Seduced Sales Agent – III
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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        Rhonda Prescott admired her reflection in the mirror, proud of how she looked in the expensive business suit that she had stolen from Tiffany Price, the sales agent in their recent real estate scam.  Kareem looked at her, smiling at the thought of what they had done to the naïve and foolish real estate agent.  And the expensive clothing did in fact give Rhonda a new look.

     Looking again at Rhonda, in her new outfit, Kareem’s mind began to churn.  He knew he had the perfect setup of any unsuspecting real estate agent.  But he wanted a bit more, a bit more intrigue and challenge.  He knew he could take advantage of the unsuspecting beauty in the home she was showing.  But nailing her in her own home, right on her marital bed for the first time, now that was a challenge.

     He thought back to the first time he took advantage of a lovely sales agent.  Yes, the petite little blonde Deanna Hollington, whom he had dinner with under the guise of purchasing the house.  He laughed at the thought of nailing the lovely beauty just before her wedding day and more so trying to picture her face when the damned check bounced on her.  But the conversation over dinner came back to him.  He recalled Deanna telling him she would eventually like to have her own real estate firm.  From what he recalled having looked at the real estate brochure, Deanna Hollington was up and coming in the industry.  Just perhaps her good name could be put to use for his scheming plot.  Yes, he’d screw her over again but this time using her good name to set up some unsuspecting beauty.

     Thinking carefully over the next week or so, Kareem had outlined his devious plan.  Now to find the little gem to satisfy his lust.  Whenever her saw a real estate magazine, he picked one up to review, but it was not the properties he was interested in.  The color brochures always had photos of the real estate agents and he could take his time in making his next selection.

     Going through a number of brochures, Kareem’s thoughts were interrupted by the ringing phone.  Answering the phone, Kareem greeted his caller “Hey Dude!  What’s up?  Yeah!  Yeah!  You don’t say.  No shitting!  That good, huh?  She works out of  the real estate office next to your shop, huh.  Very pretty, you say!  Early 20’s, long light-brown hair, about 5’5” ………..go on …………..married, huh!  Lori Holz, huh!  Why ya putting me on to something like this beauty?  Aw, okay, so you want something on her so you can later get into her tight little pants, huh!  You want me to video tape it, huh?  Okay,
ya gonna fax me over a newspaper ad that has her picture on it.  If what you say about this gal is true, I’ll even bring back sweet little Lori’s panties, for you to jerk off with when you watch the video!”

     Ten minutes later, Kareem retrieved the fax transmission.  Looking at the faxed ad and photo, Kareem smiled and nodded.  Yes, Kareem would definitely have to look into this hot lead.  He’d call his friend later and stop in at his office next week, just to get a glance at the real thing.

     Once Kareem got a glimpse of the lovely Lori Holz in person, his cock twitched in excitement.  He knew he had to have her, have her spreading her trim tanned white legs, right on the bed she shared with her husband.  After having coffee with his friend, Kareem promised to get him a real hot video with Lori’s white legs spread wide for his big black cock.  Kareem laughed and nodded when his friend reminded him of the promise of Lori’s sweet little panties.

     Having talked at length with Deanna Hollington about the real estate industry, Kareem knew the basic payouts to agents.  But to be certain, he called in to the real estate firm that Lori Holz worked for.  Pretending to be interested in joining the firm, Kareem confirmed the sales percentages so he could speak with knowledge with the unsuspecting beauty.  Now to rehearse the strategy with Rhonda, but with this bimbo it was going to take a lot of rehearsing.

     Lori was taken by surprise when she received the call from Deanna Hollington.  She had heard of Deanna Hollington in the real estate circles, aware of her reputation for sales and listings.  Deanna was setting up her own firm with a partner and they were interested in having her join the firm.  Higher commissions and profit-sharing incentives were mentioned but Deanna wanted to discuss the details over dinner at an exclusive restaurant.  As her husband was working nights, Lori relayed to Deanna that a dinner meeting would be perfect.  Lori arranged to meet with Deanna and her partner at the restaurant that same evening.

