Seduced Sales Agent – II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Ms. Tiffany Price
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     After his first successful real estate venture, Kareem Thomas sat back and pondered his next dabble into the real estate market.  It had been over a month and now he was anxious to engage in a new venture.  He picked up the Sunday morning paper and began scanning the real estate section.  In checking the ‘open house’ section, he suddenly sat up in his chair as he scanned the listings along with photos of the agents holding the showings.

     One nice black and white ad caught his attention.  Not the photo of the beautiful home but the small photo in the corner, of the sales agent showing the home.  Kareem licked his thick lips as he gazed at the photo of the young beauty, thinking she must be under 25 years of age or so.  The name of the realty firm rang a bell, it was in fact the same firm he had scammed in his first venture.  He had kept the color brochure as a souvenir. Retrieving the brochure, he came across a color photo of the young beauty.   In reading the description of the property, it was described as being secluded and a short ride out of town.  Then looking at the young beauty’s photo again and at her name, Kareem grinned “Well, Ms. Tiffany Price, I’m going to enjoy getting a tour of the house from you, especially the master bedroom!”

     Kareem got up from his dingy office and went to the room where that bimbo of a hooker was catching a few winks.  Shaking her “C’mon, put some clothes on, need your help today!”  A lot of expected grumbling was encountered but he shut he up quickly “Hell, you haven’t earned shit in the past week.  A lousy $50 last night.  Lucky thing those two old bums were drunk and desperate or you’d have gotten zip for the entire night! Now get up and get dressed or I’ll throw your worthless ass outta here!”

     “Damn you Kareem,” Rhonda Prescott grumbled as she plucked the dress she’d worn the night before, off the floor. “Get out of those rags and find something nice to wear, something a little classy.  Tone it down a bit, want you to act like my fiancee just like a month ago, and not like a whore!” he smiled  “Ah, Kareem, let me give ya some of my white pussy!   I’m ya girl honey, please, you don’t need another girl!” “Bitch, you’re so fucking worn, I can’t even pimp ya white ass out any more.  Fuck, I need some fresh white meat and you’re gonna help me get it or I’m throwing your sorry ass out for good.  Take a look at this sweet bitch I’m gonna nail with your help, this one’s a sweet young redhead!” he replied and tossed the ad to her.  “Oh, please, Kareem!  You don’t need the innocent young bitch, ya got me!” she pleaded.

     “Shut the fuck up!  Get dressed and leave off some of the cheap gaudy jewelry.  You need to look like my fiancee and not like a dumb hooker, got it!  Well, let’s leave here at noon.  You follow the instruction I give up later and just keep your dumb mouth shut.  I’ll do all the talking.  It’ll take over an hour to get out there, meanwhile, I’ve got some shopping to do.” Kareem growled at the dumb bimbo.

     Making a quick trip to two nearby stores and Kareem found what he needed, a stick-on ‘Sold’ sticker.  Returning, he dressed up in a nifty three piece suit. Calling his buddy, he managed to borrow his slick sports car again.  And now to have Ms. Tiffany Price give the showing of her life!

     Tiffany had arrived at the home early to be certain the home was ready to be shown, placing the ‘open house’ signs at strategic locations to direct any prospective home buyers to the showing.  Her thoughts went to her fiancé, Mark Prather, wishing he didn’t have to be away over the weekend.  But, she looked forward to his return on Tuesday.  Anyway, it was for the better as she would be tied up all day with this showing.  At 24 years of age, she was ambitious and determined to get ahead in her real estate career.

     Driving by the ‘open house’ the first time, Kareem merely scouted out the property.  Driving in both directions leading to the property, Kareem stopped and pulled out the ‘open house’ signs that had been placed along the way.  Seeing more than one car at the home, it was apparent that potential buyers were touring the house.  Waiting for over a half-hour, the prospective buyers finally left the house, escorted to the front door by the beautiful sales agent.  Seeing the young beauty in the flesh for the first time, even at a distance, Kareem’s cock twitched at seeing the long red hair and milk-white skin of the young woman.

     Driving up to the front of the house, Kareem and his companion walked up the walkway to the front door.  Passing the ‘open house’ sign in front of the house, Kareem had the ‘Sold’ sign quickly slapped on diagonally across the posted sign.  This ‘Sold’ sticker on ‘Open House’ sign would have any other prospects giving up on looking at the property. Arriving at the front door, Kareem and his ‘fiancée’ were greeted by the lovely Tiffany Price.

