-san!  As she continued to stare at the dog collar that she had in hand, while still breathing hard, Lori then put the collar down upon the bed and stood up to get out of her undergarments.  Still not having taken of the black nylons that she had worn to work that day, similar ones as she had been wearing at the start of the after tournament celebration, Lori turned to see what she looked like when the sumo wrestlers had all filed into the room.  Bending on over toward the bed, Lori then reached out to retrieve the blue dog collar, of which she then proceeded to secure around her neck.  Looking at the reflection in the mirror, Lori got to see just what the wrestler had seen of the Tanaka-san's grand prize, then she reached over to her purse. 

Lying back on the bed, Lori closed her eye as she drew her legs on back, bending her knees to put her nylon covered feet flat up upon the bed, using the fingers of her left hand to caress her sensitive nipples while two fingers of her right hand delved into her juicing twat.  Frigging herself while taking her back to that very first time Tanaka-san drank from grand prize trophy, Lori groaned out loud as she began juicing from the orgasm rocking her entire body.  Bring up her soaked fingers to her face, Lori looked at her slick fingers and then put them into her mouth, wondering why Tanaka-san always ate her out so avidly till she squirted into his hungry mouth.  But then Lori came to realized that what she was tasting at the moment was not truly what the Grand Champion had enjoyed so much each time he had eaten her out, that of the taste of strawberries .................thus she planned on going to the drug store the next day to purchase a bottle of a feminine wash to get a true replication. A bit later, Lori stored away her suitcase away on the shelf in the closet, having put the three souvenir items from Japan back where she had discovered them.  But one item had been added by Lori, an 8" X 10" photo of herself taken with her cellphone and printed on some glossy paper, showing her just wearing the dog collar and black nylons.  Lori had placed that photo of herself behind that of the autographed photo of Grand Champion Tanaka-san, quite the appropriate place as she was his personal property!  

End of Story.