Set-up Stewardess
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  Manhandled Stewardess
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Bill Weber initially thought he had no prayer of getting the regional sales manager's position.  Sure, his bosses had told him he was doing a good job and that he was in the running.  But he had to face the facts, knowing that the vice-president who was to make the final recommendation was a womanizer and there were several women in the running also.  Now, he had an ace in the whole, one that would easily throw the women in contention out of the picture.  Now all he had to do was to get everything set up.

The coming weekend, there was to be a company dinner with the top sales personnel and management, a chance to get his plan into action.  At home that evening, Bill deliberately acted a bit depressed around his lovely wife, telling her that he was in line for the big promotion but it appeared a certainty that he'd be passed over.  Once his wife Melissa inquired as to 'why', he merely replied that there were several women in the running as well.

He knew she'd ply him for more information, indicating that she couldn't believe that women were still being considered as a minority and given preference for such a job.  Bill responded that such was not the case here and left it at that, keeping his wife puzzled.  Upon further prodding by Melissa, he then said "Well, how do I put it?  Let's just say that Al Langdon is a womanizer and uses his position to get what he wants!"

Looking at Melissa's shocked face, Bill knew that she finally realized what he was getting at.  Then he added "Since Ellen Barnes and Angie McBride are fairly attractive, I think it'll be one of those two to have the inside track!  Whichever one of them is willing to meet his demands, that's who'll get the job!"  Melissa had met both Ellen Barnes and Angie McBride, knowing they were fairly attractive, but she expressed disbelief that either would make such a sacrifice to get a job.

The next evening, the night before the company dinner, Bill continued his charade of pretending to be dismayed on the dim prospects of getting the big promotion.  When Melissa innocently asked "Is there anything I can do to help, Bill?"  He just shook his head and replied "No, it's hopeless!  The only thing that'll probably get me in the picture is for me to pay a hooker to entertain the sucker!"  "Well, maybe if I get to dance with him tomorrow night and let him hold me close, that'll do the trick!" Melissa advised.  Bill shook his head and laughed a bit "Honey, Ellen and Angie aren't even in your class when it comes to looks!  You've got them beat hands down there but it ain't a close dance that Langdon's after!"

On the drive over to the elegant hotel where the dinner was being held, Bill continued playing his part.  As Melissa had never met Al Langdon, he advised him of being in his early fifties, about 6'2" and a bit overweight.  He relayed some rumors on how some women had gotten so far ahead with the company but one important element he withheld was the fact that Al Langdon was black.  When Melissa said "Well, a dance with him certainly can't hurt!"  Bill had to agree with that comment but added "Just a warning now, he might try to feel you up right on the dance floor, so don't be shocked!"

Once at the hotel, they entered the adjoining room where cocktails were being served and Bill took Melissa around to introduce her to others.  Then, when he made the introduction "Melissa, I'd like you to meet Mr. Langdon, the regional vice-president!"  He could see the shocked reaction on Melissa's face, upon finding that Mr. Langdon was black, as he introduced her.  With Al Langdon extending his hand to Melissa, Bill watched as she nervously extended hers to shake his hand.

Al Langdon had heard Bill Weber's wife was beautiful but he had not been expecting to see such a gorgeous babe.  Holding her soft manicured hand in his, he advised "Let's not be so formal, just call me Al or 'Big Al' that all my friends do!  I must say, you light up this entire room!  You're the most beautiful woman in the room!"  Then he added "I must say, we're all proud of Bill and how great a performance he's done for the company!"

They had chatted for just a few moments when it was indicated that it was time to be seated.  As there were no seating arrangements, Al took the opportunity "Bill, I'd like you and your beautiful wife to sit at my table!  That'll give me a chance to get to know you and lovely wife better!"  Once inside, Al made sure to have Melissa sitting right next to him, indicating to Bill that he should sit on the other side of his wife.

Once seated, with 'Big Al' to her left, Melissa took the opportunity to cross right leg over her left and pushed the end of the tablecloth a bit, showing a bit of her milky-white thighs just above the tops of her smoky hose.  She had seen his eyes drift down to her upper thighs and knew that he was enticed at the prospects of getting to first base with her.  When 'Big Al' asked about herself, Melissa told him about her job in flying with the airlines and slipped in how she hated to be away on the trips to San Francisco when she'd have to spend the night away from the children.

After a delicious dinner, the musical group began playing some dance music and a lot of couples took the opportunity to move to the dance floor.  Melissa took the opportunity, fibbing at the comment she made to 'Big Al' "I sure wish Bill liked to dance!"  It was an invitation for 'Big Al' to ask her to dance, being polite of course by first asking Bill if he minded.  Bill knew what Melissa intent was since he and his wife loved dancing together, thus naturally he had to readily give his go-ahead.

Bill watched as 'Big Al' made his way with Melissa to the dance floor with his large hand guiding her at the waist.  He knew that 'Big Al' was going to take as much advantage of this dance, taking Melissa to the far corner of the dance floor.  When he saw Melissa move in close to 'Big Al' for the slow dance, resting her head on his shoulder, he wondered if he had just gone to the top of the list for the promotion.  But he knew it'd take more than a dance or two to get 'Big Al's' recommendation.