     Intrigued by the possibility of increasing her profit margin, having been in real estate sales for a relatively short time, Lori wanted to help her husband financially.  She and her husband, Scott, hoped to get ahead financially so they could settle down and start a family.  Starting a family seemed a long way off as she was busy working days and weekends as a sales agent.

    That afternoon, Lori told her loving husband of the exciting call she had received that day.  That she’d be meeting with Deanna Hollington and her partner that evening over dinner at the new exclusive restaurant.  Lori and Scott were both excited, hoping this new job offer would allow them to move up their plans on starting a family.  Until they were financially set, and due to the fact that Lori could not take the pill, Scott was resigned to having to wear a condom whenever they made love.  Both Lori and Scott dreamed of the day when they would no longer be constrained by the dreaded hindrance.

     Before driving to the restaurant, Lori dressed in a dark gray suit consisting of a matching skirt and jacket, a white blouse and black patent leather heels.  The skirt was tight and sexy with a slit up the left side and would have men’s heads turning.  She eagerly drove to the restaurant, excited at the prospect of meeting the realtors of the new firm, hoping to impress them further and land the job with them.

     Arriving at the restaurant, Lori nervously walked up the stairway after giving her car to the valet.  As she entered the elegant restaurant, she saw a nicely dressed woman wave to her and got up to approach her.  She smiled, shaking Deanna Hollington’s hand as the introductions were made.  Never having met Ms. Hollington, Lori had only heard of her.  Though Ms. Hollington dressed very nicely, Lori was not impressed at all with the woman.  As far as the brunette was concerned, Deanna Hollington, in spite of her distinguished reputation, looked rather cheap, unrefined, even ‘slutty’.

     Walking to the table with Ms. Hollington, she was even more surprised to meet her partner, Mr. Kareem Thomas.  Introductions were made, Lori feeling a bit uncomfortable with the large black man who was Ms. Hollington’s partner.  She had shivered in apprehension when she shook his large black hand, unprepared for such a meeting.  But the talk focused on the new firm and Lori enthusiasm perked up again.  The promise of a much higher commission on sales and listings make the prospect quite exciting.

     That evening, Lori was careful to be very conservative in consuming any alcoholic beverages, even though her potential employers encouraged her to order along with them.  She consumed only two drinks during the elegant dinner, as they discussed the potential commissions she could anticipate.  She thought it rather odd that Deanna didn’t talk about anything technical in the real estate field and Kareem always steered the conversation back to the commission payouts.  After-dinner drinks were ordered for each of them, insisted upon by the scheming Kareem, then Rhonda suggested to Lori that
they freshen up in the ladies’ room.

     Following the after-dinner drink and coffee, Lori began to feel a bit woozy.  She thought that she may have consumed the first drink on an empty stomach or may be coming down with something.  She was unaware that Rhonda had deliberately timed their exit to the ladies’ room, timing it perfectly at about the time the after dinner drinks would arrive, time for Kareem to slip the powdered sedatives into her drink.

     Kareem, being the perfect gentleman, offered to have Rhonda drive Lori’s car and take her home.  As “Deanna” had come with him, he’d follow and drive her back once Lori was safely home and she wouldn’t have to worry about picking up her car.  Lori profusely apologized, embarrassed at her condition and having wanted so much to make a good impression.  But Kareem and Rhonda reassured her, telling her it was probably just an allergic reactions to some food she ate. Lori could barely keep her eyes open and her thoughts straight, agreeing with the suggestion as it seemed quite rational.  As she got into the passenger seat of her car, she gave Rhonda the address and general directions to her home.

     Fortunately, Lori did not reside too far from the restaurant and could provide the directions, though she was feeling quite woozy and faint.  As they pulled into the driveway, opening the garage door and parking Lori’s car, Rhonda advised Lori that she would help her into the house.  Rhonda told her it was no problem and Kareem would wait in the car.

