Scamming Sailors' Pretty Wives
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Happy as a lark, Calvin Brown had the world by the tail as living in San Diego fitted him to a "T".  The weather, lifestyle, and most of all there were plenty and plenty of pussy to shag.  Lots and lots of young white pussy, in particular that of young white MARRIED pussy.  Forbidden fruit just ripe for the plucking!  And thanks to the nearby Naval base, with husbands off at sea for months at a time, there were literally scores and scores of
horny young wives available to be had by a cunning opportunistic young stud.

Calvin loved the thrill of the hunt and the thrill of the conquest and turning them into cock-hungry sluts -- hungry for a big black cock.  But, even more thrilling was that the dumb little bitches tended to not be on birth control with their husbands away at sea for an extended period of time.  Though not the brightest of minds, even Calvin realized that the bimbos he got into the sack married right out of high school just to get away from the depressed communities in which they were born and raised.

In essence, the bitches he was scoring with were just pure white trash, but Calvin didn't give a shit so long as he got his rocks off.  For Calvin, by hook or by crook, the biggest thrill of all was getting a cheating little bitch knocked up.  Then, once he had succeeded in achieving his devious task, Calvin would persuade the foolish bimbo not to abort the fetus.  He'd promise to stick by her, marry her and they'd raise their 'love child' together.  Of course, it was all just part of Calvin's plan, adding to the thrill of the conquest.

Once Calvin was assured that it was too late for the unwitting young wife to abort the baby, he'd dump her and move on to his next conquest.  As San Diego was a big city, Calvin always made sure to use an alias with his unwitting victims, making sure to carry on his affair at his victim's home or apartment.  This, Calvin did for 2 reasons: not wanting his victims to know where he lived for obvious reasons; and it added immeasurably to the thrill of the conquest in nailing and impregnating the dumb little bitch right on her marital bed.

Arriving at the Royal Palms Apartments for a little 'afternoon delight', Calvin was about to pay another visit to his latest conquest.  The young bimbo that had fallen for his charms, more like his big black dick to be exact, was young Mrs. Peggy Conlin.  A typical 19 year old who married to get away from home, she was the wife of Tom Conlin, a young sailor who had been deployed out to sea for almost six months.  The Royal Palms Apartments was a rather high-class sounding name for a rather low-class, rundown apartment complex.  Many of the tenants were Navy enlisted personnel and their families, as was the case with Tom and Peggy Conlin.

Calvin had seduced Peggy Conlin several months earlier, meeting her at a tavern and the two had been having an affair since then.  The young Navy wife had discovered a few weeks earlier that she was pregnant with Calvin's baby and following his M.O., he persuaded her not to abort his baby.  But Calvin was just biding his time, waiting to ensure that Peggy was too far along to abort the baby before pulling his patented disappearing act once again.

Ms. Peggy Conlin

Peggy was not yet 'showing' and still quite serviceable but Calvin was already looking ahead to moving on in search of his next conquest as he sauntered up to her apartment for a nooner.   However, his thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the sound of an apartment door closing, followed then by the clickety-click of a pair of high heels approaching.  Timing it perfectly, Calvin rounded the corner and came face to face with one of the prettiest women he'd ever seen, stylishly dressed in a matching skirt, blazer and heels.

Instinctively reaching out to catch the pretty petite beauty, having almost run her over, the lovely young blonde stumbled helplessly into his arms.  Immediately feeling his hardon rising in his pants as he grasped the soft trim waist of the succulent beauty, Calvin was tempted to risk it all at that moment.  The thought of clamping his free hand over her mouth dragging her back up the stairs and into the apartment unit crossed his mind.

'Damn, it'd sure as hell would feel fuck'n great having his innocent little bitch fight me all the way ………………….hear her scream when I force my fuck'n boner up her tight little twat!' he thought.  For Paula Henry, it had been a frightening experience as she was in the arms of a big muscular black man who towered over her fallen body.  His hands seemed so large, the one on her waist seemed to encompass half of her trim 23" figure.  Grasping the railing for support, Paula stepped back and nervously smoothing down her skirt as she apologized for her inattention, unaware that the black stud had cunningly set the whole thing up.

Calvin deduced immediately that this young blonde was clearly a cut above the likes of Peggy Conlin and most of the other naïve young wives he'd nailed over the years.  This young beauty reflected class and style, characteristics that he never found in the bimbos willing to hop in the sack with him.  Ever the cunning opportunist, Calvin's mind was already racing to formulate a plan to parlay this chance meeting into pure gold.  Although the young blonde was polite, her nervous smile radiating warmth and sincerity, it was immediately apparent to Calvin that she was unaccustomed to associating with blacks.

Hands steadying the lovely beauty, Calvin detected a twinge of fear and even revulsion in her eyes, then noticed the glint of her wedding ring, causing a wicked thrill to course throughout his body.  Keeping his calm cool composure, he politely assured the young wife that it had been entirely his fault and that he shouldn't have rounded the corner quite so quickly.  Introducing himself in the process, using the same alias he'd used with Peggy Conlin, his cock twitched at the prospect that just perhaps he could kill two birds with one stone before moving on to greener pastures.

