Rude Welcome to Her Ancestral Home - II

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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Folklore, story telling, or was it just wishful thinking when it came to the tale of the men of the Hokura Fish Market!  Men slaving each and every day in the coastal town that survived by processing daily deliveries of fresh fish to be gutted and cleaned to be sent to the various restaurants and markets in the nearby big cities.  With fishy smell emanating from the cannery, the men wore rubber aprons and boots in an attempt to minimize the stench of the blood and fish guts upon their clothing.  But as the story went, these crusty old bastards had pulled off quite a caper on a fair-haired American who had married a Nisei bride (an Asian of Japanese ancestry born in the United States) on their visit to Japan, the husband arriving for business while his beautiful Asian wife went to pay homage to her ancestral home and to meet her distant relatives.  The beauty's relatives had welcomed her with open arms and treated her as a honored guest.  But upon her touring the city of Hokura where her grandfather had been born, the down-trodden men of the Hokura Fish Market loved nothing better than getting one-up on some fair-haired American male.

As the story went, the beautiful Asian wife of the American bastard was being given a tour of the fishing village's main industry where most of the men were employed, that of the Hokura Fish Market.  The beauty was led to believe that she was to witness the auction of a very special 'oyster', apparently one that was quite a rarity to be found, one that was craved by all the Japanese men of Hokura.  It was an oyster that supposedly was ever so very sweet and succulent as it was purported to arouse the virility in the male's body.  But upon the beauty entering the auction room where quite a large number of elderly men waited with bated breath for things to commence, it was then that the American beauty was roughly manhandled, stripped naked and held down upon a dirty mattress.  And then she came to learn that the special 'oyster' to be auctioned off when it had been been shucked of it's shell.  But that shell was really her sheer panties when they were shucked off her trim creamy legs, for that rare and very special 'oyster' was located right between her sexy legs.  She was then shown how an oyster should be enjoyed and eaten .........................raw!  Never before had she seen men so desperate and hungry before, like a bowl of milk being placed before a thirsty cat as it lapped up the tasty nourishment. 

Like any legend or folklore, it would often be embellished by the storytellers over time, and now it was supposedly have taken place over five years or so earlier.  But as it was relayed by the storytellers, most of the men of the Hokura Fish Market got to taste this succulent oyster from America, and so many times the lovely beauty's petite body spasmed as she fed them her sweet juices.  Held captive for days on end, not only was the American beauty continuously raped and gang banged by the cannery workers, but she suffered the indignity of being ravished by the smelly fishermen who had docked at the pier to deliver their catch.  Often on her knees while straddling a worker whose cock was jutting upright, the beauty would have another cock up her ass and in her mouth.  But that was not half the men to enjoy her at that instant, for she would have a cock in each hand, a cock rubbing on the soft sole of each foot and men on both sides of her head wrapping her long silky hair around their fleshy bones.  Those in the audience were not inactive either, many were wanking away at the erotic sight, doing so with such vigor that many a male needed some much needed relief.  And those needing to pop their loads certainly did not want to waste such pent up goodies, for he'd make his way to where the action was, squeezing in to unleash his scum somewhere upon the petite body of the young American beauty, with most of the vile bastards trying to get in a position where he could shoot his scummy load upon her beautiful face.

Masao Fujita's job as a food broker had him traveling from the coastal town of Hokura, where he was born, to most of the outlying towns as well as the major cities.  He kept a very low profile in his home town, and thus everyone trusted him, such as the long-time acquaintance who had trusted him enough to escort her young beautiful niece during her visit from America.  Little did little old lady know of his other money making ventures, namely as a procurer of women and producer of xxx-rated porn videos that specialized in the rape of beautiful women as there was quite a big market in selling them to buyers in the United States.  Before settling down to in the occupation of a food broker, Masao had desperately tried get ahead in marketing state of the art electronic products that included big screen television sets and the new generation of computers.  But Masao found that the companies wanted only those speaking perfect English for their goal was to target the rich Americans, thus he always loss out to the younger generation who took English classes from an early age.  To Masao, the beautiful Asian bitch from America symbolized all those who had deprived him of reaching his initial dreams, and he was determined to take it all out on her.  To the men of the Hokura Fish Market, Masao Fujita was their hero, the man who had brought them legendary status when he brought the unsuspecting American beauty for an unforgettable tour of the fish market.

Although Masao rarely made an appearance at the distant fishing village of Komori on the southern coast, his reputation as an avid storyteller preceded him.  Greeted by the elders in charge of the Komori Fishing Village, Masao eagerly provided some tall tales from his many travels throughout the country and abroad.  And when quizzed as to whether he had any knowledge as to the truth of the rather outlandish tale being whispered about as to the now famed men of the Hokura Fish Market, Masao smiled widely and beamed with pride, bragging to the audience of the elders consisting of rather depraved old fishermen of how he was the very one who had instigated the plot of violating a fair-haired American's beautiful young Asian wife and made them famous.  Masao observed many in the audience rolling their eyes as if saying he was making up this fantastic bullshit, taking undeserving credit in having set-up the legendary Hokura story, but he kept on spinning out the details by adding in the spicy aspect that the Asian-American beauty was sent home to her fair-haired husband with a baby 'Made in Japan' growing in her belly.  With many chuckling at his 'tall tale', Masao asked as to what kind of video equipment they had at the Komori Fishing Village.  As Masao had expected, these elderly men weren't much in keeping up with electronic devices and thus he pulled a VHS tape out that could be played on the recorder available.

As Masao continued on with the lurid story of the men from the Hokura Fish Market, the elderly gents were quite intrigued when he spun the tale of how the grandfather of the beauty from American had his origin in Hokura and how his evil twin had been left behind and given to another couple who had no children so they could raise him as their son.  That evil twin had led a very hard life on the open seas, a rather poor bastard who had developed an evil streak from the fact that he had been left behind to live a life in squalor.  And that evil bastard had gotten wind from family members of how beautiful the good twin's granddaughter was and that she'd be visiting her ancestral home to meet her distant relatives.  The Masao had the elders sitting up straight when he began to unveil just how evil and despicable the twin from Hokura had evolved, telling them that "As I had the honor of being the very first to defile the American beauty and quite determined to put on a show for the men of Hokura, I later learned that it was the evil twin who had actually paid for the right to hold down his good twin's lovely granddaughter so I could rape her before the cheering crowd!  Not only did the devious bastard hold her down while I raped her, he went and purchased the right to eat her out after I went and made a cream pie out of her raped twat!  That old boy really went to town on the poor little thing, making her scream when as she went and orgasmed right in his mouth!  The old boy sure went at it, lapping up all the love juice she was secreting!"

"That evil twin was one of the first in line to rape the young beauty from America, paying well for that privilege, and that old boy performed like he was in his prime - shagging the fortunate twin brother's beautiful granddaughter!  And we later came to learn at the old boy, at the ripe old age of 82, was honored like only the emperor of Hokura would be - for he was the one responsible for knocking up the American beauty!" Masao relayed.  "It was last year, a little over five years from the Hokura Fish Market saga, that the good twin from America proudly sent a picture of his great-grandson to his relatives in Hokura!  The young boy was the spitting image of his great-grandfather at that same age, and thus logically that of the great-grandfather's evil twin who had father the bastard child!" Masao revealed.  Following the film of the vile multiple gang rape of the young beauty in the cafeteria of the Hokura Fish Market, the video showed the arrival sign of the airport in San Francisco where the evil twin arrived on the pretense of making amends with his fortunate twin brother. 

Masao continued the saga that "But it was just a ruse for the evil twin to have his American brother to arrange for him to visit Los Angeles, duping him into arranging for his beautiful granddaughter to put the evil twin and I up at her home to show us around that big city!  My friends, the only place we went to visit each day once the foolish husband left for work, was the inside of their master bedroom!"  "When her grandfather had called to ask a big favor of her, the unsuspecting beauty had jumped at the chance to somehow please her loving grandfather no matter what the favor was as he was getting up in years at the ripe old age then of 88, as she just did not know how much more time he had along with having had some heart problems in recent years!  She told him whatever he wished of her, she would happily oblige!  She obviously was horrified upon learning of what he was desiring of her, but the American beauty could not back on out, even if it meant allowing his evil twin from Hokura into her home and housing him during his stay!  She knew very well what would be demanded of her from the grandfather's evil twin, and she dared not refuse as she feared that her deep dark secret would be revealed to her unsuspecting husband - that the baby he thought being his was actually 'Made in Japan'!" Masao advised.        

