Social Worker’s Agony – I
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

 “That fucking white bitch!  Her last fucking report just cost us a hundred bucks a month off each welfare check!” Ella Jones yelled to her son Rashan.  “Don’t know how we’ll get enough money and food stamps to care for the little ones!  Rashan, you’re eighteen years old now, you gotta get your ass out there and make some money instead of just making babies and bring ‘em home for me to care for!  Damned, I’d strangle that honky bitch if she was here right now!”

 Rashan knew better than to get in the way of pissing his momma off when she was in a foul mood like this.  He remembered the day of the social worker’s visit two months ago when she came walking through the projects meeting with various families on the welfare roll.  He had been with some of his buddies when they spotted the beautiful honky bitch drive up and make her way through the projects.  They were upstairs in the small unused maintenance room that he and his buddies made into their hideaway from the world.

 Never had Rashan nor his buddies seen such a beautiful white bitch in all their young lives.  ‘God, that fucking bitch is an angel!  Man, can you imagine getting between those sweet white legs?  Shit, I’d give my last dime and rob a store to get enough money for a piece of white meat like that!  Imagine those long beautiful white legs wrapped around your nigga ass!  Just the thought of sticking my nigga cock into a clean beaver like that makes me want to cum!  God, imagine knocking up that beautiful white bitch with your nigga baby!’ were the comments going around the room as they all hooped and hollered as they stared out the small window.

 “Momma, I know a way to make that honky bitch pay and get us back the money we lost and more!” Rashan exclaimed.  “Lemme take care to the honky bitch for ya the next time she pays a visit!  I’s the man of the house now and if ya give me da chance, I’ll prove it to ya!  C’mon, Momma, let me show you I’m a man now!”  Ella was taken aback at the verbal outburst by her son, then thought ‘Well, he’s fifteen years old now and a man in this run down project.  Guess I do owe it to him to let him show me the kinda man he is!’

   “A man, huh?  Okay, I’m all ears, lemme hear how ya gonna make that honky bitch pay and make us money.” Ella challenged her son.  As she listened to Rashan tell her of that afternoon with his friends and how they all had the hots for the honky bitch, she realized that her son just might have something in the plan he was laying out for her.  Hearing the entire plan that he had hatched up so quickly, Ella had to give him credit “Rahan, you da man!  Just make sure ya pull it off or that hokey bitch will have your black ass in the slamma, cause I ain’t got the money to bail your ass out! It’ll be about a month before that honky bitch snoops around here again, so you got some time to put it all together.” Ella advised.

 Jennifer McDonald had been a social work with the State Health Department for four years now.  Basically she had always wanted to assist people and what better than a social worker.  She had majored in Public Health in college and graduated with honors.  The job involved a lot of paperwork, as would be expected with the government.  But when she did get to assist people, it gave Jennifer the most pleasure.  Ninety-five percent of people she helped really appreciated her assistance.  One thing that bothered her the most were the people who did not want to help themselves, wanting only to get more out of the welfare system.  She could not forget that awful episode with that greedy woman, Ella Jones, and how that woman went berserk and threatened her.  She couldn’t forget Ella Jones yelling at her as she left the housing project “Bitch!  You fucking honky bitch!  You’re gonna pay!  You’re gonna pay with your honky ass, bitch!”

 At the age of 27, Jennifer felt that her life was as good as could be, having a loving husband and a beautiful 3 year-old daughter.  She had met her handsome husband, Alan, in college and he was now an assistant manager at a large banking institution.  She had been brought up in a middle class neighborhood, parents were on the conservative side.  She had always been a bit naïve when it came to thing of the sexual nature, though she had some hot and heavy petting sessions in high school, she had not let thing get too far out of hand.  After meeting Alan in college, she knew she was in love and had let him have her virginity before their marriage.  But Alan was the only man to ever possess her.  At 5’4”, 117 lbs, shoulder length golden blonde hair, Jennifer maintained her shapely figure and was appreciative of other men’s attention but had no sexual desire to ever cheat on her loving husband.

 Absolutely dreading the upcoming week, Jennifer wanted to see if she could get someone else to take over Ella Jones case file.  The large heavyset black woman really scared her to the bone, think that the woman must weight at least 225 lbs, Jennifer shook her head thinking that the woman must eat up all the welfare money on her own. With the department being short of staff and every caseworker having their own nightmare cases, she couldn’t very well dump her problem on someone else, especially when she had the welfare cases in the project where Ella Jones resided.

 That third Friday of the month had come, the normal day for Jennifer to make her rounds at the project where Ella Jones resided.  Dressed in a white blouse, black skirt, black nylons and heels gave her professional yet still sexy look.  As she got out of her car and began to make her rounds to the cases in this project, Jennifer was unaware of the eyes watching her every movement.  She was not in a rush today as Alan was off for the weekend on a banking conference while her in-laws would be picking her daughter up from the sitter and having her over for the weekend, taking her to the zoo and a picnic.

 Though she was not in a rush, Jennifer did not want to be in the projects when the sun went down, a shiver going through her body at the very thought of it.  Just the thought of facing that horrid Ella Jones made her nauseous.  She had taken her time with the other cases in the project, trying to put off the inevitable.  She even thought of just not making the call to Ella Jones’ apartment but she felt it was her job, besides she knew that although Ella Jones did not want to see her, Ella Jones would put in a complaint with the department head that she was being ignored.  Thus, she decided just to make a quick knock at the door and get out as quickly as possible.

 When Jennifer knocked at the door, she was quite surprised to see a smiling Ella Jones greeting her so warmly.  She thought that just perhaps that she had gotten through to this woman on her last visit, that she had come to senses after yelling those awful things to her.  When Ella Jones told her she needed her assistance in completing a form asked her to come in look at it while she prepare some milk and cookies to snack on, Jennifer couldn’t refuse.  As she entered the small dark apartment, Jennifer cringed at the unkempt and smelly apartment, wondering how anyone could live in such filthy conditions.

 “Have a seat for a second and let me get the form from the bedroom!” Ella advised.  Little did Jennifer suspect that Ella had gone into the bedroom to check on his son to see if was all set for the main event.  When the door had opened and closed, Jennifer had looked in the direction of the bright light but the door closed too soon for her to see why it was so brightly lit.