Ms. Paula Henry

Paula Henry was no bimbo and did not divulge her name to this stranger who sent frightening chills throughout her petite body.  Instead, she politely excused herself by thanking him again for his kindness and assistance in catching her as she stumbled, then unwittingly tucked her apartment key into her purse and continued on.  As she proceeded down the stairway, Paula was unaware of the wide grin on the face behind her, for she had just assured him of the fact that she lived at the Royal Palms Apartments.

Mind already at work, formulating a devious plan to get into the pretty blonde's tight little panties, Calvin continued on to Peggy Conlin's apartment.  Mind preoccupied to thoughts of the young lovely blonde beauty, he decided to initiate his devious plan by casually inquiring about her with Peggy, hoping that she might know her.  After giving Peggy a passionate kiss and feeling up her tight little ass, he casually mentioned the incident and was delighted with the news that Peggy was at least aquatinted with her.

"Oh, her! Yeah, I know her!  Little Miss Prim and Proper!  Doesn't really hang around with us girls here in the apartment complex!" Peggy replied.  Upon further prodding, she added "Well, I mean, we've exchanged 'hellos' but that's about it!   She and her husband moved in to apartment #204about a month ago, just before he shipped out to the war zone!  Apparently a smart little gal, goes to college and works part-time at a high class designer shop to make ends meet!  Why do you ask?"

Calvin quickly reassured her by saying he couldn't be sure, but he thought he might have heard her mumble a racial slur after they'd bumped into each other and that it just piqued his curiosity.  Though Paula was surprised to hear it, Calvin had her fooled into believing his claim, thus getting her to lower her guard and voluntarily offer a bit more information about the lovely blonde.

Peggy told Calvin that she thought the woman's name was either Patty or Paula, that she seemed nice enough though, a newlywed who's naval reserve unit got called up just as they were both planning to enter some ivy league college together.  Apparently they were so much in love that they got married and headed off to San Diego where the husband was to be stationed.  With the I.Q. of the blonde beauty, apparently she managed to get a quick acceptance at the nearby college so she could be with her husband whenever he was in port.

Per Peggy, the woman's husband shipped out a couple of weeks ago, shortly after they'd moved into their apartment.  The pieces to his plan were now starting to fall into place.  That afternoon, while Calvin was shagging the young pregnant Peggy, he was actually fantasizing that it was the succulent young blonde he was nailing.  Eyes closed, Calvin gave Peggy the best fuck session ever.  If only she knew that he had the image of her blonde neighbor all the while he screwed her.

A few days later, Calvin proposed a plan to Peggy, telling her it was still eating at him  that the young blonde might've mumbled a racial slur directed toward him and he needed to satisfy his curiosity.  Though Peggy was a bit reluctant, Calvin just advised her to befriend the young blonde wife, feel her out and report back to him.

Peggy reluctantly complied, spotting Paula down by the swimming pool a few days later, donning a bikini and joining her there.  Striking up a conversation, telling Paula how she too felt so lonely without her loving husband, Peggy invited her back to her apartment for drinks.  There, Peggy confirmed that Paula was in fact a newlywed and this was her first time away from home, a small town in the Midwest.  Also, the newlywed had no family or friends in San Diego and was keeping busy working part-time while going to college to earn some extra money.  The blonde beauty was trying to help out until her husband returned from his deployment, then they planned on starting a family...

Upon hearing Peggy relay what she had uncovered on the innocent blonde beauty, Calvin choked back a smile.  Thinking that if he could pull it off, Mrs. Paula Henry would be starting her family a few months earlier than planned.  As he well suspected, Peggy advised that she didn't detect any racial animosity in anything Paula said to her but added that Paula was from a small town in the Midwest and obviously had very little exposure to blacks.

Calvin choked back a smile, thinking that he was just the one to give the blonde bitch a crash course in rapidly giving the naive young wife full 'exposure' to blacks in a way she probably never imagined could or would ever happen to her.  With that, Calvin easily swayed Peggy to expose the innocent little beauty to blacks.  He then got the bimbo helping him implement the next phase of his plan.

Telling Peggy to invite Paula out with her, 'girls night out' soiree, drinks and dancing at the tavern they had met.  Calvin spelled out exactly what he wanted Peggy to do, and as always, Peggy reluctantly acquiesced to his desires.  With her hopelessly in love with Calvin, pregnant with his baby, Peggy was in no position to rock the boat.

At first, Paula politely declined Peggy's offer, confessing that she wouldn't feel comfortable going out while her husband was away at sea.  Peggy reminded Paula that she too was married, that it was just to get in some good fun, with absolutely no hanky-panky taking place.  After much discussion, along with two glasses of wine, Paula agreed to accompany her to the tavern on Friday night as she wouldn't be working.

On Friday night, Paula showed up at Peggy's apartment, dressed stylishly but a bit conservatively in a dress and heels.  Peggy poured them each a drink, then took Paula by the hand and led her into the bedroom, teasing that they were going out for drinks and dancing.  "You're not going for a job interview, honey!" Peggy advised the sheepish young wife.
Peggy spent the next half-hour redoing Paula's hair and make-up, then selected a miniskirt, top and heels from her closet.  Although Paula shyly protested time and time again during the makeover, Peggy wore Paula down, handing her a glass of wine to sip on in as Peggy primped at her hair.  Finally the transformation was completed and they were off in Peggy's car.