     Kareem could feel his cock drooling as it multiplied in size as he shook the dainty white hand of his unsuspecting young victim, imagining that beautiful soft hand on his pulsing black tool.  ‘Baby, gonna make ya scream in a little bit.  Gonna stretch that tight little pussy around my black pole and make you scream real good.  Gonna ‘ruin’ ya real good, ain’t gonna be no white dick that’ll touch ya after this!’ Kareem’s mind raced with his thoughts.

     Tiffany, as usual, had brought her coffee maker, coffee and soft drinks for herself and for any prospective home buyers who might care for refreshments after their tour. She had been sipping a coke when the doorbell rang, setting her can of coke down on the kitchen counter.  “There’s some coffee made or a cold drink for you!  Tiffany added after greeting her prospective clients.  Spotting the open can of coke, Kareem replied “That’s nice of you.  How about a quick tour of the house first?”

     Tiffany had shivered at the touch of this muscular black man.  Her southern upbringing made her uncomfortable in dealing with a black man such as this potential client.  She would have been quite uneasy had it not been for the presence of this man’s fiancee, though his woman seemed like white trash.  But at least she was a female and that eased her tension, to have this black man’s fiancee with them in the house.

    Tiffany thought it rather odd that the woman did not seem particularly interested in accompanying them on the tour.  In fact, Ms. Prescott didn’t seem interested in even being there at all, and she hardly muttered a single word since she and her fiancé had arrived.  The woman’s honey-blonde hair was teased, her make-up a bit too heavy for Tiffany’s tastes, and her dress and heels didn’t impress the young real estate agent that Rhonda Prescott was the type who was cut out to be a wife and homemaker.  But Tiffany decided that this blonde bimbo's suitability as a wife and homemaker was strictly between Rhonda and her fiancé, so she just shook it off and began the tour.

     Taking a couple of polaroid shots of the house, to remember the houses viewed, was the reason given for the camera.  When Kareem asked to see the upstairs, Tiffany gladly showed the way, assuming both Kareem and his ‘fiancee’ would follow as she pointed out the highlights of stairway and each room.  As she reached the top step, Tiffany shivered in discovering that the black man’s fiancee hadn’t accompanied them upstairs.  She became nervous at being alone with this muscular black man, even with his fiancee downstairs.   She had been unaware of the eyes staring at her trim nylon encased legs as she climbed the stairs, trying to get a glimpse up her beige skirt.

     Meanwhile, downstairs, Kareem’s ‘fiancee’ had gotten the nod from Kareem as he was headed upstairs with the young innocent sales agent.  Acting as Kareem’s fiancee! God, was she pissed at that damned beautiful girl upstairs with her man.  Kareem pimped her out, but she was Kareem’s woman, and that damned naïve young bitch upstairs was a threat to her.  But she could not disobey Kareem’s orders, as she emptied the packet of white powder into the open can of coke.

     Upstairs, Kareem could feel the uneasiness of this beautiful young redhead.  Thinking to himself ‘Honey, you’re really gonna feel uneasy when I get you on this bed soon!  Gonna make ya scream real loud, gonna give it to ya real good and hard! Gonna knock ya up, little lady!’  Tiffany was a bit shaken when they entered the master bedroom and when she turned, a snapshot of taken.  It was a shot that Kareem would keep for his scrapbook of this beauty right next to the bed where he would ‘ruin’ her.   He laughed to himself at how quickly the upstairs tour was done, with the frightened young beauty leading the way back downstairs.  He could then see her breathe a sigh of relief as they rejoined his fiancee in the dining room.

     Tiffany had them relax at the dining room table as she got the drinks they requested.  Grabbing her can of coke, she joined the couple at the table and provided a sheet covering the details of the property.   Kareem looked at his fiancée, who nodded that her job had in fact been done.

    Tiffany was anxious when Kareem expressed his interest in the property.  Wanting to keep a friendly conversation going along with the sales pitch, Tiffany asked the couple on their wedding plans.  Kareem smiled and replied that it’s all in the works.  Viewing Tiffany’s sparkling diamond ring, Kareem inquired about her plans for marriage.  Tiffany smiled and confessed that she too was engaged and to be married in the spring.  As it was getting late in the day, Kareem apologized for keeping her.  Tiffany made the unfortunate mistake in advising that it was no problem since her fiancé was away for the weekend as well.

    To stall for time and to allow the beautiful sales agent to consume her coke, Kareem indicated he did indeed want to put a deposit down on the house.  In writing up the lengthy contract, Tiffany’s eyes began to blur and she suddenly became woozy.  Her free hand went to her forehead, trying to regain her composure.  But she was becoming drowsier with each passing second.  Then a large black hand was caressing her hand. Breathing hard, she tried to move her hand but it was now being held tightly.