 As Jennifer sat at the table, she awaited the return of Ella Jones who was now holding a paper in front of her.  “Take a look at this!” Ella said as she handed the paper over to her.  Looking at the paper, it was the same one Ella Jones had yelled at her about last month.  Jennifer swallowed and looked up at the large black face, seeing the smile turn into a sneer of anger.  “You fucking honky bitch!  You cost me and the kids a hundred bucks a month!” Ella screamed.  Jennifer quickly stood up from the small table and began to back away from this irate woman.

 Stepping back, Jennifer’s right heel stepped onto a toy on the floor, causing her to stumble backwards.  She had stumbled right into the muscular black arms of the waiting Rashan.  “Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………..!” Jennifer yelped loudly, fear on her face as the large black arms wrapped around her, a large black hand cupping her left breast.  “Let me go!  Let me go!” she screamed in fear as the thick black fingers began to knead at the breast in seek of her sensitive nipple.

 “Let me go!  Let me go!” Jennifer yelled hysterically, trying now to kick back at her assailant.  “Take the honky bitch into the bedroom!” the sneering Ella Jones told her son.  Kicking and screaming as she was dragged backwards into the bedroom, she tried desperately tried to plant her 3” heels into the leg of her assailant, but in the struggle lost both heels.

Jennifer was no match for this 195 lb muscular teenager, who lifted weights and was one people feared in the projects itself.  She could feel his long manhood pressing up into the small of her back but in her plight she not yet aware that the teenager had stripped off all but his jockey shorts in the bedroom before he had grabbed her.  She groaned as the caressing thumb found its objective and began to flick at her hardening nipple.

As she was dragged into the brightly lit room, Jennifer was absolutely shaking in fear, panic setting in as she fought and tried to scream for help.  She saw tripods with video camcorders up them, right next to what appeared to be commercial lighting fixtures, items that Rashan had obtained in a recent break-in of a video store.

Ella snickered at the plight of this beautiful honky bitch, enjoying the shock and horror on her face.  “You bitch!  Remember what I told you last month, bitch?  Told ya you’d be paying with your honky ass, bitch!  Well, bitch, the time to pay is now ……................…your sweet white ass is what’s gonna make me back the money you screw me and the kids out of!” Ella shouted.

Firmly in the grasp of the muscular teenager, Jennifer was powerless to escape the approaching madwoman.  “Ohhhhhhhhh ……..stopppppppp!” she gasped as Ella reached out to grab the top of her blouse, tearing it down the front with a violent yank.  As the muscular arms shifted up a bit, Ella reached down to Jennifer’s black skirt and with a yank it fell to the floor at Jennifer’s feet.

“Oh, please!  Please, stop …….............…….please ……....................….please don’t do this to me!” Jennifer sobbed aloud, finally finding her voice again.  “Pleaseeee …............…..please don’t hurt me …….................…pleaseeee!”  Then she gasped as the large black hand covered her well filled bra, thumbing again for her left nipple.  “Ohhh, God, noooooo …................………please!” she sobbed as the exploring black hand pushed up at her lacy bra to bare her milk white breast and its stiff pink nipple.  She sobbed closing her eyes to blink back tears as her bare nipple was further stimulated.  Then she felt Ella’s hand grasp her bra and with a hard pull, the thing metal clasps gave way, the lacy white bra pulled roughly from her.

Now Ella laughed at Jennifer’s plight, wanting her to suffer, thinking how great it’ll be for the recording cameras. Ella didn’t care if she herself was in the flick, heck she wanted it be known that she was responsible for this honky bitch getting her dues.  With the video camcorders getting everything on film and recording all the sounds, Ella wanted to give some spice for the film “You honky bitch!  I told ya you’d pay with your white ass!  Your white honky ass is gonna make me some money now, bitch!”

Ella plopped herself down at the head of the large rumpled bed, telling Rashan “Okay, son, let me get ahold of the little bitch, then you can give her something to remember you by!  Something she’ll never ever forget!  Give this honky bitch something to remember ya by .................................something that she ain't ever gonna fergit .........................................knock the bitch up!”  As Jennifer was pulled backed onto the bed by Ella’s strong hands, Rashan let go of his grip and stepped directly in front of her.

Jennifer’s eyes widened and her mouth gaped open in disbelief.  She now realized that the assailant that grabbed her from behind was was naked but for a pair of jockey shorts.  Her eyes immediately focus at the teenager's hands at his waist as his fingers began to ease the waistband of his jockeys over his hips.  Seconds later, her eyes bulged at the sight of the teenager’s monstrous black cock, seeing it bob up and down in his hands.  Never had Jennifer ever witnessed such a vulgar display as the teenager pumped at his long black till it began to ooze some slime from its flaring tip.  Never had she seen anything so large and grotesque in her life, this teenager possessed a cock so much larger than her matured husband’s.

“See what my little boy’s got for you, bitch!  Ain’t so little, is it, sweetie?  See those video cameras there?  Gonna get all this on tape, bitch!  Ya gonna get ‘ruined’ real good, bitch!  My Rashan’s a ‘real’ man, isn’t he?  He’s gonna pry ya wide open!  Wanna bet he knocks ya up?   Hell, every time he dips his wick into some slut he gets her knocked up.  Half the little kids on your caseload in the projects is Rashan’s.  Shit, if it wasn’t for Rashan, you wouldn’t have a job!” Ella roared with laughter.

“Ohhhh, pleaseeeee ……….........…..please don’t let him rape me ……..........……pleaseeeee ……..........……..I beg you!  Ohhhh, pleaseee …….........…..I have a husband …..........…….pleaseeee, my husband’s been the only one …............……..!” Jennifer sobbed in fear.  “I …............I’m sorry …................I …........................I’ll change to for so you get the money again ……….............…….please …….............…..please let me go!” she plead desperately.

“Too late for that bitch!  You pissed me off and no one gets away with that!  Besides, you got my son all hot and bothered already!  Shit, look at the fucking hard-on he’s got already!  No way that big black boner’s gonna go down on it’s own!  Now you gonna make me even more money than you screwed me out of!  Yeah, that’s a good one, you screwed me out of money and now you’re gonna get screwed to make me money!  That’s such a fucking fair exchange!” Ella laughed.

