Stalked by Sicko Sammy
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

For many years, from when he first entered his teenage years, Sammy White would dream and fantasize of being a handsome young stud with a beautiful gal on each arm.  Although he was black and the gals he dreamt of were gorgeous white beauties, with here being black role models who proved that such a dream could come true, Sammy just did not come even close to having the class and smarts of such a handsome black dude.  Far from being considered as handsome and possessing an IQ that would be a score that only a golfer would shoot for, Sammy’s dream would never be realized.  In fact, among his peers, he was known as Sammy the Sleaze.

Throughout his high school days, none of the pretty white gals would have anything to do with the likes of him, with some even visibly cringing in disgust if he even dared to come close to them.  Coming to realize that this dreams and fantasies would never be realized as he had hoped, not in the way he always pictured it anyway, Sammy was determined to enjoy the sweet fruits of life one way or another.  And it had been a true life crime solving movie that he happened upon one night that had gotten him inspired, getting him hot and horny would be more like it, as the flick involved the capture of a serial rapist who stalked women shoppers and attacked them at an opportune time.

For Sammy, the black actor in this film became his hero as he had managed to succeed in the quest of conquering the beautiful women playing the victims of the sexual pervert.  Sammy wrote down details of how the stalker would make notes of a succulent beauty that he wanted, noting as to when and where he had come upon her, the make and model of her car, its color along with the license plate number.  He admired his hero in being able to take meticulous notes and to hold himself back to keep from pouncing upon his prey prematurely and exposing himself to a quick capture.

Taking note of the statistics provided by the show itself, that the pleasure obtained by his hero through committing multiple rapes, Sammy became intrigued of the fact that such a small percentage of such a crime being reported.  Although the film eliminated the actual rape scenes and left it for one’s imagination, Sammy’s sick mind was definitely in overdrive, it did show the aftermath of the crime and the emotional agony that ensued for the raped beauty.  With shame, humiliation and embarrassment associated with the despicable crime, Sammy correctly deduced that a lovely white beauty would then be even more reluctant to report it if she knew her attacker was black.

Although it was a made for television movie and not an x-rated flick, it did provide just enough excitement for Sammy in seeing his hero accost his unsuspecting victim, especially with each giving a startled cry or gasp before being dragged off somewhere.  With it all left up to the imagination, the lewd thoughts in Sammy’s evil mind were going wild with lust as he fantasized what had taken place and not shown on the tube.  Eyes closed and cock throbbing, he would imagine himself being in the struggle with the lovely white beauty, pinning her trim wrists to the ground as she whimpered and sobbed.

Picturing it in his mind, hand drifting down to his pulsating cock, Sammy was all worked up with his mind playing the sounds of fear emanating from the struggling beauty.  Panting hard as he imagined reaching down to pull up the hem of her skirt, tearing away her silky undergarment, then Sammy shivered with the exciting thought of placing his throbbing cock right up against the entrance to her sex.  Pumping madly at this point, eyes closed as he pictured the frightened beauty in his mind, his cock would then send a spouting geyser up in the air as he imagined hearing the victim’s hysterical scream upon being violated by him.

“Oooooooooooooh, wowwwwwwww!” Sammy sighed loudly as his spent body relaxed after that powerful nut busting ejaculation that had semen all over his thighs and the bedspread, as well as the final remnants drooling down over his closed fist.   But although he had managed to get some much needed relief of the pent-up load in his balls, Sammy came to realize that he certainly could not follow in his hero’s footsteps, especially in the manner in which he had just pop his nuts in hearing that imaginary scream of pain.  Thus, he realized that much practice and preparation would be needed to emulate his hero on the screen.

With tire tracks found in the mud leading to his hero’s eventual demise at the end of the show, there was also the need to avoid being captured in a similar manner.  And a most obvious problem that Sammy knew he had to rectify for himself, not cumming so damned quickly or he might just pop on off before even getting into the beautiful bitch that he had just fantasized about.  Having taped that movie, Sammy told himself that he had better go over all the details provided in the film and make notes to himself on what was needed to pull off such a caper.  ‘Practice, definitely!  Practice make perfect!’ was the motto he would live by, knowing that if successful, many a beautiful white babe would be ‘blackened’.

That weekend, going to several stores, Sammy went over the list he had made beforehand and checked off each item when purchased.  All these items would be a necessity if he was to perfect the purse of what he considered to be his newfound occupation, causing him to chuckle at the name of his new dba, that of ‘Stalked by Sicko Sammy!’  Off to the store he went, picking up all the items on his must have list.  A couple of indexed notebooks, pens, highlighters from an office supply store.  Then for the more serious items: binoculars; hunting knife; rope; tape; and a stun gun.

Then off to get in some much needed practice once he had gotten all the items, using scratch paper to log in such a session in order to keep his index books solely for real prospects.  Purposely, he picked out an unattractive old bitch that had just loaded up the groceries in her station wagon and was about to head out of the parking lot.  Following slowly behind, letting another car get in between them, Sammy watched as she made a right turn on red at the intersection.  With several other cars now between his practice prey, Sammy noticed that she was headed for the freeway entrance.  Trying to catch up but slowed due to the cars ahead, it was obvious that he needed to hone up his driving skills as he had fallen too far behind the old bitch.

At the freeway entrance and waiting for a break in traffic to make the merge, Sammy observed the nearly hundred cars now between him and the practice prey that he had chosen to follow.  “Ahh, Jesussss Fuck’n Christttttttttt!” he cursed after a mile of freeway driving and no silver station wagon in sight.  “Can’t even follow a fuck’n old bitch!” he cussed and pounded upon the steering wheel in frustration, shaking his head in disbelief at how incompetent he was in even getting started on his so-called new found profession.  ‘Thank God I’s jist did a practice session on an ugly old bag!  Sure would’ve been pissed if it was a beautiful blonde that I’s wanted to grab!’ he thought.

