Seduced Sales Agent – IV
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

 Thaddeus Simpson, Thad as he liked to be called, hated having to come out to main realty office for such meetings, even though it was only twice a year.  He realized it was necessary for the firm to get all the caretakers if they wanted uniform handling of the properties under their management.  But he felt so underdressed coming to the sales office where the meetings were held, especially with the sales agents so nicely dressed.

 During a break from the meeting, Thad went into the empty break room for a cup of coffee while the other guys went outside for a smoke break.  As there were small partitions in the large break room, Thad chose the one in the far corner to avoid the incoming sales people, sitting with his back against the partition.

 As he glanced at a sports magazine and sipped his coffee, Thad heard the clicking of high heels entering the break room.  Peeking out from the side of the partition, he gazed at the long ivory legs of the beautiful blonde that had her back to him.  There was no mistaking who this lovely blonde was, after all the times he had watched her walking about the complex that he took care.  He licked his lips as he continued to ogle the body of beautiful Ms. Amber Logan who stood at 5’4” and about 117 lbs.  Then another woman entered the room and began to chat with Ms. Logan.

 Sitting back against the partition, Thad heard the chairs being pulled out from the table right behind him.  As the partitions were only 5’ high, he could hear all that was being said as there was no other noise in the background.  It became obvious that the young ladies had no idea of his presence in listening to their girl talk.

 Thad quietly listened to the two women talking about a going away party that night.  The party was for a pregnant female employee who was quitting her job to become a full-time housewife & mother.  Amber told her friend that she wished that such a time would come for her soon, that she and her husband discussed having a child.  He heard Amber giggle, telling her friend that with a little help from Mother Nature the next going away party may just be for her.

Amber told her friend that she recently went off the pill but so far she hasn't had any luck getting pregnant.  “I sure wish Mike didn’t have to go out of town on business this weekend.  Looking at the calendar, this is the opportune time but hopefully it won’t be too late when he returns in a couple of days.  I just can’t wait to get pregnant and to feel a precious little baby kicking inside me!” Amber giggled.

Hearing this, Thaddeus felt his cock twitching and growing in his khaki pants.  His devious mind began racing as he'd always had a thing for the beautiful Amber Logan ever since the first time he laid eyes on her.  He had tried to strike up a friendship with her but she always seemed to turn a cold shoulder to him, which only served to piss him off wishing that just maybe someday she’d sing a different tune.

Hidden behind the partition, Thad’s thoughts were filled with the image of the uppity young blonde with her sexy ivory legs wrapped around her husband's waist as he humps her and pumps her, trying unsuccessfully to knock her up.  Then he imagined those same sexy legs wrapped around his waist, making her squeal far louder than she responded to her husband, fucking her and planting his wicked seed in her fertile womb.  But he knew there was absolutely no way this young blonde beauty like her would ever willingly fuck him, knowing she’d never let a sixty year old black man touch her much less fuck her.

Then Thaddeus overheard Amber tell the other woman that she wished she could join everyone for the going away party but first she'd had to head out of town for a quick walk-through of her newest rental listing.  As it was a very lucrative rental unit, a vacant duplex on the beach that had been down for renovations, it was finally cleared for occupancy pending a final inspection.  Amber was disappointed in not being able to cancel her afternoon appointment so she could do the inspection and make it back to the party in time.

Thaddeus knew exactly the rental unit that Amber Logan was referring to.  Actually, it was he who had left a message for her yesterday to advise that the duplex was now cleared for occupancy.  In fact, he still had the spare key, not having had a chance to return it yet as he had been late for the meeting.  Thinking quickly, he now decided to cancel out on going with the other caretakers for lunch.  He needed to find a key shop as he knew that Ms. Logan would be using the standard checklist that the spare key was returned to the realty office.

Having let the repair crew in and out of the duplex Thad knew it was fully furnished and done very nicely as the unit would be marketed out as a weekly to vacationers.  It was like a nice hotel room with all the furnishings, including cooking facilities.  He could just picture the main furnishing that stood out in his mind, the large king-sized bed that would be perfect for the lovely real estate agent to stretch out on.  ‘Yeah, perfect for her to spread out her charms on it, with me between her sweet white legs.

It was mid-afternoon and the meeting was finally over, with the key made during lunch and the original spare returned, Thaddeus prayed that he was not too late to beat the unsuspecting beauty out to the unit.  On his was out, he paused to chat with the receptionist for a minute, making note that the checkout board indicated that Amber Logan was still in the office.

