Sick Scheming Stalker
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff
of the earlier stories entitled:  ‘Stalker’s Paradise 1, 2, & 3 ’
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For Darius Thompson, life couldn’t be much better and he was feeling on top of the world at this point, although his feeling of success had come at the expense of others.  How things had changed from being a loser to being on top, and being able to enjoy that feeling and gloating at that instant in time …………………..physically on top ………………..and physically ‘in’ the lovely white beauty who had just given him so much joy!  And to hear the beauty’s pathetic pleas for mercy, cries of pain, and the anguish of her ultimate defeat at the instant he flooded her with his gooey scum.

Darius reflected back as to when he had first gotten started and some of his conquests, first picturing in his mind the image of that lovely beauty in her burnt orange outfit as she looked up at the departure screen, that of his very first stalking and rape victim.  ‘That was quite a fuck’n little caper I’s pulled off!’ he chuckled to himself, recalling the lovely Ms. Terri Asburn who was engaged to be married to some punk and become a trophy wife to a fucking whiteboy.  He then recalled the impromptu scheme that had dreamt up and how it had worked out so perfectly to have the succulent little beauty fall right into his arms.

Purposely having created a minor fender bender, signaling for her to pull off into the nearby parking lot to exchange driver information, then used a stun gun upon her to render her helpless.  And with the parking lot being that for a motel, Darius briefly left the stunned beauty there in her car as he strolled on over to rent a motel room, asking for one on the far end and in the back of complex.  Moments later, he was depositing the unconscious beauty upon the bed and she was then all his to possess.

Darius enjoyed the look of fear in her eyes as he grasped her trim white hips, chuckling as he lunged forward, causing her eyes to nearly pop out of their sockets as his bloated cock attempted to split her in two.  Repelled by a barrier that he had only once before encountered, he then pulled back some till just the tip of his bloated cockhead remained in place, then taunted the terrified beauty with “Ya’ve been saving something precious fer yer fiancé, huh?”  Having gagged the beauty earlier, he enjoyed the muffled scream of pain “Annnnnnnnnnnn ………….nnnnnnnnnn …………nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!”  He enjoyed tormenting her, chuckling “Hope ya didn’t promise the whiteboy this on yer wedding night!”

Sliding up and down upon her petite frame, with his thick black sliding in and around her unexplored and bleeding vagina, Darius had taken great pleasure in licking her earlobe while taunting “Ya gonna tell the punk that an ugly black bastard beat him to it?  Ya gonna tell’em how’s ya lost yer cherry?  What about the little black bastard I’m gonna make fer him, hmmm?  Think he’ll even come close to giving ya something as big as what I’ve got in ya?”  Cock expanding, then belching out his hot slimy seed deep in her fertile womb, he then grunted and taunted “Heh, heh!  Got ya good, bitch!  ‘Ruined’ ya good ………………..real good!”
For six pleasurable hours, Darius displayed to the once innocent beauty just how sick and depraved he was, first setting the stage by forcing his bloodied penis into her mouth and making her clean him off.  But sickened beauty was soon to learn that she was not done with just a clean up of his cock, forcing her to continue mouthing his throbbing boner till spewed his filth right in her gurgling mouth.  With the innocent beauty coughing and gagging on his slimy cum, Darius chuckled in seeing her petite body shudder just as he pushed her head into the nearby trashcan as she began barfing.

Having spent his lust, Darius had left the raped beauty lying upon the bed wearing only her black heels, her legs obscenely spread wide open with his jizz oozing out of her ravished gash.  He had left her there thinking that he was now gone and out of her life for good, but Darius had other things in mind, armed in information obtained while she was unconscious and the secret filming of her vile rape and defiling of her innocent body.  His devious mind was working in overdrive, especially in knowing that she was engaged to be married and that he had physically relieved her of her innocence.

