Social Worker's Seduction
(m/f, cons)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  'Teenage Stud 2'
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Thoroughly enjoying her job as a social worker, Kelly Lansing liked the fact that she could help some people in need.  Having been brought up in an upper middle-class family life, there was really nothing that Kelly had been deprived of.  Brought up by loving and caring parents, that attitude carried over to Kelly as she enjoyed helping others, even being a volunteer candy-stripper at the local hospital when she was in middle school while volunteering at homes for the elderly while in high school.

Even before she had graduated from college, Kelly knew she wanted to get into social work and interviewed for the job at the job fair on campus during her senior year.  Basically hired before graduation with a BS degree, she got the State to agree to holding off her starting day as she wanted to get her masters and even got a scholarship to help finance everything.  Masters degree obtained, Kelly immediately embarked on her career three weeks after school was out, allowing for the wedding plans and a week-long honeymoon with husband Mike.  Having met her husband in her sophomore year of college, Kelly had immediately fallen in love with the handsome Mike Lansing upon meeting him in a class.

Now in her fifth year on the job, at the age of 29, Kelly was trying to convince her husband that it was time to start their family.  Though she was quite ready to have a baby, Mike tried to convince her to wait a few more years.  But Kelly really wanted a baby at this time of her life and pleaded with her reluctant husband.  Although Mike had agreed she could get off the pill and they'd then let nature take its course, Kelly knew that her husband had said that just to appease her.

For nearly a year now, Kelly was feeling a bit neglected by her husband, who now seemed totally consumed in getting ahead in his job.  In fact, with Mike's job taking him on the road to service his large sales territory, it seemed as if they were apart more than together.  But Kelly knew that it couldn't be helped, especially with Mike wanting to move ahead with his company and it was just a price one had to pay at his career level.

Going through her large case file, Kelly could not believe the number of young single women giving birth out of wedlock.  She shook her head as the welfare benefits were provided by the State to assist the young children of single parents without the means of adequately supporting them.  'So many of them with the no-good fathers not helping out at all!' Kelly sighed.  She had tried to get several of them, many just out of high school,  to pursue the baby's father for support.  However, it seemed as if many still loved the baby's father and didn't want to burden him with the added load.

Kelly just couldn't understand the young women's thinking, wanting to protect such men who wouldn't contribute towards the baby's welfare.  She wished that she could somehow get to trace down these deadbeat fathers and give them a good lecture.  'Yes!' she thought, I'd sure sail into them and tell the deadbeat dad 'Take responsibility of being a father!  Don't just stick your wick in a gal and knock her up without giving it a second thought!  You father a child and you need to help support the mother and baby!'

With a large area of the city to cover, Kelly tried to be efficient and maximize her time by hitting certain areas on a particular day.  On this particular morning, Kelly had driven out to the outskirts of this suburban area out of her normal schedule as one of the young women with child called after getting a part-time job.  The woman indicated she now had to work on the day that Kelly normally came and requested a meeting to see if the some help could be obtained for baby sitting aid.  Arriving a bit early since traffic was not as heavy as she had anticipated, Kelly parked under a shady tree to review the woman's file.

For Kelly, a lot of her single moms seemed concentrated out in this rather suburban area.  Many of the young mothers were about the same age, with many of them being brought up in the heart of the subdivision before moving out to the outskirts where low-rent apartment units could be found.  She opened up the file and began reviewing some of the notes she'd taken on prior visits.  Then she saw the young woman and child come out the front door to greet two other young mothers, both pushing their children in strollers.

Parked a distance away, Kelly leaned forward as the two other women looked quite familiar.  Then the women were bidding goodbye and passed closer, directly across the street from her parked car, where Kelly then realized that the two other women were also part of the caseload she worked on in the area.  But Kelly shrugged it off since this was an area with only one high school nearby and that it'd be natural for everyone to know one another in such a setting, so unlike that of the big city areas.

That afternoon, back at her office, Kelly pulled out the master files for the three women that she had seen that morning.  Normally she only took her field file while out to visit the parties involved, as the rule was to keep the master files in the office just in case of loss or theft.  In each master file, birth certificates were contained along with the application for benefits.  Kelly wasn't sure what she was looking for but began to just look over the documents.

With all three files in front of her, Kelly started by flipping each to where the birth certificate was located.  On two files, there was no name of the father listed on the certificate.  On the third, the birth certificate indicated that a 'Kurt Reynolds' being the baby's father.  Kelly then went on to the application for welfare benefits.  One thing she noticed was that each gal did in fact graduate from the same high school.

With each graduating the same year, it was apparent they were all classmates, explaining them knowing each other.  Sighing, Kelly was about to close up the files when she noticed that one that of the two not naming the baby's father on the birth certificate did in fact list it on the application form, naming a 'Kurt Reynolds' as the father.  Going through the third file, Kelly went over all the notes taken.  Then she read the notes of the prior social worker on the case, finding one statement in the field notes "Mother does not want to seek child support!  Says Kurt is still in school and does not want to saddle him down!"

'Kurt?' she wondered.  'Kurt?  Could it be the one and same Kurt Reynolds?' Kelly wondered.  'My God!  The same guy got all three of them pregnant?  Are there more?' she asked herself.  At this point, it was just too much of a coincidence and Kelly proceeded to gather up all the master files of the young single mothers she was handling.  Wondering just what kind of prowess this young stud possessed, Kelly not only gathered up those of the same age as the other gals but went two years older and also younger mothers.

By the end of the day, Kelly sat in total amazement at her desk.  She had now found four other cases with 'Kurt Reynolds' being listed as the baby's father on the birth certificate or application for benefits.  Three of the mothers had graduated a year after the three women she had seen that morning, while the fourth had graduated a year ahead.  Sitting there, without any of the mothers pursuing the baby's father for child support, Kelly realized that she was basically helpless unless there was a court order for child support issued.

Having contemplated her findings over the next week, Kelly felt that she had to get the young mothers to file for child support against the baby's father.  Kelly felt that would hopefully assure some income to the young unwed mother and child, along with putting that young stud in his place and to maybe keep his pants zipped up in the future.  'With so many of them getting pregnant by the same guy, haven't they come to realize that he was obviously only out for was sex?' Kelly wondered.