     Lori was so thankful for “Deanna’s” help and relieved by her reassurances that it was not the alcohol but some reaction in her body.  Rhonda closed the front door as she escorted Lori to her bedroom, leaving the door unlocked for Kareem to follow.  Lori could barely make it to the bedroom, fortunately “Deanna’s” steady hand assisted her.  Kareem’s bimbo accomplice smiled as she began to assist the petite young wife to undress, helping her off with her gray jacket and matching skirt, as Rhonda had every
intention of keeping Lori’s outfit for herself.  Lori stepped out of her black heels and skirt at the same time and was assisted out of her white blouse.  Now in only her white lace bra and panties, Lori was helped into bed.

      Hidden in the dark shadows of the hallway, a grinning Kareem caught everything on the video camcorder.  His cock began to throb as Rhonda began to help the beautiful Lori undress.  When she was down to her white lace bra and panties, Kareem wanted to rush in and slide his black meat home, wanting to hear her scream when he put it to her.  Looking at her sexy white panties, Kareem chuckled to himself, remembering it was the prize he promised his friend.  Kareem couldn’t blame his friend for wanting to get into this little babe’s sweet panties.  He wondered just what his friend had in store for this little beauty.

     The camcorder was stopped after Rhonda tucked the beauty in.  Then he gave the camcorder to Rhonda and walked over to the foot of the bed.  Looking directly at the camera, Kareem smiled and slowly began to disrobe, revealing his muscular black body and the mighty weapon he planned to use on the drugged young wife.  What an added thrill it was to take this innocent young wife, right on the bed that she shared with her loving husband.  He wished her white punk husband was here right now, so he could watch his precious little wife ‘ruined’ before his own eyes.  His thoughts had his 12” cock standing at full attention, twitching and oozing with pre-cum with the thought of just possibly knocking-up this little white beauty.

     When Kareem slowly pulled the sheet off, Lori opened her hazy eyes and gasped at the sight before her.  Her future boss was in the room, in her bedroom, stroking his long black cock right before her eyes.  “Ohhhh, pleaseeee ………………..pleaseeeeeee ………………..noooooooooooo!” she panted.  “Please ……........…leave …..............……please …….............………I won’t tell!” she sobbed.  “Wh ….......................whyyy?” she fearfully stammered.

     “You really believed all that shit we fed you on making more money, huh, babe!  Thought you’d help me in sales, huh?  Maybe you can at that, Mrs. Holz!  Yeah, you gonna make me some money!  Know a lotta guys who’d pay a lot to get into your sweet panties, Mrs. Holz!  Gonna let Rhonda show you the ropes.” Kareem laughed, moving forward so his mighty cock near the frightened young wife.  “Gonna fuck you right on your marital bed, Mrs. Holz.  Gonna ‘ruin’ the beautiful Mrs. Holz!  What’s hubby gonna say if he finds out his precious little wife got a 12” black cock up her tight little pussy?  Think hubby will stick his little wiener in ya again, Mrs. Holz?” Kareem taunted the distressed young wife.

     “Oh, please …….........……please don’t ……..........….please don’t rape me!” Lori sobbed, as tears flowed down her innocent face.  Then she clenched her lips shut and turned away as the oozing black cock brushed against her face.  Lori shuddered, her woozy mind realizing that this madman wanted to put his filthy black penis into her mouth.

     Kareem laughed at the young wife’s horrified look.  He grasped her head and forced her head towards him “Gonna give the little wife a chocolate popsicle to suck on!  Open your sweet pink lips, Mrs. Holz.”  Lori shuddered in disgust as her lips were painted with the glossy slime.  Then the pressure against her lips forced her to admit the huge black monster.  Lori thought she would die in shame as the thick black tool began to fuck in and out, her mouth becoming slimy from the filthy mucous.  It was such a monstrous cock and Lori was desperately trying to breathe.

     Finally Lori took a deep breath as the monster was withdrawn from her lips.  Then she felt the bra straps being drawn over her shoulders and the bra pulled down to reveal her pink capped breasts.  She gasped as Kareem’s thick hot lips began to feast and suck at her tender nipples.  She tried to push his head away but didn’t have the strength in her physical condition.

     “Oh, please ……........…….no …………..........…….please!” Lori pleaded as her thin white panties were being eased over her hips.  Kareem smiled as he bared the forbidden prize, the prized possession of her white boy husband, and he aimed to claim it. He balled up the tiny white garment and tossed it onto his pants, not wanting to forget it.