Pulling off on the next exit after realizing he had blown his first practice run, Sammy pulled into the parking lot of the first grocery store that he came upon.  Another practice run commenced after having parked in a stall for a few minutes.  Another non-descript middle age female had gotten into her car after putting the shopping cart away, Sammy started the ignition and hoped to gain the skill that obviously was needed and not rely upon just luck.  And this time success was met as he managed to keep back at a safe distance until she turned into the driveway of her home.  Still, no freeway was involved in this practice run and he had only gone a mile or so from grocery store to the woman’s home.  He looked down at his sheet to double check the info he had taken:  make of car; color of car; license plate #; noting prey a brunette; then added a star at the bottom to indicate his success on this run.

From this date on, Sammy would make one or two practice runs each day after he got done with his lowly job at the pizza parlor.  He’d now graduated from following little old ladies, even tailing guys for a practice run to tone up his skills at following a car.  And after two weeks, Sammy’s confidence had built to where he soon hoped to make his first real grab of a hot little beauty.  Watching the tape of his hero over and over again, taking notes and then putting into memory as to each necessary step needed in order to have a successful caper and avoid capture.  He also had purchased another set of rims and tires from the junk yard, those that would be used on his real time stalking if it was raining that day and would have to change them upon his return home once his dastardly deed had been done.

But Sammy knew that other aspects needed to be worked on and practiced on each part to have everything run smoothly when the real thing came to fruition.  Now there was the need to find various practice preys in stores, make a selection, check out his purchase and leave ahead of the prey selected and wait for that prey to come on out of the store.  And having already perfected his techniques in following a practice prey by car, it was just a matter of putting things together once he got the initial timing perfected after making a selection.  But just so as not make a premature decision in going about proceeding with his first real caper, he’d again use old bitches or guys as practice preys in the store.

On a sunny day, a month further along, 25 year old Kerri Smyth had stopped off at the grocery store on her way home for work, needing to stock up on items as she was going to prepare dinner for her fiancé and two very close friends that weekend.  In fact, the married couple that were the two responsible for introducing Jim to her, inviting them over to a small barbeque at their home on the guise of it being a get-together of their friends, but it was really an intent of theirs to pair her up with Jim.  Now a year later, engaged for the past two weeks to her handsome fiancé, Kerri certainly had to thank her special friends.

Church going and with a very conservative upbringing, blonde and beautiful, Kerri was in fact a bit uncomfortable in the way men’s heads would turn.  A natural beauty, however at times Kerri even went out of her way to dress down at times so as not to attract a male’s attention.  She indeed was quite a rare breed of woman at her age, a very rare specimen indeed, especially in considering the fact that she had just turned twenty-five and was still ……………….a virgin!  With her fiancé only permitted some light petting on occasion, Kerri was determined to make the night of their wedding a very special one indeed.

Not wanting to just cook for herself that night, Kerri called Mario’s Italian Pizzeria to order a pizza that she’d pick up on the way home.  She had heard about this fantastic pizza that Mario’s served and decided to try it as she had clipped out a coupon from the newspaper the other day.  Going in to pick up her order, Kerri was surprised to see six others already in the pick-up line and it was not even 5:30 in the afternoon.  She looked about the establishment and thought it looked nice to later come back her with her fiancé one evening.  What Kerri didn’t see was the dark glaring eyes staring at her from inside the kitchen area.

Putting the cooked pizzas in boxes and placing the orders atop of each box, Sammy kept glancing out at the lovely blonde beauty on her cellphone every chance that he had.  And when the guy out front called out “Order for Kerri!” Sammy observed the beauty raise her hand as she called out “Here!”  ‘Kerri!  Her name’s Kerri!’ Sammy repeated, his cock also acknowledging with throb.  And with the establishment taking personal checks, in which the lovely Kerri was writing, Sammy made note that the check she was handing over to the cashier was green in color.  He had also made note of the sparkling diamond ring that adorned her ring finger.

Seconds after the sexy blonde exited, Sammy told the guys in the kitchen to cover for him as he needed to cool off a bit.  Standing out front, he watched her enter a white sedan and Sammy then made note of the make and model.  Luck was definitely on his side as she turned and passed right in front of the store, allowing Sammy to memorize her license plate number.  With her first name known, along with the info on her car, Sammy couldn’t wait for his chance to relieve the guy up front for a fifteen minute break, which would then allow him to view and copy down the personal info on the green check in the register.

Later that night after getting off work, Sammy looked at his notes as the beautiful blonde’s image formed in his mind, his cock hardening in his pants as he muttered ‘Ms. Kerri Smyth!  Now let’s see where you live on Springdale Ave., shall we?’ Sammy knew where Springdale Ave. was but now to find 8213-E Springdale Ave. that was printed on her check.  Passing a number of apartment buildings and townhouses, Sammy shook his head as most of the units were rather upscale and having security systems to get in and out.  But he kept driving as he was still on the 7900 block and wanted to get the exact location for future reference.

After hitting the 8000 block of Springdale, things changed a bit with less and less of the secured buildings but there were many apartment buildings and townhouses.  Then came the 8100 block that still had apartments and townhouses but there was definitely more spacious and more trees on each block.  And so it went for the rather long 8100 block, getting more spacious and more greenery around.  The 8200 block was a bit different as the layout was more of small little cottages with still the spaciousness and greenery.  Without the noted security earlier, with everything more spread about and lots of greenery, Sammy began thinking with his other head.

Small cottages within each property with single open carports could be seen from his vantage point as he drove on by.  Seeing five small cottages on that property, Sammy wondered ‘Is her cottage at the far end of the property?’  As it was darkness beyond of it, that meant no one living nearby at the far end of the property, one side with no neighbors to worry about.  Around the block he went, taking notes, then around the block once again.  Then turning into the driveway, seeing ‘A’ on the post of the first home, he then knew for certain that the lovely beauty’s cottage was in fact at the end, then backed on out of there.

Having parked up the adjacent block so as not to attract attention to his car, Sammy slipped into the tall weeds and headed in from the back towards the row of cottages.  Like when he was young, playing cowboys and Indians or that of a soldier, Sammy crouched and ran in the darkness through the tall weeds and marshy area.  Then as he approached the lighted area near the cottage, Sammy was on his belly and slowly making his way to a good vantage point.  Heart thumping madly in his chest as he fearfully looked about, Sammy kept wondering ‘Are ya brave enough?’