Having often played back the filming of his first conquest, Darius had also kept tabs on the lovely beauty and waited patiently for the marriage with her fiancé to take place.  And upon seeing that the marriage had indeed taken place and the beauty he had raped was now the new Mrs. Terri Monroe, he had emailed the bride three weeks following her wedding date, an email that contained despicable pictures of rape in the motel room.  Also contained in his email message was the instructions for her to meet him back at that same motel, in the very same motel room, or else the photos would then be sent to her hubby, family and friends. He also warned her of not being foolish as to call the police as he’d be on the lookout.

The second meeting with the trembling and frightened beauty, this time with her as a lovely young bride of less than a month, was even more enjoyable than the first.  This time there were no physical restraints keeping her from leaving the motel room, only emotional ones for fear of the consequences that he had blackmailed her with.  Darius loved the feel of the beauty trembling under his touch, to see her clenched fists at her side as she forced herself to remain standing there, and to hear her sniffling back her whimpers as he caressed her soft tender flesh.

Darius loved having the young beauty trembling and weeping under his touch, that of his taunting, like that of his asking “Bet hubby would never believe his beautiful wife of less than a month is now having her titties played with and sucked by another guy, huh?”  And then, after learning what he wanted with her kneeling upon he carpeting and looking at him, Darius fed her his cock while chuckling “So ya didn’t show hubby what I’s taught ya in sucking cock, huh!  Jist because ya barfed yer guts out the last time?  Ya jist needs a little more experience, sweetie!  Before ya go home tomorrow, ya’ll be one hell of a cocksucker and keeping all my jizz down!”

The young newlywed had told her husband that she had to make an overnight business trip, something that was not out of the ordinary with her job, not letting on that she had to meet with her rapist who was now blackmailing her for more sex in exchange for his silence and to keep the vile photos from being distributed.  Later that night as 8 p.m. approached, Darius asked “Hey, sweetie, ain’t it about time fer ya to check in with hubby?”  Going through her purse and finding her cellphone, Darius smiled chuckled “If’n Is recall correctly, he’s #1 on your phone listing, huh?”  Then in pulling it up, he hit the dial button “Okay, honey, ya remember the position?”  Waiting for hubby to answer and holding the phone to her ear as she spoke on the phone, Darius then slid his throbbing cock up her hot little pussy as she was on all fours.

Now the image of the lovely Mrs. Jennifer Linden came to mind as Darius recalled having first spotted the lovely beauty when approaching his departure gate.  The lovely twenty-eight year old married beauty had been on her cellphone when first spotted as she looked for a vacant chair in the departure area.  Eyeing her up from across the aisle at first, Darius then nonchalantly got up on the pretense of getting a drink of water, then took a seat behind and to the right of his new prey.  Then, when her cellphone rang, he craned his neck to listen in on her conversation.

Upon her answering the cellphone, Darius heard “Hello!  Oh, hi Stephanie, I’m at the airport right now and getting in at about 10:30!  Oh, no, thanks, anyway!  I’ll be renting a car today since I’ve got several stops to make but I’ll be there about 11:30 and we can grab lunch!”  Next came a pause as the unsuspecting beauty listened to the caller, then she spoke adding “Oh, I’m stay at the Green Tree Hotel tonight but I need to stay in to go over some product sales figures for tomorrow!”  Smiling widely, Darius couldn’t believe that he had gotten all the information needed in the conversation he had just overheard, now intent on claiming this whiteboy’s trophy wife before the day was over.

Obtaining his car rental first from a different agency due to the gold card status he had with the company, Darius lay in wait for the unsuspecting beauty to get her rental, then proceeded to follow her.  Once she arrived at her business destination and was out of sight, Darius attached a GPS unit to the bumper of her rental car, then proceeded off to the Green Tree Hotel where he had called ahead to book a hotel room.  From that point on, everything went quite smoothly as the GPS system told Darius exactly when his prey would be coming right there to him.  Pretending to be buying a cold drink from the machine as she passed by to go to her room, the stun gun in his pocket was at the ready.