On his way out to the complex, Thad stopped off to pick up a bottle of cheap port.  Now to get to the duplex and await the arrival of unsuspecting young wife.  On the short drive from the grocery store to the duplex, he remembered the bottle of pain pills he still had in his toolbox, pills that had been prescribed by the doctor after he'd thrown his back out a few months earlier.  He recalled just how potent they were, how drowsy he had become after taking just one, laying him up for hours.  One way or another he was determined to possess the young beautiful wife and the pills just might come in handy.

Thad was careful not to park his pickup truck in front of the complex as he was certain the young beauty had seen him going to and from his truck the last time she had been out to the complex.  He did not want to tip off the fact he's there, wanting to give her a nice surprise when she viewed the rental unit.  Through a window, he watched as Amber finally arrived and pulled up into a parking stall.  Then he headed to the kitchen were he had placed his tools.

Amber parked her car and looked about the nice setting of his vacation rental.  Walking up to the unit, she inserted the key and let herself in for a quick walk-through.  She looked about the living room and checked it off on her list, then moved to the kitchen.  She was startled to find the handyman there and gave a loud gasp.  She saw the handyman’s body jerk under the sink and a loud thud came from under the sink followed by a stream of cussing.

Mouth open in being startled, Amber saw the handyman lean back out from under the sink, his hand going to his head obviously in pain.  Then she realized that the handyman had been injured because of being startled by her arrival.  She ran over to help the older handyman, not realizing that all this was actually good acting on his part.  She assisted him up and had him sit on a kitchen chair.  She sat on the side of the injured man and apologized for startling him, telling him that she did not realize that he was in the unit.  She told him she thought the unit had already been cleared for occupancy and had seen that his was turned in earlier.

Thad continued to hold his head, grimacing as if in great pain, explaining that he left the door unit unlocked today before returning the key as there was one small item he wanted to double check.  He added that from his last conversation with her, he knew how anxious she was to get it back on the rental market, thus he made the call just prior to its completion.  Further, Thad advised that he did not expect anyone to do the inspection one day after his call, especially after 5 p.m. on a Friday afternoon.

 Although she felt rather uncomfortable to be alone with this man, Amber was too naive to suspect any trouble from the maintenance man.  She had to make sure he was okay, especially since she had startled him and in a sense caused his injury.

 Sitting and comforting the handyman, Amber was happy to see the man recovering from the bump on his head.  Finally when Thaddeus seemed recovered from his injury, she thanked him for his conscientious work and appreciated him getting the unit back on the market ahead of the scheduled time.  With that comment, Thad slowly got up from his chair and walked the short distance to the refrigerator, getting out the bottle of wine, then obtained two glasses from the nearby cupboard.

Thad told the naive beauty that he had brought the bottle of wine with him to celebrate the completion of the unit, how happy he was that she also could celebrate with him.  Amber refused, saying that she had a long drive ahead of her but watched as he opened the twist top cap.  Again she advised him that she didn’t want to drink and drive as he began to pour the wine into the glasses.  Amber was too naive to be suspicious of the man, even though she should have been forewarned by the fact he hadn't parked his truck out front and even more suspicious that he'd brought the wine with him.  She had seen him open the new bottle of wine and immediately begin pouring it into the glasses and thus did not have a clue that her glass would be drugged.

Thad had planned ahead, crushing several of his pain pills ahead of time and placing it into a glass.  Had Amber paid close attention, the two glasses that had been retrieved from the cupboard had already been turn upright as compared to all the other glasses.  In one of the glasses was the potent pain killer already crushed so its potency would be quick to take effect.

All Amber could think of was that she didn't really want to be here with this man at all, realizing that she had locked the door behind her not wanting anyone to come in while she was inspecting the unit.  She wanted to finish up her inspection and be on her way in a short time.  She really didn't want to have a drink with this rather disgusting man, one who had made her skin crawl every time.  Each time she had come to this complex, she had felt uneasy around this handyman, feeling as if his eyes were stripping her naked of her clothing.

As the glass of wine was placed in front of her, Amber again tried to politely refuse, not wanting to drink alone with this horrid old man.  But then she was shocked when the gruff voice questioned “Are you too good to have a drink with me?”  Defensively she responded “Oh, no, no!  Please don’t be offended, it’s just that I’m afraid to have a drink and then drive all the way home.”

Looking at the disgruntled man, Amber did not want to get him angrier by refusing to have this one drink with him, especially since he had already poured it and placed it in front of her.  She decided that she would drink it quickly and make her exit “Well, I guess one glass of wine won’t hurt!”  But she was now nervous and upset, promising herself that she'd see to having his crude man reprimanded, maybe even fired, for having raised his voice at her along with drinking on the premises.