As Peggy drove them across town to the club, she reassured Paula that tonight was all just in good fun and all she needed to do was kick back some.  "Just follow my lead and have fun, girl!" she advised the innocent young wife.  Upon parking in the lot, Peggy practically had to drag Paula out of the car and into the club as Paula kept insisting that she couldn't let anyone see her made up like the way she was.  "Besides, Peggy, this is really not my kind of club or my kind of music!  Where I come from, women don't go into a place like this!" Paula advised her.

At that point, Peggy wondered to herself if Calvin might've been right in his suspicions that Paula had slipped and muttered out a racial slur in her sudden shock of bumping into him.  Peggy persisted and finally had Paula in tow and into the entrance of club.  Peggy chuckled softly upon hearing Paula's loud gasp as the entered.  She knew the reason for Paula's gasp was the clientele, except for a sprinkling of white women, it was entirely black.

Peggy knew that guys would be buying them drinks left and right for them, as they would all be hoping to score that night.  Sure enough, the drinks started arriving at the table almost immediately.  A short time later, black men began approaching them and asking them to dance.  Peggy reminded Paula to follow her lead and then Peggy made it a point to disappear on the crowded dance floor.

Sitting all alone, Paula was scared that a bold black man would invite himself to sit at their table.  Shuddering in nervousness, she had little choice but to follow Peggy's suit, regretting that she had agreed to the invitation.  Everything about the night so far had her totally unnerved as Paula tried to make the best of a bad situation.  But between the alcohol she consumed to calm her nerves and the loud music, her head was beginning to spin.

On cue, when Peggy and Paula were seated at the table once again, Calvin made his approach.  He acted surprised to see Peggy, pretending the meeting was pure coincidence.  Upon Peggy making the introductions, Calvin held his hand out to greet the lovely blonde.  He could see her reluctance as she hesitantly extended her hand towards his.  Taking her soft petite hand in his, Calvin's cock twitched madly at the thought of her manicured fingers wrapping around his hard boner.  Then he made his way to get a seat at the bar.

Between dances, Paula confided in Peggy, telling her how uncomfortable she felt and asked why in the world she had taken them to this particular place.  Paula was shocked when a smiling Peggy advised her that 'white men can't dance' and so 'if we want to dance, it's a no-brainer that a black club was the only choice'.  Then Peggy leaned over to her and whispered "And I'm sure you've heard the stories about black men!  You know what I'm talking about, don't you, honey?"

Shocked and surprised, Paula reminded Peggy that she's a married woman, and that she shouldn't be talking like that since she also had a husband out to sea.  But, with her first slow dance, Paula got her insight and initiation into the 'black mystique'.  Her dance partner was tall and trim, his wandering hands were soon fondling her ass through her too-short mini.  She went all flush with embarrassment as the black began grinding his cock against her crotch , a cock so thick and long that Paula told herself the guy must have stuffed a rubber hose in his pants as some sort of sick joke to taunt and humiliate her.

Enough was enough, and the night couldn't end soon enough for the disgusted young wife.  Peggy choked back a laugh at the naive blonde wife's obvious discomfort, but as per Calvin's instructions, she agreed with Paula's request to leave.  However, during the drive back, again per Calvin's instructions, Peggy kept talking about blacks, the legendary size of their cocks and what wonderful lovers they make.  With her neighbor absolutely quiet in the car, Peggy suspected that Paula was fuming mad at her for taking her to such a raunchy dive.

Reaching their apartment complex, Peggy invited Paula in for a nightcap and an opportunity for her to change back into her own clothes before calling it a night.  As Paula obviously wanted to change back into her rather conservative clothing, the unsuspecting young blonde accompanied her into the apartment.  As she began changing in the bedroom, Peggy popped a porno video into the VCR.  When the innocent blonde came back out, Peggy would prove her point about black cocks and black lovers.

Peggy wanted to bust out in laughter in seeing Paula's eyes nearly bulge out of their sockets when she saw what was playing.  Eyes bulging and mouth dropping wide open, Peggy kept herself in check, then commented that the young blonde actress even looked a bit like Paula.  Peggy choked back a laugh as Paula blushed a beet red for the actress indeed resembled her

Gulping her drink to calm her nerves, Paula suggested several times that she'd seen enough and that it was getting late.  But Peggy insisted that the video gets better and there was a surprise ending.  Heart thumping madly in her chest, Paula told herself to take her eyes off such a filthy video and leave Peggy's apartment immediately.

In the corner of her eye, Peggy began to notice that Paula was really starting to pay attention to the action on the TV screen, even shifting a bit rubbing her knees slowly together, obviously getting sexually aroused from the stimulating scenes taking place.  Peggy wondered how long it had been since the last time Paula had had sex, remembering just how horny she had gotten by the time she'd met Calvin.

After the video ended, Paula left and Peggy immediately phoned Calvin to relay the details of the evening to him.  Peggy merely thought everything had been put to rest, that the evening had given her new friend a new respect for black men.  Paula never imagined that she had unwittingly set up her boyfriend to move in and claim her naive young neighbor.

