Son’s 18th Birthday Present
(m/f, i/r, n/c, incest)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  ‘Star Player 8’
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Lying in bed next to her sleeping husband, arm over her eyes, Jamie let her free hand move down over her hip towards the juncture between her thighs.  Up until a month ago, lovemaking with Tom had always been so gratifying and sexually fulfilling.  But now, Jamie lay upon her marital bed in total frustration, unfulfilled after the recent lovemaking session with her husband.

At the age of 39, Jamie had been happily married to Tom Corbett for over nineteen years, with their son Curt in high school.  Jamie knew that it was not Tom’s fault for her current state of frustration, realizing that her husband had made love to her in the normal fashion that had been their routine for years.  It was she who had radically changed from a month ago, an experience she would never forget and from which Jamie would always use as a measure to compare her husband’s performance against.

It was not a benchmark for sex that Jamie had solicited by taking on a handsome man as a lover but what had been forced upon her.  She had been taken by force by her son’s teenage friend from school, a muscular young black stud who had slipped a drug into Curt’s soft drink, rendering her son helpless and asleep when she was attacked.  Up until the past week, she had been quite worried that the assault might have left her pregnant with a black baby growing in her tummy.  Now that her period had come, Jamie was able to breathe a sigh of relief but her mind then wandered to the multiple orgasms the teenage stud had fucked her to.

Jamie’s mind drifted back to that eventful night, the evening when she had returned from a business dinner when Tom was out of town.  When she had left home, Curt and his friend DJ were studying together but assumed that her son’s friend would leave for home shortly.  Arriving home, she had discovered that both boys had apparently fallen asleep while studying.  But later, she discovered that Curt had been drugged, causing him to pass out.  Meanwhile, his friend DJ had merely feigned being asleep, as he had been awaiting her return home.

Eyes closed, right hand rubbing at her pulsating pussy, Jamie slipped her left hand under her thin nightie to thumb her hardened nipple as she pictured DJ standing near the bed with that confident look on his face.  Seeing the image of her son’s arrogant black friend, his grabbing his manhood through his shorts, Jamie began to pant in heat as she recalled what had taken place that night when he had raped her.  ‘Oh, God ……………..he was so big …………………..his ‘thing’ was so much bigger ……………… much longer and thicker than Tom’s!’ she thought.

‘God ……………….it hurt so much when he forced …………….his ‘thing’ into me …………………I thought I was going to die!’ Jamie recalled.  But the way in which he had fucked her to multiple climaxes but spurting his vicious seed into her, it was quite apparent that although the brash young teen was less than half her age, he was quite more experienced than she was in regards to sexual experience.  Never before had she ever climaxed in such a way, and never more than once in a sexual encounter.  But this arrogant teen took her to climax after climax with that fantastic cock of his.

Standing at 5'5" with long dark brown hair, blue eyes and flawless ivory skin, Jamie turned many heads with her trim sexy figure of 118 lbs.  She fooled many in thinking that she was just over thirty years of age rather than nearing her fortieth birthday.  Employed in the property management field, Jamie dressed quite elegantly, impressing all who she encountered.  Unfortunately, her son’s devious teenage friend had been quite taken by her that he had plotted out in advance to take her by force.  Jamie shuddered, realizing that this was the very bed that he had raped her on, the very bed that she shared with husband.

Jamie shivered, recalling the teen’s taunting “Ah, Mrs. Corbett ………………DJ's gonna 'ruin' ya real good! How's bout DJ knocking ya up with a little black bastard, huh? Ya's gonna be hooked on dark meat from now, sweetie! Ya's gonna be begging DJ for more luving after tonight, sugar!”  At that point the confident teen had guided his thick cockhead up against her, rubbing it up and down her slit and then pushing forward into her.   Jamie recalled him laughing at her frantic plight as he skewered her while taunting "Got ya now, Mrs. Corbett! Yeah, baby ……………….oh, baby ……………so fuck'n tight!"

She could remember lying pinned upon her marital bed, totally helpless in fighting off her teenage assailant, helpless as she looked up at into his leering eyes and snickering face.  Jamie shivered as she recalled how DJ twitched his bulb-like cockhead that enveloped in her stretched slit, sobbing as the deviant teen deliberately twitched his bloated cock to torment her.   Jamie recalled how her entire world was then concentrated only between her widespread thighs, the fact that she was about to be possessed and 'ruined' by the lusting teen.

Panting hard, Jamie recalled how DJ held her trembling body tightly against him, the thick lengthy cock buried as deeply in her as possible.  Her body had then trembled and rocked in an unbelievable orgasm that had her quivering from head to toe.  Next, Jamie had felt the teen’s thick cock expand within her like a balloon being blown up.  Then it suddenly popped, causing a sudden blinding flash to overcome her, searing her innards with the hot burning cum that suddenly filled her fertile womb to the brim.

True, she had just been raped and ravished by her son's devious friend but she could not forgive herself in the manner in which her body had responded.  Filled with guilt and remorse, Jamie felt so guilty, as if she had willingly been unfaithful to her husband.  Jamie could not believe that she could not have felt any pleasure from that awful act that took place on her marital bed, yet there was no denying the fact that it had been the most sensational fuck she had ever experienced.

