Social Worker’s Deep Dark Secret
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  ‘Social Workers’s Seduction’
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At the age of 30, Kelly Lansing seemed to have it all in the eyes of her co-workers, friends and family.  A beautiful blonde, highly regarded social worker, married to handsome husband, and having given birth to a healthy baby boy recently were aspects in her life that had everyone envious of her life.  But although everything seemed so rosy on the outside, the lovely wife and mother’s life was currently in great turmoil.

It had begun over a year ago, while in the midst of tracking down a womanizer who was creating havoc with the sudden bulge in the number of unwed mothers seeking benefits from the State, Kelly’s dogged investigation into the matter had ended in getting herself into a very precarious situation.  A period of weakness for Kelly, a time when she lacked attention from her husband who was so preoccupied with his job, she had suddenly found herself the object of a very handsome young man.

Little did Kelly know that her handsome admirer named Ryan, was actually Kurt R. Reynolds who’s full name was Kurt Ryan Reynolds, the womanizer that she had been searching for.  The young stud had gotten wind of her investigation, informed by several of his babies’ mothers, and was determined to turn the tables on her.  Followed to the tavern where she and her fellow co-workers would get together on Friday nights, Kurt had initiated things with sending over a round of drinks for her group, then he had made it clear that his attention was centered upon her while using his middle name of ‘Ryan’.

Initially rebuffing the handsome young man when he approached the table to ask her for a dance, Kelly had politely refused by holding out her left hand to flash him her diamond ring and wedding band, signally to him that she was married and ‘taken’.  That next week, with flowers arriving daily, Kelly had then upon getting a phone call from him, she pleaded with the young man to stop sending her flowers.  But in order to get him to comply with her wishes, Kelly agreed to dance with him that coming Friday night, but for just one dance only.

Once in the muscular arms had the handsome young man, one dance led to another and had ended with a kiss on the dance floor, cementing the fact that that she’d be the talk among her co-workers that next week.  Feeling so guilty, as if she had actually cheated upon her husband and broken her marriage vows, Kelly was determined not to let things go further than just those dances with the handsome young man who was ten years her junior.  Thus, Kelly had told her co-workers that she wasn’t able to join them that Friday night, even with her husband out of town for a sales conference that weekend.

Little did Kelly realize that her co-workers would blab to the handsome young man as to why she was not showing up that Friday night and that she was all alone at home with hubby out of town.  Her friends did not realize that the devious stud had done his homework ahead of time and already knew where she resided, even having driven by the pas weekend.  Surprised by getting a phone at home that night, Kelly was shocked at learning Ryan knew her phone number and that she was alone.  But seconds after hanging up the phone, she unwittingly answered the doorbell and found herself face-to-face with the confident stud, and then all was lost for Kelly from that point on.

In recalling that fateful night, Kelly felt so guilty in having allowed herself to be swept right off her feet ……………………..and right into the bedroom that she shared with her husband!  Never before had the Lansing’s bedroom seen so much activity, nor had the headboard thumped so loudly as well as frequently as compared to that night.  Eyes widening in awe, Kelly could not believe the size of the handsome young stud as he proudly displayed his manhood that was nearly twice the size of her husband’s, both in length and girth.

In the master bedroom of the Lansing’s home, the once faithful wife’s coup de grace came with “Please ………………please make love to me!  Please …………..oh, please ……………..put it in ……………..put it in ………………fuck me …………….fuck meeeeeeeeeee!”  And as the handsome young man penetrated her with his thick manhood, Kelly squealed “Oooooooooooooooooooo ………………………..ohhhh, yessssssssssssssssssssssssss!”  And then began the constant thumping of the headboard against the bedroom wall, the sound announcing the end to the marital vows of the once faithful Mrs. Kelly Lansing.

The sudden change from being a loving faithful wife to that of an adulteress, had Kelly feeling so ashamed of herself for what she had done, something that had also been so despicable to her in hearing stories of women engaging in extramarital sex.  Now, as far as Kelly was concerned, she was no better than one of those adulteress women, having allowed another man to possess her body …………………… her own marital bed to make matters worst!  There was no denying one aspect though, that of Kelly having gotten the best fuck ever thrown to her.

