Scoping out the Bridal Shower
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

In this well kept gated townhouse community adjacent to the golf course, known as the Cascade Greens, occupants were basically young couples or singles with decent jobs and a good income.  The cost of a townhouse in this neighborhood, or even the rental of one here, was on the high end of the scale and thus assured having rather respectable homeowners or tenants.  Being a gated community, with the occupants basically white collar workers with good incomes, crime was nearly unheard of in this community.  But of course, there's always an exception to the rule, an exception that 26 year old Kimberly Mathews would regrettably come face to face with.

The setup of the townhouses consisted of there being four large units to each building.  There was a common stairway for two units, with one having its entrance about ten feet off to the right of the stairway while the out was ten feet off the left side.  The units were basically identical to one another, just setup in the exact opposite layout from one another.  Kimberly had been living in her townhouse unit for just about a year now, after having purchased it jointly with her handsome fiancé Kevin Connors, shortly after they had gotten engaged to be married.

Living in the general vicinity of each other but going to rival high schools, Kimberly and Kevin had met each other once in their high school years at a party for a mutual friend.  But it was their meeting once again at college that drew them to one another, and within a week's time, they had become inseparable.  Several years later, deeply and madly in love with one another,Kevin's proposal had not been a surprise but rather expected as they had talked about their future together.  Kevin had graduated a year before her and had started working as a management trainee at a major financial institution.  Six months later, Kevin was off trainee status with a big raise.

Another six months and Kimberly was then graduating from college with a degree in architecture and all set to start work with the State's largest private employer after having landed a job through a spring break interview.  And a month following her graduation, her handsome fiancé had gotten down on one knee to propose as he presented her with what had to be a one carat+ sparkling diamond ring.  It had been so tempting that night to let things go far beyond the normal kissing and petting that they limited themselves to or rather what Kimberly insisted on being the limits for Kevin until they tied the knot.

Then they were making plans for their wedding that would take place that following year, allowing for all that was needed to be done in securing the location for the wedding ceremony and place of reception, along with all the many details associated with such an elaborate affair.  Coming across a real estate ad in the paper offering new townhouse units at the Colonial Greens complex, they had decided the take a look and ended up signing the contract for one of them that very day.  The plan was for Kimberly to live there for a year, with Kevin remaining at the apartment he rented, then he would move in once they were married.

Upon moving into the unit, Kimberly got to meet Mike and Monica Taylor who lived in adjoining townhouse and they shared the same common stairway.  The young black couple was very nice and both were refined and hard workers, with Mike Taylor a loan officer in a bank and Monica a nurse at the hospital.  She had introduced Kevin to his future neighbors and they all got along quite well, even having a cookout together one night, and they even planned on inviting their neighbors to their wedding.  From their first meeting, Kimberly and Monica really hit it off, becoming good friends and at times would go out shopping together.

Nine months later, Kimberly heard the sad news that Mike Taylor's guard unit had been activated and called up for duty.  And as everyone dreaded, such call-up would have the guard unit headed off to one of the war zones for an estimated fifteen to eighteen months.  What Kimberly had not learned of, was that with Mike heading on off, Monica's younger brother would move into the spare bedroom, helping pay the rent rather than for an apartment two miles away.  Kenyan Thomas, Monica's brother, would much rather be staying in the run-down apartment as it would be his own along with being closer to the community college and the night action that he enjoyed.  Kenyan's buddies, gangbangers like him, enjoyed the wild side of life but his parents had insisted that he move in with his older sister to help out on the rent but he knew that their intent was to get him fully out of the ghetto where liked to hang out with his no good buddies.

Coming in late at night, then leaving for the community college in late morning, Kenyan had not seen any of the neighbors for the first three weeks of his stay.  In his sister's unit watching the playoffs on that Saturday night, he got up from the sofa to get himself a can of beer.  Observing a car pull into the covered parking for the unit next door, Kenyan kept peering out to get a glimpse of the neighbor next door.  'Holy shit!' he told himself in seeing the nicely dressed beauty who had stepped out of her car.  The trim brunette appeared to be about 5'4” 116 lbs. with trim white legs as she headed to the stairway in her 3” black heels.  'Damn, she looks good enough to eat!' he told himself, licking at his lips as his cock twitched in his jockeys.

Once his sister got home near midnight, having worked the afternoon shift that day, Kenyan inquired about that 'sexy' neighbor next door.  He could see the dread in his sister's eyes, for Monica knew of his street gang traits and had often sided with their parents in trying to straighten out his ways.  “Now don't you go and get any ideas in that head of yours, Kennie, especially the one between those legs of yours!  She's engaged and going to get married soon!  She's a nice girl and would certainly not be interested in the likes of you!  She's not likely to let a horny black bastard like you anywhere near her!  She's true blue strait-laced and not about cheat on her fiancé, even if were to be a handsome movie star hunk!” he was told.

“Well, she ain't ever met the likes of Kool Kennie yet!” he chuckled while puffing up his broad chest as his sister rolled her eyes in disbelief as to what he was suggesting.  “Well, she and I have become pretty good friends ever since she moved in and I can tell you that she's not prejudiced!  But when it comes to intimate male companionship, she ain't about to get herself involved with no black buck like you who's only interested in one thing!” Monica told him.  “Who's that yer referring to, sis?  Meeee?  No way!  Ain't got no clue what yer talking about here?” he advised, playing dumb.