Upon checking the State's computer for child support listings, there was no record of any 'Kurt Reynolds' listed.  'Why have they all protected him?  Does he have some type of magical charisma that has these young women at this beck and call?' Kelly wondered.  'Hmmm, can I trace down this Kurt Reynolds and talk some sense into him?  How would I go about locating him?  Am I allowed to if the girls don't want me to?  Without a court order for child support, it seems hopeless!  Unless I can convince at least one of these unwed mothers to pursue him for child support!' Kelly concluded.

The following week, Kelly made it a point to sit down with each woman, trying to explain the benefits that the child would get both now and in the future if child support was pursued and granted by the court.  But Kelly was well aware of the confidentiality of each case and did not mention nor inquire as to other children fathered by Kurt Reynolds.  Although many of the women knew several others of her caseload, Kelly was unsure if they each knew that their babies had the same father and thus hampered in being unable to reveal this factor.

That afternoon, Kurt Reynolds fielded quite a few calls, all from old girlfriends he'd dated or gone steady with for awhile, all of whom he had gotten knocked up in the process.  None of the unwed mothers had previously made a fuss about it, keeping their parents of learning that he was the baby's father, nor did they seek child support from him.  He sent them a few dollars whenever he could, even spending time with some of them, sleeping over at times and of course screwing them when he did so.

Each of the gals had advised him that their social worker had tried to encourage her, nearly badgering her to proceed with the filing of a court action against him for child support.  Asking for a description of the social worker, all Kurt got back from the young mothers was that "She's a fucking witch!"  Prying more, he learned that she had long blonde hair, was married and about 30 years of age.  He did learn that her name was Kelly Lansing and got the information of the unit she worked in along with her business number.

The following week, with nothing scheduled that day, Kurt parked in the visitors' lot and milled around the lobby of the State building that housed the social workers.  It was a rather old building with a lot of windows and a walk-up desk for those needing assistance, with the lobby quite busy with many filling out application forms for welfare assistance.  He could see the many bodies in the interior through the glass partitions but he had no clue as to which was Ms. Kelly Lansing.

Using his cellphone, Kurt called the social worker's number but it was the main switchboard.  Asking for 'Kelly Lansing', he tried to look through the glass for someone picking up the phone.  But apparently she was out of sight as the phone was answered with a "Hello?  Hello?"  Kurt hung up without saying a word but he thought 'Damn, she sure sounds nice on the phone for a fuck'n witch!  Gotta see what this witch looks like?'  As she had answered the phone, she was apparently inside and not out on the road.

A half hour later, about to give up, Kurt overheard a young woman at the inquiry desk tell the receptionist that she wanted to find out about getting additional benefits and asked if she could see her case worker "Mrs. Kelly Lansing".  With the woman advised to have a seat, Kurt waited in anticipation to get a look at the social worker that was out to get his ass on the hook for child support.

With the woman taking a seat near him, Kurt watched the door to the office.  Moments later, seeing a beautiful blonde woman come out, Kurt figured that it just couldn't be the witch 'Kelly Lansing' as this succulent beauty had blonde curly hair.  He turned back towards the door until the gorgeous blonde walked up to the waiting woman and greeted her "Hi, Maria!  Come inside and tell me how I can be of help to you!"  'Damn, it's her!  She must have just cut her hair and had a perm!' Kurt realized as he turned to eye up the sexy beauty.


Dressed conservatively in a long sleeve white blouse, black skirt, and 2" black heels just as Kurt had seen other social workers dressed in the building.  Still the blonde beauty was quite stunning in the conservative garb.  Ivory skin, trim and flawless legs, Kurt's eyes gazed at her trim manicured fingers.  Especially catching his attention was the large sparkling diamond adoring her ring finger along with the matching silver wedding band.  Kurt could feel the expansion in the crotch of his pants, the obvious result of his aroused cock.

'Damn, so fuck'n beautiful!  Man, I just gotta find a way into her tight little panties!' Kurt told himself.  While in high school, the one thing that Kurt liked better than getting into a teenybopper's pants was to seduce the beautiful mother of the teenybopper and worm his horny cock into her tight panties.  And Kurt had been quite successful on his conquests, seducing many a happily married wife and mother.  As a result, several of the young unwed mothers visited by Mrs. Kelly Lansing had a baby brother or sister the same age as their own child.

With his father the owner of an auto repair shop, Kurt had been told that in a few years the business would be on his father's retirement.  Thus, Kurt wanted to get as much hands on experience and saw no point in wasting his time with college.  Given the title of body shop manager at this young age, though only 19 years old, there was no real pressure on him and he could take time off whenever he desired.  Since there were quite a few old-timers, who could easily fill in during his absence, Kurt eagerly took advantage of it.

Although he drew down a good salary, there were many expenses to keep his lifestyle in check.  He did send the many unwed mothers of his children a few dollars when possible but there were just so many to split up the small pie.  Kurt did feel a bit guilty whenever he thought of an unwed mother of his child, knowing that she had to get welfare benefits to support their baby.  And this was another side benefit of seducing a married woman, not having to worry about how the baby would be brought up and supported.

Weeks later on a Friday night, unknown that she had been periodically followed about during the past two weeks, Kelly met her coworkers at the regular Friday night watering hole that was located a few miles from the office.  Not much of a drinker, Kelly would only have a vodka tonic on such an outing, two at the absolute most if she stayed longer than normal.  She would normally sit on the inside of the 'U' shaped booth, letting the single gals have the outside should they get asked to dance.

In fact, Kelly would not come out if Mike would be able to make it home for dinner.  But lately Mike seemed to be going out with the guys on Friday nights, encouraging her to get out with her coworkers so he could do the same.  Rather than looking at the four walls at home nor make a fuss of her husband going out drinking every Friday night, Kelly just bit her tongue and went along with his wishes.

Though she enjoyed the company of her coworkers, Kelly wished they'd pick a more refined place to get together after work.  The watering hole that the gang went to was a bar with a dance floor, having some live band playing on the weekends, but her friends merely referred to it as the 'club'.  Kelly had been asked to dance many a time but she always turned the eager men down, leaving the dancing to the single gals.

