Sacrificing His Lovely Wife
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon

Mrs. Jan Turner
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Derek Slade was an intense and cunning competitor but he had seemed to have hit a brick wall in his quest to claw his way up the corporate ladder.  He realized what the real problem was …………………in that he didn't fit the stereotypical corporate image.  With his muscular build and rather physically imposing, along with not being well-schooled in grammar and diction, Derek had to admit that he was a bit too quick tempered.   A natural-born maverick with qualities that he realized were a detriment to achieving success in the corporate world, still Derek felt that he should not be blamed for being brought up in the projects.  More than anything, Derek blamed his failure to get a promotion due to the company’s outdated corporate thinking and especially that of racism.  ‘Damned white boys, borne with a silver spoon in their mouths, always are the ones gitting ahead!’ he cussed.
Rick Turner, on the other hand, fit the stereotype to a "T."  Rick was hard-working, dedicated, affable and a real company man …………..and most of all he was ‘white’!  Being his main competitor, Derek considered Rick to be a wimp and a kiss-ass bastard, but Derek was smart enough to keep his opinions to himself and not upset the apple cart.  They were from opposite sides of the tracks and ran in different circles but got along okay at the office, but each wanted to be the top dog.  Considered the fair-haired boy in the department, Rick Turner held the inside track and was the odds-on favorite to be promoted to department head.  The prospect stuck in Derek's craw and he hated the fact that Rick Turner seemed to get the lion's share of attention and credit from higher ups.  In fact, around the office, supervisors addressed the two men as ‘Rick’ and ‘D-Rick’.  And to make it worst, any time the two men were assigned the same project, Rick was always chosen to head up the project while Derek was assigned the job of being Rick's assistant.
‘How can I hope for a fair chance if I’s always have to play second fiddle to the fuck’n white boy?’ Derek always wondered.  Another advantage Rick Turner now had over him was the fact that the damned white boy had recently tied the knot, marrying a very attractive and prim and proper little lady.  As for Derek, he was still very much single and considered somewhat of a womanizer by the corporate bosses.  Derek just scoffed at that as he looked upon himself not just a womanizer but an out-and-out stud.  In fact, Derek took great pride in his prowess as a cocksman!  Shaking his head in disgust, Derek had figured that his only chance of beating out Rick for promotion to department head was to somehow cause him to lose the favor of the higher ups and knock him off his pedestal.  He just needed that opportunity!  Then Derek's golden opportunity popped up during an out of town assignment, a crucial business trip that guaranteed the corporation a prestigious and lucrative contract, if Rick and Derek could seal the deal.

As always, Rick was chosen to head the team with Derek assigned to be the white boy’s assistant.  Of course, if they landed the contract, Rick would earn most of the credit for a job well done while Derek would get the crumbs.  Success in the job and Derek was sure it would all but assure Rick Turner's promotion to department head.  Derek knew that somehow he had to come up with a plan to prevent Rick from making the presentation where he could then step in and deliver the presentation and seal the deal, dazzling his bosses and winning points with them.  Derek had a couple of plans in mind, plan A and a backup plan just in case.  Although he wasn't the type to go the extra mile when it came to putting in an effort at work, Derek really put in the time to bone up and rehearse this particular presentation.  This time he was determined to go the extra mile to ensure that this business trip would pave the way for his rise to the top of the pecking order and his promotion to department head.
With Rick living on the way to the airport, Derek picked up the punk before they embarked on their fateful business trip, Derek and Rick checked into their respective hotel rooms.  After unpacking and grabbing a quick shower, Derek phoned Rick's room and got a busy signal, so he walked across the hall and knocked.  Apparently for Rick Turner, it was first things first ………………….making a call home to chat with his lovely wife Jan.  Rolling his eyes in disgust, Derek flashed the goody-goody white boy the ‘hurry up’ signal and the ‘let’s grab something to eat’ signal.  Finally Derek got an acknowledging nod from Rick in return.  Waiting disgustedly, Derek looked on as Rick was engrossed in talking lovey-dovey with his lovely young bride and began to strip down in anticipation of taking a shower.  As he stepped out of his jockeys and wrapped a towel around his waist, Derek caught a glimpse of his co-worker's cock.  ‘Man, what a pathetic excuse of manhood!’ he thought.