“Don't give me that shit, Kennie!  You don't got the wool pulled over my eyes!  I may be your sister but don't think that I don't hear the rumors and gossip out there about you!  I heard about your penchant for tender white meat in high school …...........................that you even managed to get into the blonde cheerleader's panties last year … went and knocked up a half dozen of them white trash bitches!  You might be able to get into the panties of some white trash out there, but let me tell ……………….......Kimberly Kerns is no white trash!  She's engaged to be married and here's a wedding invitation that I got from her in the mail just last week!” Monica advised while holding up the invitation that had gotten off the front of the refrigerator.

That next day, as Kenyan sat watching the tube, his sister got a phone call.  “A bridal shower for Kimberly, Friday night the 24th, let me check my work schedule!” he heard his sister advise the caller.  After his sister checked her schedule, he heard Monica advise that “Oh, gee, I'm going to have to decline cause I'm scheduled to work the graveyard shift that week!  I really wish I could make it as it sounds like it'd be a real fun night!  But I'd sure like to get a gift for her bridal shower, can I mail it to your attention?”  After a slight pause, his sister advised “Oh, that's a great idea!  I'll give it to Kevin sometime next week when he comes over to see Kimberly!  Great, and you'll mention it to Kevin so he'll know and that way we won't spoil the surprise shower for her!”  He heard his sister laughing, and then advise “Thanks so much for the invitation!  Tell Kevin thanks for thinking of me!  Kimberly is such a dear!  As you've heard, we've become good friends since she moved in next door!”

Curiosity peaked, Kenyan had to learn more about the upcoming bridal shower to the prim and proper beauty next door, so he asked his sister “You really got invited to her bridal shower?”  Monica then replied “See, what I told you about Kimberly is so true!  Even the fellow she's going to marry is a nice guy and me being black doesn't change things in us being friends!  Mike and I even had a cookout with them!  It was her fiancé that told her maid of honor to give me a call and invite me to the bridal shower since we've become close friends!”  Then, in glancing at the invitation that had the RSVP card still to be mailed in, Kenyan saw that it had been addressed to Mr. & Mrs.  “Hey, sis, why don't you tell'em that I'll be escorting you to the wedding … won’t have to go alone and it'll be good for me to see how the other side lives!”

As Kenyan had hoped, Monica continued on to make her point about the goody-goody little bitch living next door to them.  Ever since spotting the sexy bitch, Kenyan had stayed closer to home in hopes of getting to eye up the innocent beauty again.  Several times he had gotten to spy on the trim beauty going to and from townhouse to her car, and each time he had gotten himself a raging hardon, especially in getting a closeup of her trim sexy white legs as she walked to her doorway in her 3” heels.  And now he learned from his sister that “She's going to think that her fiancé will merely be taking out to dinner at Cafe Soristina for some delicious Italian food on Friday the 24th!  That's where all her close girlfriends will be waiting to surprise her!  Think it'll work out great as the gal says her that fiancé will then leave her with them to head off to a bachelor's party his friends are throwing for him!  It'll be quite a surprise as Kimberly will have no clue of what's really on the agenda for that night!”

Having heard of Cafe Soristina but never been there as it was a bit out of his league, Kenyan dressed up some and stopped in for a drink at the bar in order to scope out the joint.  It indeed turned out to be a quite a nice place that the in-crowd would frequent for some nice upscale Italian dining.  Figuring that it was worth a shot, when the gal handling the reservations passed by, Kenyan stopped her to advise that his girlfriend had set up a bridal shower that Friday night for a good friend and was hoping to get a table that was off to the side.  When the gal checked the book and confirmed a bridal shower with a reservation for fourteen, Kenyan asked if it was possible to have table nearest the bar area set up for the gals.

Over the next couple of days, in practicing with the windows of his sister's unit, each attempt at a break-in proved to be futile with the new type of double paned window lock being used.  His hopes of breaking into the unit next door in the middle of the night were now dashed.  That night, the sexy beauty had arrived home accompanied by her punk beau and Kenyan peered out from the corner of the window to gaze at the sexy bride-to-be.  He looked at the punk she was with and sneered at the fucking bastard, wondering how that damned punk could land such a fucking beauty for a bride.  And when the punk left that night, Kenyan got to see the beauty in a pair of shorts and her long trim bare legs.

With the beauty locking the door immediately, there was no hope of breaking in to pay the bitch a visit.  Lying in bed that night, Kenyan noticed the light go on in the bedroom of the unit next door.  Unable to see anything, other than the fact that the light had gone on, it was left to his imagination as to what the beauty was doing just yards away from him.  Picturing her getting ready for bed and out of the shorts and blouse that he had last seen her in, Kenyan began stroking at his cock that was jutting straight up in the air and hard as a fucking rock.  With his imagination running away as he stroked himself, Kenyan could just hear her screaming bloody murder as he stabbed his cock up into her tight little twat, so much so that he sent a geyser of cum arching four feet up into air.

Having gotten himself a choice seat at the bar early that night, Kenyan watched as one by one the gals showed up for the bridal shower.  Overhearing the gals talking and then directing those arriving as to where they could sit themselves, saving the seat at the head of the table for the guest of honor, Kenyan then slid over one seat around the corner of the bar that would afford him a direct and unobstructed view of the beautiful bride-to-be for the entire evening.  With all the guests seated at the table at 6:50 p.m., Kenyan suspected that it would be another ten minutes before the lucky punk escorted his future bride into the restaurant.

Then right at 7 p.m., snapshots from the table flashed again and again as the very surprised guest of honor walked hand in hand with her punk fiancé.  Looking so beautiful in her elegant black dress with 3” transparent glass slip-on heels, the bride-to-be also wore a very nice triangular platinum necklace.  In the lighting of the restaurant, Kenyan got a look at the large sparkling diamond that adorned the beauty's ring finger.  He watched as the beauty was seated as her beau went around the table to greet all the gals that he had collaborated with in bringing their unsuspecting friend to the restaurant.