Rendering the lovely beauty helpless just as she had opened her motel room door, Darius easily got her alone into the privacy of her motel room.  Undressing the stunned beauty and caressing her lovely charms before handcuffing her hands above her head onto the headboard, with only her beige heels on, it would then be just a matter of awaiting for her to come out of her stunned stupor.  And while he was waiting, Darius order up some expensive treats from room service, getting money from her purse to generously tip the fellow at the door and taking the cart inside himself, then proceeding to enjoy himself with champagne and treats till she awoke.

Darius shuffled up between the trim legs of the captive beauty once she came out of her stupor, shucking at his rigid boner as her eyes widened in horror.  Cockhead flaring wide, hand gripping the girth of his boner, he then traced it along the outer edges of her now wet and juicy slit of the dazed beauty.  Getting his cockhead in place, Darius grasped her trim hips, then gave a mighty heave of his loins.  “Ahhhhhhh ………………ahhhhhhhh …………………….annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the loud but muffled shrieks of pain through the ball gag filling her mouth as he brutally skewered into the ever so tight young wife, his thickness obviously stretching and tearing her some.  And he gave her no mercy, in fact her shrieks only spurred him on to thrusting even harder into her agonized body.

He knew that his thick cock had torn her cunny some, which made it quite obvious that her whiteboy hubby didn’t measure up to what she was now getting fucked with.  Then Darius licked at her earlobe before whispering tauntingly “I ain’t wearing no condom, Mrs. Linden!”  As the lovely wife struggled with all her might in realizing the horrid consequences that could result from this unwanted mating, Darius enjoyed taunting her further with: “Gonna tell yer hubby ya had a big black dick up yer cunny, huh?”  “Gonna report this and tell everybody how ya got ‘raped and ruined’?”  “Gonna knock ya up good, sweetie!”  “Gonna knock ya up with a little black bastard, sugar!”

For Darius, it was one hell of a time, raping the whiteboy’s beautiful wife time and time again.  For his lovely captive, it had literally been one ‘hell’ of a time.  Five times he had breeded the sexy bitch, slapping her ass that last time as he chuckled “Just like sending a beautiful little filly to a stud farm, huh!  If’n that don’t git ya knocked up, nothing will!”  In between one of those fucks, just after creaming in her pussy, he had pulled out and made her take his messy cock into her mouth.  Before leaving the next day, Darius had once again used the ball gag on his victim, this time to keep her screams from being heard when her skewered his lengthy cock up into her cherry white ass.

The lovely Mrs. Linden was quite unfortunate as she received her first email from Darius just six weeks after her ordeal as he was quite anxious to bed her once again.  Blackmailing her with the vile photographs of her giving his big black dick a blowjob, being both raped and sodomized, had her meekly complying with his demand that she meet with him at the same Green Tree Hotel once every two months.  A year later and following five new meetings at the hotel, the lovely beauty seemed resigned to her fate in needing to please him sexually to keep her husband and friends from viewing the horrid pictures of her defilement.

Like anything else through much repetition, a person could then merely go the motions to get through it, and so it seemed with the lovely Mrs. Linden in dropping down to her knees to suck him off upon her arrival this last time.  So was her resignation in merely standing dare to allow him to undress and caress her body.  And even that applied to him eating her out or fucking her.  Thus, he planned on finding ways in which to light a fire under the bitch from this point on.  But Darius found one thing that hadn’t changed as yet, that of getting her reluctantly on all fours as a phone call was made home to hubby, then giving the bitch a good fucking.  This had her breaking down and sobbing in shame each time once the call ended, right after she had told hubby ‘I love you!’ as cum was injected deep in her womb.

Although Darius had told himself to keep his exploits confined to his travel destinations and not at his home based area, his happening upon a beautiful red haired gate agent of Colonial Air on one of his departures had him horny as hell.  Her beauty, along with that sparkling diamond ring and wedding band had him immediately willing to toss that rule right out the window.  Her lovely smile and beautiful white teeth had Darius’ vile mind churning in overtime, that of forcing her to clamping her lovely teeth over his nuts till he popped his load all over her beautiful face and silky red hair.