But in overhearing Rick's conversation with his young bride, the way the white boy was talking, Derek would have sworn that Rick was packing a Louisville Slugger between his legs.  Derek just shook his head, choking back a laugh, and went about his business and told Rick he'd be down in the lobby and to shake a leg.  Derek then headed down to the lobby, still chuckling to himself, thinking ‘God damn …………………..fuck’r think he’s some kind of stud or something!’  At the front desk, Derek struck up a conversation with the desk clerk, inquiring as to which restaurant he recommended.  Then, almost as an after-thought, he asked if there were any nearby bars a guy could visit if he was looking to get laid.  Overhearing the phone conversation between Rick and Jan had somehow gotten to him, and now he was suddenly horny.  Besides, being a top stud, Derek figured he owed it to himself to at least check out the local ‘flora and fauna’ while he was out on the town.
The clerk mentioned a few places, recommending the Purple Onion, if Derek wasn't picky about the decor and some of the clientele.  But the beer was ice cold, the house band was the best in town, with getting laid being all but automatic.  The clerk did chuckle in adding the caution to be sure to ‘check under the hood’ before taking a gal home though, just to be sure she was in fact a ‘she’ cause these days one could never tell for sure!  A short time later, Rick showed up and off they went.  Their first night out on the town together was short and rather uneventful.  Over dinner they coordinated on the overall game plan for the upcoming presentation, then Rick Turner headed straight back to the hotel as he wanted to phone his wife once again and then turn in early.
Derek, on the other hand, headed out to the hot night spot mentioned by the desk clerk.  And the Purple Onion was as the clerk had described.  By the time he returned to the hotel that night, Derek had everything set up for the next night.  He knew that Rick Turner had a notoriously low tolerance for alcohol, so the Purple Onion would be a perfect set-up place to go.  He also knew that the white boy would be nervously anticipating delivering the next morning's presentation, especially with so much riding on impressing the client and scoring the account.  And of course, Derek also knew that Rick was missing his bride, being practically newlyweds in just being married six weeks prior.
After dry-running the presentation in one of the hotel's plush conference rooms, the same location they'd pitch the presentation to the client the following morning, they decided to call it a day.  Rick and Derek agreed to meet for dinner, at which time they'd review the strategy and the sequence of events for the next day's presentation.  Later that night, on their way back from dinner, Derek casually mentioned the Purple Onion and the desk clerk's comment that the house band was the best in town.  Derek managed to persuade his reluctant friend that drink and some good music was just the ticket to ease any jitters about the next day's presentation.  With the Purple Onion just as the desk clerk had described earlier, Derek could sense Rick's disgust and discomfort in patronizing such a dive.  Derek enjoyed exposing his co-worker to the ‘other side of the tracks’ that he had grown up in around the projects.  Rick quickly finished his drink, whining that he was ready to leave, wanting to get back to the hotel to phone Jan and turn in early just as he'd done the night before. 

Unbeknownst to Rick, the trap was about to be sprung.  On cue, a man approached the table and pretended to recognize Derek -- old high school buddies and teammates on the football team, district champs it was relayed!  The guy joined them at the table, ordered a round of drinks and he and Derek began to reminisce about their wild high school days, winning district and all.  But he guy was in fact a parolee, and of course, the whole performance was just a ruse.  All was a set-up by Derek, all arranged from the night before.  Derek had paid the guy an advance and agreed to pay the balance after they'd completed the con.  With the ex-con springing for a round of drinks, then another, Rick had no choice but to down the drinks.  Rick had in fact politely declined but the guy wouldn't take no for an answer, telling Rick he'd take it as a personal insult if his hospitality was refused.  The inference was that if Rick did not drink up, the guy would think Rick was too uppity to accept his hospitality and might get rough.
Then, while Rick was off to the 'john', Derek added a potent knock-out drug to his drink.  A short time later, with the drink consumed, Rick Turner was out out of it and couldn't get up on his feet. The next thing he remembered was Derek shaking him awake the next day, shocked and surprised to find himself in his bed back at the hotel.  Glancing at the clock, Rick tried to figure out what the hell was going on.  Was it possible he overslept and missed the presentation?  As Rick scrambled out of bed to get dressed, asking Derek what had happened and ordering him to phone the client to try to reschedule the presentation, he realized that his cock hurt like hell.  Looking in the mirror, he saw his face was smeared with lipstick and he had a number of love bites on his neck and chest.  Gazing down at his hurting genitals, love bites could also be observed.
Derek then quickly filled his befuddled cohort in on ‘what had occurred’ the night before at the Purple Onion, reminding Rick of the stop they'd made to check out the band and about running into an old classmate from high school. That much rang true with Rick, but the rest was all a total blank.  Then Derek added that he and his buddy had decided to shoot a game of pool, and the next thing Derek knew was that he had disappeared on them.  “I then checked with the waitress and she told me that you had paired paired up with a cute blond after dancing with her, then you paid the tab and took off on me!” he added.   “I was worried about ya and came back here to check on ya!  But there was the ‘Do not disturb sign on the door!  I’s put my ear to the door and from the sounds of it, ya weren’t alone so’s I’s didn’t want to spoil yer’s fun!” Derek advised the stunned white boy.  “I went down to the meeting room early and set things up, figuring it’d help ya out!  But when ya didn't show up for the presentation, I’s just assumed ya were hurt’n and made the presentation fer ya!  Don’t worry, I’s told’em ya were feeling sick to yer stomach and unable to keep anything down!” he added.