He’d gone this far without much planning, farther than he thought he’d dare to venture without chickening out.  Then he thought ‘Now, if I’s was to have pulled off a caper on the spur of the moment like this, I’d need to think out what’s needed in order to avoid being arrested at a later date!’  Looking at the drapes of the lighted living room, Sammy thought out the scenario before him ‘Let’s see, get rid of this sneakers when I’m outta here as I’d have left a footprint somewhere in the marshy area!  Get rid of the pants at least due to the mud stains!  Car’s okay as road’s not wet and shouldn’t leave any tire tracks, so no need to switch to the spare set!’

Unable to see anything and about to chalk this night up as a practice session, the living room light went off and a second later the light went on in the back bedroom.  Sammy sucked in his breath as he could make out the outline of a feminine shadow through the drawn drapes.  The fabric of the bedroom drapes were obviously thinner than that of the living room as the shadow depicted that the female inside the bedroom was in the process of brushing her long hair. With the image of the lovely blonde beauty in his mind from the pizza parlor, Sammy wished that he could see her up close.

Seeing a small bright spot where the drapes were drawn together, Sammy realized that there was what would serve as a peephole into the beauty’s bedroom.  Looking about and no other buildings or cottages overlooking the area, he began crawling through the tall weeds till he was out of it and then scurried over to the outer wall under the bedroom window.  Slowly raising his head, Sammy then sucked in his breath at the sight he was getting through the small opening in the drapes, causing his cock to throb as he muttered ‘Oh, my Goddddddddddddd!’  Sammy observed the lovely blonde beauty standing by the edge of her closet in a white blouse and a pair of shorts.  Licking his lips, he swallowed in eyeing up her trim sexy white legs as she stood barefoot in the bedroom.

Having broken into homes before to burglarize them, but never before with anyone in there, thus Sammy wondered if he could do so once again without making any telltale noise.  ‘Do I dare?’ he wondered repeatedly in his vile mind as his heart pounded in fear and nervousness.  His head then gave him an immediate answer ‘YES’ but this answer was from the fucking head between his legs, giving him the definite go-ahead as Sammy viewed the now bared back of the blonde beauty who had just taken off her blouse and had her hands behind her back while undoing the clasp of her flimsy white bra.

Blouse and bra hung on a hook and then the bitch was bending over as she stepped out of her shorts.  ‘Turn around!  Turn around, bitch!  Lemme see those pruty titties!  I wanna see those sweet little pink nippies!’ Sammy yelled silently in his mind.  But then she was hanging up the pair of shorts and retrieving an oversized t-shirt and putting it on over he sexy bod.  A moment later, the bedroom light was switched off and the room was in total darkness.  But Sammy had already taken a mental note of where the double bed was located in the room, thus if he managed to get in the cottage and once his eyes were adjusted to the darkness, he should be able to find her.

Moving towards the front of the house, Sammy looked at each of the bottom windows and put on a pair of disposable gloves before quietly playing around with the window screens.  The second from the front would be the most opportune one as the jealousies had not been closed shut, thus if he could remove the screen quietly, then each pane of glass could be slipped off one by one.  And once five panes were removed and set aside, that would then allow even Sammy’s bulky body to quietly slip into the cottage.  Figuring that he should give her some time to fall into a deep sleep, Sammy took his time to be certain that each pane of glass was quietly removed and put off to the side of the cottage.

Inside now, his heart thumping like crazy, Sammy told himself ‘Okay, now don’t git stupid!  Think it out carefully so ya don’t git yer ass caught!’  Taking off the disposable gloves, he then put them into his pants pocket.  Quietly moving about and moving in the direction of the bedroom, he then took off his sneakers and set them next to the door way.  Just in case of needing to make a quick getaway, Sammy figured that he had better have things in the right order, grab everything and make a run for it.  Shoes, pants and then his shirt.  Jockeys stripped off, he clutched it in his hand to use if needed and also it’d be handy if he had to make a run fer it, and not be stumbling around trying to get his jocks on.

Peering into the bedroom, he could make out the bed with the sleeping beauty on her side facing him with her hands near her face with a blanket pulled up to her shoulders.  ‘Grab her hands first ……….but then she’ll start screaming and I’ll need to shut her up!  I’ll need something to shut her up with!’ Sammy realized.  His cock throbbed as he deviously came up with the brilliant and exciting idea of using his jockeys to stuff into her mouth.  ‘Yeah, give her a preliminary taste of what’s in store fer her!’ he chuckled to himself as he bent down to retrieve his jocks.  ‘And if all goes right, that purty little thing in there’s gonna be ‘Spermed by Sicko Sammy’ when’s I’s leave here!’ he gleamed.

Moments later, innocent Kerri Smyth was in the midst of the battle of her life or so it seemed as her arms were held captive above her head with a filthy rag stuffed in her mouth.  The blanket and bedspread covering her for warmth now prevented her from kicking out at the intruder and it constrained her as he was straddling her atop of the covers.  Struggling with all of her might, desperate to get free, the acrid taste in her mouth was secondary until she heard the intruder asking “How’s ya like the taste of my smelly jocks, honey?”  At that point, Kerri just wanted to die in realizing just what had been stuffed into her mouth.  Her mouth began watering automatically in horror but that just made it even worst as the now tainted liquid in her mouth enhanced the horrid taste.

With his large left hand easily clamping the beauty’s trim wrists together above her head, Sammy then used his free hand to pull down the covers some and to pull up the t-shirt covering her beautiful breasts.  Bending down, Sammy’s flicking tongue sought out and found a tender bud, then he clamped his mouth down upon the soft fleshy mound.  “Nnnnnnnnnnnnn ……………………nnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………nnnnnnnnnnnnn!” his victim mewled through the jockey gag as he continued to slobber over her tender tittie.  Nipple now hardened in his suckling mouth, Sammy then moved over to pay homage to its tender twin.