Recollecting the finale to her assault, Jamie recalled how DJ smiled at her when he advised "I'll give ya a call at work sometime, Mrs. Corbett!  Then ya can meet me fer a quickie!  Hey, with ya in property management, ya can find us a nice permanent layout!  Yeah, sweetie ………………find one right on the north side of the high school, so ya and I can meet during the week when school or practice is out!"

Thinking of the email she had received from her son’s devious friend, Jamie could no longer concentrate on her work.  All she could think about was the email which was headed with a 'Hi, Mrs. Corbett!' and the sender showing 'DJ'.  Upon opening up the email, Jamie had read the contents from her rapist who threatened her with "P.S. Next time, I'm gonna nail that sweet little ass of yours!"  Though she had not reported the rape to the police and hoped that she could somehow bury it in the back of her mind, Jamie knew now that it was far from over.

The three attachments to the ominous email had Jamie shaking with fear as she opened each one that showed a picture of her in quite compromising positions with her deviant rapist.  The first attachment was a picture of her looking up at DJ as she held his cock in both hands while flicking her tongue against his cockhead.   The second was a picture of her looking up at DJ with his entire cockhead enveloped in her mouth.  Then the third photo showed her leaning back against the bed with cum streaking her face and hair along with the teen’s jizz drooling out of her mouth.

There was no denying the fact that she had been well fucked that night.  Raped at first but Jamie could not deny the fact that she herself had initiated at least one forbidden mating, recalling vividly how she leaned over the exhausted teen in the early morning to take his cock into her mouth.  Clenching her thighs together, Jamie recalled how the teen’s cock grew in her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down to devour his stiff black meat.  Then she had straddled him, pronging herself onto his lovestick.

For the next three weeks, Jamie had been certain to busy herself in the bedroom if Curt brought his devious friend home with him, which seemed now to be a regular event.  She felt a bit safer if Tom was home to protect her but many a time it was right after school and Tom got home just before dinnertime.  In that case, Jamie locked herself in the bedroom and waited for the teen to leave before coming out to start dinner.  She had seen those leering eyes upon her and the teen rapist giving her a snickering smile each time before she disappeared into the bedroom.

As her mind drifted back to the past Thursday, Jamie shivered as juices seeped out of her slit as she squeezed her thighs together.  Not wanting to go home right away, knowing that Curt probably had DJ over after school, she had killed some time in doing the grocery shopping on the way home from work.  With her cart full, buying a week’s worth of groceries, Jamie decided to call Curt at home, advising him that she’d be home in ten minutes.

Jamie asked her son to come out into the garage when he heard her drive up to help with the groceries since she had bought quite a bit.  In doing so, she would avoid going out into the den where Curt and his friend normally played around with the latest video games.  Thus, she would not have to see the arrogant teen who had raped her and blatantly came over to her house again and again to taunt her.

Knowing that her son’s friend was looking for another opportunity to take advantage of her again, Jamie was determined to foil his evil plans and not provide him with any opportunity to be alone with her.  As she neared her home, knowing that DJ was over once again after talking to Curt on the phone, her heart was racing and Jamie could not help but to clench her thighs together at the image of the deviant teen appearing in her mind.

Overhearing Curt talking on the phone with his mother, DJ learned that the sexy beauty had called and asked Curt to come out to the garage to help her with the groceries.  Knowing the layout of the house, along with Mrs. Corbett’s deliberate avoidance of him over the past few weeks, DJ knew that she was trying to avoid him once again.   Mrs. Corbett had been a fantastic fuck and DJ was determined to bed her once again.  The fact that she was trying to avoid him only made him that much more determined to put the meat to her once again.

With Curt going to the bathroom, DJ used his cellphone to call Sherry Lansing, the gal that he had promised Curt in helping him set up with a date.  With Sherry under DJ’s control and willing to please him in any way, she agreed to call Curt’s home in about five minutes and do whatever was needed to keep Curt hanging on the line for a half-hour.  Hanging up before Curt got out of the bathroom, DJ smiled and waited, knowing that he had fooled Curt’s beautiful mother in thinking that she could avoid his clutches.

With Curt showing his excitement in getting a call from cute Sherry Lansing, upon hearing the opening of the garage door, DJ signaled to his unsuspecting friend that he’d go out to the garage and help with the groceries.  DJ turned back to see young Curt walk into the den with the cordless phone and sit at the edge of the sofa, trying desperately to think of what to say next to the girl of his dreams.  DJ chuckled as he went into the kitchen where it connected out into the garage.

Hearing the door connecting to the kitchen opening as she leaned over into the trunk to retrieve items that had fallen out of a torn grocery bag, Jamie merely assumed that it was Curt coming out to help her.  Leaning in as far as she could, balance herself on one heel as she reached for the can of fruit, Jamie shivered upon feeling a pair of hands upon her waist.  She swallowed in fear, knowing that it was not her son touching her in such a way, not in such a caressing manner and moving up slowly towards her breasts.