With the white boy turning pale as he sat upon the edge of the bed, Derek added that the client was very much impressed and they won the contract -- so, no harm, no foul!  Derek explained that he was just trying to help him out, just being a team player, adding that he was sure Rick would've done the same for him if the situation was reversed.  That was Derek's version of the story to Rick, but that was not what had actually occurred.  In reality, when Rick succumbed to the effects of the Rohypnol, Derek had struck a deal with hooker at the bar, a transvestite hooker, the night before.  As far as the hooker knew, Derek and Rick were best of friends and always trying to outdo each other, chronic practical jokers.  Derek had offered the tranny hooker top dollar to pose with Rick for a series of incriminating photos, taken with Derek's picture phone.  The hooker wasn't sure ‘she’ wanted to do it, but with Derek offering twice ‘her’ usual price, a deal was struck.  That night Derek played the role of director/photographer and e-mailed the incriminating photos to himself.  It was a hedge for himself, some leverage in case Rick got the promotion.  If that occurred, Derek would threaten to publish the photos on the net and Rick could kiss his promotion, his career and his marriage good-bye.  He'd hold the blackmail threat as his ace in the hole.  After paying off the hooker and putting Rick to bed, Derek called the front desk to cancel Rick's wake-up call, shut off the alarm and then let the fool sleep right through the next morning's presentation.
Learning the fact that the client was impressed with Derek's presentation and awarded them the contract, Rick was speechless.  In fact, Rick was in a panic, racked with guilt and shame over his uncharacteristic behavior.  Missing making the all-important presentation, having cheated on his wife, Rick realized that he was in no position to make waves.  He had to think, needed some time to get his head together as everything was coming apart at the seams.  An hour later, Derek listened as Rick whine that it was all Derek’s fault for insisting they stop off at the bar and for his damned friend for buying the extra rounds of drinks.  Derek had been expecting to get blamed and quickly diffused Rick's tirade, reminding him that he was a big boy and that no one held a gun to his head to make him drink more than he wanted to or should have.  Derek also threw in “And no one held a gun to yer head to go out and cheat on yer purty wife ………………..yer wife of just six short weeks!”
That quickly shut up the whining white boy, who now was apologizing profusely to Derek and begging him to keep the night’s events confidential.  With Derek's reassurance that Rick's little indiscretion was their little secret, the issue was closed.  As they headed for home, it was all Derek could do to choke back a laugh when Rick squirmed about in his seat and complained about his aching cock and the foul aftertaste in his mouth.  Arriving at Rick's house, the garage door had just been opened as Jan Turner had  just driven into the garage upon her arrival home.  Derek eyed up as she anxiously ran and passionately greeted her husband.  Derek felt his cock stir, admiring the young beauty in her blue and black outfit with 3-inch heels, thinking about the incriminating photos of Rick and the tranny waiting for him at home.  Eyeing up the 5’3” beauty with long silky light brown hair, Derek liked his lips as she stood on tip toes to kiss her husband, displaying her sleek ivory legs in the process.  'Damn, what sexy legs!  Just how a beautiful woman should be dressed!' he thought.  Then he pictured the sexy young wife flat on her back, black heels dangling over his shoulders, hearing her squeal as he shoved his cock into he tight little snatch. Accepting an invite in for a drink, Derek had to push down his boner to keep it from tenting the front of his pants.

The next day, the two men arrived at work and were summoned into the boss's office for a well-deserved pat on the back for landing the contract.  The boss had been informed that Derek had in fact made the presentation, and that Rick was unable to attend, due to an apparent touch of ‘food poisoning’.  The boss was impressed with Derek's having stepped in and saving the day, promising him a nice bonus.  But, as usual, the attention quickly shifted back to Rick, with the boss patting him on the back and telling him that the official announcement would be made later in the week.  It was now a forgone conclusion that Rick's promotion to department head had been approved.  Derek had no intention of simply accepting being passed over.  As far as he was concerned, he had proven himself, stepping in and landing the contract without any assistance from Rick, and now the prick was getting the promotion anyway.  It was time to pull out his ace in the hole.  Before leaving work that night, he had set up to meet with Rick after work to discuss a matter of urgent business.  Rick had tried to decline, saying that he had to get home to his lovely wife, but Derek insisted and the punk then reluctantly agreed to meet for a drink.
After a bit of small talk, Derek got down to business, passing an envelope across the table to the man who stood between him and the promotion he thought he deserved.  Inside the envelope, a stunned and disgusted Rick found a series of graphic and very incriminating photos of himself and a ‘woman’ ……………………….a ‘woman’ who was clearly a male biologically.  Derek then chided his shocked and confused cohort that he should have taken the time to ‘check under the hood’ before taking the ‘shemale’ back to the hotel.  Derek then hinted as to whether or not Rick actually knew what he was getting all along?  As for the photos, Derek explained that when he left the Purple Onion and checked on Rick, back at the hotel, he found that Rick wasn't alone.  He advised Rick that he had been either too drunk or too horny to care that Derek had caught him in bed with the tranny hooker.  Then Derek added that he'd never seen a ‘chick with a dick’ and was fascinated in watching Rick and the hooker going at it, hot and heavy.  Not believing his eyes, he snapped a few photos of the bizarre interlude, using his picture phone, and e-mailed them to himself.