     “Oh, I’m not feeling right.  Please, my head is spinning!” Tiffany groaned.  “That’s because we spiked your coke, my little beauty!” Kareem grinned.  “Wha…?  But ...................…..wh .............…..why?” Tiffany stammered.  “Cause, baby, I’m gonna give you something to remember me by!  Gonna fuck my long black cock in your tight little pussy!  Gonna ‘ruin’ you real good, bitch!” he laughed  “Oh, pleaseeee ……...........….pleaseeee …............……noooooooo!” came the muttered response.

     “Quick, get the camcorder,” Kareem grinned.  “The bitch is almost out, and I wanna catch the whole show on tape.”  The room was spinning out of control, and the dazed sales agent was struggling against the effects of the drug.  But it didn’t seem real, somehow, and her mind couldn’t focus.  She tried to stand, but it was no use.  Instead, she only stumbled and fell to the floor.

     As Rhonda readied the camcorder and pressed ‘record’, Kareem lifted the sprawled and woozy sales agent into his arms and started toward the stairs.  When Kareem reached the top of the stairs, he headed to the well furnished master bedroom.  He laid the lovely drugged beauty onto the middle of the bed. He then waited for his fiancee to make it up the stairs with the video camera.  Once she was in and the filming started again, Kareem started to remove his clothing, Rhonda zoomed in and capturing a close-up of the disbelieving stare of the drugged victim as her black assailant undressed before her.  Once he had stripped totally, he stood next to the bed, facing the stunned redhead and stroking his massive black cock.

     Tiffany was lifted by Kareem, into a sitting position, as her navy blue blazer was stripped from her.  She was then laid back onto the bed in her white blouse, navy blue skirt and her trim matching heels.  Kareem reached down with his huge black hand, and for the camera slowly undid Tiffany’s blue blouse. Tiffany shook her head, trying to plead with her assailant but her voice was only a mutter.  “Ohhhhh ………............pleaseeeeeeeee!” she gasped as her blouse was unbuttoned and a black paw began to feel her tender but firm breasts.

     A quick grab by Kareem’s black paw and Tiffany’s thin white bra was torn from her lily white body, baring her lovely white breasts capped by her reddish nipples.  Tears formed and flowed down Tiffany’s cheeks, as she was unable to stop the assault on her body.  She closed her eyes and moaned as Kareem bent over her to lick and suck at her sensitive nipples.  Then Kareem turned the sobbing beauty a bit and slipped the blouse from her.

     Next came the removal of the beige skirt, drawing it off the petite beauty’s trim legs and heels.  That left Tiffany wearing leaving only her lacy white panties, nylons, and black heels.  Meanwhile, the video camera continued to record all of the degrading events that Tiffany would suffer on this day.  Behind the camera was the face of a resentful woman, who had seen better days, her once-lovely face prematurely worn from alcohol, drugs and her late-night occupation.  A woman who was determined not to lose her man to some beautiful naïve like the little goody-goody bitch on the bed, resenting the beauty for turning on her man but yet happy to see the naïve little bitch degraded by Kareem.

     The video captured the removal of he black heels, then her smoky pantyhose were rolled peeled down over her trim hips and rolled off her sexy legs.  Then the waistband of her panties were grasped and that last protective item ofg the frightened beauty.  While the sobbing beauty tossed her head in disbelief and she pleaded incoherently, Kareem began to lick the beauty’s tiny toes and soles, slowly up her ivory white thighs to the treasured jewel. “Arrrgghh …..................arrgghhhhhhh …………………..ohhhhhhhhhh!” came the anguished moan, as Kareem dove into the soft golden muff and ate out the young beauty.

     Never had young Tiffany experienced such a depraved and degrading act on her innocent body.  She had been intimate with her fiancé but it had been gentle love-making and such intimate relations were only occasional, as Tiffany did not want her anxious fiancé thinking it would be a regular thing before the wedding.  The invading tongue teased her stiff little clit and the grasping of her sensitive clit between the nibbling teeth sent the agonizing beauty through the roof.  The ivory-white body arched, as a mind-shattering orgasm struck the beauty, an orgasm of a magnitude never experienced before.  “Ohhhhh ………………………..ohhhhhhhhhhh………………..ohhhhhhhhhhh!” groaned the little beauty.

      Tiffany was in an obvious daze, a combination of her mind-shattering orgasm and her drug-induced state.  A slight slap to the face brought her back to some sense of reality.  Kareem placed a hand behind her head, forcing her to look a the menacing black tool that was nuzzling it’s head in her soft red mound, as it searched for her treasured prize.  The frightened look on Tiffany’s face would be a terrific scene on the video, the fear that registered told it all.  “Oh, pleaseee ……..God, nnnnoooo!” Tiffany’s pleas coming out in a slur.

