Shy Wife Indeed
(m/f, i/r, cons)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  Fiancι's Father 1
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Now at the age of 27, with her two lovely children in pre-school/kindergarten, Lynne Belton contemplated getting a job to start her working career.  Having graduated from college with a degree in journalism, Lynne thought she'd put her education to use by finding a job in a related field.  Her husband John was progressing quite rapidly in the computer division of Norton Electronics and had been promoted to the regional office a year ago.  Living in a nice suburban neighborhood and taking an active role in community affairs, Lynne was well-respected by all whom she came into contact with.  Sitting at the table, Lynne breathed a deep sigh of relief, proud of herself for having for having succeeded in establishing herself in such a respectable manner.  Looking over at the picture of the two beautiful children together, a twinge of guilt coursed throughout her body at the deep dark secret that she harbored.  This was so different from her high school days when she was quite promiscuous and had obtained the status as a slut among her peers.   Lynne had been bright in academics but had fallen in with the wild crowd that partied a lot. She had lost her virginity in the back seat of a car during her freshman year and from then on, she found that the itch between her thighs could only be put out by a good fuck.

Graduating from high school and off to an exclusive college on an academic scholarship, Lynne was determined to shed her promiscuous behavior and to become Ms. Prim and Proper.  She had kept busy and somehow managed to keep the lusting males away from her, establishing the air of a respectable young woman.  At the college, Lynne was one of the most attractive girls on campus, standing at 5’4”, 118 lbs., with long flowing blonde hair.  During her sophomore year of college, she fell for the handsome John Belton.  Lynne did not want to lose John but she was determined that she not give in easily, intent on maintaining the status of being a prim and proper young lady on campus.  Deep down in her heart, Lynne wondered just how long the charade could be maintained. She managed to keep John at bay, often scolding him for trying to get too intimate on a date and put up quite the prim and proper front. But Lynne knew she really needed a good ‘fuck’ to quell the fire between her thighs. To accomplish this, Lynne had looked forward to returning home on some weekends and holidays. Back at home, she met up with guys she had dated and fucked during her high school years, guys who would never amount to much.  One of the guys worked at a service station, one worked at a construction company digging ditches, while another was a trash collector for the city.  But each one of them were more than willing to take her out for an evening, no expensive dining at a restaurant, just an all night fuck session.


Having put out the fire between her thighs for a while, Lynne managed to return to the college campus and her boyfriend John Belton as little Ms. Prim and Proper.  In her senior year of college, as Christmas neared, John had proposed to her.  Surprised and happy at the proposal, Lynne had immediately accepted. With this new and happy event, the holiday season plans for both Lynne and John changed so the first week would be spent at Lynne’s parents and the second at John’s. That would give them the opportunity to meet each other’s parents, to get on the right footing with their respective in-laws.  That was a bit over six years ago and her husband had no clue of what really was her double life.  To John, Lynne was an absolute angel, innocent and naοve to a fault.  'God, if John only knew the truth!' she pondered.  'Well, guess I'd better get the children's clothing packed for their weekend stay with John's parents!' she thought.

Dressed nicely in their evening attire, John and Lynne packed up the kids to drop them off at their grandparents' home for the weekend.  Then John and Lynne were headed off to the country club for the annual party of John's regional office.  Though she didn't particularly care for such gatherings, Lynne told herself that it was just something she had to do in view of her husband's job and career.  She had only met the people at the regional office once since John got promoted.  It had been at retirement party for one employee but Lynne still recalled how uneasy she felt upon meeting the regional manager.  Entering the banquet room of the country club, Lynne exchanged pleasantries with John's fellow workers and their spouses.  Then she saw that they were approaching where Herb Thompson, the regional manager, stood with his circle of cronies.  Seeing Mr. Thompson's eyes upon her, as if she was being stripped naked on the spot, Lynne felt as if he could see right through her.  It was as if he knew her deepest secrets, knew that she was not the innocent and naοve wife that she successfully portrayed.
Herb Thompson had been looking forward to this night, wanting to see the lovely Mrs. Lynne Belton once again.  He definitely remembered her from Dave Morton's retirement several months ago and ever since then he had nursed a raging hardon in fantasizing about the sexy blonde beauty.  'Damn, she comes across as being so innocent and naοve!  But something tells me there's a fire smoldering under all that innocence!  Just gotta find the right button to turn her on!' he thought.  As for John Belton, Herb Thompson couldn't care less about the young punk, in fact he hadn't planned on keeping him around.  That was until he met the beautiful Lynne Belton at the retirement party.  At that point, Herb decided the keep young Belton around and just maybe work things out so he could figure out a way to get into the panties of Belton's pretty blonde wife.  If that proved fruitless, he'd then find a competent replacement before firing him.