The men of Komori watched the video showing the fair-haired American husband foolishly bowing to his guests from Japan before exiting the door to the garage.  Seconds later, the video captured the vehicle reversing down the driveway and head on off down the roadway.  Then the video turned to focus on the lovely beauty who had been featured on her visit to the Hokura Fish Market, captured her trembling while trying to blink back the tears as she sheepishly began to disrobe out of her clothing.  They watched as the beauty followed the hand motions that gave her directions, where she backed up to the edge of the dining room table to push herself up on to it, sliding up till her beautiful ass was at the edge of it and then raise her knees up to put her trim feet flat on the top of the table.  The men in the audience were all smiling was the beauty from America fed her guest from Japan a succulent breakfast, watching intently at the back of the head of the evil old twin as he down on the tender young beauty, lapping up all the sweet offerings from between her trim sexy legs.  Later they would get to see the young beauty sitting in a chair at the dining room table, her head bending forward to take in the old boy's wrinkled and shriveled cock into her mouth, watched as her pretty head bobbed up and down till the old boy arched up into her face to feed her quite an unusual breakfast - and apparently, from the outpouring of the beauty's mouth, the old boy's balls could still generate a lot of gooey cum!

Enjoying being the center of attention, relishing each moment of telling the elders of his getting to ravish an Asian beauty from America, Masao decided that it was now time to employ his devious plan in hopes of getting another delectable young beauty into his clutches.  The thought of ravishing another American beauty, making himself a lot of money in the process by auctioning her off to horny old bastards and marketing an X-rated video from it, had been on Masao's mind constantly and telling his tale to many envious listeners had him coming up with quite a devious plan.  Once the elders of Komori Fishing Village expressed how envious they were of the men from Hokura, Masao set his devious plan into motion by handing out some new business cards, that of him being an English speaking interpreter and tour guide.  He told the men "Should you ever learn of a pretty American coming to visit Japan and be near Komori needing an interpreter and guide, I shall pay one thousand American dollars to the one who sets things up plus all his sexing of the beautiful bitch will be at no cost to him!  I will bring her here for the men of Komori Fishing Village to enjoy - to give the men of Komori legendary status, like what has happened to the men of Hokura!" 

Once the proposal had been made, Masao observed the avid interest of the men as they whispered to one another and they appeared quite eager to earn themselves that notorious reputation to rival that of the Hokura legend.  Then the head of the group told Masao "We shall certainly keep our ears open for such a visitation from a pretty American beauty, although that is rather a rarity here in Komori!  Masao, we want you to make us famous like that of the men from the Hokura Fish Market!  Yes much so that we will add to add another two thousand American dollars to the man who delivers the beautiful prize to us here in Komori!  And Masao ...............we men here at Komori want something like that of the rare and succulent Hokura 'oyster' that the unsuspecting beauty from America thought she would be witnessing for the very first time!  And through our collaboration among the elders, we want the Komori men to have that very special 'unagi' (freshwater eel) that grows when touched!  Yessee .................yessee, the beauty from America will then find that the Komori unagi will swell in her prettee hands ..............................and spurts in her mouth when she sucks on it .............................heh, heh, heh!"  Masao chuckled and laughed along with the men, hoping that someday he'd get a call from Komori to tell him of a rare visitation to take place. 

It was nearly four months later that Masao got an important message to contact a Mr. Hideo Nakakura of the Komori Fishing Village.  Masao recalled Mr. Nakakura, the head of the elders of Komori, the one who had been quite excited of getting his little fishing village to legendary status, the one who had excitedly informed him of their upping the ante by twice what he had made.  'Hmmm, there's only one reason he'd be calling with an urgent message!  My devious scheme is finally going to come to fruition!' Masao thought as he anxiously went to make the return call to Mr. Nakakura.   Dialing the number left for him, upon hearing the call being answered by Mr. Nakakura, Masao greeted him "Nakakura-san, I called as soon as I got your urgent message!  Is it now time to have the Komori Unagi legend created?"  Listening to the positive response on the other end of the line by the excited man of nearly eighty years of age, Masao learned that his hopes of ravishing another Asian beauty from America was going to be even more exciting than he could have imagined as Mr. Nakakura continued on with excited chatter.  Learning that the beauty would be visiting the Komori area at the very time the elderly gent celebrated his 80th birthday, Masao laughed aloud when the old boy told him "Prettee missee from America come to Japan and will gettee to make a wish and blow out Nakakura-san's birthday candle, heh, heh!"

Listening as the elder from the Komori Fishing Village continued on, Masao couldn't help but to think 'Damn, this is gonna be even wilder than I could have dreamed on up!  Geez, I could make a fortune getting this on video and then selling it around to the old horny bastards who would like nothing better than to defile a traitorous little Asian bitch from America - especially one who's married to a golden-haired American bastard - and sending the bitch back to America with a 'Made in Japan' baby growing in her tummy!'  What Mr. Nakakura advised as to what was initially on the agenda to introduce the unsuspecting beauty to the unique Komori Unagi, having her used her trim manicured fingers to grow in her hands and to make them squirt in her mouth, was nothing compared to what the old boy advised was on the bitch's breeding agenda.  Masao's mouth dropped in awe upon hearing the elder tell him of the plan for them to "Bringing in our main hero who originated from Komori and was famous throughout the entire nation, that of the Grand Sumo Champion Mochizuki!  We will have the day set aside to honor the Grand Champion here at Komori and to have him do the honors of being the very first to breed the lovely beauty from America!  At this very moment I am having my assistant, who knows these new dangled electronics send you an email with a picture of this American beauty, who looks to be about 5'4" tall and about 115 lbs!  And then imagine Grand Champion Mochizuki's 550 lb body atop of the prettee little beauty, maybe putting a little Grand Champion sumotori in her American belly!"             

Mrs. Katie Morita Michaels

Sitting next to his computer, Masao saw the signal flash on his screen, telling him that 'You've Got Mail'.  Seeing that it was an email from the Komori Fishing Village, Masao opened up the email and then clicked on the attachment that contained a photo of the lovely Asian beauty coming from America.  It was no wonder that the old gent from Komori was all hot and bothered after seeing the picture of this precious little beauty, more so in looking at her sweet lips and of what the old boy had told him, Masao advised "Nakakura-san, you dirty old bastard!  You want to be the first to have the young beauty from America sample your old and wrinkled up Komori Unagi, huh?  That will sure be as sight to see forcing her to take your wrinkled 80 year old cock into her pretty mouth!"  Masao listened as the old boy chuckled "I have not had such a young beauty like this suckee me off in many, many years ....................decades in fact!  You thinkee she'll pukee pukee when I's cummee in her pretty mouth?"  As they chatted further with Masao getting more info as to when and where he was to meet the beauty and show her around Komori, once all those factors were obtained the conversation reverted back to the beauty in the picture as Nakakura-san jokingly told him that "Maybe Nakakura-san be the lucky one to put a little baby in her tummee!  They say those little blue pills do wonders ..............I pay you to get me a supply as I want to fuckee this prettee bitch from America!  Yes, she shall got back to her American husband with a baby 'Made in Japan' in her tummy!"