Although Rick was passed out cold, the poses had been carefully staged to imply that Rick was awake and a very active and willing participant.  Derek assured Rick that he hadn't intended to use them to blackmail him, but all's fair in love and war.  Derek declared that he wanted and deserved the promotion that Rick was now up for.  The hook was now set!  Either Rick would decline the promotion willingly or have it snatched away when the higher ups got a glimpse of the photos that clearly depicted lewd and unacceptable sexual behavior.  Not to mention the fact the boss would realize Rick's priorities were not in line with corporate expectations, having blown off a critical business meeting with a valued client in favor of a sexual romp with a transvestite.  He'd be fired for sure, his career and reputation shot to hell.  Needless to say, Rick’s marriage would be severely tested as well.   Derek demanded that Rick march into the boss's office first thing in the morning, decline the promotion, claiming personal and marital problems precluded him from accepting the additional responsibilities, and recommend the promotion go instead to Derek.  Caught between a rock in a hard place, Rick reluctantly agreed.  Several straight shots later, the teary eyed white boy then headed on home with his tail between his legs.
Weeks later, with the objective met and Derek getting the desired promotion, he then began to wonder if he could score an unexpected dividend.  As his blackmail threat had worked once, why not roll the dice a second time.  Having fantasized about fucking Rick's wife since the first time he'd laid eyes on her, he was even more envious of the punk when seeing the beautiful bride on their wedding day.  Prior to the wedding, he had tried several times to ingratiate himself with her, hoping to charm his way into her panties.  But, although she was polite and cordial, it was obvious she had no interest at all in him romantically or sexually.  If anything, Derek detected instead a hint of revulsion and suspected that it was the color of his skin.  Being that Jan had not succumbed to Derek's subtle attempts to charm his way into her tight little panties, the fact that her husband had been his main rival, it made his lust for her unbearable.  Jan's beauty, her innocence and the fact she was now married, were all the qualities that never failed to fire up Derek's ardor.  Now, nailing the lovely Mrs. Jan Turner had become a top priority for Derek.  He licked his lips, knowing that she was now attainable, especially with the kind of leverage that he had over her limp-dicked white boy husband.

How could Derek get Rick to agree to set up his own wife?  Well, it was that or risk losing her if she saw the incriminating photos of her husband having wanton sex with a transvestite, cheating on her.  Derek would convince Rick that his prim and proper wife would divorce him for sure if she knew what a pervert and adulterer he was.  Also, it was no secret that Rick and Jan had been trying to start a family, but so far they had been unsuccessful.  Although Derek played his hand close to the vest, his intention was to set himself up to give Rick and Jan a jump-start on starting a family.  To add insult to injury, Derek planned on recruiting the punk-assed Rick to set up his own wife for him to screw.  Either that or his lovely wife would be getting pics of her faggot husband in bed with the tranny.  Derek’s vile plan included having the punk watch the rape and defilement of his beautiful wife, though he did not plan on telling Rick the extent of his plans, just simply that he wanted the fuck his beautiful wife in exchange for his silence.

Once the hook was set, Rick would have a ringside seat in watching him rape, defile and impregnate the beauty.  He would make the punk help him get into her tight little panties ............'Yeah, I’ll git him to slip a drug into her coffee or drink!  Then have him let me into their home when she’s out of it!’ he thought.  ‘Shit, maybe I’ll even have the punk participate and make him spread her legs open fer me!’ Derek mused.  When he got the sexy little thing in bed, Derek had his sights on getting her pretty little tummy nice and round with a little black bastard.  Oh, he figured that Rick would only agree to the blackmail with the condition that he wear a fuck’n raincoat.  But for Derek, this was like a chess match where one would be planning ahead every step of the way.  Sure, he’d agree to use a condom, but what condition the condom was in was another story, especially one with the tip poked full of holes ahead of time.