Herb was smart enough to know that such a lovely blonde beauty would have nothing to do with him sexually, especially in view of the fact that he was black.   Standing at 6'5" and weighing a solid 230 lbs, Herb Thompson was quite intimidating to his peers and he knew it, enjoying the power that he wielded in physique and the position he held in the company.  Mrs. Lynne Belton seemed so naive and innocent but totally unattainable, causing Herb to feel his competitive juices firing up.  He was used to winning at all costs and getting what he set his mind to.  Now his mind was set, that of getting into Lynne Belton's tight little panties.  When he finally got to greeting the sexy beauty once again, Herb held her petite manicured hand in his, enjoying feeling that slight tremble through her hand. 

As he greeted her, Herb could see the nervousness in her face, seeing her swallow deeply to compose herself.  He purposely held her hand in a handshake, far longer than would have been appropriate for such an occasion and between two people meeting for just the second time.  Finally releasing her hand and greeting her punk of a husband, Herb complimented the young man on having such a beautiful wife.  As the young couple moved on to mingle with others, Herb watched the punk follow behind his lovely wife and thought 'Hmmm, now how can I get into your pretty wife's panties, Belton?  You kiss ass son-of-a-bitch, always trying to butter up to everyone to get ahead!'  Then it was a light going on and Herb smiled widely, thinking 'Yeah, always trying to get ahead!  Well, Belton ………………you might just be up for a promotion!  Let's just see what you'd do and how far you'd go to get that promotion!'

Two weeks later, John checked his emails and was surprised to see one addressed directly to him by the regional manager.  Clicking it open, his mouth dropped a bit upon reading the message that stated "Hi John!  When you get a chance, please call my secretary so we can get together for a brief meeting today!  Thanks, Herb!"  John read the message once again, especially this being the very first personalized message he had received from Herb Thompson.  He had tried his best to impress his superiors in the regional office and didn't get much of a response, thus this email had him all excited to say the least.  Contacting Mr. Thompson's secretary, his heart sank when she advised that he was now booked till 5 p.m. when the workday was over.  But then he was elated when the secretary advised "Oh, Mr. Thompson was wondering if he could buy you could after work at TJ's across the street!  Is 5:30 okay with you, Mr. Belton?"  Needless to say, John jumped at the chance, his heart pumping madly in excitement.  Picking up the phone, he called his wife to say he'd be late, giving her the good news that Mr. Thompson asked to meet with him for drinks after work.

Over the phone, Lynne gave her 'congratulations' to her husband and wished him the best in his meeting with the regional manager.  She was thankful that John could not see her cringe with absolute disgust at the mention of Herb Thompson's name.  The mere mention of the intimidating man made Lynne shudder as she immediately recalled how vulnerable she felt each time she had met him.  'God, I swear that awful man stripped me naked with his eyes!' Lynne shuddered.  Getting to TJ's early, John ordered a drink to calm his nerves, trying to maintain his composure in being one-on-one with the head man.  Just as he was about to finish his drink, John immediately stood up as Herb Thompson appeared before him.  As John began to stammer in his greeting, he was shaking hands with the regional manager who made it seem as if they were old friends in his demeanor and saying "Glad you could meet me after work, John!  Sit down ………….relax ………….let's order some drinks!"

Over the past couple of weeks, Herb Thompson had formulated a plan in his cunning mind.  Over drinks, he discussed the plans for growth of the corporation and hinted that the unwitting young exec figured prominently in those plans.  Of course, if it all worked out, Herb hinted that a promotion would definitely be in order for the young man.  Naturally, young Belton fell right for the ploy, excited that he was thought of so highly.  With Herb keeping the drinks flowing, it became obvious to him that the young exec was feeling the effects of all that booze, apparently unaccustomed to that much alcohol.  With John Belton under the influence, Herb slyly steered the conversation around to the young man's lovely wife, pointing out how instrumental she could be to his advancement in the company.  Herb pointed out the necessity of entertaining company heads and their spouses, thus having a charming and lovely wife was critical to good business.  Then Herb sprung it on the young exec, wanting to shake him up some by indicating that he had some reservations, mainly about Mrs. Belton.  With a serious stern face, Herb advised "Don't get me wrong, your wife is a very lovely and charming woman!  But in checking with some of the staff who met her, she appears to be rather shy!  Do you think she's up to entertaining the bigwigs and their spouses?" 

John was caught off guard, expecting advancement to be dependent on merit, not upon his lovely wife.  Never had he known Lynne to be anything but shy and demure, polite and soft spoken.  He admitted to Mr. Thompson that his wife might be a bit quiet because she was shy and took awhile to get acquainted with people.  After another drink, John added that "Lynne was raised by very conservative parents and taught that 'good girls' shouldn't flirt with men unless they are in a committed relationship!  In fact, I couldn't get past first base with her until the wedding night!"  Herb pretended to understand and shrugged, commenting "It's too bad she couldn't loosen up a bit more and not be so shy!  It'd certainly put you in a more advantageous situation for being considered for that promotion!"  After a couple more drinks before calling it a night, Herb told that young punk that he would get every consideration possible.  Herb added that he'd be inviting all the potential candidates separately, along with their spouse, out to a nice dinner so he could make a final decision.