 Then Amber realized that an advertising agent was to stop by briefly to meet her to show her the ad draft he had come up with.  Though the advertising agent indicated he’d fax it over to her office if she wasn’t there but just wanted to meet her in person for the first time.  Glancing at her watch, Amber realized that he would be there soon, hopefully anyway, so she could just humor this crude handyman for now.  She rationalized that she’d have one quick drink and then be on her way or just maybe that ad agent would give her the excuse to get going.  She began to sip quickly at her drink, thinking the faster she downed it the faster she’d be on her way.  But she did not realize the quicker she consumed the drug laced drink, the faster she would be feel its effects.

 The wine tasted strange and bitter but Amber figured it was due to the fact it was just a cheap bottle of port.  When she had consumed about half of the glass of wine, she started to feel strange.  She was actually getting a woozy already but dismissed it as being the result of drinking on an empty stomach.  At this point, she  just wanted to finish the glass of wine and make her exit.  Before she could finish her drink, Amber really couldn’t think straight really felt lightheaded.  Something felt terribly wrong with her body and she told Thaddeus that she was not feeling well at all.

 As Amber tried to stand, her legs wouldn’t hold her and she reached out to steady herself.  Fortunately the handyman grabbed her arm to keep her from falling.  Her breathing was slow an shallow, her head spinning as she rapidly blinked her eyes in an attempt to focus them.  She knew she had to rest and was thankful for the handyman assisting her, with one of his hands now on her waist to guide her.  “Oh, please, help me ….................……….I need to lay down for awhile!” she muttered to Thaddeus.

Thaddeus was only too glad to ‘help her’, his hand on her hip slowly slipping down a bit to grab a feel of her tight little ass.   He led her into the bedroom and eased her down onto the king-sized bed, reaching down he lifted her legs onto the bed.  He watched as Amber’s eyes blinked rapidly to regain focus, her head slowly tossing on the pillow as her drowsiness was apparent.  He then sat on the edge of the bed, his hands that were still on her legs where he had lifted her now began to softly caress her calves.

Feeling her heels being removed, Amber was thankful that the handyman was being helpful as she certainly did not want to dirty the nice bedspread.  She was conscious but quite woozy and disoriented, trying to stammer out to Thaddeus that she'd be fine and just need a few minutes to clear her head.  She shivered as she felt the caressing hands begin to move up her calves and now teasing began to caress her inner thighs.  Then deep in her mind she realized what was happening but it seemed like a bad dream, this devious black man was touching her, touching her in an intimate way that only her husband should touch her.  “No …….no ……….stop!” she tried to yell out but it came out as a soft slur as she tried to struggle and fend him off.  But in Amber’s diminished condition, she was just no match for this much stronger assailant.

It was all just like a bad dream to Amber, the room spinning madly about her as she now felt the exploring hands on her hips, fingers gripping the elastic waistband of her lacy panties.  She couldn't believe this was happening to her, this crude man was beginning to undress her, and now he was taunting her with lewd remarks.  Her body shuddered in disgust with what this devious man was saying “Too uppity to drink with me, huh? You fucking bitch!  Gonna bring your uppity white ass down a peg!  And I’ve got just the peg to do it with!”

Tears formed in her eyes as her thin protective panties were being pulled down her hips, dragged down her legs and feet.  Pleadingly Amber looked up at the grinning tormentor, who was staring back at her.  She cringed as she saw him lift a lavender item up to his face and inhale deeply, cringing in horror as she realized it was her lavender panties that was giving this decrepit man such pleasure.  It now registered to her that this elderly black man intended on raping her while in this dazed condition, a condition she now knew was due to this devious man.  It was all she could do to just remain conscious, trying to focus her thoughts in an attempt to regain control of the situation.

Thad had fantasized many times of possessing this gorgeous blonde, jacking off at nights with this blonde beauty in mind.  Now she was finally in his grasp, his cock was definitely rising to the occasion, throbbing in anticipation.  Knowing this beautiful young wife would never willingly give herself to him just made this victorious capture of the bitch all the sweeter.  He was going to take his time and enjoy this night alone with Ms. Amber Logan, gonna pump her little belly full of his nigger seed.  He laughed to himself at the thought of knocking up this beautiful little bitch, knocking her up with his nigger baby.