Upon getting Peggy's phone call, Calvin knew the pieces were now in place.  With Paula now horny and curious about black cocks and black lovers, Calvin was about to stage a second meeting between them.  On this next occasion, he would come across as being quite charming and self-assured, a difference the young wife would surely notice that he was a cut above the unimaginative black jerks who had mauled her at the club.

Calvin chuckled, thinking that by the time Peggy figured out she'd been conned, she'd be yesterday's news and Paula Henry would have already displaced her.  And by the time Paula figured out she'd been scammed, she'd be packing a womb expanding with his little black bastard.  But Calvin had to be realistic as the innocent blonde beauty would never willing drop her panties and spread her sexy white legs for the likes of him.  He knew that he'd either have to drug her or just out and out hold her down and rape her.

Going through scenario after scenario, Calvin tried to figure out a way that would have the luscious little beauty inviting him into her apartment.  Oh, he knew with certainty that any invitation into the privacy of her apartment would not be because he had charmed his way into her panties.  Calvin knew that the only way an invite into her apartment would be for an emergency type of situation, where she felt compelled to ask him in.

Making a point of paying more attention to Peggy, taking her out to the club more often for cheap dinners and drinks, they'd then return to Peggy's apartment for some fucking.  But Calvin's mind was conjecturing up images of the blonde beauty living a floor beneath them and just a unit off to the right.  Eyes closed as he sliced into the knocked up bimbo beneath him, Calvin pretended that it was the innocent young wife he was fucking.

With Peggy dead to the world each morning and sleeping the day away, Calvin took advantage of the opportunity.  Getting up early, he listened intently and found that the blonde beauty left for her classes at 7:30 a.m. each morning.  He didn't hear any clickety-clack of high heels on the cement stairway.  Peering out of the window, Calvin observed the young wife wearing a pullover and jeans, wearing tennis shoes and carrying some books in her arm.  As she passed her car, he was surprised as she then crossed the street and walked to the nearby bus stop.

Recalling the day she had literally fallen into his arms, Calvin recalled that it was about 4 p.m. that day when she was all spruced up and dressed so elegantly in a skirt, blazer and heels.  Remembering seeing her walk off to her car and drive away, he surmised that she must have been off to work then.  Looking at her car sitting in the parking lot, Calvin then decided to drive to the mall that night and find where she parked and make note of her activities.

Knowing the make and model of the car he was searching for, aided by the license plate number he had copied down that day, Calvin drove around the mall to find where store employees would be parking.  On the lower level, he observed a lot of cars at the far end and surmised that it was the area assigned for store employees.  Passing the rows of cars, Calvin saw that each vehicle had a similar decal on the bottom left of the car's rear window.  Then he spotted the vehicle that he had been looking for.

As it was nearing 9 p.m. when the mall would be closing, Calvin parked off in a distance, waiting and watching.  With many of the customers' cars vacating the mall, Calvin then observed many pedestrians headed off toward cars parked in the employee section.  His cock twitched as he spotted the unmistakable blonde beauty, walking with her co-employees to their cars.  A passing security guard's cart had him looking about and Calvin knew that accosting the young wife in the parking lot was out of the question.  He'd have to devise a way to get invited into her apartment.

Following at a safe distance, Calvin watched as the unsuspecting beauty headed off to her apartment complex.  Then, several blocks away from her home, Calvin watched as the young wife pulled into a late night deli and coffee shop.  Moments later, he observed her carrying a takeout, then get back in the car and head to the apartment complex.  Closing the gap between them, Calvin timed it to where he'd pull up into a visitor's stall as the innocent beauty got out of her car.

Thinking quickly and dialing Peggy's number, when the phone answered and Peggy came on, Calvin advised "Hey, baby!  I got done with the guys early!  How about some beer at the club and then some serious fuck'n?  I'll pick ya in a few minutes!"  With Peggy always in need of a good fucking from him, Calvin knew that she jump at the chance to drop her panties once again and get the fucking of a lifetime.

Pulling up into an empty visitor's stall, just a couple of stalls over from Paula's, Calvin got out and greeted her "Hi, Paula!  How are you tonight?"  Hear her nervous "Hi!" in response, Calvin played the gentleman and advised "Say, Peggy's going to join me for some beer at the club?  Would you like to join us?"  Hearing her polite "No thanks!  I just got off work and I'm really beat!  Besides, that's not my kind of thing!"

Calvin played the part to the hilt, advising her "Yeah, I could see you weren't very comfortable there the other week!  I'm not much into dancing either but Peggy likes it there and the beer is cheap!"  As the walked up the stairs with the blonde beauty in front of him, Calvin licked his lips upon eyeing the back of her sexy white legs, hoping he'd soon be feeling them wrapped around his waist.

Bidding her a polite goodbye, Calvin proceeded up the stairs to the next level, peering off the side to watch the beautiful blonde enter her apartment.  'Damn, I's jist gotta get me some off that tender white meat!  God, it'd sure be fun having her squirm under me, fighting me all the way to say her honor and reputation!' he muttered to himself.   'Soon, baby …………….real soon!' he promised himself.