Both hands bracing herself on the floor of the car trunk, Jamie panted for breathe as the exploring hands now cupped her breasts through her blouse and thin lacy bra.  She could not help but to squeeze her thigh muscles as the thick fingers moved over her swelling buds, then her sensitive nipples were being pinched and flicked.  Then Jamie felt her blouse being pulled out of her skirt and the rough callused hands were on her bare skin, her lacy bra being pushed up over her breasts and the hands were now cupping her bared breasts.

“Ya been avoid’n me, Mrs. Corbett!  I’s seen ya running off to lock yerself in yer bedroom whenever I’s come over.  But I’s bet ya’s been think’n about DJ every night, haven’t ya!  Ya’s been think’n gett’n dorked by DJ’s black boner, haven’t ya!” DJ whispered tauntingly to the shaken beauty as he pinched hard upon her budding nipples.  “Ya want more dontcha, Mrs. Corbett?  Ya want some black luv’n right now, dontcha Mrs. Corbett?” DJ taunted as he now rubbed himself up against her bentover butt.

Panting and shivering with fear, Jamie could not believe that she was once again in the clutches of this devious young teen.  Unwanted sensations of excitement coursed her entire body as the teen played with her titties and nipples, causing her love juices to flow and seep out of her pulsating slit and into the crotchband of her panties.  Then the exploring hands released her breasts and moved down to the bottom of her skirt to caress her bare thighs.

With both feet back on the ground, Jamie felt her lacy white panties being pulled down over her hips, then felt them at her thighs and falling onto her black heels.  She could only pant in fear and anticipation as her legs were now being spread wide with the teen’s foot pushed the inside of her right heel along the cement floor.  Jamie knew that in this widespread position, she was quite vulnerable, especially with the teen’s bloated cockhead rubbing up and down her wet gash before pushing up against her slick slit.

Pushing up against the beautiful woman’s now gushing slit, feeling the slick juices coating the tip of his cockhead, DJ knew that Mrs. Corbett was now his for the taking and that a lot more of her slick juice was ready to coat his entire shaft.  But instead of fucking the beauty that he lusted after, he wanted to break her, to make her know that he now owned her.  “Whacha want me to do, Mrs. Corbett?  Ya want DJ’s black meat stuffed up yer horny white twat again?” he asked tauntingly.

Trying to will herself not to respond to the questions of the taunting teen, Jamie clenched her pussylips around the tip of his probing shaft, trying to get the cockhead into her juicing sleeve.  She had tried to back herself up to prong herself onto the jutting spear but the devious teen held her just at bay to tease her with his pulsing cockhead.  Panting, no longer in fear but in desperate anticipation and need, Jamie was forced to whine and plead “Pl …………………please …………………I …………………..I need it!  Put ……………….put it in me ……………………fuck me ………………….fuck meeeee!  Fuck me ……………..fuck me, damn you ……………………fuck me with your big black cockkkkkkkkk!”

“Yes …………………….oh, Goddddd ………………yessssssssssssssssssssss!  Ohhhh ………………..yes …………………yes ……………………that’s it ……………fuck me ………………….fuck me ………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Jamie squealed with pleasure as the young black stud gave her what she wanted and desperately needed.  Arms widespread and hands on the floor of the car’s trunk, legs widespread with the teen’s hands grasping her hips, Jamie shivered with pleasure as the thick black cock sliced in and out of her now sloppy pussy.  This was what her mind had been filled with each night, the pleasure that she had once again craved for.

DJ gloated with pride as he fucked his thick cock into the beautiful married woman, breaking her willpower and making her plead for him to fuck her.  But to make sure he broke her completely, DJ froze and stopped completely with just his cockhead enveloped in her juicy cunt, asking her “Ya gonna avoid me when I’s come over again, bitch?  Ya gonna get uppity with me the next time I’m over, Mrs. Corbett?”

Sobbing as she felt the pleasure giving shaft stop and the bloated cockhead pulsating at the entrance to her now squeezing cuntlips, Jamie fought to retain some dignity.  She squeezed at him once again, trying to get him to fuck it back into her, but Jamie only felt a twitch in his bloated cock in response.  “No ……………… ……………….I won’t avoid you the next time you come over!  Please …………………please, DJ …………I need it ……………………….put it back in …………………….all the way ………………pleaseeeeeee!” she begged.

Gloating in having made this beautiful sophisticated woman beg him to fuck her, DJ beam with pride as he grasped her hips and fucked his thick cock back into her.  Then he began to fuck her in earnest, in and out of the cooing beauty, feeling her body tremble and then shudder in a mind-shattering orgasm that rocked her.  Then, cock buried deep in her, his cockhead expanded even further, then began to belch out it hot sticky seed.  As he emptied his copious load deep in her, DJ threatened “Ya act huffy with me again when I come over and I’ll make ya get down on yer fuck’n knees and blow me in the kitchen  …………………when Curt and yer hubby are in the den!”