That night, upon her husband's return home, Lynne asked him how'd the meeting go.  After John briefly explained the events of the evening to her, she noticed that her husband was unusually quiet, especially after having been quite excited before the meeting.  Lynne was rather disturbed that one's promotion could or would be based on how well one's spouse could help entertain clients.  Though she had managed to put on an air of innocence and shyness for all these years, Lynne knew what all men were after.  And she had a sneaking suspicion that Herb Thompson had something up his sleeve.  She had seen that evil look in his eyes, feeling as if he had stripped her stark naked on each of the two occasions they had met.  'Why would he suddenly ask John out for drinks and mention a possible promotion?  And a candidate's spouse playing a major part?  C'mon, give me a break!' she thought.  'John, there's only one reason that son-of-a-bitch called you out to drink and make a pitch like that!  Don't be so stupid!  He wants to finagle his way into your wife's panties in exchange for that promotion!' she concluded.  Feeling her thigh muscles clench involuntarily at the thought of being touched by his loathsome boss, Lynne couldn't help but wonder 'Is the myth true about black men?'

Though she had enjoyed being wild and promiscuous in her high school days and after, even secretly without John's knowledge, she had no desire of having the likes of Herb Thompson touching her.  Now Lynne could not get Herb Thompson's image out of mind, shivering at the thought of the lewd man pawing at her body, rubbing his muscular black body up against hers.  Over the next couple of weeks, Lynne could not get over how her husband mentioned in passing to "Try to be 'nice' to Herb Thompson and maybe even dance with him after the dinner!"  Not wanting to start an argument Lynne hadn't responded, knowing how much John wanted to get promoted up the ranks, leaving her to wonder just how 'nice' she'd have to be to Herb Thompson.  After all these years of hiding her promiscuous side, now her own husband was hinting at her to 'nice' to his boss.

'I don't believe it!  Here I've gone to such great lengths to put on a good front in hiding my weakness in front of John!' Lynne thought.  From her past experience, Lynne knew just how 'weak' she was when it came to sex, especially when touched intimately by a man.  She had put up a staunch resistance when dating John to put up a good front, satisfying her needs when she went home for college breaks, succeeded in getting John to propose marriage to her.  Though repulsed by her husband's boss, the thought of the lusting man seeking the pleasure of her body had Lynne clenching her thighs together.  Alone in her bedroom, Lynne closed her eyes as her hands moved up under her loose blouse.  Squeezing her thighs together as her fingers slipped under her thin bra, she shivered as her fingers made contact with her sensitive pink nipples.  Her juices began flowing, seeping out onto the crotch of her panties as she pretended that it was Herb Thompson's hands upon her breasts.

The evening had finally come as John and Lynne entered the elegant restaurant, meeting with Herb Thompson and Frank Marshall, the regional vice-president who served as Herb's top lieutenant.  It seemed a rather odd management arrangement with Frank Marshall, an older white fellow nearing retirement at age 58, working directly under Herb Thompson who was black and fifteen years younger.  After exchanging greetings, Herb asked "Have you been here before, Mrs. Belton?"  Upon hearing the expected negative response of 'no', Herb quickly added "Oh, let Frank here show you the adjoining room where it's like a mini-museum of fine art!  That'll give me a chance to brief John on the recent business events that just took shape!"  As the lovely blonde beauty was escorted to the adjoining room of expensive art, Herb now planned to spring a bit of a surprise on the anxious young husband.

Expecting to talk business, John was surprised when his boss asked "Are you the jealous type, John?  Would you be upset if I danced with your wife a few times tonight and try to explain to her she needs to be less shy, to flirt a bit, especially when it comes to potential clients!"  John couldn't really refuse without blowing his chances of impressing the boss and possible promotion.  "Oh, no!  I don't mind!  Lynne loves to dance!  In fact, I've been trying to explain to her the need to socialize more, especially with entertaining clients a big part of the job!"  John breathed a sigh of relief in having mentioned it again to Lynne on the drive over.  Thinking back to the drive from their home to this restaurant, John had left it at that, seeing that Lynne was tired of hearing his rather nagging her about this aspect.  He sensed his wife becoming upset with him, especially when she curtly responded "Are you that desperate to get this promotion, John?  Would you like me to let him feel me up on the dance floor too?"  With his silence, Lynne had angrily responded "You'd allow that to happen, just to get your lousy promotion, wouldn't you?"