The next night, Calvin followed his prey and watched as she once again pulled over into the deli, returning with a takeout several minutes later.  Again from there she headed to her apartment complex.  This time, Calvin proceeded on home, planning on getting himself some beer and then formulating a plan that would get himself into the bitch's tight little panties.  Of course, he knew that the only way he get to bed that night was to ease the tension in his balls …………………..and he planned on doing just that as he wanked off with the image of the blonde beauty in his mind.

Having frequented the apartment complex regularly, Calvin had seen some black teens hanging around the public courts nearby.  For a few bucks, those hoodlums would do anything and now Calvin figured that he had his plan fully concocted.  'Yeah, I'll go and work a deal out with a couple of those guys, maybe have one them slash her tires or even attempt to snatch her purse.  'And good 'ol Calvin will jist happen to be sitting in the deli when all the shit goes down!  And here I's is to save the dayyyyyyyy!' he chuckled.  Calvin laughed out loud, commenting "Yeah, jist like Mighty Mouse!  Oh, sweetie, ya's gonna git yerself something way bigger than a mouse running up that tight little twat of yers!  That's fer sure!'

The next day, giving ten bucks apiece to two rough looking teens, Calvin told them there'd be more to come if he helped him pull off the caper.  Driving to the mall late that afternoon, spinning around the employees' parking lot, Calvin smiled widely upon seeing the beauty's car parked in the area as the night before.  Going back to the park and meeting up with the two teens, he went over the plan again.

With his back to the front door, munching on a bite to eat as he looked down at the newspaper, Calvin smiled as the blonde little beauty entered the deli right on time to order herself a take out.  Then as she was about to leave, needing to walk directly past him, Calvin looked up and smiled "Paula!  Hi, how are you?  Nice seeing you again!"  Seeing the surprise look on her face upon seeing him, he could see the nervousness in her eyes as she gave a trembling response "H …..hi!  Nice to see you again, too!  Ex …..excuse me but if got to run!"

Giving out a scream as her purse was snatched from her, Paula was trembling with fear as she watched Calvin rush past her in pursuit of the purse snatcher and his accomplice across the street.  Then she watched a standoff between Calvin and the teen with her purse but he was keeping Calvin at bay with a knife in his hands.  Due to the darkness and distance, along with the shrubbery, she breathed a sigh of relief as her assailant was finally running off in the darkness.

Then she observed Calvin walking towards her with her purse in hand but he seemed injured.  As he got closer and handed her back the purse, Paula gasped "You're bleeding!  Let me help you!"  Little did Paula realize that the wound was self-inflicted by a razor that Calvin had brought with him and tossed into the bushes after he cut his palm.  Her fear of him was totally gone and instead now looked upon the muscular man as a savior.

Though it was just a nick, causing a bit of blood to flow down his index finger, Calvin winced a bit to make it seem more serious that it really was.  "Oh, I'll be okay!  I'll get a rag from my car to put on it!" he advised the concerned beauty.  Then he asked, feigning concern "Are you okay?  Did they hurt you?  Thank goodness I happened to look out the window when they grabbed your purse!"

Just as he had hoped, the concerned young wife wanted to help her savior, telling him "Come, get in my car!  I've got a first aid kit in my apartment and we're just blocks from there!  I'll bring you back to your car once we get that cut taken care of!"  Looking down at this bleeding hand, Calvin replied "Well …………..okay, if you insist!"  "I do insist!" came the desired response.

With a small crowd at the front of the deli following the commotion, it was just what Calvin wanted in having the many witnesses seeing him enter the lovely blonde's car.  Now the unsuspecting little beauty would find it quite difficult to go screaming to the police and yelling 'RAPE'!  With people in the crowd hearing her 'insist' that he get into her car so she could take him to her apartment, there would be no way for her to claim he forced his way into her apartment.  All he had to say was that the sex was consensual but that the young wife apparently had misgivings after it was all over.

Wincing as if in severe pain as he covered his bleeding hand, Calvin had to grit down on his teeth to keep a smile from forming on his face.  Getting out of the car and following the gullible little beauty up the familiar concrete stairway, his cock twitched in his pants as he was soon about to enter the privacy of the innocent bitch's apartment.  And most of all, Calvin prided himself in not having to force his way into her apartment, that she had invited him in.  He would only need to force his way between those sexy white legs of hers.

All the apartments were of the same layout in this complex but this beauty had done wonders to the interior of her unit.  So much more different than that of her bimbo neighbor's upstairs!  Calvin looked about in awe and made a silent whistle in amazement, thinking 'Yes, sirree!  Class ………………….pure fuck'n class!  Ohhhh, I'm gonna luv nailing this sweet little bitch!  Ain't ever had me anything this classy before!  Damn, bet she'll fight me all the fuck'n way to save her dignity!  Yeah, baby ……………….I sure as hell hope ya fight me ………………..put up a good fight, baby ………………it'll be that much sweeter!'