Rather than putting herself in a position where she'd be propositioned or even asked to dance, Kelly made it a point to sit in the middle of the 'U' shaped booth to have at least two other gals on each side of her.  The thought of dancing with a strange man certainly did not appeal to Kelly, especially with her being a happily married woman and felt that it just didn't create the right impression.  She just felt that such a thing was wrong, in fact feeling that it would almost be like cheating on Mike if she did so.

As they were having a good time chatting and sipping on the first round of drinks, the waitress suddenly came up to the table with another round of drinks.  The gal at the end of the table spoke up, telling the waitress that a round hadn't been ordered as yet.  The waitress then turned and nodded over to the bar and advised "Ryan there told me to buy the most beautiful woman he's ever seen and her friends a drink!"  Looking older than nineteen and armed with a fake I.D., there was no checking of the handsome young man's age.

From everyone looking over towards the bar, all the eyes went to the waitress when one of the other gals asked "And who's he referring to as the 'most beautiful woman he's ever seen'?"  Nodding upward towards Kelly, the waitress advised "Ryan mentioned the beautiful blonde in the center of the booth!"  At that, Kelly could only blush a beet red as her coworkers began to raze her, with one of her friends commenting "Man, he's a real handsome stud!  I bet he's dying to get into your panties, Kelly!"

Kelly refused to look back up at the bar, knowing that the handsome young man was starring at her.  "Oh, my God ……………….he's so young!" Kelly told her friends.  "Are you going to dance with him, if he comes over, Kelly?" one of her co-workers asked.  Still blushing, Kelly swallowed and could only shake her head 'no'.  Deep down, her heart was pounding madly as the reference made to her publicly from the handsome young man sitting at the bar.

Later, when several of the gals were on the dance floor, Kelly sat between the two women remaining with her in the booth.  Both of the other women were in their forties and not much for dancing like the younger gals of the group.  It was then that the handsome Ryan appeared at their table asking her for a dance.  Kelly was totally speechless, biting down on her bottom lip, then held up her left hand.  With her right index finger, she pointed to the diamond ring and wedding band to indicate her marital status as she shook her head 'no'.

After dispatching the handsome but disappointed hunk of a man, the music for the song ended and the other gals returned to the table.  At that point, the other two women began telling them what they had just missed, how Kelly was totally speechless when the handsome stud had come calling.  Kelly felt so embarrassed at the situation, especially the way one of her friends reenacted how she pointed out her wedding ring to show that she was married.

One of the young single gals at the end of the table chirped in, saying "Man, if he came on to me like that, I'd be creaming in my pants!  And he wouldn't find any objections from me if he wanted to take me to his place after!"  A shiver came over Kelly on the first comment for she indeed felt her love juices flowing after the handsome young man had appeared, in fact it was seeping out of her itching slit at that very second to wet the crotchband of her panties.

Going home that night, finding that Mike was still out with the guys, Kelly took a long hot shower and prepared to go bed.  Lying under the covers, Kelly felt a bit guilty as the image of the handsome young man kept reappearing in her mind.  Squeezing her thighs together, Kelly shivered as her juices continued to flow with the image of the handsome hunk in her mind.  She felt so guilty as this was the very first time, since dating Mike, that she had even thought of another man in such a way.

On Monday morning, just before the morning coffee break, Kelly was surprised at having a dozen roses being delivered to her desk.  An open card was clipped to a flower stem, reading "To Kelly, the Most Beautiful Woman I've ever seen!" and it was signed "Ryan".  Reading the card, Kelly gasped and quickly removed the card so no one else would realized it was not her husband sending her the flowers.

But it was too late as the flowers had been observed by one of her fellow workers when it was placed on the receptionist's desk.  With the card open for viewing, word had quickly spread as to message on the card and the name of the sender.  Having coffee with the same group of gals that she had gone out with on Friday night, Kelly found that the secret she'd hope to keep had already gotten out to her giggling friends.
"How …………how did he learn my name?  How'd he know where I worked?" Kelly asked.  Then one of the gals fessed up, saying "Well, when Julia and I were returning from the restroom and passed the handsome stud, he asked where we worked and I told him!  He asked your name and we didn't see any harm in telling him!  But we both told him that you were happily married and that's why you wouldn't dance with him, that there was no hope for him!  We figured he'd then give up if he knew he had no chance!"

Throughout the day and in bed that night, Kelly just couldn't get over the flowers, again picturing the handsome young man in her mind.  She could still picture him at the bar, very nicely dressed with an open collar shirt and coat, that she tingled and shivered at the thought of having a handsome young man drooling over her.  Squeezing her thighs tightly together, Kelly could feel that trickle of love juices seeping out of her and into the crotch of her panties.  Feeling guilty, Kelly scolded herself for even thinking of another man, worst yet was the fact that she was lying in bed just feet away from her loving husband.

The next day and another bouquet of flowers delivered to her desk, Kelly was beside herself and did not know what to do at this point.  Of course, all her coworkers had to stop on by to admire the flowers and throw in an illicit suggestion or thought, such as "You've got that handsome young stud head over heels for you!"  "Damn, Kelly ……………that stud's really determined to get into your pants!"

Wednesday and another red roses, Kelly didn't know what to do, wondering if she should tell the receptionist to refuse any further delivery of flowers.  The ribbing she took from her cohorts was relentless, with everyone kidding her about how she had this handsome young stud totally enthralled by her.  Back at her desk after the morning break, she picked up phone call and heard the deep voice say "Hi, beautiful!  This is Ryan!  Did you like the flowers I sent?"

"Ye ………………..yes …………….they ………..they're beautiful!  But ……………but please ……………it's embarrassing ………………people are beginning to talk!  Please ………………..please don't send any more flowers ……………….everyone knows I'm married ………….happily married!  They saw your name on the card ……………….and they all know the flowers weren't sent by my husband!" Kelly pleaded.

"Well, how about an innocent lunch together then?" she heard Ryan ask.  "No …………no!  I told you I'm married!  I not that kind of woman who'd go and meet another man ………….a stranger ……………….for lunch!" Kelly replied.  Then she was asked "Are you going to be there again Friday night!"  "I ……………I ……………I hadn't thought about it!  I ……………I normally go on the spur of the moment!" she truthfully advised.