Even in her drugged fog, Amber shuddered, disgusted with this nigger’s filthy hands touching her.  Her skin crawled as the rough hands touched her, undressing her as she lay helplessly upon the bed.  She closed her eyes tightly and tried to block her mind of the hands molesting her.  She felt the zipper at the back of her white dress being pulled down, then the catch of her lacy white bra was undone as she felt her item free her confined breasts.  Her nipples begin to harden in anticipation, feeling a course hand caress the naked skin of her back, feeling he front of her dress being pulled from her shoulders, her unfastened bra being dragged away with her dress.  “Ohhhhhhh ….............……………ohhhhhh!” she moaned as a tender nipple was sucked into a hot wet mouth, a rough wet tongue flicking the nipple
madly, causing her nipple to stand at attention.  She was so disgusted with herself, discovering that she was starting to respond to and even enjoy the stimulation.

“Oh …..............….no …..........……..please …….......................not down there!” Amber muttered as she felt the wet tongue slither down to her belly and moving further downward.  She had heard of men and women doing such a thing but always thought it was such a filthy thing to do.  Never had her husband even tried to do this to her and now this filthy nigger was going to put his face at her most private part.  Amber struggled against the effects of the drug and against the shame of being molested by this man.  But her own body betrayed her, bringing her such pleasure even as she tries to block out the sensation of his thick tongue now lapping her groove.  The wonderful feeling of the tongue flicking relentlessly up and down, teasing her sensitive clit, was driving her out of her mind.  Her body shook, muscles tightened as an orgasm overtook her.

As Amber’s body relaxed from the mind-shattering orgasm, the reality of the horrifying situation set in.  Blinking to focus, her hazy eyes onto the muscular black body shifting into position between her wide spread legs.  She realized he was going to fuck her, to push that thick and filthy black cock up into her.  Amber regained her senses enough to plead with him that she wasn't on any birth control and he must stop, that he could make her pregnant.  “Don’t worry bitch, made too many babies and got it snipped years ago!” Thad lied.

Sobbing in fear, Amber pleaded for him to stop, trying desperately to reason with him.  She pleaded with him, telling him that it was wrong because she was a married woman.  She begged him, telling him that she had always been true to her wedding vows, that she had never been with anyone other than her husband.  But that, along with the possibility of knocking her up, just made Thad even more determined to fuck her.

Seeing that his pretty victim was about to pass out from the drugged wine, Thad slapped her face, bringing Amber back to her senses.  Thad smiled as he observed the terrified young wife again aware of the horror of being raped.  Pushing his cockhead through the soft golden fleece, he began rubbing his cock up and down her slick groove.  “Oh, baby, gonna stretch you out good!  Too uppity to drink with Thad, huh bitch?  Gonna ‘ruin’ ya good, bitch!  Gonna report this to the police, bitch?  Yeah, well, think of how ya gonna explain to your hubby that a nigger got his prized possession!” he taunted, shoving his bloated cockhead between her slick sleeves.

“Owwwwww ………................…it hurttttsssss ………...................……too big ..................................its too bigggggggggggggggggg!” Amber groaned loudly, feeling this thick cockhead that was far larger that she’d ever experienced.  She continued to plead, telling him that his huge cock was hurting her.  But Thad didn’t give a damn, wanting this uppity white bitch to hurt, wanting her to know what a ‘real’ man’s cock felt like.  Thad didn’t care how badly she hurt or cried out and he certainly had no intention of stopping until he pumped her belly full of his black baby jism.

As Amber moaned and pleaded for him to stop, they heard the sound of the doorbell.  The chimes momentarily startled both of them.  She realized it was the ad agent who was to meet with her.  Opening her mouth to scream for help, only a muffled sound was emitted as Thad anticipated her scream and managed to cover her mouth in time.  They heard the calls for ‘Ms. Logan’ come from the front door as Thad began to fuck her in earnest, his body suddenly quivering as he spurted his thick seed up into her fertile womb.

Amber was helpless, unable to scream for help as she felt her rapist pump his filth into her.  She knew her only chance of rescue was twenty feet away, ringing the doorbell and calling out her name.  But in her drugged haze and with her rapist's hand clasped tightly over her mouth , there was no way she could cry out.  “Mmmmmmmffffffffffff ………………............nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” came Amber’s muffled scream that went unheard by her potential savior.  But Amber’s muffled scream was not just a scream for help, it was a scream of ecstasy too,  her body convulsing in an orgasm brought on by the hot spurting cum deep in her womb.

Thad pumped his potent spunk into the raped young wife, leaving the rest to Mother Nature.  He stayed on top of the dazed young wife, his cock still throbbing in her raped slit, until he was sure whoever was ringing the doorbell had given up and gone.  He couldn’t believe the thrill he derived from raping this young white bitch, especially when the doorbell rang and the danger of being caught ever so close.