     Kareem signaled for Rhonda to pass him the video camera so he could get a close-up of the sobbing beauty.  He whispered to her to get the polaroid from downstairs, as he would need a few shots later. Moments later, Rhonda returned with the polaroid and also in her hands was Tiffany’s purse.  Rhonda had a wide smile on her face as she held up a tiny foil packet and signaled that she found it in the purse.  Then he slowly handed the camera back to his accomplice and took the purse.  The camera rolled as it recorded Kareem’s emptying the purse onto the bed and then ‘finding’ the foil packet.  “Well, well, my little beauty!  What have we here!” he commented, holding up the foil packet for the purpose of the camera.

     Tiffany was embarrassed, even in her vulnerable condition, that the condom was found in her purse.  A condom that she kept with her just in case things got beyond control with her fiancé, for use on the rare occasion that she allowed him to go all the way.  Then, some sanity returned and she realized that the very condom could very well help her at this very moment.  “Oh, God …...........…….please, noooooooo ….…..........…musstt …..............…..yessss …….................conn …...........................….condommm!” she stammered in desperation.

     Kareem leaned over and looked at the pleading Tiffany, then taunted “The little lady doesn’t want me bareback, huh?  Don’t want my hot black baby juice? Don’t want a little black baby growing in your pretty white tummy?”  As he nuzzled his cockhead into her soft red fleece “For you, my pretty little thing, I’ll put on this infernal rubber!  Just for you, my sweet beauty!”  The camera recorded Kareem kneeling back up to tear open the foil packet, catching the wide-eyed beauty sigh in relief.  Kareem took the condom out and brought it down to his cock.

     Sighing in relief, Tiffany laid her head back onto the pillow as her black assailant rolled the safety sheath upon his potent weapon.  In her drugged state, she still had some conscious thoughts and was thankful this rape would not leave her with a black baby.  The camera caught everything on tape, as Kareem handled his long black cock, only he was merely stroking himself as the limp condom lay uselessly on the bed.

     As Kareem leaned over to kiss the sweet lips of the dazed young wife, he had his bared cockhead seeking her slick groove. Pushing the trim white thighs widespread and up, Kareem pushed forward with his hard black bone. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ……….…….arrggggggghhhhhhhhh ….........…….ohhhhhhhhhhh ………toooooo ……………biggggggg ……… hurtttttsssssssss!” Tiffany screamed in agony, her tight pussy muscles unable to prevent her brutal rape.  “Arrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhh …………..ohhhhhhh ……………nooooooooooooooooo!” she screamed as Kareem brutally thrust into her, sinking more of his massive black cock into her precious jewel.

     “Oh, Goddddd, babbbbyyyyy, you’re so fucking tight …..............….awwwwwww!” Kareem groaned in delight as he thrust again into the young beauty.  He was  enjoying Tiffany’s screams and pleas  “Ohhhhhhh ….......…… plaseeeeee ……….….ittttttt ……………hurtttssss……................ohhhhhhhhhhhh!”   This was music to Kareem’s ears, for there was nothing better than to hear a beautiful white gal screaming from the agony of being forced to accept his long black cock.  If he didn’t know better, he’d have sworn this tight little bitch was a virgin, the way her tight pussy was snapping at his throbbing cock.

     Then the hump sped up to where it was like a jackhammer plundering into the drugged beauty.  Tiffany’s head shook slowly from side to side in disbelief, trying desperately to keep her body from responding but she couldn’t keep her muscles from squeezing at the long black cock.  She groaned as her mind betrayed her, her hips arching up each time to now receive the thrusting black cock.

     With the beauty’s dainty white feet on the sides of his thick neck, Kareem slowed his thrusts to have the sobbing beauty feel every groove in his thick black cock.  Withdrawing till only his cockhead remained, the long journey down till his cockhead bottomed out in her fertile womb.  He smiled and laughed to himself that the dumb cunt thought he’d put on that damned rubber ‘God, I sure hope like hell that I knock up this sweet little thing.  The white punk she’s marrying is going to be in for a hell of a surprise when the baby is born!'

     When Kareem felt the dainty feet begin to press down onto his shoulders, he knew the sweet beauty was gonna have an orgasm.  With that he sped up his fucking again.  Sure enough, Tiffany pressed down onto the black shoulder with her feet, her hands grasping his arms, as her hips arched up in a mind-shattering orgasm.  An orgasm of such magnitude never before experienced.  Kareem leaned forward, reaching down to grasp the tight white asscheeks, and buried his spasming cock deep into the beauty’s fertile womb.