For 27 year old Katie Michaels, she was excited to join some of her office workers who would be taking a guided tour to Japan.  Katie had always wanted to visit the homeland of her ancestors, to visit the small town of Komori where her great-grandparents had been born and now buried, the place where her grandfather had also been born before moving to San Francisco in the United States when he was 17 years of age to work and send money back home.  So the plan was for her to go with the tour which ended with a flight back from Osaka International Airport, but she'd take a later flight four days later after making a detour to visit Komori.  Her grandfather had some contact with relatives in Japan, and he notified them of her planned visit.  With the relatives in Komori speaking very little English, an aunt had told him she'd inquire around town if there were any English interpreters in the area.  And days later, that aunt called to relay in rather broken English that while buying food at the local fish market, an old friend named Nakakura-san had given her the name of an interpreter who could help!  I gave him the photo you sent of your beautiful granddaughter as he needed that to give to the interpreter so he can recognize her at the Osaka Airport!  Trains are easy if you are from here but very difficult for one not knowing the language, especially when trying to buy a ticket!"  So upon hearing that an English speaking interpreter would be meeting her at the airport to accompany her on the train ride to Komori, Katie felt relieved that she wouldn't be all alone in a foreign country.

Arriving at the Osaka Airport, Katie then bid goodbye to her fellow workers and people on the tour, already having explained to them of her side trip to visit the ancestral home of her great-grandparents and from where her grandfather had been born before making his way to America.  In a black dress and heels, she hired a porter to put her luggage on a cart so she could meet up with the interpreter that was supposed to meet with her at the airport.  Seeing her name printed on a sign being held up by an middle aged man, Katie felt relieved to have found the interpreter right off the bat.  As Mr. Masao Fujita bowed and greeted her, Katie returned the bow in respect.  With the porter putting the luggage into Mr. Fujita's car, she tipped the man and thanked him for his services.  She learned from Mr. Fujita that it would be a half hour drive to the train station and from there it'd they'd be taking a three hour train ride to get to the town of Komori, better known by the locals as the Komori Fishing Village.        

Katie had initially planned on wearing a pair of jeans and sneakers to go with Mr. Fujita to the Komori Fishing Village, figuring that it'd be the appropriate attire for visiting such a place, but then her guide had told her "Tomorrow very special day for all at the Fishing Village!  They honor Grand Sumo Champion's return to his home town!  He to greet all and sign autographs for the workers!  You dress up to meet Grand Champion Mochizuki!  Honor to meet him!  Dressee up - lookee beautiful - wear high heels like when meet me at train station - impressee Grand Champion Mochizuki!  Mochizuki, he known to love young beautiful women - likee you - he likee you very, very muchee!"  Upon being shown a picture of the hero from Komori, Katie knew from history and had heard that the Japanese people just loved the sport of sumo and the wrestlers were their heroes.  But in seeing the picture depicting the very big and humongous sumo wrestler, Katie certainly wasn't all that keen on meeting someone like this, however she felt it best not to express that thought as Mr. Fujita  apparently felt that she was being bestowed an honor in meeting the Grand Champion.  Thus Katie felt it best to play along and humor the man and she'd dress up more than she normally would in visiting a smelly fish market.

Masao knew that he had to come up with some reason why this pretty American bitch should dress on up for her visit to the Komori Fishing Village, for rubber overalls over one's clothing would be most appropriate to keep off the fishy blood and guts, along with the smell associated with it.  But having her nicely dressed with high heels on would be the way to turn on the horny old bastards at the fish market, and that way they'd be bidding higher to get in on the action with the Asian beauty from America.  From what Nakakura-san advised, she'll be nearly naked and lying on the center of the stage with arms secured when it is time for the grand entrance of Grand Sumo Champion Mochizuki!  'The room will be darkened and a spotlight will be focused on the champion's entrance, following him as he makes his way to the center of the room where the breeding will take place!  All five-hundred and fifty pounds, roughly five times the weight of the petite beauty, laboring atop of the beauty from America and hoping to breed the bitch with a little sumotori to take home with her!  'Ahhh, this is going to be such a joyous occasion!  First the lovely beauty will get to taste an eighty year old cock, then have a five hundred-fifty pound sumo wrestler atop of her ...........raping her and threatening to put a little sumotori in her belly!'  Masao mused with delight, thinking that it just couldn't get any better.   

Not wanting to wear too frilly a dress, Katie opted for a more business type attire, putting on a long-sleeved white blouse and a beige top with matching skirt.  Selecting a natural pantyhose color, she then slipped on a pair along with her navy blue heels, hoping that they didn't get ruined when walking around in the fishing village as they were a rather new pair of shoes.  On the ride to visit the fish market, Katie couldn't help but feel the eyes of the interpreter on her legs, thus she kept them tightly together and hoped that it was just her imagination.  "You likee 'unagi', Miss?  You know of 'unagi'?" Mr. Fujita asked of her.  Smiling and nodding her head, Katie responded "Yes!  Yes, it is my favorite type of sushi!  I always order 'unagi' sushi when my husband and I go to a sushi bar in America!"  "Have you heard of the Komori Unagi?  Very special 'unagi'!  Only find in Komori!  Very special!  Very sweet tasting!  When alive, you touchee and you makee it wiggle and it grows bigger in your hand!"  "Really?" Katie asked in disbelief.  "Yes ..............yes ...............swells immediately when touched!  Touch long enough and it squirts ..............squirts streams!" she was told.  Then the driver added "You touchee Komori Unagi .................see for yourself ....................see it swell up and then squirt!"  Katie shook her head as it sounded disgusting and replied "Eeeeh!  Mr. Fujita, that sounds so nasty!  I don't think I could bring myself to ever touch anything like a live slimy eel!"  She saw Mr. Fujita grin widely, then heard him chuckle "Wait till missee gits to tastee Komori Unagi!  Missee says she loves unagi sushi, Komori Unagi the very bestee!  You waitee and see!"

Arriving at the Komori Fishing Village, Katie saw a line of men waiting out front at the curbside, when they all began smiling widely she realized that this was a greeting party especially for her behalf.  As Mr. Fujita began the introductions to the first four men, the elders of the village, she then saw her interpreter bow before the fifth man in line, making it quite apparent to Katie that this last man being introduced was the head honcho of the group.  "Missee Katie, I would like to introduce you to Mr. Nakakura-san!  Very important man here in Komori!  Like mayor of city in America!  You bow to him in respect!" Katie was told by the interpreter.  And bow she did in respect to the elder of the village, a man who looked at least in his eighties!  Upon her bowing to the elderly man, he in turn bowed to her, then spoke to her in Japanese of which she had no clue as to what he was telling her.  Looking at Mr. Fujita, Katie was then advised by her interpreter that "Nakakura-san says he is honored to have you here to visit your ancestral homeland!  He wishes you a very enjoyable stay and hopes that you will be most pleased to taste the succulent Komori Unagi while here!"  Hearing that interpretation, Katie smiled widely and again bowed to the honorable man. 

But had Katie been given the accurate interpretation of what the old man had said to her, she certainly would not be smiling nor showing any kind of respect to the elderly man, for if correctly interpreted she'd have been told that "Nakakura-san is so pleased to have you here to celebrate his 80th birthday!  Once having seen your beautiful picture, I could not stop dreaming of sliding my wrinkled old cock in between those lovely pink lips of yours!  I am only too happy to introduce you to the tasty Komori Unagi!  You will see that Nakakura-san still has what it takes, heh, heh, heh!  Yes, yes, like they say about fine wine .......................the older, the better with time!  Nakakura-san assures you that although his wrinkled balls are a bit old, that he can still cum like a twenty year old!  Plentiful, yes .....................and as I have dieted for the last month on only fish, tofu, soybeans, and rice ............................Nakakura-san's cum will be thick and lumpy when he spurts it into your pretty little mouth!"  As for Nakakura-san, seeing the lovely beauty from America bowing to him following the interpretation, he felt so honored that such a lovely young beauty would even consider sucking on an eighty year old cock till it popped in her mouth, but he really knew that she had no clue as to what he had really said in Japanese. 