After the conversation was over and hanging up the phone, Kelly was panting for breath at her desk, trying to regain her composure.  Kelly then realized that she had promised him she'd make it on Friday if he promised to stop sending any more flowers to her.  She shuddered, realizing that she had also promised to dance with him just one time if he promised that he'd leave her alone after that one dance.

At Thursday morning's coffee break, Kelly was inundated with questions from her cohorts, each wanting to know why there wasn't any flowers today.  Wanting their support on Friday night, plus being unable to lie with a straight face, Kelly told them of the phone call from Ryan and that she had made him promise 'No more flowers!'  But that in return, she would be at the bar with her friends this coming Friday night and dance with him once, then he promised to leave her alone.

Kelly couldn't believe the giggling among all her friends, with the older married gals chirping in this time, telling her "Oh, Kelly ………………if that handsome stud was after me like he is you and I danced close to him ………………he'd have me in the backseat of his car in the parking lot!"  Then the other older gal added "If you don't want him ………….pass him on to me ………………….I'll gladly drop my panties for him!"  After all the laughter died down, Kelly had her coworkers promise they'd all be there to watch after her and end this once and for all.

Friday went by so quickly and Kelly was so glad when Mike had told her not to wait up that night since he and the guys would be entertaining some clients.  Meeting up with her friends at the bar, Kelly found that her coworkers had purposely gotten there early and wouldn't let her sit inside the middle of the booth where she normally sat.  Fortunately, Kelly was relieved to see that Ryan was not sitting at the bar nor anywhere in sight.

So nervous at her predicament, Kelly downed the first vodka tonic in record time and was sipping on her second when she saw the handsome young man enter and take a seat at the bar.  His arrival also did not go unnoticed by her friends as they began whispering some lewd remarks to her, chirping out: "Here's your handsome stud, Kelly!"  "Oh, Kelly …………imagine that stud's muscular body being pressed up against you!"  "Ohhh, I'd be creaming in my panties if he did that to me!"  "Bet he's going to try and feel you up on the dance floor!"

With a round of drinks delivered to their table, compliments of Ryan, all the gals told Kelly "You've got to dance with this stud of a guy more than once!  We'll get all our drinks free that way!"  Kelly was stern, telling her friends that "It's going to be just one innocent dance and then this whole fiasco will be finally over!  Now you girls promised to support me tonight and watch over me!"

Then, when a slow song began, Kelly found herself looking up into the eyes of the handsome young man who hand extended his hand for a dance with her.  Speechless, Kelly found herself literally being pushed out of the booth by her giggling friends to be led towards a darkened corner of the dance floor.  Little did Kelly realize that Ryan had tipped the band a nice sum to play several slow love songs back to back once he got on the dance floor with her, making it difficult for her to break away and head back to her table.

Her petite hand engulfed in that of the strong handsome young man's, Kelly could not believe that she was feeling so in awe and totally helpless.  Then, in the corner of the dance floor, Kelly found herself in the embrace of the handsome hunk.  'Gosh, I don't even know his full name!  All I know that his name is Ryan!' she realized.  Shivering in nervousness on the dance floor, Kelly found that she was actually unable to control her emotions, creaming so much into her panties that the crotch was now sopping wet.

It was nearly an hour later that Kelly managed to get hold of her emotions and break away from the dance floor to make it back to the booth.  Seeing how stressed she was at that point, none of the gals said anything nor made a fuss when she insisted on getting into her regular seat in the middle of the 'U'.  None of the expected ribs were thrown at her as Kelly had expected, especially since that one dance turned into quite a few.  But deep down, Kelly knew why they weren't saying anything, or it was because they had apparently seen him feeling her up along with that passionate kiss shared between them on the dance floor.

Home that night, alone in bed while waiting for Mike to get home from his night out with the boys, Kelly relived every second on the dance floor with the handsome Ryan Reynolds.  She had learned his name and that he managed his father's auto body shop, one that would soon be his upon his father's retirement.  Closing her eyes, slipping her hands up under her nightie, Kelly let her fingers touch her sensitive nipples and fantasized that it was Ryan's hands fondling her body.

On Monday, Kelly cringed once again upon seeing the receptionist headed her way with a large bouquet of red roses.  As it was set down upon her desk, she could hear the muffled giggling and laughter of her coworkers in the nearby cubicles.  Pulling the attached card from the bouquet, Kelly sighed upon reading "Hi, beautiful!  You felt so soft and sexy on the dance floor!  Can't wait to see you again!  Love, Ryan!"  'Oh, God …………….he signed it 'Love, Ryan'!' Kelly shuddered.

Thinking of skipping break and avoiding the razzing, Kelly decided that it was best to get the ribbing over with quickly or they'd be on her the entire day.  As she was scheduled to be out on the road later that day, she had to think it over, deciding 'Best to face the ribbing now or they won't ever let up on you for the whole week!'  And of course, once she sat down, it all began with one gal remarking "Oh, Sugar …………….and now it's signed 'Love, Ryan'!"  "Are you going to see him again this Friday, Kelly?" another girl asked.  "No!  Absolutely not!" Kelly retorted.

Fortunately, there were no more flowers that week, giving Kelly some sense of relief.  The entire week, Kelly found herself unable to concentrate neither at work nor at home.  All that she could think of was the handsome young man who made her weak at the knees with his touch.  Kelly felt especially guilty when she and Mike had made love one night that week, for she was unable to get rid of the image of the handsome Ryan Reynolds even in her husband's intimate embrace.  She had orgasmed, but it was only with the fantasy of having the handsome hunk in her instead of her loving husband.

With Mike scheduled to be out of town both Friday and Saturday for a regional sales conference, Kelly realized that she was going to be all alone that weekend till late Sunday.  She was free to join the girls at the watering hole on Friday night, able to spend the entire night there if she wanted to.  Who was she kidding as she wanted to join the girls there because the handsome Ryan Reynolds would surely be there, but Kelly forced herself to stay at home and out of trouble.  Knowing that things had gone too far already, that her willpower would surely weaken if subjected to more of the handsome young stud, Kelly made a resolution to be strong and not join the girls that Friday.