Moments later, trying to collect herself as she sat on the rear bumper of her car, Jamie looked down at the flow of thick jism on the bumper to drip down to splatter onto the cement floor of the garage.  Fallen panties stripped off her heel by DJ, Jamie could only sit there as the deviant teen returned to gather up more of the grocery bags in her car trunk.  She felt like a cheap little tramp when the teen came back once more for the remaining bags.

She saw DJ open up the plastic bag that contained the items she had purchased from the drug store and blushed as he pulled out the box of tampons she had purchased.  Then DJ laughingly commented “Think ya need one of these to stuff up that leaky cunt of yers, Mrs. Corbett!  Damn, yer dripping all over the fuck’n place!”  Then she observed the teen pull the box open, pull out one of the tampons and shred its covering.

Jamie felt so humiliated when the teen told her “Lemme help ya, Mrs. Corbett!  After all, its all my fault that yer cunt’s leaking like that!  Spread those sexy legs of yers!”  With a large hand of the teen pushing at her right knee after he flipped her skirt up to her hips, Jamie blushed a beat red as DJ bent over to inspect her dripping snatch.  She felt her slit being inspected and then felt the tampon being pushed up into her.

Moments later, with the teen departing back into the house, Jamie sat in a daze on the edge of the open car trunk.  Then she was startled by to reality as the garage door opener sounded and door began to rise.  ‘Oh, God!  It’s Tom!’ Jamie realized.  Standing up quickly, she tucked her blouse back into her skirt.  Just in time as she forced a wide smile upon her face and waved at her husband.  As Tom drove up into his stall, Jamie quickly reached for the rag that she kept in the trunk and used it to wipe her inner thighs.  Then, she quickly used it to wipe the sticky mess from her bumper and bent down to wipe up the cum splatters on the cement floor.

Not wanting her husband to come towards her, fearing he’d get a whiff of the strong odor of sex and cum where she stood, Jamie tossed the dirty rag back into the car and took her bag of tampons with her before closing the trunk.  Walking between the two parked cars to the front of them, Jamie greeted her husband with a peck on his lips to welcome him home, nervously feeling that she should explain “Hi, honey!  I just got back and finished unloading the groceries!”

Entering into the kitchen, Jamie saw all the grocery bags atop of the kitchen counter.  She then asked her husband “Tom, can you put away the frozen food for me!  I need to use the bathroom.  Indeed, Jamie needed to rush off to the bathroom and fast before she unleashed the teen’s goodies onto the kitchen floor.  The normally snug fitting tampon that she bought, coupled with being stretched extra wide by her son’s teenage friend, it was evidently insufficient to hold back the damming of the onslaught of the hot roe.

Jamie was in a panic upon feeling the thick jizz oozing out around the inserted tampon and begin to drool down the insides of her thighs.  Hurrying out of the kitchen, making her way to the master bedroom, Jamie then resorted to tucking the front of her skirt between her legs to prevent the seepage of thick cum onto the carpeting.

Finally in the safety of the master bath, she undid her skirt and let it drop to the floor as she squatted over the toilet seat.  Pulling the string to the tampon, Jamie pulled out the inadequate plug and heard the outpouring of thick jizz hit the water below.  Grabbing some toilet tissue, she then wet it and wiped up the glazing trails on her inner thighs and her still oozing slit.  Looking down into the toilet bowl, she shivered in seeing just how much thick muck now lay at the bottom.

As she had just had her period, Jamie knew that this was not a dangerous time of the month for her and now felt the wickedness of the situation.  Thinking back to just a few moments ago, Jamie realized that if her husband was any earlier in coming home, he just might have returned home and been greeted to quite a sight.  Possibly seeing his beautiful wife bent over in the trunk of her car and getting the fucking of a lifetime by their son’s black friend.  Or his wife sitting on the bumper with cum drooling out of her well-fucked cunt and see cum splattering the garage floor.

It now felt so wicked at what she had done, sending a wave of excitement throughout her body.  ‘God, I kissed Tom and managed to act as if nothing unusual had just happened nor let on the fact that I was full of a black teenager’s hot jizz!’ she thought.  Recalling what DJ had threatened her with if she snubbed him any further when he visited, Jamie felt her heart pounding in her chest, knowing full well that the deviant teen was quite capable of pulling something like that off.  He would indeed have no qualms in forcing her to suck him off in the kitchen when her husband and son were just off in the den.

Jamie knew that he thrived on the possibility of having either one or both of them walking in to find her on her knees and thick black cock in her mouth.   She knew that things were far out of hand, that she had no control whatsoever, that DJ had the upper hand and had full control of her, even in her own home.  ‘God, if this continues, he’ll surely get me pregnant!’ Jamie realized, making the decision at that moment to go to her gynecologist that week and get a prescription to go back on the pill.  She had been lucky thus far, but further assault of DJ’s hot thick seed would certainly have her knocked up in no time.

Having changed into a pair of shorts and halter top, Jamie then made her way back to the kitchen to put away the groceries.  Peering into the den, she saw DJ look up and give her that wide confident smile of his, causing Jamie to clench her thighs together.  With her husband having finished putting the frozen food away, Jamie watched as Tom went to the bedroom to change into more leisure clothes.