“Nnnnnnnnnnnnn ……………………nnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………nnnnnnnnnnnnn!” Kerri whimpered as her tender breasts were being scraped by her assailant’s sharp teeth edges and obviously being bruised in the avid manner that he was sucking upon them.  Never having allowed this ever before, not even to her handsome fiancé, Kerri was beside herself in having this happen to her at this point in her life.  Kerri kept trying to twist and turn but the lewd suckling continued and now this fiend was biting at her tender nipples.  Then to her horror, Kerri felt fingers inserted into the waistband of her panties, felt the flimsy garment being pulled down over her hips.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Godddddddddddddddddd!” Sammy moaned with pleasure after having held the pair of silky panties up to his face and inhaling deeply.  Never before had he ever smelled something so sweet and intoxicating.  He then set the garment atop of the nearby nightstand as he planned on leaving with it as a souvenir of this fabulous night.  Bedspread now off to the side as he got between her struggling legs, Sammy fisted himself and tried to get into place as horrified beauty attempted to thwart him from achieving his desired goal.  “Nnnnnnn ……………nnnnnnnn ……………nnnnnnn!” came the whines of she struggled against him.

“Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!” came the muffled shriek of the now penetrated beauty as Sammy had thrust himself forward into her pain wracked body.  “Oh, Goddddddddddd!  So fuck’n tighttttttttttttttt!  Jesus, yer shucking the skin right off my cock, ya bitchhhhhhhhhhh!  Ahhhhhh, damnnnnnnn!” Sammy cussed as his cock was rubbed raw.  Letting the pain in his cock subside, he then reared back and thrust forward once again, and Sammy smiled with pleasure as the little blonde bitch again shrieked “Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”  He smiled in triumph, paying the bitch back for skinning his cock raw.

Thrusting again and again into the whimpering bitch, Sammy then felt a wetness that helped served as a lubricant to aid in his fucking the sexy little bitch.  He felt so proud of himself as he thought ‘I’s jist got it into her and she’s fuck’n creaming already!  God, I’m a stud …………………….giving her a fuck’n orgasm after only a minute of fucking her!  Damn, I’m good!’  The fight seemed to go right out of the raped bitch as the squelching sounds became louder and louder as he continued his rape of her sexy body.  “Damn, bitch, ya sure cream a lot, don’t ya?” Sammy commented as he began pumping faster and faster.  “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” came the muffled response from under his palm.

“Oh, baby ……………….oh, baby ………………………oh, baby ………………….oh, so fuck’n sweettttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!  Ah …………………..ahhh ……………….gonna cum …………………..gonna cum ……………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Sammy announced as his nuts contracted and popped its copious load into the fertile
womb of the sexy blonde beauty.  Panting atop of the raped beauty, with his cock beginning to shrivel in the wet stickiness, Sammy then began to ease himself on out.  Reaching over and grabbing the pair of panties atop of the nightstand, he brought it to his crotch to dry himself off.

Sammy sucked in his breath as it felt so good to have the bitch’s silky white panties upon his cock and balls as he proceeded to wipe the sticky mess off.  The feel of her panties had his boner rising up to attention once again and soon it was jutting straight on out at a 45 degree angle.  Shucking his now dried off cock as she continued sniffling below, Sammy got up to straddle her body.  Pulling his jockey gag out of her mouth, he then gagged her again, only this time with his meaty black cock.  Free hand now behind of her head, Sammy’s wish of getting some head for the first time was now coming true.

For Kerri, this was all too hideous a night for her.  First her virginity had been robbed of her and her vile rapist was now making her perform the most despicable task ever, that of mouthing his filthy manhood and she could taste her own blood at this point, the bloody remnants that had been smeared upon his penis from her ruptured hymen.  As her attacker was thrusting faster and faster between her lips, Kerri was horrified at the thought that ‘He’s not going to, is he?  He can’t!  Not in my mouth!  Nooooooooooooooo ……………………….no …………………not in my mouth!’

With the beauty’s belly about to heave after he had pulled his spent cock from her lips, Sammy eased of the bed after grabbing the pair of panties along with his jockeys and slowly headed towards the doorway, watching as the sexy blonde began retching her guts out into the trashcan along side of her bed.  He could still hear her puking as he was getting his clothes on, then heard her sobbing as he closed the front door and slipped around to the back and disappeared from where he had come.  Sammy figured that it'd be several minutes for her to sound did alarm if she planned on doing so as he looked at the barfing beauty.  Cock giving a twitch as he look at the agonized beauty as she sobbed in shame, Sammy figured that he had better make it back to the car before the cops came.

Sammy had just gotten out of the tall grass and about to enter his car when he heard sirens and observed flashing blue lights enter the driveway for the cottages. Having quickly started up his car and gotten away from there with his heart thumping in fear, Sammy told himself to ‘think’ and get a plan of action in motion.  Remembering what he had thought out while watching the cottage, getting rid of his mud stained pants and shoes was to be first.  Remembering that he had a pair of shorts in the trunk, that would do for a quick change.  Thinking as to where he could get rid of the items, Sammy ruled out his place of employment and the apartment complex where he worked.  Seeing some trashcans lining the streets from 141st, he then surmised that tomorrow must be trash pick up in the area.  Pulling off in a store’s dark and empty parking lot, he got his shorts from the trunk, made a quick change in the car, then made sure he got all his pockets emptied and put into the empty grocery sack that was stuffed in the pocket of his car door.

After having stashed his shoes and pants in a partially filled trashcan on 143rd, Sammy then headed on home, hoping that he would not be hearing a knock on the door nor the phrase ‘Open up, this is the police!’  His heart was still thumping madly in his chest, the adrenaline still pumping from all the excitement as Sammy pulled up into his parking stall.  Looking about, now wanting anyone to see him or to be able to describe how he was dressed upon his return, Sammy slipped out of the door and ran barefoot up to his apartment unit.  Inside, not turning on any lights, he locked the front door up good but still the worry was there.

Figuring that he had better shower real good and get any evidence of the rape off his body, Sammy made his way to the bathroom before turning on the light.  His cock was still aching a bit as the bitch’s tight little cunt had skinned him raw.  Getting out of the shorts that he had put on in the car, Sammy muttered out loud “Jesussssssssss, what the hell did that bitch do to me?”  Dried blood smeared both his thighs and some could be observed on his short kinky hairs.  But in examining himself, Sammy found no nicks or cuts on his foreskin, making him realize that ‘She was a fuck’n virgin!  I’s went and copped her fuck’n cherry!’