The dinner was a joyous one for the bride-to-be and her close friends with a lot of laughter and giggling at the table.  With the guest of honor giggling and blushing a lot, Kenyan was treated to seeing a lot of foot action from the beauty as she dangled a glass heel from her pretty little toes.  Looking at her trim creamy white legs while eying up the shoeplay action, Kenyan was sporting a raging hardon and could only dream of the pleasure a guy would get between those soft sexy legs.  'Damn, I'd sure like to give it to her!  I's jist gotta git me a piece of that hot little bitch!' he told himself.

With dinner over at the party table, it was then on to fun and games and immediately the bride-to-be began to blush when one of the gals began passing out the first of the party favors.  The blushing beauty apparently was familiar to this particular game, something that had piqued Kenyan's interest as he crooked his ear to hear the gal giving the instructions to the party goers.  It indeed was apparently a regular game for such an event as the gal instructed “Okay gals, to win the prize, you're to blow up these special balloons and the winner is the one getting it to be the size that Kimberly will be spreading her legs for next Saturday night!  And of course, the one making the determination as to who blow the winner will be the bride-to-be, herself!”

As each of the gals blew up the special penis-shaped balloon, then putting her initials on the plastic base, each of the finished products were passed along to the head of the table where the guest of honor was seated.  With giggling coming from the surrounding tables, the bride-to-be blushed as she found that she had obviously become the center of attention for many unknown people in the restaurant.  Kimberly was the perfect little blushing bride, so innocent and feeling ashamed at having everyone looking in her direction as she had over a dozen blown up penises in front to her, she spread her red napkin out wide to shield them from the public.

Asked by the gal in charge of the game as to “Which one the winner, Kimberly?  Which one looks most like and resembles Mike's?”  All the gals at the table giggled and laughed, with Kenyan getting a throbbing hardon, when the bride-to-be responded with “I …....................I've never really seen it!”  “But you have felt it in your hand, haven't you, Kim?” the gal asked loudly, causing Kimberly to blush a beet red in the face.  The bride-to-be swallowed nervously, then nodded a 'yes' that she indeed had handled and stroked her fiancé's hardon, causing all the gals at the table to giggle and applaud.  “Okay, turn your head and put your hand out!” she was told.

Kenyan had himself a good chuckle in seeing the beauty extend her hand and spread her beautifully manicured fingers wide as the first of the inflated penises was inserted between her widespread fingers.  “Give it a good feel, Kim!” one of the gals at the table yelled out as the other gals laughed aloud.  The innocent beauty then played on with the game to entertain her close friends as she encircled her trim fingers around the bloated penis shaped balloon and began shucking at it.  The beauty then frowned and shook her head before announcing that it was “Too long!”  That of course had all the gals laughing and clapping at the comment.

The second one to be handled by the beauty had her feigning a gasp as she shucked at the large bloated penis, then had her friends rolling in their seats as she announced that “Ohhhh …..........I only wish!”  And so it went in this fun game, one after the other, with one drawing a lot of laugher as the balloon had obviously sprung a leak and when Kimberly got to handle it, she then gave a pathetic look and commented “I hope this doesn't happen next week!”  With all thirteen given a shuck, it was then announced that #8 was the winner as it most resembled that of the groom-to-be.  After the winner for cock #8 was given her prize, the #8 balloon penis was then handed to the bride-to-be.

Thoroughly enjoying watching the events of this bridal shower, Kenyan cock was throbbing and he was determined to fuck that beautiful little bitch …...................before that upcoming wedding took place!  But 'when' could he get to her was one thing and 'how' was the other!  Right now, the only opening would be to rush her when she opened the front door to her townhouse, but it'd be immediately figured out where he had come from.  He sure as hell wanted that innocent little bitch, but not if it was a sure shot that he'd be caught right away and put in the slammer for ten or more years.  But what kept going round and round in his devious mind was the thought that 'I gotta rape me that fuck'n innocent little bitch!  Yeah, and the one I's got fer ya is the one that ya could 'only wish' fer!'

Now on her third glass of red wine, far beyond her normal one limit for the entire evening, Kimberly felt light headed and quite giddy as she partied with her girlfriends on this memorable evening.  Most of the gals were rather surprised at Kimberly's participation in the sex-oriented games, knowing how their close friend got easily embarrassed and flustered in such situations.  They were rather shocked at their friend's behavior when given the winning #8 penis balloon, surprised at how the innocent bride-to-be pretended that it was what she planned on doing to the real thing on her wedding night.  Everyone was taken by surprise as they watched Kimberly unashamedly opening her mouth wide to take the penis shaped balloon into her mouth and then used the tip of her pointed tongue to flick on its tip.

A couple more funny games, then it was time for the bride-to-be to open up all the gifts from her friends.  There were a lot of 'oooh's and ahhhhh's' when Kimberly opened up a sheer see-through nightie, a humming vibrator and then there was a large plastic dildo ….............quite appropriately a black one that the bride-to-be began licking and sucking to the delight of her friends.  As the fun evening was coming to an end, with Kimberly swaying a bit from the wine consumed, her gal pals began packing up all the gifts to send home with the guest of honor.  At that point, Kenyan took care of his tab and headed on back to his sister's townhouse to wait and watch for the return of the lovely beauty.