Elder of Komori - Mr. Nakakura-san

Escorted around the entire fish market, seeing all the men stopping in mid-stream of their work to smile widely at her and bow in her honor, Katie just could not believe the hospitality being shown to her.  Little did Katie know that she was actually being paraded around the premises, really being marketed and enticing the grubby workers at the smelly fish market to come upstairs to join in on the festivities.  Unbeknownst to Katie, she was like a fish on the auctioning block, paraded around to drum up the interest so they would pay for the admission to the festivities about to be held upstairs in the large cafeteria and meeting room.  Hearing Mr. Fujita carry on in the Japanese language to the many workers in the market, Katie thought nothing about it, merely thinking that her interpreter was telling them that he was showing her around the market, that possible that she had come from far away America to visit her ancestral homeland.  But the spiel going out from Mr. Fujita's lips were that "Come upstairs for the festivities that are about to begin!  The entrance fee is very reasonable!  Come and see this pretty bitch from America help Nakakura-san celebrate his 80th birthday by blowing out his candle!  And later, you'll get to see our famous hero from Komori, Grand Sumo Champion Mochizuki breed this lovely bitch!"  And that was what lit up all the men's eyes, having them bow to say that he would indeed be up there in the cafeteria for the festivities.                  

Taken up to the cafeteria where she would get to see the precious Komori Unagi, Katie had expected to see fish tanks lining the room that contained many of the succulent eating fresh water eels.  But the room was rather bare other than for bleachers against the wall that were filled with onlookers, apparently as it was used as some sort of meeting room for the workers.  Only when Mr. Fujita clapped his hands twice did door open from both sides, and out came the elders who had been been at curbside to greet upon her arrival, and all six of them came out to greet her once again ................................only this time without any pants or undergarments one, and each man was busy shucking at his wrinkled old pud.  Knowing that something was terribly wrong, Katie began to back away and was about to make a run for it.  Arms captured by the vile interpreter who was standing behind of her, Katie was just no match for the strong bastard who wrestled her down to the floor of the cafeteria.  Frightened out of her wits, Katie could only stare ahead as the elderly men began pumping away at his manhood, trying to show her that he could still get it on up.       

The two elders whom she had met just preceding Mr. Nakakura-san, were now on each side of her, each wanking away as his wrinkled old manhood.  Reluctantly, with her arms forced up and wide stretched by Mr. Fujita, her hands were then being pried open by each of the elders on the side.  Seconds later, Katie fingers were being forcibly closed around each of the elders filthy stems, of which Katie now came to realize that she had been duped to touching a Komori Unagi.  'Bastards!  These bastards made up the whole thing!  There's no such thing as the Komori Unagi!  Just these foul old bastards from Komori who named their filthy things that.  But indeed, once Katie closed her fingers around each of the foul slimy things, each began to swell and grow in her clenched fist.  Out of instinct, Katie began pumping at each of the pulsating stems of flesh, feeling them thicken even more and throb even faster as she pumped away at them.  Then adding insult to injury, the vile Mr. Fujita behind of her chuckled "See ..........Fujita-san right when he tell you Komori Unagi grows when you hold it in your pretty hand!" 

A couple of minutes later, the men whose penises she was wanking both began panting out, then pumping into her clenched fists to signal that the end for each was nearing quickly.  The excited and panting men then began chanting "Hai ......................hai ......................hai ........................hai ......................hai!"  Katie had learned a little Japanese before making the trip and did not need an interpretation for what the excited men were chanting out as she pumped away at their bloated penises.  She had heard the word 'hai' before, even used it herself during her trip, as translated into English it meant 'yes'!  And from the way these men were chanting 'hai', that told Katie that she was indeed performing in a very satisfactory manner.  The men's panting became more rapid and then each man thrust forward into her fists and didn't pull back.  Suddenly, in unison, both men yelled out "Haiiiiiiiiiii ...................haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ...................haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ...........................haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!"  Katie cringed and pulled her head back in order to avoid the filthy streams of semen that were arching up into the air towards her.  The filthy slime came raining down upon her beige outfit, soaking into the fabric, and then the geysers ceased and began dripping down onto her nylon covered thighs.

Fingers now slimy and wet from the dwindling stems of flesh that slid out of her hands.  But as the two elders stepped away, the first two that she had greeted at curbside stepped forward to replace the spent ones.  Seconds later, Katie's fists were again clutching upon fresh Komori Unagi, but now her slippery hands made the shucking process more smoothly.  But to her horror, the head elder was stepping forward towards her while shucking at his wrinkled old cock.  With the interpreter behind her placing his grubby hands on her head, Katie couldn't do anything as the old bastard's cock approached her trembling lips.  From behind she heard Mr. Fujita's voice advising her that "Nakakura-san's 80th birthday!  Big celebration for 80th birthday!  You give him present, 'hai'?  Missee Katie suckee suckee Nakakura-san!  As they say in America ..................prettee missee blow out Nakakura-san's candle, heh, heh!"  Unable to turn away, Katie could only clench her eyes shut as the wrinkled old cock neared, and then the soft rubbery piece of flesh was rubbing up against her clenched lips.

Katie yelped in pain as her hair was suddenly yanked back, but with her lips parting the shriveled 80 year old cock slipped right in.  Stomach churning, Katie shuddered in disgust as her nose was being rubbed up against the old boy's short curly hair, then surmised that what was patting her chin was the sick bastard's wrinkled old balls.  As the old bastard began pumping his shriveled up cock to and fro in her mouth, Katie's mouth began to water as he began to say something in Japanese that she did not understand.  Then she heard Mr. Fujita's voice from behind telling her that "Nakakura-san says he went on very special diet for a month!  Wanted to give very special treat!  Wanted his 'unagi' primed up to give you special meal!  Only eat lots of fish, tofu, soybeans and rice!"  To her horror, Katie then felt the old boy's cock begin to swell and expand in her mouth.  It rested atop of her tongue, growing ever so slowly, but the once inch long stub had now quadrupled in size.  Using the tip of her tongue to push the filthy tube of flesh out her mouth, that did not appear to work other than to get the old boy even more excited as evidenced with the flaring of his piss hole against the tip of her tongue. 

In the background, applause and cheering could be heard from the men in the audience.  Katie then realized that she had been paraded around the fish market like one would auction off his catch for the day, that her being told to dress up for this special occasion was to actually put her up for sale to all these sick bastards.  Eyes clenched tightly shut, Katie tried desperately to put her mind far far away, tried to think of the more pleasant events of the trip.  The panting from the men around her began to get more desperate, then all three of them began to chant "Hai ......................hai ......................hai ........................hai ......................hai!" Clenched fists pumping away as the sticky tubes of flesh, hands at the back of her head now pushing and pulling at her forced her to give 'head' to the chanting Nakakura-san.  "Haiiiiiiiiiii ...................haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ...................haiiiiiiiii ...........................haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" came the chants of the three elders in unison.  Suddenly she was being showered from both sides, hot slimy goo struck the sides of her face and began running down her neck.  But worst of all was the filthy lumpy goo that the old bastard was ejaculating into her mouth.  Katie just could not believe the amount of semen this sick eighty year old bastard could generate from his wrinkled old balls.                       

Katie felt fortunate in one aspect, that the old boy pulled on out of her mouth and had not forced her to eat the slimy filth.  Her stomach still churned in disgust as she wanted to throw up as she began spitting out the lumpy goo.  With her head pulled back by her hair, her attempt to expel the gooey slime meant that she first had to push it up out of her mouth, having it slide over her bottom lip and then down over her chin.  Katie did not know that this was the intent of the vile Nakakura-san, that this was all being captured on video, and that Nakakura-san wanted to show as well as brag to the men of Komori as to how virile he still was and the men in audience could actually witness for themselves upon seeing his filthy cum overflowing over her lips.  For the rest of his years, the old boy could brag to his fellow man as to how much and how thick his wrinkled old balls could actually produce. 

Continuing to kneel upon the floor, sickened and embarrassed as to the vile ordeal that she had been forced to perform, Katie then came to realize that her nightmare had just begun.  With the loud noise of a stampede coming down from the bleachers, Katie glanced up from the corner of her eye to see all the men come down to the floor and begin shedding their clothing.  Soon she found herself surrounded by rows of men stand around her in a large circle, all of whom were wanking away at their puds.  Katie could only wonder as to what was next in store for her as she watched the men wanking away, but one thing was for certain would not be something she'd enjoy!  Moments later, the question as to what was next to come was being answered as one of the men rushed forward towards her.  Hands at the back of her head once again held her firmly in place.  Unable to put up any resistance at this point, having given up all hope, Katie merely parted her lips when the man in front of her pushed his bloated penis up against them.  But to Katie's surprise, the bastard pumped his pecker into her mouth once, pulled on back then forward once again ....................stayed still and arched up some as his penis began spewing out it's sticky slime. 