Seeing the leering black teenager laughing at his mother’s lewd comments, he began to approach the bed, causing Jennifer to madly kick out with her stocking legs in a vain attempt to keep him away.  Her ankles were quickly grasped then pulled apart as the hulking teenager stepped between her now widespread legs.  Then she struggled to keep her butt pressed firmly to the bed as the teenager had inserted his fingers into the waistband of both her panties and pantyhose, attempting to strip her last protective garments right off her.

Rashan was proud of himself, happy that his momma had approved of his plan and now called him a true ‘man’ of the house.  He was proving him to his momma and in the process he would be nailing his first piece of white tail.  And what a beautiful piece of white ass this little beauty had.  Grabbing the garments at the waistband, he had not trouble pulling them right off the struggling white beauty.  He watched her face grimace at the sight of him holding up the inverted clothing the he had stripped from her, placing the crotch of her lacy blue panties to inhale the fragrance deeply, rubbing his face into the silky soft article of clothing.  “Ahhhh, that smells so sweet!  Can’t wait to get a taste of your sweet honey, sugar!” he taunted.

Kicking out with her now bare feet, Jennifer was desperately trying to save herself from this demented woman and her teenage son.  But now her bare ankles were in the grasp of the strong black hands.  Panting for breath she was now being bent in two, her legs pushed up high and widespread.  Suddenly, Jennifer’s body was released from Ella’s grip around her arms and upper body, causing her to fall back onto the bed.  The top of her head was now in the middle of Ella’s wide crotch, with Ella’s knees now pinning her shoulders to the bed.  Ella’s big hands took over for her son’s, grasping Jennifer’s trim ankles, pulling her back to bend her in two.

  “Nooooooooo …............………..oh, God ……...........................nooooooooo …..................nooooooooo!” Jennifer screamed, trying desperately to get out of Ella’s firm grip, to get away from that the devouring hot mouth.  Never had her husband ever kissed her down there and now this delinquent teenager had is mouth planted on her sex, his long tongue licking her gash and wiggling deep into her now juicing love slit.  The wiggling tongue was driving her out of her mind.  “Ohhhhhhh, Godddddddd …...........………..stop ........................stopppppppp!” she moaned, hips arching up into the teenager’s slurping mouth.

Firmly in Ella’s clutches, Jennifer could only shake her head from side to side, hips arching up into the devouring mouth.  The unwanted sensations were driving her crazy, forcing her to arch up even more, trying to now get more of this unwanted pleasures.  “Ohhhhhhhhh, Godddddddd …................……….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Jennifer screamed, muscles tightening and body quivering in a mind-shattering orgasm.

Rashan lifted his saturated face from the sobbing beauty, licking his lips to get all the tasty juices “Man, that’s sweet eating stuff!  No comparison to the smelly black sluts around here.”  Shucking his throbbing black cock, he shuffled up on his knees, nuzzing his thick cockhead through the soft golden fleece to place it at the entrance the agitated love slit.

“C’mon son!  ‘Ruin’ this goody-goody little bitch!  Show her what a ‘real’ man’s cock feels like!  Stick it to her hard!” encouraged Ella.  Looking down at the sobbing young blonde, she laughed “Gonna get it all on tape you little bitch!  People gonna pay a lot for a flick showing a white bitch like you getting ‘ruined’!  Like the saying goes, when you go black, you won’t go back!”

Jennifer’s eyes had been tightly closed as her orgasm peaked, only spring wide open in horror as she felt the nuzzling of the teenage cock trying to gain entrance into her love slit.  “Oh, please …........……..please ………..........…please stop him …….........…….ohhhhh, he’s too big ………….........…he’ll tear me!” she sobbed, looking up into the sneering face of Ella Jones.  Then the dreadful thought of what consequences lay in store for her with such a vile mating, realizing that this teenage rapist was not wearing a condom and this was her dangerous time of the month.  “Please ….........…….please, no …….............…….I’ll get pregnant ………..........….please, don’t let him rape me!” Jennifer sobbed in anguish.

“You little bitch!  Your punk husband’s gonna throw your lily white ass right outta the house when you bring him home a black bundle of joy.  Ain’t no other white punk gonna take ya in with a nigga baby in tow!  You’ll soon be in the projects with us scraping by to take care of your nigga kid.  My Rashans gonna make me a proud grandma, bitch!” Ella taunted.

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeee …….....…………..ohhhhh ….................…..ohhhhhhhh ……...........… hurtsss ……..................………oh, it hurtssssss so badddddd …….....…….stop …..............…stop …...............…pleaseeeee!” Jennifer screamed hysterically as the thick cockhead pushed insistently into her tight slick folds.  Jennifer felt as if she would be torn in two, like this teenage rapist was trying to shove the blunt end of a baseball bat into her.  She had experienced only her husband’s cock but it was clearly no where near the size of what this teenager possessed.

“God, Momma!  This little bitch is tight like a fuck’n virgin!  Her fuck’n husband must have a wiener for a dick!  Oh, I’m gonna stretch her out so she ain’t never gonna feel her husband’s wiener again!  She’s definitely gonna be ‘ruined’ in more ways than one when I get done with her!  This pretty little thing’s gonna be a fine momma to my baby!” panted Rashan.

Ella removed her hands from the captured white ankles, releasing them as her son leaned forward, letting Jennifer’s ankles rest upon his broad shoulders.  Reaching down, Rashan’s large hands grasped Jennifer’s trim white hips firmly.  Rearing back a bit, withdrawing his thick cock till only his cockhead was captured in the tight love slit, Rashan brutally slammed himself forward will all his might.

“Aieeeeeeeeeeee ……............……………..argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Jennifer screamed at the top of lungs.  The pain was excruciating, she was being split in two, being penetrated deeper than ever.  She was being shown no mercy.  Her screams could be heard through out the complex, but here in the projects no one dared interfere or they’d pay with their life.  Jennifer’s piercing screams would bring no help to her aid.

Then Rashan began to fuck up and down, speeding up his fucking motions to jackhammer speed.  He was intent of giving this beautiful white woman the ride of her life.  The thought of ‘knocking up the bitch’ had him thrusting in and out with great enthusiasm, determined to spew his potent seed deep into her fertile womb.  The mewling and sobbing of the pained beauty only served to stimulate him even more, loving the thought of how his thick black cock was hurting her.