Ms. Jan Wheeler (a week before her wedding)

After her marriage at the age of 24, the former Ms. Jan Wheeler just loved being called ‘Mrs. Turner’ by the 1st graders in her classroom, and marrying Rick had been a dream come true for her.  For the first six weeks of marriage, all had been fine and dandy.  However, ever since then, Rick just seemed so preoccupied.  ‘It must be the disappointment on his co-worker getting the promotion over him!’ she thought, recalling that night when he filled her in on the fact that fellow worker Derek got the position Rick had his sights on. Jan had met Derek on several occasions but the black co-worker of Rick’s gave her the shivers.  ‘He thinks he’s God’s gift to mankind!’ she recalled thinking when first meeting Rick’s rather arrogant black co-worker.  And on one occasion, when she and Rick had been with some of his fellow workers, she was sure Derek was trying to hit on her when Rick had gone to the bar.  In no way was she interested in the likes of the arrogant low-life black, in fact she recalled cringing when he had touched her arm on her wedding day.

Sitting in the living room, having just taken Jan out to dinner that Friday evening, Rick poured himself a stiff double on the rocks and took a big gulp.  He looked over towards the kitchen where his lovely wife was putting the dishes away, wondering just how he could have gotten himself into such a mess.  ‘How could I have done such a thing, just to save myself?  That mother fucker!  Shit ……………….… can I have been so damned stupid …………………..and now he’s blackmailing me with those raunchy photos!’ he thought.  ‘Do I dare?  Do I dare do as to what he wants?’ Rick wondered, feeling sick to his stomach as he looked at his lovely wife of just over eight weeks.  ‘Maybe if I tell her that I’m being blackmailed ……………………..that I don’t recall any part of that night, other than going to that dive and having consumed too much alcohol!’ he pondered.  But then, upon recalling the incriminating pictures of that transvestite in bed with him, Rick shuddered in horror and wanted to throw up.  That picture of him lying on his back with the tranny sucking his cock would certainly have Jan running to an attorney and filing for divorce.

Rick shuddered at the idea of his taking Jan out for a nice dinner which had been Derek’s idea as there was no school the next day and no need for Jan to be alarmed when waking up mid-morning.  He recalled what the bastard had told him “I’s like my women looking beautiful in a nice dress and heels, like I’s saw yer lovely wife when she came to meet us at the tavern that first time!”  Rick recalled that night when he introduced Jan to his fellow workers that night at the tavern, when she had joined them following a parent-teacher night.  Could he go through with it?  Rick’s hand was now shaking as he opened a bottle of Jan’s favorite red wine over ice for some wine cooler.  Having poured some tonic water into another glass earlier, he saw that the ‘roofie’ supplied by Derek had fully dissolved as he poured the tonic into the glass of wine.  Stomach churning, Rick gulped at this drink as he took the wine cooler into the kitchen.  He trembled with fear as his wife thanked him and took a sip of her drink.

With Jan holding her hand up to her head, telling him that she was feeling dizzy, Rick quickly went to her side and helped Jan over to the sofa.  A moment later, his lovely wife had her head lolling on the back of the sofa, her body limp from the potent drug.  Blinking back the tears, he then dialed the number to Derek’s cellphone.  Less than a minute later, the doorbell rang as his lusting coworker had obviously been parked and waiting at the curb.  Head down in shame, Rick blinked back the tears as his co-worker walked past him towards the sofa that Jan occupied.  Rick swallowed deeply as Derek’s muscular black arms scooped his beautiful wife up like a rag doll and then he was told “C’mon, man …………………lead the way to the master bedroom!”  Panting for breath, Rick did as he was told, leading the man carrying his unconscious wife into the master bedroom.  The only thing that came to Rick’s mind at that point was “Did you …………………you said you were bringing the condoms you like ……...........……….but I bought a box this afternoon just in case!”

Doing as instructed, Rick turned his lovely wife over as ebony fingers worked at the zipper to her dress.  Then those thick fingers were unhooking the clip to Jan’s lacy white bra.  Once he placed his wife onto her back once again, Rick shuddered as his vile co-worker was working the blue dress down Jan’s petite body.  Seeing his beautiful wife now lying on the bed with just her undergarments and heels, Rick had second thoughts on going through with it all.  But seeing Derek’s thick ebony fingers caressing her calves and sliding up over her knees, Rick felt his cock give a twitch of excitement in his pants.  His mouth was beginning to water as he licked his lips, his breath shallow, as Derek’s hands were now on Jan’s lacy white panties.  Then Rick sucked in his breath as the waistband of Jan’s panties were in Derek’s fingers and the garment was being worked down her trim hips.

Rick shuddered as his wife’s light brown fleece was bared, her panties drawn down her thighs, down her legs and off her heels.  Now his co-worker had the garment up to his face and inhaling Jan’s sweet scent.  Watching as Derek tucked the pair of panties into his pants pocket before reaching over to Jan’s bra straps, Rick was now sporting a raging hardon.  He could only stand there and watch as Derek bent down further to lick at his wife’s pink nipples till each was glistening with his saliva.  He watched as his co-worker kicked off his shoes, pulling off his shirt, then unbuckle his pair of jeans.  Rick’s eyes widened upon seeing Derek’s proud manhood rigid as a bone, far longer and thicker than what he possessed.  He watched it grow even larger as Derek began fisting it.  As Derek knelt down upon the bed between Jan’s widespread legs, Rick then found his voice “The condom ……………………….don’t forget the condom ………………….the condom you brought!”