Once that man was gone, three more men came rushing forward, the first one there wanted her to mouth him while other two had to settle for a hand job.  The cock in her right hand went off with a mere two strokes before squirting its filth onto her cheek.  The one in her left hand shot off at an additional pump of her fist and the goo filled the bottom of her left ear.  The swollen cock in her mouth thrust itself in and out five times, sliding over her tongue, then sprayed the back of throat with its slimy goo.  More men rushed on forward as their time had apparently come, many too late to get it into her occupied mouth or for a hand job, would have to settle for the pleasure of ejaculating somewhere upon her.  A shiver when down Katie's spine when warm fluid began oozing down her scalp to the back of her neck, soaking into her the neckline of her blouse, as some sick bastard had tossed his pud off into her hair.  Men were coming and going, all intent on getting some relief, and cum was now drenching her to the bone.                     

Seven cocks had spent very little time between her lips, but each had done its 'thing' in her mouth, and she heard each man chuckle and take pride upon seeing the copious amount of semen pouring over her bottom lip as she tried spit out all the filthy slime.  Then the eight man to shove his filthy 'thing' into her mouth began raping at her face in earnest, taking far longer than his predecessors other than Nakakura-san.  To Katie's surprise, the man whose cock she was sucking upon suddenly yelped out loudly in pain and pulled his cock from her lips.  Katie was worried of feeling the man's wrath taken out upon her as she feared that she had done thing wrong, but she didn't know what to think as she had not bitten him at all.  She had wanted to though, from the instant Nakakura-san had made her take him into her mouth, had wanted to bite down hard and use her teeth to emasculate each vile bastard but had thought better of it.  The worried look on her face had a man make a comment in Japanese that she did not understand, then seconds later she heard Fujita-san chuckle and advise "Don't worry, missee!  It was not your fault, but that of Matuso-san for taking too long!  He got his ass whipped for that and must spend the next hour sitting up in the bleachers as punishment!  Missee open lips now, take new cockee ready to cummee in mouth!"

At one point, with the line up of five men wanting to get the pleasure of having his cock sucked off, Katie just did not have a free second to spit out the goo before another cock replaced the one being withdrawn.  With hands on her head to tilt it back, she was being forced to take in load after gooey load of semen.  With each departing man having spewed his goo into her mouth, there was no more place to store anymore of it.  Finally she was allowed to cleanse her mouth of the gooey filth, and as it poured out over her bottom lip to run down her chin, Katie heard the roar of laughter from the onlooking bastards as they obviously were getting their thrills in debasing her in such a vile manner.  So many men had come into the small circle formed around her, spewed their filth somewhere on her clothing, hair or body as she was absolutely drenched in the filthy slime.  Blinking her eyes, trying to clear them from the goo that some bastards had spurted there, Katie managed to see that there were many men still out in the outer circle wanking at their puds in hopes of getting to hose her down with more of his semen.    

After the count of having taken fifteen filthy cocks into her mouth, Katie was becoming delirious and was now just acting instinctively, merely parting her lips when a bloated cockhead pushed against them to seek admittance into her mouth.  It was nearly an hour since she had lost count of the men she had serviced with her lips and tongue.  Several times, after a cock just slipped between her lips it began spewing out its pent up load, then Katie let the spend flow over her bottom lip and down her chin.  In most cases, averaging three to four strokes into her mouth was what it for more slimy goo to be spurting into her mouth.  From what she had first observed, there must have been over a hundred men up in the bleachers when she first entered the cafeteria, some obviously had to get his boner revived if having first gotten her to jerk him off, but they just kept coming and coming.  It would have surprised her to learn that some of them had gotten his second or maybe even third suck off from her as time went by.  

Drenched with slimy cum and with the line of men finally dwindling some, she heard someone barking out orders in Japanese, none of which she could understand.  Then it was Fujita-san interpreting for her that "These two men have the honor of having you cleaned and prepared for the guest of honor when he makes his appearance!"  Then strong hands were lifting up from the floor and she was being carried out of the cafeteria door.  Taken to a bathroom, her soiled beige outfit was stripped from her, so was the cum soaked white blouse.  All of the soiled garments were tossed into a pile in the corner of the bathroom that the men had brought her to.  Navy blue heels slipped off her feet and set aside after some tissue was used to wipe off any cum stains, then her cum stained pantyhose was being rowed down her legs and pulled off her feet before being tossed aside with other soiled garments.  Then her lacy white bra, also soiled from the cum flowing down from her chin, was removed and tossed atop of the other garments.  Only her lacy white panties had not been soiled with the slime as they had her step out of them, and Katie observed them being placed on the towel rack.  Handed a bar of soap and face towel, hand motions served to tell her to get in under the hot shower spray and cleanse herself.   

Having apparently taken too much time under the shower, Katie trembled in fear when the two men stepped into the shower with her.  But as they took the towel and bar of soap from her, Katie realized that they were taking the honorable job of preparing her for their guest of honor quite seriously as they were soaping her hair down and scrubbing her body with the soapy wash towel.  Finally the men were satisfied of her cleanliness as the turned off the shower and guided her out of the stall.  With one man wiping her dry, the other was using a hair dryer on her hair, then in broken English the man wiping her said "Makee missee all prettee!  Makee prettee for Grand Sumo Champion Mochizuki-san!  Very prettee!  Makee very prettee!"  Her bag had been brought to them and one of the men then got her lipstick from it, made a puckering of his lips for her to follow as he expertly applied some to her lips, then made the motion for her to press her lips together .............then he was smiling and nodding, apparently very proud of he job he had done! 

When the man drying her hair was done with his job, she observed him reaching out for her panties and took it off the towel rack.  Panties stretched wide and held down in front of her at knee height, Katie then followed the hand instructions that she was to step into her panties as the other man held onto her elbow to balance her, then they were being pulled up into place.  Her navy blue heels were then placed before her, and seeing the hand motions she then stepped into them.  Then one of the men went to the table to retrieve a folded garment lying upon the table at the entrance to the bathroom.  When unfolded, Katie saw that it was a beautiful bright orange kimono, the traditional item that Japanese women wore in the past.  Now that beautiful silk garment was being placed over her shoulders, closed tightly in the front and a white silk sash was wrapped around her waist before being tied in the front in the shape of a bow.  With  both men having a hold on each of her elbows, Katie found them escorting her out into the bathroom, down the hallway and back into the cafeteria. 

Katie observed the bleachers in the cafeteria again filled to capacity, only now all those vile men had donned long dark pants and a white long-sleeved shirt.  Escorted to the center stage, Katie trembled with fear, wondering as what despicable sex act was in store for her now.  Then each of the men escorting her grabbed one end of the white silk bow that held the bright orange kimono together.  And then they pulled the bow strings, causing the entire front of the orange kimono to open on up, thereby baring her beautiful body before the now applauding crowd as the men whistled their approval.  Immediately Katie raised her arms up and crossed them in order to cover her bared breasts as the men beside her peeled the beautiful kimono from her shoulders.  To her dismay, Katie found herself be being dragged back, lifted at the back of her knees both the men, then gently laid down at center stage with a pillow placed under her head for comfort and also for her to see what was transpiring before her.  Breasts exposed to all the men in the audience, arms now bound and secured over her head, she lay there at center stage wearing just her lacy white panties and navy blue heels.     