A half-hour later, having waited for ten minutes in the darkness of his sister's townhouse, Kenyan observed a set of headlights turning into the parking lot and pulling up in front.  Then the car doors were opening and three gals got out, one assisting the tipsy beauty while the others gathered up some of the gifts from the car's trunk.  One of the gals had obtained the housekey from the bride-to-be's purse and opened up the front door.  As two of the gals escorted the tipsy beauty to her bedroom, the third advised that she'd go back to the car for the rest of the gifts.  Acting quickly, with the front door open and the two friends escorting Kimberly to the bedroom and the third gathering gifts from the car trunk, Kenyan made a quick dash in the darkness over the neighboring townhouse.

Opening the foyer closet, he was into the beauty's townhouse undetected.  With the gal returning from the car with the remaining gifts, the two others came out of the bedroom giggling announcing that they had gotten their guest of honor into bed, taking off only her necklace and heels.  Then one of the gals exclaimed that “I was really shocked in the way our prim and proper little bride-to-be really got into the swing of things!  If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I'd never have believed it, especially the way in which she went and licked at the penis balloon and that black dildo!”  Then another gal began laughing as she announced that “As the maid of honor for our innocent Kimberly, I looked up an old friend who could get me what I needed to loosen up Miss Goody Two Shoes!  In each glass of wine, I slipped in a small dose of some liquid 'Spanish Fly'!”

Then the maid of honor continued on with “Did you girls see the way Kim was squirming about on the seat at the end?  If we had a male stripper there, she might just have gone done on him or maybe even let him shag her hot little cunny!”  Kenyan then heard the third gal say “Hey, let's go and see if our little bride-to-be is still hot and horny!  Let's see if she's still into tonguing and sucking onto the penis balloons that we left on the dresser!”  When the girls disappeared down the hallway, Kenyan opened the door and listened intently, then smiled as he heard on gal advising “Open your mouth Kim!  Suck the cock into your mouth!  Pretend it’s Kevin’s!”  A moment later, the gal was instructing “Bite it …...........bite it hard!”  Then the girls were laughing as one announced “Oh, Kim, you must have made it cum as its going soft!”

Closing the closet door shut once again as the gals were exiting the bedroom, he heard them all giggling as one of them asked “I think that Spanish Fly has got our innocent beauty all hot and bothered!  Did you see the crotch of her panties get all wet with a little rubbing of that big black dildo over her agitated cunny?  If she wasn't such a good friend to all of us, it'd have been a good gag to pull on her by inserting the cockhead up in her cunny, putting her hand at the base of it, then pulling up her panties to keep her hand and the dildo in place for when she wakes up!”  “Yeah, we could dare pull that on any of the others but not Kimberly!  She'd really freak up waking up that way!” another girl added.

With the lights being turned off and the front door being locked, he then heard the maid of honor's voice advising that “I'll take her housekey and stop in early tomorrow morning to make sure she's feeling okay!  Hope all that wine with the Spanish Fly doesn't give her too bad a hangover tomorrow!”  Hearing the clicking of heels going down the stairway, Kenyan smiled as he was now all alone in the beauty's townhouse, with the sweet little bitch out of it from the drug-laced wine.  He got out of the closet and made his way down the hallway and peered into the beauty’s bedroom.

With the beauty in a drug induced sleep, Kenyan turned on the hallway light to give him a better view of the lovely beauty as he stood off toward the open closet in case she woke, making it difficult to make him out in the semi-darkness of the bedroom.  Breathing hard in nervousness and anticipation, he got a thrilling hardon as his hand touched the beauty’s trim leg and slowly caressed the sleeping beauty.  Sliding up the bed, he nuzzled at her neck while undoing the back of her dress.  Zipper undone, he then pulled the dress down over her shoulder, then clamped his mouth over the soft lacy bra cup and bit down softly into her tittie.  It was a turn-on feeling the bud harden under the lacy garment.  He then realized that there was no rush at this point, thus he slid out of the bed and quickly made his way back down the hallway.

Opening the front door and leaving it open, he dashed over to his sister's unit to get some equipment that would come in handy for what he planned on doing very soon.  Five minutes later, having locked his sister's unit so she'd merely think he was out somewhere with his buddies, Kenyan was back in the beauty's with his little bag of goodies.  A couple of tripods, three camcorders, and several strips of black cloth were some items that he had brought over with him.  With the hallway light still on, he made his way down the hallway he went into the semi-darkness of the bedroom.  Using one of the black strips of cloth, he used it to blindfold the sexy bride-to-be.  Now he could turn on the bedroom lights.  Two camcorders were set up, one focusing right up between her soon to be widespread legs, and another placed up on dresser tilted downward to capture the beauty's facial expressions and reactions throughout the night.

With all camcorders operational and rolling, Kenyan stepped towards the bed and reached over to the blindfolded beauty.  Captured all on tape would be his large black hands on the beauty's flawless white skin as he peeled her black dress down over her slender shoulders.  Next was the unclasping of the thin lacy black bra and the straps were peeled down over her shoulders.  Then, using the other two strips of black cloth, he raised each arm and tied her wrists to the bedposts above her head.  Peeling the loosened bra-cups away to expose the beauty's hidden charms, Kenyan then bent over to take a nipple into his hungry mouth and had it swollen in excitement in no time.  Then to administer the same suckling to its twin pinkie as the young beauty moaned from the pleasure of his tonguing.

Backing off the bed, this was a clip that he figured would be a good one to send to the innocent beauty, one of him stripping off his clothing to expose his ebony body while she lay upon the bed with her breasts exposed.  With his muscular body glistening before the camcorders, Kenyan wrapped his fist around his swollen cock that jutted upright.  With the beauty totally out of it, Kenyan turned to a camcorder and smiled before announcing “Kevin, I'm gonna ' ruin' this sweet little trophy bitch of yers with this twelve-incher of mine!  Ain't it a whopper!  I'm gonna give ya a real nice wedding present, Kevin, my man …..............................a sweet but no longer innocent and a totally 'ruined' bride fer ya!”