Sitting alone at home on Friday night, having made herself a TV dinner, Kelly showered and changed into a soft woolen nightgown with a gray robe wrapped around her.  Curling up in the sofa, Kelly picked up a novel that she had bought at the bookstore that day.  But after an hour, only a mere five pages had been read, of which Kelly could not recall any part of it.  Her mind was far, far away, across town and wondering what was taking place at the watering hole.

Across town, at the regular booth where Kelly and friends would gather on Friday nights, the handsome Ryan Reynolds had purchased a round of drinks for her friends and was sitting with them in the booth.  Upon his inquiring of her whereabouts, Ryan was told of how "You've really shaken up our poor little Kelly, Ryan!  She's obviously scared of what could happen if you danced with her again!  Especially when she allowed you to kiss her on the dance floor last week!  Just that one kiss and it's as if she was unfaithful to her husband!"

Then another gal let out the fact of Mike being out of town, saying "Poor Kelly, spending tonight all alone with her husband out of town!  I tried to convince her to just come on out and join us for a drink tonight but she was so jittery that she made some lame excuse of having to get some things done at home.  It was pretty obvious that she was afraid of things getting out of hand if she danced with you again, Ryan!"

Making an excuse that he had to go over and greet some friends, Ryan bid the gals goodbye and asked them to say "Hi!" to Kelly for him.  As the girls resumed drinking and dancing, none suspected that Ryan was then planning his exit to make a drive over to Kelly's home.  Having done his homework ahead of time, Ryan had obtained her home address and phone number, even driven pass her home on a couple occasions.

Putting down the book and turning on the television set, Kelly curled up with a pillow as she tried to keep herself occupied and mind on other things.  Hearing the phone ring, Kelly picked up the cordless on the nearby table, then quivered upon hear the familiar husky voice say "Hi, beautiful!  Why didn't you come to the club tonight?  I'm heart broken, Kelly!"  A bit of silence with no response from the other end, Ryan added "I was hoping to get a dance with you again!  To feel and hold your soft sexy body up against me again!"

"How …………………how did you get my home number?  Did one of the girls give you my number?" Kelly demanded to know, fuming that one of her coworkers would do such a thing.  "No ………………I knew none of them would give me that info!  I just did a lot of footwork and checking the city directories!" Kelly heard to some relief, yet feeling quite insecure that this man was now calling her at home.

"Please …………….please ……………you can't call me here!  I'm married ………………my husband would get quite upset if a strange man called me at home!" Kelly pleaded.  "Don't worry, sweetie!  I knew it was safe to call you tonight!  One of the gals let it slip that your hubby was away for the weekend!" came the reply as Kelly swallowed deeply upon realizing that 'He knows I'm all alone this weekend!'

"What are you doing right now, beautiful?" Kelly was asked.  Looking at the television set, Kelly tried to think, not wanting to say that she was merely watching television and trying to pass the time away.  Then seeing the case folders that she had brought home with her, Kelly replied "Oh, I …………….I've got to finish an important project that have kept me busy!  Just a case project from work!"  Little did she realize that the 'Kurt Reynolds' noted in each of the cases was the one and same 'Kurt Ryan Reynolds' that was now on the other end of the line.

Wanting to end the conversation quickly, a sense of relief coursed through her body upon hearing the front door bell ring.  Quickly Kelly spoke into the phone "Ryan …………..I ……………..I have to hang up now!  Someone's at the front door!"  Hanging up the phone, Kelly took a deep breath as the doorbell rang once again.  "Coming!" she called out as she set down the phone went to the front door.  Standing on tiptoes to reach the peephole and look to see who it was, Kelly's mouth dropped wide open upon seeing Ryan Reynolds standing on her front porch.

Hearing him call out loudly "Hi, Kelly …………'s me, Ryan!"  Kelly knew that it was not wise to open the door to this handsome man, who made her weak at the knees.  Still, she did not want the neighbors to be disturbed nor question why a strange man was visiting her when her husband was out of town.  Clutching the top of her robe, Kelly slowly open the door, determined to merely talk brief to him and send the young man on his way.


But opening the door to the handsome Ryan Reynolds was a foolish thing to do as Kelly immediately found out.  Intent on merely talking softly to the young man, with the slightly open door serving as a barrier between them, this was merely wishing thinking on Kelly's part.  Before she knew it, the handsome hunk had stepped into foyer and was holding her up next to him.  With his face so close and leaning down to kiss her, Kelly's trembling pink lips parted as his thicker lips descended upon her.

Flicking her tongue up to meet the thicker one being inserted between her lips, Kelly went weak all over as she closed her eyes in the midst of the passionate kiss.  Though she felt the top folds of terrycloth robe being parted, pushed over her shoulders, Kelly put up no resistance as she felt it sliding down her arms to puddle around her bare feet.  With the kiss continuing, Kelly felt herself being swept off her feet into the arms of the handsome young man, and she could only drape an arm around his neck for support.

Before she realized what was happening, Kelly found herself lying in the middle of the bed that she shared with her husband.  Only now the man embracing and kissing her passionately was basically a stranger.  And he was touching her intimately, something no man had ever done other than her husband to whom she had surrendered her virginity to on their wedding night.  Now this handsome young man, who was nearly ten years her junior was lying partially upon her, right on her marital bed.  Kelly shivered as his right hand molded over her left breast, thumbing her budding nipple through the flannel pullover.

Panting, shivering with both fear and pleasure, Kelly now felt the exploring hand sliding up under her flannel nightie along her bare skin.  "Oooooooohhhh ……………….ohhhhh ……………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she cooed as the callused hand now encompassed her bare breast, the thick thumb playing with her sensitive nipple.  Then Kelly felt the nightie being pushed upwards but she could not make any objection.  "Ohhhhhhhhhh, God ………………………yesssss ………….ohhhh, soooooooo goooddddddddddddd!" she shivered as Ryan clamped his hot wet mouth around the top portion of her breast, teasing her nipple with his flicking tongue.