Then Japanese music filled the air, bringing a loud applause from the men in the audience, and then they began clapping and chanting "Mochi ..................Mochi .......................Mochi ......................Mochi ...................Mochi!"  Two men were at the double doors at the top of the short stairway, opening the doors and holding them open as the music blared while the clapping and chanting got louder and louder.  Then Katie observed a huge figure approaching the open doorway, the man was so huge that her eyes bulged in disbelief as her jaw dropped open in awe.   Standing at the open doorway with hands on his hips, Katie shuddered at the sight of the huge and grotesque looking bastard.  She had never in her life seen anyone so huge, and if not for the double doors, there would be no way he'd ever be able to enter the room through a single doorway.  It was then that Fujita-san advised her "Men welcome home big hero of Komori Fishing Village!  He Grand Sumo Champion Mochizuki!  You present for Grand Sumo Champion Mochizuki!  You please him!  You greet and welcome him home to Komori!  Prettee missee be his geisha!"   

Frightened out of her wits as the massive man, dressed only his skimpy sumo gear around the waist, Katie began trembling as the Grand Champion came lumbering down the stairway towards her.  Then there was an announcement being made in Japanese, to which Mr. Fujita interpreted for her that "He his telling the men in the audience that if he is brave enough to come out into the makeshift sumo ring and challenge Mochizuki for you, he can have the right to breed you first if he wins!"  Five brave souls, all under 160 lbs came out front and center to challenge the Grand Champion, but Katie knew that each man had no chance at all and that he was way in over his head going into such a ludicrous match.  With the audience roaring with laughter as each challenger being easily flung out of the ring by the professional sumo wrestler, it became obvious that each man had taken up the challenge just to be able to brag about being in the ring with the Grand Champion.  But  Katie prayed that someone would find a way to even cheat and to pull out a victory, for such would be much more preferable than being raped by the five hundred plus pound man.  'Oh, God ........................I'm going to die!  His weight alone will crush me to death!  What a horrible way to die .....................while being raped by a grossly overweight sumo wrestler!' Katie shuddered.

Moments later, with all five challengers easily dispatched back to their seats in the bleachers, Katie saw the grotesque body of the big wrestler straighten up as he began coming closer to her.  Then as he stood there gazing upon her withering body, the two men who had helped shower her clean appeared on both sides of her with each man grasping onto an ankle before slipping off the heel of each foot.  Then the two men reached up in unison to grasp her panties at each hip area before slowly peeling the flimsy garment on down, thereby exposing her sex to the leering Grand Champion and all the men in the audience.  Katie observed the Grand Champion smile widely in approval when her panties were removed, then give a nod to the two men who were on stage with her.  With that signal of approval, the men holding her ankles pushed her legs back till the soles of her feet for flat on the stage, then they pulled her legs and feet wide apart to expose her sex to the grotesquely fat sumo wrestler.  'Oh, God!  Oh, God, he's going to rape me now!' she shuddered in fear.

But Katie was soon to learn that she was being positioned in that manner for quite a different purpose.  Not only had they spread her legs wide apart to show the bastard her sex, but it was an open invitation for him to have a tasty treat that they had cleaned and prepared in his honor, and also that he would have the honor of being the first to be given a taste of her sex.  Katie could not believe what was happening to her as the lumbering wrestler squat down before her, then the two men having the honor of preparing her for their Grand Champion lifted her up at the hips in an offering for their hero to have a sample taste test.  "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Katie cried as as the bastard clamped his hot mouth upon her sex and inserted his fat tongue up into her sex.  Panting for breath, tears rolling down her cheeks, Katie saw the fat bastard lift his head up to nod twice in approval to her handlers.  As her handlers removed their hands from her hips, the fat hands of the sumo wrestler replaced them, easily lifting her petite hips up as he delved down into her sex.  "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...................................noooooooo .................NOOOO ....................nooooooooooooooooooo!" Katie cried out as the bastard's tongue was driving her crazy.

Not only was the Grand Champion the first man of Komori to put his face and tongue in her sex, he was the very first man in her entire life to do such a foul and depraved act.  Her husband had attempted it several times, mainly by sliding his head under the covers at night in hopes of getting her to allow him to do it, but each time she had pushed his head away and telling it was such a gross thing to do.  "Oh, God .................oh, God ..................oh, Goddddddddddd ....................nooooooooo ....................nooooooooooooo .....................nnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she cried out, then clenched her teeth tightly to fight back the unwanted pleasure being derived from wiggling tongue in her sex.  Head tossing from side to side but the unwanted pleasure was building higher and higher that she was at her wits end.  "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .......................................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ........................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Katie screamed out as her entire body rocked in uncontrolled spasms.  She sobbed in utter defeat upon realizing what had just happened .................that she had just orgasmed in the bastard's mouth!  And from the loud slurping emanating from between her widespread legs, the Grand Champion was thoroughly enjoying his special treat.        

With the cuntlapping over and the massive body easing up from between her legs, Katie then observed the overweight bastard standing as he began to undo the skimpy cloth around his waist, causing her eyes to widen in absolute horror at what she observed when the bastard stripped it off.  The big overweight bastard whose body was so grotesquely out of portion, made it apparent that so was the rest of his body, including that of his private parts.  Eying those grotesquely swollen testicles, Katie could only compare the size of them to that of balls on the pool table!  In sizing up his penis, to Katie it looked like a rolling pin, like what one would use in the kitchen but shorter - 8" or so!  Then the men in the audience again began clapping and chanting "Mochi .......................Mochi ......................Mochi ...................Mochi!"  Katie then heard one man yell out something loudly in Japanese that caused the Grand Champion to smile widely and wave his hand to the applauding audience, to which Mr. Fujita relayed "Man tells Grand Champion Mochizuki to breed the beautiful bitch from America!  To knock you up with a little sumotori!  And then to send you back to your fair-haired American husband so he can help take care of the baby that was 'Made in Japan!" 

Then the evil bastard stroked her hair, telling her "You should be honored, my prettee one!  It is quite a privilege to be desired by the Grand Champion!  I heard that at first he was going to pass on coming back to Komori Fishing Village ..........................that is until Nakakura-san showed him your picture and told him that he would have the privilege of being to very first to mate with you, and that no other man will have you so that his seed gets a full hour's head start!  Lookee at those big balls he's got between his legs!  Imagine how much seed he'll be planting in your fertile garden!"  Looking at the size of the grotesque sumo wrestler, the size of those big balls, Katie dreaded the thought of being soiled by his filthy seed.  Trying desperately to think, praying that this was not the right time of the month to conceive, Katie then realized that the cards were just not in her favor as her prayers were just to be wishful thinking!  Upon realizing how untimely her dire predicament could ever be, she desperately prayed for this horrid nightmare to end as she silently begged 'Oh, God .........................please have mercy ......................let me die at this very instant .................before .............................before he gets on top of me!  I beg youuuuuuu ..........................pleaseeeeeee, let me die!'

Flailing her legs, trying to kick at the approaching sumo wrestler, Katie trim legs and feet merely bounced off the big man and then her legs were rendered useless when the weight of his grotesque body rested upon her.  Hard floor under her and five hundred fifty pounds of beef upon her, and then Katie felt the bastard's fat manhood poking at her and trying to force its way in.  "No!  Please ..........................please ...........................please ...............................noooooooooooooo ..............................pleaseeeeeeeeeee .............................don't rape me ............................don't rape me ........................I beg of you!" Katie sobbed out pleadingly.  But seconds later, the audience knew what had just happened as she shrieked "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ......................................aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .............................aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ................................................eiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"  Through the sheer pain of being stretched like never before, the haziness surround her vile rape, Katie the made out the chats of "Mochi .............................Mochi .............................Mochi .............................Mochi .............................Mochi!"  Sobbing in defeat, Katie realized that these vile men were chanting the name of their hero ...................their conquering hero!  'They're cheering on their conquering hero, all while the grotesque bastard rapes me!' she realized in total defeat as the heavy body slammed down upon her.