Looking over at the penis balloons that the gals had brought back from the party, Kenyan recalled what the gals had said before leaving, that the innocent beauty went about licking at the penis shaped objects when placed at her lips.  Grabbing one of them, he first place the tip of it at her pink lips, then let it slowly slide over them.  He smiled in seeing the lovely pink lips open as her pointed tongue appeared to lick at the underside of the air filled penis.  Reaching over to grab the black dildo that had been one of her gifts, he then placed the more solid object at the slightly parted lips, then watched as the beauty opened her lips wide to allow entry to the bloated head as she tongued it.

In her drug induced mind, Kimberly was still with her closest friends at the surprise bridal shower that they thrown for her.  And she got a kick out of seeing how shocked they were when she had thrown her inhibitions away for the night to participate in the sexually oriented games that they had created for this special occasion.  As it was all in fun and jest, she had decided to let it all hang out and actively participate in whatever game came up.  And thus she first sucked upon inflated penis that had been placed at her lips and now this bigger and more solidly constructed one.  But that too was being pulled from her avidly sucking lips.  Then she opened her mouth even wider as this new blunted penis shaped object was pressing up against her lips.

Deep in her mind, Kimberly thought 'They got really creative in making this one!  Hard rubber in the shaft with the head of it covered in a softer more pliant rubber!'  Licking over the rim of it at first, then flicking her tongue over the tip, she then put the pointed tip of her tongue over the tip of the cock-like object.  She was in total amazement as she thought 'My gosh, they made this one seem so real and life-like!'  Then it seemed to expand in her mouth.  But in recalling a recent bridal shower, memories came back as to the big life-like penis the gals had bought that even had a hand pump to make it pulsate.  And that's what Kimberly presumed was in her mouth at that moment.

Thinking back, remembering how she and her friends had played around with the special hand pump operated penis, she remembered how they had filled the hidden plastic chamber with a thickened liquid made with a mixture of corn starch, vegetable oil and pina colada mix.  Kimberly remembered how they all hand dipped their fingers into the mix and how they all had commented that it could really pass for male semen.  She shivered when her unseen ‘friend’ pushed the rubbery penis further into her mouth, nearly pushing down into her throat.  But she didn't want to give them the satisfaction of seeing her repulsed so she kept on gobbling and licking at the fleshy 'thing' in her mouth.

As her friends were obviously watching as the penis was pulled from and pushed back into her mouth, Kimberly shuddered at the thought that they might just pump out all that gooey substance into her mouth like they had done at that last shower.  Then she realized that her friends would just do that in order to see gag and choke on the mock semen.  'I'll show them!  I'll show them!' she told herself with resolve that they wouldn't be laughing and calling her Miss Naïve anymore.  'I'm going to show them …..........I'm going to eat it all down and beg for more!' she wanted to laugh out loud while flicking her tongue faster and faster over the rubbery head.

Panting with his mouth wide open, Kenyan was ecstatic at the fabulous blowjob this innocent little bitch was giving him.  'Damn, the way this bitch is going at it is fuck'n unbelievable!' he thought while stiffening his body to keep from popping off prematurely.  With his knees spread wide, only his cock in contact with the innocent beauty, he pumped his swollen cock in and out of her avidly sucking mouth.    And then the bitch was giving his pisshole a good tonguing, giving him the best head ever and he stiffened while pushing his cock to slide over her tongue, then went and popped his nuts.

Gush after hot gush of his gooey jizz flowed right over her talented tongue and the bitch went and kept eating it up to his amazement.  She did gag some at the end, losing some cum when she pulled her head back some as he ejaculated one last gusher.  Cock drained, he pulled it from her still sucking lips, then was stunned as the bitch licked at her lips before asking for “More …...........give me more ….............I want more …..........let me suck on it some more!”  In her mind, Kimberly was proud of herself in having fooled all her girlfriends, thinking ‘Now they’ll be wondering just how innocent I really am!’

Feeling her dress being worked down, fingers also pulling at the waistband of her panties, Kimberly tossed her head from side to side as she tried to pull her arms free.  'No, they wouldn't do that to me!  I'm not like Trish who’s just a slut when it came to having sex!' she worried, recalling that wild bridal shower a year ago that had been held in a hotel room where the gals hired a male stripper to entertain them.  And with all the alcohol that had been consumed by Trish that evening, they had all crept into the bedroom where the male stripper had pulled the willing bride-to-be into.  Kimberly recalled how shocking it had been for her that night, seeing Trish spreading her trim legs to allow the handsome young stud that she had just met crawl up between her widespread legs and how she clutched at his wavy hair squealing out “Eat me, stud … meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Blindfolded as she was, Kimberly felt so embarrassed at being disrobed in front of her closest girlfriends, especially with an unseen and strange male stripper in the room with them.  Clasping her legs together, not wanting her bared sex to put on display, Kimberly expressed her distress in panting out “No … ….......................I don't want this ….....................please …................I don't want any other man touching me …................................don't let him!”  But upon feeling the large calloused hands caressing her thighs, a wave of pleasure coursed throughout her entire body, making her feel so good that her cunny began juicing as she raised her knees to draw her legs up into a fetal position to hide herself from view.  Then the large hands were atop of her knees and the strength behind them began to spread her legs wide open for public viewing.