For Kurt Ryan Reynolds, he was gloating in triumph at the successful seduction of the woman who had been investigating his numerous conquests that the state eventually ended up paying for.  He had to chuckle to himself on this conquest, wanting to tell the seduced beauty ‘Well, the state won’t have to pay for this little bastard’s upkeep!  Your stupid cuckold hubby will be doing that!’  His step-by-step breaking down of the barriers to this once faithful wife had given him so much pleasure, but not as much as the instant his slid his rockhard cock up into her tight little snatch, but more so while deliberately panting out “Oh, ‘Mrs. Lansing’ ..........................oh, so tight ………………… tight …………………….so fuck’n tighttttttttttttttttttttttt!”

Kurt grinned from ear to ear as the lovely Mrs. Lansing moaned and squealed upon her marital bed.  Seducing and nailing the bitch who had been after him made it so damned sweet, an event that could only have been sweeter if Kurt could have seen the expression on her husband’s face if he had walked in at that very moment.  And after he had her begging him to fuck her, Kurt stopped in mid-stroke to snicker and ask “Am I bigger …………….bigger than your husband, Mrs. Lansing?”

“Oh, yes ……………….yessssssssss ……………….yesssss, Ryan!  So much bigger ……………………….so much betterrrrrr!  Fuck me ………………..please ………..fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Kelly panted out, spurring her younger lover with her heels.  “Oh, God …………………..yesssssssssssss ………………deeper ……………..deeperrrrrrrr ……………….deeperrrrrrrrr ………………oh, Godddddddddddd, fuck me deeperrrrrrr!” she begged.  “Yessssssssss ……………….yes …………………..oh, Goddddddddddddd, I’m cummingggggggggggggggggggggg!” she squeal as the thick cock then blasted her right into outer space.

It was a night filled with mind-shattering climaxes and orgasms brought on by her young lover, but when she awoke in the morning and found him gone from her bed, Kelly was filled with remorse and guilt.  ‘Oh, my God!  What have I done?  Breaking my marriage vows just for a moment’s pleasure!’ she chastised herself.  But with her index finger sliding into her mushy pit, shivering as her fingernail grazed her sensitive clit, the truth was that it had not been just a moment’s pleasure but moment after moment for six straight hours during the night.

Following that eventful night, Kelly just melted at work when Ryan called, her heart thumping madly and was unable to put off his further advances and suggestions of them getting together once again.  On Friday nights, after meeting her up with her co-workers an hour after their arrival, after having given them the excuse of having to work late on a current case that had prevented her on getting there any earlier, she sat in the booth with them to chit chat about the week’s grind.  Little did they know that the hour before she arrived at the tavern, Kelly had been getting the fucking she needed by the young stud just down the street at the nearby motel.

Madly in love with her younger lover, Kelly would soon learn the same facts that the young gals that were the subject of her casework, that Kurt Ryan Reynolds loved them and left them once he ‘knock’em up’ good!  Six months pregnant and obviously showing, foregoing sex due to her condition, Kelly then came to learn the truth of her handsome lover having deliberately set out to seduce her in payback for her prying into who fathered all those babies connected with her cases.  On one of her case visits to a mother of one of Kurt’s babies, she had come across photos of the baby’s recent birthday party and came to learn that Kurt R. Reynolds was the same Ryan Reynolds whom she had an affair with.

Deep down, Kelly knew that the end of her adulteress relationship was for the best, though she was so filled with guilt and remorse.  With her husband believing the child was his, Kelly certainly did not want him to learn of the affair, that she had cheated on him and that the baby was not his.  ‘Still, why in the world did she still name the baby ‘Kurt’?’ Kelly would wonder constantly, knowing full well that ‘Kurt’ was the womanizing bastard in her case files, that her co-workers only knew her admirer by the name ‘Ryan’ and would not suspect that she had been in fact seduced by the womanizer she had been investigating at work.