It was a nice pleasant dinner, with very little business talk as Lynne was complimented on her dress and beauty.  Of course, there were the questions of whether Lynne liked to entertain, with Herb pointing out the need due to the level of people her husband would be dealing with.  Of course, drinks kept flowing at the table with waiters being instructed beforehand to make the drinks strong and flowing.  With dinner over and after-dinner drinks being served, Frank Marshall drew the young husband into a business conversation.  This had been prearranged between Frank and his boss, allowing Herb Thompson to get up from his chair and ask the lovely Lynne Bolton for a dance while the two men 'talked business'.  Leaving the table, walking behind the lovely blonde beauty, he gave a wink to the woman's nervous husband.

Breathing hard, Lynne felt her heart thumping madly in her chest, as she walked to the dance floor.  'Is this what you wanted to see, John?  Are you enjoying seeing your wife dance with a black man?' she asked silently as she stared up towards the table they had dined at.  She looked up into the smiling face of Herb Thompson, seeing that glimmer of lust in his eyes.  Deep down, Lynne knew that this lusting man was after more than just a dance with her, causing her juices to begin flowing.  John could not take his eyes from the dance floor, watching as Herb Thompson danced with his beautiful wife.  In fact, he discovered that he was even getting turned on at the sight of his wife's ivory white body dancing next to his boss's big muscular black frame.  He realized that with the number of drinks consumed, Lynne was tipsy enough that she's dancing closer to Herb Thompson than she normally danced with him.  Between the moving couples on the dance floor, with Herb and Lynne turning a bit, John blinked his eyes to focus better.  His cock twitched in his pants, believing his eyes were playing tricks on him as he could have sworn seeing his boss's hand slide down from the small of Lynne's back down to cup her asscheeks.  John shook his head, telling himself he was imagining thinks, in fact chuckling at the thought since his wife would never have allowed such a thing to happen.  'Hell, she'd have slapped his face if he grabbed her ass!' he told himself.

As Lynne felt her husband's boss caressing her ass through her dress, she looked up at his smirking face as he taunted "You've really got that nitwit of a husband completely fooled, haven't ya, Mrs. Belton?"  Shocked at his comment, she wanted to break away and run from the dance floor but found herself being gripped tightly by the awful man.  Then a shudder coursed through her body as she heard him say "You were quite a hot little number in your high school days, weren't ya, Mrs. Belton?  Ahhh, yes ………..the former Miss Lynne Nesser who would fuck and suck any guy dropping his pants!  Why, don't look so shocked ……………….I hire the best P.I.'s who can bribe anybody to get to all the nitty-gritty info!"  As another slow song started up immediately when the prior one ended, John saw Lynne and his boss remain out on the dance floor.  With some of the couples taking a break and returning to their seats, John's eyes widened in horror.  Now there was no mistaking what he thought he had seen earlier, his boss's black hand was clearly outlined on Lynne's white evening dress, right on the middle of her ass.

As they continued to dance, Lynne could only listen as Herb Thompson told her "John has no clue what a hot little number he has, does he?  A hot little number who's going to earn that promotion for her loving husband, isn't that right, Mrs. Belton!  Your hubby's really after that promotion that he'd do anything for it!  Bet yer husband would leave you here all alone with me if meant getting some brownie points chalked up!  Don't think so?  Wait till Frank's cellphone rings when we get back to the table!"  Just before the dance ended, Lynne watched as Herb Thompson reached into his pocket to retrieve a cellphone of his own, press a few numbers, then advised her "Got someone down at a district office to call Frank's cellphone with an emergency problem that's been deliberately created for your hubby!  Once I make the suggestion that I'll take you home after a few more dances, do you think he'll put up a fuss?  Bet if I even told him I was going to fuck you when I got you home, he still wouldn't put up any fuss!  He'd sacrifice your precious little ass for lousy promotion, don't you think?"

Right on schedule, a call came in on Frank Marshall's cellphone a moment after they sat back down at the table.  Frank handled the call, as instructed earlier by Herb Thompson, advising he be right out there.  Then Frank suggested that this emergency was right up the young execs alley and good experience for him as an executive, saying he remaining in the background observing while John took charge of this emergency.  John was excited at the prospect of being placed in charge of handling the emergency, realizing that it'd certainly be a feather in his cap, not realizing that he was being set up.  He naively agreed to rush over to the district office to handle the problem as soon as he dropped his wife offer.  Wanting to get right on in getting that feather in his cap, John was surprised but relieved when his boss offered to drive his wife home so he could handle the emergency immediately.