On the dance floor, Melissa knew she had to make the move to indicate her willingness for his advances, knew he would not make the first move due to his position in the company.  Dancing close together and away from the dining tables, Melissa rubbed herself up against the muscular chest of the burly man while telling what a fine dancer he was.  Then she broke the close contact to chat with her dance partner, asking him "I sure hope you'll give Bill your consideration when you consider who to promote to the regional sales manager's position!"

Once the dance ended, there was but a short pause before the band started up the next song.  Melissa and 'Big Al' continued dancing in the far corner of the room as Melissa again rested her head on his shoulder.  Then she got the come on that she had expected when 'Big Al' whispered to her "Well, it's going to be a real tough decision!  Bill got many fine traits and his numbers are really good.  But ………so are some of the other top candidates!  I've just got to find that hidden asset among the candidates that'll swing the decision!"

In response, Melissa turned her head towards him and replied "Perhaps you've got to look beyond the candidates themselves!  Or just maybe you've got that hidden asset in your hands right now!"  With that comment, Melissa moved her right hand down to his right hand that was resting on her waist.  Gazing over his shoulder to see that no one was paying attention to them, she pushed his hand down a bit and guided it to her asscheeks.

Once she felt his hand feeling her up, she whispered "Don't you go have to go to San Francisco this Tuesday?  If I'm not mistaken, Flight 805 leaves at 11 a.m.!  If you're in San Francisco, you should go to Le Bistro for some fine dining!"  Not to leave any questions unanswered, Melissa moved even closer, rubbing he belly up against his bulging crotch, whispering "Hmmmmm ………I can see why the call you 'Big Al'!"

So as not to arouse any attention, 'Big Al' escorted the lovely young wife back to their table, where he thanked her for the dance.  'Big Al' glanced down to see that he now had an even better view of the beauty's milky white thighs, just above the smoky hose, as she crossed her legs.  He felt her foot brush up against his leg, feeling her high heel move up his calf.  A moment later, he felt that same foot caressing his leg, only now void of its high heel.  Then he asked "I'm off on a business trip to San Francisco this Tuesday!  Do you know of a good place to stay near the airport, Melissa?"  Once he heard her reply of where the crew normally stayed but Melissa advised him of a plusher hotel on right across the street.  He thanked her and said he'd give it a try.

On the drive home, Bill laughed and jokingly inquired "Well, honey, do you think that dancing with 'Big Al' did the trick?  I saw how close you danced with him but didn't I tell you its not close dancing he's after!"  Then he laughed aloud "Babe, I told you!  You've wasted your time cause there's only one thing he's after and that's getting into a tight pair of panties!"  Bill just loved the feigned reaction that Melissa gave him "Bill, I'd never let another man touch me!  I don't care how important it was!"  Melissa gave a visible shudder of her body when she added "Plus, honey, I think I'd die if a black man tried to become intimate with me!"

At home, after paying the baby sitter who had come over to sit the girls, Bill and Melissa kissed passionately in their bedroom.  Melissa was definitely feeling hot after being felt up on the dance floor along with the thought of what she knew was coming on Tuesday evening.  Meanwhile, Bill was hot and horny after seeing his lovely wife dancing close to her partner on the dance floor and prospect of Melissa spreading her sexy legs for another black lover.  It was a wild and energetic fuck, a most satisfying one for the Webers, as they mated with the common thoughts of what lay ahead.

The next day, wild thoughts were going through Bill's mind, wishing he could be a witness to Melissa's next encounter with 'Big Al'.  He knew it had been set for Tuesday, otherwise why was it mentioned at the table about going to San Francisco and inquiring as to where to stay.  Then he figured out a plan where he'd have his parents pick up the girls from school and sit with them on Tuesday night.  He'd tell Melissa that he had to make a trip to Houston and would arrange to have the girls taken care of.

On Monday evening, Bill paid special attention as Melissa began to get her bags packed for the next day's flight and stay over.  Pretending to be engrossed in reading a magazine, Bill saw his wife glance at him before going to the closet and retrieving her clothing.  With her body blocking his view, he could tell she had slipped some final items into her suitcase before closing it.

Once Melissa went into the bathroom, Bill waited till he heard the shower being turned on before sneaking over to the suitcase.  He quietly used his hands to muffle the sound of the suitcase locks being opened.  Besides the clean uniform that Melissa normally packed, he observed her nice royal blue evening dress and white heels.  Also, there was the blue evening bag with sequences on it that Melissa carried with that evening dress.  Then he noticed the sexy white negligee that she often used to tempt him to bed.  When he heard the shower being turned off, Bill closed the suitcase and returned it to the spot where it had been left.

Going to the airport early on Tuesday, Bill took a different airline from his wife's that was scheduled to arrive in San Francisco a half-hour before Melissa's.  It was a rather long flight with one stopover on the way.  With the time changes, it was late afternoon when the plane set down.  Renting a car, he made the short drive to the hotel that his wife had suggested to Al Langdon.  Once there, he found a convenient parking spot that would allow him a view of the entrance to the hotel along with a view across the way to the driveway to where the crew would be staying.  Hearing a plane overhead, he looked up to see what airline it was and realized that it was Melissa's flight about to land.  He just hoped it'd stay daylight long enough so he could be certain of their arrival.