Ella scooted back some to give her son full access to the beautiful bitch.  She smiled to see the way he was shagging her, loved the sound of the white bitch sobbing in her defilement, she was getting her pay back now.  Ella enjoyed the sight as her son’s large muscular body now totally enveloped the white body that was bent in two, with only the white ankles and feet showing above the broad black shoulders.

The camcorders were at different angles, sure to give the purchases of this rape flick his money’s worth.  Rashan shifted a bit, making sure Jennifer’s agonized face was in direct line of the cameras, something he had deviously thought of in his planning of this memorable event.  He wanted her face clearly recognizable in the flick, especially when he made her cum on his black cock.

Indeed the camcorders recorded the petite white body lifting the muscular black one upon her as she arched up in a convulsive orgasm that shook her to the core.  It recorded the tiny pink toes curl and point to the heavens as her body shook in convulsions.  That being on tape with Jennifer moaning loudly “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ….........…..ohhhhhh ………..........……oh, God ………...........…nooooooo……..................….ohhhhh ................................I’m cummingggggggggg!” as the black body humped up and down upon her shuddering white body.

As the convulsive spasms ended Jennifer’s body began to relax, Rashan lifted his upper body back to allow the trim white legs to fall widespread down to the bed.  Cock still embedded in the beauty’s raped slit, he lay back down upon her soft white body, slowly rubbing his chest to tease her pink nipples back to stiffness.  Then Rashan began to fuck his black length slowly and gently into the slick love slit, feeling her stir back to life.  After five minutes of this slow gentle fucking, Rashan felt the soft petite hands of the woman he had just viciously raped caressing his upper arms and shoulder, feeling her trim white legs encircle his ass, pulling him deeper into her.  His mouth then searched for her soft pink lips, finding them he gave her a passionate kiss, loving the feel of her pointed tongue meeting the challenge of his.

Now Jennifer unconsciously met her rapist thrust for thrust, giving herself up totally up to him, her tongue now delving into his mouth.  She wrapped her arms tightly around the muscular body of this skillful young teenage lover.  She was in the throes of another orgasm when she felt the cock within her begin to throb out of control.  Then she snapped out of her stupor, realizing that this teenage rapist was about to shoot his unprotected cock deep in her fertile womb.  The consequences of this mating was just too horrible to contemplate.

Desperate to prevent this teenager from spewing his vicious seed, Jennifer began to pound on his broad shoulders and kicking at his humping ass.  The terror showed on her horrified face “Please ……….please …………please don’t cum in me ………please, you’ll get me pregnant!  Oh, please …......................……please ……..............……use a condom at least!”   This plea brought a loud laughter from Ella Jones “Shit, bitch!  You think we can afford a fucking condom?”

“Ohhh, God ………….........……noooooooooo ……….....................oh, noooooooooooo!” Jennifer sobbed as the throbbing cock expanded deep in her womb, then exploded its filthy goo into her, flooding her entire love channel.  It was now too late as the hot warmth began to flow through her.  Jennifer sighed, body shaking and quivering in an orgasm brought on by the hot spurting of the thick baby-making jism.  Arching up to get the pleasure giving cock deeper into her womb, her arms and legs wrapped themselves tightly against the muscular teenager, trying to draw him even deeper within her.

Finally Rashan’s dwindling black cock slipped from the oozing gash of the raped beauty, passed out from the unwanted fucking, a fucking she’d never forget.  Both he and his mother smiled at each other, then looked down at the petite white beauty who body was splayed out wide with cum oozing from her raped slit.  Going to a camcorder, Rashan zoomed the lens in on the oozing raped slit to capture the flow of his thick cum.

A while later, Jennifer began to stir from her stupor, her thighs aching so badly.  Unaware of what was taking place, she felt her body being handled, turned so she was on all fours.  Her eyes half closed in a daze, she felt hands at the back of her head pulling her downward.  Her face cringed at the awful pungent smell before her, the smell of rotting fish.  Jennifer blinked her eyes to clear her clouded vision, to see what the foul odor was.  Her face cringed in horror, realizing that the pressure behind her head was trying to force her face down, down into the smelly twat of Ella Jones.

Ella laughed at Jennifer’s horrified look upon realizing what was in store for her.  She had pulled up her ratty old dress and peeled off her soiled panties and sat on the bed with her legs spread wide.  “What’s the matter honey?  I just wanna give ya the warm milk I promised ya!  Went out last night to milk some nigga cocks into my hungry twat, special for your visit.  It’s a bit aged and smelly but it oughta be quite tasty for ya!” Ella taunted as she put more pressure, forcing Jennifer closer and closer.

Jennifer’s body cringed and shuddered at the awful smell, trying desperately to prevent the powerful hands from pulling down into the smelly pit.  She closed her eyes and tried to hold her breath.  Suddenly the unrelenting pressure forced her face into the moist smelly pit, the short kinky matted hair tickling at the nose and face.  ‘Oh, God, let me die than suffer this indignity!’ Jennifer prayed, wanting to end it all than to suffer through this horrible ordeal.

Withering about, trying to get some air, Jennifer was forced to breathe through her mouth whenever she twisted to the side, not wanting to smell the horrendous odor emanating from Ella’s loins.  So preoccupied with the horror in front of her, Jennifer was not paying attention to the teenager caressing her buttocks, oblivious to the thick cockhead resting at its entrance.

“C’mon, honky, eat the day old nigga cum outta me!  Lotsa protein down there!  Stick your out your tongue and eat it all out!” Ella ordered.  Seeing that Jennifer would not comply, Ella moved back a few inches, looked up to her smiling son and gave him the nod.  Rashan got a good grip on the trim white hips and slammed forward brutally.

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………..arrgggggrhhhh ……...............……..aggghhh …..........................…..mmmmmffff!” came the piercing scream that was then muffled.  Muffled when Ella quickly moved forward again, arching up her smell twat into Jennifer’s open mouth.  Jennifer’s nose and open mouth was now right up against Ella fishy twat, her head twisting desperately in an attempt to get away from the awful smell, her backside hurting something terrible.  The pain shot through her entire body, the thick black cock tearing its way through her once virgin ass.  Never had she contemplated anyone wanting to perform such a deviant sex act.