At first, John declined the offer, knowing that Lynne would be rather upset with him in leaving her there alone with Herb Thompson.  She had only made it too clear to him over the past few weeks of not feeling comfortable with his boss.  He had to wonder just how uncomfortable she really was with Herb Thompson, especially after seeing what she had allowed out on the dance floor.  With his boss insisting that it was the least he could do and the emergency at the office took priority, John glanced over at his lovely wife.  John was relieved to see Lynne smile at him and say "Don't worry, honey!  You go ahead!  I'll be just fine!"  Breathing a sigh of relief, he got up from the table along with Frank Marshall.  Bending over to give Lynne a kiss goodbye, he felt her face move up a bit as she whispered in his ear "Don't worry, honey ………….I'll be real 'nice' to your boss for you!"  John felt a shudder coursing through his body as he detected a bit of sarcasm in his wife's voice.

On the dance floor, in the arms of her husband's muscular black boss, Lynne felt betrayed by her husband for leaving her alone with him.  'Damn him!  John knows how I detest this man, yet he leaves me in his clutches just to make himself look good in rushing off for the so-called business emergency!  I'm going to make you pay John, you bastard!' Lynne steamed.  Waiting for his coat at the check out, John glanced back into the dining room.  Seeing the table he had left totally empty, he then glanced towards the dance floor again.  Now at a farther distance away and the dance floor rather crowded, he wondered if that was Lynne and his boss dancing closely together in the far corner of the room.  Taking a few steps back into the restaurant, he saw that it was indeed his lovely wife and she was staring right back at him.  Looking up, Lynne saw that John had just gotten the overcoat that he had checked in upon their arrival.  Seeing her husband first looking at the table where they had dined, then spotting her on the dance floor, Lynne stepped in closer to the man she detested and tilted her head up to be kissed.  She wanted her husband to see just how 'nice' she was being to his boss.  Though kissing Herb Thompson passionately, Lynne continued looking over the man's shoulder, enjoying the shocked expression on her husband's face before Frank Marshall pulled him out of the restaurant.

This sudden change had not fooled Herb Thompson, seeing the beauty first looking up towards the entrance and then suddenly stepping in towards him and tilting her head up to him.  Herb knew that this lovely young wife was wanting to get back at her husband for leaving her here with him and suspected that young John Belton was watching this wanton display.  Not to disappoint, Herb bent a bit to kiss the beautiful young wife passionately.  In doing so, Herb knew he was breaking down the resistance of this hot little bitch, feeling her body quiver with excitement from the embrace.  Herb knew that the coast was now clear for a couple hours as least, until Frank Marshall called his cellphone to advise that the 'emergency' had been taken care of and that they were now leaving the district office to head home.  Old man Frank was to stall the young pup, giving Herb the needed time to notch his gun upon succeeding with his conquest of the beautiful young wife.  He could sense that hot streak bottled up in her sexy bod was now sizzling as she made no attempt to stop his ass grabbing, even though she obviously detested him and her husband was already gone.

Though she detested her husband's boss, Lynne's juices began to flow, just like in her wild slutty high school days.  Lynne could only shiver as she felt the large hand grabbing her ass, muscular chest rubbing up against her breasts, and massive bulge pushing up against her belly.  No matter how much she detested Herb Thompson, Lynne knew that he had conquered her, draining all the willpower from her body.  'Well, John, I hope you're happy ……………….leaving me here alone with this bastard!' she thought.  As they danced, Herb held the quivering beauty, knowing that she was still trying to regain her self-esteem and dignity.  Looking into her baby blue eyes, he asked tauntingly "You ever had a big black cock up that horny cunt of yours, Mrs. Belton?"  Seeing her swallow deeply and shake her head 'no', Herb ground his throbbing bulge up against her belly, telling her "You know you're going to get fucked by a big one tonight, don't you, Mrs. Belton?"  He wanted to laugh out loud on the dance floor in seeing the young wife nod a 'yes'!

Once the dance number was over, Lynne found herself being pulled off the dance floor towards the front entrance.  Moments later, having obtained her overcoat, she was entering Herb Thompson's black Mercedes that the valet had driven up to the curb.  With her husband's boss reaching over to grasp her hand, pulling it over towards him, she panted for breath as she knew what he was wanting of her.  Hand squeezing at the thick bulge, Lynne sucked in her breath, realizing that her husband's devious boss certainly was well endowed.  That wild slutty streak that she had managed to bottle up within her now began to emerge as she traced the length of the bulge she was squeezing upon.  She began panting for breath, squeezing her thighs together, wondering what it'd feel like to have such a big boner skewering into her now gushing cuntlips.  Feeling the outline of Herb Thompson's manhood, her very first black cock, Lynne thought 'Ohhh, that myth is certainly no myth at all!'