Looking on as Mike played with baby Kurt, Kelly knew that the truth would kill her husband if he ever came to learn the truth.  Happy that little Kurt was a cute and healthy fella, the name alone much less the sight of her baby, always sent of twinge of guilt throughout Kelly’s petite body.  And Kelly had vowed to herself that she would never again succumb to temptations of the flesh outside of her marriage and that never would Mike learn of the secret that she harbored, that she would protect that from happening at all costs.

Back at work after taking off several months following giving birth, with little baby Kurt in the care of a nanny, Kelly begged off on the regular Friday nights out with the girls who still met up at the regular hangout.  But just entering her third week back to work, on a Monday morning, several of her co-workers gathered around her desk giggling with “Guess who we saw on Friday night?  And he was asking about you ……………….and the baby!”  Kelly could feel her face redden at that last comment, but her co-workers were in the dark as to it being the ‘baby’ comment that caused it all.

Moments later, with a lot of ‘oooh’s and ahhh’s’ from her co-workers, a large bouquet of long stem red roses were being delivered to her desk.  And with the card not in an envelope, the gal delivering it announced loudly “Congratulations!  Love, Ryan!”  Swallowing deeply, heart thumping in her chest, then the phone suddenly rang.  Picking it up, Kelly stammered out “Hel ………….hello!”  Then a shiver coursed throughout her body upon hearing the familiar voice “Hi, sweetie!  I missed you Friday night!  How’s ‘OUR’ cute little baby doing?  It was nice of you to name him after his daddy!”  The tone and inflection of the word ‘OUR’ had Kelly trembling with fear as the last sentence made it evident that Ryan knew he was the one responsible for fathering her illegitimate baby.

It was mid-afternoon Friday as Kelly nervously pulled up into the once familiar parking lot of the motel, determined to rebuff any sexual demands from her former lover and keep her secret adulterous conduct as a thing of the past.  Kelly had desperately tried on the phone but when she had told him that she would not meet him, the stern reply came “Meet me at 3 p.m. ………………….or would Mr. Lansing wonder why someone is filing for visitation rights to see the little baby of his!”

“But ………………..but ………………!” Kelly had stammered into the phone when the arrogant and very confident SOB had hung up on her, causing her anguish and great fear of the consequences if she did not show up on Friday.  Over the past few days, Kelly’s mind was in quite a turmoil in knowing that her former lover had a hold over her, plus she was afraid of her own weakness.  Afraid of being seduced once again by the handsome young stud, Kelly contemplated not going, but the consequences of not showing up at the motel was just too great.

A moment after knocking upon the door of the motel room and entering, her pleas dismissed by the handsome stud, Kelly found herself swooning and in the muscular arms of her former lover and the father of her baby.  Turned and now resting her back and head against his muscular body, Kelly trembled as her body went totally weak in his grasp, yearning for his touch once again.  “Oh, Godddddddddd!” she whispered as Ryan’s thumbs were caressing the tips of her breasts from outside of her white blouse, causing her nipples to harden and visibly push up against her thin clothing.

Blouse unbuttoned, bra pushed up over her breasts, Kelly panted helplessly as Ryan thumbed her pointed pinkies.  “Oh, Ryannnnnnnn ………………………ohhhhhhh, please ………………I ……………….I can’t!” Kelly whimpered but deep down she knew that all hope was lost in the hands of her handsome young lover, for she was unable to put up any resistance at this point.  “Ohhhh, Ryan ……………………….Ryan!” Kelly whimpered as she began creaming in her panties.

Blouse pulled off her shoulders and down her arms, the garment was soon lying on the dirty motel room floor.  Bra unhooked, that too would be peeled off her arms, leaving her bare above the waist as her young lover felt her up by first cupping her breasts and then thumbing her pointed pink nipples.   Suddenly, Kelly tensed up as her eyes were being covered by a blindfold as she gasped and questioned “What ………what are you doing?”  “Shhhhhhhhhh …………………….I’ve got a big, bigggg surprise for you, Mrs. Lansing!” Ryan whispered in her ear as he pushed her down onto her knees.