Labored breathing in her embarrassment of being having been fully exposed, Kimberly trembled as  her body shivered from the obvious male hands now caressing her inner thighs as they were forced wide apart.  Swallowing in nervousness, recalling what had happened to Trish and how she had squealed, Kimberly could not believe that a man would want to do such a nasty thing ….....................that of putting his open mouth on a female's sex!  “Eeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ….......................mmm …..mmmmmm ….......................nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” she squealed from the exquisite sensation of feeling the males hot open mouth clamping over her sex.  “Nnnnn ………….nnnnnnnnn …........................ohhh ............................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she panted out while arching up as the thick wiggling tongue inserted itself up into her juicing snatch.

Kenyan had never tasted anything so sweet and juicy in his life as this was just pure honey for him.  'Damn, that Spanish Fly really has this sweet little bitch climbing the fuck'n walls!' he thought as his talented tongue found the beauty's ultra-sensitive little clit.  And feeling her soft inner thighs closing up and clamping tightly around his head, he then felt her shudder as more of her honey coated his lapping tongue.  He could her moans and squeals as he eat her out good, something that she'd always remember, even though she was currently in this drug altered state.   'Ya'll always remember this sweetie, especially if that punk of yers tries to duplicate this feat!' he mused.

Toes curling, arching up on the balls of her feet, Kimberly then unleashed her cry of pleasure “Ohhhh ….................oooooooooh ......................oooooooooooooooooooohhhh!”  Body shuddering and then convulsing as the unseen male literally ate her alive, Kimberly could not believe that her friends had planned such a nasty bridal shower for her, nor could she believe how fantastic this sexual act could be.  “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………….aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she cried out as stars flashed and exploded in her brain, then she felt herself just floating and floating, slowly drifting back down to earth and at that moment she didn't have a care in the world.  Later, Kimberly would come to realize that she gotten her very first orgasm from the mouth of a stranger.

Later, coming out of her drug induced stupor coupled from the throes of a mind-shattering orgasm, Kimberly began to come back to a sense of reality.  Then she felt the bed that she lay upon sink from the weight getting on at the foot of the bed.  As strong hands prevented her from closing her legs, Kimberly was in a panic as she called out for “JoAnn …..................Terri …...................Sandy ….........stop him ….....................don't let him …...........................not any further …...........this has gone far enough!  Please, don't let him ….............................I'm a virgin ….....................I've been saving it for Kevin …...........................on our wedding night!”

Twisting about, trying desperately to escape from her bindings, Kimberly was terrified and in a panic that her friends would let this go all the way as she now felt a thick fleshy bulb being traced up and down her sex slit.  Kimberly froze as she suddenly heard a strange male's voice announcing that “JoAnn, Terri, nor Sandy is here to stop me bitch!  It's jist ya and me all alone here in yer townhouse!  Hear ya's gitting married next week, huh?  Well, I's went and brung ya a real special little gift …........................well, not quite too little …........................feel it?” Kenyan taunted as he put some pressure up against her tight slit.  As she struggled to get away, he laughed “Not so little, is it?  Yer gonna git yerself a ‘real’ man tonight!”

Blindfold over her eyes, arms above her head with her wrists tied and secured to the headboard, Kimberly shuddered in absolute horror as she came to realize the dire situation that she was in.  She was in her townhouse, her friends were not there with her as the bridal shower had ended upon leaving the restaurant, and now a strange man was in the bedroom with her.  The gravity of what had taken place earlier hit her …............................that it hadn't been a store bought fake penis that she had sucked upon ….............................and that meant that the gooey 'fake' semen she had swallowed had actually been the real thing!   Her stomach churned at the thought of what she had actually done and she wanted to throw up at that instant.

Frantically trying to save herself, she tried to raise legs back to kick at her assailant but the hands on her widespread knees clamped down hard in anticipation of her defensive tactics.  “Please don't …...............….......please don't rape me …........................please ….......................please …............I saved myself for next week …........................for my wedding day …......................for my husband!” Kimberly panted out as she realized that she was physically unable to put up a fight.  “Please …...................please .........................I beg you ….........................please don't rape me!” she sobbed out in despair upon feeling the fleshy bulb pushing up against her sex.

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” came the agonizing scream as a result of the knifing pain shooting through Kimberly's body as her assailant's large hands had been placed on her trim hips to hold her in place when the bastard thrust his fleshy spear up into her reluctant body.  It was quite a bruising thrust that hammered against her petite frame, but following the withdrawal of the fleshy shaft, it attacked again in a raging storm.  This time her defenses were unable to hold back the assault and she was completely overwhelmed as the battering ram smashed right on through her protective barrier.  Her precious hymen had been shattered for good!  She had been conquered by a brutal male!  Her virginity had been claimed once and for all!

Hands gripping tightly at her bonds, body shaking uncontrollably that she rattled the bed frame, for never before in her life had Kimberly felt such excruciating pain.  Her entire body was engulfed in unbelievable agony as her vile rapist was now forcing even more of himself into her.  Kicking her legs about in trying to get her rapist off her only created more pain as her movement allowed the thick cudgel in her to work itself even deeper into her.  Having played softball from her early teens through high school, Kimberly could only relate the thickness of this bastard's cock to the fat end of a softball bat that she had used in her playing days.  'Fat as the big end of a baseball bat' was one thing, but Kimberly was now praying that the bastard's cock was not a long as a baseball bat!

In and out, in and out, in and out …........................squish …........squish …............squish, Kimberly sensed and heard all that was taking place about her, but the pain was suddenly no longer there as her body shut down and gone totally numb from the brutal rape.  Raped, rutted at, taken by force …..................the worst nightmare a woman could have ….................and there was no way that Kimberly could bring an end to this horror!  'Oh, God …................please ….................make it end …................make it end!' she prayed.
But then it dawned on her as to what would happen when it did come to an end, she realized that her rapist was not wearing a condom, causing Kimberly torment should her prayer be answered.