Having seen Elaine Robert’s name tag on her uniform, knowing she was indeed married to some whiteboy from the rings on he finger, Darius just couldn’t take his eyes off of her as he sat waiting in the departure area.  And at the other end of his flight, he played it up with a bro handling Colonial Air’s baggage to learn that the airline had regular shifts and the times for each one, a factor that would be helpful upon his return home to begin the stalking of that lovely Colonial Air gate agent.  ‘I wonder if’n she’s ever suck cock before?  If’n so, bet it wasn’t near as big or black as the one I’s got fer her!  Damn, she’ll look so fuck’n beautiful with cum all over her silky read hair and drooling down her face!’ he mused.

Back early from a trip, locating where the beauty was stationed that day, Darius patiently waited for her shift to get over.  Following Mrs. Elaine Roberts and her fellow workers out from the terminal to parking lot, he then learned what make and model of car she drove, and had also jotted down her license plate number.  With that knowledge, Darius would then return another day to attach a GPS unit to her bumper and that would lead him right straight to her home.  On another day, when Mrs. Elaine Roberts returned home from work, the beautiful wife would not be returning home to an empty house.

Upon surprising the lovely beauty on that fateful day, with her pleading and offering to give him whatever money on hand, Darius gloated “Aw, sweetie, ya don’t think that I’s came all the way here fer yer money, do ya?  Told ya I’d be seeing ya real soon, huh!  I’ve had that beautiful face of yers etched in my mind since that morning I’s saw you at the departure gate!  That beautiful face of yers, yer bright red lips, that smile ………………and those lovely white teeth ……………………….perfect fer munching on my’s salty black nuts, sweetie!”  Feeling her tense up and freeze upon his last comment, Darius chuckled as he turned and pushed her down onto her knees.
His many dreams came true as Darius forced the horrified beauty to perform the disgusting task of “C’mon, baby ………………….sink those lovely white teeth of yers into my nuts!”  Looking down at the teary eyed bitch, feeling her teeth tentatively enclosing around one of his testicles, Darius went right over the edge while fisting at his throbbing cock.  “Ahhh ………………yeah ……………………bite it ………………..bite it, bitch!  Oh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Darius groaned as he shot a geyser up into the air, with his hot jizz coming down to splatter onto the beauty’s lovely face and hair.  Then, as the lovely wife struggled to get away and dislodge his testicles from her mouth, Darius yanked at her hair and aimed his finishing spurts right into her gasping mouth.

After having thrown the beauty upon her marital bed, Darius grasped her trim white hips, he then lunged without mercy, loving the pained response as the raped beauty screeched out “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  And as the beauty withered about in trying to get away, with her petite hands pushing up at his chest, Darius lunged forward once again as he laughed “Gonna ‘ruin’ ya, sweetie!  Think hubby will wanna put his pathetic pecker in ya after I’m done with ya, huh?”

“Nooooo ……………………….noooo, pleaseeeeeeeeee ………………………..stop, pleeaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………………………it hurtssssssssssssssssssss!” the lovely beauty had sobbed out in agony, but it was all music to Darius’ ears.  With her being so damned tight, Darius knew that he had stretched wider than ever before, getting his cock far deeper than she had ever experienced.  Slicing his monstrous cock in and out of her ravaged slit, the raped beauty plead for mercy, panting out desperately “Please ………………………no ………………………please, not in me ………………….pull it out!”  But Darius was not going to be deprived the pleasure of breeding the sexy white bitch, spewing out his hot seed in hopes of giving her a little black bastard.

Mrs. Elaine Roberts was quite an unfortunate victim to Darius’ vile lust in having being raped by him, not believing that anything could be more horrible than what she had just gone through, but soon she would learn how sick her rapist really could be.  To keep from having vile pictures of her from reaching her husband and friends, she would force herself to do the unthinkable, that of joining the oldest profession in the world.  Getting off from work at 2 p.m., she would have to report to the Airport Motel for her second job, that of a $300 an hour prostitute.