'Damn, I knew it!  She's a real hot one all right!' Herb realized as he made a beeline towards the Belton's home.  Having planned things ahead of time, he knew exactly the route to take to get to the blonde beauty's street.  "Go ahead, baby …………..take it out and play with it!" he moaned as she squeezed upon his cock.  Seconds later, the lovely Lynne Belton was leaning over the gearshift console, using both hands to unzip his pants.  Her efforts were hindered due to the bulging cock pressing tightly against the front of his pants.  All thoughts, other than that physically at hand, became a total void in Lynne's mind.  With Herb Thompson wearing a pair of dark pants combined with the dark confines of the car, Lynne could basically only feel the thick cock in her hands, seeing just its outline from the dim dashboard lights.  Lips dry, she swallowed deeply as she pumped at the throbbing piece of meat, then licked her lips.

Trying to keep his eyes on the road, Herb glanced down and smiled as the blonde head leaned further over towards his seat.  He sucked in his breath as his cock throbbed from the expert jerkoff this sexy young housewife was giving him.  "Ohhh, baby!  Ohhhh ……………yeah ………………ohhhhhh!" he moaned with pleasure as his thick cockhead was suddenly engulfed in her hot wet mouth.  This beautiful little bitch was certainly hot, much hotter than he had ever hoped to imagine.  Driving slowly along the quiet suburban street where the Belton's lived, Herb tried to make out the address numbers that would indicate the young beauty's home.  She certainly could help out in this aspect by merely pointing out her home but Herb did not want to disturb her from her current task.  Taking his foot off the gas pedal, the car merely glided along slowly as Herb put his foot on the floorboard to arch up into the hot slurping mouth that now fully engulfed his thick lengthy cock.

Then Herb saw the address he had been looking for on the mailbox and turned into the driveway, just as his body quivered with pleasure.  Lifting his foot from the floorboard, he pushed down hard upon the brake as he arched up and exploded.  "Ohhhhhh, baby …………..……….suck it ………………..suck ittttttttttttttt!  Ahhhh, fuckkkkkkkkk!" he groaned loudly as his thick cum spurted out into the hot sucking mouth.  Fingers entwined in the long silky blonde hair, he fed the hungry young wife her after dinner dessert.  Hands grasping her hair tightly, Lynne Belton's mind began to clear, causing her to shudder in disgust.  Here was the man whom she utterly detested, her husband's boss, yet now she found herself leaning over his lap with his thick cock pulsating deep in her throat.  She had deep-throated him, given him a blowjob he'd never forget, and eaten the entire load of his lumpy jizz.  'Have I been 'nice' enough to your boss yet, John?' she asked, wishing her husband was there to witness just how 'nice' she had been.

Moments later, Lynne was inserting the key into the lock to the front door of her home with her husband's boss immediately behind her, feeling up her ass through her dress.  With Herb Thompson wanting a nightcap, she led him to the bar where she had him make her a martini.  She sipped at her drink as she watched Herb pour himself a glass of scotch.  Lynne swished the vodka about her mouth, and gums, wanting to rinse her mouth of the spunky remnants.  Herb smiled as he looked at the lovely blonde wife as she stared back at him for a moment.  It was as if she was reading his mind before she turned and slowly led the way to the master bedroom.  He took in her shapely body dressed in the nice yellow dress and white heels as she walked down the hallway.  Undoing his tie, Herb followed, feeling his cock pulse and begin to regain its rigidity from the excitement that lay ahead.

In the bedroom, Herb tossed his tie on a nearby chair and then got out of his coat as the sexy young beauty turned to face him.  He saw her hesitate at first, then reach behind her neck to undo the clasp of her dress.  Then he saw her reach behind her back to unzip herself, watching as the sexy beauty peeled the dress from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor around her heels.  He whistled in seeing the lovely Mrs. Lynne Belton now dressed only with a string of pearls around her neck, a lacy yellow bra, a pair of matching panties and her white heels.  As Herb got out of the rest of his clothing, he watched as the sexy blonde stepped out of her heels as she undid her bra.  Then she peeled down her lacy yellow panties, revealing her golden muff to him before walking over to the king-sized bed and stripping down the covers.  As she lay in the center of the bed watching him stroke his boner, he knew she was in heat by the way she panting and licking at her lips.  Then her knees raised a bit as she planted her feet upon the bed, a hand up from the bed and over her hip to rub her middle finger along her slick groove.

Moving to the foot of the bed, Herb looked at the anguished beauty as she rubbed her clit feverishly, obviously in need of a good fuck.  Seeing the beauty's fingers become wet from her gushing slit, Herb licked his lips as he reached forward to spread her knees wider apart as he knelt upon the bed.  Lowering himself, he saw her stop fingering herself and lifted her hand up.  Then that petite hand was at the back of his head, pulling him down.  Opening his mouth, clamping it down onto the oozing slit, his drew his thick tongue up along the tasty groove.   "Ohhhhhhhh ………………ohhhhhhh, Godddd ………………yessssssssssss!" Lynne squealed with delight.  Her entire body shook and quivered uncontrollably, a bright light flashing before her eyes as she was being expertly eaten out.  This was something Lynne really craved for, a flicking tongue on her ultra-sensitive clit to drive her wild, something that she could not get her own husband to do for her.