Sitting at the dinette table as the blonde beauty suggested, Calvin accepted the offer of a beer that she indicated was in the refrigerator, left over from when her hubby shipped out to sea.  Then, as she went to the bathroom, Calvin craned his neck to see the unsuspecting beauty take off her blazer and then roll up the sleeves of her white blouse before getting the washcloth prepared.  He licked his lips as he gazed at the succulent blonde beauty, thinking 'Tender …………….tender white meat!'  Soon she was making her way towards him with a wet washcloth and the first aid kit in hand.

As she thanked him profusely for coming to her aid while ministering to his wound, Calvin licked his lips as he tried to peer down her blouse since she was bent over towards him.  Cock twitching in his pants as he eyes gazed upon the vee of her breasts, he couldn't wait to nuzzle his face in her soft white mounds.  The thought of flicking his tongue over her sensitive pink nipples had his cock ready to bust out through the seams.  Her soft gentle touch had him wishing that it was his throbbing cock that she was ministering aid to.

Just as the young wife was about to finish bandaging his arm, Calvin gulped down the remaining beer.  As she thanked him for coming to her aid once again, Calvin told her it had been nothing and that he was glad to be of help.  Then as Paula advised "I'll go put my coat back on, then run you back to your car!"  Calvin just smiled and nodded as she rolled her sleeves back down and turned to head back to the bathroom where she had hung up her blazer.


Just as she reached up for her blazer, Paula was startled and turned upon hearing a footstep behind her, then a shudder of terror coursed throughout her body as she was suddenly pushed up against the bathroom wall with a large hand clamped over her mouth.  Frozen with fear, Paula looked up into the leering black face of the evil man she had just bandaged up, trembling as he grasped the front of her blouse with his free hand.  A hard yank on her blouse had the buttons popping off and rolling across the bathroom floor.

Being dragged backwards out of the bathroom, Paula tried to clutch at the corner of the wall as her attacker taunted "Oh, sweetie, I's been waiting to git my hands on yer sexy bod!  Yer must be dying fer some luving, huh?  Hubby out to sea fer months!  Going to bed all alone every night!  Ya needs a man to make ya feel like a woman again!  And I's just to one to make ya feel good, sweetie!  C'mon, let's go to yer bedroom!"

"Mmmmmmppphhhfffffffff …………………….mmmmmmppphhhhhhhhhhh!" were the muffled screams as Paula tried to call out for help.  'Oh, God!  Oh, God …………….help me …………………..he ………………….he plans on raping me!' she trembled, trying to grasp at anything to prevent him from pulling her into the bedroom.  Trying to dig her heels into the carpet, Paula then lost both them.  Trying now to kick back at her assailant, her bare feet did not have the effect that her spiked heels would have.

Both of her trim wrists easily captured in one of his large hands, her mouth covered by his other hand, Calvin licked at her inner earlobe.  "Wanna kiss ya sweetie …………but I's knows ya jist gonna try and bite me ……………..then scream fer help!  So's I brought ya something real special ……………….something I's took off in the deli's bathroom before ya drove up!"  Seeing her blink her eyes as the young beauty began to comprehend everything, Calvin smirked "That's right, sweetie!  I's was wait'n fer ya ……………it was all a setup …………those teens ……………..the purse snatching …………….and I even cut myself with a razor!"

Enjoying the horror in her eyes as she realized it was all a setup, Calvin made the next move of suddenly releasing his hand over her mouth to reach to his back pocket.  It took the terrified beauty by surprise, letting valuable seconds lapse in screaming for help.  Just as she did scream "Hel …………………………mmmmmmmmphffffffffffffffffff!", it was too late as her mouth was being stuffed by a smelly piece of cloth.  Stuffing her mouth full so she could not utter a scream, Calvin took great pleasure in telling her "Suck on it, sweetie!  Got it nice and tangy fer ya …………………wore it fer two fuck'n days jist fer ya!"

Paula felt sick to her stomach, the rank odor emanating from the smelly underwear and the awful taste that began to fill her mouth as her saliva began to dampen the crotch of the jockeys as it was the first part stuffed into her mouth.    Helpless, Paula felt her wrists being secured by a long plastic tie that her assailant retrieved from his pocket.  Then that tie was being secured with another around the bedpost.  Tears in her eyes, Paula watched as her captor leaned up to straddle her waist, then began shredding her blouse and bra.

Taking his time, enjoying her agony, Calvin chuckled as he yanked at her skirt, tearing the button from it.  He then began to slowly peel down her skirt and panties, baring her golden treasure before his eyes.  Lifting up a bit but keeping his hands on her thighs to keep her from kneeing him in the nuts, Calvin then stripped the garments down her legs and feet, tossing them to the floor.  Forcing her knees apart, he then got into position as he shuffled down the bed, then nuzzled his face into her sweet honey pot.