The new role as pimp was both quite profitable and very enjoyable for Darius, especially when the lovely Mrs. Roberts was working at a gate and he would sit down and strike up a conversation with an elderly guy traveling alone.  Most enjoyable was when the nervous beauty was glancing in his direction to see him holding up a photo to the elderly guy and making an indication toward the podium where she worked.  And within a week’s time, Elaine Roberts would learn that a deal had been struck with that fellow, for that same old guy was now the ‘john’ she was servicing.

Recalling a subsequent business trip to Ashville, Darius could still picture the lovely blonde in a red dress and black heels as she sat across the way while working on her laptop.  The sparkle of her diamond ring was like that of a beacon signaling for him to head in that direction.  Leaving his coat and briefcase on the seat to take a deliberate walk in that direction on the pretense of throwing away some trash, he saw the sparkling diamond ring close up but saw no wedding band, leaving the obvious conclusion that she was engage to some punk whiteboy.  Cock twitching in his pants as he stared at the blonde beauty, Darius would love nothing better than to give the lovely bride-to-be an early wedding present.

The unfortunate new prey that the lusting Darius had just selected was 25 year old Miss Laurie Burton, who was looking forward to completing the last leg of a weeklong trip to the various department stores in the region.  As an assistant merchandising manager for the Horton Department Stores, Laurie would check out the presentation of the clothing as well as to get feedback from the employees as to what customers were looking for.  Having just finished the last store in perfect timing to make her flight out that afternoon, she’d get to the hotel and rest up that night, then visit one last store the next day and off to the airport in the late afternoon.  With her wedding in two weeks, there’d be no more trips till she got back from the honeymoon cruise.

Upset that the car rental agency could not deliver on the sedan promised, he had no choice in taking a damned van as it was the only car available, even though they’d be giving him a huge discount since it was their error.  Going to a different agency in the airport would have been possible, but then that’d mean he’d lose his prey as she was at the desk and in the process of getting her car from a different rental agency.  Fortunately for Darius, the car that he was following stayed in the right lane of the interstate as she was then signaling to get off the freeway after the fourth exit.

For unsuspecting Laurie Burton, she pulled off at a fast food joint to take with her and eat at the hotel so she wouldn’t have to leave the hotel room once she checked in.  Ordering a burger, some onion rings and cold drink, she then headed out to her car.  Out the door and walking to her car in the parking lot, Laurie paid no attention to van now parked next to car.  As Laurie reached into her purse for the keys to the car, everything spun out of control as she dropped her cold drink.  Pulled unconscious through the sliding door of the van, she was then being whisked across the street where her abductor first parked to bind and gag her before going inside to obtain a room.

Able to get a ground floor room at the back end of the complex was just perfect for Darius’ needs.  He was quite proud of his managing to pull of the perfect caper, especially with the impromptu use of the van that he had first been upset in having to rent.  And now, with the naked beauty about to waken from her stunned stupor to find herself bound and gagged, Laurie Burton of Mercer, VA would soon get a very special wedding gift from him.  Finally she was beginning to blink her eyes as she was coming out of it.  Darius just loved seeing her eyes widen along the horrified expression forming on her face, one that he quite expected since he was facing her while sitting naked on the nearby chair and stroking his mighty black boner.