“Ah, Momma!  This is one fine piece of white ass!  God, this has got to be a fucking cherry white ass!  Shit, its so tight it’s tearing the skin off my cock!  Ah, baby, baby, gonna ream you out good!” Rashan groaned, speeding up faster and faster, deeper and deeper.  “Ahhhhh, gonna cum ……...................…….gonna cum in this tight white ass!” he groaned, gripping harder on her hips, burying himself as deep as possible and unleashed his hot spurting load.

Laying on the bed, thighs and ass hurting so badly, Jennifer sobbed in humiliation and disbelief of her disgrace.  With every breath, the awful smell permeating from about her face lingered and made her cringe.  The awful taste in her mouth made her want to throw up, her body shivering in utter disgust.  Blinking back tears, Jennifer’s heart sank as another teenager had entered the room and began to take off his clothes.  She blankly stared at the 6’3” tall but skinny 160 lb boy shucking at this long skinny cock, knowing he would be taking out his lust on her.

Coby Smith was one of Rashan’s buddies and had been waiting for his call.  He had seen the social worker walking about the complex and had told Rashan that he’d give a hundred bucks to be able to stick it to her.  Rashan told him he was on and to wait for his call and he’d have his wish, at the price of a hundred bucks.  He knew Rashan had plans to rape the bitch when she went to his apartment unit and wanted to be there also but Rashan nixed the idea, saying she was gonna be all his first.  He had talked up the hundred bucks but knew he was quite a bit short, he’d have to hit the streets and strong arm some punks to come up with the cash but he knew it be worth the hundred for a crack at that beautiful white bitch.

Jennifer knew she could not prevent the inevitable rape by this boy but she was determined not to respond at all.  She would merely lay back and let him satisfy his lust, hoping he would be done quickly.  She closed her eyes tightly, trying to think of other things, think of her loving husband.

Her heart began to pound faster as the bed sank from the weight of the new teenager, tears dripping from her eyes as she was about to be raped again.  She tried to pretend that it was her husband in bed with her but the brutal way she was entered followed by his rapid pounding into her body, there was no way this fucking could be compared to her husband’s gentle lovemaking.  But try as she might, the forceful rape of her body seemed to turn on a switch within her, causing to respond to this unwanted rape.  Arms and legs unconsciously wrapped themselves around her new rapist, arching up to meet his jackhammer thrusts.  She arched up high, lifting the tall teenager upon her, moaning and shuddering in an unwanted orgasm as the cock spurted deep in her.

Two more of Rashan’s buddies arrived after Coby pulled his exhausted body off the raped beauty.  One by one they each satisfied their lusts on the tender white body.  Each spurted his cum quickly when the trim white arms encircled their bodies, arching up to get them deeper.

“How do ya like our take so far, Momma?  Three hundred bucks worth of screwing for this little bitch in one-night covers the money she screwed us out of so far.  Gonna let ‘Tiny’ have a shot at her now, since I’m late in paying him the money I owe.  I could cough up fifty-bucks of the hundred I owed and thought for sure he’d break my arms and legs.  Gonna use ‘Tiny’ for a separate porn flick, think it’ll bring in a hell of a lot of money.” Rashan gloated.

“You’re the mannn!  You sure planned this out great!  Fuck’n ‘Tiny’ is gonna be great in a flick!  Shit, we outta be paying ‘Tiny’ more for him fucking this white bitch!  God, it’ll be great, he’s the fuck’n biggest, meanest and blackest nigga I’ve ever seen.  When he lived here in the projects, no one dared cross him!  Heard he’s making good money now as a pimp and strong-arm man!” applauded Ella.

Jennifer had fallen asleep from her exhausting encounters, had not heard the recent comments of the spiteful Ella.  She had survived being raped by three black teenagers and thought the worst was over, thankful that she had merely survived the horrid ordeal.  But was certainly not prepared for what was to occur next.

Body aching all over, Jennifer heard the door open and sighed in the realization that or ordeal was not quite over, that she would have to satisfy the lust of another black teenager.  Opening her eyes, expecting to see another black male, she was totally unprepared for the sight before her eyes.  Entering was a giant of a man weighing over 300 lbs, an older man in his fifties but sill very muscular in built, his skin blacker than the night.  Fearfully, Jennifer tried to get away, crawling up desperately on the bed.  But she was viciously pulled back down by Ella grasping a handful of hair and yanking her back down onto the bed.

“Please ……..........…please ………...........……no ……….................noooooo …..........…… more …...........….please ……..........…..don’t let him rape me, pleaseeee!” Jennifer sobbed hysterically.  She stared at the giant of a man, standing at 6’8”, who was shucking at his tool, a cock the size of which made her eyes widen in terror.  The cock throbbing in his shucking hand was far thicker and longer than Rashan, looking longer that a foot long.  Jennifer’ mind was reeling, for there was no way she could let such a monstrous cock fuck her without tearing her to shreds.

‘Tiny’ looked at the cowering young beauty and smiled, all the while shucking at his long black cock.  “My God, Rashan, you sure as hell wasn’t shitting me!  Ya know, there’s always one thing I’ve always dreamt about and I’ve just gotta know what it feels like.” Tiny muttered as he approached the cowering beauty, still shucking at his now oozing black cock.  “Ohhhh, yeahhh!  Just what I’ve always dreamt of!  Oh, baby, come and get at taste of some black cock!” ‘Tiny’ groaned.

Jennifer’s eyes widened even more at what this giant of a man was going to make her do.  Something she had absolutely refused her husband when he had made that filthy demand upon her.  She had been disgusted at her husband’s wish for her to put her mouth over his manhood, knowing he would shoot his lust into her mouth if she did so.  Now she was expected to put her mouth over that horrendous black cock that was already oozing its filthy mess.  But the hand still entwined tightly in her hair prevented her from turning away from the approaching menace.

Head firmly held tight, Jennifer could only close her eyes in shame as ‘Tiny’ approached the bed.  Her body shuddered in revulsion, her tightly clenched lips were touched by the rubbery probe, trying to force its way between her teeth.  The relentless pressure for her to part her lips and teeth to admit the thick rubbery cockhead into her mouth.  Her eyes bulged in fear as the thick cockhead forced her to stretch her mouth as never before to accommodate the giant cudgel.