Blindfolded with everything dark before her, Kelly became frightened upon hearing a noise towards the doorway when she had entered, and with Ryan’s hands on her shoulders it was clear that someone else was in the room.  She reached up to undo the blindfold but only to feel Ryan’s strong hands grasping her wrists and forcing her arms back down, fear setting in as she heard footsteps approaching nearer and nearer to where she knelt on the floor.  “No ……………, Ryan …………….let me up!” she pleaded in a panic.

“Ohhhhhh, man ……………………….she’s one fine looker, my man!  Ya’s sure as hell wasn’t kidding us!  Damn, a beautiful bitch stepping out on her ol’man, huh!  Sure’s hell glad we’s went and beat that 15 point spread fer ya!” Kelly heard, shuddering at the manner in which the crude male spoke, using the terms and slang in which inner city blacks talked.  “Yeah, man ……………this sure is one fine sweetie!  Gimme her left hand!  I’s jist gonna love seeing that sparkling diamond ring some white punk bought fer her sliding up and down my big black dick!” came another male voice as well as the feel of a larger hand now grasping her left wrist.

On her knees, Kelly realized that there were at least three other men in the room besides Ryan standing behind of her.  Hands on both of her wrists to keep her hands in place, fingers on both hands wrapped around thick fleshy bones, Kelly could only cringe as the bastard in front of her took pleasure in humiliating her by rubbing his smelly manhood about her face and pushing his filthy cockhead up against he pink lips.  Clenching her teeth and trying to keep her lips sealed, Kelly felt her stomach turn as the male ordered her to “C’mon, sweetie, open them purty lips!  Git a taste of the sweet chocolate popsicle I’s got fer ya!”

“Owwwwwwww ……………….wabbbbbbbbubbbb!” came her cry of pain when Ryan jerked her head back by a yank on her hair, only to be muffled by the invading cock that was lewdly pushed into her mouth.  Now she was being face fucked while forced to give handjobs to the two males on each side of her.  Then she shivered upon hearing the third unseen male’s voice saying “Yeah, oh yeah ……….zoom in here, Kurt ……………cause I’s jist about ready to give this purty little bitch a nice creamy facial!”

Mouth getting slick with the leaking jizz oozing out of the cock in her mouth, hers hands sliding up and down faster aided now by some slick lubricant, Kelly wanted to be sick.  And to think that the vile Ryan was filming all of this, getting even more dirty goods now to blackmail her with, making Kelly very worried if this was how he planned on treating her from here on in.  Her worries were well confirmed upon hearing Ryan yell out “Give it to her ……………………give it to the fuck’n bitch!  Teach the nosey bitch what snooping around gets her …………………….besides getting herself knocked up by me, heh, heh!”

“Grrrrrrrrrrrr …………….gaaaaaaaaaah ………………..gruuuuughhh!” Kelly gurgled when her mouth and throat was suddenly inundated with a flood of filthy cum!  Forced to swallow or choke to death on the filth, Kelly cringed and shuddered as the cocks being fisted hands lurched and exploded.  Kelly was then getting herself a hot creamy facial, one that she did not have to pay for and was being so generously applied that it splashed against her cheeks and began dripping down onto her bared breasts.

Moments later, the now spent cocks in her hands began to droop, but still oozing out sticky gunk to coat the back of her hands with their foul cream.  Cock slipping out of her open mouth, quickly followed with the outpouring of jizz over her bottom lip and down over her chin to drip and flow between her breasts, Kelly was just a filthy mess.  Hands on her wrists pulling her hands away from the dwindled cocks, Kelly was then forced to cup her breasts and massage the creamy lotion into her skin.