     Lori gasped as her trim white legs were spread wide.  “Ohhhhhhhh …………..................noooooooooooooo!” she groaned loudly as Kareem buried his face into her soft fleece.  “Ohhhh, pleaseeee …………................…..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she groaned as the slithering tongue delved into her slick groove, arching up into her attacker.  She felt as if she was being eaten alive.  “Oh, Goddddddddddd ………………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……….....................….ohhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed, as a mind-shattering orgasm overtook her.

     Kareem’s glistening face emerged from the white boy’s sweet honey pot, licking his lips to savor the sweet nectar.  “Okay, Mrs. Holz, time to stretch that tight little white pussy!” he taunted, rubbing his thick cockhead between her slick womanhood.  “Oh, no ……….please, no ……………….I’ll get pregnant ……………….please, use a condom!” Lori desperately pleaded. “Please ………please, in the drawer!” Lori pointed to where her husband’s condoms were located.

     “Uggggggghhhhhhhhh ….........………………ohhhhhhhhhhh!” Lori cried out, as the thick cockhead forced its way into her snug entrance.  “Ain’t gonna use no rubber, Mrs. Holz!  Gonna fuck ya bareback!  Gonna ‘ruin’ ya good, Mrs. Holz!  Gonna fuck a little black baby in ya!  Give your white boy hubby a little bundle of joy!” Kareem taunted, slamming more of his thick cock into the tight vice between the trim white legs.

     It was pure agony for Lori.  The monster cock forcing itself into her was far longer and thicker than Scott’s, stretching her as never before, penetrating her to a depth never reached before.  In her drugged state, Lori could only moan in her agony and shame of having a black cock soil her.  She groaned, knowing her husband would never want to touch her again if he learned she had indeed been ‘ruined’.

     With long deep strokes, Kareem plundered the sobbing young wife.   The sudden tight grip of Lori’s trim white legs around his ass, along with her fingers digging into his back, he knew the young wife shuddering body had reached an unwanted climax.  As she settled down in a stupor, Kareem slapped her face to bring her back to reality, fucking her with all his might.  Lori was stunned, realizing what she had done, and now this black rapist was intent on spewing his slimy filth deep in her.

     “Oh, God ….......……..please ……....………please ……………….stop ……...........please don’t cum …….................don’t cum in me …..................not …...............….please …………I’ll get pregnant!” Lori cried, trying to kick and hit at her savage rapist.  But the fucking sped up, Kareem goading on her fight by taunting her “Here it cums,................. Mrs. Holz!  Gonna fill ya with my hot black seed!  Gonna my black baby in your precious little white belly.  Ahhhhh .............………yeahhh ………..............…….here it cums, bitch!”  The camcorder recorded the quivering black ass, again encircled by the trim white legs, as it dumped its potent load deep into the young wife’s fertile womb.

     Kareem slowly pulled out of the sobbing beauty, watching as she turn on her side and curled up in the fetal position, ashamed at having been ‘ruined’ by his long black cock.  What a sight it was for Kareem, nailing this pretty white bitch right on her marital bed and hopefully knocking her up real good.

     Then the camcorder was stopped.  Rhonda smiled as she approached him “Can I give her a little treat?  I wanna teach this little bitch something!”  Kareem laughed and nodded, taking the camcorder from her.  Then he focused it as Rhonda began to strip before the bed.

     Lori pleaded as she was turned “Oh, please, Deanna ……...........………he raped me!  Please help me!”  But she looked down and saw that Rhonda had taken off her clothes also.  Her drugged body unable to put up resistance at the point.  She gasped as Rhonda got onto the bed and straddled her.  Then she shivered and cringed as Rhonda moved closer, the disgusting stench between her legs was overwhelming.