After the horrid ordeal of being forced to eat out Ella’s rotten twat, Jennifer found that the thick rubbery cock in her mouth had a much nicer taste that what she had earlier suffered through.  She thought that this giant of a man would force the length of his cock down her throat and suffocate her. Instead she was thankful that he let his cockhead remain still in her mouth.  Daringly she let her tongue explore this foreign object in her mouth, swiping her wet tongue over and around the plum like head.

“Ohhh, yeessss ……………............….ohhh, that’s the way little lady!” groaned ‘Tiny’.  Jennifer was amazed at the power she had over this giant of a man, having him groaning with a lick of her tongue.  Another exploratory lick of her tongue had the giant groaning, cockhead throbbing.  With the point of her tongue, Jennifer teased the pisshole, lapping up and down the tip of the cockhead to taste the salty ooze of his pre-cum juice.  Then she began to bob her head up and down slowly, taking more and more of the cock deeper into her throat.

The gripping hands in her hair released her, allowing Jennifer to gobble more and more of the black length.  Her hands had reached up to stroke the throbbing black cock, then with her right hand she needed to explore further, wanting desperately to feel his mighty black balls right in the palm of her hands.  Bobbing up and down, licking in earnest, Jennifer couldn’t believe the walnut sized nuts that she was now playing with in her hand.  Then she felt the ball sac contract, cock throbbing crazily, the cockhead expanding.

Jennifer now felt so powerful, though in the grasp of this giant of a man, the power her hands and lips had on him.  Tonguing the pulsing cockhead, she looked up to see ‘Tiny’ moaning and literally in the palm of her hands.  Bobbing her head up and down, she was eating the thick black prick in earnest.  Then the cock pulsed uncontrollably and Jennifer squeezed her two fists tightly around the massive cock.

‘Tiny’ groaned and looked down into the beauty’s eyes staring up at him as she tongued and bobbed her head on his cock.  Never had he felt anything so damned exquisite in his live.  ‘Damn, this is the fucking blowjob of a lifetime!’ he groaned.  “Awwwwwwwwww ……….……….fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!” ‘Tiny’ groaned loudly, fingers gripping tightly at the soft blonde hair, his body shuddering as his cock exploded into the hot sucking mouth.  He was totally flabbergasted at the lovely white beauty sucking his black cock as it spewed spurt after spurt of his thick cream into her mouth.  Amazed that she eagerly ate up his entire load, something that even the whores he paid for a blowjob refused to do, always taking their head off his cock after his first spurt.

Moments later, Jennifer stared ahead at the kinky bush of black hair while she continued to suck at the still leaking cock.  Then her body shivered as the horror of what she had just done sunk in her mind.  Tears formed in her eyes, body shuddering now in rejection of the thick fluid clogging her throat, but still she sucked for more of the oozing goo.  Finally the wilting black cock slipped from her month, a long thick string of cum connecting her lips to the black cockhead.  Closing her eyes in shame, she began sobbing and lay upon the bed.

When the bed sagged under a heavy weight, Jennifer knew that ‘Tiny’ was about to possess her body.  She mentally willed herself to just lay there and let him have her way with her, telling herself that she would not allow him to see any reaction.  She merely expected his hulk of a man to throw himself upon her body and brutally shove his massive cock into her, raping her hard and fiercely to satisfy his lust.

The brutal assault of her body that Jennifer had been expecting did not occur.  Instead, ‘Tiny’ knelt between her wide splayed legs, his body not touching hers as he bent over to suck a soft pink nipple into his mouth.  He tongued the soft nipple to stiffness, then nipped it with his teeth, bringing a soft moan from the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.  Then he moved to suckle at the other soft pink nipple and paid homage to it.

Jennifer bit down on her lip to keep from moaning, arching her back to feed her sensitive nipple into the suckling mouth.  Her hands that had been kept stiffly at her side came up to encircling the large kinky head of hair, pulling ‘Tiny’s’ head to have him continue the sucking pleasure.  “Ohhhh ………ohhhh ………ohhhhhh, yessss!” she moaned, arching up as her body shivered in pleasure.  Then her open mouth was gently covered by the thick black lips, a thick tongue flicking out into her mouth in search of hers. Then her pointed tongue dueled with the intruder as she clutched tightly at his head.

Then Jennifer felt the probing cockhead make contact with her well-greased slit.  “Ohhhhhhhh ……..!” she moaned as the thick cockhead slip up and down her slit in search of gaining entrance to the still snug hole.  She now expected to be brutalized by a hard painful lunge by this giant of a man but instead the exploring cockhead slowly rubbed up against her sensitive clit, causing her clench her cunt muscles together.  She just could not believe the gentleness of this black giant, could not believe the pleasure he was bringing to her.

As the probing cockhead nuzzled at the center of her greasy slit, Jennifer hunched herself up a bit, trying to get the cockhead into her.  Now she desperately wanted him to fuck her with his pleasure giving instrument, she crossed her trim white legs around this black giant’s ass and hunched up to capture the thick cockhead into her womanhood.  Her head alongside of Tiny, she whispered in his ear “Ohhhhh ….................fuck me …................…..fuck me with your big black cock!”

The video camera caught this wild frenzied fuck entirely on tape.  The petite young wife’s arms and legs only visible with the humping black giant upon her, long black shaft withdrawing its foot long length to slowly being devoured by the tight clenching slit.  Three times the trim white arms and legs could be seen tightening and shuddering in an obvious orgasm before the black giant slammed his dark meat home to spurt out its potent seed.

Tiny finally withdrew his drained cock from the now unconscious beauty, who was in deep in a fucked out stupor.  He sat at the table and got a beer as Rashan and Ella finished off the bottle of tequila that they’d been drinking throughout the night.  He listened to them go on about how they’d sell the video tapes to make a fortune and at the same time disgrace the little ‘white bitch’.  Then Rashan and Ella figured they better let the pretty bitch go or the cops may come looking soon.