Darius enjoyed the spunk and fight that she put up as she kicked her sexy white legs out as she tried to spike him as he got up onto the bed.  But once he got her legs under control by grasping her ankles and spreading them out wide, he had her withering about and arching up as he ate out her sweet golden beaver.  “Nnnnnn ……………….nnnnnnnn .................nnnnnnn!” came the response from the captive beauty as he wiggled his long thick tongue up her juicing snatch.  And the manner in which the lovely beauty’s petite body suddenly began to go into uncontrolled spasms, Darius knew that he had succeeded in giving the sexy bitch an unwanted orgasm, one that was also being confirmed by the sweet nectar that he was sampling.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………….aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .........................nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!” came the muffled shrieks from behind the ballgag as Darius gave the bride an experience that she had been anticipating, but one to take place on the night of her wedding.  “Ahhhhh, let’s see if’n hubby can give ya a duplicate gift I’s giving ya fer yer upcoming wedding, huh!  Well, one thing’s fer certain …………………….with me’s popping yer cherry, he ain’t gonna make ya bleed the way yer bleeding now, huh, sugar!” he chuckled with pride in having just copped her prized cherry.

Throughout the night and up till ten in the morning, Darius sated his lust time and time again in and upon the innocent body of the lovely Ms. Laurie Barton.  Seeing that all the fight had left her, he took off her ballgag and undid her bindings, telling her “That airline ticket in yer purse says ya’s got a flight out this afternoon so I’s know ya’s wanna freshen up some so ya’s can make the plane!  Checkout’s at noon so that’ll give ya a couple hours to freshen up and make yerself purty!  Hey, be sure to wash all the cum off yer face, heh, heh!  Ohhhhh …………and yer car’s right across the street in the park lot of the fast food joint!”

The day after her wedding, the new Mrs. Laurie Marsh and her husband boarded the Pride of the Caribbean and were strolling down the deck hand in hand when suddenly she froze on the spot and clutched her belly as she felt sick to her stomach.  Helped to the railing by her husband as she panted for breath as he asked what was wrong, Laurie searched her jumbled mind as to what to say, then stammered out “I guess all those last minute preparations are finally getting to me!  Just a bit of the jitters I guess!”  That last part about ‘jitters’ was certainly the truth but the real cause was the black male passenger leaning against the railing a bit further down, a man whom she recognized from her last business trip taken two weeks earlier.

It was certainly no accident that Darius happened to be aboard this ship on this particular cruise.  Having gone through her purse while she was in her stunned stupor that eventful day, Darius had seen the upcoming events written in her pocket calendar.  Rehearsal marked on Thursday, rehearsal dinner to follow, with Saturday having 3:30 written in along with a * next to it, then there was a line from Sunday through the next Saturday with Pride of the Caribbean written in to indicate her honeymoon cruise.  Pulling up the website for the Pride of the Caribbean, Darius saw exactly where it’d be departing from and also managed to get a great special as cabins were still available and offered at a last minute sale price.

Telling her husband that she wanted to take advantage of the spa to relax the next day, thus giving him time to take in a swim in the pool, Laurie got on the elevator but did not get off on the floor for the spa.  Instead, it was on a lower cabin deck as she looked at the note in her hand, a note that had been in an envelope delivered to her by a crewmember during lunch when her husband had gone to the restroom.  If she did not want the vile photos also contained in the envelope to be sent to her husband, Laurie was to report to Cabin 615 at 2 p.m. that afternoon and the same applied for each of the remaining days of the cruise.  Needless to say, the honeymoon cruise was virtually a continuous hump session for the lovely young bride.

Watching the honeymoon couple walk hand in hand down the plank and along the pier to the parking area for cruise passengers, Darius chuckled at seeing how head over heels in love the groom was over his beautiful bride of a week.  ‘Sucker!  If ya only knew that yer beautiful bride had never gone to the spa like she told ya each day!  But she did get daily rub downs and massages!  Yessiree, I’s sure liked to massage those beautiful buns of hers, especially pulling those tight buns to me so’s I could bury my boner up her tight little twat!  Heh, heh, tight fer me but I’s bet ya’s thought ya was falling down a well each night after I’s went and stretched her out fer ya!’ he mused.