On Melissa's flight, as she found that Mr. Langdon was seated in the business section, she made arrangements to swap sections with the stewardess assigned there.  She greeted Mr. Langdon with a nice "Good morning, Mr. Langdon!  So nice to have you flying with us today!"  Throughout the flight, she got him all the drinks that he desired, naturally free of charge.  So that the other passengers did not notice, she slyly rubbed her knee up against him in a suggestive manner each time she served him or leaned against his armrest, right where his hand was resting.  Several times, she saw him look about to see that no one was looking, then felt his hand slide up under the hem of her uniform to caress her inner thigh.

 Watching the cars pulling in, Bill had estimated Al Langdon's arrival quite accurately when he saw a white limo pull in.  Then he recognized the familiar figure exit the limo and make his way to the registration desk.  He watched as the limo driver pulled the limo up a bit further, then driver got out and waited.  Looking across the way, Bill soon saw the shuttle pull into the hotel across the street and familiar uniformed stewardesses departed the shuttle.  Then, acting like a hotel guest, Bill made his way up to the limo driver and inquired if his limo was available that evening.  He learned that the limo was booked till the next day and thus knew his trip to San Francisco would be quite an eventful one.

An hour later, Bill observed Al Langdon exit the hotel and get into the limo.  Starting up his car, he kept a distance and followed the limo as it went across the street.  Pulling into the public parking he observed the driver get out and go to the passenger side, apparently waiting for someone to arrive.  That someone arrived shortly, wearing a navy blue evening gown with white heels, his lovely Melissa.  Once Melissa had gotten into the back of the limo with Mr. Langdon, the driver returned to the driver's seat and commenced with their journey.

As the limo pulled up to an elegant restaurant situated near the wharf, Bill pulled into the public parking lot and observed the couple enter the restaurant.  He sat in the car and waited a bit, determined on seeing the events unfold during the evening.  Making his way to the restaurant, he observed a nice bar that was off to the side.  Seeing that his wife and boss were no longer in the lobby, he assumed they had already been seated.  On the pretense of first going to the restroom, Bill surveyed the restaurant and observed where the couple was seated.  Then he found a seat at the bar that was next to a cornerpost, allowing him a good view of the couple and yet offering him a good hiding place.

Observing the couple seating rather close together, their backs to him, he saw Al Langdon's large black hand caressing the bare skin of Melissa's back that was exposed above her dress.  He watched as his beautiful wife shamelessly snuggled up to her black suitor and rest her head on his shoulder, taking in the sunset while sipping on drinks.  Throughout the evening, Bill watched the couple enjoy their dinner, often stopping to engage in a teasing kiss.  He saw them get up for a dance, watched as his lovely wife snuggled right up to her dance partner, embracing him in a deep kiss.  It caused a twitch in his loins and Bill had to wonder just what kind of reaction it was causing on the dance floor.

As the limo pulled out, Bill knew they where headed back but he was certain they would not be going back to their respective hotels.  Putting on his earphones, Bill wondered if he had wasted his money as there was no sound at all.  Playing with the knobs, they all appeared to be in the order that the salesman had shown him yesterday when he had visited the World of Spies' shop.  He wondered if there was anything wrong with the miniature transmitter but he had been told it'd pick up voices even when well hidden and with things on or around it.  He thought he had hid the pin-like transmitter in Melissa's evening bag, sticking it through the lining so it wouldn't show or fall out if the bag was turned over.  He then put down the earphones as he needed to concentrate on his driving.

With the couple out of the limo and on their way up to Al Langdon's hotel suite, Bill cussed as he fiddled with the dials to home in on the transmitter's signal.  Then he heard some rustling noise coming through the earphones followed by the familiar feminine voice "Ohhhh …………Mr. Langdon ……………you're being quite naughty!  Hmmm ……………..I think I've just found out why you're called 'Big Al'!  But I guess I could be wrong, like they say, seeing is believing!"  He heard the familiar masculine voice advise "Here we are on the tenth floor!  I'm gonna show you how accurate your hand is giving you in just a moment, Mrs. Weber!  I had you skip dessert at dinner tonight cause I've got the sweetest chocolate bar for you to sample!"

Listening carefully, Bill could hear the sound of the key being inserted and the opening of the door, hearing them walking in as well as the door closing shut.  Then he could hear a zipper being undone, followed by his wife's voice cooing "Ohhhhhhh …………….dark chocolate is my favorite!"  Then he could hear slurping sounds followed by a deep groan "Oh, baby, play with it!  Like the way its growing in yer hand?  Oh, yeah .....................pump it ..........................pump it!"