With only the petite hands and feet of the beauty visible beyond his massive frame, Grand Champion Mochizuki lifted himself up some as he was determined to put on a good show for his hometown followers, just as he did in each sumo tournament in letting the audience see the pain and agony upon the face of his overwhelmed opponent.  He knew what this audience wanted, not just his massive backside laboring up and down, but to see the beautiful Asian from America struggling and sobbing as he defiled her lovely body.  Besides, if he remained upon her for too long, he'd end up crushing her to death.  Upon having been shown the beauty's photograph, after initially having turned down the invite to be the guest of honor at the Komori Fishing Village, that pictured of the lovely beauty from America had then changed his outlook on returning to the remote village.  Being given the honor of breeding the American beauty only made the invitation appear all that much sweeter, for he would only be too delighted to send the beauty home with his little sumotori!  The added fact that he had never bedded a beauty from America only added to the pleasure of it all!  As Nakakura-san had told him, the goal of the men of Komori was to send the beauty home to her fair-haired American husband with a baby in her tummy that was 'Made in Japan'!       

Easing up and back, taking his massive frame off the petite beauty so she could breathe once again, Mochizuki then grasped the back of each ankle and pushed her trim legs up over her head.  Now the men in the audience could get a good view of the fucking he'd throw to the beautiful young bitch from America.  It was good that beauty caught her breath, for hearing her cries and sobs all that much more exciting, certainly much better than her suffocating to death under his weight.  Mochizuki was intent on putting on a good show for the cheering audience as he sat back on his haunches, slamming his 'unagi' into the stupid little bitch!  He had learned of the ploy of creating the tale of the unique Komori Unagi, had earlier watched from the observation deck when the unsuspecting beauty had been introduced to the Komori Unagi, and he especially enjoyed watching the beauty cringe in disgust when she was made to take Nakakura-san's wrinkled old 'unagi' into her pretty mouth!  Even Mochizuki was totally amazed at the thickness and lumpiness of the old boy's cum when the old fart pulled his pecker out of the gagging beauty's mouth, watching as the lumpy gunk overflowed from her mouth and then to flow down over her chin, and especially one was not to forget how plentiful the amount of cum the old fart had ejaculated into mouth.  Humping in and out of the beauty tight little pussy, Mochizuki was spurred on by hearing his name being chanted, loving to hear them chant and say "Mochi ...................Mochi .........................Mochi!  Breed her ........................breed her with your little sumotori!  Send her back to America with a babee 'Made in Japan'!"

Stretched beyond belief, Katie felt the overly fat cock pumping in and out of her aching slit, as she could now only pray that this lurid ordeal would soon come to an end.  And finally the end did come .............................rather, it did cummmmmmmmmmmm if there was no end to the cum ....................with spurt after spurt of the filthy stuff continuously being injected deep up into her fertile womb!  'My God much of it much of it much of that filth!  How can I not get impregnated by this overly fat grotesque bastard with all that filthy semen he's spurting up in me?' Katie fearfully wondered.  Then it was finally over as the fat penis stopped spurting its filth and the grotesque bastard began to ease his slimy 'unagi' out of her raped slit.  But Katie then found that her ordeal was not quite over as of yet, for other hands grasped her ankles when the Grand Champion released them, her legs were then forced back further till they were being held straight up into the air.  Soon ropes were being tightened around her ankles and she found that her legs were being strung upwards, as evidenced once the hands on her ankles were removed.  Another indignation soon occurred as an elderly man was standing above her strung up body, dipping objects into her raped slit.  That old bastard was soon holding a plastic knob that had long string attached to one end up into the air, getting the men in the audience to cheer an applaud, and Katie soon came to learn that it was a plastic plug that would be inserted into her vagina to keep the Grand Champion's potent seed from leaking out of her widened slit.

For over an hour, Katie's arms were bound above her head and she was unable to move due to the ropes around her ankles that had her strung up like an animal before it was to be skinned and gutted, but she had been strung up in such a way for quite a different reason give ample time for their grand champion bull's semen to fertilize and impregnate her with his baby!  Throughout that hour or so, Katie had watched the men getting their autographs and even posing with the champion for pictures, observed them downing shots of sake and even playing hanafuda card games.  Finally a gong sounded and Katie feared the worst as the men dropped what they were doing and going back to their seats up in the bleachers.  Then several men were undoing the ropes pulling her arms over her head and the rope around her ankles were being undone.  She had no idea as to what was next in store for her, but Katie knew it be something that would delight the vile men in the audience, all at her expense and embarrassment.  "Please .....................please ...............I ........................I need to go to the bathroom!  Please .......................oh, pleaseeeeeeeeee ...........................I need to go to the bathroom!" she begged and pleaded.  Now Katie was grateful for the plastic plug that had been inserted into her vagina, if not that for that she knew that she'd be leaking all over the place. 

Pulled up to a standing position, the ropes tied to her wrists were being tied to where the ankles ropes had been.  In a standing position with arms above her head, Katie felt her legs then being pushed widely apart.  Blinking back the tears, she looked down and saw a hand come from behind of her, watched as the chubby fingers grasp at the string attached to the plastic plug.  Suddenly Katie began shivering uncontrollably, this being due to the hard yank upon the string that pulled the plug out of her vagina, causing the plugged up semen to gush out of her widened slit.  Roars of laughter could then be heard from the men in the audience as they got to witness her shame, with a torrent of slimy cum pouring out of her raped slit to splatter down onto the vinyl flooring, just as if someone had opened a quart of milk and poured it onto the floor.  Though she wanted to stem the outpouring of cum from her raped cunney, there was no way that Katie could control her vagina muscels at this point, and dollop after dollop of the gooey mess kept on pouring out of her raped cunt to splatter down upon the flooring.  The constant splatter of the gooey cum had now formed a round puddle nearly two feet wide in diameter, her feet on the sides of it and partially in the sticky mess as her toes had become webbed together. 

Forced to kneel down on all fours, with the massive puddle of Grand Champion Mochizuki's spunk under her belly, Katie again heard the stampede of the men rushing down from the bleachers.  Whatever clothing they had put on were now being removed as the men formed a large circle around her once again.  Katie observed one man rushing forward while wanking himself, so she naturally began to part her lips in anticipation.  To Katie's surprise, the man hurried past her, then she felt his hands upon her hips.  "Noooooooooooooo .......................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she groaned as the bastard thrust his cock into her from behind, taking her like an animal a bitch in heat!  Three strokes in her cunny was all it took for the bastard to shoot off in her, then the cock was pulled out, and Katie could hear the splatter of cum as it fell out of her raped slit onto the cafeteria floor.  Seconds after the rapist had departed, more men moved in towards her, hoping to get behind of her first so he could fuck her with his cock or else be forced to settle for another means of obtaining his pleasure like her mouth for fists.  Some obviously had a foot fetish, relishing at the opportunity to rub his pecker up against her soft soles as her toes were soon webbed together in a sticky mess.  And each man dared not to be so foolish as to get to her prematurely, not like Matsuo-san and the two others who had foolish taken too long as such resulted in their asses being caned, along with banishment up to the bleachers for an hour's time.            

Exactly a year after her horrid violation and gang rape, Katie opened the door to welcome Grandma and Grandpa Morita who had come to pay a visit to their very first great-grandson who had just made 3 months.  After a nice lunch with her grandparents, having excused herself for a bit to breast feed little Kyle Kazuo Michaels, whose middle name was that of Katie's father.  Rejoining her husband Jeff and grandparents back in the livingroom, Katie handed little Kyle into the arms of his great-grandmother, who then commented "Oh, the Asian heredity is certainly strong in this little one, his hair is so thick and black!  I certainly expected to see the little one with very light brown hair!"  Katie cringed upon hearing her grandmother's words, hoping that the comment would not make her husband suspicious, and that he wouldn't wonder if he really was the father of little Kyle or not.  Thus far, the plan that she had concocted on that long flight back from Osaka had worked, but more such comments like that from Grandma Morita might just unravel everything.  Katie had not been able to bring herself to tell anyone of her degrading ordeal in Komori, not even to her loving husband, for how could she bring herself to tell him as to how man after man took his vile pleasure in or upon her body, with hundreds of penises ejaculating in her mouth and just as many having shot off in her cunny.