For Kerri, the nightmare had not ended when her rapist had departed from her cottage, instead it seemed to escalate beyond belief after making that phone call to the police.  With squad cars arriving to where she lived, her neighbors were soon to learn that she had been a rape victim.  Taken to the hospital for a rape examination, even though there was a female doctor and female police detective assigned to her case, having to get up on the table to spread her legs so they could examine her torn vagina was so hideous.  And then the worse was yet to come, sitting her fiancé down to tell him that she had been raped.

Questioned extensively by the police, Kerri provided information as to where she worked and what she did for that entire week, but concentrating on that particular day.  Asked if any black males had taken an interest in her at work or around her home, Kerri had nothing to give them.  Inquiring as to why they were narrowing the search down in such manner, asking if there were similar rapes in the area, Kerri shuddered upon being told that their focus on a black male were due to the kinky black hairs that were found: in her vagina; on her bedspread and sheet, and also in the trashcan mixed with her vomit.  This made her sick to her stomach as Kerri wanted to throw up once again.

Although the neighbors were quite cordial and friendly, even asking if they can be of help to her in any way, she felt that they were wanting to have her ‘Tell me what he did to you, honey!”  At first, her fiancé seemed so caring and wanting to be of help, not asking questions but Kerri could sense that he also wanted to have her ‘Tell me what he did to you, honey!”  And then the normally spaced calls seemed to lengthen, followed by excuses never made before as to why he couldn’t make it over to her place to see her.  Finally, it all ended upon the discovery that she was pregnant with her rapist’s baby.  With her conservative Christian upbringing and views on abortion, she knew that her fiancé would not be able to handle it and thus the engagement was called off when she returned his ring.

For Sammy, having pulled off his first caper felt so good, yet he was just a bundle of nerves as he could not help but to wonder if he had screwed up in any way.  ‘Don’t be stupid!  Don’t return to the scene of the crime, not even for a drive by for a look see!’ he told himself.  He knew that the more time passing would meant the less chance of the case still being investigated, and subsequently the less chance of him being caught.  With a full month and a half now having lapsed, Sammy now began to breathe a sigh of relieve and feel quite confident that he had gotten away with it.

A couple of weeks later, Sammy turned and glanced out from the kitchen and turned back to continue putting the pizza in the oven.  But the blonde looked familiar to him and Sammy turned for a second look.  ‘Nah, that ain’t her!  Too plain looking!  Hair’s too straight, not as shiny a blonde, and no diamond ring on her finger!’ Sammy concluded as he went back to the pizzas in the oven.  But when the “Order for Kerri!” was called out, Sammy spun around to see the depressed looking blonde meekly raise her hand in signaling that the pizza was her order.  A moment later, Sammy peeked out the front window and recognized that it was the very same car that he had followed eight weeks earlier.

Excited at having gotten away with his first caper, plus the fact that he was surely responsible for spoiling the upcoming marriage between the whiteboy and his beautiful fiancée, Sammy had begun to think of possible future endeavors.  But he got gotten even excited about his first caper when he had seen Kerri come in for another pick-up order that she had placed.  She still looked a bit drab and weary from the last time she was in, so much different from seeing her that first time as she was obviously down and depressed.  When she turned to leave with her order, Sammy noticed one thing that was obviously different at this point in time, her belly was bulging forward with a baby in it.  It was his baby and Sammy was smiling widely, congratulating himself with “It’s my baby!  I’s went and knocked her up!”

For demented Sammy, he was ecstatic at having accomplishing the following:  raping the blonde beauty who was engaged to be married; responsible for the break up of the couple due to his violation of her; and that he had knocked up the pretty white bitch with his little black bastard.  With this first big score notched up to his credit, Sammy wanted more and wondered ‘Can I’s do something like that again?’  He figured that he could but so much had depended on his victim calling the police, like what had happened, and her not keeping it as a deep dark secret from the police or her significant other.  There was one thing for certain that Sammy realized, that he could not target any more beauties coming in for pizza, otherwise the cops would bead in on him very quickly.

Brave enough once again to resume his dastardly deeds, having continued his surveillance and tracking skills, Sammy parked his car and walked into the fashionable Newberry Shopping Mall.  The type of shops in this upscale mall weren’t what suited Sammy’s taste, but he really wasn’t shopping for clothing.  Browsing about, he went into Brighton’s Department Store, his eyes peeled for any hot item that caught his eye.  From the edge of the men’s department, Sammy pretended on looking at some shirts on sale but his eyes were really looking off to the left where the women’s section was located.  No, Sammy wasn’t just interested in finding nice women’s clothing but finding such with a beautiful woman in them.

Nothing of interest to him and not wanting to draw any attention to him by staying too long in just browsing, Sammy went outside into the center of the enclosed mall to eye up the shoppers as they passed on by, hoping to find the right beauty for him.  Some really nice beauties passed on by but Sammy ruled them out as they were either accompanied by children, a male escort, or other female companions.  Oh, he could have followed them on home and jotted their addresses down for future reference, but Sammy was just horny as hell and thinking with the head between his legs at that moment.  He just did not want to go on home needing to use his damned fist once again.

‘Oh, Jeezzzzzzzzus, lookit this fuck’n hottie!!’ Sammy thought mentally in his head, with his other ‘head’ concurring by pushing up against the confines it was in.  Beautiful dark brown silky hair flowing down to her shoulders, this lovely little bitch wore a nice reddish/maroon dress and open beige heels as she carried along the purchases she had made in the mall.  Licking his lips as he sized up the sexy babe, the sparkle of her diamond ring along with her wedding band certainly had not gone unnoticed by Sammy, with the significant rings only escalating his desires to that of wanton lust for the lovely young wife.

Happy at having found some terrific sales at Brighton’s, Mrs. Lianne Weber carried out the purchases she had made as she was pleased at having found a very nice necktie for her handsome and loving husband to wear to his frat brother’s wedding the next week.  But Lianne was especially happy with the sexy see-through negligee that she had found, an item that would surely give her husband a thrill following dinner to celebrate their anniversary that evening.  It had all been worth the while to have taken a few hours off from work to relax and the thought of finding something sexy for this particular evening, especially since they had talked of starting a family after their first anniversary.