"Oh, yeah, eat it ……….eat it all!  Ohhhhh, Mrs. Weber ………………take a big bite of it ……............…ohhhhhh, that feels so fucking good!"  For the next five minutes or so, Bill listened to the hungry slurping and load groans of pleasure.  Then he heard 'Big Al's' voice "Oh, baby!  You're the absolute best!  You put the fucking pros to shame!  Gonna cum soon ………………..gonna cum ……………….ahhhhhhhhhh, yeah …………… it …………… it all, Mrs. Weber!  Ahhhhhh, Godddddd ………….ah babyyy……………..yeahhhhhhhhhh!  Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ………….ohhhhhh, baby ……..suck it!"

Bill got a night filled with entertainment, stroking his throbbing cock as he listened to the moans and groans of pleasure through his earphones.  He figured he'd doze a bit when the two lovers called it a night and then resume their playful activities in the morning.  But he would be in for a restless night, with the two lovers seeming to take very short breaks between their mating rituals.  He could clearly recall hearing Melissa's voice as she swooned "Al ………..oh, Al ……..ohhh …………ahhhhhhhh ……………..ohhhhhhhh, they don't call you 'Big Al' for nothing!  God, you're so biggggggg …………….slower …….slower ………you're tearing meeeeeee!"

Throughout the night, he heard his 'faithful' wife who said she would die if a black man ever tried to be intimate her.  What he heard certainly convinced him otherwise, especially with excerpts like: "Ohhhhh ………..I just love your big black cock!" "Fuck me ………….fuck me ………fuckkkk meeee ……….shoot your nigger cum in me!" "Knock me up!  Knock me up with your black bastard baby!"  Bill thought it quite strange how his lovely wife reacted when she was with another man, so different from the normal silence of when they made love.

When it was just after sunrise, shortly after a wild fuck session, Bill heard Melissa's voice "Hmmm, lover ………..take the flight back with me!  It's a direct flight and with the time change we'll arrive in the early afternoon!  I bet you'd like the pleasure of screwing the hell out of me right on the bed I share with Bill!  I know I'd really like that, lover!  It'll sure be a turn on going to bed with Bill tonight, knowing the sheet's covered with your cum stains on it!  I've got to rush and get back to my hotel soon so I can check out and meet the crew!  But I've got just enough time to get my juicy chocolate bar breakfast!"

"Ohhhhh, yeah baby ………............…..God, you give fantastic head …...........……….the best ever!" Bill heard his boss moan.  Then he heard his boss's desperate moan "Oh, baby ….........………don't stop ……….........……'ve got me ready to cream!"  Bill thought he heard some beeps coming through the earphones, like someone punching numbers in a cell phone.  He then heard Melissa's sexy voice "Ummmmm, Mr. Langdon, its so delicious …............……… big and juicy!  You know Bill's in Houston right now and must already be working!  Here ..............………..don't you think you should talk to him and congratulate him on his promotion?"

Bill was flabbergasted, his naïve and innocent wife had turned into an insatiable depraved little slut.  Then he heard his cell phone ringing.  Pulling off his earphone, his heart pounding as he realized that Melissa had called his number so his boss could talk to him while she wickedly sucked him off.  Swallowing to calm his nerves, Bill answered the phone as he normally would "Good  morning, this is Bill Weber!"

"Bill, this is Al Langdon!  How's Houston treating you?" came the familiar voice that Bill had been listening to all night.  "Hi, Mr. Langdon, how can I be of assistance!" he responded.  Holding the earphone to his other ear, Bill could hear a lot more through the powerful microphone than the conversation on the phone.  Through the phone, Bill heard his boss's voice going on with what a good job he had been doing.  But Bill was more intently listening to the earphone, listening to the slurping and sucking noises that the microphone was picking up.

Before the phone call had ended, Bill was told by his boss he was going to be put hold on for a moment while he took care of another call.  Through the earphone, he heard his boss groan loudly "Ohhhh, sweetie …….........……ohhhhh, Mrs. Weberrrrr …….........……I gonna cummmmm ………................…..ohhhhhhh, eat it …………….eat it all!"  Still hearing the slurping sounds from the microphone, he then heard his boss get back on the phone line "Just wanted to tell you that you've got that promotion as Regional Sales Manager!  When you see that lovely wife of yours, give her my best!  Bill, I must congratulate you on having such a beautiful young wife, she is absolutely fabulous!"

Fifteen minutes later, sitting in his rental car, Bill viewed Melissa hurriedly exit the lobby and get into the white limo which would make the quick run to her hotel across the street.  Starting up his car, Bill headed directly back to the airport, wanting to get an early flight back.  Once the rental car was returned, he searched the various airlines and took the earliest flight back, scheduled to get in an hour before Melissa's plane.

In the early afternoon, having parked his car two blocks away, Bill made his way home and waited.  Putting in a new tape into his video camera, he then hid it between the two stuffed animals that the girls liked to leave in the room.  Then he rearranged some of his clothing in the walk-in closet that would give him a safe hiding spot and a view to the master bed.  Once he heard the garage door opening, he went to turn on the camcorder and found his comfortable spot in the closet.