On that flight back from Osaka, Katie had told herself that she had to go through with the plan she had come up with, that even if it would be a lie that it would not be one where she would be expressing it verbally.  Though not wanting to feel any male touching her body ever again, she told herself that she needed to find comfort in the arms of the man she loved so deeply, that she had to have him make love to her right away when she got back home.  And that first night home, wearing a sexy negligee, Katie did in fact entice her loving husband into bed with her.  At least she could then blame that first night home as the night she conceived, especially as no condom would be used and thereby eliminating any thought of the baby having been 'Made in Japan!  One other thing that she had made a resolve of doing, one aspect that Katie felt she owed her loving husband in exchange for keeping her deep horrid secret from him, something that she knew would please him to no end ............................something that she did learn at the Komori Fishing Village, that of how to please a man with her lips and tongue!  Many a time Jeff had tried to make her go down on him, but she had always refused in saying that it was a filthy and degrading thing to ask of her to perform.  But as she had come to discover how much it pleased a man, Katie felt that it was the least she could do for her loving husband, especially knowing how all the men of the Komori Fishing Village had enjoyed themselves in her mouth.

Katie had also made the resolve that if she did keep this deep dark secret of hers from her loving husband, that she would no longer object to any sex act that he desired of her, no matter how much she might detest it.  She felt that it was the least she could do at this point, unable to think of any sex act that she had not been forced to perform with this vile men of Komori.  Not even her backside was virginal any more, a thought that caused her to shiver in revulsion, recalling how she was once again up on center stage but this time with the Fujita-san, and how she had shrieked to no end when the foul bastard sodmized her before the cheering audience.  But Katie shivered at the thought of one aspect of her resolve, that if her Jeff went under the covers once again in hope of her allowing him to put his mouth on her sex, for she did not want him soiling himself like that ......................not when more than a hundred filthy cocks had thrust up into her there, though for only about fifteen seconds apiece, with all but the three banished for taking too long having ejaculated their filthy slime up into her!  'If Jeff knew how many men's penises spurted their filthy seed in me, would he still want to put his mouth on my sex?' she wondered.  And that estimated count was just from the first of the three day at the 1st Annual Komori Fishing Village Festival. 

Katie's mind had pretty much blanked things out after the first day, but she did know for a fact that it was non-stop sexual activites for days two and three also, all of which she was the center of attention.  Near midnight that first night, Katie remembered having showered herself clean, then being led to a bedroom where she was to sleep and rest but only to find old Nakakura-san waiting, for she was to be his little geisha girl on the night of his 80th birthday.  She had seen the old boy take a blue pill given to him by Masao-san, and it certainly made the 80 year old rise up to the occasion.  He had her take him in her mouth once again at first, but he quickly rose to the occasion, only this time it was just until his old boner was up good and hard.  Katie closed her eyes and shuddered, recalling just despicable and gross it was have an 80 year man make love to her, laboring his wrinkled old body atop of her and then spurting his filth into her.  Blinking back the tears, Katie then chastised herself for having had herself an orgasm as the old bastard ejaculated his thick lumpy semen into her.  'How could I have enjoyed that?  So shameful?  Getting an orgasm when being raped by an 80 year old bastard!' she chided herself.

The other thing that stuck in her mind was that of the closing ceremonies on the last day in Komori, with her wearing an outfit taken from her suitcase that had been brought in from the car.  It was the black dress and heels that she had been wearing when she arrived to meet Mr. Fujita in Osaka.  Katie guessed that it stuck in her mind since it was the last vile act she had been forced to perform while in the Komori.  'Is it really because it was my last ordeal there?  Or is it because of how gross and degrading it was?' she wondered.  This aspect Katie had to wonder about due to the numerous cocks that she had mouthed previously after that first with Nakakura-san's wrinkled old pud till he did his 'thing'.  'So was this so different?' Katie had to wonder, but she did shudder in disgust each time she thought about it.  That scene had again taken place at center stage, with the men again dressed as when they welcomed their Grand Champion, only this was to bid him farewell.  Katie felt sick to her stomach in recalling having to kneel before the big sumo wrestler, while in her black dress and heels, with her duty being to blow out his candle as a farewell gesture.  Katie recalled how difficult a task it had been, trying to crook her neck backwards due to the overhang of the bastard's grotesque belly so she could mouth his fat cock.  In thinking about it, Katie realized that it would probably have been easier to put her head under a cow to mouth one of its udders. That black dress had been one of her favorites, but she had disposed of in Komori due to all the cum stains that had ended up on the front of it from that humiliating sucking send off to honor the hero of Komori.                                  

As they all sat in the livingroom when it neared 2 p.m., Grandpa Morita inquired if they caught a particular channel on the television network that they subscribed to.  Katie had not heard of the channel but her husband got out the programming guide that listed all the channels available to them.  And when it was discovered that the channel Grandpa Morita wanted was indeed available, Jeff offered to turn on the wide screen TV in the den so they could catch it.  Katie had never seen her grandfather so excited over a television show, then heard him advise that "It is coming from the very town of Komori where I was born and raised before coming to America!  It's the first ever telecast from Komori, mainly because of a sporting event being held there, the very first Komori Sumo Tournament!  Last year Komori held its very first festival, one to honor a hero from the village, that of Grand Sumo Champion Mochizuki!  They say that he felt so honored at last year's event that he convinced the sumo federation to hold a tournament in his home town!  And it is to coincide with the now 2nd Annual Komori Fishing Village Festival!"  Having sat down on the sofa with little Kyle in her arms, Katie began to tremble at what Grandpa Morita had just informed them.

As the broadcast commenced, a view of the village came into view with the ocean in the background and many fishing vessels docked at the wharfs.  An English speaking moderator was the host as the show would be broadcast around the world, and then he introduced his two guests:  an elder of the village who was equivalent to the town's mayor, that of 81 year old Mr. Nakakura-san and his interpreter Mr. Masao Fujita.  Immediately Katie thought she was going to be sick, wanting to get up from the sofa and rush to the bathroom before she threw up all over the place.  As the screen zoomed on in upon the elder from Komori, it of the grinning face that Katie would never be able to forget, especially when the old bastard had yanked at the back of her hair to force her to look up at his leering face .....................................with his wrinkled old cock in her mouth!  And she had gotten to see how delighted he was at her dilemma, especially when he began to ejaculate his plentiful and lumpy cum into her mouth!  Katie had felt fortunate that he had not make her swallow his filth, but then found that the bastard took delight in having the men in the audience pay witness to all his scum pouring over her lips and chin, for then he could brag that he still could pump out a lot of gooey cum from his shriveled old balls.  Of course she did recall spending that first night as his personal geisha for his 80th birthday, shuddering in disgust at the recollection of his wrinkled old body atop of her, and how she had shamefully climaxed when the old bastard began ejaculating his filth into her.  

Sitting quietly on the sofa, Katie shuddered when her grandfather exclaimed "There he is!  That's Mochizuki, Grand Sumo Champion Mochizuki!  Just look how massive he is!"  Katie felt sick when her husband Jeff commented "My gosh, he must weigh over 500 pounds!  Man, imagine him slamming into you!  Ouch!  It'd be easier to have a pig weighing 300 lbs. hitting you while running at full speed!"  Katie grasped the edge of the cushion she was sitting upon as she tried to compose herself, for her husband's comments were just so true, causing her to think that 'Yes, taking on a charging 300 lb. pig would be more desirable than being raped by that grotesquely over-weight bastard!  If I had that option a year ago, I'd definitely have chosen the pig to fuck me!'  Blinking back the tears, Katie told herself to get composed, to not be thinking of such nasty thoughts of the big brute ....................especially since the fat grotesous bastard in all probabilty had fathered her precious little Kyle whom she had come to love so dearly!  The ninety minute show was rather unendurable for Katie, having to sit there and watch as her grandparents and husband all cheered on Mochizuki-san, applauding the vile and grossly overweight bastard who had been the first to rape her a year ago and had most probably had been the one to impregnate her with his little sumotori.  But during that time while often looking down at her precious little Kyle, then looking up at the screeen to see the similarities between little Kyle and the hero of Komori such as eyelashes and ears, there was no doubt in Katie's mind as to who little Kyle's father was.  

End of Story.