Amber curled up into the fetal position after the evil maintenance man was done with her.  She was so ashamed and feeling so soiled.  Then her head was being lifted, her rapist was now holding a glass of wine for her to drink.  She did not want any more off the cheap wine that made her sick but he ordered her to drink it all down.  She did not know that it had been laced with more pain killers, which would put her 'out' for the rest of the night.  Her evil rapist had planned this to prevent any chance of her phoning in to report the rape.

As he forced her to drink the drugged wine, Thad warned her that if she tried to report the rape, she'd only bring shame and humiliation to herself and her husband.  He told her that her husband would probably end up divorcing her when he knew a nigger had ‘ruined’ her.  If that wasn't humiliating enough, he'd claim that the sex was consensual, that she was feeling horny with her husband out of town and sexually frustrated that she hadn't had any luck in their attempts to get her pregnant.  He saw the shock register on Amber’s face, since she had no way of knowing how he knew that her husband was out of town and that they'd been trying to have a baby.

 It was late morning before Amber finally stirred, still groggy from her drug induced sleep.  She groaned in pain as she turned on her side, the pain between her legs hurt so badly from being widely stretched apart.  Looking about she realized that the nightmare of being raped by the nasty black maintenance man had not been a nightmare at all.  She now realized that the evil man must have drugged the wine and then had his way with her.  She sobbed, feeling so soiled and defiled.  Finally managing to get up, she staggered to the bathroom to wash the filth off her body and try to cleanse her aching slit as much as possible.

 With the large supply of towels at this furnished duplex, Amber was not worried about taking with her the towel she used to dry herself.  Exiting the bathroom, she began to gather her clothing that had been strewn about the bedroom floor.  She looked all over for her lavender panties but they were no where to be found.  Then she realized that the bastard who raped her had obviously taken them with him.

Indeed, Thad had tucked the lavender panties into his pocket as a momento when he made his departure.  He had left the young wife to sleep it off on the bed, thrilled to know he'd tricked the uppity sales agent and planted his seed in her fertile womb.  Turning to view the raped beauty one last time before leaving, he pictured those long white legs spreading again in nine months as it pushed out his little black baby.

 The next afternoon, Mike returned home from his trip.  Amber had prepared a nice dinner for him and tried desperately to be cheerful, wanting to make him happy in any way possible.  Over dinner, Amber realized that what her rapist had told her was so true, that Mike would have no part of her if he learned of her vicious rape by the black caretaker.  To find out her husband’s true feelings, she had created a fictitious story of learning that an acquaintance had been raped by a black man.  When Mike commented that any white woman raped by a black was ‘ruined’ for life as no one would want to touch her after that, Amber knew his true feelings.

 When Mike asked Amber for the Sony digital camera that she had borrowed, Amber opened her purse and discovered it missing.  She had borrowed Mike’s new camera that used standard computer discs to take pictures with, hoping that she could design and print flyers with color pictures right from their computer.  A shiver went through her entire body, flashbacks of her hazy memory began to come back to her.

 Swallowing deeply, Amber was forced to lie to Mike, telling him that she must have forgotten it at one of the places she had visited.  She assured him that she’d find it in a week or replace it for him.  When she was alone, Amber closed her eyes and the horrid memories that she had tried to block out from that terrible night all came back to her.  She recalled being slapped by her evil rapist, bringing her out of her dazed state after being viciously raped by him.  She shivered as her memory cleared, recalling seeing Thaddeus standing above her with her camera in hand.  Then she remembered him straddling her body, pushing his long limp penis into her face while he took snapshots with her digital camera.

 Mike had obviously missed her a lot during his trip, anxiously wanting them to go to bed early that evening.  Amber knew that was Mike’s signal to her that he wanted to make love with her, something that she normally looked forward to also.  But Amber felt so soiled and ‘ruined’, as Mike had put it, that she tensed up when Mike was about to enter her.  When he entered her, Amber tensed up even more, praying that he would not notice anything different about her.  Amber contracted her cunt muscles, trying to squeeze him as she normally did, she began to pant in fear as she realized that she could barely feel him.

 Desperately, Amber wrapped her legs around Mike and hunched up at him.  She was desperate to please her husband and wanted him to give her the joys of an orgasm to wash away the events of her rape.  But her actions were so different from their normal lovemaking that Mike groaned and began to spurt his seed, leaving Amber in total disbelief.  Then Mike withdrew his wilted penis from her and fell off to the side of her, falling asleep in a matter of minutes.