Moments later, Bill felt his heart pounding in anticipation as his lovely wife and Al Langdon were embraced in a passionate kiss.  When the kiss finally ended, he watched as Melissa turned to the bed and pulled down the bedspread and sheet.  Once that was accomplished, Melissa turned back to her lover and sat on the bed before him.  He watched silently as Melissa lifted one leg up to her admirer, who reached out to ease her navy blue heel and let it fall to the floor.  With Melissa resting her nylon sole upon the bulging crotch of her lover, her other leg was raised and the same procedure followed.

As Melissa rubbed her nylon covered feet over the bulging crotch, Bill watched his boss unbuckle and unzip his pants, pushing them down along with his jockeys.  Al Langdon stepped forward and out of his clothing, with Melissa's legs bending at her knees, allowing her husband's boss to reach forward under her uniform to grasp the top of her pantyhose.  From his vantage point, Bill observed his wife's pantyhose being slowly rolled down to reveal Melissa's long sexy white legs.  A moment later, her beautiful bare feet were wrapped around his boss throbbing black cock, which was now fucking thick black cock between her soft white soles.

With her elbows propping her up on the bed, Melissa began to pump her feet faster and faster around the throbbing black cock.  Ever since that night in the motel, she had enjoyed being humiliated by a 'real' man cumming all over her, soiling her with his cum.  Bill couldn't believe the depraved scene that followed, hearing his beautiful wife beg his boss "Shoot it …………shoot your cum all over me ……………shoot it in my mouth ………..treat me like your whore!"  As the long black cock pumped faster and faster between his wife's sexy white feet, Bill saw Melissa open her mouth wide with her tongue flicking in and out as a teasing target for his boss to aim at.

Bill was stunned as he watched his boss groan and pant for breath, watched as his boss's large hands grip his wife's sexy feet as he began to fuck faster and faster, determined to shoot his cum at the beautiful target ahead.  "Oh, you fucking little whore ……….........……ahhhhhh, God …................…I'm gonna cum ……………….ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" Al Langdon groaned as his body shuddered uncontrollably, his expanding cock bursting to fire out his hot pent up load.

As a huge stream of cum shot out high into the air, Bill saw it land squarely on Melissa's forehead, with ribbons of cum streaking her beautiful face. He saw his lovely wife tilt her head a bit to catch the bulk of the second stream directly into her open mouth.  Then, the dwindling streams of sticky goo saturated the entire front Melissa's uniform.  Next, Bill saw his boss shudder as Melissa then rubbed her soft sexy feet over the still extra-sensitive and still oozing cockhead, causing his boss to groan "Ohhhhh, baby ………..........……ohhhhhhhhh, yeah ……................…ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, God!"

For the next two hours, Bill remained in the closet as he watched his beautiful wife and his black boss mate on the bed that belonged to he and Melissa.  He saw what a stud Al Langdon was as he mated with his lovely wife, attempting to breed her with his black baby.  There had been no mention of birth control of any sort, in fact, he could still hear his lovely wife's moan "Ohhhhh, Mr. Langdon ……...............……..fill me with your hot spunk ……...........….shoot it in me ……….fuck your baby into me ……........……..knock me up on Bill's bed!"

Finally, the two lovers had dressed and Bill watched them embrace again for another passionate kiss.  Bill knew that his lovely wife had really gone out of her way to assure him of getting that promotion.  After what he had just witnessed, he knew that Melissa would not be satisfied with his small cock, that she had developed a craving for dark meat.  That conclusion was confirmed when the kiss ended and he heard Melissa say "Bill's going golfing on Sunday!  I can have the children go to their grandparents for the weekend, lover!"

With the children at their grandparent's home for the weekend, Bill and Melissa had gone out to a plush restaurant to celebrate his promotion.  They both returned home a bit tipsy and as they entered their bedroom, Bill thought he would finally have his fantasy come true.  Just as they entered, he grabbed Melissa by the arm, wanting her to see the 'man' she had married.  After all that he had witnessed, he tried to push her down to her knees, telling her "Okay, bitch, I want a fucking blowjob!"

Bill was stunned by the hard and sudden slap across his face, he looked up into his wife's upset face to hear "How dare you talk to me like that!  What makes you think I would ever do such a filthy thing!  I'm not some common street whore!"  He was further stunned by Melissa's sudden shove and he found himself out in the hallway, starring at the bedroom door.  A moment later, that bedroom door opened and he saw his pillow and blanket deposited onto the floor at his feet, hearing Melissa chastise him "You can sleep on the sofa tonight!  I'm not some little slut that's willing to degrade herself in such a filthy manner!"

Lying back on the sofa, trying to find a comfortable position, Bill stoked his aroused cock as he closed his eyes.  His thoughts went back to a few days ago his lovely wife, the day that Melissa entertained his black boss in their bedroom.  He recalled seeing how eagerly his beautiful wife had scrambled out of bed and gotten down on her knees to wrap her pink lips around the black cock.  A cock that was still soaking with their love juices, her head bobbing up and down on the long black cock, making no attempt to pull her head away when the cock exploded its gooey load.  'Women!  Guess I'll never understand them!' he muttered to himself, then turned over to try to get some sleep.  After all, he had a round of golf set up for tomorrow!