At twenty-seven years of age, Lianne felt that her biological clock was in overdrive, and she anxiously wanted to become a mother at this point in life.  Walking through the mall as she headed on out to the parking lot, her mind preoccupied at the thought of enticing her handsome husband to bed that night, Lianne was unaware of the pair of lusting black eyes focused upon her.  She was also unaware of the male getting up from the bench and begin to follow her as she exited the mall.  As she got into her car, so did the black male stalker her as he started up his vehicle located several rows further down.  Driving down the ramp, Lianne checked for oncoming traffic so she could proceed with making a right hand turn, paying no attention to the car immediately behind of her.

Driving on home, mind still on that upcoming dinner celebration for their first anniversary, Lianne wondered if there would be time for a little ‘quickie’ when hubby Craig got home.  Having awakened in the middle of the night while mentally solving a problem she was having on a work project, Lianne yawned and figured that she had better take a nap so as not to be yawning on her big outing that night.  ‘Hmmm, now what would Craig do if he came home to find me lying atop of the bed in the sexy new negligee that I just bought?  I bet he’d certainly make time for a little ‘quickie’ before we head off to dinner!’ she mused.

Having taken off her heels and unzipping the back of her dress, Lianne stepped out of the garment and then hung up on a hangar.  She then unhooked the back of her bra, hanging it upon a hook in the closet, then proceeded to step out of her panties before donning on the sexy new see-through negligee.  Turning to look into the mirror, seeing her pink nipples clearly visible through the thin garment as well as her sugar bush, Lianne blushed a bit and playfully chided herself with ‘You little hussy!’  Lying down upon the king-sized bed, she pictured Craig’s face as he entered the bedroom and imagines feeling his hand caressing her leg and slowly moving up under the hem of her negligee.

Unbeknownst to Lianne, she had been followed home by the lusting black bastard who had spotted her leaving the shopping mall.  And while she had been undressing in the master bedroom, her stalker had been slowly casing out her home and neighborhood, looking for any gaps in security of this suburban subdivision.  Eyes closed as the soft pillow beneath her head felt so comfortable, Lianne’s imagination got the best of her as her cunny clenched at the thought of what might just happen if she feigned being fast asleep when her husband returned.

‘Should I let him?  If I pretend to be fast asleep and at his mercy, will he attempt what he’s been wanting to do so many times?  Yes, I’ll do that …………… an anniversary present ………………….let him eat me!  Oooooh, I’m shivering already!  What will it feel like?’ Lianne wondered.  Rubbing her thighs together, Lianne felt so excited, yet so nervous as she had always pushed Craig away from his wanting to rub his face in her soft fleece.  She had just felt so uncomfortable about letting even her husband explore her sex in such a manner, but more so, Lianne was really afraid of herself going wild and crazy with a tongue flicking about in her cunny.

Outside of her home, Lianne’s stalker was sizing up the area and knew that he just couldn’t park out at the curb and make his way up to her place unnoticed, as there were basically no cars parked at the curbs in this suburban neighborhood.  On his second drive by with his windows down, Sammy observed a packed silver SUV backing up from the garage with the male driver getting out to open the backdoor while yelling out “C’mon, kids, let’s beat the traffic so we can get the camp set up before dark!”  Seconds later, the wife and two children were hustling out of the house and into the SUV.  Down to the end of the block and turning right, Sammy pulled out a map to make it seem like he was looking for directions.  Then the silver SUV passed him and was headed out of the subdivision.

Driving slowly around the block once again, making certain no one was out watching him driving by, Sammy turned into the driveway from where the silver SUV had departed from.  Turning off the driveway, he parked behind the house and out of sight from the street.  Now all that separated him from the sexy beauty’s home was a small three foot fence that he could easily step over.  His heart pounding in nervousness once again, Sammy grabbed the small bag that he had stored the tools of his trade for such an occasion.  Hooded mask, handcuffs, screwdriver, rope and stun gun were at his ready for this caper.

Having practiced the needed skills of breaking into windows quietly over the past couple of months, the screwdriver in his bag easily had the basement window open for him to enter.  Up the basement stairs he went, then checked out the downstairs rooms in search of his lovely prey.  Upstairs, peering into each room as he made his way to the master bedroom, he then saw the trim sexy legs of the lovely beauty through the open doorway.  Edging forward, Sammy got to see through the reflection of the mirror that the beauty was taking a nap.  With only his hood mask on, having stripped off in the spare bedroom, Sammy quietly made his way into the master bedroom with his bag and jockeys in hand.

Hardened cock jutting out at a 45 degree angle, the sight of the lovely beauty in her see-through negligee was just fabulous.  ‘Do I dare’s touch her?  Should I’s gag her and handcuff her to the bed first?’ he asked himself.  Unable to resist the temptation, Sammy reached forward to touch the soft flesh of her calf, and when she didn’t stir he caressed her further and slowly moved his hand up to her knee.  He froze for a moment when she stirred, but Sammy smiled when she whispered “Oh, Craig, that feels so good!”  And with her knees spreading apart to give him even better access, he slid his hand up under her negligee to caress her soft inner thigh.

‘Fuck’n bitch thinks I’s her husband!’ Sammy realized in seeing the beauty’s eyes still closed as she spread her sexy legs even farther apart.  Unable to resist, he quietly placed his equipment off to the side of the bed, then crawled up onto the bed between the trim white legs.  Pushing his hooked mask up, with it just covering most his kinky head of hair, Sammy leaned forward to inhale deeply as he nuzzled up her soft furry brown fleece.  “Ohhh, Craig …………………ooooooooooooooooooooooh!” he heard the mewl from above.  And with the tip of his tongue sliding up between her pink crease, Sammy heard her squeal “Ohhhh, Craig ……………………..yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!”