“Shit!” Derek cussed as he backed off the bed and reached down into his jeans lying on the floor.  Tearing open the foil packet while standing a bit off to the side, the then began to roll on the hole punctured protective condom.  As the rubber tip was given some slack, supposedly to catch all his cum, it also served to hide the tears put in earlier with a hole punch.  At first Derek had used a pin to puncture the packet but then decided the hell with it and got out a hole punch.  With a hole that size, there was no doubt his potent jizz would seep out of the condom and into the wife’s fertile snatch.  Cock covered with the faulty condom, Derek shuffled back onto the bed and pushed the beautiful wife’s trim legs up into the air.  “Here, Rick, grab her ankles and spread her wide for me!” he ordered.  Beauty widespread, Derek couldn’t resist the temptation to get a taste of her sweet honeypot, delving down to mouth and tongue it.  Coming up smiling, he advised “Damn, Rick …………………she’s sure as hell is sweet!”  Derek just loved it when the fuck’n wimp stammered out “Please …………………take it easy on her, Derek …………..………….I’m the only one she’s been with …………………….and you’re way ………………………way bigger than me!”

Rubbing his rubber sheathed cockhead up into the slick groove, Derek looked up into the face of his mortified co-worker.  Pushing down a bit and feeling the tight resistance, Derek gloated “Damn, Rick ………………….ya ain’t even got her stretched out any!  God ……………………..she’s so fuck’n tight!”  “Holy shit …………………..pull her legs back a bit more ……………………………..spread her legs wider!” he yelled out.  Though Derek knew that he could rape the beautiful little bitch right then, he wanted to extract even more humiliation upon her prick of a husband as he panted out “Some more …………….spread her more!”  Grabbing the soft but firm asscheeks of the young wife, Derek then lunged forward with all of his might and groaned “Oh, Goddddddddddddd ……………… fuck’n tight ………………………… fuck’n tighttttttttttttttttttt!”  Cock buried half way, he then lunged again, burying the remaining six inches into the drugged beauty.

Mouth wide open, unable to breathe, Rick could only stare at the short kinky hair commingled in his wife’s soft brown curls.  ‘My God …………………where’d it all go ……………………………he got it all in ……………………….I don’t believe it ………………………I don’t believe it!’ Rick told himself as he continued holding his wife’s legs wide apart for her rapist.  Then the black rubber-coated shaft slowly began to reappear inch by inch till just the bloated cockhead remained enveloped.  “Pull her legs back a bit!” Rick was advised by his co-worker and now immediate supervisor.  With the hold Derek had over him, those incriminating photos, Rick felt that he had no alternative and thus complied by pulling Jan’s legs further back.  Ten to eleven inches of solid black cock immediately began to slice in and out of his beautiful wife’s ravaged slit.  ‘God …………………….thank goodness I made him agree to using a condom!  Jezz, his balls are the size of walnuts …………………….he’s gotta have a pint of cum stored up in there!’ he told himself.

His beautiful wife …………………….being raped by his black co-worker who possessed quite a specimen of manhood …………………..while he not only watched but was assisting in holding Jan’s sexy legs wide apart for the rape.  Though forced in setting up his beautiful wife and even participating in her violation, Rick was now sporting a boner like never before, with his cockhead pressing up against the crotch of his pants and nudged at the top of Jan’s head.  With Derek’s large ebony hands gripping Jan’s trim white hips, Rick could not help but think that it made quite an awesome contrast of black and white, especially highlighted with the thick black cock slicing in and out of his wife’s innocent body.  As the rape continued and now picking up speed, Rick unconsciously was moving his hips back and forth in perfect timing with his wife’s rapist, as his clothed cock was being stimulated by the sight before him and the rubbing of his boner up against the side of his wife’s head.  ‘God …………..his cock is so damned biggggggg!  Surely Jan will notice the difference in her body tomorrow!’ he shuddered, watching as the cock pistoned faster and faster.

At jackhammer speed, with the rapist's crotch was now slapping up against his wife’s on each hard and deep thrust, Rick was totally amazed and impressed with his co-worker’s stamina.  Rick would surely have popped his nuts a long time ago for the best he’d ever done was a couple dozen strokes before losing it.  “Ugh ……………ugh ……………..ugh …………..ugh ……………ugh ……………..ugh …………..ugh!” came the grunts as it became apparent that the rape of his wife would soon come to an end.  “Oh, damn …………………ooooo, yeah …………………..ahhh, yer fuck’n wife is so damned beautiful ………………….so sweet and fuck’n tighttttttttttttttt!” Derek taunted through gritted teeth as her hammered away into the raped beauty.  Then, slamming forward and keeping his cock buried to the hilt, he popped his load and groaned loudly “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh …..............……….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………argggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Damn ………………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ........................................shittttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!” 