With his promotion and hefty raise, Bill thought he'd eliminate the chore of doing yard work.  He had gotten that thought as he pulled up into his office building the other morning, seeing the maintenance men sprucing up the shrubs and flowers fronting the building.  He decided to make it a point to find a yardman to do the job.  'Hmmmm, perhaps I can get the yard work taken care of and get some entertainment added in!' he thought.

There were a lot of yard service firms in the area, having seen many working in the neighborhood but the problem would be to find just the suitable one that met all the qualifications that Bill had established.  After a week of searching for just the right yardman to hire, he observed one that looked promising as he neared his neighborhood.  Seeing the pickup truck with the sign on the side and the fellow loading up his tools, Bill pulled off to the curb to talk to the man.

Bill introduced himself and learned that the fellow he was talking to was the sole proprietor of Jack's Yard Service.  Shaking Jack Horton's hand, Bill thought he'd be the perfect candidate.  Jack Horton was a rather gruff old man in his mid-sixties, broad and muscular, and most importantly Black!  Seeing how gruff and filthy the man was, Bill's cock gave a twitch at the prospect of seeing his lovely wife mating with this man.  He then set up an appointment for Jack Horton to stop by to assess the yard, a time when Bill knew that his lovely wife would also be at home.

That evening, Bill advised Melissa that he had hired a yardman to take care of the yard.  It had been set up for the fellow to stop by on Wednesday afternoon when Bill got home from work and she'd be home to meet their new yardman.  He was happy that Melissa was quite receptive to the idea, telling him that with the recent raise he had gotten, it'd be more than worthwhile to have the yard work taken care of, freeing him of that responsibility.

After arriving home on Wednesday, Bill awaited for the scheduled time when Jack Horton was to show up.  Right on time, Bill observed the familiar pickup truck park along the curb fronting the house.  With this being the end of the workday, he had assumed right that Jack Horton would be grimy and dirty from a hard day's work.  Quickly, Bill went into the bathroom just before the doorbell rang as he then heard Melissa going to answer the doorbell.

A moment later, Bill exited the bathroom and heard Melissa call out to him, telling him that the yardman had arrived and was waiting at the front door for him.  He could see that Melissa was a bit flushed, her breathing a bit labored as he told her to come out with him so she could give her input as to what type of flowers she wanted planted.  Grabbing her hand, he pulled her along before she could make any excuses.

As Bill pointed about the yard, he could see Jack Horton's eyes glancing over to feast his sights on Melissa's long flawless ivory legs that were bare up to her upper thighs.  Melissa had not expected to come out into the yard, thinking that Bill was going to handle it.  Otherwise, she would have changed from the revealing pair of shorts and the halter top that came to her midriff.  Then he pulled his pager from his pocket and looked at it as if a message was flashing on it.  "I've got to make a phone call!  Looks like some emergency!  Melissa, why don't you show Mr. Horton what you'd like done!" he advised as he made his way back into the house.

Finding a vantage point in the house, Bill could see the nervousness in Melissa's actions along with the lusting Jack Horton's eyes soaking in her lovely body.  Bill smiled as he knew that now he had set everything into action, Melissa's weakness for black cock had her shivering while the lusting Jack Horton was just the man who would not take 'no' for an answer if the opportunity presented itself.  After a couple of moments, he made his way back to where they were and it was obvious that Melissa was quite nervous, excusing herself immediately in saying she had to check on the girls who should be doing their homework.

A week later in mid-morning, arriving home from her flight, Melissa was surprised as she neared her driveway.  There was the yardman's pickup truck parked near the curb.  As she pulled into the driveway, she saw Jack Horton look up at the sound of her car, smiling and waving at her.  Melissa swallowed deeply, returning the wave of the elderly gardener who was shirtless, his muscular black body glistening with sweat.  Bill had not mentioned exactly when the yard service was to begin and was surprised that he hadn't mentioned it when she chatted with him on the phone last night.

Instead of closing the garage door behind her and entering through the door connecting to the kitchen, Melissa nervously walked out to the front where the gardener was working.  It seemed as if the glistening black body had drawn her to the front of the house where she stammered "Hel ………..hello, Mr. Horton!  Bill hadn't mentioned that you were coming today!"  She breathed hard, her eyes taking in the muscular black body glistening with its manly sweat.

"Hi, Mrs. Weber!  Please excuse my appearance today, as I was alone and it being such a hot day, I took off my t-shirt!  I'll ………I'll get my shirt on right away, ma'am!" Jack Horton advised, not wanting to offend her on his first day on the job.  He saw her starring at his chest, saw her shiver and swallow as she replied "Oh, no ………don't do it on my account!  I don't blame you seeing how hot it is today!"

Jack Horton couldn't believe how stunningly beautiful this woman was.  From when he had met her last week, she had her hair pinned up while wearing shorts and a halter.  He vividly remembered that day as he just couldn't take his eyes off her long ivory legs.  Hell, that night he jerked off in bed picturing her sexy body.  Today, with her long red hair flowing to her shoulders, wearing her stewardess uniform and heels, she was absolutely stunning.  Jack could feel his cock hardening as he watched her every move as she made her way to the front door.  'Damn!  It'd be worth going to jail for a piece of that sweet white ass!' he muttered to himself.