Pushing her thighs wide and keeping them there, not wanting her to feel his kinky hair or hood that would give him away, Sammy proceeded to feast on her tasty little beaver.  Fortunately the hot little bitch had not reached forward to clasp the back of his head as he ate her out, but had instead clasped the bed rail above her head with both hands and clutched the railing for dear life as she screamed out “Oh, Godddddddddd, Craig ………………………Craiggggg ………………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssss ………………yesssssssss ………………eat me …………………….eat meeeee!”  And eat her he did, getting to taste that sweet honey of hers as she orgasmed right in his slurping mouth.

Hood back on as he was about to mount the sexy little bitch, he used one hand to guide his bloated cock up and down her juicy little slit, keeping his eyes on her face just in case she opened her eyes.  And that strategy worked because she blinked eyes open as she spoke “Oh, honey ……………that was soooo good …………….wha …………….no ……………nooooooooooooooooooooo!”  Quickly subduing her by the wrists with one hand and stuffing his filthy jocks into her mouth to silence the bitch, Sammy then reached over for the set of handcuffs to secure her to the bed railing.

Horrified that it had not been Craig at all, Lianne trembled with fear while feeling so ashamed at having had this intruder’s face between her thighs and having orgasmed right into his mouth.  Helpless with her hands cuffed to the railing, Lianne wanted to retch from the awful foul tasting rag in her mouth as the hooded black intruder was forcing her legs apart and about to rape her.  “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ……………………..nnnnnnnnn ……………………….nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” was all that came out in protest around the filthy rag stuffed in her mouth.  She then came to realize what was stuffed in her mouth when her attacker gloated “Can’t understand ya, sweetie?  Whatsamatter, can’t talk with my jocks in yer mouth?”

Proud of his manhood, knowing full well that no whiteboy came close to possessing what he had between his legs, Sammy wound his fingers into her long silky brown hair and pulled her head up, bragging and taunting “Ya ever seen anything like this, sweetie?  Gonna ‘ruin’ ya …………….gonna ‘ruin’ ya real good!”  He knew what the answer was in the way she renewed her fight to get away, along with her muffled cry “Nnnnnnnnnnn ………………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn …………………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!”  Cock in place, holding her head firm so that she’d be treated to a good view of her rape, Sammy then lunged forward.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ……………………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………………nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” Lianne cried out in agony as the vile rapist had thrust himself so brutally into her pain racked body.  Never having seen such a vile monstrosity, for than matter having seen other penis than her husband’s, this filthy bastard would indeed ‘ruin’ her forever in view of the horrendous size of it.  Pain, so much pain as she bit down into the filthy rag in an attempt to block the agony out, but it kept doing even deeper into her torn vagina.  Head released and falling back onto the pillow, Lianne could only sob and attempt to mentally block out the humiliation being bestowed upon her unwilling body.

So much thicker and so much longer was all that Lianne could think of the vile rapist’s cock in comparison with her husband’s.  And then to begin feeling the thumping of her rapist large testicles up against her butt was just so agonizing, causing Lianne to remember what day of the month this was and what could very well happen if this black bastard ejaculated his filth up into her fertile womb.  ‘No, no, no ……………don’t let him!  Please God , don’t let him, don’t let him do it in me!’ she prayed.  “Nnnnnnnnnnn …………………..nnnnnnnnnnnnn!” came her muffled pleas on deaf ears as her rapist was now jackhammering into her at this point.  Then she felt her attacker stiffen atop of her with his penis buried to the hilt, then he shuddered and a hot flood filled her, causing Lianne to loose all hope at this point. Then fear gripped her upon hearing the opening of the garage door, just as it did her captor who froze for a moment in panic.

As Craig Weber entered the garage and seeing his wife’s car parked in there, he figured that he had better be quiet as his wife was probably taking a nap.  Having gotten a call from her that afternoon, reminding him to be home early as they had dinner planned, Craig carried in the bouquet of roses for their anniversary and wondered what his wife had hinted to be a surprise up in the bedroom when he got home.  Lovemaking with his beautiful kept getting better and better each time, getting even closer that last time in putting his face into her soft muff.  ‘She did say that she was going to give me and anniversary surprise when I got home!  Hmmm, maybe she’ll let me go down on her!  What an anniversary present that would be!’ he thought.

Taking off his coat and heading upstairs quietly, just in case Lianne was still napping, Craig was undoing his tie as he neared the master bedroom.  Stepping quietly into the bedroom, Craig’s eyes bulged in horror at the sight before him with his mind trying to register it all.  On the bed was his wide-eyed wife lying on her back, hands handcuffed to the top railing, a white rag stuffed in her mouth and ropes tied from the bedposts to her ankles.  And with the ropes pulled tight to her legs spread wide and high, the white drool from her exposed vagina told it all ……………….that his beautiful wife had just been raped!

As reality sank in, Craig dropped his coat, ties and roses to rush to assist his bound wife.  But just two steps later, following an electric jolt to the back of his neck, the carpeting came rushing up to meet his face.  The next thing Craig realized that he himself was bound and gagged, securely tied to the armchair in the bedroom and facing his now ungagged and sobbing wife.  Craig now took note that Lianne was no long lying upon the bed but sitting upon it with her legs drawn up to her breasts and hands now handcuffed to the top railing.  And then from out of the master bathroom came hooded black bastard who had raped his wife.

Craig watched in horror as the black bastard dragged his reluctant wife down from the bed, pulling her down to the floor as he pulled up a chair to sit just feet away from where he was tied.  With thick black fingers wound in wife’s silky brown hair as his jutting cock was but inches from her cringing face, then the fucking bastard was looking his way and taunting “Hey, hubby ………………yer sweet little wife sure as hell taste good!  Man, her honey’s so fuck’n sweet!”  And then his tearful wife was looking his way and sobbing out “I …………..………I’m so sorry …………….I …………………I thought it was you!”  Hearing his wife tearful apology to him, Craig then what had actually happened, that the bastard had eaten his beautiful wife out and that she had orgasmed from it.

Craig cringed, just was his lovely wife was doing as the bastard was now rubbing his filthy cockhead up against her pink lips and ordering Lianne to “Suck it, bitch!”  Never before having had the pleasure of having his lovely wife capture his throbbing cock between her sweet pink lips, such was announced the to black bastard as Lianne sobbed pleadingly “Please ……………….…..please don’t make me do such a filthy thing ……………….please, I ………………bbbbbbrrruupp ……….bbrrrrurrupp!”  That last portion of her plea becoming inaudible as she was cut off by the cock invading her reluctant mouth.