Never had he cum so much in a fuck session as the teat of the condom was now bloated and oozing out all its goodies, right into the innocent wife’s fertile womb.  Minutes later, Derek grasped below the rib of the condom as he slowly began to pull himself out of the raped beauty.  Derek made it appear to the fool, who helped hold his wife during the rape, that he was making sure the rubber stayed on.  But Derek was actually pulling the condom up so his cockhead would help push his thick seed out through the hole punctured tip.  Looking up at the stunned husband who was still holding his raped wife by the ankles for him, Derek chuckled to himself ‘Yeah, shithead …………….keep yer purty wife’s legs widespread till I’s git all my cum outta this fuck’n rubber and up into her snatch!'

With his wife’s rapist now having pulled out of her, Rick held the underside of his wife’s ankles and moved them down to under her knees so he could ease her legs down onto the bed.  Then Rick lowered her legs till her spiked heels dug into the bed to support her legs with knees bent upward, watched as Derek rolled the protective covering off the still rather lengthy and thick cock, then saw it being tossed into the nearby trashcan.  Rick then made a mental note to empty that trashcan to get rid of the evidence, meanwhile he had to go to the bathroom in order to clean out his cum filled jockeys.  Upon cleaning himself up in the bathroom and returning to the master bedroom, Rick had expected to see his vile co-worker about dressed and ready to leave.  Instead, Derek’s left hand was cupping Jan’s right breast while he sucked upon her left nipple, then Rick noticed the movement indicating that Derek was using his right hand to shuck his cock and get it primed for action once again.  A moment later, Rick was watching Derek putting on a new condom over his lengthy manhood.

As he stepped toward the bed where he had been the first time, Rick did not know whether he should be relieved or disappointed when told “Have a seat, Rick, I’s can handle yer purty wife on my own this time!”  He watched as Derek lifted one of Jan’s legs up by the ankle, up till her leg was straight up in the air, then the back of her calf was upon the front of Derek’s shoulder.  Then the same was done to her other leg as Derek shuffled forward to take aim at Jan’s ravished slit.  His cock throbbing in his pants once again, Rick was embarrassed when told “Go on, Rick!  Pull yer cock outta yer pants so ya can wank off this time!  Ain’t no fun creaming in yer pants again!”  What he thought had been a secret ejaculation obviously had not escaped the observant man who had been raping his beautiful wife.  Cock out of his pants, Rick could not resist wrapping his hand around it as Jan was once again being screwed by the thick black cock, especially upon seeing his drugged wife instinctively responding as her arms raised up as her hands clasped her lover's ebony body to hers, then he shuddered upon hearing Derek comment "Damn ...................yer wife's hot little cunt is still so fuck'n tight!"  

Knowing Derek’s male stamina, Rick had to go easy or he’d surely be spurting before the halfway mark, as it would certainly be devastating to spew his load and then have to just sit there doing nothing while all the action continued on his marital bed.  This time he was quite proud of himself, able to enjoy the erotic rape of his beautiful wife and not spurting his cum high into the air until his wife’s black rapist was filling the rubber with his own seed.  He watched as Derek held his thumb and forefinger beneath the rib of the condom as the length cock was slowly withdrawn.  As he stood up to get a washcloth to clean up the mess he’d made on the floor, Rick observed the second condom joining the first into the trashcan.  ‘Surely he’s done with Jan this time!’ Rick thought.  Going to the bathroom and returning with a washcloth, he began cleaning cum off the floor while Derek sat on the edge of the bed caressing Jan’s leg from inner thigh to her ankle.

Rinsing out the wash cloth, Rick stepped into the master bedroom to find that Derek had removed Jan’s left heel and was holding her ankle as he tongued her tiny toes before sucking on all of them.  Grabbing his seat once again, cock throbbing in his pants, Rick watched as Jan’s right heel was removed next and Derek paid homage to her soft sole and tiny pedicured toes in the same manner, making it quite obvious that the black bastard had a foot fetish.  Whipping out his throbbing cock once again, Rick handled and fisted it but could not get it to rise once again.  A half-hour later, Derek had finally dressed and departed.  Armed with several wet washcloths, Rick sat on the foot of the bed as he proceeded to wipe the cum off his wife’s sexy feet.  ‘Yes, Jan sure has cute sexy feet …………………….why else would Derek would have used them to get off the way he did!  God ……………….both her feet are covered with his cum!  And so much between her toes ………………….gotta make sure I clean it all off!’ he told himself.