Paula had never experienced such a degrading act in her young life, though she had heard of depraved people engaged in such a vulgar sex act.  But all she could do was shudder in shame for now she lay on her marital bed, arching up into the man's face as his tongue delved into her womanhood and expertly found her sensitive clit.  As the flicking tongue drove her insane, all she could do was arch up into his feasting mouth.  'Oh …………..oh ……………………ohhhhhhhhhh ………………ohhhhh, my Goddddddddddddddd …………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!' she shuddered.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm ……………………..mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" Paula moaned around the gagging pair of jockeys.  'Oh, my God ……………… Godddddddddddddddd ……………………..ohhhhh God …………………….I …………………I ……………..he …………………….he's going to make me ……………………..cum  …………. ………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!' she quivered as the flicking tongue drove her wild.  Juicing as never before, she orgasmed with the hungry man's mouth lapping up her secretions.
Licking his slick lips, though knowing that the cops would not be able trace him once he disappeared from the area and took on a new alias, Calvin wanted to taunt the innocent young wife.  "Ya gonna report me to the cops, sweetie?  Ya gonna give'm all the details …………..all the sweet ……………….juicy details!  They's gonna want to hear every little detail, ya know!  Tell'em how I ate out yer sweet juicy twat …………… I's had ya cumming right in my mouth!"

Tears flowing down her cheeks, Paula shuddered upon realizing that she indeed would have to disclose all the details.  'Oh, God ……………….oh, God ……………they'll want to know if he forced his way into my apartment!  I ……………….I can't tell them that I invited him into my apartment ……………………then he forced himself upon me!  God ……………..they'll look a me like a slut ………………inviting a black man into my apartment late at night, no matter what the reason …………………especially with my husband out to sea for months!' she realized.    'God, I can't tell them that he put his face between my legs …………..stuck his tongue in …………in my sex!  That I actually  climaxed in his mouth!' she shuddered.

Then sheer terror coursed through her petite body as she felt the blunt fleshy cockhead being rubbed up and down her slick slit.  'Oh, god ……………………..oh, God ………….please …………….please ………………please don't let him rape me!' she prayed.  'Oh, God ………………………..oh, God ……………………….its going to tear me ………………………..its so biggggggggggggggggg!' she quivered.  'Oh, no ………………..oh, no ……………………..he'll get me pregnant!  What if he gets me pregnant?' she panicked.   "Ahhhhhhrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..mmmppfff …………………………..aarhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrfffffffffff!" came her muffled scream as her vile rapist shoved himself into her.

"Ohhhhhh, baby …………………tight ……………… fuck'n tightttttttttttttttttttttt!  Ah, yes, my sweet little Mrs. Henry!  Ya should know better than to invite a man, especially a big black bastard up to yer apartment …………………..even if he's saved yer purse fer ya!  Ya's jist don't know what his intentions are …………….once he gits in yer apartment!" Calvin taunted.  "Ahhhhhhhh, yeah!" he groaned as he pushed forward a couple more inches.  "Ahhhhhh …………..ya jist never know, sweetie!  Ya jist might have invited a fuck'n rapist into yer apartment!  A bastard who wants to knock ya up good ………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he moaned as he thrust forward once again.

'Oh, Godddddddddd …………………..noooooooooooo ………………nooooooooooo!' Paula quivered as she was violated a cock so much longer and thicker that what her husband possessed.  Only being intimate with her husband, having never been with any other man, Paula just could not believe a man's penis could be so big.  Oh, she knew each man differed in size, but this was far beyond her imagination.  Never had she ever dreamt that a man could be endowed with something like this.  Paula had heard the myth about black men, but she could not believe this.  'It belongs more to a horse ………………not a man!' she thought.

'Oh, God …………….oh, God …………………….. it hurtssssssssssssssss so badly!  God ……………'s so big ………………… the fat end of a softball bat!  It must be at least a foot long!' she thought in horror.  Racked with pain and unable to move at all, Paula gritted her teeth as her rapist labored above her, thrusting his thick black cock in and out of her ravaged slit.  'Oh, God …………………..oh, God ………………please …………………please make him pull it out ………………..before ………………before it spurts in me!' she prayed.

Grabbing her trim hips, Calvin speeded up the fuck, humping the weeping beauty at jackhammer speed.  He suddenly felt her body tense, then begin to tremble in uncontrolled spasms, signal her wild orgasm as her body now squirmed about.  Calvin laughed as he gave her a hard trust, telling her "Another thing ya can tell the cops ………………..and yer hubby ……………………how ya's creamed all over yer rapist's big black cock!"

Fucking her faster and faster, now on the verge of losing it, Calvin moaned "Here more ya can tell'em …………………how's I's filled yer tight little twat up with hot jizz ………………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, sweetieeeeeee …………..oh, baby …………………cumming ……………………….cumminggggggggggggggg!  Ohhh …………..ohhhhhhhh ……………………….uggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  Panting for breath as his cock spurted time and time again, Calvin twitched his cock in her tight gripping sleeve, wanting give her every precious drop of his potent seed.

The next morning at 10 a.m., Peggy walked down the flight of stairs to Paula's apartment as they were to go shopping together.  It had been something that Calvin had wanted her to do in order to pry more info from her neighbor.  Getting to the door, Peggy was surprised to see the door slightly ajar and not fully closed.  Wondering if Paula was okay, Peggy slowly pushed the door open and called out "Paula ……….Paula …………are you okay?"  Hearing a muffled moan, Peggy went towards the bedroom from where the moan came from.