Nightgown pushed up to now expose both breasts to her admirer, Kelly could only shiver as he fondled one breast while suckling upon the other, then alternating his ministrations to drive her out of her gourd.  Arms weak, Kelly could only muster the strength to raise her right hand up to place it at the back of his head, running her trim fingers through his long wavy hair as he tongued her sensitive pink nipples.  Feeling his sharp teeth clamp around her left nipple, Kelly shivered with pleasure, squeezing her thighs together as she emitted a flow of love juices into the crotch of her wet panties.

Flannel nightie pulled up over her head and off her arms, Kelly could only lay there in a stupor as she now felt fingers grasping the waistband of her panties.  Unable to breathe, barely able to pant for some needed air, Kelly felt the silky garment being pulled down her trim legs and then off her feet.  With her nightie and panties tossed aside onto the floor, Kelly tried to cover herself with her hands as she stared up and watched as the handsome young man began to reveal his muscular body.  Kelly shuddered as she looked upon the magnificently chiseled male physique of the ever confident Ryan Reynolds as he undressed.

Kelly's eyes were first focused upon the smiling face of the confident young man, then the movement attracted her attention to cause her eyes to slowly drift down over his broad chest to focus upon the fisting of the thick shaft of fleshy manhood between his legs.  'Oh, my God ……………….he's so much bigger than Mike!'  As the handsome young stud moved closer to the bed, reaching out to touch her trembling thighs, Kelly was totally at a loss.  With merely a slight pressure being applied to her inner thighs, Kelly's sexy legs spread open like a blooming flower.

His large hands placed upon hers, Kelly found her hands being moved aside to bare her breasts to her handsome admirer.  As the bed sagged under the addition of the heavy body kneeling upon it, Kelly panted in both nervousness and anticipation, making a token plea "This ………………..this is wrong!  I ……………..I ……………..Ryan, I'm married ………….happily married!  I ……………..I can't ……………..can't let you!"  But in spite of her plea, Kelly spread her legs even wider apart as Ryan shuffled between her thighs.

Looking up at Ryan's smiling face, that of the same handsome hunk that she had been dreaming of each night, Kelly bit her bottom lip as she shuddered upon feeling his thick bloated cockhead begin rubbed up and down the crease of her sensitive slit.  "You want it don't you, Kelly?  Don't you, Mrs. Lansing?" she heard him ask as she felt the thick throbbing cockhead push against her but held short of penetrating her.  "Please ……………please!" was all Kelly managed to pant out as she tried to edge her hips forward to capture the pleasure giving shaft.

"Please what, Mrs. Lansing?" Ryan teasingly asked as the sexy young wife was now obviously in need of a good fucking.  Pressing against her slit a bit more, then pulling back, he then had her panting in heat as she pleaded "Please ………………..please ……………..please, Ryan!"  "Please, what?" he asked again, pushing against her wet slit, nearly penetrating her this time.  "Please ………………please make love to me!  Please …………..oh, please ……………..put it in ……………..put it in ………………fuck me …………….fuck meeeeeeeeeee!" came the coup de grace to signal the beauty's defeat.

"Oooooooooooooooooooo ………………………..ohhhh, yessssssssssssssssssssssssss!" Kelly squealed as the handsome young man penetrated her with a cock nearly twice the thickness of her husband's.  Feeling his large hands nearly encircling her trim waist, so he could thrust himself deeper into her, Kelly now wanted to feel the length of her handsome young lover.  Shivering in anticipation for him to thrust deeply into her, Kelly panted in desperation but found that her young lover was tormenting her by merely keeping still within her.  Desperate, Kelly threw her legs around his waist and began to spur him into her.

"Fuck me ……………fuck me ………………..fuck me, damn you ……………….fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" the desperate and horny beauty cried out to him.  Grasping her trim hips, Ryan grinned as he had certainly now conquered the pretty little bitch that was trying get him nailed for multiple child support payments.  'Try to screw me, huh, bitch?  Looks who's really getting screwed!  You gonna want child support from me when I knock you up good?  Or are you gonna pull the wool over your hubby's eyes?' Ryan thought as he gloated with his success, thrusting up hard into her to bury his lengthy cock deep within her.  Bending over, he then kissed her and felt her eager tongue push up between his lips, French kissing like two young lovers.

'Thump ……………thump …………..thump ……………thump …………..thump!' the headboard banged loudly against the wall of the Lansing's bedroom.  Never before had the Lansing's marital bed rocked about and banged up against the nearby wall in such a manner.  For that matter, never before had the Lansing's marital bed been occupied by anyone other that husband and wife.  For the very first time, a wild crazed and frenzied copulation of man and woman was taking place on the Lansing's marital bed.  Only this wild lovemaking was not the way it should be, not the sacred union between man and wife, but that of the lovely wife and handsome young lover.

Never had Kelly ever been so stimulated, juicing as never before, causing loud slushing and squishing noises at the point of union each time the thick cock sliced in and out of her, like a well-oiled machine.  Arms and legs wrapped tightly around her muscular young lover, Kelly kissed him passionately, her tongue dallying with his that was hungrily searching the interior of her mouth.  "Mmmmmm …………………mmmmmm …………………mmmmmm!" came her muffled moans as she shivered with unbelievable pleasure.

For Ryan, this was the ultimate conquest, seducing and screwing the beautiful bitch that had been trying to screw him.  So prim and proper, a supposedly loving and faithful wife, yet here he was with his prick up in her innocent body while nailing her on the very bed that she shared with her husband.  Breaking the kiss and lifting up a bit, he tauntingly asked "Damn, you're so fucking tight!  You sure ain't had nothing this big up your tight little cunt, have you, Mrs. Lansing?"  Seeing the pretty wife shake her head about, whipping her silky blonde hair from side to side, he then heard her whining response "Ohhhh, nooooooooooo …………..neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

With the long and thick cock sliding in and out of her slushy slit, sparks flew and Kelly's body quivered, causing her sharp fingernails to dig into the muscular back of her young lover as she locked her ankles around him to pull him in even deeper.  Then the mind-shattering orgasm of all time began to rock her spasming body and all she saw was the stars flashing before her.  "Yesssssssssss …………………………yesssssssssssssssss ………………ohhhh, sooooooo gooddddddddddddddd!" Kelly moaned.