With Rashan and Ella near the passing out stage, they asked Tiny to carry the bitch out to her car and leave her in an alley somewhere.  “Yeah, Tiny, you can fuck her all you want there!”  With that, Ella put the torn clothing on Jennifer’s limp body, threw a dirty blanket over her so Tiny could carry her out to the car without drawing much attention.

Tiny gently placed the raped young wife into the front passenger seat of her car.  He got into the driver’s seat and started up the car.  Checking the car registration, he got the address as Jennifer stirred from her sleep.  “Please …………please take me home ………please ………please don’t hurt me!” Jennifer sobbed.  “Is someone waiting for you at home?” Tiny inquired.  “No …………no ……… husband is away on a business trip!  Please take me home …………..I don’t think I can drive ……I hurt so badddd!” she sobbed.

As they neared her home, Jennifer leaned up on the seat to point out the final directions.  Then she pondered her future and then wondered exactly what she was doing letting his black giant, who had fucked the hell out of her, take her right to her home.  Eyes tearing in despair, Jennifer tried to move but her entire body hurt so badly, her thighs in particular.  Then the garage door opened and the car was being parked, followed by the closing of the garage door.

As her door was opened, Jennifer pleaded “Please leave …………please don’t rape me again!”  “Don’t worry little lady, I won’t hurt you!” Tiny advised in a soothing tone as he gently lifted her into his arms.  Entering the home through the door connecting to the kitchen, Tiny made is way to the master bedroom.  He placed Jennifer onto her feet but her legs would not support her, falling back into his arms.  Lifting her again, he laid her down onto her bed.

Going into the bathroom, Tiny drew a warm bath.  Then he went back into the bedroom and looked upon the lovely beauty that had given him the best sucking and fucking he had ever experienced.   And Tiny had been a hell of a lot of women in his lifetime, even the pros hadn’t made him cum in such a way as this little beauty did.

Feeling her clothing being removed, Jennifer looked up at the familiar black face and pleaded “Please ….........……….please don’t rape me ……........………not on the bed I share with my husband!”  Closing her eyes, she sobbed, not wanting to despoil the sanctity of her marital bed.  However she could not get out of her mind the pleasures that coursed throughout her body when this black giant had made ‘love’ to her.  ‘No!’ she told herself, ‘I did not want him, he raped me!  I couldn’t control my body when it happened!’

Jennifer fully expected this black giant of man to possess her right on her marital bed and prayed she would not respond as she did previously.  She was surprised when the muscular arms gently picked her naked body up from the bed and carried her into the bathroom.  More surprised was the gentle way she was placed into the tub of warm water.  She was stunned as she watched this gentle giant put soap onto a washcloth and began to gently scrub her body.  Jennifer leaned her head back onto the ceramic tile wall as Tiny’s hands touched her, not with an intimate touch but with a concerned handling of her body.

When the bath was completed, Tiny lifted the lovely beauty to sit her on edge of the tub as he toweled her off.  He then lifted the naked beauty into his arms again, his cock twitching to hardness as he carried her back into her bedroom.  Seeing the master bed, he thought what a thrill it’d be to give her another good fucking on the bed she shared with her loving husband.  Instead he bent down a bit to grab the bedspread and pulled it down.  Then he lay the beautiful white body out onto the sheets and covered her with the spread.

Jennifer was stunned with the compassion of this black giant, seeing his concerned face as he gently stroked her cheek.  Then the bedroom light was turned off and she heard footsteps leaving.  Moments later, Jennifer lay fast asleep in her bed.

Tiny had used the kitchen phone to call one of his buddies.  Waiting for his buddy to pick him up, he surveyed the nice upscale home of Mrs. Jennifer McDonald, the woman that he desperately wanted to have again.  He looked to her bedroom door, behind which she lay asleep.  He wanted to take her again, to slide his long black cock into her tight slit and explode in her again.  But he did not want to hurt her, did not want to rape her again.  Then his ride came and Tiny exited the front door, locking it behind him.

Over the next two weeks, Jennifer was fearful of the videos taken of her rape.  She worried that she’d be blackmailed into more horrid sexual assaults.  One relieving item came when her supervisor advised her that she had been assigned to a new housing site and the projects were being reassigned to two newer coworkers in the department.  Still the tapes existed and it was no telling what the devious Ella and Rashan would do with them, remembering that they had mentioned it being sold onto the porno market.  She worried that her loving husband would come across the degrading film of her ‘ruin’.

To make matters worst, whenever Jennifer embraced Alan, she wanted to cry out telling him that she was no longer the pure innocent young wife that he had married.  She wanted desperately to tell him that she was now ‘soiled’ goods, that she no longer was fit to be his wife.  When he made love to her, Jennifer could only get satisfaction when she closed her eyes and pretended that it was Tiny’s long black shaft sliding up into her.  But when she did that, her legs crossed over Alan’s pumping butt and squeezed him to her, causing her husband to erupt quickly.  Alan was not used to such a response from his lovely wife and her actions caused him to cum so quickly, leaving Jennifer to hunch up to his now dwindling cock.

On Sunday morning, Tiny watched Alan McDonald load his golf clubs into this car and head on out for the day.  He started up his car and went to his sister’s apartment, located just above his.  There he told his sister that he would take care of his little niece for the day so she could relax, telling her there’s a little girl her age that he wanted her to play with.

Jennifer was playing with her young daughter in the playroom when the doorbell rang.  Answering the door, she gave a slight gasp as she was again face to face with the giant of a man named Tiny.  She shuddered in fear as she faced the giant black man who had raped her in the slums of the projects but who had seen her home that evening and took care of her.  Then she noticed a movement below, causing Jennifer to look down to see a cute little girl holding onto Tiny’s hand.

Speechless, Jennifer looked up into Tiny’s stern face as he told her “I brought my niece, Keena, with me so the neighbors would not get too suspicious.  I wanted to give you these tapes!”  Jennifer listened as Tiny went on to explain of his learning when Rashan was going to make the sale of the tapes and how he managed to get a buddy to intercept the transaction.  Rashan didn’t know what hit him and when he recovered, the valuable tapes were gone.