Sobbing, her petite body racked with shame, Kelly found herself being pushed forward onto all fours and being held in that position by the black who made her suck him off.  Then a pair of hands was pulling her black slacks and panties down over her trim hips, leaving her bared upturned buttocks for them to view.  Now she had her slacks bunched around her knees while only having her black heels on as one of the men spoke out  “Okay, Kurt, I’ll take over the camcorder so you can really teach this bitch a lesson she ain’t ever gonna forgit!”

Hearing footsteps approaching from behind, Kelly shuddered upon hearing a zipper being pulled down followed by a ‘thud’ of clothing falling to the floor.  Feeling the familiar hands of her former lover caressing her ass and hips, Kelly sobbed in realizing that he obviously did not and had never loved her, having seduced her to get prevent her from completing her investigation and exposing him as the womanizer who loved’em and left’em after impregnating them with his baby.  And her realization of the truth was cemented when Ryan snickered “Yeah, this fuck’n bitch was snooping around on me, trying to figure out who knocked up all the dumb bitches!  Like they say, ya play with fire and you get burnt, bitch!”

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Stopppppppp ……………………oh, God, stoppppppppp …………………………….Ryan, stoppppp …………………………it hurtsssssssssssssssssssss!” Kelly screamed out in agony, never expecting Ryan to do anything so horrid and humiliating to her in front of the other unseen men.  “Oh, God ………………………..oh, God ……………………..oh, Godddddddddddddddddddd!” Kelly sobbed as her former lover proceeded in sodomizing her in front of his chuckling friends, making her wish that she would be struck dead instantly at that second to end the humiliating agony.

Moments later, still on all fours as she sobbed with her forehead on the filthy carpet, Kelly shuddered at the ‘Purkkk!’ sound of Ryan pulling his spent cock out of her ravaged ass, feeling his hot spend leak out of her torn rectum to dribble down her inner thighs.  “Damn, ya sure as hell gave it to the fuck’n bitch, Kurt!” she heard one of the men say, followed by another commenting “Yer a real son-of-a-bitch, buddy!”  Then she heard Ryan’s chuckling “No, the kid she just gave birth to is truly the real son-of-a-bitch!”  Pants dragged and pulled off of her legs, losing her heels in the process, she was now bare-ass naked.  Then she felt her black heels being put back on.

Getting up with the aid of the hand on her upper arm, Kelly cringed as she tried to move, the pain in her ass clearly indicating that she had been brutally torn.  Still blindfolded as she was being led across the room, Kelly then felt her knee bump up against the bed.  Hearing squeaks from someone getting upon the bed, Kelly then heard the man upon the bed say “Okay, guys, set her right down here!”  Lifted suddenly with hands grasping each of her wrists, then strong hands grasping her up by the ankles, Kelly felt her being spread apart.  Lifted high up above the bed, Kelly sensed that she was being lowered, right down upon the fat end of a baseball bat.  Realizing what she was actually being lowered upon, Kelly struggled in the men’s strong grip, pleading “No …………….no ………….please …………..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!”

“Oh, God …………… …………………nooooooooooo ………………….it’s too …………………….BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!” Kelly shrieked as her own weight upon it caused her pussy to flower open and envelope the thick spear.  “Oh, babyyyy …………….yer so fuck’n tightttttttttt!” the man groaned from below while arching up to shove even more of his meat into her.  Shuddering and struggling to keep from being lowered any further, Kelly could only gasp in awe as the black bastard heaved up his hips and thrust the remaining eight inches right up into her aching snatch, causing her to groan out “Oh, Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………ahhhh!” Kelly shuddered as she now was being fucked by the biggest cock ever to possess her as ‘yet’.   Pushed forward by the man getting onto the bed behind of her, ‘yet’ meant just a few more seconds as an even bigger one was about to ream out her already busted ass.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………………..aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she screamed as ‘yet’ had arrived.  “Shuddup, bitch!  Here, scream on this!” Kelly was told as the third member of her unseen visitors took the opportunity to shove his fleshy cock into her mouth.