Cock still pistoning in and out of her well-fucked hole like a well-oiled machine, Kelly was just coming back down from outer space when suddenly she once again clutched desperately with arms and legs.  Her younger, but far more experienced lover, had just blasted a hot wad of thick jizz righ in her fertile womb.  "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………ohhhhhhh, Goddddddddddddddddddddddd!" she screamed out like a banshee as the handsome hunk burst deep in her, flooding her fertile womb with his hot thick seed.

Never had Kelly ever had so much thick gooey spunk inundating her at any one time, with millions of the little buggers assaulting her fertile seed at once.  It would certainly be a miracle if she escaped being impregnated with this being the worst time of the month to take a lover other than her loving husband.  But having enjoyed the best fucking ever, Kelly was oblivious to the pending consequences as she hugged her handsome young lover close to her, continuing to enjoy the most fantastic orgasm ever.

Never had the Lansings' bed seen so much activity on one night alone.  After resting some following each fantastic lovemaking session, the lovely wife would awaken to find her young stud wanting more of her sexy body.  Each time she would embrace her lover and wrap her arms and legs around his muscular body, for she would soon be skyrocketing up to the stars once again.  Time and time again, losing count of the numerous orgasms, Kelly just could not get enough of her young lover.  Kelly knew that she was his from then on, and that she would do anything to please him in order to have him make love to her again.

It was mid-morning, with the sun shining right through the bedroom window and onto the bed that Kelly awoke from an exhausting sleep.  'Gosh, what a dream!'  Shame on you, Kelly!  Dreaming of someone other than your husband!  Dreaming of making fantastic love all night long with a young handsome stud!' she scolded herself.  Turning her head, she blinked and strained to look at the crumpled garment lying on the carpet, then blinked again as she tired to focus on the smaller garment next to it.  'Oh, my God!  It ………………it wasn't a dream!' she realized.

Then all the events of the night began to flood her mind, first getting the phone call from Ryan and then opening the door to try and talk some sense into him.  Kelly shuddered as she remembered the handsome young man suddenly in the foyer with her, touching her and removing her robe, then was carrying her off to the bedroom that she shared with her loving husband.  Blinking back the tears, Kelly realized that she had not put up any resistance at all to save her honor, and that all her defenses had crumbled at his mere touch.

Kelly shivered once more as she recalled the fantastic heights that her skillful young lover had taken her to time and time again.  She swallowed as she recalled awakening after a bout of lovemaking to find her lover's hands behind her head and pushing her down further on the bed as he was edging his hips up to her.  Though Kelly had not performed such an act before, not even to please her loving husband who had tried to get her to do it several times, she merely parted her lips and stuck her tongue out to flick it against the tip of the bloated cockhead.

Licking the roof of her mouth, Kelly could still feel the slimy residual that remained, swallowing as the salty taste reminded her of the copious amount of the slick fluid she had taking into her mouth and swallowed.  As the memory came flooding back to her, Kelly quivered as she thought 'My gosh!  I acted like a shameless little hussy!  I actually put his thing in my mouth without putting up any fuss!  God ………………I even let him do it right in my mouth …………………….and I keep sucking at it and swallowed everything!'

On Monday morning, Kelly cringed as more red roses were being delivered to her desk and saw all her friends getting up from their desks, smiling as they slowly followed the receptionist bearing the flowers.  With the card not in the envelope and open for all to see, she heard one of her fellow workers giggle out "Missing you, Kelly!  Love, Ryan!"  Deep down, Kelly breathed a sigh of relief as the message had not given away her adulterous affair with the handsome young stud.

Later that morning, the familiar voice of Ryan Reynolds could be heard on the phone as Kelly whispered "Please, Ryan, no more flowers!  Everyone's beginning to talk!"  "Are you coming to the club this Friday so I can see you again?  Dance with me?" she heard him ask.  "I ………..I ……………Ryan ………………I can't see you again!  You ………………you know that if I dance with you …………………it ………………it won't end there!  I ………………..please ………………… coworkers will all be talking ………………..I can't let them see me with another man!" Kelly stammered.

At Friday morning's coffee break, Kelly was asked if she would be able to make it to the club that night.  Of course she was then kidded as one gal advised "You've got to come, Kelly!  After all, there's a handsome young stud that just dying to see you again!  Plus we all want another free drink!"  Kelly replied "I've got my field work scheduled this afternoon and I'm going to drop by my sister's place for a bit!  I'll meet you gals there!  And if anything, it'll just be one innocent dance …………if he asks me that is, at which time I'm going to tell him to concentrate on some other gal as I'm already taken and happily married!"

That night at their watering hole, Kelly showed up in a pink dress, telling her coworkers that she had stopped at her sister's a few miles away and had borrowed a dress since the skirt she had worn had a spill on it.  All of Kelly's friends were excited when Ryan stopped by to ask for a dance and they literally pushed her out of the booth to dance with the handsome young stud.  But they all watched in disappointment as Kelly kept Ryan at arms length throughout the dance and they observed the look of dejection upon the face of the handsome young man.

Just one dance and then Kelly was sitting back in her regular interior seat in the booth, telling her friends "Like I told you this morning, it was just going to be one innocent dance so I could put him in his place!"  None of her coworkers could believe Kelly's firm resolve on this night, so different from two weeks earlier when the handsome young man had her nearly melting in his arms.  But they all came to realize how much in love Kelly was with her husband and that she would not break her marital vows and cheat on him.  The gossiping gals then began chirping, throwing out comments: "I sure give you credit, Kelly!  If he came onto me, I'd let him pull me off into the corner and let him do it to me there!"  "Oh, Kelly it's obviously true love between you and Mike!"

Little did Kelly's coworkers realize that their prim and proper friend was now not quite so innocent and faithful that she appeared to be.  That one and only at-arms-length dance had merely been staged for their benefit, with Kelly able to keep from melting in Ryan's arms ……………..only because she had met the handsome young stud at a nearby motel and had gotten her brains fucked out for two hours before she had gotten dressed again to meet them here.  As it was now 8:30 p.m., Kelly advised her friends that it was time for her to go and that she'd see them all on Monday.