 In the evenings throughout that week, Amber could not get any pleasure from their lovemaking, unable to reach an orgasm.  Her husband just could not reach the depths that she had been penetrated on that eventful night, could not recreate the orgasm that she desperately searched for.  She hated herself for the thoughts that crept into her mind, rubbing her clit as she pictured that horrid black rapist upon her and thrusting deeply into her.  Only by this manner of masturbation was she able to achieve a mild orgasm.

 But the daytime of that week proved to be the toughest for Amber.  Inquiry calls were coming in on the vacation rental and with each call on the rental she perspired at the dreaded thought of showing it.  In fact, the first call to come in on the rental, Amber stuttered and lied that she believed it had already been rented out.  Amber feared the thought of going out to the complex, unable to face her devious tormentor.  But what bothered her most was the fact that each time she thought of having to go out there, her cunt muscles twitched and her juices began to flow.

 Amber knew that Mike was anxious to get his expensive camera back and she knew the evil maintenance man had it in his possession.  She just couldn’t find the nerve to try and retrieve it from him.  Finally when the broker asked her how the rental was coming, she knew she could not put off the showings.  Normally, Amber would coordinate ahead of time with the maintenance man about any plans to show a rental, but she just couldn’t bring herself to even talk to her nigger rapist.  Thus, each time she had to ask one of the secretaries to call Thaddeus Simpson to advise him of when the unit would be shown.

 Going out to show the unit was so painful, being sure to be a few minutes late to assure that the clients were already there.  She found it hard to breathe as each time she showed up, the smirking Thaddeus Simpson was nearby pretending to be working on something or other.  She recalled the last visit when she swallowed hard to compose herself as her tormentor stood across the complex pretending to take a picture of her with her husband’s camera.

 Amber made sure to leave along with the prospective clients, assuring that the lurking custodian would not approach her.  By then, Amber was frazzled and drove a mile to park overlooking the beach.  Alone in the car, she panted to catch her breath at this secluded spot, before making the drive home.  She was definitely bothered by the presence of the man who raped her but what bothered her more was the guilt she felt in seeing him, remembering how she fantasized about him at night, dreaming of his hands upon her and his thick cock in her.

 Her mind was in such a dilemma, wondering how she could think of such filthy things.  After all, she was such a ‘good’ girl and had always been faithful to Mike.  It was not her fault that the maintenance man had intimate carnal knowledge of her.  It was a vicious rape that she had no control over and she would never purposely cheat on her husband.  But she just couldn’t rationalize how she could be in bed making love with her husband and at the same time be fantasizing about the man who raped her.

Each time she parked at this spot, Amber found that she needed to relieve the building tension so she could make her way home.  Closing her eyes, she caressed her breasts with one hand while slipping the other under her skirt and panties.  In her mind, it was the custodian’s black hands touching her breasts, rubbing her clit, fingering her slick groove.  Only after creaming in her panties would her heartbeat and breathing return to normal, allowing her to make the long drive home, all the while feeling so guilty in her wet panties.

At the complex where the vacation rental was located, Thaddeus laughed to himself, knowing that the sweet bitch had not reported the rape and too ashamed to tell anyone of her defilement.  He knew his bold display of arrogance had the bitch all frazzled.  He had laughed when he focused the camera upon her and saw her staring back in shock.  After getting the calls from the secretaries on the showings, he knew that lovely Ms. Amber Logan was avoiding him at all cost.  ‘Well, with little Ms. Logan avoiding me at all cost, maybe its just time for me to pay her a visit!’ he mused.

 On Saturday, Mike was in the backyard, getting the grill ready for a cookout while Amber was taking a shower.  Hearing the doorbell, Mike went to answer the front door.  Opening the door, Mike inquired what this elderly black man wanted.  When Thaddeus Simpson introduced himself and explained that he had found the camera at the complex he maintained, he remembered that Mrs. Logan had been taking pictures for her ad.  Thaddeus went further in saying that he tried to reach Mrs. Logan at the office but couldn’t reach her and thought he’d drop it by since he had to come out to the city anyway.

 Mike Logan was so pleased to get his expensive camera back, as he was a computer buff and needed it for presentations in his own job, that he invited this kind man in for a beer.  Taking Thad out to the back yard and getting him a beer, Mike told him that he and Amber were cooking outside since the weather was nice.  Mike advised Thad that they had a lot of chicken to grill and insisted that he join them, telling him that it was the least they could do for his kindness in returning the camera.