"Haaaaa ……………..oh, my God ……………….Paula!" Peggy cried up upon seeing her beautiful neighbor lying on the bed naked with her hands tied above her head and secured to the bedpost.  Frozen to the spot, Peggy shuddered in seeing that the beautiful young blonde wife had obviously been raped and violated.  She felt so sorry for the innocent gal, especially seeing humiliated with her mouth stuff full of a man's underwear.  Worst of all, seeing how Paula face soiled …………..very recently in fact ………….for the streaks of cum on her face were quite wet and fresh.

Pulling the pair of jockeys from Paula's mouth, using it to wipe her cum stained face, Peggy asked "Paula!  Oh, Paula!  What happened?  Who did this awful thing to you?"  Peggy gasped as she heard her weeping neighbor stammer out "Ca …………..Cal ………………..Calvin!  Calvin ………………..raped me!"  Looking at the soiled pair of jockeys, Peggy swallowed as she recognized that it was indeed the brand that Calvin wore as she was quite experienced in having removed them up in her apartment.

As Paula listened to her neighbor's tale of being set up for the purse snatching and Calvin coming to her aid, only to end up with a cut on his palm, Peggy realized that she had been set up also in uncovering information to cause all of this.  With Calvin stepping out on her, raping this innocent blonde wife, Peggy knew that didn't really care anything about her and suspected that she had been led to believing he was in love with her.

Trying to convince her neighbor that she should report the rape to the police and put Calvin away, she heard Paula sob out "Nooooooo …………………no ……………I ………………I can't ………………..I can't!  I'll have to tell them that I invited him up to my apartment …………….even though it was to give him first aid for his cut!  With my husband away at sea ……………….they ………………..they'll think it was my fault ………………….since I invited him up!  Please ………………….please …………….I don't want my husband to learn of this!  Help me up, please!  Help me to the shower!"

Assisted to a standing position, Paula took one step and then the dam broke.  Frozen to the spot, Paula looked down in horror as a blob of thick semen plopped out of her now gaping hole to fall and form a puddle on the carpet.  Then more oozed out of her, then began running down both of her inner thighs.  She was thankful that Peggy rushed out to grab a dish towel and begin wiping up her soiled thighs.  Sobbing in shame, Paula took the towel from neighbor and held it between her legs as she was then assisted the rest of the way to the bathroom.

Opening the bathroom cabinet, Paula moaned in despair, telling Peggy "Oh, no …………I'm all out of douche!  I stopped using it as we were going to start a family!  Oh, Godddddddd!"  She was so relieved when Peggy advised she had a bottle in her apartment and would run up to get it for her.  Going into the shower, turning the water on as hot as she could bear it, Paula sobbed as she felt that she would never be clean again.

Examining herself, more of the thick jizz plopped out of her to fall to the shower floor.  Paula swallowed and watched as the stringy seed floated along the tiles and into the drain.  Putting two fingers up into her ravaged slit, she then scooped more and more of the filth out of her, letting the shower wash the sticky cum from her fingers.  With Calvin taking her time and time again, throughout the night, Paula shuddered as she thought "God, he must have shot quart of his filth in me!"

Having brought the bottle of douche down for her ravished neighbor, Peggy tried to comfort the weeping young wife.  Putting an arm around Paula's shoulders, Peggy listened as Paula relayed all the gruesome details, going on to tell her how awful it was when Paula advised "He was so bigggggggg!  And ……………….and when he made me get on my knees …………………..oh, God ………………… was so bad!  It hurt so bad ………………… baddddddddddd!  Awful ……………….it was so awful ………………when …………….…he put it in my …………….my ……………oh, Peggy, he sodomized me!"

Weeping, thankful for Peggy's comforting arms, Paula continued "This morning ………………..he finally pulled his filthy underwear out of my mouth …………….but only so ………………so he could put his ……………….his filthy thing in my mouth!  It was so humiliating ……………..……so degrading ………………….forced to suck his penis ……………….till ………………..till he did it ……………….did it in my mouth!  Oh, Peggy ………………it was awful …………………he made me swallow …………………swallow it all!"

Peggy felt so guilty in having told Calvin so much.  She wondered why the door was left unlocked, why did Calvin leave it ajar so she could discover Paula tied up and raped.  In fact, Peggy realized that she had told Calvin of going shopping with her neighbor at ten in the morning, just before he departed after jerking off right into Paula's face.  Excusing herself, she tried to reach Calvin on his cellphone only to find that it had been already been disconnected.

Six weeks later, holding each other's hands as they watched their husbands' ship about to dock, both Peggy and Paula were in tears.  It was not tears of happiness for either of them.  Peggy pregnant beyond the point of aborting the fetus, wearing a girdle to hide the bulge in her belly, planning to tell her the girdle was needed for a bit as she had strained her back.  For Paula, a home test that morning revealed that Calvin had impregnated her during the vile rape in her apartment.

Both women were glad that it would only be a two week leave their husbands would have in port before shipping out to the war zone, replacing another ship that had spent the past eight months at sea.  Now it was expected to be an eight month tour for them also.  Both Paula and Peggy formed a bond, promising to help each other out in their time of need.  For Paula, once the ship departed, Peggy would be driving her to and from the doctor's office when her pregnancy would be aborted.  For Peggy, when the time arrived, Paula would be driving her to the hospital across town, where it was arranged for the baby to be born with the expenses paid by the baby's adopting parents.

End of Story.