     “Bought that Deanna shit too, huh, you dumb bitch!  Suckered in by a pimp and his whore!  Got some sweet tasting dessert for ya, sugar!  Got it just for ya this afternoon.  Yeah, planned it ahead just for you.  You ain’t taking my man, Kareem, from me.  He ain’t gonna want you after you eat my smelly cunt out. Yeah, I let this filthy junkie dump his load in me for a measly $20 ……………….wanted to feed ya some of his filthy cum, bitch!” Rhonda laughed.  Grasping Lori by the hair, she moved forward to bury Lori’s nose into her smelly gash.  “Use that tongue and eat me out bitch, or you ain’t gonna come up for air!” she ordered.

     Lori sobbed in desperation, hoping her degrading ordeal was over.  But she was in for a big disappointment.  The camcorder began to roll again when Kareem crawled up onto the bed.  “Oh, please ………........……no more ……...............…please!” Lori pleaded.  She was stunned and puzzled when she was pushed onto her stomach.  Then her hips were drawn up.  The video caught her horrified face when she realized what this demented rapist intended to do.  “No, please ……...........….please, I’ve neverrrrrrrr ……...........……..nooooooo ……...................….aieeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Lori screeched from the blinding pain as she was being sodomized up her butt..

     “God, what a beautiful tight ass.  A sweet cherry white ass!” Kareem beamed as he shagged the terrified young beauty.  Hearing the agonized whimpering of the lovely wife was music to Kareem’s ears, getting his cock harder than ever.  Soon, he would be flushing out her tight little ass with a hot enema.

     Lori didn’t remember passing out, but when she awoke, her two assailants were long gone. The disgusting aftertaste of Rhonda’s filthy cunt, and the throbbing pain in her as confirmed that her hellish nightmare had in fact occurred, as she tried desperately to collect her thoughts.  Glancing at the clock, Lori groaned, knowing that her husband would be home soon, and she just couldn’t let him to see her like this.

     Dragging herself out of bed, Lori realized that her clothes were gone, vaguely recalling the image of the disgusting blonde trying on her clothes just before she passed out with Kareem’s thick black cock crammed up her ass.  Checking the closet, she discovered to her horror that several of her most expensive outfits were also missing.

     Overwhelmed, Lori managed to retrieve a towel and wipe as much of her rapist’s sperm from her oozing and ravaged cunt and asshole.  She knew she needed to flush his potent sperm out of her womb or risk the humiliation of becoming pregnant with his baby – a nigger baby!  But, she felt suddenly lightheaded, dizzy and unsteady on her feet, just barely making it back to bed before fainting.

     When Lori awoke, it took the woozy young wife several seconds to collect her thoughts and realize that she was stark naked in her bed and that her husband was gently fucking her. He must have come home while she was passed out, and, finding her naked in bed, he couldn’t resist.

     “Honey, no!” Lori whispered, trying to push him off.  “Please, I – I’m dirty!”  But it was too late.  She recognized the telltale grunt as she felt her husband tense and empty himself in her already-stretched and oozing cunt, unknowingly adding his sperm to Kareem’s in her unprotected womb.

     Lori Holz lay motionless, ashamed, humiliated and confused as her loving husband slept beside her.  She could feel a steady flow of semen oozing out of her pussy, and gently nudged her husband awake.  “Scott, honey, did you remember to wear a . . ............... you know?  You did, didn’t you?”

     “No, babe, I, well . . .................... after all that talk yesterday about starting a family, and finding you like this, I – I thought maybe we should just go ahead and start our family right here, right now, sweetheart.  I love ya, babe,” he whispered, giving his wife a loving pat on her belly.  Moments later, Scott Holz was again sleeping soundly.  Unaware that his lovely wife lay crying softly beside him, already pregnant with a black man’s baby.  The young wife knew it was much too late to try to douche the filth from her womb, and she only hoped she could put it all behind her, vowing that her husband could never know what her nigger rapist and his bimbo girlfriend had don to her that night.

     Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Kareem presented a video tape wrapped up in a pair of lacy white panties.  Kareem listened to his excited friend, as he explained just what he had in store for the lovely Mrs. Lori Holz.  Kareem shook his head and laughed aloud “God, buddy, that’s fucking unreal!  No shitting!  God, and I felt sorry for the sweet little bitch when Rhonda made her eat out her smelly cunt!  Man, that sweet little beauty going to wish she was never born once you get your grimy paws on her!”

End of Story.