 Being home alone with her husband, Amber donned on a thin white blouse and a pair of white shorts.  Having showered, she opened the patio to join Mike in the back yard.  She gasped as she saw the grinning face of the black bastard who had raped her just the week earlier.  Then Mike greeted her happily, announcing that Mr. Simpson was so kind as to drop off the camera that she had left in the vacation rental.  Amber cringed upon learning that Mike had actually invited this man to have dinner with them.  She shuddered at the thought of sitting at the same table with her husband and the black man who raped her.

 Having both finished a beer, Mike got another bottle each for Thad and himself.  Meanwhile, Amber went over to inspect the camera, groaning softly as she found that the computer disc was missing.  Looking up fearfully at the evil Thaddeus, who grinned and lifted up the top portion of the disc from his shirt pocket.  Although Thaddeus was not computer literate, the disc he had in his possession contained those incriminating shots of her naked defiled body and her having to suck at his long black cock.

 When Mike went to the grill to turn the chicken, Amber saw Thaddeus smiling at her as he dropped in several white pills into Mike’s beer.  As Mike returned to his beer, Amber opened her mouth to say something but could not get any words out.  She could only watch helplessly as Mike tilted his beer and took two large gulps.  Over dinner, Mike consumed the entire bottle of the drugged beer and had gotten another bottle for Thad and himself.

 With Mike passed out on the lounge chair he had gone to, Amber realized that she was again at the mercy of this vile maintenance man.  She watched Thaddeus get up from his chair and go over to her sleeping husband, putting Mike’s left arm around his neck Mike was lifted to his feet and dragged along by the muscular black.  When Thaddeus ordered Amber to lead the way to the master bedroom, she could only meekly comply.

In the bedroom, Amber obeyed Thaddeus’ order to pull down the bedspread.  She stood helplessly watching as Thaddeus pulled her husband’s shirt up and over his head.  Then Mike was allowed to fall back onto the bed, with Thaddeus grasping Mike’s shorts and jockeys to strip him of all his clothing.

As her black assailant approached her, Amber knew the hold he had over her with the incriminating disc of photos.  She knew that he intended to use her body again to satisfy his insatiable lust.  But for some reason, the thought of being raped again by this horrid black man wasn’t as frightening as the week before.  In fact, the very thought of it made her squeeze her thighs together to prevent the flow of her slick juices that emanated from her contracting groove.

Backing up, Amber’s back was suddenly up against the bedroom wall as her assailant was nearing her.  Panting in fear, Amber pleaded “Please …………please don’t rape me again!”  But she knew her pleas would fall upon deaf ears, that this evil man was going to take her again.  Amber couldn’t understand why she didn’t warn Mike of the drugged beer, why her thighs were contracting and her slick juices were oozing out of her groove into the crotch of her panties.

As the smiling black face neared hers, Amber couldn’t understand why she tilted her face up as his thick lips covered hers, her mouth opening to accept his exploring tongue as hers met it teasingly.  Closing her eyes, it was again like a dream as Amber moved her hands to the front of her, rubbing the bulging crotch of the man who raped her a week ago.  She knew she was going to get fucked by this black man, a fuck that she now needed so badly in hopes of relieving the built up tension within her body.

“Oh, please ………………..oh, I need it so badly ………………but ………..not here ……my husband’s on the bed ………………..let’s go into the spare room!” she pleaded.  But Thaddeus merely responded by flicking the light switch off, throwing the room into pitch darkness.   As she was being pushed onto her bed, Amber again pleaded “Please ………..not here …………..Mike might get up …………please not here!”

Her heart pounding madly as she lay upon her bed, Amber felt so wicked at the thought of being fucked on her marital bed with her husband no more than a couple feet away.  “Show me that you want to be fucked again, Mrs. Logan!  Take off your clothes for me!” Thaddeus taunted.  Unbuttoning the top of her shorts, she quickly pushed them down, then kicked it off with her feet.  Desperate to get off her blouse, two buttons popped off in her haste.  Then she felt the muscular naked body descending upon her.  "Now knell up on the bed cause I'm gonna fuck ya like a bitch in heat!" he laughed.

It was a wild fuck that Amber would always remember.  Never had she ever reached a climax of this magnitude before.  Perhaps it was the wickedness of being fucked on her marital bed by a black man with her husband within arm’s reach.  “Ohhhhhhh, God, yesssssssss …………..!” she screamed as her climax hit, spurred on by the erupting cock deep within her womb.  Though she felt so guilty, she was relieved in knowing that this black man was not capable of impregnating her.