Ever since being eaten out for the first time as a teenager, Lynne had always creamed heavily for the slurping mouth between her thighs, giving her lover a tasty treat.  But this was pleasure John had never provided for her, in fact he had turned his head away that very first time she had tried to pull his head down onto her.  Lynne had never tried to encourage John to do that again, afraid that he would think of her as a cheap slut.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh …………………ooooooohhhhh ………………oh, Goddddddddd!” Lynne mroaned as the hot wet tongue lapped at her juicing slit.   Knees widespread, both hands clutching at the kinky hair of her husband's boss, Lynne pushed her feet down onto the mattress as she arched her hips up into the man's face.  "Ooooohhhhhhh ………………ohhhhhhhh ………………...ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” she panted as the thick tongue delved into her gash, slurping up her love juices.  How Lynne detested this man who had seen right through that innocent front she had put up, hated him for being able to see what a true slut she really was and taking advantage of it.  But Lynne had to admit that she had never been eaten out in such a manner before, not by such an expert cunt eater!  “Ohhhh, God ……….oh, God ………………oh, Godddddddddd!” she chanted.   "Yes ………………..yes ………………my Goddddd ………………I …………..I’m cumminggggggg …………………yessssssssssss!” she screamed, then momentarily black out from the mind-shattering orgasm.

Five minutes later, blinking back the cobwebs, Lynne swallowed as she looked up into the face of her husband's leering boss.  Now all pretense was gone, no longer needed especially having eaten her husband's boss's cock and being eaten out by him.  Reaching down between their bodies, Lynne once again clasped the thick cock with her fingers, guiding the throbbing cockhead up again her juicy slit.  "John made me promise him that I'd be 'nice' to you tonight, Mr. Thompson!  You will tell my husband that I kept my promise, won't you?" Lynne asked.  She sucked in her breath as she felt her cuntlips spread wide to admit his thick pressing cockhead, cooing "Ohhhhhhh ………………..ohhhhh, God …………………so big ………………….oh, God, its so biggggggg!  Oh, God …………….fuck me ……………………fuck meeeee!"
Amid the loud squeaks of the bed, along with the thumping of the headboard against the wall, Herb Thompson enjoyed hearing the squeals of this hot little bitch.  "Yeah, baby ……………….oh, yeah ……………such a hot and horny little bitch …………… tight ……………….so fuck'n tight! God, John must have a tiny little pecker!  You like my big black cock, don't you, Mrs. Belton?  Oh, yeah, baby ……………..squeeze me ………………squeeze me with that tight little cunt of yours! Oh, yeah ………………..oh, yeahhhhh!" he moaned.  "Yes ………………yessssssss ……………..I need it so bad!   Fuck me ……………fuck me with your big black cock!  Fuck me ……………fuck me out of my mind!  Oh, so good ……………so good ………… gooddddddddd!  Oh, God, yessssssssss ………………yesssssssssssss!" Lynne panted, her fingers clawing at the muscular back, her legs crossing over to wind themselves tightly around the pumping black butt.  "Oh, God …………..yes ……………deeper …………..deeperrr!  Harder …………..harder ………….fuck me harder!  Fuck me with your big black cock!" she begged, arching up to get the lengthy shaft deep into her. "Oh, so good ……………….so good ………………oh, yesssssss!" Lynne cooed.


"Oh, baby ……………….oh, Mrs. Belton …………………..oh, yeah ………………..what a fuck! Oh, baby ………………hope you're on the pill cause Herb Thompson don't shoot blanks!  Oh, baby, have I got a fuck'n load for you!" Herb groaned as he continued to pump his thick cock into the convulsing beauty.  In and out, in and out, he got a good grip on her hips and thrust his cock all the way in.  Cockhead deep in her womb, he moaned "Oh, baby …………… it is …….ahhhhhhhhhhh, yeah ……………creaming ……………………….creaming in ya, baby!"  Collapsing upon her, Herb's muscular body covered the petite blonde beauty fully, his cock continuing to belch out spurt after spurt of his hot potent jizz, filling her up to the brim.

Nearly an hour later, after another fantastic fuck session with the sexy young wife, he looked at the time and figured that the young punk should have fixed that emergency problem by now.  Getting out of bed, he picked up the pair of lacy lavender panties from the carpet and wiped his cock clean with them.  Getting into his clothing, he looked at the fucked out beauty looking up at him in a daze.  Then the cellphone in his coat pocket rang.  As expected, upon answering it, Herb listened to the prearranged call from Frank Marshall.  Lynne lay there on the bed, watching her husband's boss put on his coat as he continued talking on the phone.  Then she watched as he picked up her soiled panties from the bed and put it in his coat pocket.  "Yeah …………………Frank ……………'d it go?  Great …………….John got the problem solved right away!  Put him on so I can congratulate him!" Lynne heard Herb Thompson say into the phone.  She quivered in fright as she realized that her husband would now be talking to the man who had just fucked her brains out right on their own marital bed.