Looking over at the distraught husband, Sammy was gloating under his hood, feeling so fucking good to feel the succulent lips and mouth of the beautiful wife sucking on him.  “Ah, man, sucka …………………this is so fuck’n goooooooooood!  Oh, yeah, man …………………..yer beautiful wife’s pruty pink lips were just made fer sucking!” he gloated while pumping in and out of the sweet sensational lips of the now gagging beauty.  On and on the forced blowjob went, then Sammy had the bitch deepthroat him and he grinned widely in seeing the way her eyes bulged that signaled when she could not breathe, telling him that it was time to give her some air.

Looking on as he was mesmerized by the scene just feet away from him, Craig swallowed in embarrassment even though his rising and throbbing cock was not visible under the confines of his pants.  Although he was horrified at what was taking place before his eyes, there was no denying the fact that he was now sporting a raging hardon from the excitement of it all.  ‘God, I’m sick!’ he thought in getting all worked up in seeing the thick black cock fucking in and out of Lianne’s reluctantly sucking mouth.  ‘He’s going to do it!  He’s going to do what I’ve been wanting to do since dating Lianne ………..he’s going to fucking cum in her mouth!’ Craig realized.

Mouth watering from the insertion of the thick fleshy tube into her mouth had now turned slick from the leakage of the bastard’s precum juices.  It was so hideous to be forced to such a vile thing, but it was ever so much more disgraceful to have her loving husband witness her degradation.  Praying throughout it all that her rapist would pull himself out of her mouth, her prayers were dispelled when she heard him wheezing out, telling her husband “Saw the anniversary card in the roses ya dropped, Craig, my boy!  Fer my’s gift fer ya, I’s gonnat teach yer purty wife how’s to suck cock good!  And fer yer honey, she’s gonna have some special tapioca pudding for her present!”

Thrusting forward, burying cock deep down her throat and keep it there, Sammy’s body convulsed as his balls shot a stream of hot jizz down her gullet.  And as she choked around his massive stem, Sammy then pulled most of his cock out from her throat before filling her mouth to the brim with a second stream of sticky jizz.  As his third jet stream geysered on up, the choking beauty gurgled and jerked her head back suddenly and she got it right square in her beautiful face as she coughed out a deluge of his cum.  With his cum all over her chin and dripping onto her bared breasts, Sammy then turned the sobbing wife towards her husband and wished him “Happy Anniversary, punk!”

Back at home two hours later, Sammy smiled widely as he played back the thrilling events of the evening.  “God, that was so fuck’n fantastic!” he exclaimed loudly, his body now sated of its lustful desires.  After having rested up till his cock had revived, he had then gotten himself a real nice piece of ass.  Threatening to cut her hubby’s cock off if’n she went ahead and screamed, the crying beauty bit down into the pillow to stifle her shrieks of pain as he proceed to bugger her beautiful little cherry white ass.  Turning to her punk husband and seeing tears running down his cheeks, Sammy snickered “Whatcha crying fer punk, my cock’s up yer beautiful wife’s ass and not yers, heh, heh!”

Sammy smiled in seeing the neat camcorder he had heisted from the home of the married couple.  Having discovered it after tying hubby up and going downstairs for a beer, he had come across the camcorder sitting on the counter near the telephone.  Having set it up to record, he had placed it at the ideal position to capture everything on tape when he returned to he master bedroom, making sure that hubby was also to be visible in the background.  Turning it on to view the fantastic entertainment he had enjoyed that afternoon, Sammy especially enjoyed seeing the punk whiteboy with both eyes and crotch visibly bulging out and chuckled at the thought of making a copy for the punk and sending it to him.

Two months later, Sammy passed by the scene of the crime and observed a ‘For Sale’ sign planted in the lawn of the Weber home.  Curious as the house seemed vacant, he used his cellphone and dialed the realtor’s number that was displayed on the sign.  “Hi there!  I’m calling on a home that ya’ve got fer sale on Tremont Loop!  What’s the asking price?” Sammy inquired.  “$425,000!  That sounds purty low for this nice suburban neighborhood!  Anything wrong with the place?” he inquired.  Sammy smiled in hearing the realtor advise “No, it actually a real bargain!  The couple wants it to sell quickly!  Part of the divorce settlement!”

Unknown to Sammy, the real reason had not been the vile rape and debasement of the lovely wife before her watching husband, but it had been the video disc that he had sent addressed to hubby at the home address.  Figuring that he’d hear the garage door opening to signal the arrival of his wife’s arrival, Craig was intently watching the video of Lianne’s defilement and was wanking himself off.  Unbeknownst to Craig, his wife had in parked the car in the driveway to drop off the groceries as she planned on then heading off in the opposite direction to take in the sale at the strip mall.  And it certainly had not helped the situation as his wife heard him panting out “Oh, yeah ………………..make her suck ya ………………..…….make her choke on it ……………cream all over her beautiful face!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Craig had groaned as he sent a geyser up in to the air, with his second spurt about to erupt when he noticed a familiar figure standing in the doorway to his office.  Eyes wide, mouth dropping, he froze there as his horrified wife stared at him and the scene now playing with the black cock smearing the filthy cum all over her face.  And as Craig scrambled to reach the remote and turn off the television set, his heart sank as his wife threw the sack of groceries at him while hissing “You sick bastard!  You’re no better than that sex fiend who raped me!”  Then he heard the ultimatum “Out!  Outtttttttttt!  I want you out of this house, you sick pervert!”

For Lianne, the ordeal of being raped and sodomized before her husband was one thing.  But to have witnessed her husband beating off to the film of her being attacked had just been too much for her to bear.  Days later, after having met with her attorney, divorce papers were being served upon her once loving husband as there was no way that she could remain married to him and still respect him.  With the house being put up for sale and the proceeds split, Lianne told herself that she just had to get on with her life and forget about the man she once loved and respected.  But a week later, Lianne wondered if she’d ever be able to start life over, especially with the home test kit advising that she was pregnant with her rapist’s black baby.

End of Story.