As Tom disappeared around the corner, she saw DJ coming into the kitchen with two empty glasses with that snickering grin on his face.  With the arrogant teen slowly approaching her, Jamie stepped back nervously, then found herself backed up against the cupboards.  Everything now seemed centered around one point, the clenching and unclenching of her throbbing pussylips.  Breathing hard, her nipples hardened as the bold teen reached up to encase her breasts once again, thumbing at her stiffening buds.

With her husband in the bedroom changing and Curt in the phone playing a video game, Jamie was now being pressed up against the drawer and edge of the refrigerator.  She heard a zipper being drawn down, that of DJ’s jeans, as he ordered her to “Reach in and play with me, Mrs. Corbett!”  Unable to put up any resistance, even at the prospect of being discovered, she reached in and fondled his bulging crotch through his pair of jockeys.  Then her fingers slipped into the opening and she was wrapping her fingers around the stalk that had given her so much pleasure a short while ago.

“Oh, yeah!  That’s it, Mrs. Corbett ………………….roll my aching nuts in yer soft purty hand!  Ah, yeah, baby ……………….roll’em ………………squeez’em!  Ya find a dig fer us to stay at yet?” DJ inquired.  Seeing the beauty shake her head ‘no’, he advised “I’ll call ya next week at yer work place!  Ya be sure and find a place fer us!  Make some excuse to yer hubby and we can shack up all night Friday!  Gonna make ya scream when I fuck my boner up yer tight little ass, Mrs. Corbett!  Why ya look’n so scared ……….ya had it up the ass before, haven’t ya?” DJ asked.  “No?  Ohhh, baby …………….I'm gonna enjoy busting yer cherry white ass wide open!”

It was quite fortunate for Jamie that her husband, as came back out the bedroom towards the kitchen, called out "Honey, I going to make myself a drink!  Would you care for one?"  Yanking her hand out of the teen's pants and stepping away as DJ moved to the sink, Jamie panted and stammered out "Ye ………..yes …………..I'll have one, Tom!"  Heart pounding, Jamie swallowed nervously in realizing just how close a call that had been.

Taking the martini from her husband, Jamie took a large gulp of the potent drink to steady her nerves.  Swallowing and then taking in a deep breath, Jamie got a whiff of the strong odor of the teen's cock that had transferred onto her fingers from having handled DJ's manhood.  Transferring the glass to her other hand, Jamie then rubbed her smelly hand over her nostrils as she inhaled the aroma of the teen's cock that had earlier been deep within her.

That night in bed, Jamie played back the events that had taken place that afternoon, not believing the risks she had taken and the fact that she had nearly been caught in the act twice by her husband.  But Jamie knew that the confident teen had her number and the fact that she was powerless to resist his advances.  Remembering what he had said about Friday night, Jamie thought about the recent townhouse complex that she was overseeing near the high school.  'But, what will I tell Tom?  How can I spend Friday night away?' she wondered.

Early the next morning, having come up with her strategy, Jamie called her husband at work and asked "Honey, Tina Johnson called me from my college sorority!  You remember her, don't you?  Well, she's in charge of this career night this year and asked if I could help out!  It's this Saturday but those of us helping out would meet the girls and spend Friday night at the sorority.  Would you mind me going?"  Know that Tom would agree to her going and getting such a response, she replied "Thanks, honey!  I'll call Tina back right now!  I'll see you at home tonight, honey!"

With Curt's birthday that Friday, Jamie felt relieved to hear that Curt had a date with Shelly Lansing that night.  Normally, on a family member's birthday, they'd all go out and celebrate at a nice restaurant.  But with Curt having a date and asking to go out for dinner during the weekend, it was then set up for Sunday.  As she knew that Curt was quite excited at the prospect of dating one of the most popular girls at school, Jamie reminded her son of his midnight curfew.
After work on Friday night, Jamie decided to join the girls for a few drinks.  She had a few hours to kill before meeting DJ at the apartment complex.  When she had received his call as to her getting a place set up for them, Jamie was surprised that he put things off till later that night.  But she was to bring him a twelve pack of beer and keep it cold for him.  As the time approached, Jamie then bid her friends goodbye and headed off to the 24 hour market to get the beer along with a bottle of vodka for herself.

Arriving at the complex, having the garage door opener for the vacant unit with her, Jamie parked her car and closed the door behind her.  As several of the tenants had seen her car before, she did not want them wondering why she was there overnight.  Having already had several drinks, Jamie opened the bottle of vodka and poured herself a martini on the rocks.  Although she had been fucked twice by the arrogant teen, the first was forced upon her and the second she had been caught off guard, thus Jamie.  She felt guilty in knowingly going out of her way to cheat upon her unsuspecting husband.

As it neared midnight, Jamie saw the headlights of an approaching car and watched it park in a visitor's stall.  Having dimmed the lights earlier, Jamie's pulse raced in anticipation as the doorknob opened and in slipped the lusting DJ as he greeted her "Nice setup ya got fer us, Mrs. Corbett!  Gimme a beer …………I can sure use one now!"  As she obeyed and brought him a beer, Jamie swallowed nervously as DJ then ordered "Now git yer sweet little ass in the bedroom!"