She saw Herb Thompson look at her and saw his big grin as he spoke "John …………….congratulations!  Frank tells me you did real good!  That'll be a big plus in your file and for the consideration in getting that promotion!  I'm glad I got to spend some time alone with your lovely wife!  I was totally wrong in thinking she was a bit too shy to help entertain clients!  I must say, she's so 'nice' and charming!  She'll do well in entertaining the bigwigs!  Oh, I must say you have a very nice home …………… to see it when your wife offered me a nightcap!"  With her husband's boss taking leave from her bedroom, Lynne got out of bed and quickly changed the soiled sheets.  Then she quickly went into the bathroom to take a quick shower and douche.  In her frantic need to quench that burning need between her thighs, Lynne had not even thought of the potential consequences, especially this being the most dangerous time of the month.  She had not even thought of asking him to use a condom, though she suspected he merely would have laughed at her request.

Dressed in a nightgown as she re-entered the bedroom from the master bath, Lynne picked up her clothing strewn about the floor.  Hanging up her dress and putting away her heels, Lynne then picked up her bra and hung it from a hook in the closet.  She looked at the lacy lavender bra, realizing that the matching pair of panties were now in the possession of her husband's devious boss, recalling how he used them to wipe his cock clean and then pocketing them as a souvenir.  Going down the hallway and into the living room, Lynne checked to make sure Herb Thompson had in fact departed.  Going to the front door, she turned the knob to put the safety lock on.  Checking the den, she picked up the dirty glasses and took them to the kitchen sink.  With everything appearing in order, she then turned off the lights and made her way back to the bedroom to await the return of her loving husband.

Fifteen minutes later, John Belton turned onto the street where he lived with his lovely wife and two adorable children.  He was proud of himself for having solved the 'emergency' problem at the district office and happy to learn that it would certainly be a plus towards that promotion.  He breathed a sigh of relief after talking to his boss on the phone, hearing a rare admittance that his boss had been wrong!  John thought for a second as he turned into his driveway and hit the remote to open the garage door.  He thought back to the scene on the dance floor just before leaving, recalling how Lynne glared back at him before passionately kissing his boss. Indeed, John did notice others in the restaurant turn to stare at the display of a lovely white beauty kissing a muscular black man so openly on the dance floor.

'God, Lynne must really be pissed at me for leaving her there alone with Herb, especially since she had told me earlier how she couldn't stand him!  She must have wanted to get back at me by degrading herself, putting herself on display like that!' he thought.  Never had John witnessed such a wanton display by his lovely young wife.  Lynne had always been so innocent and shy that he had been totally taken by surprise by that wanton display.  Still, he had to admit that it was rather exciting to see her in the arms of another man for the very first time.

Thinking back to the phone call with his boss after the emergency was over, John then realized that it indeed had been the only time Herb Thompson ever said 'I was wrong!'  'Well, I guess it worked in asking Lynne to be civil and nice to Herb for this important evening!' he surmised.  Putting his car in park and closing the garage door behind him, John then got out and proceeded towards the door connecting to the kitchen.  His eyes squinted as he neared the door, then was puzzled at the funny object on the doorknob.  It took a few seconds for him to recognize what was so different about the doorknob, what was dorning it.  John swallowed deeply as his heart began to pound in his chest.  Staring at the doorknob as he panted to catch his breath, John wondered 'Could it be?  Could it really be?'  Reaching forward, he grasped the edge of the tiny yellow garment with his thumb and index finger, lifting it up and over the doorknob from which it hung.

John's thoughts flowed back to late that afternoon, when Lynne and he were dressing for the big occasion.  He pictured the image of his lovely wife in the bedroom, recalling how alluring she looked as she slipped the nice yellow dress over her head.  A shudder coursed through his body in recalling that Lynne was wearing a matching pair of lacy lavender undergarments, panties that exactly matched those that he now held in his hand.  Examining the garment, John observed some wet spots on it.  Other dried white stains were also visible upon it.  With John's breathing was now in shallow pants, he rubbed his fingers onto a wet spot to feel the slimy texture of it.  Bringing the pair of panties closer to his face, he inhaled the distinct aroma a male's cum.  Then he felt a something stiff inside the waistband of the panties.  Looking to see what it was, he found a note on a card that was glued to the panties by a wad of cum.  The note read "Your lovely wife said she promised you that she'd be 'nice' to me!  Indeed, she was very, very 'nice' to me!"  Turning it over, John's heart sank in seeing the familiar front of his boss's business card.

End of Story.