But eventually it did come to an end, with her vile rapist holding her trim hips firmly as he grunted while thrusting his proud animal far up into.  Kimberly wanted to just die when that hot explosion blasted out the hot gooey filth of this unseen male, but even worst was thick muscle continuing to pulsate in her body as it belched out its filth time and time again.  This vile man had not only taken her precious virginity but he was not wearing a condom which certainly would be devastating should his nasty seed take root.  Kimberly's horror was made even worst when her rapist chuckled and taunted her with “Ya gonna tell yer man Kevin that ya got cherry popped a week before the wedding?  Tell ya what, if'n Kevin turns out to be a dud in bed, I's gonna be there as yer stud!”

With the sun about to rise, Kimberly was dead to the world on her bed, fucked into total exhaustion by her unseen assailant.  Still blindfolded, arms still stretched above her head with wrists bound, but now her legs were drawn up with her ankles bound with rope that went to the top of the bed frame that prevented her from putting her legs down onto the bed.  Stuffed up her raped cunny was the black dildo that she had gotten as a bridal shower gift.  Such not only served as a hideous indication of what happened to her, but it acted as a plug that kept the remainder of the three loads of semen that her rapist had ejaculated, keeping it stored up in her fertile womb.

There would be no way that Kimberly would ever reveal the horrid truth to Kevin, as she would never be able to unveil the indignities that she had been forced to endure throughout the night.  How could she tell him that she had unwittingly taken another man's penis into her mouth, that she had sucked and tongued it, and letting him ejaculate his filthy semen into her mouth.  The loss of her virginity had been just awful, causing her to bleed profusely and her rapist had potentially gotten her 'knocked up'!  That second fuck session, she had used her heels to spur her rapist into action with toes curled from the pleasurable sensations coursing through her body.  And that third time, with her legs wrapped around the waist of her rapist and ankles locked together, she had panted out “Ohhhhhhh …...............ohhhhh …....................deeper …................deeper
…...........................ohhhhh, Goddddddddddddddddddd …......................oh, yesssssssssssssssssssssss!”

From the unit across the way, Kenyan put his cellphone to his ear upon seeing the arrival of the maid of honor after she had parked and was letting herself into Kimberly's townhouse.  Prior to leaving the raped beauty's place, he had used her phone and dialed his cell number, then had placed a small object to prevent the phone from hanging up.  ‘Kimberly …................................oh, my Godddddddd!” he heard the maid of honor scream when she entered the bedroom across the way.  Then some rustling sounds could be heard as the frantic friend was apparently untying the bound beauty.

“Oh, God ….....................what happened, Kim?” the maid of honor asked.  Then came the sobbing of the raped beauty could be heard as she told her good friend that “Someone ...............broke in when I was sleeping!  Oh, God ….................he made me  .........................made me ….....................oh, God, it was so awful!  He did such awful things to me!”  It sounded as if Kimberly was wincing in pain, then came the sounds of sobbing as the bride-to-be shamefully declared “He's depraved!  He has to be!  Why would he leave me like this ….................................leaving me so exposed ….............................shoving this black dildo up in me to the hilt!  Oh, God …......................oh, God …..................I feel so ashamed!”

Listening n his cellphone, he heard the maid of honor tell Kimberly that they should call the police and report the attack.  But then the bride-to-be sobbed and said that she couldn't, didn't want Kevin to find out that she had been raped and ruined, soiled beyond repair.  Then came:  “Okay, then!  Let me help you to the bathroom so you can douche” the friend advised.  “I don't have any douche!  I didn't have any need for it …...........until now!” the bride-to-be responded.  A moment later, with the shower in the background, he heard the maid of honor tell Kimberly “You take a nice hot shower while I run on down to the pharmacy and buy a bottle of douche!”

Twenty minutes later, upon the return of the maid of honor, Kenyan listened to his cell again.  “Here, Kim, use this …............................maybe it's still not …......too late!” the bride-to-be was told.  Then Kimberly was told that “We've got to wash the sheets right away if we're to save them!”  “No, no …...............I don't want them …'ll just serve as a reminder!  Let's put them in a large garbage bag and throw it out in the dumpster!” Kimberly's voice could be heard.  There was some noise from the rustling of sheets, then a gasp could be heard, followed by Kimberly asking “What's the matter?”
Then the friend's voice was heard “There … the middle of the large blood stain!  See them?  There's several of them …..........................small black pubic hairs!”  Then the bride-to-be was told “Oh, God, Kim …....................the bastard who raped you is black!”

A couple of days later, when his sister was emailing her husband stationed overseas, she got a surprise phone call from her husband.  As his sister took the phone into the bedroom, Kenyan noticed that her computer had been left on and that her little address book was lying open next to it.  Going to the address book, Kenyan smiled in seeing that Monica did have Kimberly Kerns' cellphone number.  Then in going to the address book of her computer email, he smiled at his good fortune and copied down her email address.  Having overheard where the bride and groom would be honeymooning, his devious mind began to churn as he knew that the raped beauty certainly did not want pictures of her vile rape being put on the web for everyone to see or have her husband see that he ended up with soiled goods.

An hour later, just across the way in the adjoining townhouse, Kimberly began hyperventilating as she put a hand to her head in utter despair after having opened up the latest of her emails.  Blinking back the tears, Kimberly could not believe that ‘The despicable bastard not only raped me but he had it all recorded on video!’  The first picture attached was that of her blindfolded with his filthy black cock stuffed in her mouth.  The second was a shot of her legs spread wide and the bastard’s long tongue seen lapping at her snatch.  The third picture was of the bastard positioning himself atop of her, before her raped her of her virginity, for the fourth showed his penis partially in her with blood oozing out of her and spreading out on the white sheet.  The last picture was of her violated slit that looked like a gaping holed that was oozing out the bastard’s gooey male spunk.