Taking a shuttle to the airport, Darius would fly off to Hartsville and hit up a couple customers and then take a commuter flight back home.  Getting there, seeing the word ‘delayed’ on his flight departure, he inquired as to any word on the new departure time but learned that the incoming plane had some mechanical problems first and then severe weather conditions when it was to depart from the other end.  Obtaining his ticket and going inside the terminal, he planned on getting a bite to eat before checking to see if any cuties were around to make this delay worth the while.  Checking out the departure area for his flight and seeing very few people waiting at Gate 8, Darius figured that he might as well get something to eat in the meantime.

First taking a sightseeing stroll around the rather small airport and seeing no pretty sights, Darius then went to the bar for a beer and a bite to eat.  As he sipped his beer while waiting for his food to be served, a passing of white caught his attention and he turned to see quite a lovely redhead in a white dress and heels.  Craning his next from the barstool, he watched as she moved on by, then smiled widely with a ‘Yes!’ as the beauty found a seat at Gate 8.  So white and beautiful, like looking at a porcelain doll, and the white hose made her so fucking sexy that the front of his pants was now tented by his throbbing cock.

Disappointed at what appeared to be a rather lengthy delay, Melanie Faber figured that she better call and tell the gals that she’d miss the get-together luncheon they had planned on.  Having dressed nicely in hopes of renting a car immediately upon arrival and going straight to the luncheon had been for naught but there would be other shopping events and get-togethers that week in meeting up with the gals she had gone to college with.  Combining this college reunion with some business calls had worked out perfectly as her company would take care of all the expenses for airfare and lodging, but that meant the need to do some work between get togethers.

Happily married, Melanie would certainly miss her loving husband and especially her little two-year old.  But she knew that her little girl would be well-cared for as her in-laws would be over to help baby-sit, allowing her to enjoy herself on this first lengthy overnight trip away.  Up till now, she had managed just day trips on business and returning home in the late afternoon to keep a normal family life going.  Getting herself comfortable, Melanie got on the cellphone to get hold of her girlfriends to chat and let them know of her flight delay, also that she’d meet up with them later at some of the functions as she’d need to work a bit since the expenses were being picked up by the company she worked for.

On her second call to one of the gals, Melanie chatted and laughed as they talked of reminiscing of old times when they’d get-together later in the week.  Then a slight chill and shiver coursed through her body, causing Melanie to look about at her surroundings.  She swallowed deeply, telling her friend on the phone “Oh, jeez, Deb ……………you should see this creepy black bastard eyeing me up from across the way!  I swear he’s got a hardon!”  She giggled when her friend laughingly replied “Well, Mel, you always got men turning their heads your way!  Hey, remember how we would tease the guys mercilessly, even the profs, in our college classes!  Get the guy all hot and bothered!  Show’em some leg, drop a heel, give him a peek up your skirt!  What’s the harm ……………might as well have some fun while waiting for your flight!”

Seeing the bitch look in his direction with a wide smile on her face, Darius knew that she had caught him eyeing her up and with her now slipping off her heels and putting her legs up on the suitcase, he knew that such was purposely meant to tease him.  ‘Fuck’n teasing little bitch!  Ya don’t know it but yer playing with fire, bitch!  I swear, I’s gonna git ya, ya little bitch!  Stretch those sexy white legs out to tease me, huh!  Soon those purty white legs will be wrapped around my black ass ……………….that’s a promise, bitch!’ he swore to himself.

A late arrival that night, Darius’ gold card status at the national car agency had the reserved car at the ready for him as the redhaired beauty stood in line waiting to get her rental.  Seeing the bitch get into her rental, it was easy following her as apparently she wasn’t too familiar with driving the area.  Seeing her pull up to the valet at the expensive Grand Regency, a place too fancy and expensive for him, Darius watched from afar as she disappeared into the lobby.  Having passed some cheap motels earlier, that would be more his speed, but first to take a stroll down to parking area for the valets.  Knowing the make and model of the car as well as the license plate number that he was looking for, it was a snap in attaching the GPS unit to the rear bumper.