The mention of her 'ass' had Jamie filled with fear, recalling what the deviant teen had threatened earlier that week.  Her husband had never sought to have sex with her in such a deviant manner and Jamie would have absolute forbid such submitting to such an abhorrent act.  But now, though she trembled in fear, Jamie moved slowly into the bedroom and was not objecting to the demands of her son's lusting friend.

With DJ closing the door behind him, smirking and ordering her to "Strip!", Jamie turned stepped out of her black heels and began to undo her dress.  Naked, Jamie was then ordered "Get up on the bed!  On yer knees like a bitch in heat!"  Obeying, she did as ordered, turning to watch the teen bare his muscular black body before her.  Panting for breath, she watched as DJ began to fist the thick stem jutting out from his loins.  Then the room was in total darkness as DJ flicked the switch off.

Unknown to Jamie, DJ had not come alone but had brought a friend, someone whom she knew …………………knew very well …………………her son, Curt!  The turning off of the bedroom lights was his signal that he could get out of the car and quietly enter the townhouse.  Jamie had been so preoccupied at DJ's arrival and getting him a beer that she had not paid any attention in locking the door, merely assuming that DJ had done it.  He was to stay in the darkness and would have the pleasure of hearing some gal get her ass reamed out for the very first time.

In the darkness, pressing his ear up against the wall, Curt could make out the squeal of a gal's high pitched voice as she was in obvious pain.  'Oh, God ……………….DJ wasn't kidding about her having a cherry ass!' he thought upon hearing the squeal of the gal's voice once again.  "Stop ……………………….DJ ……………………stop …………please stoppppp …………….it hurts ……………… hurtssssssssssssssss!" he heard the whine of a female in pain.

Pressing his ear closer to the wall, Curt told himself that he had heard that voice before, wondering just who it was that had just surrendered her cherry ass to DJ.  'Maybe its Cheryl McKenzie, the sexy looking brunette in social studies, who he's been after!  Damn, she's sure cute and sexy!  I don't mind nailing her!  Hell, I wouldn't mind any gal at this point!' he concluded, wishing that he could get some sexual experience instead of still being a virgin himself.

Curt was in quite a horny state, having been allowed to feel up the Sherry Lansing, as well has having her squeeze him through his pants.  He had never thought that Sherry would allow him to touch her like that nor her squeezing him in return, thinking that she was such a 'good' girl.  Little did Curt realize that it had all been a set up by his devious friend DJ.  The fact that Sherry had an early curfew was also a ploy created by DJ.

On the way over to this townhouse, DJ had told him that he had a birthday present waiting for him.  When Curt had inquired about the 'present', DJ would only give him some clues, telling him that "Yer present's going to be a beautiful and sexy brunette!  Yer gonna score tonight, buddy!  Ya ain't gonna be cherry after this night is over!"

Excited at the prospect of getting his nuts off in a real gal for the very first time, Curt wondered if he know who she was.  With , asking DJ confirm that he indeed knew who it was, Curt rattled off "Cheryl McKenzie?  Kerri Adams?  Lisa Johnson?"  But DJ wouldn't reveal the identity, only saying "She really likes ya a lot!  Thinks of ya often!  And she's often sitting by you!  She's really shy though!  She wants to have it all nice and dark when ya make love to her!  Romantic, I guess!  Huh, bud?"

Ahhhhh, baby ………………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" DJ groaned as he emptied his balls into the wide-stretched ass of the whimpering beauty.  Bending down, licking at her tender earlobe, he whispered "Ah, Mrs. Corbett, ya's always gonna remember DJ for copping yer cherry white ass!  I's gonna get me a beer and make ya a vodka martini!  Then I's got a big surprise fer ya!"

With DJ getting up to leave the room, Jamie looked toward the light now shining under the doorway.  Then the distant clinking of ice cubes could be heard from behind the closed door.  The light under the doorway went dark once again and then the door opened as DJ returned with the drinks.  She could barely make out the teen's body in the darkness, then her hand came into contact with the glass being handed to her.

Jamie gulped down the strong drink, then pleaded with DJ "Please …………..please, DJ ………….please fuck me ………………….the regular way!"  Reaching down between her thighs, Jamie rubbed at her slick and horny twat, anxious for the teen to give her the relief she so desperately needed.  Then her body began to get heated, making her feel so warm all over with an itch spreading at the center of her being, right at her horny twat.  A moment later, Jamie was withering about the bed, rubbing at clit, trying to put out fire between her legs.

As DJ climbed over her, Jamie wrapped her arms around him, trying desperately to pull him down onto her.  "Oh, DJ …………..please ……………..please …………..fuck me …………..fuck me!  Oh, God …………………..I'm burning up ………………..put it in me please …………………pleaseeeeee!" she panted.  Never had she been in such a desperate need to be fucked, then heard DJ chuckling above her, advising her of "Yer jest feeling the 'Spanish Fly' I put in yer drink, Mrs. Corbett!  Guess they's right in saying it makes a bitch like ya go off like firecrackers!"