‘Oh, God, how can I go through with this absurdity?’ Kimberly worried.  ‘He knows all about the wedding and even says he’ll be there!  Who is he?  Who can he be?  Is he one of Kevin’s frat brothers?  Maybe a jealous coworker of his?  He says I’m to dance with him at the wedding reception!’ the email message had advised.  But the most devastating part of the email had informed her of ‘I’m gonna lead you into a dark corner so you can feel up the cock that popped your precious little cherry!  Then you can compare it to your whiteboy’s little wiener later that night!’

Escorting his sister to the wedding that next week, Kenyan was finally introduced formally to the bride by Monica.  When his sister leaned up to give the groom a congratulatory kiss on the cheek, Kenyan bent down to whisper to the bride “Dance with me tonight or hubby will get those pictures that I emailed you the other day!”  The horror in her eyes told Kenyan that the lovely bride did in fact open that email that he had sent to her under the heading of 'Pics of Kevin's bride getting her cherry popped!'

Later, as there was a line of guys standing in line for a dance with beautiful bride, Kenyan finally got his turn as he took the trembling beauty into his arms.  At that instant, the dance floor got filled and Kenyan led the reluctant beauty off to the corner.  In that short time with the bride, before the next fellow in line came over to cut in on the dance, Kenyan managed to get something that the other fellows in line could only dream of …......................that of having the beautiful Mrs. Kimberly Connors grabbing his throbbing dong through his pants with her gloved hand!  Leaning down, pressing his head against the bride’s veil, he whispered “Saw ya walking down the aisle looking like an innocent bride-to-be this afternoon!  But we know better, don’t we?”

Checking in at the elegant resort the next day, the groom wanted his lovely wife to join him at poolside for a swim and to sit out in the sun a bit.  But the beautiful bride told her husband that there was fancy spa at the resort and that she just checked and found out that an opening was available.  “I've heard about the fabulous here and thought I'd get a massage and facial!” Kimberly told her husband of less than a day.  With hubby lounging at poolside, the lovely bride could see the handsome man she had married through the tinted plate that overlooked the pool while she got her facial.

Having read the text message after her cellphone had beeped to signal that an incoming message was coming in, minutes before Kevin had asked her to join him at poolside, Kimberly had nervously lied and created the excuse of wanting to get a facial.  She had never made the call down to the spa.  Instead, she was being blackmailed by the bastard who had raped her, demanding that she go to Suite 403 or have her hubby get a copy of all those horrid photos.  Telling her demented blackmailer of the excuse she had created in order to get out joining her husband at poolside, Kimberly would soon regret having told the bastard of the excuse she had given.

Pushed down onto her knees, Kimberly panted out nervously and her eyes widened in horror as she was forced to under the front of his pants and pull down his zipper.  Then she had to put her hand in and pull out his humongous man muscle.  This was so much different from that first time, this time she knew that this was no over-sized penis one would buy at a porn shop, for this was the real thing!  This was also very different from just last night, for when she had wrapped her fingers around her husband's hardon, it had taken just one lick of her tongue for him to pop prematurely and spray his semen into the air.

Head bobbing up and down on the huge ebony fuckstick now for nearly ten minutes, aided by the thick fingers wrapped in her long silky hair, it was so unlike that of her husband's.  Then the bastard pulled out of her gagging mouth and proceeded to give her a real creamy facial, one that she was not likely to ever forget.  So much cream, hot slick and gooey, all being painted upon her face by the still leaking cockhead as the black bastard laughingly went about rubbing his smelly cock about her cringing face.

For Kevin Connors, he was so glad his wife had discovered the spa that she liked so much, allowing him to taking in much more golf that he had anticipated during their honeymoon.  In Kevin's opinion, his wife so radiant after a visit to the spa, and her complexion looked so unbelievably soft and creamy following one of those facials.  But Kevin couldn't get over how his supposedly innocent and naïve wife had turned overnight into a sexual tigress, pulling him into bed and wanting sex.  Oh, he should be happy about it all, except that he kept shooting off prematurely each time.  Each time he had popped off to quickly, getting overly excited when his supposedly innocent young bride managed to surprise him.

Bucket of golf balls in hand, Kevin hit the first couple of balls in trying to correct things as his shots were spraying all over the course the day before.  He then thought that 'I gotta get my other set of balls under control too!  Damn, some honeymoon and showing her the stud that she married!  Shit, I've sprayed so much cum all over the damned bed, you'd think the fucking sheets were starched!'  Shaking his head, he told himself 'If I don't perform any better, I wouldn't blame Kimberly if she went out and got herself a stiff dick for a good fucking up her twat!'  Little did Kevin know that such was already the case, getting herself a good fucking each time she supposedly went to spa.

That last day of the honeymoon, with one last bucket of golf balls at the driving range for Kevin while Kimberly got her last spa visit in, they would meet up for lunch before heading on home.  But in seeing his wife with a slight limp when they did meet up at the restaurant, Kevin went to her aid, then he learned that she slipped on a wet spot near the pool.  But that had just been another contrived story that his wife had quickly become accustomed to creating.  Well, Kevin would certainly not have wanted to hear the truth from Kimberly in this case, especially if she told him that 'The bastard pushed me down on all fours, then went and shoved his big black cock all the way up my virgin ass!'

End of Story.