With the tapes in her hand, Jennifer watched as Tiny turned and began to leave with his niece in hand.  As they walked down the entranceway, Jennifer hesitated then called out “Keena, would you like to meet my little girl?  She’s your age and would love to play with you!  I’ll make you two some juice and cookies!”  Keena turned to smile, nodding her head.  Then Keena was pulling her uncle Tiny back to the front door.

As Keena reached the door, Jennifer saw Tiny’s shocked reaction, shaking his head to signal a ‘No’.  Jennifer gave him a smile then reached out to grasp his free hand to pull him into her home.  Jennifer took Keena to the playroom and the two girls became quick friends with Jennifer’s daughter willingly shared her toys with her new found friend.

As Jennifer and Tiny stood at the doorway watching the two girls play together, Tiny whispered “I can’t be here so close to you!  You don’t know how hard it is to keep from touching you again!”  Jennifer looked up at the gentle giant of a man, reached out with her hand to touch his, grasping his hand she pulled him to follow her.  She pulled him down the hallway and into the master bedroom where she closed the door behind them and locked it.

Looking up at Tiny, Jennifer told him “Thank ……thank you for taking me home and caring for me!  I …..I want you … ….to touch me again!  Just …..just like the last time!”  With that, Jennifer stood on the tip of her toes as she pulled Tiny down to her lips.  Tiny couldn’t believe how sexy this young wife was, loving the feel of her pointed tongue exploring his mouth.  Then Tiny stood there in astonishment as the lovely blonde beauty unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the floor.  Soon her shorts were at her feet, leaving her in just her bra and panties.  Reaching out, Jennifer grasped Tiny's large black hand and pulled him to the large king-sized bed.

Moments later, the bedspread pulled down, the McDonald’s bed was creaking under the weight of the two bodies rocking madly upon it.  “Ohhhh ……….Tiny ………..ohhh, yesssssss …………ohhhhhh, you’re so bigggggg!  Ohhhhh ……..yes ……………..deeper ………deeper …………..ohhhh, fuck me, Tiny …………fuck me!” Jennifer groaned, her arms and legs wrapped tightly around her giant lover.

Tiny groaned in pleasure, for the past couple of weeks all he could think about was the fantastic cum he had achieved with this lovely beauty.  Now he was with her again and she had willingly accepted him into her own marital bed, something she had been totally opposed to on the night he brought her home.  Tiny had always prided himself with being able to hold off cumming till he was good and ready but with the clenching of this beauty’s tight slit around his pulsing cock, he knew would could not control his cock much further.

Unable to control himself, Tiny knew he had to pull out now or he’d lose his load, thus began to withdraw his long cock from the pleasure giving slit.  “Ohhhh ….nooooo …….…no, Tiny …………what are you doing?” Jennifer asked.  “Gonna lose it soon ………gotta pull out or I’m gonna cum in ya, Mrs ………..ohhhh!” Tiny groaned.  Clasping him tighter, trying to pull him back deeper into her, Jennifer pleaded “Nooo ……no, Tiny ………….cum in me ……….cum in me …………give me your sperm ………….I don’t care ……..fuck me …….fuck me ………give me your black baby!”

Hearing this lovely young wife plead for his black baby sent Tiny over the edge, grasping her trim white hips he sped up the fuck and then they both climaxed together.  It was definitely going to be a fuck to be remembered by each of them, both bodies shuddering and clenching each other tightly.  Jennifer’s orgasm made her mind spin, her cunt muscles contracting around the hot spurting black cock, the hot soothing balm spreading throughout her body.

Twenty minutes later, the two lovers were deep in the throes of their second fuck session, with Jennifer’s trim white arms and legs wrapped tightly around the muscular black body, as it lunged deep into her.  “Oh, yes ……..yes ……….fuck me, Tiny ….make me cummm!” she moaned.  Then far away the sound of tapping on the locked door filtered in with her daughter’s young voice calling out “Mommie ……Mommie …..can we have more juice and cookies!”  Clenching her cunt muscles around the pulsing black shaft, Jennifer arched up and yelled out “Ohhhhh ……..I’m cumming ………..I’m cumming!”  “Okay, Mommie!” came the reply from behind the door.

With Dave only a once a month duffer on the golf course, Jennifer longed to invite Keena to come over and play with her daughter again.  Of course what she really wanted was Keena’s uncle to bring her by.  She felt so guilty being unfaithful to her husband but she now in love with this gentle black giant and how he sent her out of this world with that long black cock of his.  It was such a wicked thing to do in sharing her marital bed with her lover but it made the fucking all the more exciting.

Two weeks passed since Keena and Tiny’s visit to her home.  Jennifer was now climbing the walls, the only thing she could think of was Tiny and that wonderful time in bed with him.  Dave was puttering around the house doing some minor car repairs and watching boring baseball games on television.  With a baseball doubleheader about to start, she knew that Dave would be in front of the television the entire day and wouldn’t want to go out with her and their daughter to play in the park.

Dave passed on going to the park and encouraged his wife to go with their daughter.  Jennifer told her daughter to good-bye but shivered in fright when her daughter bid Dave good-bye “Bye daddy!  Going out with mommy!  I’m going to play with my friend Keena again!”  She sighed in relief when Dave merely waved while watching the ball game, not really paying attention to his daughter.

That day, Keena shared her toys with her friend that came to visit her.  Meanwhile, Keena’s mother watched over her and her visiting friend, Uncle Tiny entertained her friend’s mother down in his apartment.  Needless to say, Jennifer was well entertained that afternoon, losing count of the number of orgasms she had reached, each time begging Tiny to knock her up with his potent seed.

As the second game was about to end, Dave looked up and greeted his daughter and his lovely wife, commenting on how ‘lovely the two ladies in his life looked’.  His daughter greeted him with a hug “Hi Daddy!  I had a good time with my friend Keena today.  Mommy picked up a pizza for our dinner but I’m still full from the popsicle and  ice cream.”  Dave got up to give a loving kiss to his beautiful wife, loving the softness of her creamy lips, delving his tongue between her lips.

Dave told his wife that they could have dinner late since their daughter was still filled from the goodies.  Jennifer was glad for a late dinner for she was also filled from the goodies she had eaten.  Her daughter was filled from a popsicle and ice cream but she was filled in a slightly different way.  Filled from the big chocolate popsicle she had eaten and the thick load of hot cream it had generated.

End of Story.