Peeling her clutching arms and legs from him, DJ pinned her arms above her head as he straddled her thighs, then advised "Don't worry, Mrs. Corbett, I ain't gonna let ya go high and dry!  Ya gonna get a cock up that horny twat of yers!  Cause DJ's got a big surprise fer ya!"  "Please …………please, DJ ………..fuck me …………….fuck me!" the frantic beauty moaned from below.  "Now, now ……………ya gotta keep quiet a bit!  Shhhhh ………….we don't wanna spoil that surprise, do we?" DJ whispered.

"Gonna git that surprise fer ya know, Mrs. Corbett!  But ya gotta keep quiet …………ya don't wanna spoil yer son's birthday surprise, do we?  Can ya believe Curt's eighteen and still a virgin?  Don't ya think Mommie outta teach her son about the birds and the bees!" DJ advised.  The sudden stillness of the woman below him told DJ that what he just said was sinking into her brain.  Then he heard her stammer out in whispering tone "No ………………no ……………….DJ ……………….you ………………you can't be serious?  No ………….no ………….you can'ttttttttt!"

Gritting her teeth, heart pounding, Jamie heard the door being opened and heard DJ whispering at a level just so she that was able to hear "She's all hot fer ya buddy!  She was telling me how she fantasized about ya eating her out!"  Tears in her eyes, Jamie heard the footsteps approach the bed, then felt a weight at the foot of the bed.  Then she heard DJ's voice say "Spread yer legs so Curt can eat out yer tasty little beaver!"  Jamie shuddered as she felt her son's hands at her knees, pushing them apart, opening her twat wide open for him to feast upon.

Unable to say anything for fear of her son recognizing her voice, Jamie could only grit her teeth and hold back the sobs of humiliation.  "Mmmm ………………..mmmmffffff ………………ngggggggggggg …………………………ngggggggggggg!" she groaned through tightly clenched teeth as her own son clamped his eager mouth upon her sex and inserted his tongue into her sex.  The sensations at the center of her loins, along with the wickedness of knowing that it was her own son's mouth on her sex, Jamie could not help herself as she arched up and began to feed him her juices.

Hands grasping at the bed sheets, Jamie crossed her trim legs over her son's head and arched up into his slurping mouth. "Ahhhhhhhhh ………..oh, Godddddddddddddddd ………………………oh, Godddddddddddddd!" she moaned through clenched teeth as her body shuddered in orgasm after orgasm.  The flickering of his tongue into her juicing slit, along with the teasing of her sensitive clit, had Jamie climbing the walls from the exquisite pleasure.

Moments later, recovering some from that swooning orgasm, Jamie felt her breasts being fondled and then a nipple was engulfed in her son's hot wet mouth.  Then the same homage was being placed upon her other nipple as Curt seemed to really enjoy sucking upon them.  It brought back long ago memories of when she had breast fed her young son, only now it was not milk she was treating him to but sexual pleasure.  As her son's head moved up, his lips seeking hers, Jamie turned her face towards him and parted her lips in anticipation.


Releasing her grip on the bedsheets, Jamie then encircle her left arm over her son's neck.  Feeling Curt's inexperienced fumbling between their bodies, she reached down with her right hand to assist him.  She heard him gasp as her hand encircled around his manhood.  Then she moved her hand forward to test and roll his nuts in the palm of her hand, weighing the heavy load he had stored for her.  Next, she shucked at this throbbing tool and fitted his cockhead up against her throbbing slit.

With her son's cockhead now enveloped in her mushy slit, Jamie removed her hand from him, bringing her arm back up to embrace him. First one leg, then the other, she encircled them around her son's ass to lock her feet together.  She then tightened her legs around him, pulling him into her arched body.  Jamie shivered with pleasure as her son began to slowly pump his cock in and out of her, scratching that nagging itch between her legs.

It felt so weird and yet wicked as Jamie intimately embraced her handsome teenage son, her throbbing cunt muscles squeezing upon his manhood as they began to make love together.  Jamie quivered with pleasure as held Curt tightly to her, pulling him deep into her, arching up to envelope his entire manhood.  Yet, deep in the recesses of her mind, Jamie was upset with him and wanted to scold her son for violating his curfew.


Jamie could not believe the staying power of her handsome son as he pump in and out of her, causing her to quiver uncontrollably as she rocked to a climax.  She could not help but to compare him with his father, making her realize just how inept her husband was in comparison to his teenage son.  'Oh, Curt!  Oh, you're such a stud compared to your father!' she said to herself.

Then, feeling her son's cock throb and expand even further within her slit, Jamie realized that he was about to plant his seed deep within her.  Tightening her legs around him, she arched up to him, feeling his body shudder and quiver uncontrollably upon her.  Suddenly it burst deep in her womb, filling her completely with the hot thick jizz of her teenage son, sending Jamie swooning out of this world as another climax rocked her body.