In the darkness of the early morning, Mike stirred on the bed, his head swirling about but the pleasure between his legs had awoken him.  His cock was stiff and throbbing madly as he realized that his lovely wife was going down on him for the very first time.  He couldn’t help but reach down to wrap his fingers into her long silky hair, afraid that she would try to take her lips off him.  Mike began to hunch up, wanting desperately to spurt his load into the hot wet mouth of his beautiful wife.  The bed creaked loudly from his hunching movements, but he did not realized that the motions of the long black cock slicing up into his wife’s slick folds also contributed to the shaking of the bed.

 “Oh, Amber …………sweetie …………oh, yesssssssssss!” Mike groaned loudly as his cock spurted into her tight sucking mouth.  The bed shook madly as Mike’s body shuddered.  So preoccupied with his cock exploding, Mike was unaware of Amber’s body shuddering in a climax also as the thick cock within her spurted out its hot seed.

 As daylight came, Mike awoke from his drug induced sleep.  Then the memory of being sucked off for the very first time came to him.  He found himself totally naked and looked over at his lovely young wife who was sound asleep, totally exhausted as Thaddeus had finally pulled himself out of her at 4 in the morning before departing.  He saw that Amber was also naked, her legs obscenely spread wide apart.  Never had he seen his lovely wife fall asleep in such a condition, even after their years of lovemaking.  He realized that he must have really performed well last night as he saw her golden fleece matted down with his cum.  Looking down between her parted legs, he gasped when he saw the thick puddle of yellowish cum that had oozed from her love slit.

 Mike had always wanted to nuzzle up to Amber’s sweet cunt but was afraid she would be offended and upset with him.  But since she had taken the initiative in sucking his cock first, he rationalized that she couldn’t get mad with him if he licked her this one time.  Crawling over and between the widespread legs of his lovely wife, Mike nuzzled his face into the mushy golden nest.  Sticking his tongue out, he began to lick and suck out the thick honey that still oozed from her well fucked slit.

 Eyes still tightly closed, Amber groaned loudly, her knees raising up with her feet planted onto the bed.  “Ohhhhhhhh ………….yesssssss!” she moaned clamping her thighs around the head that was literally eating her.  She hunched up, pushing her gushing slit against the slurping mouth, wondering just when her tormentor would be satisfied after fucking her throughout the night.  Each time she had clutch his muscular body tightly with her arms and legs wrapped around him, unable to count the numerous orgasms he had taken her to.   “Ohhhh, Goddddd ……………………ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed as her body shook from the orgasm that coursed through her.

 Coming down from the heights of her climax, Amber opened her eyes and blinked, realizing it was now daylight.  “Oh, my God, I hope my moaning didn’t wake Mike!” she worried, quickly turning to her left to check.  She gulped as Mike was not in the sleeping spot where he should be.  Her body shook in fear as she lifted her head.  There peering back at her, from between her widespread thighs, was her grinning husband with his face glistening with the mixture of her love juices and nigger cum.

 That next Friday afternoon, Thad was busy doing some minor repairs in one of the duplexes thinking that he could soon take off for the day.  Then his beeper buzzed, indicating that he had to contact the realty office.  ‘Oh, shit!  Just when I thought I was done for the week!’ he cussed to himself.  Returning the call to the office, he got the message that Ms. Logan was currently showing the vacant unit and needed him there right away to take care of some plumbing needs.  The secretary again indicated to him that Ms. Logan needed him there immediately and she would point out the problem to him.

Hanging up, Thad began cussing “Damned uppity bitch!  Fuck, bet she has the renters there with her so she can put me down in front of them!  Fucking little bitch!”  He drove over the short distance to the rental and got the plumbing tools out from the back of his truck.  He parked a couple stalls away from her car and again cussed under his breath.  Cussing all the way up to the front door, he turned the doorknob and walked in now cussing under his breath “Damned little bitch is gonna rub my face right in it!”  Puzzled that it was quiet, he stepped into the living room and his mouth dropped wide open and he muttered to himself ‘Damn, bitch!  You can rub my face in it any ole time!’

To a stunned Thaddeus, Ms. Logan was there pointing out the plumbing problem to him.  Upon the expenseive white sofa, the lovely young wife told him "I'm glad you brought your tool box with you!  It needs to be repaired right away!  It's a constant slow leak that's hasn't stopped for a week now!"   With her trim legs encased in black nylons being widespread, it was easy for Thad to see her hands desperately trying to stop the leakage, obviously in need immediate plumbing repairs.  Putting down his toolbox, Thad unbuckled his trousers, knowing that it would take a special tool to handle this plumbing problem.

End of Story.