Once in the safety of her home, Melissa took a deep sigh of relief.  Going to the kitchen, she opened the door connecting to the garage and pressed the button to close the garage door.  Then she made her way to the master bedroom, feeling her love juices begin to flow, she began to undress and change into her home clothing.  Closing her eyes, the image of the glistening black body flooded her mind, causing her to squeeze her legs together as she brought her hand up to cup her bared breasts.  She shivered as she caressed her sensitive nipples, pretending that it was the elderly gardener touching her.

Hearing the lawnmower in the backyard, Melissa made her way to the kitchen and stood at the sink.  The window above the sink overlooked the backyard and Melissa swallowed hard as she gazed upon the muscular black body that glistened in the sun from its perspiration.  She squeezed her legs together, trying to quell that nagging itch between her legs.  'God, what's become of me!  I can't seem to be able to think straight the moment there's a black man nearby!' she chastised herself.

Biting down on her lips, Melissa told herself to remain in the house and to resist temptation.  But her willpower was not there as she opened the patio door to the outside.  Carrying a tray with lemonade and two glasses, she set it down onto the patio table.  Pouring two glasses she sipped from one and called "Mr. Horton!  It's so hot today!  I've made some lemonade for you!  Take a short break!"

'Oh, my God!  I go near that beautiful little honey and it’s the slammer for me!  Look at those long sexy white legs!  Fuck, I'm tempted to just throw her down and rape her right there!  Hell with the fucking consequences!' he told himself.  Then he made his way over to the lovely woman as she stood in the patio, holding out the glass for him.  "Thank you very much, ma'am!" he advised as he took the glass from her, her soft white hand brushing his as he took the glass from her.

"I don't see how you do it, working so hard in the hot sun!" Melissa commented.  "Make yourself comfortable if you want to take a break.  I'll leave the picture of lemonade here, just help yourself to more!  I think I'll relax out here a bit, at least there's a breeze and in the shade its tolerable!" she advised, making her way over to the padded lounge chair and lay down upon it.

Jack gulped down the lemonade quickly, afraid of what he knew would be certain jail time if he put his hands on that beautiful white body lying on the lounge chair.  'God, I swear she's not wearing a fucking bra, seeing the dark outline of her protruding nipple under her thin blouse!' he surmised.  'Fuck, I better get outta here before I jump that beautiful little bitch and rape the hell outta her!' he muttered to himself.

Breathing hard, Jack Horton pulled the cord to restart the lawnmower.  As he moved along the yard, his eyes were glued to he beautiful young wife as she rested on the lounge chair.  'Man, she's fucking asking for it!  Shit, maybe she wants me to make a move on her!  Bet she's dying to feel some black meat up her twat, wants a 'real' man to take her!' his mind raced.  'Man, I've never seen such long beautiful legs like that!  God, I've just gotta get me that fucking bitch!' he panted to himself.

Lying upon the soft lounge chair, Melissa scolded herself 'Get yourself back in the house, you little slut!  Don't tease the poor man anymore!  How could I have come out here dressed like this, my shortest air of shorts, no bra and no panties!  Gosh, I've never before dressed in such a shameless manner before!'  Just as she had convinced herself to go back into the house before she regretted it, she heard the lawnmower shut off its power.  Instead, she remained in the same position, eyes tightly shut as she heard footsteps approaching.

Shivering in either fear or anticipation, an emotion that Melissa could not really distinguish at this point in time, she heard the pouring of lemonade into a glass.  She could hear Mr. Horton gulping down his drink, knowing his eyes were glued upon her body.  Breathing hard, she could feel her nipples hardening with excitement, knowing they were visibly poking up at the thin blouse she had selected.

Hearing the glass being placed down upon the table, Melissa then heard soft footsteps making their way to where she lay.  Finally, she realized 'No …........…….no, I can't do it!'  Her eyes sprang open as she was about to get up and dash back to the safety of her home.  Her eyes widened as a leering Jack Horton was hovering immediately above her.  "Please …..........………please, Mr. Horton ……...............……I need to get back into the house!" she pleaded.

"You fucking bitch, you're nothing but a fucking tease!  What do you expect from someone like me, teasing me with those long fucking sexy legs, not wearing a fucking bra!" he said gruffly as his hand reached out to caress a stiffened nipple through her thin blouse.  A moment later, both thumbs were caressing the hardened nipples of the now moaning young wife.

"Please …..............……….please, I'm sorry ……..........……please let me go!  Please ……............……please, don't rape me!  I'm sorry I teased you ……..............……please let me go!" Melissa sobbed.  Shivers went flashed throughout her body as Mr. Horton fingered her hardened nipples.  She knew that she was totally at his mercy, all for his taking, unable to put up any type of fight except to plead for him to stop.  Although she panted in fear at the moment, a wicked sensation of excitement coursed through her body, obviously wanting to be taken by a man.