But Kelly was not headed for home.  With her husband drinking with the guys till midnight, Kelly made her way back to the motel to once again rendezvous with her handsome young lover.  Minutes after entering the motel room, following a deep passionate kiss with her young lover, Kelly found herself being position on all fours in the middle of the bed.

Feeling the large hands caressing her butt, Kelly panted in anticipation of Ryan sliding his manly tool up into her from behind.  But she was totally unprepared nor knew why her young lover was pushing her asscheeks apart with his thumbs.  However, feeling the throbbing cockhead nuzzling up against her asscheeks, Kelly was in a panic as she tried to scramble forward.  Strong hands holding her firmly at her hips, she screamed out "No …………..…….no, Ryan, please …………………..not there ………………I've never ……………….Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

"Oh, Kelly, baby ………………………..I want your sweet little ass to be mine ………………..and mine only!" Ryan said as he expanded his cock, half of which was currently buried up in her virgin ass.  Pumping slowly, forcing inch after inch into the lovely wife who was now biting into the thick bedspread to keep from screaming, Ryan finally got it all in up her tight little ass.  Reaching between her legs with his right hand, he began to finger her juicing slit in search for her sensitive clit.  Finding and rubbing it as he continued to hump her tender ass, he knew she was all his upon hearing her "Oh, yes ………………yes ………………..oh, Ryan ……………..yes ………………its yours …………………all yours ………………… ass belongs only to you!"

Months later, with every Friday having taken the same course of events, Kelly felt to happy and contented.  In particular, she now felt so happy, especially with the growing bulge in her belly.  This was not a bulge caused by her loving husband, but instead by her handsome young lover.  Though still very much in love with her husband, Kelly found herself rubbing her belly in bed each night with the image of the baby's father clearly imprinted on her mind.

Though insisting that the illicit affair be strictly confined to their Friday rendezvous time, Kelly had found it wickedly exciting when Ryan unexpectedly appeared one Sunday afternoon in her backyard as she watered her garden.  With her husband in the den engrossed in watching a ball game, Kelly was pulled barefoot through some greenery to back of the shed.  Her thin dress hiked up around her waist, she panted in anticipation as the handsome young stud pulled her panties down and then proceeded to fuck her brains out once again.

As she had resumed her task of trying to get her unwed mothers to pursue the deadbeat dads, in particular the rather notorious Kurt Reynolds.  Visiting the first unwed mother on this particular day, one those impregnated by Kurt Reynolds, Kelly asked if any steps had been taken since her last visit to obtain child support from the baby's father.  Seeing the hesitant and puzzled look on the young mother's face, Kelly inquired "You are still going to pursue the baby's father, aren't you?"

Kelly was surprised upon getting the response of "I …………..I talked to Kurt earlier…………..hasn't he called you yet?  He said he would!  He was a bit upset at your suggestion and said he'd contact you and try to work something out informally!"  "Well, I haven't heard from this yet!  And I sincerely doubt that he'll voluntarily begin making child support payments to you!" Kelly advised.  "Will you promise me that you'll move ahead with the proceedings if he doesn't contact by the time my next visit is scheduled?" Kelly asked.  She felt relieved that the young mother agreed with her request.

More puzzling to Kelly was her visits to the second and third of Kurt Reynolds' offspring and their mothers.  Both young mothers told her the exact same thing and Kelly tried to tell them that it was merely a stalling tactic on the part of the deadbead dad.  She then went through the whole spiel as she had done with the first of the unwed mothers that day and tried to get them to pursue child support.

On the fourth visit that day, Kelly had arrived at a time when the young unwed mother had been in the process of updating the baby's scrapbook.  As the baby had just celebrated his first birthday, pictures of the birthday party were being added to the book.  Asking if she could look at the thick scrapbook, Kelly smiled at seeing how nicely the caring mother had arranged all of the baby's pictures.

Then coming towards the end of the scrapbook, where the birthday party pictures began, a cold shiver coursed throughout her body upon seeing one picture in particular.  It was a picture of the young mother and baby but also included that of the handsome Ryan Reynolds.  Nervously, she held the book, turning it to the baby's mother and asked "Who's this?"  "Oh, that's Kurt ……………….the baby's father!" came the response that sent chills throughout Kelly's body.

"Does ……………..does Kurt have a middle name?" Kelly asked.  "Oh, yeah ……………..its Ryan!" came the dreaded response.  It was then that Kelly realized that all the young unwed mothers had been telling her the truth of the baby's father indicating that he would be making contact with her to dissuade her from getting child support orders rendered against him.  She knew now how devious the handsome young man was, obviously having scouted her out and then purposely seducing her …………….worst yet, not only had she succumbed to his charms but had been impregnated with his baby!

Alone in her thoughts that night, Kelly felt so low, totally beaten at this point.  How could she try to persuade the babies' mothers to go after the baby's father at this point?  She could now understand why the unwed mothers protected the handsome stud who had knocked them up.  Kelly felt even more ashamed of what she herself was doing, not planning to pursue the father of the baby now growing in her belly but instead she deviously planned on duping her loving husband to believe that he was the baby's father.

Though fuming mad at Ryan, Kelly told herself that she had to terminate the relationship immediately.  'It's not love at all!  He just wanted to get in your panties and teach you a lesson for trying to get the unwed mothers to pursue him for child support!' Kelly correctly concluded.  But then, she told herself 'But he's never lied to you!  His name is Ryan Reynolds …………..Kurt Ryan Reynolds!'  Against all rational thinking, Kelly knew that she would still be showing up at the motel on Friday afternoon, not let on that she knew he was actually 'Kurt Ryan Reynolds' and would willing spread her legs for him once again.

Early that next year, on a Friday night, Kelly was the guest of honor for the baby shower held by her coworkers at their regular watering hole.  The size of the group had doubled for this special occasion as Kelly sat in her regular seat with her belly having ballooned up like a watermelon.  Having taken a test and learning that a baby boy was expected, Kelly had let that tidbit out to her friends and they all asked if she had picked out a name as yet.  Wanting to name the baby after his father, yet not wanting to divulge her deep dark secret, Kelly merely nodded and smiled as she replied "He's going named Kurt!"

End of Story.