For the next few hours, Kelly was gangbanged time and time again, with each of the three unseen men getting to sample her ass, pussy, and lips.  And that last session with the three men was quite a unique one for Kelly, a fuck for the record books, with her shivering as a mind-shattering orgasm as all three cocks in her exploded simultaneously.  Sprawled out face-first while flat on the bed, the lovely Mrs. Lansing was just a fucked out mess with cum oozing out of her sodomized ass, with her pink lips opened wide and drooling spunk …………………that of both her mouth and pussy!

For Kelly, the voices now seemed so far away, as she heard Ryan’s voice say “I hear the line on the game against Central U. has you guys giving them 7 points!  What do you think?”  Then one of the fellows responded with “I’s think we’s got a good fuck’n shot at beating’em by more!  Should be no problem since we beat them in the middle of the season at home by five and Clyde here was sitting out with the flu!”

Then Ryan’s voice could be heard again, saying “I need a guarantee on this one!  Gonna put 10 grand on it!  Whadda you say to keeping the game under the spread!  You guys still win the game and I end up winning the bet!”  A pause, then Ryan was telling them “You guys want a second go round with pretty Mrs. Lansing here next Friday?”  Another pause, then after laughter and high-fives, Ryan’s voice was heard “All right!  Next Friday night it is then!  Okay, now gotta get me four tickets to the championship game next week!  See you guys at the game!”

Kelly heard the door slam shut as her unseen tormentors departed the motel room.  Then she heard Ryan chuckling “Well, bitch, you’re all mine now!  When I say jump, all I had better hear out of you is ‘How high?’  And you’ll do whatever I want …………...or else ……………….hubby might learn that he’s raising a little ‘bastard’ or he might just get an entertaining video of his beautiful and so-called ‘faithful’ wife getting herself a nice black gangbang!’

Blinking to adjust her eyes as the blindfold was pulled off, her head pulled up by the hair, Kelly could only stare ahead blankly as her former lover was fisting himself just inches from her face.  ‘How could she have ever fallen for this handsome but so deceitful bastard?’ she had to ask herself.  Seduced into violating her marital vows, impregnated by the bastard, and giving birth to his baby had been bad enough.  Not just humiliating and shaming her tonight by letting three of his black friends gang rape her, the bastard was now jacking himself off right in her face.  Moments later, Kelly buried her sticky face into the bed when the bastard was through with his dastardly deed.

The next Wednesday evening over dinner, Kelly pulled out two much sought out tickets to the conference championship game between State and Central U., telling her husband “My boss and her husband couldn’t make the game and gave me their tickets for tomorrow’s game!”  With her husband an alumnus of State U. and had tried unsuccessfully to purchase tickets the other day for them, he was naturally ecstatic at her announcement, then began making arrangement as to what time they’d leave for the game.

At the arena the next evening, Kelly’s heart was thumping madly in her chest as she and her husband found that two seats were located right at mid-court, right behind the State U’s players.  Then Kelly swallowed deeply upon observing her former lover smiling widely and seated immediately behind of them.  Just as they got to their seats, Ryan cheerfully spoke “Mrs. Lansing!  It’s so nice to see you once again!”  And then Ryan was extending his hand to her husband to introduce himself “You must be Mr. Lansing!  I’m Ryan Reynolds, my aunt said to expect you and Mrs. Lansing tonight since she and my uncle couldn’t make the game!

As they were about to announce the starting lineups, Kelly sat nervously while her husband and Ryan discussed the teams and players, with Ryan advising “Three of the starters, the center and the two forwards, went to high school with me and each has a decent shot to go pro!  Let me introduce you to them after the game!”  Kelly was not too much into basketball, much less knowing the positions, but in seeing three of the five starters being black gave her a good indication.

Shortly after the introduction of the starting five for each team and before the game got underway, Kelly’s husband made a quick trip to the concession stand.  Shortly after his departure, she shivered upon feeling Ryan running a finger along the side of her neck, tauntingly asking “Did you manage to guess who went to high school with me?  They all want to meet Mr. Lansing!  Makes it even more exciting for them to meet a stupid cuckold husband!  And later, you just go along as they’ll be inviting all of us out for a party after the game!”

End of Story.