At this point, Jack Horton could no longer control himself, tempted beyond endurance by this sexy young housewife.  He knew he was about to commit a criminal act, one that could put him away for the rest of his life but at this point, he just had to get between Mrs. Weber's sexy white legs.  "You fucking tease!  You want a 'real' man between your legs, don’t you?  Well, I'm juist going to accommodate you, bitch!" he growled, inserting his hand into the top of her thin blouse and giving it a hard yank.  The look on the face of the frightened young beauty was really a turn-on for him, enjoying the evil pleasure of taking a reluctant woman by force.

In the patio of the Weber home, Jack Horton had the lovely Mrs. Melissa Weber all to himself.  From Melissa's frightened viewpoint, she had placed herself in a very dangerous situation, now unable to extricate herself from this awful position.  Neither of them had any clue that their actions were being observed from just a few yards away.  At the window of the spare bedroom, just five yards from the lounge chair, Bill Weber was crouched down and peering from the corner of the window.

Bill Weber purposely had the yard service begin on this date, telling Jack Horton to start in the early morning as he knew that Melissa would arrive home when the elderly black gardener was hard at work.  Bill had taken the day off, taking the girls to school, then parking on a side street just a block from his home, getting back before the gardener's arrival.  Then it was just a matter of time in waiting for Melissa's return home and hiding out in the closet of the spare room when she did return.  This was exactly what he had been hoping for, feeling excited as he starred out of the bedroom as he stroked his hard cock.

Having observed the way she had displayed her long sexy legs in her tight shorts, obviously wearing no bra, Bill had to agree with the lusting gardener that Melissa was asking for it.  Bill certainly hoped Jack Horton would give it to her good and not take 'no' for an answer, in fact he was whispering encouragement "C'mon, Jack, give it to the fuck'n bitch!  Just pry those sexy legs apart and slam it in!"

Bill watched as the lusting old man had Melissa's hands pinned above her head.  Watched as the eager man was slobbering at her perfectly shaped breasts, biting and sucking at her reddish nipples.  He heard her plead "Please …….......…………please, Mr. Horton …….........……..please don't rape me!  Please ………….I'm sorry I teased you!"  But he could see that she was not putting up much of a struggle.  It seemed that his beautiful wife was merely saying that to convince herself that this mating was being forced upon her.

Continuing to watch quietly, the elderly black gardener now had both of Melissa's hands captured by one of his, holding them above her head.  Then his free hand was going down between their bodies, easily popping the top button of Melissa's shorts and pushing them over her hips and down her thighs.  Bill saw his wife squirm a bit on the chair, thinking that she was now actually trying to get out of the man's grasp.  But then he realized that his whore of a wife was merely trying to get her shorts down and off her legs.  He saw that Melissa was using her feet to accomplish the task, finally kicking the garment away.

'Damn!  The fucking bitch didn't even wear any panties!' Bill realized.  He watched as the anxious gardener quickly shuck off his pants and jockeys then fitted himself between Melissa's widespread legs.  Once in place, the sweaty black body slammed forward, slicing through the slick folds.  He heard Melissa coo "Ooooooooooooooo ………................………Goddd, oh, you're so bigggggggggggg!"  Then his wife's long sexy white legs raised up to rest on the pumping black butt, pulling him to her on every thrust he made.

As Melissa was obviously not putting up much of a fight, her arms had been released, which she placed upon her rapist's back.  She caressed the sweaty back of the elderly black gardener, loving the feel of being taken by a 'real' man again.  She moved her body under him, not to get away but to rub herself up against his sweaty and grimy body.  "Ohhhhhhh ……….............….please, Mr. Horton …………………'ll get me pregnant if you cum in me!" she moaned.  But it sure didn't sound as if she was begging him not to cum in her, rather it sounded like she wanted to get pregnant by this man.

Bill watched the wild mating take place on the patio.  This time he was prepared, not wanting to soil the wall with his spunk again, this time he shot his wad into his hanky.  Ten minutes later, with the gardener's tool still embedded in Melissa's private garden, he heard his wife "Ohhhhhh, Mr. Horton …...........………….let's get more comfortable ……..............…….let's go into the bedroom …….............……..fuck me where my husband makes love to me!"  Bill watched as the mating pair got up from the chair and his wife leading the elderly man by the hand into the house and down the hallway.

Peeking out from the doorway, Bill saw the couple enter the master bedroom, then saw his lovely wife drop to her knees.  He watched as she let the drooling stem rub al about her face, then dived forward to engulf the pulsating member between her sweet lips.  'Damn!  I try to get her to do that for me and what do I get, booted out to sleep on the fucking couch!' he muttered to himself.

An hour later, Bill made his way to the front door and slipped out of the house.  He had watched the fantastic blowjob that his wife had performed, taking the entire load that the wheezing old janitor had to give her.  He had seen the janitor holding tightly on Melissa head, not that she would pull away, but to keep himself from collapsing in exhaustion.  He watched as the old man mated with his lovely wife on their marital bed, a fact that seemed to add more spice to the illicit fuck.  He left the pair as it was obvious they'd be taking a long nap together before they could recover for another mating session.

End of story.