With cum cleaned off his lovely wife, Rick went to obtain her nightgown from the closet as well as a new pair of panties from the dresser drawer.  Nightgown laid on the side of the bed, Rick then proceeded to get the panties over her feet, up to her knees and then the work it up over her trim waist.  But then he stopped and looked at the bed sheet just beneath her as it was a darker shade, as if it was wet.  ‘Why’s it so wet?’ he wondered as he ran a hand up to the wet spot.  It was more than just damp but very wet and slick.  Pushing his wife up the bed a few inches by pushing the back of her thighs with his hands, Rick sucked in his breath as he discovered just what had saturated the bed.  With the movement of his pushing at the back of his wife’s thighs while legs spread, the movement caused a dollop of thick white spunk to cum drooling down her ravaged pink slit.  ‘How can that be?  He had a condom on each time he fucked her ...................................not using one when he spurted all over her feet!’ Rick panicked.  

Scrambling for the trashcan, he obtained the disposed condoms.  With very little sperm in the teat of each rubber, Rick moved the trash about look for globs of the thick jizz.  Then a drip of liquid splattered onto some crumpled paper in the trashcan, which was soon followed by another splatter of wet semen hitting the balled up paper.  Then another wet drip was heard as Rick observed a pearl of cum form at the bottom tip of each condom.  Stretching them, he then discovered that each had been punctured by a sharp round object, deliberately and not torn by accident.  Rick knew that Jan badly needed a potent douche, but how was he going to do that?  Carry her to the bathroom and then what?  Never having watched his wife cleanse herself with a douche, Rick was a bit clueless as to what to do, then he observed another dollop of jizz ooze out of her raped slit.  Swallowing deeply, knowing that he had to get all the cum out of her, Rick pushed his wife’s inner thighs apart and used his thumbs to spread open the entrance of her cunny.  In seeing the appearance of the gooey white substance come bubbling out of her slit, Rick cringed with disgust, thinking 'God, I had to wipe up so much cum off Jan's feet ....................and that was after he raped her twice using defective condoms how much did he shoot up in her?'   Bending forward, opening his mouth wide, Rick then clamped it over her oozing slit and began sucking in earnest to get the potent fluid out before it could do its damage, swallowing three mouthfuls of semen and still it continued to ooze on out of his wife's raped slit.  

Licking his lips after getting his first cream pie, Rick looked at his lovely wife and wondered about the consequences from his allowing his black co-worker to rape her.  ‘What if she gets pregnant from tonight?’ he wondered.  Images of the black cock raping her had him in a rigid state once again.  ‘Why not?  It’ll be better if I do!  Yes ……………..yes ……………..much better ………………’ll give Jan a 50-50 chance that way!’ he told himself as he fitted his cock at her ravaged slit.  Never had Jan taken his cock so easily as he slid into her now.  ‘Damn ………………..I could put my whole fist in her!  God, he really stretched her wide open!’ Rick realized as he pumped in and out, feeling only friction on the underside of his cock as it rubbed against the bottom of his wife’s once tight sheath.  ‘Tight as a glove’ was what he always thought of his wife's cunny before but now it was wide-open like a pit.  Still, the feel of another man's cum had Rick quickly seeding his beautiful wife, thereby hopefully giving her a 50-50 chance of having a baby fathered by him.  Wanting to get his sperm down deep as Derek had done, Rick then grabbed a nearby pillow, folded it in two, he then placed it under his wife’s butt.  Having cum twice before, Rick knew that this time his sperm had merely oozed out of the tip of his cock and into his wife.  With Derek possessing a cock twice the length of his, Rick had to get his jizz much deeper to give her that 50-50 chance, thus he would have to hope that the angle would have his liquid seed flowing down into her fertile womb.
Six-weeks later, following Jan’s excited announcement the home test had just been confirmed by the doctor office, as she was indeed pregnant.  Now that the question of his wife getting knocked up from that Friday night was resolved, the only question in Rick’s mind was ‘Who’s baby……………….Derek’s or mine?’  With a 50-50 chance of the baby being black, Rick’s mind was churning out the possibilities and options.  No problem, of course, if the baby is his.  ‘Got to think of what people will say!  What they’ll think!  Our parents!  My parents!  Got to think of how it’ll affect me!  There’s nothing Jan can do if the baby is black!’ Rick rationalized.  ‘I’ll claim that she obviously had been having an affair behind my back ………………………….with no doubt a fuck'n black bastard as the proof had come right out of belly!  File for divorce ………………she’ll get nothing once the judge sees she got knocked up by a black bastard!  Then I’ll get away from paying alimony and save my reputation in town with her looking like the cheap slut who slept around!  Yeah ……………….yeah, that's the answer ..................................... that’s what I’ll do!’ he concluded.

End of Story.