     Kareem groaned as his cock exploded, the hot slimy goo filling Tiffany’s womb and pussy full to the brim.  As Tiffany was coming back down to earth, Kareen tongued her ear, whispering to her “Aw, baby, if not for that damned rubber, you’d definitely be carrying Kareem’s little black baby!”  Tiffany sighed with relief, thankful that the condom would not put her in the family way.

     Slowly, Kareem withdrew his softening cock from Tiffany’s well-stretched vagina.  As his cock exited with a loud pop, a thick flow of jism followed, down Tiffany’s buttocks and puddling on the bed.  All of this being recorded on tape.  In Tiffany’s drug-induced state, she was in a different world and oblivious of the dangerous situation that existed between her trim white thighs.

     After Kareem got off the bed, Rhonda stopped the camcorder, smiling down at the degraded little bitch.  ‘Serves the little bitch right for trying to take my man!’ she thought to herself.  She knew Kareem had enjoyed taking the beautiful bitch and would probably want more, she desperately needed to do something to put his bitch in her place.  Rather than showing her jealousy to Kareem, she went to him and massaged his shoulders “Baby, you sure socked it to the little bitch.  Let me help you degrade this sweet thing even more, honey!  And you can get it all on film!”

     This stimulated Kareem’s mind.  “Didn’t know you swung both ways!  So, you want a piece of this young bitch.  Hmmm, should be fun!  Go right ahead, help yourself to this beautiful piece of ass.”

     Kareem began recording as Rhonda began to undress.  He smiled as he recorded Rhonda crawling up Tiffany’s drugged and limp body.  Rhonda sat on Tiffany’s breasts, then gave her a hard slap across the face, to bring Tiffany back to her senses and to punish her for trying to take her man.  Rhonda watched the stunned beauty’s face carefully, as she scooted up further.  She laughed as Tiffany’s beautiful face cringed in disgust.  “What’s the matter, sweet thing?  Don’t you like the smell?  That’s just my crotch that I whore out to the old hard up bums on the north side!  Come on baby, get a taste of my tangy little gash!  Too bad, bitch, but I was in a bit of a hurry to get out here today and I didn’t have time to douche for ya!”  With that, Rhonda grasped Tiffany’s head with two hands and ground her face into her foul smelling cunt.  To Rhonda, she would always be above this little bitch, with the knowledge that she had her eating out of her dirty pussy.

     When Rhonda was done with the bitch, she laughed at the now unconscious beauty, knowing she had kept Kareem’s interest in her by helping to degrade the little bitch.  As Kareem crawled up on the bed again, Rhonda started the camcorder again.  Kareem was intent on leaving the unconscious beauty with a belly full of his potent seed.  Later, polaroids were taken of Tiffany with the black cock on her pink lips.  Photos that would be left on the bedside for her to find.  Kareem took the uncoiled condom, put his finger in it and stuck it up Tiffany’s well-filled cunt, then turned it inside out to keep some cum in it.

     That evening, Tiffany slowly stirred on the bed.  She was puzzled at the strange surroundings.  She gasped at the nightmare she had, ‘But why was she here in the ‘open house’, surely it couldn’t have happened’ she thought.  She cringed at the foul smell, as she breathed in.  Lifting her head up, she gazed down at her body and began to cry, realizing the nightmare had really occurred.  She had indeed been raped by a black man and made to suck out his filthy whore.  Sitting up, she saw the two polaroid photos of her and groaned in despair.

     She looked down to see the limp condom between her legs, in the middle of a large stained area.  Retrieving it, she peered into it and saw it sticky with what was obviously cum.  She sighed in relief, knowing her rapist had used the condom that she had preserved for her fiancé.  She thought of reporting the rape to the police but quickly dismissed it, for she knew she could never let Mark know that she had been raped by a black. Even though the nigger’s cum had not soiled her.

     She desperately looked about the room for her clothing.  Her expensive tailored suit, blouse, bra, and heels were nowhere in sight.  Then she looked down realizing that the panties she now wore were not her own -- they were HERS!  Tiffany cringed in disgust as she observed that the crotch of the panties were noticeably soiled and stained.  She again searched for her own panties, but the only garment in sight was Rhonda’s cheap dress.  Obviously, Kareem’s fiancee had taken her expensive clothing and left the cheap dress for her in exchange. She would have to make it home dressed and smelling like a two-bit whore.

End of Story.