Twenty minutes later, arms embracing her sleeping son with her cunt muscles embracing his now wilted manhood, she felt Curt begin to stir upon her.  Then she shivered and grasped at her son as he moved a bit, moaning in despair as the movement caused his drained cock to slip out of her clasping slit.  Jamie did not realize that DJ had shaken her son awake but then heard DJ chuckle and say "C'mon, birthday boy, git on up!  Scoot on up there!  Time to have that birthday candle blown out!"

Feeling her son straddling her, his and messy cock pressing against her lips, Jamie opened her lips to take him into her mouth.  She washed the slick juicy mess off her son, getting a good taste that resulted from their incestuous mating.  Feeling her son's cock twitch and grow within her mouth, Jamie flicked her tongue rapidly up against his sensitive cockhead, making him grow even thicker in her sucking mouth.

"Ohhhhh ……………..ohhhhhh …………………ahhhhhhhh!" she heard Curt moan from above, causing Jamie to greedily lift her head up a bit to eagerly eat her son.  Bobbing her head up and down, sucking and tonguing her son's manhood, Jamie was determined to make his eighteenth birthday one that he'd never forget.  Then her teenage son was grasping her long silky hair and face fucking her in earnest.  "Oh, God ………..oh, God ……………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she heard her son groan as he spewed his thick seed into her sucking mouth.

As her son was being escorted from the room, Jamie heard her son tell his friend "Thanks for giving me the best birthday present ever!  Man, I'm sure glad my Mom's not at home tonight!  She'd really be pissed at me for missing my curfew and have my ass grounded for weeks!"  Then she heard DJ's chuckling reply "Yeah, if yer purty Mom was at home waiting up fer ya, ya'd still be cherry and wouldn't have been blown …………that's fer sure!  Here's yer final gift fer yer birthday ………………..a nice pair of lacy pink panties!"

The next day, in mid-afternoon, Jamie returned home after spending the remainder of the night and early that day being fucked and sucked by the arrogant DJ.  Seeing her son playing a video game in the den, Jamie swallowed and felt herself blush as she stared into the den, squeezing her thighs together.  Before going off to her room to change, she stopped by the den and greeted her son with "Hi, honey!  Did you enjoy your birthday last night?"

With Curt continuing to play his game, staring at the television set, Jamie flushed as he answered "Oh, yeah ………………had a great time last night!"  Panting for breath, she then advised "I'm going to be doing the laundry today!  Can you bring your hamper to the laundry room?"  After Curt responded that he would do so, Jamie disappeared into her bedroom to change into a halter top and shorts.

In the bedroom, Jamie got out of her clothes and reached for a normally conservative halter-top that she wore around the house.  Going to her dresser drawer, as she reached in to obtain a pair of lacy white panties, she wondered where her son had hidden her pair of pink panties that DJ had given him as a birthday gift.  With Tom out golfing till later, she bit her bottom lip and wondered just how her teenage son would react if she wore a more revealing top, especially if he 'accidentally' got a good peek of her.  Before putting it on, she loosen her lacy bra a bit to where it fall away some if she bent down.

As she began to load the washer, Jamie heard her son approaching the laundry room with his hamper.  Purposely, she reached over and pretended to be sorting out the clothes in the hamper from her bathroom.  As Curt entered, she could see his feet freeze a few feet away from her with the hamper suspended in mid-air.  She knew that her son was staring down her halter-top, looking at her ample breasts, trying to peer down into the opening of her bra to get a shot of her pink nipples.

Jamie smiled widely and looked up into the face of her stunned teenage son, seeing that his eyes were indeed glued toward the opening of her top.  "Did you get home before curfew?" she asked.  "Yeah, Mom …………..I made it home before curfew!" she heard him reply.  Jamie knew that she should be upset with her son for lying to her, but then, she did know exactly where he was and why he was late ………………..after all, he was right with her ………………..on, upon, eating and fucking or being blown by her.

Finally, with Curt leaving his hamper on the laundry room floor, Jamie took a deep breath and tried to compose herself.  Jamie's eyes then focused upon the garment that lay on top of her son's hamper.  Reaching out, she grasped the pair of white jockeys, apparently the one that he had worn last night.  Holding it up, she then held the soiled crotch up against her nose, inhaling the same manhood scent that had been pressed up her face earlier.  Sucking in the soiled crotch, she once again savored the taste of his manhood.

Breathing hard as she closed her eyes, Jamie began to fantasize varies scenarios that would lead to having her teenage son make the first move to seduce her.  She envisioned asking Curt to get her robe for her on a cold morning when she prepared breakfast, leaving a pair of her soiled panties right next to the robe that lay upon the bed.  Then, perhaps she'd ask her son to be sure she got up from a nap in order to prepare dinner but would feign sleep while displaying her widely spread legs while having only a skimpy pair of shorts on.

Jamie knew that it was just a matter of time before her son succumbed to temptations she planned to lay out before him.  Inhaling his manhood, she slipped her hand into her shorts and panties, then began to finger herself.  Jamie closed her eyes, picturing Curt laboring above her, thrusting himself into her once again.  Only now, her handsome son would know exactly who he was making love to.

End of Story.