That next day, having just completed the business call late that morning, Melanie looked at the time and thought ‘If I hurry, I can make lunch today with the girls, otherwise it’ll have to be at the sorority house at the college when we get to meet the new members pledging this year!’  Getting on her cellphone but unable to get hold of her friend Deb, she left a message saying she was hoping to make lunch but if not she’d catch up with them later.  With it being a warm day, she had worn a nice dress and a different pair of white open strapped heels but had done away with wearing a pair of hose.  In her rush to get to the luncheon, Melanie let her guard down and neglected to check the back of her car as she normally did.  Just as she was about to start the car, her body received a horrendous jolt at the back of her neck.

“Hey, sweetie ………………….remember me?” Darius taunted.  The way in which she squirmed and struggled, the horrified look on her face, Darius knew that she indeed remembered him as bent down to suckle upon a tender red nipple.  “Thought ya could jist tease me at the airport and have a good laugh on me, huh?  Well, my dear Mrs. Faber, ya jist went and teased the wrong guy this time!” Darius advised as her proceeded to run his hand over her smooth ivory legs.  “Ah, yeah, sweetie!  So soft and smooth …………..jist as I’s imagined they’d be back at the airport!” he advised.

“Went through yer wallet and seen the pictures of yer cute little girl!  Oh, and also that whiteboy punk yer married to!  Married and still like to tease other men, huh, bitch!  Now ya gonna learn jist what’s coming when ya’s play with fire, Mrs. Faber!” Darius sneered, then thrust forward with all of his weight behind him.  “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………………nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………….nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” came the horrified scream muffled by the ballgag in her mouth.  Loving the sound of her agony, Darius taunted her further “Wouldn’t it be sweet fer that little girl of yers to have a baby brother or sister to play with?  Of course, one with a bit of a darker complexion compared to hers, huh!”  Slicing in and out of her ravaged slit, he chuckled “Gonna knock ya up good, bitch ………………….gonna breed ya good!”

It was two full days of holding her in captivity before Darius had to be on his way, but only after teaching the fucking bitch a good lesson.  Raped repeated in numerous positions, making her suck all the cum out of his churning black balls and made to eat it all, then Darius needed to clamp his hand over her mouth at the discovery of the bitch never having a cock shoved up her tight little ass ever before.  And between one of those fuck or suck sessions, he had taken a cab in order to retrieve his rented car from where he had parked it before abducting the beauty.

After Melanie recovered enough, forcing herself to meet up with her friends at mid-week to keep questions of her whereabouts being asked, she knew that she could at least use the business calls as being an excuse for not having joined them earlier.  She’d call her husband Jack and her daughter later that night, but not because her husband was worried about her, especially since she had phoned home each night thus far.  ‘Oh, God …………….telling Jack each night that I loved him so much ………………….when I’m being raped by a black bastard and the with him ejaculating in me at that instant!’ she cringed.

As with all the other victims of this stalking rapist, the lovely Mrs. Melanie Faber would not escape the grip of the demented black bastard who had raped and violated her.  Having received those vile pictures of her in the mail, Melanie just could not let those get into the hands of her husband or family as they were just too filthy to be seen, especially with her not reporting the rape and keeping it a secret from everyone.  And then getting that subsequent phone call on her cellphone, Melanie cringed at the demand made upon her of scanning in a wedding photo and emailing it to her blackmailer, wondering ‘What’s he going to do with it!’

Then another phone call from the blackmailer with instructions that made Melanie sick to her stomach.  Told to go to some type of ‘spy’ equipment store and buy a couple of camouflaged type of camcorders, she was to conceal them in her master bedroom, with digital filming to record her sexual activities there.  Melanie swallowed in her dilemma, not wanting to comply with the demand but then she risked the distribution of the horrid pictures.  Looking at the wedding photo that she had emailed to her blackmailer, the photo of the bride and groom and their parents, Melanie trembled at the demands made upon her.  She was seduce of her father-in-law right there in the master bedroom, have it all captured on tape, then send it to her blackmailer.

End of Story.